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Hundreds in Riverside Commemora


undreds of Riverside and San Bernardino county residents participated in a march at the Riverside downtown pedestrian mall commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The event, sponsored by The Group, AfricanAmerican Historical Society, Riverside NAACP, Latino Network, Eleanor Jean Grier Leadership Academy, and the City of Riverside, started at the Eliza Tibbets statue, stopped briefly at the

recently unveiled Cesar Chavez statue and ended at the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. where community and local elected leaders delivered speeches reflecting on the progress made since the historic march where Dr. King delivered the historic “I Have A Dream Speech” as well as highlighting the dreams that remain unreached. “Dr. King forewarned us in 1963 that this was not the end but the beginning of our struggle towards freedom and equality,” Fair Housing

Why We Still March

50 years after the seminal event of the civil rights era, By Sherrilyn A. Ifill onstance Baker Motley, the great civil rights lawyer with the NAACP Legal C Defense Fund, was not planning to attend the now-famous civil rights March on Washington 50 years ago. She was exhausted. As one of Martin

Luther King's lawyers during the Birmingham campaign, she had secured his and Ralph Abernathy's release from a squalid, scorching hot jail in Americus, Ga., where both men were detained while traveling to Alabama. Motley was among a cadre of civil rights attorneys who spent a great deal of time in county jails throughout the Deep South helping to release detained civil rights activists. Arrests during the Birmingham campaign of 1963 kept Motley and her colleagues particularly busy. But she was finally persuaded to attend the march by her husband and by news reports of massive crowds on the National Mall. After listening to King's soaring speech while sitting on stage, she described the march as "the 20th century's finest hour." Motley's assessment reflects her evolving recognition that mass mobilization plays a powerful role in advancing the fight for equality and justice.



VOICE Issue September 5, 2013  

Inland Southern California's News Weekly

VOICE Issue September 5, 2013  

Inland Southern California's News Weekly