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A message from the Principal

Brookhurst International Schools is a coeducational, pro-gressive, multicultural, value based day and boarding school based in Kenya. We currently offer our students the highest standard of British curriculum education between year 1 to A level. We are notable among the international schools in Kenya due to our dedication to providing a wholesome education.

Our superb campuses are located in the serene environ-ments of Kiserian and Lavington. Brookhurst’s Kiserian campus spans vast acres of the beautiful plains of Kajiado County as we are presently located in the tranquil area along Isinya-Pipeline Road. The campus hosts numerous learning and extracurricular facilities for its preparatory and high school students. Brookhurst’s Lavington campus is neatly tucked away in the heart of Lavington. The campus is notable in the area for its size, numerous facilities, impressive swimming pool and cafeteria space.

We offer our students aged 5-18 years the highest stand-ard of the British national curriculum education from preparatory, secondary to A level. The curriculum is learner friendly, fosters talent development, offers inter-national exposure and delivers global opportunities for its graduates. Brookhurst’s commitment to academic excel-lence, talent development and positive learner behavior is visible by the continued dedication of its faculty staff and administrators.

Our students achieve excellent outcomes and make great progress in a welcoming, safe and caring environment. This progress is supported by the hard work and com-mitment of well qualified staff who set high expectations to enable every child to succeed. We passionately believe in the potential of every student and are focused on supporting them “to climb the moun-tain” to success in an ever demanding world. Our students experience a wide range of engaging, relevant and inspirational learning activities; both in and out of the classroom.

A notable achievement of the school was attaining the 2018 highest mark in the world in French subject. We work hard to instill our core values of excellence, respon-sibility and respect throughout our school. These values are central to our unique character and ethos.

As a school, we strongly believe in partnerships working together in the best interests of all our students. Guardians, students, staff, affiliated partners, community groups and friends all work together to ensure that the young people in our school enjoy their learning journey and achieve some exceptional outcomes. As part of the numerous international private schools’ associations we are able to enjoy the benefits of working closely with other schools locally and internationally.

I hope that this prospectus gives you a brief insight into our school and why we are so proud to be members of Brookhurst International School. I would encourage you to visit us to find out more and see why Brookhurst is so special.

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Mr. George Mathenge, Principal, Kiserian Campus

A message from the Principal

I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant school, which offers great opportunities for young people. It is our goal to make each and every student succeed. We offer our students the best possible opportunitie¬s to be-come confident, thoughtful young people who are pre-pared for any future challenges, in an exciting and increasingly competitive global world.

At BIS, we are very proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and behave their very best. From the moment a student joins our school community we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is essential to their future success.

Through the British curriculum, our academic standards at BIS continue to improve term after term and year after year. Our school will continue to further develop TALENTS as we believe in a strong sense of character and skills de-velopment.

Our superb facilities and dedicated staff enable us to de-liver our programs in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need. We keep our classes relatively small to create an atmos-phere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their teachers.

I want to mention a lesson that personally inspires me to do and achieve more despite failing a hundred times. You are only limited by your imagination. Thus, let us start eve-ry term at school with hopes and dreams that no matter how limited we might be, we will do our best to achieve our dreams. Also, there is something magical about suc-cess. If I asked you to name the first man who walked on the moon. I am pretty sure that I would get a bunch of answers. However, if I asked you who was the second per-son, I know I would barely get any answers. Because, tra-ditionally, we do not value the second or third positions as much as we should. After all, it is not only the first person who deserves fame, a name, and a notable status. Whether you believe it or not, each and everyone deserves it because we all work hard and give our best. Additionally, those who have invested their best but were not able to manage a victory, keep working hard because hard work pays off.

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A message from the School Board

As the school’s board at Brookhurst International School we are very proud of the students’ many achievements and work very hard to support the staff in making Brookhurst is a safe and stimulating environment for all. We encourage all parents to let us know their views about the school, so we can develop partnerships to further im-prove the learning experience at Brookhurst. We value everyone’s opinion.

Board Membership, 2020 Chairman- Mohamednur Khalif


A message from the Director

I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to Brookhurst International school. Brookhurst is a Cam-bridge registered school and is designed to offer the British National curriculum at preparatory and secondary level and GCE for A level. We enroll learners from grade 1-13 and are aged between 5-18 years.

The curriculum is child friendly and is delivered in a manner to enable the learners excel in all facets and to face the future with confidence. Students have the opportunity to take O level examinations (IGCSE) and A- level (GCE). Moreover, upon successful completion of the education period; students are able to join highly recognized national and interna-tional universities and colleges. Our mission is to facilitate young boys and girls realize their dreams and develop outstanding personalities.

The school has excellent boarding facilities at its Kiserian Campus with over 90% of the students being regular boarders. However, a few students are day schooling and transport is offered within the geographical cluster of, Rongai, Karen, Ngong, Kiserian and Langata Road. We tru-ly aim to provide a homely and friendly environment for our children.

Brookhurst’s Lavington campus is notable for its immacu-late campus nestled in the center of Lavington Nairobi. The campus is a day school offering the residents of Nai-robi county the finest educational experience. We aim to provide a highly structured hands-on approach to learn-ing where students are given opportunities to develop skills through practical investigation, research, and once having practiced and acquired these skills, be able to guide their own future learning.

I believe every child comes into this world with bundles of gifts and talents and the role of learning institutions and the society at large is to enable the child to identify and develop these gifts and talents. For this reason, Brookhurst School develops the academic ability of the child and helps to identify other talents in areas such as: music, sports, drama and arts. Just like in education, we aim to supply the world with people of great talents.

Brookhurst has rallied the staff and students to focus on being the best in Africa and beyond. Consequently, we put on the mind and armor of winners in everything that we purpose to do. This spirit has positioned us among the best school in academics, for instance in 2015, 95% of our students achieved outstanding performance in IGCSE.

We have represented the country in international soccer matches and have won such as Keele warrior cup in UK in 2014, Nottingham cup in 2015, and in Barcelona tourna-ment in 2016. Moreover, we have students who have qualified with private pilot licenses through our aviation program. In many occasions we have been rated first and will continue with this spirit of setting the pace and giving our students the wings to fly.

Welcome to our school. I am confident this is the best environment for your son and daughter that will nurture their dreams and aspirations.

Welcome to the home of champions


Our Aims

Excellence in everything we do

● Everyone achieves success and makes excellent pro-gress

● We all continually improve what we do and work hard

● We care about being the best we can be and getting the best out of those around us

Respect for all

● Everyone is valued for their contribution

● All are cared for and supported so that needs are met

● We recognise and celebrate the talents, gifts and uniqueness of every individual

Everyone has responsibility

● To prepare young people for life and a positive future

● To ensure that school is a safe place

● To help and support others to grow and succeed

Our Vision

Our vision drives the work we do as a school and encap-sulates our ethos and values. This vision is that: Everyone achieves excellence, demonstrates respect for all and takes responsibility for their own actions, while helping others to be successful.

Valuing Diversity

Brookhurst International School caters for the needs of all students and is fully committed to equality of opportunity. Our school is a richly diverse community with staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We expect all members of our community to live and work in harmony with one another. We celebrate this diversity through a range of activities in assemblies and lessons. Our values are encapsulated in the school’s Equality Duty and we will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment.

We celebrate the rich diversity of our school and the world in which we live through the curriculum, assemblies and a range of exciting events throughout the year.

Brookhurst is a fully inclusive comprehensive school with facilities and staff expertise which cater for a wide range of needs, including students with physical disabilities. The whole school site is wheelchair accessible and specialist class-rooms have a range of adapted equipment to ensure all students are as included as possible. We have a full time medical officer who provides for any specific medical needs.

“Diversity is valued and…all pupils feel they belong”
Waweru, 2017.

Teaching and Learning

First and foremost, our school is about excellent teaching and learning. We are a community of learners on a journey to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding.

Staff, as learners, are trained and coached throughout the year to further develop the learning experiences they provide for students.

We understand that students have different preferred learning styles and we aim to cater for these throughout the curriculum with interesting and exciting learning experiences. Students are inspired by the teaching they experience at Brookhurst.

Independent learning, including homework, is an important part of what we do to extend the learning which takes place in the classroom. This helps us to develop self-disciplined, inquisitive learners with the skills to succeed in further education and the world of work.

We set high aspirational targets for all students in each subject. These are rigorously monitored to make sure that all students make excellent progress. A vast amount of support is provided for those who need this to achieve. Our philosophy for education is based on a “growth mindset”.

We encourage all members of the school community to believe that they can continually improve with the right attitude to learning and a positive work ethic.

Parents are encouraged to support their children’s learning by attending annual Tutor Evenings and Parents Evenings. Homework is available for parents and students to see via our website. Regular reports keep parents/carers informed about their child’s progress.

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Active Engaging Learning for all

We want the learning experience to be a positive one for all students and to support them towards a successful future.

We believe that all students need a strong grasp of the core subjects. We provide extensive support in the basics but also ensure all students study a balanced, broad curriculum throughout their time with us.

Students are inspired most by developing their own talents and interests. That is why we ensure there are a wide range of opportunities in which to succeed and develop through

both the formal taught curriculum and wider experiences such as: clubs, educational visits, performances and leadership roles.

We ensure all students develop from extensive opportunities in the arts and technology subjects. Our teachers focus on developing the skills and knowledge required for successful transition to further study and work.

Prospectus 2022 8

Preparatory: Year 1, 2,

3, 4,

The preparatory level encompasses students aged 5-13 years old. Starting a new school can be daunting, as well as exciting and we have an extensive programme of tasters and visits, including a school holiday programme to ensure that students settle into Brookhurst as well as they can.

Our transition coordinator works closely with primary schools and parents to ensure a successful transfer to Brookhurst school. Dedicated areas and activities are provided for Year 7 students at break and lunch times.

A broad and balanced learning experience

Subjects studied by all students:

● Computing

● Math

● English

● Swahili

● Art

● Physical Education

● Science

5, 6 & 7

Some ability setting takes place in core subjects as well as extensive intervention, support and catch-up provided by our Student Support Department for students requiring this.

All preparatory students have a tutor who is responsible for their welfare and pastoral support. They spend 20 minutes with their tutor each day following an engaging development programme as well as attending assemblies.

Preparatory Student

Prospectus 2022 9
“Brookhurst is a fun place to be and also has great opportunities”

Junior High School: Year 8 & 9

The junior high school level encompasses students aged 1415. The level of education is more subject based and aims at building students ability to work independently and think critically. At this stage the emphasis is on exposing students to opportunities in a wide range of subjects so that they can begin to form ideas of where their interests lie.

Subjects studied by all students:

● English

● Maths

● Science

● Humanities- History, Geography, Religious Studies


● Modern foreign Languages- French, Arabic, German

● Art & Design

● Music

● Physical Education

Senior High School: Year 10 & 11

The senior high school level encompasses students aged 16-17. Senior High School combines compulsory study with a wide range of options to allow students to build a personalised programme suitable for their needs and abilities. During Year 10, there is an extensive programme of support to help students and parents choose the right courses and options. Students follow a particular pathway depending on their ability.

Subjects studied by all students:

● English

● Maths

● Science

● Aviation

● Physical Education

● Music

● Art and Design

● Science-Physics, Chemistry & Biology

● Mathematics

● Kiswahili

● Modern foreign languages- Arabic & French

● English

● Humanities- Geography, History, Religious Studies


● Economics

● Drama

● Business Studies

Advanced Level: A-Level

Advanced Level (sixth form) syllabuses prepare learners for university study. A Level is typically a two-year course, and Cambridge International AS Level is typically one year. Students aged 17 to 19 years covering Years 12 and 13.

Students take three subjects and general paper and selection depends on their careers of choice and their perfor-mance in IGCSE O-level. Some of the requirements for taking the A level are; a student must have at least scored (Eng-lish language grade C, mathematics grade C and a minimum of grade C in subjects one desires to study.


Other Opportunities

Some of the other learning opportunities available include:

• Study support classes

• Homework club

• Extensive sporting and competitive games activi-ties including: swimming, basketball, dance, football, table tennis, fitness and netball

• Approximately 15 lunchtime and after school clubs including: School Choir, Dance Club, Dra-ma Club, Chess Club, Creative Writing Club, Language Leaders and Foreign Cinema Club

• Open access to our extensive very well equipped Learn ing Resource Centre

• Study visits

• Residential trips including outdoor activities humanities and languages study visits to other countries

• Various performances and school productions

• Student voice and leadership activities

• Charity Work

• Enterprise Days and Activities

• Breakfast Club

• Annual Careers Fair

Sports Academy

Brookhurst International School is proud to be a Specialist Sports Academy with great sporting facilities. These include: a swimming pool, activity station, fitness suite, tennis courts, football pitch, table tennis hall, running track, basketball and netball court.

The insistance on sports supports all aspects of school life and ensures a strong focus on team work, competition, communi-cation and leadership skills as well as supporting the health and well-being of our students.

Prospectus 2022 11

Gifts and Talents

We believe that all our students have gifts and talents to de-velop and that where these are exceptional, they should be fostered and encouraged in special ways.

All teachers identify students with an exceptionally strong aptitude for their subject and provide a range of special tar-geted activities for them including: master classes; clubs and educational visits. These may be tailored to the particular strengths of individuals or groups.

Our most able students are monitored closely by our More Able Students Coordinator to ensure that they achieve the very highest grades and are prepared for the next stage of their education and beyond.

Notable Achievements

● Football Semi Finalists at the Kelee Warrior Cup UK (2014), Nottinham Cup (2015), Spain-Barcelona (2016) and Dubai Super Cup (2017).

● Brookhurst trained students transitioning to international football academies.

● The talent centre that produced Kenya’s repre sentative at Miss Teen World 2018 as well as the current holder of Little Miss Kenya and Princess Teen 2017/2018.

● The hosts of the National Chess Tournament 2018.

● The starting point to numerous accredited pilots working towards commercial accredita tion.

● Brookhurst achieved Edexcel International IGCSE-Highest Mark in the World in French 2018.

● 97% pass rate in O-Level & A-Level 2021

Year 7 Student

Prospectus 2022 12
“I found it easy to make friends, it’s fun and the teachers are great”

Working Together

Our students are at the heart of everything we do. We are all part of the school community and we should all contribute to making it a better place.

Our Student Voice groups and student working parties give young people the opportunity to lead and influence through a wide range of initiatives and developments.

We regularly seek the views of parents/carers and are always keen to work more extensively with them to further develop our school.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) department is housed within our Learning Support Department. It is well resourced and provides personalised support and specialised equipment. The department provides additional classes, 1:1 tuition and in-class support assistants to make sure students get the best experience, whatever their needs.

Parent Questionnaire

A-Level Student, 2015

“Well done Brookhurst, we certainly chose the right school”
“Teachers create and sustain overwhelmingly constructive, trusting relationships”
Prospectus 2022 13


We have an extensive programme which rewards students for making a positive contribution. Students can gain achieve-ment points in every lesson and receive badges and awards at certain thresholds. Rewards assemblies take place each term where students may receive subject commendations and other rewards for excel-lent effort, attainment, attitudes and contributions.

There is a formal annual Presentation Evening for students demonstrating consistent excellence to which parents are in-vited. Rewards and celebrations are key for us in emphasising the positive and ensuring excellent behaviour and effort.

Getting the best from students

An engaging learning experience is crucial in getting the very best out of young people. We also believe in celebrating and rewarding achievement and success. Brookhurst International School focuses on the positive and works with students and their families to make sure everyone can enjoy an excellent education through building relationships and developing character.

We work together to promote a caring ethos of respect, responsibility and excellence. We expect high standards of be-haviour and self-discipline. Students who rise to this are re-warded and when, occasionally, things go wrong, we work with students to help them overcome difficulties.

Our behaviour policy sets out the steps that we take to ensure excellent discipline and outstanding behaviour throughout the school. Our approach focuses on developing excellent attitudes to learning and restorative practices.

Above all, we want our students to take responsibility for the well-being of themselves and others. Our Student Leaders are trained responsible students who set an excellent example for others to follow.

Parent Questionnaire

“Pupils work diligently and often with enthusiasm”
Alumni Parent, 2017
“Brookhurst is a fantastic school which has served both my children well and provided a strong platform for them to progress onto further education and achieve their goals’’
Prospectus 2022 14


Aircraft maker Boeing (BA) forecasts that 558,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed over the next 20 years, all around the world. That works out to about 28,000 pilots each year.

At Brookhurst we ensure our students become the best at what they do hence our training of future pilots at the flght training center at Wilson Airport, Kenya as well as Select Aviation College Canada.

Upon completion of the course work students are then certified with a Private Pilot License (PPL). A PPL is rec-ognized worldwide providing access to numerous oppor-tunities for our young pilots. All Our flight training courses are presented on a one-onone basis to ensure personal attention which also allows each student to set his/her own pace with the program.

Learning aviation at a young age allows our students to get a head start in the industry. Brookhurst has partnered with Select Aviation College (Canada) to provide students with global exposure in the aviation industry.

Select Aviation, located in the Canadian province of Québec is one of the only Aviation College in the world to offer a complete range of aviation career options. Students gain unparalleled access to training on a wide range of aircrafts in a variety of weather conditions allowing them to gain true industry experience in absolute security. Se-lect Aviation & Brookhurst’s program provides various aviation career paths ranging from airlines qualifications to specialized bush planes and helicopter training.


Catering and Social Facilities

The Lavington & Kiserian campuses have a very pleasant school environment with a range of social facilities for students to use at break and lunchtimes. Peer mentors are available for Year 7 students to meet and provide a range of support.

The Learning Resource Centers are open before and after school as well as at lunch and break times for students to access library resources, computers and quiet games. Breakfast is served from 8am in our Dinning Hall. This hall also provides students with a range of social and en-gaging activities including: newspapers/magazines, board games, quizzes and so on.

Catering is provided by an excellent team of cooks. There are multiple service areas offering different meal options and drinks. Food is also served at break times, Lunch and dinner.

Water is available throughout the school and students are encouraged to bring a water bottle for use in lessons. Students also have outside social venues like our central park area as well as the school forest park. These provide great areas for social interactions and academic train of thought.


Recent Colleges & University


● EU Business School

● Ernst Barlach Gymnasium Schloberg

● Pearson Institute of Higher Education

● Daystar University

● United States International University - Africa

● Humboldt University

● Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

● Catholic University of East Africa

● Mcgill University

● University of Toronto

● Vassar College

● University of Waterloo

● Riara University

+254 114 178 784 +254 759 174 256 LAVINGTON CAMPUS Mageta Road Off Muthangari Road Kiserian Along Pipeline - Isinya Road PARTNERSHIPS & ACCREDITATIONS KENYA PRIVATE SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION KISERIAN CAMPUS +254 701 221 952 +254 737 502 077 +254 786 304 694

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