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INFORMED Many families tell us they wish they would have known about hospice sooner. More time to hold a hand, spend with family and friends, kiss your grandkids and say I love you.

Not all hospices are the same.

To find out if you or someone you love qualifies for hospice or palliative care, call 800.207.6908 or visit

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Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.

BSRI Administration Staff · Jim Fish, President & CEO · Yvette Gosline, Vice President of Programs & Services · Melody Stephens, Director of Operations · Debra Marlowe, Organizational Development Coordinator · Anita Langin, Accounting Technician · Jennifer Sherman, Director of Case Management · Eddie Jackson, Technology & Reporting Compliance Administrator · Derissa Gore, Case Management Support · Chauvet “Mel” Jackson, Operations Technician · Glen Hemingway Assistant Operations Technician · Sarah Powell, Volunteer Coordinator

· Mallory Balice, Program Specialist · Karen Tierney, Receptionist BSRI Center/Site Staff · Victoria Hine, Ash and Shallotte · Mary Green, Boiling Spring Lakes · Courtney Bledsoe, Calabash · Holley Norris, Calabash · René Tarquinio, Calabash · Carol Caldara, Calabash · Ellen Kleinerman, Calabash · Carol Schotter, Calabash · Mike Blandino, Town Creek · Veronica Lett-McGee, Leland · Jade Robinson, Leland · Marilou Smith, Leland · Shelley Cooper, Leland

i · Doug Russell, Leland · Sandy Porcaro, Leland · Janyce Jones, Leland · Pat Green, Leland · Anne Gass, Shallotte · Kathy Gehlhardt, Shallotte · Blair Stanley, Shallotte · Brett Baughman, Shallotte · Brenda Ambrose, Shallotte · Beverly Bridgers, Southport · Melissa Catlett, Southport · Jackie Knott, Southport · Vaughn Hatley, Southport · Cyndy Wallhausser, Southport and Supply · Melissa Starr, Supply · Gloria Pieczarka, Supply · Mike McGurn, Thrift Store · Ted Morris, Thrift Store · Bob Dye, Thrift Store


uring the rush of the holiday season, my patience is sometimes challenged by traffic. Does this ever happen to you? My pet peeve: I turn on my left blinker to signal that I’m changing lanes. The person behind me races forward to squeeze in and prevent me from switching lanes. This makes me highly indignant. It’s rude! And it’s an unsafe way to drive. Better to give the signaling car a little room so we can safely change lanes. I once had occasion to take a safe driver class (we won’t mention why this was necessary). The teacher said when something like this happens, the best thing to do is not to lean on the horn or make hand gestures. That’s bad for your blood pressure. The best way to handle this is to let them drive by. So they get to your destination one car ahead of you. So what? Change the radio station, or plan a nice dinner. Well, that’s the theory anyway. Even if we don’t always live up to it in practice, we can try. I did make one adjustment to my driving—I started signaling a little later. That gives other drivers less time to worry about whether I will be in front of them. And you know what, it works. In 2019, I plan to drive more safely, and try new things. Happy New Year! Shelagh Clancy Editor, Brunswick Senior Buzz

Letter from the President


appy New Year! I love the spirit of renewal and all the opportunities that lie ahead with the dawn of a new year. 2018 was incredible with many achievements. Looking back, here are just a few things that happened: January 2018 – BSRI partners with ILEX corporation to begin efforts to create affordable senior housing. February 2018 – BSRI’s own Vice President of Programs & Services, Yvette Gosline, is awarded the Cape Fear Council of Governments’ Yvette Gosline prestigious Professional Excellence Award. The award encompasses Region O, namely Brunswick, Columbus, Pender, and New Hanover counties.

Photo by Alex Shchebert

Photo by Kermit Cox

March 2018 – BSRI’s Prescription Drug Assistance

Jim Fish, President and CEO Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.

Program reaches the $20 million dollar mark in savings to Brunswick County Seniors. April 2018 – BSRI holds its third annual Volunteers Night Out. Our volunteers were treated to good food, good music, and a chance to be honored for their very important service. BSRI exceeds 600 volunteers. May 2018 – BSRI successfully opens the kitchen at the Brunswick Center at Shallotte for LETTER, continued on page 6

In April, BSRI volunteers gathered to enjoy the third annual Volunteers Night Out. Our excellent volunteers were honored for their important service with an evening of food, music, and fun.

Photo by Alex Shchebert

In August 2018, BSRI celebrates the opening of its fifth full-service senior center, the 12,000-square-foot Brunswick Center at Calabash, which serves the areas of Calabash, Carolina Shores, and Sunset Beach.

LETTER, continued from page 5

October 2018 – The new Brunswick Center at Calabash registers its 1300th participant, growing from an average of 30 participants before the opening of the new center.

full-service, on-site food preparation. BSRI expands food services to the southern end of Brunswick County. June 2018 – BSRI once again closes its fiscal year on time and on budget. The organization as a whole remains well-positioned to meet its financial obligations with no reoccurring debt.

November 2018 – BSRI is awarded the Cape Fear Area “Health Care Heroes” award, representing the hard work and efforts associated with our Meals on Wheels, senior center operations, and case management services.

July 2018 – BSRI celebrates its 3-year anniversary with its Calabash Thrift Store. The thrift store contributed $50,000 toward programs and services for the Calabash, Carolina Shores, and Sunset Beach areas. August 2018 – BSRI celebrates the opening of its fifth full-service senior center. The 12,000-squarefoot Brunswick Center at Calabash serves the areas of Calabash,

December 2018 – BSRI registers its 25,000th participant as the county senior population exceeds 55,000. Carolina Shores, and Sunset Beach. September 2018 – BSRI survives Hurricane Florence and assists thousands with evacuation planning and post-storm clean up.

The most important thing we did in 2018 was stay true to our mission. My hope for 2019 is health, prosperity, and service!

Your Devoted Servant, Jim

By Courtney Bledsoe, Director, The Brunswick Center at Calabash  

It’s hard to believe it’s been five full months since BSRI opened its newest senior center in Calabash.

informative presentations, workshops, day trips, and social events.

Since opening, we have registered over 1,400 participants and we are still accepting an average of 20 applications a day. The center staff and volunteers have been hard at work to keep the momentum from the grand opening alive by working to expand all center programs and activities. Our Calabash center offers three or four group fitness classes a day, weekly craft and art classes, and monthly health screenings,

All programs are gaining attendance daily. Our congregate lunch program is serving meals to an average of 60 people every day. All of our group fitness classes are bursting at the seams with up to 40 participants breaking a sweat. We are so proud of our growth these past several months. Come down to the Brunswick Center in Calabash and see what all the hubbub is about!

Two Degrees of Separation in Thrift Store Throwback By Mike McGurn Thrift Store Operations Manager Welcome back, Thrift Store Throwback fans! We‟ve had some great feedback from our readers about recent articles. Do you believe in the concept of Six Degrees of Separation? It‟s the theory that we are all only six degrees removed from being connected to each other. Well, when I submitted the picture of actor Key Luke in the August Thrift Store Throwback column, I didn‟t think I would be only two people away from someone who knew him very well and was related to him. One of our senior center participants, Reg Reeks, walked into the Thrift Store in October with an email from an old friend, Tad Miner. Reg remembered that Keye Luke was Tad‟s uncle by marriage. Here are some excerpts from Tad's email with some firsthand memories of Keye Luke. “One of my Dad‟s sisters, my aunt Ethel (Miner) Davis, was Keye Luke‟s personal assistant for several years and in April of 1942 they were married. I met Uncle Keye for the first time in 1947 when they visited us at our home in Massachusetts. I had just turned 17 and was obviously impressed to meet Charlie Chan‟s

From left to right are Keye Luke, Chet Dowling, and Robert Ito. Luke was a Chinese-American actor best known for playing Lee Chan, the “Number One Son” in Charlie Chan films.

„Number One Son,‟” Tad said in his email. Tad had Thanksgiving with the Lukes in 1950 when Tad was a Marine stationed in San Diego. He saw Luke in “Flower Drum Song” in Philadelphia, where he visited his uncle backstage. Luke played softball with the Hollywood All-Stars, and when he died, his autographed glove was given to Tad as a memento. Tad remembers his uncle fondly as a down-to-earth and gentlemanly man.

It’s truly a community achievement! In November, BSRI President and CEO Jim Fish was recognized with the 2018 Health Care Heroes Award in the Community Achievement Category. “Not surprisingly, after the three finalists were asked to stand, it was our own Jim Fish who went onto stage and accepted the award,” said John Ingraham, BSRI board member and Special Agent with First Financial Training Centers. “Jim, along with the BSRI team, was recognized for the vision of leaving no senior behind when it comes to a hot meal each day, along with social activities to include Zumba, line dancing, and pool.” Some of the accomplishments noted were BSRI’s five senior centers and three food distribution sites

BSRI President and CEO Jim Fish, left, receives the Health Care Heroes Award from Charles Hardy, dean of UNCW’s College of Health and Human Services.

When congratulated, Fish said with a smile, “These awards are not

earned by one person alone, but by the entire team.”

AARP celebrated community achievements with the Coastal Evening of Inspiration in December. BSRI was recognized for inspiring community engagement, supporting community needs, and showing willingness to work with others toward a common goal. BSRI was honored with one of several AARP Coastal 2018 Inspiration Awards from the AARP Foundation at the event in Wilmington. BSRI Vice President of Programs and Services Yvette Gosline accepted the award.

BSRI Vice President Yvette Gosline accepted the AARP Coastal 2018 Inspiration Awards from Doug Dickerson, AARP State Director. FAR RIGHT: BSRI President and CEO Jim Fish, right, attended the county commissioners meeting to accept the award.

Also in December, the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners presented BSRI with a Resolution of Appreciation for efforts relating to Hurricane Florence. The commissioners recognized and extended appreciation to BSRI for outstanding efforts in serving the people of Brunswick County during this difficult time. BSRI President and CEO Jim Fish attended the meeting to accept the award.


BSRI’s Thrift Store 10001 Beach Dr. Calabash, NC Whether shopping, donating, or volunteering, your support of BSRI’s Thrift Store @ Calabash helps to provide vital services and resources for our senior participants.


Call (910) 579-7488 to schedule pick-up. Your support is greatly appreciated!

A Fresh Start By Joan Leotta


anuary is a traditional time for “starting fresh.”

We make resolutions to help us transform the coming year into a better, happier one than the past year. Usually those resolutions are to lose weight, work smarter, and maybe to give up smoking. It is our hope that making these improvements will bring us happiness—at least that’s true for me. However, happiness originates on the inside, not from any of these externals. The true key to changing our lives so we will be happier is to make changes in our inner selves, to develop habits that will bring joy. Strengthening our inner selves

prepares us to deal better with challenges that may arise during the year. We cannot control our future, but we can make ourselves stronger, more resilient, and able to react positively to whatever comes.

Happiness and spiritual calm as goals are not as easily quantified as weight loss. For this reason, I advocate a “daily” approach, instead of setting a benchmark for a yearend goal that requires daily adherence over a long period. Think about each day as a separate unit. Try to implement the three suggestions below each day. One advantages is that every morning, you start all over again. There is no mid-March slowdown.

If you miss a day, a week, a month, you simply start again. What are we doing once a day?

Say a word of thanks. I try to thank God for each new day—for having a roof over my head, for being able to make breakfast. This year, I will try to write one thing daily in a gratitude journal. The Bible, other religious texts, and secular literature show that gratitude is a great re-maker of the human spirit. Keeping a gratitude journal reminds us, when we feel low, how much good there is in our lives. If we do nothing else, we should do this step.

Check out local volunteer opportunities, to be sure, but fulfilling this goal can be as

simple as smiling at someone, letting someone go head of us in line, saying something nice to another person even on Facebook, or simply refraining from being mean when someone disagrees with us.

Throw out or give away something that is not needed any more. One item per day will help declutter our houses and our hearts. Think before we spend. Do I really need that?

Do not be discouraged if you miss one or more of these daily transformation exercises. Missing whichever of these you have chosen to do daily does not mean failure. Just start over again. After all, every day offers the opportunity for a fresh start. That’s 365 fresh starts in 2019. Happy New Year!


Featured 2019 Trips! Don’t wait, book today!


A little about our travel program! BSRI would like to present these amazing opportunities. We are partnering with two of the most experienced tour agencies to provide pre-planned, all inclusive group travel! PML tours is offering a beautiful trip to Niagara Falls and Collette tours is offering a Grand Canyon trip, two European River Cruises, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland. We have worked closely with these tour agencies to ensure quality and provide you with the best travel opportunities. Group travel is so convenient and so many people have gravitated toward traveling this way! There has been so much interest in organized tours from our audience. When you travel with BSRI a portion comes back to our organization to help benefit our programs and services for local seniors. We hope you will take advantage of some of these awesome trips. I look forward to talking with you and answering any of your travel questions. Please call for more information on any of these trips. Sarah Powell: (910) 754-2300 ext 1022 Or email





By Patrick Naughton There are two things that will keep deer away from your prized plants: an 8-foot fence or a gun. But both of these have restrictions in many Brunswick County communities. A fishing line fence is an option that is very effective in keeping deer away from landscaping plants. Use strong clear fishing line, 15 lb. test or greater. String the fishing line horizontally at heights of 15 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. Deer are nocturnal and won’t see the fishing line at night. After bumping into it a few times they will get frustrated and move on. Motion sensor lights and alarms are available to scare deer away. Often the homeowner awakens to see deer standing in the yard unaffected. Motion-sensing water hose sprayers have a better chance at annoying deer than lights and sirens.

Deer can also be deterred by irritating their sense of sound, smell, and taste. Fragrant soap around plants helps to deter deer. Irish Spring soap is commonly used but any fragrant soap will work. The downside of hanging soap bars is that they take away from the beauty of the landscape. A better way to add fragrance to a landscape is to add plants that produce a sweet scent. Plants like

rosemary, oregano, basil, or thyme are good plants to put in front of your garden. Deer also don’t care for pungent scents on the other end of the spectrum. Sprays like Liquid Fence and Bobbex have ingredients like garlic and putrescent eggs which give off a bad smell. It may deter you as well as the deer. You will need to reapply after rain and for new growth. This can be costly and time-consuming. Products like deer repellent pouches and deer repellent stations are an alternative to spraying. They contain dried blood that is design to scare deer away. The deer just ate around my deer repellent capsule to dine on hostas, lilies, and azaleas.

Although there is no plant that deer don’t like, there are plants that deer are less interested in. Plants with thorny stems or spiny leaves are more deer resistant. Plants like holly, pyracantha, or century plant have these characteristics. They also don’t care for plants with fuzzy leaves, like lamb’s ear, rose campion, and dusty miller. Ornamental grasses are very deer resistant. For more information on deer-resistant plants, go to the N.C. State Cooperative Extension website and download 20Resistant%20Plants.pdf .

By Mallory Balice

Benefits of blueberries: 

Helps improve bone health.

Prevents wrinkles, age spots, and acne.

Protects heart health.

Soothes inflammation.

Nutrition Facts of 1 cup of blueberries: Calories: 83 Carbs: 21 g Protein: 1.07g



By Donna Ruth Morgan


ll books reviewed are available through the Brunswick County Library System or free downloads (PDF/Epub). “Remember the small things, and the big things will work themselves out.” The Tattooist of Auschwitz (2018) by Heather Morris is a “dark fairy tale” based on a series of interviews with real-life Holocaust survivor Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov, prisoner 32407. This story of love and survival was kept secret for fifty years because Lale feared being branded a collaborator for his forced job of tattooing fellow prisoners. Lale’s language skills and charm kept him alive and able to reunite with his love, Gita Fuhrmannova, prisoner 34902,

whose own tattoo he applied. This story of courage in the face of Nazi horror and enduring love for will keep readers enthralled. “The power and beauty of physical laws is that they apply everywhere, whether or not you choose to believe in them.” Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (2017) seemed a daunting title, but the book reveals science in an engaging and humble manner. My questions about space and time and mysterious terms like “quark” and “dark matter” were well-answered. The super-intelligent author shares twelve essays for those of us who wonder about how we fit into the universe and how the universe fits into us, offering mindexpansion at its best. Highly recommended!

“Truth makes the past truly past, and makes the best use of the future’s possibilities. Truth is the ultimate, inexhaustible natural resource.” 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (2018) by Jordan B. Peterson is an engaging mix of science, myths, and stories wrapped into twelve easilyunderstood rules— learned through life experiences, reassertion of the values of discipline and responsibility, and a celebration of freedom and adventure. Start your new year with a reexamination of existential questions about the meaning of life, evil, and suffering in this world, and becoming a better, happier person with this book: dipping in and out, a chapter at a time, while enjoying the author’s humor and wisdom.

ASH SENIOR NUTRITION SITE Activity Calendar Calendar is subject to change Victoria Hine, Manager Waccamaw Community Building 5859 Waccamaw School Road, Ash, NC 29420 Call 910-754-2300 Ext. 1053 For Reservations Operating Hours: 9:30-1:30 Tuesday & Thursday Lunch Served at 12 PM

Tuesday 1



3 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:15 Nutrition Class 12:30 Bingo

8 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Rummikub

10 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo

15 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch

17 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch

22 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:45 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Rummikub

24 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-11:45 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Bingo

29 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Rummikub

31 9:30 Coffee with Friends 10:00 Puzzles 10:45-11:30 Exercise 11:30-12:15 Exercise 12:00 Lunch 12:15 Birthday Cake 12:30 Bingo

BSRI Nutrition Program

at Boiling Spring Lakes Parks & Recreation Department

1 Leeds Road Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 28461 910-363-0018 BSRI Nutrition Program Operating Hours: 10am to 2pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 910-754-2300 Program Information or 363-0018

January 2019

Boiling Spring Lakes Senior Site Activity Calendar

*Subject to change, email or call Karlin 910-363-0018 ext.2 or*




Happy New Year!




2 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice


4 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 11:30 FREE BP TESTING 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

CENTER CLOSED 7 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

8 3pm The Office: Meet and Greet (FREE)

9 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice


11 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Ice Cream Birthday Social 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

14 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice


16 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

17 11am Lunch Bunch: Lockwod Folly Market and Deli ($2)

18 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice



23 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

24 11am Brown Bag lunch and a Movie (FREE)

25 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice

29 8am-5pm State Capital and Raleigh Museum Tours $10 (+lunch)

30 110am Walking Class 1am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice



28 10am Walking Class 11am Fit 4 Life 12pm Senior Lunch 12:30pm Rummikub 12:30 Cards & Dice






DAILY “Drop In” Activities: Reading, Coffee w/Friends (8A), Fitness Room, Table Games (2P-4P), Coloring, and more! No Symbol = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); $ = Fee Associated ; ^ = Requires Advanced Registration; * = New Offering/Time




Tai Chi

10:30 Geri-Fit


10:30 20/20/20

12p Lunch 1:00 1:00 1:00 2:00

Ballroom Dancing Rummikub Dulcimer Group Bridge







Chair Arthritis



12:45 Line Dancing 1:00

Hoop It Up! $ Begins 01/11/18

10:30 Chair Arthritis+ 10:00 Line Dancing 10:30 Geri-Fit

12p Lunch 12:00 Open Art


12p Lunch 12:30 Yoga 1:15

Beginner Mah Jongg

12 Lunch 12:00 Painter’s Hour 1:00 Mah Jongg 3:00 On Guard $

12 Lunch 1:00

Chair Yoga


Paint with Michelle



10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC HRS: 8AM-4PM M-F 910-754-7427 7

Cooking with Carol 2P



Center Closed

Center Closed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MLK JR.! 28 Weight Loss Contest Meet-Up 12:30P



BP Checks 11A



Yoga for Healthy Joints $ 1P



Knitting with Kathy 9:30A NO Hoop It Up Today!!



14 Glucose Screening 15 11A Wood Bee Carving Tech Help 11A Show & Tell Mallory’s Nutrition Class 12:30P 12:15P Visit with Bella Weight Loss Contest 1:30P Meet-Up 12:30P 21


10 Caregiver Support Group 2P

Writers Bloc 1-3P

11 Make-Your-Own-Cards Craft Class 12:30P

18 16 17 CALABASH CENTER Cinema at the Center Knitting with Kathy Facebook Live Tour After Congregate Lunch 9:30A Yoga for 12P Healthy Joints $ (Remember to Like our BSRI Facebook Page ) 1P

22 23 Orthopedic Discussion Level Up Physical Therapy Discussion 12:30P 12:30P




Visit with Bella 1:30P Center Day Trip 1P

Yoga for Healthy Joints $ 1P


Muscle, Spine, & Nervous System Health Discussion 12:30

Writers Bloc 1-3P Financial Planning For Retirees 2-4P

Pine Needle Basket Weaving $ 12:30P January Birthday Celebration 12:30P Financial Planning For Retirees 2-4P

25 Wreath Craft Class 12:30P

Want updates about Schedule Changes, Cancellations, Closings? Add your name to our ReGroup Notification list in the Front Lobby!

10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC 28467 910-754-7427

Courtney Bledsoe, Director Holley Norris, Assistant Director

Color/Symbol Legend: No Symbol = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); $ = Fee Associated ; ^ = Requires Advanced Registration

HEALTH SCREENINGS Blood Pressure Screenings by Amedisys Jan. 2nd, 11:00 Glucose Screenings by Saber Healthcare Jan. 14th, 11:00

PRESENTATIONS Mallory’s Monthly Nutrition Education by Mallory Balice, BSRI‟s Program Specialist. Jan. 14th, 12:15 Mallory will discuss MyPlate info & tips on how to choose budget-friendly options from each food group. Orthopedic Discussion by Dr. Christopher Walsh. Jan. 22nd, 12:30 Discussion will be on total joint replacements. Physical Therapy Health Discussion by Level Up Physical Therapy. Jan. 23rd, 12:30 Muscle, Spine & Nervous System Health by Dr. Glenn Lundy. Jan 30th, 12:30 Financial Planning for Retirees by Matthew Weissman (Class Series) Jan. 24th, 31st, & Feb. 7th, 2:00-4:00 Advanced registration required by Jan. 20th. Sign up at the Center at Calabash OR call (910) 754-7427.

CRAFTS & ART STUDIO PROJECTS Knitting with Kathy with Kathy Simpson. Jan. 4th & 18th, 9:30 Group open to all knitters, no experience needed! Make-Your-Own-Cards Craft with Linda Genevie. Jan. 11th, 12:30 Wreath Class with Fran McGuigan. Jan. 25th, 12:30 Each participant must bring their own supplies. Stop by the Center to see what supplies you will need to make a beautiful wreath for your front door! Pine Needle Basket Weaving with Zada Mae. Jan 31st, 12:30 $22 Zada Mae provides each participant with a weaving kit to craft their own basket. She uses many recycled items, authentic seashells & sand dollars. Zada has taught

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

classes for years, and continues to do so in many areas from Oak Island to Myrtle Beach! No experience needed.

OTHER GROUPS, WORKSHOPS, & CENTER ACTIVITIES Yoga for Healthy Joints with Mary Beth Ribar Jan. 3rd, 10th & 17th, 1:00 No experience needed. SHAG Lessons with John Hutton & Katy O‟Neill Tuesdays Jan. 8th-Feb. 26th, 5:30-8:30 No Class 02/12 In just 7 weeks, $60 per person, you will be ready to tear up the dance floor with your perfected SHAG moves! Please Register in advance by calling (910) 619-8265 or email to save you spot! Caregiver Support Group facilitated by Holly Pilson from Cape Fear Area Agency on Aging. Jan. 9th, 2:00 Writer’s Bloc Group with Buddy Worrell & Tom Rieber. Jan. 10th & 24th, 1:00-3:00 Come join others who have a passion for writing and receive a friendly critique on your work! Weight Loss Contest Meet-Up with Mallory Balice, BSRI‟s Program Specialist. Jan 14th & 28th, 12:30 The Annual “New Year, New You” Weight Loss Contest begins! The „Winner‟ will receive a grand prize for attending every meeting AND losing the most % in weight. The program will be 4 weeks, with meetings occurring every other Monday. Meetings include weigh-ins, open discussions on a healthy topic, & taking on a healthy challenge. Wood Bee Carving Show & Tell with Don Walker & Friends. Jan. 15th, 12:30 Cinema at the Center Jan.17th, After Lunch You are invited to enjoy a movie and popcorn on us! Tech Help with Susan Mellady. Jan. 14th 11:00-1:00 Bring in your PC, Tablet, or Cell Phone and Susan will be here to give you some help with all things technology! Cooking with Carol Jan. 7th, 2:00 Join Calabash Nutrition Site Coordinator, Carol Caldara for a cooking lesson! The Center Day Trip Jan. 29th, Depart at 1:00 Join us after lunch for a visit to Coastal North Town Center for some shopping! Monthly Birthday Celebration After Congregate Lunch. Jan. 31st, 12:30

10050 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC 28467 910-754-7427

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Courtney Bledsoe, Director Holley Norris, Assistant Director

More Reasons to Mark Your Calendar... NEW CLASSES

January’s Supply List for Paint with Michelle (Acrylics)

Dulcimer Group Mondays 1:00-3:00 No Experience Required! Come join in, learn how to play & have some fun! Painter’s Hour Come and paint with other local Calabash Artists. Thursdays, 12:00 Mah Jongg Another Group of Mah Jongg lovers will be gathering Thursdays, 1:00 Paint with Michelle Weekly Class Fridays, 1:30-3:30 Michelle Harrison has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education & Associate of Arts in Fine Arts. She has been teaching Art Classes since 2006. Each month you will explore a new method of painting!

Palate Knife, Paddle or Palate, Acrylic Paint (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, White, & Black), 3 Brushes (Different Sizes), Cup for Water, Canvas ON GUARD Self Defense Class Every Thursday, 3:00-4:00 ($5) Drop-In Fee Learn protective strategies from instructor Dean Sutzer to keep you safe and aware!


Zumba will now be on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:45 Hoop It Up! will now be on Fridays, 9:00 ($3) Drop-In Fee Be sure to make note that Hoop It Up will not be held on January 4th, but will resume January 11th at 9:00am.

“Tomorrow is the first page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” -Brad Paisley


Our Center’s Christmas Tree full of tags for our Senior Stocking Program!

Stones Craft with Holley!

Get Fit in 2019! Check out one of our fun group classes!

Teddy Bear Service Project with Ann Lewis


AT THE SUPERMARKET ACROSS 1. Sans-____, font option 6. Fly hangout? 9. Toothy tool 13. Lickety-split 14. Lennon's wife 15. Jolly one 16. Climber's spike 17. FEMA provisions, e.g. 18. Early anesthetic 19. *Laser or LED at the supermarket register 21. *Advantageous grocery display 23. Male or female 24. Show off 25. Blue 28. *Type of a grocerant 30. Same as torsi 35. Kind of sandwich 37. Transversus abdominis location 39. "The Voice" concern 40. Sunrise in Spain 41. Civil wrongs 43. ____ d'Ivoire 44. Tarzan's swing 46. Fork prong 47. Shaped like Humpty Dumpty 48. Brain teaser 50. Viper's tooth 52. Santa's helper 53. Miniature whirlpool 55. Miner's bounty 57. *Salad bar ____ guard 60. *Perimeter aisle at the market 64. Make dim 65. Make a pigeon sound 67. Corruptible 68. Rotary files 69. *Supermarket circulars 70. Same as #45 Down 71. Ke$ha's 2012 hit 72. Thus far

73. #28 Across purchase DOWN 1. Depletes 2. Colossal 3. "Pro" follower 4. Desktop pictures 5. Tiny fox with large ears 6. Wild swine 7. American cuckoo 8. Barrel racing meet 9. Campus military org. 10. Turkish honorific 11. What hoarders do 12. Make a mistake 15. Cow's favorite grass? 20. Dead-on 22. Peanut isn't this 24. Scare stiff 25. *Weights and Measures inspector's concern 26. Make or break bet 27. Persian Gulf port 29. *Sales per square ____ 31. Puerto ____ 32. Range in the kitchen 33. Based on number 8 34. *____ life 36. *"More ____ for your buck!" 38. Tallest volcano in Europe 42. Mister in Madrid 45. Arabian chieftains 49. Wood-shaping tool 51. Show submission 54. Tooth trouble 56. Organ swelling 57. Undesirable location 58. Infamous Roman 59. Garner wages 60. Well-mannered Emily 61. *U in SKU 62. *Grocery carrier 63. Additional 64. British public service broadcaster 66. Keats' poem



January 2019 - Weekly Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY





Black = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); Green or $ = Fee Based Class; Red ^ = Requires Prior Sign Up; Blue = New Offering/Time $-Super Sampler^


Chair Aerobics


Strength & Core


Total Body Cond.

10:30 $-BINGO



$-TRX Series^


Morning Yoga



10:30 Arthritis Exercise

10:00 Geri-Fit

10:00 Painting


Line Dancing-Int.

11:00 Arthritis Exercise

10:30 Balance Class



11:00 Line Dancing-Beg.

11:30 $-Zumba Gold


Computer Help

11:30 Larks Choir Practice 12p Lunch

12p Lunch

11:30a EARLY Lunch

12p Lunch

12p Lunch


Monday Crafts


Sleep Mats



12:30 Senior Bootcamp

12:30 Balance Class


Walk w/ Ease


$-Parkinson’s Ex. I^






Mah Jongg


$-Parkinson’s Ex. II^ 1:00


$-Cardio Dance^


Oil Painting


Bridge Club $-Hybrid Yoga^

January 2019 - Monthly Calendar MONDAY




2 Hand & Foot 1p


Post Hurricane Counseling 10:30a

14 Hired Hands 10:30a






Nutrition Ed.12p 15


SEWING 12-3p

BP Checks 12p Hand & Foot 1p



17 Meet w/Sandy Leland’s Case Manager, 12p 24 Leland Center Book Club 2-3p



31 30 COUPS For TROOPS 9:30a


Regular Monthly & Semimonthly Events:

Daily Announcements: During Lunch 4 BIRTHDAYS 1st Fridays, (At Lunch): Celebrate Birthdays Cake at Lunch 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 12p: Sewing Bee Cancelled 1st Tues.—Closed for New Years Day GAME DAY 1p 1st & 3rd Weds, 1p: Hand & Foot Card Game 1st & 3rd Friday, 1p: Game Day 11 2nd Thursday, 10a: Caregiver Support Group Memorial Pre-Planning 2nd Tuesday: Monthly Outing (Details TBA) 10:30a 3rd Monday, 10:30a Hired Hands Music 3rd Thursday, 12p: Meet & Greet with Sandy, Leland’s Case Manager During Lunch Last Wednesday, 9:30a: Coups for Troops 18 4th Thursday, 2-3p: Leland Center Book Club GAME DAY 1p


Special Events & Presentations: 1/7: Post Hurricane Counseling 10:30a By FEMA—Hope4NC 1/11: Mallory’s Nutrition Class 12:00p 1/11: Memorial Pre-Planning 10:30a By Dignity Memorial 1/16: Blood Pressure Checks 10:30a Liberty Homecare & Hospice 121 Town Hall Dr. Leland, NC. Hours: M 8a-5:30p, T-F 8a-4p 910-754-7701

121 Town Hall Drive NE Leland, NC 28451 910-754-7701

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

~A NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Veronica Lett-McGee, Director Jade Robinson, Assistant Director The Leland Center Motto:

“Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.”




January 7th @ 10:30am



Offered on Tuesdays

Offered by Dignity Memorial


January 11th @ 10:30am

Effective January 1, 2019 Now Accepting Ages 50+ !! &


$99 Annual Fee for Ages 50-59

Offered by Liberty Homecare & Hospice

January 16th @ 10:30am

Congregate Lunch Changes!

No registration required

Lunch still requires: 1-Registration 2-Sign-in at Every Meal. But NO LONGER requires reservations! *Guests still eat AFTER


all registered participants*

Eligibility Requirements at Front Desk

Weight Loss Challenge! Looking to lose the holiday weight and improve healthy eating habits? SIGN UP—Winner takes Grand Prize!

ONGOING INDEPENDENT “DROP-IN” ACTIVITIES: Puzzles, Books, Magazines, Card Games, Rummikub, TV, Billiards, Exercise Equipment, Board Games, Simple Sewing, Horseshoes, Corn Hole, Socialization, Walking, & Coloring Sheets.

LOOKING TO VOLUNTEER? Current Opportunities:  Beautification: gardening or decorating!  Buzz Newsletter Delivery Drivers!

Sign Up at

Hear About Class Changes! Join our Activity Email List Send us your name & email to

121 Town Hall Drive NE Leland, NC 28451 910-754-7701

~A NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence~ Veronica Lett-McGee, Director Jade Robinson, Assistant Director

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

We’re in the Holiday Spirit! ‘Tis the Season to Say Thank You... Ms. Bobbies Crafting Class made several stockings for a Children’s Home in Kannapolis, NC!

Some of the lovely stockings...

Shout out to Volunteer Rita Burgess for crafting these beautiful gift jars for our Holiday Party!

We are so thankful for Reach Community Church & all of our other community members for sponsoring our annual Christmas Stockings for Seniors!

Senior Spotlight

Meet Freddie Jones!

“Reach for the gusto. Everyone needs to take the time to realize that days like today are precious,” Freddie relayed when being asked for his “words of wisdom.” As a Winnabow, N.C. native, born on Nov. 15, 1943, Freddie has seen Brunswick County grow into what it is today. At just 7 years old, Freddie was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis, which he has since combated and lists as one of his biggest accomplishments. In 1956, Freddie and his parents packed up and moved north to Connecticut, where he worked as a truck driver for Whip It Motor Lines. He also spent some of his time working in a nursing home facility and with the local hospital, where Freddie said he really learned about the aging process. Years later in 1974, Freddie and his parents returned south to their home roots of Winnabow. One of Freddie’s favorite memories is going fishing on the Cape Fear River with his father upon their return. His father playfully tipped the boat over and said, “see you at shore!” His parents mean the world to him and through them, Freddie gained his great sense of humor along with his love for the outdoors. Freddie also loves to draw whatever catches his eye, having made pictures for numerous of our friends here at The Brunswick Center at Leland. Thank you, Freddie, for your positivity and for always keeping us smiling! We are so lucky to have you in our BSRI family!

Weekly Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY





“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Mohandas K. Gandi 9:00 Zumba Gold 10:00 Yoga w/ Kathryn 10:00 Beginner Line Dancing 10:30 Line Dancing 10:30 Weekly Updates 11:00 Exercise Class w/Angela 11:00 Tabata ($5) 11:45 Lunch 12:15 Bingo 1:00 Beginner Bridge 1:30 Tai Chi w/ Dean

9:30 10:00 10:30 11:15 12:00 12:30 1:15 1:30 2:30

“On the Ball” W/Angela ($5) Caregivers Support Group Geri Fit w/Angela Aerobics w/ Angela Lunch Bible Study Tai Chi w/ Dean Scrabble Beginner Line Dancing

8:15 9:00 10:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:00

11:45 12:30 1:00 2:00

Meditation w/ Keith Tai Chi w/Keith Tabata w/ Shelley Beginner Line Dancing Line Dancing Adult Coloring Exercise Class — Gentle Stretch w/Angela Lunch Bridge Shopping Rummikub

9:00 10:00 10:30 11:15 12:00 12:30

1:15 1:30

Zumba Gold w/ Kathryn Beginner Yoga w/Kathryn Geri Fit w/Angela Aerobics Lunch Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite Tai Chi w/Dean Art Class w/Joan

9:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:30 11:45 12:15 1:15

Pilates w/Angela Choral Group Ladies Pool/ Billiards Tabata w/Shelly Beginner Computer Class Craft Class BP Checks Lunch Bingo Beginner Watercolor Class ($) Begins 1/4 — See information page for details

Contributions Always Welcome

Monthly Activity Schedule for Shallotte MONDAY





FRIDAY 4 10:00 Computer Class 10:30 BP Check w/ Amedysis 1:15 Watercolor Class #1

7 12:00-3:00 Basket Weaving with Zada Mae

8 10 9 11:00 Walgreens 9:00-12:00 12:15 Nutrition Presentation Presentation Technology 5:30 Homeless Assistance With Mallory Coalition

11 9:00 Food Pantry 10:00 Computer Class 10:00 Visually Impaired Support Group 10:30 BP Check w/ LCFH




17 11:00 Sip ‘n Chat

18 10:00 Computer Class 10:30 BP Check w/LCFH





25 9:00 Food Pantry 10:00 Computer Class 10:30 BP Check w/LCFH 11:00 Senior Tar Heel Presentation 1:00 Movie

11:00 Walgreens 9:00-12:00 Presentation Technology






Birthday Day

Boost Available for Purchase During Center Hours


3620 EXPRESS DRIVE SHALLOTTE, N.C. 1/7 Basket Weaving 1/10 Nutrition Presentation 1/11 Food Pantry 1/11 Visually Impaired Support Group 1/4 Watercolor Class Begins 1/21 MLK Day Center Closed 1/25 Food Pantry 1/25 Senior Tar Heel Presentation 1/25 Movie Day Calendar subject to change. Please send us your email address to receive regular updates.

The center is CLOSED Monday, January 21st, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. We’ll reopen Tuesday, January 22nd at 8am. Health Care Directive assistance, Monday, January 14th, 10:30am to noon. Notary available.

Is your closest running your life? Do you resolve this year to clean out your “stuff?” Join us for a “Declutter Your Closet, Declutter Your Life” presentation January 10th at 10 am. Learn easy ways to deal with your stuff, share some fun stories, and reclaim your space and your life in 2019! Senior Tar Heel Representative Audie Lowrimore will speak on January 25th, at 11am. Find out what’s happening in our legislature that affects senior programs and services and how you can help. Beginning January 2nd, Keith Webb’s Tai Chi class will meet on Wednesdays at 9am.

Red, White and Breathe — A Yoga and Wine Fundraising Event Saturday, Jan. 26th, 5pm-7pm, at the Brunswick Center at Shallotte, Cost $20 per ticket. The event features a one-hour, combined chair and regular yoga class taught by BSRI’s own fitness instructors Angela Ruel and Kathryn Stutey. Afterwards, enjoy refreshments and glass of red or white wine from our local Silver Coast Winery. Treat yourself to an evening of breath work and relaxation. Bring a friend and/or come make a new friend! Participants must bring their own mat.

Thanks to Linda Blanchette and her group of Trick or Treaters who, once again, generously provided Halloween candy for both the Homebound and Congregate members. Your contribution is a wonderful treat for many in our service area. Our Food Pantry will be open Friday, Jan. 11th and 25th, at 9am.

Monthly Joke:

Our heartfelt and sincere thanks to the Shallotte Sorority who continue to help sustain our pantry by donating food on a recurring basis. We appreciate the constant source of support of extra shelf-stable foods for Brunswick County seniors in need.

Hand-Held Technology Help with Susan Mellady for your personal devices Wednesday, Jan 9th and 23rd, 9am to noon. By appointment only.

Nutrition Presentation by Mallory, Thursday, Jan. 10th, 12:15pm.

What do you call ten rabbits hopping backwards through the snow together? A receding hare line!

Monthly Quote: Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever. Anon

Crafty Fridays, 10am, Each Week. Craft schedule is posted at the front desk and in the craft room. Sign up is required and supplies are included in the cost unless otherwise specified. PLEASE be considerate of other crafters and CALL to CANCEL if you can‟t make the class. Class changes are sent via email or voice mail. Please make sure we have a valid email and/or phone number and are able to leave the information on your email, phone or answering machine. Jan 4th

Paint „n‟ Take Acrylic $5

Paint „n‟ Take Watercolor $2 Bring your own supplies.

Zada Mae‟s Pine Needle Basket Weaving, Monday, Jan. 7th, 12pm to 3pm. Cost $22. All supplies included. Sign up required.

Jan 11th

Plastic Canvas Tea Cup. Holds one tea bag. $4. Great gift idea.

Jan 18th

New! Make a fresh floral bouquet in a coffee cup! $5. Call for supply list.

Jan 25th

Paint „n‟ Take Special Session — Trees and Grasses Acrylic $5 Watercolor $2

Another Beginning Watercolor Course starts Friday, Jan. 4th, at 1:15pm. Six classes, $30. Signup required. Receipt of payment ensures your spot as seating is limited. All fees due not later than Mon., Dec. 31st. No drawing skills required. We supply materials for the first class. A modest materials list will be available at that time. Beat January boredom…learn to watercolor in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

“At The Table” by Margarete O’Leary. Every day, many seniors gather “at the table” for lunch, sharing their lives with friends and making new ones. This month we asked them to express their hopes, wishes, and resolutions for the coming New Year. Below are theirs. What are yours?

Pam Dennis. More compassion and love to see the needs of others. Be more attune to Gods will in my life.

Joe Varner. To be a better person than I have been in the past.

Cora Mae Frink. Have my health and strength and ask God to give me more understanding and love, love, love!

John Uberto. Remain healthy and see my family more.

Christine Prioleau. Better health and pray to God that I get another year. Love people, treat people nice and keep a smile on my face.

102 47th Street Oak Island, NC 28461

Call 910-278-3622 or 278-6552 910-754-2300 For Reservations Deanna Eddinger, Community Center Director Rodney, Stephanie & Sam Community Center Assistants Operating Hours: (M,T, W, Th) 9:30 am-2:00 pm

Senior Activity Calendar January 2019 Tuesday


(Subject to Change)




2 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1pm Drumming

3 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

7 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

8 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

9 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1pm Drumming

10 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

14 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

15 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Card Games

16 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1pm Drumming

17 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO


22 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

23 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1pm Drumming

24 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO

29 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO 1:30 Board Games

30 10:00 am Social Time 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1pm Drumming

31 8am Sr. Errands 10:00 am Rummikub 10:30 Playing Pool 11:15 Sit & Be Fit/Yoga 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm BINGO



Gary McDaniel 1/3 Libby Stowe 1/13 Anna McDaniel 1/25 Wayne Coble 1/26 Betty Jean Anderson 1/27


28 9am Trip to Wal Mart 10:30 Pool Pals 11:45 am Senior Lunch 12:30 pm Rummikub 12:30pm Social Time 1:30 Board Games

Most people don't pay a monthly premium for Part A (sometimes called "premium-free Part A"). If you buy Part A, you'll pay up to $437 each month. If you paid Medicare taxes for less than 30 quarters, the standard Part A premium is $437. If you paid Medicare taxes for 30-39 quarters, the standard Part A premium is $240.

Part A hospital inpatient deductible and coinsurance You pay: $1,364 deductible for each benefit period which is every 60 days

The standard Part B premium amount is $135.50 (or higher depending on your income).

Part B deductible and coinsurance $185 per year. After your deductible is met, you typically pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for most doctor services (including most doctor services while you're a hospital inpatient), outpatient therapy, and durable medical equipment.

The Part C monthly premium varies by plan. Compare costs for specific Part C plans.

The Part D monthly premium varies by plan (higher-income consumers may pay more). Compare costs for specific Part D plans.

—M. RenÊ Tarquinio, LBSW Case Manager/SHIIP Co-Coordinator

Photos from Oak Island Senior Site

Weekly Activity Schedule– Lunch Served at 11:30 daily EVERY MONDAY





DAILY Drop In Activities: Billiards, Coffee with Friends, Fitness Center, Library Green ($) = Fee Based Class; Red (#) = Requires Prior Sign Up; Blue (+) = New Offering/Time 8:00 9:00 9:30 9:30 10:00

Yoga & Pilates Mah Jongg Easy Does It Tai Chi Forms $ Hand & Foot Canasta 10:00 Card Making # 10:30 Beg. Tai Chi 12:15 STEP-tastic $ 1:00 Mah Jongg 1:00 Total Body Conditioning 2:15 Fit and Strong– Cancelled for January 6:30 Jam Session

9:30 Bridge 9:30 Boxing 12:00 Walgreens Presentation 1:00 Silver Paddles 1:00 Gentle Cardio & Core 2:00 HIIT 6:30 Square Dancing

9:00 9:30 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:45 12:15 12:30 12:30 12:45 1:00 2:00

Watercolor $ Geri-Fit Tai Chi Forms $ Shanghai Rummy Tai Chi $ You Can Do It Bible Study Silver Samurai $ Jewelry 101 # Afternoon Movie Mah Jongg Ballet and Tap

8:00 8:30 9:00

Yoga & Pilates Boxing Advanced German 9:30 Gerifit 10:00 Knit & Chain Gang 10:00 Quilting 10:00 Bible Study 1:00 Cardio Dance and Core $ 1:00 Beginning Line Dance 2:00 Int./ Advanced Line Dance 2:00 HIIT $

9:00 9:30 10:00 10:00 10:30 11:30 1:00 1:00 1:30

Technology Workshop Tai Chi Forms $ Sewing Hand & Foot Canasta Tai Chi $ Beginner Pickleball Pickleball Photography– 2nd and 4th Friday Hand Drumming

*** Calendar subject to change Email Jackie Knott at to receive regular updates.

Contributions Always Welcome for All Center Programming & Activities Monthly Activity Schedule for Southport MONDAY





9 Parkinson’s Support Group– 9:30am


15 16 Winter Landscape Iris Folding– 1pm Watercolor– 8:30am



23 10:00 am



3 Boxing– 8:30am




The Brunswick Center at Southport

Photography 1pm 17

18 Iris Folding– January 14th & 28th Winter Landscape Watercolor Class


Beginning Watercolor– 8:30am

– 1/15


Photography 1pm

Beginning Watercolor Class– 1/22 and 2/5 New Boxing Class begins 1/3–

28 Iris Folding– 1pm


30 Ballet and Tap! 31

8:30am Ballet and Tap resumes 1/30– 2:00pm

Come learn the beautiful art of iris folding! Please sign up at the front desk for these amazing classes. Each class will be $2.50, and students should bring

Watercolor Offerings January15th—Winter Landscape Cost $50, for people with watercolor experience.

scissors, tape, and an Exacto knife to each class. All other materials will be provided. Classes will be held from 1pm-3pm on January 14th and 28th. Come join the fun!

Resolutions? We can help!

Total Body Conditioning Fit and Strong Boxing Gentle Cardio and Core

January 22nd & February 5th Beginning Watercolor

Yoga & Pilates

Silver Samurai

Easy Does It

Ballet and Tap

Cost $60

Tai Chi

Cardio Dance &

Cost $60, for anyone with or

STEP– tastic


Line Dancing



You Can Do It




For the budding artist!

Put your dancing shoes on!

Learn to draw a stilllife in this fabulous 4 week series. Please register ahead. The cost is $40, due at the first class.

Our Ballet and Tap classes are returning on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm, beginning January 30th.

without watercolor experience. If you have any questions or wish to register, please call 919-662-5900 or email

Come Join Us! Make it your New Year’s resolution to get in shape with our additional boxing classes to be held on Thursday mornings at 8:30am, beginning January 3rd.

2nd– Christopher Robin 9th– Crazy Rich Asians 16th- Dog Days 23rd– A Star is Born 30th– Groundhog Day

Irie and Sophie, owners of Melissa Catlett

Raya, Sugar, and Zeus, owners of Amber Ramsey

Happy New Year from our Southport Furry Family!

Juice Malone, owner of Dean Francisco

Isabel Victoria and Pups McGee, owners of Jackie Knott

Freedom , owner of Beverly Bridgers Barley and Hops, owners of Cyndy Wallhausser

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the St. James Service Club for sponsoring our homebound Precious, owner of Vaughn Hatley

and seniors in need during the holiday season. We are so grateful!

January 2019 - Daily Activity Schedule EVERY MONDAY





No Symbol = No Fee (Contributions always appreciated); $ = Fee Associated ; ^ = Requires Advanced Registration; ** = New Offering/Time


Coffee w/ Friends 8:30 Coffee w/ Friends 8:30


Coffee w/ Friends 8:30


Coffee w/ Friends





10:00 Paper Crafting ^

9:30 Rummikub// 10:0 Dominos


Sew Simple ^

!0:00 Crochet Class ** 11:00 Zumba Gold**


10:00 Rummikub

Coffee w/ Friends

10:00 Rummikub 11:00 Tai-Chi

Open Sew & Knit


12:00PM Lunch 12:15 1:00

12:00PM Lunch

Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong 12:45 Tabata (Seated) Line Dancing ^ 1:00 ** Sleep Mats **


12:00PM Lunch

12:00PM Lunch


Table Tennis


Watercolor Painting^

1:00 Crafts, Crafts Crafts**



12:00PM Lunch 1:00

Silver Samurai

3:15 GeriFit

Coups for Troops

January 2019- Monthly Calendar MONDAY






Regular Monthly & Semimonthly Events: 1st & 3rd Friday: Movie at the Center 1P 4 BLOOD PRESSURE 1st Wednesday: Nutrition Class w/ Mallory Balice 12:00A CHECKS 10A 2nd Wednesday: Hired Hands Band Performance 11A MOVIE 1:00P 2nd Friday: Recipe Swap 1P 2nd Thursday: Caregiver Support Group 2P 11 2nd & 4thThursday: Bingo! $$10:30AM RECIPE SWAP Last Wednesday: Monthly Day Trip (Details TBA) 10AM Last Friday: Birthday Celebration—Dessert @ Lunch Special Events:








18 MOVIE 1:00P












Celebrate our return to our beloved Supply Center!!

WELCOME BACK CELEBRATION!! WHO: YOU!!! (of course) WHEN: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 WHERE: 101 Stone Chimney Rd. Supply, NC TIME: 2:00PM-3:30PM 101 Stone Chimney Rd. Supply, NC Hrs: M-F 8A-4P 910-754-7604

101 Stone Chimney Road Supply, NC 910-754-7604

Melissa Starr, MSW, Center Director Courtney Bledsoe, Assist. Center Director

NEW CLASSES, ACTIVITIES, & GROUPS! SEW SIMPLE GROUP Mondays @ 10:00AM, Beginning January 7th Calling all material girls (and guys)!!! Check out our new Textiles Room and gather every week to sew together! CROCHET CLASSES Tuesdays @ 10:00AM -Beginning January 8th Learn to crochet w/ Pandora in the Textile Room

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

HEALTH INFO & SCREENINGS RSVP for all screenings and presentations at the activities table in the main lobby

NUTRITION CLASS by BSRI’s Nutrition Program Specialist Mallory Balice January 2, 2019 @ 12:00PM BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS by Saber Healthcare/Autumn Care January 24th, 2019 @ 10:00AM WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE Information and support meetings by BSRI’s Nutrition Program Specialist Mallory Balice TBA in January , 2019 @ 12:00PM

TABATA (SEATED) Tuesdays @ 12:45PM w/ Angela Tabata is a small burst workout. Beginners class will learn this technique seated to start..

Be a Part of Creating Your Supply Senior Center

ZUMBA GOLD Wednesdays @ 11:00PM w/ Kathryn -Beginning January 10th Senior friendly dance workout.

Help us to make our center all that it can be. Attend meetings; aid in programming ideas; participate in fundraising efforts & community outreach for the center; advocate for our participants.

CRAFTS, CRAFTS, CRAFTS Thursdays @ 1:00PM in the Conference Room Join a variety of center participants co-leading a weekly crafting project SLEEP MATS GROUP (SERVICE PROJECT) Tuesdays @ 1PM, Beginning January 8th Learn how to make Sleep Mats from recycled plastic grocery bags! These mats are given to the homeless and used as a barrier from the elements. Join us for a workshop on October 16th at 1PM taught by Glenda Schantz, and learn how to flatten, cut, tie, and, crochet the bags. This group will continue to meet weekly on Tuesdays. Please bring a large crochet needle and scissors if you have them! BYOB– Bring your own bags to donate to this project. WANTED: BRIDGE & CANASTA PLAYERS, QUILTERS, OIL & WATER COLOR PAINTERS VOLUNTEERS TO SHARE THEIR SKILLS & TALENTS

We are seeking members of our community to join our Supply Advisory Committee:

Interested? Please contact : Melissa Starr @ (910)754-7604 for further information

Independent “DROP-IN” Activities: Puzzles, Books, Magazines, Card Games, Computer Lab, Rummikub, Exercise Equipment, Board Games, Simple Sewing, Corn Hole, Socialization, Walking, & Crafts.

101 Stone Chimney Road Supply, NC 910-754-7604

Melissa Starr, MSW, Center Director Courtney Bledsoe, Assist. Center Director

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Reindeer Games... December’s Holiday Fun and Games

Holiday Cheer was Had by All

Lunch Break After Shopping at New River Pottery

Town Creek Senior Site Mike Blandino, Manager Town Creek Community Building 6420 Ocean Hwy Winnabow, NC Operating Hours: 9:30AM - 1:30PM Tuesdays & Thursdays Lunch Served at 12pm

Activity Calendar January 2019 Subject to change

Tuesday 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR Site closed

Thursday 3 10am Coffee & Games 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch

8 10am Coffee & Games 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch 0

10 10am Rummikub 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch

15 10am Rummikub 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch

17 10am 11:15 12:00 12:30

22 10am 11:15 12:00 12:15

24 10:00 Rummikub 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch

Rummikub Yoga Lunch Nutrition Class

29 10am Rummikub 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch

Coffee & Games Yoga Lunch Rummikub

31 10:00 Rummikub 11:15 Yoga 12:00 Lunch


Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. Provides Nutritionally Balanced Meals for Seniors


*Menus subject to change* Monday

Tuesday 2


7 Chicken Teriyaki Brown Rice Asian Vegetables Vanilla Pudding Mandarin Oranges Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2% 14 Chicken and Rice Bake Seasoned Green Beans Glazed Carrots Whole Wheat Roll Baked Apples Milk 2%



28 Swedish Meatballs Buttered Egg Noodles Peas & Carrots Whole Wheat Roll Hot Spiced Fruit Margarine Milk 2%




3 Stuffed Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast Rice Pilaf Mixed Seasoned Veggies Fruit Salad Soft Roll Milk 2%

4 Fish Sandwich Coleslaw Oven Roasted Potatoes Chilled Peaches 4” Bun Chocolate Chip Cookie Tarter Sauce Milk 2%

10 Baked Lemon Pepper Fish Mac & Cheese Tuscany Vegetable Blend Whole Wheat Roll Fresh Banana Fruit Pie Milk 2% 17 Chicken Salad Lettuce & Tomato Potato Salad Whole Wheat Bread Chips Mandarin Oranges Milk 2%

11 Mexican Fiesta Casserole Fiesta Corn Tropical Fruit Cornbread Cinnamon Bun Milk 2%

25 Chicken Pot Pie Green Beans Biscuit Blueberry Crisp Margarine Milk 2%


Pork Marsala Seasoned Carrots Orzo w/ Tomatoes, Spinach, Parmesan Baked Apples Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

8 Vegetable Beef Soup Green Salad w/ Dressing Grilled Swiss Cheese Jello w/ Fruit Saltines Milk 2% 15 Italian Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce Whole Wheat Penne Caesar Salad w/ Dressing Breadstick Pineapple Tidbits Milk 2%

9 Chicken Alfredo w/ Fettuccini Pasta Steamed Broccoli Caesar Salad w/ Dressing Bread Stick Fruit Juice 100%

22 Baked Chicken Breast w/ Mushroom Gravy Broccoli Au Gratin Mashed Potatoes Chilled Pears Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

23 Shepard’s Pie Lima Beans Berry Cobbler Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

24 Vegetable Lasagna Green Salad w/ dressing Pears Breadstick Chocolate Pudding Milk 2%

29 Baked Pork Chop Potatoes Au Gratin Steamed Cabbage Applesauce Whole Wheat Roll Margarine Milk 2%

30 Chicken Dumplings Steamed Mixed Veggies Peach Cobbler Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%

31 Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breast Mashed Red Skin Potatoes Green Peas & Onions Brownie Soft Roll Milk 2%

16 BBQ Pork Chop Collard Greens Mac & Cheese Fresh Orange Peach Cobbler Soft Roll Margarine Milk 2%

18 Beef Chili w/ Beans White Rice Green Salad w/ Dressing Apple and Raisin Compote Saltines Sour Cream Milk 2%

Join our awesome team of volunteers! Who doesn't want to be a part of something great? BSRI is looking for volunteers. This simply means someone willing to help us accomplish something. We are working toward making Brunswick County the place to retire, aging comfortably and happily. We are putting all our effort into making BSRI a place for community and opportunity. We urge you to take an hour or two out of your week to help us out! Can you do that? Do you have a few free hours throughout your week? Most of us do. We would like to invite you to fill out an online application to volunteer! It’s super easy. You will then be contacted to talk a little more about being a volunteer. We will do our best to find something that works with your schedule. One of our goals for 2019 is to expand our volunteer base for our nutrition program. This means more volunteers are needed to help out in our kitchens! This is an easy and exciting volunteer opportunity. Its easy to see the impact you’re making as you help us pack food for homebound seniors, serve lunch, and help keep our kitchen and eating space tidy! We hope you decide to make this a part of your schedule. In turn, you will know you are a part of a community of people striving to make a difference. Sarah Powell Volunteer Coordinator (910) 754-2300 ext. 1022 work Txt (910) 233-5746 cell

Volunteer Spotlight! Volunteers Rita Cobb and Sybil Clemmons are dedicated volunteers for BSRI. They are both veteran volunteers and would do anything to help see BSRI succeed. Rita and Sybil volunteer multiple days a week doing various things like working the front desk, helping to pack meals and serve lunch when needed, but also they are on-the-road volunteers. They go on our group overnight trips and volunteer as escorts! These two volunteers are dedicated to making everything perfect for our senior participants and our senior travelers. They go above and beyond and always are willing to serve wherever there is a need. It’s volunteers like these that make our organization a great place! There are so many other volunteers making a difference everyday and we thank each and every one of them for their time with us.


Brunswick senior Buzz


Here When You Need Us Kindred at Home offers a variety of home health services to our patients in their homes or places of residence. Our experienced and compassionate nurses, therapists and other clinical team members provide unique care designed to get you back to doing the activities that you love. We serve Brunswick, New Hanover, Columbus and surrounding counties. (910) 655-4946 For more information, please call us at


We accept patients for care regardless of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, being a qualified disabled veteran, being a qualified disabled veteran of the Vietnam era, or any other category protected by law, or decisions regarding advance directives. Š 2018 Kindred at Home CSR 194322-01

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