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DRAMA carriers and Hamlet himself.

produced. One visit to the Art Department will make

Bromsgrove, opportunities abound for third spear

as the creative atmosphere in which they were

Fun, exuberance, passion and inclusiveness: at

grades are remarkable, but not nearly so remarkable

will develop skills that will serve them through life.

beyond a commitment to excellence. So yes, the

Drama as a route to academic study, but many

or ceramics, demonstrate there is no “House style”

zones and take risks. As with Music, pupils can use

too. Stunning work, be it in textiles or portraits, fashion

production will challenge pupils to leave comfort

the entire department would resign: and quite right

series of monologues in the studio, a Bromsgrove

the story. If Art were simply about outstanding grades,

musical in Bromsgrove’s Artrix theatre or an intimate

country’s finest A and AS level results tell only part of

Whether it be a professionally mounted, large scale

The Good Schools’ Guide Awards for some of the


everything crystal clear. Tel: 01527 579 679

Without a vibrant Arts scene, a school is sterile.

Classical, rock, jazz, pop, West End and world:

At Bromsgrove, the Arts are not relegated to the

Bromsgrove’s bold and inclusive programme caters

academic equivalent of an 11pm South Bank Show slot.

for all tastes and abilities. Elite and recreational

Bromsgrove Arts are prime-time; fundamental; even

musicians perform as soloists and in ensembles

elemental. Through the Arts, a pupil may develop talents

as varied as chapel choirs, saxophone quartets,

and life skills that no classroom lesson could come

orchestras, trad-jazz combos, choral societies and

within a million miles of achieving. And with that comes a

punk bands. Whether one is aiming to study Music

special kind of joy. Bromsgrove recognises and celebrates

academically at Oxbridge or simply play in a steel

this, so the Arts fizz and crackle about the School like an

band for the sheer joy of it, Bromsgrove has the

electrical charge. Do come and share the excitement.

breadth to encompass all.







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Wednesday 9th March

School Service, Holy Communion 8.40am Junior House Music, Routh Hall 4.00 - 5.00pm

First week

Auditions for Chapel Choir

Thursday 9th September

Chapel Choir Rehearsal 4.00 - 5.00pm

Monday 14th March

House Drama - Mary Windsor, Routh Hall 1.10pm Senior House Music, Routh Hall 4.00pm

Tuesday 15th March

House Drama - Oakley, Routh Hall 1.10pm Pop & Jazz, Routh Hall 7.30pm

Senior School

Friday 10th September School Service with Chapel Choir, at the Parish Church 4.30pm (3.30pm Rehearsal) Thursday 16th September

Chapel Choir Photo 8.30am

Wednesday 16th March

House Drama - Thomas Cookes, Routh Hall 1.10pm Pop & Jazz, Routh Hall 7.30pm

Monday 27th September

School Service, Harvest Festival 9.00am

Thursday 17th March

House Drama - Hazeldene, Routh Hall 1.10pm

Thursday 30th September

Music Scholars’ recital, Housman Room 7.00pm

Friday 18th March

House Drama - Housman Hall, Routh Hall 1.10pm

Thursday 14th October

‘Words & Music’ Old Chapel, 7.30pm

Tuesday 22nd March

All My Own Work, ADT 7.15pm

Monday 28th March

House Drama Final, Routh Hall 15.45pm

Saturday 2nd April

Choral Society rehearsal 3.30pm Choral Society Concert Memorial Chapel 7.30pm ‘British Choral Music’

Sunday 3rd April

Service for Mothering Sunday 11.00am

Monday 4th April

Senior Debating Final, Routh Hall, 3.00pm

Wednesday 6th April

Staff Reading Prize Competition, Routh Hall, 3.00pm

Wednesday 20th October Inter-House Unison Song Competition, Routh Hall, 3.45pm Adjudicator, Annie Chatfield, Director of Music Winchester House School Sunday 14th November

Remembrance Day Services, 9.55am & 10.55am Anthem - The Souls of the Righteous -- Marchant

Friday 19th November

Bromsgrove’s Got Talent, Drama Studio, 7.30pm

Sunday 28th November

Advent Carol Service Memorial Chapel, 5.30pm Prep School and Senior Chapel Choir rehearsal 4.00pm

Tuesday 30th November Wednesday 1st December Thursday 2nd December

Threepenny Opera, Artrix Theatre, 2.00pm & 7.00pm Threepenny Opera, Artrix Theatre, 7.00pm Threepenny Opera, Artrix Theatre, 7.00pm

Wednesday 8th December

A2 Drama Examination performance venue tbc 7.00pm

Thursday 9th December

Lower Fourth drama production venue tbc 7.00pm

Wednesday 15th December

Carol Services Memorial Chapel, 2.00pm & 3.15pm

Preparatory School

Preparatory School Thursday 3rd February

Senior Lunchtime Concert, Cobham Hall 1.10pm

Tuesday 8th February

Junior House Music Competition, Cobham Hall 2.30 - 4.00pm

Saturday 12th February

Rehearsal for Year 8 production 9.00am - 4.00pm

Wednesday 16th February

Senior Production, Cobham Hall 7.00pm

Thursday 17th February

Senior Production, Cobham Hall 7.00pm

Thursday 10th March

Junior Lunchtime Concert, Maple Hall 12.30pm

Thursday 16th September

Music recital and lessons information Maple Hall, 4.00pm An opportunity to hear instruments performed by teachers and to enquire about Music lessons at School

Thursday 17th March

Senior House Music competition, Cobham Hall 3.15 - 4.35pm

Wednesday 23rd March

Year 6 to Symphony Hall CBSO concert 1.30pm

Monday 11th October

Prep School Choir to Birmingham Cathedral

Thursday 24th March

Junior Concert, Cobham Hall 4.00pm

Thursday 21st October

Senior Lunchtime Concert, Cobham Hall 1.10pm

Saturday 26th March

Full day rehearsal for Year 6 production 9.00am - 4.00pm

Thursday 18th November

Junior Lunchtime Concert, Maple Hall 12.30pm

Friday 1st April

Year 6 Production 7.00pm

Thursday 18th November

Words and Music Evening 7.00pm Cobham Hall

Friday 19th November

House Singing Competition, Routh Hall 8.30am

Thursday 25th November

Year 5 to Young Voices. LG arena

Saturday 27th November

Orchestral Rehearsal, Purcell 9.00 - 10.30am

Sunday 28th November

Prep School Choir rehearsal, Chapel 4.00pm

Sunday 28th November

Whole School Advent Service (Prep School Choir Singing) 6.00pm

Tuesday 30th November Wednesday 1st December

Year 4 Production, Cobham Hall 6.30pm Year 4 Production, Cobham Hall 1.45pm

Saturday 4th December

Prep School Choir Carol Singing

Thursday 9th December

Rehearsal for Christmas Concert 3.15 - 5.30pm

Friday 10th December

Christmas Concert, Cobham Hall 7.00pm

Wednesday 15th December

Junior Carol Service, Chapel 10.30 - 11.15am Senior Carol Service, Chapel 12.00 - 12.45pm

SUMMER 2011 Senior School

Wednesday 25th May

Meet the Music Department 6.00 - 7.30pm, Music School

Thursday 16th June Friday 17th June

Fashion Show, Routh Hall 7.30pm Fashion Show, Routh Hall 7.30pm

Saturday 25th June

Corps of Drums lead Court Leet Procession 9.45 - 11.30am

Monday 27th June

Drama Awards Evening, Drama Studio 7.00pm

Thursday 30th June

Commemoration & Orchestral Concert, 7.30pm Memorial Chapel

Friday 1st July

Commemoration Day Rehearsals

Saturday 2nd July

Commemoration Day (See separate programme of events)

Preparatory School

LENT 2011 Senior School

Tuesday 11th January

Choral Society rehearsals commence, Routh Hall, 6.00pm

Wednesday 26th January to Friday 28th January


Wednesday 9th February

Chapel Choir sing Choral Evensong at Lincoln Cathedral. Depart School 9.15am, Return 10.00pm. Evensong Service 5.30pm

Thursday 17th February

Service of Choral Evensong in Memorial Chapel 4.00pm

Sunday 6th March

House Music Festival 3.30pm

Thursday 5th May

Senior Lunchtime Concert

Thursday 12th May

Junior Lunchtime Concert

Tuesday 17th May

Year 3 Production, Cobham Hall 2.45pm

Wednesday 15th June

Summer Concert rehearsal 9.00 - 11.25am

Thursday 16th June

Prep Proms in the Park 7.00pm (bring a picnic!)

Friday 17th June

Reserve date for Proms in the Park 7.00pm

Wednesday 22nd June

Year 4 to Symphony Hall CBSO Concert 11.30am

Bromsgrove School Arts Calendar 2010 - 11  

Bromsgrove School Arts Calendar 2010 - 11

Bromsgrove School Arts Calendar 2010 - 11  

Bromsgrove School Arts Calendar 2010 - 11