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hillside chat › mr. samuel youngs One rarely has the privilege of studying under the auspices of someone who is not only a gentleman and a scholar, but also a friend. However, despite having written numerous academic articles, being a doctoral candidate at King’s College (London, UK), and lecturing in Bible, Christian thought, and philosophy at Bryan College, Professor Samuel J. Youngs still takes a unique interest in his undergraduate students and their lives and pursuits, academic or otherwise. Too often academicians have the reputation for becoming so involved in the world of thought and ideas that they disconnect with real life and real people. This, however, is certainly not the case with Professor Youngs. In the classroom he possesses a genuine zeal to impart the subject matter to his students with humility and passion.


Kelly Coblentz ’17 aptly notes about a popular Youngs’ class, “Philosophy of Religion made me question everything but deepened my faith incredibly!” Furthermore, outside of the classroom, Mr. Youngs never hesitates to chat over coffee or a meal about nearly any aspect of any topic – along with witty and sometimes satiric commentary.

Those familiar with Sam Youngs recognize that he is an up-and-coming scholar who will make a noticeable mark on the fields of religious studies and philosophy through the course of his career. One interesting characteristic of him that many may not know is that he is also the creative type, having studied literature as one of his undergraduate majors. It is partly this literary sensibility that allows students to relate so easily with him. Since I first became acquainted with him in the fall of 2014, Mr. Youngs has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me and several of my peers, having given invaluable advice about nearly every facet of both life in general, and undergraduate work in the humanities in particular. As Jeremy Eastwood ’17 comments, “Sam has been one of the most pivotal people to enter my life. I don’t know where I would be without his mentorship and friendship. He is a man who genuinely pursues truth and God’s will in such a way that is relatable and realistic.”

By Christopher Nitzband ’18

Bryan Life, Spring 2017  
Bryan Life, Spring 2017  

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