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d o l d a lf T ff o en mp s i l S s s r n r u r o em a a e ic Fe a in t s t n t C e c ig r A W po s in n s er n s t s g y a i e C d e n t d ee t o t in a t v r s i C s s is V V Sk e b r i Sp El m Ev r ic t g o e r en e a e k in s pa V in n u V il C e o e l e sh o u c n a P u g o l T n ls r C g ig B e r c t e l r u o t L t a in u io in il ea a n s R s n ps T m A n E R R c W d n a r s t n v pa d t u d u i i s C in V d a s Fe l e n v e el s p e s o e F i n V i e g i g t ic t r o o n g n r r u fa a t C y Fe y sh r i r e u e n i n s n r a n in s M t S e s r N c g si ip t g h k So st So e e Le e i g C e t e l i i r w R P V r b o ll r A y T c a c T r u a a i E lu s u c r s T n i F d r h s le in st et r ll pa n a r es a g R e a a n s c Se t a d c r n y ep ie it W in n t t p i in t e in sh s l ee E i s d s R e y m b i p i r e v si g n o r is So in a o a ip e r y e g F o n s B se e d ll g r in n R es c s i n Sk T i A t n e t o n Sp g ie s A r t T C c p d s ta T il C ib t r ip w r R a a o i P r n i a N a C T e a m d a e s r C r t a a n g t ew se o r n s d em i o l io p t r n s n e a s u l i a s A n u d r o sp t po n r i M B y s i w t n n s i i V g se i n p n R a e o c V n in a r n a a g N r g a O t il en r d Sp W r t s g r pe c e i d R ff t i o s w d n h o o u i a Ev S it r n o Fe g V ic s Pr a e k T r r d sp P a y n e r k t i er st io r ll in T r n W O a d N a s R M s i er r s n t ib h pe R is ff ew u n t s er o it ip s t ep o s i V sp N e a c n r i r i t y c s c ps en n ew W l s h g k r y C o e h g p l C a s e o r e r u T a a A R a s n s l s r S u e t S F p w n ep en R Fe pa m fa Sk d k o n ip r e d a i p a i c r c st es V r R ta se Pr ll is s r pe d il a r i i es o u l e e i h e ib i l d s o t s r g l i t T A e s er n t s u io C a ie r n w F E t C y n W a ll ip s es le s s T N n in W a t W a m T r e s e m ee t c g So r r w e p i V l S B o i p O t pa R lf d a es a fa b a in r A r s i s c f a s a o i in S i r a p k g s f n d i i r d k ll n si g et a io ic r T i A s g n i e W i n i n s n h p t o r e ll w s e n i g g er s y es o a o r R s S T s a C p S in s r V N r a r a o T V s M R t k ew ar a C d in W d B r t a T c io e V er s o i i i er s r a p r i g n F o h n o s el et u n i s r r n s c i i o d ps lu n t in r pa s it es es W fa sp h ie in p T y g N s a n y s c r es h s o ew en pe g o r C t n a A a e r R e a r T e d r t F r w d R n B k ep t r er sp M r a i s B em te i e sp s s a a n E es t u pr er e r h r a T i l d n P i n s o Se y es ec o r o in h es pe es in r sp c g es r i C er p n s i p g e h t t t g r n a s s o e S n s a ib io i t s po n T m A r t o O n in Ev r a t Pr F a T M t n d p A n f d a r a S r ll r t g s v f w e s s i e e es in t in ip io se ic r ic Pr tio n ss s a c C t s h i t C S e n B e n R io r h in a in n k r s er o in g a C V d a t s A i u g t Le ll a O en d s d s er n C w r O in io io m f in T d V o a s s ff u f a in Sk W g r pa Se es is n o g u d i e r c a ic g n e W lu er o s N il d e i n



January 2020 - Edition 85









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o d o a d a d n y o E er sh il c se ee n c a is r t em n t C em rin in n er R g ls il t er t A io lec s e c o s ip s R u g g w rin y h y u s So ep ion st n in t M A a C Pr n C B Fe C W a g io T g u c c a c a r e y n V E S S o r st t O r r in s po v i e ie a t es p n d o O u l d io e a lf T c ff er o en mp s d i t l E i S t r s s f s e r h b n r u r o em v ie a n in fi a m e s n i F a a i a t s c t n t e C n en c s ig es ta s r A y c W po g s ll in n s er s s t g y a ie e C er d n t s d ee t o t t in C a t B v r s ib C Sp s s i V B V S e i r a s i i s S E m E r o i t g R o es n k r u W en en c a e po k l v t o B i a p V n d s i u V i n C ec e ll er n en s V l u a e r e o d u n i a P u g o T h l r C g n lf o s t i B e r i c t e l r s r i u O pa ses g o t L t a o g n s lu in u io in il a si e a n s R s f n p T m g A n E a R R c fi r W ig d n a t s r s t n n v p d V t M N t u d u il e A in y sp C in V d a c t s F a e v e n ib en e e s E e e s d o es ee Fr en io er n V in er lf g w ig g t i s v t r r o a c v El u a sh t C u y Fe y c s e t r i r a e s u e n ll s i i n s n r e a h n n c ib h ec V in sh pa M t S e s o r s N c g s i t t g e a a k So t So Pr p a e V er Le ew it il g ps T C er s t R er r n ib pe il R ll o Pr V r o i A u y T c R a si c d in c T u ls a a in El a lu s u c st C es r r sp T ep on ie Fe ie is d r h t in st Fr r ll t in n a o r a g ec R e a y a t n s t e y a s i s c r S t a d u r n n y in ep T ie ie it W in es n t t R e p i e B i n t e g i s s r l n ee Ev i ss d C n s u C R se g R s er u y m h So in po io r c h el ip g is So ba a in a a ep se ip es il r io er n fa st en g Fe Sk n s B fa m e d c ll y g r in T R ta te y s r c en s in n Sk T io ie s A pa st t r r ep t r es Sp il g i r F s A r T t C e c a t d s e t i ta es A T e So il ls C ib t r ip w er n r R a ig en Se a ie io o in n Pr r d ie a N a g C T a ls t m d a s C sp El r s t a a c m n v ss g in n t ew ese o ta r n ib s d em in o ll io pa t r n ie s W ic er y ec a sp o u g io io s Ev A n a u Bi d s t t t n W r i M B r O e in y s e i w t n po n ll s in o in io V g n ie n se in pa lf t Sp en R a ff er c V in Ev tio el g a s r d n a g s N g a O Le n il r d Sp W a r t o es ic in s g t r pe tio c ew en n d Pr en R ff s t in r si a C s r d Sk h B o o u s g er io a Ev S B O r e n o F g t d V i s t P i a t e i k T r r c si n d sp Pr es A n ff s il a y r C er u s s n en r C k t il er use d io t M t d in r o T r W O a ls d N t a s R a ic sh in in y ls in sh Ele v er se V r s t u ib V s pe R is ff Me ew si u t n t o er ic ip g s en Co n t g o c ep o t st er i V r s N e s i a c n r i R r i c p W p y t c u V e s c lu ps en n ew W ll sp h g k u ep r y il C o in io n er o h M g Sk s A C B el a e s e o n e r c u T a a A R l R g u c a e r V se n n sp lf s t r Sk u e t il fa So Fr il r ep pe w n ep ho se R Fe a es m s S d R ee n ip n c d a a a ls ol d ps is u pa a s il c r r r c en st es V r R ta h Pr kil is s r pe u r d em Fe Ev C st r e il e ie es o u ls a e n in i h e en i a i l ta ese d A o t s b r g l i s t T n W y A t y en s er n F t g t s u i t C E d a i r n n d e t o w F E e er t C t le n el W a v ll er ip s es ta l s s is ta s T N n in io W y a So iba Sp t W a ic m T r c in ew ec s fa e el V m ee t in g So r t r n t el pa ip V ll t S B o e c o a i g O t p R d io i e a f b a io g r in r ie A o r C r s r io fa a sp c a ss ff a s a ig in e Sk in r O w Le t a k n si t d n ig ie r d Ev ll R n si a io s ic ff r ie T in A m sh g n in s t e a W io t il a s El n pe t r e w s y s pa O er en ad n ie g ic r g d l s y o V a o C e R s S f T d r s a er s io C en er ps S in s c t r o V fi i a B N r a R s a T V M s R t k in c t ew ar rd sh a ep gn c C d in W oc B s u r t a T io ep V er er sh ie o er in io N in d er s e r a s r ie g Fr r C ip o si el t u e n i i s r V n s c i i o d e o t n p s l w n t ie n in r pa s it e e W R o fa V se sp h u ie s A in g ps u T y g N g se s u a g lu a sp n y c n r V s o ew sen she n pe g o r C st t n s a c A a o ta rs r M a R e n a r T Ev ee d r ta Fr il r w d Ev R n B lu y k e i t p t r t e s M i s t B em in ep t sp pr r s r s p e ee e en a a E e t y u e e n i e h r r a T c in le Fe sh o So d n r Pr n r io se o Se t r y es o r in t h pe in d sp re n c g ee c r in st R ip s C er ps a n s c T ss se in g s en h t t g r ep a o Sp g r n ie r s a ib io O io t s n T C m i d A r t in O t W n r p i E o r f a ta P o Fr a T M t n n is d pa ie A n s ff T es v g fi a S r ll r u t g s v w er dis s e r s en rin es c t in ip io n ic ig ic Pr tio ess a A e s er en c T c C t s h in t C C Sk ar er in w n B e n R ta r i il h i a i n s e o o a i s n n s g a C V a d n in a a r t s A i u n m g t t L l a O e d s d in P er n C g w r Fe s O ea ls in io V n pa rd io m ff s in T d V o se in f o u a i S W g r s p S s i n o n g u d fi ic C e se ig k T l t g e s r a a g n W l e o u o r ss c ib N il d e i n W u n r c S n O g u a r e R M r ew s B el ls a sp k n io sh T s i r C t n ff k Ev u s o n u er r ll il ee s a fa s st l sh sp n o r se ip W tee a sp ic V ls en m c s V Fe k W r r n a y o s r o o r er V h p a o t A sh in R sp t r s e e r a a in ps a r C pe lu c a t s l s W g s A t S k r i o n o o a fa it ib Pr d g o So r d n si d sh g ps u el d io n y c a V v Fr t Pr rt T is r r t in em Co s c T ie o ll ee o ic r y T se e e r ie u es t lu in t a ps R r Fr N e y r P n V a i s t i e ip in n h El ew es t R C r a n R in pr ie es g er ing in ep s a in i S t r a B e F n s p h m ee c es u g sp r d t g s B o A Sk t se pa es i io B in r T en er a r w io in Se Sk ng r in s h T il t pe d ig a ta s n a r s d g l in s N il r s r n i A a S s si in Sk n ew t g e d ls s d n o in io ss g T s C v sp T W il n r g s a V r i i n M l s c o a p o el W W t a ip s er a e in n er Me r r T fa s el O o C pe t r si c r in o ff s r in Le fa We c h a r r t A g k u C h g P a i e y a n w r c lf sh o r r a n s d T s e e u T in po a n d a El e e r E r R o r r r r d s v is r s i t e p s ec a p El r d s i p en e in e s es se s h n t s B V ec g ip sp re t u S o C F A se s s o W P t r B C a l o A e w r Sk io c u u es a n s m o r c C in ie se n a t m t n p a r h o i t a t ll r t A a s s k er d u ie d in d ig ePr tio sh eer s n s s s v C g A c n o in ic a in n d il W s W B S t p v g e Sk t es in el er s ic o O i Fe si d il r ff fa ng e in T Fr in sk o lr i g r n g a Le es Sk ce e s i n a r h Ev M il in s er d E C le er ls en er o g s u c c t sh r t T h s W Se io si r a p ss el a C n n A n o d s i o c sp is u n a n C e o s d c a r eil C t C a o m Fe u Pr pa r st se in ig ib t s n a s ll B u V sa r -



January Issue

This Edition:


It is a busy time for the Union, you can enter our More Than a Bar competition on social media, find out more about Union Awards on our website and read all about elections on pages 6 & 7.


Learn about how to nominate yourself, vote and be a part of this year's elections.


Tao Warburton • Brooke Pilbeam Christina Demetriou • Athena Pickering • Abby Gray Ellie Freeman • Zuzanna Majewska • Lisa Connell Mark Sweeney • Tim Dixon • Ricardo P. Lloyd Daniel Lawrence • Fergus Adams • Jade Collis Anna Olsen • Luke Rose • Tasha Wood • Beth Bailey Sam Jasim • Cassie Riches • Lauren Underwood Aaron Griffiths • Emma Ballantine • Victor Olusina Filipa Ferreira • Elisa Musson • Katalin Price Ben Daly • Emily West • Kia Wing • Sydney Owen Jade Louise Clifford • Diana-Stefania Grigore Emily Crawshaw • Joanna Bouzegzi Oli Gunson • Charlotte Batterbee

Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email editor@thebucksstudent.com


page 6

page 11

Alumni success

We hear from Ricardo P. Lloyd - a Bucks graduate - about his recent theatrical success.


Monday 10

Give it a go! The return of giving it a go is here, what will you get up to during the week?

SMILE CAMPAIGN 7-9.30am HANDBALL 5-6.30pm AU SPIN 5-5.45pm* GAMING 5-10pm RUGBY 6-7.30pm VOLLEYBALL 6.30-8.30pm WOMEN’S HOCKEY 7-8.30pm MEN’S FOOTBALL 7-9.30pm TOPGOLF 4-7pm* MUSICAL THEATRE 7.30-10pm MEN’S HOCKEY 8.30-10pm WOMEN’S BASKETBALL 8.30-10pm

GIVE IT A GO 2.0 Monday 10 - Sunday 16 February Tuesday 11


All week TABLE TENNIS all day BIKE HIREall day

Wednesday 12


Thursday 13

Friday 14



Saturday 15 BRIGHTON BEACH CLEAN all day (9am-5pm)*

Sunday 16 BADMINTON 2-4pm POLE 3.30-5.30pm

MEN’S RUGBY 6-7.30pm KPOP 6-8pm E-SPORTS 6-10pm HARRY POTTER 7-9.30pm ICE SKATING 7.30-10.30pm

page 13

From Monday 10 - Sunday 16 February we will be running the return of Give it a Go Week; Give it a Go 2.0! This week will allow you to test out a variety of volunteering opportunities, recreational activities, sport and societies both at our High Wycombe Campus and Uxbridge. If you would like to take part in these activities throughout your time at Bucks, you can for free thanks to The Big Deal.



* sign up in advance via the website for these activities.

For more information on any of these events please visit our website at bucksstudentsunion.org or pop into the Students’ Union on the ground floor of North Wing at the High Wycombe Campus or on the second floor of the Uxbridge Campus next to Pulse Cafe.

For all advertising and media enquiries please contact the Students’ Union Communications and Marketing department. Simon McDowell - simon.mcdowell@bucks.ac.uk Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at bucksstudentsunion.org/communications.

Theatre productions Hear about two very special upcoming theatre productions created, written and hosted by our students

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If required, this document can be made available in different formats. Please contact Bucks Students' Union for more information.

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page 22

Cats Our resident film critic, Ben Daly, explores whether the recent film was good or just plain mad.

4 January Issue

Editors update

An update from your editors Joanna Bouzegzi

Athena Pickering ↑ Happy New Year everyone! I’m

As always, we are always looking for new people to write and contribute to Joanna, the second half of the Bucks the University paper. Is there a pressing Student editors. I hope everyone had a issue you think more people should lovely break and a great start to the year know about? Have you visited a nice 2020. Hopefully by now, first years have place and think more people should settled in and are more accustomed to be aware of it? Have you watched the University life and second/third years something recently – whether that be have settled into their routines. The next in Cinema or Theatre and would let others know if it was good or not? Write few months approaching is definitely about it! For those of you who are more going to be the busiest time of the year artistic, there is room for you too. Send – exam week is approaching, the second in photography, graphic designs or semester is just around the corner and drawings you’d like to have published. third years aren’t too far from the end of You can always drop us an email at editor@thebucksstudent.com or stop their journey! Despite all the academic work that will be thrown your way soon, by our newsgroup meetings. don’t forget to enjoy these months too.

↑ Welcome back to uni and 2020, I’m Athena one of your Editors. I hope you have all had a great break from university and spent lots of time relaxing and spending time with friends and family from back home. Now it is time for the work to begin again. As you progress into each year of university it feels as if time is speeding up because before you’ll know it, it will be time for Easter. I would say that even though now the holiday is over and we have to get back into uni life, remember to enjoy it, as before you’ll know it you will be graduating and won’t know where those three years went. This term might start to get stressful due to assignments and exams but remember to take time for yourself and try not to leave everything last minute. When my

schedule gets super busy, I make lists of all the things I want to complete in that week. It might be simple things like write an introduction to an essay I have due in a few weeks or source costumes for a project I’m in. When I break things down, everything doesn’t seem as scary and stressful. I hope you all find ways to enjoy this next term. We are always looking for anyone to contribute to the newspaper, so if there is something you want to write about or show like pictures you have taken or drawn then please come along to one of our newspaper meetings or drop us an email. We always love to see new people join our newspaper team!

As editors, we have big plans for The Bucks Student, and we need you to achieve them! To encourage you to submit your articles, artwork, stories or anything else you could think of, we are running a competition to reward the creator of the best piece submitted to each edition of the newspaper with £25! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, send an email to editor@thebucksstudent.com and we can get you added to our newsgroup meetings, help you with writing and hopefully get you a winning piece! Or, if you see either of us on campus, please come and say hello and we can help in person. Any piece entered in upcoming newspapers (you can submit any time after reading this really!) will be eligible to win. The final decision for 'the best' piece falls to the editorial team and the winner will be contacted via email within a week of the newspaper releasing.

New year, same Sabbs... Brooke Pilbeam Vice President Education and Welfare

Christina Demetriou Vice President Student Involvement

Welcome back! Hope you are all well rested and raring to go for yet another busy year! Even though we have only been back a few weeks we have had a busy time here at your Students’ Union.

Welcome back everyone! I can imagine a few of you nodding away as I say that a break was much needed for us all, but it is an absolute pleasure to be back and ready for more!

Alongside Ellie, I ran ‘Brew Monday’. This was a campaign made by the Samaritans in association with Blue Monday. The aim was to bring a bit of joy into a normal boring Monday. We gave out free tea, coffee and goodie bags as well as a bake sale where all donations went to the Samaritans. This was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it! If you didn’t manage to grab a bag we still have a few left in the SU office so pop down!

If you kept an eager eye on our social media over the holidays, you would have noticed our ‘Term Round-Up’ posts, featuring some amazing things that you’ve all done. The following term is even busier, featuring a number of opportunities for you to engage with us in any way you like.

On Wednesday 29th January we will be hosting the much awaited ‘Varsity Launch Night’. Featuring the reveal of the official Varsity hype video and the As we are now starting to think about elections I highly announcement of our 2020 Varsity Captains… suggest if you are thinking about running that you do. this year we #DefendTheCup. A few clubs and I am only half way through my time in office and having societies are coming together to host their very the best time so would really recommend it! If you want own fundraising Takeovers, so get your fancy dress out and show your support! to find out more information come and have a chat! Good luck to everyone taking exams and having deadlines looming, you can do it!

Tao Warburton President Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope you have all had a relaxing break and are ready to get back to it and stuck in again. We have many opportunities for you all to get involved with such as volunteering, raising money and our clubs and societies are always welcoming for those who want to make some new friends. Furthermore, we as a union will be looking to the University for their work to do with the environment and how they are being sustainable. Additionally, if you are interested in the environment and being apart of what we as a union and university can do, look out for some incredible opportunities that are coming our way that you can be a part of. Lastly, good luck to all of those taking part in exams, I know it can be a stressful time as I was in your position this time last year! Make sure you look out for some top tips from us to keep calm and carry on!

Last but not least, nominations for our leadership roles including committee roles, Executive Officers as well as Sabbatical officer are now open – remember, everyone and anyone can go for it!

Get in touch: Christina: christina.demetriou@bucks.ac.uk Tao: tao.warburton@bucks.ac.uk Brooke: brooke.pilbeam@bucks.ac.uk

Bucks Vpsi

Bucks SU Pres Bucks Vpew

@BucksSUVPSI @BucksSUPres @BucksSUVPEW

January Issue

By Christina Demetriou, Tao warburton, Brooke Pilbeam


Sabb update

6 January Issue


By Mark Sweeney, Ellie Freeman

ELECTIONS Back with a brand new look It’s hard to believe that we’re at this stage of the year already but Elections Time is Coming and nominations for the 2020/21 elections are now open! There’s so many different student leadership positions on offer so this could be your chance to get involved and make a real change. Do you look like a leader? Think you’ve got what it takes to lead the Students’ Union? Then why not stand for one of our three sabbatical officer roles - President, Vice President Education and Welfare and Vice President Student Involvement. All of these roles offer an individual the opportunity to direct the work of the Students’ Union during their time in office meaning you can make the changes you want to see. It’s set to be a hotly contested election this year so make sure you get your nominations in early in order not to miss out. Whilst our Sabbatical Officer roles are probably the most high profile during the election period there are some other very important positions within the Students’ Union that are also up for election. We have eight Executive Officer positions up for election. These roles are filled by students who represent those ‘harder to reach’ groups and make sure that they benefit equally from the services of the Students’ Union. Four of the roles are self-defining. Only you can say if you should be running or voting in those elections on the basis that you are selfdefining as a woman, a student with a disability, as BAME or LGBT+. The other four roles, International (paying international student fees), Mature (starting your course at the age of 21 or above), Part-time and Postgraduate Executive Officers, are all based on your point of entry to the University. The Executive Officer roles are all voluntary positions and are performed alongside your studies. There are four Student Trustee positions available, one of which is reserved for a student studying at our Uxbridge campus as part of reforms you voted for in our Constitutional Referendum earlier this year. The position of Student Trustee is a unique opportunity to be part of the team driving the strategic direction of the Union. The Student Trustee roles are part time volunteers who fulfil the roles alongside their studies.

Each year, the National Union of Students hold their annual conference and three representatives from Bucks are sent to be your voice. The delegation leader is the Union’s current President but the other two NUS Delegates are elected. One of the three roles is reserved for a woman and as our delegation leader defines a woman, the two elected positions will be open to all of our members to stand.

Finally, we also have our student rep positions up for election. Student reps are the Union’s eyes and ears at a course level. They act as the figurehead for their class or group and help us to get an understanding of the student experience as well as identifying if any changes need to be made or good practice needs to be highlighted. Want to help make the changes you and your peers want to see on your course? Nominate yourself to be a student rep now!


ELECTIONS 'GIVE IT A GO' WEEK Monday 3 – Friday 7 February

NOMINATIONS CLOSE Noon Friday 14 February


10am Monday 2 March

BALLOTS CLOSE Noon Friday 6 March


From 9pm Friday 6 March For more information about any of the above or to simply ask a question, please email surepresentation@bucks.ac.uk

The 11th annual Union Awards are taking place on Wednesday 15th May and they are a chance for us to formally recognise the achievements of our active members and staff who have inspired us all throughout the course of the academic year and beyond. Nominations for these awards are now open and this is a rallying call to all students to recognise those who have made an incredibly positive contribution to the student experience during the 2019/20 academic year or beyond. Have you had a lecturer go the extra mile to support your learning? Has your student rep helped to make positive change? Have you seen a student inspire and tenaciously lead student groups within the Union? In order to make the shortlist, nominees for these awards must meet one or more of the following criteria: • Through their work have had a demonstrable impact on the student experience of their peers. • Have enhanced the reputation of the Students’ Union through their commitment, dedication and professionalism. • Enabled the Students’ Union to achieve or exceed one of more of its strategic objectives. • Demonstrated innovation in extending the range of opportunities and services available through the Students’ Union. • Created positive change within the Students’ Union, University or local community. Shortlisting for all of the categories awarded at the event is conducted by the Union Awards Panel, which is made up of: Holly Wheeler, Student Trustee Ruth Gunstone, External Trustee

Society Committee Member of the Year

For the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards we have three different categories and these are as follows:

RAG Charity Fundraiser of the Year

Excellence and Innovation in Student Learning Support

Sport for Fun Ambassador of the Year

Demonstrating Excellence in Academic Leadership

Volunteer of the Year

Excellence and Innovation in Learning and Teaching Practice

The categories and the shortlist for the year’s Union Awards can be found below:

Media Contributor of the Year Society of the Year Professional Service Employee Partner of the Year Academic Staff Partner of the Year Campaigner of the Year Student Rep of the Year Membership Services Student Staff Member of the Year Commercial Services Student Staff Member of the Year Student Leadership Award Union Fellowship Union Fellowship is an award which the Sabbatical Officers of the Students’ Union shall bestow on an annual basis, to a member of the student or graduate community of Buckinghamshire New University. The recipient must have displayed an outstanding degree of commitment, initiative and positive impact over a minimum of three years, during their life at the University. This award is the pinnacle of our recognition of student or alumni contribution. There will be a maximum of one winner per academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances, their name shall be displayed on honours boards within the Students’ Union venue. Last year’s winners were Megan Staples and Tom Mepham.

Honorary Life Membership Honorary Life membership will be bestowed to those Christina Demetriou, Vice President Student individuals who have dedicated a minimum of five Involvement, Bucks Students’ Union years exceptional contribution, or service, to the Brooke Pilbeam, Vice President Education and Welfare furtherance of our Students’ Union. The names of Honorary Life members will be displayed on honours Elect, Bucks Students’ Union boards within the Students’ Union venue. Mark Sweeney, Student Experience Manager, Bucks It is not expected that these awards will simply be Students’ Union given annually but rather when candidates fill the Tristan Tipping, Chief Executive Officer, Bucks necessary requirements. Recipients need not have Students’ Union studied at Buckinghamshire New University. Matthew Kitching, Deputy CEO, Bucks Students’ Union Last year’s recipients of Honorary Life Membership In cases where a member of the judging panel is were Greg Pike and Ian Hunter. We also have the shortlisted for an award, the judge will be asked to leave Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards which the room so all candidates can be considered fairly. form part of our Union Awards. Tao Warburton, President, Bucks Students’ Union

In order to be nominated for these awards, individuals must meet the following criteria 1. Enhancing the student learning experience. For example: by arousing curiosity to stimulate and inspire learning, organising and presenting resources cogently and imaginatively, recognising and supporting diversity of student learning needs, drawing on relevant research, scholarship and professional practice and engaging with and contributing to established literature or building your own evidence base for future publication. 2. Raising the profile of excellence and support for student learning within the University and beyond if appropriate. For example: by contributing to the development and leadership of colleagues in promoting student learning contribution to departmental/faculty/University/national initiatives to facilitate student learning, and/or support towards meaningful and positive change with respect to pedagogic practice, policy and/or procedure. 3. Developing excellence - the nominees’ commitment to their ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support. For example evidence of the ongoing review and enhancement of individual practice, engagement in scholarly activity and professional development activities, the review and enhancement of individual practice and contribution to improvements in the student learning, teaching and assessment experience.

January Issue

By Mark Sweeney, Ellie Freeman


Union Awards

8 January Issue

Band interview

False Heads interview Within the first few seconds of the concert, when you can hear the opening of their set, you know that you are in the right place. False Heads are not 'just another band'. They are oozing attitude with their style and passion. They have just released the lead single of their debut album called ”Fall Around” and very soon they will release their debut album. False Heads are hard-working but they also love touring, singing together backstage and playing live. If they are playing close to your home town, take your friends and go see them. Trust me. I do not doubt that they will very soon be playing at Brixton Academy or even The Royal Albert Hall. Before the start of their final concert of the year in London, I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview the band.

Zuzanna: Do you remember that moment when you realized that ”I want to be a musician, This is what I want to do for a living”? Luke: Yeah, there have been two. One, like listening to music which was Radiohead and Nirvana. Then I thought, ”This is what I want to do”. Second, when we have played at the main stage. That was the moment when I realised that, we can f***ing do this, we are good enough to do this. I believed in us that we can do this. Jake: Well, for me. I knew that I wanted to do it for a long time before. The most purposeful I have ever felt in the band was when we came back off tour, and we almost immediately started writing new tracks. That was a weird couple of months. I think the most focused we have ever been as a collective and even the most hard-working we have ever been. There is something beautiful about that time. Like getting everything together for the album.

Barney: I would say basically the same. It has always been there. I have always been a musician so it has never been anything different than playing music in my life. So, to get to the position when we can start to make it, it is just great and some kind of progression. I only become more and more assured, as time goes on and we are still assured.

Zuzanna: What is the best part of being in the band? Jake: Just this literally. Just go on tour. We are quite lucky that the three of us are enjoying a touring kind of lifestyle. I think we do our best and get on the best when we are on tour. So yeah, touring. Luke: See, I am gonna say as much as I love touring and I love it like 9/10, recording an album was my favourite. Basically kind of the rough outline of the band is to f*** around and don’t know exactly what we are doing. Jake will kind of stop me and Barney when we are doing really silly things and then we all just get bored. Barney: It is so ironic. (laugh) Luke: I know, but that coming together such as seeing the process in the recording studio… I kind of felt like we can do 10 albums like this and I don’t want to f***ing jinx this because it might have changed but It felt so easy. I enjoyed that so much because this is how I felt and what I always wanted. To f*** around, half write a song and then have people good enough in a band to make with them proper songs. It worked so well and I am proud of that.

Zuzanna: So your debut album is finished. Can You say something about the atmosphere during recording?

Barney: It is a collective of work that Luke did over the last 10 years, collective of work that we have done as a collective, of a collective….of our last 4 years. The journey that we have had. We have picked good s*** and added some stuff on top. Basically it was an evaluation of work that we have done as a band. It is very interesting how it will be received and to see how it will go after that. We think that this is a great representation and we are f***ing proud of it. Luke: It was really nice to finally do it. We have been struggling for the last 4 years, we got stuff out of control. We have finally had a team around us to just record our first album. The fact that it was so easy. The atmosphere in the studio was great and our producer and all three of us. So really there are no negative or rock and roll stories about the album. It was just really f***ing good. Jake: We have recorded a lot of the music, played some music in the evening and then went to bed. Zuzanna: Is there anything you want to add? Luke: Well we will just have a few more singles and than our debut album comes out. We will go to the United States and then tour in the UK. We will announce this very soon so just keep looking. So many things will happen next year. If you want to have a look at the whole interview, check out teaindie.com. Also, don’t forget to check the band out and give them a follow! This year is going to be a great year for them.

January Issue

By Zuzanna Majewska


Band interview

10 January Issue

Advice Centre


By Tim Dixon

Bucks Students’ Union How to tackle a new year

Advice Centre

Welcome back! If you are finding it difficult to get started in the New Year, you are not alone. Many others around you will be feeling the same way. Here are just a few ways that you can help kick start the New Year and help you to tackle the challenges ahead. Prioritise what you want to achieve (or manage your expectations) What are your goals over the next year? Break them down into manageable and realistic deadlines. Managing your expectations is a key part of being successful in achieving your goals. Some things are going to be achievable and easy wins for you, whilst others are going to take a bit more effort and work to get through. Be careful not to set yourself goals that are going to be unachievable in the time you set yourself.

Eat well

Support yourself and those around you

The New Year is a great time to evaluate your lifestyle options and to set out a plan on how you can save time and money by being more organised with things such as food. Try planning your meals ahead and maybe having a day a week when you can cook and freeze meals that only need to be heated up during the week. This will not only help with the convenience of having a homemade meal ready in a short space of time, but it will also help to avoid the fast food menus and the expense of getting food delivered.

If you are struggling to get going or to motivate yourself at the start of the year, you can be sure that others around you are probably feeling the same way too. Don’t be afraid to share with your friends if you need help, the chances are that they are feeling the same as you. Find some time to sit down and chat with your friends and discuss how you can support each other and at the same time looking forward to the excitement of what you have planned. If you need any additional support remember that the Students’ Union Advice Centre is able to offer you advice and guidance and to help you look for any options of support that you need with the issues that you are facing. The service is confidential, free, and nonjudgemental and it offers support to students throughout the year.

Bucks Students’ Bucks Union Students’ Union

Advice Advice Centre Centre ADVICE CENTRE

Some goals will be set for you such as your exams and assessment hand in dates but other more personal ones might be something that you can control. When setting yourself goals think as to whether you have the time, resources, the reasoning for goal, and if that achievement can lead you onto the next one.MONEY Booking some time away with friends, family, or by yourself will mean that you will need to consider when can I do this, can I afford it and how will I pay for it , do you have to save for it, or do you need to ensure that other tasks are completed first before you can go away?

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The start of the year is a great time to sort through and have a clear out of your room or house and make space for Find some time for you the next year. Clearing out a room and making an impact The start of term and the beginning of the semester is on your environment however small or large can help a busy period for all. It isaimportant that you can find Please call to make an appointment at either campus for face-to-face, telephone or Sk create a positive feeling that you are getting things done. just enough time in your schedule for you to something It’s a great way to take a break from your revision or from that you enjoy doing, or a chance for you to discover High Wycombe Uxbridge Camp the your assignment especially if you have hitCampus: a brick wall and something new. You might want to check out Monday Thursday Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday Thursday F Students’ Union activities to see if to something grabs9am-5pm, your YOUR PE need a break.to Doing it on your9am-5pm, own or together with your MONEY attention. Located: Room N0.03, ground North Block Located: Room 1.03, fi YOUR PERSONAL LIFE family/housemates can be a fun exercise too,floor, you might Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Phone: 01494 603 016 01494 605 even find that long lost item thatcall you’ve been looking for. Please to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face,Phone: telephone or Skype ap

We help you find a solution! Got a problem? Got a problem? Tell us what it is Tell us what it is



We help you find solution! Weahelp you find a solution!

se call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Evening appointments are available outside Monday of standard opening hoursFriday at High Wycombe Mon-Thur Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm to Thursday 9am-5pm, 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9 INTERN contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor YOUR PERSONAL LIFE High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floo YOUR PERSONAL LIFE STUDE MONEY If you have problems in of 9am-5pm, these Phone: 01494 603 016 areas we can help: Phone: 01494 605 180 If Monday you telephone have problems inFriday any of these ay to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm toany Thursday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 areas we can help: Phone: 01494 605 180 MONEY COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, or Skype appointment. INTERNATIONAL MONEY Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. ted: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03,of first floor YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Evening appointments are available outside standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hoursISSUES at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm STUDENT contact us to arrange an at a time to suit you. Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 appointment High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: contact Please us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. call to make an appointment at either or cam High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: se call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Please call make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone Sk Monday tofor Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Fridayto 9am-4.30pm campus a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. MONEY Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE ACCOM INTERNATIONAL YOUR PE MONEY MONEY COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Located: Room groundoutside floor, North standard Block Located: Room 1.03, first LIFE floor MONEY YOUR PERSONAL INTERNATIONAL ppointments areN0.03, available opening atMONEY High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm tofirst 7pm. LEGAL ISSUES Located: of Room N0.03, ground floor,hours North Block Located:YOUR Room 1.03, floorPlease PERSONAL LIFE STUDENT ISSUES High Wycombe Campus: Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 STUDENT ISSUES High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: call to 180 make appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Camp Phone: 01494 603 016 Please Phone: 01494 605 Please call to make an contact appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, or Skype appointment. us to an appointment at atelephone time to suit you. suadvice@bucks.ac.uk call to make an appointment atPlease either campus for aanface-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Please call to make anface-to-face, appointment at9am-4.30pm either or campus Uxbridge Campus: Please callarrange toormake anappointment. appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone orbucksstudentsunion.org/advice Skype appointment. either campus for a face-to-face, telephone Skype suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a telephone Skypefor ap Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm llay to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, F ning appointments are available outside of9am-5pm, standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please pm Monday to Thursday Friday 9am-4.30pm INTERNATIONAL High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Cam Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge ted: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor ACCOMMODATION LEGAL ISSUES High Campus: Wycombe Campus: contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit High you. Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, fi INTERNATIONAL High Wycombe Campus: Campus: Uxbridge Campus: High Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Monday to Thursday Monday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm contact us toto arrange anThursday appointment at a 9am-4.30pm time toUxbridge suit you. Wycombe kMonday Located: 1.03, first floor STUDENT ISSUES to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday Room 9am-4.30pm Monday Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Monday to 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm m-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm STUDENT ISSUES INTERNATIONAL Monday 01494 toLocated: Thursday 9am-5pm, 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday Phone: 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 LEGAL ISSUES INTER Room N0.03,Friday ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.039 Located: Room N0.03, floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor Thursday 9am-5pm, Fridayground 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm ACCOMMODATION INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ISSUES Located: N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor floor, North INTERNATIONAL Phone: 01494 605 180 LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground Block LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room ground floor, North BlockRoom Located: Room 1.03, first floor COURSE ISSUES th Block Located: Room 1.03,N0.03, first floor STUDENT ISSUES ACCOMMODATION LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floo INTERNATIONAL STUDE Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 60 Phone: 01494 603Block 016 Phone: 01494 180 603 016 Room N0.03, ground floor, North Located: Room 1.03, first floor 605 STUDENT ISSUES suadvice@bucks.ac.uk STUDENT ISSUES Phone: 01494 Phone: 01494 605 180 Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494bucksstudentsunion.org/advice 603 016 Phone: STUDENT 01494 605 180 Phone: 01494 605 180 ISSUES Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 Evening appointments are available outside of standard ope ppointments are available outside of standard opening hours at605 High Mon-Thurs: 5pm outside to 7pm.ofPlease Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494Evening 180 Wycombe appointments are available standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thur YOUR PERSO suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice MONEY dning opening hours atavailable High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm 7pm. Pleasebucksstudentsunion.org/advice suadvice@bucks.ac.uk Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours atusHigh Wycombe Mon-Th appointments are outside of standard opening hours to at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm outside to 7pm. Please contact to arrange an aph Evening appointments are available of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please YOUR PERSONAL LIFE MONEY contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening Evening appointments are 5pm available outside of standard opening hours Evening at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: to 7pm. contact us5pm to outside arrange an appointment atata High time to suit tandard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: to 7pm. Please appointments are available ofPlease standard opening Wycombe Mon-Thurs: YOUR PERSONAL LIFE contact us suit to arrange an hours appointment at a time toyou. suit you. 5pm contact us to arrangeMONEY an appointment at a time to suit you. n appointment at a time to suit you. ments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm.contact Please us to arrange an appointment at a time to you. contact us to arrange an appointm contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.



range an appointment at a time to suit you.Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. telephone or Skype appointment. contact us to arrange an appointment a time suit you. at either campus for a face-to-face, Please call toat make an to appointment telephone or Skype appointment. COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES COURSE ISSUES COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION HighHigh Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Wycombe Campus:

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High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: bucksstudentsunion.org/advic suadvice@bucks.ac.uk suadvice@bucks.ac.uk Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm suadvice@bucks.ac.uk Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm,bucksstudentsunion.org/advice 9am-4.30pm suadvice@bucks.ac.uk b suadvice@bucks.ac.uk buckss suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Mondaysuadvice@bucks.ac.uk to bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Thursday 9am-5pm, 9am-4.30pm Monday toFriday Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Monday toFriday Thursday 9am-5pm, Fridaysuadvice@bucks.ac.uk 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm .uk suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice INTERNATIONAL bucksstudentsunion.org/advice suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor bucksstudentsunion.org/advice INTERNATIONAL bucksstudentsunion.org/advice INTERNATIO LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room Block Located: first floorISSUES LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room01494 N0.03, ground floor,N0.03, Northground Blockfloor, North Room Room 1.03,1.03, firstSTUDENT floor Phone: 603 016 Phone: 01494 605Located: 180 STUDENT ISSUES I STUDENT Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180

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Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please MONEY contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. contact opening us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. Evening appointments are available outside of standard hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please ACCOMMODATION contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. COURSE ISSUES

ACCOMMODATION Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Sk

suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice bucksstudentsunion.org/advice suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice bucksstudentsunion.org/advice High Wycombe Campus: suadvice@bucks.ac.uk suadvice@bucks.ac.uk


Uxbridge Camp

EXCLUDED Ricardo is a graduate from Bucks New University, who has recently found success in launching his play, 'EXCLUDED' at the Intermission Youth Theatre. Here is what Ricardo's agent had to say; Ricardo P. Lloyd is part of a new exciting topical play titled 'Excluded', that launched on Wednesday 6 November and ran until Saturday 30 November. Mr. Lloyd, a budding young actor has managed to get the attention of celebrities including Hollywood actress Noami Harris, Martha Plimpton and has just been interviewed by the popular host Vannessa Feltz, on her popular Radio London show. Also on her show was mentor, writer and director of the play Darren Raymond, who was an ex offender himself and can relate to a lot of the young people he works with. Ricardo also appeared on ITV News London at 6 o'clock as well as BBC Sunday morning live, he says 'often times society only chooses to see what they want to see when it concerns young people.' Ricardo has been wearing an eyepatch publicly as a symbol to represent how society blinds itself. Ricardo recently introduced a mask to symbolise how society likes to silence young voices.

Ricardo P. Lloyd was once on the verge of permanent exclusion himself from Capital City Academy, but turned his life around and has been keen to inspire other young people to do the same and use their abilities to either stay on the right side of life, or to use it in helping to build a stronger community. Ricardo P. Lloyd graduated from Buckinghamshire New University in 2016 with a BA Hons in Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage). He then went on to do a Master of Business Administration degree at Anglia Ruskin University London, graduating in 2018, as the youngest in his class. The link between students being excluded from school and knife crime is one that is becoming more evident as the latest government reports highlights these links. Intermission's aim is to highlight these urgent issues through the production of Exclusion.

This new work, transplants Shakespeare’s most iconic characters into a classroom setting. This production will be performed by the organisation’s youth arm - Intermission Youth Theatre (IYT) - which uses drama to engage vulnerable young people lacking in opportunities from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Greater London.

January Issue

By Ricardo P. Lloyd


Alumni success

12 January Issue

Nurses as leaders

By Lisa Connell

Nurses as leaders Leadership skills are increasingly important to future employers, but did you know that as a future nurse, you’re expected to have them before you graduate? Our Nursing degree has a module in the third year dedicated exclusively to leadership but you don’t have to wait until third year to learn about being a leader. In fact, there are a variety of ways for you to get leadership skills before you go out on your management placement in the third year and you can gain these skills through Bucks Student Union. If you have a passion for representation, you can start out as one of our student reps. We have a rep per tutor group in the September and February cohorts, which means that student nurses are well represented in Nursing and Allied Health. You get the chance to be the voice of your tutor group and provide feedback to your year leaders and the placements team in Coffee Sessions held over the academic year. You also get the chance to attend a programme committee meeting where you can be heard by your programme lead and other academics. You might be involved in chairing meetings as a nurse, especially if you are coordinating someone’s care in the community when you qualify. Being a student rep means you also have the chance to co-chair programme committee meetings, making sure your fellow student reps are being heard in the meeting. Having co-chaired the last BSc Nursing programme committee meeting, I can tell you from experience that it’s an interesting and rewarding role and you also get a lot of support from both the Representation team and your academic co-chair. It doesn’t stop there though, because you can also nominate yourself to one of our executive officer roles. If you feel like you want to represent more than just your course, you can put yourself up for election to one of the eight roles. Four are self-defining (Women, Disability, LGBT and BAME) and four depend on your enrolment status (Part-time, International, Mature and Postgraduate).

If you want to be an advocate of one of those communities of students at Bucks, go for it. Think of it as practice for when you’re the one advocating for your patients. Additionally, you can also nominate yourself to be a Student Trustee of the Students’ Union because one of the four vacancies is reserved for an Uxbridge student. There are so many students on our campus, but our interests have always been represented by Wycombe students. Now there’s a chance for an Uxbridge student to make sure our voices are heard at the highest level of the union. A good head start for those of us who think big and are the future directors of nursing. Last but not least, you can go for the Sabbatical Officer roles. Traditionally, Wycombe students in their final year tend to go for these roles and campaigning tends to take place whilst September students are out on placement. However, that shouldn’t stop a nursing student from Uxbridge or Aylesbury for going for it. Whilst it means taking a yearlong break, you’ll be gaining a unique career opportunity with plenty of transferable skills. Not many people can put that on their CV! Make sure you check out the opportunity profiles on the students’ union website and consider getting a head start on gaining your leadership skills before third year comes rolling around.

From Monday 10 February to Sunday 16 February we will be running the return of Give It a Go week, Give It a Go 2.0. This week will allow you to test out a variety of volunteering opportunities, recreational activities, sport and societies in either Uxbridge or High Wycombe. Give It a Go is a jam packed week full of fun activities all provided for free courtesy of the big deal. In our first give it a go week which we ran back in October, we engaged 466 student in one or more activity, something we want to beat this time around. As you have settled into University life within the first term, it is now time to get involved with the wider University community and where better to do this than through Give It a Go week! Sport Bucks New University compete across the country in the British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition, it is not too late to still compete for your University! During give it a go 2.0 all training sessions are open to all, other than those choreographed based sports such as Cheer and Dance, so make sure to check out the Give it a go timetable and head down to the training sessions you are interested in. There are also social media groups for all of the sports clubs that can be found on their minisites on the SU website.

Monday 10

Tuesday 11

SMILE CAMPAIGN 7-9.30am HANDBALL 5-6.30pm AU SPIN 5-5.45pm* GAMING 5-10pm RUGBY 6-7.30pm VOLLEYBALL 6.30-8.30pm WOMEN’S HOCKEY 7-8.30pm MEN’S FOOTBALL 7-9.30pm TOPGOLF 4-7pm* MUSICAL THEATRE 7.30-10pm MEN’S HOCKEY 8.30-10pm WOMEN’S BASKETBALL 8.30-10pm


Sport for Fun Our Sport for Fun programme continues as normal throughout this week with activities such as Handball, Volleyball, Football, Climbing and Dodgeball. There is no need to worry if you have never tried any of these before, all of our sessions are inclusive of all abilities and our ambassadors will ensure that you are involved and get the most out of the sessions. Look for our ambassadors, who will be in blue polo shirts. Alongside these we have organised some additional trips open to all. Starting the week off with 2 games at Topgolf on Monday followed by an hour and half jump session at Rush Trampoline Park on the Tuesday. We end the week on Friday, with Ice Skating. All of these require a £5 deposit which will be refunded once you attend. Societies Societies are one of the best ways to enhance your university experience. They are a great way to have a varied social life and meet like-minded people. At Bucks, we currently have 31 active societies, including Musical Theatre, Harry Potter, Esports, Kpop and Taekwondo, For a full list visit bucksstudentsunion.org/activities/ socs, where you will also be able to contact any society you are interested in. The majority of these societies will be holding sessions during Give it a Go week, so why not give something different a go!


Thursday 13 GREEN THURSDAY 10am RUSTY’S RADIO 1-2pm MIXED SOCIAL FOOTBALL 4.30-6.30pm GAMING 5-10pm BOXING 6-7pm CLIMBING 6-9pm KARATE 6-7.30pm BADMINTON 6.30-7.30pm CHRISTIAN UNION 7pm DODGEBALL 7.30-9pm TAEKWONDO 7.30-9pm


All week TABLE TENNIS all day BIKE HIREall day

Volunteering Volunteering is a great way to get involved, meet new people and enhance your CV. Throughout give it a go week there are several volunteering opportunities to get involved with from microvolunteering events such as designing positivity cards to give to loved ones or lecturers to day events such as a visit to one can trust or partaking in green Thursday. The highlight of give it a go week for volunteering is the Brighton Beach Clean. Last term the beach clean was a great success and it was amazing to see so many students care about the environment and see a difference made from the work that was done. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these opportunities. Check out the time table and visit the Bucks Students’ Union website and click on the 'What’s On' page to sign up.


Saturday 15 BRIGHTON BEACH CLEAN all day (9am-5pm)*

Sunday 16 BADMINTON 2-4pm POLE 3.30-5.30pm

MEN’S RUGBY 6-7.30pm KPOP 6-8pm E-SPORTS 6-10pm HARRY POTTER 7-9.30pm ICE SKATING 7.30-10.30pm

From Monday 10 - Sunday 16 February we will be running the return of Give it a Go Week; Give it a Go 2.0! This week will allow you to test out a variety of volunteering opportunities, recreational activities, sport and societies both at our High Wycombe Campus and Uxbridge. If you would like to take part in these activities throughout your time * sign up in advance via the at Bucks, you can for free website for these activities. thanks to The Big Deal.

January Issue

GIVE IT A GO 2.0 Monday 10 - Sunday 16 February By Daniel Lawrence, Fergus Adams, Jade Collis


Give It a Go 2.0

14 January Issue

Sustainable gardening

By Abby Gray

Gardening Sustainably I live in a beautiful village in Wiltshire with rolling green hills. Avebury is not far away with its stone circles, avenue and West Kennet Long Barrow. A beautiful place where you wouldn’t want to spoil the countryside.

Naturally, plenty of people do gardening here – front and back gardens can be seen with bamboo poles and netting for pea plants and runner beans, etc. Thus, in my village hall just before I moved back for starting this academic year, I decided to attend a talk by Sally Nex on gardening without plastic. A group of about 15 or 20 people turned up – quite a crowd for the small village hall! It was a fascinating talk, for which I took lots of notes. She talked about the Chris Jordan, a photographer who made the film called the Albatross about its plight on the Galápagos Islands and a student who had done a project visiting these islands, which had been hit hard by the bits of accumulating plastic from the sea, even though it is uninhabited – a familiar story that many of us have heard, I’m sure. Anyway, she told us about her efforts for reducing plastic. As I can attest, buying new plants usually involves getting ‘new plastic’ so undermining her efforts to ‘not buy any more plastic’ (and reuse plastic she has as much as she can). For planting little seedlings, she recommended reusing the cardboard tubes one gets from packets of toilet roll (which has led to us collecting them) – as these decompose perfectly, and the seedlings’ roots actually benefit most greatly from these compared to the plastic seedling trays.

Then, she told us about how she has found buying lots of plywood-type wooden trays quite cost effectively and en masse from eBay – if you look carefully. She puts a good number of the seedlings in their rolls onto these trays and they work very well. In the absence of the loo rolls, she cuts out pencilled nets of small boxes (like what kids do at primary school) made from cereal boxes etc (environmentally friendly save for the ink but still biodegradable) and tape these with masking tape (still plastic in its stickiness but much less plastic than plastic seedling trays, which break very easily and are not recyclable because they are black, and also because they are the flimsy deteriorating type plastic) which then can biodegrade with the cardboard. She uses jute netting for her gardening instead of that plastic netting cabbages know all too well. She has managed to find a compost company where one can buy in bulk compost without the plastic (ideal for my village so their gardening club can bulk buy and they chip their due and save money for their gardening) but it is not close at all to her or us. In short, a fascinating talk by a very engaging and down to earth lady. I will certainly use as many of her techniques as I can when I garden at home.


Film Review.

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The Event’s Team try to have something going on every night of the week that suits all, so you don’t miss out here are my recommendations for the next few weeks for those who would like to experience something different or like the idea of a new event that is on! – Enjoy! A new decade, new year and new events! The events team have been working hard to make 2020 the best year possible for you! Without your support of previous events we wouldn’t be able to put on the ideas we have lined up so, sit back relax and enjoy what Rusty has to recommend in early 2020! To kickstart 2020 we’re improving our already biggest alt night and making it better! It wouldn’t be a CRASH night without our most popular resident DJ’s, but we’ve only gone and added the UK’s ONLY Marilyn Manson Tribute band for the night. Kick-start your February 1st, to this never before seen at Buck’s performance by Spouky Kids. If you’re into something a little different to CRASH, we have an Open Decks night for all those who love to DJ, this is open to the public including under 18’s and open to all genres so if you’ve got the skills we’ve got the set up! Head down to the Lounge Tuesday 4 February from 5pm onwards to not only enjoy the music, but our pizza and draught drinks as these will be on offer! Just to ensure we have something for everyone, Jack Mack presents: Enter the House will be returning. After his first show in January being a huge success, we just had to get him back! Saturday 8 February join Jack and his special guests WE ARE NUTS!, CUMMINZ, ZURRA and BODMAN for house, tech and bass. Here at Buck’s we want something for everyone! But if there is something you want to see that you think we may have missed do get in touch – however this is all we’re letting out for now so keep an eye on the paper, our posters and all social media for what’s to come! See you at the next events.

January Issue



Rusty's recommendation.

20 January Issue

'Hunger' theatre production

By Athena Pickering, Anna Olsen, Luke Rose, Tasha Wood, Beth Bailey, Sam Jasim, Cassie Riches

Eliza leads an unfulfilling but comfortable life. She has reached a point where she must confront her most feared question: who are you? Her reluctance to face her true self leads to an encounter with a mysterious character, who seems to know more about her than she knows herself... Half Full Productions is a company formed of seven emerging actors and filmmakers from Buckinghamshire New University in 2020. Our debut film, Hunger, is inspired by Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010) and David Fincher’s Fight Club (1999), drawing from Wright’s fastpaced visual style and Fincher’s exploration of psychological characters. Hunger is a fast-paced psychological comedy, aiming to relate to a wide range of audience members. We have all been, or will go through a period in our lives where we doubt who we are and go on a journey to transition from who we are to who we want to be. Our company has been working hard in rehearsals preparing to shoot our film, while also providing some intriguing teasers to give you an insight for what to expect. From sourcing our own costumes, locations and music, we are aiming to develop a cinematic experience that will be enjoyed by all. We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us so far. Whether you have donated to us, came to our fundraiser at the SU or follow us on social media. We appreciate all of your support and we hope you will continue to support us in the coming weeks. Our crowdfunding page is

still open (the link can still be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages), so if you fancy continuing this support and helping us reach our fundraising target, then we would be forever grateful. We have two screenings coming up soon to premiere our debut film. We hope you all will come along and support. Why not bring friends, family, course-mates, flat-mates, too? All are welcome! Not only will you get to see the premiere of our film, there will be free food and an opportunity for a Q&A with the company after the screening too. This will be a fun and exciting event that you won’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you all at our screenings and we have another High Wycombe screening to be confirmed soon! For now we have the following date confirmed: Tuesday 25 February, The Swan Theatre, HP11 2XE Tickets: £5/£3 Concessions

We also have a screening at 'Whirled Cinema'. You can buy tickets on Eventbrite by searching; Half Full productions Hunger: Thursday 12 March, Whirled Cinema, SE24 0HN Tickets: £6/£5 concessions

Cast Anna Olsen – Eliza Luke Rose – Joey Tasha Wood – Isla Beth Bailey – Mindy Athena Pickering – Rachel Sam Jasim – Max Kitty Bidmead – Leslie

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with all our announcements and you’ll get to see teasers we have created to get you hungry to see Hunger. Facebook: @halffullfilmcompany Instagram: @half_full_productions Twitter: @FilmHalf



S A C R I F I C E |




Andre is dying and Daren is expecting. Whether you’re the deranged Doctor, the fretting friend, the sharp-witted sister or the worrisome wife, you’re just a small cog that’s part of one larger machine. In a disturbing dystopian city that is obsessed with perfection, money is the key to everything. But what if money’s not an option…? Only then you can decide what sacrifices are worth making. An original play with fast paced movement sequences and a poignant soundtrack. A looking glass into the future they don’t want you to see. Are you willing to open your eyes? Warped Sacrifice is a new original production by W.S. Productions a theatre company comprising of third year Performing Arts (Film, TV & Stage) students. It’s 2020, a world obsessed with likes, looks and labels; we are here to confront this. With movement, music and a multi-layered narrative. If Black Mirror is your vibe, Warped Sacrifice is the theatre show for you. Come and see what the world could become at the Wycombe Swan on 27 February or at The Turbine Theatre, Battersea on 3 March. Tickets on sale now.




January Issue

By Lauren Underwood, Aaron Griffiths, Emma Ballantine, Victor Olusina, Filipa Ferreira, Elisa Musson, Katalin Price


'Warped Sacrifice' theatre production

22 January Issue

Cats review

By Ben Daly

Cats 2019 is a movie directed by Tom Hooper, which is based off the musical of the same name which was inspired from T. S. Eliot's 1939 poetry book Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. The songs in the musical consist of Eliot's verse set to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The plot focuses on a tribe of cats who must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. It stars Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Robbie Fairchild, Jason Derulo, James Corden and Idris Elba. Cats 2019 has been met with a lot of controversy ever since the first trailer dropped in 2019. People’s first reaction was disgust to the “weird” visuals consisting of human-cat hybrids made of CGI instead of make-up and

costumes like the original stage performance. I believe people over reacted to the visual aspect of this film and overlooked the rest of it. While I do agree that it does look slightly unsettling at some points and the scale of the world keeps changing. I think this movie excels in its main focus, that being the musical element. The music in this movie is fantastic, it ranges from suspenseful; to intriguing, to fun; to dramatic; to emotional; to inspirational. All of this culminates into a beautiful movie that is overshadowed by its own ambitious visuals. Beautiful Ghosts (Victoria’s Song) and Memories are my favourite songs of the soundtrack. The musical aspect of this movie succeeds wonderfully and the songs are marvellous. Hate the movie or not, the music is great.

Overall, this movie touched me in a way most movies don’t with its highs. This movie isn’t perfect, the CGI could do with a couple of touch up’s and comedic moments were weak at some points. However, this film deals with the aspects of redemption, hope, love and belief. The performances were stunning and even some of the visuals at some points. The movie was able to balance the shifting tones of wonder, joy, excitement and inspiration wonderfully. I’d give it a score of 7/10, great but not purrfect (sorry had to throw one cat pun in there).

Paediatric First Aid This FREE 2 day course focuses on emergency scenarios that face those looking after young children and infants. You will understand the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider. You will be able to assess an emergency situation safely and be able to provide first aid for an infant and a child –if you have children or are planning on working with children, this course is a must for you!

Rollermania with skate hire! Get your skates on in a darker and louder atmosphere! At Rollermania, the resident DJ will be playing all your favourite chart, club, D&B, house, R&B, and of course cheese. Offering a night club experience for our skaters, it’s the ultimate Friday night. All this for FREE and with the skate hire thrown in as well!

Autism Awareness This FREE course is designed for those with no prior knowledge of autism, and is therefore suitable for anyone with an interest in the subject, although it is especially recommended for all those looking to work in the health sector. Autism covers a wide range of social, speech and communication disabilities, and you will learn how to manage any variation whilst remaining understanding of the behavioural difficulties which it can cause.

FREE ACTIVITIES Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely break over the holidays and are excited and ready to be back and enjoy more of our amazing opportunities offered for FREE all courtesy of the Big Deal! Whether you are starting to think about what to do when you leave and need some skills to boost your employability or just want a way to wind down with one of our rec activities, we have something for you. Coming up over the next couple of months we have all these great opportunities for you...

Cooking Classes

Deafness Awareness

And more!

A FREE course for those who want to help themselves (or those they dearly love) learn how to pull together a great meal, in a short amount of time, on a tight budget and potentially hungover! Both keen and clumsy equally welcome. Not only do you get to bring your dinner home as a free meal that night, but you can bring your recipe home and impress your family over the next holiday break!

On this FREE course you will gain an insight into the world of deafness. Learn about people with varying levels of hearing loss and the different ways they communicate. There are also interactive activities such as lip reading and fingerspelling to really boost your employability with something additional to put on your CV.

Sign Language Singing lessons Public Speaking Level 1 ADHD Awareness Escape Rooms

You can book onto any activity through our website so be sure to keep an eye out on the Bucks SU ‘What’s On’ page – don’t miss out by not reserving your place early on, as some of these activities fill up fast!

If you need any support to enhance your academic experience, pop into one of the Students’ Union offices and we will be more than happy to help wherever we can, whether it's a new activity or just a chat.

We love hearing your ideas and providing opportunities that you want! Contact us at surecactivities@bucks.ac.uk or pop in and see us in one of the Student’s Union offices.

January Issue

By Emily West



24 January Issue

Sport for Fun / Societies


By Daniel Lawrence What a start to the year it has been for societies at Bucks. Having already engaged 500 students and seen 12 new societies set up, things are looking good! If you have an interest in anything and we currently do not have it as a society, why not set one up? We can give you full support whilst setting up and you can receive some funding to kick-start your society. Come and pop into the Students' Union office and speak to Daniel so we can get cracking. Society of the Month Each month we award the society who has stood out amongst the rest for all their hard work. Here is a snippet of the past few month's winners: September – Green Society A new society set up over the summer, they have established themselves quickly and have some great plans to help make Bucks greener. They gained a lot of interest at Freshers' Fair with their eye catching stall and show huge promise in having a big year in 2020. October – Aviation It was very difficult to decide this month due to all of the hard work put in by societies in getting things organised and running their sessions. Aviation however were November’s winners having planned a number of trips and guest speakers - a trip to British Airways HQ being a standout. November - Musical Theatre Massive well done to MT, who did a great job during November. They ticked numerous points off on their accreditation checklist, and performed a whole host of times, including a flash mob at Movember and RAG takeover and at the Christmas Lights switch on in town. They didn’t stop there though; four members braved the cold at the Big Sleep Out raising a whopping £528 in under 36 hours between them. For any more information about societies, email susocieties@bucks.ac.uk

Sport for Fun Have the words, “new year, new you” or something similar sprung to mind? Well why not act on this and begin living a healthy lifestyle by participating in an hour or two of physical activity through our Sport for Fun programme. It is designed to be fun and to get as much out of you as you want to put in. If you want to get fit, have fun, socialise or take a break from your studies then pop along to any of the timetabled activities. With Give it a Go week coming up from Monday 10 – Sunday 16 February, there's also a perfect opportunity for you to give Sport for Fun a go coming up!. For a summary of last term; we engaged 348 students into the programme through a variety of activities, including gym classes, boxing, climbing, handball and snowsports. Our ambassadors for each sport have worked tirelessly to engage you all and ensure that when you attend one of their sessions, you are enjoying yourself. I'd like to give a special thanks to these ambassadors for their hard work so far:

•  Charlie Batterbee (Badminton) •  Tamsin Grainger (Snowsports) •  Alex Ditchburn & Travis Hoey (Football)

We will be looking for new ambassadors for next year, as unfortunately they are all 3rd years. The role of the ambassador is simple. You are the face of that sport and it is your task to get as many people engaged as possible. There are a few less glamorous things, like having to take a register but this could be your opportunity to take leadership of a sport and run sessions however you would like. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, feel free to drop me a message (daniel.lawrence@bucks.ac.uk or Daniel Bucks on Facebook) or have a chat with one of the current ambassadors at a session you attend.

I think I've said enough for now and don't want to keep you too long, but if you want to keep on top of anything Sport for Fun related, give us a follow on Instagram @sportforfun_buckssu and drop us a like on Facebook /Sport for Fun Bucks New Uni.

Veganism... what do you reckon? Veganuary is here, but what is it all about? Why have people been cutting out animal produce for a whole month? Veganism is sweeping the world, as well as Bucks and there are many reasons behind it. It’s safe to say that not all of Green Society are vegan but most of us are. As with anything, it has its pros and cons, and it’s really split us. This article discusses reasons for and against trying veganism and the hot topic of Veganuary. For 1. It helps animals

Against 1. Farm animals give back to biodiversity

It has been claimed that every vegan saves around 200 animals per year. If you’re an animal lover, it’s not a number you can ignore.

23 species of dung beetle can be found in a single cow pat, and the birds that feed on these beetles are skyrocketing. This is a single example of how cows alone help to enrich our ecosystem.

For 2. Animal produce is the top source of food poisoning “Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health tested supermarket chickens’ flesh and found that 96 percent of Tyson chicken packages were contaminated with campylobacter, a dangerous bacterium that causes 2.4 million cases of food poisoning each year, resulting in diarrhoea, cramping, abdominal pain, and fever.” For 3. It saves land and produce It takes tons of crops, water and land to farm animals – which obviously isn’t great for the planet we live on! The climate crisis is coming fast, and our uncontrollable consumption of meat arguably has a huge effect on our future here on Earth! I asked Sydney Owen, our Fundraiser, why she decided to go Vegan. “I don’t know if I would describe myself as ‘healthier’ since becoming vegan, however, I have noticed a weight loss.” She told me. “The main thing now is that I’m much more conscious of what I'm putting into my body and just how much processed food is available. I find it much easier to insert more fruit and veg into my diet now and that does make me feel healthier.”

Against 2. It’s hard to come by certain nutrients Many vital nutrients can be easily accessed in meat. Such as the amount of protein in Chicken in comparison to some legumes such as lentils. You’d have to eat a lot more lentils than chicken to match the protein, which isn’t always ideal. Against 3. Shop bought substitutes are expensive and often more processed Substitutes can often be expensive. Take sausages vs. vegan sausages. You automatically know which will be more expensive, and I know because I’ve bought them. You don’t always need to go for substitutes, which can often have harmful hidden ingredients in too. (Like most processed things!)

At the end of the day, the optimal diet for any one person takes into account a LOT of factors. Some people are made very ill from turning vegan. Some people feel like they are living their best lives. It’s all a matter of WHO is undertaking that diet. As well as how quickly or steadily you introduce it, and more. Sydney said: “My tip would be if you want to try veganism for yourself, just do it. Even if it’s just swapping out the meat in one meal for the meat substitute. Also, cook at home because it’s much easier to see how different but easy swaps can be.” All I am asking of you this Veganuary is to experiment. Don’t make any hasty decisions and see how it works for YOU.

I asked Sydney the hardest part of being a Vegan. “The hardest part I found about going vegan is trying to eat out.” She said. “Most restaurants and food places will offer a vegan option but it’s likely they will only have the one and its falafel – which I'm not a fan of personally.”

CAFE AD Tune in. Listen up. Catch us live on the Bucks Students’ Union website 24/7.

January Issue

By Kia Wing, Sydney Owen


Green society

Recognising Volunteers Every month the students’ Union updates the celebration station which is located on the wall between the students union and our venue. The celebration station was put in place to celebrate our student’s success weather that be volunteer of the month, club and society of the month or rep of the month. This was put in place to celebrate and praise our student’s success, to recognise all the hard work they have put in for that month!




Amy won volunteer of the month in September for being so keen to volunteer and getting straight back into balancing her busy University schedule whilst giving back to the community. Amy was one of the first to sign up for the Bournemouth beach clean and also the big sleep out. Amy’s enthusiasm to volunteer and to help the environment, as well as give back to a global issue, did not go unrecognised.

Throughout the month of October Travis was a star volunteer! Not only did he take part in the Bournemouth beach clean, he also drove one of the mini buses to Bournemouth to allow more students to enjoy this opportunity and get involved himself to help the environment. Travis is the chairman for bucks FC and volunteers a lot through his club. He was very keen to push a lot of his team mates into signing for the big sleep out and as a club managed to raise an amazing £1,000, all made possible with the positive support and motivation from Travis to push to get this money raised.

Paul Walden volunteers for an external organisation, he selflessly gives up his free time to volunteer for Headway South Bucks. Paul volunteers twice a week on top of his studies and external commitments. Paul has currently achieved gold status for his volunteering efforts and is very close to hitting his platinum volunteering certificate. Paul has volunteered with this organisation for over a year now with some of his course mates and they all appreciate the additional benefits volunteering gives them.




January Issue

By Jade Collis


Recognising Volunteers

28 January Issue


Volunteer with Bucks Students' Union Volunteering here at Bucks can bring so many benefits to your University life and career beyond. You can meet new people, enhance your CV and give back to the community - giving a great sense of achievement.

At Bucks, there are loads of different opportunities to get involved with to work around your lectures, outside commitments and social life. There are long term volunteering opportunities which will include working with an external organisation on a weekly (or monthly) basis, or there are one off volunteering opportunities which have little to no commitment. There are also micro volunteering opportunities that you can get involved with, small opportunities on campus that require around 30 minutes of your time. You can choose whichever type of volunteering you think will best suit your busy schedules whilst getting involved. The list below will explain all the volunteering opportunities we have coming up. If you would like to know more information about volunteering please feel free to contact volunteering@bucks.ac.uk or you can look at the volunteering portal on the bucksstudentsunion.org where you can find all of our long term volunteering opportunities and internships.

By Jade Collis

To find out about any of our volunteering opportunities please visit the Bucks Students’ Union website, look Positivity cards – a microvolunteering opportunity in on the 'What's On' page or our volunteering portal. If Uxbridge – Tuesday 11 February, 11am-1pm or Friday 14 you would like to discuss the different volunteering February, 11am-1pm in High Wycombe. opportunities please contact jade.collis@bucks.ac.uk One Can Trust – Wednesday 12 February, 11.30am-1:30pm and arrange an appointment. What’s coming up in term two?

Brighton Beach Clean – Saturday 15 February. £5 deposit is required, sign up on the SU website! Delivering sandwiches to the homeless community – Every Friday in High Wycombe, 3-4pm. Post pals – Post pals is a microvolunteering opportunity which can be done in under 30 minutes, there is no set time and date for this opportunity, so if you would like to take part in this opportunity please just email jade.collis@bucks.ac.uk and this can be done in your spare time as and when. Green Thursdays – Every Thursday morning, Chiltern Rangers holds a conservation project around High Wycombe. If you would like to get involved you can do so on Thursday 13 February.


If you volunteer outside of the university and we don’t know about it, get in touch as we would love to celebrate all your hard work and reward you for the work you do. Did you know we have a volunteering reward scheme? If you reach certain volunteering hour milestones, you will be handed a certificate to celebrate! This can be great to use after university to showcase to future employees what you did in addition to your studies. If you reach platinum volunteering hours (400 hours) you will also be invited to our annual Union dinner award evening, where you will be presented your award on stage.

01.04.20 Get your ticket now: bucksstudentsunion.org/varsity

Launch night and Varsity Captains announcement coming Wednesday 29 January!

By Jade Louise Clifford



30 January Issue

BNU Dance

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again; it’s time for competition season, the best time of the year! We will be travelling all over the country to compete in various competitions, including C4, Southampton, Kington and our very own BUCKS COMP! This event is the biggest event BNU Dance put on every year and this year is no different. We have 7 universities coming along to compete this year, including C4, Essex, Southampton, Surrey, RVC, Brighton, and Roehampton. A lot of familiar faces from previous years will show, which is so encouraging to know that they will be returning as we want Bucks Comp to continue to grow and become more successful each year and with the help of every university returning, this can be possible. We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our club and to know various universities appreciate and acknowledge this by returning every year is an amazing feeling. We are super excited to welcome so many universities to our competition and allow them to be part of such a successful event. Each university enters routines into a wide range of categories which cover a wide range of different dance styles both at Novice and Advanced level, these include: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Street and everybody’s favourite that you definitely won’t want to miss…Wildcard. The event will be taking place throughout the whole day ending with a freestyle circle right before the results are announced by the judges. Trophies will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place but all teams and universities will be congratulated for their hard work, commitment and talent that will be displayed throughout the day. We want all universities to leave our comp with the overwhelming feeling of joy and fulfilment and wanting more, hopefully resulting in their return the year after. Our event will be held on Saturday 22nd February 2020, spectator tickets will be sold for £5 and students can get tickets for £3. We want to create the perfect atmosphere for our dance competition and invite as many people to come and watch, tickets can be purchased on the door so come along! There will be a large amount of talent being showcased throughout the whole day and it is too good to be missed. We will be donating money made from our event between the universities two RAG charities, Hillingdon Autistic Care and Thames Valley Air Ambulance. All 8 of our competition teams and choreographers have been working extremely hard since October in order to create pieces they are proud of and we cannot wait to showcase these routines on home turf. We would appreciate all the support all of Bucks staff and students can give throughout the whole process. If you would like to volunteer and help us on the day, please do not hesitate to contact any member of BNU Dance, all help is appreciated. We can’t wait to see you all there on Saturday 22 February in the Events Hall. Let’s do this! BUCKS NEW UNI DA DA DA DA!

Serving it up with

Badminton The holidays are over, and Bucks Badminton is back on track. We now have an Instagram page, where you can follow us for updates from games, photos from the campaigns we got involved into and more details about our activities - @bucks_badminton. Regarding the 2019/2020 journey of our teams, both the women’s and men’s teams have progressed extremely well since the term starting. The men’s team have gathered players and they are doing well on their games so far. A new captain is in command for the women’s team, and we hope that the rest of the year will go smoothly regarding our committee members. Our start of the season was arduous due to no coach, but now, thanks to our men’s captain, we have one. The history with our coaches has been challenging, but our current coach is teaching us movements, encourages and inspires us to improve ourselves to our best. Furthermore, in the little time since he started coaching us, the team feels that big improvements have been made to the game tactics and movement on the court. In February, we are going to organise a RAG event, but for more details, check our Instagram page because we are going to post more details soon! Our next priority is Varsity and Bucks Badminton has started training intensively for the big day, the cup must stay home. We are still open for new people to join the teams, especially the women’s team, but the boys won’t say no to fresh talents. Therefore, if you feel like you can handle a racket and a shuttlecock, don’t hesitate to join our training sessions on either Tuesday from 5.30-7pm in the Sports Hall or on Sundays from 1.30-3.30pm. The more the merrier! Finally, everyone is welcomed to join our Sports for Fun sessions on Tuesdays from 4.30-5.30pm and Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm in the Sports Hall. See you there!

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The Bucks Student Edition 85  

Bucks Students' Union student newspaper - edition 85

The Bucks Student Edition 85  

Bucks Students' Union student newspaper - edition 85