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Dear readers, As the president of Bapco Toastmasters Club (BTMC), I have the honor to welcome you to our second edition of our newly born online newsletter. Our intention and objective through issuing this newsletter is to outreach a larger number of colleagues at work and a vaster circle of friends around the island. Although the newsletter is still in its early emerging stages, but it surely is beginning to reflect images of our members sincere dedication and commitment to their own development and that of their fellow Toastmasters. We at BTMC welcome you all to attend our meetings which are held twice a month and spend an amazing two hours of learning and enjoyment together. 2

December 16

It’s a pleasure to be on the VPE seat with 36 vibrant BTMC members who are sailing with me in this term to continue “inspiring progress”. The club is targeting this year as the last consecutive years to achieve the “President’s Distinguished Club” award. This recognition requires accomplishing at least 9 out of 10 points. The club progress on the different areas of the program is as follows, Educational Goals: Total two goals (two members completed their CL manuals) out of six completed and the club is progressing towards the completion of the remaining four goals. 3

One member has completed his CC manual and another member has completed 9 projects (out of 10) of CC manual so far.

Two members have completed six projects of their CC manuals and a plan is set for them to complete the remaining four projects in this term

Two members are progressing very well on Advanced Communication manuals. Three more projects to be completed by one of them and five by the other.

Membership Goals: The club is targeting to achieve one of the two goals. So far the club has added one member and potential new members are being identified to join the club Training Goals: Seven club officers attended the 1st Club Officers Training. A minimum of four officers is needed to attend the second Club Officers Training to achieve this goal. Administration Goals: The club achieved this goal by paying the membership dues and submitting the club officers on time. December 16

Bapco conducts many social and cultural activities for the children of employees, fostering its vision of educating, nurturing and supporting its workforce and the society. One of these social activities is the Summer Camp program which involve a variety of educational and fun activities for the children, who ranged in age from 7 to 18 years old. The children participate in various activities such as Taekwondo, Swimming, Bowling and a Youth Leadership program. As part of the Summer Camp for 2016, Bapco has conducted the Youth leadership Program for the employee children who ranged in age from 13 to 18 years old. This program has started in 2008. The Youth Leadership program is designed to develop the speaking and leadership skills of young people. By developing these skills, young people will be better prepared to meet the demands and challenges of today's world.


December 16

The program is a workshop, designed to be conducted in 7-8 sessions. Participants learn how to prepare and present a speech, conduct meetings, listen effectively and evaluate what they have heard. By the end of the eighth session, Participants will have developed self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

By participating in this Youth Leadership program, participants will learn speaking and leadership skills that they'll be able to use for the rest of your life.

Youth Leadership program is an informal course in the arts of communication and leadership. The ability to clearly express your thoughts to others so that they are heard and understood is important if you are to become successful in life. This ability is also important if you want to participate in group discussions and decision-making activities.


They will learn the following: •

• • •

Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience Organize and present your ideas logically and convincingly Listen carefully to others' ideas Offer advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills Participate in -and even lead -group discussions or meetings

December 16

They'll increase self-confidence and, best of all, they'll have fun while they’re learning and they'll make new friends.

The last session for the program was a contest meeting where young leaders have competed in three contest categories which include prepared speeches, evaluation and table topics, an average of seven to eight contestants participated in each contest. The session was a "showcase" event, where young leaders had the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills for their family, friends, and other community members. At the end of the session certificates were distributed to all participants and Trophies were awarded to the winners as per the following:

Prepared speeches,




place YL Yara Arfan 2nd Place YL Manar Jaffar 3rd Place YL Fatima Hussain

place YL Manar Jaffar 2nd Place YL Leena Ali 3rd Place YL Mohammed Fawaz

Table topics, 1st place YL Mohammed Fawaz 2nd Place YL Manar Jaffar 3rd Place YL Yara Arfan

The young leaders were trained by many coordinators from Bapco Toastmasters Club and they were TM A Hadi Al Attar, DTM Alex Ginete, DTM Fatima Fakhro, TM Fatima Hussain, TM Mariam Ali and TM Saud Al Dosari. 6

December 16

I believe if you want success beyond your expectations, you have to begin with wild imagination. My expectations always began with wild imaginations. This time my imagination drove me to California, U.S.A. Humbly, I felt I had the privilege to represent not only our club BTMC but to All Toastmasters of Bahrain. On 07-October2016 an exciting morning, I drove about 3.5 hours to reach International Toastmaster. The headquarters building itself is an iconic image under the lap of California’s hills.


Ms. Allysa Pan my tour guide warmly welcomed me with a welcome video message from Daniel Rex International Toastmaster CEO, I got opportunity to visit various sections including exhibition room consists of Toastmaster’s brands stuffs, front desk, printing press, factory outlet where Toastmasters substances are actually printed and stored, studio, Finance and Information Technology sections. Luckily, I received a welcomed Toastmaster Ribbon as a gift. I feel the most interesting area in this tour was library with the gems of Toastmasters such as first Toastmaster office equipment, type writer, hand book with the antique telephone instrument and “do not touch me” chair. In our conversation I proudly detailed about Bahrain and Club activities & strength. They acknowledged that the Toastmaster is based on four pillars i.e. Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence and communicated a messaged to all Bahrain Toastmasters that keep grow and firm.

December 16

Finally, the time has arrived to say goodbye. I signed the visitor diary and received international visitor broach and Big Ribbon titled “World Headquarter Visit” along with the gifts for all our EXCOMs. I was so excited and happy because I am taking with me so many memories. The “Glimpses of the Journey” to the Toastmasters International Headquarters have been completed. I can proudly say that I had the first chance to represent Bapco Toastmasters & may be Bahrain. Thank you Toastmasters International… Thank you Bahrain Toastmasters. Thank you me fellow Toastmasters!


December 16

Judging and Chief Judging workshop mutually arranged for the first time in Bahrain by the four divisions (A, C, K & M).

Live streaming of TMI world champions of public speaking arranged by Krypton Advanced Toastmasters Club

Speech Boot Camp arranged by Area 48


December 16

Toastmasters Club Constitution, by-laws and Parliamentary procedure workshop

New Member Orientation Program


December 16

TM Fatema took the Master of Ceremonies role for the second meeting in a row and she once again amazed the audience by her preparation, performance and the extensive research done exploring the Olympics winners for this year and over the past years. TM Maryam Ali was inducted as the newest member in Bapco Toastmasters Club and was welcomed to the family by all members.

TM Fatema Husain was the best speaker. TM Saleh Ali received two certificates; one for completing his Competent Leadership manual and the second for his Advanced Communicator Bronze requirement . 11

December 16

TM Maryam Ali received her first ribbon for delivering her ice breaker speech. As an encouragement for our young leaders attended the Youth Leadership Program during the summer camp, TM Arfan Nateq, Bapco Toastmasters Club President, honored Moh’d Fawaz with a ribbon for being the champion in the table topics during the summer program.

TM Fatema Husain was the best speaker; TM Majeed Dhaif was the best Evaluator and TM Maryam Ali was the best Table Topics speaker. The club was honored by the visit of Area 35 Directory TM Sarah Faqihi. 12

December 16

Bapco Toastmasters Club held its meeting No. 224 on Wednesday 21st of September 2016. In line with Bapco culture, the meeting started with a SHEQ moment delivered by TM Sarah Faqihi on “Standby Power”. The Timer was TM P. K. Parashar. The Master of Ceremonies role was taken by TM Ali Shaker. Thanks to TM Ali Shaker's organization to make the first "Speech Marathon" in the history of the club. There were six marathon speakers on the night with the following prepared speeches: “Knowing You Again” by TM A Redha Nowrooz; “The Butterfly” by TM Husain Fawzi; “Basics of Project Management” by TM Ahmad Al Balooshi; " Worse Than Death". By TM Yousif Shehab; " Expect Nothing & Accept Evereything" by TM Mohamed Al Mutawa; and "Keeping the Commitment" by TM Sarah Faqihi. The speeches were evaluated by the following members respectively: TM Hassan Al Ashoor, TM Zainab Salman, TM Fatima Darwish, TM Nasreen Ahmed, TM Dr. Syed Reza and TM Waleed Othman. The winners were announced at the end of the meeting and were awarded by Club President TM Arfan Nateq: TM Husain Fawzi for the best speaker; and TM Waleed Othman for the best Evaluator. On that first marathon speaking night, the club was honored by the visit of Division K Director TM Dr. Thuraya Juma who was impressed by the first marathon experience of the club. 13

December 16

TM Fatema Husain was the best speaker; TM Hussain A Karim was the best Evaluator and TM Sarah Faqihi was the best Table Topics speaker.

TM Ahmed Shukri evaluated the Toastmasters International 2016 World Championship Speeches. TM Ahmed Shukri demonstrated many techniques for evaluating which will help the club members in the coming club evaluation contest. TM Fatema Husain was the best speaker; TM Hussain A Karim was the best Evaluator. Bapco Toastmasters Club has been awarded with 40+ members award ribbon for the term 2015-2016 during District 20 EXCOM meeting last week in Dubai. 14

December 16

The winners were announced at the end of the meeting and were awarded by Acting Club President TM Ali Shaker: TM Waleed Othman for the best speaker; TM Zahra Mohsin for the best Evaluator and TM Chalindri Kurukulasuriya for the best Table Topics speaker.

The club was honored with the visit of DTAC 2017 chairman DTM Ali AlRayis who gave an encouraging speech for club’s members to participate in this special upcoming even held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The night had another special occasion whereby Club President TM Arfan with the presence of DTM Ali AlRayis presented over the Distinguished Toastmasters pin to DTM Fatima Fakhroo. 15

December 16

Bapco Toastmasters Club held its meeting No. 230 on Wednesday 14th of December 2016. In line with Bapco’s culture, the meeting started with a SHEQ moment delivered by TM Saleh Ali Saleh. Bapco Toastmasters Club celebrated the Kingdom of Bahrain National day in the meeting. The Master of Ceremonies role was taken by TM Arfan Nateq who emphasized the effort Bapco invested in the development and learning of its employees over the years and how the Bapco Toastmasters Club was one of its learning initiatives. On behalf of BTMC members, TM Sarah Faqihi shared a message on her Toastmasters experience and how the club enabled her to be a better leader.

The meeting included the official launching of the BTMC public website. TM Khalid Abdulla, Vice President Public Relations, demonstrated to the attendees the website features and how the it will help the club in reflecting a positive image of Bapco’s continuous development for its employees. The Table Topics session was conducted by TM Ali Shaker. The Table Topics commentators were: TM Abdulla Hijazi, TM Amal Al Saffar, Guest Mirza Al Saffar, TM Ashraf Al Khayat, TM Khalid Abdulla and TM Fatema Husain. The meeting was attended by GM Special Projects Khalid Al Sabbagh who encouraged the club members for their commitment in investing their time in such learning opportunity provided by the company. 16

December 16

It was a couple of years ago when I had accepted to be the Chief Judge in one the Toastmasters clubs’ annual contest. The club was holding the Table Topics and International Speech contests on that night, and as it was at the time, I had to prepare the Table Topics questions. The contest began and the contestants were introduced to the audience and the judges. The first contestant proceeded with drawing a question from the three provided and the rest of the contestants were escorted by the Sergeant-at-Arms to the isolation room. The question was then read twice to the first contestant by the contest chair and was invited to comment accordingly. 17

The response given was clearly indicating that the contestant did not understand it. I thought to myself that perhaps the contestant was not very well prepared. Time was up and the second contestant was called to the stage. The question was read twice to her too, and likewise, her response also showed that she did not understand it. Once more, I thought to myself that perhaps she is a beginner and does not have much experience. There were seven contestants on that night, and the first five could not respond to the question given in an appropriate way. It was then that I started thinking differently. Perhaps the problem was not with the contestants but with the question itself. Although it was written in a simple language, but perhaps it was not easy to understand it, or understand the concept behind it. I took the decision as the Chief Judge and stopped the contest. I consulted the issue with a DTM who was present on that night and we both agreed that the question was not suitable for the purpose. I apologized to the contestants and to the club members. I then sat to myself for a few minutes and drafted another question and handed it over to the contest chair. December 16

All contestants and members were extremely happy as they felt that they were appreciated for the efforts they had put throughout the year to develop their skills and be ready for the contest. The regular procedure was followed and the new question was read to each contestant and the responses of each truly indicated that they were all brilliant and magnificent Toastmasters. I learned my lesson that night, that no matter how well you think you have prepared yourself, and no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you think you have become, you should always leave a space to accepting more and be always ready to take one step further in learning more and becoming a better person. It all depends on how flexible you set yourself and your mind to accept change even in the shortest of times. TM Arfan Nateq President – Bapco Toastmasters Club

For more information about Chief Judge and other speech contest roles, please visit the TMI website for the speech contest rulebook Speech Contest Rulebook - Toastmasters International


December 16




Humorous and Evaluation International and Table Topics

11th January 2017

Area 35 Contest

10th February 2017

25th January 2017

December 16




December 16

Btmc newsletter no2 in 2016 2017  

Btmc newsletter no2 in 2016 2017

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