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War II Airplanes by Eric Axlirod

Acroba'c race  through  the  sky

Brunswick Beacon

Spring Issue 2011

Innova've types  of  aircra7 Rising  from  the  ground  to  take  on  enemy  aircra7 Powerful  piston  engines  roars  through  the  sky  as  bullets  wiz  through  the  sky Lure  the  enemy  into  a  turning  fight Amazing  aircra7  making  rays  with  their  gunfire Nimble  planes  twist  and  turn  to  get  on  the  other  six

Mr. Pinkney, winner of the 2010 Caldecott Medal recently visited with Brunswick boys in the Lower School library.

Hockey by Aaryan Chinai

A Poem for the Season by Fin Signer

Time with Dad by Harrison Dahl

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Art by Ahmad Al-Maatari

Lacrosse players bumping into each other, Flower buds about to bloom, NBA playoffs and NCAAM Final Four on the television, The sky getting dark after 9:00 p.m., Daffodils grow from our stunning garden, Sun tan lotion from Spring Break, Pollen itches my eyes, Fresh-cut grass from the maintenance men, Solid raindrops hit the pavement almost every week, Airplanes fly over my house for Spring Break, My hands gripping lacrosse sticks, In my free time I like mixing soil in the garden, I feel myself growing constantly, every second! I LOVE SPRING!!

Bio Bus stops by to teach 3rd & 4th grade boys.

Michael O’Malley’s  Interview   with  Mr.  Ostrye  

“King James,” Basketball by Keegan Gilsenan

Where were  you  born?   Olean,  New  York What  sports  did  you  play  when  you   were  a  kid? Basketball,  baseball  and  football Did  you  ever  have  a  good  sports   career  in  college? Yes,  I  wrestled  for  four  years  and   played  football  for  two  years  at   Manhattan  College. When  did  you  come  to  Brunswick?     In  1981 How  long  have  you  been  at   Brunswick?    I  have  been  here  for  30   years  and  I  taught  your  uncle  and   coached  him  in  wrestling  and  also   taught  your  brothers. Did  you  play  Wall  Ball  when  you   were  a  kid? No,  I  had  never  heard  of  Wall  Ball   until  I  came  to  Brunswick. When  and  how  did  you  think  of   Scooter  City? I  thought  of  it  33  years  ago  when  I  was  at  Hackley  School. What  is  your  full  name?   Timothy  Francis  Ostrye.     My  Confirmation  name  is  Paul.

Mealworms by Larson Palmgren In second grade science class, we are studying insects with Mr. Martell. Mr. Martell introduced mealworms to us by showing us real mealworms. When we first saw them, our class was grossed out! They looked like small crawling french-fries. But we soon realized they were awesome because they have chompers on their mouth that break up their food. We also learned that they only have six legs and they are covered in armor. In class, we feed them carrots and cornmeal. We also observe them to see if they are getting close to the next stage in their life cycle. We learned that they are in the pupa stage, which means they’re still young. When they become adults, they will be called darkling beetles. Studying insects with Mr. Martell is really interesting.

Sports Word Search & Art by Ty Pastore

Deoxys & Victini by Niall Williams

The Mixed Up Word Search by Andres Cevallos

The dog in this picture is named Oscar. He is a Great Dane. He is 12 weeks old. He is mellow but when he gets too excited he starts biting. His favorite toy is a rope tied in knots. He wants attention for every second of the day, but when you put him in his crate he stops barking after a minute if there is little noise. What is interesting about Great Danes is that they can grow 7 times their original body weight in one year. When we first got Oscar he weighed 16 lbs. Then we weighed him two weeks later and he was 22 lbs. That means he gained 6 lbs or 37 % of his body weight. That is like me growing 25 lbs in 2 weeks! He will be 115 lbs when he is fully grown. by Nicholas Dow

Brunswick boys attend Robonaza, a Lego Robotics competition at GA.

Eagles Football by Brian Pope

Unova Starter  Pokeman   by  Callum  Williams

The FBI are tracking the bad guys down. by Andres Cevallos

A Visit to Stone Barns by Ty Pastore

One warm, cloudy Monday morning, the whole third grade took a fun trip to Stone Farms. First of all, let me talk about the bus ride there. It wasn’t so bad. The bus driver was very nice. I thanked him as I stepped out of the bus. The ride took about half an hour. We were finally there! First, our tour guide told us the rules. One important rule she had said was do not touch any of the fences because some of them were electric. One of the first animals we saw there were sheep. There were a lot of them. Also, towards the back left corner of the sheep barn was a beautiful white dog. Her job was to protect the sheep. The dog was not a herding sheep dog. She doesn’t help out with that. We could see her in the back of the barn, staring at us, trying to decide if we were good or bad. If we were trying to harm the sheep or look at the sheep. She finally decided that we were not going to hurt the sheep. After watching the sheep eat their hay for a long time, we finally moved on to the chickens. As we greeted the chickens, our tour guide began telling us all about them. But I wasn’t really listening to her talk. I was more interested in watching the chickens. All at once, the chickens all ran up to us. They said hello to us by clucking loudly in our faces. We moved on away from the chickens pretty soon. But you’ll never guess where we went next. The GREENHOUSE! Inside the greenhouse, the temperature was very warm. A lot warmer than it was outside. At first, we just stared at the tiny sprouts of growing plants. Then we moved on to a different part of the greenhouse. That part of the greenhouse had many eatable plants in it. We even got to eat some greenhouse spinach! After we all had a small piece of the spinach, a person told us to pick as much spinach as we could. Then we were supposed to put it in a big bin. Whenever a bin started getting too full, I would go inside the bin and jump up and down in it and crush it. That made room in the bin for more spinach. When we left the greenhouse, we went to the pigs. We brought some of the spinach with us to feed the pigs. We left some spinach for the other groups. When we threw in the spinach, the pigs all had to fight each other to try to get it. Fighting over spinach? Imagine! Next we went down a trail to see some more chickens. There was a wire fence in between us. “Oh, they look so cute,” Jamie said. He tried to pet one with his finger the chicken screeched and pecked Jamie’s finger. Jamie said the peck hurt, but not too much. We also saw some more pigs and piglets. The piglets were so cute! But Jamie didn’t try to pet one this time! Then the guide got a giant thermometer and stuck it into a very deep pile of compost. The temperature was 110 degrees in that compost! That’s some hot stuff. We saw a few more things after that, but I’ve only included the highlights. Do you want to know another reason I loved the trip? We missed Reading, Chorus, and Math! Talk about a great Monday!

My Spring Break by Ty Pastore         During the Spring Break we all had, I didn’t just stay at home and do nothing. No, at the end of the break, my family and I decided to go to Rhode Island. When we left to go to Rhode Island, everybody was in a good mood. The car ride there was not very entertaining. All we had brought with us was a DVD player. And all my little sister and little brother wanted to watch were shows that I didn’t really want to watch that much. Once we were about half way to Rhode Island, I remembered something. My favorite miniature golf place was here! I asked my mom if we could stop by there on the way to our hotel that we were staying at. My mom said that it was fine with her if we did that. As soon as we got to the place, I got out of the car and ran to the door of the golf place. I pulled the door as hard as I could, but it wouldn’t budge.           I looked into a window of the miniature golf place. A handwritten sign read the words “CLOSED.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked the website of the golf place. In big, bright yellow letters on the top of the page, it read this: “WE HAVE MOVED! OUR NEW LOCATION IS IN BOSTON!”   Well, I was really upset when I saw the website. So we all just decided to drive straight to the hotel. Well, as soon as I saw the hotel, I completely forgot about the mini golf place closing. People who worked there quickly ran up to us to help us out and carry our bags up to our room with us. The name of the hotel was called the Ocean House.          

So after we got to our room we looked around. I was the first person to check out our bathroom. I’ll bet that you’ll never guess what was hanging above the bathtub. A TV! I found the TV remote on a rack near the bathtub. When I saw our TV in the room, I knew that we hadn’t chosen a bad hotel to stay at. The TV was huge. I knew that it was going to be really fun watching TV on this thing.                   When we went down to the restaurant to eat dinner, we noticed that they had a very fancy restaurant. When we were seated by one of the waiters, we ordered. It took them an extremely long time to make the food. I had ordered chicken. The chicken was delicious! Then a very important looking man in a suit who looked like the manager of the restaurant offered us ice cream. We gladly agreed to the offer.                  After we ate, we went back up to our room for bed time. The next day was even better than the first. Today we got to go down to the hotel’s swimming pool. I saw a little wading pool outside through a window, but I didn’t swim in it. Besides, it was way too cold to go outside and it was also very shallow. So we decided to stick with the indoor pool. After we went swimming we pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day. The next day was the day we had to leave the Ocean House. Just as we were leaving I discovered a pair of binoculars lying on a table. They looked pretty cool. But I left them where I had found them. I hated leaving. But at least I knew that I had had a really great Spring Break.

Lower Schoolers inspect various herbs at a local greenhouse.

Poem for Spring by Chris Magliocco

Super Mario Brothers by Zane Bhatti

Third graders listen carefully to a guide at Stone Barns.

Magnificent Maze by Maron Salame

College Basketball by Walter Huffman

Colorful flowers bloom, Blue, yellow, and pink explode outdoors, The sun rises early and sets late, Crickets and birds sing all around, In the air March and April sing, “Here I come!� Finally, painted Easter eggs hidden in new places, The snow is moving out and the sun is moving in, Warm breezes soar through the air soothing me, WOSH! SMACK! Is the sound when another lacrosse ball soars into the net, Owls are packing their bags and taking flight, As cardinals soon fill in those snuggly places, Everyone is screaming and laughs as the last drop of snow melts away, Excited to have the grass back for an afternoon of play, Laughter fills the air as everyone enjoys some good old birthday cake, New birthdays come as others await, Brown trees soon turn green, I always long for more spring.

Mario Brothers Wii Word Search & Art by Zane Bhatti

“Quack,� Went Joe Duck! by Oliver McGovern

The South Pass on the Oregon Trail by Nick Boehly Over mountains Rocky Mountains Emigrants travel the trail Giant wagons are called Conestogas Or go through the South Pass Native Americans are on the way Treacherous terrain Rivers were hard to cross All were looking for a homestead Independence Rock Laramie was a fort along the way

MLB Baseball by Billy Carangelo

Odyssey of   the  Mind   is   a   club   that  meets   after   school.   In   Odyssey   of   the   Mind,   we   used   teamwork   to   chose   a   problem,   solve   the   problem,   write  a   script,   and   build  a   device   to   solve  the  problem.  It   required  a  lot  of   patience.   We   always   had   to   be   thinking   about   ways   to   make  our  project  better.  We  won  second   place   in   the   Connecticut   tournament   and   advanced   to   the   World   Finals   held   at   the   University   of   Maryland.         One   week   before   the   competition,   we   found  out   that   our   device  didn’t   work   like   we   wanted   it   to.  So  we  sat   down  and  talked  about   what   we  needed  to  do   and  Einally   we  got   it   all   together   and   it   worked   perfectly.   Then   we   rehearsed  to  perfection.     At  the  competition,  each  team  solves  a   spontaneous   problem.   The   spontaneous   part   of   odyssey   of   the   mind   is   a   difEicult,   but   an   exiting   portion.     Teamwork   is   the   key   to   success  in  solving  a  spontaneous  problem.  You   need   to   listen   to   your   teammates   and   think   about   what   you   are   going   to   do   or   say.   There   are   three   types   of   spontaneous   problems:   verbal,   verbal  hands   on,   and   hands   on.     Each   one  of   them   challenges   you  in  there  own  way.     To   solve   a   “hands   on”   problem,   you   need   to   build   something.   To   solve   a   “verbal   hands   on”   problem,   you  need  to  create  something  and  tell   something.     Finally  a  “verbal  problem”  means   that   you   need   to   tell   something,   but   no   building  is  involved.     We  came  in  Eirst  at   our   competition   in   the   spontaneous   section   so   we   have   some   good   experience.   Our   success   in   the   spontaneous   section  was   probably   the  reason   we  got  to  the  World  Finals.  The  World  Finals  is   an  international  competition  that   people  come   to  from  around  the  world.     In   conclusion,   our   success   at   the   Connecticut   Odyssey   of   the   Mind  Competition   was   a   great   accomplishment.   Seven   months   Einally   paid   off   in   this   competition   at   Bristol.   We  hope  to  do   as   well   in   the  world  Einals   at  

Maryland University.   We   all   had   a   lot   of   fun.  We  are  very  happy  with  the  results  and  we   hope  the  judges  in  Maryland  will  say  the  same.    

Odyssey of the Mind 2011 by Theo Coupe, Tom Richter, & Will Jones

Student Council members pack up “play” donations for the Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

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Shape Poem by Zach Russell

Shape Poem by Nick Boehly

Beacon Spring 2011  

Beacon Spring 2011

Beacon Spring 2011  

Beacon Spring 2011