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7 skills required to be a construction worker  Here is a list of 5 essential skills and abilities to look for when choosing construction workers: ➢ Physical strength and stamina Construction workers must perform multiple tasks at construction sites that require extensive physical labor, including lifting, climbing, bending, digging, and operating hand and power tools. Look for construction laborers who possess physical strength and stamina. ➢ Manual dexterity and coordination Along with physical strength, construction workers must have excellent hand-eye coordination, be able to move his/her hands quickly, and be able to grasp and assemble objects with 2 hands. Many jobs require sitting, standing or lying down, and construction laborers must possess multi-limb coordination, which is the ability to work with both arms, both legs or one leg and one arm. ➢ Strong reading and math skills It is also important for construction workers to be very attentive to specifications made by construction contractors. They must be able to read and interpret blueprints and work related documents. Good math skills are essential for calculating measurements and angles, and determining accurate adjustments. A good understanding of geometry helps with interpreting designs. ➢ Building and mechanical knowledge Familiarity with building materials and experience using tools involved in the construction, repair and restoration of buildings, highways, bridges, ships and other structures are more important skills to look for in a construction worker. ​Construction laborers​ should also have experience in using mechanical tools, operating machines, and maintaining equipment.

➢ Excellent vision and depth perception Construction jobs​ require accuracy and precision. For this reason, it is also very important that construction workers have good eyesight. They must have the ability to read blueprints and see details at close range, as well as from a distance. When operating machines, construction workers must be able to see the gauges and dials to make sure everything is functioning properly, and be able to perceive how near or how far to move equipment.

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7 skills required to be a construction worker  
7 skills required to be a construction worker  

If you are looking for such talented and skilled labour in Perth to work with you on any of your projects, whether they are large, mid-sized...