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Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014

Brunnen Verlag Giessen and Basel Spring Rights List 2014 If your are interested in receiving reading copies of the listed titles please contact: Mr Ralf Tibusek at Ms Gabriele Herling at

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Tanja Schurkus

Sister Melissa

The Nun of Cologne. A Biographical Novel  Historical: Story of the former nun that made Spirit of Melissa a health product for the poor  Deconsecration: from being a Nun to being a Businesswoman Target group: readers who like historical novels based on real persons 240 pp. hard cover, 14 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1804-1 € 14.99

During Napoleon‘s reign, monasteries throughtout Europe are secularized, among them the monastery where Maria Clementine Martin lives and works as a nun. In the battle of Waterloo, she cares for the wounded at the risk of her own live. Later, she moves to Cologne and makes use of her knowledge of healing herbs and medical care. Her „Spirit of Melissa“ becomes the medicine of the poor. The more sucess she has the greater becomes the inner conflict for the former nun who had made a pledge of poverty. What is God‘s plan for her future? Historical Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Hermann Jantzen

Far away in Turkestan

The dramatic story of a German Mennonite  The autobiography of an unusual man

Target group: readers interested in biographies of missionaries

352 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4227-5 € 9.99

At age 14, Hermann Jantzen travels with his family to Central Asia. At age 17, he becomes a translator at the court of the Khan of Xiva. In the service of the Tsar and dressed as a Tatar, he barely foils an uprising in the Russian part of Turkestan. Just prior to the Russian Revolution, Kazakh rebels ask for his advice and he can stop a massacre. Under the rule of the Soviets, he is sentenced to death three times but can escape his captors … Historical Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Wolfgang Seehaber

Eva Bildt, Helmut Gollwitzer’s Fiancée  The story of a great love during difficult times  Shows how Jews were restricted in living their lives during the Third Reich Target group: Women and men of all age groups; readers, who are interested in the history of active resistance during the Third Reich 400 pp. hard cover with jacket, 13.5 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1814-0 € 16.99

Eva Bildt (1916–1945 ) is the daughter of a Jewess. Her father, a popular actor in the Third Reich, works at the Prussian National Theater, which is directed by Gustav Gründgens. The brave director guards those of his actors who are related to Jews against the prosecution of the Nazi state. But highly talented Eva – because of being of mixed race – may not pursue her dream job as singer and actress. When the befriended poet Jochen Klepper and his Jewish wife kill themselves, Eva is in despair. Her faith helps her to get over the worst doubts. Just as much as her love for the insurgent pastor Helmut Gollwitzer, to whom she gets engaged … Historical Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Dan Izzett with Daniel Gerber

One Man, One Leg: Dan Izzett!

A Bearer of Hope for Many People – in Spite of Leprosy  Story from the point of view of a person affected by leprosy  Today one of the most important fighters against leprosy. He encourages many Target group: Everyone interested in strong life-stories and in the consequences of and the fighting against leprosy ca. 260 pp., with 8 colored photo pages soft cover, 13.5 x 20.5 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-2025-9 € 13.99

One man, one leg: Dan Izzett! One leg amputated, the foot of the other leg, the arms and hands insensitive, the spiritual need profound: Dan Izzett reports – from the point of an affected person – on an illness which still arouses fear and rejection. Over decades, he kept his illness a secret – for fear of stigmatization and exclusion. Only his family was in the know about it. But this has changed! Because despite his hindrance, Dan hasn't lost the zest for life. After his cure, Dan worked as a pastor in the east of Zimbabwe for years. And until this day he commits himself to the international leprosy mission. Dan has a great aim: He wants to give sick people hope for their life after leprosy. Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Uwe Siemon-Netto

Duc, the German

My Vietnam. Why the Wrong Side Won  Vietnam reporter for Axel Springer SE (one of the largest multimedia companies in Europe).  Poignant memoirs of a highly gifted journalist.  Foreword of Peter Scholl-Latour. Target group: Readers who are interested in history / political geography / East Asia / Marxism-Leninism / media science; Christians who want to read about one of the few Christians in the secular media. Lovers of memoirs. 288 pp. soft cover, 13.5 x 20.5 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-2024-2 € 15.99 Rights are sold for the following languages: English and Vietnamese

Uwe Siemon-Netto’s memoirs are a declaration of his love for the South Vietnamese people. For 5 years, the reporter and professing Christian reported as journalist about this oppressed people, who nicknamed him “Duc” (the German). In this book he describes them humorously and passionately and outlines how they both loved and suffered. He presents us with the cruel fate of those who fall victim to their communist “liberators” and courageously states: The wrong side won. With regard to Afghanistan he poses the agonizing question: Are western democracies on political and psychological levels unable to win a long guerrilla war? Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Irene Günther / Katharina Weyandt

Home Is Where God Wants Us To Be

The Unusual Story of A Courageous Family  A story of trusting God and risking everything

 The unusual experiences of a normal woman

Target group: readers, especially women, who enjoy moving true stories 160 pp. hard cover, 14 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1805-8 € 12.99

Irene, a nurse, falls in love with the attractive Joseph: that is the start of an exciting family story. Putting their trust in God, the two risk everything, leaving behind steady jobs and the rented house. And they see God doing miracles in their lives. Their love for others, their courage and hope inspire others. Their biggest project: founding a Christian Family Center in Hainichen, Saxony with „Youth with a Mission“. Costs: 600,000 Deutsche Mark. Their capital: nothing buth faith … A fascinating story – honest and full of humor. Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Albrecht Kaul

In Consequence of Disturbing the Socialist Peace

Christians in the German Democratic Republic

 Moving testimonies of coping with adversity and persecution as Christians in a Communist Society  Great examples for the Power of Faith Target group: readers who are interested in biographies and European history 128 pp. hard cover, 14 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1781-5 € 11.99

Betrayed by a friend to the State Security Service. Sentenced to penal servitude in Siberia at age 19. First a ringleader now an honorary citizen. Made an enemy of the state while still in school but against all odds she managed to study medicine. The 14 stories of Christians that Albrecht Kaul presents here are as different as only life can be. In the German Democratic Republic, all of them were pressured or threatend because of their Christian Faith. They were spied on or incarcerated. But they experienced God‘s help and even miracles. Biographies

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Marieluise Bierbaum

Marie – the dark-eyed girl  Colorful and gripping story-telling

 Shows rural customs at the end of the 19th century  Unique story – based on true events

Target group: women who enjoy gripping and moving historical novels

160 pp. hard cover, 14 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1631-3 € 12.99

Marie is not like the other members of her family living on the farm in a small village in Westphalia. She is warm-hearted, lively, loves music and finds it hart to be still. Everyone else in the village is blond with blue eyes, only Marie has black hair and warm brown eyes. Even spiritually, she takes a different path. She joins the believers that meet at Mother Schulten‘s house. There, the focus in on personal faith and joy in God. Her family is very suspicious of this way of practicing Christianity. One day, a family secret is unearthed. A story that is only known by her grandfather. This story has to do with an old wooden box containing a fiddle … Historical Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Ursula Schröder

Who Calculates on Love? A Novel

 Witty dialogues, entanglements and comical situations

Target group: Women who love novels with a lot of humor sprinkled with a pinch of Faith 336 pp. soft cover, 13.8 x 20.8 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-2022-8 € 12.99

Help me! My boss has problems! And they are not the kind that can be solved through an accounting treatment. The marriage of Jenny‘s charming boss Simon is in trouble. The break room rumor is that Jenny has something to do with it. But she just wanted to help him. Suddenly, everything is going in an unplanned direction, and Jenny and Simon‘s funloving brother Daniel have to deal with unexpected problems. And now, there are two men pursuing Jenny … Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Melvin J. Sandström

The Intruder A Novella

 Excellently structured allegory  Moving and challenging  Speaks to both the head and the soul

Target group: Readers of all ages, Christians as well as those interested in the Christian Faith 208 pp. hard cover, with jacket, 13.5 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-1820-1 € 12.99

A stranger appears to an old man, a theology professor, a blind girl, a bishop, a preacher of the prosperity gospel and a prostitute in a bar. He enters their lives, asks uncomfortable questions – and reveals himself as being Jesus. The Intruder is theological fiction enriched with historical events, which transfers Dostoevsky’s famous text “The Grand Inquisitor” into the 21st century. Jesus appears incognito to see whether he finds faith on earth or not. In the meetings – which are mysteriously interwoven into each other – not just the six main protagonists but also the readers themselves will start to ask: What would I do if Jesus would appear today? Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Ursula Koch

Everyday Angel Short Stories

 Witty and inspiring entertainment

Target group: women who like short, inspirational stories

64 pp., soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4220-6 € 5.99

Sometimes, you‘ll find him sitting on the edge of the bed or riding shotgun. He‘ll whisper in your ear or remain ominously silent … He is the Everyday Angel. Right on hand when he is needed, especially when the going gets tough. But he also questions beloved habits and reminds you of what is really important. Ursula Koch‘s stories introduce a friendly heavenly messenger who manages to keep faith, joy and serenity afloat in the stormy sea of everyday life. Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Bettina Poock

Sasha – The Treasure of the Old Abbey  Boarding School setting  Shows the young readers the effects of alcohol abuse in their age group Target group: boys and girls from age 10-12

224 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4222-0 € 9.99

13-year-old Sasha is thrilled. In the boarding school library, she browses through an old book and finds an inconspicious note saying that there is a treasure hidden in the cellar of the former abbey that houses the school. Together with her friend Paul, she goes on a treasure hunt. But someone does not want them to succeed … What they find is not a treasure but a store of alcohol hidden by one of their fellow students … Juvenile Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Jörg Kailus

The Trouble Making Monk A Short History of the Reformation

 An entertaining and lively depiction of the Reformation Time  Historically sound, with an introductory story into each chapter

Target group: readers interested in history, especially the time of the reformation 336 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4225-1 € 12.99

This monk was looking for a merciful God and wanted to know everything to a T … and that caused a lot of trouble. Jörg Kailus brings to life the world of the late Middle Ages and the Time of the Reformation. He tells about the burning of heretics and the sales of letters of indulgence and how a number of very ordinary disputation hyptheses from a Professor of Theology from Wittenberg changed the world. Every chapter opens with a fictitious story that offers insights into the period under discussion. Non Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Martina Kessler / Michael Hübner

Profiting From Criticism Without Being Hurt  Complements the title „Criticising Without Hurting Others“ by Volker Kessler  Well founded and easy to read

Target group: all those who have to accept criticism on the job, at church or at home, people in leadership positions 112 pp. soft cover, 13.8 x 20.8 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-2019-8 € 9.99

Criticism has manly a negative connotation. It is not something that we love to receive. But very often, criticism is important and justified but poorly presented. And there is criticism is neurotic and wrong. Martina Kessler and Michael Hübner show how to differentiate between justified and wrong criticism and the positive effect good criticism can have on your personal development. Non Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Christian Pestel

Your Faith Has Healed You

Healing in the New Testament and Today  Balanced and biblically founded view on a controversial topic  Helpful for all who are interested in this topic

Target group: all those who are interested the topics of sickness and healing 128 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4224-4 € 7.99

One of the great mysteries of life is sickness. Why do some get sick and others don‘t? How is that compatible with God‘s love? Didn‘t Jesus heal all sick? What can I do to be healed? „Healing“ is a topic with many false perceptions. Based on the biblical accounts, Christian Pestel gives an unemotional and practical orientation for people longing to be healed, people praying for the sick and counselors. Non Fiction

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Ulrich Giesekus

Love that Succeeds and Survives Daily Routine  Realistic and field-tested  Nice and short, concentrating on the basics

Target group: couples at the beginning as well as further along in their relationship 128 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-4221-3 € 7.99

A stable relationship helps both partners to develop their personalities, says Ulrich Giesekus. Marriage is the perfect framework where this can happen. He discusses topics from everyday life and also „hot potatoes“ in short chapters, keeping it open, realistic, encouraging and practical. Non Fiction / Christian Living

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Hartmut Bärend

Growing and Maturing in Faith Aspects of Dicipleship

 Encouragment to live your faith consistently

Target group: Christian who are interested in the topics of Growth and Maturity in Faith 96 pp. soft cover, 12 x 18.6 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-5463-6 € 6.95

Growing and maturing in Faith – that‘s something every Christian aspires to. Spiritual growth does not mean to know the right doctrines or to behave in a certain way. Spiritual growth depends on following Jesus. Is he the center of our lives and do we allow him to fill our hands? Non Fiction / Spirituality

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014 Leo Bigger

Eagle Eye

A Book about Vocation, Vision and Focus  Refreshing, humorous language, yet thoughtful.  Passionately written, in an uncomplicated style.

Target group: Christians of all ages, but particularly the young, visually-driven generation from age 17 up 160 pp., fully illustrated Soft cover, 20.5 x 26 cm ISBN 978-3-7655-5229-8 € 14.99

The Eagle is a powerful bird distinguished by its vigorous flight, its wide field of vision and its keen eyesight. It is emblematic of a clear vision, focus and strength. The Bible often uses the image of the Eagle to help people to look at their lives from a divine perspective. Bigger encourages his readers to stick to their vision and their focus. They are like an Eagle, which never gives up, but always comes back from depths to soar at high altitudes again. Because God holds far more in store for them than they could ever think and dream of. Non Fiction / Spirituality

Brunnen International Rights Spring 2014

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