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Throughout the years and ever since the day Bapco Toastmasters Club was founded in 2007, we have all witnessed how many of us have changed into becoming, not only different, but better different people, how many of us have learned that developing ourselves is not only a never-ending process, but can easily be accompanied with loads of fun and enjoyment, how many of us have come to realize that our growth and progress, not only as Toastmasters, but in all aspects of life, can easily be motivated and inspired by the performances and actions of those close and dear to us, and how gladly and proudly we can become the source of this “Inspiring Progress� and be able to pass it on to others to share us our quest in attaining excellence.

Bapco Toastmasters Club celebrated its 10th Installation Ceremony at Bapco Club, Awali on Wednesday 20th July 2016. The ceremony was attended by General Manager HR & Administration Mr. Khalid AlSabbagh, General Manager Maintenance Mr. Mahmood Mirza and District 20 Director DTM Ali Shahbaz. Each year the club conducts its installation ceremony to install the new Executive Committee (Ex-Com), and to recognize the efforts of the past Ex-Com. During the ceremony, the outgoing-Vice President Education, TM Zainab Salman highlighted the club’s achievement in local and regional competitions during the term of 2015-2016. TM Zainab Salman announced that the club received the Toastmasters International President’s Distinguished Club Award for the 7th consecutive year as a result of completing the educational program for the term. The newly installed Excom comprises of President TM Arfan Nateq, VP Education TM Ali Shaker, VP Membership TM Saleh Ali Saleh, VP Public Relations TM Khalid Abdulla, Secretary TM Nasreen Ahmed, Treasurer TM Fatema Hussain and Sergeant-at-Arms TM Hussain Fawzi. It should be noted that Bapco Toastmasters Club was charted in early 2007.

Bapco Toastmasters Club (BTMC) Executive Committee has participated in Club Officers Training for term 20162017. The training was organized by Division A, C, K, and M at Ahlia University on Friday June 24, 2016. The COT presented a number of benefits to its attendees in terms of motivating participants to function together as a team, give leaders a firm foundation for their term of office, provide the tools to achieve distinguished club distinguished area, distinguished division and distinguished district

status. Moreover, COT encourage participants to read, review and use of handbooks, manuals and other martials important to succeed as club leader. This year COT also presented an opportunity to learn how to use the TMI website to leverage benefits. It should be noted that all seven BTMC officers has attended the full training to benefit from its valuable sessions in carrying a successful club meetings and journey.

Bapco Toastmasters Club held its meeting No. 220 on Wednesday 27th of July 2016. In line with Bapco culture, the meeting started with a SHEQ moment delivered by TM Zahra Mohsin on the Pokémon-go game. The grammarian of the meeting was TM Rossana Quiroz who introduced the word of the day which was “Gadabout”. The timer was TM Zahra Mohsin and the Ah-counter was TM Dr. Syed Raza. The Master of Ceremonies role was taken by TM Fatema Husain with the theme of the night “Come Fly with us”. TM Fatema, with incredible performance, flew us to many countries explaining their cultures and relating that to the speakers experiences. There were 4 speakers on the night with the following prepared speeches: “Should I catch’em all, or not?” by TM Mohamed Mutuwa; “A trip to Italy” by TM Sarah Faqihi; “Unknown victim” by TM Nasreen Ahmed; “The CL Manual” by TM Hussain A Karim. The speeches were evaluated by the following members respectively: TM Mohamed Al Saffar, TM Waleed Othman, TM Khalid Abdulla, TM Hassan Al Ashoor. As for the Table Topics session, which was carried out by TM Abdulla Hijazi, were presented by the following speakers: TM Arfan Nateq, TM Ashraf Alkhayat, TM Rossana Quiroz. The winners announced at the end of the meeting who were: TM Mohammed Al Mutuwa for the best speaker; TM Hassan Ashoor for the best evaluator and TM Ashraf AlKhayat for the best table topic speaker. TM Sarah Faqihi managed to attain the Competent Communicator award by completing her 10th speech in the Competent Communicator manual.

August 10, 2016

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BTMC newsletter no1 in 2016 2017  

BTMC newsletter no1 in 2016 2017

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