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JACKET 208444 SHIRT 205652 PANTS 205451


CI SO A MA Z IN G Spring is your time to express everything that is amazing about you. Face the world and let your positive attitude shine through.

Style for sizes 38-56


We just love curves

JACKET 209352 KNIT 208414 PANTS 208999

The CISO Spring 2020 collection is designed for you and your curves. All the beautiful colours and great fit that your personality deserves. BLOUSE 208804 JEANS 208911

DRESS 208845 KNIT 208414 PNTS 208678

JACKET 208383 JEANS 208911

Orange and blue are some of the dominant colours this season. Combine them with with cool print and comfortable denim.

TUNIC 208946

Orange and blue perfection

BLOUSE 208670


C ISO AT TIT U D E Let yellow make you stand out. It’s feminine and radiant, but most of all, it’s a message to the world. The message of you.

DRESS 208603 TOP 206900 JEANS 208578

We want you to shine

BLOUSE 208601 JEANS 208911

This collection is about being beautiful and confident. Light fabric and stretch all the right places will make you feel comfortable the whole day. JACKET 208470 T-SHIRT 208864 JEANS 208911

TUNIC 208799 JEANS 206508


C ISO LOVELY With artistic print and cool details, this collection has everything you need to complete you wardrobe for the warm, sunny days.

JACKET 208374 BLOUSE 208764

BLOUSE 208639 JEANS 206508

Blue and burgundy are some of this season’s key colours. Find them on shirts, sweaters and jackets.

TUNIC 208866 PANTS 200052

BLOUSE 208764 JEANS 208911

Paisley pastel pretty

Black & white coolness

TUNIC 209053 JEANS 208911

BLOUSE 208764 PANTS 208999

It’s the classic look with a twist. You can be minimalistic or a little wild with edgy animal print.

DRESS 209054 TOP 206900 JEANS 208578

BLOUSE 209051 JEANS 206508

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Let green be your style Green is the colour of spring. Go out and make the best of it. We let you do it your way.

BLOUSE 209030 JEANS 206508

W W W. C I S O . D K

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CISO Catalog Spring 2020  

CISO Catalog Spring 2020  

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