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Alumni Engagement Isn’t Just a Day B

President Emeritus William T. O’Hara ’90H Leaves Outstanding Legacy


A L U M N I A C H I E V E M E N T A W A R D S T O B E P R E S E N T E D A P R I L 13

Jay Weinberg ’85, President of The JAY Group, a marketing services company in Chicago, was among the more than 150 alumni and business leaders who engaged with first-year students as mentors and judges during Bryant’s IDEA (Innovation and Design Experience for All) immersion program.


ryant University celebrates Alumni Engagement Day each spring, recognizing the outstanding professional achievements of our alumni with daytime panel discussions topped by the evening’s Alumni Achievement Awards Ceremony and dinner. Make plans to attend this year’s event on Friday, April 13 and register online now at alumnievents. The event will feature several panels of alumni in various areas, including finance and healthcare, and a keynote speaker: behavioral finance and socially responsible finance expert John R. Nofsinger, Ph.D., the William H. Seward

Volume 22 No. 1 January 2018

3 Still close after 45 years 4 Investing in the future EDxBryantU: A Showcase of 7 TBryant’s Collegial Community Women in 8 Empowering Finance to Thrive

Endowed Chair in International Finance at The University of Alaska Anchorage. Watch for an announcement of the panels as well as the outstanding recipients of this year’s Alumni Achievement Awards. But the National Alumni Council’s chair of the Campus Connections committee, Ed Capasso ’77, wants to remind you that alumni can be engaged in many ways – both on campus and around the world – throughout the year. continues on page 7




degree from Trinity College and law

recently lost

degrees from Georgetown University and


New York University. He also held

accelerating momentum that are driving our capital

educator and

honorary doctoral degrees from Mount


Saint Mary College, Providence College,

campaign well above and beyond all historic levels

away on January 16. Dr. O’Hara served as Bryant’s fifth president and Professor of Management from 1976-89.

Wales University, and Bryant College. Beginning a law career in Washington, DC, Bill served as a clerk for Federal Judge Joseph C. McGarraghy, then as a trial attorney for the Public Defender’s Office in U.S. District Court, and later as counsel to the Postsecondary Education Subcommittee

Through the dedication of Bill and his wife,

of the U.S. House of Representatives

Bobbi, a strong foundation was created

(Committee on Education and Labor).

for much of the success Bryant University

While in Washington, he also taught

enjoys today. A campus memorial service

constitutional and criminal law at

for the life of William T. O’Hara will be

American University. It was there that

held in the Machtley Interfaith Center

he discovered his passion for teaching.

at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Dr. William T. O’Hara Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established


as a lasting legacy in his honor. (Visit to learn more.)

From Washington, he moved into academia holding a progressive succession of positions at University of Connecticut campuses, including the School of Law. In 1972, Dr. O’Hara became President and


Professor of Constitutional Law at Mount

Bill O’Hara was born in New Haven, CT, on

and Professor of Management at Bryant

September 3, 1932. He received a bachelor’s

of philanthropy.

Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. He left Newburgh in 1976 to become President College.


s we begin Bryant’s 155th year, we are evolving into a great university with a reputation that just keeps climbing. We are inspired by all that we’ve achieved since 1863 and working hard to secure an even greater future. On campus, we see inspired students, striving every day for academic excellence while building character and acquiring the life skills of innovative thinkers. Inspired to Excel also characterizes Bryant’s distinguished alumni. During this capital campaign, we’ve showcased the outstanding success of many of our alumni around the world. We’re proud of their achievements and grateful for their inspiration to become

increasingly engaged with the life of Bryant today. When we started this campaign, only the second in Bryant history, we set an ambitious goal of $75 million. We’ve already exceeded that goal by more than $10 million – raising more than double the amount of Bryant’s last campaign. Now, we are poised and ready to raise far more. This is crucial because Bryant’s bold future continues on page 8

continues on page 9

Bryant University 1150 Douglas Pike Smithfield, RI 02917-1284

who passed

Roger Williams University, Johnson &

leader President Emeritus William T. (Bill) O’Hara ’90H,

Inspired to Excel characterizes the Bulldog spirit and


Bryant Approves $500K Investment in Archway Investment Fund Fixed Income Portfolio Bryant’s Board of Trustees has approved a $500,000 investment in the new Fixed Income Portfolio within the student-managed Archway Investment Fund. The fixed income sequence complements the successful equity portfolio that has grown to $1.25 million under management from an initial investment of $200,000 when the Archway Investment fund (AIF) was established in 2005. The Archway Fund’s combined equity and fixed income assets are valued at $1.75 million as of Dec.11.

By expanding course offerings in fixed income, and providing portfolio management experience to students, Bryant is making its graduates more attractive to potential employers. Professor

Kevin Maloney P’16 joined the Bryant faculty

in January 2017 to initiate the Bryant fixed income offering. He is an accomplished scholar and finance industry executive with more than 35 years of teaching


Greetings. I have the honor of serving as President of the

and corporate leadership experience at prestigious institutions such as Dartmouth University’s Tuck School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Putnam

course offerings in fixed income, and providing portfolio management experience to students, Bryant hopes to make its graduates more attractive to potential employers.” Several students in the program’s first Portfolio Management class have already experienced positive results with employers. “This course gave me a deep understanding of fixed income investing that helped me in my recent internships and throughout the job interview process,” said

Steven Page ’17. “The course has definitely

positioned me well for my new position as sales and trading analyst with BMO Capital Markets in New York City.”

Anthony Norris ’18 of Holland, MI, credits the Archway

National Alumni

Investments, and Gottex Fund Management.

Fixed Income program for his success securing an

Council, which is the

“The $100 trillion global fixed income market is larger

governing board of

than the size of the global equity market,” said Maloney.

firm in Needham, MA. “I have been given many unique

the Alumni Association,

“Bond portfolios serve as cornerstones in the funding

for the next two years.

of pension funds, in insurance company balance sheets,

Your 27 NAC members

and in retirement portfolios, but most people and the

have a broad demographic footprint and wide-

media tend to be more familiar with the movements of

ranging skills. It is a very talented team!

the stock market.”

This year, we plan to refresh


the Alumni Association’s strategic plan, which was

portfolio managers,” he said. “The fixed income classes quickly became my favorites, although they were some of the most challenging,” said

Adam Badeau ’18 of Woonsocket, RI. “Explaining my knowledge and experience during recent interviews has set me apart from other candidates and impressed my interviewers.”

led by Finance Professors Asli Ascioglu, Ph.D. and Chris

been instrumental in the

Goolgasian, is an immersive, experiential two-semester

increased investment you have

course available to Finance juniors and seniors. The

seen in alumni programs –

first course in the sequence is Securities Analysis, where

on campus, throughout the overall goal is to increase and

responsibilities, including working side by side with

The AIF equity portfolio management course sequence,

adopted in 2011. The plan has

country, and even globally. Its

internship at Centerpoint Advisors, a wealth management

students conduct in-depth research and analysis on

Jay Weinberg ’85

enhance alumni engagement. Our measurable results have proven its success.

Melissa Pontikes ’91, President of Sage Communications in Chicago, led members of the NAC and staff through a two-day planning process this summer. We outlined bold steps for the future,

individual stocks in preparation for the live Portfolio Management course. “This is valuable real-world experience,” said Professor Ascioglu. “Everything the students do is what they would do working for an asset management company managing a portfolio. This is an opportunity they can gain from very few schools.”

and I look forward to sharing the results of our

The Fixed Income curriculum is structured the same

planning later this year.

way – course work, research, and analysis first, followed

Most importantly, I invite you, as alumni,

by real-time investment management practice. The first

Visiting Professor Kevin Maloney, Ph.D., P’16 is initiating a new fixed income offering within Bryant’s successful student-run Archway Investment Fund. He was drawn to Bryant in part because he “witnessed the transformative impact the Bryant experience” had on his son Erik Maloney ’16.

to look for ways that you can stay involved and

course, Debt Securities, Derivatives and Investing, is

Badeau added, “I would recommend Bryant and the

engaged with Bryant. For example, attend an

focused on analysis of fixed income markets that informs

finance program, specifically fixed income, to anyone

event, speak to a class, provide an internship, or

the Archway Fixed Income Portfolio Management

interested in this area of study. This University

judge a competition. If, like me, you live far away,

course. Fixed income assets include government bonds,

provides endless opportunity to any willing student.”

sign up for a webinar, join our book club, or plan

corporate bonds, mortgages, asset-backed securities,

a Bryant gathering in your city. It is always fun

closed-end funds, and exchange traded funds.

to meet other Bryant alums in your area. Contact for ideas or visit our website at for information.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IN THE JOB MARKET “Bryant graduates have historically been successful

At a public presentation on Dec. 7, the Archway Fund Portfolio Management students presented their work to the Bryant community and made recommendations to the next class of portfolio managers starting in January 2018.

in fixed income roles after graduation,” said Finance

Follow the latest developments in the Archway

Department Chair Peter Nigro, Ph.D. “By expanding

Investment Fund at


View more pictures at

October 12 | Providence, RI A wonderful mix of alumni gathered at The Malted Barley in downtown Providence, RI to celebrate Oktoberfest. They enjoyed a great night of networking and reconnecting.

September 28 | Minneapolis, MN Alumni and friends enjoyed a lively networking dinner and discussion with Trustee Professor of Management, Mike Roberto. Pictured (L to R): Kevin Zemaitis ’16, Emily Socha ’16, Robin Warde P’17, Mike Roberto, William Heffernan ’16, Eric Fortin ’98, Andrew Pieper ’08 MBA, Jackie (Kappel) Tschida ’88, Kiley Simonovitch ’17, Robert McManus ’92, Colin Kelley ’02, and Laura Yepsen ’12

October 08 | Istanbul, Turkey Bryant representative Ed Magro joined Kerem Buyukhanli ’12 for an informal reception in Istanbul. Attendees included Ed Magro, Kerem Buyukhanli ’12, Akif Kazmaz, Ayca Erkus ’11, Tuğba Jabban P’20, and Gulbin and Kagen Biter P’19

Engage ISSN 1099-1913 is published four times a year in January, April, July, and October for the alumni of Bryant University. Publication offices are located in the Office of Alumni Engagement, Bryant University, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917-1284. Periodicals Postage Paid at Providence, Rhode Island. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Engage, Bryant University Alumni Office, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917-1284.




Bryant alumnae still bonded after almost a half century Susan C. Kaufmann ’74 recently wrote to us to tell us the story of how she and her suite mates met at Bryant and have continued their close, supportive relationship for more than 45 years.


ow could we possibly know then that the bonds we were forming as kids would last

and, in fact, grow stronger? It was the fall of 1972 – freshman year at Bryant College. Five of us were randomly put together in a basement suite, Dorm 8. Joan, Karyn (aka K), Natalie, Rita (aka The Beet) and

Israel: Explore the Rich Cultural and Spiritual History of an Inspiring Nation May 22 – June 1, 2018

Join Bryant Rabbi Steven Jablow to experience a 10-night

Sue (that’s me). The fall of 1973, when we moved to the then-primo suite in Dorm 7, we were joined by Molly (aka The Dew). These women are my sisters (no, we never joined a sorority and we don’t share bloodlines), then and now. We affectionately call ourselves “The Suitees.” Forty-five years later, though we are

tour to Israel through many dimensions: historical,

scattered throughout the Northeast, we are as

cultural, religious, political, and others. We begin in

connected now as we were then, if not more so.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest metropolis and business center,

We have been with each other through marriages

and then travel north to the valleys and mountains of the

(three of us married college sweethearts),

Galilee, continue south to the Dead Sea and end in the

divorce, deaths, children, and now grandchildren,

England (and over the years, occasionally visit

beautiful capital of Jerusalem. Along the way, we explore

and just about everything life can put in one’s

campus). We catch up on each other’s lives and

sites of significance and interest including markets and

path. We have celebrated each other and held

reminisce about those Bryant years. We used to


each other up during life’s trying times.

bring our college photo albums and giggle like

One-by-one, we are now starting to retire,

we were teenagers again. We still giggle, we

entering yet another new phase of life. We will

laugh, we cry, we share. It sometimes amazes

continue to share life’s journey. For all of this,

even us how we have stayed so close after 45

speaking for all six of us, we are forever grateful

years, but then we stop to think, how could we

for landing in each other’s lives at Bryant and

not? We’re family. Thanks to Bryant.

Baltic Cruise – Amsterdam to Russia June 30 – July 13, 2018

Meet in Amsterdam, then board the exquisite Celebrity Eclipse for a 12-night cruise with stops in historic European and Scandinavian ports to and from St. Petersburg,

There was – and is – no way to know what

we are grateful for each other. At least once, sometimes twice a year, all six of us gather for a weekend somewhere in New

lies ahead. We grew up together and we will grow old together, my Suitees and me.

Russia. Amsterdam boasts the wonderful atmosphere of a 17th-century city combined with the contemporary character of a modern metropolis. In St. Petersburg,

For identification, we kept

visit regal palaces and vast public squares of a class all

the same pose from the 1973

its own.

photo to the one taken November 2017.

Just added: Countryside of the Emerald Isle (Ireland)

Back row left to right: Joan (Gertsacov) Kopels ’74;

October 14 – 23, 2018

Natalie (Johnson) Brown ’76;

Check back at for details as

Karyn (Mazor) Smith ’74.

Rita Jensen ’76;

they become available.

Front row left to right: Susan Kaufmann ’74;

Visit or contact Kathleen Brown at (401) 232-6041 or for more information or to register.

Molly (Dew) Jones ’77.

October 14 | Hartford, CT It was our 7th year returning to Hartford for a great cause! Proceeds from the day went to Susan G. Komen® New England.

October 12 | Portland, OR Vicente “Vin” Pina ’88 and Kristen Lasorsa ’11 welcomed alumni, parents, and friends to the Breakside Brewery in Downtown Portland, OR, for a Bryant in a Box event. Pictured (L to R): Nicole Lamont ’02, ’07MBA, Tom Mack ’77, Kristen Lasorsa ’11, Paul Anderson ’11, Josh Rosen ’11, Adam Ross-Russell ’13, Alex Daley ’11, ’12MBA, and Vicente Pina ’88

October 19 | New York, NY The Bryant Wall Street Council hosted a standing room only presentation by Mary Ann Bartels, CIO of Portfolio Solutions at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management International. She is pictured here with President Ronald K. Machtley and members of the Bryant Wall Street Council, Joe Capezza ’08 and George Bello ’58, ’96H.



P E T E R B E D I G I A N ’8 8 , P ’ 20 :

Building a reputation for innovation and integrity


ith a background in technology,

supply chain sources as partners. It takes

automation, and law

time to build trust and relationships and


Peter Bedigian ’88, P’20

create the partnerships that will help your

set out to create a new-age manufacturing

company grow. And never, ever burn any

company that would be worthy of


acquisition. He founded Omni Control

He also recalls how the best advice he

Technology in 1992 to design and build

ever received informs his leadership style:

control panels for a wide range of

“Always remember you will never be the

industries from pharmaceuticals to food

smartest person in the room. Cultivate

packaging to rail and transportation

good listening skills.” That advice proved

K AT I E C O LTO N ’ 12:

Investing in the future K atie Colton ’12 believes that the most

to help establish the now-annual NESN

important ingredient for professional

Baseball Tournament, which unites

success is being fully committed to the

40 NESN volunteers with more than 80

work you’re doing. “Not just investing

athletes with special needs for a fun day

time, but also your efforts, creativity, and

of baseball. “I’m incredibly proud to be

ideas,” she says. “The key to success is

part of this event and this company.” The smaller size of the network

simply hard work.” Advised to “work hard, and the right

allows her to participate in a multitude

people will notice,” Colton took that wisdom

of projects and to learn every aspect

to heart. It’s paid off for the Programming

of the business.


“I took a leap of faith going into a business where I didn’t know much but knew there was huge potential. So I built a team and relied on them.” –Peter Bedigian ’88, P’20

The company’s reputation for

invaluable when Bedigian launched his

integrity and innovation in a highly

high-tech business with great vision but

competitive industry positioned it for a

little experience. “I took a leap of faith

2016 acquisition by NIBE, a global leader

going into a business where I didn’t know

in sustainable energy solutions based

much but knew there was huge potential.

in Sweden. Omni is leading NIBE’s

So I built a team and relied on them. To

North American strategic development

have the opportunity with NIBE come

of automated heating solutions for rail

along is a testament to the achievement

and transportation systems. Omni also

of all of the people involved with Omni.”

is one of only four U.S. control suppliers

Bedigian’s counsel to young people

to Siemens, a worldwide producer of

entering the workforce is grounded in his

energy-efficient technologies for power

personal values. “Work should never be

generation and transmission and medical

the center of your life. There are other


priorities – mine are God, family, life,

Bedigian credits his company’s

work. There’s a place for hard work and

success to several key principles. “I

focus, but if you make work the center of

believe the most important ingredient

your life, you’re going to burn out.”

for professional success is to have a

Bedigian’s son, Matthew, continues

passion for what you do,” he explains.

the family’s Bryant legacy as a member

He adds, “Treat your customers and

of the University’s Class of 2020.

“A good leader knows when to make decisions and when to lean on his or her team.” –Katie Colton ’12

Supervisor at NESN (New England Sports

Arts and Sciences with a degree in

cable and satellite television network.

Communication, Colton is preparing to

“When I started at NESN right out of

pursue her MBA at the Cornell SC Johnson

college, I was the only woman out of 16

College of Business. “Bryant’s amazing

in my role, and the youngest employee,”

network allowed me to connect with

she says. “I set a goal to work harder than

Professors Michael Roberto and James

my peers, learn something new, and ask

Segovis – educators I didn’t have as an

for feedback.”

undergraduate student – and they offered

She continued to learn new skills on


me advice, guidance, and encouragement

her own time, earning more responsibility

to apply to some of the top graduate

and trust. “More than just advancing

programs in the United States.”

yourself, you must genuinely care about

Cornell awarded her the Park

moving your organization forward,”

Leadership Fellowship, which offers a

Colton says. Her leadership philosophy

multitude of hands-on leadership training

stems from a “greater than an individual”

programs over the course of the two-

principle. “A good leader knows when to

year full-time program, culminating

make decisions and when to lean on his

in a service learning project. Colton’s

or her team,” she explains. “An effective

exemplary work ethic, minors in Business

leader should create stronger, better

Administration and Sociology and Service

employees, which results in a stronger,

Learning, and recognized leadership

better organization.”

experiences – including Commencement

Companies increasingly provide

awards from the Communication

opportunities for employees to serve

Department and the George M. Parks

their communities. “NESN Connects is

Award for leadership qualities as well as

a program that organizes employee

a term as the Recent Alumni Trustee and

volunteers, but the organization wanted

current National Alumni Council member

to create and run their own event in

– will provide a solid foundation for her

addition,” she says. Colton stepped up

success in graduate school and beyond.

ALUMNI AND PARENT NE TWORKING EVENTS October 21 | New York, NY Juan Camilo ’07, founder of Dyckman Beer Co., shared his entrepreneurship journey and some great tips about craft brewing with alumni and friends. Pictured (L to R): Mit Parekh ’08, Anthony Bailey ’08, Victor Bunaev ’08, Ronnie Ward ’05, Juan Camilo ’07, Roman Ward ’08, and Girish Massand ’08

A graduate of Bryant’s College of

Network), an American regional sports

View more pictures at

October 26 | San Francisco, CA Bryant Honors Program students visiting Silicon Valley spent an evening networking with alumni in San Francisco. Professors Jim Segovis and Jane McKay-Nesbitt gave an update on the University to alumni, many of whom hosted students at their companies earlier in the day.

October 24 | La Jolla, CA Alumni and parents in the San Diego area enjoyed an evening of networking and an update on the University from David Wegrzyn ’86, Vice President for University Advancement. Pictured (L to R): Meagan Connolly Murphy, Mike Cochrane ’05, Jessica Fleming ’13, Kaitlyn Klein ’14, Kaitlyn Wilcynski ’08, and Tyler Berry ’14

S E A N C O N N O L LY ’9 6 :

Leading Through Service S ean Connolly ’96, who began his

Esq., discussed a gubernatorial bid,

political career as a student senate

deciding “we can do this and offer

representative in Bryant University’s

something different to Connecticut than

student government, is running for

what we’ve had in the past.” Connolly, who is running as a

Governor of Connecticut. A Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve and

Democrat says, “what I’m trying to do

former commissioner of the State of

as a candidate is to offer leadership that

Connecticut’s Department of Veterans

puts service first.” For him, that means

Affairs, Connolly has built a career

“getting back to a point where it really

on military involvement, corporate

is about moving the state forward with

experience, and leading a state agency.

results-driven leadership and solutions

Since graduating from Bryant,


rather than pointing fingers and blame.” Connolly partially credits his

Connolly received his Juris Doctor from Catholic University of America, Columbus

leadership style to a principle he saw

School of Law, and in 2017 earned a

demonstrated by Bryant’s former

Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from

president, William E. Trueheart, Ed.D.

the U.S. Army War College. After seven

“I don’t even think he saw me observe

years of active duty, Connolly, a veteran

him, but I remember him stopping while

of Operation Iraqi Freedom, worked

walking through campus to pick up a

as an attorney in private practice in

piece of garbage,” Connolly recalls. As an

Washington, D.C. He returned to his

Army ROTC cadet, he remembers

Jennifer (Ptaschnik) ’03 and her husband, Kevin Walker of Goodlettsville, TN, visited the campus with their new three month old baby, Kaitlyn, in October. Hopefully Kaitlyn will be a member of Bryant’s Class of 2039!

“What I’m trying to do as a candidate is to offer leadership that puts service first. Getting back to a point where it really is about moving the state forward with results-driven leadership and solutions rather than pointing fingers and blame.” –Sean Connolly ’96 home state of Connecticut in 2010 to take

thinking, “that’s someone who cares

a position at Pratt & Whitney – the same

about their unit – that’s leadership.”

company where his grandfather worked

A decorated officer, Connolly’s

as a grounds keeper and his grandmother

awards include the Bronze Star Medal,

as a factory worker beginning in the 1940s

four Meritorious Service Medals,

– rising to become the organization’s

two Army Achievement Medals, the

Global Ethics and Compliance Officer.

Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the Global

Although service has always been

Be sure to contact the Office of Alumni Engagement if you plan to visit. Whether living near or far, alumni are encouraged to come to campus and tell us about their Bryant experiences. Email with your expected visit date.

41st Annual


War on Terrorism Service Medal.

important to Connolly, he hadn’t

His proudest achievements, however,

considered running for public office until

involve serving and supporting his

he became the Commissioner of the

community. “I love meeting people

Connecticut Department of Veterans

and learning from them. That’s what

Affairs in 2015, which he says “reignited

energizes me.” Connolly and his wife make their

the service bug.” The veterans he worked with often encouraged him to take his

home in Hebron, CT with their two

style of leadership to the capital. Eventually,

sons and their rescue puppy, Lucky.

Connolly and his wife, Carol A. Connolly,

November 9 | Atlanta, GA Joe Santos ’86, Sharie (Poulin) Bassett ’93 and Chris Pratt ’92 were among the Atlantaarea alumni who got together at Novo Cucina! November 7 | Washington, D.C. Bryant alumni at City Tap House DC engaged in a lively discussion with Trustee Professor of Management Mike Roberto.

November 8 | Chicago, IL It’s always great to get the Chicago-area alumni together for an evening of reconnecting at Swift & Sons. Pictured (L to R): Ivan Toro ’96 and P. Phillip Cloutier ’96, ’04 MBA, and Vicki ’96 (Roy) Cloutier enjoyed reconnecting at Swift & Sons.

All members of the Bryant community gathered as one to celebrate peace and love at the 41st Annual Festival of Lights celebration.

November 9 | Honolulu, HI Beautiful Honolulu was the backdrop for this alumni reception at Pai Honolulu with Bryant Trustee Kurt Last ’77, ’78 and PA Program Director Jay Amrien. November 10 | Athens, GA Bryant spirit abounded at the Bulldogs Basketball Game @ University of Georgia. Pictured (L to R): Kathleen Brown, Dan Shea ’79, Michael Kubicki ’03, Chris Pratt ’92 and his wife Susan and kids Oliver and Morgan, Sharie (Poulin) Bassett ’93 with husband Lou and son Bryce, Mike Howard ’89 and his wife Carol 5


Appreciation for Bryant spurs $100,000 gift


ore than 60 years after his Bryant graduation, Frederick Eaton ’53 acknowledges that it took him many years to realize the value of his degree. Though he considered a number of colleges, Bryant’s affordable tuition, combined with a small scholarship from his hometown’s Rotary Club, made it the obvious choice. “Bryant also arranged for my room and board,” explains Eaton, “as a live-in mother’s helper for a family on the East Side of Providence!” From those modest beginnings, Eaton gained the knowledge and skills that propelled him to a distinguished career in commercial lending, a field whose requirements perfectly matched his Bryant courses. “I was the best prepared candidate,” recalls Eaton, who capped his career as Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer at the State Bank of Albany/Norstar Bank of Upstate NY, his lifelong employer. “But I was too young to appreciate it at the time,” he adds. “It was only in hindsight that I realized what my Bryant education had accomplished for me.”

INCREASING ACCESS TO A BRYANT EDUCATION The support that Eaton and his wife, Jean, have provided over the years includes gifts to the Annual Fund and Bryant’s Partners in Scholarship fund. They recently made a $100,000 pledge

to establish the Frederick and Jean Eaton Partners in Scholarship Fund, designated for qualified Bryant undergraduates with preference for candidates from the Western MA/ Albany, NY areas. The Eatons made their pledge in support of Expanding the

World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future. Increasing

access to a Bryant education through student scholarships is a pillar of the campaign. The couple’s admiration for Bryant is boundless. Following a campus visit, Jean, an accomplished artist, praised the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of Bryant’s classrooms and teaching. “I wouldn’t mind going back to college again. It was fantastic.” Frederick adds, “When I look around, I sense that Bryant reflects the core values of its leadership, particularly those of Ron and Kati Machtley. They are serious about educating students here. I could have gone to another college, but I’m so happy today that I came to Bryant.”

To learn more about creating an endowed scholarship, please contact Executive Director of Development Edward Magro, J.D., at (401) 232-6528.

Grateful for a Bryant education that led to a distinguished career, Frederick ’53 and Jean Eaton have made a pledge to establish the Frederick and Jean Eaton Partners in Scholarship Fund.

When I look around, I sense that Bryant reflects the core values of its leadership, particularly those of Ron and Kati Machtley. They are serious about educating students here. I could have gone to another college, but I’m so happy today that I came to Bryant. FREDERICK EATON ’53

Bryant’s Wall Street Council Furthers University’s Reputation in the World’s Financial Center T

he Bryant Wall Street Council (WSC) has a mission of advancing the school’s reputation and influence in the world’s iconic financial center. “When we (the WSC founders) first discussed building this coalition of alumni, parents, and friends of the University, we looked at similar programs to emulate and build upon,” says Stephen Tully ’98, Head of U.S. Institutions at Cantillon Capital Management. The Council is a resource to Bryant students aspiring to launch financial services careers, connecting them with Council members’ firms for mentoring,

by alumni Eric Bertrand ’94, CEO of digital advertising agency Mod Op; Nicholas Bohnsack ’00, Co-Founder, President, and COO of Strategas, a leading institutional broker-dealer; Nanette Buziak ’93, Managing Director and Head of Equity Training at Voya Investment Management; Edward Fasano ’94, CFO, COO, and CCO of Saya Management; Stephen Tully ’98, Head of U.S. Institutions at Cantillon Capital Management; and Margaret Dickinson ’10, Prime Brokerage Sales at Fidelity Capital Markets. Margaret Dickinson serves on the

I make it a priority to help some really great students. I wouldn’t be where I am [today] if some people hadn’t done the same for me.

At a recent Wall Street Council event Chris Orcutt ’06, Managing Director of Institutional Sales at Strategas Research Partners, (left) and Daniel Fiandaca ’06, VP of Capital Markets at Fidelity, talk with Wall Street Council board member Margaret Dickinson ’10, Prime Brokerage Sales at Fidelity Capital Markets.


job shadowing, and internship experiences. “It’s important that our members actively participate,” Tully explains. “In addition to a financial commitment, members must connect with and mentor at least one student each year.” The group also serves as networking catalyst for established professionals. The Council, which now has 30 active members, was launched three years ago


WSC board and takes the time – despite her busy work schedule and enrollment in Cornell’s Executive MBA program – to mentor several students. “I make it a priority to help some really great students,” she says. “I wouldn’t be where I am [today] if some people hadn’t done the same for me.” The Council hosts high-profile events throughout the year on Bryant’s campus and on Wall Street. The most

recent gathering of the Council at the New York Times Building in Manhattan drew more than 100 guests and keynote speaker Mary Ann Bartels, CIO for Asset Allocation at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and frequent CNBC and Bloomberg contributor. Previous keynote speakers have included Richard Fisher

’14H, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

For more information about joining the Wall Street Council, contact Susan Detri-Souve at 401.232.6173 or at A membership and financial services industry networking event is planned for Thursday, June 14. Visit alumnievents to learn more.

Alumni Engagement Isn’t Just a Day

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Capasso, retired from a distinguished career at Henkel Loctite Corporation, currently divides his time between Marco Island, FL and Connecticut. He joined the National Alumni Council a few years back and has become increasingly involved ever since. “It’s been especially rewarding to me to see how the University has evolved over the years.” “It’s important to Bryant and to our current students that alumni stay involved,” Capasso stresses. “Alumni and parents are highly valued as speakers in the classroom, and they add incredible value to the educational experience of our students. They also play a key role as mentors who make essential career connections.” All alumni are encouraged to share their expertise as panelists on campus and at regional alumni events. Upcoming events include:


Bridging the Gap: An Alumni of Color Panel Friday, March 2, Noon-1:30 p.m., Fisher Student Center, Bryant

Panel discussion: Women in Finance Wednesday, March 28, 6-8:30 p.m., District Hall, Boston Bryant’s Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement is the nexus for matching interested alumni and parents with faculty, courses, and student organizations such as the Smart Women in Finance – which will have alumna speakers at each of their meetings this spring. Director Robin Warde P’17 notes that “our goal each year is to add value to our Regional Alumni events with speakers or panels.”

On March 6, Trustee Professor Mike Roberto, DBA, will participate in a reception in Stamford, CT, and Associate Professor of Management Lori Coakley, Ph.D., is traveling to Philadelphia to meet with alumni in early April. On campus, the Alumni office’s Speakers to Go program helps faculty pair with alumni for classroom discussions aligned with the curriculum. Alumni also often serve as judges for

Sara Larrabee ’13, Marketing and Community Relations Specialist at Coastal Medical, one of dozens of alumni who served as mentors and judges in Bryant’s IDEA program, discusses the design thinking process with a first-year student.

competitions and final projects. Professor of Finance Jack Trifts, Ph.D., notes that “alumni judges give students in my Financial Statement Analysis course a taste of real-world experience and a sense of what it’s like to present before a board or other investors.”

Want to get involved? Reach out to the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement at either or to volunteer your expertise. We’ll help find the right fit for your talents, and you’ll enjoy knowing that you’ve enhanced the Bryant experience for today’s students.

TEDxBryantU: A Showcase of Bryant’s Collegial Community T

EDxBryantU, a student-run initiative that is independently organized but licensed by the TED media platform, debuted this winter as an inspiring opportunity to listen to great speakers from the Bryant community share ideas close to their hearts, sparking deep conversations about innovation. The February 10th event featured six alumni, five faculty members, and two students, who took the Janikies Theater stage to share their ideas on topics ranging from reimaging customer service to pioneering new methods of decision-making. TEDxBryantU came to Bryant after Samantha Scoca ’18, inspired by innovation throughout the University and wanting to give back in appreciation for all she’s learned, applied for a TEDx license. She formed a committee with five other dedicated students and put out a call for proposals to the entire Bryant community.

INNOVATION TAKES COURAGE TO EXPLORE For this inaugural event, the committee – working under the guidance of Director of Faculty Development and Innovation Edward Kairiss, Ph.D. – set itself a formidable challenge of discovering unique and valuable ways of looking at the world: “Innovation is value. It is details. It is intuition. We are all born with it, but so few take advantage. Why is this?” asks their mission statement. Many people believe that in order to innovate, you simply need some inspiration. While this is partially true, innovation takes much more than that; it takes grit, passion,

and heart. It is not our past experiences, rather our skills and perseverance that we bring to the table. Inspiration is easy, but innovation takes the courage to explore. Here at TEDxBryantU, we believe it is worth it.” The committee’s call was heeded and Bryant students, faculty, and alumni from across the country enthusiastically came out to support the students and their theme of innovation. Videos of this year’s presentations will be posted later this spring. For more information about this year’s program, please visit TEDxBryantU.

HIGHLIGHTS OF ALUMNI AND STUDENT TALKS In his Merge Your Culture, Acquire Your Success talk, John Bly ’01, a Principal and CEO of LBA Haynes Strand, offered examples of how mergers and acquisitions can be among the most beneficial ways to grow a company and become an entrepreneur. With his I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service presentation, John Boccuzzi, Jr. ’90, a veteran sales, marketing, and customer experience executive, shared his belief that customer service, as opposed to traditional marketing strategies, has the potential to be the greatest form of marketing for a brand. In his Workplace Orientation is Not Training talk, David Donlan ’00, Chief Revenue Officer of Crayon, Inc., drew a distinction between orientation and training, explaining how the latter can make a monumental difference for companies.

Amanda Garber ’11, a seasoned sales and business development professional within the digital media space at CBS Interactive, explored The Innovation of Modern Love, diving into the world of dating applications. In How Studying Magicians Changed My Perspective on Creativity, John Logan ’16, a keynote speaker for leadership conferences who combines his research on magic and creativity with his entrepreneurial skills to help others, highlighted a new way of thinking about ingenuity. Child nutrition professional Andrew Viveiros ’86, ’89 MBA, examined How Feeding More Children Will Impact the Rhode Island Economy.

In her talk on The Simplistic Depth of Innovation, Melissa Gurzenda ’21 redefined innovation using her own personal story. No stranger to innovation, Gurzenda invented a crank-powered light to help children in areas without electricity to read and write at night that’s now in use in Haiti. Corey Page ’19 discussed how we should perceive millennial leadership in his Passing the Torch talk. A junior studying Management, Page is the Chapter President for the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Bryant.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.) continues on page 10


YO U R G I F T C O U N TS INSPIRED TO EXCEL: CAMPAIGN PROGRESS BEATS ALL RECORDS includes many more projects that need support, many more faculty positions to endow, and many more scholarship dollars to ensure that a Bryant education is possible for the very best and brightest incoming students.

Our bold plans for the future will succeed only with your continued engagement and support. DAVID C. WEGRZYN ’86

Every gift helps make Bryant the best it can be. We ask that you consider making Bryant a part of your annual philanthropy priorities. When the campaign concludes, you’ll want to be a part of making history. Through your philanthropy we can realize our future goals and ascend to our rightful place in the higher education community.


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The campaign for Bryant University is accelerating the institution’s growth far beyond what our tuition-driven budget resources would have allowed. The University

$100 million $95 m $90 m

is adding new academic programs, earning top national rankings, and attracting record levels of talented and diverse applicants. Yet many of the best students cannot afford the exceptional educational experience we offer. Through David C. Wegrzyn ’86 campaign contributions, Vice President for we have generated University funding for more than Advancement 100 new scholarships – bringing a Bryant education within reach of the very best students who will benefit most from the Bryant experience. But there are many others who don’t have the resources to enroll. They need the help of Bryant alumni and friends, joining together to expand Bryant’s financial aid capacity with gifts large and small. The unprecedented success of Expanding

$86 million

$80 m

$75 million $70 m $65 m $60 m $55 m $50 m $45 m $40 m $35 m $30 m $25 m $20 m $15 m $10 m

$5 m

the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future has raised the bar.

Nearly 20,000 donors have invested in Bryant’s historic capital campaign so far. In the past year alone, 5,697 alumni, parents, students, employees, and friends of the University made gifts that expressed their support for Bryant’s strategic vision and trajectory of excellence. More than half of all alumni have made at least one gift to Bryant since graduation. Bryant is reaching and exceeding the ambitious goals we set at the start of this campaign, but we’re not stopping there. There is still more to do.

“Our bold plans for the future will succeed only with your continued engagement and support,” notes Vice President for University Advancement David C. Wegrzyn ’86. “If you have not recently been to campus, I encourage you to come back for a visit and see the transformation that’s taking place. The feeling on campus is contagious, the vision from President Machtley is inspiring, and Bulldog pride is at an all-time high.”

Sustaining Bryant’s trajectory of excellence depends on support from the entire Bryant community. We encourage you to engage, inspire, and invest. To arrange for a campus visit and learn more about how you can get involved, please contact a member of the Advancement staff at (877) 353-5667.

Empowering Women in Finance to Thrive I

n the field of finance – especially financial services – few women make it to the top. A 2016 Harvard Business School study found that men are promoted to executive positions “at materially higher rates than women” and that only 12 percent of the chief executive officers of the country’s largest financial organizations are women. Bryant faculty, students, and alumnae of the finance program, which is ranked No. 12 by College Factual, are determined to change that by empowering women in, or who have an interest in, the field.


Savannah Miles ’19 and Kaylan Conrad ’17, now a Financial Leadership Program Associate at United Technologies, wanted young women at Bryant to see the opportunities available to them in the world of finance. That determination inspired the duo last year to establish the student organization, Smart Women in Finance. This year, Denae Pisano ’18 took on the role of president of Smart Women in Finance. “My goal is to inspire and expose students to the opportunities available in the field of finance. Our organization strives to diminish the stereotypes that finance is “just math” or “a man’s job.” Smart Women in Finance “provides a space for women to ask questions and feel comfortable in not knowing all there is to know about finance,”


Pisano said. “We provide a welcoming environment for those who want to explore opportunities in finance and our executive board members share their own personal internship experience and provide mentorship to members.” The group features speakers at bi-weekly member meetings and at the monthly Women in Finance coffee series that Mara L Derderian, CFP, Director of the Finance Department’s Financial Planning Program helped them start. The speakers are women working in finance in various industries – real estate, asset management, wealth management, insurance, and more – demonstrating the breadth of the finance industry. Pisano said one of the group’s most memorable speakers was Sue (Butkus) Pike ’94, Managing Director and Business Manager of Asset Allocation Product Management at Wellington Management, who discussed how her time at Wellington has allowed her to seek new opportunities in unfamiliar areas of finance. “These opportunities and her willingness to explore these areas lead to the position she currently holds,” said Pisano. “My hope is that if students’ mindsets about women in finance change at the university level, the industry will change with us,” said Pisano. “It has been a blessing to serve as president and I hope this organization continues to strive and prosper for years to come.”

Lynn (Rapoza) Magnus ’99, CFO of the Investment Banking Division of Goldman, Sachs, & Co., answers questions from students after a Smart Women in Finance presentation.

BRYANT’S INVALUABLE ALUMNI NETWORK As part of last year’s Alumni Engagement Day, Smart Women in Finance brought four alumnae to campus for a “Women in Finance” panel discussion. Miles and Conrad moderated a discussion between Cristina Destefanis ’13, Financial Advisor at Destefanis Financial Services/Cantella & Co. Inc.; Lynn (Raposa) Mangus ’99, CFO of the Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs; Jennifer (Schwall) Rousseau ’11, Executive Director of Cherrystone Angel Group; and Jane Sullivan-Klett ’07,

Financial Advisor and Partner of Sullivan Financial, LLC. The alumnae of Bryant’s finance program are eager to serve as a catalyst for student success. “I have been blessed to have great men and women in my career to open doors,” said Rousseau. “We must all reach down and extend a hand to help someone else clear hurdles and open discussion to career development.” Destefanis said: “You have an amazing resource in Bryant’s alumni network that provides paths to the Big Four accounting/consulting firms. Use it… and be one.”

President Emeritus William T. O’Hara ’90H Leaves Outstanding Legacy Dr. O’Hara had extensive experience in strategic planning, and early in his presidency he formed a committee dedicated to long-term planning to define Bryant’s mission and progress toward transformational goals. During his tenure the college began to enhance its liberal arts curriculum and expand non-credit business programs, to offer a Master of Science in Taxation, and to develop its first international strategic plan. During the O’Hara presidency, the RI Small Business Development Center was established, new facilities were added, including the Multipurpose Activity Center (1981), the Bryant Center (1986, now known as the Karen L. and Michael E. Fisher ’67 Student Center), and the Koffler Center was rededicated as a computer center (1987). When Bill O’Hara chose to step aside as Bryant’s president in 1989, the Board of Trustees named him President Emeritus, Henry Loeb Jacobs Professor, and founding Executive Director of The Institute for Family Enterprise at Bryant. In this role Bill taught, consulted, and wrote extensively on preserving and

perpetuating family-owned businesses, business ethics, corporate governance, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Throughout Bill’s life, he was committed to community service. This included memberships on the boards of trustees at Trinity College, Roger Williams University, Citizen’s Bank, the New England Board of Higher Education, the NCAA Presidents Commission, and Home and Hospice of Rhode Island. In addition, he served as chairman of Leadership Rhode Island, head of the Governor’s Ethics Task Force, charter chairman of the Rhode Island Independent Higher Education Association, chair of Citizens Community Foundation, board member of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, and charter president of the Northeast Ten Athletic Association. The President Emeritus was also a consultant on trustee governance for the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges. His books include John F. Kennedy on Education; The Student/The College/The Law; and Centuries of Success: Lessons from the World’s Most Enduring Family Businesses.

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The Strategic Planning Committee formed by President Emeritus William T. O’Hara, and its advisory council of students, faculty, and staff, were the driving force behind Bryant’s first strategic plan, The Quality Difference, completed in 1986.

President Bill O’Hara and his wife, Bobbi, will long be remembered for their exceptional service to Bryant. Members of the Bryant community are invited to share their memories of Bill O’Hara online at

A memorial service for Dr. O’Hara will be held at Bryant’s Machtley Interfaith Center on Saturday, April 14, at 11 a.m. To make a gift to the

O’Hara Memorial Scholarship Fund, visit

During a special ceremony held in


Florida in January, Carole (Oliner) ’59

Carole (Oliner) ’59 and Art ’60 Sukel

Nelson J. Gulski Service Award

and Art ’60 Sukel were honored as recipients in recognition of decades of support of their alma mater.

N EL SON J. G U L SK I SERV I C E AWAR D This award recognizes alumni with a record of exemplary and longstanding volunteer service to the University or the Alumni Association. Such service will have enhanced the name, prestige, or educational excellence of the University or significantly furthered the outreach and professionalism of the Association. This award is named for Nelson J. Gulski ’26, ’72H, ’92H, whose association with Bryant as a student, teacher, administrator, and trustee spanned more than 70 years.

The Sukels have been quietly but strongly supporting their alma mater for many years. “The rewards that I reaped from my Bryant education are immeasurable,” says Art. “I want to pay it forward.” Carole adds, “We’ve enjoyed communication from the University and getting updates over the years, and we decided that when we were in a position to give financially, Bryant would be one of our priorities.”

“The rewards that I reaped from my Bryant education are immeasurable, I want to pay it forward.” After nearly 25 years with CBS, a group of investors, including Sukel – then CFO and Senior Vice President – bought the magazine division from CBS for $650M. Shortly thereafter, they sold the division for $1.1B. “We made an excellent investment,” says Art, “but our success was made possible by a great group of employees, so we shared our good fortune and distributed bonuses to them – enough to create 38 millionaires!” Carole and Art met at Bryant and were married less than two weeks after his

graduation. Carole, a secretarial science major from Nutley, NJ, was encouraged to go away to college by her father, who wanted her to experience life beyond their small town. Art had served three years in the United States Army, some in Taiwan teaching the Chinese Army how to operate RADAR equipment. After taking a finance course at University of Maryland while still in the military, Art found his true calling – business. When he left the service and arrived back at his parents’ home in North Adams, MA, the three of them took a drive to Providence, RI, to see about enrolling him at Bryant.

Proving Dean Gulski Right “We made an appointment with none other than Dean Nelson Gulski,” Art says, chuckling, “who looks at my high school transcript and notes that football, basketball, and baseball had been clearly more of a priority to me than academics at the time. But he said he’d admit me on a probationary basis, trusting that my focus had shifted.” Unsurprisingly, to those who knew him, Dean Gulski was right about Art, who completed his Bachelor’s degree concentrating in Accounting and in just two years. “If it had not been for Bryant College then, University now, I would not be where I am right now. This Nelson J. Gulski Service Award from

Bryant means so much. It’s an honor,” says Art. “It’s incredible to be recognized,” agrees Carole. “It’s a lovely surprise.”

“If it had not been for Bryant College then, University now, I would not be where I am right now.” The Sukels are currently enjoying retirement in Boca Raton – both play golf and are involved in charitable efforts. They’ve traveled with the Bryant Alumni Engagement Office to China, Italy, and will be going to Israel in May. Carole keeps her mind sharp with Canasta and works out six days a week to stay active. Art serves on the board of his graduate school, Fairleigh Dickinson University, which honored him last year for his business success and generosity with its Pinnacle Award. Carole and Art established an endowed scholarship at Bryant and have named the University in their estate plans. Though they are both quick to credit Bryant for their individual career successes, Art treasures one gift from Bryant most of all – his wife, Carole. “She’s my everything,” says Art. “She’s played a significant role in my success.” They will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary in February 2018.


TEDxBryantU: A Showcase of Bryant’s Collegial Community


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About TED TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or fewer) delivered by today’s leading thinkers and doers. Many of these talks are given at TED’s annual conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, and made available, free, on TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Monica Lewinsky, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sal Khan and Daniel Kahneman.





TED’s open and free initiatives for spreading ideas include, where new TED Talk videos are posted daily; the Open Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive transcripts as well as translations from thousands of volunteers worldwide; the educational initiative TED-Ed; the annual million-dollar TED Prize, which funds exceptional individuals with a “wish,” or idea, to create change in the world; TEDx, which provides licenses to thousands of individuals and groups who host local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; and the TED Fellows program, which selects innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities.


Co-Founder/CEO of Rent the Runway, Co-Founder of Rent the Runway Foundation

The Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement is proud to announce the spring selection of webinars on timely topics, led by alumni experts. The upcoming webinars will focus on motivation in the workplace, women in leadership, and a special two-part series about life after graduation. As always, our webinars are offered to alumni and parents free of charge. To register, visit

If you have an expertise you’d like to share in a future webinar, please contact us at


Founding Director of The Good Life Initiative, Director of the Better Life Lab, Author

Special thanks to our sponsors listed below whose generous support helps to make this conference such a great value for everyone! PLATINIUM SPONSOR

Wednesday, April 18, 12-1pm est “Post-Bryant Life Part I” presented by Amica Mutual Insurance and Amanda Dilley ’13

Wednesday, March 28, 12-1pm est “The She Factor” Wednesday, May 9, 12-1pm est presented by Diane Wilbur ’88 “Post-Bryant Life Part II” presented by Amica Mutual Insurance and Amanda Dilley ’13


Self-made Media Mogul, Author, Founder of the Adelante Movement

WE LOOK FORWARD to welcoming more than 1,000 people from throughout the region to the 21st Women’s Summit® at Bryant University. This conference is the largest and longest-running educational conference for women in Rhode Island. Hear from empowering keynote speakers and take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the day. Through the years, the Women’s Summit has incorporated current trends in education, leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, health, wellness, technology, and financial topics in order to provide up-to-date breakout sessions to support our attendees’ professional and personal aspirations. There are 24 different sessions featuring 34 speakers.


Wednesday, March 7, 12-1pm est “Impossible is just a Word” presented by John Logan ’16


Motivational Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Author

MEDIA PARTNER Providence Business News MEDIA SPONSOR Rhode Island Monthly Providence Journal

GOLD SPONSORS BJ’s Wholesale Club Fidelity Investments IGT PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP W.B. Mason

SILVER SPONSORS Alex and Ani BankRI CVS Health FM Global Hasbro Hope Global Navigant Credit Union Santander Teknor Apex The TJX Companies TIAA University Medicine

BRYANT UNIVERSITY•1150 Douglas Pike•Smithfield, RI•

BRONZE SPONSORS Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bard Davol Inc. Beacon Mutual Insurance Blue Cross and Blue Shield of RI Collette Customers Bank Dassault Systemes Edward Jones EY Gilbane Building Company

Gloria Gemma Foundation Lincoln School Marcum LLP Ocean Spray Pfizer Providence College RI Higher Education Training Consortium Robinson+Cole Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP Target The Hanover Insurance Group Women’s Medicine Collaborative

Women’s Summit® is a registered trademark of Bryant University.

SOLD OUT! To get early notification of the 2019 Women’s Summit, register at


View more pictures at

November 29 | New Haven, CT Alumni and parents enjoyed lively conversation at Temple Grill, owned by Chris Candido ’96, before cheering on our Bulldogs as they faced Yale in a Bulldogs vs Bulldogs matchup. November 14 | Raleigh, NC The Courtemanche family of Cary, NC – daughter, Logan Meacham, Mark ’90, wife, Jen, and son, Evan, came to cheer on the Bryant Bulldogs basketball team at NC State for the pre-game reception and game.

November 21 | Piscataway, NJ Bryant alumni and parents cheered on the Bulldogs Men’s Basketball team against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. 10

November 30 | Boston, MA Bryant Speed Networking evening hosted at Acquia with alumni and students from CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization).

December 11 | Louisville, KY It was a tough loss to Louisville, but our alumni and friends had a wonderful time connecting and hearing an update on the University from Robin Warde P’17.

IN MEMORIAM Remembering Bryant alumni who have passed away. MARY (BATES) KENNEDY ’35 September 2, 2014

HOWARD W. ARMBRUST ’50 ’81H November 23, 2017

RALPH P. ARMSTRONG ’54 June 20, 2017

JACK L. BARDELLI ’63 December 7, 2017

STEPHEN J. MOUSSAS ’75 MBA December 7, 2017

CLARE (HETHERMAN) BANSPACH ’38 February 16, 2014

ROGER G. AUDETTE ’50 April 7, 2017

EDITH (ADLER) BETTS ’54 October 17, 2017

KENNETH R. MIDDLETON ’63 October 3, 2017

KIM (MCGOVERN) KLEESPIE ’76 October 14, 2017

JEANNE (BERUBE) HAMMOND ’38 May 20, 2014

MELVIN J. BARON ’50 October 22, 2017

PAUL GAZZERRO, JR. ’54 October 16, 2017

EDITH (BROWN) NEALEIGH ’63 January 30, 2017

DENNIS H. ABBOTT ’80 MBA December 2, 2017

ELSIE (SWANSON) JOHN ’38 May 5, 2017

VICTOR CHAUSSE, JR. ’50 May 11, 2015

WILLIAM J. DEAN ’56 July 2, 2017

ANNE L. GROSSO ’64 August 21, 2014

DEBORAH (SZCZOCZARZ) MALLON ’80 November 18, 2017

WILLIAM L. RISSO ’40 January 7, 2017

DELBERT S. CONNER ’50 November 14, 2017

WILLIAM C. COFFIN ’57 November 2, 2017

DAVID G. PALMER ’64 November 15, 2017

HAROLD J. HUBBARD ’41 December 7, 2017

PAUL GREENBERG ’50 November 19, 2017

FRANK DI FOLCO ’57 November 14, 2016

JAMES M. GEARY ’65 October 29, 2017

UMBERTO IACONO ’41 March 5, 2017

STANLEY J. WEINTRAUB ’50 November 2, 2017

RONALD P. GILBERT ’57 November 18, 2016

GEORGE E. TAYLOR ’67 June 7, 2014

ARTHUR R. SMITH ’41 November 19, 2017

JAMES A. CELONE ’51 October 30, 2017

EDWARD A. WASHBURN, JR. ’57 November 14, 2017

GEOFFREY A. CRANE ’68 September 5, 2017

DOROTHY (TWEEDALE) SHERMAN ’42 November 29, 2017

RITA (GELFUSO) GUADAGNOLI ’51 February 10, 2017

HARVEY L. EDWARDS ’58 October 29, 2017

JOSEPH D. MCALOON ’69 July 25, 2017

HAROLD HANKIN ’52 November 19, 2017

LEWIS E. ANTONE ’59 October 14, 2017

THOMAS D. MERCIER ’71 July 21, 2017

ARTHUR W. JOLIN, JR. ’52 March 24, 2014

RUTH (WERNER) DAVIS ’59 March 30, 2017

RICHARD M. DALEY ’73 August 18, 2016

LEON F. DOBRIDNIA ’53 June 20, 2017


RICHARD A. DEJOSEPH ’73 May 28, 2015

JOSEPH R. LISA ’53 December 2, 2017

AMEDEO J. MEGA ’61, ’74 MBA October 19, 2017

DONALD C. VENANCIO ’73 October 28, 2017

RICHARD F. SYLVA ’53 September 17, 2017

HERBERT S. GLICK ’62 November 13, 2014

CELIA (WORTLEY) PRESTON ’74 November 23, 2017

RAYMOND D. VILLELLA ’53 ’56 March 27, 2017

ROGER P. AUSTIN ’63 October 2, 2017

STEPHEN M. COMISKY ’75 October 26, 2017

GEORGE P. FOGARTY, JR. ’45 July 25, 2015 FRANK R. BALKUM ’47 December 9, 2014 GLORIA (PICK) BARKER ’47 October 22, 2017 RITA (PENNACCHIA) D ’ANDREA ’48 June 3, 2015 ADRIAN E. GEOFFROY, JR. ’49 May 6, 2017 RONALD POLMAN ’49 November 4, 2017

JAMES A. GOODMAN ’83 March 15, 2014 JULIANNE M. LAW ’83 November 18, 2017 MICHAEL HECHT ’85 November 27, 2015 CINDY (RUCK) ABBOTT ’90 October 20, 2017 R. SCOTT MARTIN ’91 September 14, 2017 JOAN (PIOLI) ROSE ’91 May 7, 2017 JAMES F. COTTER ’93 MST November 6, 2017 SIOBHAN (GRONDIN) WHITMAN ’01 November 27, 2017 KATHRYN M. MIKOLINSKI ’14 November 20, 2017 CHAUDHRY SAIM TALIB ’20 October 27, 2017 Please note this list includes notices received by December 20, 2017 as reported by family members, newspapers, and other sources.


“Linkages in International Business & Foreign Affairs Empowerment for Youth” (L.I.F.E.) program, which


vice-chair of the Bryant University

introduces high school sophomores to business and

a former Bryant trustee and

Board of Trustees, founder and

professional careers.

lifelong friend of the University,

CEO of Banneker Industries and

“Leadership is about serving others,” Watkins Snead

a leading advocate for women

once noted, “not about getting others to follow you. True

and minorities in business, died

leaders have a social responsibility – to community, to

on January 23. She was 59.

those underserved, and to the world.”

The first African American woman to earn an engineering

She received numerous accolades over the years,

died on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017. He was 89. Born to German immigrant parents in 1928, Armbrust graduated from Concordia College with a liberal arts

degree from the University of Massachusetts, Watkins

including an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration

degree, before going on to earn a Bachelor of Science

Snead worked for General Electric before earning a master’s

from Bryant. In 2005, Watkins Snead was named Rhode

in Business Administration from Bryant in 1950. He went

degree in business from Purdue University. After leaving GE,

Island Woman of the Year by the Rhode Island Commission

on to work at Armbrust Chain Co. in Providence, RI,

she managed the machine shop operations of Peerless

on Women. In 2009 she was named a “Women’s Business

founded by his father Gottleb, and rose to serve as

Precision before starting Banneker Industries in 1991.

Enterprise Star” by the Women’s Business Enterprise

Chairman and CEO for many years, retiring in 1998.

Watkins Snead built Banneker from a small machine

National Council (WBENC) and the New England Business-

Armbrust served as President of The Better Business

shop into a multi-million-dollar internationally known

women of the Year by Bryant University’s Women’s Summit.

Bureau of Rhode Island, a member of the boards of

supply chain management company that was named

In 2014 she was inducted into the Women’s Business

Old Stone Bank and Plantations Bank, and as President

“National Subcontractor of the Year” by the U.S. Small

Enterprise Hall of Fame.

of the Manufacturing Jewelry and Silversmiths of America

Business Administration in 2008. She named the company

In an October 2014 speech, President Barack Obama

(MJSA). Philanthropy was of vital importance to Armbrust,

after Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught African-American

lauded Watkins Snead for how Banneker made it a priority

and he gave tirelessly of himself as the Executive Trustee

engineer, naturalist, and astronomer.

to find talented young women and minority students,

of The Armbrust Family Charitable Foundation and

encouraged them to study science and math in college and

through service on numerous boards, including Women’s

Snead served on the Federal Reserve Advisory Board in

hire them once they graduated. He said that Snead told him

and Infants Hospital and South County Hospital and

Boston, as well as the boards of Amica Insurance Co., Bank

“that having a diverse workforce, having more women in

as President of the Board of Meeting Street School.

Rhode Island, the Textron Chamber School, and WaterFire.

the workforce, all that makes hers a stronger company. And

A member of Bryant’s board of trustees from 1969

it’s not just good for the workers – it’s good for business.”

to 1977, Armbrust aided Bryant in navigating the opening

In addition to her service as a Bryant trustee, Watkins

A lifelong champion of professional opportunities for women, she was an officer with the Greater Providence

Cheryl is survived by her husband Roland Snead, her

of the University’s Smithfield campus. He was awarded

RI Chapter of The Links, Incorporated – a nonprofit

father William Watkins, Jr. and his wife, Kae Watkins,

a Doctorate of Science in Business Administration at

organization comprised of women focused on leadership,

two sisters, Rene Payne and Linda Watkins, aunts, uncles,

Bryant’s one hundred and eighteenth Commencement

education, and service that partners with Bryant for the

nieces, a nephew, and many cousins.

ceremony for a life devoted to civic and professional engagement, and was recognized as a “gifted fundraiser for numerous civic organizations; hardworking friend of

DAVID CANTIN ’94, Vice President of Global Sales for

assistant who arranged a campus-wide effort to take part in

medical instrument developer NDS Surgical Imaging was

the Ronald McDonald House Walk-A-Thon and a member of

killed in the California mudslides in January. He was 49.

the karate club. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, majoring in

Cantin had more than 20 years of leadership experience

Management, and was elected to membership in the Beta

in the medical device industry, distinguishing himself

Gamma Sigma Honor Society. Cantin went on to earn an MBA

through his work at organizations like Edwards

in Business Administration from Xavier University.

Lifesciences, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies,

and a staunch proponent of industrial development in the Northeast.” He is survived by his wife, Diana, four children, eleven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. He was predeceased by his wife Adelaide.

In his free time, he was scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop

and West Health. Known as a driven professional and

33 in Santa Barbara, where his son Jack, who was still

outstanding leader, he brought out the best in his

missing at time of publication, earned his Eagle Scout badge,

fellow employees.

the highest award in scouting. Cantin’s wife Kim and his

During his time at Bryant, Cantin was a resident

education the arts, and human services in Rhode Island;

daughter Lauren were both rescued from the mudslide.




Stamford, CT

Smithfield, RI

Smithfield, RI

February 21, 7 PM President’s Cultural Series Dee Dee Bridgewater

March 2, 12-1:30 PM Bridging the Gap: Alumni of Color Panel

Hong Kong

Smithfield, RI

February 22, 6-8 PM Alumni and Parent Reception Fishtopia hosted by Eric Handa ’97

New Delhi February 25, 5-7 PM Alumni and Parent Reception Hosted by Chander Agarwal ’01

March 6, 6-8 Reception w/ Trustee Professor Mike Roberto Bobby V’s

Wellington, FL

March 3, 5 PM Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Featured Speaker, Bryant University Northeast Entrepreneurship Conference

March 11, 3–5 PM Alumni and Parent Hillel Reception Wycliffe Country Club hosted by Bruce ’62 and Nancy Schatz


Washington, D.C.

March 4, 5-7 PM Alumni and Parent Reception Ave 29

March 14 Networking Reception with Bryant Students TBD


April Philadelphia

New York, NY

April 4 Reception with Professor Lori Coakley TBD

May 2/3 Reception with Coach James Perry TBD

Smithfield, RI

Providence, RI

April 13 Financial Services Forum

Smithfield, RI April 13 Alumni Engagement Day and Achievement Awards

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register. Check for athletic contests in your area.

June Portsmouth, RI June TBD Bryant Alumni and Parents Reception Newport Polo

Boston, MA New alumni events are added weekly.

May TBD Alumni and Parent Reception and Wine Tasting Tavolo

March 28, 6:30-8:30 PM Smart Women in Finance Panel and Reception District Hall

September Reunion@Homecoming September 21-22



Notices from 10/3/17 to 1/2/18

Notices from 10/3/17 to 12/29/17



Kaitlyn to Jennifer (Ptaschnik) ’03 and Kevin Walker on 7/26/17

Ashleigh Boswell and Joseph Hansen ’06 on 10/21/17 (photo online)



Megan Ferguson ’07 and Jeremy Gaiero on 7/15/17

Amelia Madison to Aimee (Bennett) ’10 and Normand Duquette ’09 on 5/18/17

2014 Julie Vajda ’14 and Andrew Roach ’13 on 9/2/17 (photo online)

May 27, 2017 | Foxboro, MA Kristen Bousquet ’12 and Mark Sinibaldi ’08

October 15, 2016 | Southington, CT Bette Wiebke ’06 and Zachary Suter ’12

August 26, 2017 | East Bridgewater, MA Kasey Torchia ’15, ’16MPAc and Cory Cloutier ’12

May 13, 2017 | Groton, CT Jaritza Cortes ’09 and Thomas Chelstowski ’09

June 25, 2017 | Waterbury, CT Megi Feraizi ’15 and Alex Lagos ‘15

June 10, 2017 | Hartford, CT Alicia Albini ’11 and Mark Descoteaux ’11

June 24, 2017 | Riverhead, NY Kristen Fricione ’08 and Joseph Cantor

We receive more photos than we can print in each issue of Engage. To view all wedding photos received since the last issue as well as the names of alumni in attendance, please visit Submit your “Partnerships” and “Additions” to the Office of Alumni Engagement by emailing or enter a class note through our online directory at Send wedding photos that feature a group of Bryant alumni to Resolution of photos should be “print-quality” (generally 300 pixels/inch).


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