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All Australian business owners must meet the WHS requirements in relation to these products, as set out in the Acts and Regulations of their State or Territory. Australian Standards outline reasonable practices necessary for a business owner to perform their minimum duty and eliminate or minimise risk in the workplace under WHS law. Australian Standard AS4775-2007 outlines specifications and procedures regarding Emergency Eyewash and Shower equipment. In compliance with Australian Standard AS4775… • All emergency showers, face and eye wash stations must be easily identified with correct signage (also in compliance with AS1319). All necessary signage is available and sold separately at Bronson Safety (p.152). • The area surrounding the relevant station must be illuminated clearly. In some states in Australia, a Green Light is used as common practice to indicate the whereabouts of a station, however this is not legally required. • The pathway leading to all emergency wash stations must remain clear and unobstructed at all times. • Maintenance regulations for emergency showers, face and eye wash products indicate that an annual inspection is necessary. This is done to ensure conformance with all requirements of this standard. Each inspection must be marked on a permanent tag attached to each station. • All plumbed Equipment must be activated weekly to verify operation and ensure that flushing fluid is available.

“Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations must be positioned within ten seconds reach of a potential hazard.” HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT EYEWASH OR DRENCH SHOWER PRODUCT FOR YOUR WORKPLACE WALL MOUNTED EYE WASH STATION Ideal for flushing/ irrigating the eyes to remove harmful substances. For use in areas with high levels of airborne chemicals or particles, including: • Machine Shops and related areas • Laboratories with limited space • Janitors’ Closets IRRIGATION EYE WASH BOTTLE Portable and convenient bottle for flushing eyes to remove dirt and dust. Suitable for saline solution. Ideal for areas not exposed to chemicals or harmful substances. Such areas include: • Industrial Markets and spaces • Office and First Aid boxes • Personal use and general O H & S use PORTABLE EYE WASH UNIT This 9L portable unit can attach to any wall or vehicle. For use in remote locations as a quick-response solution for external burn or spill-related injuries. Such areas include: • Emergency response vehicles • Vehicles containing and/or transporting dangerous chemicals • Mining, agriculture and construction sites

EMERGENCY EYE AND FACE WASH STATION This permanent unit is designed for emergency situations. To be used in environments where the risk of chemical contact to face and eye areas is high. These may include: • Manufacturing facilities and warehouses • Construction sites • Some laboratories and educational facilities AERATED DELUGE SHOWER AND EYE WASH STATION Station is ideal for treatment of up-to full body chemical burns and/or injuries. Suitable for placement in areas surrounding the manufacturing, handling or storing of harmful chemicals. To use in areas such as: • Hospitals and Emergency Rooms • Battery Charging Stations • Chemical Storage Factories and Workshops GRAVITY FLOW EYE WASH STATION This gravity-operated station is energy efficient, and may be either wallmounted or placed on a flat surface. Product is ideal for remote or lowtraffic areas, to treat exposure to corrosive or injurious materials. • Office Buildings • Stadiums and Arenas • Educational and Institutional Building

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Bronson Explains: Emergency Eyewash Stations and Drench Showers  

Bronson Explains: Emergency Eyewash Stations and Drench Showers