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ELECTIONS 2012: Republican Primaries Analysis

Primary Analysis: Rivalries

This coming November, the Presidential position will be up for grabs. And two candidates stand out among them all. Newt Gingrich and other candidates started attacking Mitt Romney when he “won” the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. They talked about Mr. Romney’s unfair Tax paying and life and Bain capital. Campaigns were set against Romney. Soon a new political power emerged in the race, though. It was then announced that Rick Santorum had actually won the Iowa caucus, and Mr. Gingrich was right up there as Mitt Romney had only won one state instead of two. Newt Gingrich then won the South Carolina primary by a margin of thirteen points, which some thought came out of no-where. Gingrich suddenly became a top contender in the race. Rick Santorum, though, has only won Iowa, and that was a while ago. He is quickly falling behind in the race, and he was hurt bad by the miss count in Iowa. Candidates such as Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry have already dropped out of contention, which leaves way for only Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. A rivalry emerged between candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. It will probably be a battle between these two candidates the rest of the way. And both of the candidates have been at each other with attacking campaigning. Mitt Romney’s attacks focused on Mr. Gingrich’s character while Newt focused on how Romney didn’t pay as big of a tax as most Americans pay today. Currently, the standings in the primary so far are as follows: 1. Mitt Romney, 2. Newt Gingrich, 3. Rick Santorum, 4. Ron Paul. I think it could be a close competition between Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Romney as the primaries come into top notch, as the country will watch and see if Gingrich can overtake Romney in the months to come.

By: Jack Kulesh

The Primaries

  Well, that season is upon us.  We’re full into presidential primary

vs.season and it currently seems that there are only two real

candidates with chances to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination: Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  While outsiders such as Ron Paul and Rick Santorum seem like they’re contenders, they have a minimal chance of being nominated.  Even though Santorum officially won the Iowa primary on a recount, it was not noted by the majority of the American people.  Romney and Gingrich both are interesting characters; I mean, when was the last time that our two main candidates were named “Mitt” and “Newt”?  Seems like a cartoon to me, but I digress.     Neither comes across as a standout candidate, but they’ve each had some appealing takes on topics.  Romney, a businessman for Bain Capital (a private equity firm), believes that it would be better to relinquish some decision power to the states instead of claiming to always have the solution to the nation’s problems, while the former Congressman Gingrich is driving to stop the 2013 tax increases to show economic stability.  They’ve both, however, had their slip-ups.   Romney had his recent “I like to fire people” comment during a debate (in which the meaning was not completely clear), while Gingrich had a mistake that struck more to the sports side of America when he said- in reference to the BCS National Championship Game- “I’m excited about watching Saturday’s college basketball championship with my family.”  He neglected, however, the part about it being football and taking place on a Monday.     There has been some tension in the air recently, as Gingrich is jumping all over any chance to attack Romney, as Mitt is the clear front-runner at this point in time.  Having won the New Hampshire primary, it seemed as if he would almost clinch the nomination with a victory in South Carolina, but Newt won convincingly in the “Palmetto State”.  With Super Tuesday coming on fast, keep an eye out for these two men in what is sure to be a fascinating battle in the months to come. By: Tate Huffman

Staff Editors: Tate Huffman ’17 Jack Kulesh ’17 Keshav Raghavan ’17

To “Linfinity” and Beyond! Page 2 Gingrich and Romney debate at a GOP primary The Bruin • 1252 King Street • Greenwich, CT 06902

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ATHL E T I CS “Jeremy=Hope?” On a Saturday night at Madison Square Garden , I talked with my friend about the Knicks’ benchwarmers.  “By far the biggest benchwarmer is Jeremy Lin- he’s only played garbage time his entire career!” I said.  The Knicks were struggling, and they were in a must- win situation against the Nets.  Surely a second- year Harvard graduate like Jeremy Lin will never get the Knicks to where they need to be.  The game started, and in the tenth minute, with the Knicks trailing, Jeremy was subbed in for Iman Shumpert. “What?” I laughed, but I was also confused.  Two hours later he had scored 25 points. Is Lin the chosen one that will save the Knicks’ season?  Probably not, but let’s take a look into his past.  Lin was born on August 23, 1988 in Oakland, California.  Though commonly mistaken, Jeremy Lin was not born in China, but he is of Chinese descent.  Lin lead his high school team, Palo Alto High School, to an astounding 32-1 record during his senior year.  Lin was interested in schools like Stanford and UCLA, but the Harvard was the only school to give him a spot on the team.  He then went on to be passed over by the NBA teams and had to settle with D-League basketball, which is essentially the NBA’s minor league. Back to the present, Jeremy came out of the blue and is now an idol to young fans everywhere.  Lin plays with an energy not usually gained by players, his celebration gestures exciting and entertaining.  Let’s now take a look at his performance in the past few games.  In his first game as a prominent player, Lin had 25 points, 7 assists. This was the game where he probably said, “Hey, if Iman Shumpert can play as a rookie than surely I can too!” He did not make a three, but his he was able to find the open lane in just about every situation. Every time he scored he did a cool fist pump move, and you could tell he was genuinely happy about his new role on the New York Knickerbockers. Recently, ESPN’s “Sports Center” did a segment on Jeremy Lin’s best nicknames. They concluded that the nickname “Linspirational” was the best one. It was picked from an assortment of names, such as “Mr. Lincredeble”, “Linsane”, and “Linderella.” In his second game, Line scored 28 points and had 8 assists.  In his third game, 23, in his fourth game, 38, and in his fifth game, 20 points. Yes, Jeremy Lin scored an astounding 38 points against the Lakers! There was some uncertainty at the point guard position early in the season as many young PG’s were fighting for the starting role. Well, Mike D’antoni thinks that Lin could be the one that leads the Knicks to a playoff spot this postseason. We’ll see how the season continues for Jeremy Lin and the Knicks, but their five game winning streak is pretty telling. But right now, the only way I can describe the Knicks is LINSANE!

****IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now as I type, words with the prefix “Lin” the “Lin” words have red lines under them because they’re spelled wrong, but in a few years they’ll be common everyday words.

By: Jack Kulesh

Fun Fact: Jeremy Lin, age 23, is cousins with the Youtube sensation Ryan Higa, and has been featured in a few of his videos. One video, titled “Daily Life of a basketballer”, was created when

Knicks Point Guard celebrates after making a shot. As of Feb. 14, Jeremy Lin has led the Knicks to a 5 game winning streak.

Lin was a nobody during the NBA lockout.

The Bruin • 1252 King Street • Greenwich, CT 06902

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iPad 3: Rumors in a Box by Keshav Raghavan

You may have heard rumors that iPad 3 is going to be unveiled soon. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple’s chinese suppliers are testing smaller 8-inch screens (the current iPads have 9.7 inch screens). This causes me to wonder whether this “iPad” is an iPad, or a larger iPhone. Reports earlier this year revealed that Apple had been tinkering with larger screen iPhones, so as to compete with Droid phones with the same caliber size screen. Anyway, most news agencies and rumor websites agree that the new iPad will be 4G LTE enabled, and have a quad-core processor chip. Right now, the iPad 2 has a dual-core processor chip. So, by doubling the amount of processing power the iPad has will make it twice as fast, and allow it to complete tasks that the old iPads did not have the ability to do. The Washington Post even postulated that Siri could be coming to iPad. These features are those which are most obvious, but the Apple’s true skill lies in adding things to their products that no one else thought of. Sure it will be smaller, and have a quad-core processor and 4G LTE, but there will be a mysterious

Google TV Experience by Keshav Raghavan

On this Monday Google announced a new and improved TV program. The system will feature Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go. Also the system will be Pandora and photo enabled, so you can view your photos, and listen to music on your TV. Say goodbye to your iPods! Also you can watch Youtube on a large screen, making the viewing experience better. The most revolutionary developments are the new capabilities of web-browsing with Google Chrome, multitasking between tasks, and the Android app market, opening a world of possibilities with all the apps you once enjoyed on your phone. Speaking of your phone, you can sync your Android phone with the system so you can control your TV through it. All in all the Google TV is giving cable and dish a run for their money. Before long, you won’t have to remember to pay your cable bills.  That’s because you won’t have any!

Mr. Callahan Knee Hockey

by Ian Murray

Sweat runs down your neck as the attacker winds up for his shot. What will you do? Flail and hope you hit the ball away from the net? Wait for the last second to nab the ball? Your choice! Knee hockey has been a part of the Callahan advisory for 18 years. The advisees often await the sound of “Set up the rink!” as that is when two teams face off and see who can score the most goals before the game ends, just like normal hockey. Playing an average of three days a week, teams work out strategies, focuses, and victory dances, which include the rowboat, the all-around high-five, and the typical, “YEAH!” On the other hand, penalties include the high stick, checking, hand passing, (catching it with your hand and then rolling it on the ground), and standing up. With three people to a team (one team with four), we learn teamwork with kids that you don’t really know that well.The knee hockey season is split into two parts. The first part is the regular season, where teams try to win as many games as they can. The second part is the playoffs, which is an elimination tournament where, once you lose, you are out, but if you win, then you move on. The advisees often plead, “Can we please play knee hockey at recess?” while Mr. Callahan says, “We will see,” which builds suspense to a very high level. Who do you think will win it all? The Blackhawks, the Kings, the Hurricanes, the Rangers, or the Avalanche? The Bruin • 1252 King Street • Greenwich, CT 06902

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Peter Wise, Grade 7

The Bruin • 1252 King Street • Greenwich, CT 06902

The Bruin - February 2012