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Bryan Health MyChart puts your health at your fingertips “Bryan, when was Sam’s last tetanus shot?” “Bryan, let me know when Mom’s test results come back.” “Bryan, what’s my cholesterol level?” You’ll see “Bryan” in TV messages, responding to these and other requests as he helps people easily take care of their health needs. Although there’s no real “Bryan,” there is Bryan Health MyChart. With MyChart, you have online access to your health information. Your health is literally at your fingertips!

4 Spring 2018

What is MyChart?


ryan Health MyChart gives you secure online access to your health information. It includes your records from Bryan Health locations, including Bryan Medical Center, Bryan Heart, Bryan Physician Network and Crete Area Medical Center. You can see test results, schedule and request appointments and even access your family’s records. All of this is really convenient when you need to know your child’s immunization record for school, are involved with the care of a parent or are anxiously awaiting your own test results. Best of all, it’s available in one place, 24/7, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You also can access your health information in Spanish. Some patients already have asked a very good question: If I have a MyChart account with another hospital, do I need one with Bryan Health? Yes! To access your Bryan Health records, you need a Bryan Health MyChart account. The good news is you can link your MyChart accounts so that you only have to log in once, and you’ll have access to your health records in any MyChart account anywhere — whether it’s a hospital in Lincoln, Omaha, Indiana or Australia. MyChart fits your lifestyle for your health needs. Ready to make life easier? Sign up for MyChart. Learn more and sign up today at mychart. n