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REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY From the Bucks County SPCA to Our Friends and Supporters

JULY 1, 2016 - JUNE 30, 2017

DEAR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS You are part of a community of animal advocates that reaches back to 1912 when a band of concerned Bucks County citizens began working together rescuing animals from abuse and neglect. We crisscrossed country roads on motorbike and initially focused on assisting farm animals. By 1930, the Bucks County SPCA’s shelter in Lahaska had been established and a new animal ambulance boosted our rescue and outreach efforts. A lot changes in 105 years. Today we own multiple vehicles, operate two no-time-limit shelters (one with a beautiful barn), and reap the benefits of major advances in shelter medicine. Unchanged, however, is our dogged commitment to relieving animal suffering and our reliance on people like you who make our lifesaving work possible 365 days a year. Virtually all our funding comes directly from incredibly generous everyday people. We do not receive funds from national or state groups such as ASPCA, PSPCA or HSUS, apart from an occasional small grant. Nor are we tax dollar supported. You, and your friends and neighbors, are responsible for keeping our doors open, animals well-fed, medicine cabinets stocked, adoption services staffed and emergency response vehicles gassed up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Thank you. This report to the community is a celebration of all that you have accomplished through the Bucks County SPCA over the course of a year. These successes are only possible now because of the long years of hard work and dedication to Bucks County animals going back to 1912. We’re proud of our history, statistics, philosophy, facilities, and professionalism. But most of all, we’re proud to be a local organization, helping local animals, with local dollars. Please take time to visit either location, open seven days a week at noon. Like the animals we serve, you’re always welcome!

Linda Reider, Executive Director

A Profound and Practical Way to Give Back

Generous community support has always provided for our needs. From this animal ambulance in 1930 to funding for major renovation of the Lahaska clinic and animal care areas in 2018.

Planned gifts are a significant way to support the animals of the Bucks County SPCA while meeting your charitable goals. Please consider leaving a legacy of love for the animals in your estate plans. Request our complimentary Planned Giving brochure to learn more about your options. Call or email Cindy at: 215-794-7425 x112 or ckelly@bcspca.org.

CLINIC IN A CLOSET GETS EXTREME MAKEOVER Big changes are coming to Lahaska! This winter our tiny “clinic in a closet,” along with several other animal care areas at our Lahaska shelter, will undergo major renovation to modernize and expand them. Cats will soon have a new place to play and interact with adopters in cheerful cat meetand-greet and play rooms. Even the building below the main shelter will be overhauled and given new life as the

Russell Beck Canine Comfort Center for receiving and caring for dogs. These improvements will enable our veterinary team to treat more animals under better conditions, and allow us to expand our subsidized spay and neuter services for community pets. Thanks to the generosity of several dozen champions of the Bucks County SPCA, the project has been almost completely privately funded!


We are grateful to be part of such a supportive community dedicated to enriching the lives of animals in Bucks County. Each gift toward the project will have impact on thousands of animals for decades to come. Construction begins in November and by mid-2018 the new clinic and animal care spaces will be welcoming animals and adopters alike. Watch for our open house next year!

The tiny kitten, only a few weeks old, was limping and in pain when she was brought to the Lahaska Animal Care Center. She was attended to by our veterinary staff who confirmed that a hind leg was badly broken. The kitten, now named Scarlett, was sent for X-Rays which showed a serious fracture. It was determined that it would be best for Scarlett to have the severely damaged leg removed.

Justin and Kristin introducing Scarlett at the BCSPCA fall gala.

1,425 8,203 surgeries


Dr. Causanschi, Director of Shelter Medicine, performed the surgery and the next day Scarlett was up and walking on her three good legs. A party hat was used as a protective cone, making her the cutest patient in the clinic.

Scarlett spent time in a foster home to complete her recovery before being spayed and placed for adoption. She was in our cat room less than two days before Kristin saw her and fell in love. “Scarlett is a firecracker and rules the household, which includes another cat and two dogs. Having only three legs doesn’t slow her down!” Kristin and her husband Justin brought Scarlett to the BCSPCA gala on November 3 to share her story of resiliency. Many animals come to us with special needs. With your support, we can give them a second chance and a loving home where they can thrive.


STARVING HORSES RECOVERED AND READY FOR GOOD HOMES A lengthy investigation this year led to the removal of three severely underweight horses from a property in Bedminster Township. After multiple visits and enforcement efforts, it was clear that their conditions were worsening and basic needs were not being met. A search warrant was issued and with the help of several volunteers and the Bedminster Township Police, three horses, six chickens and one pot-bellied pig were rescued and transported to the barn at our Upper Bucks Animal Care Center.

Money was in the worst condition of the three horses. She’s since regained weight and the sparkle in her eyes! Above: on the day of rescue. Left: after several months in our care.

MEET STANLEY Stanley’s mouth was an oozing mess of infected and painful teeth. He looked miserable the day we rescued him and 12 other cats who were being kept in an unheated van without proper food or medical care. In our care, Stanley’s mouth healed, his fur filled in, and his playful personality began to shine. Today he has a warm home and a loving family with cats, dogs, and Violet—another cat rescued from the van. Adopters are heroes!

An equine veterinarian assessed the thoroughbreds, Money, Bella and Babe, within an hour of their arrival. She placed them on a special diet to carefully increase their weight and prescribed a daily regimen of controlled exercise. With supportive care and appropriate veterinary treatment, they gained weight and made remarkable recoveries. Thanks to a thorough investigation, a solid case was presented in court and the owners plead guilty to animal cruelty charges. In the best of all possible outcomes, the animals were surrendered to the BCSPCA. The pot-bellied pig and chickens have been adopted. The horses are available for adoption to people experienced and able to provide for their needs. Interested adopters can request an application by calling 267-347-4674. BCSPCA’s Chief Humane Police Officer Nikki Thompson investigates hundreds of reports of animal cruelty annually. Many are unfounded or resolved through education and simple corrections like providing adequate food, water, and shelter, while other cases require the full weight of the law. Since 1912 we’ve been rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect all across Bucks County. With your support, we’ll never stop.

386 55

complaints of animal cruelty investigated animals removed by BCSPCA


12 months of making dreams come true for pets and people. From July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017:

We found homes for


We reunited

We transferred in



We placed

dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and other companion animals.

lost pets with their grateful owners.

animals from other shelters and agencies needing our help.


special needs animals with rescue groups.

More Good Mews: Since September 2016, our Live Release Rate has averaged 86.8% while animal euthanasia has plummeted.

REACH OUT Engaging our amazing community. From July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017:


volunteer heroes


tour presentations

volunteered hours


sessions of Camp SPCA for 50 children


Volunteers invest dozens of hours of service at BCSPCA every day, helping with everything from dog walking and cat socializing to cleaning and administrative tasks. The support of these volunteers makes our work possible.



Humane education programs for children are held throughout the year. Camp SPCA is a summer program offering handson learning experiences for late-elementary aged children. Specialized training seminars equip first-responders to handle and help animals in the community.



foster homes

animals fostered


From Pet Fairs and Community Days to Farmers’ Markets and Art Fairs, the staff, volunteers and animals of BCSPCA are out in force across the county. They are public ambassadors, raising funds, friends and awareness for our mission.


Foster volunteers open their hearts and homes to the tiniest and most vulnerable animals. They provide one-on-one care for animals that may be sick, under stress, or simply too young to go up for adoption.

TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Lahaska Animal Care Center PO Box 277 1665 Street Road Lahaska, PA 18931 (New Hope for GPS) 215-794-7425 Upper Bucks Animal Care Center 60 Reservoir Road Quakertown, PA 18951 267-347-4674


2016 Fiscal Year Total Expenses INCOME Direct Public Support Investment Income Program Service Income Total Income

$1,163,744 141,368 370,982 $1,676,094

Program Services: 81% Shelter, rescue, cruelty investigation, education

EXPENSES Program Services Animal Care Cruelty Investigation Public Awareness Education Total Program Services

$1,259,052 131,732 128,424 $1,519,208

Support Services: 19% Fundraising, utilities, facilities maintenance, insurance, equipment and supplied, etc.

Support Services Fundraising General and Administrative Total Support Services

$79,607 267,098 $346,705



Hours: Monday–Friday, Noon–6:00 PM Saturday–Sunday, Noon–3:00 PM Website: www.bcspca.org Facebook: BucksCoSPCA Instagram: BucksCountySPCA

Audited financial statements are available upon request.

We are a private nonprofit organization that raises and spends our own funds locally on Bucks County animals. We operate independently and without regular funding from other humane organizations, including national groups. We offer an open-door admission policy combined with No Time Limit sheltering. Companion animals come to us as lost pets, from owners, from other animal shelters, or from police and animal control. Our work is donation, not tax-dollar, supported.


Auggie • Bear • Bedford • Bella • Buddy • Charcoal • Chester Benson • Chubby • Clancy • Cooper • Dakota • Ginger • Hannah • Hogan • Holly • Hunter • Jack • Jack Daniels • Jetta • Jozie • Leo • Maggie • Magoo • Maxie • Napoleon • Patch • Radar • Rufus • Shelby • Simon • Skipper Zip • Spotty & Sasha • Swoopie • Sydney A memorial gift has been received in honor of each of these beloved pets.

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets

$1,865,913 $(189,819)


3,763 donors like you

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Bucks County SPCA 2017 Report to the Community  

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Bucks County SPCA 2017 Report to the Community  

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017