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Step 10 - Stay relevant Strategy is first and foremost about

alive and he wasn’t even paying

cash in the business that he was able


to pay himself, take a holiday, move

relevance. A business must always

As we worked through his financial

be relevant to its customers.

position, we created financial targets

Does the solution the business provides, still solve the problem the customer has?

to a better apartment and yes, even buy a TV.

to build a business that, in the first

Client A has big plans now. His

instance, at least survived.

business is thriving, and he has the

After only four months of targeted financial decisions, Client A had paid

steps in place to realise his passion and fulfil his dreams.

Are there alternative solutions?

back his credit card debt of $19,000

Client A is now in charge of his

Can the business prove its on-

and no longer had to ‘chip in’. The

autonomous business.

going relevance compared to

business was still only just surviving.

that offered by its competitors?

Client A was still working long hours

About the author Darren Walsh is the Chief

The longevity of a business

and still wasn’t paying himself.

depends on its ability to critically

Now the business costs were under

and continually assess itself and

control, it was time to grow the

its flexibility to stay relevant to its

business. Client A was already

customers’ needs.

working as much as he could, and

An autonomous case study

nobody could sell like he could.

Client A has a simple business where

or the sales targets wouldn’t be met


(or at least, that’s what he thought).

it buys stock in at one price and sells it for another price. A common and

Client A had to be there all the time

simple business model.

More hard work wasn’t going to be

Client A, was following his passion

step up and take the load. His team

- the business he had wanted to establish since he was a teenager. However, there was a cost. Even though Client A was working hard and spending every hour of his working day in his business, he wasn’t making any progress. His drive was so great, he didn’t even own a TV as he didn’t want the distraction to stop him from

enough. Client A needed his team to needed purpose and focus so they could perform and be accountable. By implementing performance, expectation and outcome meetings, within just a few months, Client A was no longer the best salesperson (actually, he was now number four … and loving it!). Now Client A could grow, and grow

achieving his dream.

he did.

Financially the business wasn’t

For the next 18 months, Client A

adding up - this meant that Client A had to ‘chip in’ to keep his dream

achieved record annual and monthly sales, producing enough profit and

Strategist at Business with

Strategy. He is dedicated to

helping business owners get more return for their efforts. You can

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Spark Magazine - Mid Year 2019  

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