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Mayor, City of Brownsville

Juan “Trey” Mendez, III

City Commissioner, District 1

Nurith Galonsky Pizana

City Commissioner, District 2

Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa

City Commissioner, District 3

Roy De los Santos

City Commissioner, District 4

Pedro Cárdenas

City Commissioner, At Large “A”

John Cowen Jr.

City Commissioner, At Large “B”

Rose M. Z. Gowen


City Manager

Helen Ramirez, AICP

Assistant City Manager

Elizabeth Walker

Chief of Staff

Marina Zolezzi

As of January 2023.


Parks Operations Manager

Daniel Salinas |

Aquatics & Compliance Coordinator

Samuel L. Perez |

Brownsville Events Center Manager

Casey Cantu |

Brownsville Sports Park Superintendent

Brownsville Golf Center Manager

Isabel Gaucin |

Community Recreation & Inclusion Coordinator

Laura Holbrook |

Special Events Coordinator

Shannon Contreras |

Youth Athletics Supervisor

Araceli Sandoval|

Assistant Marketing & Business Development Director

Graciela Salazar |

Parks and Recreation Director

Damaris McGlone, CTRS, CPRP |

Scan or Visit:


Benjamin Del Angel Member

Luis R. Abad


Joe Lee Rubio


Esli Ceballos Member

Hiram Lozano

Member Eva Garcia Member

Priscilla Noriega

Want to join the Parks Advisory Board?

• Must be a citizen and electorate of the city.

• Must be a resident of the state for at least three years.

• Must be a resident of the city for at least two years.

• Cannot be employed by the City of Brownsville.


Get to know the people behind your Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department.

Golf Center invites everyone to give the game of golf a try. Our goal is to offer an environment where people can play a round of golf and have an enjoyable experience. The beauty of the course is immersed in nature and is perfect for an active lifestyle or for a relaxing time.

Whether you are a first-time player or an experienced one, we look forward to seeing you on the greens!

Our pools and splash pads provide an opportunity for healthy recreation. They are a great way to cool off and work on fitness goals. We invite you & your family to participate in our programming: Learn to Swim, Stingray Swim Team, Wellness (lap swimming and water aerobics), Public Swim, Lifeguard Instructor In Training classes, Dive-in Movies, and more! Our Aquatics team is proud to support the Brownsville community on a journey to health and well-being through swimming.

Play for sport, play for skill, play for health. Whatever the reason, just play! The Athletics Division offers year round adult and youth athletic leagues, tournaments and events. We also partner with independent leagues. Athletics and leagues promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage fair play, positive competition, and community involvement.

Special Events, whether small or large, provide affordable recreation, culture, education, health, and benefit the quality of life of our community.

You are what make our events a great success, we take pride in making sure that our events are safe, inclusive, and fun. Lunada Artisan Market, Easter Eggstravaganza, Park After Dark, Washington Park Tree Lighting Ceremony, Mobile Recreation Block parties and more (pages 11-13), are some of the events brought to you by your Parks & Rec. Department. See you at the next #btxparks event, tag us!

What I like most about my job is that I get to be a part of the excitement and learning process. I see kids light up as they learn new skills, I see growth in confidence and self esteem as they explore and use new recreational & outdoor skills. It's rewarding to see children expand their social network by making new friends.

I love that our programs are inclusive, they include everyone, they are blended with modifications when needed and we make sure that the programming is fun. Every day is an opportunity to have fun and to learn at Parks & Rec.


City of Brownsville Parks belong to everyone, to the kids playing soccer at a field at Oliveira Park, the bird watchers at Dean Porter, the families enjoying a picnic at Lincoln Park, the joggers at the Brownsville Historic Battlefield Hike & Bike trail, the cyclists at Monte Bella Trails Park, the swimmer doing laps at Gonzalez pool, the seniors practicing Tai Chi at the Downtown Rec Center, they even belong to dogs playing fetch with their people at the Stillman Dog Park.

Parks, trails, facilities, and playgrounds, are a part of every day moments, and memories. As a parks employee, it's my job to steward and maintain these places that belong to all of us, and I do it with the help of my staff and community. It's hard work, it's challenging, but it is never dull and it is always rewarding. There are about 38 miles of trails, around 1,000 acres of green spaces, multiple amenities, over 100 pieces of playground equipment at our parks and facilities for all to care of and enjoy. These are your parks, and your places, help us take care of them!

Daniel Salinas, Parks and Trails

See something, say something. Do your part and call 546-HELP or email

Stay connected with us, and show us how you enjoy your parks. Tag us in your stories!

Make sure to like, follow, and share with your Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department!


Location: Dean Porter Park

Funded: Cost share project with Dean Porter Park Renovation, Inc. and other contributors including Parks Department $127,817.15

Scope of work: Foundation and structure preparation, installation of surrounding brick pavers, installation and setting sculpture in place and landscaping.

Completed: May 2022


Location: Bike Barn

Grant Funded: Brownsville Community Incorporated Corporation (BCIC) $100,000.

Scope of work: Installation of prefabricated ADA restrooms and sidewalk.

Completed: Nov. 2022


Location: Brownsville Sports Park

Funded: Infrastructure Maintenance Fund (IMF) $482,935.90

Scope of work: Remove and replace purlins and canopy panels, painting steel columns.

Completed: Feb. 2023


Location: Gonzalez Pool

Scope of work: Replastering the surface and interior of pool.

Projected: Spring 2023


Location: Linear Park

Grant Funded: CDBG $180,350.00

Scope of work: Installation of prefabricated ADA restrooms, Big Belly trashcans, solar smart picnic tables and benches.

Projected: Spring 2023


Location: Oliveira Park

Funded: IMF $379,000

Scope of work: Installation of LED lights (MUSCO) and software.

Projected: Fall 2023


Location: Dean Porter Park

Scope of work: Replacing panels of retaining wall, installing new boardwalk with an ADA accessible kayak ramp.

Projected: Fall 2023


Location: Brownsville Events Center

Scope of work: Installation of new ADA accessible kayak ramp.

Projected: Fall 2023


Location: Brownsville Community Resource Center

Scope of work: Multipurpose recreation room and teaching kitchen.

Want to be a part of projects with parks? Join the Parks Advisory Board:

Apply here:

PROJECTS '22-'23



Sunday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. | Friday & Saturday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

While enjoying the many opportunities the pard system has to offer, please be aware of the following rules and regulations for park use.


We are governed by Chapter 74 of the City Brownsville Code of Ordinances, to see all rules in their entirety go to

• The consumption, sale, use, or possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on park premises is prohibited.

• Littering is prohibited. Use trash receptacles.

• Motorized vehicles prohibited off roadways and beyond parking areas.

• Improperly parked vehicles will be towed.

• Vending or sales prohibited without permit.

• Dogs are to remain on leash at all times.

• Pet owners are required to pick up after pets.

• Control noise levels – please be respectful of others.

• Destroying public property is prohibited.


Camping is currently permitted in only one park via Borrow My Gear Program at Monte Bella Trails Park. Please visit the Borrow My Gear page of this guide or call (956) 551-2314 for more information.


Fishing is allowed in various resacas within city of Brownsville parks. A fishing license from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) is required. For information on TPWD fishing licenses visit:


Personal watercrafts are permitted in several City of Brownsville Parks locations. During the summer swim season, kayaks and camping equipment can be borrowed via Borrow My Gear Program. For more information, call (956) 275-3502.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting or ground penetrating radar at park sites is not allowed. The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department is obligated to follow State & local law as well as terms of strict deed restrictions.


Swimming is allowed in City of Brownsville pools (Sams and Gonzalez) only during their regular operating hours and season.


Hike and Bike Trails

Discover Brownsville on foot or on a bike or by paddle in our resacas or as part of the Caracara Trails. Brownsville has an extensive hike and bike trail system that includes Brownsville Historic Battlefield Trail, Paseo de la Resaca Trails, Monte Bella Trails Park, Belden Trail, Brownsville Sports Park Hike & Bike Trail.

Tennis Courts

Brownsville Tennis Center has 16 lighted tennis courts operated by the Brownsville Tennis Association (BTA). Their hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 to 10 p.m. daily. Court fees are $5 per adult and $2 per student. BTA hosts tournaments during the year and USTA leagues play at this facility. For more information, call (956) 547-8326. Oliveira Park has two 2 lighted courts open during park hours (see page 6), free of charge. Court courtesy applies.

Pickleball Court

Pickleball is a paddle sport which combines badminton, tennis and table tennis. The sport is played on a smaller court with a net that is just lower than a tennis net and is played with a hard paddle and a whiffle ball. Pickleball is great for all ages & abilities. For more information, contact Brownsville Sports Park at (956) 574-6650 or Oliveira Park at (956) 547-6861.

Outdoor Fitness Stations

Your health matters! Choose outside for a better inside. You can find outdoor fitness stations at the following parks: Brownsville Sports Park, Charles M. Cabler Sr. Park, Dean Porter Park, Monte Bella Trails Park. and Riverside Park (see pages 18-21).

When exercising, stay hydrated and bring your own towel to wipe down the equipment. Age restrictions apply, adult use only. Please use at

your own risk and follow the rules & guidelines. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. If equipment is damaged, please report it to 546-HELP.

Skate Parks

Shed calories and build your skills at our skate parks. Oliveira Park is long board friendly and Brownsville Sports Park skaters can enjoy a bowl for practicing aerials and tricks. Please follow all posted rules and use at your own risk and be sure to wear protective equipment – your body matters!

Where can my dog go?

Here's the scoop! Dogs and their humans are welcome in our parks and trails as long as the pets are on a leash at all times and the owners clean up after them. Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid, but is more than smelly and unsightly--it is a health risk to pets and people.

When it rains, pet waste left on trails, sidewalks, and grassy areas can wash into the nearest waterway. Even if it you can't see signs of water near you, the feces wash into the storm drains and then travel to your neighborhood resaca, the river, and the ocean untreated. Out of courtesy to others using the parks, pet owners must take the responsibility and help keep our parks clean. Please bring a scooper and or bag when you enjoy parks with your furry friends.

Re-use your plastic shopping bags for pet waste or use bags available at parks. Pet waste stations and stands can be found throughout many of our parks. You can bring a small amount of plastic bags to restock if you see them empty. Appreciation & thanks are extended to responsible pet owners who, along with their pets respect other park users and the park system.




Go to: and click on the top right corner and click login to create a new account.

Browse and select the program of your choice, then click "register now".

Select your payment option. Follow steps on website.

Walk-In Registration

Success! You are registered. You will receive a confirmation email.

Walk-in registration will be accepted pending space availability in most of our programs. Please call ahead and speak with program coordinator before attempting to register via walk-in. Forms of payment accepted are cash, credit and debit. For more information, call (956) 546-HELP.

Online Registration

Visit to register online. You must create a username and password as well as enter all pertinent household information before the website will allow you to register online. Online forms of payment accepted include credit and debit cards.

Pavilion, Pool, Gym, Fields & Facility Rentals

Reserve a park pavilion, pool, or community center for your next special event! Perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries and more. For information, please go to pages 16-17.

Did you know that Access Brownsville is the official mobile application for the City of Brownsville, Texas? This mobile app enables users to quickly submit requests for service, ask questions, or leave comments or suggestions to City officials. Service requests are routed directly to appropriate City departments for rapid action, and users will be notified when the status of an individual request has changed.

1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.


The mission of the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department is to directly contribute to the City’s quality of life by providing exceptional programs, facilities, parks and trails while celebrating and preserving the community’s natural and cultural heritage.

Photo Policy

Smile, you may be captured by our camera! The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department (COB PARD) routinely takes photos and video of participants & visitors in our programs and facilities for promotional purposes. Please be aware that by participating or utilizing our facilities when open to the public, you are granting COB PARD & its agents the right to use and publish your image or your minor child’s image, and that no monetary remuneration will be given.

Inclusion Process

The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department welcomes our patrons with special needs or disabilities to participate in our leisure, recreation, leagues, programs and events. Patrons who require a reasonable modification in order to participate are requested to reach out to us at (956) 546-HELP, ideally at least 2 weeks in advance in order to best serve you so that all may be able partake in the enjoyment.


Is your business or organization looking for creative and interactive ways to reach loyal and active customers? City of Brownsville Parks & Recreation has what you are looking for. Our programs, events and facilities offer a variety of ways for you to reach your target audience and maximize your marketing dollars. Contact Learn more by going to page:

Looking for direct visual exposure? We have 36 park benches, a scoreboard and projection screens at various locations.

It is our goal to help community partners reach their target market and provide an outstanding value for the dollars invested. Partnerships with City of Brownsville Parks & Recreation also provide a terrific public relations opportunity. Association with our well-received, family-orientated activities will allow your business to get an edge over the competition and show your support for the community. Furthermore, sponsorship packages can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to see how you can get involved, call (956) 551-2770 or email

Your Voice Matters

We only want to provide you with the highest quality of parks and recreation services, programs, events, and more. If you’re happy with us or have a work order concern, let us know. Give us your feedback and help us improve. Call (956) 546-HELP or via Access Brownsville App.


1. What type of vendors do you accept at your events?

We accept a variety of vendors, such as: artisan, non artisan, food, and exhibitors, etc. If you need more information, please call (956) 450-7011 or drop an email at

2. What is an Artisan?

Artisans are persons who craft with their own hands the products they offer for sale. To qualify as an artisan, a majority of the tools and equipment used by the crafter to produce the products must require skills, personal handling, and/or guidance by the crafter.

3. How do I become a vendor at a Parks and Recreation event?

Vendor opportunities are open to all. Registration and reservation are posted online at Register and pay online (recdesk info on page 5). Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. You must obtain a Texas sales and use tax permit if you are an individual, partnership, corporation or other legal entity engaged in business in Texas. For more information, please call (956) 542-8426 or visit

4. Do I need a food permit?

Food vendors are required to obtain and present a temporary health permit. Permits are issued by the City of Brownsville Health Department. To obtain a food permit, please contact Brownsville Health Department at (956) 542-3437.

5. I sell prepackaged foods, do I still need a permit?

Any vendor who sells consumable items must obtain a temporary food permit. Vendors may only sell approved source items. For more information about approved source items, contact the Brownsville Health Department at (956) 542-3437.

6. Can I promote my business at your event (non vendor/exhibitor)?

Yes, ask us about exhibition booth opportunities. If you want to entertain, let us know too! We are always looking for talent. Contact us at (956) 450-7011 or drop an email at

7. What does my registration include?

Your registration fee includes a 10' x 10' space and a unique opportunity to showcase your product, access thousands of people and the possibility to be featured on our social media.

8. What are my responsibilities as a vendor?

Vendors must follow event guidelines and must commit to staying for the duration of event. Vendors must supply their own equipment and are responsible for bringing and setting up their own tent, tables, chairs, generator, lamps, extension cords, cables, etc.


Participate, celebrate, volunteer, or grow your business with us.

April 2

Beggin' N' Eggs

Stillman Dog Park

416 Farm to Market 511

5 to 7 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

April 6 Easter


Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd.

6 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

April 22

Earth Fest '23

Linear Park

E. 6th St. & E. Ringgold St.

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

May 4

Rebel Fest:

Linear Park

A Star Wars Festival

E. 6th St. & E. Ringgold St.

6 to 10 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

May 20

Running with Bigfoot

Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd.

8 a.m.

(956) 450-7730

Season runs May - Sept.: 3rd Saturday of each month.

Linear Park

E. 6th St. & E. Ringgold St.

6 to 10 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

May 20

June 17

July 15

Aug. 6

Sept. 16

Local vendors, food, entertainment, and Movie in the park!

Sponsoring our family friendly event gives you the unique opportunity to enhance your organization’s image and shape your consumers’ attitudes.

For more information, email For vendor information, go to page 10.

May 29

Memorial Day

Silent March

HEB (Central) towards Veterans Park

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Tiny B.: (956) 492-8469

May 4

May 29

Rebel Fest:

Memorial Splash day

A Star Wars Festival

Linear Park

E. 6th St. & E. Ringgold St.

Sams Pool 501 E. Ringgold St.

6 to 10 p.m.

2 to 6 p.m.

(956) 556-1713

(956) 275-1114


MRU Block Parties

Fridays | 6 to 9 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

June 16

Monte Bella Trails Park | 2525 W. Alton Gloor Blvd.

June 23

Lincoln Park | 2100 W. University Blvd.

June 30

Washington Park | 700 E. Madison St.

July 7

La Posada Park | 1353 La Posada Dr.

July 14

Portway Acres Park | 4775 Austin Rd.

July 21

La Galaxia Park | 1501 Calle Espacio

August 4

Trail of Texas Trees Park | 2812 Sweet St.

August 11

Edelstein Park | 1155 E. Polk St.


Saturday, July 1

23rd Salute to Freedom Celebration

Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd. 6 p.m.

(956) 450-7730

Vendors, food, games, music, and spectacular fireworks!

Advertise and promote your brand at our event! Enhance your community engagement--volunteer, sponsor, be a vendor, spots available and more! Deadline to apply is May 29, 2023. Email

July 27-30

Summer Day Camp and Learn to Swim Program will be closed. Come and enjoy the games & support local athletes.

May 4

Dive In Movie

(956) 446-0466

Rebel Fest: Linear Park E. 6th St. & E. Ringgold St. 6 to 10 p.m.

A Star Wars Festival

Sams Pool 501 E. Ringgold St. 7 to 9:30 p.m.

(956) 556-1713

(956) 275-1114

June 23: Luca

August 18: Finding Dory

October 7

Cancer Awareness Run Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd. 8 a.m.

(956) 450-7730

All events and activities are weather permitting and subject to change. Visit our social media for updates and information

Contact us at (956) 546-HELP or drop an email at


October 21 - 27 29 - 31

Pumpkin Patch & Scarecrow Trail

Dean Porter Park 501 E. Ringgold St.

Visit our social media

(956) 450-7011

Instagramable moments, activities, and pumpkin sales!

Fees for admission & professional photography may apply. If your ogranization is interested in a cost share agreement to operate the pumpkin patch, email by Sept. 1, 2023 (preference to non-profits who can staff and take payments).

October 28

Monster Dash Fun Run

Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd.

8 a.m.

(956) 450-7730

October 28

Park After Dark

Dean Porter Park 501 E. Ringgold St.

6 to 10 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

November 4

Southmost Veterans Day Parade

1953 Southmost Blvd. towards E. 29th St.

2 to 4 p.m.

(956) 546-HELP

November 11

Veterans' Day Ceremony

Veterans Park 2500 Central Blvd.

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

(956) 492-8469

November 20

Holiday Village Opens

Dean Porter Park 501 E. Ringgold St.


November 30

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Washington Park 700 E. Madison St.

6 to 10 p.m.

(956) 450-7011

December 16

Run With Rudolph

Brownsville Sports Park 1000 Sports Park Blvd.

8 a.m.

(956) 450-7730


Keep Brownsville Beautiful

KBB is an organization dedicated to beautifying and improving the community through programming and education. KBB hosts events and programs that address litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction in our community.

Keep Brownsville Beautiful (KBB) is BACK and looking for new members!

All ages welcome. Local schools and college clubs can also apply to have a KBB Chapter.


How do I register to become a volunteer?

As an individual. Register for the event of your choice participate in as many or little as you want. 2.) Join or Start a School KBB Chapter. Reach out to a teacher (charter sponsor) to join or create a KBB Chapter to help reduce, reuse, recycle, and beautify your campus. 3.) Apply to be a KBB Board member. Call (956) 275-0371 for more information.

How do I find out about KBB volunteer opportunities?

Follow us on Facebook at @KBB.BTX or (956) 275-0371

What is the age requirement for volunteers?

We accept 16 and over, 18 and under need parent/guardian’s permission.

How do I register my child,

Did you know that throught the years KBB has recieved numerous awards and recognition for their beautification efforts and services to the city of Brownsville?

if they do not have their own phone number, or email?

The parent/guardian can register their child using the parent/guardian’s credentials. Parent/guardians must be present with their child during the event that they registered for?

If I register for an event, but I need to arrive late or leave early, am I able to? For volunteers we try to be as flexible as we can, and we will do our best to work with schedules. Please keep in mind that we set a parameter of times that will allow us to do what we need to do to accomplish our goals.

Are you able to make accommodations for volunteers with special needs?

Call us and let us know what accomodations you require. We will work on a plan based on the needs of the individual. This may require a meeting to make sure that we do all that we can to make the individual feel welcome

Did you know Brownsville is applying for a Bird Friendly City designation?

and comfortable.

If I need verification of my hours after the event, will I be able to receive it?

Yes, bring your document and we will be happy to record your hours and sign it.

Can I organize my own cleanup/beautification event?

Yes, most definitely. The Brownsville Beautification Committee along with Keep Brownsville Beautiful has started a new program that provides the tools necessary for cleanup/beautification projects. Read about the Beautification Box on page 15.


Beautification Box

Is your neighborhood looking shabby? Have you and your friends always wanted to organize a cleanup project but lacked the tools?

The Brownsville Beautification Committee, along with Keep Brownsville Beautiful has started a new program you may want to use, it is called the Beautification Box.

The Beautification Box is a trailer equipped with tools and supplies: trash pickers, trashbags, shovels, rakes, and much more that you can borrow for zero cost! We want to provide the tools needed for success. Schedule the use of the trailer for beautification projects, cleanup events, or graffiti abatement.

The BEAUTY of this program is you can schedule it WHEN you need it and WHERE you need it.

Check out the Beautification Box, gather some neighbors, friends, and family and host your own neighborhood cleanup!

Be sure to take photos and track work done, so we can include your hard work in our annual Keep Texas Beautiful report.

Schedule a cleanup today! Terms and conditions apply.

Upcoming Don't Miss KBB Events -

March 18

Butterfly Garden Installations at Southmost & Central libraries. In partnership with Sunrise Rotary Club.

April 15

Great American CleanUp participate in the largest community improvement, a nation wide event.

June 3

Resaca Clean Up at Dean Porter Park, Old City Cemetery & Prax Orive (Sunrise ) Jr. Park.

For more events throughout the year, follow us on Facebook @KBB.BTX

July 8

Post 4th of July Beach Clean Up at Boca Chica Beach.

Oct. 14 Year

World Migratory Bird Day Annual Festival brought to you by Brownsville Beautification Committee.


KBB Chapters create your chapter with your school & schedule events throughout the year. Monies available for small $100 projects.

to use the Beautification Box? Call (956) 275-0371
Thank you Cole Mata for helping Keep Brownsville Beautiful! Mr. Mata collected 1,500 bags of litter in 2022.


Host your next outdoor gathering at a park!

Looking for a fun and unique location to hold an outdoor get-together? City of Brownsville Parks have outdoor pavilions and picnic shelters in a variety of sizes for ideal casual meetings and celerbations.

While nearly all of City Of Brownsville Parks have individual picnic tables you can use for free on a first come first serve basis for impromptu picnics, you will need to make a pre-paid reservation in advance if you wish to utilize a pavilion and its amenities on a specific date and time for a gathering or special event.

Visit to research available options. To check availability, reserve, and pay for a shelter call us at (956) 547-6860. Gatherings of 10+ or individual solicitations, outreach or 1st amendment activities that may draw a crowd requires a Special Activities Agreement as per city ordinance. Gatherings of less than 10 may use unoccupied areas on a first come first serve basis, if there is no reservation. You may also drop in at the Downtown Rec Center Offices (1338 E. 8th St) to ask for assistance and information. Staff is available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 to 5 p.m.

Pavilions feature shade, picnic tables, trash receptacles, charcoal grills, and nearby restroom facilities. Additional field space or sports fields may also be availble to rent.

Popular Rental Options

Total should be paid 2 weeks prior to the event. *Deposit may be refundable after the event. Additional fees may apply or permits required (i.e., for amplified sound permit, gas bbq rental, bounce house permits, rental of nearby playing fields, excess clean-up repairs, etc), depending on the specific needs of your event. If a pavilion you are interested in is not listed, please contact our offices (956) 547-6860.

Events may be held any day of week between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Public restrooms are open during public park hours. • Large Pavilion •Small Pavilion • Barbeque Oven 120 30-40 NA $250 $150 $150 (4 hrs) $100 $100 $100 $25 $25 $25 Lincoln
Events may be held any day of week between the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. park hours. Public restrooms are open during public park hours. • Large Pavilion 100 $250 $100 $25
Porter Park
Other OUTDOOR AREAS CAPACITY FEE: 8 HOURS *DEPOSIT EXTRA HOUR Brownsville Events Center Events may be held any day of week between the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Public restrooms are open during public park hours. •Gazebo •Walkway "A" •Walkway "B" 40-80 80-100 80-100 $600 $390.63 $390.63 $350 $350 $350 $150 $100 $100
Large Pavilion (Dean Porter Park)
Picnic Area (Hudson South Park)


Tips for a great rental.

Payment Changes

Payment in full is required to confirm booking. Payments must be made out to City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department. Acceptable methods of payment include: cash, check, credit card, money order, cashier check.

Most venues need 30 days notice to change location or date. To add extra hours, we will need a 2 weeks notice. A non-refundable fee may apply.

All set up, decorating, catering & clean up must be done within your rental time. If any damage has occurred this will be deducted from your damage deposit. A clean up fee may apply.

You may bring your own food. If location has a grill (make sure to remove ash/debris properly), you are welcome to use it. A food permit may be required.

Day Of Cancellation

COB PARD staff will arrive 15 minutes before to open and close facility. For non-emergencies during your rental, please call the number on your invoice/permit. PARD staff will respond as soon as possible.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing. Be sure to fully read and understand the refund policy before renting.

As per city ordinance, alcohol and smoking is not permitted in public parks. For special events or use, you must have permission to consume, provide, or sell alcohol from the city manager.

Keep an eye on the clock. Any additional time on the rental will be charged.

Please be mindful that rentals of a pavilion, shelter, or park area does not mean you have exclusive use of the park, other patrons may use nearby restrooms, playgrounds, and other amenities. If you would like exclusive use of the park it requires a park rental.

Set Up & Clean Up Food & Beverages Alcohol Extra Hours Picnic Tables Restrooms Tables & Chairs Public Facilities
Brownsville Event Center's Gazebo (1 Event Center)


14th Street Plaza | E. Washington Street & E. 14th Street

Alice Wilson Hope Park | 1300 E. Levee Street

Antonio Gonzalez Park

Brownsville Events Center | 1 Events Center

Brownsville Golf Center| 1800 W. San Marcelo Boulevard

Bronwnsville North Park | 1 Events Center

Catherine Stillman Dog Park | 416 Farm to Market 511

Central Avenue Park | 25 N. Central Avenue

Edelstein Park | 1155 E. Van Buren Street

Eva’s Park and Path| 1101 E. Van Buren Street

FM 511 Kickball Park | 12555 Farm to Market 511

Harry E. McNair Park | 350 E. St. Charles Street

Heritage Trail Park | 1000 Heritage Trail Boulevard

John Gloor Park | 1355 PUB Drive

La Posada Park | 1353 La Posada Drive

Monte Bella Trails Park | 2525 W. Alton Gloor Boulevard

Morningside Park | 1207 S. Central Avenue

Prax Orive (Sunrise) Jr. Park| 1425 Palm Boulevard

La Galaxia Park | 1501 Calle Espacio Riverside Park | 15 Riverside Drive

Rosa Allala Park | 309 N. Park Drive

Seville (Duck Pond) Drive Park | 2812 Seville Drive

Southern Pacific Linear Park | E. 6th Street & E. Ringgold St.

Washington Park | 700 E. Madison Street

West Brownsville Little League Park | 1295 Cottonwood Drive

Windwood Park | 420 Trailwind Way

All playgrounds are ADA accessible, meaning one could access the structure with a wheelchair.

| 34 Tony Gonzalez Drive Charles M. Cabler Sr. Park | 550 Burnett Road Hudson North Park | 2105 Hudson Boulevard North Brownsville Little League Park | 250 S. Iowa Avenue Trail of Texas Trees Park (Central Parkway) | 2801 Sweet Street Brownsville Sports Park | 1000 Sports Park Boulevard Garfield Park | 1640 E. Garfield Street Lincoln Park | 2100 W. University Boulevard Ruiz Park | 2550 Ruiz Street Brownsville Bike Barn| 634 E. Madison Street Dean Porter Park | 501 E. Ringgold Street Hudson South Park | Hudson Boulevard & Vamonos Drive Old City Cemetery | E. 5th Street and E. Madison Street Tres Angeles Park | E. 8th Street & E. Tyler Street Brownsville Community Resource Center | 519 E. Madison Street Downtown Rec Center (DRC) | 1338 E. 8th Street Joe & Tony Oliveira Park| 104 El Paso Road Portway Acres Park | 4775 Austin Road Veterans Park | 2500 Central Boulevard 6 15 24 33 42 1 10 19 28 37 7 16 25 34 43 2 11 20 29 38 8 17 26 35 44 3 12 21 30 39 9 18 27 36 4 13 22 31 40 5 14 23 32 41 Bike Racks Bird Friendly Habitat Baseball/Softball Fields Concession Area Basketball Courts Disc Golf Exercise Stations Kickball Fields Fishing Pier Gymnasium Fitness Court Historical Significance Football Field Inclusive Playground # PARKS & FACILITIES ADA Playground Equipment 18


Belden Trail

End Points: 50 W. 5th Street and 1598 Old Alice Road

Belden Trail III

End Points: 1105 E. Tyler Street and 1080 Filmore Street

Central Parkway (Paseo Trails) 2750 Farm to Market 802

Monte Bella Trails 2523 W. Alton Gloor Boulevard

Brownsville Historic Battlefield Hike & Bike Trail

End Points: 1338 E. 6th Street and 8000 Paredes Line Road

Southmost Nature Trail

End Points: 3259 Southmost Road and 3720 International Blvd.

Brownsville is diligently working to become a Bird City Texas designation and will apply to become officially certified from Audubon Texas, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s inaugural Bird City Texas certification program.

This new, community-focused certification program has been created to help people protect birds and their habitats.

Learn more by scanning the QR code or going to:


AMENITIES Picnic Tables Lending Library Restrooms Parking Sand Volleyball Courts Pavilion/Shade Skate Park Soccer Fields Tennis Water Feature/Resaca Walking Path/Trail Wheelchair Ramp
Coming soon 19


A visit to the park will help you get fresh air, revitalise and rejuvenate you. Fresh air is necessary for our body to function properly. Whatever the nature of your work, you'll need to spend at least a few minutes out in the open every day, and visiting the park is the best way to achieve that.

Familia" sculpture represents a memory, a time, and a tradition that builds towards the future.

Linear Park

NEW! Buena Vida Arts and Cultural Park

This new park is operated and constructed by the Mitte Foundation.

Unveiled September 2022, "La


• Gladys Porter Zoo

• Camille Playhouse

• Children's Museum of Brownsville

• Sams Pool

• Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts

• Historic Brownsville Museum

• Laurels Ranch House

• Costumes of the Americas

• Old City Cemetery

• Browsville Bike Barn

• Downtown Recreation Center

• Brownsville Farmers' Market

Be sure to check out the library and sensory play at the Inclusion Caboose, open most Saturdays during the Brownsville Farmers' Market and support your local farmer or spend a summer evening to eat, drink and shop local at Lunada Artisan Market, then stay for a Movie In The Park.

Did you know that all destinations within the district are within a five minute walking distance?





Volunteers, we need your help for the Games of Texas in Browns V ille, Texas 2023, an o lympic s T yle sportinG e V ent happening July 27 - 30.

h elp us with preparaT ion, help us be ambassadors for our city, help with pos Te V ent tasks and more.

Volunteers mus T be aT least 16 years old. a ll volunT eers will recei V e communi T y ser V ice hours, refreshments and a Games of Texas shirt. d eadline to apply is July 10, 2023.

Seasonal & year-round opportunities. Apply now: (956) 446-0979 | GamesOfTexas.Com

Summer youth program for teens 14-17 years of age who are interested in job training in the field of parks and recreation. Program follows the Summer Rec Program schedule (see page 25). Two locations: Downtown Rec Center (DRC) 1338 E. 8th St. and Gonzalez Park, 34 Tony Gonzalez Dr.




Cost per session: Field trips included!

LIT Participants assist with oversight of youth in activities such as arts and crafts, high active and low active games, clubs, computers, free play and so much more! Participants will be required to attend staff training and will receive a certificate of completion with skills gained.

Contact Laura Holbrook at



The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department provides enrichment and exploration structured programming via Summer Rec Program and Junior Rangers Adventure Program. These seasonal programs give youths the opportunity to immerse themselves in activities that encourage wellness, creativity and fun. Each session covers a different theme and includes a variety of diciplines and may include field trips, visits from guest speaker, special workshops, presentations, and more.

Program schedule:

$40 Per session

Field trips included! $10 for extended care

Monday-Friday | 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Breakfast & lunch provided by B.I.S.D.

**3 day session: $24 | *4 day session: $32

7 Fishing July 17 July 21


10 Kayaking August 7 August 11

Junior Rangers Outdoor Adventure Program at Oliveira Park

104 El Paso Rd is your child's opportunity to discover nature and adventure via sports, birding, fishing, kayaking, hiking, nature photography and more! Junior Ranger participants (children ages 7-12) will learn skills, take on challenges, participate in various activities that will give them an experience they will never forget. Each session is $40 per participant (Includes 5 days of programming). 4 Day sessions are $24 (Includes 4 days of programming). Program runs Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Breakfast & lunch provide by BISD. This program does not include the option for extended hours. One shirt per child.

Note: All of our outdoor activities at this program will require participants to be dressed appropriately, for both their comfort and safety. Please bring sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses), shorts and a lightweight jacket and a water bottle. Insect repellent is also recommended. For more information, please call Community Recreation & Inclusion Coordinator Laura Holbrook at (956) 275-2624 or email

your child for one or all sessions: # Activity Begins Ends
& Art *June
6 June 9
2 Archery June 12 June 16
3 Birds & Blooms June 19 June 23
4 Beginners Archery June 26 June 30
5 Camp Skills July 5** July 7
6 Survival Skills July 10 July 14
Closed Join us for Games of Texas
9 Hunters Education July 31 August 4

Program is designed for children ages 5-17.

Summer Rec Program at both Downtown Rec Center (DRC) and Gonzalez Park is a day camp full of fun! We seek to spark interest in recreation though a wide variety of activities including organized sports, games, arts and crafts, theme days, field trips, exciting outdoor adventures and more. Your child will gain confidence, learn a new skill, foster new friendships and have a fun summer.

Each session is $40 per participant (Includes 5 days of programming, craft supplies, and field trip) .*Shorter Sessions are $32 (Includes 4 days of programming). Program runs Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Breakfast & lunch provided by BISD. Optional extended program hours are 4-6 p.m. If selected, the cost will include an additional fee of $10. One shirt per child.

Register your child for one or all sessions: # Activity Begins Ends 1 Animal Planet *June 6 June 9 2 Summer Scientists June 12 June 16 3 Anime Me June 19 June 23 4 Out of this World June 26 June 30 5 Drama Matters July 5** July 7 6 Soar Like a Superhero July 10 July 14 7 Scratch Code & Tech July 17 July 21 Closed-- Join us for Games of Texas 9 Play On July 31 August 4 10 Top Chefs August 7 August 11 2 convenient locations: Downtown Rec Center (DRC) 1338 E. 8th St. (100 Cap) Gonzalez Park (Urban Center) 34 Tony Gonzalez Dr. (100 Cap)
Lead, play, learn and earn! Join our Summer Rec team! We are hiring! See page 22. 25
Summer Programs are not a licensed childcare facilty. Questions about the standards of care? See
childcare ordinance #2020-8988FF.

The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department offers affordable aquatics programs and amenities to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

To find out more about our class offerings and seasonal schedules, visit us on the web at or send us an email


Public Swim


General Ages 13 and over


(956) 275-9223

Wellness: Spring | Summer | Fall For schedule go to

• Enhance your overall health and cardiovascular fitness!

• Aquatic Aerobics

• Lap Swimming

Swim Team: Spring | Summer | Fall Practice at Sams Pool: Mon. - Thu. 6-7 p.m.

•Team Building & Sportsmanship

• Competitions

• Represent Brownsville & Qualifty for Games of Texas!

Child Ages 12 and under $1

Senior Ages 55 and over $1

• Patrons must pay cost of admission to enter.

• Capacity limits and schedules may vary.

• Customers are encouraged to attend only one open swim session per day to allow equitable access for others.

• Entry for all activities is same-day walk-up on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Re-entry not permitted.

• No refunds for weather.

Public Swim: Spring | Summer | Fall For seasonal schedule go to

• Fun in the sun!

• Special Events

• Leisure

• Safe environment

Celebrate with a splash, host your next event at the pool!

To rent a pool facility please call the Aquatics Division at (956) 275-1114 or email

- Indicates a Games of Texas sport in 2023. $ - Indicates that a fee may apply.

$ $
6 Lane
ADA Restrooms Deck with Gazebo Chaise Loungers & Lawn Chairs Showers Splash Pad
Sams Pool 501 E. Ringgold St. 6
Chaise Loungers & Lawn Chairs Deck Diving Well Showers (956)
Gonzalez Pool 34 Tony Gonzalez Dr. 26
$ $
Lane Pool

All lessons are conducted under the supervision of certified lifegaurds and taught by certified swim instructors trained in CPR, AED, & First Aid.



at Sams & Gonzalez Pools



June 5 - 15 1

June 19 - 29 2

July 3 - 13 3

July 17 - 20* 4

July 31 - August 10 5

*Indicates short session (prorated fee).

Note: Lifeguard Instructor In Training LIIT (page 23) will follow the Learn To Swim schedule.

Cost includes: Registration fee per session/per person, a certificate of completion, and one program t-shirt

Dependent on skill level

• Rhythmic breathing

• Beginner strokes

• Freestyle

• Backstroke

• Breaststroke

• Diving

• Water Safety

• Emergency readiness

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are swim lessons held?

Classes are held Mondays-Thursdays. No lessons are taught on Fridays unless lessons are canceled due to extenuating circumstances. (i.e., inclement weather).

2. Who can register for swim lessons?

The City of Brownsville strives to educate students of all ages and abilities. We offer swim lessons for infants, children with special needs, and adults too! Please inform our staff of any accomodations you and your family require.

3. What is my son/daughter going to learn in swim lessons?

Swim lesson participants will be taught skills that will vary from acclimation to and safety in water environments to technical instruction in technique, form, and timing.

4. How do I know what level my son/daughter is in?

Our trained staff will evaluate your son's/daughter's skills in the water. The skill level, not age or years of experience, will determine the swim lesson level. Students will be grouped with students of all swim levels and will be tested according to thier respective skills.

5. What is the refund policy?

Refunds are only available for extenuating circumstances as approved by the Parks & Recreation Director. Registrants have the option to transfer class if a vacancy exists. Please make all class changes prior to the first day of your session.



Indicates a Games of Texas sport in 2023. Go to


If you do not have a team, please visit and submit a Free Agent Sign-Up Form. Players not on teams will be placed on the Free Agent List.


Our leagues depend on volunteer coaches to provide teams with leadership and guidance. Please consider registering as a coach by completing the necessary paperwork (volunteer application and background check). If you need more information about volunteering as a coach, please call Youth Athletics Office at (956) 275-1387 or email:


Experienced referees and scorekeepers wanted! Pay starts at $20 for officals and $13 for scorekeepers. Make the right call and apply today! Contact Youth Athletics Office at (956) 275-1387 or email:


In order to ensure good sportsmanship, fair play and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials and spectators, COB PARD has established an Athletics Code of Conduct for players, coaches and parents.

League Age Registration Team Fee Adult Basketball 18 + Feb. 27 - Mar. 29 $425 Adult Co-Ed Volleyball 18 + Mar. 31 - April 26 $425 Adult Basketball 18 + July 31 - Aug. 30 $425 Adult Co-Ed Volleyball 18 + July 31 - Aug. 30 $425



The program will teach technique and develop skills for participants who will compete in the TAAF Summer Track & Field Meets including the TAAF Region 2 Qualifier for State Games of Texas.


Schedules are available online once registration ends at


Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Kickball, etc., are run by independent leagues that lease PARD athletic fields. Please scan the QR code to the Athletics webpage for their contact information.


Araceli Sandoval, Athletics Supervisor

(956) 275-1387 |

Oliveira Park | 104 El Paso Rd.

League Age Registration Fee Per Participant Little Dribblers 3 - 4 Dec. 28 - Jan. 27 $40 ✓ Youth Winter Basketball 5 - 12 ✓ Dec. 28 - Jan. 27 $45 ✓ Track Club 5 - 18 Apr. 15 - May 15 $75 ✓ Youth Summer Volleyball 9 -18 Apr. 15 - May 15 $40 Youth Basketball 5 - 18 May 15 - June 15 $40 Fall Volleyball 7 - 12 ✓ Aug. 24 - Sep. 25 $45 ✓ NFL Flag Football 5 -12 ✓ Aug. 24 - Sep. 25 $45 ✓
No 7th Graders = Registration fee includes uniform/shirt.

The Brownsville Sports Park is a significant contributor to the quality of life in Brownsville and plays a large role in the area of social and economic impact for the community. This complex host multiday tournaments, entertainment fairs, local, regional, state, national and international championships, regular leagues, tournaments, wrestling and musical concerts. The sports park also features room for upwards of 5000 guests for any event, convention, trade show, corporate retreats, company sports days and so much more.

Athletic fields are equipped with adequate spectator seating, computerized irrigation systems, lighting that typically exceeds youth and adult sport requirements, and electronic scoreboards. The fields are also equipped with state-of-the-art concession

areas. Hosting players from child to adult, Brownsville Sports Park programs accommodate over 200,000 visitors, 2,500 games, and dozens of tournaments and community events each year.

10 Full-sized lighted multi-sports fields

1 Full-sized lighted multi-sports turf field

5 Full-sized lighted softball/baseball fields

1 BMX bike track

1 Skate park concrete bowl

1 Walking/jogging asphalt trail

3 Outdoor basketball courts

2 Lakes (0.75 acre North Lake and 5 acre South Lake)

2 Party pavilions (North and South Side)

1 Playground area

5 Sand volleyball courts

Playgrounds, fields, and amenities operate Sunday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday-Saturday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sports Park offices are located inside the dome. Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 12 pm. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.



Winter December 6 - 28

Spring March 13 - 29

Summer May 1 - 22

Fall July 10 - 26

TEAM FEE: $350


Spring April 3 - 12

Summer June 5 - 26

Winter August 7 - 21

TEAM FEE: $350


Summer June 5 - 16

Spring April 3 - 14 TEAM FEE: $250


Summer June 26 - July 7

Spring May 1 -12 TEAM FEE: $150



All teams will have 10 regular season games. Rules of play governed by the US Specialty Sports Association, excluding bat limitations.


Games weekly: Tuesdays & Thursdays. The first eight teams paid in full will be included in the league. 8 game regular season schedule followed by Championship Tournament.


Fees include minimum 8 games and single elimination end of season tournament. Offers participants the ability to play in tournament at end of the season.


This style of soccer is more commonly referred to as a “small-sided” game, as compared to a full-sided game with larger teams.

Schedule information is available at 31


Borrow My Gear program is camping equipment lending library. It works just like a book library; but instead of books, we loan camping equipment and gear to community members.

WHO CAN BORROW GEAR? Program is open to ALL!


Borrowing is FREE. There is however a monetary refundable deposit of $250.



Anyone can borrow the gear. Contact COB PARD, call (956) 275-3502. Find out what gear is available and dates to borrow the gear.


Once registered and booked. Pick up your gear and head on to your destination. You will need to bring food.


Pack it up and bring it back to us. Make sure it is clean and complete when you return the gear. Epuipment must be returned in the same manner it was borrowed.


BPARD will sanitize all equipment with an Ozone Machine between uses to take extra precautions against all communicable diseases and viruses.



To see available packages and coordinate gear check out with staff.


Year Round: Recreation | Fitness | Retired & Active

- Indicates a Games of Texas sport in 2023. Go to $ - Indicates that a fee may apply.


As part of our recreation programs, we offer Texas 4-H club for kids and teens to join a variety of activities: cooking, nutrition, sewing, animal agriculture, photography & more!

Earn a free bike. Volunteer at the BBB and learn about basic bike repair by working with us to repair donated bicycles. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Chapter | Downtown Rec Center & Gonzalez Park Earn a Bike | Brownsville Bike Barn Inclusion Caboose | Linear Park

Created specifically for those with special needs but all are welcome to use the lending library and sensory toys. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Scratch Coding | DRC & Gonzalez Park

Program teaches children computer programming through coding. Students work together to build their own games.

NEW: Code tech games for the playground at Monte Bella Park!

Boxing Program | DRC $

Get trained by legendary Coach Robert Campos! He's trained many local favorites Juan Tapia (get list of more) but you don't have to be a pro to train. Get fit the hardcore way and box!

Pickleball | BSP & Oliveira Park $

Described as a combination of tennis, ping-pong and badminton with moderate intensity exercise. Oliveira Park Gym: Wed. & Thurs. 1:30- 4:30p.m. | BSP: Mon. & Wed. 5:30-8:30 p.m. $2 admission fee.

Weightlifting | BSP, DRC and Oliveira Park $

Variety of equipment: free weights, barbells, benches, weight plates, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc. Ideal for independently led weight routines. Contract required to lead training sessions.

Chair Exercises | Gonzalez Park

Sitting while exercising is the ideal option for seniors with limited mobility or balance issues. Stay active and stretch muscles without stressing the body. Sept. - May: Wednesdays: 8 to 9 a.m. Free and open to Adults 50+. Call (956) 275-2624.

Line Dancing | Downtown Rec Center

Exercise to your favorite country music while you make new friendships and have fun. Sept-May: Thursdays 10 to 11 a.m. Free and open to Adults 50+. Call (956) 275-2624.

Poetry Club | Downtown Rec Center

Come out and read your poetry or just listen and make new friends. September - May: Second and 4th Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. All ages welcome. Call (956) 275-2624.

After School Recreation Program

Downtown Rec Center (DRC) & Gonzalez Park

Play, do homework, have a snack, make friends at the recreation centers. Follows the BISD calendar. Participants ages 5 to 17 | Mon.-Fri. 3 to 6 p.m.

Holiday Break Day Camps | Locations TBD $

During the holiday breaks (BISD Calendar) children can enjoy games, arts n' crafts, special activities and more! Registration available on 2 weeks prior.

Inclusion Programs | TBA DRC or Gonzalez

Inclusion Programs: The 2nd Friday of the month 16+ young adults can gather together for some recreation fun, it may be a dance or some games, you help decide!

Saturday Rec | Gonzalez Park

Join our Culinary Kids, Young Buds Gardening, Scratch Coding, and more recreation fun! Parents welcome to ask how to get connected to food resources (Wellness Hub location).

Open Gym | Downtown Rec Center (DRC), Gonzalez & Oliveira Park

Scheduled in between planned leagues and recreation programs. Often alternating between basketball and volleyball. Call (956) 275-1387.

Tu Salud Si Cuenta | Various Parks, Trails, Gyms TBD

We are proud to host TSSC free fitness classes. There are a variety of classes at various PARD locations & throughout the RGV, such as Yoga, Zumba, Bootcamp, etc. For details & schedule, visit TuSaludSiCuenta.Org or call (956) 542-3437.

Zumba/Cardio Dance | Downtown Rec Center

This is still a favorite and going strong! It is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin inspired dance. There is core group of members who show up again and again! This group is very welcoming to new joiners - get started today!

Learn to Play Bunco | Downtown Rec Center

A dice game that is fun and allows for social engagement and you can win prizes too! Sept.- May: Last Friday of the month 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Free and open to Adults 50+. Call (956) 275-2624.

Loteria | Downtown Rec Center

A traditional game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. Jan. 7 to May 27 & Aug. 26 to Nov. 18. Free and open to Adults 50+. Call (956) 275-2624

Tai Chi | Downtown Rec Center

Research shows that practicing Tai Chi can improve balance, stability, and flexibility. Regular practice of tai chi can significantly reduce the risk of falls among older adults Sept.May : Tuesdays & Fridays 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Always consult your doctor before participating in recreation, fitness, and wellness activities. For more programs offered throughout the year or announcements to programs schedule/offering, follow us @BTXPARKS or visit BTXPARKS.COM. Minimum participation requirements may apply.


The Brownsville Events Center is a first class meeting facility for meetings, small conventions, trade shows and all types of social events. Conveniently located near the main shopping and dining areas, medical centers, hotels, local and historical attractions! Benefits include a beautiful semitropical green scenery to give you the Texas tropics feel with all the historical attractions and the nearby flavor of Mexico just minutes away.

The main ballroom has 13,530 sq. ft. of usable space and 3 conference rooms with flexibility to accommodate the needs of various sized groups. The ballroom splits into five smaller rooms to accommodate from 65 people “classroom style” or 120 “theatre” in each room. We will work with you to make your event a success. Call us at (956) 275-9132.

Office hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m.



Palo Alto Gran Ballroom

$ 4,756.25

Rooms “ABE” or “CDE” $ 3,171.88

Rooms “AB” or “CD” $ 1,585.94

Resaca De La Palma “A” $ 793.75

Major Jacob Brown “B” $ 793.75

Palmitto Hill “C”


Charles Stillman "D" $ 793.75


Sgt. Jose M. Lopez "A"

Conference Rooms "BC"



Forrest Reed Room "B" $ 195.31

Brownsville Room "C" $ 195.31


Walkway "A"

Walkway "B"





2023 RATES (8 hours)


Our team of golf professionals will help you host and plan your next event. Book your tournament at the Brownsville Golf Center. We offer packages ranging from $25 to $30 per player.


After a great game of golf you are invited to come and relax. Meet up with friends at the snack bar, drink a few beers or have a glass of wine. We offer light snacks and complimentary popcorn to guests.


A one stop shop. Get your gear and souvenirs! We have logo balls, hat clips, divots tools, logo poker chips, logo ball markers, novelty ball markers, postcards, logo caps, logo dri-fit tees, and logo polo shirts.


Ensure your business is on par. Take advantage of our much seen bench advertisements located throughout all 18 holes of golf and or maximize your value and add one at Dean Porter Park.


PEAK SEASON: September - May

7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

OFF PEAK SEASON: June - August

7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

CLOSED: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Brownsville Golf Center 1800 W. San Marcelo Blvd. (956) 450-8813


The City of Brownsville Golf Center‘s vision is to be recognized by the Brownsville Community as a premier golf course. We carry out these programs with the ideas of a better tomorrow where our citizens have a better understanding of golf.

Twilight with 1/2 cart

Twilight walking Juniors under 18

We offer gripping services. Prices range from $26- $48.

Play more and save more with the annual or monthly membership. For more information, visit Brownsville Golf Center.

We are hosting the Games of Texas July 27-30, 2023. Golfers from across the state will compete. If interested in representing Brownsville, call Brownsville Golf Center (956) 450-8813 |

OUR RATES PEAK Rates approved by City Commission December 2022. OFF PEAK
with 1/2 cart 9 Holes with 1/2 cart 18 Holes walking 9 Holes walking
$ 30 $ 25 $ 23 $ 20 $ 22 $ 19 $ 15 $ 12 $ 21 $ 18 $ 17 $ 14 $ 9- $ 7OPEN 363 DAYS A YEAR
ADVERTISE WITH US Estimated 2,000 visitors each month! Call (956) 450-8813

Brownsville to host TAAF Summer Games of Texas


City of Brownsville Parks & Recreation Department is hosting the Games of Texas for the first time ever! The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) is a non-profit organization that governs the Games of Texas, an amateur sports competition created for athletes throughout the state of Texas. Contact us for registration information at (956) 446-0466 or email:

Is your business or organization looking for an opportunity to affiliate with programs that will help local parks, programs, and events? Do you want to reach a market of people who are active, health-conscious, enjoy recreation and or love the outdoors? To learn more about branding & advertising opportunities, go to page 39.

The Olympic style event features 12 different sports across various venues. See map below!

Brownsville Sports Park


•Fast Pitch Softball

•Flag Football




Veterans Memorial ECHS

•Track & Field

Monte Bella Trails Park

•Disc Golf

Brownsville Golf Center


Brownsville Events Center


Brownsville Tennis Center


Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center



2023 | JULY
25-28, 2024
8,000 Athletes Multi-Sport Family & Friends Health Focused 38
39 (956) 546-HELP (4357) is Brownsville's non-emergency online directory of city services. Use this number to find information, ask questions, comment, and make requests and suggestions to City officials. Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. City Plaza | 2nd floor 1034 E. Levee Street || (956) 542-2064 Downtown Rec Center | 1338 E. 8th Street || (956) 547-6860 ATTENTION Brownsville Athletes! Join the ranks of a champion! Join TAAF for a chance to represent Brownsville and compete in one (or more) of the 12 Games of Texas! Achieve your goals! Light the fuse and go beyond! Winners move on to the Games of America! Coaches get kids ready to train. Read and follow TAAF Rules. TAAF.COM

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