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Easter Gift Guide 2013


Acts Your very own slice of spring

Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t grow an entire landscape. Playful, lush and enchanting—a definite homage to glasses half full. 2  Easter Gift Guide 2013



These pint-sized sandscapes are perfect for adding a pop of personality to your desk or bookshelf.

1 Succulent Terrarium $35

2 Sandscapes $15–$25, each

3 Apothecary Terrarium $30

4 Pendant Terrarium $25

5 Daffodils $5, each

3 4 No counter space? No problem. This terrarium can be hung from any window frame.

The spiraling roots of a daffodil are almost as beautiful as its flowers. To create this look, simply pop a daffodil out of its pot, and place it in a sparkling glass container.

5  3 



1 Sunny-Side Up Gardens Seed Kits $12, each

2 Watering Cans $19, each

3 Umbrella $16

4 Fairytale Seed Kits $15–$29, each

5 Hand Brooms (w/dustpans) $19, each

6 Push Broom $21

7 Misting Bottle $6


8 Garden Gloves $9, each

Little Sprouts Our favourite finds for little gardeners

4  Easter Gift Guide 2013

This spring, grow your imagination with these fairytale seed kits. Plant Cinderella’s pumpkins, Jack’s bean stock or even a little stone soup. The perfect gift for your little gardener.



Make the cleanup fun, and you might not have to ask more than twice!

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8  5 



1 Boutonniere, Floral Studio at Hole’s $35

2 Thomas Sabo Charms, Beautiful Home & Gift $34–$100, each

6  Easter Gift Guide 2013

3 Laguilole Steak Knives (w/block), Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks $100, set of 6

4 Macarons, Bakery at the Enjoy Centre $1.50, each

5 Hammond’s Lollipops, Hole’s $4, each

6 Primrose, Hole’s $4, each  7 

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A-Tiskit A-Tasket, A Wicked

Move over, Easter Bunny, our Pastry Chef’s here. Handmade macarons, lemon tarts, European rye—Easter morning just got a little tastier.

Easter Basket 8  Easter Gift Guide 2013










1 Macarons

4 Individual Lemon Tarts (4”)

8 Apple Crumble (8”)

$ 1.50, each

2 Spelt Loaf $6

3 Cheese Loaf $5.50

$6, each

5 Pullman Bread $7

6 Chocolate Tart (8”) $16


9 English Muffins $4.50/half dozen

10 Prairie Loaf $5

7 European Rye $5

It’s impossible to look at a macaron and not want one. These are key-lime and raspberry-chocolate. Yum!  9 


A Showzie of Posies

A splash of spring from the Floral Studio at Hole’s

10  Easter Gift Guide 2013

1 Dutch Tulips $12, bundle of 10

2 Orange & Bellflower Blue Arrangement in Kaleidoscope Vase

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3 Lamb’s Ear & Eucalyptus Arrangement with Pastel Flowers $40

4 Tropical Purple Flowers with Glossy Greens & Orange Accents $60

5 Pink & Spring Green Arrangement in Tall Glass Vase $40

6 Purple Cymbidium Orchids in Fishbowl Vase



7 Bento Box Inspired Arrangement in Square Container $45


To extend the life of your flowers, pop your floral arrangement into the fridge before you head to bed


Dutch tulips are a treat any time of year, but at Easter, they really steal the show. Try this arrangement on your own door when nighttime temps are above zero.

6 7  11 

Enter to win an Easter Ham

From SandyView Farms at the Enjoy Centre!

Just send an email with a contact phone number to

Good luck! Contest closes March 27.

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Easter Gift Guide 2013  
Easter Gift Guide 2013  

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