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Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda

Stem cell transplant is a treatment for some of the cancer cases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, or some types of lymphoma. These stem cells are either collected from bones called as bone marrow or from the blood.

• The bone marrow is soft and spongy tissue that contains a special type of cells called as “hematopoietic” stem cells. These hematopoietic cells can multiply and turn into several other cells. These new cells may be more bone marrow cells or any type of blood cells. • When a person suffers from cancer, the disease hinders these hematopoietic cells to develop normally and thus the blood cells are not developed normally from these hematopoietic cells. Thus for normal development of these hematopoietic cells, new cells are transplanted into the patient.

Myeloma Treatment in Uganda • Myeloma is a type of cancer that affects the plasma cells. The plasma cells are present in the blood. These cells attack the viruses or any external agent in the body. • • The people who suffer from myeloma, their body start generating a large number of plasma cells in the body. It can spread from the bone marrow to the various parts of the body. This situation is called multiple myeloma. This condition starts damaging the bones causing bone thinning, pain and fractures.

Myeloma Is Treated In A Certain Order:

First drugs are used to correct the abnormalities of the targeted cells.

Biological drugs simulate the body’s immune system to fight the myeloma cells. Chemotherapy is used to kill fastgrowing myeloma cells. Corticosteroids are used to regulate the immune system of the body to control inflammation in the body. Then bone marrow transplant or Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda is used to replace myeloma cells from healthy cells At last radiations such as X-ray is used to kill myeloma cells in the body.

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment Sickle cell anemia is a disorder of the blood. This disorder is generally inherited from the parents to the offspring. The hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the patient is abnormal. These abnormal hemoglobin cause red blood cell to distort or sickle. After some time these sickled blood cells rupture and decrease in number causing anemia in the patient. These sickle cells also cause clots in the blood vessels which eventually cause organ and tissue damage.

•The sickle cell disease generally requires lifetime treatment. The only cure for sickle cell anemia is bone marrow or stem cell transplant. The stem cells of a healthy donor are given to the patient through the veins. These stem cells then produce healthy red blood cells and replace the sickled blood cells. • •But the stem cell transplant has lifethreatening risks in which the transplanted cells attack the other cells of the body. • •Stem cell transplant is generally suggested to the children suffering from sickle cell anemia who have severe symptoms and did not respond positively to any treatment. This treatment is only suggested when a healthy donor is found and the benefits of the transplant outweigh the possible risk of it.

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Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda-BMT clinic  

BMT Clinic provides cancer treatment for all type of cancer.Consult with Dr. Vikas Dua to take Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda.

Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda-BMT clinic  

BMT Clinic provides cancer treatment for all type of cancer.Consult with Dr. Vikas Dua to take Stem Cell Transplant in Uganda.