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Introduction Contents 01 Situational Analysis 02 Goals&Objectives 03 Event Plan 04 EventPlanItinerary 05 FloorPlan 06 Promotional Plan 07 AdvertisingPlan 08 SponsorshipForms 09 Promotional Materials 10 Promotional Materials 11 Conclusion 12


This is an event plan for the 2023 Studer Community Institute.

Within this plan you will find everything needed to help make this a successful event. We cover everything from the target audiences to the promotional materials that will be used to for advertising.



-Located in the area they are serving

-Focuses on children and parents

-Works with parents to teach them the importance of early development with tools to succeed.

-Make play smart playgrounds

-Early learning initiatives

-Brain Bags


-Only focuses on 0-3 years of age

-Sibling brain builders, but only at inner city schools

-Little to no marketing analysis

-Constant digital marketing changes and costs


-More hands on showing the community what is involved with building brains

-More focus on social media campaigns

-Get to know the target audience better to get more specific feedback


-Early learning coalition of Escambia

-Achieve Escambia

-Early steps at sacred heart


Thereareafewdifferentsegmentsthatare inthispopulation.

Single,Educated,Homeowners,Married,Not Collegeeducated,withkids,nokids

TargetMarketsthatareavailablefromthe segmentsareasfollows:








We determined these to be the main goals and objectives we want to achieve in order to have a successful event.


•Raise money for Studer Community Institute Building Brains Program ($165,000 raised in 2022)

•Sell tickets to the event

•Raise awareness for the SCI Building Brains programs

•Get local companies to donate items for silent auction

•Support local breweries/business


•Raise $175,000+

•Sell 150-200 tickets

•Target sponsors who can donate (presenting sponsor (1-2), builders sponsors (2-5), framers sponsors (4-8), planners sponsors (12-20), friends of LUL)

•Have a successful event

•Give support to participating local businesses

Strategic Objectives

Get Sponsorships (these will cover the actual cost of the event)

•Sell tickets (ticket sales will go towards actual profit)

•Social media advertising, local businesses to put up promotional posters

•Silent auction items will go towards total fundraising amount

Event Plan

This event is going to be the way that the SCI raises money for the Building Brains development section of our non-profit Tasks and timeline to complete: Set up promo & promotional raffle. Get donations for silent auctions. Get food and beer donated. Secure the venue. Create posters for promo. Secure sponsorships.

Proposed budget:

Beer and food will be donated by local restaurants and breweries. Decor will be purchased from the money raised from the raffle tickets. Venue provided by the SCI and tables and chairs also provided by them.

Photographer and DJ: $750 for both, can be raised from the raffle ticket money also.

Aesthetics: Bright yellows and golds. Lots of light and fun. Simple and clean.

Interns to help set up: 10

Marketing team to take lead of event set up: 5

Main event speaker: 1

Servers for food/drinks: 20

Team to breakdown after event ends: 15

Main point person: 1

Event Plan Itinerary Doors open - 5:00pm Bar stations open - 5:15pm Seating starts - 5:30pm Silent auction open - 5:45pm Dinner starts - 6:00pm Live auction starts - 6:45pm Silent auction ends - 6:45pm Speaker starts - 7:15pm Event ends - 8:00pm

Event Floor Plan

Stage will be front and center

Two bars available

6 square tables for main sponsors

Round tables for other event sponsors

Silent auction tables will be off to the side

Promotional Plan

A promotional plan that is fun and different than most of the ideas you see today for fundraising. Raffles for gift cards, all money raised will go towards the total cost of the event to help pay for everything that isn’t being donated.

• Set up virtual raffles to enter and win prizes

• 3 entry equals $2

• 5 entries equals $8

• Unlimited entries

• 20 - $25 gift cards 4 coffee locations

• 10 - $50 gift cards for local restaurants

• 10 - $50 bar tabs to local breweries

• 6 - 1 hour massage certificates

• 4 sets of 4 Ice Flyers tickets

• 4 sets of 4 Blue Wahoos tickets

This promotion is going to be available for any and all people over 21 years of age

Budget $250 for the gift cards needed to be purchased that will not be donated.

$100 to print 70 posters 5 per location of donated gift cards

Advertising Plan

A basic overview of the advertising plan we constructed for getting the word out about the promotional plan and actual event itself.

Plan for the Promotional Raffle:

Advertise for three weeks in all local locations donating gift cards

Advertise for one month before the raffle drawing date on all social media accounts

Advertising Plan for the Event:

Advertise for several months on all social media accounts

Advertise on PNJ and Inweekly Local News stations

Sponsorship Forms

This is an example of the sponsorship form that can be used for in person sign ups. There will also be an online sponsorship form on the SCI website.

Promotional Materials

Examples of the materials that will be used to advertise in the local businesses and breweries that will be posted.


Conclusion 01

Following the steps of this plan should provide a successful and fun event for 2023.


This plan will get the SCI name out there and help it be more familiar to those in the community.

Conclusion 02

Following this plan should allow us to raise more money for the SCI than we have in previous years.

Thank you!

We appreciate your time looking at this event plan.

We are looking forward to putting on another fantastic event for the Studer Community Institute

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