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Write Now poetry from the brooklyn friends preschool & lower school

PRESCHOOL Butterflies

What is Your Wish for the World?

So first comes the egg when the caterpillar comes out.

I wish that me and my best friend could always play together

When the caterpillar comes out it eats the eggshell. Butterflies collect nectar and eat leaves, butterflies find flowers on trees to get more nectar.

It’s not nice if you say that “I don’t want to be your friend”

Wiggling and waggling dancing into a chrysalis.

My wish is blowing flowers

They are out!

Talk to each other

Pumping their wings so they can get dried and exercise before flying

I’m thinking about making birthday parties more fair

butterflies tickling each other and starting all over again, egg, leaf, chrysalis and butterfly!


PRESCHOOL 3s RED ROOM: Nina, Mattias, Nicholas, Lucille, Thomas, Bee, Lorelei, Katrusia, Henry, Cecilia, Dahlia, Maisie, Aubrey, Miles

Blue Room I like the Blue Room. The Blue Room is fun, happy, good and funny! The Blue Room has pretty artwork hanging in it. I like to play in the Blue Room, I like to play at the Art Table and in the Dress Up Area! I like to play in the Block Area with my buddy Keeran and with the train tracks! I like to read  in the Blue Room. In the Blue Room, you share your toys, And we put our toys away after play time! The Blue Room is good and proud of listening! The Blue Room is special. PRESCHOOL 3s BLUE ROOM: Amalie, Charlie, Conrad, Fisher, Hazel, Henry F., Henry M., Iggy, Ise, Keeran, Leah, Liam, Maddie, Maya, Zoey

My dad and I going to the park I want to be able to do whatever I want People when they say “ow” that means you have to check on them We can’t cut people and it’s really important not to cut yourself You can’t throw people in jail and you can’t shoot people if you don’t like someone’s ideas That the whole world should have no bad guys I wish that the Christmas tree will be outside again because I like the top of the tree I want my brother to catch a butterfly and I want to make a butterfly with hearts The world to be a country, the whole world PRESCHOOL 3s YELLOW ROOM: Cecile, Vivian, Ethan, Ramsey, Will, Evie, Beatrice, Dylan, Agnes, Roarke, Zillin, Aman, Henry, Benny, Griffen

Cinquains from the Preschool 4s Orange Room Calm Fluffy, soft Running, petting, stroking Jaws open and closing, open and closing Husky

Heavy Big, Scary Stomping, Hunting, gulping Soaring around a palm tree Dinosaurs



Crystal Clear Blue, Flowey Trickling, crackling, zig zagging Flowing past palm trees Rivers

Flutterfly Red, white Fluttering, flying, landing drinking nectar from a flower Butterfly



Peppermint Candy Crunchy, minty Sucking, licking, shrinking An elf at Christmas Yummy!

Caterpillar Little, big Slithering, crawling, flying Quietly nibbling green, green leaves Butterfly



Tiny Happy, proud Sleeping, crying, drinking Mommy and Daddy can’t go to work New Baby

Camouflage Antennae, poison Flying, drinking, hiding It has eyes on it’s beautiful wings Butterfly



Lava Orange, Red Exploding, erupting, sliding A little beautiful and a little fiery hot Volcano

Fergus Zero patterns Playing, attacking, killing He pees in the wrong places Cat



Beautiful Orange, white, black Hunting, eating, sleeping They love nice people Foxes

Vivien Happy, nice Tickling, hugging, kissing She doesn’t like to go on trips without me Mommy


Leo A.

Cinquains from the Preschool 4s Orange Room Sweet Awesome, yummy Eating, lip-licking, tummy grumbling It has a strawberry on top shortcake

Lando Dark gray, black stripes Purring, excitedly playing, eating Sitting at its window looking out Cat



Stripes Black, White Eating, sleeping, galloping Big Blurry stripes getting away from a lion Zebra

Hunter Fins, pointy nose Eating, swimming, moving in a pack Chomping with sharp spiky teeth Great White Shark



Magic Wands, pointy hats Spinning, casting spells, controlling owls spinning a wand with a glowing jewel on top Wizard

Trees Big, brown Swaying, growing, shading They help us breathe Oaks



Poetry from the Preschool 4s Green Room The Planet Situation

Moon Poem

Persephone, Wylee, Jackson, Josephine, Yuli

Neva, Enzo, Nika, Elias

Dust, water, rings, grass, and strawberries Flowers, dirt, and air Food, ice, and peanuts The sun and the moon and Mars Owls, birds, and friends slipping on ice

Craters that taste like salt and bananas Strawberries and flowers Hard and bumpy Light from the sun Pillows crashing and making craters--CRASH!

Shooting Stars

Cloud Vision and Feelings

Al, Sarah, Xavier, Sylvie, Marlo

Dean, Penelope, Natalya, Soto

Hot gas Burning A sunspot Sun rays and the sun setting Fire and shooting stars

Candy floss and cotton candy Bubblegum Fluff Cirrus, cumulus, and stratus Bump, bump, bump when it’s raining

FIRST GRADE The Repeating Poem


I am as cute as a bunny I am as ugly as a troll I am as dirty as a mud pool I am as clean as a gem I am as soft as a baby cat I am as hard as a chair I am as white as a polar bear

I love Monopoly Boardwalk is the best card free parking is cool I like the cat it looks like kitty bitty it would be cool if it was real money free parking is cool Once I played an epic game I won against my mom in monopoly She lost all of her money Yes!


Hamster Wheels Lucy

Hamster wheels are not good to eat because they are plastic hamsters run on their wheels like they’re running a race but they don’t wear shorts sweatbands or Sweatpants

The Tree Connor

a tree is green the sky is blue a table could be any color


Frank Simon

I love soccer. Soccer balls have black spots. They are round. I scored 100 goals. It looks like a worm crawling in an apple.


I Am a Tree Roxelana

I am a tree I am a tree I have roots I have bark I have a trunk I have branches I have leaves ‘cause I am a tree I am as tall as a tree I am as tall as a tree I am as tall as a tree I am as wonderful as a tree I am as peaceful as a tree I am a tree I am a tree I am a tree I am a tree and I am a normal tree again Again

TIE Fighter Pilots


TIE fighter pilots drive TIE fighters They have guns I wish I could drive one they can shoot out ships They might fight back But TIE fighter wins

Red is a rose! Blue is the sky Yellow is the sun Purple is the blueberry pie Green is the grass Brown is the dirt Black is the dark night sky White is an iceberg


Colors Hannah

Green is a grassy hill Blue is a watery stream Yellow is the cozy sun Red is a lava flow Purple is a tasty grape Indigo is the deep sea Violet is your pretty dress Orange is a carrot


Max M.

Phones ring when somebody calls them this is how they ring RING RING Sometimes When the phone Rings it gets Annoying listen RING Oh no another Call

Colors! Willa

Red is the color of lava Orange is the color of an orange Yellow is the color of the sun Green is the color of grass Blue is the color of the sky Purple is my pretty dress


TIE Fighter Maxwell

Fighters TIE Fighters TIE Fighters for the Emperor lasers shoot the rebels rebels swoop and swerve and dodge the lasers but most of them get hit

What Am I? Masa

I am as big as 8 elephants I go in the sea I eat plankton what am I? I have a pouch in my mouth I drink water from leaves what am I? I drink from my back I have spikes on my back I am thorny what am I?


Bees Buzzing

I love the taste of lollipops I wish the whole world was made out of Candy gum drops are so tasty I wish that the gates of the houses were made out of kisses I love Candy.

Bees buzz they circle around my head ooh they’re making honey oh sweet sweet Buzz Buzz Bee BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Bees Buzz


Sea Shell Rohan

A sea shell can be A jackhammer that’s sharp To build a house Or a Rhino charging fast At a Mouse which is cute who lives in the house It can also be a box That gets eaten by a Fox It can be a spiky Sharp Groundhog In a hole that is deep With him eating free happily With his family that is cute!

Teddy Bears and Nature Ian

I love teddy bears My teddy loves to go to the nature factory it looks fun for him Ava loves nature She has a nature stuffy She likes it Nature looks cool to him because it looks cool because it looks cool and Fun.


What is Cute? Ginger

What is tiny and playful? a kitten is delightful What is velvety? a bunny is velvety What is cuddly? a puppy is snuggly

Fireworks Ella

Boom! Fireworks a snake slithers through trees Boom! a boy runs

Puppies Celia

Puppies are real Puppies are true Puppies are everywhere too I love puppies they’re the best like all the rest Puppies are good finders Puppies are good kinders She is g o i n g . . .

Clouds Being Candies

La Pastaria

The clouds are amazing like marshmallows and like m&ms like caramel and like cotton candy and there were people there

I went to a pastry shop where every thing won my mouth




A Shell

I see four carrots. The carrots are tasty. Yum! Yum! Yum! The best carrots I’ve eaten so far. I love carrots. Carrots are the tastiest vegetable. Yum!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A shell is a point A shell is a spinjitzu A shell is a swirly Spike


Ghost George

White snow Just white All I see White Wait a minute! That’s not snow! That’s a ghost! Oh no!

Mountain Julian M

One big Mountain Standing so tall but sad crying for the rest of his life.

Bella Malo

Bella is a dog and she looks like a cute cloud and she looks like a beautiful rainbow


Pizza as Big as the Sun! Anton

Gather all the dough you know. Now get the cheese. Now bake the dough. Uh oh! Don’t forget the pepperoni!

The Man Elie

The man with a hot dog the man on a moon the man with a elephant

The Ghost Riley

The ghost In prison Oh!!! The ghost is in prison The ghost is not afraid at all The ghost is in prison

An Ocean An Ocean


An ocean an ocean as blue as it could be look the sun is setting look at how beautiful the view could be

I do not like it here Where am I? You are in Jabba’s cave ha ha ha you think you can take my precious decoration you were a good smuggler but you’re going to be dead go down stairs Han Solo. Ruuuuuuuuuuuu! Chewbacca! Luke Skywalker is coming you will die. so they went to die but they didn’t!


In My Heart Josie

In my heart there are bands and parties! and fireworks! and cake!

A Big Problem Louis

There was a lot of mountain goats but no snow leopards in sight all across the mountains ibexes ibexes ibexes Wait! A carcass! No snow leopard in sight! A snow leopard!!!!

Shell Nili

This is where a crab came from It can bite you So you better be careful


Ninjago John

the ninjas were breaking down the droid temple ching ching ching don don don Paccccccuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!



Roses are red violets are blue I hope you like Jedi Jedi are cool I like Jedi May the force be with you.

The Snake


slither rither through the tree but watch out Snap!

Sunset Sunset in the sky at night if you see a sunset so happy you will be sunset glowing like fire, oh sunset, oh so happy you will be.


Trooper Asher

A trooper with shining armor and a weapon and with their master they’re our enemy their enemy is cold the resistance the resistance has Jedis We need to destroy the resistance We need the bravest trooper to destroy the resistance

Clocks Elsa

Clocks, clocks they make the tick tocks of the click clocks, clocks, clocks they make the tick tock of the soothing clock.


Jack O.

The city is noisy, the buildings are tall cars, oh yes, they are rolling everywhere taxis are picking up people schools are moving kids learn!


Candy Marcus

Me-- “Candy, you are very sweet.” Candy-- “So if you think I’m sweet, why won’t you eat me?” Me-- “No, I want you alive because you’re sweet!”

Pinecone Jonah

Pinecone sits on a tree, it falls down onto the ground, it lays there until someone picks it up.

Clocks Ella S.

There are different kinds of clocks tick tock, tick tock tickety tock. Clocks, oh clocks oh wonderful clocks. Clocks are good in every way. Clocks, oh clocks, you can get one today!



Yellow Sun, Yellow Sun go back to bed because you’re right in my head. We’ll play, but I must sleep so go back to bed! Goodbye!

Honk honk beep beep cars go driving, Honk honk beep beep tall building at the sky, under the ground I hear Clickity Clack Clickity Clack the trains are running but while that’s happening… the people are walking.


Love Amit

Love is a heart when it is read, Love is showing people that you love them, especially on Valentine’s Day, which is February 14th. Love is caring, Love is sharing, Love is filling the world with love.

Mangos Mia F.

Mangos are as big as pumpkins, Mangos are as sweet as lollipops. You can find them at the supermarket, I love eating them very, very much!

Anything Loe

Anything has nothing. Anything has everything. Oh, I wish that I could have anything I want!

Marshmallows Theo

Marshmallows are fluffy as pillows are as white as clouds and the bag is as clean as a window and as yummy as a chocolate covered cherry!


Butterflies Amelie

Butterflies butterflies you are a cocoon but not tow you are you are beautiful, you can fly, fly.

Rainy Emily

Rainy see through rainy fun and clear rainy nice and cold rain is clear and splashy nice cool warm and fun.



Yellow Sun, yellow sun go back to bed shining bright over my head. Sun, sun come back out. I hope you stay when I’m awake Stay down right now!

Inside My Heart

The following “Inside My Heart” poems were inspired by the poem, “Inside My Heart” by Zoe Ryder White. one cotton candy two monster trucks three shooting stars four best friends five best mom and dads six movies seven ice-creams eight good jobs nine cubbies ten flowers and eleven dancing hearts! – Gar


one Star Wars movie Inside my heart lives, one loving family two happy friends three smiling rainbows four puppies playing five dogs fetching six swimmers swimming seven broadway singers eight hearts beating

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Inside my heart lives, one big birthday party two nice dogs three happy families four happy friends five sharing birds six jazz bands seven red lines and eight good friends. – Zuri

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Inside my heart lives one Star Wars movie two deep snows three yummy chocolate cakes four buttered toasts and five video games! – Liam

Inside my heart lives,

nine soft, comfy beds ten birthday parties and a world full of love! – Liya

two birthday parties three chocolate ice creams four ten-feet tall snows five video games six cool books seven new Star Wars toys eight cool schools nine people dancing and ten cool cookies. – Andrew

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Inside My Heart lives one Coney Island


two dancing jellybeans three big hugs

Inside my heart lives, one hockey trophy two wrestling puppies three happy babies four cuddly cats five smiley people six new best friends seven hockey players eight fun snow days ten smiley rainbows eleven nice families twelve shooting stars – Lochlyn

four cool cousins five yummy cherries six smiling kids and seven parks! – Calvin


loudly the lion roars loudly the cannon explodes loudly the wolf howls loudly the thunder makes noise loudly the express train zooms by but loudest of all the fire works VIKRAM

Ode to the Boxer A moving black pillow cozying all up sizzling on the bed just like a pillow Boxer PIPER

Things To Do If You Are A Telephone Transport to Guyana Ring very loud Fly to someone’s ear Show your face in the picture Fall out of the person’s hand HANNAH

The Sun

The sun A burning ball upon the atmosphere AUGUST

Ode to Popcorn pop sizzle white as snow popcorn dancing on the stove crunch crunch crunch down it goes CHLOE


Write a poem. Write a story. Sharpen me. MADDY

Ode to Chicken Broccoli A pot of black gold yummy with soy sauce and rice better than soda but soda is pretty good even more drooling than chicken fried rice ABENA


The BIG ALLIGATOR lies on its back Then it leaps up and DESTROYS the paper, Cutting this way and that. And before you know it, it’s gone. MILO


Rolls gleaming red a slithering snake a glass eye a tiny planet is all a marble DIMITRIOS


Hearts are pretty and they stand for Love. “I love hearts.” CHLOE MARIA

Ode to Chocolate

The tender sweetness The warm candy The gift it gives to you The gold you find The present that’s hidden ANNA M.


Quietly the door slowly shuts Quietly the light turns off Quietly the cat sits down Quietly the mouse runs across the hall. Quietly the grass grows. Quiet is the mouse but Quietest of all, the sun rises. AUDREY


Quietly, the sun rises and sets quietly, the shadows creep into the bed quietly, the flower blooms quietly, the bird soars. Quiet is the wind. But quietest of all, the snow drifts down to the ground. CAITIE


The fierce teeth “grrrr’’ Quickly running to catch her prey and “far” the lion got it! She rounds back to her cubs and feeds them. Then she feeds herself some water SCARLET UNA

Bowling Ball Sounds

this bowling ball rolling spinning twirling charging super fast right into the bowling pins clonking crashing Strike! Woo-hoo! you just got a strike heavy colorful balls thumping and bumping and bowling down the bowling lane screaming out victory! GRAHAM

The Bear Cubs A roar and a grrr jump on the other tumble brrr bound run crash smack bam! The play is on. But it won’t hurt hurt hurt hurt OSCAR


Snow is freezing everything is frosting icicles are dripping water. Cherry blossoms blooming leaves falling carefully wind blowing softly. Ice cream melting sun rising hot amusement parks running ALEX H.

Ode to My Shirt

Beach Music



So soft and smooth you remind me of warm days and going swimming and sipping from the swim-up bar you comfort me when I’m feeling sad. I love you. I put you in my drawer to wear you another day

This beach is full of Seagulls calling. It sounds like squeaking. Waves are roaring A storm comes and the waves go clashing and smashing. The sun’s back out and the waves go all quiet and calm.


Sea Shell



I put the ball on the ground it rolls and it bumps the bumper No, I missed the pins. I put the ball on the ground again. This time I got a spare That means I got all the pins.

Looks like a rocket Walking up the cliff Spiky Like a porcupine Hear the water Drift.


Car Music

Get in the car Turn on the radio My favorite song comes on I dance to it I sing along to it. Half an hour later I’m at school. Another one of my favorite songs comes on My mom says, “Time for school” I say, “Why?” AUSTIN F.


Very tall the top is stabbing the clouds like a sword the mountain is as strong as a big giant. The mountain is slowly growing but no living thing can see it grow. COLIN K.


Look at them Flying Diving Hunting Surviving Nesting Calling But not F A L L I N G


Ball of Yarn Ball of yarn Stringy, knotty Ball of yarn Cat chasing cat Pouncing A ball of yarn ITAI

Sleeping on its side. Closed Quiet Two eyes watching. It opens SNAP! It closes. NIKO


Like sparkling water On the horizon And a burst of color In the air Like a slippery moth On the beach side. CHARLIE


Hah, huh, huh I’ve been hiking Steve, your time’s up!!! Hah, huh, huh Because I want to see What happens if I go Superman off the cliff Now let me do it Superman I forgot I can’t fly. WILL

Seasonal Haiku

Winter Playing in the snow Then back in for hot chocolate Spring Rain falling Jumping in puddles Summer Diving in the pool And water parks Fall Starting school Jumping in leaf piles ELIJAH


The following poems were inspired by “Where I Am From” by George Ella Lyon. I am from snorkeling in the ocean. I am from jumping in the pool on hot summer days, with cold water touching my feet. I am from reading a wimpy kid book in my bed. I am from wrestling with my dad. I am from my dad cooking me chicken with crispy and crunchy skin. I am from ordering yummy pizza from Not Ray’s pizza — gooey, cheesy pizza. I am from visiting where my grown-ups live, Montreal, (followed by other relatives), I am from being born in NYU, I am from my mom always telling me I have an audition, I am from having Taco Tuesdays (on Tuesdays, obviously). THEO

I am from snow falling, cold white snow on branches in winter. From having snowball fights with my brother I am from reading alone in my soft bed, from taking walks in the park with my mom. I am from my mom baking pie in the kitchen, a sweet taste – and going out to a restaurant and eating sushi. I am from living in Brooklyn Heights and now living on Park Place. From my mom and dad living in Switzerland when I was little. I am from my mom saying, “I love you” all the time, from doing family traditions like eating your first bite of birthday cake under the table! ESTELLA

I am from amazing colors, new leaves on trees, flower blossoms, spring! From playing ball in the lot, going down to the park I am from playing games on my Wii on the weekends alone. I am from drawing pictures with my friends, posters for game shows, paper animals, and made-up heroes. I am from Dad’s tacos, hot meat, melting cheese and cool cucumbers And warm Shack Burgers from Shake Shack with the piles, tomato and lettuce. I am from Mom who’s from Nashua, New Hampshire, and Dad who’s from Brookhaven, Long Island. From St. Roosevelt’s Hospital, Manhattan, New York. I’m from a planet of love and books And from the scares of October 31st, Halloween, skeletons and zombies Everywhere. HARRY

I am from flowers blooming “It’s my birthday” and “spring” From flying on planes to places like Mexico — yay! I am bowling with my family – Dad’s the best. I am from a mom who cooks the best mashed potatoes. Jen Suchi, Choko, Ramen, don’t forget pizza! I am from an old rickety blue house and a brand new apartment. I am from a mom from London, who grew up in New York. And me, I was born in the busy streets of Manhattan. I’m from mom sorting Baby Girl everyday and from the Big Apple Circus. BEDLOE

WHERE I AM FROM I am from sun shining flowers, blooming spring. From happiness, birthday parties and delicious cake. I am from comfortable chairs, reading in my room, and from playing board games with friends. I am from Mamm’s delicious cheese pizza And yummy chicken and fries from Two 8 Two Burger I am from the old apartment where I hid behind the couch. From my mamma and my daddy born in White Plains NY They were both born in the same hospital. I am from Saint Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. I’m from a place where my parents call me kitten. From the Metropolitan Opera when it’s chilly outside. TAMSIN

I am from summer days in the pool, from neighs and whinnies, fronts and canters I am from sleeping in the dark night with my stuff. I am from hitting balls back and forth. I am from daddy’s steak on the weekends and sushi every evening. I am from an apartment with bunk beds, a home at Sag Harbor close to family and friends. From Mom, born in England, and Dad, born in Manhattan from Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, that is now closed. From lamb fest with friends piñata, music and laughing CHARLOTTE

I am from lying on a blanket under a tree and having a picnic summer. From going on rides at Coney Island. The truck ride is my favorite. I am from watching television alone. “Team Titans Go” is my show. I am from playing games with my mom. We play chess a lot. I am from my Mom’s bow tie pasta with salt and pepper. I like her pancakes too. Pancakes from Café Lu Luc are the ones I like. They are the best in Brooklyn. I am from an apartment building in Brooklyn. There are 6 floors. And a house in Chicago. I go there so often it feels like home. From my mom who is from Virginia, West Virginia, and Chicago and my dad who is from California. From Brooklyn! In that 6th floor apartment building. I’m from “Hurry up, Hooks.” and “Cutie Patootie!” From swimming on Saturdays and basketball on Sundays in the lower gym. HOOKS

I am from snowball fights, “missed me,” “got ya,” “that’s cold.” I am from sipping hot coco – “Yummy” “Thanks Mom!” I am from watching TV. “Yes! I’m alone” And from using the computer with my sister’s wee light. I am from yummy fufu with soup, yellow fufu and brown soup. And Five Guys — the burger is my favorite there. And from Ghana. PS – my dad is a king and my mom is a queen I am from New York City in Brooklyn Hospital. I am from “I love you” from my parents I am from eating fufu on rainy days. KOBINA

WHERE I AM FROM I am from birds flying, fish swimming, late nights and popcorn. I am from making sandcastles, finding starfish, and digging for crabs. I am from lying in bed, and looking at lots of books. I am from playing dress up with Rose and eating watermelon. I am from eating pepper steak and watching TV and different shows. I am from going out to Enoteca and getting pasta with red sauce. I am from New York and eating French fries, and into London and playing in the park. I am from mom from Michigan and Dad from Massachusetts. I am from mom calling, “Time to go to bed.” I am from mom and my sister picking me up every day from school. the end. MIA G.

I am from a warm summer day and the palm trees are swing in the breeze. From where the sweat drips down your neck and you have ice cream in your hand. I am from a quiet room where nothing is moving, only my mouth. The only sound other than me is my cat purring on my bed. I am from where the tall grass sways and my brother and I play catch. I am from a warm house where my grandma lives. She makes me falafel, it has a brownish-greenish inside. And I am from where they cook delicious foods like burgers Mom is from a place where the flag is red and white. And dad is from America. From a hospital where it was warm and cozy. I’m from warm words coming from parents. From a bright TV with voices bursting out. NOURA

I am from white snowdrifts, warm fires, bundled-up winter. From gliding down the mountain, hat and gloves, up the lift, skiing. I am from being alone in the dim light, going through pages, reading, and the loud classroom, playing with friends, playing cards. I am from mom’s pasta, her special treat. I love it, mom’s special pasta. It has meat sauce. And going down to the diner, getting grilled cheese and French fries. I am from the noisy city, busy cobblestone streets, Brooklyn, and the quiet country, full of birds and animals. From dad from New Mexico, big sandy desert. And mom from Washington, D.C. to see the president from rushing to the big building in Manhattan, where I would be born. I am from dad on the phone ordering pizza every Monday night. We get the one that is half cheese half pepperoni. SCARLETT K.

WHERE I AM FROM I am from cold snowmen, bears sound asleep wind blowing from snowballs like bullets. I am from drawing pocket pets, hard work, sweaty hands. I am from marbles rolling, confusion, marble maze. I am from my mom’s warm tomato soup, one day of working hard, we get to eat it all. And Luzoos hot plain pizza, no pepperoni please. I am from an old church in Brooklyn, all cozy with happy joy. And a new apartment, with two cool TV’s and massive bedrooms – home. My mom grew up in Pennsylvania, had a happy life And my dad from Guyana. I am from a NYC hospital with all the other babies. I’m from mom and dad saying, “Clean your room.” I’m from no TV Tuesday ARIN

I am from the feel of the snow under my feet, skiing in the winter, from snowmobiling with my brother. I am from building spaceships alone with my Legos. I like to add jets on them I am from playing soccer with my brother. We switch goalies. I am from my babysitter cooking rice for me and my brother. and eating noodles at Chuko. I am from nerd gun battles at my country house and my apartment building used to be a telephone building.

from my mom who is from Paris. and my dad from Seattle from a hospital in Manhattan. I’m from my dad waking me up when I’m sleeping and me, saying, come on, and going to my country house on Fridays. It’s long and big with two floors. Jumping on the trampoline. MARTIN

I am from taking long walks in the woods, collecting dry leaves — winter from throwing big balls of snow and feeling the clumps of snow on me. I am from getting cozy and reading books in a series, Lying with my teddy. And from playing cards and screaming UNO! and being competitive with my dad. I am from helping make mama’s special salad, eating the crunchy apples and sour dressing with the smoothies of baby spinach and going out to dinner with family and getting steak every time! I am from feeling curious about my new building and saying “bye” to my home. From waking up early and watching coyotes, saying hello to my favorite cactus and going to my mom’s home in Arizona and playing croquet at the Arizona Inn. I’m from hearing my mom say, “Do you know how much I love you!” and responding “yes” from walking to my friend’s house with my mom and dancing with my friends and mom. GRAYSON

WHERE I AM FROM I am from Coney Island flowers Lying on the grass and watching football – Wham! I’m from surfboarding on the waves, eating tacos and burritos with friends. Reading comic books all night and shooting Nerf guns. I’m from watching the NFL with friends, going outside and playing football. I am from going home from school l with my babysitter, eating chicken and watching the NFL. I am from going to Roma’s to eat pasta with my family. I am from Mom from Germany, Dad from Dominican Republic — it’s very warm. I am from a hospital in Manhattan A dad who always says, “You are the best.” Afterschool Fridays at red bull soccer practice, Mom is always there. SANTI

I am from cold days throwing snowballs with my brother From the fun days playing and pushing people into the snow. It’s cold but my body keeps warming me up. I’m from days of making snow castles alone, and the nice days of sledding and getting cool air on my body. I’m from the cold days of drinking hot chocolate and eating pesto and dill feta. I’m from the good days of eating my favorite food – sushi I’m from the fun days of playing in the playroom in my old house From the days of going to my grandparents’ apartment and swimming in their pool. I am from being born in Manhattan. I am from the days of my mom saying, “You’re adorable.” from days of my family gathering around and eating soup dumplings. AUGIE

I am from camping in large tents and hiking outdoors. Swimming in Green Falls and climbing up to Wrigley Rock. From being crashed on by a wave at the beach. I am from reading books by myself in places where it’s quiet. My body is relaxed, making pictures in my mind. I am from playing tag, dodging, who is it! I am from my gramma making her delicious caramels and eating hamburgers when I go to Shake Shack. From my dad from Kansas City and my mom from Middletown NY. From being born in NYC. I’m from my parents saying, “OK” for camping every summer. FELIX

I am from waves pounding, from towels on the sand, chairs laid out, summer. From swimming through waves and lying on towels at the beach. I am from sitting on a couch relaxing and reading a good book. I am from racing with my little sister, I am saying “I’m winning” I am from eating pasta that’s made by my mom it tastes like cheese melting on my tongue – delicious! And the restaurant is called Doors – it is in Queens and I eat their rice and fish. The food is really good, as in delicious. From my mom who is from Guyana and my dad from Jamaica. From a hospital in Manhattan. I’m from my mom saying, “Get up,” while I’m cozy in my bed. From watching movies every Saturday with my mom and two sisters. YAA

WHERE I AM FROM I am from night, candy, costumes, orange trees — fall. From scaring and creeping my sister from under her bed, from wrestling my sister to the ground. She doesn’t like it but I do! I am from my dad’s cream pies filled with whipped cream – it tastes good. And cheese pizza from Kings Pizza – it’s super good! I am from a tall apartment building I lived in until I was two And a wood and brick house with five stories and neighbors below and a roof that we play on above. From my mom from Millerton NY and dad from Pittsburgh and Manhattan. I’m from mom and dad saying, “Go back to bed,” and I saying, “Aww, come on.” From Friday nights with pizza watching a movie. BRUNO

I am from the cold snow and playing in the cold winter. I am from standing in the cold. I love the cold. I am from reading alone, cuddled up in my bed. I am from playing soccer on a happy field kicking the ball with my brother. I am from smelling the pizza coming from the kitchen. My mom cooking the pizza. I am from Not Rays pizza, which is the best smelling. I am from an old house, cold and warm, right next to a park named Fort Greene Park. My mom is from Iowa and my dad is from NY.

I love the big fields of Iowa and the streets of New York. I am from being born in the busy streets of Brooklyn and from my parents asking me, “How are you doing?” I am from watching movies on Fridays with my family for two hours. OZZIE

I am from snow falling, sledding down hills, snow men winter. From making snow men igloos and snow ball fights. I am from shining lights on top of the bed making forts alone. From building sand castles, splashing waves, playing at the beach with family. I am from baking with my mom making kale chips – and we eat them. And going to restaurants like Blue Sushi and eating cucumber rolls. From a mom from Seattle (That’s where the Sea Hawks are from.) And a Dad from England. He lived in the countryside. From Dad and Mom naming me Owen. From being born in Brooklyn. I’m from my dad saying, “Eat that children.” And from TV night watching Star Wars sitting on the comfy couch. OWEN

WHERE I AM FROM I am from the summertime, from swimming in the ocean and from singing in my bedroom. I am from drawing with my mom. I’m from banana bread. I am from the busy streets of Boerum Hill and Ireland. I am from “Wake up, Emme, you’re gonna be late for school.” From the elf on the shelf and from sleeping in my comfy bed. EMME

I am from inter-sledding down a hill, from sitting on the couch watching TV, and from skateboarding down the road. I am from snowball fights. I am from good chicken fingers – taste the goodness, so good! I am from home, cozy, nice, and warm. And Korea! I am from, “Be composed, Tachel.” From waking up, running downstairs, and opening presents on Christmas. TACHEL

I am from the winter’s snow, snow flakes falling and playing in the snow, eating it too. And from reading alone, it feels great! I am from drawing and talking until I faint. I am from spanakopita, a Greek spinach pie – delicious! Never tasted anything better! I am from a cozy warm brownstone Mmm, cozy all right. And, Italy. I am half Italian, half Ethiopian. I am from doing boring chores. Mom calls, “Gaia, do your chores!” I am from an Ethiopian new year I celebrate with my Ethiopian friends. GAIA

I am from summer, from the long mornings of camp on Fire Island and from biking around most of the island by myself. I am from playing games with my grandparents, babysitter and sister Nora I am from chicken with ketchup and pasta. I am from the big city and from Italy. I am from “Zoe, it is time to get up.” I am from all the cooking and the all the trips to Minnesota. ZOE

I am from spring, from finding plastic Easter eggs. And from playing with my very complicated Legos. I am from spring with my awesome friends. I am from creamy mac ‘n cheese my mom makes. I am from Brooklyn. I am from the battlefields of Ukraine. I am from, “Get out of bed, Ven!!” I am from opening Christmas presents and the clothes in my bedroom closet. VEN

I am from rainy, beautiful spring, and from playing outdoors I am from playing with my brother. I am from dad’s sandwiches. I am from the city lights of New York and Iowa’s corn. I am from “Sophia, time to wake up.” I am from my beautiful ring. SOPHIA

WHERE I AM FROM I am from the sweet summertime, from wet water, a backyard, and from piano fingers. I am from crazy kitchen cooking. I am from big pots of chicken soup. I am from the big mountains of Austria and the farm lands of Poland. I am from, “Don’t give up, Stella.” I am from potato latkes and alone time. STELLA

I am from having playdates to drawing pictures. I am from building snow lands to having snowball fights. I am from eating cookies to eating vegetables. And when I am from all of these things, I am also from you to me. SHILOH

I am from springtime, from playing soccer and from walking with dogs. I am from training dogs. I am from waffles and banana bread. I am from the loud city of NYC and from the old Brooklyn Bridge. I am from, “Write neater!” From the diesel city of Argentina And from studying trains. ALEXANDER

I am from wintertime, from skiing down a steep slope and from sitting alone with a book. I am from snuggling up with my mom on the couch and watching a movie. I am from hot dogs. I am from the busy city of lights called New York. And from the place with too

many buildings called Manhattan. I am from, “Brush your teeth. It’s dinner time.” I am from Christmas times at my grandparents’ house and from the sound of cars Honking at night ROSE

I am from hot, humid summers, from going to the beach and playing with my Legos. I am from having playdates. I am from the macaroni my nana or mum makes for me. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. I am from, “Manners make it, man.” And “No drinking. No smoking” From brunch at home with friends and family. From still being BFF’s With Nickolay JOSIAH

I am from misty moving winter winds going away for next winter. I am from being on the deck. The smell will tell you spring is here. I am from the yummy brownie, As chocolate-ly as chocolate. I am from the hot country of Uganda, being exact – Kampala. And faraway lies Florida where Bertha once lived. I am from “Don’t be to hoppy Poppy” And from the menorah. From the memories, good and bad. I am from all these wonderful things. POPPY

WHERE I AM FROM I am from standing on my balcony

I am from winter days, soft snow,

in spring, watching flowers bloom.

celebrating my birthday

From eating my favorite chocolate birthday cake in spring.

with tons of balloons. From playing in snow-white snow with my family

And from reading exciting stories

and from reading alone in my room.

all day long.

Words shoot into my mind.

I am from running down steep hills and rolling in the grass.

I am from playing tic-tac-toe with my family - three in a row, column, or diagonal always wins.

I am from going to the

I am from sinking my teeth

Sushi restaurant.

In a nice dish of pasta,

I am from shading palm trees and a rushing, busy city. I am from watching a movie

olive oil and cheese. I am from my high apartment Building that scrapes the sky. And from here to the Jews of Israel

every Friday night.

where the mighty Jews fought

I am from brushing loose fur

for their lives.

off cats. GALA

I am from my mom and dad calling me, “Noahy, come,” and I shout back at them, “Yes, what is it?” I am from Chanukah. I get eight presents every night! I’m from me. NOAH

THIRD GRADE Coney Island Beach Hannah

The sun beats down onto my face. My flip flops move from hard sidewalk to soft sand. Warm, wet, and wild. The scent of the sea swims in the air. I run along the water as free as a bird. White foam walks along my feet.

Mist Hill Ava M.

Our horse is petrified of the muddy water. It uneasily tramps in the gooey substance marching with ears blowing behind. Mom and I whisk flies away swirling our hands in circles. Our hair ripples and flicks in the sun. Our shirts blow in the wind. Climbing up Mist Hill the mist swirling around us enveloping us in its warmth.

Snow Day Bianca

My hot breath makes mist on the window. Jumping out of bed bursting down the stairs,

click, clack. Outside white snow is drifting on the ground. Clouds misty and white. Coming in a trail follows me, white fluffy snow melting – Slushy soft and white.

Secret Trail Matisse

we grip the rough gray rocks the ground, still moist from the rain the long green grass sways with the wind the secret trail with roots to trip the trees twist over our head the birds sing together like an orchestra the soft warm wind the soft warm wind the secret trail

Early Morning Magic Benjamin L.

My sneakers hit the damp gravel as I walk to the park on the misty morning. My breath like fog in the chill and crisp air. My dad holds a brown football in his hand. I take off sprinting like a cheetah. The ball twirls and whirls in the air. I suddenly stop and whip around

just as the ball smacks my hands. We repeat this until my fingers are frail, and my hands are numb.

Peeking Through The Blinds Rosa W.

Peeking through the blinds, I see a foggy moon, hiding beneath the clouds. I’m an owl swooping around in the early morning. A chilly breeze blows my hair. A chilly breeze blows dust in my eyes. Peeking through the blinds, I see the sun. Reflecting on the green grass, full of dew drops. Peeking through the blinds, I see people rising, birds singing.

Snow Picture Priya

I race to the window my cheeks against the cold glass. Gentle silver flakes are dancing down. I push open the door I shiver. A gust of icy cold wind welcomes me. My boots sink in the deep deep snow. As white as a blank piece of paper waiting to be drawn on. So I draw a snow man, a snow fort, a snowball fight. The snow picture is done.

Winter Walk Vinny

The tender, soft snow below my feet so cool, so soft. I walk through the cool, fluffy snow. I walk, I walk. By the white rock. By the tall, tall trees. I know now that I’m almost there. I go down, down the steep hill. Past the lake the wind as cold as snow. As cold as snow.

Outside on a Soft Back Molly

There’s a soft back under me trotting through green fields short soft grasses over brown logs in blue puddles and around gray hard stones under big long branches My horse is leaping and turning spinning and jumping going under and over never stopping

Snow Magic Sebastian

Bursting white specks into cloudy gushes White swirls of wind and snow

Whistling snow Freezing cold ice Circling each other White speck Snow melting into streaming water Whistling snow Freezing cold ice Wham smash Snow falling from twigs and branches Singing snow Freezing cold ice I love snow

Dance Class Sienna

Dance with one foot and dance with two. All you need is the movement in your body. Step by step throw the air. Dance, dance, dance everywhere. Make a pose. Make a dash to the door. Tell your mama “I’m ready to go.” Swiftly dance out the door. Linger at the car.

Storm Dani

Waves beat the land with a furious hand and thunder roars up above. Lightning bolts scream and raindrops gleam and Rosie hugs me with frightened love. But I know for sure it will clear to nothing more than a drizzle, just a light shower. The rain will thin, a new spring will begin, and up will shoot the first flower.

Whip! Whip! Whip! Dean

“Let’s have a dance party!” My brother, Will, says. The music begins! Will twirls on his butt, his first move. Whirl! Whirl! Whirl! My legs hit air ripping my feet off the ground, as I do the donkey kick! Whip! Whip! Whip! We take turns leaping, striding through the air! I take the final leap then we go to bed. I fall asleep dancing in my head!

My Little Brother Zoe P.

I love to watch my brother When he brushes his teeth and plays with his Star Wars figures and sleeps comfortably at night and draws his cute drawings for the wall and I love it when he dances and sings too and reads his tiny books and when he hugs me tightly and when he puts his clothes on backwards and I wish he could stay like that forever.

Skiing Toby

I’ve got skiing blood in me Last month the skiing bug clamped its jaws around me Gliding down slopes majestically Carving in turns naturally I adore gliding down blue squares with ease Roboting down pitch-black diamonds I love gliding down slopes majestically I’ve got skiing blood in me



Finally I can see the birds fly and the trees sway and the wind swiftly moves my hair back like a comb Finally the sun is out and the sky is blue and neighbors throw coats away and smile

The Football Game J.J.

It’s a cold winter day. The snow whips sharply past us. “Hut hike!” He screeches. “I’ll go deep!” I yell as my voice travels down field. I charge. I leap high. I dive, fall, slide in the snow… Touchdown!

Morning Miracles Zora

Wake, early to a dim frizzy light and the sweet sleep song of a mocking bird.

My castle is destroyed I’m sad then I decide to make a new one. This one I made twice as thick and twice as tall. CRASH

An Early Morning Ride Amelia

The sky like blue faded paper on a gloomy night.

I raced my bike on a low tide and low sun

The streams flowing swiftly rippling softly.

I felt a breeze that said Fall’s coming

Dew soaks my bare feet tickling my toes.

A smell of the early morning ocean sea salt

A swift chilly breeze swishes in and blows lime green leaves through the air.

I peddled at a speed that let me own the empty beach

Finally the ice cream truck is by the park and all the kids crowd around it and the song brings them joy and happiness

A drop of fresh dew slipping off a droopy leaf.

Finally the Monarch unfolds her wings and the flowers grow so wild


Finally spring is today

wall to protect my castle but the wind pushes.

A fast feeling where you can burn all the bad thoughts away

The world will wake up soon.

With a sun shooting higher above the waves


Where the sun has thrown its weight on your shoulders

The wind blows crash it hits the water I try to make a

With a high tide and a high sun I raced my bike back

Several Silver Silky Tears

In Space

I knew my dad was leaving soon.

They shine so brightly. Little balls of light glistening. The backdrop for the planets. Find the brightest one it will lead you somewhere. Somewhere towards North. What am I?


When my parents and I went to the supermarket, I held my feelings It was devastating. Several Silver Silky Tears Ran down my cheek. This time I couldn’t hold it back.

Dylan Ben F.

I was home from Passover dinner waiting for a Surprise! I ran straight to the kitchen A hint out of nowhere Thump thump Shocked Amazed A dog Bella screamed It’s Dylan!


and it all comes out.

Hot, Sunny Morning Brazil

A Tangerine color is orange - but not just any orange a fluorescent coral. The taste of a ripe Tangerine is tangy, and savory.


I wake up in the morning, grab my ball. I breathe into the salty morning air. A new day has begun. Brazil has awoken. The blue, gentle, smooth waves sing the beautiful, calm, sweet morning song that goes on, and on, and on, forever.

Gold Citruses Eliza

An Orange is juicy and tart. When you bite into an Orange the pulp runs down your mouth like when you drink too much water

A Clementine is the juiciest one. It tastes like honey, but tart like a moon full of stars; airy, and soft.

Fright Ella

When I’m on stage I’m very nervous I say half of a word I freeze biting my hands I have some things to do then I said one more word but I didn’t finish but they still love it and I’m happy they do

This is Me Emilia

I don’t like peas I don’t like carrots I don’t like fish (but I do like sushi) I don’t like bananas I don’t like squash or zucchini I don’t like snakes or lizards and I don’t like cake I also think peas and carrots are as sweet as cotton candy! And CAKE it is so squishy and gewwy And squishy squash and zucchini give me nightmares And fish just makes me feel a pain in my stomach! And bananas are squishy and brown bananas make me throw

up! lizards just crawl around you and you get all slimy! And sneaky snakes they’re just too Sneaky! And last thing sushi I like sushi because … actually I don’t know why I like Sushi! This is me.

Swimming Isadora

I get into the water it feels so cool on my body The water pushes me from end to end and I glide Kicking my legs and circling

my arms is tiring When I get out I feel so cold then I gradually walk into the house

Nature’s Beauty Henry

The glistening moon shining upon the sparkling pond “ribbit ribbit” the green little frog hops with glee the whistle of wind whirring through the trees the fragrance of flowers floating through the air as the night smell passes on

CAMP Che-Na-Wah Jordan

my home my life it has its own half of my heart my heart is stuck there and that is where I will keep it when I think of it I miss it wood houses begging you to walk in crystal clear lake spritz your face green grass hills that tickle your feet I can’t forget about it and I never will.


Miette Sorry, sorry for tasting your cherries, but I have to say, They tasted like a teaspoon of joy, They also reminded me of a flower blooming, birds gliding and

soaring across the sky, and a waterfall smashing the rocks below, a fond memory of a vacation traveling across the Earth, And now the last cherry in your fridge, so sweet so cold, delicious. The pit being spat in the bowl, Done. Dancing Snow Oliver White snow, glitters, down on, the mountain. White snow, dances, in the sun light White snow, sweating, as dawn says its name.

The sun, slips, over the peaks Nothing, but black.

Pluto Maddyn

I adore my planet because it is unique different from all the rest it is not even considered a planet but it is to me. A cold and icy place gives you chills makes you want to Ice skate clear glossy flat smooth this is the place to go. And you won’t die like on those other planets if you wear everything in your closet I repeat everything in your closet.


Stuff is stuff So if you can’t find it you can’t find it it’s not the end of your life but then again if it’s all your money you’re broke. but let’s not get into that but if it’s not being made anymore like if it was made in the 1900s just get over it, it’s just a toy, it’s not the end of the world. My mom’s wallet was stolen right before Christmas! It was the Worst! It had her I.D., her credit cards, her driver’s license and her money and all sorts of stuff I don’t know about.

Sea Divers Rami

graceful divers, in the deep blue sea slight turn, fun, sly, fish

Red Hot Rosa G

Gather round the blaze the most powerful thing ever seen

The sound of Crackling fills the air along with smoke and steam The slightest touch to the skin is certainly not the greatest thing Stare to the pit of blazing hot blades growing and shrinking back small, creating something magical



Paris the city of light

the city of pastries and art, Mona Lisa sits watching you Mr. Eiffel stands looking upon the Eiffel Tower,

dogs run and play, the water rushes upon my aqua blue hair my jazzy silver shirt, my lovely orange pants, my sparkly purple beret, don’t say that outfit is crazy I’m in Paris no one can judge me, this is every day clothes I have my own style so don’t judge me.

Rollercoaster Ride Veronica

I’ve seen it go before. It’s crazy. It’s like a big wave crashing and rolling. But I’m tall enough now. I race up the platform, and jump in the second cart. It’s green and yellow and dragon looking. I zip my seatbelt on. The wild ride starts. WOOOOSH!


Wyatt You are the demons of the sea. You are the kings of the ocean. Travelers of the deep. Gobblers of fish. Munchers of shrimp. Danger of the ocean and killers to human beings.

Church Zoe D.

four little girls went to church to sing in the children’s choir they slipped their little white gloves on to their little

brown hands but they didn’t know that an explosion was coming those poor four little girls

Untitled Karim

I eat syrup on my pancakes for breakfast I watch my cat drink milk I eat plums for snack so delicious I get a voice in my head at night

Deep Beneath the Surface Nora

Do you ever wonder what lives beneath the surface? And below that even farther down? I urge you go, and venture more Deep beneath the surface where things are galore As creatures spring under there happy and free, in the deep blue sea.

Cherry Blossoms Jessie

Cherry blossoms fall, from trees one, then another

and then, one more The petals fall too, one, then another and then, one more The branches are lighter than usual, skinnier too The cherries are red and the blossoms are pink And however it looks, it is always beautiful Just, beautiful.

Glass Bottom Boat Alex

Jamaica. so warm so much to do. You can go on a boat that has a glass bottom. You can see patterns on the fish. Polka dots and zig zags through the bottom of the boat. A huge coral reef. Strange rocks smooth rocks pointy rocks. You can sit on a beach with the water slapping the sand. With palm trees lunging down. Jamaica.

How the Sun Can Disappear Joshua

The churning waterfall crashes to the ground and lets off lots of mist

Warm Summer Day Miranda

Waves churning water climbs and rolls to my toes then crashes back to the mysterious depths. It looks like I was their queen and they were my subjects bowing loyally.

The mist makes it almost impossible to see and it dims the sun But when the mist clears the sun has disappeared Like the sun gets poked by the mountaintops and all the light trickles away

The Canoe Harper

Moving slowly paddling hard the nice summer sweetness is almost over happiness glides through me like seeing a gentle newborn puppy. The waves are slow but they take me on a ride. The current is quiet But i know it’s there. One splash of a wave is quiet but if you notice It makes a difference The one I will never forget

Wet sand feels soft and silky like powdered sugar against my feet though less sticky. As I think my mind twists and turns as if it were the waves crashing against the sand hugging it.

Rainy Days Becket

The rain comes vaulting out of nowhere gray clouds swarm see the sun tucked away sky darkens thunder starts

As I slip into sleep on the warm sand like a bunny slips into her burrow I dream of the Wild Sea.

The Country Kaleo

A place to roam. A place to be free. A place to lay down and relax. A place where there are no cars, no trucks, no sirens. There is just the silence of the swaying grass. And at night when the crickets play their song. When the stars are bright. We make a fire, that looks like a Phoenix, spreading its wings. To celebrate the starry night.

Unicorn Mila

In the mist I can’t see what is it? I can’t tell. With a horn and a mane the horn is crystal clear mane as dark as the starry night sky skin as light as water Oh it’s a unicorn yes it’s a unicorn such an amazingly beautiful living thing. I want to keep you you’re just so beautiful Go.

Eclipse Ava

The shining sunlight Creeping over mountaintops Coat glistening in the setting moon As if fireflies were in the fox’s fur Something hikes with the sun Towards her As if she were prey Roots crackle Like a call for war Claws Teeth Jaws Leaping out of the shrubs A wolf comes The sun It’s on the wolf’s team The fox hides And the twinkling moon Which was setting before Rose The fox With the moon at her side Was ready Moon against Sun Fox against wolf War Unstoppable war Then it happened Moon and sun Together as one It happened Eclipse Fox and wolf Sun and moon Stopped the unstoppable war A howl A growl All the excitement Gone It vanished But it will come again Some day It was with the help Of a fox and a wolf Eclipse

Roots crackle Like a Call for War Claws Teeth Jaws Leaping out of the shrubs A wolf comes The sun It’s on the wolf’s team The fox hides And the twinkling moon Which was setting before Rose

The fox with the Moon at Her Side Was ready Moon against Sun Fox against wolf War Unstoppable war

Then it happened Moon and sun Together as one It happened Eclipse Fox and wolf Sun and moon Stopped the unstoppable war A howl A growl All the excitement Gone It vanished But it will come again Some day It was with the help Of a fox and a wolf Eclipse

Milky White Thea

Milky white horse hair glides across long silver strings. A magical noise the sound of life and death mixed together. Feel the sound oozing from far away.

Close it seems, too. A hollow drum curves ‘round the four silver strings two curvy cuts like streams along glossy sand. Fierce, low, high, smooth, rough. Silky as a dress of my mother’s as a white wedding gown.

Pet Robbery Aviel

Dear Barry Banana I have stolen your cat, rabbit, snake, lion and all the other pets you have. For dinner I had rabbit stew, I also had roast chicken and for dessert I had escargot. There is still more stuff in my kitchen. The day after that, For breakfast I had bacon and eggs For lunch chicken Pad Thai. I needed a barn to fit the cows, horses and pigs. I have fur coats made from alpine foxes I have leather couches made from rainbow cowskin. I used up all your pets only leaving one fish for You From Will Watermelon

Touch the Clouds Elle

Hoofbeats pound in my ears wind stings my face we are near the jump we lift into the air my horse and I become one as we soar upward it’s as if we’ve touched the clouds then we land without a sound on the soft dirt silent

Pain Sadie

pain it begins with pain blood gushes out like ink from a broken pen darkness swarms in my heart one tear then a flood pain it ends with pain

In the Woods Owen

The moon is on the horizon a wolf is howling an owl is hooting I stand and look I take a new path

the oak tree has rotted go deeper and deeper find new things go back to the old house sit by the fire wait for tomorrow for all the things you will do

The City is Furious Tessa

The city is furious The buildings hug the people walking by The welcoming doors of crowded shops sing like a hummingbird’s song for you to come inside The taxis honk their horns like an elephant’s screech and punish you for being slow The city is furious

Smooth Woolen Blanket Theodore P.

Smooth, woolen blanket, You are so soft and kind. Smooth, woolen blanket, You are the best alive! So, when I am a’shivering, You know I need your help. Just glide right on to my bed and make me nice and cozy!

Buddy Sydney

Buddy He is lazy just sleeping in a ball all day. He is strange when he is belly up. He is fluffy. So soft So warm, like cuddling a Teddy Bear under the blankets. He loves to snuggle all night long. He also loves to jump in puddles. But that’s not everything he likes to do. You know nothing about Buddy.

Beautiful Dark Sky Mia

Listen to the wind whirl as you gaze up at the sky to look at the beautiful stars. listen to the trees tremble in fear and hear the moon howl. Walk around the forest barefoot under the beautiful, shiny and dark sky Hear the crickets chirp Hear the wolves howl Hear the owls hoot. Go back to the start and do it again, but this time go deeper in the forest and see new things.

FOURTH GRADE The Symphony of Cadman Emi Guy

The symphony of Cadman The trees play their leaves To the beat of the winding wind The kids playing soccer Move their feet along with the beat The bikes riding by Ring their bells just in time The strollers softly glide Along with the trees The water fountain gurgles A low sort of tune And the grass rustles A harmony And the painter’s brush Conducts it all In graceful streaks The symphony of Cadman And I Listen Forever.

Museum Eden

An eye exercise a place where feelings can float as wanderers stare at a painting as if their life depended on it. just paint Look Diverse groups of people scattered around mumbling and muttering silence but not silence what is their perspective

just paint Look Soft, white, tight light blinding the room so ordinary standard trying so hard as ordered to let the paintings be able to burst with their own color Look Spaced out so that each work can be the star of their own show so much care Before them what was life like The paintings are now lively excited alive redeemed by visitors I glance and they chatter gossip or lonely and slowly turning grey as less of us visit those make you want to cry Look Calm as a swan the noise inside the painting

immersing into me wanting me to hear reaching for me to understand wanting so much Look



I am from the colossal stone bridges of the city where the triangle shaped cheesy gooeyness is everybody’s favorite. I am from the loving voice of my mom “Be cool” “I love you” I am from my little four foot tall sister who sings Annie like a parrot mocking you I am from the words that sit on my shelf they’re my most prized possession I am the city a son a brother a reader.

The Mysterious Madness of Arguing Theo

The mad feeling of arguing That mysterious feeling you think you don’t know yourself anymore like a baby cow lost in the woods is a raging bull about to pounce The sounds echoing all over the baseball field “He’s out,” “No he’s safe” “No he’s out”

Untitled Ruby

Magic it flows like a rushing stream. It is so big, but invisible to some eyes. So smooth, some people don’t spot it. Even far, far away, at sea, with marble towers rising out of a once deserted island, that is now full of life waterfalls cascade down the pillars in a rhythm Casting a bluish glow over everything there, so it seems to glow softly. Sometimes it can be tricky and secret but it is there, leaking and flooding through everything, spreading the world with a protective coat.

Speechless Sean

Down stairs the shouts and yells are on high the jumble of this opinion opinion


Hey! Stop! No! And what not The whole conversation picks me up and throws me to the wood floor Speechless

Down the Street Cady

Wheels thunder down the street feet bounce in the air smiles never fading the sky is bright with laughter and the sun bump screech shout “again” “repeat” Down the Street bright eyes not a care in the world hair blows behind like nothing can stop them the grey pavement lights up with the wheels

“my turn” “let’s go, c’mon” “whee” “faster, faster, faster” wheels thunder down the street nothing can rain on this parade

What To Do?! Kenya

Two voices got in my head, while I’m cluelessly sitting on the bottom bunk What should I do? Do I wait until I have an answer, Do I listen to the good or bad? My head was pounding like a Devil’s kiss, and heart was beating like an angel’s touch. My stomach was twisting To make the right decision I talk to make it all better. I talk to stop the pounding. I talk until the sun and moon collapse. Now, I know what to do.

Ode to Smile Benjamin

spread across your face like ketchup on a hotdog the trigger of a laugh like fire burning through you Prancing around the room injecting delight into its Receiver A smile A powerful thing

The Beach Frankie

A beautiful blue and green ocean. The soft sand burns my feet. I try to look up at the blue sky but the bright sun burns my eyes as I look up. The waves go swoosh swoosh They come up but then they disappear in the sand It makes the sand wet Then my feet sink in the soaking sand I hear the seagulls and other people’s laughter There are many beach chairs behind me. I wonder where the seagulls go when they fly away in the distance and get smaller and smaller. I am happy to be in such a beautiful place.

swoosh swoosh again and again swoosh swoosh.

Hatred Will C

“OOOFFF!” “Ouch!” Hatred stands within me like a cold hard iceberg A desire to hurt my enemy surges through me like a stormy tornado and I’m being swept up in it We both hurl words of anger at each other Sweat glistens down my brow Eyes narrowed like a tiger stalking prey “OOOFFF!” “Ouch!”

Where I’m From Tomás

I am from Brazil and The Brooklyn Strategist and

Exit 9 Gift Emporium I am from my Magic the Gathering cards and my warhammer figures I am from the dimly lit Sushi Knakazawa and ramen and juicy fish tacos I am from time paranoia soccer beast and my friendships in PS 29 And my blue Gjoa jacket. I am from me

Where I’m From Camiah

I am from the flaming sun of July Where warm smiles greet me I imagine myself as a spectacular rhythmic gymnast my twirling ribbon soars through the air the music playing softly I am from the city where dreams come true At home the juiciness of fruits my puppy’s fur softer than ever my sister’s insults echoing in my ears The thought of wonderful homemade ice cream But eat it fast or it will melt into a small pool of deliciousness



shining stars light up the vibrant sky gleaming down on the lake silent the full moon reflecting as bright as the sun in the still glowing water sparkling ripples flowing around the boats flashing in the moonlight

sometimes people can fight so close, they give each other the death stare One word can start a fight of madness rumbling

Sisterhood Olivia

quiet except for paddles swishing through the tranquil water

Her voice when she’s mad is like a tiger roaring. My sister roars it pounds in my ears Ow!! it hurts I run away my bare feet pound on the wood floor loud beating in my chest. I breathe hard.

A Mad Laugh

Paint Brushes

Out of the silence, dark shouting from both a rumble of noise like a mad, angry, apprehensive elephant

Like a magical wand the world comes out of your brush with one stroke sky mountains

shouting like a baseball player at bat arguing with the referee like a rumble of noise

The forest forms on your paper like a new life The brush




carefully moves fast then slow trees suddenly burst out of your canvas as a New Painting

Brain When It Goes Crazy Zachary

You think hard you try to make a decision but your brain won’t let you. It is like two swords clashing and your brain feels on FIRE The punches are pounding you try to figure out what to listen to. The fight goes on until one side wins. And it can be so short or so long before one side defeats the other

Ode to Falling Leaves Sonia

Falling swiftly falling leaves falling gracefully off a tree Like people dancing twirling swirling around each other As they

All happiness is drained all hatred breaks out non-stop fierce words coming left and right clashing together like swords The friendship is paused til tomorrow Quarreling

smoothly touch the ground lightly as a feather

The Sounds of Quarreling The Fun Days Samuel

Taking a jab at each other nobody wanting to back down Trying to prove they’re right the quarreling feels timeless All in a secluded area nowhere to go like a mouse stuck in a trap


We jump up to tuck rope coming around like a carousel we used to play on the carousel when we went to the park but now mama and papa don’t want us to go on the carousel anymore they say, “You’re too big, you’ll break it and then we’ll have to pay for you”

so we have to go outside and do the only thing we can think of jump rope we land two feet on the ground thumpa ready to pounce again We jump our shoes fly whoosh like a bird spreading its wings about to take flight me May and Hazel but sometimes one of us misses the jump then we all groan and start over til mama said “dinner time”

Me Julien

The only version of me there is the one who laughs, hahahahaha the one who works all day the one who makes me me The me that cries with joy all day and night the me that says Hooray! the me, the only me, the me, that takes me away

Being the Older One

London, London


Charlotte R

When he looks up at me I know I am important When I look down at him I see myself His bright smile lights up the room I grip tighter, never wanting to let go It’s my brother, just my brother, and me.

Me Cal

Under a beautiful blue sky a massive grey but 7 stories high looming over me confused “Where am I?” “Where am I?” tiny me and the bat like a pushpin and human beautiful blue sky beautiful blue sky eyes blackened looks like ash just fell chin pointing out a tongue folded over “What the heck!?!?” so confused

I’m sad to go for all I know is here. How will I move away? I don’t think today is the day I sob I grieve I get one last look at you and move away I do Get to NYC I smile I grin and my life begins all over again.

Morning and Noon Clara

I looked up at the glimmering moon The sun wouldn’t be there soon I would be fast asleep Up way before noon

I can see you now, shining bright for it is now day, not night. I can see you rocking me in the daytime, I can see.

Untitled Evan

coffee, coffee burning bright through the darkness of the dawn who would know how hot you were fiery like fire itself I couldn’t see your burning heat coffee, coffee burning bright

Diner Holden

Waiters darting around collecting orders Passing by tables Forks and utensils clatter Bright lights gleam as you enter through the glass door

When I awoke I’d open one eye Open my window, watch the birds fly Maybe I would try to whistle to them But if they didn’t respond, I’d let out a sigh

From all corners waiters say, “May I take your order?” as they trot by In the kitchen chefs Yelling, “Hurry Up!” or “What’s the hold up!?” as they cook

When I walked outside, it was misty Clouds were nearby really very foggy An airplane was in the distance I stared at it very happily.

Waiters slither down the line of tables again You may hear, “Would you like dessert?” or “How was your day?”

Untitled Esme

Waves, waves, dark as night swallowing up all the light. With no moon I can’t even see all the waves rocking me.

You eat As the emotion of being satisfied and happy crawl through your mind Sizzling bacon Sizzling bacon Sizzling bacon

The Youngest Dylan

It’s fun to be the young one You always have someone there for you To share a friendship with A combination of you and your older one We play We run And once the day is done My older one goes to bed

First Birthday Isaiah

I stare at my cake as I think to myself WHOA! I hope it does not eat me. Cake is stuck to my face and hands as I look very confused. My pointy Elmo hat sticks up as I enjoy my first birthday.

The Youngest of Them All! Jake

You can get away with everything My two siblings protect me Not a lot of attention Not taken seriously.

Can hang out with my siblings’ friends Don’t have to do chores Get left out of the conversation and can get into fights But after all that they are my sister and brother and they will always be there for me

Older, Younger, Middle Kalle

Being younger and older, Bossed around and looked up to Someone blamed for a lot because of tattle tales but on the bright side There’s always someone to hug someone to love someone to play with someone to comfort you In the bad times and good times being me a middle kid being me a middle kid

So Much Depends Upon Melanie Swift

So much depends upon sun gleaming through the window children playing by the bed the white walls so plain you’ll always be there

Untitled Sam K.

Swiftly moves facing down leaving marks wherever you put

it slowly jerks around facing up hiding the marks you’ve Made.

Paper Simone

Your lines run across the page as the swiftly moving pencil moves across me like the sun moving across the sky your three eyes stare at the red line beside you you are the thing that holds the stories you are paper.

Untitled Sophia

Bright sides are bright From the good things about being the oldest From the PLAYING to the ENTERTAINING to the RESPONSIBILITY Dark sides are dark From the bad things about being the oldest From the WHINING to the BLAMING to the little attention from being the oldest

Forged Julian

Together Merged Forged Attached Hinged Happy Loving Screaming Different Alike Merged Together Together Forever…

Twins Zoe

You would not be able to tell the AMAZING set sour little brown eyes shimmering in the light MATCHING MATCHING curls in hair one arm wrapped around the other So beautiful So beautiful Not babies Not toddlers Yes children two twins with beautiful Brown eyes but so small summer DAYS In a dress with an arm wrapped around the other one.


Here they are free to be themselves free to laugh and to play They are friends who express themselves with friendship they trust each other and no one no one can ever change that because having friends is one of the strongest forces IN THE WORLD Friends Friends Friends

Untitled Jules

These two kids look happy a bit crazy they’re happy to go swimming in the lake or pond or just a body of water these two kids look crazy dancing with goggles really they put their hands in the air


ready to take off into the lake or pond or just a body of water

Friends always together never apart, having fun running free


Beautiful summer day wind blowing sun shining


Door Like a GIANT with

two little people standing in front covering eyes like they are playing HIDE AND SEEK a big grin spread across his caring face looking up and down big, long short little f r i z z y hair Laughing Laughing Laughing

Waves Cortez

The elements that speak fun Once you get in not getting out anytime soon a whole other planet another galaxy if that don’t be afraid go have a Blast

Thoughts Olive

rushing like a waterfall never the right one twists and turns like thread carving through your mind it fights for the perfect one

Bright! Bright! Mina

Bright! Bright! ‘Tis the deep dark night. I lie and look up at the sky. As I go down the green grass pricks My ears. One way HOO! HOO! The other Zoom! Zoom! In the night sky a plane goes by with others passing the sky. Hoo! Hoo! ZOOM! ZOOM! CHIRP! CHIRP! The crickets join in. In the night Sky!

Love Those Boys without Shirts Robby

I said Love those boys Like a dog loves to roll Love to call them “Hey there kids” They look so happy They look so free For they have no responsibility Now they will run and play Until the day is done Then They will go home And sleep Under the beautiful moon

Love That Diaper Max

Love that diaper Like a boy likes Toys I said love that diaper Like a boy likes Toys After a long day

They’re easier than a Long trip to the bathroom A mom would say

Friends D.J.

There’s no difference between us We’re all the same It’s just our colors There’s nothing wrong with that You and me to the end. Friend. We’re friends No matter what comes. Color makes no difference in the world You and me to the end. Friend.

Newspaper Santi

Newspaper Adults, Kids, Babies Can read it Brothers, sisters, mothers, Fathers Can read it Dogs, cats, fish, Can read it We all read it… Newspaper

On a Cold Snowy Day Ryder

On a cold snowy day The herding dog Is chasing scared Sheep into a Farm. On a cold snowy day On a cold snowy day The wind is Howling On a cold snow day The herding dog Is chasing scared Sheep into a farm. On a cold snowy day On a cold snowy day The herding dog is Lonely On a cold snowy day On a cold snow day

In the Summer Lauren

In the summer Mommy and I Sitting on the porch Cousin taking a photo A smile on our face With my family At the beach house My little fingers touching my mom’s arm My tiny lips on my mom’s face Mom wearing sunglasses Me wearing pink Loving each other So very very much!

Jumping Care Paloma

Jumping Care! Jumping together Best friends forever Care for each other One and another Hair zooming Across My face Mild wind In all this space Jumping together Best friends forever One and another Care for each other.

My Only Office Emmett

My only office Small and quiet It blocks all sound If there’s a riot My place to go when In need of peace Not everyone has dim lights

Such as these What used to be my brother’s Bedroom, is now my Favorite place I once saw a look of Jealousy Across his freckled Face Will I really ever know How that room now Belongs to Me?

Waves Rising Ruby M.

Waves rising the orange-y yellow Then feeling on Falling my Bare feet With sand Deep in the cold breeze My on my Sweaty back Palm Caw Caw Bright sun the birds Bright light ring Beating on my Hair Fish poking their Heads out breathing in Waves rising the Then Falling deep blue sea Diving As the ocean In the Ocean rises and falls On and on As its colors over and over Surround again Me

Fun and Crowded Sophia

Fun and crowded Bright and sunny Classical music Drifting in. Happy, Tired, Nervous and joyful Classical music drifting in.

Laughing eyes Her funny laugh, Gurgling and smiling And happy grin Her soft Baby hands Are In Mine.

Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too Lucas

Whispers, Questions, Chatter all around Flooding Every corner. Classical music Drifts in.

Lights Margot

Lights Lights Turn off Click Dark Black Can’t see Scared What’s in the distance? What’s behind the door? Click Lights turn on Nothing Nothing in the distance Nothing is behind the door

Violet Talia

Violet So much depends Upon The little girl I hold so close With her

inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too Learning me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too Went for a ride they were going to school. “Oh dear!” “No fun!” “It’s time we’re let loose!” Said Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too. Learning was essential and Smarting had to happen, And Writing wanted to watch TV while his friends went on blabbin’ As smarter And smarter And smarter they grew Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too. Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too, First grade and second they all had to do. “We’re good!” “Or not!” “It’s Spanish next!” Cried Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too. Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too Had to return to the word that they knew, Couldn’t take School Those lazy odd boys Dear Learning Me, Smarting Me, Writing Me too.

Hold On




Hold on Don’t let go Clasp hands As time speeds by Fast, Real fast, Hold on Don’t let go You don’t come back I try But I can’t hold on no more So I try to let it go Can’t Hold on Don’t let go Ever, ever, ever, You slip away Like smoke Between my fingers But I clutch Hold on Tight I’ll never let go of You

Gold solid shimmering all people want

The Monster

Here my father and I watch as lily pads float by


Standing above the Creature’s mouth Looking at the large Eyes that stare at him All alone The surface shined From the sun with a Little boy afraid to Go down

prices silver money can taunt in a wonderful place why does gold take up space why does gold overpower it all?

A French Garden George

All alone One he was down, he turned around and Found it to be just a slide All alone.

All alone He leaps forward Hitting the monster Hard then springing Into the air All alone When coming back he Banged into the glossy Surface once again And came tumbling down Quickly sliding out of danger

The willow trees, Calling as if People With their Beautiful leaves Calling to everyone And me, only A baby Not Knowing What I was Missing Here my father and I sit Watching The beauty of a French garden

My House

My Brother and I

When I enter When are my parents I see a couch going to come The space is small home? But it looks big With the doorbell White rings Walls and the hood When are my parents above the stove Going goes on To come Home? When are my parents going Sun seeping to come

My brother and I click on our shiny helmets and he climbs into the loose tub of water, the speeding racer, with a SPLASH and I push it across the red nubby carpet To the landing and then I give it One More Shove and I jump in and we go Sliding and crashing and Tumbling and bashing and Breaking and screaming all the way To the bottom of the stairs, our finish line. We look up There are small blackish puddles Everywhere and there is less clean, dear Water in the tub but Our mother Races in and YELLS her head Clean Off.


Through home? The big Window Feeling Safe And Tired Home from School

I Look Out Lucien

I look out At the slopes Wanting to Just jump down And get started. Skiing, Skiing. Looking down at the Slopes. A big urge to Get out and ski Freely. Skiing, Skiing. At Vail, looking at The Slopes. Hungry to Get started. Skiing, Skiing.


Love That Love Ana

Love that love, and he just might Like a horse loves his hay have I said I love that love took my heart Like a horse loves his hay with him. Love to call it when I need it, Love to call it “I need you today!” Love that love whether It is a dog or An imaginary friend I will love that love Whether it’s my family Or myself But most of all I love that Loved one caked In rain I fell and Had some pain But he Picked me up

Space to Create More Poetry


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Write Now Spring 2016  
Write Now Spring 2016