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T he L iberal Synagogue E lstree is 50 years old

Sept/Oct 2019 Elul 5779/Tishri 5780



he High Holydays are late this year. That’s because, of course, they come at a different time in our solar calendar every year. And this year, in case you weren’t already aware, they’re late. Very late. Rosh ha-Shanah is right at the end of September And – well you don’t need me to tell you all the dates here. They’re on the calendar that has been delivered with this Hakol. One thing I do want to mention, however. Erev Rosh ha-Shanah. The moment when we welcome the New Year. A powerful and important moment in our calendar, in our lives. And of all the High Holyday services, it’s the one that attracts the smallest congregation. Maybe it’s because people have a special dinner with relatives and friends, and the idea of schlepping out to Clore Shalom School in Shenley at 8.15pm has little appeal. So this year we’re doing something different. The erev Rosh ha-Shanah service will be at 6.30pm, the same time as all our evening services. And it will be at the synagogue, like all our evening services. It’s time to welcome this special occasion in our home. So please make a note that on SUNDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER, our service will be at 6.30PM in THE LIBERAL SYNAGOGUE ELSTREE. Let’s make our welcome of the New Year 5780 a special one. Of course, the rest of our High Holyday services are at Clore Shalom. That’s because, in common with just about every other synagogue in the world, when it comes to the High Holydays, the building that houses our regular services isn’t big enough to contain the once or twice a year Jews. Or at least that used to be the case. The reality is that, over the last few years, numbers of people at our Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur services have diminished to such


Rabbi Pete Tobias

an extent that, were it not for the parking issues, we could probably hold most of those services at TLSE. Now I’m not one of those rabbis who berates his congregation for not attending services. Attitudes towards religion have changed dramatically during my rabbinate, never mind since the days when I was dragged reluctantly with my father to Kenton United’s overflow service. Religion has become mostly irrelevant and obscure. The world has changed too. It’s now a colder, more hostile, more frightening place than it was even a few years ago. And we need religion to do its real job. Not to demand that we adhere to ancient customs that have long ceased to be a part of our lives. Not to make our annual guilt-laden appearance before God – for the guilt has diminished, the idea of the presence of God has faded. The real job of religion is to give us a small glimpse of how the world could be; how it should be. It is meant to give us hope for the future, an opportunity to reflect on what the world is doing and what we are doing in the small part of it that we occupy. How do we manage our relationships with others? How do we manage our relationship with the world? What are we doing to help shape the world for those who will come after us, who will inherit it from us? How can we find peace when we are daily assailed by news of intolerance,

violence, confrontation and mistrust on so many of the world’s stages? The New Year beckons, offering us an opportunity to consider all these things. We won’t be able to put all these things right. But we can give ourselves a better perspective, a sense of our place in the world and a chance to contemplate what we can do to bring meaning to our lives that are so easily and readily consumed by all those concerns of everyday. Every now and then we need to take a step away from those concerns. The global anxiety. Our own personal worries and fears. And the High Holydays offer just such an opportunity. SUNDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER. 6.30PM. THE LIBERAL SYNAGOGUE ELSTREE. That’s where is starts. And maybe that will encourage you to come to the subsequent High Holyday services as well. They’re late this year, Very late. But not too late… Shanah tovah. I look forward to seeing you.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Rabbi’s Word The President’s Article From the Ground Up Meet the Trustees A Word from the Editor Your Local Fishmonger Young Members Celebrate 50th Anniversary KT Introduction Care and Welfare The Lunch Club Dates for your Diary High Holyday Services 5780 Liberal Judaism Conference In Memory Of Irene Marcus (Walters) Navigating The World Of Work In A Digital Age, With A Little Help From Resource General Information How Is The Synagogue Governed? Tea and Entertainment

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THE PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF DEPUTIES’S ARTICLE September 2019 / Tishrei 5780 September 2019 / Tishrei 5780

Message from the President of the Board of Deputies

Message from the President Last year, my Rosh Hashanah message told of the way the Jewish community came together to proclaim in a loud and firm voice, “Enough is Enough” on antisemitism in the Labour Party. Last year, my Rosh Hashanah message told of the way the Jewish community came together to proclaim in a loud voice, “Enough is Enough” on antisemitism Since then, the antisemitism crisis hasand notfirm gone away. However, our campaign against in the Labour Party. those who pursue this most ancient form of racism has had great successes, notably the

suspension of serial offenders including Chris Williamson and Peter Willsman and the Since then, Walker. the antisemitism crisis has not gone away. However, our campaign against expulsion of Jackie those who pursue this most ancient form of racism has had great successes, notably the of serial offenders Chris Williamson and Peter Willsman the There issuspension understandable anxiety in our including community about the way racists within Labourand have expulsion of Walker. been emboldened toJackie express their disgraceful views by the indifference, and at times the

collusion, of the party’s leadership. However, as I have been saying since I assumed the There is understandable anxiety in ourthere community about thetoway presidency of this great organisation in 2018, is another story be racists told. within Labour have been emboldened to express their disgraceful views by the indifference, and at times the collusion, party’s leadership. However, I have been saying I assumed the This is the story ofofa the longstanding community that hasas lived peacefully in thesince UK for presidency of this greatsince organisation 2018, there another story to told. centuries; a community which, we wereinallowed back is into this country bybe Oliver Cromwell, has had the freedom to practise our religion and live a truly Jewish life within a This is the story of a longstanding community that has lived peacefully in the UK for respectful society. centuries; a community which, since we were allowed back into this country by Oliver has had thecontributed freedom togreat practise our in religion andinlive a trulyinJewish lifeand within a In return,Cromwell, our community has things, the arts, society, business respectful society. in politics and science. We have produced major figures from Abba Eban to Amy

Winehouse, from Isaiah Berlin to Mark Ronson. With the prevailing conditions of freedom In return, our community has contributed great in theand arts, in society, in business and and respect our community has flourished over the pastthings, centuries, despite worries over in politics and science. We have produced major figures from Abba Eban to Amy the revival of mainstream antisemitism, most of us lead happy Jewish lives. Winehouse, from Isaiah Berlin to Mark Ronson. With the prevailing conditions of freedom and respect our community has flourished over the past centuries, and despite worries over However, there is a reason that the Board of Deputies has existed since 1760; that is to the revival of mainstream antisemitism, most of us lead happy Jewish lives. protect those hard-won freedoms and to ensure that the Jewish community in all its forms and denominations, continues to flourish. However, there is a reason that the Board of Deputies has existed since 1760; that is to protect those hard-won freedoms and to ensure that the Jewish community in all its forms At the Board of Deputies, we are in constant campaign mode, challenging Labour and denominations, continues to flourish. antisemitism through advocacy in the media, and to those in Labour and outside who support us and can make a difference. At the Board of Deputies, we are in constant campaign mode, challenging Labour antisemitism through advocacy in the media, and to those in Labour and outside who support us and can make a difference.

1 Torriano Mews, London NW5 2RZ


1 Torriano Mews, London NW5 2RZ

+44 20 7543 5400

+44 20 7543 5400

Registered Charity No. 1058107

Registered Charity No. 1058107



Of course, Labour’s antisemitism problem is not the only problem with which we are grappling. Brexit is an issue of enormous national significance, and it will impact on British Jews. We have been working with the Government to ensure that Jewish interests are safeguarded in all circumstances. The Board of Deputies played a prominent role in campaigning for the terrorist group Hizballah to be banned in its entirety. The Government listened and responded last autumn by ending the artificial distinction between Hizballah’s political and military wings. We continue to confront and challenge divisive and unhelpful boycotts of Israel. Through our Invest in Peace projects, where we bring Israelis and Palestinians to speak to interfaith audiences, we show that there are better ways to address and resolve differences over the conflict. We made a significant intervention into the Government’s legislation on organ donation. As we moved from an opt-in to an opt-out system, we acted to ensure that Jews of all denominations were protected. We also obtained compromises from the Department for Education on relationships and sex education that will allow all parts of our community to teach according to their ethos. We work to educate non-Jewish children and adults throughout the UK on the Jewish way of life. One way we do this is through our mobile exhibition, the Jewish Living Experience which is visited by thousands of children and adults. We ensure high standard of religious education in schools through our Pikuach inspection service – ‘the Jewish Ofsted’ which is accredited by the Department for Education. Our honorary officers and staff reach out to local councillors at Local Councillors Seminars across the UK, to ensure that they understand and are sympathetic to Jewish concerns. Through Milah UK, for which the Board of Deputies provides the secretariat, we campaign for the right of every Jewish boy to be circumcised according to Jewish law. Our contribution to UK Jewish life is crucial. We will continue to represent you in the coming year to ensure we continue to live freely and safely as Jews as we have done here for centuries. May this Rosh Hashanah bring you, your families and all of Am Yisrael health, strength and peace.

Marie van der Zyl President of the Board of Deputies


1 Torriano Mews, London NW5 2RZ

+44 20 7543 5400

Registered Charity No. 1058107





hat the adult is formed in childhood is a widely held theory. It is this thinking which is at the heart of strategies to develop the shul’s younger attendees to grow up to be interesting, caring and informed members of the Jewish community. And the children thoroughly enjoy these activities. Here are a few of the delightful comments they have made about their time in Religion school. The joy just shines through. They need no explanation: At religion school this year we did so many things. We baked rainbow Challah, made matza in 18 minutes, we held a Lag B’Omer picnic, we had a charity morning, we decorated T-shirts for the 50th anniversary, had a cake sale and a Bring and buy sale. Leon

At religion school this year I decorated a T-shirt for the 50th anniversary, We made challah and we made Matza in 18 minutes. Talia

At Religion school we do lots of fun things. We had a Mario cart tournament and we raised money for charity. It was fun. Samuel

This year at TLSE we did lots of fun stuff like a Mario Cart tournament, a party for TLSE 50th birthday, and baking multi-coloured challah. Carter

,QGHSHQGHQW)LQDQFLDO $GYLVHUVLQ+HUWIRUGVKLUH Financial Planning • Cash Management • Mortgages Investment Management • Equity Release • Retirement

For help and advice, please contact us

Email our specialist advisers





In my twelve years as a member of TLSE I have passed through the doors of the Shul on many occasions which include: being married, my youngest daughter’s baby blessing, to sit on Council, take the position of vice-Chairman and Chairman and now I take the role as Trustee in charge of all things to do with the building. I very much believe in the team ethic so anyone reading this that has a passion for DIY or just wants to get involved in being part of something

Richard Elman

I joined TLSE with my future wife Tess in the mid-nineties and soon became involved with the Rites & Practices committee serving as its Chair for several years. On those occasions when the rabbi is not available, I can be called upon to step in to take the service. I am also a member of the shul's singing group. In "real-life" I am a secondary school teacher of German and French. In my free-time I enjoy pottering around in the garden and recovering from the day at work.

Michael Reibscheid

I am and have been a member of The Liberal Synagogue Elstree for nearly 20 years, and have previously served on council on two occasions. I live in St Albans and work in London as an IT consultant. As well as being a trustee I am the deputy for The Liberal Synagogue Elstree to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. As a trustee I am looking after communications, which currently consists of social media, internal communications (within TLSE) and external communications. We are looking to expand our communications, as it is currently very limited (Hakol, the e-bulletin, the website and the private Facebook group), but need volunteers to help develop our communications across strategy.

Mike Walton

Liberal Judaism has given me the freedom to practice and develop my faith with sincerity, humour and without guilt. I am especially proud to be a Trustee of the Shul and I am looking forward to working with my fellow Trustees and the numerous volunteers, who make a huge contribution to the running of the community and make TLSE the Synagogue that means so much to me.

Mike Beral

I have been a member of TLSE for over 35 years and I am known to many members of the congregation as the membership treasurer, collecting annual subscriptions, and with my team also looking after our building I have recently retired from a career in IT and will be the charity secretary, responsible for governance. I am also a trustee of Resource, the Jewish employment advice centre t. My wife Penny is actively Michael with the winning trophy involved with TLSE. 7

Harvey Adams

David Swarc

Look out for Harvey Adams' and David Swarc's stories in the next issue of Hakol. They are the two other Trustees



ou will have noticed by now that the layout of Hakol has changed. As the new editor I had an idea of what pleased me and I hope it pleases you, the reader. But beyond the different typeface and inserting some columns the difference I would really like to make is to ensure that Hakol does the job you want it to do. And I have to tell you this will involve you. So how can we do this together? Firstly there are activities going on which are not in this issue. If you are a leader or organiser if you give me a report on what you’re doing we can tell people. There is another goal which involves you. I would really like to have a letters page. Write to me. I can’t always guarantee to publish it but space permitting I will try. Obviously no personal attacks or offensive language but I really don’t expect that from a kind community like this one. So if there is something happening that you would like the community to know about let us know. We would like about 250 words and a picture would be wonderful. Send it to the dedicated email address for the editor: And the same goes for letters. So often people have an opinion or want to ask a question which would be really interesting to a wider audience. Maybe you have achieved something that you are proud of. Let us know. So I hope you like the changes and I look forward to hearing from you. Ruth Herman Editor

BURIAL OFFICE In cases of bereavement, please contact our Burial Officer, Joan Shopper on 01582 792959 8



he Lunch Club regularly enjoy their fish dish. The main ingredient arrives fresh as a very generous donation from a well-known local fishmonger. The Lunch Club is just one of a range of organisations whose generosity extends to charities all over Hertfordshire. The business goes back to the thirties when the original owner, Mr Weston set up shop in Hemel Hempstead. The firm has a fascinating history. It was the brainchild of two Weston brothers and started life as a fish and chip shop as well as selling wet fish. The current owner Terry Hawley told Hakol all about the origins of this traditional fishmonger. Although before his time they were well known for their deliveries all over Hertfordshire using motor bike and sidecar to race from one side of the county to the other, delivering their cooked fish and chips cold ready to be heated up. Terry joined the firm 35 years ago as a 20 year old and he has seen the business grow and become one of the best places in the county to buy really top quality fish and also receive the best advice on how to cook it. The customers they serve range from people who can just about boil and egg to the best chefs in the county. One of his most famous customers is not a restaurant but the Arsenal football team. However novice you may think you are Terry has a recipe which will help you create something delicious. And this is made all the easier by the quality of the fish Terry sells. He sources it from all over the British Isles from Cornwall to the Shetlands and makes his daily trip to Billingsgate to select the very best. It merely remains to thank Terry again

for the delicious fish he provides for the L u n c h Club. Thank you Terry! And if you want to try Terry’s fish for yourself you will find Weston’s Fishmongers at Battlers Green Farm. Their telephone number is 01923 853177. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.00 to 5.00.




he vast majority of the guests at the shul’s 50th birthday party couldn’t possibly remember the first one. But they certainly found a way to enjoy the latest celebration. Kate Nathan, Kate Wainstein and Nick Belkin volunteered to organise a family party to mark 50 years of TLSE and the youngsters had a great time. They particularly enjoyed the fabulous children’s entertainer ‘Tony Macaroni’. The adults watched while the children enjoyed his performance, sustained all through the afternoon.

Our on the ground reporter, and Tony Macaroni’s assistant, Maxwell Nathan aged 6, gave a succinct account of the party: “I was Tony Macaroni’s helper. It was amazing.

It was a lovely celebration and fun was had by all. The afternoon concluded with a birthday cake in honour of the Shul and the children sang Happy Birthday.

We had a puppet show, played party games and had dancing to finish.


We had pizza, ice lollies and birthday cake to eat!”

The pictures give a hint of the fun the children had and how delicious the cake looked.

Here’s to the next 50 years.



ike Walton welcomed the KTs this year and he gave them the following introduction. In future editions Mike will go into more detail on what the participants will be doing and we hope to have their input. Having first assured them that it wasn’t school, and there was no homework and no testing the aim was clear that he wanted them to enjoy it! Here’s what he told them: “The whole KT course not just The

Here’s to50 the next 50 years.


Mike Walton Almost Legendry Trip to Berlin. This may sound strange given the subject matter but it’s true and you will see why. We want you to turn up! In addition to what you actually learn about the subject, we aim to provide a learning experience that will help you generally; in your school work and any further study. But you have to be here to get that experience. I don’t want to sound harsh but a half-hearted attitude


KT INTRODUCTION Cont. towards attendance won’t provide you with the same benefit. “Of course we don’t expect 100% attendance and you won’t be criticised in any event, we’ll just be disappointed for you…not us. That said, a lot of preparation goes into the course so we probably will be disappointed for ourselves too.” Mike also declared that he wanted to enjoy it! “I will and do when there’s participation, enthusiasm and energy from the group. I like asking students questions and where possible open a discussion on the subject we’re covering. My intention is not to put anyone on the spot. I’m not trying to make anyone uncomfortable If you’re quiet and just want to sit in the corner and not say anything that’s fine. But, I will try and encourage you to take part and make a contribution. Not only aren’t there any stupid questions, there aren’t any stupid answers! Wrong answers are good. They’ll give me the opportunity to provide the correct any answer. If there’s anything you don’t understand or you don’t agree with or there’s just something you want to say, just interrupt me and ask that question or make that point.” Mike reassured them that there would be every care taken with difficult topics

For example Before the Holocaust could happen the Nazis had to come to power. How could that happen? What were the circumstances that led to Adolf Hitler being elected Chancellor of Germany? How could the German people at the time believe all the hateful propaganda about the Jews and other groups the Nazis considered racially inferior such as Roma (Gypsies) and the disabled. Learning about this will not only help you understand how the Holocaust could happen but also about events that are happening today. And then he gave them something to think about. History is written by the victor … Definition of the Holocaust

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”: Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioural “Background and context is grounds, among them Communists, everything. We won’t just jump in and Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and start discussing the concentration homosexuals. camps. Actually, we may spend very little time dealing with the unpleasant And as a final point he asked them the details. But if and when we do talk following question which is something about anything that could be we could all consider. disturbing, we’ll approach it carefully and sensitively. We’re not trying to “How would the Nazis have defined the Holocaust in the event had they not shock or scare you.” been defeated?” 12



We send our condolences to David Kossoff on the loss of his Father We are sorry to announce that Roger Frost has passed away and we send our condolences to his family We send our condolences to the family of Jeffrey Rosen

Rita Golding on becoming a great grandma to Leila Alice. Dan Renak son of Lisa and Leigh Renak on his engagement to Hayley Marks.

USEFUL TIPS A lot of crime is against cars, motorbikes and bicycles, including the theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles. Most of it can be prevented.

CARS Lock the doors and close the windows and sun roof when you leave the car. Do not leave anything on display-even a jacket can seem like a target for a thief. Tuck in wing mirrors and put the ariel down to discourage vandals. Never store your car’s documents in the car. A steering lock can help secure older vehicles. Think about having the windows etched with the car’s registration number or the last seven digits of the vehicle identification number or some other unique identifying number linked to recognised database. Keep your car keys out of sight even in your house.

MOTORBIKES Always lock your bike and set the alarm if it has one When leaving your bike for some time, try to lock it to something secure. At home, you can fit special attachments to lock your bike. Have the vehicle marked with its vehicle identification number.

GET WELL SOON To Karen Davidson, Rosita Rosenberg, Jack Pampel, Maureen Possener and Rabbi Pete. If you wish to contact the Care Group on a welfare matter please contact Jacqueline in the TLSE Office on 020 8953 8889 and one of the Care Group Team will get in touch with you.




Enjoy a great lunch! Make new friends! Be entertained! Venue: The Synagogue Time: 1pm TLSE members: £5 Non-Members: £6

Tuesday 24 September

Tuesday 29 October

Clive Zietman Broadcaster & Author aka Jasper Griegson

Gives the answers If you are coming, please contact Ann Tel: 01923 857740 or email: 14


A Journey through Opera & Musical Theatre with Bronwen Stephens. Tickets cost £15 each or a table of 8, costs £100. The event is in aid of World Jewish Relief and TLSE. Full details can be found in Hakol. Please email or contact the TLSE office to reserve your place. Raffle prizes There will be a raffle at the Tea and Entertainment event on 22nd September in aid of World Jewish Relief. If you have any prizes you are able to donate please contact Harry on 0208 950 1862

THE FRIDAY NIGHT ROCK SERVICE - 6th September at 6:30pm

They’re coming back! Make sure you are at TLSE for The Friday Night Rock Service on Friday 6th September at 6:30pm. Please do join us for this musical, uplifting erev Shabbat service followed by a fish and chip supper. To book your place please make sure you contact the office. There is no charge but any donations will be gratefully received. Book early to reserve your place!

HIGH HOLYDAY SERVICES 5780 Please note the following information for the forthcoming High Holydays: Services are at the following times and locations: Sunday 29th September - Erev Rosh ha-Shanah service 6.30pm at TLSE Monday 30th September - Rosh ha-Shanah morning service 10.30am at Clore Shalom School Tuesday 8th October Kol Nidrei service 8.00pm at Clore Shalom School Wednesday 9th October - Yom Kippur services from 11.00am at Clore Shalom School (including Children’s service at 4.15pm and Yizkor at 5.45pm) Tickets for the High Holyday services will be sent out mid-September. No admission to services without ticket; guest tickets available from the office. A limited number of loan prayerbooks will be available; to avoid disappointment, please bring the one you already have! New books can be purchased from the office. Volunteers required for stewarding, security, schlepping – please contact the office if you are available and willing to assist!




chose to attend a session on Hospices run by Richard Conradi and Gillian Moss. Whilst Gillian’s description of the contribution made by hospices was interesting, I was motivated to write this article by Richard’s input on planning for death, a subject he reminded us, that most of us prefer to avoid. He gave us information about an Advance Personal Information form which can be downloaded and completed by us all. Although this session was mostly attended by those of us already using our bus passes, it was a timely reminder that sudden death can occur at any age. We plan for the birth of a baby. We should plan for the end of our lives. A written form will enable our loved ones to wind up our affairs more easily. It is completely obvious but so many of us fail to do it. Death is a subject we don’t like to talk about. The form ask you to complete the following detailsBasic personal information, including close relatives; whereabouts of essential documents including your will; your wishes in respect of terminal illness and funeral. I know this is held by the shul for members but where you would prefer to die, whether you wish to be resuscitated, and if you would like your ashes scattered, are not known to the shul. Another big section is financial matters- banks, bank accounts and details regarding online banking, investments and card details, standing orders, direct debits, pensions and tax 16

Tina Shaw

information. For those in employment, contact details, and information about your home- rent or mortgage, utilities, insurances and phones, including passwords for mobiles. Health information including any outstanding appointments and medication and whether you have completed a donor card. Then there is your car and its paperwork and your digital life. Can those left behind access your computer? Where is the password? Are there any organizations to which you belong, who need to be notified of your demise. I came up with fourteen and I have probably missed some. Why bother you may be asking? Well who in your life is going to have the faff of sorting out your affairs? The chances are it will be someone you care about. Someone for whom you would want to make life as easy as possible and this is a simple way of doing just that. If you have ever had to clear up after a death of someone close to you, you will recall that it can seem a mammoth task, especially at a time when you may not be feeling at your most functional. This is an opportunity to ease their burden. The form will take you a while to complete but I believe that it is worth the effort. A final word of warning-Don’t forget to tell your next of kin that you have completed the form and where they can locate it.

IN MEMORY OF IRENE MARCUS (WALTERS) 7th December 1939 – 17th June 2019 Irene was one of that small band of devoted founder members who could be relied on to step in the breach, when no-one else was prepared to take on an essential role within the synagogue. In early 1972 she took on the unpopular role of Minutes Secretary at Council meetings. Two years later she volunteered for the more demanding task of Hakol Editor, a role she undertook until May 1976 when again, she took on the demanding role of Synagogue Chairman. Her four year term covered the most hectic, and exciting, period of the past fifty years when the need for urgent fund raising required an eclectic range of activities such as jumble sales, barn dances, quizzes, raffles, tombola, and our Annual Dinner Dances at which attendance regularly exceeded our membership. Alongside these activities was the ongoing task associated with finding and purchasing our building in 1977 and the subsequent years of converting it from a vandalised wreck to a functioning synagogue. Irene was born in Bushey in December 1939, the daughter of German refugees, Walther & Wera Jackmen. As her parents were classed as German enemy aliens, Irene was interned as a baby, with her parents on the Isle of Man for eighteen months. After their release she lived in Wembley in a house crowded with relatives and transient relations escaping from Germany. In 1947 her father died of cancer and


Sheila & Terry Benson

consequently tough times followed for her family. She did very well at school both academically and at sports. Her social life centred around the Wembley Jewish club which began in 1953. The many friends she met there over 65 years ago remained her friends her whole life. After leaving school she undertook bilingual secretarial courses including French, German & Spanish at Ealing Technical College. Within a few years she became personal assistant to the managing director of Bristol Siddeley and at the age of 24 had two copy typists working for her. She flew in planes and helicopters to business meetings and was literally a high flier. She married Gerald Walters in 1964 and gave up her successful career when son, Simon was born in 1966 followed by Daniel in 1968. The fledgling Stanmore congregation (now TLSE) was an important part of her life and provided another set of lasting friendships. Life was not always easy and when she divorced, her family and friends were there to support her during this difficult period. However, following her eventual marriage to Malcolm Marcus happier times soon returned together with his children and grandchildren. Tragically this happy period was cut all too short with her succumbing to Parkinson which gradually took its toll on her body. Her bright mind and amazing memory was further ravaged as dementia took hold and eventually took her life. It only right that her vital contribution to the formative development of this synagogue be remembered in this tribute. We were close friends of Irene for some 50 years until the end and will sorely miss her loyalty, wit and good nature. 17



With 70% of people finding their next job through their own network, the rise of LinkedIn, the key professional social networking site, has been meteoric and currently stands at 610 million users! Those in the know use LinkedIn to showcase their professional online brand and connect with others to extend their networks, look for jobs and be found by headhunters. Navigating your way round this can be tricky, but Resource, the Jewish employment advice organisation based in Finchley, is well placed to help. Key to a vibrant and vital Jewish community, Resource exists to support people back into work, and has helped over 10,000 people in the last 25 years. Resource top tips for your LinkedIn profile: Include a professional picture for 21 times more views Stand out with a punchy headline that describes your skills and desired job Use the profile space (300 words) to summarise your skills and experience, using key words to match the opportunity you’re seeking Add 5 relevant skills from LinkedIn’s checklist for 31 times more views Ask colleagues and/or clients for endorsements and recommendations for maximum impact I joined Resource as a trustee about 2 years ago, with a particular focus on marketing. Resource clients meet an advisor to support them with their action plan to find their next role, CV and applications guidance and interview


prep. Clients also benefit from a choice of 12 group seminars, with the added bonus of valuable peer support. One client, Naomi, 42 years old, recently approached Resource for support with her return to work after having taken a lengthy career break. “After 9 years away from work, I was anxious that I was out of touch with the digital landscape. Resource gave me the confidence to jump back in. With seminars on how to use social media for job searching, one to one IT training, and my fantastic advisor supporting me all the way with CV writing and interview skills, I was ecstatic to find my ideal role on Facebook! It’s also part time which is important to me whilst I raise my young family. Before coming to Resource, I never imagined that I would find a job on social media that was so perfect for me.” I find the work as a trustee extremely fulfilling, and I find I am learning as much as I am contributing. There are definitely ideas I can bring back to TLSE; it gives me a much greater understanding of the wider Jewish community; and I can continue to apply skills I used before I retired (at the end of 2018) for the benefit of the wider community. I was thrilled that TLSE supported Resource in our High Holyday appeal in 2017. If you’d like to find out more, visit Resource’s services are free, confidential and open to all.

GENERALINFORMATION INFORMATION GENERAL Elstree High Street, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3EY T Phone: 020 8953 8889 Email: L S Edited by Ruth Herman E Please Note: The office is usually occupied every day except Saturday but the hours are varied. Every effort will be made to respond to you within 2 hours. Would all those involved in arranging functions services or meetings please contact the office on 0208 953 8889 or so that they can be scheduled in the Synagogue diary. This ensures that any physical set-ups in the Synagogue are arranged and that meetings do not conflict. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that details printed in Hakol are correct no responsibility can be accepted for information misprinted or incorrectly given to the editor. Please let the Editor know of any errors or corrections. The Editor reserves the right to edit material submitted for publication. The deadline for submissions to the next edition of Hakol is Monday 7th October but submissions will be accepted at any time and early submission is appreciated.

HOW IS THE SYNAGOGUE GOVERNED? There have been some changes recently in the governing of the synagogue and we thought it would be useful for you to have a quick breakdown. TLSE is still governed by its Constitution, but this is much simpler now it has been set up as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) (Charity number 1182920. For instance while it still has a set of rules it is easier to change them. Elsewhere in this issue you will have seen some quick biographies of the Trustees who have taken the place of the Council. These people who each have defined responsibilities, but not named roles, have limited liability and on behalf of the synagogue can own property and sign employment contracts. Essentially the Trustees are responsible for overseeing the charity to assure “It pursues its Objects and serves the Public Interest” while not necessarily being concerned with day to day operations. On of its vital functions is the prudent management of,especially finance. The Trustees also ensure that the organisation is “run according to its constitution and with the law, and complies with statutory accounting and reporting requirements. The Trustees elect their own chair and might well appoint a Treasurer. So a typical meeting of the Board of Trustees would include strategy, staff appointments including the Rabbi. Another important role for the Trustees is to maintain a relationship with Liberal Judaism Designed & Printed by




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Hakol Sept/Oct 2019 Elul 5779/Tishri 5780  

Hakol edition Sept/Oct 2019 Elul 5779/Tishri 5780

Hakol Sept/Oct 2019 Elul 5779/Tishri 5780  

Hakol edition Sept/Oct 2019 Elul 5779/Tishri 5780