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NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Elections are just around the corner!

January 2021 - Edition 92

2 The Bucks Student

Welcome In this edition: Sabb update . . . . . . . . . . 3 New year, same sabbs!

New student editor . . . 4 We welcome Jessy Clark

We Stand By You. . . . . . 5 Get to know the campaign

ELECTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . 6 RepCon reflections. . . . 8 How did the event go down?

Ents calendar. . . . . . . . 10 We’ve still got plenty going on

Rusty recommends . . 12 Mental Health First Aiders . . . . . . . . . . 14 What are they and how can they help you?

My Bucks Career . . . . 16 Remote learning. . . . . 17

Page 5 - Read all about our We Stand By You campaign Well it maybe hasn’t been the fresh start to a new year that we were all hoping for, but 2021 is certainly here, and we hope 2020 is being hit by the door on it’s way out. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because we are all back and ready to support you as a Students’ Union through the rest of this year and beyond. On that note, you may have noticed our ‘We Stand By You’ campaign which was put together in response to government treatment of students and higher education in general. So keep a look out for developments with that as we lobby the government and seek to improve your student experience. Elections are also on the horizon, so if you want to have your say, nominate yourself! We also are happy to announce we have a new student editor on board, so please give a warm welcome to Jessy Clark! As always, if you have any content, articles, images, interviews or achievements you’re proud of, drop an email to to get started. For all advertising and media enquiries please contact the Students’ Union Communications and Marketing department.

Employability tips . . . 18 We cover office etiquette

Activities update . . . . 19

Simon McDowell

Lockdown, four kids, and me!. . . . . . . . . 20

Nellie Hughes

Oli Gunson

Want to try Veganuary?. . . . . . . . . . 21 How to get started with Veganuary and keep with it!

Page 4 - Get to know your new student editor

Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at newspaperarchive. © 2020 Bucks Students’ Union


Sabb update

January edition 92 By Tamsin Grainger, Tom Featherstone, Tash Neal

Hey everyone, first of all we want to say a massive welcome back and we hope you had a lovely festive holiday despite the circumstances. We have so much to fill you in on that we have coming up, one of which is our “We Stand By You” campaign. Tamsin Grainger - President

Tom Featherstone – VPSI

Tash Neal – VPEW

This campaign is solely based to unite with the students in their frustrations towards the way the government has treated them and show that we are doing all we can as a Students Union to get the students what they deserve. We are collating with other Students’ Union’s Open letters and lobbying campaigns to ensure we show a national stance on the issue to get the best response possible from the government. However, we are also writing our own open letters to our local MP’s at all 3 of our campuses to try and get some direct changes that are specific to our students. If you want to see what we are doing and read some of these letters visit any of our social media platforms or our Students’ Union website. Furthermore, if you have any ideas on what else we can do to support you then please let us know. We are also running a Wellbeing Week between the Monday 8 Friday 12 of January so keep an eye on our social media and the What’s On page for the weeks schedule and for our different sessions we are running with you in mind such as challenging behaviour awareness taking place on the Monday 8 February.

Throughout this tough time, we are also running many different online activities that are available on the What’s On section of our website. These include many different podcasts and shows from members of the sporting world talking about the world of elite sport, links to different exercise classes, skill’s workshops, as well as many different masterclasses. As well as this, there are many different online volunteering opportunities where you can give back some of your time to help others. If there is any ideas that you have on online courses and activities that we might be able to run please email We know that this is a very difficult time for students, but as Sabb’s we want to remind you that we are always here for anything you need. From fighting for you, to just having a chat we are here to support you. If you have any ideas on how we can do this more please feel free to contact any one of the Sabbatical officers.


New student editor

The Bucks Student By Jessy Clark

New student editor Hi there! I’m Jessy and I am the new editor for The Bucks Student. I’m currently in my second year of Multimedia journalism, so it should come as no surprise that I’m super stoked to be a part of the team! This isn’t however, my first time in the paper of course. I submitted a review on The Haunting of Bly Manor for the Halloween edition and was lucky enough to get a two-page spread. It’ll be up on the Student Union website if you missed it! Prior to this, I wrote a feature article about Buck’s very own Green Society back in my first year. Writing is one of the things I can’t get enough of, so in my spare time (when I’m not already writing for my course) I’ll be drafting short stories, poetry and reviews. Lately, I’ve challenged myself to write reviews after each movie I’ve seen over lockdown, but I’ve also reviewed a performance at the Swan Theatre. My other interests are a little all over the place, but I like to dabble into a little bit of everything; I practice embroidery and gardening, but I’m also a big fan of cryptozoology and horror! I want to encourage as many students (and staff!) as possible to grab each edition of the paper, and in order to do this I’ll work my hardest to bring The Bucks Student to its greatest potential! I’ll be posting regular updates when I can and hoping to allow for more interaction between myself and you all; please use my personal email below for any ideas, anything you’d like to submit or anything you’ve written! I have countless ideas for this publication, and I’m honoured I have this opportunity to try them out. I would absolutely love any feedback or ideas for new segments in the paper too so don’t hesitate to leave them with me! Until next time, Jessy

If you would like to get involved with the Newspaper and writer’s newsgroup, you can always drop an email to us at or We’re always on the look out for new ideas and new writers, so make sure you get in touch if you have something you want to say!


We Stand By You

January edition 92 By Tamsin Grainger, Tom Featherstone, Tash Neal

After the announcements this week we want students to know that we stand by them in their frustration towards the government. You have been wronged and we as a Students’ Union want to do everything we can to support you. We stand by you and will continue to support and represent you. We are currently writing open letters to feed back the student voice and get you what you rightly deserve, as well as working alongside other students unions to create lobbying campaigns. These open letters will be going to all those who we believe need to answer more questions and do more for you as students, including Gavin Williamson, Michelle Donelan and all of our local MP’s.

So hang in there and let’s make some noise. In the meantime if you need any help, please get in contact with our Advice Centre ( or if you have any questions, please drop an email to



The Bucks Student By Mark Sweeney

ELECTIONS ARE BACK! Where’s that first time gone?! Nominations for the 21-22 elections are now open! There are so many different student leadership positions on offer so this could be your chance to get involved and make a real change. Think you’ve got what it takes to lead your Students’ Union? Then why not stand for one of our three full-time sabbatical officer roles President, Vice President Education and Welfare and Vice President Student Involvement and earn a salary of £22,972. All of these roles offer an individual the opportunity to direct the work of the Students’ Union during their time in office meaning you can make the changes you want to see. It’s set to be a hotly contested election this year and our first taking place completely online so make sure you get your nominations in by noon Friday 12 February in order not to miss out. Whilst our Sabbatical Officer roles are probably the most high-profile during the elections period, there are some other very important positions up for election within the Students’ Union that have a hugely positive impact on our work.

We have eight Executive Officer positions up for election. These roles are filled by students who represent those ‘harder to reach’ groups and make sure that they benefit equally from the services of the Students’ Union. Four of the roles are self-defining. Only you can say if you should be running or voting in those elections on the basis that you are self-defining as a Woman, a student with a disability, as BAME or LGBT+. The other four roles, International (paying international student fees), Mature (starting your course at the age of 21 or above), Part-time and Postgraduate Executive Officers, are all based on your point of entry to the University. The Executive Officer roles are all voluntary positions and are performed alongside your studies. There are three Student Trustee positions available with three of our current trustees vacating their posts at the end of this academic year. The position of Student Trustee is a unique opportunity to part of the team driving the strategic direction of the Union and ensure we are responsibly looking after our finances. The Student Trustee roles are part time volunteers who fulfil the roles alongside their studies.

Each year, the National Union of Students hold their annual conference and three representatives from Bucks are sent to be your voice. The delegation leader is the Union’s current President but the other two NUS Delegates are elected. One of the three roles is reserved for a woman and as our delegation leader defines a woman, the two elected positions will be open to all of our members to stand. We also have our student rep positions up for election. Student reps are the Union’s eyes and ear at a course level. They act as the figurehead for their class or group and help us to get an understanding of the student experience as well as identifying if any changes need to be made or good practice needs to be highlighted. Want to help make the changes you and your peers want to see on your course? Nominate yourself to be a student rep now! Final positions up for election include sport and society committees and a whole range of ambassador roles, including in Sports for Fun. You can find out more information and see all of our leadership positions up for election at


Nominations now open!

January edition 92

We know that the elections process can be confusing and so to help with this, we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions from our annual elections and you can find these below. If you have a question that’s not included below and would like to know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team at 1. Why would I want to run in the Students’ Union elections? All of our student leadership positions offer an individual the chance to improve the student experience across the university and this means every individual will have a different set of skills they can bring to each role. So whether it’s ensuring we have 24-hour library access, improving services on campus or removing hidden course costs, being a student leader gives you the opportunity to make the changes you want to see. All of our student leadership positions also help to boost your employability prospects and with the competition for jobs becoming even tougher once you’ve graduated, standing in one of these roles can set you apart from the rest. 2. How do I go about standing in the elections? In order to stand in the Union’s annual elections, you first need to nominate yourself. You can do this by visiting and selecting which election you would like to take part in. For our Sabbatical Officer and Executive Officer Elections, you will need two proposers to put you forward for the role and these should be two people who believe you are the right candidate for the role you are standing for.

3. What if someone I know is already running? It absolutely does not matter. Do not let someone that you know is running be a deterrent from you standing. Our sabbatical officer positions are once in a lifetime opportunities and you do not want to look back regretting that you didn’t stand because someone you knew was also standing. 4. Do I need any experience to run in elections? No. When standing for one of our student leadership positions, we’ll provide you with all of the necessary information and resources in order to make sure you’ve got everything you need to have the best possible chance of success. If you’ve got any questions throughout the nominations and elections periods, you can always touch base with someone from the representation team and they will be more than happy to help. The representation team will also be in regular contact with you throughout these periods and will regularly provide you with key information meaning you’re constantly up to date. 5. Who can I speak to if I’m interested in running in the elections? Just email a member of the team at or visit to find out more information about any of the roles available, how to nominate yourself or any general queries. Here, you’ll also find some more of our FAQ’s.


RepCon reflections

The Bucks Student By Tash Neal

2020 Reflections I want to start this article by saying a massive thank you to our Representation Team, our School Officers, University Team members and External members who were a part of making RepCon happen this year. We couldn’t have done it without you! This years RepCon was designed around learning in a digital age. It was amazing to see nearly 100 of you getting involved online and I hope that you all enjoyed the carefully tailored sessions that were developed with you in mind alongside the current climate. We began RepCon with a plenary where there was a discussion surrounding ‘delivery of a highquality student experience through a Hybrid Curriculum’ where panellists who have been influential

on the hybrid curriculum internally (Natasha Neal, Julie Irwin, and Tristan Tipping) as well as an external member from WonkHE discussed what they thought has been successful and not so successful in the move to a hybrid curriculum and what has been done to support student expectations. Some of the discussions included the Student’s Union vouching for the Bucks Emergence Allowance to be reinstated, how digital poverty is affecting students as well as issues with what to do if students needed to self-isolate. There was also a reflection on prevalent student issues, and how the first semester so far has gone, reflecting on how this will influence preparation for the second semester and the Universities approach to it. The plenary was followed by a whole

host of sessions that were ranging from Mental Health First Aid and Self Care, to how to be more sustainable in a digital age or how to survive and thrive whilst at University. These sessions offered a range of opportunities for everyone to engage. Reflecting back upon my time as a rep, I really enjoyed RepCon as an opportunity to network and learn more about the usefulness of being a representative and how I could implement the skills I gained into my CV and in discussions at interviews. I always have found that I struggle with putting into words what I have learnt from my different experiences in any field so I have listed some examples from my experiences across my time as a rep that may be useful for some of you who may be


RepCon reflections

January edition 92 By Natasha Neal in the same position as me! For example, by having discussions with your course leader as part of your Coffee Sessions, it will enable you to develop interpersonal communication skills which you could then use in group work or in a work setting for example. As well as mediation and problem solving when discussing in Programme Committee Meetings any issues that have arisen and discussing suggestions of how to improve them. Furthermore, I found that in the Programme Committee Meetings although I used to get incredibly nervous about speaking to the course teams and my lecturers, I began to gain confidence of how to speak to the University teams which not only helped me in my role as a student representative but also when presenting for some of my assignments. In my second year at Bucks I decided

to apply for the role of School Officer for Human and Social Sciences where I worked closely with Ellie and Sweeney from the SU representation team and Paul Morgan and Ciaran O’Keefe as the Head of School and Associate Head to look at how we could support common issues such as retention, a need for more opportunities within the career field to help students progress as well as how we brought the school together as a whole. Now I think more than ever these conversations I had with them are so important in a time where we are in a hybrid setting. Be it how to conduct yourself in an online interview, looking after your mental health or how to make sure your CV stands out against the rest in such a competitive job market when it is difficult to go on any form of placement / work experience. These skills that you will learn whilst


being a student representative are hopefully ones you will keep for life and demonstrates how important it is to take part in this role whilst being a student. Through some of the feedback we received in the chat during RepCon we also used these to tailor specific questions for our School Officer, Sabbatical Officers and Representation team to ask at the Programme Committee Meetings which took place in December. For example, how can we support student motivation. We hope that these discussions will feedback into our collective work with the University to make your experience at Bucks the best it can be. If you are reading this article and are interested to see if your course still needs a rep please email I look forward to seeing all you achieve this year!


Izemrasen Alahyan

Kia Wing

Kia Wing

Jordan Penning

LGBT+ Officer

Women’s Officer

Art, Design and Performance

Aviation and Security

Ravneet Kaur Talewar

Robin Iris Tomlin

Rianna Williamson

Stephanie Webb

BAME Officer

Disabilities Officer

Business, Law and Computing

Health Care and Social Work

Tereza Vsetickova

Harry Crowson

Lucy Webb

Becky Pearson

International Officer

Mature Officer

Human and Social Sciences

Media and Creative Industries

Jordan Penning

Iuliana Stroescu

Lisa Connell

2021/22 School Officer

Post-Graduate Officer

Part-Time Officer

Nursing and Allied Health


Could this be you? 14


Events calendar | 18 Jan - 28 Jan

The Bucks Student

We may be in lockdown, but we’re still providing you with all the events to help pass the time! If you don’t see an event listed below, check online nearer the time;

Monday 18

Tuesday 19

Wednesday 20

Thursday 21

PE with Joe Wicks

The Beauty & The Beast Musical

PE with Joe Wicks

Kinky Boots the Musical

Virtual tours: Smithsonian

Groove Resistance/ Aerobics

9am - YouTube

Virtual tours: Guggenheim

All day - What’s on page

Groove aerobics

9.30am & 6.45pm What’s on page

All day - YouTube

Groove Resistance/ Aerobics 9.30am/7pm What’s on page

The Big Yellow Choir

9am - YouTube

All day - What’s on page

Groove Aerobics/ Resistance

All day - What’s on page

9.30am/6.30pm What’s on page

6pm - What’s on page

9.30am/10.25am What’s on page

Friday 22

Saturday 23

Sunday 24

Monday 25

PE with Joe Wicks

Look out for something big to be announced for your Saturdays soon...

Kahoot Quiz: Netflix

PE with Joe Wicks

9am - YouTube

Virtual tours: Museum of Anthropology

8pm - Kahoot

9am - YouTube

Virtual tours: Van Gogh Museum

All day - What’s on page

All day - What’s on page

Groove aerobics

Groove aerobics

9.30am - What’s on page

9.30am - What’s on page

Bingo Lingo Pub Quiz 8pm - Facebook

Tuesday 26

Wednesday 27

Thursday 28

Friday 29

Groove resistance

PE with Joe Wicks

Virtual tours: ThyssenBornemisza Museum

PE with Joe Wicks

9.30am - What’s on page

The Big Yellow Choir 6pm - What’s on page

9am - YouTube

Virtual tours: Anfield Stadium, LFC

All day - What’s on page

Groove Aerobics/ Resistance

All day - What’s on page

Groove Resistance/ Aerobics

9am - YouTube

Groove aerobics

9.30am - What’s on page

9.30am/6.30pm What’s on page

9.30am/10.25am What’s on page

Saturday 30

Sunday 31

Look out for something big to be announced for your Saturdays soon...

Kahoot Quiz: General Knowledge 8pm - Kahoot

Have a burning idea for an event, or need to get in touch with our events team? Drop an email to We’re always on the look out for new activities, and are happy to listen to whatever you fancy doing. Or, maybe you’d like to have a go at hosting a virtual event? We can do that too so let us know!

Bucks Students’ Union

Advice Centre Got a problem?

ADVICE CENTRE We help you find a solution! Tell us what it is


Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Sk

ADVICE CENTRE If you have problems in any of these areas we can help: ADVICE ADVICE CENTRE ADVICE CENTRE E CENTRE High Wycombe Campus:

Uxbridge Camp

Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, F LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, fi YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thur contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. igh Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: hursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm MONEY COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE INTERNATIONAL MONEY oom N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located:YOUR RoomPERSONAL 1.03, first LIFE floor STUDENT ISSUES Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 to make appointment at either or cam to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. an appointment atPlease eithercall campus for aanface-to-face, telephone Sk us for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Please call to make ments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please High Wycombe Campus: igh Wycombe Campus: Campus: Campus: Uxbridge Camp contact us to arrange an appointment at a time toUxbridge suit High you. Wycombe Uxbridge Campus: Monday to Thursday Monday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm hursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm to Thursday 9am-5pm, F Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block oom N0.03, ground floor, NorthLEGAL Block ISSUES Located: Room 1.03, first floor floor, North Block ACCOMMODATION Located: Room N0.03, ground Located: Room 1.03, fi INTERNATIONAL Located: Room 1.03, first floor STUDENT ISSUES Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: STUDENT 01494 605 180 ISSUES 603 016 Phone: 01494 Phone: 01494 605 Phone: 01494 605 180 Evening appointments are available outside of standard ope ments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please High Wycombe Mon-Thur YOUR PERSO ng MONEY hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm.Evening Please appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at contact us to arrange an app contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. intment at a time to suit you.


Please to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face,appointments telephone or Skype To call make an appointment, email, canappointment. be: COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION

High Wycombe Campus:

Uxbridge Campus:

By telephone - we will phone you, or online through Teams - we will organise this. b Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm INTERNATIO LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor Telephone and online situation and605 will180 usually available Phone:appointments 01494 603 016are preferable during this current Phone: 01494 within 24 to 48 hours of a request during the normal working week from 10am to 4pm Mon to Thurs and to appointments 3pm on Fri. Appointments outside these times are possible may take longer to arrange. Evening are available outside of standard opening hours at Highbut Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please


contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.




Rusty recommends

The Bucks Student

Rusty recommends

Rusty gives you a warm Bucks welcome to 2021! Happy New Year from all of us the Events Department, usually we’d be getting you ready for our one-of a kind New Years Eve Again night with a midnight balloon drop and the chance to spend NYE with all of your friends … well we’ll just have to make next years even better! But for now and virtually here is what we have going on Many of you may be kicking off 2021 with new goals and aspirations, mostly in the fitness world and we’ve got a special line up of activities for you to join in with starting off every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can join in with the Nations Favourite PE Teacher Joe Wicks from 9am LIVE via his Youtube Channel The Body Coach TV. We also have

Bucks Alumni Daniel Browne back with his Groove Aerobics and a special Groove Resistance classes – check out our website for the class timetables as there is something EVERYDAY that you can get involved in £4 a class! If fitness was not one of your 2021 resolutions we’ve got something planned for you too - Friday 22nd January our friends at Bingo Lingo are doing a virtual pub quiz! If you joined in their first one in the last lockdown you’ll know this is something not to be missed, if you did miss the first one DO NOT MISS THIS!! 8pm Bingo Lingo’s Facebook Page is where you’ll need to go and this is in aid of Cancer Research UK.

One thing that has stayed consistent this year is our Kahoot Quizzes! – We hope you enjoyed last weeks Disney quiz with the lucky winner receiving a one-month Disney+ subscription, this week it’s all about NETFLIX. Hopefully one of the dependable things for everyone this year has been their Netflix Subscriptions, that’s why Sunday 24th you can win a £10 Amazon voucher! Check out our socials from 8pm for the live link to join in! We’ve got so much going on virtually, head to our website for more information!

Download the FREE app Discounts Legal ID Campus Life

Join today



Mental Health First Aiders

The Bucks Student By Natasha Neal

Introducing your MHFA What is a Mental Health First Aider?

Some apps that might help...

stu dents

n ita

g.u k s.or

ar sa m

In the Students’ Union team we have; Natasha Neal, Catherine Lymer, Emily West, Fergus Adams and Ellie Freeman.

Samaritans call 116 123 for free 24/7 for confidential support

Internal mental health resources...



e .u


A quick mental health fact...

Advice Centre free confidential support and advice to students on any issues they may be dealing with



c. g @ b u c k s.a


l se

r-u the ge

li n

Together for Mental Wellbeing you can call 0207 780 7300


Counselling Service free confidential professional therapy and help away from your day-to-day environment

ontact-us @



Mind text 86483 or call 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)     r-u   he  c



TogetherAll 24/7 online emotional support. Anonymous, community support, resources and professional help





c k s.

If you are struggling with your mental health and call your GP they must see you that day.

h e r all. c o


Student Mind text ‘STUDENT’ to 85258 or call 0808 189 5260

Hub of Hope a hub of local support

Who are your friendly local MHFA?




Action for Happiness receive daily nudges k mi

Mental Health First Aiders are trained in; being able to recognise the early signs and symptoms of common mental health illnesses, having the necessary skills to have a supportive, non-judgemental conversation with those who need it, and promoting greater awareness of mental health and reducing stigma.


External mental health resources...

Don’t forget: It’s ok to not be ok!


Mental Health Matters

January edition 92 By Ellie Freeman

Mental Health Matters Studying at University can be stressful and difficult, so it’s important to know where to turn to if your Mental Health becomes affected. Mental Health difficulties are common and there are plenty of resources and support out there that can help. Your Mental Health will always be a priority and you should reach out to someone if you feel you need to talk. It can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to seek support, so each month we will be sharing a different Mental Health support resource, giving you the essential information to help you reach out. This month, we will be focusing on Mental Health charity Samaritans, as we are taking part in their Brew Monday campaign. You can find out more about our Brew Monday plans on the home page of our website;


Samaritans Contact Details

Whatever you’re facing, a Samaritan will face it with you.

Phone: 116 123 (Free 24/7 hotline)

Every seven seconds, Samaritans answer a call for help. Samaritans are available, day or night, for anyone who’s struggling to cope, who needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure. Samaritans is not only for the moment of crisis, they’re taking action to prevent the crisis. They give people ways to cope and the skills to be there for others. They encourage, promote and celebrate those moments of connection between people that can save lives. Samaritans offer listening and support to people in times of need. Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy, and Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide. That’s why they work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority.

Sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand them better. Email: (response time 24hrs) Write a letter to Samaritans at: Chris Freepost RSRB-KKBY-CYJK PO Box 9090 STIRLING FK8 2SA Or, try the Samaritans self-help app:


My Bucks Career student opportunities

The Bucks Student By Jess Aries

My Bucks Career

The Student Opportunities and Career Success Advisors, Paul and Rita, can support you with career development advice and guidance both online and face to face. We can help you make well-informed decisions about your future, whether you want to consider career options, look for part time work, apply for internships, look for graduate jobs, or go onto further study. Paul and Rita can also help you develop the skills you need to successfully find and apply for graduate jobs. You have lifelong access to our support, which includes help with: Finding your direction One-to-one careers advice and planning - If you are still a little bit confused about all the options available to you, then it is worth booking a consultation with one of our Advisors. Our Careers Advisors offer confidential careers guidance about different industries and types of roles you could explore based on your individual needs.

Internships Organisations who are looking for students to take part in their internship programmes share these opportunities with us. By sitting down with a careers advisor and telling them your plans you can find something that suits your future career pathway. If you are interested in a summer internship or an industrial placement, please contact us at CV Development & Interview Advice Writing a CV isn’t a skill that you learn and develop. We offer one-to one sessions to explain what you need to include in your CV and how to write a persuasive and attractive cover letter. Rita and Paul can also work with you to build a strong LinkedIn profile and develop your professional networks.

Interview technique is an important skill to develop. We provide mock interviews to help you develop your interview techniques so that you can create a good first impression, explore the different types of interview that you could be facing and how you should prepare for them, such as a telephone or video interview. Starting your own business If you’ve got a great idea to start your own company or want to find out more about loans, business planning and how to start out, contact the team and we will be happy to help you. We are here to help! Please contact us to book an appointment or if you want learn more about how we can support you at careers@ MyBucksCareer also has a number of resources to help you develop your employability and interview skills and for professional development. Take a look at:


Remote learning thoughts

January edition 92 By Joanna Rosa Mendes

Remote Learning Thoughts When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United Kingdom (UK) in March, not only did it require an emergency response from essential staff and redeployment of staff to help in clinical areas, but all routine training, such as lectures and seminars had to be redesigned to ensure the health and safety of university staff and students. Like many universities across the UK had to deliver lectures and seminars remotely, changing all existing training so that it could be delivered virtually. Online learning is not without its challenges , which includes issues with technology, the increased likelihood of multitasking by students during sessions, and the availability of facilitators to troubleshoot and monitor the chat box function. Although, harnessing technology and to understand factors that influence learning is important. Face-to-face learning was considered more effective, but concerns were raised about this new approach, such as keeping students engaged and making sessions meaningful when conducted virtually.

During the current pandemic, remote learning can only limit students to classes and learning materials that are based online. Though students can interact through the chat box function, discussion boards, emails and video conferencing the experience cannot be compared to a traditional campus. As a nursing student, our skills sessions on various topics, such as infection, prevention and control also covering best practices, which is currently being demonstrated using a video online, but I would usually visit the simulation room on campus to carry out skills face-to-face, but I do worry how myself as a nursing student are going to be taught certain skills online, for example listening to heart sounds as I feel this is not an exact replacement of doing these skills face-to-face. Many skills are not able to be taught remotely and are hands-on task orientated and I feel that we may be missing out on these skills. Despite its numerous drawbacks, remote learning still provides learning options for students

wishing to enjoy flexibility and convenience in pursuing their career choices. Since starting remote learning this September, I had to adopt and learn about new technologies online and new remote learning formats require news ways of thinking. During certain lectures and seminars, we are split into breakout groups where myself and other students can engage with each other to discuss the topic, but I feel this still does not replace face-to-face lectures and seminars. I believe that I am missing out on social and emotional interactions with my student colleagues and although out skills sessions are delivered online I also believe that I am missing out on important face-toface training before I go out on my placement in February. Although, seeing other students faces during lectures makes a big difference during this unprecedented time in my engagement during lectures and seminars, as well as social interaction.


Employability tips: office etiquette

The Bucks Student By Emily West

Employability tips

Office etiquette Whether you are already working or are looking towards working once you graduate, office etiquette is an essential skill to have to ensure positive relationships with your colleagues at work. With this in mind we have produced the office etiquette as one of our employability postcards! Top tips: • Maintain your appearance to the standards of your company, be on time and keep your workspace clear and tidy • Answer your office phone when available your colleague is not your secretary! • Always put your out of office on when you are going to be away from work, outlining your return date and the contact details of who to contact if the enquiry is urgent. • Your colleagues are internal customers and should be treated with the respect and dignity that you would expect yourself • If you are too sick to be at work – stay at home rather than spread your germs! Maintain your appearance and be on time: The organisation you work for may have either a formal or informal policy on dress code and you should ensure that you are complying with this. You should also ensure that long hair is kept tidy and tied back if required. Make sure that you leave plenty of time to get to work, especially if you have a long commute, checking traffic before you leave to ensure you arrive on time. But equally, don’t stress if you get caught in unavoidable traffic. Your employer will understand and may well be caught in it as well! Answer your phone when available: If you are working in an office, chances are there will either be a team member or another colleague responsible for picking up your calls when you are not available. So if you will not be

able to answer calls it is important to note this in your work calendar. Record your meetings and any time blocked out where you need to focus, so that whoever answers the phone can give the person a clear idea of when you will be available. And make sure you return the favour to your colleagues. Ensure your out of office is on before leaving: When on annual leave it is important that you have put your out of office on as an automatic reply to emails received. This should explain to any colleagues or external clients when you will be returning to work, who to contact in the meantime if the enquiry is urgent, whether you will be checking your emails and when they can expect to hear back from you. Treat your colleagues with the same respect as your customers: You should be treating your customers with respect and dignity, but also ensure that you are treating your colleagues the same, and you should expect to be treated by them in the same manner. If asked to do something, you should explain the limits of what you can help with, taking into account workload and time constraints and also let them know when they can expect it to be done by. If you are ill – stay at home: This does not just relate to current government guidance in the pandemic! If you are too ill to work you should not be in the office. But if you are not too ill to work, but carrying an infectious disease such as a cold or flu and you are able to work from home, you should! This will prevent it from spreading around the office and your colleagues will never blame you for sparing them from catching it. Make sure you are clear on any absence procedures for your organisation so you are complying with company guidance.


Activities update

January edition 92 By Emily West Happy new year! We hope you had a lovely break and welcome back to another term. We want you to take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities offered by your award winning Students’ Union, all FREE courtesy of the Big Deal.

Although we are currently unable to offer any in person activities, we are working hard to ensure we offer a wide range of online skills, training and fun activities for you to get involved in!

Coming up in the next few months we have all these great opportunities for you…

Maybe you have something different in mind? If you have an activity or skills session that you would like to take part in, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We love hearing your ideas and providing opportunities that you want! Contact us at and we will do our best to help. Guitar lessons

Public speaking

Achieve your academic best

Have you ever wanted to learn guitar? Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your technique, we have a professional guitar tutor available for one to one FREE sessions all available online from the comfort of your own home!

Make sure you’re always ready to speak in front of an audience! Attending this FREE workshop will provide you with practical tips and advice on public speaking and presenting. This session will help to develop confidence, address nerves and deliver engaging speeches in a friendly environment that will enable you to try out techniques and develop your own personal style. Whether you will be speaking in front of a lecture theatre, as an election candidate, or you are an experienced public speaker looking to refresh your skills, this session is a must.

Are you struggling with adjusting to the new normal? Feeling a bit stressed about approaching upcoming assessments? Then this event might be for you. Nathan Ghann will be joining us to share his personal story and deliver a FREE Masterclass on how to achieve your academic best in the new (or temporary!) normal.

Singing Lessons Starting again from Monday 1 February, these popular online singing lessons are back. Taught by our excellent singing tutor, you will receive FREE one to one tuition from the comfort of your own home, whether you are looking to improve your professional voice, or just enjoy singing, these fun interactive lessons are just for you!

Challenging conversations Especially booked in for our nursing students and those on other health and social care courses, join this FREE workshop and learn how to hold difficult conversations with patients, clients and their families.

We have a diverse and varied programme arranged for you and you can attend as many sessions as you like. Also coming up in the first semester, we have: Time Management, Challenging Behaviour Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, Online Escape Rooms, and much, much more! If you need any support to enhance your academic experience, pop into one of the Students’ Union offices and we will be more than happy to help wherever we can.

You can book onto any activity through our website so be sure to keep an eye out on ‘What’s On’ page – don’t miss out by not reserving your place early on!

20 The Bucks Student

Lockdown, four kids, and me!

By Amy Pile

Lockdown,    four kids,      and me!

Being a mum of four whilst trying to study Adult Nursing is terrifying enough but adding lockdown to that seems unthinkable, but that is exactly what has happened.

I listened to what the prime minister had to say, and my heart literally sank, it was not the thought of my future but also that of my children’s and that we would all have to cope being around each other 24/7! Turning to Facebook (yes, I know may not have been the best thing to do) many people were saying we have done it before we can do it again, but why is it different this time for me? For me, this is the first time my kids are off school whilst I am at university, so many questions went around my head, how can I prepare for this? Will I cope? Most importantly would they cope with me? Life has never been easy, and it is not supposed to be, if it were, we would never experience so many emotions which plays vital roles with how we can and do cope. I’m going to try and take day by day as Loretta Young (2016) said “I believe in living today. Not in yesterday, nor in tomorrow”. But saying this seems so easy when in fact I know it will be difficult. So, what can I do? So far, the support from the university has been amazing it truly has lived up to my expectation of being the most supportive University, the very reason I applied for bucks new university was because of the feedback from friends whom had studied with them. But I have also started to lean more on friends and family, that has been difficult for me as being independent is something I strive for every day, the manner of “I can do this myself”.

In recent years, many people I know have disregarded social media stating “its bad” but I have noticed its how you use it, what for and how often. From my personal experience I find social media therapeutic even more so now we are in another lockdown, I find I can express how I feel, and someone would answer. I am not going to worry if I am spending a good amount of time with my children, if anything I am spending more, so my focus must be on how I will cope so I can be not only a good mother but a good student. So, what advice can I offer? Reach out, please remember to speak to someone when you are struggling. Cry, sometimes a good cry really does help. Catch up with friends and family, zoom? A call? Or better, what about good old pen and paper. Lastly wine, chocolate and make time to relax. Always remember you are not alone, keep going, won’t this be an extraordinary story to tell the next generation and so on...



January edition 92 By Nellie Hughes

Trying Veganuary It’s January and whilst we’re all enthralled in starting a-fresh and setting up challenges for ourselves, why not try something new and join in for Veganuary? Whether you do it for the animals, the planet or simply for yourself, there is no easier time to try and consume less animal based products than in January. Bet you’re all thinking “poxy vegans and their weird soy milk, quinoa, hemp seed salads” and you know what? I still think that sometimes. But, thanks to the ever growing demand for Vegan products and the popularity of Veganuary, you can still enjoy a pizza, side of nuggs and melt in the middle chocolate puddings. Although your diet is a large part of it, Veganism also extends to not wearing leather, using cruelty free and Vegan makeup, and personal hygiene products like shampoo and deodorant. Supermarkets across the country have launched hundreds of new products from deep freeze to deep conditioned, as part of their Veganuary range and it means that there is more choice now than there has ever been. Making it easier, cheaper and so much better that quinoa hemp seed salad.

When I first went Vegan, I shopped exclusively at Lidl and lived off of veggie curries and bean burgers. Don’t get me wrong, my culinary abilities did occasionally stretch to making my own nut roasts and lasagnes and often times failed me so all I ate where oven chips, garlic bread and onion rings. I couldn’t even ring up the local pizza place to deliver me some vegan pizza goodness. Now, I’m not saying I’m old but I am saying that it is a lot easier to make the switch today and if I felt like it, I could have Dominoes for lunch and then Papa Johns for dinner. There will be a million reason why someone might make the switch and they will each be personal to you – I switched because my friend was a vegan and it looked cool. You might want to switch because of the environmental impact of the dairy industry or maybe it’s the conditions in which chickens are kept, maybe you just want to eat more vegetables or maybe it’s because you want to try out something new. Whatever your reasons, I honestly believe going vegan is a good choice but it’s also one heck of a battlefield.

There are militant vegans who will tell you that you’re not “a good enough vegan” because you ate vegan cheese or that you’re not “really a vegan” because you used a certain type of shampoo brand and there will be people who will bombard you with a millions questions about it like, “where do you get your protein from bro?” The point is, making the switch to Veganism doesn’t mean you’ve officially joined a cult. It just means that you are doing your best to exclude - as far as you can exploitation and cruelty to animals.

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