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OUR COMPANY IN BRIEF BLACKSTONE ENERGY ARABIA (the “BSE Arabia”) is a wholly owned company of BEKKA HOLDINGS INC. (the “BHI”). BHI is a premier holding company founded in 2006 by Mr. Abdallah Ben Said El Bahantah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BHI. Before the inception of BHI, Mr. Bahantah was a seasoned Omani banker with over 20 years career span with some of the leading international banks such as Merrill Lynch, Standard Chartered Bank and BNP Paribas (formerly Banque Paribas) in various private, retail and corporate banking regional senior positions. As a Chairman and CEO of BHI, Mr. Bahantah wholeheartedly offers his expertise and well-connected network in various business sectors to assist the growth of BHI’s portfolio companies. BHI’s member companies operate across Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, United Kingdom and United States. Businesses of BHI portfolio companies encompass:           

Trade of crude oil & refined Products Tanker operation & chartering Storage tank leasing Oil recovery technology services Drilling services, chemicals & equipment Refinery consulting & engineering services Environmental consulting & engineering services Financial consultancy & solution services Telecommunication engineering & solution services Transportation & logistics Health & hospitality

BSE ARABIA started its business in 2010 with the aim of providing high quality services to its corporate and government clients in Arabia Gulf region. BSE Arabia is staffed with experienced personnel from major international and national oil companies as well as major international service companies. In parallel with its oil recovery technologies services, drilling services and refinery consulting & engineering services, BSE Arabia has steadily grown to an active trading role with emphasis on crude oil and refined products in global market. Being able to fully leverage BHI’s varied capabilities, strong financial backup and notable network with national and international owned oil companies and refineries in the region, BSE Arabia has become an active player in oil trading activities as well as other energy sectors. Since its formation, BSE Arabia has been actively involved in five main energy (oil & gas) business areas namely:

1. 1. OIL RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Whether you are producing from a conventional field or unconventional field, we can provide a one-stop solution that bring your well online faster, reduce your operational costs and optimize production. Our comprehensive services can help your oil recovery program from candidate selection, technology products based on reservoir simulations, designs and evaluation, laboratory analysis, field implementation, and finally a versatile drilling solution, including drilling rigs and crews.

2. DRILLING SERVICES, CHEMICALS AND EQUIPMENT Our drilling solutions to the oil & gas industry include directional/horizontal well drilling services, work-over services, cementing services, drilling fluid services, rental equipment and project management, including rig design, construction and operations management.

Our drilling chemicals can satisfy clients’ needs in oilfield drilling and stimulation services, including drilling fluid additives, completion fluid additives, cementing additives, acidizing and oilfield stimulation additives. The company supplies high-quality, reliable equipment used for drilling, work-over and production applications, such as drill pipe, heavy-weight drill pipe, tubing, high-torque connections, blow out preventers, drill collars and more. Our equipment rental services allow clients to focus on their core business and avoid the expense to buy, warehouse and maintain costly equipment with highly specific field applications. 3. REFINERY CONSULTING & ENGINEERING SERVICES We provide an integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services, offering customized solutions to the oil refineries and petrochemical industries in Arabian Gulf and globally. Based on our clients’ needs, we are able to provide a comprehensive services ranging from feasibility studies, process engineering and execution of complete front-end engineering, to the detailed execution of projects on an EPCM or EPC basis. The company has also contributed greatly to the petrochemical plant construction particularly focusing on design and construction of “gas-ignited power generating engine”.

4. TRADE OF CRUDE OIL, REFINED PRODUCTS AND LIQUEFIED GAS BSE Arabia trades in crude oil and refined products mainly produced by its existing business partners. Leveraging on Mr. Bahantan and his family strong ties to the oil & gas industry across Arabian Gulf, our crude oil and refined products are sourced from prime suppliers, mainly national and international oil companies and refineries, and sold and traded on international markets.

Trade of oil and refined products is always an active part of our business and it is growing rapidly and competitively. Our trading activities involve buying and selling crude oil and refined products in order to supply downstream distributions, gas stations, refinery operations and international buyers. KEY PRODUCTS WE OFFER      

Crude Oil Mazut M-100 D2 Diesel Oil Jet Fuel Kerosene Liquefied Gas (LNG & LPG)

REPRESENTATIVE CLIENTS & PARTNERS KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA  Saudi Aramco  Sabic  Saudi Aramco Products Trading Co.  Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company  Sadara Chemical Company  National Petroleum Services Arabia  Arabian Drilling Company  Saline (WSCA)  ACWA and National Water Company  Ma’aden (Saudi Arabia Mining Co.)

OMAN    

CHINA  China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. 中国有色金属建设股份有限公司

ABU DHABI, UAE  Liwa Petrochemicals Company

   

Petroleum Development Oman Ministry of Oil and Gas Oman Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C Oman Refineries and Petrochemical Company - Oman Refinery Company - Sohar Refinery Company Oman India Fertilizer Company Oxy’s Oman Salalah Methanol Company Oman Trading International

DUBAI, UAE  Litasco, Dubai  Shell Trading, Middle East

CONTACTS Blackstone Energy Arabia Fluor Tower 7th Floor PO Box 31746 Al Khobar, 31952 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia • Oman Mr. Abdallah Ben Bahantah Dubai • East Africa Mr. Muhammad Dahir USA Mr. Robert Noble

China • Hong Kong Mr. Steve Chan

Our portfolio companies at a glance Blackstone Energy Arabia LLC

* Refinery Consulting & Engineering services * Oil Recovery Technology services * Trade of Crude Oil, refined products, petrochemical products and carbon emission in global market * Tanker operation & Chartering * Storage tank leasing

* In process of negotiating with a multi-national oil and gas firm

SomPet, Limited

Bekka Holdings Inc. Bekka Environmental Services (Be’ah)

Elaf Consulting & Financial Services

for a concession Production Sharing Agreement in northeast Somalia with the federal government of Somalia. * SomPet, Limited is 30% owned by Bekka Holdings, Inc and rest of shares are held by group of Somali businesspersons. * Sompet is a leading petroleum distribution of refined products, gas stations and refinery operations in Somalia and Ethiopia. * Full service environmental consulting, engineering and services for Refinery Plant, Petrochemical Plant and Aluminum Smelter in following areas: - Emission Control - Waste Water Management - Water Use and Recycling - Bio-Chemicals and Equipment Supplies and Installations - Hazardous Waste Management * Provide consultancy and solution services in the following areas to its clients: - Central Bank Advisory Services - Banking Consulting Services - Public Infrastructures Privatization - Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Payment Solutions - Investment Appraisals and Feasibility Studies - Merger and Acquisition Strategies and Capabilities

* Provide global standard telecom solutions and services in building, maintaining and upgrading wireless networks Bekka Telecom

Bekka Transportation & Logistics


Regional telecom operators and telecom solution providers Defense Ministries Ministries of Finance Major national and international oil companies Major LNG companies Petrochemical industry Financial Institutions East African Telecoms

Bekka Health & Hospitality

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Blackstone Energy Arabia - Trading 2014  

Our Trading Business Profile

Blackstone Energy Arabia - Trading 2014  

Our Trading Business Profile