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Executive summary lets get started “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.� ~Steve Jobs With technology propelling us forward faster than ever before, 21st century America is uncharted territory. Balancing school and work, pleasing those around us, and keeping up with the latest trends often proves difficult, making it all too easy to lose one’s sense of self in the rush of life. But when the time comes to leave an impression, identity is everything. This is especially true for Multicultural Millennials. Despite our rapidly evolving world, these individuals strive to preserve their cultures and traditions, and they actively integrate both the past and the present as they construct their unique identities. Much like the Multicultural Millennials, Nissan has its own innovative culture and history. However, inconsistent advertising and generic promotions have prevented it from reaching its full potential. This is where we come in. Whether it is adding a new flavor to a family recipe or passing down a native language, Bruin AdTeam understands where Multicultural Millennials are coming from and where they want to go. Through extensive research, we have found that these individuals not only value their cultural ties but that they are attracted to brands that acknowledge these ties as well. With detailed creative and media strategies, our campaign does just that. We seek to meet Multicultural Millennials on their own terms and reach them in unprecedented ways so that the Nissan brand truly resonates with them. Together, we will build a legacy.

Executive Summary 3

Research & Planning During a 5 month period of research, we set out to: 1.

Research objectives:

This will help us realize:


Gain insight into how Multicultural Milliennials (African, Hispanic, & Chinese Americans, ages 18-29) perceive Nissan today

Understand the mindsets, lifestyles, behaviors, and values involved in being Multicultural and a Millennial




Nissan’s promotable strengths and opportunities

The most compelling strategies to reach Multicultural Millennials

goal |gol| (n): the destination of a journey

We can then meet the overall goals of:

4 Research


Learn about the current auto market and where Nissan stands within it



Making Nissan a relevant, personable, and beneficial brand to Multicultural Millennials

Increasing and maintaining brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty and satisfaction

A message that will be meaningful for Multicultural Millennials


Recognize what factors and current trends influence Multicultural Millennials when buying a car

5. Discover what Multicultural Millennials consider to be innovative

We utilized various research strategies to gain insight into the current trends of the automotive industry and the prominent attitudes and behaviors of Multicultural Millennials. Qualitative and quantitative methods revealed


how brand loyalty is generated in our demographic. Using this information, we created a campaign that aims to improve Nissan’s current “Innovation for All” campaign and further connect with the target profile.

PRIMARY SURVEY Generated and managed an online survey with 5,317 participants to better understand their buying, driving, and media consumption habits, as well as their music tastes, recreational interests, and community contributions.



Conducted 294 interviews to survey our demographic’s preferences when choosing a brand.

Held interviews with dealership employees and mechanics to learn about the most popular features and selling points.

FOCUS Hosted six focus groups to understand how heritage relates to the broader American culture, perspectives on in-language advertising, and both long-term and short-term goals.

STAR YOUR FAVORITE CAR Performed a guerrilla brand perception study, asking college student participants to “star” the image of the mid-size sedan from their favorite brand: Nissan, Toyota, or Honda.

DEALERSHIP Test drove core models, interviewed customers to learn their perceptions of their Nissan car-buying experiences, assessed dealership consistency, determined strengths and weaknesses, and compared findings against competitors.

SECONDARY MARKET REPORTS Identified top selling models, car-buying habits, and new automotive technology.



Reviewed articles and statistics on Multicultural Millenials to recognize key characteristics of their generation.

Used hashtags and trending topics to analyze the Twitter profiles of users in our demographic to gain insights into their information-sharing tendencies.

ONLINE COMMUNITY Evaluated car and brand discussions in automotive blogs, message boards, chat rooms, and Nissan’s Facebook page to better understand consumer opinions and car-buying habits.

AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINES AND Analyzed critical strengths and weaknesses among the most popular brands and cars.

DATING PROFILES Analyzed 489 profiles on to understand qualities and interests that Multicultural Millennials see in themselves and look for in significant others.

Research 5

MARKET LANDSCAPE where nissan fits Brand Identity

“SHIFT_the way you

Units Sold in the US (2011)

US Market Share (2011)

Top 3 Models

Consumer Perception Rank (2012)


“Moving Forward”


“Go Further”



“Chevy Runs Deep”


“New Thinking. New Possibilities.”


8.2 % 12.9% 16.8% 9.0 % 13.9% 5.1 % Altima Rogue Sentra

Camry Corolla Prius

F-150 Escape Fusion

Accord Civic CR-V

Silverado Cruze Malibu

Sonata Elantra Santa Fe







Cutting-edge technology Customer satisfaction

Durability Brand awareness

Well-established Streamlined production

Customer relations Low maintenance

Patriotic Customer service

Fuel efficient Stylish yet economical

Inconsistent marketing Easily overlooked

Notorious for recalls Conservative designs

Tire recalls Lack of diversification

Lagging in technology Bland

Recently bankrupt Lowest overall MPG

Previous stigmas persist Relatively young

Market Landscape Takeaway: Nissan must use consistent marketing so that consumers recognize its


“The Power of

A DEEPER LOOK how nissan stands out a history of Innovation 1914

Datsun, Nissan’s predecessor and the first Japanese company to mass produce automobiles, builds its first vehicle.


The “Z” model is introduced and the 240Z becomes the world’s best-selling sports car.


Datsun becomes the top importer of cars to the US.


Worldwide marketing of trucks and cars using the Nissan name begins.


Nissan Motors produces its one millionth vehicle.


Nissan is named Best of the Best by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Nissan has established itself as a respectable brand with a rich history. However, though Nissan owners are often pleased with their cars, the company trails behind Toyota and Honda in the Multicultural Millennial market. Nissan provides innovative elements of safety, quality, and value—the characteristics that our demographic seeks most. Furthermore, Nissan produces a diverse line of models with cutting-edge technological advancements. We must pull Nissan out of the middle-tier perception range and make Multicultural Millennials aware of these brand benefits.

Innovation for all takeaways


Innovation for the world


CVT technology makes gear shifting nearly undetectable, providing for a smooth, streamlined ride and improved fuel efficiency.

The Nissan Leaf is the only zero-emission car on the mass market, which helped Nissan rank #4 amongst the most innovative companies of 2011.


Nissan’s current innovation campaign emphasizes its technological improvements.

Innovation for the road



Although the campaign is well grounded, Nissan fails to connect on a deeper level with Multicultural Millennials.

Innovation for convenience Smart keys let drivers unlock and start their cars hands-free.


Establishing brand loyalty with Multicultural Millennials is crucial for Nissan’s overall market success.

Research 7

TARGET PROFILE a look inside the world of mulitcultural [


MMs believe technology is what makes their generation unique –Pew Research Center, Feb 2010


smartphones expected are to be in use by the end of 2012


–Journal of Commerce, 2012


tech savvy



“Technology definitely makes life easier”

–- USA Today, 2011

Streaming services account for


of all paid online movie consumption


– Financial Press, 2012


views in 6 days made the most viral video in history – Forbes, 2012

E-Readers are replacing newspapers, magazines, & books


56% of Millennials excercise daily

–Pew Research Center, Feb, 2011

Millennials crave adventure in shopping, eating, traveling –Information Today


–New York Times, 2011


Friendship is no longer tied to location; the 6 degrees of separation has shrunk to 4.7 degrees –New York Times, 2011

[ Daring

[ ] Family ORIENTED

Boomeranging: Millennials are moving back home after college



Millennials value parenthood but are starting families later –The Pew Research Center, Feb 2010

play video games

–Pew Research Center, 2008

84% rely on user

generated content to make decisions about which products to buy

–Northwestern University, 2012


“I love challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone”

Multicultural Millennials (MMs) do not know a world without social media. Technology keeps them connected with friends, family, their interests, and the world.

71% believe

meaningful work is one of the most important factors of career success –Career Builder, 2011


every continent in their lifetime

–Information Today, 2011





“MMs expect to be more successful than their parents”


- Information Today, 2011


–CoDesign, 2011

–USA Today


College is typically their first time away from home


Millennials are entering the job market in the worst economic conditions in the last 50 years

– New York Times, 2010

MMs are highly aware of cause campaigns

–USA Today

looking back to favorite childhood tv shows, music, games, etc.

“I would be ready to take care of my parents in the future if they needed me”

–De Vry University, 2011

More than 70% of Millennials have college experience

70% want to visit

–Team Survey/Interviews

Traditional family roles and dynamics are changing

–Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 2009

sleep with phones within arm’s reach –Pew Research Center, 2010

Cultural identity is ingrained but traditional practices are reinvented

25% of Millennials expect to have 6 or more employers

Driven [


“Education is the key to success”

–Staffing Industry Analysts, 2011

Owning your own business is a sign of accomplishment - The Future Company, 2011

Mulicultural Millennials are especially identified through four areas: they are tech-savvy in media consumption, family-oriented and in touch with their roots, daring in their attitudes and passions, and driven for success in their education and careers.




70% of those surveyed are employed Bruin AdTeam Multicultural

Millennials Survey

Thoughts on language bilingualism: “We’ll just use what we want when we want it and when we think it’s organic and authentic” Adweek 2012

(n) someone who inspires change while staying true to his or her identity. Multicultural Millennials do not want to be confined by statistics or labeled as “just another demographic.” They are dynamic-constantly moving forward and triggering change in themselves and the world around them. Challenging those who think tradition and progression are mutually exclusive, Multicultural Millennials blend together their diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Be it graduating, buying a car, or getting that big promotion, each catalyzing decision intensifies the reactions in their lives; the sum of these reactions creates their future. Multicultural Millennials are the Catalysts of today.

Initiating the Reaction • • • • • •

We Must:

Hispanic american

Identifies with country of origin Adweek 2012

THE SUPER-CHARGED CATALYST Uses internet 3 times as much as other Millennials Accenture, 2010 92% have college experience New York Times, 2010

58% are bloggers Eduglobal China, 2010

chinese american


Recognize TECHNOLOGY AS A PART OF THEIR IDENTITY. It’s how they connect and express themselves. Reach out to their communities. Acknowledge Catalysts as unique individuals. Meet Catalysts on their terms; they’re not coming to us. Attract them in unique and unprecedented ways. Make them stop, think, and connect to the Nissan.

Uses phones twice as much as the average young adult Nielsen, 2011

65% of students are female Education Resources Information Center, 2008

91% believe that young people can create change in the US

African american

Rock the Vote, 2008


BRAND POSITIONING & STRATEGY Connecting Nissan with the Catalysts

Based on key insights from our research on the market landscape, Nissan brand, and target profile, we developed a specific strategy for Nissan to implement so that it can effectively reach Catalysts.

Realizing the Disconnect

Nissan emphasizes that it provides “Innovation for All,” but this does not yet speak to Catalysts. Innovation is a term that has become abstract due to overuse. As a result, Nissan’s commitment to innovation is overlooked by Catalysts who are searching for an emotional connection.


the starting point

2. the

big idea



NISSAN MUST... Reframe its “Innovation for All” platform to present innovation in a distinct way by personalizing it and defining it as something that can be achieved every day. Create an unexpected connection with Catalysts to capture their attention and relate to them at this phase in their lives.

pursue innovation in their own ways. Catalysts inherently embody innovation through their identities and behaviors. Catalysts do not trust over-generalized statements targeting specific demographics. They already know what is meaningful and unique to them and should become their own spokespeople.

innovation |in-uh-vey-shuhn| (n): The process of making changes in something established by adding something new

the how

NISSAN must CREATE OUTLETS FOR CATALYSTS TO CELEBRATE THEIR IDENTITIES in ways that are... Acquainting—Nissan needs to spark conversation with Catalysts by showing that it is ready to listen to their voices and ideas, which will establish an initial foundation of trust for sincere communication. Surprising—It is difficult to stand out and secure a Catalyst’s attention. Nissan needs to be bold yet accommodating. Challenging—Encourage Catalysts to pursue their ambitions in innovative ways. Send a message of embracing who they are and who they are becoming. Informing—Build awareness that Nissan products are tools that fit in with Catalysts’ lifestyles and endeavors. Serving—Interact to show concern for both the Catalysts’ well-being and their communities.

10 planning

CREATIVE making STRATEGY an impact the concept


the key

Legacy |leg-uh-see| (n): Something handed down by a predecessor for which he or she is remembered.

the Interpretation Creating a legacy requires a unique indivdual exercising an innovative mentality.

the connection Nissan understands that Catalysts treasure identity and tradition but ultimately are concerned with unique self-expression and the achievement of future aspirations.

the challenge the execution Nissan’s imperative statement ignites Catalysts’ desire to be remembered.

A campaign that celebrates identity, encourages growth, and activates ingenuity.


MEDIA STRATEGIES how to reach our target


The emergence of digital media has created some important changes in the ways brands and audiences interact. Our tech-savvy Catalysts have been taught that they are in charge of what, where, when, and why they will pay attention


Any media we pay for. This includes media typically considered traditional, such as television, print, and outof-home advertisements, as well as sponsorships and web-ads.

to a brand’s message. For this reason, we must utilize a strategy that reaches far beyond the simple bounds of traditional and nontraditional media. To meet the unique needs of the Catalysts, we will use three categories of media


Any channel Nissan owns or controls. Nissan websites, mobile applications, and dealerships are examples of owned media.



Any media platform through which the audience makes the decision to interact with a brand. Contests and giveaways, social media executions, and guerrilla marketing all comprise earned media.



Increase Nissan’s share in the expanding Multicultural Millennial market.


Maintain national coverage with the primary goal of targeting niche markets.


Create awareness of the “Leave a Legacy” campaign and develop personal connections with Catalysts through strategic media choices.

We will use media from each category to capture the attention of Catalysts, form a relationship with them, promote intent to purchase, and foster loyalty to the Nissan Brand.


OBJECTIVE Establish top-of-mind awareness for Nissan among Catalysts through increased reach and frequency.

OBJECTIVE Establish a presence in areas highly populated by Catalysts to increase personal contact with the Nissan brand.

OBJECTIVE Use paid media to initiate brand awareness in the introductory phase and preserve that awareness throughout the campaign.

OBJECTIVE Spark Catalysts’ interests during sustaining periods through pulse scheduling of earned executions and paid sponsorships.

STRATEGY Achieve higher reach through paid executions (television spots, print ads, and billboards).

STRATEGY Place stunts, guerrilla executions, contests, and other earned media throughout the Catalyst markets to reinforce relationships obtained through paid media executions and social media.

STRATEGY Establish marketing foundations by maintaining a constant mix of television, print, and OOH ads to communicate and highlight Nissan’s relevance to Catalysts.

STRATEGY Establish relationship with Catalysts via social media.

Increase frequency by using more interactive earned and owned media channels, such as social, media to garner deeper levels of engagement.


Connect Nissan’s innovation theme with the values and aspirations of Catalysts through promotional events and sponsorships.



Deliverables: Whether it’s that first job interview or the first house hunt, this stage of a Catalyst’s life is challenging, unpredictable, and exciting. The commercial captures the essence of “Leave a Legacy” as we follow our Catalyst through a series of flash-forwards, allowing our viewers to see his story unfold. Substantiation: Nissan empathizes with Catalysts in this pivotal stage of life. Opportunities are endless and every interaction has the potential to change the course of events. This commercial puts the Catalysts’ minds at ease by reinforcing that Nissan believes any path will ultimately lead to their success.

Placement: The commercial will air on major networks and cable channels that were identified as having high Catalyst audiences as well as during the Winter 2014 Olympics. Major networks and cable channels include: ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Telemundo, and Univision as well as BET, ESPN, MTV, TBS, and USA. Using a flighting pattern, we will place the commercial on the Catalysts’ most watched shows. The commercial will also be placed on video streaming sites including Nissan’s YouTube Channel, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Hulu.



Print Ad THINK OUTSIDE THE LINES Substantiation: As individuals who value their unique identities, Catalysts are always finding innovative ways to express themselves. The print ad integrates art and social media in a personalized and intimate way. It gives the target demographic the ability to see where they can go with their Nissan car and invokes images of adventure, challenge, and change.

Deliverables: In a surprising twist, Nissan steers a conventional car advertisement off the beaten path with this imaginative interpretation that reflects our target demographic. A series of sketches and doodles overlay an otherwise generic ad; a Catalyst has taken the ad and made it his own, projecting the legacy he wishes to leave from behind the wheel of a Nissan. Smart phone application: With a smartphone application, readers hold their phones over each ad and the illustrations in print come to life on the screen. Following this animation, viewers are taken to Nissan’s “Leave A Legacy” campaign website.


Placement: Print ads will be placed using a continuity pattern in ten magazines that are popular among Catalysts. A two-page spread will be placed in Black Enterprise, Jet, Sports Illustrated, Vibe, GQ, Allure, SPIN, Details Magazine, People, and People en Espanol. Digital forms of our ads will also be created for tablet editions of People, People en Espanol, Allure, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Black Enterprise. The Augmented Reality app can be downloaded for smartphones from Apple App store, Android Market, and Windows phone marketplace.


Traditional Billboard IMAGINE IT

Deliverables: Our billboard portrays the shift from today’s present to tomorrow’s future. The detailed, vivid image deconstructs into sketches and, ultimately, blank white as the Catalyst transitions into a future that is still to be determined. This symbolizes that the Catalyst is in complete control of the unpredictable adventure that lies ahead, but the one thing for certain is that his Nissan is always behind him.

Placement: Ten vinyl billboards will be placed in each of the top twenty-three most populated Catalyst cities throughout the year. Five digital billboards will alternate with our vinyl billboards in the Catalyst cities. A flighting technique will be used throughout the campaign, with heavy concentration during the initial launch and months of high car sales.

This image is one of several similar scenes in the digital version of this execution. Adjacent to the traditional billboard is a two-dimensional animated gearshift that rotates periodically between the different “gears” of life. Each shift from life moment to life moment is represented by a different variation of the traditional billboard, while still maintaining the concept portrayed in the original. Substantiation: The billboard draws inspiration from the print ad but is still simple enough for drivers to understand as they pass by. Catalysts will identify with the concept of an uncertain future but will appreciate the confidence Nissan instills that they will achieve the lives they want to lead.



& KevJumba Banner Ad JOURNEY WITH JUMBA TRACED ROUTE Deliverables: YouTube sensation KevJumba is embarking on a cross-country road trip behind the wheel of a Nissan. Whether he’s meeting fans, sampling local flavors, or discovering America’s best-kept secrets, Kevin Wu is leaving his legacy during this twoweek video blog adventure. Substantiation: With nearly three million subscribers and over 250 million views, KevJumba represents up-and-coming Asian American talent. His large following on YouTube and other social media outlets allows Nissan to build brand allegiance among his network of loyal followers and fans. Placement: KevJumba will post videos throughout his special summer roadtrip series to both his and Nissan’s Youtube channels.

Deliverables: As a web page loads, an anonymous hand interrupts the screen image and begins rapidly sketching an outline of a Nissan car. As the image develops fully, the illustrated car comes to life and drives across the screen, leaving the words “Leave A Legacy” behind in the designated banner space. Substantiation: Catalysts surf the Internet at an incredible rate, so there is little time to make an impression on any single web page. Unlike traditional banner ads, this browser interruption immediately engages the viewer and draws attention to Nissan and its tagline. Placement: Throughout the entire campaign, Nissan will rotate three ads on the thirty websites most likely to be viewed by Catalysts, including Youtube, Reference, Pandora, DIYfashion, Monster, and Huffingtonpost, as well as car review sites such as Edmunds.



Music Videos & Music Festivals THE LEGACY TOUR 2013-2014 STARRING NISSAN Deliverables: Les Baxter, an American musician and composer, once said that “any good music must be an innovation.� By sponsoring Rock the Bells, Essence Music Festival, and the International Secret Agents Festival, the Nissan brand gains exposure to masses of multicultural eventgoers. A spontaneous car flash mob creates a spectacle between acts, and complimentary, campaign-inspired sustainable water bottles equip Catalysts with the replenishment they need. Substantiation: There is no doubt that music strikes a chord with Catalysts. Each respective festival appeals primarily to one of the three demographic groups, but the draw of music is universal. As a sponser of these popular events, Nissan aligns itself with the target consumer through the appreciation of their popular culture. Placement: These music festivals occur throughout the U.S. from June through September.

Wisin & Yandel


Far East Movement

Deliverables: Childish Gambino, Wisin & Yandel, and Far East Movement, three artists that speak to the demographic and represent leading innovators in entertainment, will feature Nissan cars in their music videos. These videos either display the cars in action or serve as a platform to reveal the newest Nissan models. Substantiation: Music is an integral part of everyday life and culture for Catalysts. As representatives of their respective communities, these three artists forge a connection between Nissan and the target demographic directly through this ubiquitous medium.



& NYC Billboard Interactive Walkway SHIFT GEARS WALK THIS WAY Deliverables: You can make it big in the Big Apple! In the middle of Times Square, a 63-foot screen is adjacent to a mechanical gearshift with an equally oversized 3D gearstick. Passersby can control what appears on the digital display by moving a replicated gearstick below. After shifting to their selected occupations on the gearshift, their pictures are taken and their faces are superimposed in a scene reminiscent of their chosen occupations for all of Times Square to see. Substantiation: Catalysts have high hopes for the future, and a reputable occupation is often a component of that future. This fun execution allows them to insert themselves into the roles they may one day hold. Nissan supports the ambitious goals of Catalysts, and brand awareness will be inevitable as they share their moment in the spotlight on social media outlets, such as facebook and twitter. Placement: Located in New York City’s Times Square, this billboard will be live in July, a month with increased foot traffic in the area. Deliverables: A sizable digital screen will run along a wall in a high-traffic pedestrian area. Motion sensors embedded in the screen will detect when people are passing by and will display life-size scenes that relate to significant milestones and the larger “leave a legacy” theme. At each end of the walkway, there will be space for pedestrians to draw or write their own legacies. Substantiation: Catalysts will be able to relate to these scenes because they are moments in life that they have had or hope to experience, which allows them to see Nissan as a brand that understands and cares about their lives. The motion-sensor technology will draw immediate attention to the digital screens. Additionally, drawing or writing on the board will further engage pedestrians and provide Nissan with constant feedback on the campaign’s success. Placement: The interactive walkways will be placed in subway and metro stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco during the holiday season.




Deliverables: Nissan highlights its smooth ride CVT technology by wrapping advertisements around stability handles in public transit. A lurching commute directs passengers’ attention to a panel advertisement on the bus ceiling depicting Nissan’s technology as the solution to travel discomfort. Attached QR codes invite passengers to learn more about innovation in Nissan’s cars.


placement on safety holds fosters the idea that riding in a Nissan is a comfortable and secure ride. Placement: The handles will be placed in buses on college campus in the twentythree most populated Catalyst cities. Placement will coincide with the new school year as well as the introduction of new models.

Substantiation: Placing “CVT handles” on buses in college towns will reach Catalysts at a time they are likely to be considering the purchase of a car. Nontraditionally positioned advertisements capture their attention and the



& Sports Startup IT’S GAME TIME LAUNCH SUCCESS Deliverables: It’s time to get hands-on! Across the country, Nissan will serve as a Premier sponsor of Startup Weekends: 54-hour events catered to tech-savvy entrepreneurs. After collaborating on new ideas, visionaries team up to design proposed products and launch them through startups. Experts from the Nissan Innovation Lab will inspire participants with talk of the technological advancements in their cars and Nissan innovations at large. Substantiation: Sponsoring Startup Weekends will launch the Nissan brand directly into a sphere of revolutionary innovation. As a Premier partner,

Deliverables: Whether Catalysts are active in ten different fantasy leagues or believe Peyton Manning plays goalie for the Miami Heat, intrinsic pride is always ignited in a rivalry game. Nissan will celebrate that passion with the NCAA Rivalry Season. During prime college football and basketball rivalry games, the featured Nissan Tailgate Pit offers a complimentary cookout. Free t-shirts with the Nissan logo, available in the participating colleges’ colors, are distributed at the tailgate. Alongside our Tailgate Pit is the Photobooth Kiosk, where fans can photograph themselves with their Nissan college shirts. Substantiation: Team rivalries are a treasured tradition celebrated internationally by Catalysts and the generations before them. Nissan’s presence at NCAA rivalry games demonstrates the brand’s appreciation for tradition and facilitates its participation in the legacy future champions will create. Placement: These rivalry games will include Florida State v. Miami, USC v. UCLA, and Cal v. Stanford.


Nissan demonstrates commitment to both advancements in technology and Catalysts’ dreams of leaving their own legacies. An increasingly popular event among tech-savvy millennials, Startup Weekends are the perfect platforms to cultivate Catalyst creativity. Placement: Nissan will sponsor twenty Startup Weekend events in heavily populated Catalyst cities, including San Fransisco, Chicago, Boston, and Houston.



Deliverables: The updated Nissan website seeks to maximize user accessibility. Features such as “Take Innovation for a Spin” and social media content will be placed more prominently than before. In our new Salesperson Directory, customers can browse profiles of Nissan salespeople to identify a helpful match, providing for a more pleasant and efficient consumer experience.

Deliverables:, the official campaign website, will feature video footage of campaign happenings and information on upcoming events. The backdrop of the site features user-generated drawings selected by Nissan. Visitors are invited to submit their own drawings as visual representations of their own future aspirations.

Deliverables: It’s a race against the clock! This objective-based mobile game will have players rushing to finish time-constrained challenges while driving Nissan core models. Complete with power-ups, crisp graphics, and campaignrelated missions, the game merges simple controls with addictive gameplay.

Substantiation: With this user-friendly experience, potential costumers will be more inclined to spend greater lengths of time on the Nissan website and explore the many useful features that already exist but lack exposure.

Substantiation: The background of the website adds a persomal aspect, implying that it was created completely by users. The interactive “Draw Your Own Legacy” feature will engage our target demographic while exposing them to past and upcoming events tailored specifically to them.

Substantiation: By exposing consumers to the core suite of Nissan models and their features, this app subtly markets the Nissan brand and highlights its cutting-edge technology while still allowing Catalysts to fully enjoy an entertaining gaming experience. Placement: KevJumba will promote this game during his road trip video series and will inform viewers that it is available to download for their smartphones.



& Strip Run In Dealership HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? TAKE OFF Deliverables: Nissan’s innovation for Endurance is taking it to the streets. All are invited to participate in a 5K run that will not only promote health and fitness but benefit local homeless shelters as well. Runners are instructed to arrive in extra layers of clothing which they will strip off at designated locations along the course. Shed clothing is then loaded into a Nissan and taken to local homeless shelters for donation. Substantiation: Sponsoring this charitable 5K will frame Nissan as a brand not only concerned about the health and confidence of potential customers but also the well-being of local communities. It will also be attention-grabbing because of its unconventional nature. Because Catalysts are concerned about local charities, they will be even more excited to run for a cause that is fun and invigorating. Placement: Promoted through social media and the Campaign and Nissan websites, the run will be held in Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, DC and San Francisco, five of the cities most populated by Catalysts. Deliverables: Complete with warm hues and a revamped interior, guests will feel energized yet relaxed the moment they walk through the doors of the newly designed dealership. A vibrant wall collage of color-coded, language-specific brochures and their corresponding posters will entice customers to explore Nissan offers, models, and promotions. An adjacent red chalkboard wall provides entertainment for tag-along children. An interactive photo booth adds the element of fun that other dealerships lack. Substantiation: Buying a new car is often a stressful venture, but Nissan knows it doesn’t have to be. Customers feel far more relaxed about making a purchase in a welcoming, personable dealership. Catalysts are exceedingly family-oriented and are more apt to buy a car when they are in a friendly, welcoming environment.




Deliverables: Nissan’s Timeline will showcase events from its history that are relatable and relevant to Catalysts. An interactive “scavenger hunt” will send participants on a search through Nissan’s past for pictures and phrases that will ultimately reveal secret codes. Once unlocked, Catalysts can use these codes to enter raffles for prizes on the Campaign website. Substantiation: The Timeline feature will give Catalysts direct exposure to Nissan’s history and will allow them to see how Nissan has evolved since its origin. This engaging activity will encourage Catalysts to see Nissan as less of a brand and more as an entity that is growing with its consumers.

Deliverables: Our print ad has become interactive! Unsuspecting pedestrians can take photo booth-style pictures at special Nissan kiosks. After their pictures are taken, participants can customize their photos by adding doodles of their idealized futures and can subsequently upload their creations to Facebook, Twitter, or even the campaign’s website. Substantiation: Not only will these photo booths attract Catalysts with their social media elements, but they will also subtly encourage participants to associate Nissan with their personal achievement aspirations.

Deliverables: To increase brand awareness through social media, Nissan will promote a trend with the hashtag “#LeavingALegacy” to begin a dialogue between the company and its followers. The promoted trend will stay at the top of the trending feed and pose questions to followers about leaving a legacy, encouraging them to share their own stories about achievement and success. Substantiation: The “#LeavingALegacy” hashtag will be tailored to Catalysts and allow Nissan to better engage and interact with this demographic. Catalysts following the feed will be able to engage in a more personalized Nissan experience and freely express themselves to a community of their peers.

Placement: Each city will have five digital OOH kiosks that will launch with the campaign in the twenty-three cities most populated by the Catalysts. Placement: Trending topics will be scheduled around special campaign launches and events.



& Cook-Off Scholarship VLOG YOUR LEGACY LET’S GET COOKING Deliverables: Because education opens windows of opportunity, Nissan is offering college scholarships to Catalysts who have demonstrated academic excellence. To enter, students upload a video onto the campaign website explaining how they integrate their culture into their daily lives. Ten winners will receive $10,000 and a Nissan to drive for four months. Recipients maintain a video blog on the campaign website to share their college experiences through the lens of their Nissans. The scholar with the most followers at the end of the four months gets to keep his/her Nissan.

Substantiation: By empowering Catalysts to pursue an education, we will build brand loyalty from the very roots of our demographic. Beyond emphasizing education, Nissan is presented as a brand concerned with enhancing the college experience our demographic seeks.

Deliverables: Amateur cooks can upload personal recipes on the campaign website along with stories explaining why their chosen recipes are important to them. Nissan, teaming up with, will determine twenty-five regional winning recipes that will compete in cook-offs throughout the country, open to the public to enjoy. Regional champions will see their winning recipes featured on Allrecipes. com and will be rewarded with a Nissan filled with Calphalon cooking supplies to accomodate their future culinary endeavors.


Substantiation: Handing down recipes is one of the many ways to preserve and appreciate culture. Catalysts will recognize Nissan as a brand that nurtures the unique customs that separate them from the rest. Contestants will delight in not only being able to recreate traditional family recipes but in sharing a taste of their heritage with others as well. Placement: The events will be held in four of the top twenty-three cities most populated by Catalysts: New York, San Francisco, El Paso and Chicago.


& Car Flash Mob Crash Dummies SCREECH AND GONE I’M WITH DUMMy Deliverables: Nissan crash test dummies will be placed in public locations partaking in everyday activities. For example, a family of crash test dummies will be pushing their child on a swing in the park or walking crash test dummy dogs. After attention is caught, the QR codes that are placed on the dummy will entice viewers to learn more. Each dummy has a blog that shares the stories of his previous time at Nissan and his action-packed life now. Substantiation: The initial element of surprise will intrigue our target market and stimulate curiosity in the Nissan brand. The dummies’ public appearances suggest that Nissan’s award-winning safety features have allowed them to lead active lives. Similar to our demographic, the dummies follow their dreams, build families, and ultimately leave their legacy. Placement: The dummies will be placed in cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Houston due to their high volume of foot traffic. A link to the dummy blogs will be available on the campaign website. Deliverables: Appearing during the Rock the Bells concert series, the Car Flash Mob is an impromptu car show that only the drivers and concert coordinators know about until showtime. Starting with a single car, additional Nissan cars progressively join the show at specific cues in the music. Coordinated tricks and stunts are performed to excite spectators and to show off the agility of Nissan’s core models. Substantiation: Flashmobs, typically comprised of people, have been a growing trend for some time now. Audiences, especially those between the ages 18 to 49, have been consistently intrigued by flash mobs. Nissan takes this craze to the next level by replacing humans with cars. Placement: This stunt will appear at four Rock the Bells Concerts, taking place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston.



Gaming Tournament & Drive-Ins LEAGUE OF LEGACY PASS THE POPCORN Deliverables: Nissan is bringing the drive-in movie back, with a twist. A Nissan equipped with a highpowered projector will drive around urban centers, ultimately reaching an undisclosed location to screen unreleased movies on a large wall or building. The city and the movie shown will be announced in the weeks prior to the event. On the day of the screening, hints to the actual location of the car will be updated via Twitter to build excitement and create a game out of the event. Substantiation: The thrill of viewing a sneak-peak movie combined with

Deliverables: Nissan will sponsor and run a “League of Legends” video game tournament. After an online qualifying round, the top sixteen teams will compete in a live-round event in Las Vegas. Members of the winning team will receive a cash prize and their choice of a Nissan core model. The entire event will be aired online and hosted by professional shoutcasters. Substantiation: “League of Legends” is a rapidly growing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game with a registered player base of over 32 million. Nearly 40% of all players are between the ages of 16 and 25, with a large portion representing our target demographic. “League of

26 creative

Legends” provides Nissan with an exceptional avenue to reach these gamers and allows further distribution of existing ads to run during breaks over the live video coverage of the event. Placement: In addition to the live-round event in Las Vegas, the competition will also be streamed on and

the Twitter hunt encourages a fun interaction between Nissan and Catalysts, building overall brand appreciation. Nissan will select movies that are both hyped and appealing to Catalysts to increase the demographic’s desire to participate. Placement: Taking place in twelve of the top twenty-three cities most populated by Catalysts, this event will be promoted heavily through social media and the campaign website.


TFA Car TFA Supplies & A LEGACY FOR THE BOOK HONOR ROLL IN STYLE Deliverables: Nissan will offer each of the core models customized with a Teach for America Body Kit in support of the organization’s effort to eliminate educational inequality. When one of the models is purchased, 10% of the sale is donated to the nonprofit. These limited edition models feature a silver rear emblem of an apple signifying the driver’s support for TFA. The Body Kit interior includes a built-in whiteboard on the dashboard across from the passenger seat and one on the back of each headrest to entertain scholars in tow.

Substantiation: As current and former students, Catalysts understand today’s competitive educational environment. Nissan’s sponsorship of Teach for America will provide this demographic with a means of helping younger students in lower-income schools receive quality education. Many individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 participate in TFA, so there is an added incentive for Catalysts to support their peers in addition to local school districts. Deliverables: Coinciding with the release of its limited edition cars, Nissan is also collecting school supplies for Teach for America. Dealerships will have a limited edition car on display that lowers its windows to accept donations. Nissan will match the monetary equivalent of the supplies donated as a supplementary donation.

Substantiation: An education is priceless, and Nissan recognizes the importance of equal access to high quality education in America. Teach for America seeks to lower the achievement gap between low-income students and their more affluent peers. With diversity being a core value of Teach for America, a partnership with the organization will raise brand awareness among our target demographic and serve the communities Nissans drive through every day.



Smart Key Giveaway Heisman & UNLOCK YOUR LUCK WHO’S YOUR HEISMAN? Deliverables: Upon entering a dealership, nobody expects to walk back out as the proud owner of a free, brand new car. Dealerships across the country will showcase one of their best-selling models. After test driving a Nissan, drivers will be given a smart key, and if the smart key unlocks the Nissan on display, the car is the prize!

Placement: The contest will take place in dealerships located in the top twentythree cities most populated by Catalysts from December to March. Promotion of this event will take place through social media and on both the campaign and Nissan’s websites.

Substantiation: The excitement of being able to win a brand new Nissan electrifies the in-dealership experience. In addition to constructing a positive purchasing atmosphere, this “giveaway” increases exposure of Nissan innovations like smart key technology and encourages more Catalysts to test drive Nissan vehicles. Deliverables: Catalysts love football, and they can be more than just spectators when they cast votes for their favorite candidates for the Heisman Trophy. In this special promotion, participants who vote will be rewarded with a single entry into a raffle to win a Nissan Pathfinder. Voters will then be given a personalized link to share on social media. With each friend who votes through the link, the link-poster receives an additional raffle entry. Substantiation: Catalysts love to express their thoughts and opinions via social media. By encouraging them to vote for the athlete they deem most deserving of the award, Nissan builds brand awareness while instilling confidence in


the Catalysts’ judgment. Catalysts should feel that Nissan encourages them to make their voices heard. Placement: The voting for the Heisman Trophy will be from mid-October to early December and will be promoted through social media, NCAA Rivalry games, Nissan’s campaign web page, and the official Heisman website.

MEDIA PLAN campaigncalender April 2013 - March 2014 PAID 30-Second Spot

Magazine Ad Regular Billboard NYC Billboard Digital Billboard CVT Handles Interactive Walkway Music Festival (RTB, EMF, ISA) NCAA Rivalry Season Website Banner Ads Paid Searches Media Streaming (TV/RADIO)

Music Videos Product Placement KevJumba Start Up Weekend OWNED Phone App- Nissan Game Phone App- Augmented Reality Campaign Website Nissan Website - Updated In-Dealership Strip Run EARNED Facebook Timeline Twitter Promoted Trends Culture Scholarship Smart Key Contest Traditional Cooking Competition TFA (Teach For America) League of Legacy Heisman Crash Test Dummies Car Flash Mob Smart Board Photos Nissan Drive-In Movie













Impressions Cost /000,000 /000,000 ($) 5261.748 84.341 2,778 41.976 293.574 483 10.5 241.5 4.6 205.571 1.282 42.18 163.636 126.073 725.268

13.972 3.68 1.375 2.515 0.514 0.684 0.205 1.896 1.8 6.017 8.976

44.257 0.531 140.829 0.08 1.478 0.12 80.733 5.856 0.25 0.03 1 0.08 21 0.05 15.122 0 16 5.6 27.361 0.096 454.978 5.783 25 0 172 1 5.025 0.3 0.363 0.141 6.337 0.323 24 0.7 1.96 0.1 74.77 0.029 9.936 2.268 1.587 0.04 23 0.863 111 0.019 Total Cost: 95,980,000 Total Impressions: 5,797,460,000


BUDGET the breakdown $2,000,000

$2,000,000 $20,000 CAMPAIGN

$5,783,000 $5,856,000

















CAMPAIGN METRICS We will evaluate our campaign based on the increase in cars sold throughout the campaign, taking into account normal economic growth rates. Based on our research and data from past financial statements, we expect a sales growth rate of 5.7 percent, which will yield:

1,476,255,761 128,434,250

Use Google Analytics to evaluate overall success of online initiatives, including website traffic and landing page clickthrough rates. Measure increases in the number of likes, shares, and retweets on social media sites. Track increases in dealership traffic and information requests. Review comments and other feedback on social media outlets.

increase in

Monitor media coverage (TV and Online).

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE in profit Distribute surveys online via social media and dealerships.

2.5 3.7 %

increase in market share from 8.2 to 10.7 percent (keeping in mind the growing sales of the competitors)

Audit in-dealership executions to track success.


increase in multicultural market share from 13.1 to 16.8 percent

Conduct pretests and post tests for the campaign in Multicultural Millennial focus groups.





for survey production and incentives

for audits

for focus group incentives


Acknowledgements ACCOUNT DIRECTORS Jacob Masga Jenny Noonan


Tianna Cisowski, Planning Director, Commercial Director Ashley Daum Jenny Greynald Michelle Klein, Editor Elaine Liu Priya Rajan, Copy Manager Chloe Shaouli Weston Stout, Editor


Emilie Abel Kristin Bisely, Creative Director Alex Dixon Journey Kan Kyle Khandikian, Editor Katie Schaller, Copy Manager Shawn Tharayil, Commercial Director Frank Zhou


Nick Derian Pierre Dessertenne Leif Eng Dianna Lau Annie Tsai, Editor Sami Vega, Media Planning Director


Dorothy Lin Alex Melton, Layout Manager Belinda Sumali, Image Manager Mika Tohmon


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32 Acknowledgements





University of California, Los Angeles


Nissan, 2012 NSAC Client

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