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FESTIVAL INTRODUCTION b-side multimedia Festival returns in 2012 with a challenging and inspiring programme of contemporary art, intended to delight and provoke in equal measure. As visitors from around the globe cross intercontinental and county borders on their journey to Weymouth & Portland for the London 2012 sailing events, b-side has challenged artists to respond to the theme of ‘margins, boundaries, portals and departure points’ using visual art, digital media, text, performance, sound and film. The 2012 Festival has a real international flavour showcasing the very best of the South West’s creative talent alongside artists from America, Europe and China. There is certainly a ‘pop up’ feel to this year’s Festival – films, words, broadcasts, choirs and portraits are amongst some of the b-side delights that will be popping up unannounced in Weymouth town centre and on Portland this Summer. So what can you expect? Art in bus shelters, music in castles, performances in swimming pools and brass bands on bridges. If you have a smart phone then b-side has experimented with QR codes this year on signage and in this brochure, make sure you scan them to see additional content or information about the artist and artworks. Contemporary, challenging, interactive and often humorous, b-side invites you to experience the serious and the seriously surreal. Sandy Kirkby, Festival Producer

Festival Key: Weymouth


Artist Talk

RAW STREETS James Price, Dorset, UK

Raw Streets is a short film made especially for the incredible 360 panoramic dome. Filmmaker James Price has worked with young people from Tides Project Centre in Weymouth to explore and share their experiences of homelessness through music, rap and film. A contemporary piece of music is set to some very unlikely, thought provoking and humorous scenarios. With thanks to Alex Dunham, Jaylee Rooker, Becky Davies, Chanel Wells, Josh Bailey, Josh Gregory, Sophie Porter, Tyrone Larcombe, Craig Park, Kurtis Wetherill, Jay Nash, Matthew Van Der Spuy, Grace Thompson, Richard Dines and Simeon Havard at TIDES Project Centre. Funded by Dorset County Council Youth Opportunities Fund.


Dates: July 29 repeated between 12.30pm and 1.45pm Location: ICCI360 Arena, Weymouth Pavilion forecourt

TRIOPS IN THE INCREDIBLE PANORAMIC DOME Triops (Lucy Watkins, Tom Hughes and Rick Veall)

Prepare to be charmed, spooked and confused: Triops return to b-side with brand new work filmed in 360° and this time in the incredible ICCI360 Dome! Hear songs performed live by Triops telling odd tales of intriguing characters and unrequited love, rich in vocal harmonies and beautiful vintage sounds and a concoction of strange effects. Projected panoramically onto the surface of the dome as the band play, Triops’ tailor-made films and handpainted animations pull the audience further into their enchanted, strange, beautiful, spooky and often humorous dreamworld. Between songs strange things may happen: perhaps some telepathy, a hypnotism, maybe a murder...


Sometimes funny, sometimes sad even disturbing … like a cheese induced dream, yet with neither cheese nor sleep...

Date: July 29 Time: 8 – 10pm Location: ICCI360 Arena, Weymouth Pavilion forecourt Tickets: £10 per person from

TO-ING AND FRO-ING Hywel Davies, Somerset, UK

To-ing and Fro-ing is a new work for brass written especially for performance at Weymouth Town Bridge. The bridge lifts eight times each day, and for six of these Weymouth Concert Brass will play this six-movement piece live as boats come and go through the opened bridge. With thanks to Laura Caddy, Adam Glynn and Weymouth Concert Brass. Repeated throughout the day at: 9.30am, 1pm, 2pm, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm.


Dates: July 29, August 04 and 05 Times: Repeated throughout the day: 9.30am, 1pm, 2pm, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm Location: Weymouth Town Bridge

AQUAVOLTAIC Paul Howard and David Matthews, UK

AquaVoltaic is a film that explores the commercial use and abuse of water, and a satire of globalisation and popular media. After buying a consignment of water from a shady Nigerian in Sierra Leone, quixotic Afro-Caribbean ‘businessman’ John Jay-Jay Joseph attempts to smuggle his booty through London and Essex to Outback Australia, where he intends to sell it to a mysterious Aboriginal tribe with magical realist ambitions. But when Jay-Jay’s bizarre plans go awry, the transaction between him and the other ‘ethnics’ unravels a darkly comic tale that raises questions about racial stereotyping, global trade, and the mutating qualities of H2O.


LabCulture Associate Artist.

Dates: July 27 - August 12 Screenings: 10.45am, 1pm & 3.15pm daily Late screenings: Aug 03 & 10 from 7pm Film Duration: 23m Location: Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth Drama Club, 7 Hope Street, Weymouth, DT4 8TU

CLOSER TO THE WIND Ivon Oates, Dorset, UK

This film is a portrait of a partnership between a man and a tallship, The Pelican of London, usually berthed in Weymouth. This inspirational tale explores the enterprise and vision of The Pelican’s story which has enhanced the lives of many, in particular young people in Dorset. The tall-ship is a living metaphor of the ‘wanderer’, negotiating entrances and exits, boundaries and portals, especially of the extents of human imagination.‘The Pelican’ is now up for sale. Ivon Oates is a Dorset based artist and filmmaker. Originally from South Africa she combines in her work a sense of vastness with cultures outside traditions of Western Art. LabCulture Associate Artist and a 2012 recipient of a b-side bursary award.


Dates: July 27 to August 12 Screening: 11.10am, 1.25pm & 3.40pm daily Late Screenings: Aug 03 & 10 from 7pm Film Duration: 15m Location: Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth Drama Club, 7 Hope Street, Weymouth, DT4 8TU

SAILING OUT OF GRAIN Juan delGado, Spain

An award winning collaboration between disabled filmmaker Juan delGado and quadriplegic solo sailor Hilary Lister exploring water as means of freedom for Hilary in an otherwise world of limitations. Live SKYPE Q&A Friday August 03: 8.30 - 9pm


with Juan delGado & Hilary Lister – see for details.

Dates: July 27 to August 12 Screenings: 11.25am, 1.40pm & 3.55pm daily Late screenings: Aug 03 & 10 from 7pm Film Duration: 30m Location: Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth Drama Club, 7 Hope Street, Weymouth, DT4 8TU

PROMISED LAND Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Denmark

Promised Land portrays Mohammed, Jafar, Hasan, Camron, Khan, Reza and his three year old son, Nima - young migrants who will go to any length to cross the Channel from the French seaport town of Calais to enter Britain in the hope of finding a better life. The multiple screens in Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen’s film combines beautiful cinematography with footage captured by migrants to give a deep insight into their close friendships, their hopes, dreams and ways of coping with the misery of their situation, their journeys from war-torn regimes, and dangerous attempts at getting into Britain their Promised Land. Promised Land is commissioned by the Creative Foundation for Folkestone Triennial 2011 and is made with generous support from The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, The Arts Council England and The Danish Arts Council.


Dates: July 27 to August 12 Screenings: 12.05, 2.20pm & 4.35pm daily Late screenings: Aug 03 & 10 from 7pm Film Duration: 45m Location: Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth Drama Club, 7 Hope Street, Weymouth, DT4 8TU


Frances Scott, London, UK

Four short silent broadcasts transmitted as film and text at regular intervals will pervade travel information screens, doctors’ waiting rooms, supermarkets, cinemas and bus stops. The episodes travel through a series of zones that include hypnosis, gaming deception, and the shipping forecast. At the centre of the work is the ancient tile game of Mahjong in which the prevailing winds – North, East, South, West - are represented as players and oracles. They are protagonists within a speculative fiction, in which the playing of the game might pre-empt the spaces beyond it, predicting the future as a series of present events.


The Players: Diane Allan, Jenni Fleming, Susan Fuller, Yvonne Wilcox from Weymouth Mahjong Club The Dreamer: Tim Spooner Camera: Lucy Cash, Frances Scott, Duncan Whitley Editing: Lucy Cash, Frances Scott

Dates: July 27 - September 09 Locations: Live Site screen, Weymouth Beach, Bus Shelters along Weymouth Esplanade, 200 plasma screens across Weymouth and Frank Designs shop window, Fortuneswell, Portland.

MIS-GUIDED TOURS Crab Man, Signpost & Bell, Exeter, UK

Phil Smith, Simon Persighetti & Katie Etheridge aka Crab Man, Signpost & Bell create “mis-guided tours”. These are walks and investigations that explore the things about places that the mainstream tours ignore – the trivial, the everyday, the hidden histories, the poetic and subjective and the just plain mistaken! They use the tricks and tics of the guided tour and turn them on their heads to create walks that engage the participant in unexpected ways – sometimes unexpected even to them… Crab Man, Signpost & Bell invite you to walk with them on a tour of missing houses, invisible rays, nautical knots and strange fish! Limited tickets to book your FREE place: NB Please note both walks include steep slopes and steps.


FREE Daily Tours: August 01 - 05 Times: 11am and 2.30pm Duration: 1 hour Location: Meet at The Boot Inn, High West Street, Weymouth Evening Tour: August 02 at 7.30pm

WEYMOUTH SANDS Tony Lopez, Exmouth, UK

“I am a poet and text artist with a particular interest in found text. Rather than telling stories about my experience, I work by sampling and collaging the language that we come across in life: in books and newspapers, but also in advertising and public notices.” Displayed on a digital traffic sign, text collected by listening in public places, local newspapers, TV and local history sources will provide an unusual and unexpected commentary on the Olympic site. Artist Talk:

July 31 Time: 2.30pm FREE

Location: Upstairs at the Sea View Chinese Restaurant, Weymouth Esplanade.


Join us for an informal talk with writer and poet Tony Lopez and find out more about his writing, poetry and b-side commission.

Dates: July 27 – August 12 Location: Solar Traffic Sign, Weymouth Esplanade near Pier Bandstand

WEYMOUTH/PORTLAND 2012 Day Bowman, Dorset, UK

“In these collage works I have set out to explore the landscapes of Weymouth and Portland that are, most often, passed through, ignored or deleted from the collective memory. These are universal landscapes that can be found in any country, on the edges of any urban environment. They are the landscape of arrival and departure putting one in mind of fleeting glimpses from a car or train window or departing ferry where quay, wharfs and rusting hulks along with oil drums and gasometers and cooling towers loom large, questioning our perception of place, of memory and of loss.�


Dates: July 27 - September 09 Location: Weymouth Train Station

ON SPAM BUSINESS PROPOSALS Niels Post, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Email spam in all its unrequited glory pours out of your computer screen and onto the windows of unsuspecting shops and offices as a series of odd, humorous and strangely poetic text interventions. Find them all in Weymouth Town Centre - photograph, tweet and pass them on.


“I collect sentences from business proposals that are being emailed to me... I look for vacant commercial windows. Once a suitable window is found I paste a sentence on the empty shopping window. Oddly enough the business opportunities in a vacant shopping space often work beautifully together with the empty promises of loads of money in your email box�

Dates: July 27 - August 12 Location: Be on the lookout in Weymouth Town Centre


Monsieur Poo-Pourri returns to Weymouth following the amazing success of his elaborate toe dipping in 2010, complete with brass band, donkey and cheerleaders. Msr Poo-Pourri would now like to explore the beach and its surrounding areas in greater detail. Once again dressed in his best Victorian clothes he will promenade along the Esplanade pointing out the overlooked; litter on the pavement, a wonky sign, a stunning pattern on a handbag and also the truly startling; the sun in the sky, two lovers walking hand in hand etc. Look out for him on the Esplanade as he stands and points at the thing of interest for two or three minutes before continuing his slow and leisurely promenade along the sea-front.


Dates: August 11 and 12 Times: 11am and 3pm Location: Weymouth Esplanade

WEYMOUTHS Paul Soulellis, New York, USA

Weymouths explores the linked histories between two Weymouths – in Dorset (UK) and Massachusetts (USA). A limited-edition, 12-volume set of books have been created especially for the festival. These beautiful collections of memory, geography and cultural identity will be shared and passed onto the public over the course of the festival. “Weymouths is a chance to “re-see” cultural identity in real-time. Each day I will reveal a new volume around town, while the full series is featured in a reading room installation at The Phoenix Bakery. The project is free to anyone exploring Weymouth and the books will slowly disappear during the festival as I give them away to the public.”


Artist Talk: August 08 FREE Time: 2.30pm Location: Upstairs at The Phoenix Bakery, Weymouth

Dates: July 30 - August 10 Location: Phoenix Bakery, St Thomas Street, Weymouth and roaming around Weymouth

ARRAY Steve McPherson, Kent, UK

‘Array’ is part intervention, part sculpture, part participatory performance that needs you to make it work! Hand-crank the sculptures and then listen carefully: eighty human voices exercising, teenagers harnessing the power of fire and fake coded signals are amongst some of the sounds collected during exploratory field recordings in Weymouth and Portland, combined to create evocative soundscapes drenched with the acoustic signatures of the area. Using hand held dynamo power to emanate rather than receive sound - the tripodic sculptural works take inspiration from, yet invert the idea of, acoustic field receivers and locators of the early to mid-20th century. Co-commissioned by b-side and LabCulture


Date: July 27 - August 12. Time: 10am - 5pm Daily Location 1: Path to Nothe Fort, Weymouth Date: August 29 - September 09. Time: 10am - 5pm Daily Location 2: Nr Cove Inn, Fortuneswell, Portland


Painter Wendy Elia has been commissioned to paint the portrait of a local person who in true Olympic fashion has pushed their body to the extreme. After an open call out, local triathlete Rowena Taylor was chosen to be the face and body of Weymouth and for the last few months Rowena has been Wendy’s focus, travelling up to her studio in Essex. This new portrait for Weymouth will be appearing in all the unlikely and unexpected places that b-side has grown to love. Sometimes stationary, often moving, this Weymouth portrait will make its way around the town for all to enjoy.


Co-commissioned by b-side and Sherborne House Arts

Date: July 23 - August 05 Location: Westway Road bus shelter (by Magistrates Court) and North Quay (nr Council Offices) and unexpected places and spaces in Weymouth Town Centre.


Joe Stevens, Dorset, UK

This work captures the ephemeral act of wandering itself and extends drawing with pencil into the use of new technology such as GPS recorders, to challenge the assumptions of what drawing is or might be. The results are playful and seem almost random, but are drawn according to an exact set of guidelines. I see the code that I create as my pencil - the drawings begin with a GPS recorder, capturing my locations - how far, how fast and how high I have travelled. The data is read in a sequence that follows my walk and translated into images that develop frame by frame to create a moving image. Artists Talk: September 05, FREE Time: 7pm Location: Jackson Gallery, 77 Fortuneswell, Portland, DT5 1LY


Dates: July 27 - August 12 Weymouth. Time: 10am - 5pm Daily Location 1: 106 St Mary Street, Weymouth Dates: August 29 - September 09 Portland. Time: 10am - 5pm Daily Location 2: Jackson Gallery, 77 Fortuneswell, Portland


Make sure you go and find these fantastic stitched and embellished babygrows created by teenagers and young parents from Weymouth working with artists Peter and Sally Snelling. Lively, colourful and totally unique the designs explore young people’s ideas about relationships, sex and pregnancy.


In partnership with DepARTure funded by Dorset County Council.

Dates: August 29 - September 09 Location: Fortuneswell Launderette, Portland, 116 Fortuneswell, Portland, DT5 1LR


A unique opportunity to be part of an underwater live art event. Sue Austin’s groundbreaking underwater wheelchair expresses her joy and freedom as it flies through the water with its human occupant. b-side has the pleasure of hosting this incredible performance - be part of this very special live event and watch it either underwater or poolside on live screens. Conceived by disabled artist Sue Austin and produced through Freewheeling, ‘Creating the Spectacle!’ has been commissioned by the Unlimited programme as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. For all information and ticketing on this event:


Date: August 29 Time: 5pm (arrival times for underwater audience will vary please see website) Location: Osprey Leisure Centre, Castletown, Portland

THE VESSEL Mike Ricketts, Somerset, UK

The Vessel (2012) is the title of a performance and installation that recount the artist’s attempts to access and photograph the UK’s only prison ship of modern times, Her Majesty’s Prison The Weare. Decommissioned in 2005 and until recently located in Portland Harbour, this vessel is now somewhere in Nigeria’s troubled oil fields. The story of the barge will take us from Sweden to the Falkland Islands, from Germany to Manhattan, and involves engineers, ship spotters, soldiers, and Mike’s brother, Chris.


This project will be sited high on the cliff top immediately overlooking the former location of this notorious vessel. The Jailhouse Café, located inside another prison, H.M.P. The Verne, is staffed by prisoners and boasts one of the finest coastal views in the South of England.

Date: September 01 Times: 2pm and 4pm Duration: 25 mins Location: Jailhouse Café, The Verne, Portland

THE GANZFELD EXPERIMENT Ailie Rutherford, Liverpool, UK

For b-side 2012, The Ganzfeld project will be coming to Weymouth and Portland, inviting audiences to take part in telepathic drawing experiments. Based on the original Ganzfeld experiments from the 1930’s, The Ganzfeld Machine creates a dreamlike state, thought to assist telepathic communication. Come along and see for yourself the strange and inexplicable science of telepathy. You might be persuaded to join in, although you will not know how‌ Fancy being a Ganzfeld guinea pig? Go to: to reserve your thought sponge!


Date: Saturday September 01 Time: 12 and 1pm Location 1: The New Inn, Easton, Portland Date: Sunday September 02 Time: 12 and 3pm Location 2: Salt Bar, Brewers Quay, Hope Square, Weymouth


Eco artists group Magnificent Revolution have been working with young people from TIDES Project Centre, Royal Manor Bike Club and Easton drop-in Youth Club to build brilliant eco-friendly pedal powered generators that will enable communities and young people in particular to share films, music and creative talent. Look out for pedal powered DJ decks, film and music popping up around Portland in various locations enabling local residents and visitors alike to hop on, pedal and in return see some truly wonderful short films created by young people working with film makers James Price, Peter Snelling, Joe Stevens and Ivon Oates. Preview: September 01 Time: 7pm Location: Royal Manor Theatre, 138A Fortuneswell, Portland, DT5 1LT


Pedal yourselves silly and enjoy a pre-show screening of films before Kid Carpet’s live event.

Dates: August 29 - September 09 Location: Pop up events on Portland, for latest locations check our website, Facebook and Twitter

THE LANGUAGE LAB Kid Carpet, Bristol, UK

Mistranslating the stories of Poseidon, Olympic God of the Sea The Language Lab is an experiment with the translation of text. Wellknown words from nursery rhymes, fairy stories, pop songs, political speeches, public information etc are fed into the enormous Google monster translator into foreign languages and then back into English again. Mistakes happen, things get muddled up and bizarre Chinese whispers emerge. The best wrongest bits are edited together and internet image-searches illustrate the new mis-translated text. This time it’s the turn of Poseidon to go through The Language Lab. Expect comedy and weirdness. “The highlight? Kid Carpet’s riotously funny Language Lab, in which Desperate Dan cartoon captions, song lyrics and even airline safety instructions are fed through internet translation programmes from English to Japanese or whatever and then back again until they emerge as deliciously surreal Chinese whispers...” Venue Magazine


Date: July 29 at 6.45pm Location 1: ICCI360 Arena, Weymouth Pavilion Forecourt Date: September 01 at 7.30pm Location 2: Royal Theatre, 138A Fortuneswell, Portland, DT5 1LT Book now: Tickets: £4.50


Inspired by the Jurassic Coast and the earth scientists working to make visible its secrets, Simon Ryder brings an insideout perspective to the Festival: quite literally, this exhibition encompasses scans of the inside of local roach stone, a close-up look at Mesolithic micro-flint tools, video footage of The Race (the treacherous mass of waves and currents just off the Bill) and the last wishes of Marie Stopes, local resident and friend of Thomas Hardy. ‘A Natural History of Pseudomorphs’ promises to reveal a side of Portland that you will not have seen before. You can follow Simon’s progress on Portland through his blog at: Joint commission with ExLab


Artist Talk: September 09 FREE. Check website for details.

Dates: July 28 - September 09 Times: Wed – Sun 11am – 6pm Location: Coastwatch Station, Portland Bill


A&B’s roaming choir will be singing the world up from the ground… during the Paralympics you may well hear a shanty in the nooks and crannies of Portland ‘down Under, up Top, up Tout, down beach, over town, out the Bill’ – inspired by stories and conversations with Portlanders and those who have made the island their home. Catch them on a bus, hear the shanty in a taxi or on the radio – look out and listen up. Sept 08 Songlines - A Walk on the Wild Side - join A&B for a morning wildlife walk ending in a wonderful bring and share lunch at the Drill Hall. You may hear a shanty along the way! From 1pm onwards at The Drill Hall listen to the beautiful tones of stone ringing as the Lithophone created by Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust, takes centre stage You can find out more about these adventures, the people A&B have met, where the choir will be popping up next and download the song:


Date: September 08 Time: 10.30am Location: The Drill Hall, Easton Lane, Portland, DT5 1BW


The Portland Colour Library forms part of a diptych created by Stig Evans. Discovered in an attic in London in the late 1990’s, the anonymous Portland Colour Library is a unique object from the early part of the 20th century. Lovingly restored, the library reveals a personal recording of the distinctive and unique colour found on Portland. Influenced by this Victorian curiosity Stig Evans will be inviting the public to make their own version to form “The People’s Colour Library of Portland “ Come and find Stig outside Quiddles Café during the festival – give a name to these anonymous colours and win your own pot of paint and a chance to be part of the historic Library.


Viva the People’s Colour Library of Portland!

Dates: August 29 - September 09. Time: 11am - 4pm Daily Location 1: Portland Museum, 217 Wakeham, Portland, DT5 1HS Location 2: Quiddles Café, The Esplanade, Chesil Cove, Portland, DT5 1LN

WAITING FOR GODOT Lu Zheng, Beijing, China

Lu Zheng’s sculptures emit a pulsating light, they seem to breathe as they count the time between one person’s presence and the next. As each person stands up and leaves, the light from the sculptures fades and the countdown begins again. They will keep on counting until another person comes to sit, then a new round starts. The work is based on the concept of “presence”, namely human existence and the death of time. The title of this work comes from a play by Beckett. The sculptures, like the hero in the play, are waiting for something that does not come. What it is waiting for and when they can meet remain unknown. In the end, everything dies or disappears as the lights of the sculptures will too. Moonlit Garden: Sunday September 09 at 9pm. FREE Come and celebrate the closing of b-side Festival with a magical moonlit viewing of Lu Zheng’s sculptures in the beautiful Chiswell Garden at night.


Dates: August 29 - September 09 Time: 11am - 4pm Daily Location: Chiswell Community Garden, Portland


“Spellbindingly rhythmic drums and the deft soar of trumpet. Utterly wonderful.” - AAA Music

Eyebrow are multi award winning musicians Pete Judge & Paul Wigens who, using only a drum kit, a trumpet, and a gaggle of stomp-boxes, create music of cinematic grandeur. Their work prowls the boundaries between composition and improvisation, stillness and movement. For b-side, Eyebrow have composed a ‘soundtrack’ inspired by a section of the historic Rodwell Trail. Expect music of broad brushstrokes and subtle details, in which field recordings blur the listener’s sense of what’s happening within and outside their headphones. Take a walk along the Rodwell Trail and look out for QR code signs to scan and download the soundtrack.


Friday September 07 LIVE GIG – Come join us as the sun sets in the awe inspiring and rugged surroundings of Sandsfoot Castle to hear Eyebrow perform live with the sweeping vista across the bay to Portland Castle as their backdrop. Bring some friends, a picnic and be prepared to be transported…

Date: September 07 Time: 8.30pm FREE Location: Sandsfoot Castle, Old Castle Road, Weymouth

THE 48 b-side Festival zine

Want to read the very latest Olympic news hot from the streets of Weymouth & Portland direct from #MEDIA2012 citizen journalists and get to see and keep some great original artwork? Better get your hands on a copy of THE 48 - a mix of cool, contemporary and cutting edge photography, graphics, illustrations and prints from young, emergent artists and a very talented pool of generous designers and writers. Strange, odd and sometimes downright weird articles and features offer an alternative commentary on the Olympics, features on b-side artists and pull out and keep art treasures - it’s THE alternative Olympic souvenir that everyone will want! And what’s more the final product will be produced in the first 48 hours of the Olympic Games by a small team led by b-side’s caffeine addicted designers Wired Canvas and design impresario Neil Leonard.


Where Can You Get It? From 106 St Mary’s Street or our wandering street teams, all b-side venues or hail the b-side bike and pick up a copy Olympic baton style!

GETTING TO B-SIDE FESTIVAL We look forward to seeing you this summer; it’s pretty likely that during the Olympic Games roads across Dorset will be busier than a usual summer. There will be changes to roads within Weymouth town centre and car parking will be limited. Local roads are expected to be especially busy from 8am to noon and 5pm to 10pm on sailing event days. Plan your journey to Weymouth in advance to avoid busy times and routes.

Y CARS - If coming by car is the only option, book a space at one of three dedicated park and ride sites go to:

# COACHES - A network of coaches will be operating day return services from towns and cities across England and Wales direct to Weymouth and Portland. To find out more about the 2012 Games coach services or to book a seat visit the Olympic direct coach booking service:

" TRAINS - Weymouth station has direct services from London

Waterloo, the south coast, Bristol and Reading, with connections from the rest of the National Rail network:

& If you can, please use local buses, walk or cycle – b-side have covered all of these options so if you choose to travel this way you might well encounter a choir, a mobile masterpiece or receive a beautiful gift from an American stranger! MARITIME MIX Lots of cultural events happening in Weymouth & Portland this year, so while you take in the b-side have a look at Nowhere Island, Earth Festival, Sail for Gold & The Boat Project in Weymouth & ExLab, Harmonic Fields, Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust & Memo on Portland. For full details on all the above and more:

B-SIDE RECOMMENDS It can make you a bit hungry and thirsty all this culture! So b-side have put together a list of great places to eat and drink in Weymouth & Portland (and whilst you’re there you’ll probably catch some art too).

8 SALT BAR - Locally sourced seafood and other seaside delights. Brewers Quay, Hope Square, Weymouth, DT4 8TR. Open 9.30ammidnight everyday.

5 THE STABLE - Pizza, pies and cider. No 13 Custom House Quay, Weymouth, DT4 8BG. www. 5 THE PHOENIX BAKERY The most delicious freshly baked artisan goods. 6-7 Coburg Place, Weymouth, DT4 8HP. B DORSET ICE CREAM COMPANY – Treat yourself to a b-side inspired ice cream! 7 Trinity Rd, Weymouth Old Harbour. 5 JACKSON CAFÉ AND GALLERY 77 Fortuneswell, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1LY. 5 JAILHOUSE CAFÉ – The Verne, Portland. 5 QUIDDLES CAFÉ – The Esplanade, Chesil Cove, Portland, DT5 1LN. 5 THE BLUE FISH CAFÉ AND RESTAURANT – Chiswell, Portland, DT5 1AN. l THE NEW INN – 35 Easton St, Portland DT5 1BS



Weymouth Railway Station




18 St

17 14

8 splanade The E



St Thomas


To Portland

13 19


12 Maiden

East St

Weymouth Pavilion





St Nicholas

3 20


4 5


Commercial Road



To Dorchester, Poole and Bournemouth




Weymouth Marina


Park St



Commercial Road






6 7 21



23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


Sep 2







9 10 11 12 2

1. Raw Streets 2. Triops 3. To-ing and Fro-ing 4. AquaVoltaic 5. Closer to the Wind 6. Sailing Out of Grain 7. Promised Land 8. Distance Readers 9. MisGuided Tours 10. Weymouth Sands 11. Weymouth/Portland 2012 12. O n Spam Business Proposals 13. Monsieur Poo-Pourri 14. Weymouths 15. Array 16. Rowena (Bowleaze Cove) 17. Parallels and Meridians 18. b-side Festival zine 19. The Language Lab 20. Still and Still Moving 21. The Ganzfeld Experiment


SEPT 07 – STILL & STILL MOVING, Eyebrow – Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth

JULY 29 – TRIOPS – ICCI360 Arena ARTIST TALKS JULY 29, AUG 04, 05 – TO-ING AND FRO-ING, Hywel Davies – Town Bridge, Weymouth

JULY 31 – WEYMOUTH SANDS, Tony Lopez – Sea View Chinese Restaurant, Weymouth

AUG 11 AND 12 – MSR POOPOURRI POINTS AT THINGS, Jordan Mckenzie – Esplanade, Weymouth

AUG 03 - SAILING OUT OF GRAIN SKYPE Q&A - Weymouth Drama Club

SEPT 02 – GANZFELD EXPERIMENT, Ailie Rutherford – SALT, Weymouth

AUG 08 – WEYMOUTHS, Paul Soulellis – Phoenix Bakery




To Weymouth

Portland Castle Main Road





25 Verne






Chesil Beach




Cove Inn

31 33


22 hill rd







30 To Portland Bill


31 To Easton



28 29 30 31










22. Parallels and Meridians 23. Babygrow 24. Creating the Spectacle! 25. The Vessel 26. The Ganzfeld Experiment 27. Pedal Powered Pop Up Events 28. The Language Lab 29. A Natural History of Pseudomorphs 30. Sounding Stone 31. Portland Colour Library 32. Waiting for Godot 33. Array



SEPT 01 – GANZFELD EXPERIMENT, Ailie Rutherford – New Inn, Portland

SEPT 01 – THE VESSEL, Mike Ricketts – Jailhouse Café, Portland

SEPT 01 – LANGUAGE LAB, Kid Carpet – Royal Manor Theatre, Portland

SEPT 05 – PARALLELS AND MERIDIANS, Joe Stevens – Jackson Gallery, Portland

SEPT 08 – SOUNDING STONE, A&B – Drill Hall, Portland SEPT 09 – MOONLIT GARDEN, Chiswell Community Garden, Portland SEPT 09 – Field Trip – A bus trip with a difference! b-side teams up with ExLab for this unique opportunity to visit some of the best contemporary artwork, meet the artists & curators, travel along the Dorset coastline & enjoy an alternative bus experience. See web site for all details.

All dates and locations are correct at time of going to print, however these may be subject to change. Please visit: or call* 0845 259 1102 for up to date info. *Call charges apply, 4p per minute peak time and 1.5p at all other times.

CREDITS b-side multimedia Festival is an initiative organized by b-side Community Interest Company funded by Arts Council South West. b-side CIC would like to thank the following people and groups for all their help in putting this years Festival together and for their endless enthusiasm, support and trust: B-SIDE TEAM: Alan Rogers, Julie Penfold, Amanda Wallwork, Sally Watkins, Rosie Russell, Katy Star Stocker and Sandy Kirkby. B-SIDE DIRECTORS: Rob Hughes, Richard Lilley, Alex Murdin, Nicky Whittingham, Alice Ralph, Julie Penfold, Alan Rogers, Rosie Russell, Amanda Wallwork and Sally Watkins. LabCulture Ltd, Sherborne House Arts, DepARTure, Big Picture (ExLab), Dorset County Council, Weymouth & Portland Partnership, Weymouth College, Rob Foddering and Alice Ralph at Wired Canvas, Neil Leonard, Lisa Worthington at Tandem Marketing, Bruce McClure and Mark Terry Lush at Renegade PR, Matt Ryan and the Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Events team, Daz Guerin and Adam Hawley at Face Events, Kevin Good, Operations Officer at Weymouth & Portland Borough Council, Sandra Symes and the Chiswell Community Trust, Martin Woolner, David Hotchkiss and Sarah Hemingway from ICCI360, Mike and Boots from The Royal Manor Theatre, Jackson Gallery, Portland Museum, Quiddles, Rick at Weymouth Station, Weymouth Drama Club, Phoenix Bakery, R. Paveley Tailors, Fortuneswell, Portland, Larry Walker and Trinity House, Portland Bill Lighthouse, Fossil Beach, St. Mary Street, Weymouth, Sea View Chinese Restaurant, Weymouth, Richard Crowe, Karen Baxter at First Group PLC, Clear Channel Ltd, The U3A Mah Jong Group, Weymouth, Rowena Taylor, Matthew Piles, Charles Carter, Dennis George, Nikki Fryer, Sarah Whiteside, Richard Grafton and Weymouth Drama Club, Phoenix Bakery, Island Voices, Weymouth Concert Brass, Sonodrome, National Coastwatch Institution, Southampton University, Revive, Lam Art, The New Inn, Salt Bar... ...and of course all the Festival Artists whose dreams, ideas, odd and wonderful requests have made the 2012 Festival a rich, diverse and very exciting place to be.

Raw Streets Triops To-ing and Fro-ing AquaVoltaic Closer to the wind Sailing Out of Grain Promised Land Distance Readers MisGuided Tours Weymouth Sands Weymouth/Portland 2012 On Spam Business Proposals Monsieur Poo-Pourri Weymouths Array Rowena (Bowleaze Cove) Parallels and Meridians b-side Festival zine The Language Lab Still and Still Moving The Ganzfeld Experiment Babygrow Creating the Spectacle! The Vessel Pedal Powered Pop Up Events A Natural History of Pseud... Sounding Stone Portland Colour Library Waiting for Godot

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b-side festival in partnership with LabCulture, Sherborne House Arts & Departure Arts


b-side 2012 Festival Brochure  

b-side multimedia Festival returns in 2012 with a challenging and inspiring programme of contemporary art, intended to delight and provoke i...

b-side 2012 Festival Brochure  

b-side multimedia Festival returns in 2012 with a challenging and inspiring programme of contemporary art, intended to delight and provoke i...