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Social & Behavioural Stand no: 2609

Stand no: 2615

Student(s): Manus Mac Comhaill,

Student(s): Garrett Kidney,

Darragh Breathnach,

Kieran Gleeson, Alan Walsh

Student(s): Orla Conroy, Shannon Cull, Sarah Brady

Title: An tionchar ata ag Feinmheas ar

Title: Misinformation and Disinformation

Title: Hot or Not - An Exploration of

Overview: We wish to investigate young adults attitudes towards and knowledge

longhabhadh alcOl Overview: The purpose of this study is

of contraception in this day and age.

to decipher if there is a link between

School: St Aldans Comprehensive School - Cavan Teacher: Ms. Joanne Corbett

different personalities and the effects, if any, it has on drinking. School: Colaiste Ailigh Teacher: Mr. Micheal 0 Giobuin

Student(s): Aine Ni Cheallaigh,

in the Media and Online

Physical Attraction traits of Men

Overview: This study examines the extent and distribution of misinformation and disinformation on commonly used websites and media as well the general publics' gullibility.

according to the Female Population in

School: Douglas Community School

'fantasy' attraction to 'real' attraction in current relationships.

Teacher: Mr. Clan 0' Mahony

Stand no: 2604 Stand no: 2610

Elphin Community College Overview: To explore physical attraction

as perceived by the female students of

Title: Mozart vs Slipknot - The Effect of

Student(s): Emma Errity, Jennifer Murphy,

Different Genres of Music on Academic

Stand no: 3000

Mr. Stephen Carey

Overview: Investigating whether students


who have attended Gaeltacht Summer Courses tend to do better in Irish tests in schools in comparison to those who

Overview: This project aims to establish a and performance on the number of tasks

have not.

both verbal and non-verbal.

who's being subjected.

ergonomic schoolbag which, as explained

School: Scoil Muire gan Smal

School: The Institute Of Education -

School: Pobail Scoil Naomh Coilm Cille

Teacher: Mr. Padraig Harlow


Teacher: Ms. Leila Martin

in my proposal, will hopefully stop chronic back pain among younger and older children. School: Castletroy College

Student(s): Ciaran Trotman

Title: How Good is Your Posture? Can the Ergo-Bag Help?

An electronic device to alert

An Investigation into the

I'll be talking about an see which is better and I'll be making an

The device is designed to remind but

Point Operations

conditions by measuring the temperature

I am investigating the

not annoy. Abbey Christian Brothers G.S. Mr. Tony Mooney

St Columba's Comprehensive

Patrick Reel School

watch TV for depending on what their

with an electronic dice and an electronic Darren Meehan

timer. It will be magnetic to stay together.

energies for the domestic household.

'rmedlate Stand c Stud::: Orla Watson Designing a Plastic Bottle

enviromental issues i.e. C02.

Stand n

Deele College



Mrs. Mary Gibbons

testing various individuals on the same

into the mechanical structure of a bottle


and possible new designs will be explored.


Relation to their Smoking Habits

game on two different consoles and I will record their performance.

habits. Using April Age Progression

Programme they will see the effects smoking has on skin. School: Scoil Muire gan Smal Teacher: Mr. Padraig Harlow

attraction and why a woman's attractiveness is altered by the chemical signals she sends out. School: Ursuline Secondary School Thurles

these results to inform students and teachers of the best approach to learning. School: Scoil Chonglais Teacher: Mr. Stephen Gammell

Teacher: Ms. Margaret Smith

Stand no: 2618

Stand no: 2606

Scott Baker Gabriel McCoy


Fuel Safe My project aims to solve the

their diesel tank resulting in substantial cost and inconvenience.

Title: Music Helps You Concentrate

Mary Louise Finnerty, Aoife Boyle

Year Students in South Tipperary

- Fact of Fiction?

Title: An Investigation into the Public

Overview: We wanted to find out how

Teacher: Ms. Anne Meade

Teacher: Dr. Kieran O'Dwyer

Stand no: 2613 Student(s): Adam Brady, Killian Breen, Peter Kiernan

which has greatest effect by means of

Title: You See Therefore I Am

Overview: We intend to investigate if

creating two videos.

Overview: This is a study to investigate

certain sound waves/patterns help

School: St Joseph's Secondary School

Teacher: Mr. Declan Cafferkey

Aims to compare the efficiency of conventional turbo fans vs open rotor

peoples' response to a person's

concentration and, thus, are beneficial

Stand r


while studying and to distinguish what


School: Castleknock College

genres are best for this.

Title: The ' Terror-Rot'

Teacher: Mr. Tom Tierney

School: Patrician High School Carrickmacross Teacher: Mr. Eamonn Dunne

Ove -.

To develop a device that will seatbelts without entering the car.

board and for supporting their

lumbar spine. Sacred Heart Secondary School Drogheda Ms. Deirdre Lynch

Philip Aitken It's a robot , built by me, from

scrap using motors and pistons. it can move and flip other objects . Controlled


Study,: Andrew Doyle The Ambidextrous Golf Club a prototype demonstration ambidextrous hybrid golf club along with a full manufacturing process. Colaiste Choilm Mr. Hugh O'Callaghan

we are going to investigate and compare

Shauna Rothwell

Stand no: 2620

Scho:'. Ardscoil Rath lomghain

Stand nc

boys and girls abilities in three

Title: Cyber Bullying

Student(s): Rebecca Keating,



different categories • Emotional

Overview: To discover which social networking site is most efficient with dealing with cyber bullying by setting up fake profiles and monitoring their actions. School: Newbridge College Teacher: Ms. Anne Marie Davis

Ruth Keating, Aoife McGowan

Overview: To prove that high and low frequency sounds emitted by the earth affect younger people to a greater

Paul Mc Keever

Title: SIDS Prevention This project alarms parents

extent physically and emotionally than older subjects.

when their baby is at risk from cot death

School: Loreto Abbey Secondary School

when the child rolls.

Teacher: Dr. Naomi Lowe

using a buzzer and a mercury tilt switch

Abbey Christian Brothers G.S. Mr. Mark Rodgers

system in these workplaces. Schou Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal Teach

Mr. Sean Foley

incorporates a framework typically used

Stand n:.

for creating websites and the language

Sturb.nSean Cawley

which it is based off.

Drive Me Round The Bend, Safely My project is based on road safety

Gonzaga College Mr. Joe OBriain



and the idea of making blind spots and concealed entrances safer on our Irish roads.

Colaiste Lorcain Mr. Sylvester McEvoy

Patrick O'Doherty

Title Automatic Energy Saving My project aims to overcome the problem of wasted energy through human error by using an environment

Stand : :3303 Studer

aware automation system to control heating and lighting.

Gonzaga College Mr. Joe 0 Briain

David McCarthy

An Eco-friendly Processor I intend to design my own computer processor with an emphasis placed on energy efficiency, building on my previous project "Variation on Single Instruction Computer".

Christian Brothers Secondary School - Cork Ciara Keyes

Investigating the Effects of


A project to improve the hearing protection used in high noise

programming language which


Student(s): Dylan Martin, Cathal Mckeon,

Title: Song of the Earth?


efficient communication and safety Ben McRedmond

by a wireless remote receiver. Mrs. Fiona Searing

Protection used in High Noise

Ms. Michelle Herbert Stand::

Eric Higgins

An Improvement of Hearing

environments and to create a more

Hazelwood College

Overview: For Young Scientist project

Physical • Mental School: Old Bawn Community School Teacher: Ms. Edel McGovern

Stand no Studer

aid Gardai to check the wearing of

I plan to design and create

Teacher: Mr. Thomas O'Sullivan

Stand no: 2614

BELT UP! A Novel Device to Check for

generated using open and closed designs.

School: St Mary's Secondary School

Stand no: 2608 Student(s): Laura Begley, Laura Kelly, Title: Battle of the Sexes

Paudie Walsh

driven fan and comparing the force

Mr. John White

Mr. Donal Enright

pressure under casualties on a spinal

I aim to create a new

the Wearing of Seatbelts at Various Distances

designs by mounting an electrically

St Vincent's Secondary School

Desmond College

usefulness of memory foam for reducing

Cirrus - A New Language for the Web

Open Rotor vs Conventional

Stand no: 2619 Student(s): Conor Deery, Ronan Martin, Sean Finnegan Title: To Investigate if Patterns in Different Genres of Music can Improve Concentration and Learning

Competition 2009.

on Spinal Boards

Mr. Jorge Andres

Stand , Stud. Michaela Begley

for presentation at the Young Scientist

Complications in Casualties Immobilized

Mr. Mark Rodgers

Turbo - Fan Jet Engines:

Amanda Sheerin

A Memory Foam Mattress to Reduce

Salesian College - Celbridge

Abbey Christian Brothers G.S.

aware students were regarding financial matters e.g. inflation, bank accounts, credit cards, income tax, apr etc. School: St. Alibe's School

our results.

Stand no: 2607 Student(s): Laura Power, Lisa Manning, Title: Subliminal Messaging - Auditory vs. Visual Overview: We're comparing auditory and visual subliminal messaging to distinguish

I am creating a computer game the effects of bullying.

Lyndsey Hughes, Joanna Regan

the publics' general knowledge of the drug codeine. We will conduct extensive surveys and a case study to determine

in Schools. that is designed to teach students about

Title: Financial Awareness Among 6th

concentration or sabotaging it?

Computer Game to Help Combat Bullying

problem of misfuelling whereby diesel

Student(s): Meghan Smyth,

School: Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal

The Development of an Educational

Student(s): Neasa 0 Connor, Stand no: 2612

'Tendon Contracture Rectification Device'

This project examines the

Stand ro

Eimear Murphy,

Overview: This project will investigate

Ms. Angela Halley

Shauna Upton

Tendon Contracture Rectification Device It is my intention to create a

Stand r.

Dr. Alison Graham

Student(s): Heather Healy,

Awareness of Codeine

St Anne's Community College

Sandford Park School Ltd

motorists accidentally put petrol into

Overview: Students often listen to music while studying. But is it aiding their

This project is an investigation

I will do my investigation by

Senior - Indlvidua

This will include payback time, and


of change in relation to their smoking

Mr. Tony Mooney

I aim to investigate renewable

Title: Preferred Learning Styles of

styles are preferred by students and use

Abbey Christian Brothers G.S.

Does it Work

Overview: What is it that causes human

Overview: To investigate which learning

parents allow them to.

Renewable Technology:

Abbey Christian Brothers G.S. Miss Kim McGirr

My idea is a device which restricts the amount of time children can

Title: The Science of Human Attraction

pheromones and their role in human


Study:; Neil McConville TV Timer

Miss Kathleen Molloy

My project consists of inter-

Student(s): Vivienne Pierce, Orla Long, Sarah Foreman

attraction. An investigation of

Mr. Ryan Kennelly

execution of floating point operations.

Stand , Study:,

Stand no: 2611 Student (s): Emma Ryan, Samantha Ryan

Overview: Investigate smokers on stages

Vocational School - Abbeyfeale

(Graphics Processing Unit) compared to CPUs (Central Processing Unit) in the

Ms. Gobnait NiAonghusa

then Classic Gaming?

of the road and informing the motorist.

performance difference between GPUs

Stand no: 2605 Student(s): Siobhan Hanily, Jennifer Fannon, Title: The Stages of Change of Smokers in

Teacher: Ms. Caroline Roche

In the project we will alert motorists to possibly hazardous road

St Conleths College

Michael Culligan

Denis Murphy


CPUs in the Execution of Floating

operating system myself using Linux.

Is Motion Sensor-gaming better


Performance of GPUs Compared to

changeable games on a magnetic board

operating system core called Linux. I'll

Overview: My young scientist idea is an

Stand u Henrik Bruesecke

the user that the water heater is on.

Are We Nearly There Yet.....?!?!?


Joanne Alexander Title: Ginger? A Curse or Blessing Overview: Our project is to find out what age the negativity against red hair sets it, the effect'gingerism' has on the person


Belvedere College


Dul Chun Cinn no Cur Amu Ama?

Stand no: 2617

I am developing a new modern version of the whitestick. My hand held sensor will revolutionise blind peoples motility.

Stand e

Title: Colaiste Samhraidh sa Ghaeltacht-

link between different genres of music

Blind Sensor Aid

Teacher: Mr. Shane Holohan

Student(s): James Doolan, Niall Mortimer,

Stand I::

Bryan Murphy

Thomas Breen

School: Elphin Community College

Sorcha Ni Choncracha,

Stand no:3C2H Stuck vi


Elphin Community College. To compare

Stand no: 2616

Teacher: Mr. Andrew Kenny


Stand no: 2621

Stand no: 2603 Student(s): Liam Gaffney, Ciaran Pearson Title: Young Adults Attitudes Towards and Knowledge of Contraception

Household Appliances on RFID Based Tracking Systems I'm investigating the optimal

deployments of RFID systems that can be used in the home , without interference with common household appliances. Our Ladys School - Templeogue

Ms. Ruth Kelly

Sam Ross

Mr. Seamus Murphy

Hydrogen on Demand -Does it

Really Work? I will put a hydrogen-on-

demand kit onto an under one litre car and test it for emissions , smell, mpq, advantages , and disadvantages. Bandon Grammar School Mr. Edward Gash

Stano Studer

David Vaughan

Automatic Classification of Music The genre of a song will be determined by analysing certain features obtained from its MIDI file representation using a computer.

Schor: St Francis Capuchin College Teach;

Ms. Nuala Lavelle

Siobhan O'Connell


Kinsale Community School Ms. Mairead Dullea


My project consists of a Stephen O ' Sullivan,

lifejacket and an upgraded version of the two pieces of equipment in one.

Colaiste Choilm Ms. Ann Downey

Aaron Kelly Recreation of Animal Behavioural Patterns with a Robot

To convert a radio controlled vehicle into a robot capable of mimicking animal behaviours Ballyclare High School Dr. Paul Wilson


Luke O'Leary, Eoin Conroy The Extent and Distribution of

Unsecured Wireless Networks in the Douglas Area This is a study into the extent, nature and distribution of wireless networks in the Douglas area, with a Douglas Community School Mr. Cian 0' Mahony

mar nuair a pleascan mally air rachaidh Colaiste Ailigh Mr. Shane O Breacain

Shane Mc Millan

Niamh Murphy, Kate Keating,

We plan to introduce a working helical air screw into the world of

Amber Byrne

A Clean Water Supply for Third World Countries


method of cleaning water, ridding it of bacteria, for people in third world

Ronan Roche Griffin, Richard Tyrrell

pneumatics to hoist it up. Gaelcholaiste Reachrann Ms. Jacinta Ni Dhubhain

countries. Dominican College - Wicklow lead Mr. John O'Brien

Bus Notification and Alarm System

notify people of what bus is coming

down the road towards the bus stop. St Conleths College Ms. Gobnait NiAonghusa

Title Baling Out Farmers We want to make a device to between bales. St Kieran's College Ms. Eileen Hanrick

1, a,

Ampli-Wi-Fi We aim to improve the wifi

coverage for low-budget schools/ communities by expanding the area of wifi on a cheap router Gort Community School Mrs. Marian Lowry

We're investigating rust

and products on 3 car doors. Sandford Park School Ltd

Enya Fullston , Laurie-Ann Reilly To Find an Alternative to Sandbags


Piaras Murphy , David Price,

Dyno Slow An innovative braking system

for a child ' s bike which is powered by a dynamo and automatically applies the brakes when a child exceeds a set speed. Abbey Christian Brothers G.S. Mr. Gerald Savage

Through tests we plan to find prevent flooding. We will test one synthetic and one natural material.

Mount Sackville Secondary School Miss Jennifer Simmons

Shauna Kavanagh Spinin Source

method to create electricity. Virginia College Mr. Alan Kelly

To convert the power of waves into electricity using turbines.

Belvedere College Mr. Stephen Carey

clean drinking water.

Mr. Enda Hogan

to determine the optimum lifting posture. We'll be doing our project in both Irish and English Colaiste Choilm

Dr. Kevin Gallagher

Bioplastics Manufactured from Potato

An Investigation into Variable Valve

Adrian Holmes,

Timing in an Internal Combustion Engine

malleability, strength and overall

putting together a simple and cheap

from leaves by compressing them.

starch to make it more attractive to the

ventilation system that will automatically

modern consumer.

switch on when CO levels rise above

that will have a major effect on the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine. St Joseph's Secondary School

acceptable levels.


To optimise the durability,

Salesian College - Celbridge


A design for a new camshaft

Cathal Mac Giolla Bhain , Sean P. o Chnaimshi Comparaid idir pykrete agus substaint elie We wish to research the

Colm Gallagher, Paul Donavan, Stephen Crowley

differences between py krete and other

Awareness of Blood Pressure

: The Development of a NonInvasive, Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Monitor and the Study of People's To build a non-invasive, cuff-less blood pressure monitor using a photoplethysmograph sensor, an alternative method of measuring BP

Truth or Lies: The Possibilities of using the Multimeter in Lie Detection We mean to discover if a school multimeter can be used as a lie detector. The Kings Hospital

Mr. Noel Cunningham

An Feidir Carr Remote Control a

Bogadh le Fuinneamh o Torthai Citreach Usaid a bhaint as torthai chun can remote a bogadh, fhail amach cen torthai is fearr agus bhfuil se nios fearr gearradh no sa cumauoirthe. Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai

David Byrne

What Materials Work Best in a Sandbag for Blocking Floodwaters We wish to investigate what materials work best in a sandbag for

Marist College - Athlone

Desmond College Mr. Donal Enright

We have an idea to make a solar powered battery charger for an ipod. We want to make it cheap and

h-aimseoiri gailf. We want to determine the the path of golf balls. Colaiste Ailigh

Mr. Miche6l6 Gioboin


Barry Grimes , Jack Smith,

Using Bernoullis Theory to Detect Strong Current in Water

to provide clean water for people without

Andrew Smith

Using Bernouilli's equation we

any resources in underdeveloped countries that does not cost much money. Skerries Community College


will design a device that will be placed in

Dr. Katie Corbett

Houses in our town are prone to flooding depending on tide and weather. We have started to build an invention to stop flooding into these

off a warning signal. k Mercy Secondary School -

Redesign the traditional paper bag used for brewing tea to allow maximum infusion, enhanced release of potent antioxidants and ensure quicker


Ms. Michelle Dunne


Christopher Hobbs, Daniel Hobbs, Sonic Pathways This project is to create a physical beam of sound using audible sound and ultrasound. This will only are located in the direction of the beam of sound.

Skerries Community College Dr. Katie Corbett Jack Hutchinson, Peter Gillen,

Maynooth Post Primary School Miss Patricia Mahony

Marc Lincoln To develop an electronic

alternative to guitar tablature.


CAit Ni Speallain,

Greg 6 Dubhlainn, Aindrio MacAodhgain

A Food Stock Renewal System for your House We intend to create a system

Iidr Cleachtadh-CoirpaMeado,

that, by scanning, will account for a


kitchen's stock and which will renew the

lighting for use in domestic power outages , and developing a

fuinneamh cineatach 6 cleachtadh corp

prototype device.

teaghlach i dtreo iarracht cos carbon an

Mr. John Daly

more Environmentally Friendly Container for Tea Leaves

allow people to hear this sound if they


Cos Carbdn a Laghdo!


Sustainable Teabags - Using Chemistry and Technology to create a

water to detect strong current and give

Mr. Tony O'Rourke


Eimhin Sm y th , Colm Sm y th , Daniel Morgan

Hannah Gaffney,

St Josephs College - Lucan Eoin Kelly, Barry O'Farrell,

development of free , safe and electrical

Blackrock College

Mr. Donal 0 Laoire

Oisin Farrell

To Design a Filter to be Built and

Cavan Vocational School We intend to investigate the


decomposition when composted.

Mr. Cian O'Brien

Ronan Garrett, Harry McHugh

Tablature Beat the Brownouts, Power to the

Colaiste Choilm

Marist College - Athlone

An Electronic Alternative to Guitar Matthew Healy, Jesse Carley,

detector and a natural gas detector.

Michelle Toolan, Saoirse Ni Bhleine,

energy efficient. Sean O' Driscoll,

Miss Kerri-Ann Thornton

Larracht a dheanamh

a storail'gus Usaid timpeall gnash

stock when it is depleted. Gonzaga College Mr. Joe 0 Briain

Everlasting LED Lights We plan to make an innovative light bulb that uses both LED and solar technologies. The bulb will be suitable for low wattage applications. Mr. Donal Enright

Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai Inion Elaine Ni Dheargain

Kevin Brosnan, Ian Mackessy, Alicia Magner

Desmond College

teaghlach sin a laghdu. I:

and emissions. Arklow CBS Miss Michelle White

ant(s): Molly Keenan, Lucy Bradley, Claire Fox

Darragh O'Sullivan

cash registers.

a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide

effect different styles of putters have on


or negative effect on a car's M.P.G

cutting edge alarm system by incorporating

Mr. Clan O'Brien

Tony Deehan

alert them if not.

We wish to investigate if using a HHO generator in a car has a positive

How to Prevent "Dirty Money" We have come up with a way to minimise the number of harmful germs

blocking floodwaters.

Staidear a dheanamh ar na Sean Mooney, Mark Bass,


Karen Ni Mhuirthile, A Three-in-one Smoke, CO and Natural Gas Detector Our project is to create a

Daibheld Morton, Oisin Maolchraobhach

Desi g n and build a s y stem that

We want make a simple filter Sean o Brodair, Seachain o Lee

Sebastian Ryan, Conor Flynn,

Colaiste Choilm Mr. Hugh O'Callaghan

Fuel Identification & Alert System

Brendan Flannery

Donal Tobin, Peter Fahy,

Mr. Declan Cafferkey

which can be used outside of hospital.

Katie Hurley, Kate Brislane, Mairead Relihan

LED lights. Salesian College - Celbridge e: r Ms. Caroline McDonald

Mr. Declan Cafferkey

Aisling Ni Mhathona,

substances particularly regular ice.

We intend to kill bacteria on domestic items using ultraviolet

St Joseph's Secondary School

Ms. Sinead Greene


Keeping It Clean

Ben Armstrong, Cian Ward,

performance of bioplastic from potato

Ms. Patricia Curran


- An Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Technology - Senior - Group

Sean Hynes, Eamonn Walsh,

Starch using Alternative Methods of Production

the correct fuel type for their vehicle and Cian Galvin, Peter Egan,

The Use of the Peripheral Interface

Virginia College

Loreto Grammar School - Omagh

We would like to investigate if leaves are a reliable, renewable source of energy. We would like to make briquettes


Tidal Power into Electricity

David Conlan, Dylon Gorman, Andrew Farrelly

controlled be itself off a remote.

temperature and heart rate increases.

measurements using a mechanical model

Richard Bourke, Patrick Conwell Auto CO Ventilation System We have designed and are

Gerald O' Halloran , Colm Hand


Inion Elaine Ni Dheargain

which we will put chips in so it can be

arrays in response to changes in body

Cillian Ryan, James Gavin, Eoin McCormack

Mrs. Karma Lyne

Used in Third World Countries

Our project is an electronic car

bacteria in the water filter so we can have

Emil y Riordan , Ruth Quinn , Leaves as a Renewable Energy

Colaiste Ailigh Mr. Micheal 0 Giobdin

Stand r

Laura McCabe, Aloe Farrelly,

Controller (PIC) to Control a Model Car

Daisy Pemble, Therese 0 Donoghue , Laura White The Development of a Self-Cleaning Biological Water Filter for Home Use We want to produce a self-cleaning water filter that gets rid of

Aaron Fleming, Luke Munro,

t-shirt that will trigger coloured LED

to Prevent and Reduce Flooding

Dr. Alison Graham

water turbines do using a different


Mr. Jorge Andres



The Best Way to Prevent Rust on

We are trying to recreate what


Salesian College - Celbridge

will detect whether motorists are using

Scraped Cars

We will be analysing

the visibilty of childrens' jackets at night.

Jeucl,, : Mr, Philip Devereux

Loreto Secondary School -

Patrick Orr

been scraped by testing various techniques Peter Keane , Brian Oiler,


pneumatic/hydraulics centrally operated from the driver's dashboard suitable for all car owners - able bodied or infirm. Confey Community College

Ag Aimsiu an StaduirArdd is Fearr le

CabhalrSamhall Meicnioll

Can We Mimic the Colour Change Response of the Chameleon in a T-shirt? The project will develop a

To Optimise the Strength of

Hugh Ivers, Hamza Khan,

prevention techniques on cars which have

Stand n

A road safety investigation into

We have desi g ned an automated jacking sytem using

Peter Nolan, Gerard Luby,


for the Visually Impaired and Blind Our project is designed to

Glowing in the Dark

NicCarthaigh, Ciara Ni Ghiollabhain

Peter Flynn

In our project we investigate a

Athboy Community School Ms. Leah Di Lucia

up a step such as a pavement using

an alternative to sandba g s to stop or

Helical Air Screw Model 2 model of Leonardo Da Vinci's idea of the

Shane 0 Neill, Shane 0 Neill, Otharchathaoir Suas Cheim A wheelchair that is able to get

protect people from falling down

Seamus Mac Conaglaigh, Eoghan 0 Dochartaigh, Darragh Mulgrew Ni Bheidh an Otharcarr Mall Aris Ni bheidh an otharcarr mall

Gavin Kane, Colm Darcy

Automatic Jacking System

view to possible recommendations.

fdgra go dti an ospideal aitioil Richard Brown,


Kern Ni Chaoimh, Muireann

Alan 0 Donnchadha,

Giacinto Rittgers, Simerjote Singh,

Title: Lifejacket Augmentation

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) thus it is

Intermediate - Group

on money, by means of technology on Summerhill College Mr. Damian Keenan

Chemical Physical & Mathematical

Chemical, Physical & Mathematical

Teacher: Mrs. Clementine 0 Keeffe

Overview: We are conducting tests to find

School - Lisdoonvarna

Overview : We wish to investigate why

out if we can use seaweeds (found on our

Teacher: Mr. John Sims

there is more seismic activity in some

Title: Smoothies - Home or Away

Title: Envirotricity

School: Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh

Overview: To create an adhesive from

Overview: In my project I plan to find out

Overview: I propose to introduce a

Teacher: Ms. Clara Ni Dhrisceoil

household items e.g milk and compare it

if store bought smoothies are as good for

against traditional adhesives in terms of

you as home made smoothies. School: Sandford Park School Ltd Teacher: Dr. Alison Graham

Title: Under the Influence: Drink or Diet


method of generating electricity using a chemical cycle that repeats itself to

Title: Moo-Glue

Student(s): Ciara Stein

School: Presentation Secondary School -

Title: A Study of Seismic Activity

Student(s)', Colin Lock-Tunissen

Stand no: 4401 Student ( s): Grainne Jones , Orla Mannion,


alyzers to give false positive results.

School: Mary Immaculate Secondary

Student(s): Christopher Cavanagh

Student(s): Christopher Daly

Stand no: 4000

or with diabetes may cause these breath-


Stand no: 4302

Stand no: 4101

Overview: My project is about breathalyzers and how people dieting

Stand no: 4414

Title: Can we use our Local Seaweeds as a

Overview: We want to see if heating hay can produce enough heat over a long period of time to be a source of energy.

Stand no: 4108

Ta Limonene sna craiceann a oibrionn mar dibheailathebir a bhriseann sins

Junior - Individual

Stand no: 4007 Student(s): Paul Harrington Title: A Study of the Relationship Between Inflation Pressure and the Performance of a Football

cost, strength and how long it lasts.

Stand no: 4102

Overview: In my project I will test to see if

Student(s): Mark Shine

School: Blackwater Community School

Student(s): Kevin Vesey,

Shane Mc Inerney, Gary Clinton

areas than others.

minimize fuel input and emissions output.

local beach ) to make a bio-fuel.

School: Gott Community School

Teacher: Ms. Sharon Connolly

School: Skerries Community College Teacher: Or. Katie Corbett

School: St. Clare' s Comprehensive School Teacher: Miss Feel Mc Phelim

Stand no: 4109 Student(s): Sharon Howley

Stand no: 4408 Student(s): Steven Kelly, Michael Mc Laughlin

Stand no: 4303

Stand no: 4402

Title: Runny Stuff!

Stand no: 4415

Title: Music Strings - An Investigation

Student(s ): Bernard Mullan

Student(s): Zachary Diebold, Jim Hickson, Title: Paper Aeroplane Aerodynamics

Overview. Look at the emulsion of creams if their factors change after a period

Student( s): Richard Akpan, Kevin McMillan , Peter Bjoerk

Teacher: Mr. David King

the air pressure in a football affects the

Title: Book Logging System

into the Effect of Temperature on

Title: Harnessing the Backdraft of Vehicles

Overview: To keep track of all books in


Overview, We are going to perform tests

of time.

Title: Is the Bounce of Rubber affected by

distance it travels when kicked.

on Motorways

Stand no: 4001

School: Kinsale Community School Teacher: Ms. Joan Crowley

the library and the ability to check in and

Overview: Investigation into effect of

on paper aeroplanes and apply equations

School: Colaiste Mhuire


Student(s): Eamon Hennelly Mc Earthy Title: The Largest Prime Number Ever! Overview: I wish to find the largest prime at this moment in time. I think 2 to the

Overview: This would involve recording

out books. Also a member list. School: Blackwater Community School Teacher: Mr. David King

temperature on pitch/frequency with

the wind off vehicles on roadways. This

Teacher: Mr. K Quinn

Overview: The aim of this experiment is

different string types. Subjecting strings

would tell us if there is enough wind

to different temperatures for different

energy to be sustainable and efficient.

Student(s): Declan Manning

School: St Kieran' s College

power of 32,582,657 minus 1 is the

lengths of time, measuring frequency Stand no: 4103


Teacher: Mr. Patrick Darmody

largest prime number.

Title: The Physics of Basketball

to them, estimate the outcome then throw the plane, record the outcome and compare results. School: Skerries Community College Teacher: Dr. Katie Corbett

School: Skerries Community College

Overview: This project uses basic physics

Student(s): P.J. 0' Donoghue

School: Scoil Mhuire, Clare

Teacher: Ms. Lisa Monks

Title: Is Bounty Really Bountiful?

Teacher: Ms. Sue-Ann Sheridan

Stand no: 4002

to analyse some key aspects in basketball, such as best shooting angle. The results should help players improve their game.

Student(s): Fergal McGovern

School: Baillncollig Community School

Title: Predicting Climate Change

Teacher: Miss Kathleen Kelly

Stand no: 4008

by Simulation

to find out if a rubber ball's bounce is

affected by temperature? School: The Kings Hospital

Stand no: 4304

Stand no: 4403

Stand no: 4409 Student( s): Gabriella Dowling-Kastriti, Sally O'Sullivan, Title, Water - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

- A Physical Sciences Investigation on

Student(s): Noreen Lynch

Student( s): Robert Flood,

Overview: Comparing the chemicals that

Student (s): Liam Kane , Conor Walsh,

Kitchen Towels

Stand no: 4110

Title: An Investigation into the

Stephen Palminteri

are present in drinking water samples

Aaron Carey

Overview: My project is a comparison of

Student(s): Stacy Robinson

Effectiveness of Radon Barriers

Title: An Investigation of Shock

from various parts of the country to each

Title: Does Repetitive Flooding Affect

Title: Verifying Boyles Law using a Vernier

Overview: I wish to look at the levels of

Absorbency in Non-Newtonian Fluids

Soil Absorption

Data Logging Gas Pressure Sensor and Pure, Real Gases prepared by Microscale

radon gas in houses in North Clare and to

Overview: We are testing non-newtonian

other and to Co . Wicklow. School: Loreto Abbey Secondary School

see if different types of barriers affect it.

Teacher: Dr. Naomi Lowe

test their ph, air and water content. We

Stand no: 4410

the different soil samples.

15 different brands of kitchen towel using 12 physics experiments with a special interest

Teacher: Mr. Noel Cunningham Stand no: 4416

Overview: We will collect soil samples and

Overview: In this project global temperature

Stand no: 4009

in testing Bounty's advertising promises.

Student(s): Cian Rynne

School: Colaiste Cholmain


School: Mary Immaculate Secondary

is predicted by simulation, starting with a

Title: As Straight as an Arrow?

Teacher: Mrs. Teresa Kearney

School - Lisdoonvarna

very basic energy balance model and

Overview: Boyle's Law is investigated

fluids such as oobleck for shock absorbency and also examining other factors such as flow rate and other

using a mixture of gases from the

interesting properties.

Student( s): Sean Mac Giolla Chailin,

School: St Peter' s College - Dunboyne

Overview: I want to investigate the

Teacher: Ms. Dympna O'Donohue

gradually making it more precise.

trajectory of an arrow fired from a bow under a number of conditions and the 'wobble' effect on the precision of the

Stand no: 4104

School: Sutton Park School

Ryan Feeney

Teacher: Ms. Marie louise Mc Elroy

School: Patrician Secondary School Newbridge Teacher: Mr. Sean Duggan

atmosphere. I want to prepare samples of

Teacher: Ms. Catherine Tattersall

Title: Cen lionsa oftalmach is mo ate

arrow. Stand no: 4003

School: Pobail Scoil Naomh Coilm Cille

Student(s): Andrew Kettle

Teacher: Ms. Leila Martin

Title: To Test the Efficiency and

will try to determine absorption levels of

Student(s): Diarmuid Hayes

gases using microscale chemistry and see

Stand no: 4305

Title: Can Cling-Film Insulate Your House?

if these conform to Boyles Law. School, St Vincent's Secondary School

Student ( s): Sinead 0' Halloran

abalta radaiocht ultraviolet a h-ionsd?

Stand no: 4417

Title: An Application of Fourier Analysis

Stand no: 4404

Overview. This project is on what type of

Student(s ): Spencer Christie,

Teacher: Mr. John White

to a Study of the Musical Notes Produced

Student(s): Hazel Conroy, Deborah Beirne,

spectacle lens best absorbs UV light.

Alastair Greene , Kate Reidy

by the Reed and Chanter of a Set of

Title: To Compare the Insulating Ability of

This will benefit society by preventing UV

Title: Too Bright, Low Light, or Just

damage to the eyes.


Overview: To determine the rate of heat transfer from a defined volume of air in an insulated box to the surrounding atmosphere, that is to determine thermal

Stand no: 4111

Uileann Pipes

a Range of Environmentally Friendly

Overview: The project aims to investigate

Materials and to Compare Insulating

School: Colaiste Ailigh

Overview: To measure light levels at

Teaches Mr. Micheal 0 Giobdin

different times of day, in different rooms at home and at school, then compare

Effectiveness of the Various Means of

Stand no: 4010


Student(s): Leila Smith

School: Colaiste Choilm

Title: Speed Ramps - Bumping up

how important the reed is to giving

Ability to Conventional Fiberglass Insulation

Domestic Lighting

Teacher: Mrs. Karma Lyne

C02 Emissions

quality to the notes played on the

Overview: To investigate a range of

Overview: To test the effectiveness,

Student(s): Michael Shannon Title: To Test the Effects of Microwaves on

Overview: I aim to calculate the increase

different insulating materials we hope to

Stand no: 4411

them with recommended levels.

P.T.F.E. Glass Coated Fabric

chanter of a set of uileann pipes . It also

efficiency and potential energy saving of

Overview: I wish to investigate the effects, if any, microwaves have on

Stand no: 4105

aims to investigate the contribution made

School: Wesley College - Ballinteer

Student(s): Kevin Bluett

speed ramps in comparison to those

to note quality by the type of wood used

find out that natural resources are better than conventional materials.

Student(s): Mary-Ellen Smith,

each of the lighting options for the home.

in C02 emissions from cars travelling over

Helen McEvoy

Teacher : Mr. Seosamh 0 Braonain

P.T.F.E. coated glass fabric.

Title: Ogives for the Classroom

to make the chanter. The software

School: Elphin Community College

Title, An Analysis of the Dots-and-Boxes

package mathlab is being used to analyse

Teacher: Ms. Brid Fallon

the quality of the notes.

School: Balbriggan Community College Teacher: Ms. Theresa Gannon Stand no: 4004

School: Kilrush Community School

Overview: The aim of the project is to

travelling over a level road. School: Loreto College - Foxrock

Teacher: Ms. Margaret Pepper

create a piece of software which can

Teacher: Ms. Helen Hennessy

Student(s): Saoirse Nash Title: The Clothes Protection Factor

Stand no: 4011

Overview: Investigation to determine the

Student(s), Rollo Konig-Brock

SPF factors of various materials that are used to make swimming costumes, sunhats

Title: To Investigate the Effects of Light on a Photoreactive Chemical

and t-shirts when they are dry and wet.

Overview: My project is to investigate the

School: St Mary's College - Londonderry Teacher: Mrs. Ann Blanking

effect of light on a variety of photoreactive materials and make a computer animation of this effect. School: Dundalk Grammar School Teacher: Mr. David Cullen

Stand no: 4005 Studentlsl: Aisling Murphy Title: Yeast as a Filtration Agent Against

Heavy Metals Overview: To develop and evaluate a

intermediate - individual

method of reducing heavy metals in water using yeast that is effective and

Stand no: 4100

cheap and could be used in Ireland. School: St Peter's College - Dunboyne Teacher: Ms. Deirdre Maye

Student(s): Aoife Bennett Title: Dammit! I left a Fiver in those Jeans!

Overview: What will happen to paper money from around the world if it is left

Stand no: 4006

in a pair of jeans that are going to be

Student(s): Dylan Grace

washed? School: Blackwater Community School

Title An Feidir Polaistirein a

Dhianscaoiledh ag ))said Use o Tortha Citreach? Overview: Taim Chun polaistirein a

dianscaoileadh tri modh neamh tocsaineach ag usaid torthai citreach.

Teacher: Mr. David King


Stand no: 4418

Overview: A mathematical analysis of

Student( s): Mark Kelly, Diarmuid Lyons,

display and save ogives , histograms and

School: Scariff Community College

Stand no: 4405

a two person game played on a rectangular

Khemil Boodhun

frequency tables. Currently a gap exists. School: Meanscoil na mBraithre Criostai Teacher: Ms. Dee Maguire

Teacher: Mr. T.J. 0' Halloran

Students);. Anamika Sukhdeo,

/triangular grid of dots. Players take turns

Title: New Results Concerning Partition

Niamh Nutty Title: Are Organic Fruit and Vegetables Better for You?

to join dots. A completed square /triangle is

Stand no: 4106

Stand no: 4300 Student(s): Andrei Triffo

Stand no: 4306 Student(s): Helen Iliff Title: 'Is the Future Nuclear?'

Overview Our project is about testing

claimed with their initial. The player with the most boxes wins. School: Our Ladys College - Drogheda

Student(s): Clara Doyle

Title: Infinite Sums of Zeta Functions and

Overview: My project investigates nuclear

fruit and vegetables for vitamin C and

Teacher: Miss Frances O'Regan

Title: Why Water Samples from the Same

Other Dirichlet Series

power and if, with the increased problem

comparing organic fruit and vegetables

Source Taste Different?

Overview: This project explores how

of global warming, it will be Ireland's way

with non - organic ones.

Stand no: 4412

Function Congruences Overview, Ono and Weaver (2000) obtained many new partition function congruences of the type first described by Ramanujan in 1919. We extend their work. School: Synge Street CBS

Overview: I am trying to establish the

we can evaluate infinite sums of zeta

forward in the future.

School: St Raphaela ' s Secondary School

Student( s): Hannah Macklin , Niamh Kelly,

Teacher: Ms. Neasa Cloney

difference in the quality and taste of water from when it leaves the reservoir until it reaches the end users. School: Our Lady Of Mercy College Beaumont

functions and other Dirichlet series,

School: Eureka Secondary School

Teacher: Ms. Aoife McCarthy

Lauren Mackle

particularly the so-called "T-periodic "

Teacher: Ms. Mary Byrne

Senior - Individual

Title: No Need to Sniff the Milk!

Stand no: 4419

Student( s): Shiun Power, Roisin Walshe, Shannon Bradshaw Title: Comparing the Distances Covered

Title: Keeping the Heat!

Overview: This project tries to develop a visible indicator that milk has gone sour. It is based on an acid / base indicator strip. School: St Catherine's College

Overview: The aim of this project is to

Teacher: Mrs. Clara Burnett


Stand no: 4406 Student(s): Chloe Fitzgerald, Kate Mc Mahon

Dirichlet series. School: Synge Street CBS Teacher: Mr. Jim Cooke

Junior - Group

Stand no: 4301

Stand no: 4400

Student(s): Stephanie Mulvany

Student(s): Raafay Shehzad,

investigate if salt water retains more heat

Student(s): Fiona Gryson

Title: Now You See It! - An Investigation

Robert Neary,

Stand no: 4413

Title: The Gryson Drying Scale )A Meteorological Instrument for Measuring

into Thermometric Properties in Light Refraction Overview My project is based on the theory that heat can refract light. With

title: Factors Affecting the Freezing Rate of Water

than tap water. School: Colaiste Chiarain

Student(s): Edel Cullen, Atlanta Golden,

playing different sports to see which

Teacher: Ms. Mary Casey

Hayleigh Mc Guiness

investigate whether temperature, surface

Stand no: 4407

Overview : A project to determine which

sports players do the most running. School. Dominican College - Wicklow Teacher : Mr. John O'Brien

experimentation I hope to prove this.

area and the presence of a salt affect the

Student(s): Wayne Danaher,

fats/oils are best for making soap. The

forecast drying in a specific timeframe by

School: Ursuline College - Sligo

freezing rate of water.

Declan Sweeney

project is in two stages: 1. Making the

use of evaporation. School: Ashbourne Community School Teacher: Ms. Sharon Galvin

Teacher: Mr. Anthony Carolan

School: Lucan Community College feather. Ms. Clare Healy

Title: To Investigate the Heating Potential

soaps 2. Testing the soaps

of Damp Hay

School, St Mary's College - Londonderry Teacher: Mrs. Ann Blanking

Teacher: Ms. Anne Ryan Stand no: 4107


Overview: To construct a prototype of a working scale that can measure and

Overview: In our project we will compare

Title: Fats Soap!

Overview: In this project we are going to

by Different Players Playing Different

the distances covered by different players

Chemical Physical & Mathematical

Chemical Physical & Mathematical Stand no: 4420

Overview: In our project we will use fractal

Student( s): Rachael Montague,

analysis to study and compare the

Louise Mc Conville , Eimear Hamill

movement patterns of humans and animals.

Stand no: 4518

Stand no: 4524

Overview: We aim to forensically examine

Overview: Microwaves are used to heat

Stand no: 4606

Student(s): Jennifer O'Neill,

Student( s): Niamh Walsh,

a car crash , what happens from a physical

water to a superheated state. The

Student( s): Conor Brady, Diarmuid Dwyer,

Amy Dickenson , Kim Hodgk'nson

Catherine Ceelen , Sarah Martin

perspective to the car and the occupants,

correspondence between electromagnetic

Owen Ennis

reverse engineering the crash.

erfergy and the equivalent temperature

Title: A Study of the Surface Brightness of

Title: Insulation for the Nations

School: Dominican College - Wicklow

Stand no: 4512

Title: An Investigation into the

Title: A Closer Look at Climate Change

Student ( s): Conor Geraghty,

Effectiveness of Sunscreens

Overview:: We are researching climate

reached is graphed and extrapolated.

Elliptical Galaxies

Teacher: Mr. John O'Brien

School: St. Geralds College

Overview: To use the Juncaceae plant to

Teacher: Mr. Brendan McHugh

School: Ashton School

Overview: To examine the surface

make a sustainable form of insulation

Jake Leonard , Emmet Bowes

Overview: We will investigate the

change in our local communities. We are

that could be used all over the world.

Title: The Relationship between Sunspot

effectiveness of commercial and home-

doing this by gathering the thirty years of information from the weather station

Stand no: 4531

Student(s): Maria Murphy, Mary Williams, Emer Gllbride

Stand no: 4601

exponentially with distance outside

Student(s): Ruairi Kenny, Richard 0' Shea,

of the central bulge.

Title: Salt in Cooking

Title: Short Term Local Weather

Overview: We wish to investigate the


School: Coldiste Phadraig CBS Teacher: Ms. Jacqueline Farrell

Stand no: 4506

School: St Ciaran' s High School

Student(s): Cathy Woods,

Activity and Extreme Weather Events

made sunlotions . Using an uv monitor we

Teacher: Mrs. Pauline Murphy

Bldthnaid McKevitt

Overview: Does intense solar activity,

will measure the amount these lotions

at school.

Title: To Investigate if Hocke's Law

particularly sunspots influence weather

block UVA and UVB.

Applies in a Biological Setting

systems especially those that develop into

School: Abbey Community College -

School: Loreto College - Cavan Teacher: Mrs . Carmel Gaffney

Intermediate - Group Stand no: 4500 Student(s): Aisling Ni Mhaolanfaidh, Helen Donaldson, Title: Candy Chromatography Overview: To separate various components in coloured food dyes used to coat popular sweets by using the process of chromatography. School: Coldiste Choilm

Teacher: Mr. Hugh O'Callaghan Stand no: 4501 Student(s): Gregory Mc Elhinney, Lee Welsh, Title: Application of the KolmogorovSmirnov Test for Normality to Continuous and Discontinuous Variation

Overview: We will apply weights to

typhoons/hurricanes/floodi n g/drought.


tendons and see if they stretch and if a

School: Coldiste Phadraig CBS

Teacher: Ms. Mairead Lennon

directly proportional relationship exists.

Teacher: Mr. Kevin Carey

Smirnov test for normality to continuous variation and discontinuous variation data collected from students within our Junior School. School: Oakgrove Integrated College Teacher: Ms. Laura Corbett Stand no: 4502

Student(s): Louise 0' Donnell, Leanne 0 Meara, Title: To Establish Rates of Erosion of Limestone by Cork Rainfall

We will then investigate the erosion of limestone buildings and statues in Cork. School: North Presentation - Cork Teacher: Ms. Hazel O'Sullivan Stand no: 4503 Student( s): Rachel Healy, Megan Cronin, Title: An Investigation of Friction and Calculating the Friction Co-efficient

different variables investigating friction and also calculating the friction co-efficient. School : Dominican College - Drumcondra Teacher: Miss Roisin Doyle Stand no: 4504 Student( s): Karen O'Carroll, Rachael McDerrmott

Title: To Make a Mathematical Model of the Human Face

and mathematical equations School: Dominican College - Wicklow Teacher: Mr. John O'Brien Stand no: 4505 Student( s): Julie McKenna , Shauna Porter -u!

Fractal Analysis of Human and

Animal Movement Patterns

hypothesis that salt is absorbed into

Overview: Develop a web-based

Student(s): Aisling Brazel, Carol Quinlan,

vegetables/ foods from the cooking water

computer program to analyse satellite

Stand no: 4607

during the cooking process.

and other weather data including local

Student(s): Riona Walsh,

School: Kilrush Community School Teacher: Ms. Jacinta Mckenna

topography to produce accurate shortterm (3-4hrs) predictions for a local area.

Laura Mc Loughlin, Maeve Tuohy Title: Eye in the Sky

School: Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal

Overview: Our project aims to prove that

Teacher: Mr. Sean Foley

humans find it harder to judge the

Luke Hughes

Stand no: 4602

than those on the ground.

Title: Fairground Attraction - The Physics

Student( s): Andrew Smith,

School: Ursuline College - Sligo

of the Funfair - An Investigation

Dwayne Watson

Teacher. Mr. Anthony Carolan

Teacher: Mr. John White

Stand no: 4513

Student(s): Dervla Murray, Cathy Fox,

Stand no: 4507

Student(s): Karl Maher, Conor Stephens, Colm O'neill

Title: An Investigation into the Presence

Student(s): Sarah Powell, Aoife McElroy

Title: The Physics of Jenga速

and the Effects of Chemicals from Plastic

Title: To Compare the Effectiveness of a

Overview: Jenga is one of the world's

Water Bottles Leaching into the Water

Homemade Filtration System to a Commercially

most popular games and we intend to use

Title: Is Biofuel an Effective Alternative for Ireland? Overview: Investigating the possible use of biodeisel as an alternative for diesel. School: Our Ladys School - Templeogue Teacher: Ms. Ruth Kelly

Available Water Filtration System

physics to develop the optimum strategy

Overview: Our investigation aims to

Overview: Build water filtration system &

for playing it.

examine if there is a build up of chemicals

Stand no: 4526

test effectiveness against commercial

School: Coldiste Phadraig CBS

in bottled water, as it lies stagnant on our

Student (s): Dereck Withero,

using Sensors

Title: Mobile Phone Radiation: Put to

Teaches Mr. Kevin Carey

shop shelves.

Stephen Withero , Kevin McInerney

Overview: The project examines the

the Test

School: Moate Community School Teacher: Ms. Alannah O'Shea

Title: A Colorimetric Determination of the

physics of the funfair: acceleration,

Kinetics of Sulphur Precipitation

velocity, forces employed, multiple "G"

Overview: we are determining the rate

forces as well as physiological aspects

Stand no: 4520

law for the reaction between thiosulphate

all using sensors and datalogging

Overview: We wish to investigate the levels of radiation emitted from mobile phones and the effect on the brain and body.

Stand no: 4608 Student(s): Denis Patterson, Shane Curry, Colette Fitzpatrick Title: Seismic Activity in the British Isles and the Wider World

Title: The Fractals of Floodwater

Student(s): Nicole Larkin, Doru Florea,

and hydrochloric acid using a colorimeter


School: St Aidans Comprehensive School

Overview: Using a seismograph, we will

Overview: Fractals of Floodwater,

Jamie Kelly

to track the progress of the reaction.

School: St. Geralds College

- Cavan

investigate the hypothesis that seismic

establishing patterns in floodwater using

School: St. Alibe's School

Teacher: Mr. Brendan McHugh

Teacher: Ms. Joanne Corbett

activity is continuous on a global scale

Student(s): Emily Murphy, Mary Quilligan, Sarah Meade

fractals in an effort to predict how water

School: Scoil Chonglais

floods the land.

Stand no: 4533

Stand no: 4603

Tite: The Investigation of the Co-

School: Coldiste Choilm

Teacher: Mr. Stephen Gammell

efficiency of Performance of Solar Panels and Geothermal Heat Pumps in Ireland

Teacher: Mr. Hugh O ' Callaghan

Overview: To investigate the performance

Title: Under the Mattress? - Using Maths to Decide where to Invest Money Overview: Should you invest money in a bank or in the stock exchange? We will model how these investments work and see if one is better.

efficiency and cost of the available solar

School: St Laurence College Teacher: Mr. Tony McGennis

filtration system. Also determine if beneficial to purchase a filtration system to purify tap water.

Stand no: 4514

School: Loreto College - St Stephens Green

Student(s): Matthew Keating,

Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Campbell

Brian Crowther, Jamie Ngai

Stand no: 4508

Stand no: 4515

panels and geothermal heat pumps in

Student(s): Linda 0' Mahony,

Raisin Smyth

they Contain

Stand no: 4532

distance of objects above their heads

Student(s): Colin Frost, Gareth Heverin,

but there is also smaller scale local activity.

Teacher: Dr. Kieran O'Dwyer Stand no: 4527

Student(s): Tom O'Toole , Gerald Miles,

Student ( s): Vanessa Flack, Claire Quigley,

Student ( s): Etain Ryan , Jodie Bullivant,

Eoghan Doyle

Title: Can Changing the Albedo of Urban

Kieran Flynn

Title: Sound Localisation

Surfaces ( roofs and pavements ) Reduce

Stand no: 4609

Title: Bulls and Bears - Timing the

Overview: We are investigating people's

Global Warming and thus Lower C02

Student( s): David Parsons , John Nolan,


ability to locate sound with both ears in


Conor Waters

Overview: We want to examine the use of

comparison to one ear covered with a

Overview: We plan to examine the

Title: Focus Fuel for a Finer Future

Ireland and summarize the results.

Caroline 0' Connor , Thom Barrett Title: The Disadvantages of the Decimal

Stand no: 4521

'euro cost averaging ' and the use of 30

bluetooth headset whilst driving.

benefits of changing the albedo of urban

Overview: We hope to produce pellets

School: Christ King Girls Sec. School

Student( s): Jessica Mullen , Orla Flynn,

and 50 week moving averages to time

School: Bandon Grammar School

surfaces on the environment in relation

from seaweed and analyze their efficiency

Teacher: Mrs. Laura Mc Namara

System and Possible Alternatives Overview: Our investigation examines the

Shannon Rooney

stockmarket entry.

Teacher: Mr. Edward Gash

to Dublin.

as a fuel source by comparing their

social effects of the Decimal System.

Title: Should We Use Post Codes?

Student( s): Jamie Wall, Peter Murphy,

Also one member is researching

Overview: Are post codes effective - we

School: St. Alibe's School Teacher : Dr. Kieran O'Dwyer

John Kearney

mathematical advantages of other

aim to send a few hundred letters (to

systems such as Babylonian.

Northern Ireland ) and see if ones with

Stand no: 4528

Gary 0' Brien Title: The Sound of Damaged Hearing!

Stand no: 4604

Stand no: 4509

Title: Accuracy In Football Boots

School: Our Lady 's Secondary School -

kilogram calorific values with other

Stand no: 4534


fuel sources.

Student(s): Thomas Carr, Hugh Barlow,

Teacher: Mr. Paul Lonergan

School: Coldiste Cholmain Teacher: Ms. Michelle Howley

Overview: To compare the accuracy of

School: Millstreet Community School

post codes arrive earlier.

Student(s): Noel Kennedy, Colm Reidy,

Teacher: Mr. Shane Guerin

School: St Laurence College

Thomas Brouder

Overview: We propose to establish

Student(s): Roisin Bohan,

Stand no: 4610

different brands of football boots and

Teacher: Mr. Tony McGennis

Title: Does our Tap Water Contain

whether everyday sounds can cause

Emma O'Sullivan , Elaine Connolly

Student(s): Molly Fleming, Katie Twomey,

Medicinal Drugs?

damage to our hearing by measuring

Title: Is Chlorination Bad for the Nation:

Emma Flannagan

noise level in a variety of settings.

Investigating a Cheap, Healthy and

Tite: Silver Nanoparticles - Will the Silver Lining of Fibre Technology affect beneficial

prove whether or not the most expensive boots really are the best boots.

Stand no: 4516

School: Ardscoil Ui Urmoltaigh

Student( s): Tommy Flavin, Dylan

Stand no: 4522

Overview: In our project we will be

Parry-Owen, Arcadi Procopii

Student(s): Gary Carr, Darragh Moriarty,

testing water for the presence of

School: Coldiste An Spioraid Naoimh

Environmentally Friendly Method of

Teacher: Mr. John O'Sullivan

Graham McGrath

medicinal drugs by the experiment of thin

Teacher. Ms. Martina Downes

Removing Chlorine from a Household

Bacteria (biofilms) used in Waste Water

Water Supply

Treatment Plants of Co. Dublin?

Stand no: 4535

Overview: We are investigating a cheap

Overview: Investigate the environmental

Student( s): Diarmuid Hickey, Pattie O'Keeffe, Leah Healy

healthy and environmentally friendly

implications of the release of silver

method of removing chlorine from a

nanoparticles into the aquatic

Title: Does Temperature Affect the Pitch

household water supply and why people

environment specifically focusing on

Title: Flooding in an Urban Area Stand no: 4510

Overview: Our main aim is to investigate

Title: Efficient Numerical Tests of Robin's

layer chromatography.

Student(s): Emma O'Leary,

how urbanisation affects flooding, how

Reformulation of the Riemann Hypothesis

Ashleigh Sheehan , Niamh Murphy

drainage works and how it can be

Overview: The Riemann hypothesis is one

School: Comprehensive School - Listowel Teacher: Mr. Shaun Holly

Title: Using Non-Newtonian Fluid in the

improved to reduce flooding.

of the most famous unsolved problems in

Design of Shock Proof Clothing

School : Gorey Community School

mathematics . We describe numerical tests

Stand no: 4529

of Robin's reformulation of the Riemann

Student(s): Claire O'Hagan, Lauren Power,

of a Concert Flute?

choose to do so.

benign biofilms used in Irish waste

Overview: We are going to use non-

Teacher: Ms. Emmeline Fairweather


Grainne O'Hanlon

Overview: We are testing to see whether

water treatment.

School: Synge Street CBS

I itle: The Damaging Effects of the

temperature affects the pitch of a concert

School: Coldiste Choilm Teacher: Mr. Hugh O'Callaghan

Teacher: Mr. Jim Cooke

Different Types of Earphones

flute which is perfectly tuned at room

overview: We will build a model ear using


Stand no: 4605 Student(s): Rhona Togher, Eimear

newtonian fluid in the design of shock proof clothing so it can be made lighter

Stand no: 4517 Student( s): Aldan Kearney , Louise Vickers,

School: Blackwater Community School

Samantha Vickers

Teacher : Mr. David King

Title: The Weather - Let's Predict!

Stand no: 4523

a sound level meter (datalogging) test

School: Carrigaline Community School

Overview: Comparing archived weather

Student(s): Kieran Fraser, David Walsh,

which types of earphones do the

Teacher: Ms. Maura Carroll

Stand no: 4511

reports and analysing the data using a

Patrick O'Connor

most/least damage.

Student( s): Sipke 0' Shaughnessy,

computer programme we hope to

Tite: The Physics of Trick Shots

School: St Vincent's Secondary School Teacher: Mr. John White

Senior - Group

for Tinnltus Sufferers

O'Carroll, Niamh Chapman Title: The Sound of Silence - An Investigation into Low Frequency Therapy

Eamon Ivri, Daire Healy

investigate if there is a change in our

Overview: We want to investigate the

Title: The Use of Calcium Oxide in

weather patterns.

physics behind snooker trick shots and how they can be applied.

Stand no: 4530

Stand no: 4600

the use of low frequency tones in the

Combating Global Warming

School: Abbey Community College Wicklow

School: Blackwater Community School

Student(s): Mark Cecchetti,

Student( s): Fionn Merz,

alleviation of ringing in your ears.

Overview: We will be investigating the effectiveness , feasibility and safety concerns

Teacher: Ms. Mairead Lennon

Teacher: Mr. David King

Daniel Donelly, Mark Etherington

Arran Mac Gabhann

School: Ursuline College - Sligo

Tale: CSI Castlebar: Forensic Analysis of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Title: Investigation of Superheating

Teacher: Mr. Anthony Carolan

of a recent proposal to add CaO to seawater in order to reduce atmospheric C02.

Overview: Our project will investigate

in Water

School: St Josephs College - Lucan Teacher: Ms. Michelle Dunne

and have more mobility.

Overview: We will analyze the human face and model it using fractal analysis

Stand no: 4525

Stand no: 4519

Overview: The object of our project is to carry out a range of experiments with

brightness of disc galaxies (l enticular or spiral ) and see if it decreases

School: St Vincent's Secondary School

Overview: We will compare the erosion of limestone by rain and de-ionised water.

Teacher : Ms. Sarah Moore

Hannah Dalton

Overview: We will apply the Kolmogorov-


School: Ardscoil Ui Urmoltaigh Teacher: Mr. John O' Sullivan

The seminars, which are presented in association with Lennox Laboratory Supplies Limited, take place in the Merrion Room, which is adjacent to the Teachers' Area on the front balcony of the Main Hall. These presentations, lasting less than 30 minutes

Teacher Seminars

each, will cover a range of interesting topics that are sure to stimulate debate.

Thursday 8th January




Light Fantastic

Philip Harris

Tom Dudman


Toward the SMART Global Classroom

SMART Technologies

James Smith


Seismology in Schools

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Thomas Blake


Forensic Science in the detection of crime

Forensic Science Laboratory

Dr. Eugene Kane



* Thy International Year of Astronomy 2009 is a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union a)id UNESCO ,,to help the citizens of the o'rld rediscover tI eir place in the Universe through the daytalld l,ighi-time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense 6f > vonder-and 'd^covery.



Friday 9th January



Climate Change and the Curriculum

Change Campaign

Joanne Davison


The Risks from Radon gas in Ireland

Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland

David Fenton


Engaging youth through 3D environments and simulation

Northern Ireland Space Office

Robert Hill

How can ComReg websites be used in the classroom?

Commission for Communications Regulation

Therese Hourigan/ Patricia Dowling

Science and Technology in action

Health and Safety Authority


Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies



Play for Health The Development of play in Ireland

Go Play


'The Universe, Yours to Discover'

Fun Physics demos for Junior Cert science

Institute of Physics in Ireland - Teacher Network

Paul Nugent


e- rj

hil issoeiatior^ mah


Saturday 10th January

10:00 12:00

rvatory is the European So Vern pre-eminent intergovernmental science and technology organisation in astronomy. It carries out an ambit sous programmefocused on the design , construction and. operation of powerful grou-based observing facilities for astronomy to enable important scientific discoveries. Created in 1962' ESO is supported by thirteen member states : Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland , France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands , Portugal, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland and the United Kingdom . Whilst the headquarters are located in Germany,

The title, 'The Universe, Yours to Discover' is the slogan for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. This incredible 3-D presentation will take you on a fascinating visual tour across time and space to discover and explore the universe of the modern astronomer. You will learn of the discoveries of Galileo Galilei observing the sky through his telescope and find out how mankind is using massive ground based and space based telescopes and spacecraft to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. Leaving Earth, you will tour the Solar System, cross the Milky Way and even witness the birth and death of stars. The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will be the first time ever that this unique show has been delivered to the

ESO operates three observational sites in the Chilean Atacama desert , ESO is also currently engaged in design studies for a 42-m Extremely Large Telescope. It employs around 600 staff members.


public and it is sure to prove to be a very popular attraction for anyone that has ever looked up and asked the questions'How big?, How old, How far? and 'Are we alone?'

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies was established in 19' to promote research at the frontiers of knowledge ; it has operate unsink Observatory since 1947, where it is currently expanding LENNOX Lennox Laboratory Supplies Ltd. John F. Kennedy Drive,

ublic outreach activities , and is proud to support'The Universe, Tel. 01 4552201 Fox. 014507906

)iscover' interactive 3-D presentation. M


Timetable of daily shows

DALE TREADWELL and NATURALLY WILD are available for school visits and weekend workshops throughout the year with quirky, activity-based presentations.

The Primary Science Fair 2009 is sponsored by the Health and Safety Authority. Up to 100 projects will be on show from Primary Schools across the country over the three days of the Exhibition. The Fair reflects the broad and balanced primary

11.00 a.m.

Titan the Robot

12 noon

Dr. Zerulla and the Globe of Death

1.00 P.M.

The Magic of Maths

2.00 p.m.

Titan the Robot

3.00 p.m.

Dr. Zerulla and the Globe of Death

science curriculum and this year's participants have been encouraged to think about safety as it relates to their projects. The initiative forms part of a wider Dale Treadwell Naturally Wild mobile: 087 977 8803 office: 044 9379887 'Gum Tree Cottage', Carr 's Cross, Colehill, Kinnegad, Co. Meath

Unique Sponsorship Opportunity for Bloom'09. For more info, see:

strategy which is targeting safety programmes at younger workers and workers of the future. Prizes will be awarded to the pupils and teachers. A Special Primary Science Awards Ceremony will take place daily in Screen 3D at 1.30p. m. and will be preceded with a science show from W5. The Primary Science Fair forms an integral part of

Titan the

*There will be an additional show on Saturday 10th January at 4.00 p.m. T.B.C. N. B. This programme is subject to change.

Titan made its debut appearance at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in 2006 and was an immediate hit with young and old alike, drawing huge audiences to the BT Arena. Titan is transported around the Arena on a docking station driven by the Man in Black. After some adjustments to the controls, the Man in Black 'fires up' the equipment and brings Titan to life - much to the shock of the audience around! This performance is not to be missed . Seeing is believing!

I Ii 5/1 I/m^U11• ■ M IIUUNSRIRU

IRR ■ IMF, 77, ICIRRL ^NR*t it■■ 1110900,11 Ron N.yf

"Emus Vi all Al 4 j k;^s^ ■ Rlr >> f ti11M Boost iR(li lMll !■ Ill , j;j l+itl iifl ERR ' iRIM!!^i IP R SRN, rp ,I3i l Sllll lllh4^liliill^^R [1l;®/, ,^t o ti :ttor All .r1/ Ilr: r'a

the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. Whilst not part of the competition itself, The Primary Science Fair encourages younger students to think about science in practical and fun ways and gives them their first experience of exhibiting at a


major event.


Teen Play Zone


".Edi.ll ■ ISR IBtMrVi7,. ' .

t 3I UlSI


- a study of centrifugal forces

t4AI4/ Lij:

In association with


The Go Play Teen Zone will challenge your wits as well

Dr Dominic Zerulla from University College Dublin, offers an interesting and entertaining insight into centrifugal forces.

as physical capabilities with cutting edge technology

According to Dr. Zerulla, in classical mechanics, centrifugal

designed for outdoor spaces. Ireland's first opportunity

force is an outward force associated with rotation. It is one of

to try out the most up -to-date play equipment. ICON

several so-called pseudo-forces, so named because, unlike real

combines electronic gaming , sport and interaction in

forces, centrifugal forces do not originate in interactions with

games such as Speed Chaser, Tug of Time, 4 Corners and

Andrew Jeffrey is a one-off! Both a professional magician and

Marble Drop . Scale to new heights into the Galaxy and

a teacher, his shows have been described as high-energy,

learn the skill of BLOQXing today. Don't miss this stand.

motivating and inspirational. Andrew lectures and performs all over Europe to teachers and students alike. His performance

Leave your mark and join your friends in a team

at Young Scientist 2009 is based on his'Magic of Maths'

competition where you can win valuable prizes.

show, which is aimed at impressing upon students the beauty

and amazement of mathematics, using magic as a vehicle. He guarantees to offer clear positive motivational messages along the way. Don't expect to just sit there watching; the shows are interactive, so you might just end up on stage!




other bodies situated in the environment of the particle upon which they act. In spite of the relative simplicity of the effect, centrifugal forces play an important role at the forefront of technology including investigating planetary and solar system rotation, the production of advanced materials in nanotechnology and the separation of chemicals and drugs in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The ultimate demonstration of centrifugal forces in action takes place when Dr. Zerulla introduces 'The Globe of Death'. Three motor cyclists enter this 16 foot steel sphere and amazingly defy gravity when they loop the loop!


RSCI"'-angth chxmcasnmra< Stand 6



For the 5th year running, join the robots in the Big Top for the Annual International Robots of Destruction Heavyweight Championships. This year, we have found the biggest, toughest and baddest battling robots to fight it out in head to head matches to the death. 20 robots go in, only one comes out to be crowned champion Robot

iCHexapod'is an insect like robot that responds to and recognises the human beings it encounters. iC is always oolong for new people to meet and when it comes across a human face ittd!lilock on, track and respond ®hsmovements. It also remembers the humans it encounters by taking a photo andpublishing It directl from Its hexapod brain to its own personal hexapod blog at wwwhexapodrobotcomRc/

of Destruction.

Stand 1 The role of the Patents Office is to provide an efficient and effective system of industrial property protection that will encourage technological progress and promote enterprise through the implementation by the Office of the relevant legislation. This is to be achieved through the protection of industrial property rights in the fields of patents, trade marks and designs, and the dissemination of relevant information in conjunction with each of these activities.

This year's robots are so deadly that the fully enclosed ROD battle arena has had to be re-enforced and is now quite literally, bullet-proof! Will Defending champion Iron

4 Mensa law -_

supported by

Stand 2 Irish Mensa will, as usual, have puzzle pages forthe contestants who are exhibiting. They will also have tests that can he taken at home to check your IQ and, possibly, find out if you might qualify for Mensa membership. There are approximately 1,200 members in Irish Mensa and IM will be happy to welcome some more.

Awe 5 hold its title or will it be hammered by newcomer Thor or Irish bot Stan?

Bring it on!! Don't forget to bring your ear defenders for the frenzy of noise during finally beat the undefeated girl's in this year's Heavyweight Robot Rumble? Once inside the World of Robots, watch out for the Daleks and other Mechanoids, they could attack at any time! There will be lots of mayhem, lots of noise, lots of fun and lots of robots in BT's World of Robots.


3.00p.m. 4.00p.m.

Stand 3

Stand 4 The Irish Science Teachers' Association is the largest subject association in the country. It was founded in 1961 and has 1200 members from all sectors

SMART Technologies invented the touch-sensitive SMART Board interactive whiteboard in 1991. It was just the first of many innovative, easy-to-use products that have earned SMART worldwide recognition and made it the undisputed global leader in the interactive whiteboard product category. Its strategic alliance with Intel® Corporation and strong commitment to research and development has accelerated SMART's growing line of technology solutions. Thanks to their simplicity and powerful ability to connect people, SMART products have put collaboration and learning at the fingertips of millions around the world. Success with technology integration starts with high-quality, easy-to-use products and access to a diverse collection of digital content and resources that make using the products more enjoyable and efficient. You also need friendly, helpful technical support when you have questions. And, it's really valuable when you can connect with other educators - especially a large and engaged community of teachers who use the same products as you do and are eager to share their insights and experiences. So at SMART we bring you easy to use products, top class educational content and resources, teacher professional development and outstanding service and support together in one platform that can grow and scale from one classroom to an entire country. Come and visit us on stand 9 for more information or our try our website at

of education. The ISTA functions as a body dedicated to the professional development of its members and the advancement of science teaching. The ISTA maintains links with other bodies involved in science education in Ireland and associations for science education in other countries.

Irish Univer^mi promoting'

colaiste Dhulaigh w;n Stand 5

eco theatre Here are some of the topics:

The EcoTheatre is sponsored this year by



The Change campaign is a vital part of Ireland's plan of action on climate change. Change can only be achieved through partnerships and working together to make the important changes that are needed to help reduce the impacts of climate change. Come along and find out what you can do in your world to help reduce the carbon number in your personal life, school and home. You will also have the chance to ask those climate change questions that you have been wondering about! There will be up to eight presentations per day in over the three days of the the Exhibition.

NOWHERE TO GO - successful outdoor spaces for young people Reducing Poverty, Renewing the Environment with the Award Winning Fuel Efficient Stove in Africa

Tipperary Institute is a dynamic third level Institute with campuses in Thurles and Clonmel. HETAC accredited Honours Degrees are offered across a wide variety of areas including Business, Accounting and Finance, Computing, Games Design & Development, Software Development, Creative Multimedia, Information Technology Support, Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Social and Community Studies. TI's stand at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition will feature exhibits on the Science of Computer Games. Stand visitors will have the opportunity to meet TI lecturers to discuss career choices in the area of science and technology. Call to the stand and meetTI's Student Ambassadors who will be providing games demonstrations throughout the event. The games demos are always a popular activity and will feature the XNA Ireland Challenge, Robocode Ireland, SchoolBots and student portfolio demonstrations. Technology exploration workshops are also planned. So make sure to visit the TI stand in the Industries Hall and check out the science behind computer game development for yourself!




Stand 7

4)' safe food safefood is an all-island agency set up to improve food safety and nutrition by fostering and maintaining confidence in the food supply. We are inviting teachers to try out safefood's new educational resources which will be showcased at our stand during the exhibition. 'safefood' for life is our post primary interactive resource, designed to give students an understanding of the sources and risks of food poisoning and acquire a recognised qualification and lifelong skills in food safety and hygiene through visually stimulating screens. 'Taste Buds' is our new fun, interactive primary school resource designed to help children enjoy learning about the origins and production of food and the importance of eating a balanced diet. For further information please visit our new web site or contact our helpline NI 0800 085 1683, ROl 1850 40 4567

the sound activated heavyweight boxing robots' fist fights. Will the boy's robot




Maybe the #2 seed, Pressure will show Iron Awe 5 just what "pressure" means.


The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business, our activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemistry to the public. We support the teaching of chemistry within the primary, secondary and post-16 phases. Our resources and materials are sent free to schools and colleges in the UK and Ireland. We encourage initiatives to attract students to the chemical sciences from all parts of society and raise awareness of potential careers. An advisory service and a variety of careers publications for students, parents and teachers are available. Visit us at stand 20 or contact


Colaiste Dhulaigh College of Further Education is a dynamic further education college with four campuses located in Coolock, Raheny, Killbarrack and Malahide in Dublin. Colaiste Dhulaigh College of Further Education provides programmes delivered by a team of tutors dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and learning in a caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere. We provide courses at a variety of different qualification levels including FETAC level 5 and level 6, Higher National Diploma (HND) and B.A. Honours. At Colaiste Dhulaigh College of Further Education you can study Medical Laboratory Science, Pre-University Science, Preliminary Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Systems Technician, Health Science (Pre-Nursing), Health Science (Physiology and Sport) and Architectural Technology. Our courses provide an alternative route for obtaining a qualification in science and technology to the traditional points system. Our wide range of qualifications and links allow students to progress (with advanced entry in many cases) to complete degrees in Universities and Institutes of Technology in Ireland and in the U.K. Students can also use their qualifications to gain employment. Call to the Colaiste Dhulaigh exhibition stand (Stand No. 5) in the Industries Hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet our staff and student ambassadors to discuss career choices and the opportunities that exist in the area of Science and Technology.

2 Munr Keating

Young Environmentalists in Action!


New ways to catch some rays : Advances in Materials and Devices for Solar Energy Conversion

SFI Strategic Research Cluster in Solar Energy Conversion, UCD Dublin

Burying carbon

Geological Survey of Ireland

Between stands 5 & 6 The Marie Keating Foundation has been established primarily to provide Breast Cancer Information and Awareness free of charge to the general public throughout the Republic of Ireland through three Mobile Cancer Information Units based in the Eastern, Western and Southern regions of Ireland

ucc ocu -,_


Stands 10 - 17 Irish Universities Promoting Science. Do you want to access a wide range of information about science on just one website? The science faculties or their equivalent of the seven Irish Universities have developed www.universityscience.iewhich will save you hours researching Irish Universities - science programmes available, career and research opportunities along with lots of other information on science. Come visit our stands to see science in action!

10P Institute of Physics In Ireland Stand 18 Everything you ever wanted to know but didn't dare to ask! Get the'WOW' factor at the Institute of Physics stand no 18 with spectacular light, sound and energy demonstrations. Demos include; high temperature superconductors using liquid nitrogen, fuel cell miniature cars, burning sound waves, holograms, laser optics, fibre-optic spectroscopy, pulse oximeter, endoscopes, van de Graaf generator, a spectrograph with a mercury light source and much more. Demonstrators are on standby to explain everything (from physics departments atTCD, DCU, DIT, NUIM, UCD, NUIG, QUB, UCC and UL). The Institute of Physics is a scientific membership organisation devoted to increasing the understanding and application of physics. It has an extensive world wide membership (currently over 34,000) and is a leading communicator of physics with all audiences from specialists through government to the general public. Its publishing company, Institute of Physics Publishing, is a world leader in scientific publishing and the electronic dissemination of physics. The Institute of Physics in Ireland has over 1700 members. Career opportunities, physics course information, lectures and much more all available at

nor°"` Stand 19 The Irish Centre for Talented Youth ( CTYI) runs Saturday , Wednesday and Summer programmes , correspondence courses and special events for high ability students aged between 6-16 years old in Dublin City University and other centres nationwide. To find out more about these courses please email : or

Tel: 01 7005 63 4

Down Syndrome Ireland

education executive to promote science across the education sector, encouraging liaison between our member companies and their local schools. Visit our stand to avail of a variety of free science based resources for students and teachers.

Stand 20 Teachers, check out our stand in the Industries Hall and get your free teacher pack! Students, come and enter our competition for a fantastic prize! Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) tries to ensure that all individuals with Down Syndrome receive the support that will give them a future where their talents, skills and abilities are developed to the fullest. DSI encourages the development of inclusion in main stream education. Every year an increasing number of young students with Down Syndrome are progressing to 2nd level education. Attendance at this wonderful event is an opportunity for DSI to raise awareness and promote a positive attitude towards Down Syndrome. National Helpline Number: 1890 374 374


0 Stand 21 Come along to the HP "Freedom is in the Air" Wifi printing area where we will have a stand demonstrating live wireless printing in action. Visitors can experience just how easy it is to bring wireless printing to life. The following wireless printers will be demonstrated at the HP stand: HP PhotosmartC4580 All in One Printer, Scanner, and Copier-Easily connect to your wireless network and print from multiple PC's or notebooks. HP Photosmart C8180 All in One Printer, Scanner, and Copier-Offers the highest technology from the HP Photosmart Range- innovative photo features, fastest print speeds and built in wireless that allows you to share the performance across your network-enabled PC's or notebooks. Snapfish by HP Snapfish offers free, unlimited storage and online sharing of your photos high quality prints of your digital photos, as well as great photo gifts; from mugs and mouse mats to posters and photobooks. All visitors to the HP stand will receive a free collage poster in which you can showcase up to 30 photos. Personalise with a title and choose from up to 14 different background colours to really make the poster your own. Visit the HP stand for more details and to receive your voucher to claim your free collage poster.

I BT^^

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is an event like no other! BT is proud to both organise and sponsor this fantastic event which gives students from all over Ireland the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in the science & technology arena. With the highest ever number of entries, the 2009 exhibition is set to be the most exciting year to date and BT have stepped up our game to provide our most exciting and interactive exhibition stand ever! The BT stand will be on display in the industries hall between Thursday 8th and Saturday 10th of January and will showcase our latest innovations as well illustrate BT's ongoing commitment to our corporate responsibilities.

n Irish Blood 'J Transfusion Service

Stand 22a Finding out about blood donation has never been easier! Students come visit our stands where IBTS scientists are on hand to let you in on some interesting facts about blood and demonstrate some amazing experiments. Lots of giveaways daily!



BT has brought you up to 24Mb* Broadband and we want everyone to PLAY!

Since 1996 we have reduced our BT's carbon footprint by 58%. challenge now is to achieve an 80% reduction in C02 intensity worldwide by 2020 . To achieve this we need your help & this year we have installed a dedicated "Pledge Wall" on our BT stand.

The Play wall at the BT stand will showcase how online gaming can be brought to life through BT's up to 24Mb* Broadband and we have enlisted the help of PlayStation速 to make this happen.

Did you know? Giving blood saves lives.1 in 4 people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lifetime because they are undergoing surgery, recovering from cancer or have been in a serious accident. The Irish Blood Transfusion Service is always looking to sign up new blood donors. Check out or text blood to 53377. Find us on Bebo:

P ROSPER Save time , money and effort with BT Business and Green IT.

Commun'om RryNxlan

Stand 22b The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) is the statutory body responsible forthe regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting transmission) and the postal sector. We are the national regulatory authority for these sectors in accordance with EU law which is subsequently transposed into Irish legislation. Our remit covers all kinds of transmission networks including: Traditional telephone wire Traditional television and radio Radio Communications including fixed wireless MMDS and deflector operators providing TV services Mobile operators providing voice and data services Licensing Framework for Satellite Services in Ireland Postal delivery network Our activities are geared to operators and business & residential users of communications services. Visit ComReg's stand to find out more about use of the radio spectrum in Ireland, to experience live demonstrations and to get advice from our Consumer Team on telecommunications issues.

BT Networks provide security, resilience and peace of mind. Our Prosper wall at the BT stand i will show how solutions from BT can help businesses in Ireland toy utilise communication resources, make more efficient use of time So check out the BT stand, where an exclusive BT Young Scientist level has been created in Playstation速3's Little Big Planet gamer"". What are you waiting for... see how BT's up to 24Mb* Broadband can change online gaming forever!

The Pledge wall will give everyone who visits the BT Young Scientist & the Exhibition Technology opportunity to commit to change one small thing in their lives to help the environment. So come visit us and get pledging!

and money & emissions.


reduce carbon


Stand 23 The Health and Safety Authority is responsible for securing health and safety at work. Young people are 50% more likely to be injured at work than older people and in Ireland and approximately 60% of 15-18 year olds already work through part-time and summerjobs. Visit the HSA stand and check out what programmes and materials are available to teachers and students on safety in the workplace.

Our business experts are availabl throughout the exhibition to tall you through any of our solutions So visit us and see how BT coul be helping your business today!


Stand 24

"Service is dependant on survey, compatibility and availability. Actual speed is subject to distance from the exchange and line quality. BT will provide the maximum broadband speed that the customer's phone line can support. Up to 24Mb available in certain areas, see In all other areas up to 7.6Mb is available.


PharmaChemical Ireland is the trade association for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing industry within Ireland. PharmaChemical Ireland employs a full-time

Stand 25 The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is tasked with improving safety on our roads in order to reduce death and injury resulting from road collisions. We would love you to come along to our stand where you can try out our new motorbike simulator, test your reaction time when stopping a vehicle and take the "Theory Test" challenge where you will be in with the chance to win fantastic prizes including an XBOX. Our friendly staff are waiting to answer any question that you have on road safety so don't delay make your may over to Stand 26. The Garda Road Safety Unit is available to Schools, Colleges, Community groups, Industry etc to promote Road Safety. We offer a 1.5 hour Power point presentation on Road Safety entitled "It won't happen to me" and it deals with such issues as Speeding, Drink Driving, Seatbelts, Y.M.D. (Young Male Drivers), Driver Fatigue etc. It also contains Road Safety videos and Garda camera car footage and is uniquely presented in a shock/ humourous manner. We also attend events such as the Young Scientist, Various Motor and Motorcycle shows to offer Road Safety advice and information.

RTE Stand 26 RTE, Ireland's Public Service Broadcaster, is bringing a host of activities to the RDS for the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2009. This year we have a custom-made RTE Weather studio where you can see a live weather bulletin, become a 'Weather Wannabe' making your very own bulletin, or experience the magic of the blue screen in 'Share the Screen with the Stars'. We'!! also be broadcasting some of our popular radio programmes and introducing some of our new talent on the RTE Digital Radio stations. RTE's news2daywill be searching for an up and coming talent to be a reporter for a day and well-known presenters from RTE Young Peoples will be filming at the event too. You'll be able to catch all the action live on the webcam. So whether you want to try your hand at broadcasting or meet some of RTE's famous faces and voices, join us at the RTE stand.

int I Stand 27 The Intel stand showcases a variety of education programmes which Intel is driving in both in Ireland and abroad. A selection of programmable robots can be seen and kids can try some simple programming for themselves., Intel's award winning education portal will be on-line providing access to a variety offree educational resources. Nanoscience - the exciting new science of building and synthesizing at the atomic scale will be explained. This year the stand also includes a section on Intel's SciFest - a regional science fair for second level students held in institutes of Technology around the country. And lots more! The stand promises to be a fun learning experience that will capture the imagination of the whole family.


sfl Stand 28 Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is investing in academic researchers and research teams who are most likely to generate new knowledge, leading edge technologies and competitive enterprises. SFI's award programmes include the SFI/Dell Scholarship - Young Women in Engineering. In addition, the SFI Speakers for Schools programme facilitates visits by SFI supported researchers to secondary and primary schools.

Prim-Ed www pnm.ed corn Stand 29 Promethean are a global leader and innovator in interactive learning technology that helps teachers to engage, educate, assess and motivate learners. Developed by and for educational professionals, our products help teachers to prepare digital lessons quickly and easily. The Promethean Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in schools and teacher education centres in Ireland. The ACTIVboard +2 is more than simply an Interactive Whiteboard; it's a complete learning solution that's been designed by teachers to fulfil every classrooms requirements. Impressive audio and visual enhancements breathe life into lessons, taking learning to a new level and affording instant understanding and endless opportunities. You will see the Promethean Interactive Whiteboards in the Main Hall ofthe exhibltion...please use these to find all the information you need about The Young Scientist Exhibition. Come and visit us at stand 29 and see our wide price range of Promethean Interactive Whiteboards-with unbeatable software and a height-adjustable board-so you can move the board to suit the height of the user-at any time! Prim-Ed Publishing is committed to providing tailor-made educational products by teachers for teachers. With over 800 titles available, Prim-Ed is the one-stop shop for all your teaching resources. From posters to workbooks and software to copymasters, Prim-Ed are always top of the class. Come visit us at stand 29 to view our wide range of new resources in the areas of Maths, Science, Writing, Posters and our exciting new Interactive Literacy Software.

BTIth Stand 30 BT's exhibition stand will be our most interactive & exciting ever! We will be showcasing BT's up to 24Mb Broadband* and have even created our very own BT Young Scientist level in Playstation®3's Little Big Planet game."! So come visit us and experience 24Mb Broadband* for yourself!

*Service is dependant on survey, compatibility and availability. Actual speed is subject to distance from the exchange and line quality . BT will provide the maximum broadband speed that the customer 's phone line can support . Up to 24Mb available in certain areas , see www.btireland .ie/24Mb. In all other areas up to 7.6Mb is available.

DIsC4ver Stand 31 Discover Science & Engineering presents Engineering Energy at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2009. Our partners this year include STEPS to engineering, the Science Gallery and T4 - the Technology Subjects Support Service. Come to the Engineering Energy House to see some of the Energy Challenges we face and how

prize on the Bike Challenge. Things get interesting in Luminous Lane where darkness and light combine in spectacular fashion. Or take a trip down Laser Alley avoiding breaking the lasers to win some fabulous prizes. We will also be stirring up a storm with our Tornado demo!

V , Bk1SCH S l.ll11B gG( cau usr

eco (zone rrrecm^

Stand 1

Stand 33

Waterford Science Region Discover the wonders of science, the ingenuity of engineering and the magic of maths in a fun and interactive way at the Waterford stand. Investigate the challenge of climate change where we'll be giving out tree-mendous broadleaf trees sponsored by Coillte. Explore Evolution, learn about the workings of the eye, meet Bengy the robot and solve some fun maths puzzles. Waterford Institute of Technology -WIT- is working with local authorities, schools and industry to create a science region in the Southeast where science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are celebrated. Coordinated by WIT's centre for promotion of STEM, CALMAST in partnership with leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies Bausch & Lomb, Genzyme and Teva, the stand presents all areas of STEM in an accessible and interactive manner.

Engineering is providing solutions.

• STEPS to engineering will be available to discuss careers in engineering and science • Make models on wind and marine turbines in the KNEX Workshop

The Tree Council of Ireland is a voluntary non-governmental organisation comprising over 50 groups, all with a common appreciation of trees. It was formed in 1985 to create an awareness of our tree heritage and to promote the planting, care and conservation of trees and woodlands. From very small beginnings, the Tree Council has endeavoured to get across its message in a variety of ways. These include events for school children and the wider public, which enable them to understand and enjoy the benefits of trees and forestry.

Stand la The W5 stand will be full of interactive fun, investigating chemical reactions, Newton's Laws of Motion and gyroscopic forces. We'll discover why the moon stays in the sky and throw in some rocket science to boot!

• Our Discover Primary Science team will be on hand with demonstrations of their activities.

BT Arena.

ANALOG DEVICES Stand 32 At the Analog Devices stand we aim to open your mind to the fun, interesting and downright weird applications of science and technology in everyday life. Play the Wii and find out how Analog Devices make the controllers work. Test your hand-to-eye coordination guiding a 3-axis robot on the Magnetic Grabber or pedal your way to a

epa Exit Industries Hall Robinsons continually strives to raise awareness on the importance of hydration to parents and children. As the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is a very busy time for students, it is important for them to stay hydrated during the exhibition. Robinsons Fruit Shoot H2O is a Still Spring Water with Natural Fruit Flavours. It has no added sugar, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours making it a great option for children. Did you know that if you are thirsty it means that you are already dehydrated! Be sure to look out for the Robinsons Hydration Team, who will at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2009 from Thursday, 8th to Saturday, 10th January. They will be distributing Robinsons Hydration Packs with samples of Robinsons Fruit Shoot H2O and hydration information to ensure all the budding young scientists stay hydrated throughout the exhibition.

The Environmental Protection Agency protects the environment for everyone in the country. We regulate and police activitiedthat might otherwise cause pollution. We ensure there is solid information on environmental trends so that necessary actions are taken. Our priorities are protecting the Irish environment and ensuring that development is sustainable. Come and visit our 'Waste Reduction' exhibition to find out what you can do to reduce your waste, thereby reducing your impact on the environment.

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Wyeth Since 1974, Wyeth has created over 3, 000 jobs and has invested Wyeth Biotech One of the world's largest Biotech Plants.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals,


Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland

Employs 550 people.

r-1) Self Help LJ Africa

Stand 6 Irish Aid is the Irish Government's programme of overseas assistance to developing countries. In 2008 Ireland spent €899 million helping some of the world's poorest people in the world's poorest countries. Ireland is now the sixth largest aid donor in the world in per capita terms. Visit the Irish Aid stand where you can learn more about the work of the Irish Aid programme and discover the valuable role science can play in development. Self Help Development is an Irish Development agency, working in five countries in eastern Africa, which was founded in 1984 in response to the Ethiopian famine of that year. Self Help works by helping people to help themselves. Innovative and appropriate technologies and techniques are employed by Self Help's African staff, who work in partnership with communities and government agencies to create a

real and lasting change

Consumer Healthcare and SMA Nutrition Sales , Marketing and Full Medical Support for a wide portfolio of Wyeth Pharmaceutical and SMA Infant Nutritional Products.

One of the world's largest Nutritional Plants. Manufactures SMA Baby Milk.

Challenge yourself at the Human Power Station. To get an idea of how much electricity we use in our everyday lives why not challenge yourself to pedal on our Human Power Station and see how much power you can provide. The Human Power Station gives us ideas of the differences in power needed to get LED lights, halogen light, or a radio. Compare this to the amount of electricity we use each day to power appliances and lights in our homes and schools. How to win some great prizes - find out about our secondary schools photo competition. See some of last year's winning photos.

171rish Aid .,.. ^.an.^„tt•.

Employs 1 , 100 people.

Employs 100 people.

Stand 9 Foras na Gaeilge is the All Island body for the promotion of the Irish language. Foras na Gaeilge has a role in advising administrations, North and South, as well as public bodies and other groups in the private and voluntary sectors in all matters relating to the Irish language. They also undertake supportive projects and grant-aid bodies and groups throughout the island of Ireland. Foras Na Gaeilge aims to promote the use of Irish as a living language, not just for the classroom.

'The Science of Cookery' - While cookery has always been a science, the application of physics and chemistry is gaining more and more importance in the world of chefs. The most well-known and awarded chefs of today lean heavily on science to bring innovation to their dishes - creating unusual sauces, emulsions and foams, experimenting with the use of savoury ingredients in desserts and sweet ingredients in mains, and also simply examining the exact conditions to cook meat to perfection. There has even been a scientific discipline named: 'molecular gastronomy', defined as the application of scientific principles to the understanding and improvement of small-scale food preparation. Understanding the chemistry of flavour, the denaturing of food and the structure of food molecules all contribute to the success of a food business (tasty food)). Why add salt to water? Why can't I taste food when I have a cold? Why does roast chicken smell so good? The answer lies in the chemistry and science of cookery. Visit 'The Science of Cookery' by Failte Ireland to see a range of experiments and demonstrations, taking place throughout the day. These will include the work of organaleptic receptors (the role of smell in taste), the work of enzymes and the science of ice-cream. Failte Ireland is the National Tourist Development Authority - the government agency that provides support to develop and sustain Ireland as a high quality tourist destination. Part of Failte Ireland's responsibility within this remit is to help ensure that there are enough motivated, skilled people entering the tourist industry to meet its staff needs. Third level courses in the various areas of tourism can be taken at Skills Training Centres, Colleges of Further Education and Institutes of Technology throughout Ireland. People in Tourism at Failte Ireland: 1850 256 256.

Stand 4,5

Leading the Way to a Healthier Ireland

Fort Dodge Animal Health

;ti Foras na Gaeilge

Stand 11a

Stand 2

ENFO is the "one stop shop" environmental information service. It aims to provide easy access for everyone seeking information on all aspects of the environment and sustainable development. Its drop in library/exhibition centre is located at 17 St. Andrew Street, Dublin 2.

over €3 billion in Ireland

The Health Research Board is the lead agency funding all aspects of health research in Ireland. Health research has the potential to transform people's lives and -change the way they are cared for. As well as funding exciting research projects and the equipment to do health research, the Health Research Board supports people to do a wide variety of research linked to health care. HRB funded researchers work in fields as diverse as preventing cancer and understanding how the brain works to understanding how a hospital could operate more efficiently or how changes in the population will impact the may health services are provided.

of 74 Failte Ireland

• Join the T4 group and find out how they control their robots. • The Science Gallery is going Nuclear this year and you can have your say! Should Ireland go Nuclear? Find out the pros and cons and cast your vote. The DSE Workshops will take place on the Balcony of the Main Hall but bookings will be taken at our Reception Desk in the garden of the Engineering Energy House. Discover Science & Engineering is also sponsoring the Globe of Death Show in the

Stand 8

Wyeth Medica Ireland One of Europe ' s largest Tablet Manufacturing and Finishing Plants.

Employs 1,400 people.

gol Ill- 0 Stand 7 ECO-UNESCO is Ireland's environmental education and youth organisation, affiliated to the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations. The organisation runs various exciting environmental education programmes aimed at young people, loaders and teachers.

The Forensic Science Laboratory

Stand 11b Forensic science is one of the best practical applications of many branches of science. The core purpose being to solve crime. The laboratory uses many chemical and biological techniques such as Gas Chromatography-Mass-Spectrometry, mainly in the drug area, Refractive index measurement of glass in burglary and traffic accident cases, Infra red spectrometry in paint and fibre cases such as armed robbery, Biological analysis in sexual assault cases and DNA analysis in blood, hair and body fluid mention just a few. In addition there is an increasing emphasis on computer/mobile phone analysis in the forensic laboratory. The popularity of CSI type programmes has greatly increased the awareness and interest of both students and adults in the area of forensic science. At our stand visitors will get an opportunity to meet staff from the Forensic Science Laboratory and find out if the CSI programme resembles the real life of a forensic scientist. Some video/DVD presentations will showcase some forensic science cases and visitors may get an opportunity to examine some evidence types.







supported by

. ,.,,,....

Stand 11c Dublin Zoo is about education, conservation and study. The Zoo has a year round education calendar, which offers a range of curriculum based programmes for all levels (pre-school, primary and second level). Our education programmes are adapted to meet the needs of the student and we cater for all age categories. As a Discover Science centre the education programmes offered at the Zoo aim to encourage students to appreciate their surroundings and develop a greater respect for the global environment. Our Learning & Discovery centre offers 'hands-on'teaching sessions to further enhance the educational experience and offers a unique dimension to the school curriculum. See our 'Bugs & Beasties' at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition where children can examine close-up some of these interesting animals! Further information is available from the Education Department, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8. Tel: * 353 14748932 or email:

Stand 12 Naturally Wild provides environmental educational services to schools, community youth groups and shows and exhibitions. Naturally Wild is fronted by Dale Treadwell, an Aussie with a background in Bushland Restoration now living in Ireland for nearly a decade. The aim of Naturally Wild is to educate in a fun and informative may which will capture the imagination of both old and young alike. The Naturally Wild Roadshow 'Life in Your Own Garden' is a must see for Primary and Secondary Level Students, areas of curriculum covering food webs, water cycles, identification of mini beasts and schoolyard plants using keys. Presentations are aimed at all age groups from infants to Leaving Certificate Ecology & Biology level. In 2007 Dale and colleagues designed and built the AIB Naturally Wild Playground feature at the inaugural Bloom Garden Festival and have a new plan afoot 'Gondwanaland ' highlighting the plants during the time of the Dinosaurs . Contact dale @ naturallywild or mobile 087 9778803

Class Seminars directed at Third and Fourth Level Institutes in Ireland featuring world-class researchers with expertise in global health and development. Led by the Department of Anthropology and the Institute of Immunology of NUIM, the Consortium was awarded €1.44 million from Irish Aid under the Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes, 2007-2011.

Stand 19 Astronomy Ireland is the National Astronomy Society whose primary role is the promotion and encouragement of interest in Astronomy and Space Sciences. It pursues this goal through education and outreach programs, nationwide public watches and events, lectures, exhibitions, website and its monthly magazine Astronomy & Space. It has thousands of members all over Ireland both North and South of the border. The stand will have information on Astronomy Ireland and the events it organises as well as information on where to study astronomy in Ireland.

It Stand 13 Camara is a registered charity that refurbishes Irish computers and then supplies full computer labs to schools in Africa. Camara equips the computers with educational software and provides extensive teacher programs to their hubs and the schools they are involved in.



Fresh Film Festival: March 23rd-26th 2009, Limerick. Venues: TBC Stand 13a Fresh Film Festival is the preeminant showcasing body for the work of filmmakers between the ages of 7 and 18 years in Ireland. Coming into its 12th year, the festival takes place annually in Limerick. Fresh hosts the Ireland's Young Filmmaker Awards while encouraging critical engagement through its educational features programme, production through its workshop programme and development through the screening of young people's work and by staging regular forums. The call for entries is now on for festival 2009 so take the opportunity to see what Fresh is all about, what kind of films young people in Ireland are making and to pick up your entry pack. For more details please call 061319555 or e-mail us on

Vita'* Stand 14 Vita is an Irish international development agency established in 1989. Vita partners with communities in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya to make a real impact in poverty reduction and environmental renewal. Vita is launching the Schools for Vita Challenge in January 2009. Three winning schools will each have the opportunity to send two students plus a teacher on an expenses paid trip to Ethiopia to learn about the challenges facing Ethiopia's people. Full details and registration available at and at our stand. Primary School Teachers - visit our stand to register for our Buy a Miracle Tree campaign. You will receive an imaginative, easy to teach resource pack for your class that will inform your pupils about the Moringa (miracle) Tree and how it helps the lives of poor families in Africa.

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Stand 15, A sound understanding of Planet Earth - how it was formed and how it works - helps to improve peoples' lives. The study of Planet Earth is known as Geology. It mainly involves the study of rocks, as well as making maps of what lies beneath the ground. Geology impacts on our lives in many ways: it helps us understand climate change and how to protect the water that we drink. Our homes are normally made from concrete and stone and are heated by oil or gas, turf or coal; the roads and bridges we travel on are made from concrete, stone and tar and the jewellery we wear contains gemstones for sparkle and beauty! All of these are the natural resources of Planet Earth. This exhibit attempts to show the importance and relevance of geology and geologists, what Planet Earth is all about, how it can be protected and how it impacts on YOU! It includes a rock display, a seismometer that shows how earthquakes are detected and measured, schools competitions and much, much more.

ild Gaisce' the President's Award

Stand 18a The President's Award is Ireland's National Challenge Award, the country's most prestigious and respected individual award programme, and a challenge from the President of Ireland, to young people between 15 and 25 years of age.

Stand 20 Friends of Londiani is a young Irish charity working in Kenya with rural communities. FOL has worked with Irish volunteers and local people in villages around Londiani for over 6 years. The aim of this registered charity is to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals through water, health and education projects. In Ireland FOL has a schools development education programme which links with the CSPE curriculum. For further details check out


-l ^

Stand 21 Welcome to Face Up! Face Up is the magazine which young people love! The magazine has established a reputation as an invaluable resource for schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout the country. Face Up informs and entertains on personal development, social awareness, spirituality and justice issues. Each issue also contains a special report which takes an in-depth look at a topic of concern to teenagers. Face Up regularly examines topics such as health, depression, bullying, self-esteem, sexuality, work, family, violence, death and suicide. Each issue is fresh and up-to-date and contains many of the 'normal' ingredients of teen magazines including features on current trends, fashion and media personalities. With a strong input from young people themselves, the tone of Face Up is not preachy or patronizing but conversational and engaging, in a language the reader understands and can relate to.

BirdWatch\ Ireland wxrv.bntveltbi , elerd ie

Stand 22 BirdWatch Ireland is the largest non-governmental conservation organisation in Ireland. Its aim is the conservation of wild birds and their natural habitats. Established in 1968, it currently has over 14,000 members and supporters and a local network of over 20 branches nationwide. It owns or manages nature reserves which protect threatened habitats and the birds that rely on them, produces ornithological publications dealing with birds and nature conservation in Ireland, and carries out educational and survey work. Visit the BirdWatch Ireland stand to learn more about how you can contribute to conservation science in Ireland, how you can help to keep track of Ireland's bird populations and how to embark on a career in the ecological science field. You can also visit our website,

ngineering tnergy

0 SPIN Stand 23 We are Ireland's science and discovery magazine, published six times a year. Science Spin reports on the world of research from an Irish perspective. Covering everything in from astrophysics to zoology, features explain about science in terms that everyone can understand. Distributed to colleges and on sale in newsagents throughout Ireland, north and south.

Come to the Engineering Energy House (Stand No 31) to see Energy Challenges and how Engineering is providing Solutions

Stand 24 The Air Corps is the air component of the Permanent Defence Forces, based at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnell, Co. Dublin. Today, approximately 850 men and women serve in the Air Corps, each making a unique and significant contribution to fulfilling the roles, both primary and secondary as assigned by government. Currently, the Air Corps is well progressed through a major fleet upgrade programme whereby many of its older aircraft have been replaced by modern, state of the art military aircraft. This in turn has allowed for increased efficiency, increased output and significant improved capabilities as we progress through the 21st century.

Experience science and engineering at our workshops on the Balcony of the Main Hall.


Stand 18b The Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium represents a unique cluster of scientific, academic and NGO professional expertise, along with partners in the private sector, working together to build educational capacities for combating diseases of poverty, with the initial focus on east Africa. The three strands of the programme cover: A programme of trainer training and exchanges between Ireland and East Africa. Dissemination of information on global health and development to the broader public, focusing on secondary school teachers and transition year students. A Speakers Series and Master


Stand 24b Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is a major provider of first aid training, ambulance transport and community care services in most of the major cities and towns throughout the island of Ireland. Through its youth section, Order of Malta Cadets (a National Youth Organisation), provides a full programme of youth development and sporting activities for young people.

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at Pfizer, e

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life's work Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals Dublin Sterile Plant, Pottery Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Tel: 01 2049100 Little Island API Plant, Castle Road, Little Island, Co. Cork. Tel: 021 4523600 Loughbeg API Plant, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork. Tel: 021 4378788 Operations Support Group , 2900 Cork Airport Business Park, Airport Road, Cork. Tel: 021 4525600 Loughbeg DP Plant , Loughbeg, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork. Tel: 021 4974000 Ringaskiddy API Plant , Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork. Tel: 021 4378701


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