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Country Flavor Taking a break from their Nashville recording sessions, Texas-based country group, LANTANA, spoke to Broken Records Magazine about their upcoming CD release. With their 2006 debut album, Unbridled, boasting two top ten hits on the Texas music chart, the LANTANA duo of Biz Haddock and Dalene Richelle return to the recording studio to track their forthcoming CD with the assistance of music producer, Johnny Garcia, noted, in part, for his work with Collin Raye, Mindy McCready and Sherrie Austin. “LANTANA formed about ten years ago as a trio, and Dalene joined in 2006. It is now 2013, and out of necessity, we are a duo and we are thankful for the change. We are cutting our first album as a duo,” Haddock explained. Describing LANTANA’s musical style, Haddock said, “Our music is universal in subject matter. We are not locked into a country style even though we favor country; we also include alternative country, a southern rock vibe and some Americana. My musical influences are rock and roll and Dalene’s are Don Henry and Dolly Parton. By combining all of these influences, it is hard to see just one style with us.” Of their current CD project, Haddock stated, “We have more of an emphasis on harmonies with a rockin’ feel to it.” Richelle added, “We also needed to include a little girlie, fun, stuff too.”


With Added Spice

Speaking of their current Nashville recording sessions, Haddock exclaimed, “There has been lots of writing and pre-production and it has been a long week of fifteen hour days. We write most of our material, and we are proud of it, and it has been a great experience to record it.” Referring to the ten songs that were just tracked, Richelle compared their recent recording session to,


“having a baby. Just like birthing a child, we were waiting in anticipation of the baby, and yesterday we birthed ten babies.” When I asked if performing was an aspiration at an early age, Haddock revealed, “Performing was never on either of our radars. We were very shy.” Richelle added, “We were both inspired by music at an early age and it was always a part of our spirit,” and performances provided an outlet, “to connect with people,” and overcome shyness. With a January 2014 CD release on LANTANA’s calendar, Haddock and Richelle return to Nashville in a few weeks to track their vocals. A music video to accompany this CD is in the planning stages as well. A song close to their hearts, Behind the Smile, will appear on their upcoming CD. Behind the Smile is a special song written for their friend that has an autistic child, and also supports the charitable group of the same name, devoted to spreading awareness for Autism. In closing, Haddock extended, “thanks to Johnny Garcia for taking on this project, and thanks to Besty Hadlock and Dalene for being a loyal teammate.” LANTANA’s musical career, according to Richelle, “has been a long journey, and we are finally at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.”


INI ALEXIS BAB We met Alexis Babini at the Musicians on Call event in NYC in May, and he sat down with us to tell us about his music, upcoming adventures, and why Musicians on Call is important to him. After just putting out an album in March, he says that no matter what, his fans and feedback are what remain most important and exciting to him. When I asked him what he hopes his music means to other people, Alexis said “I hope it moves and inspires every person that hears my songs.” Alexis told us this is also why Musicians on Call is important to him to be a part of. “It is really cool to see somebody who hasn’t smiled in a really long time, and being able to just make them smile.” Alexis said that so much of the industry is a numbers game, but when you walk into a hospital you can get rid of all the superficial stuff for the people who need it, and its “just about the music”. Babini will be out on tour in the next few months, and you can already catch his album and singles on iTunes.

Emily Katter is an energetic singer songwriter who is a part of Musicians on Call, and we sat down with her to hear about what she’s doing in music, and what she thinks of the Musicians on Call charity. Emily recently released an EP, and describes her music as “fun, upbeat, and inspiring music that she hopes speaks to your heart.” She says that she is excited to perform at some more live shows in the next few months, write more, and is hopeful about an upcoming tour. I asked her where she hopes her music will take her one day, and she says that she would love to tour the world, and play her music for all different kinds of people. This is also why Musicians on Call is so important to Emily. “Everytime I go is great, every experience is great”, Emily said about her past hospital visits. She says that what is important about the charity is that it has the power to change someone’s day, and she hopes to continue to share her music with those who are not feeling well, to bring a smile to them and their family’s faces.

Rebecca Perl talked to us at the Musicians on Call charity event to tell us about what she thought of Musicians on Call, and what she’s been up to with her music lately. Rebecca, a musician from Long Island, New York, has been playing guitar and writing her own music since she was 13. She has toured with Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger, and Tyler Hilton, and just recently put out her first album earlier this year. I asked her what he favorite moment from touring so far has been, and she said, “So far, my favorite moment was when I was on tour and got up to sing my song Goodbye, Goodbye, and saw girls in the crowd singing with me.” When I asked her about her involvement with the charity, she said that its important to her because of everything that it stands for. Rebecca’s first Musicians on Call hospital visits are happening this month, and we wish her the best of luck! Check out Rebecca and her music on iTunes!





Slides Over What is the name of that style of lap steel guitar & what brand is it? I play a custom made Koa wood Weissenbornstyled guitar built by German luthier Andreas Cuntz.( How did you wind up playing more of a bluesy rock style? I feel the blues is an intrinsic part of my sound. I like to use that influence mixed with many genres of music.Although I’m a blues influenced artist I use a combination of a lot of styles to end up with a fairly eclectic sound. I’ve always found it hard to stick to just one style. I feel my style is as influenced by gypsy jazz and folk as it is by blues. But sometimes, you just gotta rock out! Who are some of your biggest influences? Tom Waites, Django Reinhardt, JJ Cale, Ry Cooder, Nina Simone, Shovels & Rope, Gomez – to name a few! Lyrically, where do you draw inspiration? Combination of personal experience and overheard conversations - bars, airports, bus stops. Usually I pick up on a phrase or a combination of words that basically stick in my mind and I can’t get rid of. That’s usually a good lyrical filter for me. I get a phrase or saying stuck in my mind and the one that lasts the longest is the one that produces the most ideas. Like a spider diagram :).


Interview By ARIN SEGAL

Which song is the closest to you lyrically and why? There’s a song called Some Fires on my first record that captures a certain time in my life and it’s the one that takes me back there most accurately. I think that song lyrics as a form, like poetry, are many ways - abstract - the relevance to the writer and the listener are rarely the same thing. Do you have a favorite song to play live? I enjoy covering Chocolate Jesus. Great excuse to come up with some Tom Waites and to beat my Weissenborn to death! When it comes to a live show, what is your favorite moment? Getting paid (laughs). No, shows can be different for so many reasons, I enjoy the intimate nature of solo shows and being able to involve people in the storytelling aspect. How the songs came to be..... I really enjoy improvising on electric Weissenborn just to see how many different sounds I can get out of it. I’ve been experimenting with a poly-octave generator which is pretty “out there”. It’s a fairly simple but privileged pleasure to play music for people that want to listen and it never escapes my attention. I realize that I’m very lucky to do something creative and something that I love as a profession.

What can people expect to see from you in the next year? Quite likely I’m going to try to incorporate some kind of two-wheeled adventure into the next 12 months of my life. I’m feeling the need to do something more organic. Other than that - I really don’t know myself! What has been the craziest song inspiration?


Photos by Scott Vollweiler

I heard “Midnight in Moscow” by Kenny Ball whilst driving through Kansas. Became obsessed and tried my best to imitate it, wrote something entirely different, and when I looked Kenny Ball up online the next day - I find out he had died that day. You are from the UK, but you have been playing a lot in the US. What is it like to be traveling between both places and building your fan base in two countries at once? Food in squares, water in circles. I think of it kind of like commuting. As a person who enjoys personal space, airplane etiquette has taken me a while to learn. Social media is a huge component to music these days, how do you keep in touch with fans while on the road? The usual channels of social media. I guess I’m of a generation that can see the obvious benefits of social media -but in some ways - find it invasive. Primarily I want people to “know” me through my music. I want them to make their own minds up - but I don’t necessarily want them to know what coffee I drink, where I get my haircut or who makes the best cheeseburger.

Scream The Headlines are a four piece band from Wales, Who released their first EP via ITunes last month. The listener can kind of gage the bands sound when they discover who their inspirations are. ` Four Year Strong, Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana, all kinds of heavy music, oh and The Spice Girls…Haha…So quite varied really! ´ adds the band One of the strong points for a band is finding a great name that sticks and grabs people’s attention. `It took us a while to think of it, there used to be a band around our way and they had a song called `Scream The Headlines´ it was the

only name that we could agree on that was different to the rest´ adds Ginge. The guys grew up with all kinds of pop punk and the band add ´ We were bought up on Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Slipknot, Papa Roach and Killswitch Engage.` ´I also got really into Dido´…. Laughs

Carl. When asked about the possibility of a tour, the band added, `We are working on it at the moment, connecting with bands and trying to get the word out about Scream The Headlines.´ By HAYLEE ROEBUCK

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE While the other bands on the Disarm The Descent Tour were taking the day off, metalcore rising stars Miss May I came to The Champ in Lemoyne, PA to throw it down with some of the local talent. For those of you who don’t know, the Disarm the Descent tour is one of the biggest tours of the summer headlined by metalcore gods Killswitch Engage. Miss May I is the main support for the tour after As I Lay Dying was forced to cancel following the accusations against lead singer Tim Lambesis.

the show with Levi Benton, lead vocalist of Miss May I, he expressed how much the tour has meant to him and the band as a whole. “We’re so excited to be out with Killswitch! They’re such a legendary band and with their mainstream influence, we’ve been able to reach so many new fans.” It’s no doubt that tonight’s show will be much different than the sold out show at the Best Buy Theater in New York City a few days earlier, but that doesn’t phase Levi. “Basically, it’s just hotter and sweatier. We try to give the same show no matter where we’re playing. There’s no barricade tonight so it will be a lot more intimate. We try not to discriminate. Whether it’s for ten kids or three-thousand people, we’ll always go hard.”

Energetic. Intense. Metal.

When I sat down before

Having never seen them before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but they definitely delivered. From the very first song, “Hey Mister” off of 2012’s At Heart, the small crowd erupted with the energy of one much larger. As the band ripped through songs from all three albums, fans consistently made there way up on the stage and dived off, often after having some sort of interaction with the band. Levi has incredible stage


presence in the vein of the metal greats, repeatedly fist pumping along with the crowd and driving them forward into melodic madness. Ryan Neff’s clean vocals were solid and the instruments were spot on all around. This is a band that truly cares about putting on the best possible performance every time they take the stage. Great musicianship and humility have come together in one very heavy package. With festivals, including main-stage at last month’s Skate and Surf Festival, behind them and a Canadian tour with Five Finger Death Punch on the horizon, Miss May I isn’t going anywhere but up. “I feel like we’re growing up as a band and getting to play in front of a lot of fans that wouldn’t normally get to see us,” Levi said. Before the end of 2013, they will back in the studio to record the follow-up to At Heart, which was released on Rise Records and hit #32 on the Billboard Top 200 last summer. “This is the longest we’ve ever spent riding a record,” said Levi, “Since we got such a good response on At Heart, we’re just going to go all out. We’ve got a new team into record it and a lot of new producers.” If they put the same amount of energy into the new record as they do into the live shows, we can all continue to expect great things from them. The future is bright. Stay metal.

by Zack Miller

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE When the lead singer of Disturbed joins forces with Dope and Evanescence, you get DEVICE. David Draiman joins Virus of the rock band Dope and Will Hunt of Evanescence. As Virus explained to me, this band has a “heavy and beautiful” sound quality which isn’t what I


would call any of those fore mentioned bands. Broken Records Magazine had the chance to sit down with Virus to talk about the new band. First and foremost, as Virus announced, “This is not just a little project, this is a real band.” So for those of you who thought this was a side project, you would be wrong. Disturbed isn’t dead, neither is Evanescence, or Dope. Virus did tell me that “Device is my first priority. If Dope goes on tour, they can replace me. Device will always win out. I love those guys, but right now, this is my band.” As for how this band started… it’s pretty simple. Virus explained, “After David decided to start this band, the three of us got together to feel each other out. We feel great together and it felt great how it worked out.” Dope and Device have similar qualities, but are not exactly the same. Virus offered up the differences, “The difference between Dope and Device is that, Device is a little more beauty and grace. Also, I’m singing on the album, which is different than screaming for Dope.” Device has already started a touring cycle for their self titled album that was released on April 9, 2013. For those who haven’t listened to the record, there are a lot of special guests that appear on it (Lzzy Hale [Halestrom], Serj Tankian [System of a Down], Tom Morello [Rage Against the Machine], and M. Shadows [Avenged Sevenfold]). So you would think playing these songs live would be an issue, but not for these guys. Virus addressed that problem by saying, “We are taking the rap approach. On this tour, Nonpoint comes up and it forms a great community. It’s cool to have someone have a different take on the songs. We are going to embrace this.” He didn’t forget about the fans either, “Shows are really coming together. I’m floored how loyal and great these fans are. The fans are on board and behind the band already, it’s just great to see.” Device has already had success under their belt. Besides debuting on the Billboard charts at number 11; they have already won an award. At the Golden Gods Awards show they took home the Best New Talent award. For more information, check out their website www.




Would Be


Broken Records was lucky enough to catch up with Tom Flowers to discuss touring, Something Beautiful and world domination. “Absolutely, without question” says Tom Flowers today in regards to their hiatus via our friendly, relaxed phone call. “I think the reason that the new album is as strong as it is is because of the time off. It allowed us to get rid of some of the baggage and clutter that we had accumulated over the years of really grinding it out and it allowed us to build on some life experiences that we could draw upon for the album. It made for a much happier and healthier group of individuals in the band room.”

By Haylee ROEBUCK After touring constantly, Oleander finally made the decision to go back to their “normal lives.” They have been out of the public eye for almost 5 years. With a massive urge to scratch that itch, Oleander is back


with their latest effort Something Beautiful and they are ready to rock n roll all over the world. So this is where the next chapter begins.

Then there are always those question marks hovering above in the air of what really happened way back when. Were there other reasons why or was it just straight forward and simple? “Primarily it was to get back to family times, quote, un-quote `Normal lives´. We had spent so much of like 10-12 years committed to our careers. We felt the time was right to go home and

“World domination by the end of this year would be a nice feature to the story.” -Tom Flowers

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE focus on everything that matters and honestly it matters far more than Rock n Roll.” Whenever bands make their comeback, the fans in particular are always dying to hear the words…..we’re back indefinitely. “We feel like we are just getting started rolling up our sleeves again and we are going to continue to write, record and release music as long as we are living up to the standards we have for ourselves. We are already talking about a live album, an acoustic album, re-recording some of the songs that we felt are the strongest from all our previous bodies of work. This is the stuff that’s in our control.”

media driven place. Was the reaction to the new material going to be the same? Is there still room for the band to fit in again? “We started leaking it out via social media that we were working on new material and we were pleasantly surprised to see that so many of our

Oleander has now exposed their new material to the public eye and did it turn out to be what they had envisioned when they decided to make their route back to the rock n roll world. “You know, within the first 15 minutes of being back in the band room, first time in years, we had written the song `Daylight´ that is on the album and we knew that something very special was going on. We had a couple of things going in our favor with this album that we took full advantage of. We had zero pressure from outside influences. It was literally us working together, focused on doing what we do best without any pressure of labels or management or anyone else tapping us on the shoulder, looking at their watch and suggesting that we hurry up. It exceeded my expectations as far as the quality”

fans that we had accumulated over the years when we were active, were thrilled and they were on board. They were already networking and engaging with us and then when the day finally came of the album release, they all said that it’s the best record that we’ve put forth and it’s already among their favorites.”

The world has changed a lot since the last time round where in this day, it’s a very social

“In regards to the new audiences, we were out of the loop for so long that many of our original

Grab Your Copy of SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL on iTunes: album/something-beautiful/ id616859550

fans who now have children or relatives that they are turning onto our music. We just played Rock On The Range to 10,000 fans, which was a great thrill and after the show, we were completely accessible, in fact, we were campaigning, meeting as many people as could and I was pleasantly surprised again at how many young people and new faces who had bought the new album and had heard the new single and that were in love with it.” What’s next on the cards for Oleander? The band have already been touring the US to kick start the proceedings and only time will tell but I have sneaking suspicion world domination is lying in wait. “We came back to this, obviously wanting to and my own personal goal is to get back over to Europe and get to markets that we didn’t have the opportunity to explore at the last go. The US is a tough market to crack and it’s fortunately not the only market out there. When we were in the UK and Europe, we had a great response and we are already talking about focusing on International markets. We would love to get to many countries and connect with new audiences and generate some sort of memento. So, yes…World domination by the end of this year would be a nice feature to the story.”



Interview with Benny Rose of You’ve been lucky enough to have your video premiered on major outlets. How’s it feel to have your first major release on such a large platform? Yes we have and it’s been amazing so far! We have been really putting a huge focus on the video and it feels great to see people helping us spread the word. We felt that we should treat this video like it is an album release and celebrate like we do with any of our other accomplishments. This is just the beginning. “In Motion” features the members of the band and some special guests aka alter egos. Who created these characters and will they ever be apart of the live show? We actually all created


our own character which was really fun because we were able to put our own personality into the costumes, and overall appearance. Live, performing in those hot outfits?! Not sure about that, but we never say never. Tell us about the treatment for the video. Who came up with the idea and the storyline? And most importantly, whose idea was it for the winner to be the winner. The idea of the video started with Tom (Pino- lead vocals/guitar) having a vision of a Revenge of the Nerds race. After we brainstormed, we met with the great team at Dead Dove Creative and they created everything from the treatment, all the way to

the props including the entire stage for the performance shots. We were blown away with the amount of effort the team put into this video and couldn’t be prouder. GOE has a whole release schedule around the NYC area. Will there be a wider tour in the future or even something international? At the moment having day jobs makes it very difficult to tour like we really want to. The mini tour we built for the video is six days in a row but we all still have work on 4 of those days. We hope that one day the right person or persons hear us and will help us reach the masses! We would love to tour internationally. Most importantly, what is VELVET GRUNGE? As far as sound goes, we describe “Velvet Grunge” as (Grunge/ Alternative Rock laced with a little sexy, hints of hardcore, punk and metal) which we have defined very carefully. The other side of it is we want it to be a “Feeling” that people can interpret their own way or embrace the many ways we feel it. One way for us is simply the first time we heard “THAT” song that changed our lives. We remember the feeling of getting Goosebumps, and the “In Motion” music video is just a taste of what Velvet Grunge can look like from a fun standpoint. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, however we can creatively present who and what we are all about and hope we can give that “Feeling” to as many people as we can. by Scott Vollweiler



By Scott Vollweiler

Additional Photos by Cindy Vasko

15 15


With another year of American Idol over, and another winner crowned, it’s hard to forget the “Idols” that have proven why the show was a true launching pad for talent. One, for example, has moved to Nashville and just released his latest single, “Laying Me Low.” Yes my friends, I am talking about David Cook. Speaking with me on a rainy Nashville day, I congratulated Cook on his third feature in Broken Records Magazine. He requested a plaque or something to commemorate the milestone. Duly noted. His latest single, co-written by Cook along side Andrew Waldeck and Chris Reardon, is a slight departure from what his loyal fans may be used to. Lyrically, musically, and emotionally, it is a little bit darker yet still has the groove that he’s laid down through his first three records.



When speaking about the single and the other “6 or 7 strong songs,” David tells us that these songs won’t all be about “boy loves girl and love with a pretty bow on it.” Instead, his new music may be a bit darker in tone. “Laying Me Low,” for example, was originally to be just a “staccato guitar part and vocals,” but when Waldeck and Reardon came back with their version, David just loved it but he added, “I’m like…I don’t play piano!” Recently, David decided to leave his West Coast home for somewhere a bit more musical. Since Nashville is the home of Country music, I figured I’d ask if he has decided to cross the musical line and add some Country elements. Remember, he is a Southern boy from Missouri. With the exception of “a little Mandolin undertone” in songs, Country has not found a home in his

music but he may have found a home in someone else’s Country songs. He can’t say whom yet, but he has “one in the can” and he is working on one today (May 17th) too. Most musicians, myself included, dream about the day that we can put a platinum or gold record on our walls. I’ve never cared about a Grammy, Billboard, VMA or any other award, but a plaque that says you’ve sold 500,000 or 1 million units is the ultimate. Now that the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA) has decided to allow streaming services to count towards those certifications, it may help independent artists reach the goal that most would never reach. David, on the other hand, would love more plaques to put on his walls (especially the Broken Records Magazine one), but sees the streaming services of the business as


a helpful way to bring music to more fans as long as it still allows them to earn a living. Cook remembers, “I had heard about an artist who had like 500,000 or 1 million streams or 2 million streams and they received a check for $140.” This is why fans should support their favorite artists through going to concerts and buying their merch- one thing Cook fans never stop

doing. I still remember my first David Cook show February or March of 2009 in Atlantic City, NJ with Ryan Star opening. Almost everyone at that show had either a “Declaration Tour” T-shirt or a

is “always fun” he said, and David loved knowing that he only had to get on stage that one night and not “week a f t e r week like the

udio t s e h t to n i t n y e m f “I w o s e am n e h t d ook t I . s and sai w e ph e n d n a ot g d n nieces a ves a w d n u .” e m the so n o oed o t t a t them homemade Cook shirt. If you’ve ever seen David and his band live, you know that you’re in for an actual show. His live performances don’t need crazy backgrounds and choreographyinstead, Cook takes us into a journey of a rock show. After all, David is a “rock guy.” “I’m about guitar, bass and drums.” The millions of viewers who watch American Idol were given a treat on May 2nd when he returned to the Idol stage to debut “LML.” Returning to American Idol

contestants.” In other live concert news, keep your fingers crossed for some tour dates to come along the way. Nothing has been officially signed off but Cook is hoping to do a club tour promoting the new single. And the award for most original tattoo goes to (drum roll please)… David Cook! Recently there has been a lot of chatter about the tattoo that DC has. In the past Cook told a fan that it was the Monster Energy Drink logo. “I’m sorry to that person if they are reading this,” he added but did tell us what the tat really is. “I went into the studio and




said the names of my nieces and nephews. I took the soundwaves and got them tattooed on me.” Now in his fifth year being part of the Race for Hope in Washington DC, Team Cook raised “just over $90,000” last time he looked and the race over all took in about $2.3 million. Cook said it’s a “cathartic experience” and that when he was on stage watching the pre-roll before his recent Idol performance, he couldn’t believe it has been four year since his brother passed away.

“I had heard about an artist who had like 500,000 or 1 million streams and they received a check for $140.”


BEHIND THE SCENES OF “LAYING ME LOW” “Laying Me Low” is a songwriting and production team effort between David Cook, Chris Reardon and Andy Waldeck. Reardon and Waldeck’s connection to Cook stemmed from Waldeck’s contractual relationship with Sony/ATV Publishing – the largest music publishing entity in the world. Jim Vellutato, Vice President of A & R for Sony/ATV in Los Angeles, had Cook’s manager listen to a Reardon/ Waldeck song written for the top British artist, Seal. She liked what she heard, and soon, Reardon and Waldeck were on the road to Nashville to meet with Cook. Their first collective session consisted of two days of songwriting and one day of tracking David’s vocals and guitar parts. From this session, two songs evolved; one of which is “Laying Me Low.” They have since written additional songs in longer sessions, and have plans for more music collaborations with Cook within the next several months. Regarding “Laying Me Low,” Reardon noted, “we had basic guitar chords, lyrics and song structure completed in one and one-half hours. I added the bells and whistles in my mad-scientist style when I got home. That’s the fun part of being a producer.” Waldeck said, “’Laying Me Low” allows David to use the full dynamic range of his voice. David has a great sense of self and a great sense of who he is as an artist and we wanted to let that quality rise to the top and make it special with our efforts.” “David deserves to be a big star; he is not only a great talent, but a great guy. He is supereasy to work with and all of us were always on the same page,” Reardon added. By CINDY VASKO

CHRIS REARDON & ANDY WALDECK Aren’t Laying Low Either M u s i c producers and songwriters, C h r i s R e a r d o n and Andy Waldeck, own illustrious m u s i c resumes. They have been in bands since high school, with Earth to Andy as their most notable band, and one that held a Warner Brothers recording contract. Earth to Andy opened for some juggernaut artists, including: Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots. Reardon and Waldeck penned songs for Seal for his long-awaited new record, were co-songwriters with Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, and lately, American Idol winner, David Cook. The song, “Every Time You Turn Around,” co-written by Waldeck and Daughtry, appeared on Daughtry’s second platinum album. Most recently, Cook, Reardon and Waldeck were co-writers for Cook’s new single, “Laying Me Low.” Reardon has the added distinction of being co-producer of Cook’s song. Waldeck’s




Publishing provides access for their elite music liaisons. It was Waldeck’s long friendship with Daughtry that steered him to a prized publishing contract. As Reardon notes, “We gave Daughty one of his first professional gigs. Daughtry opened for Earth to Andy with his band, Cadence. He was just a pup at the time, but about five years ago, when Daughtry was working on his second album, he called Andy [for music collaborations, and this] led to the Sony/ ATV contract.” Even though the main focus of Reardon and Waldeck’s efforts is songwriting and production, they still perform on occasion. Within the past few years, Waldeck toured with Daughtry and Creed’s Scott Stapp. Reardon adds, “I miss playing live and being in a band. There is nothing like being on a stage.” Speaking on production, Reardon notes, “I’ve always been a producer, but now I am producing across the board – pop, country, rock. I’ve learned a lot of new tricks lately because of my six year old. My son listens to the top 40 Sirius channel, so I am hearing a lot of the new pop stuff, which I tuned out when I was with bands. I’m learning there is some good stuff out there and I can do more than just the rock and roll, one-trick pony stuff.” When consulting with musicians about the selection of a song to be released as a single, and advice he provided to Cook, Waldeck says, “Whatever song


you select as your single, if it becomes a smash, you will be singing that song for the rest of your life. You will never escape that song. You must love every single note, every single word, every single chord, and all of it must speak to you in a profound way; otherwise, you are just faking it.” As a producer, Waldeck wants to keep their numerous projects manageable, because, as he exclaims, “I always hope I will get calls to join a tour.” Reardon and Waldeck’s future plans include more songwriting sessions with Cook, song submissions for Maroon 5, as well as a host of other top artist associations. For more information about Chris and Andy, see and www. Follow Andy on twitter @andywaldeck

By Cindy Vasko





THE BAND PERRY & JOHN MAYER (Photos by Vlad Grach)



LAMB OF GOD (Photo by Laura Desantis-Olsson)



KARMIN by Arin Segal RASCAL FLATTS by Scott Vollweiler





Shinedown headlined in 2010 and you’re coming back to headline again. What can fans expect from a day at the Carnival of Madness? It’s really awesome this year because Carnival of Madness is actually going to be a carnival this year. We’re bringing sick circus performers with us for the very first time. A lot of guys on stilts, two amazing female performers that do a lot of burlesque, face painting, and juggling. It’s very characteristic and very steampunk, that’s kind of the theme of the carnival regarding attire and whatnot. The carnival is the biggest production that Shinedown has put together as a band. All of the bands together, we’re all really, really excited because we wanted to tour together before but we never did a full tour, like all of us at once. It’ll be unlike any tour of this year. This kind of show must be really different for you guys compared to having some kind of festival that has 20 bands or more playing a few songs and rotating on stage. Are you guys wiped out by the end of the night? No, no, not at all. There’s a lot of promo all day long and there’s a lot of interaction with the audience even before all the bands get on stage. Believe me, at the end of the day, it’s all about the music. We got all the bells and whistles and the pyro. But, it’s gotta be about the song. We’re getting ready to release a brand new single to rock radio called “Adrenaline.” This was handpicked for a reason. Any hint to whether some of the bands who attend the Carnival are going to mesh with Shinedown on stage? You should expect the unexpected. The thing that’s really great about carnival is that we all kind of know each other so I’m sure you’re going to see some guest spots in all the acts. You’re definitely going to see a lot of interactions with all the bands. You just released your fourth album, plus you have the EP “The Live Room” out. How do you choose the carnival’s setlist? The setlist is designed from a theatrical standpoint because the show is so visual. We had to design this show very specifically because the placement of the setlist all ties into video and what’s going on on stage and how we present the show to the audience. Essentially, I think we’ve nailed it down to 15 or 16 songs, but there’s going to be songs for fans who’ve been with us since day 1 and for fans who found out about us last week. It’s going to be a compilation and emotional roller coaster ride. We’re gonna give everybody the greatest show of 2013.

by Yasmin Noor

Photo by Scott Vollweiler

Photo by Scott Vollweiler




The Carnival of Madness tour will be kicking off this August with In This Moment, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Skillet, and We As Humans starting in mid-August and ending in mid-September. Maria Brink, vocalist of In This Moment is very excited to give it all they got especially that they will be with their frequent touring buddies, Shinedown. Another exciting factor that Brink implied was that this is the first Carnival of Madness she is a part of. Since touring is filled with awesomeness, Brink delivered with a spontaneous and rather shocking story about Shinedown from the Uproar festival last year. “Shinedown hosted a rave party on the last day of Uproar. The whole room was black and everything was glowing. There were glow sticks and it was glowing pink. It was all dancing and partying for 6 hours straight. That was the greatest party from last year so I’m ready for what comes this time around.” For those attending this Carnival of Madness, there is a possibility that Brent Smith of Shinedown and she will be performing together. All will be done to make sure this goes down in epic proportions. Awesomeness will certainly be an understatement in this case. The only thing that can be more awesome with this tour for Brink is if Lido’s Restaurant from California caters pizza and salad for her every day. She claims that it’s the greatest salad to ever have.

by Yasmin Noor

Our name just basically represents the whole of humanity. “We As Human” is us as the human race and how collectively, we are incomplete and need to be saved from ourselves and need someone outside of ourselves to save us from what we created. You hear stories about a band being discovered through a demo and you don’t think it’s going to happen, but it happened to us. Bands get other band’s demos all the time. But, it turned out that John Cooper really liked ours, so he called his manager and talked about working with us. That’s how we got discovered by John and when he saw us play live, everything just skyrocketed from there. I think Skillet wanted us on tour because what we do on stage is a little maddening. It’s chaotic and it’s fun and interactive. I think they saw that and wanted us to be apart of it. We’re honored to be apart of it. When we found out that we were going to be on this tour, we were all freaking out. We have a really fun set, a great show plan, and we have a great stage set up. We want people to walk away with their minds absolutely blown. We gotta deliver. There are going to be carnival performers, acrobatics, it’ll be over the top! We’re already writing for our next record! We want to write when it feels good, not when we have to.

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE Broken Records Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Hatebreed’s guitarist Frank Novinec about the new album and what the band is up to these days.


For newcomers of the band, Hatebreed is best described by Frank as “Pure positive energy. We have a positive message, which I think a lot of the younger kids latch onto because in the metal scene you don’t have that positive message. I think that they feel attached to the band. It makes them feel apart of it. It’s kind of a special thing we’ve got going. I’m proud of that and not a lot of bands can say that.” With four years spanning between the release of Hatebreed and their new album The Divinity of Purpose Novinec told me that they “did a lot of touring in that time,” and then added, “We wanted to take the time to come up with something creative from the last record. It was a big gap, but I think the new record is very solid and the response has been really good for us. I’m hoping everyone is satisfied and it was worth the wait because it’s an exciting time for us.” “All Pit, No Shit” has been the description to the album on many blog sites but what does that mean to the guitarist? “It’s really hard for a band like us that has been together for such a long time to come up with something that still sounds like Hatebreed that will make everyone happy and is always fresh. For us to make a record that has all different elements of a lot of bands, I think it came together really well and give the fans another solid Hatebreed album.”

by Mike Camp


As for their live shows, did you know that the band doesn’t use set lists? “Jamey (Jasta) will say, ‘this song is called’ and we got about a second to think how it goes and play it. It’s a beautiful thing for people who are traveling for most shows, and it keeps it fresh for us after all these years not having to play the same songs every night. Now, obviously you’re going to have the quote, unquote hits in the set, but I think it’s a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoys it.”


Nick Hexum of

311 as a band have been around for 23 action-packed years. What is it about the band that not only makes the music so relevant today, but allows the band to be able to draw such large crowds at arenas and amphitheaters nationwide? I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. 311 fans feel a connection with us and each other that make it more than just a concert. It’s an experience. As a band, we are committed to putting on a great show. We work very hard to make sure it’s exciting and that there’s something new each time. And, we’re just lucky! The UNITY Tour has been a staple tour for the past 10 summers. Why is it important to keep the legacy of the tour and the positive vibes from the tour alive? We feel we’re on a mission to bring people together. There’s so many forces trying to separate people, the world needs more Unity! 311 has now done 3 cruises to the Caribbean with a shipload of fanatic fans. What brought on the decision to do Cruises? Ever since 311 Day started, fans have enjoyed turning one of our special shows into a vacation. When Sixthman, the cruise promoter approached us, we realized it would be a perfect fit for our music. Tropical, rockin’ music on the high seas! Rumors are swirling about new music and an upcoming release. What can you reveal about this? We have 13 killer new songs written and pre-produced. With Scotch Ralston, our soundman and longtime studio collaborator producing this new collection, the ideas have been flowing like a waterfall. We’re going to record the songs when we get home in the fall and put this record out in Spring 2014!

Interview by Matt Storm Photo by Vlad Grach




By 30

Cam e k Mi

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE Between the music scene ever so changing, and bands members just walking out the door, Pop Evil has still emerged with their third album entitled, Onyx. Broken Records had to the chance to sit down with lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty for the scoop on what’s up with his band. For everyone who haven’t been exposed to Pop Evil, they can be defined, by the lead man himself as, “heart felt, honest, dealing with your emotions, and not trying to just play one kind of song ten times.” The band is rounded out with Josh Marunde on the drums, Dave Grahs and Nick Fuelling on guitars, and Matt DiRito on the bass. For those of don’t know, mid touring in 2012, lead guitarist Tony Greve just got up and left. I asked Leigh how the band dealt with the lose. He explained, “It was really tough for us because he was a big part of the band, it was difficult at first to adjust, and he didn’t give us much notice, maybe 24 hours.” So what did they do? Leigh continued, “So we called Nick up and Nick had to learn the whole Pop Evil catalog in less than 24 hours and he did a great job. He started off temporary and Nick has developed into the guy we always wanted before Tony was around. What Nick has done, especially in the studio and a writing stand point to now is just incredible. We are so excited with our future with Nick; it’s been a blessing in disguise for sure. We needed a lead guitar that could write and bring stuff to the table. The table was set for Onyx. It really kind of set the stage for him to be around as a permanent fixture in our band for sure. Finally we are got the core lineup of us that we always

wanted.” Haven’t heard the new record? “We’re the ones at the end of the What are you waiting for?! If day playing on stage. We’re the you have, you know what I’m talking about. So Leigh, tell them ones playing these songs for the what this record is about. “It’s us rest of our career” taking our music to the next level. The first two records people were telling us what to do. This record, Even with their success, Pop Evil has always because of the success with the previous two been humble and very “fan friendly.” Leigh records we had the opportunity to do the record explained why, “It’s how we were raised, the we always wanted to do. Even with Johnny K, western Michigan mentality. We have very when you’re working with someone as great family orientated band. Our families were and legendary as him, we felt like we wanted very instrumental on laying the ground work to control our own destiny of this record. We for us to be able to pursue this for a career in knew what we wanted. We’re the ones at the the early days. So when we have any kind of end of the day playing on stage, we’re the ones success it’s very hard to forget where you came playing these songs for the rest of our career, from because their still very much apart, and nobody else. So we wanted to make sure very much willing to keep you in check. The we were pushing ourselves individually and things you appreciated before you were signed collectively as a team to write the best album or big, whatever that means this day and age we could. I think it’s going to open the eyes of and the same things we appreciate now when our peers, as well as, open up a new set of doors the highest, most popular we’ve been our whole for many new Pop Evil fans to come in. For the career. It gets harder the more people that are first time it feels like this is our record.” around, it was easier giving more one on one For a “smaller” band like Pop Evil it’s hard time in the early days, but we try and do it as to stay in the scene for so long, but they have much as possible. We remember what it was successfully done it. Leigh thought it was like when we were treated that way and try to because, “we’ve stayed very midwest, blue maintain that as much as we can.” collar mentality, and just been touring. I think Pop Evil has had a lot of success because they it’s where fans are solidified is when they see have built it and earned it by working hard and you live. Anyone can hear a song you like on always moving forward. If you get a chance the radio, but when you come see that band check out their amazing live show and their live it’s really where you build that relationship new album, as soon as possible! For more with your audience and they build it with you. information, check out their website, www. You know what, that was awesome; I’m going to come and see that band again.”



Discusses Zero, the Creative Process, and Gary Busey Platinum selling, billboard charting 2013 Vans Warped Tour headliners, Hawthorne Heights of Dayton, OH is back with a new sound, new producer, and last yet certainly not least, a new album. Zero, released on June 25th is Hawthorne Heights’ 5th full-length album, and self-admittedly their most ambitious album. However; this is their first attempt at creating a concept album that was overseen by producer, Brian Virtue. Interestingly enough, the word “zero” in this aspect has nothing to do with being at the bottom or represent any means of being a loser. Instead, it represents a positively luminous future. Speaking of the future, the story behind this album is supposed to take place in 2017 where a domineering corporation is taking over a middle-America hometown. It’s up to the Zero


Collective, which consists of young rebels with good intentions to prevail over the corporation, and try to take the city back. Ultimately, the Zero Collective represents the album artwork for this release, which resembles a slanted Z that looks thoroughly contained in a circle. One of the most ironic aspects of Zero more on an industry standpoint is that Hawthorne Heights has stated in the past “when people hear Zero, they’re going to be hearing a new band.” Then critics such as Alternative Press came out with a review of this album stating “Zero feels like a return to form for Hawthorne Heights.” It’s certainly safe to say that Hawthorne Heights trying to be ambitious didn’t translate well to


others, but it personally translated to me. “I think everybody listens to one of our albums and hears something different than the next person. I heard that in regard to our third album for example whereas a lot of our fans felt like we abandoned our older style. That’s great if fans want to hear that especially if it inclines them to listen to the album,” Drummer, Eron Bucciarelli stated. Getting more into the creative process behind Zero, Hawthorne Heights has a broadcast right in the middle of the album better known as “Coalition of Alternate Living Methods.” The way it was recorded sounded so authentic that it seemed like it was something to listen to on the radio in the 1950s. “We try to make it sound like a communist propaganda,” Bucciarelli stated. Not to mention Bucciarelli was the one who did the voiceover for that broadcast. “We also wanted to make it eerie kind of like the War of the World’s broadcast where people would think it’s entirely real and think aliens are coming down to attack

them,” Lead Singer, JT Woodruff followed.


Since this is their first concept album, there was quite a transition not only on how songs would be structured, but the lyrical content as well. “It’s kind of been ‘let’s come up with 1215 songs we all love, get out there, and play live shows.’ We wanted to do something that was more unconventional than what we’ve done in the past,” Woodruff stated.

“It was nice and refreshing. He brought a whole different spin into the recording process from what we’ve done in the past, which is a breath of fresh air to us. It seems we’ve been in the studio a billion times so it brings a whole different perspective towards this album was definitely much appreciated,” said Bucciarelli.

Going further into the writing process for Zero, Woodruff stated “I had to make a lot of revisions for myself personally before I showed them to the guys. I even took other pieces of songs to put them with other pieces of songs to see what would sound better sonically. It was definitely different than what we did before. We all tend to write the music and jam out on it. This, we had to all think of it as a story instead of individual songs.” Zero marked the first time that Virtue ever worked with Hawthorne Heights. It’s was one of those weird combinations that seemed to click because Virtue comes from a hard rock/metal background who’s worked with bands such as All That Remains, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, and 30 Seconds to Mars. To think the jump into a post-hardcore band such as Hawthorne Heights would be like a small fish in a big pond is a

Now you all must be wondering what Gary Busey has anything to do with the rest of this article. As a fun fact, a main influence behind Zero is the movie, Cloverfield (2008) so that triggered me to ask them which actors would play the Zero Collective if this album was made into a movie. Sarcastically speaking, Woodruff stated that “Ryan Gosling would play me because we’re both beautiful men.” He also stated that “I’m waiting for Gary Busey to be involved with anything this band does.” In conclusion, the band came to a final consensus that Gary Busey would play everybody in the Zero Collective. In the land of make believe, this film is coming to a theater near you.

by Gerard Ucelli



Your songs are so catchy, yet very profound. When it comes down to ‘Trash Talk,’ what would you say were the easiest and hardest songs to write? The easiest songs were the ones that relate more to the personal things that I’ve gone through. Trash Talk is an EP basically dedicated to our coming back from a really hard split that we had with some of our previous members and it addresses all of that. Those were the easiest songs to write because it was naturally felt. The songs following those were a little more difficult, but once we found our notch, we were able to match it really easily. I’m sure you’ve been asked this question a lot, but how did you come up with your name? (Laughing) We do get that question a lot. Long story short, we used to run with a name called Creatures. That was actually a name of one of our songs off our debut album and we released that on a 6-track digital EP that came out before. That song was received well in our local


area so when we were told we couldn’t have that name anymore that song was just following us around. The next best move for us was to choose another song title since it was already associated with us. I saw your video diaries on YouTube and noticed that you were jamming to some Limp Bitzkit, which was hilarious. Would you ever cover them at a show? Absolutely, as long as it was off of Three Dollar Bill Y’All or Significant Other. Those albums were super awesome. I don’t care what anyone else has to say. Those are staples to my childhood.

Bert McCraken, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury. Are there four or five figures in Mount Rushmore? Four. Alright, we’re adding a fifth one anyway. I’m adding Elvis Presley and Daryl Palumbo. by Gerard Ucelli

If you had to make a Mount Rushmore of four of your biggest influences, who would they be and why?





e h T d An



s. I r e inn

America voted, and the winner of American Idol, season twelve is…Candice Glover! After talking to the winner about the new found fame, singing the now famous coronation song, and what being on Idol meant to her, we fell even more in love with her than we did when we saw her win. “I’m still trying to let it sink it… it hasn’t yet” Candice revealed when asked how it felt to win this season of American Idol. Making the win even more special was that she was the first female to win since season six. “We all said that it was going to be a female that was going to win,” Glover said with excitement and then added, “but I never thought in a million years it would’ve been me.”

“To this day, I o and it feels like any going to wa

Candice Glover 36

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE to win Idol, Glover opened up and told us that “it is definitely surreal. To this day, I open my curtains and it feels like any minute now I’m going to wake up.” Candice is just as excited about the American Idol live tour as her fans are. After seeing last season winner Phillip Phillips perform as headliner last year, she said she always dreamed of it, but never imagined it would one day be her in that spot on tour too. “I remember going to the tour last year to support my friends Phillip, Jessica and DeAndre, and I remember seeing how Phillip was the one at the very end. I can’t believe that’s going to be me this year. I was just happy to make the top 10 and know I was going on tour.” Fans can look forward to hearing 2 songs off her upcoming album when they go see her, including her coronation song, “I Am Beautiful.” We asked Candice what she thinks about the song she chose. “I feel like it touches everyone. It helps them feel beautiful. They feel beautiful when they listen to my song.” The singer says that making someone feel that way is what she loves most about performing it. Candice had a special message for her New York fans that supported her all the way during the competition, and says that she hopes to meet them out on tour!

open my curtains “To this day, I open my curtains y minute now I’m and it feels like any minute now I’m ake up.” going to wake up.” Heading back to the moment when Ryan Seacrest created the season’s most viewed moment, announcing Candice was the winner, want to know what was going through her mind and what Candice and Kree were saying to each other? Here’s your chance. “Since Ryan was taking so long to announce the name, Kree and I were just saying to each other that the other person was going to win. I kept saying it was her that was going to win and she kept

telling me that it was me. And then when he announced my name, I was like, oh my gosh! I have an album coming out. I have a record deal. I have all these things I’ve been working for for so long. “ This was also Candice’s third time auditioning and she says she “now feels like a role model to all the other hopefuls out there, and wants to remind them to never give up.” While we will never know how it feels

By Alysse Papkoff



KREE HARRISON SEASON 12 RUNNER UP, BUT FIRST IN open to surprises that made the journey all the more inviting. “I didn’t know what THE HEARTS OF THE COUNTRY The dreams of a woman one year before were on display on the final night of the 12th American Idol competition this past May. Kree Harrison, the Port Arthur, Texas talent ran the gambit of opening qualifications to surviving elimination five times, to eventually finishing up on the final night against the winner, Candice Glover. “It was amazing. I couldn’t believe the support; it was overwhelming and emotional. I believe in myself but it definite boosted my confidence. All I ever wanted was longevity and make great music and be able to do this for the rest of my life. So of course making it that far was a great accomplishment for sure.” On the heels of the American Idol summer tour, Kree shared her experiences on her year spent on the show, the importance of friendship, and her hopes for the upcoming tour and album to come. Her first single, “All Cried Out” peaked at #34 on the Country Songs Billboard chart. Yet in the beginning Kree was just one of many singers who every year aspire to make it on television and compete for the ultimate prize, American Idol champion of that given year. She went into the competition with an open mind and a philosophy to live in the moment. This served her well as she was

to expect. I trust to live everything day by day. I was more shocked. It was not that I don’t believe in myself, I’m just humble and appreciative of everyone who voted for me.” How a contestant deals with the judges on Idol may very well determine how they progress even though the judges power diminishes as the voting process takes over. The judges this year which included Mariah Carey, Nikki Minaj, Keith Urban, and the

“Anytime Mariah Carey would even speak to me I would look behind me thinking why you are speaking to me.”


only holdover, Randy Jackson can seem insurmountable for singers in this competition. But Kree learned to ride it ultimately with time. “I was very intimidated. It’s nerve racking to win them over in the beginning. Anytime Mariah Carey would even speak to me I would look behind me thinking why you are speaking to me. When we got to Vegas, I felt like at that point the judges really understood what I was trying to do, what kind of artist I was. For the most part they really rooted for me and I appreciate that.” The irony of American Idol is that the people you lean on for support and spend the majority of your time are the same ones you

BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE are competing against. It’s a contradiction that makes American Idol unique. “It is a competition but there is no reason to step on each other heads to compete and first of all you’re each other’s support system throughout the whole process. We’re with each other every single day so you need that support.” Kree soon became attached to many of her competitors. “You become family whether you try to or not especially the girls because they lasted longer than the guys. We all became very close. There’s enough tension and pressure in the show. There was not with us. We were competing with ourselves.” One of more interesting changes Idol introduced was bringing in veteran singers/songwriters/ producers to work with each contestant when they got to the final stages of the event. When Kree learned that she would be working with Harry Connick and Smoky Robinson she was thrilled by one, stunned by the latter. “Harry is so hilarious and so nice. Smoky, he was so lovely and I was definitely star struck and I never get star struck. His advice stood out, “No matter how high your head gets in the clouds, always keep your feet on the ground.” At this point Kree sensed that she had a shot. “When I made the top ten I thought maybe I will stay here for a minute.” Kree laughs. Now Kree will be performing with her friends on tour minus the stress that being on a show like Idol for that length of time can accrue. The best part according to Kree is that they will not have to answer to judges

anymore. “There’s no panel at the end of your performance. You get to perform with your friends.” Kree explains “I know we are all ecstatic. The fact we get to sing to thousands of people. It’s an amazing feeling that we get to do this together.” Kree Harrison already has a single out and the direction of her album is yet to be divulged. She believes it good to surprise her fans. Though Kree is a country singer, she is not

married to the concept totally. “I’m a country artist. I don’t want to put myself in a box now before I even make a record. I have had people tell me “I don’t like country music, but you made me a fan.” That means I hope that people who listen to R&B or Pop, really like this record and are proud of it, because I know I will be.” By Luis Vasquez



ANGIE MILLER Sets Idol Fans “FREE” Just because Angie Miller didn’t win season 12 of American Idol, doesn’t mean you should count her out. We talked to her recently about auditioning, singing on live T.V, the American Idol tour, and everything that’s next up for the singer. Angie said that her first day as an Idol contestant, the day she auditioned for this season’s judges, was “the most nervous” she ever was, and seeing herself on TV for the first time in a show promo was the “weirdest thing ever”. It didn’t take long for the singer to amaze viewers with her voice, and even stunned fans when she sang her own original song “You Set Me Free.” The singer said that she had only written the song “a month before performing it, and didn’t even know if people liked it or not. I never imagined the feedback that I received. It’s different when you’re singing a cover of a song. When it’s your own song, and people love it, it means so much.” Just like fans, Angie was

shocked when she didn’t make it to the finale, but she let us know that it won’t be much longer until we see her again. She will be hitting the road with the other finalists on the American Idol tour soon, where she will sing her original song again. Fans will also be excited to know she will be performing with Jessie J again, just like on the season finale. The Idol’s idol surprised her only days before the finale. “Originally I was supposed to sing ‘You Set Me Free’ but the producers came to me days before and said that I wasn’t going to be singing the song on the finale anymore. I was upset but then they told me that Jessie J was flying in so she could perform with me.” The Idol top 11 tour will be the first tour Angie has ever been on and she says she “can’t wait to meet the fans that brought her so far.” We asked Angie what she thought of her new life, and she said, “I love this. I hope to keep doing this and keep moving forward to do greater things.” By Alysse Papkoff

“I love this. I hope to keep doing this and keep moving forward to do greater things.”



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