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MARCH 2020

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Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.

BSRI Administration Staff · Jim Fish, President & CEO · Yvette Gosline, Vice President of Programs & Services · Melody Stephens, Director of Operations · Debra Marlowe, Organizational Development Coordinator · Anita Langin, Accounting Technician · Jennifer Sherman, Director of Case Management · Eddie Jackson, Technology & Reporting Compliance Administrator · Derissa Gore, Case Management Support · Karen Tierney, Case Management Program Assistant · Chauvet “Mel” Jackson, Operations Technician · Glen Hemingway Assistant Operations Technician

· Justin Benoy, Project Technician · Sarah Powell, Volunteer Coordinator · Mallory Balice, Program Specialist BSRI Center/Site Staff · Victoria Hine, Ash and Shallotte · Mary Green, Boiling Spring Lakes · Courtney Bledsoe, Calabash · Holley Norris, Calabash · René Tarquinio, Calabash · Carol Caldara, Calabash · Ellen Kleinerman, Calabash · Carol Schotter, Calabash · Mike Blandino, Town Creek · Veronica Lett-McGee, Leland · Jade Robinson, Leland · Marilou Smith, Leland · Shelley Cooper, Leland · Doug Russell, Leland

i · Sandy Porcaro, Leland · Janyce Jones, Leland · Pat Green, Leland · Teresa Nelson, Shallotte · Teagan Hall, Shallotte · Blair Stanley, Shallotte · Brett Baughman, Shallotte · Brenda Ambrose, Shallotte · Beverly Bridgers, Southport · Melissa Catlett, Southport · Jackie Knott, Southport · Vaughn Hatley, Southport · Casey Freed, Southport · Sherrill Jolly, Southport · Marilyn Stevens, Southport · Melissa Starr, Supply · Jillian Hardin, Supply · Gloria Pieczarka, Supply · Ilona Smith, Supply · Tikila Morgan, Supply · Mike McGurn, Thrift Store

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State.

Contributors Pat Naughton and his family moved from Richmond, Va. to Winding River Plantation in Brunswick County in 2017 after Pat retired as a mechanical engineer at a nuclear power plant. He has been an avid gardener for 35 years and is a Brunswick County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer. On page 14, Pat gives timely tips on pruning shrubs. Donna Ruth Morgan volunteers with Friends of the Library in Southport and Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes Library Commission, Brunswick County Library Board of Trustees, and the N.C. Friends of the Public Library. She inherited a love of reading and shares that same enjoyment with her four children and three grandchildren. Donna celebrates Women’s History Month on page 15. Taylor Kurosad is majoring in public health at University of North Carolina Wilmington and is interning for Wellness Program Manager Mallory Balice. “I have learned so much about nutrition and developing wellness programs,” Taylor says. She lives in Wrightsville Beach and hopes to move to the coast of California after her May graduation, and go on to graduate school in public health or epidemiology. Read Taylor’s restaurant review on page 22. Holly Tate is a beach-loving North Carolina transplant who grew up on Long Island and never wants to be too far from the ocean. A self-proclaimed “grammar geek,” Holly recently retired from a career in marketing communications. She loves books, travel, and exploring our beautiful state. Holly looks into the Guardian ad Litem program on page 12. Barbara Weber and husband moved to Calabash in 2010 to be closer to family. She has always had the hobby of writing and wrote a monthly column for over 12 years. She loves reading, crossword puzzles, knitting, and spending time with family. Read Barbara’s senior profile story on page 20.

Meet Marilou Smith! Marilou coordinates the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) and co-coordinates the Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP). She facilitates outreach and education events promoting the well-being and autonomy of older adults, and advocates on their behalf. She helps assess prescription and insurance needs and links people with services; acts as a community liaison; and coordinates home visits, assisting families in planning for older adults. Some fun details about Marilou: 

My first car was a Malibu 2004. I called her Mallie!

I grew up in Mount Airy, also known as Andy Griffith town. Yes, many of the older building are still there. Nice small town.

I love listening to the Super Soul POD cast by Oprah. It speaks to my soul.

My children are my motivations to want to be better. Also, my supervisor and my VP speak life into my soul.

My grandmother was the reason I feel in love with BSRI. I love working with older adults for the wisdom that they have. I love my job!

Letter from Southport


hatever you do in this life, do it with a kind and giving heart, and everything else will fall into place. This philosophy has carried me through many difficult situations.

Photo by Sarah Powell

Our March cover photo was taken by BSRI Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Powell. “This is Shallotte Center Director Teresa Nelson helping BSRI senior participant and volunteer Rita Cobb with the census,” Powell says. Assistance with the upcoming U.S. Census will be available at all BSRI centers and sites. Counting every Brunswick County senior means more funding and representation for area seniors. Learn more about the census on page 10.

Two of the best examples of kind and giving hearts are Pat Lykins and her husband, Dennis Hickey. When I started my job here in Southport almost three years ago, Pat and Dennis were two of the first people I met. Their energy and kind spirits were palpable, and I knew instantly they were going to be dear friends. Dennis and Pat shared their talents far and wide, teaching jewelry classes here at our Southport center, at the Leland Arts Council, and for the Town of Southport Parks and Recreation. When other instructors took the summer off, Dennis and Pat stayed and taught whoever showed up for class. They had quite a following and gave so much of themselves. Sadly, on Feb. 1, Dennis’

Pat Lykins and her husband, Dennis Hickey.

Melissa Catlett, Director The Brunswick Center at Southport

bright light was extinguished after a brief battle with diffuse B cell lymphoma. We were devastated in Southport and our center was changed forever. Towards the end of his life, Dennis exhibited grace and faith. His sense of calm was amazing, even though his pain was great. HEARTS, continued on page 6

Letter from Southport

BSRI Thrift Stores

HEARTS, continued from page 5

Dennis taught Sunday school at Trinity United Methodist Church and served on the missions committee, where he worked hard to help area homeless people with housing. His legacy lives on, as the family requested donations to this project in lieu of flowers. Dennis Hickey was such a fine example of giving with a joyful heart. In the wake of his death, I began to wonder what I can do to be more like him. Do I have talents to share? Can I drop a dollar in a box to help some organization like No Hungry Child or Meals on Wheels? Can I donate food to a food pantry? The answer to all these questions, of course, is a resounding yes. Dennis had so much purpose and made use of it until his last breath. He leaves behind a ton of friends and family who were beyond fortunate to have known him, and I count myself as one of them. I will continue to do my best to make Dennis and Pat proud. Thanks so much, Den. See you on the other side.

Melissa Catlett, Director The Brunswick Center at Southport

SHOP our BSRI thrift stores for the best selection! Two locations:

10001 Beach Dr. Calabash NEW! 5302 Main Street Shallotte DONATE your extra items to help senior programs and services in Brunswick County! For free pickup, call (910) 712-6458 VOLUNTEER at our thrift stores— it’s fun! Apply online at


By Jennifer Sherman Director of Case Management

For more information, visit


Some transportation services available now are:

ging in place well depends on the ability to get out into the community. Everyone should have access to affordable, reliable transportation. A volunteer-based door-to-door transportation program is coming soon to our area. Neighbor to Neighbor of South Carolina (N2N), serving Horry and Georgetown counties, is extending transportation services into our large urbanized areas on July 1. The service will transport home-bound seniors to any location seven days a week, covering areas from S.C. line up to Hwy. 211. It will take chronically ill and disabled adults to medical appointments at no cost to the rider. How is this possible? This award-winning transportation model relies solely on volunteers.

Brunswick Transit System (BTS) (910) 253-7800, Fares range from $3 to $5 one way. Med1 NC Service, LLC. (910) 739-5556 24/7 non-emergent ambulance service BSRI (910) 754-2300 Transportation to and from the senior center. Ivory Accessible Transport Services, Inc. (910) 754-4322 Privately owned

WAVE Transit (910) 343-0106, *ONLY Leland & Navassa services Seniors ride one way for $1 with valid ID. Medicaid Transportation (910) 253-2077, press 9 Wilson’s Transportation Services (910) 616-8077 Privately owned MedTrans of NC, LLC. (910) 431-2996 Privately owned Visit for additional resources.




senior Buzz

MARC H 2020

BC Parks & Rec Invites Golfers to 50+ Senior Golf Tournament SENIOR DAY EVERY TUESDAY!

20% OFF entire purchase, excluding mattresses Ocean Isle 6560 Beach Dr. 910-579-8346

Southport 4170 Long Beach Rd. 910-457-1772

Leland 414 Village Rd. 910-338-3648

IS HOSPICE THE ANSWER? Hospice is 100% covered by Medicare for all eligible patients and is covered by most Medicaid and commercial insurance plans. Anyone can refer a patient to hospice, and the evaluation is free.

The Brunswick County Parks & Recreation age 50 and over golf group kicked off the 2020 season at Sandpiper Bay Club & Country Club on Feb. 5 with 96 golfers. The monthly shotgun tournament is based on individual score with prizes awarded to men and women in multiple age flights. All golfers age 50+ of all skill levels are invited to join. The next tournament will be March 4 at The Pearl Golf Course in Calabash. For more information about this program or to register for the March event, call Khrystye Haselden at (910) 253-2670.

Take our quiz at to learn if you or your loved one might be eligible for hospice care. Bolivia, NC

P (910) 294-8404 F (866) 268-3451

Bookmark the link and support BSRI every time you shop.

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2/16/2020 8:35:55 AM


By Regina Kristan Prescription Assistance Program Volunteer Marilou Smith, PAPC/ SHIIP Co-Coordinator


ew Year’s resolutions often address ways to improve our health and wellness. Some people make an exercise plan, or work on healthy eating habits. An important means of maintaining wellness is to take our medications as prescribed by our physicians. But personal finances may limit or prohibit our access to some medications. Even with prescription insurance benefits, medication co-pays can be significant. What can be done? Some retail pharmacies will provide low-cost, sometimes free, commonly prescribed medications. These include, but are not limited to, medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, mental health, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal illness, and infection and antibiotics. You may be familiar with Walmart’s $4 prescription list. Walmart also has prescription drugs that are highly discounted (see

Publix also has a medication savings program that offers some commonly prescribed medications for free, or a 90-day supply for $7.50 (see pharmacy services). Should some of your prescription medications not appear on the discount lists, you may be able to get help directly from the drug’s manufacturer. BSRI has a Patient Assistance Coordinator who can assist you in the application process for these patient assistance programs. Contact Marilou Smith at (910) 754-6559 or

U.S. Census

CENSUS 2020 By Shelagh Clancy


t’s time again to count heads in Brunswick County. And counting everyone for the U.S. Census means a lot of money for Brunswick County, according to Steve Randone, Brunswick County Management Information Systems (MIS) Director and Census Coordinator. “Every person not counted means we lose $1,823 per year in federal and state programs,” Randone says. “The census is every 10 years, so you can do the math: That’s more than $18,000 in lost funding. “North Carolina also might pick up one or two House seats,” Randone adds. “The census count benefits not just our community, but

also our state.”

“When I first heard about the census, I was skeptical,” says Jim Fish, Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. (BSRI) President and CEO. “But I quickly learned the value of it. We all pay taxes. We might as well attract as much of that as we can to our community.” Responding to the census affects the amount of funding your community receives and your representation in government. Data from the 2020 census will determine how we fund schools, hospitals, and fire departments. And the number of people in North Carolina sets the

number of seats we have in the U.S. House of Representatives.

While the oldest baby boomers are already 65 years old, the young­ est ones will not reach this age until 2029. As baby boomers continue to age, they require specialized medical services and innovative housing and public transportation options. And Brunswick County continues to grow. At the time of the last census in 2010, the population was 107,000, with 31.5 percent of that number 65 and older. Estimates for 2018 are about 137,000, or growth of 27 percent. And many of those are transplanted retirees who will be counted again in the 2020 census. Seniors in Brunswick County will benefit from census-allocated funding for first responders, Medicare Part B, libraries and community centers, and programs such as Supportive Housing for the Elderly, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), and the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

Census information is private. By law, the information you provide must not be shared and is used only for statistical purposes. The Census Bureau will never ask for: Brunswick County residents will get U.S. Census forms by April 1. You can fill out the census online, by phone, or by mail.

Social Security numbers

Bank or credit card numbers

U.S. Census

Get Counted in Brunswick County Census enumerators will visit homes that do not answer the census via phone, internet, or mail. U.S. Census employees will show identification and help you answer the census questions. Your census information is never shared— by law, it’s used only for statistical purposes. The census helps allocate funding and congressional representation.

Money or donations


Anything about a political party

Via the phone

By mail

“The homeless, the Hispanic community, minorities, and the elderly are typically undercounted,” Randone says. “So are children under 5. Those children will not be counted again until they are older than 10.” No law enforcement agency (DHS, ICE, FBI, or CIA) can access or use your personal information at any time.

By April 1, all households will get information from the U.S. Census in the mail. There are several ways to respond:

For households that don’t respond, the census will send out enumerators to knock on doors. Brunswick County’s Complete Count Committee, a group with representatives from many agencies both public and private, is working to get the word out to all communities and make sure each person is counted. “BSRI will use Regroup, our emergency notification software, to send out the link to the census,” Fish says. “Our participants can be notified by text message or voicemail. Or just come to the centers.”

  

Photo by Karen Carnes

Photo by Holly Tate

Around Brunswick County

ABOVE: Anne Wilburn, the longest serving GAL volunteer in Judicial District 13, is recognized for 17 years of service. LEFT: Jeffrey Maidment, Guardian ad Litem program district administrator.

Advocate for Children By Holly Tate


f you are concerned about the well-being of children in our area, consider serving as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) volunteer. You’ll provide an independent voice for abused, neglected, and dependent children. You can help ensure these children’s legal rights and best interests are protected in juvenile court proceedings related to family issues.

GAL volunteers get online and classroom training, including observation of court proceedings. They are trained to collaborate with attorney advocates, collect facts from all sides, and make recommendations to the court based on what they feel is best for the child. “The real expert in court is the GAL,” says GAL Program District Administrator Jeffrey Maidment,

because of the close relationships developed over time between volunteers and children in need. Maidment, a retired psychologist, has served as a GAL volunteer himself. Some volunteers have been in the GAL program themselves as children, he notes.

GAL Program Specialist Karen Carnes also brings to her role a history of advocating for children. Carnes has been involved in child advocacy throughout her career in volunteer and organizational roles, and has seen the difference GALs make in the lives of children. It’s also personally satisfying to help enable the best outcome for a child, she says. “Anybody who cares about kids can be a GAL,” says Anne Wilburn, a former public health nurse who recently

Photo by Holly Tate

Photo by Holly Tate

Around Brunswick County

Karen Carnes, Guardian ad Litem program specialist.

With 17 years of service in Judicial District 13, Anne Wilburn is the longest-serving Guardian ad Litem volunteer.

completed 17 years of GAL service for North Carolina Judicial District 13 (representing Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus counties). Wilburn adds, “We advocate for kids’ emotional, social, and educational needs, and we work to create a nurturing, safe environment in every interaction with a child.” She says open communication between GALs and kids is also important, especially with teens who may be reluctant to seek help from adults. 

GAL volunteers come from diverse communities, cultures, and life and work experiences. Currently 100 GALs support about 250 children within North Carolina Judicial District 13; however, the GAL program needs additional volunteers to be effective and help every child in need receive strong, competent advocacy. Please consider volunteering for this rewarding program today. A GAL training class begins this month. Learn more at (800) 982-4041 or visit and

In the Garden

By Pat Naughton


ith the warmer weather of March, plants are beginning to start new growth. Now is a good time get plants ready for springtime. To prune or not to prune, that is the question. For flowering plants that bloom in spring, pruning should be done after they have finished flowering. These include azaleas, camellias, forsythia, quince, and lorapetulum, because they flower on buds formed the previous summer or fall. Summer-flowering shrubs such as lantana, butterfly bush, rose, sage, and salvia can be cut back to within 1 to 2 feet of the ground. Fall-blooming hydrangeas can be pruned back to any height where you want the new growth to begin. Don’t cut below the first leaf joint. The new growth will produce flowers. When pruning roses, start by removing any dead or damaged canes at least one inch below the dead area. Then remove a third of the older canes.

Divide perennials to stimulate new growth and prevent overcrowding. Start by digging around the perimeter of the clump, giving plenty of room so you don’t damage the roots. Dig under the plant root ball and lift it out of the ground. Try to pull the root stocks/tubers by hand. It may be necessary to use a knife or shovel to separate the roots. Peonies and dahlias grow from tubers which can be divided to start

Be kind to your azaleas and wait until they have finished blooming to prune. Azaleas bloom on buds formed the previous summer and fall.

new plants. Each tuberous root must have at least one eye (growing point) or sprout to produce a new plant. Eyes are found where the tuberous root and the stalk of last season's plant join. If it is difficult to distinguish the dormant eyes, place clumps in a warm moist place for several weeks or plant in shallow trays to promote sprouting. Cut surfaces should be allowed to dry for several days, or dust them with a fungicide. Cut back ornamental grasses before new growth begins. Liriope can be clipped to within a couple of inches of the ground. Sedges and Muhly Grass should be cut back to 6 inches above the ground.

Salvia and other summer-flowering shrubs can be cut back in early spring.

Clean up the base of plants by removing any dead blooms and leaves. Camellias are susceptible to flower blight from a fungus in the soil. Replacing the mulch around plants will help to control the spread of soil fungus. Now is a good time fertilize herbaceous ornamentals, plants that have flexible stems and die back to the ground each year. If you have not had a recent soil test, you may apply a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10. Just sprinkle a handful of fertilizer around the plant. After six to eight weeks, switch to a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen, the first number, and higher in phosphorous and potassium, the second and third numbers. This will promote flowering and root growth and limit the growth of foliage. Repeat this feeding at the same interval over the growing season. To learn more about spring training for specific plants visit

Read All About It

By Donna Ruth Morgan


e’re celebrating Women’s History Month with reviews of recent books about women who have made their mark on the world.

If you overlooked 2016’s Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly, Medal of Freedom Recipient, you missed the inspiring history of talented women’s contribution in the midst of a cultural “collision between race, gender, science, and war.” These four—wives and mothers all—overcame post-World War II socio-political and familial expectations to pursue their careers. Nutshell review: This is an excellent book about the road to equality (and a good movie). Another 2016 gem is Nathalia Holt’s Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars. This is an intimate look at women’s lives from the 1940s until today, as they braved and thrived in

sexist work environments. The technological revolution, burgeoning feminism, and tumultuous integration are the framework for portraits of these brainy women. Nutshell review: Candid first-person interviews and archival notes speak to science and feminism. The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World (2019) acknowledges the efforts of prominent individuals who worked for women’s rights and who shared author Melinda Gates’ life path from professional to mother to activist. The first half is too textbook/ lecture but is redeemed by the message of discovering what women want and need, then following through to equip their advancement. Nutshell review: Ms. Gates’ good message needed an advisory/editing team outside her echo chamber to truly “lift” the story. Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age by Mary Pipher (2019) was promoted as an examination of “cultural and developmental issues women face as they age.” Narrow audience

demographic (white, wealthy, Midwestern) and patronizing clichés about taking charge of life while rising above circumstances—coming from one who plays the victim despite her privileged position—are shallow and tedious. Nutshell review: My subtitle? Whiny Women Rowed by Help. Glimpses into a remarkable life are the saving grace for this dry, author-collated selections in 2018’s My Own Words. Spanning seventy years of writing— from an 8thgrade essay to SCOTUS opinions—the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passion for human rights, gender equality and the administration of justice shine through. My interest is in how her upbringing, faith, and family influenced her career. Nutshell review: Well worth plowing through the heavy legalese to learn about RBG at a deeper level. With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace by Nikki R. Haley (2019) is the autobiographical memoir of a woman “born a brown girl in a black-and-white world.” Her service as governor of BOOKS, continued on page 34


By Sarah Powell BSRI Volunteer Coordinator


hen delivering meals to a homebound client, we never know what our volunteers will encounter. We serve a vulnerable population who may have health issues, who may have fallen, who may be dealing with other issues. We just never know. Meal delivery volunteers are our eyes and ears on the ground. They are sometimes the only person a homebound senior may see in a day. We have worked years on a system so that our volunteers and staff members have the best communication. This way we have the most efficient impact and the ability to meet the needs of a homebound senior. There are times when a volunteer arrives at a home and there is an issue, and staff members don’t know about it until the volunteer returns. The volunteers could stop their route and make a call, or wait for emergency personnel. But the response time to a senior adult in trouble can be slower than we would like. We searched for a solution. And we believe we have found it.

We are happy to roll out the use of technology in our meal delivery program. We will implement a mobile app and equip all volunteers who deliver meals with a iPhone and user-friendly app. This is an exciting new development for BSRI. It will speed up our reaction time for our homebound clients. The app is an extension of the same program we use for our database, called SERV Tracker. The mobile app takes the place of paper checklists we currently have for volunteers. Each volunteer will check out an iPhone Contact Sarah Powell, BSRI Volunteer Coordinator at: to find out how easy it is to join our team! Online applications can be filled out at Or you can call (910) 880-2777

when they come to pick up their routes. The app will give the drivers a geographically-organized list of the deliveries. After the driver delivers to a client, they will touch a check box to indicate a successful delivery.

The best part is the notes function: Volunteers can easily make notes about a client’s condition. Our case managers can see these notes in real time. If a client is not home, for example, the volunteer makes a note of this, the case manager is notified, and they can call right away. Another convenient function is the connections to Waze. Volunteers currently use their own mapping system through their GPS or phone. They must flip through special notes, finding clients on hold, figuring out who they need to deliver to and how to get there. The app will automatically set the route, taking out clients who are on hold or not home.

BSRI will be working one-on-one with all the volunteers to train them on this new system. We are excited to see how much this will improve our reaction time, our communication with volunteers, the organization of routes and directions, the convenience for the drivers, and more. We are able to make this project possible for our growing county thanks to a grant from Cape Fear Memorial Foundation.

Ash Senior Site / SHIIP Ash Senior Nutrition Site Activity Calendar

Calendar is subject to change Victoria Hine, Manager Waccamaw Community Building 5859 Waccamaw School Road, Ash, NC 29420 Call 910-754-7636 For Reservations Operating Hours: 9:30 am.-1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Lunch Served at noon








09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Relaxation Exercises 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Crafts

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo 01:00 Puzzles




09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Puzzles Rummikub

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Relaxation Exercises 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Crafts

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo 01:00 Puzzles


09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Puzzles Rummikub





09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Puzzles Rummikub

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Relaxation 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Crafts Puzzles

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch Time 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Puzzles Rummikub

31 09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Rummikub


olorectal cancer is the fourth-most common cancer in the U.S. and the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths. It affects all racial and ethnic groups and is most often found in people ages 50 and older. Screening and early detection are vital. Medicare covers certain colorectal cancer screening services—ask a SHIIP counselor for more information. Colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable!

09:30 Puzzles 10:45 Exercises 11:30 Stretch Time 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo

   

Boiling Spring Lakes Senior Site BSRI Nutrition Program at Boiling Spring Lakes Parks & Recreation Department 1 Leeds Road Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 28461 910-363-0018

March 2020 Monday

BSRI Nutrition Program Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 910-754-2300 Program Information or 363-0018

*Subject to change, email or call Sara at 910-363-0276 or* Tuesday




4 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Cards & Dice

5 10am Mah Jong 6pm All Levels Yoga

6 10am Cardio Express 11am TOPS 11am Fit 4 Life 11:30 FREE BP Testing 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Dominoes, Dice and Cards

10 9:30 Clogging 6:30pm Line Dance Club

11 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Cards & Dice

12 10am Mah Jong 10:30am Leland House Bingo 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

13 10am Cardio Express 11am TOPS 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Ice Cream Birthday Social 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Dominoes, Dice and Cards

16 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

17 9:30 Clogging 10am-2pm Fritz Memorial Rummikub Tourney (all welcome) 6:30pm Line Dance Club

18 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Cards & Dice

19 10am Mah Jong 12pm Lunch Bunch: The Lazy Turtle 6pm All Levels Yoga

20 10am Cardio Express 11am TOPS 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Dominoes, Dice and Cards

23 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

24 9:30am Clogging 11am Card Making with Pattie 6:30pm Line Dance Club

25 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Cards & Dice

26 10am Mah Jong 11am Lunch & a Movie: Driving Ms Daisy 6pm All Levels Yoga

27 10am Cardio Express 11am TOPS 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30pm Dominoes, Dice and Cards

30 10am Move & Groove 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

31 9:30 Clogging 4pm The Office Meet & Greet 6:30pm Line Dance Club

3/14 at 3pm Journey to Other Worlds Concert at Hatch Auditorium

2 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

3 9:30am Clogging

9 10am Move & Groove 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:15pm Guest Speaker: BSRI Nutritional Talk 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

**All activities in the Lakes room are canceled due to voting. **

3/29 at 3pm Sea Notes Concert at ODW at BCC

Mark Your Calendar 4/16 at 10:30am Meet the Author Craig Elliot at the Community Center

The Brunswick Center at Calabash 10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC 28467 910-754-7427

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Courtney Bledsoe, Director Holley Norris, Assistant Director






DAILY “Drop In” Activities: Reading, Adult Coloring, Coffee w/Friends, Fitness Room, Table Games, Knitting/Crocheting & more! No Symbol = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); $ = Fee Associated; ^ = Requires Advanced Registration; * = New Offering/Time

Country 8:45 Zumba $3 9:15 9:00 TCF Chair Class $6 10:30 9:15 Geri-Fit 45 ppl max. 10:00 ^Gentle Pilates $3 8:00

Zumba GOLD 8:00

1:00 1:00 1:00 2:00

Dulcimer Group Crafts with Mary Ballroom Dance ^Beginner Ballroom Dance

Tai Chi







Beginner Barre $3


BINGO $0.50


Geri-Fit 45 ppl max.

10:30 20/20/20

60 ppl max.

10:30 Chair Conditioning 45 ppl max.

11:00 Seated Tai Chi 10:30 Geri-Fit 45 ppl max.

(Meet at Little River United Methodist Church)


Tai Yo

Bring stability ball

12p Lunch 12:30 ^Bridge Group

20/20/20 60 ppl max.

60 ppl max.


Country Zumba $3


Hoop It Up! $3

10:15 Tabata 10:30 Geri-Fit

45 ppl max.

10:30 Line Dancing

12p Lunch

12p Lunch 12p Lunch 12p Lunch 12:00 Painter’s Hour 12:45 Hand & Foot 12:45 Line Dancing 12:30 Yoga Card Game 12:30 Mah Jongg Grp 1:00 BINGO $0.50 12:30 ^Beginner Mah Jongg 1:00 Chair Yoga $2 1:30 ^Beginner 45 max. Dulcimer 1:00 Mexican Train 12:45 Knit & Crochet Grp 1:30 Yin Yoga $4




BSRI Nutrition 12:15

Geri Fit Classes CANCELLED


Birthday Celebration

Cake sponsored by Community Home Care & Hospice, & Kindred at Home



5 4 Tech Help 12:45 • Smooth Transitions • Blood Pressure Checks with CommWell Health Resource Table 12:15 11:00 • ^Memory Loss Support • Seated Tai Chi 11:00 Group 2:00 • ^Chair Caning 12:45 11 12 10 Writer’s Bloc 1:00 • 20/20/20 CANCELLED Health Discussion with Saber Healthcare • ^Caregiver Support 12:30 Group 2:00 3

17 Happy St. Pat’s Day! • Hearing Life Chat & Hearing Aid Cleaning 11:00 • Visit with Bella the Therapy Dog 1:30 24 Visit with Bella the Therapy Dog 1:30





^Center Day Trip La Belle Amie Vineyard in Little River $5

18 • Seated Tai Chi 11:00 • ^Chair Caning 12:45


25 • Zumba GOLD 10:45 • Heart Health Chat


with Level Up Physical Therapy 1:00

Tech Help 12:45

Writer’s Bloc 1:00


6 Viewing of Original Art, Crafts, & Sculptures by Tony Vargas 10:00 13

• Country Zumba CANCELLED • Hoop It Up! CANCELLED • ^Pine Needle Basket Weaving 9:00, $22 20 •^Pine Needle Basket Weaving 9:00, $22 •^Veggie Gardening 101 Class 1:00 27

• ^B.A.M. Workshop 11:30-12:45 $20 • Cinema at the Center Movie & Popcorn after lunch

Want to receive notifications about center closings, class cancellations, schedule updates, surveys, etc.? Ask our front desk to add you to our Regroup List!

The Brunswick Center at Calabash 10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC 28467 910-754-7427

Courtney Bledsoe, Director Holley Norris, Assistant Director

Thank you to all who came out for the Valentine Mixer! A great time was had by all & funds were raised for a wonderful cause!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Sea & Sand Band Makai Brewing Company Coastal Wine Room Autumn Care of Shallotte Carmine’s Italian Deli & Specialties Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grand Dunes Coastal Life Therapeutics Grapevine Restaurant & Lounge Boundary House Carmine’s Italian Specialties The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro Parson’s Table The Olive Press

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ~Margaret Mead


Balance. Alignment. Movement. March 27th, 11:30-12:45, $20/person *More info & register by March 16th in Front Lobby*

Learn about the effects of poor posture & how to improve it through exercise.

*Please bring a stability ball & yoga mat* If you do not one of the above, see front desk. ———————————————-

Tabata Fridays, 10:15, No Fee Tabata is a form of interval training that consists of repeating rounds of various exercises.

*Most exercises can be modified based on fitness level and physical ability. Speak to the instructor before class if you require special modifications such as the use of a chair or props.*

Joe Shenton enjoys daily lunches socializing with friends at the Brunswick Center at Calabash. Residing now in Longs, S.C., he moved here from Wilmington, Delaware. For 24 years until retirement, he was employed at Delmarva, a local gas & electric company. He says, “I learned so much as I delivered & installed gas to homes or relit appliances. It was dangerous & stressful, but I made sure to always wear proper safety gear.” He was married to his wife, Peggy, for 16 years until she died in 1986. Both raised two daughters, Kimberly & Dawn. Joe wed again to Mary for 30 years, who died in 2017. “They were both lovely women. I have good memories,” Joe remembers. On a happier note, Joe tells about recently returning from a trip to Germany where he visited his daughter, Dawn, son-in-law, Tom, and grandchildren, Luka, 18, Henry, 13, & Emily, 22, who is a college student in Nuremberg. Everyone speaks both German and English. In fact, Dawn teaches both languages. “I had the best time of my life on this trip. It was my sixth visit to Germany and my first one alone. I gained 8 pounds, eating all the time. My favorites were eating Bratwurst sausage and seeing 8 or more ancient churches and castles. I saw the Church of the Fourteen saints in Coburg and a former Benedictine monastery, a church now completely covered in gold. My daughter filled me a beautiful book of our photos. Hopefully, I can visit everyone again real soon.”

The Brunswick Center at Calabash 10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC 28467 910-754-7427

Courtney Bledsoe, Director Holley Norris, Assistant Director

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2020 Annual Participant Survey! We learned so much & would like to share our results & testimonials.

HAPPY CRAFT MONTH! Mary Timothy has been volunteering with us since day one. She is creative, fun, and truly enjoys giving our participants weekly craft projects to do. Somehow she never runs out of ideas! Be sure to join her each Monday at 1:00 in the Art Studio. Thank you, Mary, for all that you do!

How participants feel their overall health has improved since they began participating at the Center at Calabash. Better Balance: 38.66% Improved Strength: 47.21% Weight Loss: 12.64% Improved Mental Health: 27.88% Enhanced Social Life: 46.47% Testimonials Regarding our Volunteer Program: “I feel good about giving back & hope to make a difference.” Regarding our Dulcimer Classes: “Love getting together with my music friends; Keeps me in touch with them & I am learning to play better. It’s a lot of fun.” Regarding our Health Education Programs: “I have better knowledge of my diabetes.”

This Month’s Bonus Calendar Special Guests:

• Smooth Transitions Resource Table March 3rd at 12:15 in the Front Lobby Smooth Transitions is a company that assists older adults with downsizing, organizing, & decluttering. Tracy will be here to give you additional information about services & how they can be of assistance to you or someone you know. • Hearing Life Chat & Hearing Aid Cleaning March 17th at 11:00 in the Meeting Room Glenda, Outreach Coordinator, will be here to chat with participants about how important your hearing is & why it should be a part of your annual wellness check up. The last time Glenda visited, she noticed that many of our participants have VA devices, so she is more than happy to clean them for you! • Heart Health Chat with Level Up Physical Therapy Last Wednesday at 1:00 in the Meeting Room Learn ways to live a healthy lifestyle while either living with a heart condition or aiming to prevent a heart condition.

After-Hours Programs!!

●Senior Self Defense Class Offered by Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

Mondays & Wednesdays, March 2nd-April 1st, 3:00p-4:30p ^Adv. Reg. Req. Spots are limited (Inquire at front desk for more info)

●Briar Patch Craft Workshop Offered by owner, Gigi Smith

March 21st, 2:00p-4:00p ^Adv. Reg. Req. (Call 910-579-8030 to RSVP, pricing and get more info)

●Tai Chi Workshop Offered by Dean Sutzer

March 28th, 10:00a-1:00p ^Adv. Reg. Req. Spots are limited (Inquire at front desk for more info)

Healthy Bites

By Taylor Kurosad

Photos by Taylor Kurosad


afe Koa is a quaint, unique restaurant in Southport that opened just before Hurricane Florence hit. Its inside decor is artsy and inviting and the menu is one-of-a-kind. The menu consists of twists on classic favorites such as omelettes, avocado toast, French toast, pancakes, tacos, burgers, and salads. Each item on the menu is named after one of the owner’s favorite songs or bands, which gives the cafe a personal feel. The Buzz spoke with Chef Frank Podrebartz. Buzz: Tell me about yourself.

“’The Clash’ (fried chicken, goat cheese, pepper jelly & arugula served on a biscuit) was the dish I ordered and tried after the interview,” says writer Taylor Kurosad. “It was one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. The combination of fried chicken and goat cheese was ingenious. The breakfast potatoes were a mixture of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, which were delicious and so flavorful.”

Podrebartz: I have been cooking for about 15 years. I’m originally from Connecticut but I moved to North Carolina in 1999. I went to Johnson & Wales for culinary school in 2005.

Buzz: When did Cafe Koa open?

I now have an 8-year-old son and moved to the coast of North Carolina about six years ago. I have been working here at Cafe Koa for about a year now.

Podrebartz: It opened right before Hurricane Florence, so the restaurant had to close for a little while to repair damage, but we’ve been open ever since. Buzz: What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

Chef Frank Podrebartz

Podrebartz: The Breakfast Burger called “Jackie Blue Ooh Ooh.” It’s a burger with bacon and a fried egg served on a waffle. Buzz: I noticed the menu had names of songs and bands. Why did they choose those? Podrebartz: Melanie Woodell is part owner of Cafe Koa and she’s the one who chooses the names of the items on the menu. They’re all her favorite songs and bands.

Buzz: What is the most popular order and why do you think that is? Podrebartz: It changes during different parts of the year. Usually a lot of people order salads after the holidays, but some of the other most popular orders are “Foxy Lady” and “Hendrix.” Buzz: What is your favorite cuisine to cook? Podrebartz: Italian. I was raised Italian. Osso bucco is one of my favorite Italian dishes to cook. It is braised veal or lamb that you roast in a sauce for 4-6 hours and I usually make it with risotto. Buzz: What do you do to stay current on trends? HEALTHY BITES, continued on page 34

The Brunswick Center at Leland March 2020 - Weekly Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY




Black = No Fee (Contributions appreciated); Green or $ = Fee Based Class; Red ^ = Requires Prior Sign Up Blue = New Offering/Time 10:30

Chair Aerobics

8:30 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30

12p Lunch 1:00 4:30

Strength & Core Morning Yoga Painting Balance Class Larks Choir Practice $-TRX

8:30 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00

12p Lunch

Mah Jongg $-Cardio Dance^

1:00 1:00 2:00

Total Body Cond. Geri-Fit Crafts Line Dancing-Int. Computer Help

10:30 $-BINGO 10:30 Arthritis Exercise

8:30 $-Super Sampler^ 10:00 Geri-Fit 11:00 Line Dancing-Beg.

12p Lunch

12p Lunch

11:30a EARLY Lunch

Sleep Mats 12:30 $-Parkinson’s Ex. I^ 1:00 $-Parkinson’s Ex. II^ 1:00 2:00

Painting $-Tabata^ Bridge Club $-Step-Tastic Express (30min)^

12:30 Bid Whist 1:00 Oil Painting



Class Rooms & Times Are Subject to Change. Look for Posted Flyers or Subscribe to Email Updates from

March 2020 - Monthly Calendar MONDAY 2 EXPECT


16 Hired Hands Music 10-11a

23 Jewelry Wksp 10:30am




Monthly & Semimonthly Events:

5 3 4 6 Sewing Bee 9a Daily Announcements: During Lunch PRN 1st & 3rd Tues, 10:30a: Bible Study Birthdays at Primary Election 1st & 3rd Weds, 1p: Hand & Foot Cards SCHEDULE CHANGES Lunch 12p 1st Tues 12:15p: Monthly Nutrition Ed. Bible Sty 10:30a Hand & Foot 1p Set Clocks Forward 1st Fri, Lunch: Mo. Bday Celebration Grief Workshop 1st & 3rd Fri 9a: Sewing Bee 2nd Tues: Monthly Outing 12 10 11 13 2nd & 4th Thurs, 10a: CG Support Grp Mo. Outing 2nd Fri, 10:30a: Poetry Lounge w/ Louise Shopping $5 Memory Tea Caregiver Poetry Lounge 2nd & 4th Fri, 1p: Game Day 10a Support Grp 10a 10:30a Grief Wksp Game Day 1-3p 3rd Mon, 10-11a: Hired Hands Music 3rd Weds, 10:30a: Blood Pressure Checks 3rd Thurs, 12p: Meet with a Case Mgr 18 19 20 17 Bible Sty Last Tues, 10am: Tech Help 10:30a Blood Pressure Spring Cleaning Last Weds, 9:30a: Coups for Troops Vet Meet Up Sewing Bee 9a 4th Fri, 10a: Music with Willie Wellness Ed 10:30am Meet w/ Case 10:30a Special Events & Presentations: Mgr. Sandy (No Grief wksp) 6 Week Grief Workshop Tuesdays 11:30a St. Patrick’s Pty Hand & Foot 1p 24

Grief Wksp

Leland Larks Country Rodeo 30


31 Tech Tuesday 10:00a Grief Wksp

25 Coups for Troops 9:30a

26 Caregiver Support Grp 10a

27 Music with Willie 10a Game Day 1-3p

3/3 - 4/14 10am (except 3/17) 3/11: Memory Tea 10am 3/17: St. Patrick’s Day Party 10:30am 3/17: Wellness Ed. Support Grp 10:30a Topic: Eat Right, Bite by Bite 3/24: Leland Larks Rodeo 10:30a

***AARP Taxes *** Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 2p - 5:30p, Sign Up Sheets at Desk

The Brunswick Center at Leland 121 Town Hall Drive NE Leland, NC 28451 910-754-7701

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Veronica Lett-McGee, Director Jade Robinson, Assistant Director

Center Hours Mondays 8a - 5p Tues - Fri 8a - 4p

Leap Into Spring! Life After Loss

March Memory Tea

Grief & Loss Support

Wed, 3/11 at 10am

Calling all in need of mutual support and an understanding ear. Come find support, friendship, and shared coping strategies.

6 Week Workshop Tuesdays, 3/3—4/14 10—11:30 am No class 3/17

Bring an item or story to share a favorite reminiscence. Sign Up at Desk

St. Patrick’s Day Join us for Games & Treats Tues. 3/17 at 10:30am

Have You Got the Luck of the Irish? Enter to win our Scratch-Off Ticket Drawing for this month’s minifundraiser. Tickets $1

Help Us Spring Clean! We’re cleaning house is more ways than one! Thurs, 3/19 at 11:30, Chair & Mat Cleaning Come by all month to renew your registration info on our New Forms!

Jewelry Workshop w/ Louise Monday, 3/23 10:30 am Come learn basic j ewelry-making techniques. Supplies included. Limited Space, Sign Up at Desk

The Leland Larks Present:

A Country Rodeo of Voices Tuesday, March 24th 10:30am Break out your hats and cowboy boots and join us for a rousing good time!

The Brunswick Center at Leland 121 Town Hall Drive NE Leland, NC 28451 910-754-7701

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Veronica Lett-McGee, Director Jade Robinson, Assistant Director

Wellness Education Support Group

Center Hours Mondays 8a - 5p Tues - Fri 8a - 4p

Join us for coffee & camaraderie:

Tuesday, 3/17/2020, 10:30a This Month’s Topic:

Veteran Meetup Wed, 3/18/2020 at 10:30a Cohosted with American Legion Post #68

Eat Right, Bite by Bite *Tea Samples Provided*

Monthly Outing Tues., March 10, arrive at 8:30am

Duplin Winery - Rose Hill, NC

AARP Volunteer Tax Prep

$5 for van ride $5 for classic or $10 deluxe tour

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 2:00 - 5:30pm Limited Slots, Sign Ups at Desk

TECH TUESDAY Smartphone tips & questions w/ Jade

Tuesday, 3/31/2020 10:00am

Did you know?

We’re Growing!! Many thanks to those of you who make the effort to park a little farther away from the entrances when attending the active exercise classes. We like to leave the closest spots for our folks with mobility concerns or who use assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs. We Appreciate You!

March is Social Work Month! This year’s theme Social Work: Generations Strong highlights the fact that social workers have been working for generations to improve the lives of every single American. Social work is also a profession that allows people across many generations to make a profound, positive impact on the lives of millions of people each and every day. You will find social workers from The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers to Generation Z who are doing the hard, often unsung work to make our nation and the world a better place. BSRI is proud to employ several social workers, including our VP, case managers, and even center directors! Thank a Social Worker Today!

Oak Island Senior Site 47th Street Oak Island, NC 28461 Call 910-278-3622 or 278-6552 910-754-2300 for Reservations

Deanna Eddinger, Community Center Director Rodney, Stephanie & Sam, Community Center Assistants Operating Hours: Mondays through Thursdays 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terry A. 3/3 Lorraine S. 3/24

Senior Activity Calendar March 2020 Monday



(Subject to Change)


2 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games 9 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

3 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Card Games 10 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Card Games

4 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time

16 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

17 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool

18 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time

19 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:30 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

23 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

24 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

25 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time

26 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

30 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

31 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

11:15 St. Patty Party 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

11 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time

5 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 12 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

The Brunswick Center at Shallotte Weekly Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY





‘Spring brings new growth, weed out the bad, and make room for something beautiful’ -Unknown 9:00 Zumba Gold 8:30 Yoga w/Kathryn 10:00 10:30 10:00 Beginner/ 11:15 Intermediate 12:00 10:30 Line Dancing 11:00 Exercise Class w/Angela 11:30 Lunch 12:15 Bingo 1:30

Gentle Yoga ($5)


Beginner Bridge

Geri Fit w/Angela


Tabata w/Shelley

Aerobics w/Angela 10:00 Basic Line Dancing

1:00 Tai Chi w/ Dean 2:00


Beginner Yoga w/ Kathryn


Geri Fit w/Angela

1:00 1:00


12:30 Bible Study 1:00

Zumba Gold w/ Kathryn

Exercise Class — 11:15 Gentle Stretch w/ 12:00 Angela 12:30 Lunch 1:00 Bridge 1:15 Shopping


12:00 Lunch

Intermediate/ Advanced Line Dancing


Tai Chi w/ Dean


Cash Bingo Tai Chi Forms With Dean ($5)



Pilates w/Angela


Crafts 2nd & 4th Friday subject to change


Brains and Balance ($5)





Tabata w/Shelley

Art Class w/Joan

11:30 12:00

BP Checks


Movie 1st of the month




Crafts 2nd & 4th Friday subject to change

Mahjong Tai chi w/Dean

Lunch Birthday Social Last of the month

Monthly Activity Schedule for Shallotte MONDAY

2 1:00pm Protecting your DNA

9 11:30 Basket Weaving with Zada Mae




3 4 5 9:30 Consumer Fraud 9:00 Tea with Director and Identity Theft Teresa Nelson 5:30 Diabetes Management 1010:00am Cooking Class


6 12:15 Nutrition Presentation

12:00 Movie


10:00 am Caregiver Support Group

17 11:15am St Patrick’s Day Party 24


19 11:00 Emergency Preparedness


20 10am Brains and Balance *$5.00 PreRegistration Required.*



*Calendar is subject to change*

27 9:00am Food Pantry 12:00pm Birthday Month Ice Cream Social

12:30 Essential Oils Class 30

13 9:00 Food Pantry 10:00 Visually Impaired Support Group 10am Brains and Balance *$5.00 PreRegistration Required.*

12:30 Cooking Class 23

10am Brains and Balance *$5.00 PreRegistration Required.*

6:00 pm Homeless Coalition 16


Contributions Always Welcome

*Boost Available for Purchase*

The Brunswick Center at Shallotte 3620 Express Drive

Shallotte, NC Drive 28470 3620 Express 910-754-2300 x 1001 Shallotte, NC 28470 910-754-2300

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Teresa Nelson, Center Director Teagan Hall, Assistant Director

Line Dancing Basic Line Dance: Tuesdays 12:00-1:00 PM If you want to learn how to line dance, this class is for you! Basic line dance steps will be taught, then the steps will be combined into fun, simple, easy line dances, such as the Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, and Locomotion. Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance: Mondays 10:00-11:00am Time to up your game! You have the basic steps down, so come add some new dances to your playlist! New steps will be taught, and instruction will be given on more challenging routines. Intermediate/Advanced Line Dance: Wednesdays 10:00-11:00am All of your skills put to work in fun and complex routines! This class is great for anyone who has line dancing experience, as the routines become more difficult throughout the hour.

Special Presentations March 2nd at 1 pm Protecting your DNA Learn how to manage stress, get knowledge on essential oils, exercise and nutrition, all in one class. March 3rd at 10:30am Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft by Rae Stephens, Financial Service Manager SECU

Center Hours: M, T, Th, F: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. W: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Get Connected Join us for Tea with Teresa the Center Director, on Wednesday, March 4. Bring your questions and ideas for a new beginning! Receive up-to-date news about new center activities, schedule changes, etc., by phone, text, or email. Send your information to *We never share or sell your email.

Brains and Balance Try out our new class!

Brains and Balance is designed for the unique needs of older adults who know the importance of staying mentally sharp and physically stable. The class operates on two premises: One specific to balance exercise that can reduce the risk of falling; and the second is to train the brain as well as the skeletal muscles. The program combines specific activities to improve memory, reasoning, conceptualization, language, and problem-solving skills while strengthening the core and reducing fall risk.

Classes start on March 6th, and will be held each Friday at 10am. Class is limited to 15 people and participants are required to sign up in advance. $5 per class. Call us at 910-754-2300 ext 1001 to pre register. Show Me the Money! BSRI Financial Statements and IRS Form 990 are online at

March is national nutrition month, and it stresses the importance of a balanced diet and exercise! Make your salad a RAINBOW Incorporate several choices into your salads. Pick one or two vegetables or fruits to mix in for a flavorful but healthy choice.

Voter Registration

“You Can Vote” will be here every Tuesday, 10:30am-12:30pm to register folks for voting. The organization began in 2013, is a special project of the People’s Alliance Fund (est. 1980), is non-partisan and nonprofit. Their mission is to increase voter participation and getting people properly registered. No signup needed.

Poetry Corner - Gaelic Blessing May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, May the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hands.

The Brunswick Center at Shallotte 3620 Express Drive Shallotte, NC 28470 910-754-2300 x 1001

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Teresa Nelson, Center Director Teagan Hall, Assistant Director

Center Hours: M, T, Th, F: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. W: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH March is Women’s History Month. The theme for Women’s History Month in 2020 is “Valiant women of the Vote.” This theme honors the amazing women who fought to win suffrage rights for women. The Nineteenth Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution on August 26, 1920, almost 100 years ago. It states, ‘The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.’ I first voted in 1960 for our 35th President, John F. Kennedy. Equal rights are important, and these rights create more opportunity for women. –Helen McMillan, Center Participant Join us for a ‘Emergency Preparedness Presentation’ by Brunswick County Emergency Services

MARCH 18, 2020 at 11:00am The Brunswick County Emergency Services Access & Functional Needs (AFN) Program was created to ensure that all our residents with AFN have professional assistance planning for emergency events and, when necessary, are able to evacuate their homes, integrate into the county’s general population shelters, and return safely to their homes after an emergency event. The main component of this program is the AFN Registry, a database of Brunswick County residents who have AFN. Each resident in the AFN Registry is called when an emergency evacuation is anticipated or has occurred; transportation is provided to shelters for those who require it. North Carolina State Emergency Management estimates that half the state’s population has an access or functional need. Learn more about the AFN program at upcoming BSRI events on March 18 from Kelley Currie, Access and Functional Needs Coordinator for Brunswick County Emergency Services. In 2020, Kelley will be visiting all BSRI sites to inform residents about the AFN Program and help anyone interested in creating a personal emergency plan; check the BSRI monthly calendar for opportunities or contact Kelley directly at 910-253-5383.

Protect your DNA Right now, your DNA is replicating to create your future self. Learn how to optimize this renewal process to create health, energy, and longevity by managing stress through the use of essential oils, exercise and nutrition. No equipment required, just bring yourself with the willingness to learn! This light-hearted, FREE presentation is co-hosted by our own Yoga and Zumba instructor Kathryn Stutey, and led by Christian Tucker. Please join them upstairs in our multi-fitness room on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 1:00pm to increase your knowledge and protect your DNA!


STATE CAPITALS ACROSS 1. Ten Commandments word 6. Problem with concentrating, acr. 9. Black sheep's gift 13. "The game of unspeakable fun!" 14. "Fancy that!" 15. One Direction's "Truly, ____, Deeply" 16. Consumed, two words 17. Finish, with "up" 18. Extra software 19. The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You ____ in Magic" 21. *Badger State capital 23. Snow runner 24. Boris Godunov, for one 25. Every American's uncle? 28. Aquarium organism 30. Hound or plague 35. He sacrificed a rib? 37. Nordic native 39. Singular of salpae 40. Sites 41. Joker or Batman, e.g. 43. Olympic one is 50 meters long 44. Terminate mission 46. Boor 47. If it fits... 48. *Centennial State's capital 50. Form of approval 52. As much as this and a leg 53. Saintly glow 55. Rub the wrong way 57. *Pine Tree State capital 61. *Garden State capital 65. Idle talk 66. Morning condensation 68. Île de la Cité river 69. Painter Degas 70. U.N. workers' grp.

71. Samurai dagger 72. Fraternity recruitment season 73. Dog tags 74. Ancient Greek building for entertainment DOWN 1. Bayonet wound 2. Angie Thomas' "The ____ U Give" 3. Killed by Cain 4. Jazz musician Armstrong 5. *Sunflower State capital 6. Fit of shivering 7. *____ Moines 8. Regards 9. Dry riverbed 10. Bookie's quote 11. Mishmash 12. Country singer Loretta 15. Hot curry dish 20. Mexican revolutionary 22. "I see!" 24. Food thickener 25. Type of bar 26. Acrobat maker 27. Wine from Mâconnais 29. Chutzpah 31. What Kanye does 32. *Greeting in Honolulu 33. Animal trail 34. *Beaver State capital 36. Type of missile 38. *St. ____ 42. It can lead up or down 45. Movie preview 49. Hard to escape routine 51. Faster than allegro 54. Forearm bones 56. Work the dough 57. Copycat 58. Pakistani language 59. Silences 60. *Salt Lake City State 61. A child's "terrible ____" 62. Pitchfork part 63. Aware of 64. Ne 67. Old age, archaic



The Brunswick Center at Southport Weekly Activity Schedule– Lunch Served at 11:30 daily EVERY MONDAY





DAILY Drop In Activities: Billiards, Coffee with Friends, Fitness Center, Library Green ($) = Fee Based Class; Red (#) = Requires Prior Sign Up; Blue (+) = New Offering/Time 8:30 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:0 0 10:0 0 10:3 0 12:1 5 1:00 1:00

Yoga for Healthy Bones $ Mah Jongg Tai Chi Forms $ Chair Yoga $ Hand & Foot Canasta Card Making # Beg. Tai Chi Restorative Yoga $ Mah Jongg Total Body Conditioning Fit and Strong Jam Session

9:30 9:00 12:30 1:00 1:00 2:00 6:30

Bridge Boxing Pinochle Silver Paddles Gentle Cardio & Core HIIT $ Square Dancing

9:00 9:30 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:45 12:15 12:30 12:30 2:15

Watercolor $ Geri-Fit Tai Chi Forms $ Shanghai Rummy Tai Chi $ You Can Do It Bible Study Silver Samurai $ Afternoon Movie Fit and Strong

Yoga & Pilates Boxing $ Advanced German 9:45 Geri-Fit 10:00 Quilting and Crafting Group 10:00 Knit & Chain 10:30 Bible Study 1:00 Cardio Dance and Core $ 1:00 Beginning Line Dance 2:00 Int./ Advanced Line Dance 2:00 HIIT $ 8:30 9:00 9:00

8:30 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:00

1:30 2:00

2:15 6:30

Yoga for Healthy Bones $ Technology Workshop Tai Chi Forms $ Chair Yoga $ Sewing Hand & Foot Canasta Tai Chi $ Beginner Pickleball Intermediate Pickleball Photography– 2nd and 4th Friday Hand Drumming Advanced Pickleball

Monthly Activity Schedule for Southport– email for regular updates MONDAY






16Wildlife Presentation 12:30pm


Bingo Trip $#

Parkinson’s Support Group 10:15am

Stroke Support Group 1:00pm










11 Ask a Diabetes Expert– 9am12pm



18 Ask a Diabetes Expert– 9am12pm






Ask a Diabetes Expert– 9am12pm

Caregiver Support Group 10:00am

Photography 1:00pm

The Brunswick Center at Southport AARP Tax Aide– Tuesdays and

Thursdays 9am-12:30pm

27 Photography 1:00pm

Voting– March 3rd Southport History Class– Begins

3/5– Sign up now! Wildlife Presentation– March

16th—12:30pm Diabetes Counseling– 9am12pm every Wednesday in March

The Brunswick Center at Southport 1513 N. Howe St., Ste. 1 Southport, NC 28461 Phone 910-754-7109

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Melissa Catlett, Director Jackie Knott, Assistant Director

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To Joyce Lowrimore for her wonderful presentation for the Brunswick

Gator Games To Bob Surridge for his intriguing presentation on the ladies of the 1907 Southport cookbook To Tedi Reiher for her lovely donation of a TV for our March drawing

Many thanks to Bill Furlow for his thought-provoking presentation to our Parkinson’s Support Group on January 14th, and to Marcia White for organizing his visit from Greensboro. We hope to have you back soon, Bill!

Ask a Diabetes Expert If you have not taken advantage of this amazing service, now is the time! We are so fortunate to have Ruthann Petzinger, certified diabetes educator, here on Wednesday mornings from 9am-12pm to answer all of your questions and help you on your way to better health!

Welcome to the Family! Please join us in welcoming our newest happy face, Marilyn Stevens (pictured left,) to our staff! Marilyn has a wonderful history as an executive director for a non-profit organization in Stafford, VA. Stop by our front desk and meet her!

Coming Soon to a Hot Dog Day Near You!

Mascots Get New Digs

We are thankful for the three kind souls who donated the pickle jar centerpieces from a recent pickleball event at St. James. We appreciate you thinking of us!

Much gratitude to Carole Favicchio for her generous donation of a new aquarium for our resident mascots, Pumpkin and Spice. They absolutely love their new home!

The Brunswick Center at Southport 1513 N. Howe St., Ste. 1 Southport, NC 28461 Phone 910-754-7109

~An NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Melissa Catlett, Director Jackie Knott, Assistant Director

Tax Assistance Offered If you need help with your taxes, AARP will be at our Southport Center for walk -ins on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12:30pm. Assistance will continue through April 9th.

Wildlife Presentation Please sign up at the front desk to join us for this intriguing presentation on how to be a good neighbor to our local wildlife. Presented by Becky Skiba, Regional Education Specialist/Coastal with the NC Wildlife Commission.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Where: The Brunswick Center at Southport Stage Ballroom When: Monday, March 16th Time: 12:30pm

Southport History Learning Series– Begins March 5th Discover the little-known history of Southport, drawn from the years before it became a quaint seaside town. The focus will be on some of the challenges it faced during the early 1900s. Each class will cover one of the following topics: African-American Pursuit of Education Prohibition, Smuggling and Moonshine World Wars on the Shores of Southport The Impact of Hazel, Helene and Other Hurricanes in Southport There will be an additional class field trip at the end to showcase places discussed during the series. You must sign up at the front desk at the Southport Center to register, as space is limited. Thank you to Liz Fuller with the Southport Historical Society for presenting this series. You may also call 910-754-7109 to register .

Want to play Bingo for cash prizes? Bingo in Shallotte is growing by the week! Be sure to sign up ahead of time for this trip on March 3rd. The van leaves Southport at 12pm. $7 only to play all games. More cards are available for purchase, so take a little extra cash! Feel free to drive and follow the van, if you would rather!

Puzzles & More BOOKS, continued from page 15

HEALTHY BITES, continued from page 22

Podrebartz: I like going to restaurants that change their menu weekly. Buzz: How would you describe your restaurant to new customers? Podrebartz: We don’t limit ourselves. If you’re willing to try different things and want a good experience, then it’s a good place to visit. Cafe Koa is at 302 N. Howe Street in Southport. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. You can reach Cafe Koa at (910) 363-4206.

South Carolina and U.S. ambassador to the U.N. presents Ms. Haley as a compassionate, fiercelyprincipled force of nature who advocates respect for fellow humans while working to unify our nation. Nutshell review: Agree or disagree with her politics, the book and its author are dignified and classy. Support local libraries while saving money! Find $1 books at continuous in-library sales at the Leland, Shallotte, and Carolina Shores branches. Friends of the Library Southport Oak Island’s Member Half Price Sale is March 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Southport Realty, 727 N. Howe Street. PUZZLE ANSWERS Puzzles on page 30

Photo by Taylor Kurosad

The Brunwick Center at Supply 101 Stone Chimney Road Supply, NC 28462 910-754-7604

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Melissa Starr, Director Jillian Hardin, Assistant Director

March 2020 - Weekly Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY





No Symbol = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); $ = Fee Associated ; ^ = Requires Advanced Registration; * = New Offering/Time 8:00

Chair Yoga


Coffee w/ Friends 8:30

Coffee w/ Friends 8:00

Chair Yoga


Coffee w/ Friends






Coffee w/ Friends 9:30





10:30 Water Color Painting




Wool Rug Hooking



10:00 Quilting Class

10:00 Crochet Class

11:00 Angela’s Exercise

11:15 Balance, Breathe


Coffee w/ Friends Rummikub

11:00 Angela’s Exercise

& Body Sculpt^$ 12:00PM Lunch

12:00PM Lunch

12:15 Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong

12:30 Movies



Line Dancing

12:00PM Lunch 12:45 Seated Tabata


12:00PM Lunch 12:30 1:00

Bridge $ Crafts, Crafts, Crafts



12:00PM Lunch 1:00

Silver Samurai

Monthly Activity Schedule MONDAY 2 Genealogy Group 10A


Quilting Bee 9A-4P 9 Sew Simple Introduction Workshop 10A

10 Mosaic Madness by LoAnn 2P

WEDNESDAY 5 4 Nutrition Program 12:15P


11 Hired Hands Band 11A Simple Technology 1P

12 Caregiver's Support Group 2P

24 Simple Crafts 3P


20 SAGE of Wilmington Event 4P

25 Day Trip

26 Blood Pressure Checks 10A

27 Breakfast Book Club 9A

Acrylic Painting Workshop 1P $

31 March Birthday Celebrations 12:30P


18 Acrylic Painting Workshop 1P $

Simple Technology 1P 30


Mosaic Madness by LoAnn 2P

Drum Circle 11A Grandparents Raising Garden Club Grandchildren 5-7P Vegetable Gardening 101 Speaker Series 12P 1P 23 Card Making 101 10A


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 5-7P

BINGO 4-6P $ 16


Simple Crafts 10A

The Brunswick Center at Supply 101 Stone Chimney Road Supply, NC 910-754-7604

Thank you Michele Tullai for hand making these Valentine’s Day cards for our Home Delivered Meal recipients!

Melissa Starr, Director Jillian Hardin, Assistant Director

Thank you, Glenda Schantz and Lora Green, for crocheting five plastic mats. The mats, made out of plastic bags, are donated to Brunswick County Homeless Coalition. The plastic mats are thick and ideal to survive rainy days and harsh weather! D STE ERE T N EI ER U AR LUNTE ES, O Y I O IF IN V RTUNIT LLIAN I O OPP CALL J E S HE A ! PLE AT T ENTER C Y PL SUP

Movie Day! Celebrating the Academy Awards Meet up at the movies to enjoy award winning films!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Date: Friday, March 20, 2020 Time: 4 PM -7 PM Location: Brunswick Center at Supply Light Ssnacks will be provided Building Brunswick Connections with LGBTQ Friends, allies, and alliances. Make new friends, find out what's going on in our community and get involved! Collaborate with SAGE Wilmington and Brunswick Center at Supply! For information about attending this event, contact the Brunswick Center in Supply.

Help Grow the Garden! Join us on

Tuesday, March 17 at 1:00 p.m. Speaker: Victor Stephens Presents: Vegetable Gardening 101 Our beautiful garden needs your care in 2020!

Simple Technology

Need help with your smart phones, tablets and Facebook? Learn how to use your technology devices! 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 1:00 p.m.—2:00 p.m.

Join our ♫B-I-N-G-O♫ 2nd Wednesday 4 p.m.—6 p.m. $5.00 Buy-In

The Brunswick Center at Supply 101 Stone Chimney Road Supply, NC 18462 910-754-7604

Melissa Starr, Director Jillian Hardin, Assistant Director

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

NEW FITNESS CLASS!!! Tuesdays 11:15 a.m. Exercise components include: *Strength Training - Upper & Lower Body with Weights & Resistance Bands. *Functional Fitness/Balance Movements Benefits: *Improve Overall Self-Esteem & Mood *Enhance Flexibility & Bone Density *Increase Muscle Strength

Sew Simple Workshop Card Making 101

Monday, March 9 10:00 a.m.

Monday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m.

Learn to make homemade cards for all occasions! Day Tripping with Supply Center Seniors! Every week we blast information about all events planned for the Brunswick Center in Supply. Day Trips are scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month. We depart from the center around 9:00 a.m. and usually return around 4:00 p.m.

The initial class will MEASURE interest and PIN down future classes. CUT out some time in your schedule and learn how your SEW talented! It’s that simple!

What’s for Lunch?


Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. Provides Nutritionally Balanced Meals for Seniors


*Menus subject to change*





2 Chicken Dumplings Steamed Mixed Veggies Diced peaches Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%

3 Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breast Mashed Red Skin Potatoes Green Peas & Onions Fresh orange Soft Roll Milk 2% 10 Mexican Fiesta Casserole Fiesta Corn Tropical Fruit Cornbread Milk 2%

4 Chicken Teriyaki Brown Rice Asian Vegetables Mandarin Oranges Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%

6 Chicken Alfredo w/ Fettuccini Pasta Steamed Broccoli Caesar Salad w/ Dressing Bread Stick Diced pears

11 Chicken and Rice Bake Seasoned Green Beans Glazed Carrots Whole Wheat Roll Baked Apples Milk 2%

5 Vegetable Beef Soup Green Salad w/ Dressing Grilled Swiss Cheese Jello w/ Fruit Saltines Milk 2% 12 Italian Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce Whole Wheat Penne Caesar Salad w/ Dressing Breadstick Pineapple Tidbits Milk 2%

16 Baked spaghetti Peas and carrots Green salad w/ dressing Breadstick Pineapple tidbits Milk 2%

17 Kielbasa sausage Steamed cabbage White rice Hot dog bun Mandarin orange Mustard Milk 2%

18 Chicken Dumplings Steamed Mixed Veggies Diced peaches Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%

19 Chicken Salad Lettuce & Tomato Potato Salad Whole Wheat Bread Chips Mandarin Oranges Milk 2%

20 Beef Chili w/ Beans White Rice Green Salad w/ Dressing Apple Saltines Sour Cream Milk 2%

23 Baked Pork Chop Potatoes Au Gratin Steamed Cabbage Applesauce Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

24 Baked Chicken Breast w/ Mushroom Gravy Broccoli Au Gratin Mashed Potatoes Chilled Pears Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

25 Shepard’s Pie Lima Beans Tropical fruit Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

26 Baked spaghetti Peas and carrots Green salad w/ dressing Breadstick Pineapple tidbits Milk 2%

27 Chicken Pot Pie Green Beans Biscuit applesauce Margarine Milk 2%

28 Swedish Meatballs Buttered Egg Noodles Peas & Carrots Whole Wheat Roll Pineapple tidbits Margarine Milk 2%

29 Baked Pork Chop Potatoes Au Gratin Steamed Cabbage Applesauce Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

30 Stuffed Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast Rice Pilaf Mixed Seasoned Veggies Fruit Salad Soft Roll Milk 2%

31 Parmesan Crusted Fish Coleslaw Roasted Potatoes Yeast Roll Ambrosia Salad Milk 2%

9 Baked Lemon Pepper Fish Mac & Cheese Tuscany Vegetable Blend Whole Wheat Roll Fresh Banana Milk 2%


13 BBQ Pork Chop Collard Greens Mac & Cheese Fresh Orange Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%


Get the most out of your travel experiences| -If you are interested in one of these trips check out our website to view the whole itinerary. And check out more information on dates and prices. Don’t forget to put your deposit down and reserve your spot. These trips will all leave from the Supply Senior Center. Reservations can be made directly with Excursions Unlimited by calling : 912-355-0383 (Excursions Unlimited) To see a whole itinerary on any of these trips visit: If you have any questions, email:

Coming up Quickly! Book Springtime in NYC May 14th-18th 2020 Brought to you by popular demand, BSRI has worked with Excursions Unlimited to plan the perfect, well-rounded trip to NYC!

$1099 per person, double occupancy/ Single Supplement: $500 Highlights:

The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum in Kentucky DATE: AUGUST 4-8, 2020 We are partnering with Excursions Unlimited to bring one of their most popular group tours to you! $949 per person, double occupancy Single Supplement: $300 Dinner in Knoxville, THE ARK ENCOUNTER, Visit to CREATION MUSEUM, Ohio River Cruise, Special Dinner at the Chart House, Dinner & Show at Wohlfahrt Haus! 8 Meals included!

Welcome diner in Virginia to break up the drive overnight, then off to NYC to spend 2 luxurious nights in fabulous New York City at the Marriott Marquis located right in Times Square, so there’s plenty of opportunity to have your own fun in the city! Visit the 911 Ground Zero Museum with a tour of Lower Manhattan, optional Broadway Show, shopping on Fifth Avenue, Times Square, and lots more. 5 Meals included!

Nashville/Asheville | Nov. 2020 “Mountains, Music and Biltmore” Motor coach, group trip sponsored by BSRI, designed for you by Excursions Unlimited! Visit our website to view itinerary and reserve your spot! $989 Per Person, Double Occupancy



MARCH 2020

Over 40 Years in the Welcoming Business!



Brunswick County's Newest Senior Living Community

Reserve Your Space Today 910-859-9293

Welcome Service LLC is the only welcoming service that personally welcomes newcomers and new businesses to New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties.

Call Nancy Wilcox at 910-470-0286

New Name. More Services. Same Excellent Care. Expanding on 40 years of expertise to provide a spectrum of support and LifeCare for individuals and families in our community affected by changing healthcare needs.


Your family’s trusted partner in navigating life’s healthcare challenges. To find out how we can help your family, call 800.207.6908

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