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WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS bakery in Louisville, MS In Mississippi food is our culture and some people can make it into an art and in Louisville, MS on Main Street is a bakery called WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS. Why did they name it that, you ask. Well I will tells ya. You can get any ol' cake at any ol' place for your every day events and happenings... BUT … when it really matters … and you need something extra special, well, that's when you go to see Natali and Shawn Suddeth. They have been on Man Street next to the Jewel Shoppe since Dec. 2015. They even have a special house blend coffee provided by CROOKED LETTER COFFEE ROASTING for the shop and if you're not a coffee drinker then they have hot coco and hot tea also. Natali can make you a cake like you wouldn't believe. She basically sculpts some of them I tells ya. In fact you can see examples down the side of this aritcle on the next page. For that special Birthday or a weddding or anniversary when you want something outstanding you need to go to this shop.

Now specialty cakes is not the only reason to check them out. They have Pedifors, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cake balls, and all sorts of things to fix that sweet cravings you may be having. But also they serve sandwiches. On their normal open days you can always get a ham or turkey sandwich or their special make chicken salad which, did I mention they make their own bread also? Well they do and it's fantastic. Also you can get the chicken salad by the pint also. And on Thursdays and Fridays you can get a Schnitzel sandwich. That's right, Natali is German and she brings some of her German culture into the bakery. A Schnitzel sandwich is a fried breaded boneless pork loin that they tenderize themselves. They're fantastic, I should know, I eat one just about every week. You can also get soups too. Aw yeah, you can get a big bowl or a side bowl with your sammich... I mean sandwich... I let a little bit of my redneckness slip thru just then. Tomato Soup is usually

a staple for Mondays where you can count on Loaded Potato Soup on Friday's. Tuesdays and Thursdays you can check their facebook page and see what they may be having on those days.

The soups are usually served during the cold months. They also make Bavarian Pretzels fresh made on the premises and let me tell you what, they go great with the soups. Taco, Vegetable Beef, and Chicken Rice are some of the other soups they have from time to time. They even have frozen meals they make themselves so when you're in a rush or just too tired you can get one of these and just stick it in the oven and warm it up. They even have some things to help out with for the holidays. Natali's husband Shawn is also the scout master of local troop 5 in Louisville. If you're looking into scouts for your sons go by and talk to Shawn. There normal shop hours are Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Friday 7am till 4pm. They are usually there the other days preparing the specialty

cakes which you can pick up seven days a week if you set up a time with them. They can also deliver your specialty cake so ask them about that if you need too. So check them out, they're a bakery on Main street, go in and buy a cake, why don't ya? The shop phone number is 662-418-0003 for the Bakery and to order a cake use 662-418-8853. Here's a list of the meals they offer. If you need to order something for Christmas be sure to let them know before Dec. 20th. Items can be ordered anytime, please allow 72 hours when ordering and payment will be due when ordering. Their normal meals. MACARONI & CHEESE $10.00 VEGETABLE CASSEROLE 2 lb $12.50 BACON & ALMOND GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE 2lb $13.00 CHICKEN SPAGHETTI 2 lb $15.00 SHEPHERD'S PIE 4 lb $28.50 LASAGNA 4 lb $28.50 2 lb $15.00 GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN AND RICE CASSEROLE 2lb $16.00 LOADED CAULIFLOWER CASSEROLE 2lb $16.00 ( diabetic friendly ) Meals they offer during the holidays along with their normal meals. SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE $14.00 CORNBREAD DRESSING $15.00 (DESSERTS) ITALIAN CREAM CAKE 8” $45/00 KEY LIME PIE 9” $15.00 NY STYLE CHEESE CAKE 9” $25.00 $30.00 w/ topping PECAN PIE 9” $35.00 CARROT CAKE 8” $45.00 GERMAN CHOCOLATE 8” $45.00

LOUISVILLE TRADING CO. While you are in downtown Louisville, MS you might want to step around the corner and check out the Louisville Trading Co. Antique Flea Mall. It's right next to the old Strand Theater located in the old Perry's Department Store building on 112 South Church Street. They are open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am till 5pm and Saturday from 10am till 3pm. You can check out their website at to learn more about them. They have so much in there that you will just have to drop by and check them out for yourself. They have antiques, old comics, old books, vinyl records and collectables. They even have a few local artists set up with them selling their art and crafts. It's a huge store with plenty to check out and if you like coke memorabilia then you will really want to check out what they have. The owners are from the local area and would love for you to drop on by.


We are in the future and even though we don't have flying cars yet... or so they tell us... we do have PDF magazines that we can read on our devices by using the interwebs. This magazine is a prime example but there's even more.... FREE COMICS! That's right , comics for free. BWC will be putting out 4 humor comic books every year. These graphic novels will be free for anyone who would like them. If you receive the link for this magazine from BWC then you will receive the links for future BWC humor comics. ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER will be the first at the end of December with only around 30 or so pages but the future ones will be around 100 pages plus in size. ZACK is a humor based book even though it has zombies the same way a roadrunner dropping an anvil on a coyote's head is not considered horror. If you know people that would enjoy free comics and this periodical magazine then send them our way. They can send an email to with the word SUBCRIBE in the subject bar and they will be added to the list. These comics will also be released in print form. The printed books will not have the ads that the free PDF versions will have but due to the ad sales I may be able to make the print books cheaper. After all, there are those few die hard fans that still prefer the physical book. I will also be making some sci fi and horror comics that will only be released as printed but hopefully they will be at a good price because of the ad sales with the PDF books. The next book to come out at the end of March will be SPACE REDNECKS : THERE GOES THE GALAXY. Well I guess I should get to writing and drawing.

FICTION... ANOTHER WORD FOR LYING A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CAVEMAN by Uncle Bubba Two cavemen are walking thru the woods one day and for all intents and purposes I'm going to translate their grunts and whistles and crude language into something approximately into what they're saying so that you, the reader, may follow along .... so as it may be. "Oh I say Nanook, stated one of the Caveman, "It's an awfully nice and pleasant day for a stroll, isn't it my good chap?" "Oh, I most definitely concur, I do." Replied the other. "It's ever so nice not to be chased by some gargantuan furry beast with humongous snapping teeth." "I do believe someone is making reference to yesterday when we were being chased by that sabertooth cat." "I've never run so fast in my life. I don't mind telling you that I almost messed in my furs!" "I wish it was almost for me." "Oh no you didn't?" "Oh yes I did. The very furs I'm wearing today." "I thought I caught a whiff of something." "Mind you, I can't wait until someone discovers personal hygiene." "Not as much as the people around you I'd wager." Then things turned ugly and Nanook stabbed his friend with a spear and stole his furs , the end.


3 ALARM COMICS BIRTHDAY BASH Saturday, December 17 at 11 AM - 6 PM 15210 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi, Mississippi 39532

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