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Dr Anthony Marsh, Chief Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service and Chair of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, discusses collaboration and interoperability in light of Sir Ken Knight’s report into Efficiency in Fire and Rescue Services (see page 3).

ESS2013 Preview 23


A special preview of The Emergency Services Show 2013 (ESS2013), which takes place from 25-26 September at the NEC in Birmingham. Features at the show include free CPD workshops and a road safety driving experience from West Midlands Fire Service. Also, immerse yourself in a 3D training experience in the Fire Service College Transformation Igloo! Information from some of the Show’s 400+ Exhibitors is featured in the pages highlighted below.





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Dr. Martens ...............................................................67 E-Semble bv..............................................................88 Eagle International (Europe) Limited ...................58 East Midlands Ambulance Service.....................4, 12 East of England Ambulance Service ........................7 Electrosonic...............................................................46 Emergency One (UK) Ltd.......................................26 Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd ...........86 The Emergency Services Show...............................19 Emergency Services Times......................................91 Environment Agency.................................................7 ESPO..........................................................................93 Excelerate Technology .............................................46 Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd...................................73 Ferno (UK) Limited ................................................27 Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd...................................91 Fire Ladders Ltd ......................................................28 Fire Service College .................................3, 19, 23, 87 FireBug Company Ltd.............................................56 Firemain Engineering Ltd......................................31 First Response Supplies...........................................74 Fischer Panda UK Ltd ............................................28 Flamepro (UK) Ltd..................................................70 Focus RX...................................................................66 Ford............................................................................10 Garmin.......................................................................44 Geargrid (VI Distribution Ltd) ..............................84 Getac UK Ltd ...........................................................41 Global Auto ID Ltd..................................................41 Godiva Ltd ................................................................28 HAAGEN Fire Training Products .........................88 HAIX-Schuhe ...........................................................61 Halfords Business Services......................................51 Hampshire Constabulary...........................................4 Handheld UK & Ireland Ltd..................................41 Haztec International Ltd.........................................55 Highways Agency.................................................7, 17 Holmatro UK Ltd ....................................................30 Honda ........................................................................10 Humberside Police ...................................................96 Hunter Apparel Solutions Ltd................................67 Husqvarna Construction Products.........................25 Hyundai.....................................................................10 Ilasco/Keela ...............................................................70 Intellitec MV Ltd .....................................................51 Interspiro Ltd ...........................................................62 Intramark Ltd...........................................................64 IPLS...........................................................................80 ISG Infrasys...............................................................32 Jaguar Land Rover ...................................................10 JESIP......................................................................3, 19 John Jordan Limited................................................51 Keytracker Ltd .........................................................85 Laerdal Medical Ltd ................................................74 Land Rover Experience North Yorkshire..............54 Le Maitre Ltd ...........................................................88 LEADER Group UK Ltd .......................................26 LED Lenser – Ledco Limited................................82 Leicestershire Police ..................................................4 LHD Group (United Kingdom) Ltd .....................67 Lintran.......................................................................50 London Ambulance Service....................................20 London Fire Brigade ...........................................8, 17 Ludo McGurk SVE..................................................56 Lyon Equipment Limited .......................................90 Magnum ....................................................................64

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Maxicroc – Evenhook ..............................................37 MC Products UK Ltd..............................................63 MDS Marine Limited..............................................50 Mecmesin Hose Reels ..............................................31 Medsource International Co Ltd............................74 Mercedes-Benz..........................................................10 Metropolitan Police Service ....................................17 Metz ...........................................................................48 Miles Smith Ltd .......................................................92 Minerva Simulator Facilities Ltd...........................86 Ministry of Defence .................................................17 Mitsubishi .................................................................10 Motion Computing...................................................42 MSA (Britain) Ltd....................................................61 Multitone.....................................................................4 National Ambulance Resilience Unit ....................15 National Association of Police Fleet Managers ....10 National Gamekeepers' Organisation.......................7 NEC............................................................................46 Nightsearcher Ltd....................................................81 Nike Hydraulics .......................................................37 Niton Equipment .....................................................36 Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service ..............................7 North Fire plc ...........................................................48 Nottinghamshire Police.............................................6 Oculus Systems Ltd .................................................51 Openhouse Products Ltd.........................................75 Orange Grove Fostercare.........................................96 Packexe Ltd...............................................................28 PageOne Communications Ltd ..............................42 Panasonic Computer Products Solutions ..............44 Páramo Ltd ...............................................................71 Parkland Engineering Ltd ......................................30 ........................................................69 PBI Performance Products Inc ...............................69 Peli Products (UK) Ltd ...........................................80 Peugeot.......................................................................10 Physio-Control UK..................................................23 Pickup Systems.........................................................58 Pinnacle Response Ltd ............................................46 Plymouth University................................................20 Portability Ltd ..........................................................82 Premier Communication Electronics Ltd.............44 Premier Hazard Ltd.................................................58 Primetech UK Ltd ...................................................46 Print Data Solutions Ltd.........................................92 Proact Medical Ltd ..................................................75 Prometheus Medical Ltd.........................................73 Reach and Rescue Ltd .............................................31 Red One Limited........................................................6 Reelcare Ltd..............................................................30 Rescue 3 Europe .........................................................6 Resource UAS ...........................................................50 Responder Technology Ltd .....................................40 Reveal Media.............................................................40 Rig Equipment Ltd..................................................70 Rosenbauer................................................................48 Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service..............12 Royal National Lifeboat Institution.........................8 RSG Engineering Ltd..............................................52 RUD Chains Ltd ......................................................56 Ruth Lee Ltd ............................................................90 Safety Components...................................................63 Sat-Comm Broadcast Ltd ........................................41 Scott Safety................................................................62

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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service..........................4, 7 SEAT..........................................................................10 SHB Hire Ltd ...........................................................54 Simulaids...................................................................89 Simulation.................................................................87 Skoda..........................................................................10 SlideandTilt.Com Ltd..............................................54 South East Coast Ambulance Service.....................20 South Wales Police ...................................................12 South West Ambulance Service ..............................20 SP Services (UK) Ltd...............................................78 Speedings Ltd ...........................................................81 Spencer Italia Srl ......................................................74 Springmasters Ltd....................................................32 St John Ambulance ............................................20, 25 Steroplast Healthcare Ltd .......................................78 Stryker Medical ........................................................78 Suffolk Constabulary..................................................7 Suffolk County Council ...........................................12 Supacat Limited .......................................................54 Supply Plus Limited ................................................37 Surf & Turf Instant Shelters....................................25 Surrey Police ...............................................................4 Tactical Training Centre ..........................................90 Tactical Ventilation Solutions Ltd..........................32 Talking Headsets Ltd...............................................40 TechnologyOne...........................................................7 Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)..................................89 TEXPORT ................................................................66 Thames Valley Police .................................................4 Tracker Network (UK) Ltd.....................................52 Training 4 Resilience................................................88 Trauma Innovation 2014............................................6 UK Power Networks ................................................90 Unifire Ltd................................................................36 URENCO ............................................................17, 35 Vauxhall.....................................................................10 VectorCommand Ltd ...............................................89 Vimpex Limited .............................................6, 12, 32 Volvo ....................................................................10, 50 VW .............................................................................10 Warwickshire Police.................................................12 WAS UK....................................................................58 WASP Barcode Technologies..................................84 WaterJel Europe LLP ..............................................73 Weber Rescue UK Ltd.............................................36 Welsh Government...................................................12 West Midland Ambulance Service .....................6, 20 West Midlands Fire Service ..............................12, 23 Winsted Ltd ..............................................................84 WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd...........................70 Wood & Tyre Recycling Association ........................7 Woodway Engineering Ltd .....................................55 Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd.........................................52 YDS Boots – Goliath Footwear Ltd...................6, 68 YKK (UK) Ltd.........................................................69 Yorkshire Ambulance Service...................................4 YPO............................................................................91 Zodiac MILPRO UK Limited................................56 Zoll Medical UK Ltd...............................................76

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The AA ......................................................................34 AccuLux / Witte + Sutor GmbH ...........................29 Amputees in Action .................................................83 APB Mobile Installations Ltd.................................45 Babcock International........................................18, 33 Bluecher.....................................................................16 Brother UK Ltd........................................................45 British Red Cross......................................................34 Bullard GmbH....................................................13, 16 Cold Cut Systems......................................................59 County Durham Emergency Medical Services Ltd............................................95

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Excelerate Technology Ltd................................38, 39 Firemain Engineering..............................................34 Garmin.......................................................................60 Getac UK...................................................................43 Goliath Footwear................................................67, 69 HAAGEN Fire Training Products .........................79 HAIX Schuhe Produktions-und Vertriebs GmbH ...................................................85 IP Performance .........................................................65 ISG Infrasys...............................................................43 Laerdal Medical Ltd ................................................77 Land Rover .....................................................9, 11, 13

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LED Lenser – Ledco Limited.............................IBC Lyon Equipment Limited .......................................24 Medical Services NE ................................................95 Mercedes-Benz.......................................................IFC North Fire plc....................................................FC, 22 Openhouse Products ................................................11 Orange Grove Fostercare.........................................83 PageOne Communications Ltd ..............................29 Paul Clark Services...................................................57 Peli Products (UK) Ltd ...........................................79 Premier Hazard.........................................................57 Primetech (UK) Ltd ................................................53

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Rewards for Rescue ..................................................59 RSG Engineering Limited ......................................83 Serco...........................................................................21 SP Services (UK) Ltd..........................................OBC Strongs Plastic Products..........................................72 Stryker GmbH & Co KG.........................................72 Survitec Group..........................................................45 Vauxhall Special Vehicles ..........................................5 Vimpex Limited..........................................................9 Volvo Car UK............................................................47 YKK...........................................................................60 YPO............................................................................29

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Interoperability or integration? August 2013

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Words: Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM FIFireE My efficiencies review of the 46 fire and rescue authorities entitled Facing the Future, commissioned by the Government, was presented to Ministers and published earlier this year. While the primary spotlight Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM FIFireE was on fire and rescue services, during my visits and discussions it was apparent that many of the issues readily translate to the other emergency services. Moreover, my findings led me to ask some challenging questions about a journey from interoperability to integration of the blue light services in order to release the potential efficiencies that are available. The response to my review and subsequent debate has been overwhelming and encouraging and I hope that the journey has now truly commenced at both a professional and political level. Across the public sector, organisations have been facing the largest austerity challenge in a generation, which has necessitated seeking ways to maintain an appropriate level of service to the public yet root out waste to achieve their objectives. Without the challenge of budgetary restraint much of the exciting innovation currently taking place might not have commenced. Such innovation has already included joint procurement opportunities, sharing of premises and support services, early signs of joint training between the services and consideration of joint governance arrangements. There are already compelling efficiency arguments for the sector to take forward the issues of interoperability and integration, however it is essential that such work be taken forward on a collaborative basis and not on a predatory ‘take over’ agenda. Signs of transformation

It is now seven years since The Emergency Services Show tentatively entered the previous blue light exhibition silos through the initial show at the Horticultural Halls in London and subsequently, with steadily increased interest, taking place at Stoneleigh. This year the significant move to the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, signals the emerging confidence in the blue light family to come together to deliver a joint public service in a most significant way. There are also other significant signs of transformation and joint working. The Joint Emergency Services

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Interoperability Programme (JESIP), sponsored by the Home Secretary but led by the police, ambulance and fire and rescue professional bodies, will itself enhance joint operational guidance and operational procedures. The Government sale of the national Fire Service College to Capita offers unrestrained opportunities for joint exercises and training for both tactical and incident command for blue light services as well as Category 2 responders. The report Improving Efficiency, Interoperability and Resilience of our Blue Light Services, published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security, provides both a challenge and opportunity to the fast growing debate. In addition, the House of Commons, Department for Communities and Local Government Select Committee has commenced taking evidence on my Review and will resume in September to continue its deliberations. Meanwhile, both public and social media interest has remained unabated with many aspects of the emergency services sector eager to engage. The prize of transformation and efficiencies, while delivering a seamless and trusted service that is both measurable and open to public scrutiny, is too great to let the debate falter. However, it will take significant professional and political leadership to maintain the momentum against some who would appear to prefer the status quo. Unfortunately, failure of the emergency services sector to provide the clarity of a collegiate route map for the future would be a significant failure. At the heart of transformation of high profile public services is the need to ensure clear public accountability and scrutiny of the service aspirations and delivery, anything less will be unacceptable. Government response

But what of Central Government? The early signs are encouraging in that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has already announced incentivised revenue and capital funding for both police and fire and rescue in relation to efficiencies arising from integration innovation. And I wait, with interest, for the Government’s response to my efficiencies review in the autumn where I hope there will be clear indications of support for the journey of change. While this has been a once in a generation austerity challenge for the public sector it may also be the catalyst for a generational opportunity for the blue light services to be transformed for the future into a seamless and more efficient service for the public.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Newcastle-based independent financial adviser Blackett Walker Ltd has set up new sister company, BW Medical Accountants Ltd, a specialist accountancy and taxation company dedicated to healthcare professionals. The new company will provide accountancy services, tax planning, strategic investment and retirement planning services for GP practices, practice managers, doctors, consultants, locums, dentists and employed medical professionals.

Major order for Cartwright from Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Three police forces in the south of England are to share new communications technology in a bid to boost collaboration and information sharing. Thames Valley, Hampshire and Surrey forces have signed a £37.4m contract with BT for a secure communications network and contact centre technology.

A deliberate fires reduction task group has been established with the aim of reducing the number of wilful fires occurring in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. The task group, which will see firefighters, police officers, community wardens and Aberdeenshire Council staff working together, will focus initially on the Fraserburgh beach area where in recent months the service has already been called to extinguish eight deliberately started fires.

23-29 September 2013 National Air Ambulance Week 25-26 September 2013 The Emergency Services Show 2013 The NEC, Birmingham

9-10 October 2013 CATO Conference Bonn, Germany

Multitone, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communication systems for emergency organisations, has announced that Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media services company, has become a strategic partner, strengthening its existing relationship in delivering best of breed mission critical communications and network services. The two companies have been delivering a wide range of sophisticated integrated communications systems for over a decade, from single locations to multi-campus, regional and national projects. The collaboration will see customers being able to have access to a diverse range of communications and infrastructure services, supported and delivered within a single point of contact, which has been tested and proven over many years within critical communication environments.

Dates for your diary

5-8 November 2013 A+A Düsseldorf, Germany

19 November 2013 Blue Light Innovation Conference and Exhibition QEII Conference Centre, London

20-23 November 2013 Medica 2013 Dusseldorf, Germany

Leading UK manufacturer Cartwright has secured a major order to manufacture 21 A&E ambulances from its Taurus Range, for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS). It is the first major ambulance order for South Manchester based Cartwright, which has recently been accredited as an approved manufacturer to supply ambulances to the NHS. The YAS order is for frontline A&E ambulances and is based upon a Mercedes Sprinter 4.6-tonne super single van option, which changes the rear axle from a twin wheel rear axle to a single wheel, allowing more space inside the ambulance. The conversion allows provision

inside the ambulance for two crewmembers, one stretchered patient and up to two additional seated patients or passengers. Wes Linton, Blue Light Development Engineer at Cartwright, said, “We believe that the Yorkshire Ambulance Service was attracted by the Cartwright brand as well as its reputation as an established manufacturer, together with offering a competitive price. We currently produce 80 to 100 units per week and our objective is to be a leading high volume manufacturer in the ambulance sector with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval within the next 18 months.”

Police stations in Leicester to house life-saving AEDs Leicestershire Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service and The Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) are working together to save lives in the community. Public access automated external defibrillators (AEDs) have been installed at police stations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, making them accessible to local people, at any time of the day. Pete Winson, EMAS Paramedic and Community Defibrillation Officer, said, “When it comes to cardiac arrest, seconds count and the use of a defibrillator while our crews travel to the scene can save a life. We are delighted that Leicestershire Police has agreed to have the defibrillators

Emergency Services Times August 2013

installed and for the support given by The Community Heartbeat Trust who are providing awareness sessions on the use of an AED.” The defibrillators are stored in bright yellow cabinets, which clearly state that the emergency equipment is available there. They are registered with the EMAS Emergency Operations Centre. When a 999 call is received reporting a cardiac arrest, the caller is told where the defibrillator is located, and what the access code is for the cabinet. The life-saving machines can be used by anyone who witnesses an arrest as the machine gives clear instructions on what to do.

26 November 2013 Lone Worker Safety 2013 London Olympia

15-16 January 2014 Trauma Innovation Olympia Conference Centre, London

12-13 February 2014 Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe London

11-13 March 2014 Security and Policing FIVE Farnborough Hampshire

1-2 April 2014 British APCO Manchester Central

1-2 April 2014 Professional Clothing Show and Awards The NEC, Birmingham

29-30 April 2014 Counter Terror Expo Olympia, London

16 May 2014 Spirit of Fire Awards Westminster Park Plaza, London

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Trauma Innovation, which takes place from 15-16 January 2014 at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, is a unique opportunity that unites public and private pre-hospital professionals, disaster and relief responders and military medical specialists in one dedicated forum.

Paramedic helmet available through NHS PPE Framework

Access & Rescue School of DSFRS’s Training Academy, the Red One team of instructors are all serving firefighters and officers who, through operational experience and many years training, have developed highly specialised rescue skills that they can now pass on to meet each client’s specific needs.

A pioneering scheme championed by Nottinghamshire Police is now being used by all three emergency services. People who have difficulty communicating can now easily call fire, ambulance and police thanks to Pegasus – a specialised PIN system – or use a special card to tell emergency services workers they are a member of the scheme. Although the system is used in other police forces in the UK, Nottinghamshire is the first county where it has been extended in this way. Those who need support with emergency calls simply quote ‘Pegasus’ and their personal PIN when they call, which gives the operator their preregistered details such as name, address and any mobility problems they may have. The system saves vital time that would otherwise be taken up with difficult conversation. If members show their Pegasus card to an emergency services worker, it allows the worker to contact their control room to find out more about the person’s needs. There are more then 400 people registered with Nottinghamshire Police and they are now being contacted by the other services to see if they want to extend their registration. Chief Inspector Tracey Lovegrove said, “April 2013 marked the five-year anniversary of Pegasus so it’s great to now see it being expanded to help and support the people we already have on our database and hopefully more. “The success we’ve had with Pegasus is testament to the hard work of those in and out of the force, helping us continue to serve the public in the most effective way possible.” The idea for Pegasus came from Nottinghamshire resident Chris Channon, who has cerebral palsy. He said, “I now feel more confident about contacting the emergency services; using Pegasus enables me to identify myself quickly in a time of crisis and provides personnel with information about my disability. People with all sorts of conditions, illnesses or disabilities would benefit from registering with Pegasus, so I would encourage them to do so.” Dr Steven Dykes, Acting Medical Director at East Midlands Ambulance Service, said, “Pegasus will help those with communication difficulties to pass information to us quickly so we can provide an appropriate response to their needs.”

Emergency services personnel are being encouraged to sign up for the challenging Exmoor 30:30 moors race, a tough and rugged endurance race covering 30 miles or 30km while carrying 30lbs on your back. The countdown to the race has begun – it will take place on 14 September 2013. Teams from far and wide are invited to see if they can cover the course in the fastest time starting and finishing in Exford deep in Exmoor National Park. The event was the idea of Henry Gordon Clark and raises funds for the Royal British Legion. YDS Boots, who sponsor the event, recently won a contract to supply combat boots to over 100,000 personnel in all three services of the British Armed Forces and will be handing out goody bags at the end of the event to reward those who complete the course.

A fleet of new ambulances is set to hit the roads of the West Midlands after the region’s ambulance service took delivery of over 100 new emergency vehicles. The West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) is continuing with a ‘significant’ investment in vehicle replacements following the delivery of 74 frontline ambulances and 30 Skoda 4x4 rapid response cars at a cost of £8m earlier this year. The service’s fleet currently has over 300 ambulances and 200 rapid response vehicles. With older vehicles being decommissioned as part of the fleet programme, WMAS will now have one of the most modern 999 fleets of any ambulance service in the country.

Capita plc has launched Blue Watch, a new fire and home safety scheme, supported by the UK’s fire and rescue services (FRS). The company has signed a seven year contract, with an option to extend for a further three years, with CFOA Services Ltd (CSL) – a trading company of the Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA) – to deliver the scheme. Blue Watch aims to reduce the devastation and cost of fires and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in UK homes, by helping homeowners and landlords to provide safer places to live for their families and tenants.

The A7A paramedic helmet from Vimpex Limited is available through the new NHS Ambulance Service PPE Framework, which has now been let. This enables all UK ambulance services and other qualifying public bodies to source the country’s most popular paramedic helmet at a uniform nationwide price. With more than 8000 currently in use throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the A7A paramedic helmet offers modern head protection in an economical, very comfortable, lightweight and wearable package. Manufactured from Kevlar-reinforced composite shells, the A7A helmet gives the perfect combination

of safety, balance and wearer comfort. A jet-style design ensures that it is not only functional but looks good too. Use of composites also means that the helmets last and last. Tests prove helmets that have been in service for over 10 years still pass stringent EN443 testing. The A7A is just one of a family of high-performance helmets that are available for firefighters and rescue professionals. In addition, Vimpex supplies a range of other products, including hydraulic rescue tools, thermal image cameras, PPE, technical rescue equipment and scene lighting.

Red One named as official Rescue 3 Europe training provider Red One Limited, part of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS), has been appointed as an official training provider of Rescue 3 Europe, a leading supplier of advanced technical rescue training.

Red One works both with commercial customers and other fire, rescue and emergency services to train, develop and maintain skills, ensuring competence across a range of specialist rescue areas including working at height, confined space, swift water rescue, boat operations and flood incident management. Working within the facilities at the

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Pegasus takes to emergency airwaves

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Highways Collaborative partnership selects Agency works Capita control room technology with Airwave to reduce traffic Airwave has worked with the Highways Agency to implement a programme that makes greater use of the capabilities associated with the Airwave TETRA radio terminals used by the organisation. After examining and analysing voice traffic, the Highways Agency has replaced a number of the voice messages previously used with data transmissions that carry the same message – a more effective, accurate and economical way.

Al Edwards, Highways Agency Traffic Technology, said, “Traffic officers traditionally generate a large volume of voice traffic. We have used the Airwave Network since 2004 – it is an integral part of our communications. By scrutinising the information relating to voice messages, we can now focus on making efficient and economical use of the features and functionality available to users.” Making greater use of the functionality of the TETRA radio terminals includes the introduction of nonurgent messages sent via the short data service in much the same way as a text message is passed to a mobile phone. “These messages relate to basic information about routine incidents to which patrols are deployed, and have proven invaluable in saving time and improving the information flow between the control room and on-road resources,” adds Al. The Highways Agency will also gradually replace spoken updates on a patrol’s status (such as ‘on patrol’ and ‘arrived at scene’) with a ‘status code’ message delivered by data. “This is enhanced by enabling the message to be sent by holding down the relevant key on either the handheld or vehicle radio terminal. We have already realised the benefits* and are much welcomed by on-road and control room personnel.”

*Early examination of the results has already shown savings in the region of 30 to 40 percent in traffic unit volumes.

Capita’s communications and control solutions business has secured an eight-year contract to provide a new communication and command and control centre system to four fire and rescue services. This is the first collaborative partnership of its kind and comprises Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon and Somerset fire and rescue services – all members of the Networked Fire Control Services Partnership (NFCSP) in the south. The collaborative partnership will improve the resilience of all four fire and rescue services, and also deliver cost savings. The new system will also enhance the services’ existing control centre functionality. Dave Curry, Chair of the NFCSP strategic board, said, “Because all four fire and rescue services will have the same Capita technology in their control centres, it will give us

far greater resilience. If one service is under pressure for whatever reason, one of the others will be able to provide full support. This integrated system will allow us to work together even more effectively than we do at the moment, and that can only be good for public and firefighter safety. George Godliman, Managing Director of Capita’s communications and control solutions business, said, “The solution that we are providing to the NFCSP is the latest in command and control technology. This system isn’t just confined to the four walls of the control centre – it’s about providing technology that fire and rescue workers rely upon when responding to calls. Information flowing back into the control centre is just as important as information received by fire crews on their way to incidents.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service unifies financial services TechnologyOne, the enterprise software company, has announced the successful completion of the first phase of a project with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, which has consolidated financial systems and processes from eight separate regional organisations in a rapid 11-month timescale. In April 2012 it was decided that a single financial management platform would offer the new service the most benefits in terms of improving efficiency by replacing the disparate accounting systems and working practices. When TechnologyOne was appointed in June 2012, the fire and rescue service had just nine months to setup and migrate to the new system so that the eight separate regional organisations could switch to the new centralised platform in time for the new financial year starting on 1 April 2013.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

“The combination of such a flexible platform in TechnologyOne and a good team allowed us to get the system up and running on time and on budget,” explains Kerr McColl, Systems Manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. “There are still areas that we want to explore within the TechnologyOne platform but the reception from our users has been extremely positive and we have a system that will help us on our journey to improve the efficiency of the service.

In the wake of two recent serious fires at a waste recycling site in Smethwick, West Midlands, and at an electrical recycling centre in Sittingbourne, Kent, the Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA) is looking to work closely with key partners to review current safety guidance on waste transfer and recycling sites. The association is in discussion with partners such as the Environment Agency and the Wood & Tyre Recycling Association in order to examine incident statistics and review existing guidance. CFOA will also be working with site operators to improve safety and lobby government for changes, including legislation where necessary.

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) is trialling a new automated messaging system in Norfolk to enable emergency services to get to incidents more quickly. The new system automatically notifies the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) about traffic incidents where their support may be needed. In practice an automated SMS message is received in fire control giving details of the incident; on many occasions this message will be sent as the call handlers in the ambulance control room are still dealing with the call thus removing any delays that may occur.

Student officers from Suffolk Constabulary have taken part in an intensive training day covering firearms law, shooting sports and wildlife crime. The training was provided by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), and the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO), which represents gamekeepers in England and Wales. Sixteen student officers learned about firearms licensing, the different types of shotguns and rifles in common use, public perception of shooting activities and the consequences of poaching and rural crime for the economy and animal welfare.

Flexible functionality “Phase 2 of the project involves the implementation of fixed assets and we will continue to develop the system, business processes and management information through the flexible functionality it provides.”

Bullard GmbH has appointed Angloco Ltd as its UK sales partner for both thermal imaging cameras and the company’s full helmet range. Angloco Ltd, formerly a Bullard GmbH partner for supplying helmets to the UK market, has built its name and reputation on customer service and reliability.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


RNLI Casualty Care course converted for fire and rescue services It has long been known that ‘Saving Lives at Sea’ is the primary purpose of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), and one of the tools in its arsenal to achieve this, is the unique, ground-breaking and award-winning pre-hospital medical training package – RNLI Casualty Care ‘Big Sick-Little Sick’. Words: Perry Simpson, Business Development Manager, RNLI, & Paul Savage, RNLI Clinical Lead. last five years with stunning results. Acknowledging the significant contribution this training has provided the RNLI in saving lives – with the statistics to back this up – and recognising the ability of this training package to crossover to other lifesaving organisations, the RNLI has decided to open up its doors, giving others the opportunity to hire the services of the RNLI to develop their own bespoke Casualty Care training package.

When your organisation is made up of around 95 percent mixed ability volunteers, drawn from all walks of life, training is vital, but time to train volunteers can be extremely limited. One aspect that makes the RNLI Casualty Care course unique is its ability to take lifesaving volunteers, often with little or no prior experience in medical training, and train them to a level of functionality comparable with that of an NHS ambulance technician. The surprise is this is reached in just three days! Keeping the casualty alive How has the organisation achieved this? Well, knowing that time is a critical factor, both during training and during lifesaving, and recognising, importantly, that most of their crew volunteers are kinaesthetic learners, the RNLI has developed a training course that removes the complex anatomy and physiology normally associated with medical training, and strips it back to what is essential to keeping the casualty alive until they are handed across to the medical professionals. Centred on a detailed patient assessment and a set of protocols, all mapped out on waterproof check cards, the need for long-term memory is removed, therefore reducing skill fade levels. This is backed up with the blended resources of the course manual and medical scenario cards, which all interlink with the individual’s check cards.

Paul Savage, RNLI Clinical Lead and Richard Cole, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.

The beauty of this training is its simplicity. More often than not, medical courses are brimming with heavy theory that in no way benefits the patient’s outcome and for the student, often serves to confuse. This confusion then reflects in their clinical practice, with low levels of confidence and engagement. With the RNLI course, the theory is kept to a minimum and so the student learns by doing, working their way through hands-on training and cleverly constructed scenarios to re-affirm learning. This style frees up course time to allow confident kinaesthetic skills to be gained in high-level medical equipment. The RNLI has been delivering its pre-hospital casualty care training course ‘Big Sick-Little Sick’ to its volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards for the

Strong correlations The first organisation to grasp this opportunity has been Dorset Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS). Recognising the strong correlations between the two different types of lifesaving organisations, the RNLI and DFRS have worked together to convert the ‘RNLI Casualty Care’ into ‘DFRS Casualty Care’, a pre-hospital medical training package bespoke for the fire and rescue services. The RNLI is keen to engage with other fire and rescue services, and all other lifesaving organisations, eager to revolutionise their medical training. For further information, please go to the RNLI stand at The Emergency Services Show (Z130) in the SAR zone, where Paul Savage, RNLI Clinical Lead, and Perry Simpson, RNLI Business Development Manager, will be more than happy to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Building excellence in training Babcock was chosen, in April 2012, to be the London Fire Brigade’s (LFB’s) training partner, bringing about the largest change to the brigade’s training provision in over 125 years. As part of this partnership with the LFB, Babcock is currently in the process of building two dedicated training facilities (DTFs). These world-class, environmentally friendly venues will replace existing firefighter training facilities, which are no longer suitable for a modern fire and rescue service. Beckton The Beckton site will be the first of the two DTFs to be commissioned and will be a world-class centre of excellence for urban search and rescue (USAR) and incident command (IC) training. The centre will also contain a firehouse for additional fire training and a training block containing classrooms, syndicate rooms and welfare facilities. The USAR rig will be one of the best in world, incorporating six zones to provide a realistic environment in which to train students and meet national standards and beyond. All training disciplines will be catered for, including breaching and breaking, lifting and shoring, hot cutting, line

access and casualty extrication and confined space training. The IC training suite will provide LFB with a best practise, future-proofed training solution. Park Royal The Park Royal Training Centre, to be built on a brownfield site, will be a centre of excellence for real fire training. Facilities will include a multi-storey comprehensive firehouse with basement for fire behaviour and Breathing Apparatus training. The firehouse complex will incorporate variable internal doors to provide a range of training scenarios on each floor and between floors. The firehouse has been designed for realism and therefore incorporates a fully carbonaceous training environment. Adjacent to the real fire training facilities, there will be a training block containing classrooms, syndicate rooms, gym and welfare facilities. These training facilities will provide the base for delegates and instructors to spend time on classroom based learning, share best practice and enjoy some down time from training. In line with both organisations’ commitment to the environment, Babcock has incorporated a

Emergency Services Times August 2013

The Park Royal Training Centre will be a centre of excellence for real fire training.

number of innovative elements to the build. For example, the heat output from the firehouse will provide heating and hot water for the whole site; the structure will have a green roof providing additional insulation, temperature regulation as well as cost savings and recycling run-off water as possible. The building will achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. Building partnership This build programme, coupled with the completion of the dedicated training facilities, will provide LFB with a world class, fit for purpose training estate.

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Industry support for blue light fleet show The fact that hybrid cars are gaining a foothold in the UK police fleet was one of the more interesting emerging themes at this year’s National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) show, this year renamed as the Blue and Amber Light Fleet Exhibition, which took place in June at its new home in Telford. That the event is now 40 years old is an achievement in itself and testament not only to the dedication and commitment of the organisers but also to the unstinting support of the police fleet ‘industry’, which still regards the NAPFM exhibition as an essential part of its business plan. Words: Roger Blaxall, Motoring Correspondent. There are a handful of manufacturers seen as main players in the UK police car market – all approved by the Home Office to supply cars for various roles in the police service. The days when fleet managers would eye foreign marques with suspicion are long gone and it’s not taken too long for one Korean manufacturer to make an arresting case with year on year growth that’s the envy of the sector.

crime fighter, its new high performance electric Ampera bidding to convert forward thinking police chiefs to ‘hybrid’ power, which still comes at a cost. Another car now no longer just a concept is the new Insignia armoured hatchback, which joins the good looking Insignia range. Meanwhile, a wide range of light commercials ranging from the Vivaro prison cell van to dog vans and impressive protected support units make up the company’s offering.

“It’s been another successful year for Hyundai as budgets get even tighter.” That manufacturer is Hyundai, which in the last five years has gone from ‘Zero to Hero’ as its common sense, value for money range wins more and more 999 fleet sales in a very competitive marketplace. Taking pride of place on this year’s stand were the latest i30 in three and five-door hatch and tourer variants with an i40 Tourer, which only the day before was on duty with the Cambridgeshire force, showing off its sleek lines. It’s been another successful year for Hyundai and as budgets get even tighter, the case for buying Korean is gaining strength given the marque’s enviable reliability and low running costs. How that will play with two of its major competitors, Ford and Vauxhall, only time will tell. Ford’s excellent three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine has received numerous plaudits since its introduction in 2012. Ironically, one venerable Ford now reaching the end of its useful life is the Mondeo, once the mainstay of many police fleets but now seen as increasingly irrelevant as cars from a class lower can fulfil as many roles for today’s officers. That has seen Ford’s Focus range increasingly taking the lead in 999 sales, both hatch and estate proving their worth with forces up and down the UK. Busy year for Vauxhall Vauxhall too have had a busy year with the new Astras garnering praise – an Astra Sports tourer was recently shown to ACPO as a ‘future proofed’ police vehicle boasting a host of features, which help make it, among other things, a mobile police station; three computers have built in forensic and face recognition software, high definition cameras can scan suspects’ faces while on mobile patrol, and CCTV footage can be downloaded and streamed live to a central crime database, with its coup de grace the ability to predict crime ‘hot spots’. Also on show were models from the latest range of cars and light commercials, including the stealth

Peugeot is one of the major players in the 999 market.

Large stand for Peugeot Peugeot is also one of the major players in the 999 market and was displaying its in-house capabilities with a number of cars and light commercials. An interesting stand – one of the largest at the show – showed off both ends of its expertise with a selection of beat cars, cell vans and dog vehicles and SOCO themed light commercials. One show star was the ultra covert 508 diesel hybrid hatch, which marks a new era in hybrid motoring and an expansion of the unique diesel hybrid offering from the French firm. And to show the breadth of the firm’s SVO operation in Coventry, the mid range Expert has been the subject of high-level talks between the French factory and the UK workshops to make the vehicle more compatible with the needs of emergency services throughout Europe. Variety on VAG Group stand The rise of the VW Audi (VAG) group continues thanks to continued evolution and development of its various marques, which include Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW, its variety of models all suited to a wide range of roles. Audi for instance is becoming the mainstay of a small number of road policing units with its A4 saloon and estate models (exclusively diesel powered) featuring the acclaimed Quattro drive train. And SEAT will soon be promoting its new Leon and recently introduced Toledo to police fleets – the former is based on the latest generation Golf and the latter on the new Skoda Rapid and Audi A3 saloon. Its talented Alhambra continues its good reputation as a spacious, flexible, well performing and well made MPV. Skoda, meanwhile, will soon have a desirable new

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Octavia vRS range on offer for 999 work supplementing the Rapid hatch and Yeti. Mercedes Benz returns while BMW forges ahead Big news from Mercedes Benz is that it’s definitely returning to the 999 market, albeit in highly specialised roles. While its light commercial vehicles are still very much the backbone of Metropolitan forces with its Vito and Sprinter used for dog unit and personnel carrying roles respectively, the UK importers announced their return into the UK marketplace where it’s specifically seeking opportunities for specialised covert roles with its highly regarded diesel E class in saloon and tourer form. BMW has forged ahead in recent years with its 3 and 5 series taking a leading role with many forces’ frontline policing from armed response to road policing. The 1 took its place in the limelight this year with a one-off performance diesel proving a popular draw on its burgeoning stand in provocative ‘SC’ livery. Volvo, Honda, Mitsubishi Volvo is now a 100 percent Chinese company – not that you’d notice. The current range still bears all the hallmarks of its Swedish design and the good looking V60 ‘Emergency Specification’ model, which made its bow at the event, shows the firm has not lost its touch, joining its accomplished V50 and V70 models in diesel guise. Honda is still making its presence felt in the UK marketplace and a revolutionary new 1.6 diesel engine will soon be powering the CR-V after making an impressive debut in the latest Civic range, that’s soon to spawn a new Tourer model, which debuts soon. Well respected 999 supplier Mitsubishi is experiencing a massive uplift in retail sales, running at 70 percent year on year, thanks to a much improved model range that’s almost seen the demise of any cars in its portfolio following the rationalisation of the Evo range. Its new baby Mirage was on show but of more interest was the long serving Shogun and recently announced updates to the Outlander and L200 – the Outlander will soon be available as a plug in hybrid model. Jaguar and Land Rover Jaguar and Land Rover had just four models on show this year with the roomy new XF Sportbreak taking pride of place on the stand. Jaguar police cars may well be a very rare sight soon as the company aims cars like the XF and XJ squarely at the lucrative retail and fleet markets. The Freelander range could still be in with a shout, however, thanks to advances with its ED4 2.2 diesel model.

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Ron Ball, Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has appointed Neil Hewison as Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer. Neil spent 30 years fighting crime in Warwickshire, rising through the ranks from Constable to Chief Superintendent. He retired from Warwickshire Police in 2012 and has been leading Criminal Justice for Warwickshire Police, working with partners to provide a more responsive and transparent service for the public of Warwickshire.

After nearly two years in his role as Chief Executive of the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) NHS Trust, Phil Milligan is leaving the organisation. Director of Finance and Performance, Jon Sargeant will take his place in the interim until a successor is appointed. Mr Milligan’s departure follows an NHS career, which spanned more than 30 years. He first joined the service in 1981 as a nurse in the Midlands before going on to take senior roles in both the NHS acute and private healthcare sectors. As EMAS Chief Executive, Mr Milligan established the ‘Being the Best’ plan to improve the service for patients in the region.

Royal Berkshire appoints new CFO Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s new Chief Fire Officer (CFO) will be Andy Fry. He joins the service from Suffolk County Council, where he was Chief Fire Officer and Director of Public Protection. In addition to leading the county’s fire and rescue service, his role in Suffolk incorporated Trading Standards, community safety, emergency planning, health and safety, and equality and inclusion. Mr Fry said, “I am absolutely delighted, and immensely proud, to have been appointed as Royal Berkshire’s Chief Fire Officer. The service has a very strong track record and I am looking forward to building on it by working with the excellent staff in the

Former Chief Superintendent Dave Hayler has been promoted to Assistant Chief Constable after 28 years of service at Avon and Somerset Police. ACC Hayler will have responsibility for communications, criminal justice and corporate information management. The new ACC’s key focuses will be to: continue to improve the service that victims and witnesses get from their initial contact with the police through to when their cases reach the courts; ensure that the force’s communications department continues to provide an excellent responsive service to the people that call us asking for help; and continue to drive the improvements Avon and Somerset Police are making protecting data and protecting the region’s most vulnerable people.

Chief Fire Officer Vij Randeniya is to retire from West Midlands Fire Service. A special meeting of the Fire and Rescue Authority formally accepted his resignation in August and agreed his retirement from the service with effect from 15 November 2013. The Chief Fire Officer has been employed by the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority since 2000 and was appointed as the Chief Fire Officer on 17 March 2009.

Lee Howell, Chief Fire Officer of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, has been appointed as the Welsh Government’s Fire and Rescue Adviser with Her Majesty’s Inspector status. He will be seconded from his fire and rescue service on a part-time basis. service and with the councillors on the fire authority, on behalf of the people of Berkshire.” He is expected to take up his post in Berkshire in the autumn.

Vimpex bolsters sales team with thermal imaging specialist

As its activity in the field of thermal imaging cameras rapidly develops, Vimpex is demonstrating its commitment to the sector by appointing Mark Smith, an expert in the field, as Sales Manager for the Rescue Division of the company. “Having worked for Bullard for several years, Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge in this fast moving sector. It is vital to our business and our suppliers that we have

experts like Mark on board to assist in achieving our targets for growth,” said James Jones, Vimpex’s Managing Director. Mark Smith said, “One of the key factors influencing my decision to join Vimpex was not only their strong current and future product lines but also their commitment to product support and servicing. This combined with the fact that Vimpex is a company with the energy and enthusiasm to grow means there’s little surprise that manufacturers like ISG Infrasys are entrusting sales of their products to Vimpex.” Despite a challenging economic background, Mark’s arrival at Vimpex further emphasises the company’s willingness to invest in the fire and rescue sector and its commitment to further developing its Rescue Division.

New Deputy Chief for South Wales Police South Wales Police has appointed Matt Jukes as the force’s Deputy Chief Constable. He takes over the position of Deputy Chief Constable following Colette Paul’s promotion to Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police. South Wales Chief Constable Peter Vaughan said, “I have worked closely with Matt for the last three years and know his vast amount of operational experience and expertise and his diverse knowledge and range of skills are of great benefit to the force and the public of South Wales. “As a senior member of my management team, Matt has played a key

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Devon and Somerset Chief named FRS Adviser for Wales

part in the performance improvements achieved over the last few years. The experience and strategic foresight that Matt brings to the role of Deputy Chief Constable provides a continuity that is of great benefit and adds further strength to an already strong senior team.” Deputy Chief Constable Jukes has responsibility for performance, planning and the organisation’s change management programme, as well as overseeing the corporate communications and professional standards departments.

Announcing Mr Howell’s appointment, Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Local Government and Government Business, said, “I welcome the appointment of Lee Howell to the Fire and Rescue Adviser post. Lee brings with him a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills needed to undertake the post and will continue to hold his post as Chief Fire Officer for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. I believe that this will give a fresh perspective to the Adviser role, providing the opportunity to share and learn from each other and across borders. As a serving Chief, Lee will understand the need to deliver effective services during these times of challenging budget cuts.” The role includes providing advice on operational matters, guidance and technical policy issues, as well as performance, equality and diversity. The role will also provide valuable support and advice to Welsh Ministers and officials during major emergencies. Lee Howell said, “I am truly delighted to have been appointed as the Welsh Government’s Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser and Inspector for Wales. In this role, I am looking forward to providing high quality independent advice based on 25 years public, private and charity sector experience in order to support the Welsh Government in its work. “I am also looking forward to building even stronger relationships between the fire and rescue services in Wales and the Welsh Government as we collectively tackle some extremely challenging issues whilst continuing to provide the high quality public services the people of Wales rightly expect.”

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Evidence of improved patient pathways through collaboration is key to future joint working, says AACE The report by Sir Ken Knight into Efficiency in Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) published in May 2013 was in most part not too surprising or immediately consequential for the ambulance service. The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA) have already been working very closely together for some time to look for opportunities where the two services can work even more closely together. Words: Dr Anthony Marsh SBStJ DSci (Hon) MBA MSc FASI, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. Ambulance trusts already work with fire and rescue services and police services to a lesser or greater degree around the country, including: joint training and exercising; shared use of control room and operational buildings; shared use of fire stations; defibrillators placed on fire appliances; and coresponding by fire and rescue service personnel to 999 calls to ambulance services, particularly in rural communities.

Dr Anthony Marsh SBStJ DSci (Hon) MBA MSc FASI, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

The ambulance sector recognises that fire and rescue services undertake a very wide range of specialist roles and that call reductions gained from extensive prevention work and subsequent decline in deaths and injuries from fires is enviable. It is also recognised that other agencies, the ambulance service included, would benefit from even closer working with FRSs in some areas. However, there is a view that the true benefits realisation of closer working relationships would only be possible once a detailed piece of rigorous, independent research had been completed across organisations to provide an evidence base for change.

likely to be achieved; when co-responding, for example, a fire and rescue or police service response will never negate the requirement for an ambulance service response thus savings will not be made but the assurance of a more timely response may be enhanced. Despite the shared arena within which police, fire

and rescue and ambulance services sometimes operate; the differences between the organisations and service they deliver also needs to be recognised. The ambulance service has embraced rationalisation and has reduced the numbers of ambulance trusts from 31 (2005) to 10 (2013). The English ambulance service has a very lean

Existing joint working arrangements There are numerous examples of joint working between ambulance services and their police and fire and rescue counterpart organisations across England. The primary motivations for joint working have historically been the improvement of care for service-users and joined-up, responsive service provision. In some areas of joint working cost reduction is not a motivation nor is it ever

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ESTCOLLABORATION | 15 management structure and its evolution into its current 10-service structure has been, in part, driven by increasing efficiencies and gaining cost savings, which have been realised. Demand for ambulance services increase on an annual basis and they are delivered in the context of tight financial constraints.

“There is clearly more work that can be undertaken by both ambulance service and fire and rescue services within the context of efficiency and public satisfaction, however what needs to be achieved is an evidence base to support the change to ensure sustainability into the future.” Clinical context The ambulance service is both an emergency service and a fundamental NHS service provider. Road traffic collisions and life threatening emergency incidents represent a very small proportion of the ambulance service’s workload. Closer working with the fire and rescue service would therefore not be relevant for the majority of calls. The focus is increasingly on urgent care and the development of more appropriate patient pathways, a focus which can only be achieved through close collaboration and partnershipworking with other elements of the NHS. The patient’s NHS journey commonly starts with a 999 call answered by ambulance service Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) operating a sophisticated telephone clinical triage system, which determines the medical priority for the patient and assigns an appropriate response within an appropriate time frame.

Facts & Figures • Overall costs for the English fire and rescue services are in the region of £2.3bn annually compared to £1.6bn for the ambulance sector • The ambulance service deals with over 25,000 calls a day, the fire and rescue service handles circa 1700 calls (2013) • The ambulance service’s utilisation rate is running at circa 60 percent. (Meaning that 60 percent of the available hours worked by an ambulance professional they are actively engaged on dealing with emergency calls).

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England has been an excellent example of close working and cooperation between the fire and rescue services and ambulance services. It has brought the ability for ambulance paramedics to bring definitive care to patients inside contaminated and dangerous areas and has saved many lives since its introduction. HART train in collaboration with fire and rescue services, as they do with other emergency services and agencies, for some parts of their education, and in the main this training has been led by the ambulance service. It is vital to recognise that being part of the NHS facilitates joint training and exercising while encouraging cross-fertilisation of ideas by different NHS clinicians meeting and sharing best practice. Mutual aid arrangements exist between ambulance services and fire and rescue services, both of which were tested in 2013 at a national major incident exercise.

Professional ambulance clinicians are able to ensure the best possible treatment and advice is given to patients, ensuring continuity of care is started and facilitated throughout the NHS system. Fracturing this system by separating out components of it to different providers would undoubtedly lead to a worse service for patients as well as undermine the flexibility of the current system. Ambulance services are responsible for managing the demands placed upon them by the 999 system, general practitioner (GP) admissions and interhospital transfers together with a Patient Transport Service (PTS) component in most trusts. All of these services are backed by public satisfaction surveys, which have always shown that circa 95 percent of the public are very satisfied with ambulance service provision. High level clinical oversight is maintained and Ambulance Foundation Trust Boards are required in statute to have a Medical Director and a Nursing Director to lead on these issues. NARU and HART The recent introduction of a National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) and Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) capability across

Summary There is clearly more work that can be undertaken by both ambulance service and fire and rescue services within the context of efficiency and public satisfaction, however what needs to be achieved is an evidence base to support the change to ensure sustainability into the future. CFOA and AACE already have strong engagement at a national level to exploring opportunities for increasing the already good work being undertaken in most areas of the country. The ambulance sector supports the need for efficiencies in public sector organisations and is therefore committed to assisting others in realising efficiencies as ambulance services have already.

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Increasing resilience for critical service delivery organisations Over the last 12 years, the UK’s blue light sector focus on resilience has placed our emergency services as one of the best in the world. However, resilience doesn’t stop at the emergency services – it’s equally important for organisations that deliver critical services within sectors such as utilities and transport. These sectors share the characteristics of operating within secure and challenging environments – resilience failure can result in catastrophe and put the organisation’s reputation at risk. In providing resilience, it’s key that the right people, processes and specialist assets are in place and well managed to ensure preparedness, delivery and effective recovery. Organisations are well aware of the risks they face whether from natural disasters, such as flooding, through to terrorist attacks – but working within a commercial sector, they constantly need to balance managing these risks with delivery of their core services. Training, introducing best practice, meeting regulations and guaranteeing kit is serviced and effective requires both expertise, and affordability for longevity. Full resilience capability Babcock has been working with the emergency services, defence and utilities sectors to provide effective and value for money resilience for its customers. By using ALCAMiE™, its unique set of customised processes and systems, the company can deliver a full resilience capability that enables its customers the confidence to fully focus on their core operation – whether it is enriching uranium or delivering frontline operations. This includes an asset selection protocol (that considers every element from the environment to the operator), developing management tools and processes fit for the customer, utilising Babcock’s sector leading training business, and introducing best practice and innovation.

Currently Babcock is delivering a full fire fighting capability for a nuclear fuel supply chain. This fiveyear contract sees Babcock providing 24/7 fire fighting and command and control room services, including employing onsite the fire station manager, firefighters and control room operatives, and the responsibility for meeting training and regulatory requirements for them. Babcock manages and maintains the appliances and equipment, as well as over 300 stock items of specialist support equipment. This service provides critical support on-site in dealing with routine activities and in preparing for and dealing with any immediate safety issues that arise. Previously the service had been delivered in-house. Asset management Further, Babcock helps to ensure resilience within the emergency services sector that includes managing the Metropolitan Police Service’s operational fleet and the London Fire Brigade’s 500 vehicles and 50,000 pieces of kit. It is this support

that is critical to the New Dimension programme, which provides a national fire and rescue assurance across England and Wales. Babcock manages over 175,000 stock items of equipment and close on 650 vehicles, which are held by 46 fire and rescue services across the country, and used within scheduled and unscheduled events. By using a central management service centre, which includes a logistics facility, and using specialist mobile maintenance units, Babcock is able to deliver national support – partnering with its customers to ensure preparedness while reducing cost where possible.

“Babcock is able to deliver national support – partnering with its customers to ensure preparedness while reducing cost where possible.” Paul Wilkins, Babcock’s Director, Emergency Services business, said, “We recognise the importance of resilience to organisations delivering critical services, and have developed a proven capability that not only provides the specialist support needed, but optimises its delivery to improve performance whilst reducing costs. This includes sharing best practice from across the organisation, utilising Babcock’s training capability, through to managing the whole life of assets. “Our partnering approach has seen us successfully deliver to customers that include the MoD, URENCO, the Highways Agency and the UK’s largest police service and fire and rescue service.”

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Emergency Services Times August 2013

ESTESS2013 | 19

Bringing blue light services together This summer the scope for greater collaboration between the blue light services has risen to the top of the news agenda. We had Sir Ken Knight’s review into the efficiency of the Fire and Rescue Services, which considered, among other things, whether fire and rescue services (FRSs) might merge with, or share governance structures with, other blue light services, or consider privatising the provision of the fire and rescue service. Then there was the All Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security report: Improving Efficiency, Interoperability and Resilience of our Blue Light Services. Words: David Brown, Event Director, The Emergency Services Show

In August, Home Office Minister Damian Green took up the baton and asked, “Why do we send three separate vehicles to a road traffic accident? If we were starting from scratch, would we organise ourselves in this way?” Interoperability has never been more widely debated. Sharing information Multi-agency networking has been a key focus of The Emergency Services Show since it launched eight years ago. It draws visitors from across the blue light services because they naturally share the goal of protecting public safety and a desire to act more efficiently and effectively. Our experience, as organisers of the show, is that emergency responders across all services and of all ranks are open-minded to change and keen to learn from their blue light colleagues. Walking around the exhibition it is clear that there are many similarities in the vehicles, equipment and communications all emergency responders use and the PPE they wear. Where there are differences, the question is asked: is this a good idea worth sharing? We see countless examples where technology has helped to facilitate a more joined-up way of thinking and operating. Hands-on approach Nothing compares to physically handling new equipment and seeing how it can be used to its full potential. Keeping informed of the latest kit

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

developments – including those that you may see other blue light services using when they attend incidents – is key to improved multi-agency working and should be part of every service’s training programme. Through this magazine and our exhibition we have also had the privilege of discovering inspiring organisations such as the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) who share a vision for working together to save lives.

“The Emergency Services Show takes place from 25-26 September and doors open at 9.00am.” The Coroner’s inquest following the London bombings stated that the lack of inter-agency training contributed to the initial chaos and confusion at the scene. The Pitt review of the 2007 floods identified a lack of clarity about who was responsible for flood rescue and the Cumbria shootings highlighted the different risk thresholds inherent in the three services. These are just a few of the compelling reasons why JESIP is so important. It is essential that wherever possible, the three services train their relevant staff together and

follow agreed ways of joint working to improve their joint response to major and complex incidents in the future. Training focus Training for major incidents is a major focus of the show this year and our exhibitor listing includes all of the key training institutions and equipment providers. We are also delighted to be co-located at the NEC with the Emergency Planning Society’s Resilience Conference, Awards and AGM. All around the indoor and outdoor exhibition there will be working demonstrations and opportunities to enhance your CPD portfolio. Don’t leave the show without visiting the Fire Service College Transformation Igloo, where you can immerse yourself in a 3D emergency simulation, and I urge you to spend some time in the Emergency Response Zone to find out more about the organisations who exist to support you. Our aim is to bring together in one place the best new products, services and working practices used by all emergency services and to help facilitate networking and exchange of ideas towards greater interoperability. We are very excited about what you will find when you visit us at our new home, the NEC in Birmingham. The show takes place from 25-26 September and doors open at 9.00am. See you there!

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Free CPD workshops available to all The College of Paramedics, the professional body for paramedics committed to developing and strengthening the profession and representing the interests of its practitioners, will be running a series of free CPD workshops at The Emergency Services Show 2013. These workshops will be open to all visitors and certificates will be available at the show for visitors’ portfolios. Visitors to the show can register for any of the College of Paramedics sessions at Stand P12. The timetable of sessions and speakers is now complete and details are shown below: Emergency Obstetrics sessions Aimee Yarrington MCPara is running four different sessions focused on emergency obstetrics over the two days. Wednesday 25 September • Morning session: Normal birth and third stage management: Management of normal labour and birth, initial care of the baby at birth and how to manage the third stage. • Afternoon session: Cord prolapse and antepartum haemorrhage: Treatment and management of cord prolapse. Treatment and management of APH. Thursday 26 September • Morning session: Shoulder dystocia and post partum haemorrhage: Management of shoulder dystocia with procedure for delivery. Management and treatment of the post partum haemorrhage. • Afternoon session: Eclampsia and breech birth: What is pre-eclampsia and eclampsia? With management of eclampsia pre-hospital and management and procedure for a breech birth.

Aimee qualified as a midwife in 2004 and since then has worked in all areas of midwifery, from case loading community midwifery and managing home births to the high risk consultant labour ward and theatre. It was working toward her mentoring and assessing qualification that she became interested in teaching and is a qualified NMC sign off mentor and assessor. She left full time midwifery in 2010 to join West Midlands Ambulance Service as an ECA, and has now worked her way through to paramedic, qualifying in 2012. Her interests are managing prehospital obstetric care and helping to improve this through education and training. She is very grateful to be given the chance to share her knowledge with her fellow colleagues at the show. Basic Life Support Richard Steggall MCPara will be looking at how to maintain the airway, breathing and circulation without the need for equipment when faced with a patient who is not breathing. Richard is a Paramedic who works at South West Ambulance Service (SWAST). He worked as an Ambulance Technician between 1994 and 1996 when he then qualified as a Paramedic. He joined

the air ambulance crew between in 1996 and has been an advanced paramedic since 2003. From 2008 he has been a Lecturer at Plymouth University and is now working as a Clinical Supervisor. Richard is also actively involved with the College of Paramedics and was the elected Council member for the South West Region from 2011-2013. Richard is interested in advancing patient pathways, see and treat, hear and treat, and giving frontline ambulance staff the chance to assist patients in making informed decisions about their care. He is also part of the sepsis awareness group and the research and audit group within SWAST. Rapid Paediatric Assessment TJ Edwards MCPara will look at very basic A & P differences, main problems associated with paeds and paediatric assessment triangle and basic diagnoses from it. TJ worked as a volunteer with St John Ambulance for 28 years, and then joined the RAF as a helicopter crewman with the aim of going to search and rescue. He left the RAF to become an ambulance technician with Coventry & Warwickshire (later WMAS). He then transferred to GWAS rapid response team and completed the first tech to paramedic FdSc course. He is still working on the road and now teaching NVQ in emergency care assistance at Chesterfield College, Derbyshire. Chest Pain – to convey or not to convey, that is the question? Andy Sharman MCPara will be looking at the different causes of chest pain and assistance that can be given to a patient displaying symptoms of a possible heart attack.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Andy works as a Specialist Paramedic in Primary Care for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. He has been actively involved with the college since 2010, and is currently the Director of Membership Services for the College of Paramedics. Advanced Life Support and Diabetic Emergencies Martin Berry MCPara is a Paramedic with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and currently works as a Practice Educator for preregistration students. Martin also has many years’ experience working as an Emergency Care Practitioner both in the community and primary care settings. He is also the Assistant Director of Membership Services for the College of Paramedics. Martin’s two sessions are outlined below: • Diabetic Emergencies: the incidence of diabetes is ever increasing within the population and emergency staff are having to deal with complications related to diabetes more frequently. Therefore a underpinning knowledge and understanding is vital to provide effective patient care. This session will cover the different classifications and presentations of diabetes and will discuss current thinking regarding treatment. • Advanced Life Support: this session will attempt to cover recent changes in medical opinion of best practice and discuss how we can provide the very best care to patients suffering a cardiac arrest within the community. This session will be aimed at Paramedics and student Paramedics.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Be inspired by world leading experts

‘Beer goggles’ road safety driving experience To the far left of Hall 18 visitors will be able see how West Midlands Fire Service is working in partnership with 4ORTY2 Ltd to drive down the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

Physio-Control UK is a key sponsor of The Emergency Services Show 2013. Join the company on Stand D10 and listen to some of the UK’s leading experts on advanced resuscitation and emergency care solutions.

Take the CPR Challenge To mark the launch of the TrueCPR™ Coaching Device, Physio-Control UK is challenging visitors to see how accurate their manual chest compressions are in a live trial. Continuing the CPR theme, the company also challenges you to take on its LUCAS Chest Compression System and see if you can perform at least 100 compressions per minute with a depth of 2in.

Three experts will be speaking at the show, in sessions repeated on day two: 11.00 – 12.00

Future of Cardiac Arrest Management by a Paramedic Mark Whitbread, Consultant Paramedic, London

13.00 – 14.00

The Linc Trial and SWAST experience of MCPR Martyn Box, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

14.30 – 15.30

Good Medicine in Bad Places...the challenges of Search and Rescue medicine Paul Savage, RNLI

Tickets for these sessions are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are available from your local Territory Manager, or Samantha Amena on Tel: 07799 364823.

Visitors to the show will be able to experience what it’s like to drive a vehicle while under the effects of alcohol. Drivers will be secured safely in the seat of an electric go-kart whose speed will be controlled remotely, and asked to travel around a course avoiding the ‘pedestrians’. They’ll then be asked to do it again – this time wearing a pair of ‘beer goggles’, designed to simulate the effects of alcohol consumption. The go-karts will at all times remain in the overall control of the remote operator who will, if necessary, stop the drive. WMFS believes that such interactive education can make people think twice before drinking and driving, and putting themselves and others at risk. The brigade is also working in partnership with MG Motors Ltd, who will be supplying a car to be used by the WMFS Road Casualty Reduction Team (RCRT) as a tool for discussing road safety issues. In-car DVD players will allow road safety stories and clips to be viewed, and for the RCRT to deliver road safety sessions that are informative and interactive.

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D training The Fire Service College (FSC) designs challenging scenarios so that emergency responders experience real live training situations for themselves and develop the skills they need. Now, the college is bringing that experience to The Emergency Services Show in its new 3D Transformation IGLOO. The FSC is all about capability and leadership training for the emergency services sector. Its unique 365-acre venue enables it to realistically replicate a diverse range of emergency scenarios including fires, USAR, train derailments, ship rescues and even motorway pileups. The 360° IGLOO puts you right at the centre of a major incident, such as an RTC, and tests out your capability and leadership qualities.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

IGLOO’s unique shape and simulation capability allow you to see for yourself the blue light services and partnering agencies working together on the ground. This is a chance to see interoperability training in its most challenging form and to test out Incident Command skills. IGLOO is powered by IGLOO Vision and G2G3 technology and creates an immersive and engaging training experience. Step into the

Transformation IGLOO at the show and be transported to the FSC training ground, with a complex incident unfolding all around you. It’s an exciting and adrenalin fuelled experience. To book your space in the FSC transformation IGLOO on Stand L60, please e-mail: or come along to the FSC stand on D69 at the show.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Show debut for Husqvarna

Husqvarna Construction Products, part of Husqvarna Group, is a market leader in machines and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, drill motors and drill stands, diamond tools, floor, masonry, wall and wire saws, as well as surface preparation and demolition machines. Construction Products has 2000 employees, nine major factories around the world and is represented in more than 70 countries. Husqvarna is a registered trademark owned by Husqvarna AB (publ). This is Husqvarna’s first time at The Emergency Services Show and the company is excited to be exhibiting a range of power cutting tools, which includes both the K 760 and K 970 rescue saws. Specially designed for rescue and clearing work, their chromium-plated blade guards enable visibility in smoke and water spray enhancing the

control of the cutter. Both tools feature the new generation Active Air Filtration™, which is one of the market’s most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems. Also on show will be Husqvarna’s full range of FR3 Rescue blades, from 125mm to 400mm, which are specifically designed for fire and rescue. These versatile blades can cut through rubber, wood, PVC, metal and concrete with ease and efficiency. Drilling tools Drilling tools will also be displayed, including the Husqvarna DM 220 and DS 250. The DM 220 is equipped with a new level guiding system, which increases precision, and through that provides more efficient drilling. Husqvarna’s machines are not just extremely powerful and efficient; they are also easy to use, with low vibration levels and well-positioned controls. Whatever the job you can be sure that Husqvarna will be able to provide you with the perfect machine and tool.

Visit Husqvarna Construction Products UK on Stand P14.

Catering in an emergency Short notice emergency call outs or working in remote locations is a situation for which Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd caters. In 1995 Canland set out to supply self-heating meals to the emergency services, because it found there was an important need to provide hot food at various incidents, or where personnel have to work outside for long periods. This is why the company introduced Hot Pack® and Action Pack® self-heating meals to give a hot morale boost anywhere it is needed. Since 1995, Hot Pack or Action Pack are now being used regularly throughout the UK by a very wide customer range, including, of course, the emergency services. With the demand to reduce costs from the government, there may be situations where catering facilities are limited or non-existent. This is where Hot Pack can offer a cost-effective solution with no other equipment needed. Hot Pack® can be stored in a cool dry place, or on a vehicle for instant access. These tasty, ready to eat meals are vacuum-sealed inside soft aluminium pouches, which are sterile until opened, with a three-year shelf life from production and no refrigeration. Each pack weighs approximately 375/430g. Every Hot Pack contains the unique and efficient non-magnesium flameless heater (NMFRH®), activated with 45ml of water, which is also provided. With cutlery, salt and pepper, a serviette

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Compact shelter for equipment transportation Surf & Turf Instant Shelters supplies robust, high quality instant shelters. Available in five grades and various sizes, from 1.5m x 1.5m up to 8m x 4m, the shelters are simple and easy to erect and pack away for ease of transportation.

Ideal for the scene of crime, where the preservation of evidence is paramount, mobile stand down area for staff that need shelter from the elements, or a mobile emergency treatment area, all the shelters are modular and can be joined with connecting kits to give greater flexibility. This year’s latest model, which will be of interest to the emergency services transporting equipment all over the world, is the Compact Shelter. Based on Surf & Turf’s popular ProTex2 grade of shelters, the Compact Shelter is a convenient and highly portable instant shelter that packs down smaller than anything before, only 100cm in height. The Compact Shelter is ideal for the emergency services needing every inch of space while transporting equipment and those who need a quick and simple shelter from rain, sun or privacy while attending a scene. The Compact shelter gives a space saving alternative to a regular shelter. With Surf & Turf Instant Shelters’ attention to detail, excellent back up and customer service, emergency services and charities around the country can be confident they will receive the best product at the best price with the best service. The company is the preferred supplier to many police forces, fire and rescue services, British Red Cross and St John Ambulance and recently supplied the World Police and Fire Games with over 70 of its top of the range shelters to use at various events around Northern Ireland.

Visit Surf & Turf Instant Shelters on Stand A78.

and a dish, each Hot Pack is truly self-contained, with a good quality and tasty hot meal ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Choose from eight different meal types, including vegetarian.

Visit Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd on Stand L27.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Fire fighting technology specialists Angus Fire Ltd, a wholly UK-owned company, is a global leader in fire fighting technology. The company’s products include an unrivalled range of foam concentrates, fire hose, foam equipment, portable pumps, and waterway equipment.

A key exhibit at the show will be C6 Foam Technology, based on shorter chain Fluorotelomer surfactants and setting new standards for responsible foam formulations. The world-renowned Duraline Fire Hose holds the prestigious Kitemark approval to BS6391. Its unique construction and quality means that it is ideally suited for deployment in the ‘Cleveland Coil’ configuration for high-rise building fire fighting. In this configuration, the hose is stored and coiled for fast deployment, presented kink-free for full flow and maximum pressure, ensuring that it can be put to work rapidly with optimum firefighter safety. A new dimension of 150mm diameter Duraline Hi-Vol fire hose, more compact than the standard version, will be on display, suitable for fitting into high volume pump unit pods. The Polaris® foam induction system consists of a sealed water motor connected into the main water supply pipe, so that the water flow drives the motor and a positive displacement pump. The resultant motor speed is directly linked to the water flow rate, while the positive displacement pump injects foam concentrate into the main water supply pipe downstream of the motor, maintaining a constant percentage of foam concentrate. Fire fighting powders Angus Fire will also be displaying a range of fire fighting powders from Kerr Fire, including ABC and Monnex; Monnex is the world’s highest performing dry chemical fire extinguishing agent, which has outstanding performance even in the hands of inexperienced operators. Angus Fire’s Emergency Foam Service is available 24/7 to deliver emergency stocks of fire fighting foam and equipment to major incidents worldwide. Outside normal office hours, the Emergency Service is available on Tel: 01524 261166. Angus Fire is assessed by BSI to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard.

Visit Angus Fire on Stand C6.

LEADER kit protects people and property LEADER designs and markets fire fighting, emergency and security professionals with high technicality, sturdy and constantly reliable systems whatever the circumstances, to protect and rescue people and property. The company offers innovative products for: fire fighting – fire branches and monitors, PPV ventilation equipment, fixed water and foam extinguishing systems, foam concentrates etc; search and rescue – life detectors, search cameras, struts, airlifting bags, movement monitors etc; training – flame generators for fire simulation and training doors; and safety – all-risk helmets, wired confined space communication, communicating rope, current detector etc. LEADER UK Ltd markets manufactured products such as its PPV fans line, known throughout the world as Easy Pow’Air Technology (concept of the concentration of the air of the jet),

its new SAR line with wireless life detectors, search cameras, flame generators and a combined life detector and search camera system. The company also markets PARATECH rescue equipment, including struts, airlifting bags and entry forcing tools, plus BIO-EX fire fighting foam concentrates and wetting agents.

Visit Leader Group UK Ltd on Stand E38.

Continued success for Emergency One and Clan Tools

Since the merger of Emergency One (UK) Ltd and Clan Tools & Plant Ltd in June 2012, the fire and rescue services are increasingly benefiting from this unique partnership. With Emergency One continuing to focus on its diverse appliance build programme, Clan Tools continues to promote its extensive fire and rescue equipment portfolio. Latest fire appliance technology Emergency One will be demonstrating the very latest in fire appliance technology, and will be providing delegates with information on the new Devon and Somerset Framework Agreement for Light Rescue Pumps, based on the Iveco EuroCargo chassis. The company will also have the latest Iveco Magirus articulating turntable ladder on display as part of its external display area. Clan Tools will have the latest Lukas eDRAULIC Rescue tools on show, as well as the latest Tempest positive pressure ventilation (PPV) systems and the

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Vetter lifting bags and leak-sealing equipment. A number of presentations will be taking place of the Crash Recovery Software, which allows firefighters to access information on the hazards involved in the extrication of casualties at road traffic incidents. Rescue tools Clan Tools has seen a great deal of success with the Lukas eDRAULIC Rescue tools, which now account for the majority of tools supplied by the company, in comparison to traditional power unit, hydraulic hose type systems. Finally, both companies are delighted to announce their new partnership with Akron Brass Company, a worldwide leader in fire fighting operational equipment and appliance componentry.

Visit Emergency One (UK) Ltd – Clan Tools & Plant Ltd on Stands E81 & OS434.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Ferno inspired by safety innovation Ferno has taken three stands at this year’s Emergency Services Show to demonstrate its strengths in search and rescue, ambulance service and vehicle management. The company will be demonstrating its lifting and patient transport solutions for rescue and evacuation teams, its advances in ambulance equipment, and ACETECH, its fully integrated vehicle performance monitoring and control system for ambulances. On the Red Stand (N15), Ferno will be showcasing a wide range of rescue and evacuation equipment, including its NATO-approved Paraguard stretcher, in confined spaces; the Easifix Vacuum Mattress; the Scoop EXL stretcher, which provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilisation; and the Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser, specially designed for optimum fitting on Scoop stretchers and spineboards. Ferno’s specialist bariatric Harrier LT LBS trolley. On the White Stand (N19) the company to improve vehicle efficiency and safety, while will be exhibiting its wide range of ambulance reducing operating and fuel costs. equipment, including the specialist bariatric Ferno Managing Director Jon Ellis said, “The Harrier LT LBS trolley. Other equipment on show ESS is a great opportunity for us to meet clients old will be the Compact 2 Track, a lightweight, carry and new but what excites the team most is that it chair, which can be used on stairs, and the ABPR gives us an opportunity to show some new mattress, which can fit any make of trolley on innovative developments which demonstrate how the market. Ferno is inspired by safety innovation.” On the Black Stand (N23) Ferno will feature ACETECH, a fully integrated vehicle performance monitoring and control system for ambulances and Visit Ferno (UK) Limited on Stands N15, N19 other vehicles, which provides on-board intelligence & N23.

Sector-specific batteries and more Allbatteries UK Ltd currently supplies a wide range of standard battery products as well as bespoke solutions to the majority of the UK police and fire and rescue services. In addition to offering top brand names, the company also manufactures its own brand of quality batteries, in many ranges, including alkaline, lead acid, NiMh and lithium, to name a few.

Allbatteries offers a wide range of products specific to the emergency services, including Petzl hands free lighting, which it supplies to a number of authorities. Based in Solihull, West Midlands, the company also has the facility to produce bespoke battery packs for its customers. The West Midlands Police Consortium has once again chosen Allbatteries UK as the leading supplier on its Dry Cell Battery Contract. The company also holds the contract for the supply of a wide range of alkaline, lithium and thermal imaging camera batteries for the fire authorities in the North West and South Yorkshire.

Visit Allbatteries UK Ltd on Stand M59.

Delta Fire launches high-rise nozzles Delta Fire, the UK’s largest manufacturer of fire nozzles will officially launch a new range of fire nozzles designed specifically for use in high-rise fire fighting at The Emergency Services Show 2013 in September.

Recognising the problems associated with water pressure drops and subsequent reduced nozzle performance on the upper levels of high rise buildings, Delta Fire has worked closely with UK fire and rescue services in the development of a new range of nozzles designed to combat this problem and provide efficient fire fighting on all levels. Delta’s new High Rise Nozzle range consists of three ‘pistol grip’ style nozzles based on the superb ‘Attack’ Nozzle design, which has built an enviable reputation over the years among firefighters

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

worldwide for its exceptional performance, reliability and durability. These new High Rise Attack variants can be specifically tailored to meet the bespoke needs of each fire and rescue service. Manchester, Nottingham and Hertfordshire fire and rescue services have already taken stock of the new nozzles and Delta currently has a number of other brigades with branches on trial. Delta’s new ‘Pistol Grip’ High Rise nozzles consist of the ‘Delta Attack 750 HR Hi-Flow/LoFlow’, the ‘Delta Attack 500 HR Specialist’ and the ‘Delta Combination Attack Smooth Bore HR’. Fight fire from the floor below Alongside the three new ‘pistol grip’ nozzles Delta will officially launch its new ‘Floor Below’ High Rise Nozzle at the show. This nozzle allows the firefighter to tackle a fire on an upper floor from the floor below by means of a long nozzle (jointed for ease of lift access) designed to the optimum angle to fire a solid jet of water through the window of the room above, hitting the ceiling and providing rapid gas cooling prior to the firefighter entering the room. Manufactured from aluminium to exacting standards under an ISO 9001 Quality Standard the ‘Floor Below’ is extremely robust and durable while retaining operative manoeuvrability. The ‘Floor Below Nozzle’ was originally tested at a UK brigade earlier this year where a room was

taken to 600°C in a controlled fire situation. Within 20 seconds the room temperature was reduced to 90°C without the need for personnel entry. This is a major step forward in firefighter safety and significantly reduces the risks associated with rising room temperatures.

Visit Delta Fire Ltd on Stand E71.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Glass management at Portable pumps with no compromise extrication rescues Godiva’s latest portable pumps, the Powerflow Two serious hazards faced by rescuers at road traffic collisions are broken glass and sharp or jagged metal points and edges. These can cause serious injuries to casualties and rescuers alike. Packexe Ltd has come up with ingenious solutions to both problems.

Packexe SMASH is a glass management system consisting of strong self-adhesive plastic film with a special applicator. It can be used in a variety of ways to reduce the danger of broken glass: if a window has to be removed to extricate the casualty, this can be done safely if the Packexe SMASH film is first applied to the glass. The broken window comes out in one piece without scattering splinters inside the vehicle; rescuers can use hydraulic cutters and spreaders to open up the crashed vehicle without breaking the windows first. With the film applied the glass holds together under the pressure of the hydraulic tools, keeping the casualties safe from glass splinters; and the system can create a safety barrier inside the vehicle between the windscreen and the front seat passengers. This allows rescuers to saw open the windscreen without scattering dangerous glass-dust on the casualties. Packexe SMASH is operational within an increasing number of UK services as well as being standard equipment for technical rescue teams in the USA, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.

17/10 and 12/10, deliver unrivalled performance in an unprecedented compact size. These are single stage centrifugal pumps directly mounted to a compact and highly efficient Weber two-cylinder, four-stoke engine. The 17/10 and 12/10 offer a continuous performance of at least 1700 and 1200l/min at 10bar of pressure from a 3m lift, and a maximum flow of 2450 and 2150l/min at 3bar. Until now you had to choose between performance and size, but with the 17/10 and 12/10 there is no compromise. These pumps deliver a powerful performance from one of the most compact footprints in its category – 677mm x 525mm x 620mm. On average 30 percent smaller in cubic volume than comparable products, the 17/10 and 12/10 are small enough to stow easily in a side locker, freeing up space to store other equipment and reducing the overall payload of the vehicle. The 17/10 offers a superior performance to weight ratio, delivering at 10bar of pressure 15l/hr per

The Powerflow 17/10 and 12/10.

kilogram of weight, making it on average 35 percent better in terms of pump output per kg of payload than other four-stroke engine pumps in its category. Also on display will be the Prima SmartCAFS, the Godiva Prima pump with an integrated compressed air foam system (CAFS), providing the advantages of CAFS in one compact package.

Visit Godiva Ltd on Stand E1.

Double the power from Fischer Panda It is now possible to connect two identical Fischer Panda iSeries generators in parallel to double the available power. Two independent generator systems, both with their own control panel, are installed and can be operated individually resulting in the safety of a constant power supply at all times. Synchronising the 230V output is achieved via a data cable connecting each of the generators’ AC inverter/control boxes. This has the advantage that no parallel switch cabinet is required and more space is available on board. The generators are equally loaded at all times. The parallel connection is of particular interest for larger ICUs and TVOB units, for example, where full redundancy is possible, or meeting higher power demands is required. Fischer Panda iSeries generators are very popular, engine rpm follows the AC demand on board; reducing emissions and operating costs by an average of 25 percent compared to fixed speed models.

There are over 150 Panda generators from 4-200kW based on 3000/1500rpm diesels or the latest iSeries from 4-45kW with smart digital remote control and monitoring. By working with its customers, Fischer Panda ensures the on-board power budget is comfortably served by an engineered solution, with reliability always in mind – backed by its own technicians across the UK. Fischer Panda also offers the Durasea ruggedised rooftop air-conditioner and is a distributor for Mastervolt, the market leading Dutch manufacturer of inverters, battery chargers, Combis and lightweight isolation transformers.

Visit Fischer Panda UK Ltd on Stand H50.

Sliding beam gantry system

Packexe Sharpswrap is an extra-strong 100mm-wide self-adhesive plastic film with a lightweight reusable dispenser-handle.

This year, Packexe has launched Packexe Sharpswrap, an extra-strong 100mm-wide selfadhesive plastic film with a lightweight reusable dispenser-handle. The system allows rescuers to quickly wrap hazardous jagged edges, sharp metal points and window-frames containing glass splinters. The bright yellow film not only covers the hazard but also makes it highly visible and easy to avoid. Rescue personnel can carry this compact tool in a pocket or belt-pouch ready for immediate use whenever it is needed.

Visit Packexe Ltd on Stand N63.

Fire Ladders and its partners invite you to view and demonstrate some of its products at The Emergency Services Show. On display will be the company’s new gantry systems, plus: EN1147 ladders, new sliding beam gantry, rescue platform; equipment ranges, including fire fighting, rescue, medical, line and water; PPE – fire kit, helmets, boots, gloves and hoods; uniform – station wear, work wear and safety wear; plus vehicles, trailers and special builds.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

The company’s new ladder sliding beam gantry system has been designed to outlast and outperform current items and has gone through rigorous testing to ensure its reliability and operation. Also on show will be the new fire appliance built by Fire Ladders’ Irish service partner, HPMP. This pumping appliance is based on a Scania chassis with many special and bespoke design features. HPMP builds all types of vehicles, appliances, trailers and bespoke items, working with its clients to design and supply exactly what the customer wants from a new vehicle. The appliance will also be fitted with Fire Ladders’ new Sliding Beam Gantries and ladders. Fire Ladders also offers maintenance, testing, training, care and payment packages for all its ranges, a combination that guarantees best value and best quality for its customers.

Visit Fire Ladders Ltd on Stand OS438.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

| 29

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Reducing extrication Discuss your hose reel requirements times and ‘working smarter’ through simultaneous activity Words: Ian Dunbar, Rescue Consultant at Holmatro Rescue equipment.

While the standard approach to road traffic collisions varies throughout the world, the one constant is the need for a quick and safe extrication. The last 15 years has seen great improvements in vehicle construction and safety systems, which have added to our time on scene. Is it possible to work smarter to reverse the effects of new car technology? Effective use of staff Have you ever seen a roof removed with the seatbelts still attached, or a door removed with the wiring loom still connected? Although instances such as these may only delay extrication by a matter of seconds, this has a cumulative effect and can result in valuable minutes being lost. Such events can be avoided if these things are managed by other crewmembers while the cutting is in progress. This method of ‘simultaneous activity’ must form the basis of your training, and can only be achieved with teamwork, effective rescue tools and techniques. Tool requirements The hydraulic tools you choose will allow more simultaneous activity to be completed. Tools should be light enough for one person to carry, set up and operate, and the ability to change tools under flow allows crew members to perform other tasks simultaneously. Using hydraulic pumps that can be positioned away from the scene of operations and have a low noise output will mean communications are not affected and casualty care is not hindered. There is no need to switch them off, which also saves valuable time. Conclusion For a seriously ill victim each second can literally mean the difference between life and death. Simultaneous activity will allow us to reduce the effects of new car technology and help keep our extrication times to the desired 20 minutes. We must have the right training, the best tools that are light and quiet, and the latest techniques, only then can we work smarter and achieve the desired outcome.

Visit Holmatro UK Ltd on Stand M62.

Reelcare will be showing the recently developed 1600 Series Heavy Duty large frame modular fire fighting reel.

Reelcare Ltd specialises in the supply and specification of hose reels for a wide range of industries, including the emergency services. As well as manufacturing a range of fire fighting reels, over the years, Reelcare has also developed partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of durable, high quality and technically advanced hose reeling products in the world. At this year’s Emergency Services Show, the company will be exhibiting products that encompass its full range of reels for all areas of industry. Reelcare will be showing the recently developed 1600 Series Heavy Duty large frame modular fire fighting reel. In addition, it will be exhibiting a

range of spring driven, manual and motor driven hose reels in UPVC powder-coated steel and stainless steel materials for a variety of applications. With reels for a variety of applications such as air, water, oil, grease fuel and gases, Reelcare also offers and supplies bespoke solutions for specialist applications, such as emergency service vehicles, military vehicles, ground support for aviation and offshore industries. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible hose and cable handling products and services available in the industry today.

Visit Reelcare Ltd on Stand M17.

Designed for safety, built for safety, tested for safety Parkland Engineering Ltd was founded in 1978 and is a privately owned company with five branches located throughout the UK. The company first supplied hose to fire and rescue services in 1980 and ever since has extended and improved its product range, now supplying many services across the UK. An expert in the field of high-pressure reel hose, lay flat hose and suction hose, Parkland has, over the last three years, raised the benchmark for each of these in terms of quality and design. Recently introduced is the company’s 22mm reel hose range, and stainless steel couplings to match, which provides high quality and performance, while remaining extremely competitive. Superior performance As the sole UK supplier for Scorpe Technologies, Parkland can supply a complete range of fire fighting and rescue equipment, including branches, monitors, air lifting bags, stabilisation struts, PPV fans, reservoirs and decontamination kits. Many of these products introduce new technology to fire fighting and offer superior performance when

Emergency Services Times August 2013

compared to existing products. High grade materials, exceptional engineering and assembly ensure that the Scorpe range of products fits with the Parkland philosophy – designed for safety, built for safety, tested for safety. Parkland provides a complete after sales service and is able to offer onsite hose testing, with quick turnaround for repair and replacement hoses. This is supported by the company’s comprehensive electronic data management system and total care packages across the full range of equipment, ensuring safe performance of products throughout their working life. As an innovative manufacturer, Parkland Engineering holds patents and registered designs while continually improving its products, providing the highest quality equipment through excellence in engineering and design. The company’s first class service and continual care commitment ensure it meets the needs of the modern fire fighting service.

Visit Parkland Engineering Ltd on Stand L19.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Shout, Reach, Throw, Go – now a lot easier thanks to Reach and Rescue

The Water Rescue Mantra ‘Shout, Reach, Throw, Go’ is quoted time and time again in the rescue industry. However, equipment manufacturers have not addressed some parts of the sequence in a way that aids the rescuer – until now. Reach and Rescue Ltd has designed a unique range of telescopic poles that deliver an array of rescue attachments to the victims. The operator’s safety is maximised by massively improving the ‘Reach’ capability of up to 17m while still giving good control of the tools and how they rescue the victims. The applications of the product are not limited to water rescue. Ice and mud incidents can be addressed using different attachment choices and

Reach and Rescue is currently designing a fall arrest attachment, which will raise the bar and expand the confidence to operators to rescue around the world. After the safety aspect of the equipment, the most helpful benefit is the ‘speed’ of retrieval. For years, the fire, search and rescue teams have used an inflation water hose technique to reach out to victims in water incidents. This was helpful but had many flaws. The time it took to deploy was over six minutes. By contrast, the Reach and Rescue system takes just over one minute to extend to 17m. The effectiveness of a throw bag is well known, but this Reach and Rescue system takes the efficiency to a new level. The pole approach gives great accuracy, first time, and control at the end that matters. However, sometimes a throwbag is obviously the first choice. That’s why each pole has a throwbag included, which doubles as a failsafe line to all attachments, providing the best of both worlds. This is equipment tried and tested, and currently saving lives across the world.

Visit Reach & Rescue Ltd on Stand M4.

Robust and durable hose reels Mecmesin fire hose reels are designed to withstand the arduous and long-term daily usage demanded of them. Engineered from the highest quality materials, they provide outstanding performance and durability, increasing efficiency, thus saving vital time during fire fighting operations. Key features include: fitted with a three-way braking mechanism as standard for safety during hose deployment; two standard size models available depending upon length of hose required; designed for use with various lengths of hose using either ¾in or 1in nominal bore; supplied as standard with air drive motor; or 12/24V DC electric motors available on request; available in both left and right hand orientation; manufactured to EU safety standards; five-year warranty (excluding motor); plus a choice of four hose guide reels is available. Benefits • Save money: three-way brake mechanism and reinforced mounting plates are built-in as standard

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

• Save time: lever operated for fast, controlled rewinds, Mecmesin hose reels are designed specifically for ease-of-use • Increase efficiency: the company’s hose reels are designed to be strong, robust and durable • Enjoy peace of mind: Mecmesin is a British manufacturer with over 35 years’ experience in quality control. The Mecmesin brand stands for excellence in performance, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Visit Mecmesin Hose Reels on Stand M55.

High hazard fire fighting solutions Firemain Engineering Limited provides high hazard fire fighting solutions to industry, from large fuel storage tanks to aircraft hangars. The company understands the huge cost of fire to the high-risk industries, which is why cost effective loss control is its objective. Its aim is to be the provider of choice in the field of fire engineering and in doing so help its customers to protect their investments, as well as the environment.

The Emergency Services Show gives Firemain the opportunity to exhibit its products and services that have been serving the fire fighting industry for the past 23 years. Firemain originated when an opportunity was spotted for a service-oriented company that could supply the fire protection market with foam related system hardware. Since 1990, Firemain has specialised in sourcing foam products and systems from the world’s finest manufacturers in foam equipment, foam concentrates and monitor systems. The company’s range of products and services include: a vast range of foam concentrates, bladdertanks, proportioners, monitors, inductors, generators, testing, maintenance and commissioning. Over the years, Firemain has diversified and is now associated with, as well as UK distributors of, some of the world’s best known foam and foam equipment brands: Svenska Skum, Ansul and Firedos, whose foam proportioning system was recently awarded with prestigious FM approval. Firemain is also proud to be the UK agent for Williams Fire & Hazard Control, who are widely regarded as the world’s most experienced major flammable liquid firefighters. Firemain is a Williams UK distributor of foam concentrates and extinguishing agent technology. Firemain is dedicated to you, its customers, and wishes to be involved closely with you to provide the support it feels its customers deserve, and will always advise, consider and support your fire engineering needs. Firemain looks forward to presenting its range of products and services to returning and new customers alike at The Emergency Services Show 2013.

Visit Firemain Engineering Ltd on Stand C82.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Vimpex and ISG Wildfire fighting equipment and chemicals team up for focus on ABC Macintosh Limited has been trading for over 14 years producing and developing fire fighting thermal imaging chemicals and equipment and is currently the UK’s The Emergency Services Show is of major importance for Vimpex Ltd this year, who will be teaming up with ISG for the official launch of the new X-380 thermal imager to the UK market.

A significant portion of Vimpex’s stand will be given over to the ISG product range, where visitors can experience, first hand, the class-leading features that the X-Series camera range offers. The new look Vimpex stand will also showcase its new and exclusive 110V Silent Inverter Generator. Several years of discussions with generator manufacturers has culminated in Vimpex being the only UK business supplying such a product. Interest will not be limited to those in the fire and rescue services. Police visitors will be very interested to see the Paratech range of tactical forcible entry equipment, while ambulance services and paramedics will recognise the popular A7A UK ambulance helmets from Pacific. With Vimpex now firmly established as a major player in the fire fighting, rescue and EMS sector, the company is delighted to be supported by ISG, who enhance its position as a supplier of these and other class-leading products.

largest independent manufacturer of fire fighting foams and associated fire speciality chemicals. The company’s complete foam range is marketed under the 3F Fire Fighting Foam brand and includes Fluoro Free foams such as FREEDOL with EN1568 (2008), Bureau Veritas and CAA approvals. ABC’s speciality chemicals include STOPAL, which is used for vapour suppression and is specially designed for chemicals like Ammonia. The range includes a comprehensive list of foams and additives for extinguishers, including AFFF, AFFF-AR. Water additives such as PENTSPRAY - PENTSPARY PLUS and the company’s Class F product, FATSEAL. ABC MacIntosh is the manufacturer of the ‘Fire Attack System’ FAS Ultra, FAS Mini and FAS Phoenix, designed for rapid response to deal with

vehicle fires and wild fires. The Fire Attack System has become widely used by fire and rescue services dealing with regular and severe wildfires. The company also distributes CTD foam induction equipment and the infrared detection tool known as HOTSPOTTER, in 17 countries worldwide.

Visit ABC MacIntosh Ltd on Stand G64.

Cold cutting extinguishing technology offering high quality products, which utilise the latest technology. The company also provides tactical training and knowledge transfer to fire and rescue services around the world, showing how to combine the coldcut™cobra with existing fire fighting tactics. The system is built on modules and can easily be integrated into old or new fire trucks of various sizes. It can be used on most land – sea – air based carriers to a fire scene. Cold Cut will be undertaking practical demonstrations of the system at the show, within the external demonstration area. If you are interested in how the coldcut™cobra can help you provide safer, more efficient, and environmentally more considerate fire fighting operations please make sure you take a look.

Visit Vimpex Ltd on Stand A6.

The coldcut™cobra from Cold Cut Systems combines safety and efficiency with minimal environmental impact during fire fighting operations. It provides fire crews with the ability to rapidly attack a compartment fire from outside. It can penetrate all known building and construction materials in a short time and efficiently cools the fire gases using only a small volume of water via a powerful jet. When the coldcut™cobra is used at an early stage it will rapidly stabilise fire conditions, reducing compartment temperatures, creating a safer working environment for the deployment of conventional fire fighting methods. The water consumption of a coldcut™cobra is minimal, substantially reducing the risk of water damage to property and impact on the surrounding environment. Cold Cut Systems supplies turnkey solutions,

Springing forwards

TVS kit improves firefighter safety

The Springmasters Group, incorporating Valley Springs and Belleville Springs, is one of the leading and most diverse manufacturers of springs in the UK. As a result of multi million pound investment, the group offers a comprehensive range of compression, extension, torsion and flat metal springs. The group’s 50,000sqft manufacturing facility, encompassing two sites, offers customers CNC coiling from a wire diameter of 0.1mm to 20mm in addition to lathe coiling up to a diameter of 50mm. The allied product range includes wire forms, clips, disc springs, hose clamps and circlips, which are available from the extensive stock range at the company’s Redditch warehouse. Manufacturing facilities are complemented by in-house design and development teams and the ability to offer rapid prototyping. This investment and technical expertise consolidates The Springmasters Group’s position at the forefront of spring manufacturing in the UK, offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Tactical Ventilation Solutions Limited (TVS) can supply equipment to all emergency services and the military. It supplies specialist rescue chainsaws and innovates and manufactures its own tactical ventilation equipment. TVS is a family business run by personnel with UK fire and rescue service and urban search and rescue operational and instructional experience. In the UK, TVS is the sole distributor for the Unifire specialist ventilation range of chainsaws and circular saws; these units are based on the tough and reliable Husqvarna chainsaw power units, modified by Unifire in the USA specifically for use by emergency services. The Unifire Chainsaws have the options of Sabretooth and Cobra carbide tipped chains; the circular saws have a choice of eight blades. These specialist saws can be utilised to cut through a wide variety of materials, including steel composite insulated roofing sheets, sandwich panels, concrete and more. TVS is currently developing new products for the fire and rescue service – two key products that are

Visit Springmasters Ltd on Stand B33.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Visit Cold Cut Systems on Stand P69.

designed to provide semi automated/remotely controlled machines for cutting exhaust vents during structural fires, primarily in a wide range of roof structures and materials. The aim is to improve firefighter safety worldwide during this potentially dangerous aspect of tactical ventilation operations. The machines will not require a firefighter operator to work directly on a roof to enable the cutting of a vent hole hence greatly reducing risks and improving the options for tactical ventilation operations, especially in larger steel clad and double insulated structures. Updates on development of these units will be available at The Emergency Services Show. TVS is also a dealer for Aspen fuels, Aspen twostroke and four-stroke alkylate petrol. The cleanest form of petrol available on the market today, it contains virtually no sulphur, no benzene and no aromatics, it can be stored for over five years and is ideal for emergency services.

Visit Tactical Ventilation Solutions Ltd on Stand J20.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

34 |

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Bullard selects Angloco as new partner

Babcock unveils new stand Babcock International Group will unveil a new stand at The Emergency Services Show, taking place 25-26 September at the NEC, Birmingham. Babcock is promoting its unique whole life, sector-proven approach in managing assets that enables the customer full focus on their frontline operations, as well as delivering cost savings, greater resilience and improved availability. Babcock’s stand will feature a digital wall and standalone tablets to provide an understanding of the scale of Babcock’s operations across the sector, as well information on how it delivers benefits to customers ranging from the Metropolitan Police Service to the Highways Agency. On hand will be a range of experts working within Babcock’s operations, procurement and business development teams. Fire resilience In addition to demonstrating its work within the emergency services, Babcock is also promoting its fire resilience capability. The company has recently been awarded a multi-million pound five-year

From 1 August Angloco is the new, exclusive sales and service distributor for Bullard for UK and Ireland fire and security markets. Founded in 1898, Bullard is a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems that are marketed worldwide. The new partnership will include thermal imagers for both fire and rescue service and police/security uses and firefighter and rescue helmets. contract with URENCO, a leading global nuclear fuel business, for the provision of a fire resilience service at its Capenhurst site, located close to Chester. The contract sees Babcock providing 24/7 fire fighting and command and control room services, including responsibility for meeting training and regulatory requirements for its people. Babcock will also manage and maintain URENCO’s appliances and specialist support equipment.

Visit Babcock International Group on Stand J7.

First line for water rescue

Saving someone from drowning is all down to time. Can the person be reached before it’s too late? Having easy to use, effective life saving equipment to hand is vital. First response vehicles are often the first teams on scene at life threatening water emergencies. From accidents in or around inland waters, to coastal difficulties and even flooding disasters, the danger of drowning is never far away. However, with over 400 deaths resulting from water tragedies every year, it seems that more must be done to improve first response procedures. Luckily, there is a solution. Used by first response and emergency services teams across the UK, the Balcan Emergency Life Line (BELL) is a tried and tested first-line rescue device. Compact, reliable, accurate and lightweight, the BELL is perfect for emergency scenarios where time is of the essence. Furthermore, weighing just 250g; the device easily meets weight restrictions and is compact enough to be easily stored in any emergency vehicle.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Latest generation helmet: MAGMA.

Helmets Bullard is recognised as an expert in the fire helmet industry with over 115 years of manufacture. The products comprise a complete range of helmets and accessories, all specially designed and manufactured for use by rescue organisations. However, it is the latest MAGMA helmet, with its unmatched performance and comfort, that will be of most interest to UK and Ireland brigades. Angloco is also a familiar name for the supply of fire fighting helmets in the UK, with over 9000 supplied in just the last few years. However, it is anticipated that the new UK partnership with Bullard will further develop this sector of the business.

Simple to use Like all great inventions, the BELL is simple to use. Just remove the end cap, hold the rope handle and throw. As the BELL flies through the air the high strength line is deployed. The victim simply holds onto the rope or the capsule as the rescuer pulls them to safety, which is an effortless task as people are completely weightless in water. The BELL range comprises the repackable BELL RP40 and BELL RP25 models, but also includes the single use BELL Pro 40m – a smaller and lighter sealed capsule that can be thrown and discarded quickly and easily, offering a hygienic solution for emergency teams. By specifying these lines, emergency teams can be well prepared for every eventuality and capable of performing life-saving rescues. These devices should be an essential addition to any emergency vehicle – to help save lives and improve first response measures.

The most advanced personal issue camera: Eclipse LD.

Imagers Since 1998 Bullard has established the industry standard – from the simplest personal issue thermal imager to the most advanced command unit, Bullard offers thermal imagers that are designed for each market. Angloco will now offer a comprehensive range of thermal imagers for firefighters and law enforcement, including the Eclipse, which features 320x240 ultra-high resolution and a 3.5in display.

Visit Balcan Engineering Ltd on Stand N60.

Visit Bullard GMBH on Stand E61.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Essential rescue tools and PPV Unifire, based in Spokane, Washington, in the United States, was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of high performance, positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans. The company has since expanded to include many essential rescue tools that will interest visitors to the show. Unifire fans feature an open shroud, which allows air to be pulled from the top, bottom, sides and back of the fan. This open shroud design also allows the fan to be placed closer to the entry point increasing the effective CFM that is utilised for pressurising buildings.

New products at great value Niton has been manufacturing and supplying equipment for law enforcement and emergency services for over 18 years. The company has listened to feedback from customers on what works and what doesn’t, and what would make their lives easier. This means Niton’s product line is focused on user comfort and safety.

The Niton Tactical range is designed specifically for the UK’s emergency services. The range features everything from tactical torches to patrol

vests to woolly hats. Niton only uses the best materials and technology available, and because the company manufactures its own products in the UK and off shore, it doesn’t have to pay middlemen and so can pass the savings on to its customers. Because of Niton’s fine reputation in the police and security industry, it has also been given the privilege of becoming the UK distributor for brands like Safariland Holsters, Hatch, Bates, Damascus, Nite Redi and Fat Ivan. Meet the team Come and meet some of the Niton team at the show, including Tactical Tim, straight from the glossy pages of the company’s catalogue! All the team have years of experience and they will be happy to talk through any of the company’s products with visitors. Niton is a proud sponsor of The Emergency Services Show 2013 and this year visitors can find the company on Stand A8.

Visit Niton Equipment on Stand A8.

Weber takes rescue outside

The company also specialises in high performance rescue saws. Unifire’s ventilation chainsaws feature carbide tipped chains that can cut through virtually any material, while with their increased torque, the company’s circular saws power through such cuts without ‘bogging down’. Unifire smoke machines can fill up a single room or a large warehouse within a few minutes and can be set to constantly run or to run in intervals. These machines utilise water-based smoke fluid, which is safe to breath. The company’s confined space blowers and box fans are great tools for confined space rescue teams. These units are able to be set and used by either pulling harmful air or fumes from an area or pushing clean air into an environment. Unifire’s coring drills are the perfect tool for boring into debris to place cameras in the right position for inspection without removing large amounts of debris or increasing the possibility of collapse. These coring drills feature a 5cm diameter bit for cutting through concrete and allows the user to drill through over 35cm of debris. The coring drills feature a water attachment that clears the debris from the bit as its cutting, keeping it cool and reducing dust for operators.

Visit Unifire Ltd on Stand P6.

The team from Weber Rescue UK looks forward to meeting you on Stand OS37.

Weber Rescue has always found The Emergency Services Show a ‘must have’ part of its business calendar, as no other exhibition provides such a high level of exposure in one hit! Also, as this year’s event has jumped forward a couple of months in the diary the company has also taken the decision to take rescue tools outdoors. A visit to Outside Stand OS37 will enable visitors to meet the Weber Rescue Team, and see why the company has positioned itself as a market leader in the rescue equipment field. Battery-operated rescue equipment The E-Force range of Lithium Ion batteryoperated rescue tools is not just seen as the future of frontline rescue, many fire and rescue services are currently experiencing the benefits and performance of this ‘hose-free’ concept. Should your emergency service be considering such equipment then pay Weber Rescue a visit and see why these tools offer a no compromise option.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

High strength blade inserts First launched at The Emergency Services Show 2010, the TeamGold RSX Cutters have now taken the UK by storm, with the majority of Weber users, new and old, opting for this revolutionary blade design. High strength steel inserts fitted within the blade arrangement provide a durable cutting surface like never before, and these Gold ‘Plus’ inserts are now available in both the E-Force and standard rescue tool range. Meet the team With a complete rescue programme available, there’s no excuse for anyone involved in technical rescue not to pay the Weber Rescue stand a visit. Whatever the weather, Weber will be outside and ready to meet!

Visit Weber Rescue UK Ltd on Stand OS37.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Championing rescue tools in the UK Nike Hydraulics represents Champion Rescue Tools in the UK and is proud to do so. The company’s specialist hydraulic rescue tools add extra dimensions to those currently in the market, providing both the strongest and the safest available.

The Super Beast multi-tool.

The Guillotine Cutter.

The most exciting tool to hit the UK market in years is Champion’s Guillotine Cutter. The Guillotine is unique as it has only one moving part so is unmatched in close quarter usage offering the

Safety by engineering

Supply+ is a growing UK manufacturer and supplier of safety and security equipment, based in Cambridge. The company produces the AS Fire, Bayley & Collins Youldon brands, which are manufactured in the UK and exported around the world. AS Fire & Safety launched the ASL14 ‘Standard’ 464 ladder in 2012 and it continues to attract even greater interest now it is being offered with a ‘conspicuity pack’ to ensure the firefighters can be seen and are safe. The AS Powerbeam gantry addresses issues related to both health and safety and today’s diverse workforce, enabling the deployment and stowage of a ladder to be completed with far less manual handling requirements. Supply+ is now benefiting from sales to several UK based fire and rescue services. Bayley Ladders continues to be supplied to the Far East, where customers are now seeing the benefits of an EN 1147 ladder compared to the old JCDD standard, with the AAD now as standard. New applications and markets have been the focus for Collins Youldon over the past 12 months with great success. Some of the latest designs offer the new ‘Universal roller guides’ and other bespoke features, which aid firefighter use. Supply+ has significantly expanded its European customer base becoming the standard for most OEMs. Commitment to innovate and to continue to deliver new developments to its customers is paramount to Supply+. The company values its customer chain from the OEM to the end user and it is this relationship and their feedback that helps Supply+ deliver new ideas successfully.

Visit Supply Plus Limited on Stand D71.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ultimate in patient safety; it is a perfect tool for cutting B-posts, especially when a casualty is close by. For the past six months Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has had one on board its Enhanced Rescue Unit along with a large selection of Champion Tools on loan from Nike. The service’s feedback has been fantastic and Nike is not expecting its kit back any time soon!

Powerful cutter The Super Beast multi-tool is a powerful rescue cutter designed to handle the ultra high strength metals found in vehicles. It has up to half a million pounds of cutting force and a massive 273mm blade opening. The Super Beast can be converted to a spreader with its simple field changeable head, providing a massive 711mm opening and over 400mm of parallel travel. Manchester-based Nike Hydraulics has a complete set of high quality tools, including its lightweight, fast and powerful Monster Mini Spreader, a wide range of hydraulic rams and petrol or electric power units with outputs of 3, 5 (electric), 6.5 or 13 HP.

Visit Nike Hydraulics on Stand M3.

Safety rope simplicity Maxicroc is an easy-to-use device, which enables you to pass a rope around a distant object in order to secure it. It has been tested by professionals in various fields and used to increase their performance, their efficiency and their safety at work. A Swiss engineer working on high voltage electrical wires and pylons invented the device. During his daily activity, he constantly had to fasten a security line and he wasted a lot of time and energy trying to pass the line around the different cables or pylons. He invented Maxicroc in 2008 and presented it to his local fire department and it is now widely used among all Swiss fire brigades. It has become a standard device in each of their vehicles.

The main advantage with using Maxicroc to secure a rope is that you can do so without taking any risks, with extreme ease and speed, and can therefore maintain higher safety standards.

Visit Maxicroc – Evenhook on Stand K29.

This intelligent and simple system can be used by firefighters, police and medical rescue teams, forestry experts, gamekeepers, park management officers, builders, engineers and chimney sweeps in all sorts of situations. It can be used for fastening or securing a safety rope, climbing up buildings, attaching a person to a rope without having to throw a rope or be physically near them, passing a rope through a metal ring or a buoy, passing a rope around an object such as a pole, branch or pylon to catch hold of it, etc.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

40 | ESTESS2013 – COMMS & IT

Satellite systems

SMS Responder: get the message?

AST Systems has been supplying satellite equipment and airtime to meet the specific requirements of government, military, police and private security customers for over 15 years. The company is able to offer complete end-to-end bespoke solutions as well as off-the-shelf equipment.

Responder Technology Ltd was established in 2003 and the company’s core product is SMS Responder, a resilient SMS, pager and e-mail messaging system designed for emergency teams. SMS Responder is used to coordinate emergency response for thousands of volunteers and employees across the UK. Users include mountain rescue, ALSAR and lowland search dog teams, St John Ambulance Divisions, county council emergency planning departments and many commercial businesses.

AST Systems’ tailored packages range from a single handset with custom carry case to an integrated network with least cost routing capabilities. Voice, fax, data, video, tracking and M2M solutions are all on offer, utilising handheld devices, integrated modems, mobile and fixed BGAN and VSAT equipment. Depending on requirements, service can be offered via L, C, KA or KU band. As a Tier One provider for the major satellite networks and their associated hardware providers, AST Systems is in an excellent position to offer unbiased advice and enjoys an excellent global reputation. New products featured at the show will include: • The Explorer 710, the latest addition to the range of Inmarsat BGAN terminals from Cobham, and the first BGAN terminal to support the new HDR (High Data Rate) service from Inmarsat • The Thuraya SatSleeve Voice and Data – this simple add-on works with the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 giving access to the full range of Thuraya’s hand held satellite services • AST Systems’ Hosted Tracking Solution – secure tracking and messaging portal capable of supporting most satellite and GSM tracking devices available on the market • The Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER VSAT product portfolio – featuring a diverse array of standardised, turnkey satellite terminals that fulfil critical communications needs and offer true choice and flexibility for end-users. Now upgradeable for use with the Inmarsat Global Xpress service • The Globalstar GSP-1700 – following the successful launch of Globalstar’s secondgeneration satellite constellation Globalstar are back in a big way with some very competitive handset and airtime deals.

Visit Applied Satellite Technology Systems Ltd on Stand H47.

Multiple contact routes SMS Responder is a web application with both desktop and small screen versions. Messages can also be broadcast using a phone, via SMS; this allows the system to be used in remote areas where there is no 3G or 4G signal. Multiple contact routes (SMS to mobiles or landlines, pager, e-mail) ensure the maximum possible chance of messages getting through. Delivery reports confirm delivery to mobile phones. If required, SMS Responder can track which members are attending an incident, either manually or using SMS replies. For resilience, SMS Responder employs a unique dual-site system. One data centre is located in Manchester in the UK and the other is 800 miles away in Vienna, Austria. Qualification tracking

shows how many people have a particular certificate, and includes automatic e-mail reports to warn of certificates that are due to expire. Improved interoperability To improve interoperability, SMS Responder includes features that allow organisations to group together for a combined response to an incident, and to track total numbers of first aiders (for example) across the group. Data protection requirements are supported, with individual user accounts, encrypted passwords, SSL access, a full audit trail, and commercial data centre locations. No data is stored outside the European Union.

Visit Responder Technology on Stand C30.

Hands-free communications Talking Headsets Limited offers a wide range of passive and electronic hearing protection headsets and accessories for users of ATEX and non-ATEX two-way radios and other communication devices such as mobile phones. The company’s innovative product range includes wireless multi-user headset systems – ideal for companies who need true hands free communications. Its clients include fire and rescue, marine, shipping, military, aviation, law enforcement, utilities, heavy industry and small businesses. By listening and actively getting

involved with these customers the company has helped to enhance their ability to communicate more easily and effectively, which in turn increases safety and productivity. Talking Headsets’ fully equipped workshops and trained staff can also build and design bespoke systems to exacting requirements. The company also imports and distributes: A-KABEL, MSA Sordin, Swatcom, Durosonic and ARBORCOM systems.

Visit Talking Headsets Ltd on Stand H43.

Evidence gathering from a first person perspective Reveal Media is a leading provider of body worn camera solutions. Capturing evidence from a first person perspective, this technology has a proven and major impact on reducing levels of crime, abuse and anti-social behaviour, as well as delivering significant cost and operational efficiencies to organisations deploying it. The company has become the most successful European company in this rapidly expanding market and works with the majority of police forces in the UK, as well as many local authorities and private security organisations. Reveal Media has clients in 23 countries and is rapidly expanding its international activities, with three global offices now in operation. Initially providing video management and archive systems for programmes such as Big Brother, Reveal soon gained success offering evidence management software to police investigation teams. In 2006 the

Emergency Services Times August 2013

company introduced its first body worn camera into the market and with the introduction of the RS3-SX – its third generation full high-definition body worn camera – Reveal Media has become a dominant provider based on its quality products, domain expertise and service levels.

Visit Reveal Media on Stand B36.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – COMMS & IT | 41

Vehicle and trailer-based control room solutions Sat-Comm Broadcast Ltd is a well-known technical vehicle coachbuilder and satellite system integrator, and will be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show for the first time. The company designs vehicle and trailer-based control rooms for a variety of applications and has 13 years’ experience in converting a wide range of vehicle types, including all-wheel drive (AWD) and armoured vehicles. The company will be displaying a selection of products from its extensive range of vehiclemounted and portable satellite communications antenna terminals, as well as a small ‘fast response’ satellite communications vehicle. It is also experienced in the supply of surveillance video capture, monitoring, recording, encoding, encryption, and transmission over 3G/4G, terrestrial microwave and satellite technology to the worldwide emergency services and security industry. In addition, the company is also a specialist supplier of high quality video and transmission systems for both internet and satellite transmission. Sat-Comm Broadcast Ltd has extensive vehicle

Handheld mobile solutions

refurbishment facilities and offers a range of services, including the retrofitting of satellite antennas and pneumatic masts into existing vehicles. The company provides maintenance and repair services for most models of motorised satellite antennas, silenced generators, pneumatic masts and vehicle stabilisation systems.

Visit Sat- Comm Broadcast Ltd on Stand OS32.

Rugged tablets for emergency scenarios The latest in rugged computing and communication solutions will be on show at the Getac stand at this year’s Emergency Services Show. From tablets to laptops, handhelds and mobile servers, rugged computing designer and manufacturer Getac will be exhibiting the next generation of devices for emergency services. Featured on the stand this year is the Getac Z710, the world’s most advanced fully rugged tablet, featuring the Android 4.1 operating system. Weighing just 800g, the Z710 comes with a battery life that is comprehensively longer than its competitors giving over 10 hours of operational time. Visitors to the Getac stand (L37) can also view the V200 convertible notebook, which offers a 12.1in sunlight-readable screen for the display of routes and schematics with optimum clarity, even in direct sunlight. The device comes with full-size keyboard as standard and can be securely mounted in-vehicle using a docking station for easy

operation while on the move. The V200 is guaranteed to operate in the most difficult conditions and can also be used as a tablet. For users requiring command centres in the field, Getac’s 15.6in X500 fully rugged mobile server will also be on display. The device comes with the latest generation of Intel® Core™ processor – the i7 vPro – and high performance NVIDIA® GeForce® graphic controller. The portable device can rapidly analyse intelligence data acquired from multiple mobile computing devices to allow command and control centres to make informed decisions. Getac President Peter Molyneux says, “Getac’s new generation of products are designed and engineered to enhance the performance of the emergency professional, just when it’s needed most. Our rugged technology includes a number of features which mean emergency crews can focus on the mission-critical tasks, without worrying about the reliability and performance of their devices.”

Visit Getac UK Ltd on Stand L37.

Make your Smartphone work for you Take your Smartphone to Stand A29, scan this QR code and access information on Global Auto ID’s range of leading edge web-based asset and brigade management systems designed specifically for emergency service use. Mobile is the future Whether you want to record a quick risk assessment, evidence the details of an accident or know what inventory is being carried and used on your latest appliance, call in for a demo and a coffee.

Visit Global Auto ID Ltd on Stand A29.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Handheld is a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers and one of the fastest growing companies in this sector. Its products are used in a wide spectrum of field applications, often in the most demanding and harsh environments. With over 25 years of experience in the rugged industry, Handheld has successfully implemented mobile solutions for almost every type of businesses. All Handheld products have memory, storage capacity and processing power to handle the most demanding applications and include integrated GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and BT. Every product carries IP65 or above IP-ratings and meets stringent MIL-STD810G military standards for water and dust ingress, drops, vibration and extreme temperatures. With a strong network of dealers in multiple vertical markets throughout the world, Handheld business partners supply complete mobility solutions to businesses, such as public transportation, logistics, geotech, construction, service and maintenance, forestry, military and public security.

During The Emergency Services Show 2013, Handheld will be showcasing the new Algiz 10X and 7X rugged tablets providing high performance dual-core processing and U-Blox integrated GPS, along with the updated Algiz XRW3 rugged notebook and the all new Nautiz X1 Rugged IP67 smart phone. The Handheld headquarters are based in Lidköping, Sweden. Handheld has local offices in United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.

Visit Handheld UK & Ireland Ltd on Stand B38.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

42 | ESTESS2013 – COMMS & IT

Triple your resilience

Rugged mobile solutions take emergency response to new heights

Building on its Responder two-way pager launched in 2011, the new enhanced version from PageOne supports dual-frequency paging with SMS fallback to provide the ultimate in flexibility and resilience for critical alerting applications. It is capable of operating on a local paging frequency as normal; however, in the event of a local system failure or the phasing out of local transmitter legacy equipment it will also receive messages on PageOne’s national wide-area paging network.

Mobile technology is playing an increasingly important role in equipping emergency responders with the necessary tools to help them make difficult decisions under pressure and to lessen the burden of having to recall and document the details of emergency incidents. Choosing a rugged mobile solution that combines the right device, communication strategy and application will go a long way to helping your response team work more productively and to focus on what they’re best at — saving lives. Considerations to keep in mind with your mobile device selections, include: understand your workflows – if there is a need for data entry, applications that run on full Windows operating systems, and/or the need for viewing maps or graphics, then a tablet is going to be a good option. It is important to make sure the operating system supports the mobile applications you’ll be using, the tablet has the necessary accessories to support specific workflows and the tablet is rugged enough for emergency service environments; total cost of ownership (TCO) – research shows while the initial price tag of a consumer device is much less than its rugged counterpart, the cost of repair and downtime of consumer devices makes the total cost

The addition of SMS fallback adds a triple layer of resilience by detecting when no paging signal is being received, in which case PageOne automatically and seamlessly diverts messages via SMS. The device also provides a welcome alternative for organisations that are operating local paging systems, which are nearing end of life. By using PageOne’s existing national paging network, together with the added resilience of SMS fallback, authorities can ensure cost-effective alerting without the significant infrastructure investment and overhead of running their own network. Retained market pager PageOne will also showcase a new lower-cost version of the Responder two-way pager specifically targeted at on-call firefighters. The Responder Acknowledgement two-way pager provides the message delivery, message read, and attendance confirmations essential for improving emergency response times, and is available on a fixed monthly rental option through PageOne’s PSN Framework Service Catalogue. “The Responder pager has led the way in demonstrating the benefits of two-way acknowledged alerting within blue light organisations and we are now seeing fire services actively specifying two-way acknowledged alerting when looking to replace legacy systems,” said Nigel Gray, Director, PageOne. “The new Responder solution offers a viable alternative to the costly replacement of legacy systems, enhancing coverage whilst maintaining resilience. By knowing firefighters have received a message and are attending, control rooms are able to manage resources more effectively to improve response times.” Join PageOne on Stand A11 to discover how the company’s messaging solutions are helping to drive efficiencies and interoperability within the emergency services.

Visit PageOne on Stand A11.

of ownership (TCO) of a rugged device a smarter financial move; in-vehicle computing is a big part of a mobile solution for first responders. Making sure the docking and mounting solution is safe, space saving, rugged and flexible is as important as the mobile device selection. Motion Computing provides products and services that optimise the productivity of mobile workers. Purpose-built for vertical markets, including emergency services, Motion’s technology includes a suite of ruggedised tablets, accessories, in-vehicle solutions, software and a breadth of design and deployment services.

Visit Motion Computing on Stand P3.

Increase efficiency in the field, with Brother at your side

People demand a lot from first responders. You need to be fast, efficient and dependable. So why expect any less from the equipment at your side? Brother is proud to be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show 2013. Operating from Stand P19, the company will be showcasing its innovative range of portable printing equipment – built to get the job done, wherever, whenever, so you can get on with yours. No more delays out in the field. No more unnecessary trips back to the office and added cost. A Brother mobile printer can save you time, hassle and, most importantly, money. Come along to the Brother stand at The Emergency Services Show 2013 and the company will be happy to show you what’s possible – from its rugged RJ range with IP54 certification against dust and water, to the world’s thinnest self-

Emergency Services Times August 2013

contained mobile printer and the popular mobile A4 PJ series, which is used by various emergency services throughout the UK and beyond. Stop by for a chat and let Brother show you how it can help.

Visit Brother on Stand P19.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

EST | 43

Every second counts Words: Peter Molyneux, President of Getac UK When emergency services crews arrive at an incident they have to assess the situation rapidly and accurately, in order to devise a plan of action as soon as possible. Potential hazards, both to those in peril and their rescuers, need to be identified and considered so that rescue priorities can be determined and addressed. It’s a careful balancing act Peter Molyneux is the between acting fast and gathering all the relevant President of Getac UK, information. which provides a Thanks to fast, powerful and rugged computing comprehensive range of rugged computing solutions, crews now have a means to access such vital solutions. information at the scene, and even en route to an incident. At least one UK fire and rescue service uses its downtime to visit high-risk sites and record location-specific information that could speed up on-scene risk assessment should an incident occur. Factories, high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and transport hubs are among its targets for information gathering. Specific hazards, such as the location of flammable or hazardous chemicals or gases are logged on mobile data terminals, along with specific features that may complicate evacuation or access in the event of an emergency. The result is an impressive database covering over 4000 sites that the service may be called upon to attend. High-performance devices To store, process and access that data on the move requires secure, highperformance devices that can withstand the physical demands of front-line use. The Getac V200 notebook is designed specifically to meet that need, and the fire and rescue service in question has recently replaced all of its mobile data terminals with V200s.

“Thanks to fast, powerful and rugged computing solutions, crews now have a means to access such vital information at the scene, and even en route to an incident.” As well as providing fast processing of information, the V200 has a number of practical features, which make it ideal for on-scene risk assessment. It has a large 12.1in touch screen that can be used without removing gloves, and which can be read in bright light conditions. And for connectivity on the move it has WiFi, 3G and GPS capability to ensure that crews can maintain communications wherever they may be. The fire crews can now access specific risk data while on their way to the scene and thus assess the situation more rapidly and accurately once they arrive. Fast processing means they can also use the rugged notebooks to run other applications that can help with decision making as emergency scenarios develop. Rugged solutions The needs of emergency crews vary from service to service, and even from area to area, so Getac’s rugged computing solutions are tailor-made for each customer depending on their needs. The exact specification is determined after much discussion and trial usage, to ensure devices meet the needs of the individual service exactly. And all Getac units have the rugged build that means they will continue to work reliably, despite being used in the most demanding environments. Fast access to reliable information is an invaluable asset for all mobile fire and rescue, ambulance and police units. Having that information immediately available at their fingertips means that crews can make better decisions faster in situations where every second counts.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your rugged computing requirements, Tel: 01952 207 221, e-mail: or visit

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013

44 | ESTESS2013 – COMMS & IT

Tried and tested tech you can rely on Developed for the most demanding environments, Garmin GPS devices are rugged, reliable and built to last. With a vast array of maps, Garmin is able to accommodate the requirements of every explorer.

New this year, visitors to ESS2013 will see the Garmin Monterra, shown below, the revamped version of the Montana with a faster processor and android operating system. The range of rugged 62 series will be on show alongside the brand new Virb and Virb elite action camera with GPS offering four-hours battery life, colour playback screen and an extensive list of accessories.

Toughbooks and vehicle docking stations Operational procedure in the emergency services is quite literally a matter of life and death. Acting efficiently and effectively at the scene of an incident can be the difference between a successful outcome and a tragic one. Many organisations within the emergency services sector are turning to Panasonic Toughbook products because they’re able to operate in conditions where other devices simply fail. They have been built to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime. Their optimised connectivity means ‘blue light’ workers can remain in constant contact with data, applications and office-based support teams to maximise their effectiveness while on the move. Laptops and tablets Panasonic’s extensive range of Toughbook products includes laptops and tablet devices, many of which will be on show at The Emergency Services Show 2013. Alongside these products, the company will also be showcasing different vehicle docking stations that are currently in use by emergency services. One service that has deployed Panasonic Toughbook notebooks is Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. It is using the Panasonic CF-19 model, designed to operate under harsh conditions like high moisture levels, smoke and ash. The primary users of the devices are fire and rescue crews, so reliable access to critical risk information is vital. Being GPRS enabled, the laptops also provide precise location information to a central control team, who can then better resource incidents and receive live incident status updates. In the Toughbook CF-19 device, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has found a durable, ruggedised IT

solution that can easily be integrated into its existing communications network, allowing fire crews to share information with each other – both in the field and during an emergency. Mobile data Another blue light user is Hampshire Police, which is leading the way in using mobile data to reduce administration time, cut costs and improve its service. It is utilising Panasonic’s fully rugged CF-19 and semi-rugged CF-53 to introduce the UK’s first evidential-standard electronic witness statement application. Neighbourhood police, crime investigation and custody teams are using the Toughbook CF-53 semi-rugged notebooks, as are specialist units, such as public protection teams and special branch. By using the Toughbook notebooks, Hampshire Police is saving up to 3000 hours on administrative tasks, allowing for faster investigations and more time for police to spend within the community.

Visit Panasonic Computer Products Solutions on Stand G8.

Specialist launches communications vest for heavy-duty PPE Vital mountainside features, which are available on the majority of the company’s GPS devices, include: GB Discoverer OS mapping to see exactly where you’ve travelled and where you’re heading; electronic compass for accurate navigation; wireless data transfer for those working in a team; extended battery life with highly sensitive integrated GPS, including streetmaps, so it is possible to search, select and navigate to street addresses and attractions; 1:25K and 1:50K scale maps with detailed topographic data – this includes terrain contours, topo elevations, summits, paths, routable roads and geographical points; NAVTEQ™ road data and points of interest, so you’ll receive turn-byturn directions to your destination; BirdsEye™ series, which allows Garmin users to select customised sections of raster-based maps; and, of course, rugged, waterproof design. All of the products that support the qualities listed above will be on display at the show. You can be assured that whatever the emergency, you will have the tools that won’t let you down.

Visit Garmin on Stand E10.

Premier Communication Electronics Ltd (PCE) has more than 35 years’ experience within the communications industry. PCE has built its business supplying, installing and maintaining communication solutions for UK emergency services, public and private sector businesses and organisations. Vehicle equipment The company’s core activities are: the supply, installation and maintenance of vehicle communication equipment, such as: lights and sirens for emergency services and highways maintenance, vital signs including electronic patient reporting (ePRF), vehicle/asset tracking devices, and satellite navigation and dispatch systems; the supply, installation and maintenance of analogue or digital radio systems; TEA2 approved for installation and maintenance of TETRA/Airwave communication equipment; lone worker solutions; and the production and supply of bespoke solutions, such as: Rite-In, an electronic control module enabling access to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) and a CBRN communication vest (launched in July 2013). PCE gained ISO9001:2000 certification in 1997 and has retained this status year on year to currently

Emergency Services Times August 2013

hold ISO9001:2008. In 2009 PCE was the first company to have an engineer accredited to Federation of Communication Services (FCS) Installer Training & Accreditation Scheme (FITAS), during this time PCE became a patron to FITAS and is extremely proud of the fact that its input was sought in producing the FCS1362:2010 (formerly known as MPT1362) industry guidelines. PCE has been awarded the FCS Installer of the Year Award on multiple occasions. Worn under PPE The CBRN Communication Vest, launched summer 2013, will be available for viewing and demonstration. The vest was primarily designed to be worn under CBRNe PPE suits, however it can be considered for any application where the user is wearing heavy duty PPE. Constructed from a lightweight, breathable fabric, the vest allows for a range of communication products, such as hand portable radios, external speakers, earpieces, PTT switches and rehydration facilities such as a Camel-Pak.

Visit Premier Communication Electronics Ltd on Stand N7.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

| 45

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013

46 | ESTESS2013 – COMMS & IT

Game-changing technology for blue light services

Excelerate Technology, a provider of data, video, voice and internet via satellite and wireless solutions to the emergency services, is a financially strong, established company with a constant focus on research and development into innovations that will improve the way the blue light services work. The company is also developing a significant client base abroad, especially in places like Australia and the Middle East, where its expertise in delivering UK command technology is being adopted overseas. Excelerate’s ethos is centred on the delivery of excellent technical solutions while integrating its people so closely with its clients that the company’s support service is simply second to none. Excelerate wins new clients on a regular basis and its current clients come back time and again because they know the company has the resources and commitment to deliver their projects successfully. So why not visit the Excelerate Technology stand at this year’s Emergency Services Show, where it will be demonstrating its game-changing new technology for the blue light services.

Visitors will see: • The launch of a new KA satellite service in partnership with Eutelsat to provide customers with cost-effective, high-speed and robust coverage • A diverse range of vehicle-based and incident ground rapid deployment data, video and voice applications • The latest wireless mesh technology, showing how robust, seamless communications networks can be established in minutes using Excelerate’s innovative solutions • The company’s Enhanced Resilient Satellite Network – a fully managed service that delivers incomparable resilience to other satellite services • The Sherpa lamppost climbing camera unit • The new Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service incident command vehicle • Excelerate’s fantastic team members!

Visit Excelerate Technology on Stand G28.

Control room technology solutions tailored to your budget Electrosonic and NEC have partnered together at The Emergency Services Show 2013 to offer you their latest control room solutions. If you are looking to build a new control room, upgrade your existing facilities or increase the efficiency of your current audio-visual (AV) technology, visit the companies’ dedicated control rooms team on Stand L15. Work in partnership Working in an environment that requires 24/7 monitoring, Electrosonic has the expertise to assist you with your control room requirements, no matter how big or small. Whether you need a graphic visualisation mocked up to propose how a new system will fit into a proposed space; a new video wall and image processing system installed or simply require a new projector lamp, Electrosonic’s team will work in partnership with you to provide complete and innovative solutions within your budget. During the show the company is offering visitors the opportunity to book a free technical control rooms design session. Electrosonic will visit you at

Body worn video cameras

Pinnacle Response has pioneered body worn video (BWV) technology in the UK since 2007, establishing itself as the company of choice for BWV devices for over 50 police and local government authorities. The PRO 2 UK body worn video camera system provided by the company offers an unrivalled compact, practical solution for UK police and emergency services personnel. Visit Stand M35 to see demonstrations of Pinnacle Response’s market leading body camera.

Visit Pinnacle Response Ltd on Stand M35.

Try out Primetech’s technology Primetech has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the emergency services sector through its provision of some of the most advanced technology on the market. The Emergency Services Show is the ideal platform to showcase the company’s innovative products and equipment to key markets where mobility and rapid deployment capabilities are operational requirements.

Market experience Electrosonic has a wealth of experience working within the emergency services sector; projects include the purpose-built control centre for Derbyshire Police and a range of other control room solutions for Leicestershire, South Wales, Met Police, Sussex Police and the Greater Manchester Police. Electrosonic works across many markets, including utilities, security, military and oil and gas. The company’s most recent projects include the design and integration of a new control room at the Hindhead Tunnels and the upgrade of Bristol Water’s control room using NEC technology.

Ka-band satellite There will be updates on the mobile Ka satellite revolution, brought to the UK by Primetech last year. This outstanding technology has the ability to deliver upwards of 8Mbps upload and 20Mbps download from mobile systems that are cost comparable with today’s Ku-band antennas, but with a fraction of existing bandwidth charges. With the advent of Ka-band satellite connectivity, the potential for communication, collaboration and interoperability has increased considerably beyond its current incarnation. Primetech personnel have now been trained in installing Coldcut®COBRA so the company is now one of just a couple of UK companies that are able to provide and install this innovative fire fighting tool. The system combines safety and efficiency with minimal environmental impact and is a natural extension to Primetech’s rapid response offering. Primetech now offers a mobile covert lighting installation service. A weather proof, vibration proof, ultra-slim, low profile and flush mounting design results in lighting units perfect for covert applications. Even the most innocent looking vehicle can be transformed into a high impact saloon at the flick of a switch.

Visit Electrosonic on Stand L15.

Visit Primetech UK Ltd on Stand G65 & OS409.

your facility, discuss your requirements and propose solutions. Its design team offers an array of services, including ergonomic design, display technology, AV design, environmental design and console layout. Upon confirmation of your session you will automatically be entered into a draw to win an iPad mini.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


North Fire product range has strength in depth North Fire plc is the UK fastest growing UK fire and rescue service supplier with arguably the best product range in the UK, boasting Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment, Metz aerial appliances and Argus thermal imaging products. North Fire, with a product portfolio that appeals to all sectors of the emergency services, continually opts for quality over initial price with almost unrivalled whole life costs. Metz, part of the Rosenbauer Group, launched the new L32A XS turntable ladder in July 2013, in Karlsruhe, Germany, significantly raising the bar in terms of functionality and overall aerial performance in the aerial appliance field. As more and more UK brigades opt for articulated turntable ladder technology, Metz has quickly become a market leader in the UK for the supply of turntable ladders and the new XS proves just why. Delegates from around the UK visited Germany in July for the official launch and many more are booked in to operate the revolutionary new unit at this year’s Emergency Services Show, which takes place at the NEC from 25-26 September.

The most refined, functional and highest quality appliance in the field of ALPs, boasting the biggest outreach, smoothest and quietest operation in conjunction with its irresistible aesthetics, says North Fire, the Metz B32 is a UK market leader waiting to happen as it continues to dominate every single official UK brigade trial over and above anything that aerial operators have seen before. Thermal imaging In 2012 North Fire launched the new Argus Mi-TIC to the UK fire and rescue services. Argus, the only British manufacturer in the thermal imaging field, has been a market leader on UK soil

Metz XS Launch Alongside the Metz XS TL, Metz will always show its ‘big brothers’ in the B32 and B42 Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) range.

The Argus Mi-TIC – the UK fire and rescue services’ favourite thermal imaging camera.

for decades and now, with an increased sales and service presence through North Fire, the Argus Mi-TIC has continued this heritage in the UK market with a product designed and manufactured in the UK, for the UK’s fire and rescue services.

Raising the bar: The new Metz XS, exclusively launched for the UK fire and rescue services at this year’s Emergency Services Show.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTCOMPANY PROFILE | 49 Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment Rosenbauer International is officially the biggest fire service specific company on the planet. Over the past five years, through North Fire, the company has become the UK market leader in the PPE field with the excellent HEROS-xtreme helmet. As fire and rescue services continue to opt for the HEROS-xtreme, North Fire is now also proud to supply the UK ambulance services and HART teams with the ambulance versions of the Rosenbauer HEROS helmet range. Rosenbauer will use The Emergency Services Show 2013 to launch the new ‘Austria’ pull on fire boot to add to the range, which also includes the classy Rosenbauer ‘Twister-New’, which, says North Fire, is universally judged to be the most comfortable fire boot on the market.

The Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme helmet, Twister boots and Nautilus submersible pump in action.

The Argus Mi-TIC encompasses the latest thermal imaging technology and features an ergonomic design, simplicity of operation, impeccable robustness and a weight of just 740g. The North Fire-Argus success story has continued into the police market too, with a 300 percent increase of police specific products supplied in 2013 alone, namely with the excellent Argus TT (thermal torch),

which has proved to be a favourite ‘tool in the box’ for over 90 percent of police officers who have used it.

“North Fire plc looks forward to welcoming all fire and rescue, police and ambulance personnel to The Emergency Services Show 2013.” What’s more, the first official Argus Service Centre, based at North Fire’s Yorkshire-based headquarters, means emergency services can now enjoy quicker service and repair than has been seen before in Argus’ 30-year history.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Covert: The superb Argus P-Type.

In conjunction with the world class PPE range, Rosenbauer will also show the excellent Nautilus submersible pump, which has been adopted by fire and rescue services throughout the UK, providing immediate flood response solutions. North Fire plc looks forward to welcoming all fire and rescue, police and ambulance personnel to The Emergency Services Show 2013. You can find North on Stand C78 inside, with the new Metz XS being demonstrated outside on Stand OS447.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Volvo debuts two new models Volvo will debut two models from its revised 2014 range at The Emergency Services Show in Birmingham. The all-wheel Volvo XC70 is well suited to rapid response roles, thanks to its spacious five-seat interior, generous cargo area and rugged reliability. In addition, the enhanced traction offered by fourwheel-drive, and a compact footprint means the XC70 is versatile enough to be deployed just as easily in congested urban environments as it is on rural routes.

Bespoke changes for emergency use include upgraded suspension, brakes, wheels and electrics, plus a heavy-duty battery and more powerful 235hp D5 diesel engine for optimum performance. Little wonder then that it’s proved so popular with rescue and recovery organisations.

Aerial assistance for Incident Commanders

Resource UAS provides clients with live imagery services through the use of a remotely piloted air system. The company is able to vastly reduce customers’ business and operating risks by increasing the awareness of Incident Commanders while reducing costs in achieving the task. The company’s services are available at regional and strategically deployed sites on an on-call, 365 day, 24/7 basis and at ‘short notice’. Whether your need is for a single day or extended period, Resource UAS’s standby teams will quickly respond to meet UK wide intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance requirements. Resource UAS platforms are all-weather capable and operate with dual fitted HD day and infrared cameras. As well as recording the imagery, the company can also display it inside the Incident

Commander’s mobile control vehicle and simultaneously upload it live onto a secure internet site, where it can be easily accessed by headquarters staff and on-scene personnel utilising PDAs or smartphones. All imagery and data is produced and delivered in a format of your choice. Security cleared To ensure that privacy and sensitivity is maintained, all of Resource UAS’s operators are security cleared. Furthermore, at the end of the incident, the recorded imagery is delivered to the respective Incident Commander and no copies are kept by the operating team.

Visit Resource UAS on Stand C62.

New option for saving lives on water Also displayed on the stand will be the Volvo V60, new to the Volvo emergency services offering – a similarly practical estate vehicle with all the traditional safety, reliability and quality virtues to be expected of the famous Swedish marque. Comprehensively revised for 2014, the compact V60 remains a compact and cost-effective option that’s factory-built to cope with the demands of life with the emergency services. Emergency service-spec cars benefit from upgraded suspension, wheels and brakes while interiors can be adapted with the relevant technologies and equipment appropriate to their role.

MDS Marine Limited, based in Hamble on the south coast of England, is the UK distributor for the RESCUERUNNER. The RESCUERUNNER’s purpose is simple yet vital – to save lives by getting people out of the water in the shortest possible time, whether they are conscious or not. Custom designed to endure the roughest conditions, the product’s construction is based on over 100 years of search and rescue experience within the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS); it was awarded the Swedish Design Award (2006) for its innovative design. It was developed based on beach, surf and river rescue techniques used with personal water craft – with the addition of a fitted rescue sled. Its rugged yet light construction allows it to go where other boats cannot and it is easy to handle. It is transportable and so can be safely and easily delivered to an accident scene, regardless of location.

The RESCUERUNNER can also be used in white water zones, in shallow water, and among rocks, reefs, and cliffs; it can go where larger rescue boats would be endangered. Many uses The device is also suited for: boarding small and large boats for assistance or transfer of persons, no matter the water conditions; launching from helicopters for efficient gathering of persons in water to life rafts; launching and recovering from beaches, rivers and in lakes; beaching for quick hand over of injured to land-based medical responders; reaching distressed boats or people quickly in wake sensitive or congested areas; and shipping by air for search, rescue and relief work in flood and other disaster areas.

Visit MDS Marine on Stand K43.

Cool transit boxes and accessories Volvo has 50 years’ experience of building bespoke base vehicles for police, fire and rescue, ambulance, MOD and other emergency services and covert users. All factory-installed equipment is crash-tested and designed to stay firmly in place in the event of a collision, in line with Volvo’s reputation for designing safety as standard into its vehicles. Vehicles are available with three-year, 150,000-mile warranties (subject to change and current model availability), plus three years’ Blue Light Roadside Assistance and free access to a dedicated Volvo UK technical helpdesk.

Visit Volvo Car UK on Stand H60.

Lintran has been designing and manufacturing dog transit boxes and accessories for over 25 years and has many happy customers, including MoD, police, local authorities and the RSPCA. The boxes, which are totally washable and easy to clean, are also light, well ventilated and safe for dogs. Depending on your need, Lintran can supply storage options either above (by a tray) or underneath (with storage drawers), which can, like the boxes, be lockable. Keeping the dogs cool is important and Lintran also supplies and fits electric fans and a K9 alarm system. Boxes are well designed with good visibility and ventilation.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Visit Lintran on Stand C21.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


AutoSocks gaining traction in the marketplace John Jordan Limited is exhibiting a range of tyre traction products to help keep vehicles moving on snow and ice, or on tough cross-country terrain.

AutoSock are reusable textile ‘socks’, sold in pairs, which are pulled over the driving wheels of vehicles, which need extra grip. They use specially developed fabrics to maximise the dry friction grip, and they always work, even in wet snow. They’re quick and easy to fit and remove, before or after a vehicle gets stuck – no special training is required. Spikes-Spider chains Spikes-Spiders snow chains are quick and easy to fit and to remove, and are reliable. This matters when you need to fit and remove chains more than once on a journey, as you move from compacted snow to tarmac. The chains simply clip on to a prefitted hub plate – ‘click, click’, one on each wheel, and off you go. They have no chain to get tangled and are easy to fit. No surprise that they’re used by emergency services in Germany and Switzerland, including ambulance, police and military. In addition, John Jordan also supplies Maggi truck and bus chains, ideal for fire appliances on compacted snow, which really are as quick and easy to fit and remove as car chains.

Visit John Jordan Limited on Stand H32.

Eye in the sky provides improved situational awareness Situational awareness is crucial to any decision making process. When trying to understand complex situations, gaining an aerial perspective can make all the difference. Unlike manned aviation, the imagery from an unmanned air system can be viewed and easily controlled by the commander at the scene. It can also, if required, be broadcast in real time to Silver and Gold commands by secure data-link, thus enabling the entire command team to develop and understand a common operational picture; this increased situational awareness will enable faster decisionmaking and could ultimately save lives. Oculus Systems understands that the requirements of each blue light service are different from region to region, with unique geographic, environmental and organisational factors that affect the way in which you operate. The company also understands that it can be a daunting prospect to wade through the myriad of unmanned system platforms and information, particularly if this is a

new area for you. Oculus Systems has the experience and knowledge to make this process as painless as possible. Its aim is to help you understand how this equipment can enhance your capability and work with you to provide a road map outlining the best method of achieving your objectives.

Visit Oculus Systems Ltd on Stand G55.

Major product launch from power management specialists Intellitec will be making a major new product launch announcement at The Emergency Services Show 2013. On display for the first will be its new Intellitec Programmable Logic Control (IPLC Jnr), a task and power management system that offers the vehicle converter and fleet operator the flexibility of a high specification programmable control system at an entry level budget cost. Based on the footprint of Intellitec’s IPLC system, the IPLC-Jnr will also be available with the company’s new Switch Panel, which has the option of being fixed dash/panel-mounted or can be supplied pod-mounted with a flying lead for handheld operation. As with all Intellitec systems, the IPLC-Jnr can be supplied as a fully programmed, ready to install finished solution or as a base system, allowing programming by the customer. All software is

available free of charge and Intellitec offers training courses to suit all skill levels, from basic system diagnostic training for workshop/production personnel, to full system programming training for vehicle design and build engineers. IPLC-Jnr’s capabilities can also be expanded via the Intellitec range of i-Flex I/O expansion modules, which also includes the i-Talk message module offering up to 64 customer specific voice messages. As with the current IPLC system, the IPLC-Jnr is fully CAN compatible with all types of vehicles and meets all European vehicle standards and certification. The Intellitec team of technical engineers is always on hand and able to provide rapid prototyping for all DC and AC vehicle systems.

Visit Intellitec MV Ltd on Stand C23.

Tailored cycle fleet packages available from Halfords Halfords has been working with emergency services since 2003 and now supplies bikes, accessories and maintenance packages to over 60 percent of the UK’s police forces and over 30 percent of the UK’s fire and rescue services. More recently Halfords has also been supplying bikes for the ambulance service. Halfords holds two large police framework contracts for the supply of bicycles and equipment, with fantastic prices available for other sectors of the emergency services. The company understands the importance of a bike fleet for today’s emergency services and is committed to providing tailored cycle fleet packages to suit all needs. Halfords also helps support the requirement of replacement vehicle bulbs and wiper blades for a number of police services in addition to regularly

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

supplying vehicle consumables, sat nav and tools into the emergency services market. Why choose Halfords? Halfords provides a one stop solution to support cycle fleets with award winning, high quality bikes,

built and safety checked in-store for free, plus a wide range of cycle accessories and clothing. Furthermore, there is a choice of competitively priced maintenance packages tailored to suit each individual organisation. Maintenance packages offer up to 65 percent off standard servicing and repair prices supported by over 3000 qualified cycle technicians across its 460+ nationwide store network. Stores are open seven days a week and until 8pm weekdays providing you with an excellent service and convenience. To support this, Halfords has a dedicated and experienced account manager who specialises in ensuring professional support is available throughout, for all your vehicle and cycle fleet needs.

Visit Halfords Business Services on Stand D7.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Next generation fleet telematics With over 20 years’ experience TRACKER provides the knowledge and confidence you would expect from an industry leading telematics provider. TRACKER Fleet provides real-time fleet tracking, enabling users to keep control of their assets and make informed business decisions. This awardwinning telematics solution enables fleet managers to meet the financial, legislative and duty of care challenges facing them by offering the most comprehensive telematics system available on the market.

‘One stop shop’ vehicle installations APB Mobile Installations Ltd is a small company that specialises in blue light installations. It has been working with vehicles and equipment installations for the last 20 years, during which time it has grown from one engineer working out of a converted garage at home to having a large network of engineers working from two industrial units, based near Peterborough. APB works closely with emergency services, often working on their sites to provide a quality installation, reducing the down time of vehicles. On complicated installations, however, the company advises that vehicles come into its workshops. APB can now offer complete installations as a ‘one stop shop’, including graphics, blue/amber light installations, Airwave radio installations,

tracker, navigation, CCTV, external lighting, bespoke racking and split charge.

Visit APB Mobile Installations Ltd on Stand M51.

Setting new standards for emergency response on two wheels

The system provides important cost-saving benefits by identifying fuel inefficiencies, as well as providing valuable insights into driver and business behaviour, enabling fleet managers to: minimise fuel costs; identify excessive engine idle situations; reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint; increase fleet utilisation, reduce costs and increase efficiency; and improve service delivery and public perception. TRACKER’s back office systems have been accredited to national police standards (PASF – Police Approved Secure Facility (NPIA)) so you can be sure that your data is in safe hands. Working alongside a number of police forces, the company is currently running several pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits TRACKER Fleet can bring to the emergency services sector.

Yamaha will be displaying a wide range of vehicles that can transport you to the scene safely and swiftly, including the new FJR1300 pro specification motorcycle. This motorbike sets the standard for emergency responders on two wheels, with improved electronics, handling and storage on the 2013 model. The Dorset Police VX Patrol ProWC makes a welcome return to the stand, kitted out with Bluetooth comms, GPS navigation and LED strobe, this craft is the cutting edge of marine response, offering unparalleled levels of inshore security. Marine units will also appreciate the wide range of lightweight two-stroke outboards from Yamaha, which power flood rescue operations throughout the UK. Two rescue ready engines will be on the stand for flood rescue teams to have a look at. Four-wheeled response vehicles will also be on display for fire and ambulance applications. Yamaha has been engineering professional quality

vehicles and motorised products since 1955 – the company’s reputation for quality is enviable. Whether you respond on a motorway or mountain, through waves or woodland, Yamaha has a solution that helps you get to the scene quickly and safely with the equipment you need.

Visit Yamaha Motor (UK) LTD on Stand B30.

Telematics questions? RSG has the answers Fleet Motus Nexu is a new cost-effective telematics solution from RSG that will save users money on fuel and substantially reduce administration time while improving customer service and increasing productivity.

you gain access to one of the most affordable, competitive and comprehensive telematics solutions on the market. • Save on fuel consumption: make fuel savings from managing reductions in speeding and idling; save on fuel costs from eliminating unauthorised vehicle use • Save on administration costs: reduce admin time from checking timesheets and capturing business/private mileage

TRACKER’s experience and expertise doesn’t just lie with telematics – the company has been leading the way in stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) since 1993 and is the only vehicle tracking provider to work with all police forces in the UK. Its success statistics speak for itself – to date TRACKER has recovered more than 22,000 stolen vehicles, worth a staggering £474m. It has also led the police to arrest over 2317 vehicle thieves.

Visit Tracker Network (UK) Ltd on Stand C25.

This easy to install telematics device simply plugs into the OBDII port. GPS tracking allows users to monitor their fleet from a laptop or smartphone wherever they are and whenever it is needed, all in real-time. Automated alerts and reports about your vehicles and driver behaviour will help to manage your fleet. Bad driving practice and time management issues are highlighted so that you can increase efficiency and reduce risk. With FleetMotus Nexu

Emergency Services Times August 2013

• Reduce risk: telematics technology has the potential to reduce the number of accidents by up to 30 percent; and save money – road traffic accidents can cost significant amounts of money; and meet your duty of care responsibilities • Increase productivity: get maximum value from each vehicle; gain fleet control; reduce unauthorised stops, usage and deviation; increases the number of jobs per day; and increase vehicle utilisation.

Visit RSG Engineering Ltd on Stand C58.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Experience Land Rover up close Whether you simply want to see what a real 4x4 off-road vehicle can do, or you’re looking to develop your skills all the way through to advanced level, Land Rover Experience North Yorkshire can help. Specialising in professional training, it offers Land Rover accredited training certificates through to Lantra certification in 4x4 driving, adverse weather driving, winching, ATV driving as well as trailer towing; both to Lantra Certification and preparation for B+E test.

Ladders and gantries are the main draw Andersons Fire and Rescue Products is a leading manufacturer of ladders and beam gantries in the UK. Through the knowledge of its engineers and the understanding of the importance of attention to detail, the company has achieved the finest built ladders and stowage equipment in the UK market. The design team, led by Graham Anderson, has come up with two new products for this year’s Emergency Services Show. Launched this year is Andersons’ Premier beam gantry, which is assisted by gas struts to give smooth gliding and tilting to allow easy access to roofs of the smaller, lighter modern fire fighting vehicles. The range of beams can be attached to roof bars or secured directly to the roof. The company’s second new product this year is The Anderson Modular drawer, an innovative and unique drawer system. Using just aperture dimensions, Andersons does everything else, saving hours on labour costs making up fabricated drawers.

Andersons can supply the drawers pre-drilled and flat-packed for your assembly or it can supply the drawer made up and pre-drilled for your own slides or it can supply its slides bolted and ready to fit. Constructed from high-strength anodised aluminium and high-density plastic moulded corners, this product not only looks great it also finishes off a vehicle with a stylish look.

Visit Andersons Fire and Rescue Products Ltd on Stand F59.

A one-stop-shop approach to vehicle hire The company’s certificated courses meet the nationally recognised standards of PUWER – The provision of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Land Rover Experience’s purpose-built centre is the location for its practical hands-on courses, which are run by a team of experienced instructors. Based at the beautiful 1400-acre Coniston Estate, it features a mix of man-made obstacles and natural terrain meaning visitors will leave having experienced best practice in off-road driving first hand. The company’s vehicle fleet includes all Land Rover and Range Rover models, all of which are less than 12 months old and of top Land Rover specification. Whether for serious learning or serious fun, this will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Visit Land Rover Experience North Yorkshire on Stand B34.

Supacat moves into the marketplace Supacat is an innovative engineering and design house that has a pedigree of producing and supporting high-mobility, all-terrain vehicles and complex engineering solutions for use in harsh environments. Proud of its agility and speed, the company is able to provide and fully support high performance solutions in exceedingly short timescales. With over 1000 defence vehicles in service worldwide, Supacat is now diversifying its specialist vehicle engineering skills into other demanding sectors, including emergency services, marine, oil and gas and offshore renewable energy.

SHB Hire Ltd is a family owned and operated company with over 45 years’ experience of hiring and managing specialist vehicles. The company has one of the UK’s largest and most diverse hire fleets with over 10,000 vehicles and plant and recently acquired Golf Buggy Hire, adding to its event support capability. SHB has Europe’s largest 4x4 hire fleet and is able to provide equipment on short, flexi, long-term and contract hire, from cars, standard and specialist LCVs and HGVs and specialist units, such as mobility, refrigeration and those for highways maintenance and incident support. The company is an established supplier to the emergency services and provides products and services to the majority of the police, ambulance and fire and rescue services throughout the UK. It currently operates from 14 key locations covering the UK and as its client base grows so it continues to expand its geographical footprint.

Keeping you mobile SHB Hire understands the importance of keeping your fleet mobile and to support this end the company operates a dedicated team of over 55 mobile engineers who are fully equipped to carry out on-site repairs and maintenance. In March 1992, SHB was the first vehicle hire company in the country to be awarded the BS5750 Certificate (now replaced by ISO 9001:2008), which it has maintained to this day. In 2012 the company achieved ISO18001 (Health & Safety) and ISO14001 (Environmental) in January 2013 and is one of the only vehicle hire companies in the country to hold all three simultaneously. SHB can provide a true one-stop-shop approach to vehicle hire, management and supplies tailored, flexible solutions 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Visit SHB Hire Ltd on Stand OS85.

Draw systems to fit all requirements offers drawer-fixing systems that fit all of the requirements of the modern day fire and rescue vehicle, while still being interchangeable

with your existing systems for older appliances. The products are manufactured at the company’s UK factory using the latest plastic technology to give you superb performance and reliability. The company will also be exhibiting its aluminium heavy-duty telescopic slide, which is fast becoming the industry standard in new appliance builds. Visit the stand to see all of the benefits this offers over conventional steel slides. is always looking to find new products from both inside and outside the fire market on innovative plastic and steel products, please visit Stand B29 if you have any forthcoming projects with which the company may be of assistance.

Visit Supacat Limited on Stand F63.

Visit Slide and Tilt. Com Ltd on Stand B29.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Nano scene light takes centre stage Woodway, a leading supplier of audible and visual warning systems to the emergency services, will be demonstrating the new Whelen Pioneer Nano scene light at this year’s Emergency Services Show. This tiny cost-effective lighthead with a rugged look is ideal for the most demanding applications where optimum lightspread is required. At a mere 3.5in (89mm) wide the Pioneer Nano is small enough for grill and bumper mounting or just about anywhere on your vehicle. Performance is as expected from the Whelen Pioneer series of lightheads and it comes with a choice of optics.

Audible and visual warning systems

Haztec manufactures lightbars and other audible and visual warning systems for vehicles. The Haztec product range includes lightbars, arrowbars, electronic message boards for vehicles, sirens, scene and work lights, beacons and directional warning lights. UK-based manufacturing combined with extensive component stocks enables rapid delivery to be consistently achieved without compromising on ability to produce customised or even bespoke products. Haztec offers a full range of light technologies from halogen to LED, with many products having been independently tested and certified to EC65. At The Emergency Services Show, Haztec will be showing the newly developed XE lightbar LED

module range. These new modules are EC65 approved and offer a very powerful attention grabbing flash; they are also more competitively priced than current LED modules. Also on display will be a new high output, slim, LED scene light with an asymmetric beam, ideal for mounting on the backs and sides of vehicles. Numerous updated and enhanced products, such as the 4-10418-S wide-angle directional warning light, which is now available with a built-in dual level flash controller, will also be available to view on the Haztec stand.

Visit Haztec International Ltd on Stand L3.

Bott builds on success The Whelen Pioneer Nano scene light.

Additionally, Woodway will be demonstrating its new website and taking feedback, which will be amalgamated into future developments. The new website will include a variety of new features, such as high resolution images, downloadable installation guides, news feed, social media links, over 200 different products and an easy to use navigation system.

Woodway will be demonstrating its new website at the show.

The Legacy lightbar.

Woodway will also be demonstrating a huge range of products, including: the Legacy (said to be the brightest lightbar ever released); the V23 3in1 lighthead; and the tiny Vertex range, which is ideal for covert applications. In total over 50 different products will be on show, giving visitors to the stand the chance to find a solution regardless of how niche their requirements might be.

Visit Woodway Engineering Ltd on Stand H57

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Bott Ltd, based in Ashby de la Zouch, is a vehicle converter and builder, currently building on an established presence within the emergency services market. On show at this year’s exhibition will be two specialist fire and rescue service vehicles. On Bott’s internal stand (F6) it will have a Rapid Response Rescue Unit, one of two vehicles built for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service earlier this year. The company’s external space will see an Incident Command Unit on display, a vehicle built and project managed by Bott Ltd, with IT and communications suite provided by Excelerate Technology Ltd; this vehicle was commissioned by Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. For over 35 years Bott has delivered quality service and value for money in vehicle builds and conversions. By continually striving to be the best at what it does, customers can be assured that their needs are being answered. From consultation to design, manufacture to installation, logistics to

recycling – Bott truly handles it all. As a single source supplier, it ensures all its products and installations exceed rigorous safety requirements governed by legislation. The company always manufactures and installs in full accordance with the evolving regulatory environment, freeing customers to concentrate on their own operations knowing that their vehicle conversions are fully compliant. Andy Harris, Specialist Vehicle Sales Manager, said, “Our process-managed approach gives peace of mind to the entire stakeholder chain. We encourage a collaborative approach, and once the structure of the procurement process is complete, we welcome the chance to engage in detail with the end users. This is all the more important with a higher-specification build, as there could well be input required from numerous stakeholders. We expect to liaise with fleet, procurement, operations and IT to ensure all enduser expectations are met.”

Visit Bott Ltd on Stand F6,OS61.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Improve your battery management Ludo McGurk SVE will be demonstrating its range of British designed and built emergency vehicle products at the show. Auto Eject, with over 17,000 units supplied by Ludo McGurk SVE, is the benchmark in shoreline auto disconnecting, including the new CEN compliant Super 16 Auto Eject, now available with built-in power-on LED. The LudoCharger range of 10 battery chargers, specifically designed for emergency vehicles to ensure high performance and extended battery life, features data logging as standard to ensure correct battery management.

Automatic snow and ice chain system RUD Chains Ltd, a leading supplier of chain systems and components, is ISO9001 quality system certified and has been manufacturing snow chains and applications for nearly 100 years. The company’s winter product portfolio is impressive, including a wide range of snow chains, automatic chains to their revolutionary boot chains, which all offer a high level of safety for maximum traction on snow covered and icy roads. RUD’s wide range of snow chains offers solutions for a variety of emergency and commercial vehicles. ROTOGRIP®, one of RUD’s innovative designs, is an automatic snow chain system, which has been specially designed for emergency and commercial vehicles that must be able to travel during hazardous winter weather. The versatile automatic snow and ice chain is deployed with just a flip-of-a-switch from the

driver’s seat, while the vehicle is in motion. ROTOGRIP® enables emergency vehicles to reach their destination regardless of bad weather, a necessity in such a volatile industry, providing convenience and safety at the flip of a switch.

Visit RUD Chains Ltd on Stand J44.

FireBug response vehicle on display

Auto-Safe provides absolute mains electrical safety by performing a no-load drop out, so no person ever handles a live mains cable. CANpower digital controllers offer new levels of battery management. Versatile and simple to install, the range covers intelligent split charging, including versions for ECU controlled alternators, load shedding, run lock, time delay relay and under voltage detector, all available in 12V and 24V models. Finally, AIRpower air brake leakage compensator compressors, for vehicles with airbrake systems, eg fire appliances, ensure instant brake release. Family business Ludo McGurk SVE is a family-owned UK business specialising in the design and manufacture of battery management products and battery chargers in the UK. The range is complemented by products from US-based Kussmaul Electronics, including the famous Auto Eject range. Since formation in 1988, Ludo McGurk SVE has grown to the forefront of shoreline charging and battery management products in the UK, becoming the sole distributor for Kussmaul Electronics in the UK, Eire and beyond, forging a strong and long lasting relationship that continues today. Highly respected throughout the industry for the availability and quality of all its products, Ludo McGurk SVE has been able to grow organically and continues to invest in research and development of all-British products.

Visit Ludo McGurk SVE on Stand J48.

FireBug Company Ltd provides the fire industry with bespoke, high quality, efficient, cutting-edge products, including the RescueMax rapid response vehicle and the BacPac, portable fire suppression kit.

Unique technologies Pushing the boundaries of accepted practices and traditional products, FireBug is committed to the research and development of unique technologies for the fire fighting industry. Through a dedicated development programme the company specialises in harnessing the power and simplicity of water in the extinguishing of all fires. Working in partnership with a number of UK fire and rescue services and leading fire suppression experts, all products are tried and tested. Along with new and unique fire systems, FireBug also supports its customers with a comprehensive range of traditional products and technologies.

Visit FireBug Company Ltd on Stand P58.

Inflatable solutions keep Zodiac on track Years of expertise in the manufacture of inflatable boats and safety equipment places Zodiac MILPRO at the forefront of the emergency services market with its latest product, the Rescue Track. Visitors to the MILPRO stand at The Emergency Services Show will be able to see the company’s rapidly inflated walkway, which has been developed to enable rescuers to safely traverse soft mud, marshland and frozen water to reach victims in distress. The Rescue Track is 1.3m wide and available in five or 10m lengths that can be joined as often as necessary to create safe access to a victim who may, for example, have fallen though ice in the centre of a lake. Being manufactured by Zodiac MILPRO, the Rescue Track is specially designed for integration with the company’s range of inflatable boats, such as the ERB 400. This model is now used by many UK fire and rescue services plus many more overseas. It is now available with the Rescue Track as a complete emergency rescue package, with both units being inflated in seconds from standard compressed air cylinders. When used together the boats and tracks can support a speedy response in the most difficult conditions.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

The Rescue Track is manufactured using the famously rugged combination of hypalon/CSM and polyester fabric. The durability of Zodiac MILPRO products combined with the service support from its UK facility can be expected to provide the Rescue Track with a long working life that translates into exceptional value for money when set against tightly constrained budgets. Zodiac MILPRO is widely respected for supplying semi-rigid and inflatable boats, supplying craft from 3m to 12m long for professional and military users throughout the world.

Visit Zodiac MILPRO UK Limited on Stand H34.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

| 57

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013


A beacon of British manufacturing 2013 is the year that more and more companies are proud to be Building for Britain. Premier Hazard, the UK’s leading provider of vehicle hazard warning and camera equipment for emergency service, commercial and industrial use, has been servicing customers worldwide for over 30 years. Unlike a number of other companies who carry out some occasional product modification, Premier Hazard provides a complete and seamless service from design concept and engineering to sourcing, testing to certification, assembly marketing and distribution to customer satisfaction.

Turnkey ambulance conversions WAS is the only company in the UK dedicated to ambulance conversions. It offers full turnkey solutions of A&E and PTS vehicles in both box and van designs, all of which are fully CEN, ECWVTA compliant. From the company’s 30,000sqm manufacturing facilities it employs over 600 staff and produces in excess of over 1000 vehicles per year, producing a turnover of over £75m – making WAS Europe’s largest ambulance convertor. WAS has supplied in excess of 1000 box body ambulances into UK NHS trusts, including over 500 ‘National Specification’ designs. The company’s dedicated sales facility in Burton on Trent looks after all pre and post sales functions and includes over 5000sqft of offices, vehicle showroom, a parts department and training facility. The company’s UK Project Team has in excess of 70 years’ combined expertise in the specialist vehicle conversion market. Every aspect of WAS’s

business is managed in accordance with ISO 9001 and managed via its Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) system. This system ensures that the company supplies a product that is fully compliant, fit for purpose and is delivered on time and on budget.

Visit WAS UK on Stand OS21.

Bespoke body conversions Controlling the manufacturing process from concept to supply enables the company to provide an unrivalled level of support to its customer base, including its export trade, which is also vital to Britain’s ongoing economic recovery and job creation. Premier Hazard manufactures and assembles the majority of its expansive range in the UK, and, wherever possible, sources materials used in the construction of its products from UK companies. From its UK supply base, and as a company within the £130m PSE group, Premier Hazard sources quality components that result in market leading products. This is evident in the STC controller, a vehicle control system. Hand crafted to the highest standards, the STC unit is trusted by a huge number of emergency services, police and commercial customers worldwide.

Pickup Systems is a leading manufacturer of bespoke body conversions, offering a complete endto-end design, manufacture and installation service. Working alongside its clients throughout the entire process, Pickup identifies their requirements and provides specific solutions utilising its 3D CAD design and experienced fit-out teams to ensure absolute quality and accuracy. Covering the UK from its base in the north west, Pickup’s clients include UK fire and rescue services, utility companies and energy contractors. The company provides solutions from a simple one-off truck-top right through to delivery of multiple fully equipped fire and rescue service vehicles, a number of which are currently in use in the UK. Offering lease terms as well as outright purchase means Pickup can offer flexible terms to suit your budgetary requirements. The company also provides an export capability to its overseas partners. In addition to complete vehicle design and

delivery, Pickup offers a polypropylene design and manufacture facility of outstanding quality and integrity, for supply to other commercial bodybuilders in the UK.

Visit Pickup Systems on Stand D74.

Bespoke ambulance design and build Leading the field in vehicle lighting and visibility, Premier Hazard supplies the acclaimed Defender lightbar. The Defender ‘fast response’ vehicle lightbar, in keeping with its premium price, offers the brightest road clearance lighting for officer safety. In addition to the manufacture and supply of high-quality components, Premier Hazard also offers a complete vehicle conversion service for a full range of both blue and amber light vehicles. By choosing the Premier Hazard conversion service, customers are choosing to support British businesses across the UK.

Visit Premier Hazard Ltd on Stand J26.

Eagle International is among Europe’s leading ambulance and specialist vehicle convertors. For over 15 years, the company has supplied its range of conversions to clients in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. Engineering-led conversions Eagle is an engineering-led organisation, which currently holds European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval on conversions on the following vehicles: Mercedes Sprinter/Vito/Viano; Fiat Ducato; Renault Master/Traffic; Peugeot Boxer; and Volkswagen Crafter. The company’s latest ambulance conversion, based on the Fiat Ducato, has been designed from the wheels up to meet the growing requirement for a multi-purpose ambulance vehicle, available from 3.5 to 4.25tonnes with full CEN 1789 compliance.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

The new EcoTrans PTS is packed with a host of fuel saving measures, offering significant cost savings over the life of the vehicle. Eagle also works with organisations to design, commission, build and equip rescue vehicles, including mountain rescue, HART, flood and fire incident units, 4x4/multi-stretcher vehicles, disaster trailers and beyond. All Eagle vehicles are bespoke, with the end users being involved from design conception stage through to delivery. To enable clients to fully appreciate the design and outstanding quality of Eagle conversions, the company offers the opportunity to trial its vehicles first-hand.

Visit Eagle International (Europe) Limited on Stand OS53.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

| 59

Register for free entry now The Emergency Services Show 2013 provides a unique opportunity to see, touch and discuss the latest technology, ideas and initiatives focused on improving public safety and assisting all of the emergency services. All emergency and blue light workers are invited to visit. Entry for either or both show days is free of charge for all visitors, as is parking.

Register now at w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013

60 |

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – PPE | 61

Goggles feature lens fogging prevention technology Bollé Safety, a world leader in the design and manufacture of protective eyewear, has recently launched two new double lens versions of its market leading safety goggles, Atom and Duo, each with Equalizer Technology. Equalizer Technology is a high performance system to protect against lens fogging. The second lens of the goggles is fitted with an Equalizer regulator valve, which filters and regulates moisture and prevents misting in the most extreme situations, making it ideal for all applications of the emergency services. Low profile The Atom and Duo are extremely versatile, low profile goggles that have been tested and approved

Firefighters, are you ready to enter a new dimension?

to meet the highest levels of impact protection, EN 166 1BT 3,4,5 KN. The goggles are both fitted with clear anti-scratch and anti-fog optical class 1 polycarbonate lenses. Adding to the versatility, the Atom is also available with an easy to attach visor and tear-off lens protectors, while the Duo is supplied with a neoprene strap, which provides high levels of resistance to oil and water. All Bollé Safety products provide the wearer with protection, style, comfort and an exceptional field of view due to their lightweight design, advanced material technology and the company’s world renowned optical class 1 lens quality.

Almost 30 years after the first introduction of the Gallet F1 helmet to the fire fighting world, MSA is about to introduce its new generation structural fire helmet. While the original F1 was the result of a close collaboration between a couple of safety-focused officers from Paris Fire Brigade and a visionary entrepreneur named Adrien Galet, the new Gallet F1 XF is truly the first structural fire helmet designed with firefighters for firefighters. Involving users at every stage of the development, from the initial specifications to the final product trials, was a key element in MSA’s development process to ensure the perfect fit of the product to customer needs.

Visit Bollé Safety on Stand G33.

Experience the comfort you’ve been waiting for

The Black Eagle sports trainer range from HAIX® combines running shoe technology and ingenious HAIX® functionality, resulting in shoes that are light, sporty and multi-functional. “Time and again, many of our customers asked for a sporty and comfortable, yet functional shoe equally suitable on the job and off,” says HAIX CEO Ewald Haimerl. The Black Eagle is his answer to it. During development of the Black Eagle range, HAIX shoe specialists focused specifically on blending functionality and comfort. Modellers gave their shoe models a sportive design and an aesthetic look for just about any occasion. Its integrated GoreTex membrane technology renders the Black Eagle equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The sporty all-rounder comes in two different function and design lines. The Athletic is characterised by a light, microfibre design. The Tactical series, on the other hand, is designed using Sun-Reflect technology, which minimises the

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

heating effect of leather in direct sunlight. Both lines are available in three different heights and with equipment options for any requirement that professionals want in a shoe – both on the job and off: double-hole frame system stabilising the foot, buffer protection in the heel area, energy return system for effective energy use, stone shield system, as well as an oil and petrol-resistant rubber sole. Interaction of the HAIX® climate system with the integrated GoreTex® membrane ensures watertightness and optimum breathability at the same time, while the speed lacing system makes it especially easy to put on the low shoe versions. In one short sentence, HAIX® Head Developer Andreas Himmelreich neatly summed up the comments from the first person tests carried out on the Black Eagle range. He said, “That’s the HAIX® shoe we’ve been waiting for.”

Next level head protection As hundreds of users from around the world told MSA what were the biggest gaps and areas of improvement required, the product engineers tackled one by one the key points raised to bring head protection to the next level. These points included: improved impact protection through increased coverage of the liners and use of modern materials and manufacturing technologies; enhanced eye and face protection, with superior field of vision, area of coverage and unique adjustability to offer best-in-class comfort for all faces; superior comfort with perfect balance and fit to the head, with intuitive and robust adjustments for all head sizes and user profiles; innovative integration of functionalities, such as proximity lighting, communication headsets, without compromise on comfort; modular design for quick and easy inspection and maintenance, reducing dramatically cost of ownership over product lifetime; and easier than ever customisation possibilities, with multiple colours, front plates, stickers and personalisation capabilities. The new Gallet F1 XF helmet, available in two sizes to fit all users, will undoubtedly set new standards, and will continue to make MSA a world leader in firefighter head protection.

Visit HAIX- Schuhe on Stand M38.

Visit MSA (Britain) Ltd on Stand D16.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

62 | ESTESS2013 – PPE

Innovative and affordable safety

The new Pyrad jacket.

Following the company’s successful debut at last year’s event, Arco, the UK’s leading safety specialist, will once again be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show. Located on Stand G11, Arco will be showcasing its innovative range of personal protective equipment, work and weatherwear suitable for the emergency services. Visitors to the stand will be able to view the new range of GORE-TEX® hazard and weatherwear products, which allow wearers to work in ultimate comfort while offering exceptional durable protection against extreme weather conditions. All of Arco’s products are tested and accredited to meet the highest of EN standards and the new GORETEX® Hazardwear garments not only meet EN standards, they exceed them. Recognising a demand for gloves that are not only excellent quality but that are also identifiable by the level of protection they offer, Arco has developed its new Cut Control System. The range of gloves is colour-coded to illustrate different levels of cut protection and also numbered for ease of use and efficiency. The company’s popular Neoprene glove range, which offers high levels of protection against a variety of chemical and cut hazards, will also be on display. At the show this year, Arco will be proudly showcasing its range of foot protection, including the Metguard Safety Boot and Bates ICS Boot. The Metguard Safety Boot is made with innovative Poron® XRD foam, which is a flexible, contouring and impact absorbing foam that is flexible under normal conditions but when placed under sudden high impact, instantly firms to create a protective shield. Featuring the Bates Individual Comfort System, which allows the wearer the freedom to choose the setting that provides the most comfort and support, the Bates ICS Boots have naturally proven popular with the emergency services. The Bates boots are also lightweight, water repellent and hard wearing, with a high lace fastening for ankle and lower leg support.

Visit Arco Ltd on Stand G11.

Safety solutions on show from Scott Scott Safety, a specialist in respiratory and personal protective equipment for fire, rescue, military and civil defence forces across the globe, will be displaying a range of its latest innovations. Both new and existing products will be on display, including the new adjustable ProPak range of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with the 379bar high-pressure cylinder, as well as the renowned First Responder Respirator (FRR), the popular Eagle Attack thermal imaging camera and the Firstbase 3 police bump cap variants. The company will preview the new ProPak SCBA range, which incorporates the proven technology found in Scott Safety’s trusted SCBA products. The new ProPak offers the wearer comfort and ease of movement with a rigid backplate for durability. Scott Safety also recently developed its 379bar breathing apparatus sets, with 25 percent higher pressures than the current 300bar SCBA, to offer significantly increased duration with minimal increases in size and weight. Also on show is Scott Safety’s FRR, which is currently used by the Ministry of Defence. Providing protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, it is compatible with conventional round filters with a Din 40 thread, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), SCBA and compressed air airline breathing systems. The Eagle Attack thermal imaging camera provides users with greater image quality and functionality not normally available in lightweight

The new 379bar cylinder.

imagers. Developed for on-the-job reliability, durability and ease-of-use, the Eagle Attack imager is one of the lightest and most portable imagers in the industry. The First Base 3 Police bump cap range is a modern alternative to the police custodian or traffic officer hats. Consisting of three different styles for search, fire arms and road policing, each design incorporates baseball style bump protection to provide protection against superficial head injuries.

Visit Scott Safety on Stand G27.

Respiratory protection with an outstanding reputation Interspiro has over 70 years’ experience as a ground-breaking innovator of respiratory protection for non-breathable environments. The company develops, manufactures and markets respiratory and auxiliary equipment for fire fighting, work in hazardous environments and professional diving. Respiratory protection from Interspiro has an outstanding reputation for reliability and performance. This is accomplished with innovative technical solutions and by applying the highest standards of quality to all parts of the value chain. Interspiro’s innovation pedigree includes many technology milestones now considered to be standard in the industry. Interspiro provides management of through-life support and cost, the company’s Total Care contracts take the burden of maintenance away from the user and provide a simple flat fee annual spend to meet the needs of today’s emergency services. The company is a supplier of respiratory protection to the Ministry of Defence, fire and rescue services, police, ambulance, HM Customs, aviation, rescue teams, industries, utilities, shipping and diving companies around the world.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Interspiro brand names include Spiromatic, Spirotroniq, QS-system, SpiroGuide, Spiroscape, Spirolite, Divator, Oxydive and IS-Mix. In addition to the breathing apparatus (SCBA/BA/SCUBA) product programmes – of its own design and manufacturing – the product portfolio is complemented with a selection of quality trading products. Interspiro is an Ocenco group company. The Ocenco group ranks among the world’s largest respiratory protection companies.

Visit Interspiro Ltd on Stand J8.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – PPE | 63

Kit developed by professionals, for professionals

MC Products UK Limited is the company behind the Protec Police Supplies brand. A specialist design and manufacturing company, it has been developing kit for over 30 years. The company’s portfolio includes some of the best tactical equipment vests available, not to mention an extensive range of hardwearing bags, holdalls and belt kit. In recent years, one piece of kit has made MC Products stand out from the crowd – the equipment vest. Having designed covert uniform holsters for the security and police services for over 25 years, the move into equipment vests was a natural progression. In a relatively short space of time, the company now boasts a selection of tactical carriage systems that is unrivalled by any other company. As a full design and manufacturing facility, MC Products offers tailor-made services for equipment carriage and transportation, such as bespoke bags

Saving your skin Armadillo Merino® is an award-winning specialist clothing company providing intelligent base layer clothing for the professional risk-taker. After winning ‘Product of the Year’ at the 2012 NatWest start-up awards, Armadillo has signed contracts with various elite forces in the USA and Europe eager to upgrade from synthetics to advanced merino wool. Over the past two years, selective breeding methods have produced a new class of strong, elastic, light merino wool fibres with features guaranteed to enhance and optimise the performance of frontline services.

or padded protective bags. As well as the obvious tactical range, MC Products’ Textile Portfolio includes items such as: cylinder bags, specialist food carriage bags, equestrian kit, helmet bags, stretcher covers, tool rolls, instrument cases (including defibrillator bags) and temperature controlled bags. Above all, the Protec range proves you can get cost effective kit that withstands the rigor of daily duty life. An ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, MC Products has been a trusted supplier to industries such as the NHS and medical services, security and policing, fire and search and rescue and supporting the likes of the rail industry and universities for many years. It can help you research, design, develop and manufacture the right kit at the right cost, from off the shelf availability to a full tailor-made service.

Visit MC Products UK Ltd on Stand A38.

Drier, lighter, more durable gear Safety Components will be displaying the next generation of PBI outer shell fabrics – PBI Max™. The PBI Max design offers firefighters the best combination of break open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell fabric in the world, and the most flexible and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire and rescue service has ever seen. PBI, the backbone of outer shell high heat, break open, and thermal protection, is now re-engineered to optimise the protective performance of your turnout gear with PBI Max. It is constructed from PBI Dominant spun yarns and 30 percent 400 denier DuPont Kevlar filament (three times more

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

DuPont Kevlar filament rip-stopping power than competitive PBI outer shells). This powerful combination increases PBI Max’s tear resistance to over four times greater tear strength than competitive PBI fabrics. PBI Max outer shell offers maximum durability against the hazards firefighters see day in and day out (radiant heat, laundering, ultraviolet light). Safety Components’ patented DuPont Teflon FPPE finish delivers a durable water repellent finish for drier, lighter, more durable gear.

Protection Armadillo Director Andy Caughey was inspired to create the brand after witnessing the horrific burn injuries of returning soldiers in the USA wearing synthetic, flammable under garments. After working with merino wool for over 20 years, Andy could not understand why melting fabrics were chosen for next-to-skin layers. Merino wool has natural flame retardant properties up to 600°C and does not melt, drip or stick to the skin. Armadillo Merino® enforces the theory that using nature’s technology is the best way to protect the skin – our most sensory organ. Performance Armadillo garments also possess other properties than can optimise the wearer’s performance, highlighting the brand’s suitability for emergency teams everywhere. All garments are crafted using 100 percent Zque certified merino straight from the southern alps of New Zealand. Each piece has inbuilt moisture and odour management, thermoregulation, UV protection and is naturally anti-bacterial. Various styles are developed to provide versatility for extreme temperatures at either end of the scale. Comfort With the daily performance demands of the user in mind, Armadillo attire incorporates contoured panels, seamless shoulders and tag-free necklines to ensure maximum comfort. Two of the most popular styles, the Cougar and the Panther (shown here), are now due to be released in Rescue Red for fire crew and search and rescue teams everywhere.

Visit Safety Components on Stand G1.

Visit Armadillo Merino® on Stand L12.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

64 | ESTESS2013 – PPE

Uniform by Royal appointment Intramark is a UK company specialising in the manufacture of uniform accoutrements and ceremonial regalia. It has been in business since 1998 and has the honour of holding the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. The company takes great pride in holding a Royal Warrant as it shows high-level recognition of the quality products it manufactures. Intramark manufactures a wide range of products, which include both machine and handembroidered epaulettes and rank sliders, badges, uniform insignia, such as miniature and full size medals, medal brooch and ribbon bars and finest metal badges. The company, a leading supplier to the UK’s armed forces, police, fire and rescue service, ambulance and security services, has in-house design and digitising facilities to help with new projects. Intramark also supplies a wide range of quality clothing that can be embroidered, heat pressed or sublimated. Whether you are a large or small organisation, Intramark uses the latest technology

Comfortable professional workwear Founded in 1854, Alexandra remains Britain’s largest and best-known workwear and corporate clothing company, servicing every area of the public and private marketplace.

and embroidery programmes to give you the recognition that you need. This could be anything from corporate clothing to high visibility workwear.

Visit Intramark Ltd on Stand G3.

Leading in uniform and service footwear

Since 1982, Magnum has striven to be the best in class, providing high-performance tactical and service products with credibility second to none. A leader in uniform and service footwear, Magnum has a tremendous amount of experience designing

products for uniformed professionals whose livelihoods and, in many cases lives, depend on its footwear. The company attacks the marketplace with unmatched comfort, technology and value in footwear used by police, military, fire and rescue, emergency medical and service agencies around the world. Magnum exceeds many global safety specifications, including European Footwear Standards BS EN ISO 20347 (Occupational) and BS EN ISO 20345 (Safety). Working alongside independent footwear assessors such as SATRA and INTERTEK, the company is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is an expert in all areas of product testing and Far East production ensuring its footwear maintains its position as innovative leader in the global marketplace.

Visit Magnum on Stand L6.

Pure air in hazardous environments Bluecher UK Ltd is a member of the Bluecher Group, which has a history spanning over 40 years. Research, development and innovation have made Bluecher the world market leader for CBRN protection. Over 12 million of Bluecher’s SARATOGA® brand protective suits and systems in-service in over 40 countries speak for themselves. For even the most demanding tasks, users, including OPCW inspectors, who are confronted with real CBRN hazards every single day, rely on Bluecher SARATOGA® technologies. Drawing upon its many years’ experience in the development and manufacture of protective equipment for the military sector and civil protection organisations, Bluecher is now expanding into industrial and other applications for its technology. In today’s high-technology world, ever-increasing requirements are being placed on highly efficient

filter technologies. SARATECH® spherical highperformance adsorbents work according to the principles of both chemi and physisorption and are produced in a unique process. Bluecher Group filtration system technology leads the way for COLPRO and purification applications. The SARATECH® filter technology from Bluecher provides pure air in working environments that are hazardous to health in even the most demanding manufacturing processes. Other applications of the SARATECH® adsorbents include the purification and dechlorination of drinking water, purification of active ingredients to the extraction of resources from process fluids through selective adsorption and desorption.

Now part of Mens Wearhouse Inc, the leading speciality menswear retailer in the US, the company also works in close partnership with sister companies Dimensions and Yaffy in the UK, and its offices in Holland and France, to bring customers the very best in professional workwear. Alexandra has been an official supplier to the NHS for over a decade, providing thousands of healthcare professionals with quality garments and accessories they can rely on to help make their day-to-day a little more comfortable. Its increasing focus on the needs of medical professionals has led Alexandra to introduce a range of products designed specifically with the needs of paramedics and ambulance crew in mind, featuring the company’s smart and durable ambulance shirt and trousers, available in both men’s and women’s fit. The range also includes high-visibility jackets, footwear, head protection, handy accessories and the latest addition: four different embroidered shoulder sliders for ambulance technicians, paramedics, doctors and observers that will help make each member of the emergency services team easily recognisable and will add a distinctive finishing touch to their uniform.

Discounts at the show Visitors to The Emergency Services Show 2013 will have a great opportunity to see, touch and try all of these products, as well as a fantastic chance to enjoy exclusive discounts on the entire ambulance range that will only be available during the exhibition.

Visit Bluecher UK Ltd on Stand M18.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Visit Alexandra on Stand B20.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

66 | ESTESS2013 – PPE

TEXPORT teams up with Hunter TEXPORT is one of the market driving manufacturers of fire fighting PPE. As the market leader in Austria, it equips all the professional fire brigades in the country, and in neighbouring Germany, supplies 30 percent to professional and volunteer fire brigades. Internationally, TEXPORT has had recent success, with large contracts being awarded to the company in Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Vienna.

Safety eyewear solutions With a pedigree of more than 20 years, there are few surprises in store for specialist prescription safety eyewear manufacturer, Focus RX. But the company might just be able to surprise customers needing prescription safety with an excellent quality product and swift delivery. An experienced specialist optical team undertakes in-house optical manufacturing to British and European Standards ISO EN 9001-2008 and BS EN 166. This means the company is not bound by restrictions often experienced by those using external glazing laboratories, where a prescription outside (+/-) 6 dioptres can lead to unacceptable delays. Often Focus RX is able to carry out a final quality check and despatch orders within 48 hours of receipt. In addition, the company enjoys working with clients to find a solution to specific environment or industry sector problems encountered. One such example is the optical adaptor, which has been developed to fit inside a full-face visor, which works particularly well for the fire and rescue service. This, together with the company’s newly branded Focux RX range of prescription safety and fashion eyewear can be viewed at The Emergency Services Show 2013.

The optical adaptor has been developed to fit inside a full-face visor.

Visit Focus RX, the new brand name for OTL, on Stand L42

Blizzard has survival blankets wrapped up TEXPORT’s aim is to deliver highly functional quality garments. The company offers customised solutions, the latest ergonomic styles and a sizing system that allows its customers to get the best fitting PPE. With its wholly owned production facilities in Bulgaria and Macedonia, the company ensures that every product leaves its premises being quality checked and conforming to all relevant standards and regulations. Its customers also benefit from TEXPORT’s reduced lead-times, as all products are manufactured in-house. The company’s patented material structures, such as X-TREME and X-TREME light, offer excellent thermal and radiant heat protection while still being able to increase breathability and reduce the overall weigh of the garment. The innovative HPX-System (High Performance eXchange System) allows customers to promptly change damaged zips, which results in less repair times and cost, while the AirPower shoulder pad ensures firefighters are more comfortable when wearing BA and also decreases the risk of thermal burns caused by BA straps compressing over the shoulder area. Teaming up with Hunter Apparel, one of the largest players in the UK market, TEXPORT’s expertise as a PPE manufacturer coupled with the technical managed solutions and innovative IT knowledge of Hunter Apparel, means the company is ready to offer its unique solutions within the UK and Irish market.

Visit TEXPORT on Stand L23.

Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies survival blankets for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia. Blizzard products are manufactured using Reflexcell™ technology, a unique material with unrivalled thermal qualities. Reflexcell™ is light weight, compact and 100 percent windproof and waterproof. Products are manufactured using either three-layer or two-layer Reflexcell™, elastic hugs the body, air is trapped in cells providing excellent insulation. Blankets are available either with passive or active heat. In the active heat range there are two blankets to choose from. Firstly, the highly acclaimed Blizzard Heat, which is widely recognised as the market leader in active heat survival blankets. An extremely high performing blanket with front and side openings, the Blizzard Heat contains four large oxygen activated removable heat pads and is extensively used by the military, mountain rescue teams and search and rescue teams worldwide. Secondly, the BATLS is a smaller, lighter version of the Blizzard Heat, which has one front opening and contains four oxygen activated heat pads. BATLS is used by emergency services and the British military. This year Blizzard is showcasing two new products at The Emergency Services Show. The Blizzard EMS blanket, which has been

Emergency Services Times August 2013

specifically designed for the emergency services, is now being used by numerous ambulance and fire and rescue services across the UK. The blanket is made from two-layer Reflexcell™ and has a selfadhesive closure that re-opens for easy access. It is extremely light weight and compact yet highly effective in the prevention and treatment of hypothermia. The Blizzard Baby Wrap is the company’s ‘new arrival’. Designed in conjunction with London Ambulance Service, the Blizzard Baby Wrap is designed to help keep neonates warm. It comes with a pre-formed hood and a self-adhesive front opening to allow easy access to examine the baby. It comes packed no bigger than a mobile phone and is proving popular around the world.

Visit Blizzard Protection Systems on Stand C28.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – PPE | 67

Comprehensive PPE solutions

See the Service Collection from Dr. Martens

LHD Group (United Kingdom), formerly known as Lion Apparel in the UK, is part of the LHD Group headquartered in Cologne. The company is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative, comprehensive solutions in personal protective equipment, high-performance fire fighting apparel, uniforms, military apparel, workwear and corporate fashion products.

Dr. Martens has worked with technology expert, D3O®, for its top range boots, Mustang (shown here) and Osprey.

LHD Group’s broad range of high-profile customers around the world, includes the German Military, US Army, Bavarian police, Lufthansa Airlines, the Saudi Civil Defence and the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. LHD’s UK customers include Leicestershire FRS, Oxfordshire FRS, the North East fire and rescue services, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and all three of the Welsh fire and rescue services. A commitment to continued research and development is at the core of LHD Group’s product strategy, which has developed some of the highest performing PPE available in the world today. The company’s detailed understanding of technical fabrics and physiology, along with its expertise in design, results in solutions that meet the specific challenges of modern day emergency responders.

Visit LHD Group (United Kingdom) Ltd on Stand H23.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

When Dr. Martens made its first pair of aircushioned boots in 1960, a British classic was created. Over the decades, experience and hands-on expertise has led to an improvement in every aspect of a service boot suitable for police, security and ambulance markets. The company has worked closely with relevant service industry personnel to ensure the range of footwear is fit for purpose and can cope with the current demands of the emergency services. As a result, the current Service Collection offers unbeatable comfort, performance and reliability with great style. Dr. Martens has worked with technology expert, D3O®, for its top range boots, Mustang and Osprey. This patented technology creates a soft and flexible shock absorbing material featuring unique molecular properties. In standard conditions its molecules flow freely, but on impact they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. For the ultimate defence, D3O® impact protection inserts have been positioned over

the ankle bone on both these boots. The Trent boot has proven a very popular design – a lightweight, water resistant boot that features an accessible side zip feature. Another addition is the Parade shoe, a low profile, slip-resistant, smart shoe made with high quality full grain leather and five ‘blind’ eyelets. The traditional Dr. Martens aircushioned sole is made in a smoke black colour to ensure the ‘smart’ look runs down to the ground. Sherpa van The full Service Collection will be on the stand, along with the new Dr. Martens Leyland DAF Sherpa Van. Like the boots, this iconic van has been used by various industries from posties to police and is entrenched with British workers and subcultures alike. The specially converted Sherpa has a photo booth inside and an area to view brand content at the reverse.

Visit Dr. Martens on Stand D20.

Innovation at the top end Hunter Apparel Solutions Ltd is one of the longest established (1936) and most experienced designers and suppliers of uniform products in the UK. Best known for the provision of emergency services uniforms but also specialising in corporate clothing, Hunter Apparel Solutions Ltd services a diverse clientele across the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services, as well as airline, military, retail, travel and hospitality. Hunter aims to do things differently to its competitors and says its USPs are ‘service innovation’ and ‘technical product design innovation’. Its market niche is the top end of the corporate clothing and technical apparel market.

Hunter Apparel Solutions Ltd can offer the full suite of PPE, workwear, footwear and accessory products in a fully managed service called Hunter CARE, through its web-based management system. Hunter currently supplies more firefighters in the UK than any other company and has been the UK market leader in this sector for over five years. It is also a highly experienced provider of value added services, including points-based online managed service via its bespoke online e-procurement management system.

Visit Hunter Apparel Solutions Ltd on Stand L23.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

68 | ESTESS2013 – PPE

Ballyclare is back! YDS Boots steps forward Many of you will know Ballyclare by its previous name of Cosalt. Earlier in 2013 the protective clothing division of Cosalt plc was acquired and re-launched by David Ross, a well-known entrepreneur who established his reputation as one of the founding partners of Carphone Warehouse. In addition to its new name and re-launch, Ballyclare has also been able to announce that it has won and delivered a major new contract with the Malaysian Fire Service. Worth over £1m the Malaysian contract has demonstrated that there is a market for Ballyclare’s expertise well beyond the UK.

In 2013 Ballyclare will once again be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show. Visitors to Ballyclare’s stand (M14) will be able to see a number of exciting new products, including the new Wildland coverall and the winning structural fire kit ensembles being supplied to the South East and Eastern Region fire consortium and the North West fire consortium. Also on show will be Ballyclare’s two-piece Public Order coverall, which is fully compliant with HOSDB standards. Ballyclare will also be joined on the stand by Berendsen (formerly Sunlight Service Group) who will be on hand to discuss any aspect of rental or laundry aftercare.

Visit Ballyclare Limited on Stand M14.

For the fifth year running YDS Boots will be exhibiting at the biggest and best Emergency Services Show in the calendar. Now based at the NEC in Birmingham, it could not be easier to get to the show and see the latest and best in equipment for emergency services sector. Big sock giveaway This year YDS Boots will be exhibiting prototypes for its latest fire fighting boot designs and will be distributing a brand new emergency service brochure. Also, don’t miss the big sock giveaway if you come and talk to the team, there will be hundreds of YDS technical socks handed out at the show. Come and discuss the challenges in your region and discover why blue light services are increasingly choosing YDS Boots with confidence. By investing in quality design and technologies such as Dual Density injected Rubber soling, GORE-TEX®, VIBRAM® and L-Protection®, YDS Boots is dedicated to providing long lasting protection and reliability at critical times. On display will be ‘contract’ boots such as the PLUTO CROSSTECH® firefighter boot and the CONTROL police public order boot. Also see the YDS 8in fire boots that have been developed for

the Australian market and new CROSSTECH® day boots suitable for both fire and ambulance personnel. Reliable footwear solutions YDS has developed incredibly reliable footwear solutions for the constant grind on highly abrasive terrain. Injected DDR sole technology perfected by YDS is applied across many sectors to protect wearers in the most hazardous working environments, including fire fighting, rescue and police public order.

Visit Goliath Footwear Ltd (YDS Boots) on Stand J10.

Head to toe innovation fit for first responders 5.11 creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of police, military and fire fighting professionals worldwide. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 leads the industry in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. Responder line The ideal jacket for first responders in hazardous conditions, the waterproof Responder Hi-Vis Parka (Style# 48073) is designed to provide protection from both weather and biological hazards. The Responder BLS 2000 Bag (Basic Life Support) (Style# 56934) features mesh liners and adjustable/removable dividers for organisation. The BLS EMS Bag is equipped with carry handles and shoulder straps to go ‘hands free’ when mobile. The waterproof Responder Hi-Vis Parka.

Recon Fitness line 5.11 Tactical fitness apparel and gear was designed for those whose fitness regimes are often performed off the beaten path. Its fitness apparel was made for those who understand that fitness is not just an hour in the gym but is part of a daily routine and successful tactical profession. With a wide range of tactical workout gear, 5.11 Tactical has you covered from head to toe. Minimalist in design with an 8mm heel to toe


offset, 5.11’s new RECON Trainers (Style# 16001) provide an unparalleled platform for your workout. Highly breathable and flexible, the RECON® Trainers feature HELCOR® in high-wear zones for maximum durability. The 5.11 RECON® Performance Top (Style# 41185) is a premium t-shirt crafted from a specialised polyester and spandex blend that provides maximum form-fitting manoeuvrability and lasting comfort. The company’s premium

Emergency Services Times August 2013

The 5.11 RECON® Performance Top.

quality graphical enhancements offer added style, and remain bright and true, wash after wash. With mechanical stretch built into the fabric, the new 5.11 RECON® Vandal Short (Style# 43059) is equally at home in the MMA gym or your local CrossFit® box. The short features a gusseted crotch for comfort and two inset pockets with zip closure to secure keys, ID or other essentials.

Visit 5.11 Tactical UK on Stand E37.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – PPE | 69

Fastening solutions

The Quickburst® zipper, uniquely developed as a safety opening system for inflatable life vests.

Founded in 1934 and with more than 130 companies in 60 countries, YKK knows how to deal with fastening issues. The company offers an extensive range of zippers, textile and plastic, and snap and button fastening solutions.

At The Emergency Services Show 2013 YKK will promote products specifically developed for the PPE industry: the flame retardant Vislon® zipper with Lenzing FR® tape (above, right) is an essential accessory for EN ISO 11612 certified protective clothing; the waterproof Aquaseal® zipper (above, left) is suitable for SOLAS/MED approved applications and is now certified to EN ISO 12402-7; and the Quickburst® zipper, uniquely developed as a safety opening system for inflatable life vests, which is an EN ISO 12402-7 certified component as part of the inflation system. Also ask about the durable FlexFix® snap fastening system, designed to withstand the fierce impact of industrial washing, as well as the amazing SNAD® fastener, a snap fastener that can be attached to a range of hardware surfaces without drilling a hole.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Lightweight flame resistant fibres PBI is one of the world’s leading inherently flame resistant and thermally stable fibres for outer shell fabric, combining flame resistance and thermal protection with high levels of comfort, durability, and protection available today. The company will be showing a number of innovative fabric solutions at this year’s Emergency Services Show. All PBI fabrics, whether from the company’s Max, Gold or Matrix ranges, are soft, comfortable and lightweight and offer high standards of durability, providing the same high level of protection to firefighters throughout the lifetime of their PPE. In independent tests, where fabrics are exposed to 1000-degree heat, PBI retains its original strength and is still soft and pliable to touch. It consistently delivers a very high level of burn protection and in those same tests the fabric offers very high protection from flame combined with a slow rate of heat transfer though the outer fabric. The PBI outer fabric is made up of 60 percent para-aramid fibre, which means that it is lightweight and strong, and achieves a high standard of flame resistance. PBI fabrics will not

become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This also means that the integrity of the internal layers of the garment is protected and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover. PBI is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and maintains a manufacturing facility located in Rock Hill, South Carolina and global sales offices in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Visit PBI Performance Products Inc on Stand L5.

Discover what’s in store is the UK’s leading online supplier of equipment to the police, emergency services, security and military. Established in 2008, it originally catered for the business to consumer market, selling directly to the end users. In 2010, the company established its Government & Corporate sales team selling to procurement teams and buyers for the police forces, prisons, local authorities and more. The company works incredibly closely with its suppliers to ensure it provides its customers with unparalleled choice at the most competitive prices. Some of Patrolstore’s key partners include: Magnum, 5.11 Tactical, Gerber, Dr. Martens, Op. Zulu and Veho. Patrolstore is the exclusive distributor of the Op. Zulu tactical range, which includes torches, tactical vests, gloves, kit bags, utility belts, pouches and more. In the past year Op. Zulu has started supplying directly to police forces, prisons, NHS and private hospitals, local councils and fire and rescue services, supplying products of the quality you would expect from the top brands but at affordable prices.

Key contacts with manufacturers around the world have enabled Patrolstore to offer a ‘Bespoke Manufacturing’ service. From design, to sample production through to full production and quality control, Patrolstore has the expertise and the contacts to ensure the process runs smoothly in a time and cost-effective manner. Patrolstore also recently partnered with a UK-based embroidery company and can now offer a quality workwear and clothing embroidery service with fast turn-around times and low prices. It is currently working with a range of clients from local council enforcement teams to NHS hospital security teams embroidering their staff uniform with their corporate logos.

Visit on Stand A18.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

70 | ESTESS2013 – PPE

Head-to-toe Fire fighting PPE from FlamePro that success, in 2013 the company has been (UK) Ltd has been protection from Rig FlamePro awarded tenders to supply EN469 kit to three more established for seven years and in Rig Equipment Ltd is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider for specialist emergency services and defence professionals. The company develops and supplies functional, innovative apparel and equipment to the services. Using decades of experience in the field, Rig works closely with customers to produce top quality practical garments, designed and Made in Great Britain. British-based design and manufacture enables Rig Equipment to react positively and quickly to user requirements. Over the past 19 years, the Rig Equipment range has evolved with the ever-changing needs of the professionals that use them. It is able to cater for the requirements of specialist units across the emergency services and the military. At The Emergency Services Show 2013, the company will be demonstrating key innovative products from within its range. Products that have been designed for specific end user requirements and demonstrate a number of new and practical design features that make Rig Equipment stand out above the rest. The show will see the UK launch of the Intelligent Core Stability System. After months of extensive research, wearer trials and ergonomic studies, this is the load carriage solution that has to be tried to be believed. Rig Equipment will also be demonstrating a range of specialist clothing, footwear, bags and other accessories, designed and made with care for ambulance HART, USAR/ ISAR, technical rescue, tactical police, police public order, air ambulance and other specialist units. Visit the Rig Equipment team for a demonstration of ground-breaking head-to-toe protective solutions.

Visit Rig Equipment Ltd on Stand H30.

Complete hazmat solutions VersarPPS is a leading UK manufacturer of decontamination equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). The company specialises in providing complete solutions for the emergency services, including supplying the 2012 Olympic Resilience teams with bespoke hazmat solutions. For over 65 years, the VersarPPS product offering has evolved greatly and is globally known within the industry for its bespoke and quality designs. With over seven decades of protecting workers in hazardous environments, the company’s reputation for reliability and expertise makes it a leading industry specialist. VersarPPS’s product and services range includes: protective suit solutions for all hazardous environments; industry leading decontamination solutions for health and blue light services; special product solutions for all industrial/service platforms; and tailored training and maintenance packages VersarPPS has continued to develop its innovative portfolio and will be launching an exciting range of new products and marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

Visit VersarPPS on Stand J42.

that time the company has gained a substantial foothold in the market for fire fighting PPE. As an ISO9001:2008 approved design, manufacturing and distribution business, FlamePro has: a larger than 50 percent share of the industrial and airport market in the UK; is the market leader in the provision of fire fighting PPE to the Irish fire and rescue services; and exports to countries as far away as Mongolia, Vietnam and Peru. FlamePro broke into the mainstream of UK fire and rescue services (FRSs) in 2012 with the award of the contract to supply Shropshire FRS with new, lightweight structural fire fighting clothing using PBO fabrics in the Millenia 450 system from TenCate. Building on

FRSs in Ireland, bringing the number of Irish services being supplied with the FlamePro® brand to 16. In addition to structural kit, FlamePro also offers a range of one and two-piece Wildland fire suits and has recently been awarded a substantial contract to supply these to the Mongolian Fire Service. The company first introduced HVP (high volume pump) suits into the market in 2006 and has since supplied these and variants to 12 UK FRSs. FlamePro’s flash hood, RTC, Rope Rescue and USAR suits complete the fire fighting range, which is carefully designed to meet the needs of most situations encountered by fire and rescue services. In addition to its FlamePro® branded products, the company also carries a range of high quality fire fighting accessories, including helmets, boots and gloves.

Visit Flamepro (UK) Ltd on Stand J14.

Uncompromising protection Ilasco with Keela are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of protective clothing solutions for police, military and tactical forces. Intensive research and development combined with constant user interaction and feedback ensures its technical kit meets and surpasses user requirements. Innovation, exceptional performance and quality construction provides the ultimate protection for the wearer. On display at the show is Keela’s new collection of rescue kit, including the innovative Sherpa system, a unique and versatile Primaloft convertible jacket designed specifically for Rescue Groups at home or abroad. Also on view is the CBRN ambulance gear, plus new fire and police kit too. Visit Stand J13 and guess the name of the Keela dog for a chance to win £500 worth of Keela Kit (and the dog!)

Visit Ilasco/Keela on Stand J13.

Technology-driven fabrics for firefighter PPE Gore is a technology-driven company focused on discovery and product innovation. Well known for the waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® fabric, the company’s portfolio includes everything from highperformance fabrics and implantable medical devices to industrial manufacturing components and aerospace electronics. Gore’s key products for the UK emergency services are GORE-TEX® and CROSSTECH® fabrics. If your risk assessment has identified a specific risk from blood borne pathogens, then CROSSTECH® fabrics will deliver the solution, while keeping the responders dry and protected from heat and flame. The fabrics far exceed competitive products in test laboratories and in the field. The family of CROSSTECH® products also includes CROSSTECH® products with AIRLOCK® Spacer Technology solutions and uses revolutionary AIRLOCK® Spacer Technology to

Emergency Services Times August 2013

create an insulating air cushion. The result is a garment that is around 20 percent lighter, creating greater freedom of movement for the wearer. CROSSTECH® fabric is used in structural fire fighting ensembles and specialised urban search and rescue suits as well as boots and gloves. GORE-TEX® fabrics If your risk assessment has not identified blood borne pathogens as a specific risk for your responders then the range of GORE-TEX® fabrics will provide a durable, waterproof, breathable solution that delivers protection far in excess of laboratory test standards. GORE-TEX® fabric is also available in the AIRLOCK® Spacer Technology variant.

Visit WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd on Stand M6.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 – PPE | 71

Telescopic drysuit benefits multiple wearers

High performance outdoor clothing

Páramo Directional Clothing Systems is a highly regarded, award-winning outdoor clothing manufacturer offering a unique combination of performance clothing, environmental sustainability and ethical production. Páramo waterproof clothing is made of 100 percent recyclable polyester and manufactured within the ethical, charitable foundation, Miquelina, in Colombia. In addition, all Nikwax aftercare products are non-fluorocarbon and do not use aerosols. Safety first You and your team’s safety and effectiveness are paramount. Team safety relies on good decisionmaking – poor decision-making and fatigue hits faster when you are cold and wet with reduced comfort levels. Páramo clothing keeps you drier and more comfortable than traditional waterproofs – removing moisture from the clothing system far more effectively, in all conditions. The Páramo

system offers more flexibility, ensuring greater comfort, and helps you concentrate on getting the job done safely without having to worry about adverse weather. The system’s waterproofing is indefinitely renewable, with Nikwax aftercare offering greater long-term value than traditional systems. The fabric is highly durable and, in addition, easy to repair in the field. Even in the harshest conditions, the Páramo system can still recover and dry you out. The Páramo brand has gained a strong reputation within the workwear market for delivering performance, comfort and outstanding product value throughout the lifetime of the garments. Whether you have a team needing a strong corporate image from its hard-working uniform or an individual that just needs the best performance, Páramo can help.

Collins Nets Ltd is a specialist supplier of water rescue equipment including Surface drysuits, Five Ten footwear, Neoprene gloves, undersuits, PPE and helmets. Making its debut at The Emergency Services Show, Collins Nets will be showcasing its range of telescopic drysuits, which are a popular choice for personnel without a personal drysuit. The telescopic system will fit people with a height variance of up to 15cm (six inches), which makes them ideal for the rescue services. Collins Nets is proud to supply UK manufactured drysuits to fire and rescue services, police and search and rescue agencies. These include Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, DorSAR, UKBA, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police and many others. Because Collins Nets manufactures its drysuits 100 percent in the UK, the company’s clients can customise and adapt its drysuits to their exact requirements. Options available include different materials, colours, neoprene seals, safety boots, badges, reflective tapes, reinforced seat and kneepads, and much more!

Visit Páramo Ltd on Stand M41.

Visit Collins Nets Ltd on Stand A17.

Bring your old boots for repair Come and visit the Boot Repair Company on Stand M43 and why not get your boots and shoes repaired at the same time? The Boot Repair Company team will be on hand to demonstrate their ability to repair all types of boots with all types of repairs. From replacing worn rubber sole units, to zips and hook/eyelet replacement and even gusset widening with leather or elastic, all jobs are considered. Having looked after the MoD for a number of years, the Boot Repair Company is keen to develop the use of its repair service to the emergency services to assist with keeping costs down and ensuring that frontline staff hang on to their ‘old favourites’ for longer. Blue light procurement specialists are invited to bring examples of problems they’re having with boots. Common faults such as delamination, broken eyelets, as well as worn sole units, can usually easily be repaired without affecting the European Standards for the boot. So why invest in new boots?

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

The Boot Repair Company invites visitors to bring their old boots to the show. The company’s team will give you a price for the repair, including return postage, and give you a ticket there and then. You can pay on the day or pay online afterwards. As always, customers can rest assured that all repairs are carried out by time served craftsmen using only the best available materials. The Boot Repair Company is a member of SATRA and is a recommended agent for Vibram.

Visit Boot Repair Company Ltd on Stand M43.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

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Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Asset finance solutions for the healthcare sector De Lage Landen Leasing Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group, a privately held bank. The DLL UK Healthcare Business Unit has been involved in providing bespoke asset finance solutions for the healthcare sector since 2005. The business has seen dramatic growth predominantly, since 2008 when it was still able to offer funding facilities to the NHS even when the financial market was in crisis and liquidity was in very short supply. Diverse product range DLL is an active member on all of the NHS Equipment Leasing frameworks and in 2012 funded over £90m of equipment to over 60 hospital trusts. The company has actively looked to diversify the types of equipment funded in this sector and its portfolio contains small value equipment to surgical robots and modular hospitals of over £3m. DLL is also a significant funder in the NHS emergency vehicles sector with a fleet of over 1400 vehicles. DLL is also active in the Clean Tech sector and is focused in 2013 on funding energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment for private and NHS organisations. As the UK government is currently looking to improve patient experience with improved value for money through working with private healthcare providers, DLL, over the last 36 months, has acted as principal funder on a number of large projects providing oncology, surgical and rehabilitation services into the NHS. Founded in 1969 as a Netherlands-based leasing company, DLL has become a global provider of leasing, business and consumer finance solutions, including vendor finance and factoring. The company’s asset-based finance solutions help its customers grow market share, enhance profitability and achieve strategic goals. DLL is now present in more than 35 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia, and employs 5000 people.

Visit De Lage Landen Leasing Limited on Stand M2.

Bleed control bandages Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd will be displaying a number of medical products for medical professionals, including the Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet (AAT) and Woundstop bandages. The AAT is designed to be used for gunshot, shrapnel, blast or crushing trauma to the pelvis, upper leg or inguinal area where trauma could lead to the casualty bleeding to death within minutes. The inguinal region, in the lower abdomen, constitutes one of the most difficult areas in which to control bleeding as it is not easily amenable to normal tourniquet application. The AAT offers a solution to this problem as it straps around the stomach of the casualty, tightens with a windlass and is then pumped up with air. The balloon is pushed into the stomach with the force of more than 80lbs, clamping the abdominal aorta against the spine thereby occluding blood flow to the legs. It is suitable for all pre-hospital trauma care situations, is clinically proven, simple to use and has a five-year shelf life. WoundStop bandages Based on the benefits of the emergency care bandage range but without the robustness required in the military environment, WoundStop bandages are designed to treat a variety of wounds, especially haemorrhage control in pre-hospital emergency situations.

WoundStop Pro and Pro+ include a sterile dressing – cloth-wrapped elasticised bandage, pressure applicator and an easy-to-use closure bar. Using the dressing, bleeding can be stopped fast by applying direct pressure onto wounds to any part of the body; it is effective on minor wounds as well as severe injuries. Simple and cost effective, WoundStop dressings incorporate many pieces of equipment into one multi-functional, easy-to-use bandage, including self-application. The bandages are compact and waterproof, with sterile packaging and a five-year shelf life.

Visit Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd on Stand M19.

Burn care professionals For more than 25 years, Water-Jel, as the world market leader, has been offering its tried and trusted burn care products for the pre-hospital treatment of burn injury victims. Frontline EMS, burn care professionals, and burn victims alike have long benefited from this experience in every area of application for burn injuries. Water-Jel has become a firm friend of the emergency medical services, fire and rescue services, sea air rescue, all areas of the military armed forces, industry, catering, Formula One, and motor racing worldwide, for the management of burn injury victims. The product range covers frontline emergencies and first aid as well as end user sales in drug stores or pharmacies. Brands like Water-Jel burn dressings, Burn Jel EU, Sun Burn Jel or Muscle Jel are well known to the company’s satisfied end users

in markets around the world. New to the market is Water-Jel’s radio oncology treatment system, R1R2, which is the company’s answer to the problem of treating the side effects that can occur on the skin during and after radiation treatment.

Visit WaterJel Europe LLP on Stand D9.

Haemorrhage control gauze shows up on X-ray Prometheus Medical Ltd, a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and high quality training courses, has announced the launch of its latest haemorrhage control product, Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro. Building on HemCon’s highly effective ChitoGauze® – a market leader – it now features a radio-opaque strip that makes it easily identifiable on X-ray. Prometheus Medical is built on expertise in pre-hospital emergency medicine. The company currently supplies to public and private sector customers in the UK and overseas, and its products include the innovative Russell Chest Seal™ and the Prometheus Pelvic Splint. Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is designed to

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

assist in the immediate control of major haemorrhage by facilitating local clot formation when packed into a wound. It is supplied ‘z-folded,’ making it very easy to deploy and be packed into wounds. The tried and tested chitosan-impregnated gauze enables the bleeding to be brought rapidly under control. Previous concerns about haemostatic dressings going unnoticed in deep wounds are now largely mitigated by the radio-opaque strip, which makes the gauze evident on X-ray. For a piece of equipment used infrequently, Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro has the added value of a remarkable five-year shelf life from manufacture making it highly cost-effective to introduce.

Visit Prometheus Medical Ltd on Stand M67.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Improved healthcare Discover the secrets of Spencer’s success delivery for A leading European EMS brand, Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services since caregivers 1989, answering the most complex problems with

Medsource International Co Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of emergency medical equipment and supplies for fire and rescue services, military, government departments and other emergency medical services that provide pre-hospital, emergency care. The company manufactures many of its own medical products. Its mission is customer satisfaction through innovative and cost-effective products that improve healthcare delivery for caregivers and those they serve.

Visit Medsource International Co. Ltd on Stand N11.

Online medical supplies Founded by Allan Withers, an experienced former paramedic, First Response Supplies is a premier destination for online medical supplies. Servicing the NHS, independent ambulance services, as well as businesses and domestic users, it is one of the fastest growing medical supply companies in the UK. First Response Supplies’ attention to customer service is second to none – as an established e-Commerce supplier, the company understands how important it is to provide a quick, efficient service and a choice of payment options, including credit account facilities. First Response Supplies has been working with key suppliers and this list grows month on month. Zoll, Spencer, Openhouse, Timesco, Ferno and Clinell are just some of the names found on the company’s website. First Response Supplies also launched its own range of trauma bags earlier this year and has developed bespoke kits for Community First Responders (CFRs) and EMTs. As the company continues to grow so does its investment in new products backed by its own in-house purchasing team. First Response Supplies recently launched an initiative called CFR Hero, which is aimed at rewarding the efforts of CFRs across the country each and every month. Nominations are invited from members of the public, fellow CFRs or ambulance service colleagues and a panel of industry experts reviews the nominations to find the CFR Hero for each month.

emergency medical devices. From the beginning, Spencer showed an international attitude, leading to a fruitful process of internationalisation and quickly achieving a strong presence in many markets around the world. Today Spencer has the biggest and most complete EMS catalogue in the world, manufacturing over 1700 products, which include 60 new products, six revolutionary inventions and 45 patented devices. Spencer products redefine new standards in quality, satisfying emergency services and operators in more than 100 countries around the world. Spencer offers a complete range of innovative and easy-to-use devices, covering the emergency, safety, medical and mortuary requirements of today. These include: Tango, the first integrated adult and paediatric spine board; Cross, a self-loading stretcher that is the perfect fusion of simplicity and technology; and Eva, the new stair descent and transport chair intended for emergency rescue and evacuation, launched by Spencer this year. Like other Spencer products Eva’s features and characteristics have been developed through an

enormous amount of research making it of superior quality and functionality. For Spencer the concept of quality starts with the products it designs and manufactures through to the care and the attention the company offers to its customers.

Visit Spencer Italia SRL on Stand N5,N53.

Try out your CPR skills Creator of Resusci Anne, Laerdal will be showing the latest innovations in quality CPR training and defibrillation. Through the partnership between Laerdal and Philips, both companies are committed to improving outcomes for the sudden cardiac arrest patient by strengthening the Chain of Survival through innovative solutions that support the emergency responder. Located on Stand M34, the new Resusci Anne and Resusci Baby with QCPR manikins will be available for visitors to try out their CPR skills and see how the facilitation of real-time feedback on the core parameters of CPR (compression depth, release, rate, ventilation rate and volume) allows responders to measure and assess their performance for improvement and retention of this important skill. Attach the new SkillGuide to these manikins and the user has a simple self-directed feedback solution. Attach the SimPad SkillReporter tool and the instructor has a comprehensive CPR training solution that can measure and assess both individual CPR performance and class performance through the ability to operate and log data from multiple manikins simultaneously. Data capture for quality debriefing after training sessions is invaluable to efficiently improve and maintain quality CPR skills at an

organisational level, reflecting the growing evidence that feedback in training and quality CPR management systems are key to improving patient outcomes. Optimised CPR performance Linking training to therapy is the core principle behind the design of Laerdal’s CPRmeter. Sharing many of the feedback features of the new Resusci Anne and Resusci Baby QCPR training solutions, the CPRmeter optimises CPR performance in real-life situations. Integrated into Philips’ market leading defibrillators, FR3 and MRx, the professional responder has the latest technologies at his disposal, ensuring resuscitation therapy is optimal and in accordance with quality guidelines. Visitors to the Laerdal stand are welcome to try out the Resusci Anne QCPR, MRx and FR3 defibrillators and enter a prize draw to win an iPad Mini.

Visit Laerdal Medical Ltd on Stand M34.

Visit First Response Supplies on Stand M1.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Superior medical gas technologies

Video laryngoscope system PROACT will be showcasing the new IntuBrite video laryngoscope system (VLS). With high resolution still and video imaging via removable SD card, the VLS offers an enhanced airway illumination and allows the user to move seamlessly from traditional direct laryngoscope to video view. Designed in conjunction with paramedics in the USA and built for military and EMS use, the VLS6600 kit features a 3.5in handle-mounted screen, which tilts and swivels through 360° and, says PROACT, offers twice the resolution of competitive technologies. The blade utilises IntuBrite’s patented dual light sources, a standard white LED teamed with a secondary UV light source, to deliver a unique view of the airway. The phosphorous present in the vocal cords glows in contrast with the surrounding structures and glare is reduced. Kit bags PROACT’s new wipe down paramedic kit bags will be on display and available to purchase. Also on display will be the market leading Onyx Vantage finger pulse oximeter from Nonin, along

BOC Healthcare is delighted to be exhibiting again at The Emergency Services Show. The company is looking forward to welcoming new and familiar visitors to its stand (H38), where you can see some of its superior medical gas technologies and equipment packages.

with PRO-Breathe airway management products. The range delivers high quality at value for money prices, and has been adopted by many hospitals and ambulances services in the UK and across Europe.

Visit Proact Medical Ltd on Stand J17.

Bespoke approach from Openhouse Openhouse is probably best known as a preferred supplier to the emergency services and health sector, but the product range doesn’t stop there. The company’s bespoke approach means it designs, manufactures and sources products for any industry, with a knack for developing and delivering exactly what is required. The company comprises three core business areas: product design, an online shop and medical systems. Product design With over 30 years’ experience, Openhouse has maintained its passion for innovative designs and fine craftsmanship. All the products are designed to offer maximum comfort and durability to endure years of use, even in the most demanding circumstances. All products undergo rugged tests and quality procedures to ensure high quality performance every time. Online shop Ready to go Solutions offers a vast range of ‘off the shelf’ items; sourced globally through Openhouse’s international manufacturing facilities to guarantee excellent value for money. For those customers who want a bag for occasional use or are looking for a torch, or medical equipment, or even a hot meal; visit the company’s online shop to find the product for you.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Medical systems The Custom Medical Systems range is compiled from a wide variety of oxygen, emergency support and medical devices, which have been designed ‘fit for purpose’ for specific industries. This range of high-tech medical systems has been integrated within Openhouse to combine its many years of experience along with product knowledge and quality to provide products and solutions to the emergency and healthcare sectors. Openhouse offers asset tracking and bespoke barcoding for products, along with the supply and service of pharmaceuticals. The barcode system allows the company to serial track assets enabling them to be replaced or exchanged when they are out of date, damaged or need replenishing.

BOC Healthcare designs and engineers its medial gas cylinders in line with clinical progress, meeting the unique needs of ambulance crews and first responders. Its lightweight, integral valve cylinders demonstrate its unrivalled commitment to improving ambulance crew performance, reducing costs and optimising patient care. The company’s oxygen and ENTONOX one-litre cylinders, for paramedics on bikes or in cars who are first to arrive at an incident, make use of the very latest materials for superior performance and lightweight portability. Carrying as much gas as possible, while not increasing the size of the cylinder, is important and convenient for paramedics. By increasing cylinder pressure BOC Healthcare has maximised the amount of gas that can be carried. As a result its ENTONOX cylinders have the highest gas capacity available in the market today for standard one-litre and two-litre size cylinders. This gives added reassurance for paramedics and patients as there is less chance of running out of gas, or having to swap cylinders during patient transport and treatment.

Resuscitation equipment BOC Healthcare also supplies a range of emergency resuscitation equipment designed not just for use by medical professionals but also by appropriately trained first aid personnel. A wide range of emergency care equipment is available, including automated external defibrillators (AEDs), pulse oximeters and the company’s LIFELINE oxygen kit. Having immediate access to the right emergency equipment along with the right training for those first on the scene has the potential to save lives.

Visit Openhouse Products Ltd on Stand H6.

Visit BOC Healthcare on Stand H38.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Advancing emergency care and saving lives ZOLL offers emergency medical service (EMS) professionals a wide range of tools that strengthen a community’s Chain of Survival, with much promise for improved outcomes.

The ZOLL AutoPulse is a revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump.

ZOLL® Medical develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care and save lives, while increasing clinical and operational efficiencies. With products for defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, fluid resuscitation, and therapeutic temperature management, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set

Pre-hospital care professionals Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd is a UK-owned, worldwide distributor of medical and first aid products and is uniquely positioned with purchasing power and supplier relationships within the pre-hospital market to offer an unrivalled service to the emergency medical services (EMS) and public safety community. Manufacturers often look to Bound Tree Medical as a key partner to help introduce new products into the EMS marketplace and with more than 18,000 products available sourced from over 300 manufacturers, many of which are available exclusively as the result of special vendor relationships, Bound Tree Medical provides an unrivalled service that you can rely on for all your emergency medical needs. Located in Shropshire, the 15,000ft2 office and distribution facility provides Bound Tree Medical Europe with the ability to warehouse an extensive array of products and is strategically located for excellent distribution and transport routes both to the United Kingdom, Europe and more than 90 countries worldwide. In January 2007, Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd acquired the assets of Galls® Europe Ltd and was subsequently appointed a distributor of Galls® and DynaMed™ products to the UK, Eire and Europe, further enhancing the range of products offered. With a wealth of market knowledge and customer service focus, Bound Tree Medical is a leading distributor of pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and related supplies to emergency medical service units, fire and rescue and police departments, hospitals and numerous other prehopsital organisations.

Visit Boundtree Medical Europe Ltd on Stand D6.

of technologies that help clinicians, EMS professionals, and lay rescuers treat victims needing resuscitation and critical care. Products on display will include the ZOLL X Series® professional monitor/defibrillator and ZOLL’s AutoPulse® non-invasive cardiac support pump. Monitor/defibrillator The ZOLL X Series is about half the size and half the weight of competitive full-featured monitor/defibrillators – but a lot more powerful. It is compact without any compromise in display size, capability or performance. Designed specifically for the ambulance service, the X Series offers everything you could ever want in an EMS device. And because it’s based on a platform developed for the military and air medical operations, the X Series rises to a new standard in ruggedness and durability. Cardiac support pump The only device of its kind, the ZOLL AutoPulse is a revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump that moves more blood, more consistently than is possible with manual compressions. Easy to use and battery operated, its load-distributing LifeBand® squeezes the entire chest. As a result,

The ZOLL X Series monitor/defibrillator is designed specifically for the ambulance service.

victims receive more consistent, high-quality compressions than those delivered by simple automated CPR devices, which means improved blood flow. Be sure to visit ZOLL on Stand D5 to see for yourself and participate in ZOLL’s infamous CPR Challenge competition.

Visit Zoll Medical UK Ltd on Stand D5.

Leading edge medical technology Amazon Medical sources emergency medical equipment for ambulance, emergency first aid and resuscitation use, from a variety of medical equipment manufacturers. As the exclusive UK distributor for Schiller AG since 1995, Amazon’s range of defibrillator, monitoring and electrocardiograph devices are well respected in this market. The ARGUS PRO LifeCare 2 monitoring defibrillator compact 4.4kg package, will meet all your future needs. Developed for pre-hospital emergencies, the DG 4000 monitoring defibrillator with single button operation, gives access to all major functions. Leading edge technology is the key to the company’s 480g pocket defibrillator, which is still unrivalled. FRED easyport is widely used by cycle response, MRTs, cave rescue and police. Connecting hearts and minds the MS2010 Electrocardiograph is designed for speed and efficiency; the 10.4in high-resolution colour touch

display immediately lets you record, select and print high quality ECGs and, when combined with FRED easyport, fulfils most requirements. Amazon Medical’s Schiller FRED easy AED range, offering fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual override, has been complemented by the company’s new Mediana units. These semiautomatic HeartOn AED units, a low cost offering for public access defibrillation, use support icons and voice prompts to guide the user through the ‘Chain of Survival’. Hand held SpO2, etCO2 monitors from Newtech and a range of waterproof cases complete Amazon’s product portfolio.

Visit Amazon Medical Ltd on Stand C10.

Leaders in healthcare engineering BCAS Bio-medical Services Limited is a leading independent provider of Managed Equipment Services (MES) and Multi-Vendor Services (MVS) to the NHS and private healthcare sector. A British Company, its vision is to make it possible for its customers to provide the highest possible standards of care to patients through efficient and compliant management of services and devices. The company fields an exclusive range of products, which can be bought direct from its online shop or via the dedicated sales team. The excellent modular Corpuls C3 defibrillator is sold through its channels, as is the Weinmann range of

Emergency Services Times August 2013

pre-hospital and hospital transport ventilators, which are also serviced and maintained by BCAS Biomed. The company also supplies Nonin pulseoximeters, Pax paramedic bags and Nihon Kohden monitors and AEDs. BCAS Biomed takes great pride in its work, its staff and the service it delivers to its customers, which include the NHS, the armed forces, private ambulance services, overseas companies and smaller businesses.

Visit BCAS Biomedical Services Ltd on Stand L46.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


XPS: the all-in-one Essential medical products and unrivalled service stretcher solution With over 200 new medical products The XPS from Stryker Medical provides an expanded patient surface area that can easily be retrofitted with compatible stretchers. XPS is adjustable, with seven locking positions, and includes a wider mattress that reduces transfer gap and is designed with patient comfort in mind. This solution helps address growing obesity trends and supports a variety of patients and environments.

added to its range, a visit to Steroplast’s stand is essential. Offering a one-stop-shop and the potential to save money, combined with an unrivalled service and consistent quality of product, the company thinks visitors to the show will be amazed at just how much its range has grown. Airway management, diagnostics, patient handling, infection control, consumables and emergency first aid are just some of the product areas you’ll find on the Steroplast stand. If there is a product you’re looking for, or you just want to know there’s an alternative supplier, why not put Steroplast to the test. In addition, the company has recently been awarded a new NHS contract, adding to its other NHS approved lines. Winning the war on superbugs Superbugs are always making news. What appears to get less coverage is the fact that Clinell, the number one infection control range in the NHS

is winning the war on these killer germs. Clinell’s latest product range is extensive and combats all the Superbugs, including C-Diff, MRSA, E-Coli and many more. Steroplast’s exclusive distribution of the Clinell range ensures you get the most competitive prices available.

Visit Steroplast Healthcare Ltd on Stand J23.

SP introduces retail area due to popular demand

Stretchers with XPS meet current tip stability standards for both patient and provider safety1. Engineered for durability and cleanability, XPS features a 6061-T6 aluminium core and over-mould design.

Stryker Medical is a division of the Stryker Corporation, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. Stryker offers an extensive range of EMS equipment, orthopaedic product portfolio, including hip, knee and upper extremity reconstructive devices, bone cement, trauma implants, bone substitutes, joint preservation products and spine systems.

Visit Stryker on Stand C22. 1 Certified to IEC 60601-1 for Power-PRO XT and Power-PRO TL. BS-EN 1789 for Power-PRO XT, Power-PRO TL, and PerformancePRO XT.

With a new venue and a new dates there’s a lot going for this year’s Emergency Services Show. The always popular SP Services stand will feature not only a demonstration area but also, in a return to form, a full retail area. “Our retail area has always been popular in the past at other venues and it’s something we frequently get asked for. So this year by popular demand, we’re bringing it back,” said Steve Bray, Managing Director of SP Services. “Our recent move to our new larger HQ, Bastion House, has given us the facilities to prepare for events like this at the level we always wanted to. We’ve got a lot of plans for great products to show off at the show, and the retail side of it lets us bring the smaller products to our individual customers who are guaranteed to pick up a few bargains.”

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Pre-order and pick up your order at the show It’s not only a chance to buy at the show, but also to pre-order on the SP website or by calling the company’s customer services line, then arrange to pick up your goods at the show and therefore save any carriage charges. Technical knowledge As always SP will be displaying the benefits of some of its newest and most popular items while members of the SP team will be on hand to take on your technical questions. So if you’re going to the Emergency Services Show this year, don’t forget to drop by Stand J11 and say hello to the SP team.

Visit SP Services (UK) Ltd on Stand J11.

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| 79

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Area lighting in See the lighter light an instant IPLS is a supplier of high-quality, cost-effective and durable lighting solutions for emergency, industrial, mining and recreational applications. The company’s range of Smithlight lighting systems is the number one choice for portable area lighting in the most demanding of conditions. The Smithlight range of products offers unparalleled levels of robustness and portability regardless of the environment. Constructed from automotive grade aluminium and polycarbonate with an IP65 rating and resistance to both UV and salt water, the Smithlight range is the preferred choice for emergency or remote location lighting. It also features a flash setting, which, when combined with IPLS’s coloured lenses, enables the units to be used as a hazard or way marker.

The Peli 9420 area light is ideal for lighting an emergency scene, particularly in remote or difficult to access areas. Weighing only 3.81kg, the 9420 is compact and easily portable and the mast extends above 1.5m, allowing a wide area of illumination. The unit folds down quickly to a handy 74cm long. The 9420 LED can be set up in seconds and the battery pack can be charged independently to the lighting system.

The Peli 9420 area light is compact and portable.

Scene lighting Peli Area lighting systems offer powerful, rechargeable, LED lighting – a safe, economic and convenient alternative to generator powered units. With silent operation and no trailing cables to create a trip hazard, they offer durability and dependability. No fumes are emitted and no liquid fuel is required. iPhone® cases Protect your iPhone® 5 with a new Peli ProGear™ rugged case. With years of experience in equipment protection, Peli launches a range of smartphone cases offering practical but stylish protection. The Peli Progear CE1180 Vault case features a three-layer, full-enclosure design, which protects from wind-driven rain, snow and dust. The elastomeric rubber liner absorbs shock and impact while the durable screen cover features anti-scratch technology. The Peli ProGear CE1150 Protector case protects the iPhone® 5 from daily drops and wear and tear. There are two layers of protection: a tough, shockdeflecting outer shell that saves the iPhone’s glass face from direct impact on flat surfaces; and a soft, elastomeric interior lining to protect from scratches and impact.

Visit Peli Products (UK) Ltd on Stand H9.

CFM showcases hands-free options Smithlight offers instant area lighting whenever it is required.

Portable and practical the Smithlight can be charged from AC, DC or solar panel and has a battery life of up to 48 hours field use between charges. Utilising the latest in LED technology the system is built with three main objectives in mind: quality, reliability and value. Smithlight offers instant area lighting whenever it is required. Manual handling is significantly reduced and there is no need for fuel or expensive generators, which significantly reduces costs and helps contribute to environmental targets. With a choice of five different rechargeable models, including a new EX-rated model, the EX90L T4, which can work in greater sensitive areas in explosive environments, whatever your application IPLS is sure to have a model to suit your needs. Also on show this year will be the new 10W and 20W LED rechargeable lights, which can run for up to six hours off one charge and are highly portable. The LED rechargeable lights can be charged from either 240V mains or via the in-car charger.

Visit IPLS on Stand B26.

At this year’s show CFM Services will be showing several new products, as well as a selection of updated favourites. From Bright Star, the manufacturer of the popular Lighthawk LED, comes the Responder RA LED – a new, right-angled firefighter’s light. Featuring a beam distance of 374m and a smokecutting beam of 170 lumens, it is available as either an AA alkaline or lithium-ion rechargeable model. The steel clip on the rear can be securely attached to clothing, breathing apparatus or similar for hands-free operation. Value for money The Bright Star Lighthawk itself has gone from strength to strength as more UK services have adopted the LED lantern in recognition of its excellent performance and value for money. CFM is due to launch new Lighthawk models this autumn – features, options and specifications of these exciting new lights will be up for discussion with CFM at the show. The Nomad family has expanded with a new, smaller addition to the Area Light range. The Nomad NOW is a transportable LED floodlight, which can be used as a handheld torch, placed on a

Emergency Services Times August 2013

flat surface or mounted on a tripod. CFM will be demonstrating the Nomad NOW at the show alongside its siblings, the original Nomad 4000 Prime and the unique 360-degree Area Light, the Nomad 360. The company’s range of Eflare LED safety beacons will also be on display, including new models and systems. CFM Services provides specialist lighting equipment, including safety torches, search lights, remote area lights and LED beacons to all branches of the emergency services and other leading rescue organisations throughout the UK

Visit CFM Services on Stand M7.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


The future of portable LED lighting

The Solaris Lite 10K can light up huge areas with white, shadow-free light.

NightSearcher Ltd will present the future of portable LED lighting, the Solaris 10K. This breakthrough in LED technology is an end to a reliance on generatorpowered halogen or fluorescent sources. The Solaris Lite 10K is portable, lightweight (7.9kg) and will light up huge areas with white, shadow-free light. Its high-power LED design allows the beam to cover greater distances, superb performance at 10,000 lumens on high, 6000 lumens on medium and 3000 lumens on low, where an extended running time is required. This makes it ideal for a range of

applications such as road traffic incidents, scenes of crime etc, as a single head can illuminate a 50m area. Fitted with the latest Lithium Ion battery technology ensures that the unit is ultra-compact and lightweight for maximum portability yet will operate for three hours on full power, six hours on 6000 and nine hours on 3000, giving an intense white light that generates over 1300 Lux at 5m. Supplied and incorporated in a specialist outdoor case, the Nightsearcher Solaris Lite can be set up in less than 60 seconds. Incredibly robust, the unit is made from tough ABS plastic and is water and shock resistant to allow operation in all weather conditions. The latest Li-ion battery technology allows for the unit to be made much lighter and the weight is less than 6kg so manual handling has been greatly reduced. The added benefits are the reliability, as Li-ion can be left for long periods of time without charging, produces no heat, operates silently and offers a huge saving in carbon emissions, being 99 percent more efficient than generator powered lighting.

LED torch boasts a host of new features The COAST™ HP314 focusable LED torch features: Fingertip Speed Focus™ for rapid adjustment from spot to flood beam; and Beam Lock™ for locking the beam in the ideal position – all of which is done in a simple one-handed motion while still holding and pointing the torch.

The torch also features a light output of 1132 lumens for the most demanding of tasks, combined with long run-times (up to 192 hours at Low – 95 lumens setting), and a beam distance of 683m (High – 1132 lumens).

Visit Nightsearcher Ltd on Stand L11.

Infection control in the bag Speedings Ltd prides itself on producing quality bespoke products, supplying the UK emergency services with innovative safety system solutions for nearly 30 years. All of the company’s products are manufactured at its Sunderland factory by highly skilled machinists using only the best quality materials backed by a professional personal customer service. This year the company will be mainly showing its range of infection control medical bags. These bags, all of which are printed, are being designed to make the maximum use of the bag’s capacity by ensuring all items have their own space. The company will also be using this multi-agency show to exhibit its products aimed at dealing with BA user entrapment issues, including its wire cutter set, comprising the Draper Ergo Plus wire cutters together with pouch, and Anti-Entrapment strap in Nomex, wedge pouches and cylinder covers. Visit Speedings Ltd on Stand K34.

Despite all these incredible specifications, probably the most impressive feature of the HP314 is its patented Pure Beam™ focusing optic system, which produces pure, flawless white beams without any of the rings, shadowing or imperfections, usually found on adjustable-focus torches. Pure Beam™ is designed to produce long-distance beams when in ‘Spot mode’ with a bright core and a wide peripheral halo, resulting in more light area and visibility.

Olight torches push the limits of LED technology Olight has carved out a global reputation for top quality, high-powered torches, which are now used by police officers and search and rescue teams throughout the world, including in the UK by Firearms and Counter Terror Police specialist teams. Olight is constantly pushing the limits of LED technology to create the most advanced torches on the market. These goals have produced the 5000 lumen X6 Marauder, a lightweight rechargeable searchlight capable of lighting up everything around you out to 640m. Last year saw the launch of the SR95UT (Ultra Throw) rechargeable unit, which, with its focused beam and 1250 lumens, resulted in Olight’s first unit to achieve a 1000m beam throw! This year the new M22 Warrior has been getting

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

all the attention with its massive 950 lumens from a small hand held tactical unit. ‘Small and powerful at the right price’ is a common request and the new Mavericks or the Baton series, with their magnetic bases, fulfil these criteria. Need a torch for close up work and worried about the traditional LED Hotspot? The entire Olight range has diffusers now available for each model, which removes this old issue and makes Olight ideal for any forensic need. Lastly, Olight is so confident of the build quality of its range, that all the new models being launched now have a five-year warranty.

Not just brighter but better This exciting new product range is now exclusively available in the UK and Ireland for the first time via BBB Investments Ltd, which adds the COAST™ programme to its existing NEXTORCH™ and myTorch™ ranges. In addition, all COAST products are backed by an extensive five-year warranty.

Visit Deben Group Industries on Stand M46.

Visit COAST/NEXTORCH on Stand M53.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Protection against the elements

Aquapac, from Aquapac International Limited, is the award-winning British brand of waterproof backpacks, duffels and electronics cases offering IPX8 protection for VHF, GPS, mobile and other technologies against water, sand, dust and dirt. Celebrating its 30th year in business, but first year at The Emergency Services Show, Aquapac products sell in over 65 countries and to many emergency personnel the world over. Launching at the show will be the Peter Jones ILG KLICKFAST connected phone/radio cases, which fix securely to your vest, deck or other KLICKFAST dock. OEM and custom case orders considered.

Revolutionary rechargeable LED torches LED Lenser® will be displaying its market-leading range of LED torches, and in particular its recently introduced new heavy-duty rechargeable models – the stunning M17R and P17R. Both torches incorporate newly developed cutting edge technology, designed to take rechargeable performance to a new level, and with torch construction and lighting features produced to the very highest level. They have been designed specifically for emergency services personnel, firefighters, the police, security companies, and those working in the heavy-duty industrial sector. The torches feature the latest CREE® LED light chip, the patented LED Lenser® Advanced Focus System™ for spot to flood beam lighting, with Smart Light Technology™, a clever micro-chip controller that enables a wide selection of light programmes and light options. In addition to outstanding performance and practical lighting functions, both torches incorporate a new highefficiency battery, the Safety Ytrion Cell®.

Visit Aquapac International Limited on Stand A13.

Knife supplier has bright ideas Casstrom is a supplier of top quality knives and accessories. The latest addition to the company’s portfolio, however, is Fenix torches. The quality, intelligent design and fantastic weight to output ratios of Fenix torches present fantastic value. Ideal for tactical, rescue or personal use, Fenix torches are leaders in the LED flashlight industry and their LED bulbs don’t need replacing – the LEDs will probably outlast you! The most powerful torch in the range, the RC40, produces 3500 lumens and a beam throw of 700m. The latest compact Fenix torch, the PD35, weighs only 87g and produces an 850 lumens output. Other brands on the Casstrom stand will include: EKA knives and folding saws, known for durability and functionality, from Sweden; EnZo, top quality knives from Finland, made from the best materials available, including O1 and D2 tool steel and S30V powder steel; Hultafors, a brand of functional knives and axes from Sweden; 5etta, a producer of innovative gloves for demanding conditions, which are specifically made for dog handling, shooting and cold conditions; Work Sharp tool sharpeners, a great sharpening system that can get knives, blades, axes, prying tools as well as climbing equipment back to new condition in an easy and safe way without losing the tempering of the steel; and Blade Tech pocket knife and tool sharpeners and Casstrom’s most compact knife and tool sharpener.

Visit Casstrom Ltd on Stand P38.

On the low power setting (120 lumens) the M17R easily achieves 36 hours burn time.

The M17R really packs a powerful punch. It’s 850 lumen output when combined with the Advanced Focus System™ results in a light that

will shine for up to 450m. On the low power setting (120 lumens) 36 hours burn time is easily achieved. It features the newly developed Fast Action Switch™ for instant light programme selection, and the ingenious Floating Charge System PRO™, which provides a wear-free magnetic contact and easy fuss-free charging (no need to remove the battery for charging). The Ytrion battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. The M17R is supplied with a heavy duty belt clip and charging cradle, all in a bespoke durable case for storage and transportation.

The P17R high performance torch.

The P17R is likewise a very high performance torch, which has been specifically calibrated to deliver long burn times. Its full 400 lumen output discharge cycle can be delivered for around 10 hours of use. However, on a low power setting (50 lumens) it will keep shining for nearly two full days (42 hours) without recharge. It likewise features the Floating Charge System PRO™, so is the ideal choice for those who value energy efficient, rechargeable and long-lasting LED lighting. The P17R is supplied with a heavy-duty belt clip and charging cradle, all in a stylish gift box.

Visit LED Lenser on Stand J40.

Carry bags and cases Portability Ltd is based in Redditch, Worcestershire and has been manufacturing and importing a wide range of carry bags and cases for over 30 years. The company offers a range of medical /emergency/paramedic bags available from stock and also offers the facility to manufacture bespoke bags in small quantities in its UK factory or in larger quantities in its Far Eastern factory. Both offer exceptionally high quality at very competitive prices. Most of Portability’s stock bags are manufactured in a high quality 500D Tarpaulin wipe clean material and include metal fittings and YKK zips as standard. The company can also offer the option of having any logo or wording added to these bags using its printed badging system. Thermal transportation Portability’s new Porta-thermal range of thermal/vaccine transportation bags is made using a specially designed insulation material. They have been extensively tested by an independent UK testing company, based in Cambridge, which has issued the company with certificates/reports confirming that Portability’s range of thermal/vaccine bags will help keep chilled products at critical temperatures for extended periods in transit without the need for continuous refrigeration or a chilled environment.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

This range of bags is designed for the health, medical and pharmaceutical industries for the transportation of vaccines, blood, and any other temperature sensitive or perishable products. They can, however, also be used for the transportation of hot food or any hot/warm products. Portability prides itself on customer service and focuses on offering all of its customers a personal approach, with a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee your order, from start to finish.

Visit Portability Ltd on Stand A1.

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w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Control room Improve asset tracking and productivity furniture debut with barcode technology for EnVision console Advances in technology and increasing demands on

Leading control room furniture manufacturer Winsted Europe & Middle East is returning to The Emergency Services Show in September 2013 and will be exhibiting its new EnVision Command Console. Visitors can see EnVision’s range of operational benefits first-hand on Winsted’s stand during the two-day event. EnVision is Winsted’s next-generation console, built for today’s control room technology. Its radical new modular design blends form and function in an ergonomically optimised single, double or triple tier monitor-wall configuration. Whatever the format, operator sight lines and viewing angles are maximised, while staff remain comfortable and productive. The EnVision is the latest addition to Winsted’s comprehensive range of ergonomic and ‘futureproof’ modular consoles, as well as its flexible and engineered products, including monitor walls, workstations and digital desks. The company’s modular furniture offers construction advantages enabling their configuration to be tailored specifically to meet precise operating requirements. Winsted’s vast range of products and related accessories can be supplied from stock or customised and Winsted’s R&D programme benefits from continual input based on customer feedback. Winsted representatives will be on-hand throughout the show to offer the company’s free design service, discuss customer-specific requirements and provide helpful information and advice on a range of control room-based issues.

Visit Winsted Ltd on Stand J32.

the emergency services have led to new, and often expensive, equipment being introduced. With services operating 24 hours a day vast amounts of equipment are being used, signed in/out of stores at all times of day. Anything from vehicles, firearms, computing equipment and tools, to medical equipment and supplies, tracking of equipment and keeping up with stock levels can be problematic. Successful tracking of all equipment may seem overwhelming, especially using manual sign/out registers and traditional spreadsheets. Wasp Barcode Technologies has tried and tested solutions that will easily track all assets and inventory efficiently and accurately, saving time and money. Asset management solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies make it simple to track valuable assets. The Wasp MobileAsset solution allows easy tracking of assets using unique barcode tags, managing not just where equipment is, and who has it, but also the depreciation value, servicing schedules and equipment condition. Through the use of pre-installed, user configurable reports, users are able to manage, track and report on asset locations and value at all times. Wasp Barcode Technologies can also help

organisations to manage stock and track inventory with its InventoryControl solution. This efficient and intuitive system makes it easy to eliminate stock tracking errors and reduce costly inventory errors or missing stock. Wasp’s InventoryControl solution accurately tracks stock levels, saving cost and improving productivity. The automated processes in Wasp’s MobileAsset and InventoryControl solutions reduce the risk of human error, lost equipment and running out of critical stock items, saving time and money for all concerned.

Visit WASP Barcode Technologies on Stand H35.

Store it – secure it – preserve it Whether for personal clothing, uniform, PPE or equipment, Arkinstall Limited offers bespoke solutions to all your storage needs. Its extensive range includes lockers and benching systems for cloakrooms as well as specialist storage solutions for PPE and equipment used within the emergency services. With the cost of such equipment getting ever more expensive it makes good sense to ensure kit is stored securely and safely to prolong its working life. Arkinstall Limited has been producing storage and changing room equipment for various applications for over 50 years. During this time the company has built strong relationships with all aspects of the emergency services provision in the UK and has supplied into export markets. A family owned business, Arkinstall is committed to providing excellent service and solving storage problems in a way that fits both available space and available budget. The Arkinstall name is known for quality of build and strength of customer service. The company aims to find an innovative solution to your particular needs so you can best utilise your

storage space facility. Solutions are often bespoke in design. As such the company also offers, as part of the service, a free no obligation site survey and quotation supported by a full CadCam drawing. Turnaround time from visit to installation can be as quick as three weeks, although generally a four to six week timescale is suggested.

Visit Arkinstall on Stand A34.

Innovation through product development Enhancing its reputation as a leader in providing the most versatile, strongest and practical emergency services storage systems available, underscored by its continuous programme of product development, at this year’s Emergency Services Show GearGrid will be featuring two new products. Firstly, the Station Wagon has been introduced to provide an efficient, safe and practical method of transporting cylinders, hose and other equipment around a facility. This ingenious, heavy-duty cart addresses the health and safety issues relating to

lifting and moving heavy equipment and awkward items. The use of removable equipment storage baskets can easily be transported from the unit to the appliance and secured onboard. It has been designed to fit through standard doorways and has a minimal turning circle. The second new product is the Dive Suit Hanger. One comment frequently heard by GearGrid is that conventional storage equipment does not provide sufficient height to store dive suits without being creased or folded. The GearGrid engineers

Emergency Services Times August 2013

have now solved this problem with the introduction of a dive suit hanging rail that can be fitted to any existing GearGrid locker system. This rail is fully adjustable to provide up to 2.7m of hanging space. These products, plus examples of wall-mounted and mobile PPE lockers, cylinder storage, kitbag and hose storage systems, together with the versatile Slinger work station, will all be on show.

Visit Geargrid (VI Distribution Ltd) on Stand G51.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

ESTESS2013 | 85

Audited key control and asset management Keys, tools and equipment can be managed and controlled effectively in your workplace by using a Keytracker system, which are proven to drastically reduce unnecessary expenditure and improve staff utilisation of keys and valuable equipment. Keytracker is your one stop shop for probably the biggest range available in the key and asset tracking market; whether

it’s budget, security, time management or purely organisational requirements, Keytracker can help. During 2013 the company has seen an increase in the requirement for audited key control, so to address this it has modified its original Mechanical ‘peg in – peg out’ key control system by utilising the revolutionary RFID technology used in iLockerz to offer users probably the most cost effective auditable solution available in the market today. Visit Keytracker’s stand and see how a simple but effective system can be integrated into your workplace without major disruption, and learn how the ROI will be instantly visible in both time and resources.

Visitors to the show will also be able to see the rest of the company’s range, including: mechanical – coloured ‘peg in’ – ‘peg out’ key systems, the most cost-effective solution, are available from just 10p per key per week (additional secure cabinet options available); software – simple virtual key board or barcode versions; electronic key cabinets – locking or nolocking versions with an abundance of optional features available, including alcometers or armour-plated cabinet doors; and iLockerz – unique stand-alone RFID locker systems, designed, manufactured and supported in the UK. Keytracker Ltd was established in 1996. Based in the West Midlands, the company is accredited with ISO 9001 and IIP.

Visit Keytracker Ltd on Stand A5.

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Emergency Services Times August 2013


Training tower marks RoSPA-accredited driver training Crofton’s 60th year Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd is the first company to be accredited by RoSPA as a training body for emergency response driver and instructor training and the first to offer a National Diploma in Emergency Response Driving Instruction accredited by RoSPA. The company’s mission is: to provide RoSPA-accredited competency-based emergency response blue light driver training at your location to meet your needs and the needs of Section 19 of the Road Safety Act 2006 and the High Speed Driver Training codes of practice. The company’s courses, which are conducted by its team of highly qualified ex-emergency services instructors, include. • Ambulance Emergency Response Driver Training – for personnel who are required to respond under emergency response conditions in an ambulance vehicle category B, C1 or D1 In its 60th anniversary year, for the first time, Crofton Engineering Limited will be providing a Training Tower at The Emergency Services Show 2013 at the NEC. From past experience Crofton knows that its products are eminently adaptable. The company has provided towers modified for the police service requirements and is currently in discussions and working to design a range of products that would provide facilities for HART teams, including working at height, BA facilities (based on its design for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service at Milton) and Urban Search and Rescue. Exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show follows on from UKRO 2013 where Crofton provided an innovative structure based around two free standing FT96 Training Towers on a specially designed base, with a link bridge between them. These are standard towers but with some of the standard safety features, such as internal barriers around the ladder wells, omitted. The link bridge had hatch sections in the flooring. This provided a variety of challenges, not least of which included the assessors hanging from the outside of the structure to be able to observe and judge the participant rope rescue challenge teams.

• Fire Appliance Emergency Response Driver Training – for personnel who are required to respond under emergency response conditions in a vehicle category C • Airport Fire Appliance and 4x4 Emergency Response Driver Training – for personnel that are required to respond under emergency response conditions airside or landside

Visit Decisions (D4H) on Stand B16.

• Emergency Response Driver Refresher and Re-assessment course – tailored refresher and re-assessment courses on all vehicle categories • Driver Training Support and Resilience Services – highly qualified ex-emergency services driving instructors to support your driver training section for long or short-term periods. Courses are available across the UK and worldwide, seven days a week.

Visit Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd on Stand A15.

friendly, a considerate neighbour and off-set your organisation’s carbon foot print. It is designed to remove harmful unburned products of combustion from the over pressure within a carbonaceous fire simulator. The products are collected and cleaned with little or no visible smoke plumes being produced at the exhaust.

Visit Crofton Engineering Limited on Stand P61.

[D4H] is a comprehensive suite of tools to track equipment, personnel, incidents, and training. It is used by thousands of responders globally in oil and gas, industrial health and safety, pharmaceutical, hazmat, emergency services, public safety, search and rescue, government, security and transportation. Multi-award winning response team software, [D4H] is perfect for both multi-team regional collaboration and standalone units and allows users to discover incident trends, training requirements and exposure to risks.

• National Diploma in Emergency Response Driving Instruction – instructor training, accredited by RoSPA, is available on all vehicle categories and designed for personnel that are required to deliver emergency response driver training

Environmentally friendly fire simulators

Tracking software

• Car/RRV and 4x4 Emergency Response Driver Training – for personnel that respond in a vehicle licence category ‘B’ or 4x4 category ‘B’

Minerva Simulator Facilities Ltd (MSF) was established in 1999 and is a specialist in supplying the fire industry with all aspects of fire training equipment worldwide. Working alongside military, civil airport and county fire and rescue services, MSF has gained the knowledge and experience to design and supply all types of fire simulators. The company also offers a range of service contracts along with training solutions for the fire safety industry. The company’s most recent development, the Pulse Jet Filtration System, enables your fire and rescue service to maintain hostile conditions within real fire training simulators while ensuring you maintain obligations by being environmentally

Emergency Services Times August 2013

Efficient and effective Pulse Jet Filtration is designed for particle collection and enhances the quality of air released from combustion processes. This product is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods available. MSF products can be retro fitted to existing structures or bespoke in conjunction with new build fire simulators. Minerva Simulator Facilities Ltd offers: simulator design, fabrication and installation; fire ground design and civil installation; temperature monitoring systems; bespoke breathing apparatus training equipment; environmental friendly filtration systems; confined space training simulators; mobile recruitment training facilities; and service and repair.

Visit Minerva Simulator Facilities Ltd on Stand G35.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Exciting times for The Fire Service College

Hot fire training simulators Simulation is a British company with an international customer base that specialises in hot fire training simulators. Since its formation in 1999, the company has grown to be a major force in the world of fire training, with the capability to design, manufacture and install hot fire training rigs to customers’ specifications across a wide range of sectors, including: local authorities; naval; military; oil and petrochemical; industrial and offshore; and Class 10 airports, in the UK and overseas. Simulation’s dedicated, qualified and experienced team delivers turnkey solutions through a close collaboration with its customers, innovative concepts and outstanding quality of products and services. The company offers a full range of training and services, which is customised to the requirements of each customer. Simulation has successfully installed a vast range of hot fire simulators in different sectors and locations throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East: airports: from mobile units to wide bodied triple decked aircrafts and

The Fire Service College is delighted to be exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show. This is an exciting time for the college, which is on a transformational journey and working hard to realise its vision of becoming a world-class centre for fire and multi-agency training and development. cabin crew fire training units; maritime: damage repair units and ship fire simulators; civil defence: fire houses, BA galleries, training towers and car fires; and industrial: oil tanks, split flanges, spill fires and multi-storey industrial complexes. Behind every simulator is a highly qualified and dedicated team of people, ensuring customers get far more than a fire simulator.

Visit Simulation on Stand D24.

Amputees add realism to training scenarios From providing amputee actors for film and television work, Amputees in Action began extending its services some years ago to provide simulated live casualties (role players) for the military and emergency services, bringing a heightened sense of realism to simulated training exercises. Today, supported by its own dedicated team of special effects artists, the authenticity that the highly trained actors from Amputees in Action bring to medical training scenarios has to be seen to be believed. Some people may be shocked by what the company can do but Amputees in Action makes no apologies for that. By de-sensitising medics and

paramedics to the reality of encountering the horrific sight of accident victims with severed limbs, it can help prepare them to work within the ‘inner cordon’, dealing with real-life incidents calmly, efficiently and effectively. The first agency in the UK to provide such a service, Amputees in Action is proud of the contribution it makes to saving lives. The company knows that the kind of ‘hands-on’ training scenarios that it makes possible have more impact than any other kind of simulation. Regular demonstrations will be taking place on both days of The Emergency Services Show 2013.

A lot is happening. The college has a new brand identity and a fresh new look. It has also upgraded many of its courses and has introduced a number of new ones too, many of which will be launched at the show. But that’s not all. The Fire Service College is also in the process of upgrading its accommodation, IT, BA facilities, website and even its catering so that visitors have a truly rewarding experience. This is a big investment but one that the college is committed to making while all the time understanding how important it is to get it right.

Visit Amputees in Action Ltd on Stand K40.

Adding realism with smoke Concept Smoke Systems has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality smoke generators for almost 50 years, supplying over 80 percent of the UK fire and rescue services, as well as major training centres throughout the world, with a cost effective, safe simulant smoke to add significant realism to training exercises. The company’s Fire Training Range includes everything from hand-held smoke generators for confined spaces, portable battery and gas-powered smoke machines for remote locations, water-based smoke for general breathing apparatus training, oilbased smoke for live fire behaviour training and highly persistent smoke for PPV training. Concept’s design, manufacture, support and research and development offices are all based in the UK and have operated under ISO 9001 since 1991. Services also include: consultancy advice on special projects and emergency exercises; design

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

and manufacture of special builds; hire of experienced operators for exercises/installations; UK-based servicing; repairs and maintenance; maintenance courses; and technical after sales assistance.

Have your say! The Fire Service College is committed to listening to and engaging with its customers to get a better understanding of the issues and priorities facing the emergency services sector as a whole – it wants to know what you think. That’s why the FSC stand this year is all about you. It is your opportunity to tell the college what you think of it, the market, the budget cuts and more. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the debate and to drive real change. Visit the team on Stand D69 and see for yourself just how different the college is now. You can also pick up a personalised artist drawing of you and your team. Finally, don’t leave the show without visiting our exiting and innovative Transformation IGLOO on Stand L60. Immerse yourself in a real live emergency situation and find out what the future at the college really looks like.

Visit Concept Smoke Systems on Stand D34.

Visit The Fire Service College on Stand D69.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Are you ready?

This was the question asked to 130 people back in May, just five weeks before 177,000 participants arrived at a farm in Somerset ready to enjoy a glorious, sunny Glastonbury Festival 2013! The answer, at the end of a day of tabletop exercises and training sessions led by Training 4 Resilience (T4R) was undoubtedly ‘Yes!’ – and the successful festival a few weeks later was the proof. But the festival team, like many other multi-disciplined teams up and down the country know just how important it is to regularly train and exercise together, and validate emergency plans. T4R specialises in designing and delivering tabletop exercises that validate plans, develop staff competences and test established procedures. Having an independent assessment of arrangements is one of the major benefits of using the T4R Exercise Design and Delivery service; and detailed post exercise reports provide documented evidence and recommendations for teams to consider following the exercise. T4R also offers a range of training courses and workshops covering a variety of different resilience topics. These will look at identifying organisation strengths and weaknesses, finding practical solutions and developing continuous improvement frameworks and action plans. One-day Exercise Design courses are also new this autumn. Each course will be based around a specific risk area (for example, Severe Weather) and will provide participants with both the principles of exercise design, as well as a take home pack including templates and a core scenario to use for their own local exercises.

Visit Training 4 Resilience on Stand M26.

Value of smoke machines is clear to see Le Maitre Ltd, the British manufacturer of smoke machines and fluids, has been supplying equipment to the emergency services for many years. Departments across the country have found them invaluable in their BA training sessions, with many using them on an almost daily basis. These powerful smoke machines, with smoke output ranges from 500 to 1100 cubic metres/minute, provide a realistic, reduced visibility environment, producing huge amounts of dense white, non-toxic smoke. The G300 smoke and haze machine is a longstanding leader in the industry, while more recently, Le Maitre has introduced the GForce 1, GForce 2 and GForce3. These models are ideal for the simulation training exercises, being pure smoke generators, engineered with new design and manufacturing enhancements to make them extremely economical. With their powerful continuous output, mechanical failsafe, compact designs and ease of use, each one is a robust, reliable and essential piece of training equipment. Where a lighter, portable unit is required, the canister-based Mini Mist is the perfect solution,

operating for up to 20 minutes unplugged. All the smoke machines can be used with Le Maitre’s own Industrial Smoke Fluid. This water-based, non-toxic fluid is perfectly engineered for BA training. A combination of mono/polyglycol, glycerol and de-mineralised water produces a dense white smoke with consistent particle size and lengthy hang-time, sustainable even at high temperatures. Approximately one hour of smoke output can be achieved with a five-litre bottle of fluid.

Visit Le Maitre Ltd on Stand M9.

Experience the immersive world of 3D XVR is the world’s leading simulation-based education, training and assessment software platform for safety and security professionals. It is primarily used by educators of police, fire and rescue and medical services, industry, traffic and tunnel operators. The software provides a highly interactive and effective learning environment: instructors can easily create incident scenarios in realistic 3D environments. With around 30 different environments (cities, highways, farms and many more) and over 2200 unique 3D objects in XVR’s object library, such as simulated ambulances, fire trucks, personnel and many others, every created scenario is customisable to your trainings’ learning goals. At The Emergency Service Show 2013, E-Semble will present XVR 2013. Visitors will be able to experience the simulation software first hand, see how a scenario is created and how you can use XVR for your training needs. E-Semble’s new product, XVR Crisis Media, is an online platform that simulates not only different

(social) media, but also reactions of citizens during incidents. Its goal is to teach participants how to deal with the media and reactions from the public. By using XVR Crisis Media with other XVR modules for operational, tactical and strategic levels, it is possible to exercise in an effective and innovative way when preparing for crises and incidents. XVR is developed by E-Semble, a Dutch company based in Delft. E-Semble is European market leader in simulation software for the public safety and security sector. It has more than 10 years’ experience and has customers in over 20 countries.

Visit E-Semble bv on Stand E30.

Customised live fire training that makes an impact HAAGEN offers a complete line of fire and safety training products that allow professional instructors and firefighters to conduct realistic and effective hands-on training exercises across a broad spectrum of emergency scenarios, including fire extinguisher training, hazmat training, search and rescue and live-fire training. The company will be launching its latest product, the Flashfire™ Training System, which creates scaled backdrafts, flashovers and gas explosions for training that makes an impact. With the FlashFire Training System instructors can show trainees the conditions that lead to these dangerous situations, demonstrate the tactics to reduce risk and show what can happen in a worst-case scenario. HAAGEN is also a global leader in developing the largest and most advanced fire training systems,

buildings and complexes around the world. Its engineers develop a wide range of systems, from life-sized helicopter and vehicle fire training props to large-scale complexes featuring residential, industrial, and transportation simulations. The company can incorporate a range of fire technologies into its training systems and centres from gas-based, digital and its dual-burner to clean air options. HAAGEN training systems and centres provide hands-on training solutions for any high-risk industry. The company serves a wide range of industries requiring fire and safety training, including airline, military, fire departments, oil and gas organisations, petro-chemical companies and training academies.

Visit HAAGEN on Stands H13 and H15.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Tried and tested command support system VectorCommand will be demonstrating the latest developments to its Command Support System (CSS), the innovative software tool used operationally by incident and sector commanders to deliver superior situational awareness, resulting in better-informed command decisions. Also on the stand visitors will be able to see Command Link, which acts as a mobilising emulator, sending main scheme messages into CSS, so that the system can be used to train all levels of commander and command support staff.

The Command Support System is currently used by over 25 percent of the UK fire and rescue services and is running across 13 major incident rooms, over 30 command vehicles and on hundreds of mobile devices on a daily basis. CSS is a tried and tested solution, which has been in operational use for several years by many of the world’s leading blue light services, including London Fire Brigade, South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service and Cleveland Fire Brigade. Essential functionality CSS is, in effect, a digital command pack and automatically updates all devices on the network, sharing the same information between multiple users so that each user is able to look at different levels of detail of the Common Operational Picture (COP) at the same time, be that in Gold Command, in the control room, on mobile command units and, increasingly, on tablet devices right at the heart of the incident ground. No other command support software can support this essential functionality. Key benefits Even if communications are lost temporarily during an incident, the ‘client’ server, normally on the ICU, can still be used to manage the incident. The COP will still be updated on the server and will be automatically shared across the incident ground (and back to the control room) as soon as communications have been restored. This is one of the key benefits of the Command Support System over web-based systems, which are obviously subject to the quality of their internet communications.

Visit VectorCommand Ltd on Stand L55.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

Improved patient care through innovation Simulaids Ltd understands the challenges of professionals in all aspects of rescue and patient care. The company is an approved distributor for Simulaids and Lifeform branded training products. Based in Coalville, in Leicestershire, its aim is to supply and support its customers with an extensive product range, offering next day delivery in many instances. This is achieved by stocking most products in the UK, ready to meet customers’ needs. Simulaids’ product range covers many and varied items for use in basic life support training, advanced life support training, patient simulation, general medical, casualty simulation and patient moving manikins. The company supplies and supports an extensive range of anatomical models, while also providing an approved service centre for warranty, service and repair of its products. Try before you buy In many cases Simulaids has demonstration units so you can try before you buy. With products of this nature it is difficult to view a picture and assess the application performance suitability; Simulaids carries a varied range of demonstrators for all potential customers to carry out valuable pre-

purchase assessment. Where there are comments and concerns that prevent purchase, the company looks into these in detail with its research and development team to try and accommodate any viable changes. Feedback from existing and potential customers is important in order to include the modifications and improvements the marketplace demands Simulaids’ range of training aids is extremely easy to use and maintain. Every effort is made to provide customers with affordable, lifelike and durable training equipment for years of reliable use. Simulaids training models are designed to enhance your speed and expertise, and improve your training process.

Visit Simulaids Ltd on Stand J22.

Comprehensive emergency operations training blends research with technical expertise The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) is an internationally recognised leader in broad-based technical training and professional services in search and rescue, hazmat, EMS, aircraft rescue, fire fighting and emergency management. As a vital member of The Texas A&M University System, the agency provides a wide range of customised, hands-on and on-site training and technical solutions impacting homeland security and occupational safety and enhancement. Leveraging employee expertise and a cadre of subject matter experts, TEEX operates the world’s most comprehensive emergency operations training complex, located in College Station, Texas. This world famous complex includes: the Brayton Fire Training Field, the world’s largest live-fuelled firefighter training facility; the Emergency Operations Training Centre, a simulation and computer-based technologies incident management training facility; and Disaster City, a mock community simulating various levels of disaster and wreckage. Global reach Whether from its College Station, Texas, headquarters, through outreach programmes at client locations worldwide, or at one of its unique accredited training facilities, TEEX serves nearly 200,000 emergency responders representing all 50

states, the District of Colombia, five US territories and more than 60 countries each year. TEEX provides innovative, customised programmes for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies, governmental agencies, large municipal fire brigades, industrial petroleum companies, and volunteer fire departments. The agency has the ability to offer a full-range of services, including course design and development, online course delivery, hosting services for eLearning courses, classroom-based instruction, hands-on skills-based instruction, national certification testing, technical assistance, and technology validation, and collaborates with resources within Texas A&M University to provide a unique blend of research and technical expertise.

Visit Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) on Stand D30.

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Want training? Get Tactical!

The Tactical Training Centre is a nationally approved (College of Policing) firearms and multifunctional training facility. Its specialist trainers are accredited to the highest standards, delivering creativity, consistency and quality to every client. All of the centre’s training programmes are aligned with nationally recognised standards.

Visit Tactical Training Centre on Stand L53.

Lyon doubles its presence at the show Lyon Equipment Limited is doubling its presence at The Emergency Services Show this year and will be bringing together its Work & Rescue and Outdoor sides of the business to allow customers to see the full breadth of products the company distributes into the UK and Ireland markets. Lyon will have a mass of exciting new brands and new products to present to visitors. In addition to the well-established and highly respected Petzl work at height and rescue helmets, harnesses and hardware, Beal specialist ropes and its own branded Lyon Synergy rescue equipment, the company will be showcasing cross-over products from Ortlieb waterproof transport and storage solutions, La Sportiva footwear, Optimus cooking, Katadyn water purification and Trek ‘N Eat dried meals. Many of these brands will be launching new products in 2014 and The Emergency Services Show will be a great opportunity for visitors to learn more about current and future ranges.

Visit Rescue 3 Europe Ltd on Stand C24.

Visit Lyon Equipment Limited on Stand M58.

Guidance at incidents involving electricity networks UK Power Networks Public Safety Team will be at The Emergency Services Show 2013 to provide guidance to emergency service providers on how to stay safe when attending emergency incidents involving electricity networks. The team aims to raise awareness of the potential dangers of coming

Technical rescue training courses Rescue 3 Europe produces and delivers technical rescue training courses. More than 190,000 water, rope and boat Rescue 3 courses have been delivered in over 32 countries since 1979, to fire and rescue services, ambulance teams, mountain rescue teams, and commercial training and leisure activity providers. The company certifies and manages all European Rescue 3 training providers, instructors and students. The flagship Rescue 3 courses are Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT), Rope Rescue Technician (RRT) and Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Boat Operator (SFRBO). Rescue 3 also offers supporting courses, offering awareness qualifications, through to advanced technician and management-level qualifications. There are Rescue 3 certified instructors throughout Europe, within European fire and rescue services, mountain and water rescue teams and other outdoor professional establishments. Additionally, there are a number of training centres and individuals, which offer Rescue 3 courses on a commercial basis throughout Europe. All Rescue 3 courses are internationally recognised and accredited, and form the base training for many emergency services, whitewater professionals and rescue teams. The courses are an intensive mix of classroom and practical-based sessions that equip rescue teams and outdoor professionals with the knowledge to safeguard themselves and their team members while involved in water, boat or rope-based rescues.

With such a strong range of brands in its portfolio, backed up by the wealth of knowledge its staff has both in products and their applications in the emergency service environment, the company and its products guarantee to offer technical solutions and enhanced efficiency for many operations.

into contact with its electricity network and to support safe working practices. Through its dedicated Public Safety Team the company supports safe working practices, building positive relationships with businesses by providing tool box talks – presentations to the workforce on aspects of safety, and information for contractors. It also offers safety advice to companies where their work may bring them into contact with electrical equipment such as emergency services, agriculture, construction and demolition. The Public Safety Team also works with members of the public to help provide a safe environment for the whole community. It supports and attends community initiatives such as county shows, safety, health and awareness days, and demonstrations at events with outdoor leisure communities.

Visit UK Power Networks on Stand P68.

Safe handling of bariatric casualties More than eight million people in Britain – 26.1 percent of the adult population – are classified as clinically obese, with childhood obesity levels also rising. Increased weight increases the risk of injury to the rescuer, so it is therefore essential that adequate training be given in safe handling techniques. One issue that many fire and rescue services are encountering is the need to train to extract obese people from vehicles. Ruth Lee Ltd has produced two different bariatric rescue training manikins that cannot only be used to train emergency services how to handle a bariatric casualty but also how to extract a bariatric casualty from a road traffic accident. The Bariatric dummy is based around a 100kg general purpose dummy with a further five layers over the top, these being a mixture of the weighted layers and foam cushioning that enables the weight to slide from side to side, providing a very realistic effect. Lawrence Lee, Director of Ruth Lee, says, “It isn’t possible to simply add dead weight to one of our

Emergency Services Times August 2013

existing dummies, as that does not accurately represent the weight distribution in a larger person. Our aim was to achieve a ‘fluidity of movement’ and our designer has created a dummy that replicates, as closely as possible, the body mass of a large person, creating a realistic training tool.” “Rescuers need specific training in lifting a person of this size safely, both in terms of avoiding further damage to the casualty, and in preventing injury to the rescuers,” he added.

Visit Ruth Lee Ltd on Stand J19.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Advantages clearly signposted

EST Directory website set for show launch

Fiberweb Geosynthetics Limited will be showcasing its TERRAM fire hydrant marker plates at The Emergency Services Show 2013. The plates are manufactured to BS3251 from Luran-S copolymer for continuous external exposure; these plates are non-ageing and nonfading making them efficient, economic and versatile for marking the positions of fire hydrants.

Emergency Services Times (EST) magazine was first published in November 2000. Published by the organisers of The Emergency Services Show, Broden Media Limited, it is circulated six times a year, free of charge, to some 7500 personnel within the UK emergency services sector who have purchasing responsibilities. The magazine offers a mix of news, features, recent contracts won, personnel movements and

product innovations in the sector. Above all, it keeps readers up to date with what’s happening in the industry and, embracing an interoperability agenda, provides insight from the frontline on the latest practices, to share information between the emergency services. Broden Media will be using The Emergency Services Show 2013 to launch its EST Directory website, where users can search for people and products in the emergency services sector. In development for over two years, this online search engine for the sector promises to be a big hit with frontline personnel and will provide manufacturers and suppliers with a platform to showcase their product portfolios to the world.

Visit Emergency Services Times on Stand M52.

YPO to showcase expanding range of national contracts TERRAM fire hydrant marker plates feature colour through technology, ensuring they will last up to 20 years, significantly reducing renewal costs. Numeric and lettered snap-fit inserts display information by clipping securely into the plate. The plates can be fitted directly onto walls, fences and lampposts, or alternatively mounted onto concrete, aluminium or fibreglass posts. Aluminium and Luran-S backing plates are also available for additional security. Fiberweb Geosynthetics will also be displaying an innovation in signage technology, this new development allows individuals to read and write information on a marker plate from a smartphone or other electronic devices able to pick up a transponder signal. Alongside this the company will also be showcasing its emergency services and customised barrier tapes.

Visit Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd on Stand D17.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

YPO is delighted to be presenting a number of new public sector contracts at this year’s Emergency Services Show. Adding to the organisation’s growing portfolio dedicated to the needs of emergency services, the contracts provide legally compliant procurement solutions and savings through aggregation of public sector spend. The most recent additions to the YPO portfolio include: • Smoke Alarms and Related Products (Ref: 447) • Emergency Services Uniforms and Associated Products (Ref: 295) including the supply of items such as station wear/dress wear, personal training wear, corporate wear and uniforms • Fire Fighters Structural PPE (Ref: 299) including the supply of items such as firefighters’ tunics, trousers, helmets, boots, gloves and hoods • Fully Managed Service for Fire Fighters PPE (Ref: 377) including the leasing of personal protective equipment (PPE), care and maintenance.

The solutions offer a flexible choice of products and services from various suppliers. While saving the time and money of having to conduct a lengthy procurement process, customers of the frameworks also receive the benefit of dedicated support and post-contract management from YPO. In addition to bespoke solutions for emergency services authorities, YPO also has a wide range of contracts covering other areas of procurement in public sector organisations – truly providing a one stop shop for all goods and services. All offer an extensive choice of fully compliant solutions with approved suppliers, negotiated to achieve the best possible deal utilising aggregated buying power. Established as a joint committee of local authorities in 1974, YPO is owned by 13 constituent public sector authorities. It returns any profit made back to its customers and member authorities, delivering even better value for the taxpayer.

Visit YPO on Stand A70.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Publishing with a touch of Class Class Professional Publishing has been supporting emergency services staff for many years through its association with Jones and Bartlett Learning, who the company exclusively represents in the UK and across Europe. From first aid to advanced critical care practice, the Jones & Bartlett Learning products provide comprehensive learning packages supported by innovative technology to enhance the learning and development experience. 7th edition text This year saw the release of the new, UK 7th edition of the best selling text, Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets. Not only directly relevant to UK practice, the UK 7th edition is now fully referenced and in line with the new 2013 UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines. The Jones & Bartlett Learning catalogue of products also includes resources for the marketleading NAEMT courses, PHTLS, PHTLS Military Edition, Trauma First Response, and AMLS. These gold standard texts support the premier education programmes for pre-hospital emergency trauma care and management of medical emergencies. With further UK editions in the pipeline, and a wealth of texts covering not only emergency

medical services but also a comprehensive list of titles for fire and rescue personnel, these are exciting times for Class Professional Publishing and its association with Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Visit Class Professional Publishing on Stand C14.

We’re right behind you

Public sector printing specialists Print Data Solutions Limited (PDS) has long been established as a reliable provider for an extensive and varied products and services range. Working within the public sector for nearly 15 years, PDS has a broad knowledge throughout the industry from basic printed projects to specialist pathology bags, patient record forms, fixed penalty notices, security tags, clothing and much more. Based in the heart of the country, the company’s Northamptonshire premises are an ideal central location from which to service the UK marketplace, both logistically and personally. PDS has an on-site design studio that creates multi-channelled services both on and off-line, along with a secure print management centre, which includes security surveillance, seven days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring the company’s clients’ stock requirements are safely stored at all times. A simultaneous online stock management information system is available free to all PDS clients. This allows each user to place orders, access all stock movements and track stock replenishments. The system also provides various reporting services and has the additional feature of automated notification on low stock items and order confirmations. Matching the online service, PDS has created a controlled worldwide distribution facility and has its own fleet of vehicles for emergency deliveries. The company has built excellent relationships with various police forces, ambulance services, private and NHS hospitals, plus councils up and down the country during its 15-year existence. The key factors for PDS are service, quality and attention to detail, ensuring that all of its clients, from the largest to the smallest benefit from these elements and values.

Visit Print Data Solutions Ltd on Stand N49.

Online police resource Meet the Team: Gary Routledge – Motor Director; Grant Irwin – Associate Director; and Elena Mathison – Account Executive.

How do you measure value for money when choosing an insurance provider? Just what is it that you really need to go and compare? Insurance should be a business enabler, not a constraint and a passive cost centre. Schemes from Miles Smith are both endorsed and recommended by the BAA and the Independent Ambulance Association (IAA) – its ambulance fleet insurance is exclusively underwritten by AXA Insurance. Miles Smith has developed a range of core products for the private ambulance sector, avoiding the pitfalls of the smallprint of off-the-shelf policies. Having negotiated this framework, the company is able to advise on the actual risks facing your business and then represent you to the Underwriters at Lloyds and arrange the right cover at the right premiums.

Blue light use Particular areas of concern in this business are blue light use and malpractice. Cover for services such as emergency 999, first response, patient organ transfer (including transportation of surgical teams), psychiatric patient transfer, repatriation including airside liability, bariatric transfer, event work, and high dependency patient transfer are all covered under the Miles Smith scheme. A common cause for claims disputes arises from misunderstandings about portable medical equipment based primarily in the vehicle. This equipment is not covered under the standard motor policy and should be specifically insured under a ‘business all risks’ policy. This is expensive equipment, so check your current cover today!

Police Oracle is the leading independent police internet portal in the UK. Used by officers of every rank and from every police force it has become the default resource for officers and support staff.

Police Product Insight is an independent bimonthly international magazine covering technology, equipment and services for police and national security organisations. Visit Stand A22 for your complimentary copy.

Visit Miles Smith Ltd on Stand M31.

Visit on Stand A22.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m


Calumet puts you in the picture Calumet Photographic, the UK market leader in professional imaging retailing, has been providing complete solutions for its customers for more than 75 years. Its commitment to quality and service is displayed in its longstanding national collaborative contract for photographic equipment and consumables for all emergency services. Calumet’s corporate sales team offers clients bespoke, unmatched photographic and video knowledge and access to: an all-embracing imaging product inventory; conventional capture and output hardware/software; high-end digital devices; video and audio equipment and media; film and chemistry; camera bags; cases; accessories and peripherals. The company has also been accredited as a Nikon Professional Dealer and a Canon EOS Professional Centre offering specialist knowledge and products. The company’s international network of rental centres offers an extensive range of photographic equipment, making it easy for your business to try

some of the newest products before committing to buying. The sales team has a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the imaging industry. Calumet will provide your business with a dedicated account manager to offer expert and impartial advice. The company constantly monitors its prices to ensure that it offers the best possible prices to its customers and can offer tender and quotation services tailored to customers’ individual imaging requirements. Calumet, with its ISO 9001:2008 certification, is committed to providing the highest quality products and services both pre and post sales. The company’s strong and long standing customer relationships reflect its commitment to quality and service and it aims to be the photographic retailer of choice.

Visit Calumet Photographic Ltd on Stand N27.

Procurement experts refresh frameworks Delivering savings without In June 2013, The Consortium and Rescue launched the compromising safety Fire refresh of two of its framework Recently phrases such as budget cuts and efficiency savings are regularly used when describing the public sector but there are ways in which the emergency services can deliver savings on their procurement activities without having to compromise safety, quality or frontline services. ESPO is one of the UK’s largest public sector professional buying organisations and provides numerous solutions for all emergency services. The organisation provides a comprehensive procurement service, which delivers many thousands of pounds worth of savings across the public sector while also being fully compliant with UK and EU procurement rules and regulations. Emergency services nationwide can tap into ESPO’s commercial experience, market insight, expertise and best practice to deliver the savings they are being pushed to achieve. ESPO’s expertise and experience allows it to respond quickly and effectively to the changing dynamics of service delivery within the emergency services. Its popular frameworks enable emergency services to deal directly with suppliers that have already been through all the legal and regulatory stages; allowing staff to focus on organisational savings rather than bureaucracy. ESPO proactively collaborates with customers, Pro5 and other partners to engage markets, challenge current practices and develop innovative commissioning and sourcing strategies. Where a service doesn’t already exist, ESPO can put together bespoke solutions or advise of work in the pipeline. Public sector organisations across the UK are already taking advantage of the savings that can be delivered through ESPO’s frameworks, with some of the most popular including insurance, ICT and telecommunications services.

Visit ESPO on Stand B7.

w w w. e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s t i m e s . c o m

agreements: Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Thermal Image and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Cameras. Both of these frameworks provide an EU-compliant procurement route, saving you both time and money, and are available for use by a wide range of public sector customers. The Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors Framework, launched on 10 June, covers four lots – standard audible smoke alarms, smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing, smoke alarms for the visually and physically impaired and carbon monoxide detectors. With four suppliers providing products across the four lots, there is a great selection of products available. The awarded suppliers are: The EI Company (T/A Ei Electronics), Fireblitz Extinguisher Limited, Kidde Safety Europe Limited and Sprue Safety Products Limited. The Consortium’s Thermal Image and USAR Cameras Framework went live on 17 June and

covers two lots. There are five suppliers available to provide thermal image cameras: Bullard GmbH, Draeger Safety UK Limited, e2v Technologies (UK) Limited (distributed by North Fire Plc), Scott Safety Limited and Vimpex Limited. If you require an USAR camera, then Joel Technologies Limited is the sole supplier on this lot. Interest in these frameworks has already been expressed by a number of fire and rescue services and The Consortium Fire and Rescue is able to provide guidance or assistance with your mini competitions. If you have an interest in either of these frameworks please register on the website.

Visit The Consortium Fire and Rescue on Stand H54.

Setting the standard for safety The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is a leading awarding organisation and membership body in the UK. It offers exemplary qualifications that help employers improve environmental safety standards in the workplace, sets industry standards and benefits its members through regional events and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. The CIEH offers a suite of accredited Health and Safety and Food Safety and Environmental Awareness qualifications. Its Health and Safety qualification portfolio now includes Fire Safety and First Aid qualifications, assisting employers to comply with legal requirements and best practice

issues while offering employees fit for purpose training. With over 6000 registered training centres across the UK, it is an unrivalled resource for developing the skills of the nation’s workforce. The CIEH is also setting new standards in eLearning technology with fresh, modern content and a package tailored to your business. CIEH eLearning qualifications present the same high standard of course material and content, which is expected from the organisation’s classroom training in a flexible, cost-effective format.

Visit Chartered Institute of Environmental Health on Stand C53.

Emergency Services Times August 2013


Cutting extinguisher concept developing strongly in the UK The coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher is a simple and highly effective concept, which has been developed and refined following in excess of 15 years of high-end engineering and design input. The system works at very high pressure, developing in the order of 300bars at the pump. This level of pressure provides an ultra-high velocity jet, which operates at 200m/s and is capable of entraining an abrasive material directly into the water flow. The jet can be directed to the external surface of any compartment wall where the abrasive creates a rapid piercing effect through the wall from the outside. The abrasive can then be disengaged and a very fine spray, with a droplet size averaging only 70microns, can be applied within the compartment with no need for fire crews to enter until the internal fire conditions are controlled and the heat is significantly reduced. In effect it provides the means by which firefighters can attack and control an internal fire from the safety of an external position.

“In effect it provides the means by which firefighters can attack and control an internal fire from the safety of an external position.” Developed in Scandinavia The coldcut™cobra has been a big part of Scandinavian fire fighting for a long time. In fact the oldest unit is still operating in Sweden as a frontline fire fighting resource 15 years after purchase. At present 600 coldcut™cobra systems are being used worldwide in 30 countries, with approximately 250 systems being deployed in Scandinavia and the UK. The UK is a rapidly developing market for Cold Cut Systems (CCS), the company behind the development of Cobra. CCS has worked hard over recent years to enhance awareness of how the

Cobra cutting extinguisher can significantly increase firefighter safety and fire fighting efficiency, particularly during the highly dynamic and risky early stages of a developing fire. Due to Cobra’s very efficient use of water, just 60-litres per minute, combined with significant heat conversion rates, its capability to reduce damage to property is very clear and beyond this the environmental advantages are obvious. Enhanced fire fighting capability Many UK fire and rescue services have been convinced by Cobra’s effectiveness, with a number now taking an embedded approach to integrating Cobra systems into frontline service provision, enhancing the safety and efficiency of traditional fire fighting and BA operations. CCS feels that the coldcut™cobra should not be seen as an alternative means of fighting fires, but should be seen as a significant addition to fire fighting capability and operational safety. The need to continue to keep people safe and protect property while ensuring as, far as possible, the highest levels of safety for the crews that continue to be exposed to the risks of fire fighting is the major responsibility of any fire and rescue

service. Around the world Cobra is regularly demonstrating how, when embedded and fully integrated into frontline operations, it can help address the increasing expectations placed on fire and rescue services. CCS and the services that have integrated the coldcut™cobra system feel confident that Cobra has an increasing part to play in the safety and efficiency debate, here in the UK and in many other parts of the world. Peter Oom, the CEO of Cold Cut, says, “We are very proud with what we have achieved with Cobra so far; it is a very ethical product and we feel we are making a big difference to safety and efficiency. The approach we are now taking to integrate our product into traditional fire fighting and command methods feel right for us and most importantly our customers are saying it feels right for them.” Defensive and offensive operations CCS is dedicated to developing not just the Cobra product, it also works hard with users to develop the methods that enhance its use. For example it has recently engaged in debates in Europe and the UK on how the use of the coldcut™cobra can improve the possibilities available to commanders at the scene, by providing additional options for defensive and offensive operations. Cobra is unique in this regard and is the only effective means by which a truly offensive attack can be achieved from a defensive outside position. The ramifications of this ability are presently being hotly debated as continuing expectations to balance safety and capability percolate throughout Europe. Peter continues, “We feel Cobra is here to stay and it has a lot more to offer. Our aim is to continue to work with our fire service users collectively across all of our markets and to continue to focus our attention on the methodology as well as the product.”

Emergency Services Times August 2013

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Cold, wet and dehydration can reduce performance and impair safety. By fitting a ‘TeaMate’ water boiler, crews can make themselves a cup of tea, coffee or other hot beverage to keep warm and hydrated, therefore maximising concentration and keeping fatigue to a minimum.

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WE NEED STATE REGISTERED PARAMEDICS & IHCD TECHNICANS Medical Services (North East) Limited require HPC registered Paramedics and IHCD Technicians to join our ever growing team. Type of work to be carried out: Urgent Care and A&E Ambulance duties. Applicants must be HPC registered and also have a satisfactory enhanced Criminal Record Bureau disclosure (Disclosure & Barring Service check). Applicants also need to have a current UK driving license with C1 & D1 entitlement and an IHCD driving qualification would be beneficial.


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HCPC Registered Paramedics County Durham Emergency Medical Services Ltd (EMS) is looking to extend its current bank of HPC registered paramedics to fulfil its current and future urgent care/front-line commitments. All applicants “must” be currently registered with the HPC and not have any current, pending or on-going investigations. All applicants must hold a current UK driving licence, have CI/DI entitlement, must have no more than 3 penalty points and hold an IHCD driving qualification. We are also looking for IHCD Technicians, ECSW & ECA’s

We also need: Ambulance ECSW’s and ECA (same terms reference CRB disclosures apply) Applicants are to send an up-to-date CV to:

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All enquiries along with current CV are to be sent initially to

we urgently need to recruit for 999 work Emergency Services Times August 2013


Emergency service workers encouraged to consider a role in fostering When you think of foster carers, you would be forgiven for thinking fostering is only for married couples living a conventional life in the suburbs. Humberside Police officer and foster carer, Neil Fraser, helps dispel some of the most common myths about fostering and aims to encourage others in the emergency services to play their part in combating the current national shortage of foster carers across the UK. There are more children than ever before in local authority care and, according to the Fostering Network, around 9000 more foster families will be needed across the UK in 2013. As the number of children requiring help grows, so does the need for foster carers. Neil, who is 47-years-old, has an interesting perspective when it comes to foster care. He says, “People think of foster caring and automatically assume they wouldn’t be suitable, because they are single or they can’t fit it around their job, but this isn’t the case.”

“You can set the limits and the type of fostering you wish to do, because it has to fit into your life if it’s going to be successful.” Six years ago, Neil and his partner, Penny, who works shifts part time as a nursing assistant, put themselves forward for the four-month vetting and training process to become foster carers. “You go through a series of interviews and checks, of course, and then you have a lot of quality training to prepare you for what you’re taking on,” Neil says. “But the system is also very flexible for the foster carer. You can set the limits and the type of fostering you wish to do, because it has to fit into your life if it’s going to be successful. “I think it is important to give a bit back to society. I may be a policeman, but that’s my career – I wanted to help young children who needed stability and a loving home.” Lives enriched The pair have had their lives enriched by fostering and currently look after 15-year-old Tom. “Penny and I began fostering to make a difference in the lives of children and young people in care. Fostering doesn’t always bring about immediate gratification; however you do observe small changes in behaviour. “As a police officer I see first-hand where troubled teens end up. It became clear that their bad behaviour was a sign that what they really needed was a stable home-life rather than prosecution. As a foster carer you are helping to give a child a normal family life and that alone can make a real difference in their future. “You can also broaden their aspirations. Whether

[and] make the transition into adulthood. “We are keen to hear from emergency services personnel, both operational and support, who might consider becoming foster carers for the first time and can look after lone children, sibling groups, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, young mothers and their babies, teenagers, and children with disabilities and challenging behaviour.”

you like it or not, you become a role model – they can start to think, maybe I could be a police officer, or maybe I could own my own house one day? That has to be good for them to have that kind of encouragement.” Foster carers urgently needed Neil fosters with independent fostering agency, Orange Grove Fostercare, which is leading its campaign to urge other police officers, firefighters, and other emergency service workers to help fill the shortage of 9000 urgently needed foster carers across Britain. Judith Rees, Director of Fostercare at Orange Grove, says, “Emergency service personnel, like Neil, have life experience and tend to make excellent foster carers. There is also the option for them to retire earlier than other professions so they may have the time, skills, experience and energy to dedicate to a second career as a foster carer. “Of course, not all people will want, or will be suitable, to become foster carers but resilience is just one of a number of qualities a good foster carer possesses. We recognise that people who work within the emergency services also come with a raft of other skills that can transfer so easily in to the world of foster care. With the ongoing support and training from Orange Grove we think that they make excellent carers. “Research shows that the stability of a family environment can help children reach their potential in later life. Orange Grove values those special people, like Neil, who can provide the care and support needed to nurture these young people

“People who work within the emergency services also come with a raft of other skills that can transfer so easily in to the world of foster care.” Flexible working Working in foster care offers many benefits including competitive rates of pay and flexible working. Foster carers come from all cultures and backgrounds and include couples, with or without children, single divorced or gay people and lone parents. If you are interested in fostering please call Orange Grove Fostercare on Tel: 08458 734455 or e-mail: Alternatively visit the website below.

Humberside Police officer and foster carer, Neil Fraser, and his partner Penny.

Emergency Services Times August 2013

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