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We are excited for you to experience the Legacy Premium difference! We are 100% certified GMO free, vegetarian friendly and have gluten free options available. At Legacy, we seek to inform, educate and supply families everywhere with the highest quality food storage products available. Legacy Premium Food Storage is the first and only company to take emergency food storage preparation to a gourmet standard. In partnership with the White family that introduced the world to Bear Creek Soups and Sawyers Premium, Legacy Premium was developed to bring superior tastes and ingredients to emergency food supply.  Imagine what over 20 years of experience creating the finest prepared soups and chili mixes can do in developing the tastes and flavors for food storage entrees, soups, and sides. Legacy Premium not only provides gourmet tastes and the finest of ingredients, but it also provides the most affordable, dependable, and simple solution for food storage. Where many companies will gouge you on the price, we are the low-cost leaders in the food storage world.  Our meals are sealed in Mylar pouches and flushed with nitrogen so that they will retain nutritional values and flavors for up to 25 years.  The pouches are contained in re-sealable plastic buckets that are durable, easy to stack for convenient storage, and great to grab on your way out the door in any emergency situation. Since you cannot know when a disaster may come or what life may throw at you, prepare yourself now. This catalog is a guide for you and your family to start building your emergency food supply. We know you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning Legacy Premium Food Storage and look forward to helping you prepare your family.

High Quality Foods in High Quality Packages 25 Year Shelf Life 100% Certified GMO Free Gluten Free Options Available Vegetarian Friendly Lowest cost per 2,000 calories Made in USA

Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and Food Storage!

19 Entrées 4 Breakfasts 6 Sides 2 Meats 5 Drinks


Cheese & Broccoli Soup Mix

This easy to prepare soup is a healthy and delicious part of any meal. We use only the highest quality ingredients, blended to creamy perfection. It’s so tasty, you’ll swear it’s homemade.

Cheese & Broccoli Bake

This delicious dish makes a great meal for every family. The smooth cheesy flavor and nutritious ingredients makes this dish an instant classic. Our time honored recipe is sure to become a family favorite. means Gluten Free

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Cheesy Potato Soup Mix

This simple soup is simply amazing. We start with fresh potatoes, carrots and cheeses to create a wonderful homestyle flavor. This dish is sure to please everyone at your dinner table.

Chicken a la King

This easy and elegant chicken dish is a delicious way to bring your family to the table. Premium quality chicken, vegetables and rice are combined to tasty perfection.

Chili Mac

We mixed up our classic chili recipe with Grandma’s mac and cheese to create this instant family favorite. Combining these nostalgic recipes means this hearty dish is sure to please even the most discerning eaters.

Classic Chili Mix

This hearty dish is a classic American favorite. Our tried and true recipe combines all the tastiest ingredients to mouth watering perfection. Meal time is sure to please with this dish on the menu.

Creamy Potato Soup Mix

This classic soup is as simple to prepare as it is delightful. Your family will enjoy the creamy fresh flavors and homestyle goodness of this favorite dish. This just might be the best thing ever to happen to potatoes.

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Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup

We comibined the freshest vegetables and premium quality rice to create this uniquely delicious soup. This dish is sure to please the entire family, and you’ll feel great about getting them to eat their vegetables.

Enchilada Beans and Rice

This savory soup is inspired by the south-ofthe-border flavors of our favorite enchilada recipe. Fresh vegetables and spices make this the perfect healthy meal for any occasion.

Hawaiian Style Sweet n’ Sour

It’s sweet and sour and oh so Hawaiian. This fresh new pasta dish is a great way to mix up your usual menu. We combined fresh vegetables with our amazing secret sauce to bring a taste of the islands to your table.

Italian Pasta with Marinara

Satisfy your taste for Italian with this family favorite. This dish is perfectly balanced with the classic flavors of Italian cuisine. You’ll love our fresh approach to this deliciously traditional dish.

Macaroni and Cheese

Say cheese! Your family will love our famous homestyle macaroni and cheese. This easy to prepare meal will have them asking for more. We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and nutrition.

Pasta Alfredo

This dish is sure to be a hit at the dinner table. We combined the best ingredients to smooth creamy alfredo perfection. Enjoy by itself, or add in your favorite meat and seafood to mix it up. Either way, you win.

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Pasta Primavera

Forget boring pasta and bring some pizzaz to your next meal. This dish is loaded with tasty vegetables and rich creamy sauce that will make your taste buds tingle. You’ll feel great about serving this dish to all the pasta lovers in your life.

Southwestern Soup Mix

Nothing satisfies quite like the healthy ingredients of our Southwestern soup. This savory dish provides an explosion of flavor that’s so fresh, nobody will believe it’s not homemade.

Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix

We took a beloved family recipe and spiced it up. This delicious soup packs a kick of flavor. You’ll love the smooth creamy texture and fresh taste of your favorite veggies. As always, it’s 100% GMO free.


This old world favorite recipe will bring a new spark to your next meal. We start with premium quality pasta and add in the special flavors of our secret recipe, blended to nostalgic perfection.

Vegetable Rotini Pasta

The farm fresh flavors in this delicious dish are simply extraordinary. Sourced from the best growers on Earth, these veggies combined with premium pasta, will provide the nutrition you need with a taste you’ll love.

White Bean Chili Mix

Bring the unique flavors of a hometown chili cook off to your table. This family favorite makes a great addition to any meal or neighborhood barbeque. So easy to prepare, it’s sure to become a new tradition.


Multi Grain Cereal

Say goodbye to sugary cereals and get real with our wholesome multi grain variety. Quality ingredients ensure quality nutrition for you and your family. Enjoy the healthy crunch with your favorite fruit and milk.

Oatmeal with Brown Sugar

Enjoy the warm whole grain delight of this classic breakfast. We source only the highest quality oats and purest brown sugar available to create this delicious dish. Great for morning meals or as a simple healthy snack.

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Old Fashioned Pancake Mix

Great mornings start with great big fluffy pancakes. This isn’t your average pancake mix. Our old fashioned recipe has been passed down through generations. So tasty, we’ll bet you can’t eat just one!

Strawberry Creamy Wheat

This smooth strawberry breakfast will bring the whole family to the table. We use only the best quality ingredients along with the fresh taste of real strawberries to create this delicious morning time favorite.

Our Commitment to Quality means Peace of Mind for You!


Banana Chips

What’s better than a fresh banana? Healthful crunchy banana chips, of course. We searched around the globe to find the best bananas on Earth. Great for a quick snack or eating healthy on the go.


Forget the freezer section and enjoy the farm fresh taste of our freeze dried, 100% GMO free corn. You’ll feel good about adding this organic side dish to any meal, and your taste buds will thank you.

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Instant Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potatoes taste just like Grandma used to make, only easier. We use premium quality organically grown potatoes. Makes the perfect side dish for any meal. No potato masher required.

Mango Dices

Enjoy the tropical flavor of nature’s candy all year round. We sourced the highest quality mangoes, preserved to perfection. Enjoy as a nutritious snack or as a healthy alternative to sugary treats.

Parboiled Rice

Not all rice is created equal. Ours is simply better. This easy to prepare food makes a great addition to any meal. Enjoy along with your favorite foreign cuisine or as a healthy side dish. You’ll taste the difference that quality makes.

Refried Beans

Our refried beans are as tasty as they are simple to prepare. We start with premium quality beans and never use any fillers. Your next fiesta is sure to be a hit with this healthy dish on the menu.

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Meats Freeze Dried Beef

Storing high quality meats is easy with our USDA premium freeze dried beef. Enjoy all of your favorite meaty dishes on demand with our easy to prepare and convenient to store pouches.

Freeze Dried Chicken

Quality is key when it comes to freeze dried meats. Our special process allows us to to preserve the highest quality chicken at the peak of freshness. You’ll love adding this chicken to your favorite dishes during an emergency, or just an average day.

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Fresh Taste!

Apple Drink Mix

Enjoy the great taste of fresh crisp apples all year round. Our signature apple drink mix is made from fresh organically grown apples, and it’s as easy as just adding water.

Chocolate Milk

They say chocolate will cure what ails you, and our premium chocolate milk is no exception. This smooth chocolatey organic milk is simple to prepare and totally delicious.

Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Perk up! No morning is complete without the rich aroma of warm, fresh brewed coffee. We source the highest quality beans, roasted and ground to perfection. Our special packing process ensures ultimate freshness.

Orange Drink Mix

Bring the intoxicating flavor of orchard fresh oranges to your home with our tasty orange drink mix. It’s as simple as just adding water and so delicious, you won’t believe it came out of a pouch.

Grade A Powdered Milk

Fresh from the farm, our organic freeze dried milk is a great addition to any meal. We source only the highest quality milk from U.S. dairy farmers. Just add water and enjoy!

Packages Premium 120 Serving Package

The premium 120 Serving Package offers a gradual step towards owning food storage. It provides hearty lunches and dinners for 1 person for 60 days.

Premium 240 Serving Package

This is a perfect addition to any emergency food supply. It provides a great variety of entrées for 3 servings of food per day for 80 days.

Premium 360 Serving Package

This package provides 4 months of food for 1 person and is easy to hide in a closet until an emergency situation.

Premium 720 Serving Package

The 720 Serving Package from Legacy Premium provides 3 hearty meals per day for 8 months for one person and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s existing food supply.

Premium 1080 Serving Package

This package provides the average family of four (2 Adults, 2 Children) with 3 servings per day for 3 months, it is an ideal size package for anyone hoping to protect their family from disaster.

Premium 1440 Serving Package

One of Legacy Premium’s premier package options, the 1440 Serving Package contains enough emergency food to provide 2 people with three meals per day for 9 months.

Premium 2160 Serving Package

The 2160 Serving Package provides 3 servings per day for 2 people for a full year. This is a perfect package to be completely prepared for a family of 2.

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Call 888-524-4185 for a Free Consultation Premium 2880 Serving Package

This generous package from Legacy Premium provides 4 people with 3 servings of long term food storage per day for 8 months.

Premium 4320 Serving Package

This package provides 3 servings per day for 4 people for one full year. Purchasing a package of this size leaves no question that you are prepared.

How Much Food Storage do I Need? Servings Chart

We make planning for your future needs simple. Use this chart to determine just how many servings you and your family will require.

Gourmet Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Meals

Legacy Premium is the smart food storage choice, because of our lower cost per day, greatest variety of dehydrated and freeze dried meals, gourmet taste, and unbeatable value.

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Food storage catalog  

Here is a food storage catalog I created from photography to design.

Food storage catalog  

Here is a food storage catalog I created from photography to design.