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worldwide photographic workshops

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Tr a v e l L ik e a J o ur n alist L iv e L ik e a N a tiv e S h o o t L i k e a P ro f ession al The best photography workshops transcend taking pictures and instead embed you into a new cultural experience. Camera Odysseys has a successful history of exposing photographers to unique opportunities to discover a country through new eyes and capture its mystery, magic and photographic moments. Professional photographer, Bruce Byers, has more than 25 years’ experience working internationally on photo assignments. He designs and leads destination, experience-oriented photographic workshops to share his experience and introduce participants to exotic locations. Each workshop is led by a professional photographer who shares his or her photographic technique and experience: from street photography, to architecture – to everywhere in between. Bruce’s workshops are designed to maximize time in the field photographing and his approach is hands-on learning. Camera Odysseys workshops dig deep into the culture of the destinations to gain access to people and places that you only see in magazine or books. Workshop participants come back with memorable experiences, create amazing images, collaborate with talented photographers and advance their photographic technique.

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worldwide photographic workshops

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