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PRECIOUS Story and inspiration

Characteristics of the collection

Atlantica Precious is inspired by a delicate ancient jewel of the Spanish nobility.

Is a high-end bathroom collection with Malachite precious stone incrustations inspired in the royalty.

A jewel was given to a young woman, of slender figure, for her commitment to one of the children of the most influential family of the Spanish nobility of the 18th century. It is said that the jewel was as golden as his hair, and possessed shiny and rounded stones of malachite as his green precious eyes, and that this jewel granted him luck and privileges throughout his life.

An authentic jewel of the nobility modeled to highlight its precious green colour. Malachite is a handcrafted stone to show up its attractive lighter and darker green tonalities. Its diamond shine combined with Gold 24 karat makes the faucets and bath accessories of this collection, an unique and exclusive jewel for the bathroom.

THE COLLECTION Atlantica Precious Semi precious Malachite stone

036801.ML0.00 Three holes basin

065521.ML0.00 Three holes bidet set

036816.ML0.00 Five holes bath set

Atlantica Precious accessories

036818.ML0.00 Bath shower set

037819.ML0.00 Shower mixer

036845.ML0.00 Handle for shower system





Towel rail 600mm

Towel ring 165mm

Robe hook

Toilet paper holder

036880.ML0.01 Wall toothbrush holder

036878.ML0.01 Soap dish holder

036884.ML0.01 Toilet brush holder

036885.ML0.01 Spare toilet paper holder




Wall soap dispenser

Tooth brush & tumbler holder

00/01 Gold 24K

Malachite Stone

There are no two identical stones...

Atlantica Precious  
Atlantica Precious  

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