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New year's eve... AGAIN! PLUS LOTS MORE!

December 2018 - Edition 77








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A Word from the Editor.

EDITOR'S INTRO Photography by Greg Pike The Soak-A-Sabb RAG event run by Men's Hockey was a splash. Find out more on page 7.

Contributors Eliza Gent • Lauren O'Shea • Georgia Nosal • Charlie Cotton Rhona Noel • Sarah Jackson • Callum Skinner • Kat Frei Giulio Magliano • Kiana Dhanjal • Laura Bailey • James Risby Darren Hannay • Athena Pickering • Lewis Boyling Abbie Angear-Stanswood • Mona Gundi • Federica Cibrario Sophie Parfitt • Eloise Ross • Tao Warburton • Alanah Walters Lewis Taylor • Alex Cotton • Iana Krasinska • Georgia Miller Oli Gunson • Greg Pike Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email editor@thebucksstudent.com

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Hello Bucks! I hope you have all had an easy

I would really like to take this opportunity to try

transition into this very cold winter and are just as

and encourage you to see Christmas in a different

excited as I am for Christmas.

light this year.

Over the next few weeks you will be putting up

As well as completing your yearly traditions, why

your tree, organising your flat Christmas dinner

Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at bucksstudentsunion.org/communications. © 2018 Bucks Students’ Union

and definitely not leaving buying presents until the last minute! But for those who aren’t as fortunate as us, the next few weeks are going to be so incredibly hard. To have a home and a family is the luckiest

If required, this document can be made available in different formats. Please contact Bucks Students' Union for more information.

not see if you can volunteer in a soup kitchen? Or get your friends and family to donate all their unwanted coats to those who are in desperate need of them! Today is a better time than ever to get involved in your local homeless charity’s and you can make a real difference this winter. I am truly touched to see the amazing work

thing in the world and it’s something we take

students at Bucks have done so far to help those

for granted. From now until Christmas we will

without a home and I am extremely excited to

be wishing for the gifts we want but others will

see how much more we can do. If you are ready

be simply wishing that they survive the night on

to make a positive difference then be sure to get

freezing and dangerous streets.

in touch and we can make a different together.

December Issue

By Eliza Gent

4 December Issue

Sabbatical Officers.

By Lauren O'Shea, Georgia Nosal & Charlie Cotton



November has been a busy month of student activity, especially in relation to charity fund raising!

I hope you were all aware of alcohol during Alcohol Awareness Week! I ran this campaign to make people aware of the positive changes they could make to their drinking habits, most people enjoy a night out but some have that one too many. This was a kickstarter campaign for ‘Just Enough January’ so keep an eye out for this in the New Year!

Dodge4Rag was a big success, seeing both clubs and societies entering teams for the tournament. 11 teams took part and all proceeds went to our RAG charities, Hillingdon Samaritans and Wycombe Homeless Connection. The competition was won by badminton who beat hockey in the final. We've also had a couple of clubs hold RAG fundraisers. Netball held a raffle, raising over £530 (find out more on page 31). Men’s hockey hosted a ‘Soak-A-Sabb’ event which saw the Sabb team (as well as some very brave students), peppered with cold sponges, water pistols, and freezing cold buckets of water. Over £166 was raised for RAG.

I feel like I’ve been all over the place in the last three weeks, representing students and attending important training sessions! I travelled up to Derby College to attend a Quality Students’ Union workshop, QSU is the National Union of Student’s recognised quality standard. Individual unions are assessed across 12 components ranging from strategic planning to impact and are awarded individual and overall standards ranging from Working Towards to Excellent. The workshop I attended in Derby had representatives from 30 Students’ Unions from across the UK. It gave us the opportunity to catch up and see the progression since the last meeting before the summer! Georgia and I also attended a session delivered by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator at the University of Worcester that explored the external complaints and appeals process.

This was all put into a total for RAG week, resulting in over £820, with all donations going towards our RAG charities. Please donate to our RAG charities wherever I’ve learned a lot from these experiences and I’m looking you can, using the donation button on all of the tills forward to future opportunities where I am able to across of all our venues. expand my knowledge within Higher Education!

When we visited Edinburgh’s Students' Union over summer, they had a skills swap platform. This was where students from across the university would work together on a project either for an assignment or an extracurricular activity. Both people involved would benefit from the swap, so if there was an event student in need of a poster to be designed, a graphic designer would help them out, be able to use the poster in their portfolio and get a free ticket to the event too. I am hoping on rolling this platform out late January, so if you would be interested in swapping some skills, let me know!

Get in touch: Charlie: charlie.cotton@bucks.ac.uk Lauren: lauren.oshea@bucks.ac.uk Georgia: georgia.nosal@bucks.ac.uk

Bucks Vpsi


Bucks SU Pres


Bucks Vpew



Help Bucks New University climb in the WhatUni Student Rankings, and be in with a chance of winning a £200 food shop by completing a WhatUni review. Submit a review for Bucks online at whatuni.com/review. The categories cover every aspect of student life, from accommodation, facilities and your course, to lecturers, student support and your Students’ Union.

Bucks skills toolbox

Use your skills to benefit others. The toolbox will be a new online platform for you to swap skills with other students and help each other out. Drop me an email to get involved; georgia.nosal@bucks.ac.uk

December Issue

Want to help future students make a choice about which university to attend?

6 December Issue

Student Activities.

By Rhona Noel, Sarah Jackson & Charlie Cotton

'Tis the season… to get involved! After another successful month in November and with Christmas literally around the corner, your activities team have got a variety of Christmas treats in store for you to ensure you are in the Christmas spirit! Be sure to get involved in as much as possible before you go on your well-deserved Christmas holidays at the end of this term! Sign up to our extremely fun and active trip to Rush trampoline park on Wednesday 5 December with transport included and enjoy one hour of fitness before your two weeks of feasting! Last minute gifting or a Secret Santa present to find? We’ve got you covered. Pop along to Beats on Thursday 6 December between 11am-2pm and take part in our very own Christmas Crafts session where you can make some beautiful and personalised gifts and decorations for your friends, family, colleagues, peers or even yourself! Oh no you didn't... OH YES WE DID! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to a fantastic Panto! This December we will be taking our students to see ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – The Fairest Panto In All The Land’ starring Brendan Cole at our local theatre - the Wycombe Swan! Some more tickets and dates may be becoming available for this trip so be sure to keep an eye out on the ‘What’s on’ page on the Student’s Union website to be in with the chance of getting yourself a free ticket to this highly anticipated production! As a final Christmassy treat we will be providing you with transport to one of the

largest annual outdoor Christmas events in Hyde Park… Winter Wonderland. All information about this trip will be posted on the ‘What’s on’ page on the Student’s Union website during the first week of December. This is always a popular event so be sure to keep up to date with the website to avoid any disappointment! Why not squeeze in one more training session before the end of term? The fantastic Hilary Lyons will be leading another Public Speaking training course on Friday 7 December. Before you break up or upon your return you may be preparing to present in front of a class? Or do you want to practice speaking in front of an audience? Attending this workshop will provide you with practical tips and advice on public speaking and presenting. This session will help to develop confidence, address nerves and deliver engaging speeches in a friendly environment that will enable you to try out techniques and develop your own personal style. Coming up in January we have sessions in assertiveness and interview skills to get you even more work ready as well as many more great opportunities. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in any of our development activities or skills training sessions this term so far and we look forward to seeing many more of you taking up these free opportunities. Your activities team would like to take this time to wish you a great break, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming you all back in January.

SOAK-A-SABB During this year’s RAG Week, Men’s Hockey hosted a SoakA-Sabb Fundraiser with the aim of raising money for charity. This event has been meaning to take place for years,

for a generous donation of £10, the option to tip an

after bucket until they were left freezing cold and soaking

and we decided to make sure it happened. It took

entire bucket of water over their heads.

wet. To finish off I volunteered myself and soon felt the

place outside the Students' Union on an extremely cold and miserable day. Anyone could join in and soak one

Between the four of them the girls kick-started the

rest of the water as it was thrown all over me.

fundraising and all four left thoroughly soaked as well

All those that helped out running the event were very

as Netballs Jade Mathers who sat down and did her

eager to do their part as they finished off putting the last

bit for the cause to finish of the effort from the girls.

bits of change into the charity pot to complete the event.

Next was the turn for the guys. Men’s Rugby’s

Overall the event went fantastically raising £166.37

President Adam Taylor and Footballs Social Sec Riadh

for our RAG Charities. A big thank you goes out to

Chair: Emily Dixie and Ladies Hockey Social Sec: Tao

Bouzida Took their seats ready to be soaked. After a

everyone that volunteered themselves as well as

Warburton taking the first seats to be soaked. Those

lengthy soaking of the guys they finished strong with a

helping to run it and spread the word and getting

that wished to soak these seniors were offered

bucket being poured over their head to finish them off.

people down. The event wouldn’t have been a success

three different levels of donation to select their

Finally, the main event was ready - soaking the

without you. We look forward to future fundraising

weapon of choice.

Sabbatical Officers. Our Sabbs took their seats and they

events we have planned and hope to contribute more

£1 got a sponge to be thrown or squeezed over them,

manage to resist all that was thrown at them. Sponge

to our RAG charities and hope to see everyone getting

£5 for a water gun to soak everyone they wanted, or,

after sponge, water gun after water gun and even bucket

involved again.

of our Sabbatical Officers or some of the many club seniors from our own sports teams that volunteered themselves to take part. The event started with the Dance Chair: Christina Demetriou, Dance Captain: Emily Harris, Pole Soc

December Issue

By Callum Skinner



8 December Issue

Volunteer profiles.


By Kat Frei, Giulio Magliano, Kiana Dhanjal, Laura Bailey & James Risby


Bucks Students’ have already logged nearly 4,000 volunteering hours this year so far. All our clubs and societies are run solely by volunteers and although they make up a large majority of the hours, there are also students who volunteer hundreds of hours to the community over their time at Bucks. As the Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator at the Students’ Union I am always looking to celebrate our volunteers and shout about all the great work they do. I have

interviewed a few volunteers to find out more about how they got involved and what they have gained.



Giulio Magliano is a third year Sport Business Management student who has logged 93 volunteering hours! He is Chair of the Boxing society, was Captain of the Volleyball team and has joined in with various other community volunteering projects!

James Risby is a third year Airline and Airport Management student who has volunteered 114 hours and raised £365 so far for Wycombe Homeless Connection!

How did you first get involved in volunteering? I first got involved with volunteering through the Student Union; they explained the meaning of it and gave me different opportunities to volunteer.

Apart from being the Chair of Aviation Society, I have been a Heathrow Airport volunteer and also fundraised for Wycombe Homeless Connection through their Big Sleep out event.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

What skills have you gained from volunteering?

I enjoy meeting new people and getting an insight on how they got involved.

Communication, leadership, time management and people skills.

What skills have you gained?

What do you gain personally from volunteering?

I’ve gained great communication skills with my experience of one-to-one conversations. I have also developed my leadership skills, team work and delegation.

It is fulfilling, it is always good to volunteer for a cause that you connect with. I think it is something good to do as a release from daily stresses.

What volunteering activities have you taken part in?


Volunteer profiles.

December Issue

Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator, Kat Frei collecting for Bucks New Usage

Kiana Kiana is a second year Film and TV student and has logged over 160 hours since being a student: When did you start volunteering? Since I was a teenager I have volunteered with the Brownies, at a local holiday camp for children, as a hockey coach for children and with the Scouts and Beavers. What do you enjoy about volunteering? All the volunteering I do is really fun! I get to work with children of different age groups; playing sport, teaching drama classes and making arts and crafts. What have you gained? All the experience helped me get my job as a videographer at Camp America in the summer, something which I would definitely recommend. I have gained a Young Leaders Award for Scouts, an International Young Leadership Award from Camp America and a Young Coaching Award!

Laura Laura Bailey is a third year Police Studies with Criminological Psychology student and has logged over 250 volunteering hours since being a student. She has been volunteering as a Special Constable for the Police for over a year: How did you become a Special Constable? I applied to be a Special Constable through the University due to them offering it to all first year student the police course. This was really beneficial as majority of us want a career in the Police Force and therefore will help us in future job opportunities. However, you can apply from the Police Force's website as well. What have you gained from role? From being a Special Constable I have not only learnt all the skills relevant to the job role but on a personal level I have become a more confident person, my communication skills have improved and it’s given me an insight in to careers for the future. Also, I highly recommend the role to anyone who has the same excitement to help the community as me, even if you don't intended to have a career in Policing. Due to all the different skills you learn personally, these will then follow with you into future jobs and can be added to your CV. What have you enjoyed about volunteering? Volunteering always makes me feel good, like I've given something back. Volunteering as a whole at Bucks is amazing. The amount of different skills you can gain from all the variety of volunteering opportunities is something you don't want to miss out on. I recommend looking at the Bucks Students' Union volunteering page now and sign up to something, it’s only going to benefit you and others!

10 December Issue

University update.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Acting Vice-Chancellor Nick Braisby and Students’ Union President Lauren O’Shea explain how we work together to make #BucksProud. How do the Students’ Union (SU) and University work together? Nick: I am delighted at the strength and creativity of the relationship between the University and the SU, and I regard it as one of the greatest assets of both institutions. Since I joined the University in September 2017, I have seen the relationship deepen and mature. Lauren and I meet regularly to discuss issues of interest to either the University or the SU, all with the intention of making the experience of Bucks students even better. For example, currently we are acting together to address feedback coming from this year’s National Student Survey, working with student representatives and academic programme teams, as well as other staff groups in the University. Lauren: We’re extremely fortunate at Bucks Students’ Union to have a great relationship with the University. Nick and I both came into our roles at similar times and we’ve been lucky enough to have many opportunities to work together. Most university committees and panels have a seat for an SU representative which means that we’re able to reinforce that the student voice is the top priority. The University encourages its staff to work alongside the SU to ensure all our students have a great experience and long may this continue!

What do you see as your role in the student experience? Nick: The University’s first priority is the success of our students, and as Acting Vice-Chancellor my role is to ensure that this is reflected in the work of all staff and guides both our operational work and our strategic thinking as we plan for the future. Listening to students and to the SU is a key aspect of our work, as it helps us understand what we are doing well and where we need to do more to help our students achieve their ambitions. Lauren: To me, the President plays a crucial part in monitoring and evaluating the student experience at Bucks. I have the amazing job of getting to talk to students every single day. This could be a one to one conversation or at Union Council, surrounded by students who are passionate to share their experiences. I am able to accumulate the views of students and present them to the relevant people to ensure the student experience is forever developing

and new ideas are being explored. At the end of the day, my job is to make life better for students at Bucks!

What is University Council and what is its role? Nick: The University’s Council is the governing body of the University and helps ensure the University is performing well and fulfilling its strategic objectives. The Council is required to give assurances on such matters to the Office for Students and, to help it discharge its duties. Council members work closely with myself and other members of the University executive team as we provide them with assurances in relation to the management and functioning of the University. Lauren: The SU President automatically sits on Council each year. It’s an excellent opportunity for me to openly discuss the student voice with Council members, ensuring that the decisions made are truly in the best interests of students. I also present a ‘President Report’ to Council which demonstrates the work of the Union and future planning while displaying that the work we’re doing is in line with the conditions of our agreed budget.

We now have a student on Council, what impact will that have? Nick: We believe that this change will allow the student voice to be heard even more clearly and allow the University to develop still further its focus on the student experience. I am also hopeful that it will enable students to better understand the work of the executive team and the Council and our joint determination to put students at the heart of everything we do. Lauren: This has to be a highlight from my time in office and I feel so lucky to have played a key role in making this happen. I felt that councillors could benefit from listening to a current student and they thankfully all supported this move. I think there are times when the President may need extra support in discussions with Council, and having another person representing the views of students and using their current experience can only help the cause. I believe this role will have great impact in encouraging the wider student body to learn more about how the University is structured and how and why decisions are made.

What challenges are we facing as a university and how will we work together to tackle them? Nick: The challenges we face are just the ones that all universities face, and we are doing better than many in addressing them. The advent of the new Office for Students is likely to bring a new and tougher style of regulation, one that may prove to be less supportive to Universities. The government’s reforms to the tuition fee regime has introduced a level of competition never seen before in the UK higher education sector. For financial reasons, institutions are doing more and more to attract new students, even if this may not be in the student’s interest. At Bucks, we want all our students to succeed, and do not want to attract students with false promises. Working with the SU, we are bringing real and lasting improvements to the student experience, and I firmly believe this is the best way for the University to address the challenges of the sector. Lauren: Higher Education is changing quite rapidly around us and I think a challenge for Bucks is keeping up. I believe that if we continue to work tenaciously and dynamically we will be able to stand out in this environment as a university that cares for all students. So whether it means focusing on supporting apprentices or distance learners, we need to ensure we tackle the challenges these groups of students are facing.

How can students make their voices heard on their experience at Bucks? Nick: There are so many ways for students to make their voices heard, but it all starts with the impulse to speak up. My message to all of our students is simple - this is your university, so please tell us what you like and what you want us to do differently. Of course, you can speak to any member of staff, but there are more formal channels to feed in your views - via your student representatives, programme committees, the academic staff teaching and running your programme, and the SU. Lauren: I don’t think I could ever highlight enough how vital it is for students to provide feedback. Student voice is the key component that we use at the SU to make any decisions. As Nick said, there are many different ways to provide feedback to the University and Union. Even if you think a problem may be minor, we’re happy to listen, offer support and push for change to improve the student experience.


University update.

December Issue

What happens with that feedback? Nick: The views of student representatives are formally received at programme committees, and those committees do all they can to address those views. Issues noted at these meetings are fed up through the University’s School management structure and ultimately are summarised and reported to our Education Committee. At many different levels of the University we analyse the feedback we receive and set actions to address it. Lauren: Feedback can lead to actions which will be followed up by the relevant team in either the University or SU. Students are then offered solutions to problems they may be facing however communication can often be difficult and we’re working tirelessly with the University to ensure that the feedback loop is closed. There will be times when things may not change in the way students would prefer. However there will be reasons why and it is important that students are given the reasons why and not left to feel like they’ve been dismissed.

If you could sum up your dream for the future of Bucks, what would it be? Nick: The dream is simple - for the University to be recognised as among the very best in the UK for ensuring that all our students achieve their ambitions, helped by an unparalleled level of support, and built on high-quality education that encourages enquiry and enables our students to have real impact in building a better world. Lauren: My dream is to see the University grow, enabling more students to receive an education they may never have had access to elsewhere. Bucks gives so many people the opportunity to learn and develop understanding in such a broad range of subjects and long may it continue! I also have high hopes for the SU to continue shining, and standing out in the sector for the incredible work it does while also developing and expanding the Big Deal with full support of the University.

Why should we be #BucksProud? Nick: I am enormously proud to be leading the University in part because we are already so successful in helping students to advance their careers and make a difference. We achieve this through the hard work and dedication of all our staff, all at our fantastic SU, and

through the creativity and commitment of our students. Bucks represents a tremendous success story, one that we should rightly celebrate, and one that will grow stronger with every passing year. How could you fail to be proud of such a wonderful university? Lauren: Well of course I’ve got to mention that we have the BEST SU in the UK, what an achievement! It is difficult for me to put into words all of the reasons why we should be #BucksProud but to me, Bucks is a family. We are fortunate enough to be part of a close and inclusive community and I’ve seen so many incredible examples of students and staff supporting one another in difficult scenarios where in a bigger institution things could have been lost and forgotten. So to all of our members: reps, society members, student staff, Varsity competitors, Union Council attendees, RAG fundraisers, volunteers and everyone in between, we’re #BucksProud! Are you?

Bucks welcomed Professor Julie McLeod last month who has joined as interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC) for Education. Julie has a key strategic role in the senior management team and says she hopes to build on the strengths of Bucks as a place of ‘industry-relevant education, where staff know students’ names’. During the last decade, Julie has been Pro Vice-Chancellor at UWE, Bristol and Oxford Brookes University where she led cross-university teaching and learning projects. Most recently at Oxford Brookes, Julie implemented a range of projects related to the student experience strategy with a focus on employability, inclusivity and Technology Enhanced Learning. Julie said: “I spent several years in High Wycombe when I was younger and attended St Bernard’s School (now called St Michael's) – walking up and down Marlow Hill. “So I am thrilled to be back and to be able to work at Bucks, and with the Students’ Union in supporting our students to fulfil their ambition – whether that is a degree or a degree apprenticeship.” At Bucks she will be overseeing everything involved in with making students succeed academically and ensuring they are supported throughout. This will include further embedding employability into all courses, driving activity to improve NSS performance and work with the Directorate for Student Success on the University’s new Education Strategy. She will also work closely with the Students’ Union to ensure that the student voice is heard and listened to.

12 December Issue



on all hot drinks*

1–3pm Monday–Friday * Cheapest Drink free - excludes hot water

It costs too much for me to park in Wycombe, is there anything you can do? In partnership with the University, we’re trialling free parking on campus on the evenings and weekend in car parks at the High Wycombe campus. – Bucks Students’ Union Have an idea of your own to improve Bucks? Head to bucksstudentsunion.org/studentideas

GRADUATE PROGRAMME Don’t leave it too late to apply! As your number 1 students’ union we don’t want you to miss out on anything while you are here but also after you leave Bucks. You may be heavily into dissertations and assignments or end of year performances and shows but what are your plans for when you leave? Here at the Students’ Union, we can help you! Whether its help with applications, writing your CV or tips on interview skills, we can give you the support you need either through our group sessions or on an individual basis. All of our skills sessions are available to book through the What’s On page of our website or if there’s something you think would improve your employability prospects that isn’t on there, you just need to get in touch.

Alongside all this fantastic support you can access the University’s Careers and Employability department for tailored career advice and guidance. There’s also a vast array of free resources through My Bucks Career, which you can access through the University’s website using your Black Board log in and password. Whether you want to participate in online training around resilience or negotiation skills, take part in a mock interview or find a CV template that suits you, My Bucks Career can help and all the resources are completely free to you while you are a Bucks student so make the most of it! You may be perfectly clear on your career path but there are probably a lot of you who aren’t quite sure

yet so why not enrol on a graduate programme. These schemes can provide you with a foot in the door to may large organisations, either in an industry of your choice or just for you to gain basic transferable skills such as communication, leadership, management, finance or negotiation. Many of the schemes are accepting applications now for next year so don’t leave it too late to apply. You’ll need to get your applications in early for all the top graduate schemes and you can see more information including how to apply and the application deadlines on the following websites: brightnetwork.co.uk savethestudent.org December application deadlines include:

• Barclays • Shell • Marks and Spencer • Ofcom

And in January, these organisations will be looking to find their perfect graduates:

• British Airways • Aon • HSBC

It’s a busy time of year for everyone but how great would it be if you could enter the new year knowing that you didn’t have to find your graduate job whilst finishing your degree? Get your application in early and it could all be sorted by the time you finish Uni. Good luck!

My Bucks Career can help and all the resources are completely free to you while you are a Bucks student so make the most of it!

December Issue

By Sarah Jackson


Graduate programme.

14 December Issue

Get involved.

By Charlie Cotton

GET INVOLVED The Students’ Union heavily impacted on my time at Bucks, allowing me to make new friends and gain new skills. The importance of the Students’ Union on individuals studying is something that isn’t seen until much later on in their journey, if it gets seen at all.

staying up at Uni a lot more, taking part in activities, and mingling with new people, only travelling home around once a term.

During my later years of school education I was distracted by extra-curricular activities, choosing to spend more time with my friends and taking part in sport, rather than focussing on my education. I was very close to not attending University due to a lack of interest and boredom. When I arrived at University I was keen to make new friends and have a new start in a different location, with the chance to kick-start my career. I joined the Rugby Club as soon as I could, getting involved within the union straight away - although I didn’t know this at the time!

I was the most involved during my final year, getting involved in many different areas; president of a sports team, chair of a society, captain of a sports team, fresher’s helper, council chair, and student trustee. All of these roles allowed me to gain knowledge, respect, and understanding of the Union, allowing me to gain the most out of my time here at Bucks. Taking part in skills workshops, gaining a certificate in sports specific first aid, an actually qualification that I got for free through the Union- why was I not taking advantage of this in first year!?

The Students’ Union, to me, in first year was a bar and venue which allowed students to go out and get drunk, with Sabbatical Officers associated with them for some reason. This led to a bit of a lack of respect for the Union and what it was about, getting myself banned from the bar on two separate occasions. My perceived lack of activity within the Union resulted in me going home on many occasions during my first year, travelling back to Devon around 4/5 times a term to see both family and friends.

Looking back, as a Sabbatical Officer, at my time at University and my relationship with the Union, it has been interesting to say the least. Going from having a lack of respect in my first year, as well as not understanding what it offers, and how it supports students, to representing the Union and students in University meetings.

My understanding grew during my second year, when I earned a spot on committee for rugby and became a fresher’s helper. I began to work closely with Catherine and the rest of the student activities team, growing my understanding of the Students’ Union. Being a fresher’s helper opened my eyes to what other services the Union and University offered, but I often confused the two not giving the Union the justice it deserved. Being involved more in my second led to me

I can say hand on heart that if I took away every role and activity that I took part in the Union away, I would’ve dropped out of University. The Students’ Union kept me engaged and busy while I was at University, without me knowing. Allowing me to take part in skills workshops, volunteering, giving me a job, as well as letting me to compete in the sports I loved... All for completely free. No matter what year you are in at University, the Union will have activities that you’re interested in, whether you are interested in a sports team, society, skills workshop, volunteering, charity fundraising, or a certain recreational trip - the Union has it all.


Film Review.

December Issue

16 December Issue

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CANDYLAND PARTY Wednesday 19 Monday 10

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Free snowcones and haribo!

Sunday 25

10pm 'til late


GIANT XMAS pud rodeo


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December Issue

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December Issue



Rusty recommends.

December Issue

The venue is open seven days a week and sometimes it is difficult to decide which nights to go to - you may end up missing out on something amazing! Here are my recommendations for the next few weeks for those of you who like to experience something a bit different!

It’s Christmaaaaaassssss! Ed The Dog’s Christmas Party:

into the festivities after you drag all your mates round

in Bucks before we go for Christmas. This month will

the TV to watch Christmas films and get the decs up.

see a twerk off to win the best prizes, alongside the

This week’s Rock N Roll bingo will be all Christmas

cheesiest songs and anthems. Your usual drag-queens

songs as well, so a great chance to dust off your vocals

and glitter-bombshell dancers will be supplying the

and get into the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget to stay for

entertainment for the evening. This event is open to

our Christmas themed karaoke session after the quiz.

non-students so everyone can join in!

with support from the returning Only Sun and DiDi; this

Friday Night Dinner:

New Year’s Eve Again:

is a gig not to be missed! This event is open to non-

Fri 14 Dec's Friday Night Dinner will host a GIANT

students, so everyone is welcome, and tickets are only

Back to Uni but the fun doesn’t have to stop! Our huge

Christmas Pud Rodeo! Expect lots of Christmas bangers

New Year’s Eve party is on Sun 13 Jan! You’ve partied

Originally from High Wycombe, Ed The Dog wrote his debut album ‘Shame’ in his attic. The album managed great success, making it to Huw Stephens’s album of the week on BBC Radio 1, and is packed with 90s vibes. Sat 8 Dec will be Ed The Dog’s first show in his home town,

£6 in advance or £8 on the door (but, as always, free for to get you in the mood, and see how long it will take Bucks Students). To keep up to date with Ed The Dog’s you to fall off the pudding! Grab your Santa hats and movements, don’t forget to follow him on his socials –

Christmas elves and come down to the biggest Christmas

Website: edthedog.com, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram:

pudding rodeo you've ever seen!

@edthedogband, YouTube: Ed The Dog. Speed Quizzing – Christmas:

Glitterbomb – Santa’s Twerkshop: The last Glitterbomb of this year sees us out with

Our penultimate quiz of the year is on Sun 9 Dec with

Santa’s Twerkshop on Sat 15 Dec. Come down to The

Christmas as the theme. This is the perfect way to get

Venue for last instalment of the biggest LGBT+ night

for New Years at home with your friends, now get ready for New Year’s Eve Again with you Uni mates! This is the best way to kick off the new year, with our massive balloon drop kicking off the celebrations at midnight. Alongside the Main Room being open all night, confetti cannons will fill the venue to bring the festivities back to life and get you ready for 2019. But most of all, Rusty Recommends Christmas Trees!

20 December Issue

Student opinion.


For the start of this story this story needs to go back 27 years ago, and this was a time

The first year was a busy time as I was splitting my time between working and living

where once you finished high school that was it you were set on the path for the rest of

in Aylesbury and studying here. This was fun and enjoyable for the most part. So, I

your life that couldn’t be changed or, so I thought. I wasn’t the smartest kid when I was

completed the first year with just volunteering and studying my course. The change

younger, but I knew that I always wanted to be in the computing industry. So, when I

came towards the end of the first year when I had to move away and then must move

was in school most of the students that wasn’t the brightest was separated from the rest of their year groups I know because I had first-hand experience of this for the main subjects, but that had changed within the 17 years that I was out of education. So, 5 years ago I was finally able to change the direction in my life from working in retail and warehousing to go back into education to learn and do something that I enjoy. So, when I started the journey, I didn’t think that I would get to where I am today. So, I spent 4 years in college doing courses in Information technology starting with level

into halls for my second year, oh the fun that I am going to be having in the second year as I could do all the things that a first year should be doing. So, the one event that I thought would be difficult to handle was me moving in on the first day as I don’t know how it would go but I was stressing over nothing. But the main event that I was looking forward to as part of freshers’ fortnight was Oktoberfest and I did go and had a very good time and was made to feel welcome.

1 BTEC and finishing with the highest grade for a Extended diploma of Triple Distinction,

There have been times since the start of the year where I still feel stressed but having a

which is an achievement all in itself and when I finished it took some time before the

good circle of friends and understanding people who have experienced this around me

realisation set in when I started the next 3 years of my life and stating university.

to get me through the rest of the year ahead.

By Eliza Gent

Dealing with Dyspraxia I rarely have days where I let life get to me. I have

someone, but you can’t remember what you are actually

equally as important to understand the days that aren’t

become very good at dealing with whatever life decides

talking about, so you have to just pretend you know

so good, the moments that aren’t so happy. If I want to

to throw at me but just like everyone else, I have my

what’s happening – that isn’t fun. When I was diagnosed

help people then I can’t just talk about the times where

bad days. This week I was hoping to write a funny and

I was experiencing high levels of depression and anxiety,

living with dyspraxia is funny because it’s not just funny,

light-hearted article about how Dyspraxia isn’t all that

two things I had been dealing with for a few years. I

it’s exhausting and humiliating and annoying, oh my

bad but that wouldn’t be an honest reflection of the week use the word ‘dealing’ lightly because I had days where I’ve had. Dealing with Dyspraxia isn’t something I know

I didn’t deal with it, I hid away from everything and

fully how to do yet, sometimes I find myself in a situation everyone because at times that was all I could do. When where I really don’t know how to cope with it. It can be

I was diagnosed with dyspraxia I didn’t realise the affect

tricky to always stay so positive and optimistic about

it had on my mental health until I was in a good enough

something which can often have such a negative effect

place to look back and reflect. It made me doubt who I

of your life.

was and what I wanted, it made me question myself and

The reality of living with dyspraxia is emotional and at times a real struggle. Sure, you can make jokes in

my abilities and worst of all it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, I still feel like I’m not good enough.

goodness it is so annoying! Today was a bad day, I didn’t leave the house, I drank more tea than I care to admit, and I felt sorry for myself. But as I do every day, tomorrow I will wake up and I will try again and that is all you can do, just keep trying. Just remember that it’s not a bad life, just a bad day and its one that you can get through. Dealing with dyspraxia is hard but it’s not impossible, but on the days where you feel like it is, as always, be kind to yourself and the people around you. If you have any questions, would like to know more about

those moments where you spill your coffee down your

I’m not writing this because I have the answers, I’m

dyspraxia or need a friend to talk to about it, send me an

brand-new white t shirt but that doesn’t make it any less

writing this because although it’s so important to

email (editor@thebucksstudent.com) and we can deal

embarrassing or awkward. When you are speaking to

celebrate the good days and the great moments, its

with dyspraxia together.

Good vs evil, love and loss, characters old and new, mystery, discovering who you are. What more could you ask from a great film mixed with lots of magic and mystical creatures.

Along with finding out about Dumbledore's past, we learn about Nagini (Voldemort’s snake); we discover the terrible curse Nagini has and the reason we only see her as a snake in the Harry Potter films. We didn’t get to see much of her This film was full of action and mystery from in this film, but we might see more of her in the start to finish. There is so much going on in next three films in this franchise. Johnny Depp this film that you can't say you got bored whilst plays Gellert Grindelwald again which caused watching it. I would say that this film was better controversy due to allegations made towards him; than the first one; you meet all the old characters however, in the film Depp portrays Grindelwald from the first film again and meet new characters in a very powerful way as he is causing trouble which are younger versions of characters from and leading people against the way the world is the Harry Potter films. run and seems to get what he wants. The opening scene with Grindelwald is intense, and everything We get to meet Albus Dumbledore (played by is thrown at you to get you in the mood for a film Jude Law) and Nicolas Flamel who we hear of magic and magical creatures while we watch about in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Grindelwald escape prison. Stone. Also, we meet a young Professor McGonagall, however this has caused arguments There are multiple stories going on in this film; because the movie is set in 1927 and shows the main one is Credence Barebone trying McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts yet in the to discover who he is and where he belongs. Harry Potter books it says she wasn’t born Credence is from the first Fantastic Beasts film until 1935. with that being said, it is still very and in this film, he is still trying to find out where enjoyable and exciting to watch the younger he belongs; annoyingly it's only at the end of professors at Hogwarts. We learn more about the film we finally discover who Credence really Albus Dumbledore and discover his past and is. This being said we can't know for certain if his connection to Grindelwald; they were blood this is true, we will have to wait until the next brothers and made a vow not to fight each other, film to find out if Grindelwald told Credence the truth about who he is. Even though it is clear he this is a very important detail to this story.

isn’t on the good side we can’t help but have sympathy for him as he just wants to know who he is! We also have the stories between Newt and his brother (Theseus) who don’t seem to agree throughout this film. We have the story of Leta Lestrange as her actions in the past have affected the outcome that is being played out in the film. Also, we watch the original four friends from the first film (Newt, Tina, Queenie and Jacob) and see how they have changed due to events that have happened since the first film. In a surprise twist which I didn’t see coming, one of the original four hero’s changes sides and joins Grindelwald. Crimes of Grindelwald makes us go on a journey of emotions, most of the time there is action but there are moments of relief with very sweet emotional moments that we get to watch relationships between characters develop like Newt and Tina and we get to watch moments with Newt and his 'beasts' which makes us remember he loves creatures and knows how to tame them. Newt is an interesting to character to watch as he is awkward yet sweet, he doesn’t want power, but it seems he just wants to help and be able to document his animals and keep them safe. In the end this film was amazing to watch, however so much is left unanswered at the end, but it makes us want to see the next film as we want to find out more and know what is going to happen next and what might happen to our beloved characters.

December Issue

By Athena Pickering


Film review.

22 December Issue

Game review.

By Lewis Boyling Mini Metro is a fun little time-waster of a game for the PC. You pick your rail line and then get stuck in building your own subway service. And considering my last two reviews were story heavy this game has a surprising lack of one.

This month a bunch of assignments were given to me, so I thought I’d play a nice relaxing game...

used it. If you get enough then other levels open up. You start in London but soon you can move around the globe with several levels having their own uniqueness about them. Such as the Japanese level giving you the option to use bullet trains.

You start off with three lines, three tunnels and three trains at your disposal. All in all its a small game for PC, which at The goal? Survive as long as you can... £5 is a bargain for when you have some time to spare. By simply clicking on a station and dragging to another station you can The upsides to the game are also the create a train line that one train will downsides to the game. What makes it travel on. As the game goes on it produces great also makes it open to criticism. more and more stations that you must The game is simple. Too simple. The provide with a train line. However not is game is exactly as I have described - a all it seems. If you want to cross any sort simple clicking game. There is next to no of body of water then you're going to strategy and the game is slow to give you need a tunnel. more stations and upgrades. Along with At the end of the week, you gain one new this there is no soundtrack to the game train and a choice between two upgrades. almost giving it a hollow feeling. I had to These can be anything from extra lines, listen to a playlist on YouTube to help me. station upgrades, extra tunnels, and more. The very last aspect of the game I feel Using all these you slowly have to change needs excellent praise is the art style. lines by adding more stations to it and If there is one thing I find aesthetically more carriages to the trains. pleasing to the eyes its the tube map. It's easy to read and easy to follow and this The game takes its time in giving you a game nails that art style. large number of stations and that's just nice. At the end of the day if you like the tube At the end when a station overcrowds (It has more people then it can handle), it will give you some stats such as how long it was open for, how many people

and have a few minutes to spare then it's a great game. It's very user-friendly and you can play for minutes or for hours. All in all a game I would recommend.

CAFE AD Tune in. Listen up. Catch us live on the Bucks Students’ Union website 24/7.

What a start to the term for yoga! A big thanks to all of those who have been a part of this year’s sessions and socials so far.

As a society we try and volunteer regularly for different events throughout the academic year. Here is a list so far of all the community and internal Students' Union volunteering we have done up to date;

• One Can Trust food bank • Rye view Care Home • Dodgeball4RAG • World Mental Health Day • Soak-A-Sabb • Poppy Selling One Can Trust This year we decided to sign up with a new volunteering opportunity which enables us to volunteer at a food bank called One Can Trust. Students at Bucks can volunteer their time at One Can Trust which is organised through the Students' Union. Students spend a couple of hours sorting out food which will then be passed on to people who need support in the local community. It’s a fun way to volunteer as a society, as well as helping the community. To be involved with volunteering for One Can Trust regularly there is a Facebook page which has all the information and times and dates on when students are going so be sure to check it out!

The residents of Rye View love the experience of us

going there and look forward to us coming back every year! We hope that the next committee can carry on this tradition! Dodgeball4RAG As a way of helping to raise money for the Raise and Give charities, Yoga volunteered to take part in a

dodgeball tournament hosted in the university hall and got into the semi-finals all for a good cause! World Mental Health Day For world mental health day yoga volunteered to teach extra relaxing yoga classes in both High Wycombe and Uxbridge campus as well as provide temporary henna tattoos for students for fun. This was all to make students aware of world mental health day as yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice tool of psychotherapy. Soak-A-Sabb Well done to our treasurer Emily Dixie for volunteering herself to be soaked to raise money for charity. For those who don’t know, our yoga classes are every Tuesday for one hour and on average host around 25 people a week including a waiting list. There have however been more and more students wishing to join.

Rye View Care Home

So, in order to continue the growth of yoga on campus

Every year we volunteer our time to teach the elderly residence of Rye View Care Home yoga and mobilisation. This year we have currently trained up eight students from the Yoga Society who go to Rye view once a week and help them to feel more relax and release any tension in their muscles!

we are currently trying to expand our classes to Uxbridge and have already volunteered to teach three classes in Uxbridge already during the term. Please be sure to keep up to date with times and dates of extra yoga classes going on throughout the year on our Facebook page BNU Yoga Society!

December Issue


By Abbie Angear-Stanswood


Yoga Society.

24 December Issue

Guide Dogs Society.

By Abbie Angear-Stanswood , Mona Gundi & Federica Cibrario


Come and join the new BNU Guide Dogs Society! As you may or may not know, every year the student union organises to have guide dogs come into the University for the Students to spend time with. However, this year BNU Students have taken it into their own hands! BNU Guide dogs is a brand-new society which was created in order to help raise money and awareness for the Guide Dogs charity. Our aim for the society is to raise at least £500 for the charity as well as provide the students with the opportunity to spend time with the guide dogs. Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to take a break from their studies to spend time with a few dogs. A donation box is now available in the SU office so that people can start donating. Without donations of course it isn’t possible for the event to run so we are always truly thankful for any donation received! All the donations will be going to guide dogs to run the event for the students of Bucks.

On the Thursday 7 December, be sure to look out for the dogs roaming around the High Wycombe Campus to promote our event which will be taking place on Monday 28 January! This will be the main event which students will have the opportunity to spend time with the guide dogs to help with the stress of university and get a chance to meet the dogs that will be changing lives.

throughout the year including takeovers and a

Throughout the New Year we will be hosting several events and fundraising activities including a raffle which we would love more students to be involved in! Guide dogs have kindly provided us with polo shirts for everyone involved in the society, so we will be asking for a £3 donation to guide dogs to purchase this.

dogs so why think twice!

We are always in need of volunteers to join our society and help us run the events as well as help share ideas to increase donations! We are also going to be hosting a range of socials and events

Please make sure to go and join our Facebook

trip to the guide dog’s headquarters. This will be a great way to meet new people in a friendly environment. In addition this will also allow people to meet the everyday workers whose purpose is to contribute to the success of the charity and its continued development. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with

Our committee for this year is: Chair - Mona Gundi Secretary - Abbie Angear-Stanswood Treasurer - Federica Cibrario

and Instagram pages BNU Guide Dogs for more information about the society and feel free to email us on bnuguidedog@gmail.com.

BNU Swans and LGBT+ Takeover

On Wednesday 21 November Cheer and LGBT+ took to the stage in the first takeover of the year. The doors opened at 8pm where over 70 members from sports teams and societies arrived in a rainbow of colours. At the entrance some of our Swans were handing out lanyards to our guests which had the running order of the night’s events.

Inspired by the performance the next game to be played was Drag Race, items of an outfit were hidden all around the Venue to be found by the players. Again it was three pairs from clubs/societies, one person from the pair had to find the items and the other would be dressed head to toe in drag. The winners of the game were Musical Theatre Society!

Our hosts Anna-Maria and George welcomed our guests to Colourfest ’18 and thanked those that had come to our event to help raise money. The money that was raised was going half to Cheer and half to LGBT+ where they would then split their further to help raise money for the Terrence Higgings Trust.

Our final part of the evening was all about the Lipsync battle between Men's Rugby, Musical Theatre and Women's Rugby. To kick the battle off LGBT+ performed a lip-sync to ‘Barbie Girl’ to show the crowd what to expect and they did not disappoint.

To open up the show some of swans performed a dance to Jason Derulo ‘Colors’. The girl’s performance was sassy and the dance got the crowd going for the rest of the show.

Men's Rugby were next and freshers Alexi and Finn put on a breath taking performance to Dirty Dancing’s ‘Time of My Life’, it was really something special to watch not forgetting that remarkable lift. Up next was Musical Theatre whose Izemrasen Alahyan performed to ‘Toxic’, the performance was sassy and confident.

The first game of the night was pop the balloon where three pairs from different clubs/societies took part, the aim of the game was between the pairs pop the balloon And finally Alanah from Women's Rugby owned the without using their hands or feet. The fastest pair to do stage with the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’, her energetic so wins, the winners were Men's Rugby! performance had the crowd going. During the breaks we had members of cheer and LGBT+ selling VKs, shots, UV face paint and sweets.

The winner of the lip-sync battle was Alanah from Women's Rugby!

After the break Crystal Enigma took to the stage and performed a fabulously exciting lip-sync the crowed were loving every minute of it especially the death drop!

To end the show cheer shook their poms in the last performance of the night dancing to MNEK ‘Colour’ it was a great way to round off an AMAZING takeover!

BNU Swans would like to thank LGBT+ for working with us and everyone who came making it such a great evening and helping us raise £200.02 each!

December Issue

By Sophie Parfitt


BNU Swans.

26 December Issue

Musical Theatre Society.

By Eloise Ross

MUSICAL THEATRE SOC. Musical Theatre society are now back in full swing and We had so much fun performing and also supporting after having our first very successful performance of the BNU Dance who was there performing before us! year last week we are so excited to carry on with the We have also been busy fundraising for two incredible rest of this year! causes. First we had our “Wear It Pink” week for After meeting all our new members and welcoming Breast Cancer and then our “Wear It Blue” week for back our old members from last year we knew it was the “We Think Blue” project being run by the Dance going to be a good year. Performance 3rd years to raise money for Mental Health! All our members and committee dressed for We were so excited to have a slot at the Christmas both occasions and also brought in donations to help Lights switch on this year and we started rehearsals on raise money and awareness for such deserving causes. our own Musical Theatre mash up, we are so lucky to have such incredible members that got stuck straight in We are also very excited for our second performance with rehearsals and made it an amazing performance. of the year at the Christmas Lunch being held for the

residents of Rye View Manor. We are so excited to sing Christmas songs to the residents to help spread the festive cheer and put some smiles on their faces! Last but not least our Takeover with Rugby is coming after Christmas! We had a very successful takeover last year and we are very excited to make this years just as successful and we are looking forward to seeing you all there! You can still join our society at any time and get involved with all the fun and exciting things we have coming up! We hold our sessions every Monday evening 7.30-9pm in room E1.01.

WOMEN'S HOCKEY Hockey isn’t all about the matches and training, we also like to party as hard as we play…

As the Women’s Hockey Social and Welfare Secretary, I try to organise things to do in the days where we don’t have training, matches or generally Wednesday nights at the Students' Union. These might include; going for lunch, maybe just a coffee to catch up or maybe going to see a film at the cinema or just chill at someone’s house. As a hockey team we encourage people to be social to get to know each other which may help us on the pitch, or just to get our minds off the pending assignments. We try our best to support other clubs and societies by going to their takeovers, if they have a bake sale for RAG or if they don’t have enough players one week and we don’t have a match, then we will help them out and play for them. There are many different types of socials for example, sober; mainly catching up over lunch or joint with other clubs, which may or may not be fancy dress. These usually start at 8pm on a Wednesday night, and anyone is welcome, as we say, the more the merrier. It is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that you will want to come back to every Wednesday.

By Alanah Walters

WOMEN'S RUGBY While Women’s Rugby is still a relatively new notion for the Uni and its students, this is not visible in our performance. With five wins in five games, we remain undefeated this season.

When we were approached by London Irish to play and represent them as part of a contact team, I don’t think any of us expected to be the strongest team in the league after just two years of playing. We've achieved so much in such a short period and it's down to the efforts of each and every member of the team. Despite being in the league as representatives of London Irish, our achievements as Bucks Ladies should not be discredited. With a Varsity win already under our belt we are working hard to ensure that number is doubled. However, we need recruits. If you're interested in playing alongside us, please contact alanahwalters@outlook.com or Alanah Walters on Facebook. If you are considering playing but are worried about having no experience of it then please still get in contact as we are looking to start taster sessions in preparation for Varsity. Women’s Rugby at Bucks, is built on companionship and commitment, the bruises are just an added bonus.

December Issue

By Tao Warburton


Women's Hockey and Women's Rugby.

28 December Issue

American Football.

By Lewis Taylor

AMERICAN FOOTBALL Sunday 11 November marked Remembrance Day.

A day reserved for the memory of those who fell for our privilege. For those who did not back down to the will of those against them. To those who refused to give up in the face of adversity. In true Buccaneer spirit, the memory of those who fought for us was honoured, both before the game and during it. It was exemplified with a true coming together of will, power and tenacity, with the significance of the word proud simply not being enough to describe the Buccaneers stand against Greenwich.

something extraordinary. The game was fought mainly in the trenches, with both teams pounding the ball inside effectively early on.

great. Many positives were taken from the match and BNU move on to their next fixture hopeful to grow and develop further still as a unit.

The Buccaneers had lots of success stopping the run,

Although the proverbial Buccaneers' ship may have

however with a limited roster they couldn’t hold on

stumbled upon stormy seas, they will not give up,

for long and soon Greenwich took the lead. BNU then

slowing for no one, continuing to grind on. The Coach's

showed their true colours, refusing to back down and

man of the match for the game was Lewis Taylor,

they went for it defensively and started to take chances

who made clutch tackles stepping in at outside Line-

on the blitz. Unfortunately, it did not pay, but that did not

backer as well as making plays at running back for the

With many players missing to illness or injury late in the stop the tenacious BNU defense from continuing to hunt. week building up to the game, the team had a decision With everything left between the white lines BNU to make. Either back down and give up, or stand their gathered together with heads held high, when others ground and fight for every single yard with everything might drop. The team showed tremendous heart and they had. The sheer grit and determination displayed were poised and gracious in defeat, knowing they was exemplary of the type of culture the Buccaneers had given everything for the guy next to them which have sworn to each one another to build this season. ultimately is more important. The emphasis from the outset has always been that we will not give up on ourselves and despite being

Though disappointed, the team is far from discouraged

underdogs, we will not let this deter us from building

as determination is the corner stone of something

team against the odds. “His presence as a leader is so valuable to this club” added the Head Coach. The Buccaneers are still looking for recruits to play for the team this season too, so be sure to message us on our social media pages (see below), or email us on taaaylortxbnu@gmail.com to find out how to get involved! Men and women are welcome... Become a Buccaneer today! @BNU_Buccaneers (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!).

Bucks Men’s Rugby have been flying high over the past few weeks, both on and off the pitch. With the return of Vice President Student Involvement, Charlie Cotton and the first league game for Inia ‘Inz’ Rarawa, the Club produced a scintillating game against the University of East London. A solid 40-10 win sees the club staying in the top two within the league as they headed into the second leg of their season, against University of Greenwich away on Wednesday 28 November. Look out for Fresher (and the Club’s new Number 10), Alexi Hickin who has produced three man of the match performances in the Club’s first four games, converting 80% of his conversions, as well as returner Jack Harding who leads the table in try scoring with six to his name in only four games, followed closely by Alexander ‘Silky’ Cotton on four. Other mentions include Brandon ‘Washing Machine’ Tester, who in his four games has made the conversion from Rugby League to Union, playing in the back-row at Number 8 with a presence that only a Northerner could bring. For those non-rugby speaking amongst you, converting from League to Union is like going out for the entirety of your first year, scraping through every single assignment to receive 40%, coming back second year and realising you’ve forgotten how to reference, you’ve forgotten everything to do with your course and that your assignments actually matter. Off the field the club has been raising money for various charities and volunteering in many different events around the University. Most recently of note the club has helped take part in the Remembrance

Day Poppy selling, raising money for the Royal British Legion. The club has also continued to show support towards the Movember charity for Men’s Health, taking part in the Movember Tighter and Brighter fun run, with honourable mentions William Thompson, Adam Taylor, Danny Pearson and James Hammonds all growing out their facial hair as well as helping raise the £658 so far. The club has recently seen the reincarnation of the infamous Dan ‘Big Dog’ Stevenson with the team smashing the votes for the name of one of the new BNU guide dogs. The club also took part in Dodgeball for Rag, entering two teams with Benidorm’s Babes narrowly missing out on the final, losing 2-1 in an action packed semi-final to BNU Dodgeball with the help of some rather generous refereeing. Over the next few weeks Bucks Men’s Rugby will be competing in Dance and Women’s Rugby’s Mama Mia Takeover, where the boys will be cutting some mad shapes to ABBA’s Waterloo, looking to make it a third straight year at the top of the Takeover dance-off after Silky took home gold last year. Finally the team will be unwinding on Wednesday 12 December for their Christmas all-dayer, starting off in The Lounge for breakfast, working their way to Rush trampoline park for a solid team bonding trip, ending back in The Venue for Secret Santa!

December Issue


By Alex Cotton


Men's Rugby.

30 December Issue


By Iana Krasinska


This year both the women's and men's team have quite a lot of new-comers from all over the world. Their enthusiasm and motivation brought the teams to new higher levels. The women's team have been doing so well - we haven't lost a game since the season started. As you may know, both teams are like family and now with the new additions, it grew a lot. We have people who are on the Erasmus program, so sadly we will be saying goodbye to them in January, but their contribution has brought so much success. The teams keep training hard, preparing for Varsity. Furthermore new strategies have been applied where each team member gets to apply the best of their skills. The training sessions run so smoothly and everybody, including those who attend "Volleyball4Fun" can progress and develop new skills. With the new-comers, comes new and bigger audience. The support is bigger, stronger and louder. People get to witness what hard work and effort can do when the teams come together. Seeing how far the teams have come throughout the year and the legacy that those

who are graduating in 2019 will leave is breath-taking. We feel pride and joy of witnessing the progress and development of each player. We are so grateful for everybody that has joined the teams, that has learnt and taught new things that makes us better and stronger. The happiness and laughter at the last whistle blow of the game makes us shiver of excitement knowing we have won once again. I the end, whether win or lose, we will forever be grateful to the Students Union for giving us the amazing opportunity to do what we love and to be able to make Bucks New Uni and the students proud! If you ever want to give volleyball a try, you are more than welcome. We are sure you will enjoy it!

Over a duration of a month, BNU Netball

our success and also thanked for their kind

us to raise

Club have organised and operated a raffle



Our prizes included;

I would

in aid of RAG. When conducting the raffle I knew that it was vital to promote our cause from the initial start point so students were aware in order for them to support us. All of our funds we generated will be donated to Wycombe Homeless Connection and Hillingdon Samaritans. WHC supports the homeless people throughout the year, helping them get into accommodation and into employment. They offer a night shelter throughout the months of January through to March giving homeless people somewhere warm and safe to sleep and eat. Hillingdon Samaritans provides a phone service for anyone in the local community who is experiencing a mental

• £200 Cash • Pandora Jewellery Box and Bracelet • Wycombe Wanderers F.C. tickets x 4 (Wycombe vs Shrewsbury)

• Skull Candy Headphones • Nando’s Platter Voucher • Bills £20 Voucher and Hamper • 14 Day Gym Access at David Lloyds • Rush Cut and Finish plus Kerastase Treatment

• Yates Meal for Two and Bottle of Wine • £30 Hairdressing Voucher • Boots Surprise Goodie Bag • Butler's Christmas Hamper and Wine

personally like to thank the Netball Committee for all of their hard work during this process. This wouldn't have been possible if we all didn't support one another during this process. Also, Kat Frei (Activities Coordinator - Volunteering and Charity Fundraising) has been amazing during this process helping us to set up stalls within the University.

health crisis. You can speak to someone

The majority of our prizes were rather eye

Overall producing and managing

day or night and they will do their best to

catching to the students at Bucks including

this fundraising task has been rather

help you through.

our top prize of £200 in which was kindly

enjoyable and awarding. For me it

Before the raffle commenced, I had

donated from our new sponsor, P Young Ltd. is amazing to think of how much we managed to raise as a club for our RAG

to contact as many local companies/

On Friday 16 November, we drew our raffle

businesses to see who wanted to support

after a successful week of selling tickets.

our cause and help donate a prize to be

We raised an amazing grand total of £530.

entered within the raffle. It is amazing

Everyone within BNU Netball worked so

that so many companies/businesses

hard in order to sell tickets and monitor the club within the next few months by

got involved by donating prizes and we

stool. Other students within the university

holding a Netball tournament! This

are very grateful for their support. Each

also contributed a great deal of their time

will be opened out to all students

company/business has been informed of

in order to support our raffle and help

and I hope to see many of you there!

charities and knowing how our funds will be changing many people’s lives. BNU Netball plan to fundraise for our

December Issue




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