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Author’s Note

Hi, my name is Sara Jane. I go to a local middle and high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have one sibling, an older brother, but I have 6 pets that take up most of my family. I have grown up in Chattanooga, and have gone to two different schools within the city. I am in 8th grade, and my favorite subject in school is mathematics. I am writing this children’s book for a special class project. This project includes two of my main hobbies. I love to read and I like to draw. My other hobbies include listening to music, playing sports, playing with my pets, cooking, shopping, and doing things with my family and friends. I have always been interested in the Civil Rights Movement, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. I believe that this topic will always be relevant in our society and community, so I like to learn about this time period in as much depth as I can.

I Have a Dream