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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 10 No. 8

Including the Cultural Districts and Midtown: Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington, and Meridian St.

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Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

There is a completely new view of Broad Ripple now...

... from the roof of the newly opened parking garage!

Brooke Klejnot - BRVA Executive Director

In This

By Mario Morone


Brooke Klejnot’s discovery of Broad Ripple as a college student and later as a resident has led to a rebirth in the area and in her career as Broad Ripple Village Association’s Executive Director. “My first introduction to Broad Ripple was as a visitor; I used to visit Broad Ripple as a college student about once a month. And, I loved it! So much so, I moved to Broad Ripple in 2005 while I was still completing my undergraduate degree. So, for over 7 years now, I’ve been a resident in the area. I love the restaurants here and the Monon Trail. Whenever I have family or friends visit, I really enjoy showing them all the things that make Broad Ripple such a unique community,” Ms. Klejnot explained. A Fort Wayne native, she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ball State photo by Mario Morone University. Her nonBrooke Klejnot profit work early in her career eventually led to her current position. “My supervisor at the Indianapolis Art Center told me about the position and

ISSUE - Park events Pg. 5 ‑ BRVA meeting Pg. 20 ‑ Win BRAF tickets Pg. 24

recommended I apply for it. She was a Broad Ripple resident and was super excited about the prospect of me leveraging my skill sets at the BRVA. At the time, I had a few other employment opportunities that I was considering, so I really had to evaluate what I wanted and what was important to me and ultimately, where I could do the most good. I have a passion for the area - living and working here and I have a passion for community development and planning. The BRVA was positioned to make a huge impact in the community in those areas and I decided that we were a match made in heaven! So, I applied and after a few months of interviewing, had the great pleasure of accepting the position,” she mentioned. Ms. Klejnot discussed the goals of the BRVA. “The BRVA is focusing on programs and initiatives that enrich the community, attract investment, amplify public spaces, and improve quality of life. One of our goals is to preserve the character of the Village; which touches on both business mix and the natural environment. Broad Ripple has the highest concentration of independentlyowned businesses in the city and we are working to keep it that way. It’s part of what makes Broad Ripple, Broad Ripple. We are also improving the natural and built environment. Right now our Land Use and Development committee uses the principles and guidelines in the Broad Ripple Plan (adopted by the City last fall) to improve the Village property-by-property and parcel-by-parcel. Other projects we are working on include pedestrian scale lighting, a residential parking

See KLEJNOT pg. 3

1 View from garage

5 From the BRMHS anncmts 10 Where in the Village?

15 Historic Ad

22 Gettin’ Ripped in Ripple

1 Brooke Klejnot - BRVA

6 Random Rippling Neat-O

10 Hidden History

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23 Right in my Own Backyard

2 Random Rippling cleaning

6 Wine Scene Jill A. Ditmire

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3 Calendar

7 Local Contacts

11 Sertoma essay awards

16 Monon Trail update

24 Mistakes winner

4 Buzzing Around Town

8 Classified Ads

12 Random Rippling 52nd

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24 Win BRAF tickets!

5 BR Parks Events

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13 Record Store Day 2013

18 Maps

5 BR Brewpub Quiz

9 Poetic Thoughts

14 BR Farmers Market

20 BRVA meeting coverage

2 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Random Ripplings This volunteer group of good citizens is cleaning and re-landscaping the median at the Monon. Directed by Candace Glass of Green Broad Ripple, members of Broad Ripple MHS Key Club and Broad Ripple Kiwanis cleared out the old growth and planted pansies. Others cleaned throughout the Village alongside BRVA members. Special recognition to Brenda Rising-Moore for corralling the group, and Rich Bees, who does this every month.

Three new Broad Ripple Collector pins now available!

#6 Vogue, #7 Chelsea's and #8 Fire Station

See all 8 pins in the set at or at Chelsea's (902 Westfield Boulevard)

Fresh New Plants Arriving Throughout the Season


Lawn, Garden & Nursery NOW OPEN 2013 SEASON

•Pansies/Herbs •Six types of Bag Hardwood Mulch •Bulk Hardwood Mulch Ready for Delivery OVER 50 YEARS IN BUSINESS 49 Years in the Same Location

1316 Broad Ripple Avenue 317-255-9635

1 Mile West 62nd & Keystone - next to Broad Ripple Park

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Vol. 10 No. 8


The Broad Ripple Gazette

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permit program, and block club program. Availability of funds has been challenging for communities, both locally and nationally, as they determine what and where to invest for the future. “When municipalities are crunched on their budgets, it forces community organizations, like the BRVA, to think creativity about how to do it on their own. BRVA has always been proactive and continues to create its own destiny. We will find a way to do what needs to be done for Broad Ripple. One thing I think is unique to this organization is that BRVA is managed almost completely by volunteers, with the exception of myself. Board members serve three years and also commit to serving on committees devoted to various activities. There are 10 standing committees (Land Use and Development, Beautification, Public Safety, Business Division, Membership, Governance, Farmers Market, Historic Home Tour, Gallery Tour, Lights Up) that work mostly year-round,” she said. Future events, news, public safety and economic development initiatives can be found at, in addition to a current fund drive to raise $175,000 to commemorate Broad Ripple’s 175th anniversary. According to their website, money raised will go towards community improvement projects including green space, public art, bike corrals, and pedestrian scale lighting. You can also visit their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter at Questions can be answered at (317) 251-2782 or by e-mailing Brooke Klejnot’s plans for BRVA are as bright as a sunny springtime day as she and her fellow board members create their vision for its future.

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3 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

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Apr. 26 & 27

Fri. Ripples - student written and directed plays Broad Ripple HS 1115 Broad Ripple Ave 7 pm /Sat.

May 3 -5

Fri. Orchard in Bloom Holliday Park 6363 Spring Mill Road - Sun.

May 3


American Village 500 and Parade

May 4


Broad Ripple Farmers Market Opening Day

May 4


Village Cleanup

May 5


Water Warrior Yoga

May 7


BRVA Board of Directors meeting

May 10


Spring Gallery Tour

May 18 & 19

Sat. Sun.

Broad Ripple Art Fair

May 28


BRVA Land Use and Development Meeting

Jun. 1


54th Street Art Fair

Jun. 2


BRHS Reunion classes of the 30’s & 40’s

American Village 2026 E. 54th St. 2 pm

Broad Ripple HS 1115 Broad Ripple Ave 8 am to noon meet at Fire Station 9 am Broad Ripple Park

9 am to noon

2 pm (see page 8)

location to be announced

6 pm

Throughout the Village 5 pm to 9 pm Indianapolis Art Center 67th and Ferguson Broad Ripple United Methodist Church 6 pm 54th and the Monon Trail

10 am to 4 pm FREE

Riviera Club 5640 N. Illinois St Noon

(RSVP 508-6634)

Calendar items are subject to change without notice.

We deliver 7300 copies to over 210 locations on the north side every two weeks.

Calendar .Social.Business.Service. Apr. 30


Broad Ripple Toastmasters

Apr. 30


Broad Ripple Kiwanis Mtg.

May 8


BRVA Business Division Meeting

May 14


North Side Optimist Club Meeting

Lutheran Church 526 E. 52nd St

Tuesdays at 7 am (Sally Irvin, spkr.)

Binkley’s Kessler & College [KK23] Tuesdays at 11:45 am (2nd Wed.)

time/location announced at

(2nd/4th Tues)

Kennington Amer. Legion 6440 Westfield Blvd [D5] noon

Calendar items are subject to change without notice.

Visitors always welcome at the

Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club

Meeting Day: Lunch meeting every Tuesday 11:45-1:00 Meeting Place: Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar Camaraderie! Service! Friendship! Fun! Food! --------------------------------------

UpcomingWeekly Programs & Guest Speakers

Apr. 30 - Sally Irvin, PhD, Exec. Dir. Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN) May 7 - Sharon Rickson, Girls Rock! Indianapolis May 14 - Andrew Hart, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (will also speak about urban forestry) For information about Broad Ripple Kiwanis, please visit our website at


Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar

5902 N. College Ave. Corner of College and Kessler (parking in back)

Check Out The

Broad Ripple Gazette C L A S S I F I E D S O n th e w eb & on page 8

4 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013



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Buzzing Around Town with Nora Spitznogle

Farmer Jason Saturday, April 27 Athenaeum Auditorium 401 E. Michigan Street all-ages, two shows 10AM & noon, $6 advance, $8 day of show

I’ve always adored Jason Ringenberg. First for his melding of punk and traditional country music with his band, Jason and the Scorchers, then as a solo artist, and now as a Emmy winning children’s performer. You read that right. The guy who was a pioneer of the Americana punk-roots scene is now singing to the kiddos. Don’t feel sorry for Jason or think that it is a step back; he is in hog heaven as it were, doing what he loves. And he still plays big kid shows too. Speaking of hogs, Jason grew up on a pig farm in Illinois and learned the daily rigors of raising livestock at a young age. He created his Farmer Jason persona a decade ago to educate and entertain children about farm life and the wonders of nature, using his farming experience and love of the outdoors for the basis of his photo by Gregg Roth show. Farmer Jason has performed several thousand concerts in venues ranging from rural fairs on the Alaskan tundra to fancy European performance halls. The highly acclaimed live show involves sing-a-longs, dancing, and discussions about nature, ecology, and farm animals. The high-energy Farmer Jason concerts are aimed at

Advertising in the Gazette is easy! 1) go to 2) click on Advertising Information There, you will find details, such as: - upcoming ad deadlines, delivery area - detailed artwork specifications for your graphic artist Click on the picture for the type of ad you want Display Ads or Classified Ads Then, you can either print out an ad contract, or simply follow the step-by-step wizard that takes you through the ad process from start to finish. If you don’t have access to the web, or just want to speak directly to someone, call us at (317) 508-6634. children ages two to eight, everyone is invited to participate. Farmer Jason has released three records and a DVD and starred in the Emmy Award winning “It’s a Farmer Jason” program airing on public broadcasting stations around the US. Farmer Jason’s records have won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the Los Angeles Times’ Children’s Record of the Year list. I can’t think of a better sponsor of the show: Reynolds Farm Equipment & The concert benefits St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Tickets are available for $6 each in advance of the show at farmerjasonindyshow. or $8 day of the show. I’ll see you there.

Old Truck Revival Friday, May 3 Sabbatical 921 Broad Ripple Avenue 21+, free, 10:00 PM

For a band with only two guys they sure do make a big sound. Old Truck Revival is made up of John Bowyer and Junk Box Mike. They play a delightful mix of bluegrass, folk, rock, and punk – something they call “Newgrass.” You can’t help but have a good time listening to those two. If you haven’t been to Sabbatical yet you’re in for a treat. The drinks are delicious and the food is terrific. They feature “small plates,” with the idea of being able to sample several things and share – unless it’s the brie-stuffed turkey meatballs, I’m not sharing those with anyone.

I’ll see you out and about! -Nora Not-for-profit director by day, music writer by night, Nora Spitznogle reviews music that happened and previews music and events around Broad Ripple Village. Nora managed CATH Inc coffeehouse at 54th Street and College Avenue for seven years. During that time she hosted hundreds of local and touring musicians, both at the coffeehouse and her home. When CATH closed in 2004 and the music was no longer coming to her, she had to wander from her corner of Broad Ripple to see what is happening elsewhere. You can find her at Second Helpings during the work day, waitressing at the Red Key on Saturday nights and prowling Broad Ripple music venues the rest of the time. Visit Nora’s Web site, send any questions, comments or suggestions to

Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

5 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

? ? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?? Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz by QUIZMASTER BILLY

answer on Page 22

Broad Ripple Parks full of spring activities By Bill Malcolm It's spring and there are alot of things to do in Broad Ripple's three parks: Broad Ripple Park, Holliday Park, and Marrott Park. My favorite thing is to enjoy the wildflower display which is in full display at all three (in the woods). The assortment of spring "ephemeral" includes Dutchman's breeches, squirrel corn, Virginia blue bells, trout lillies, skunk cabbage, anemones, wild geranium, water leaf, an assortment of trilliums, and the showy celandine poppy. The latter has beautiful yellow flowers. But don't procrastinate. Most of these flowers have to flower before the leaves come out on the trees. Here is a round up of fun at our 3 parks and related activities: April 26: Family campfire and hike (plus story telling with Cynthia Goodyear) Holliday Park (fee, registration required), 6:30 p.m. April 28: Naturalist on the loose, 1:30 p.m. at Holliday Park May 4-5: Orchard in Bloom garden show at Holliday Park: Always a great way to pick up garden ideas May 10: Labor and learn workshop with horticulturist Chris Turner, Holliday Park, 9am May 11: Canoe the White River with Holliday Park staff. (fee) May 11: INPAWS native plant sale at Park Tudor School May 21: Tennis lessons begin at Broad Ripple Park (sign up at parks) (fee) May 25: Broad Ripple Pool opens for the summer (and closes in early August) May 30: Outdoor concert with the Tides and Island Rock at Holliday Park (7pm) For more information, see www/ *Bill Malcolm is a Broad Ripple resident and freelance writer who can be seen on the Monon Trail on his bicycle.

This is a column with items of interest to our readers pulled from the daily announcements at Broad Ripple Magnet High School.

From the BRMHS Announcements • Broad Ripple High School is proud to announce that ALEX DUNLAP has

been named a Gates Millennium Scholar (GMS). 54,000 students applied; 1,000 were selected. GMS scholars receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. Alex has chosen DePauw in Greencastle. GMS provides their Scholars with personal and professional development through our leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.

• The Broad Ripple Dance Ensemble won both 1st Place and Double Platinum Awards in the Advanced and Performance Levels of the Regional Showstopper Dance Competition April 12-14, 2013. Congratulations!

• Mr. Akers has agreed to support the Broad Ripple Relay for Life team by

shaving his 20 year old beard and wearing a pink dress to school if donations to cancer research reach $500. Let's find out how cute Mr. Akers will be dressed as a girl by donating to Relay for Life during your lunch mod or see Ms. Cannon in room G304. Students with purple buckets will be collecting your donations.

The winners of the April 9 quiz were Iron Lady In A Pine Box with 17 points. The winners of the Best Team Name Competition was a tie between When Will That Damn Parking Garage Be Done? and The Iron Lady, May She Rust In Peace (AKA Is There A Doctor In The House? Chuck Has A Fat Liver). Screenwriters 1. What film critic wrote the screenplay for the 1970 cult movie Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls? 2. John Steinbeck co-wrote the screenplay to what 1944 Alfred Hitchcock movie, in which most of the action takes place in a single confined space? 3. What father and daughter have both won Oscars for screenwriting? 4. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala frequently wrote screenplays for what filmmaking duo, known for their period costume dramas? Margaret Thatcher 1. What was Margaret Thatcher’s maiden name? 2. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had one at least one major disagreement, which was on Operation Urgent Fury. What was Operation Urgent Fury? 3. Arthur Scargill, a major political opponent of Margaret Thatcher, was the one time president of the NUM. What does NUM stand for? 4. What rock musician vowed to dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave in his song Tramp The Dirt Down from the 1989 album Spike? Bygone Jobs 1. A Fletcher made what kind of ammunition? 2. What one-time profession was immortalized in the title of a play by Eugene O’Neill? 3. A Caddy Butcher processed and sold what kind of meat? 4. An Amber Cutter, who worked on a whaling ship, performed what job? Game Shows 1. Who got his break in television as Ben Stein’s sidekick on Win Ben Stein’s Money? 2. Blankety Blank, a game show in which members of the public tried to win prizes with the aid of celebrities, was the British equivalent of what American program? 3. What caused a duck with a resemblance to host Groucho Marx to appear on the show You Bet Your Life? 4. Louie Anderson, Richard Karn and Steve Harvey have all been host of what long running game show? Sad Songs 1. Mark Dinning sings about his dead girlfriend, killed by a train, in what morbid classic from 1959? 2. William Thacker played by Hugh Grant goes through all four seasons as he walks the streets mourning his break-up with Anna Scott played by Julia Roberts in a single sequence in the movie Notting Hill. What song by Bill Withers is being played over the scene? 3. What is the next line in this song released in 1949 “Did you ever see a robin weep, when leaves begin to die? Like me he’s lost the will to live”? 4. What two singers duetted on the 1978 recording of the song You Don’t Bring Me Flowers?

The Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz is held at the 65th and Cornell Avenue pub every Tuesday at 7pm. Teams up to six people each compete for weekly prize ($25 gift card) and a prize given to the best team name ($15 gift card). The questions and answers from a previous quiz night are printed here. To enter the quiz, just show up at the Brewpub on a Tuesday and start or join a team. Call the Brewpub at 253-2739 for more info.


6 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

The Paw Patch Place is a full service Veterinary Hospital specializing in Dogs and Cats.

New Services: Therapeutic Laser Dental Sealant


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The Wine Scene

Random Ripplings

as seen by The Broad of Ripple (Jill A. Ditmire)

Neat-O has opened in the Huntington Bank building at 724 Broad Ripple Avenue (H3 on map). The entrance to the original art and artisan craft shop is on the east side of the building.

No Cross Words about this Interview...

Dentistry With A Gentle Touch

Broad Ripple Family Dental Andrea Ball, DMD & Ghiath Halwani, DDS Darrin Combs, DMD, MS

$59.00 NEW PATIENT SPECIAL Expires 6/20/2013

Includes Exam, Bitewing X-rays, and FREE Oral-B electric toothbrush!

New Patients & Emergencies Welcome! • Cleanings • Crowns • Bridges • Partials

4850 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46205

• Dental Implants • Treatment of Gum Disease • Dentures

• Tooth Colored Filling • Tooth Whitening • Root Canals & Extractions • Laughing Gas

NO Insurance! NO Problem!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Will Shortz. He's the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle and the contributing "puzzlemaster" to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. He's also a favorite of BRG editor Alan Hague. I offered to let our "master in chief" interview the "puzzler in chief" but seems he had some "business" to attend to on a beach. So I had the lone phone interview with Shortz who was only in Indianapolis for a day and night to give a free speech at Butler University. Shortz grew up in Crawfordsville. His sister still lives there and he says he comes back to visit every so often. He graduated from IU in 1974 with a degree that he created for himself as part of the University's Individualized Major Program. Enigmatology—the study of puzzles. He created his own syllabus and tests and wrote his thesis on puzzles before the 19th century. Shortz says he has a good friend who also graduated from IU in the program. His friend's degree was in magic. And this day, his friend with his IU degree is on the professional magic circuit with plans to open a magic theater in California. As you can see, my 20-minute conversation with Shortz was filled with all kinds of interesting subjects. Just like his puzzles. Shortz spent a number of years after graduation editing for puzzle magazines. Then in 1993 he got the job at the New York Times and has been there since. He told me each day he reads thru about 75 puzzles that are sent to him from prospective puzzle creators as he puts together the weekly lineup for the newspaper. The easiest puzzle is on Monday and the most difficult or intriguing on Sunday. I asked him why so many people love puzzles and he said he thinks solving a puzzle brings a sense of order to our hectic lives. "You literally work from square one to the end where there is a sense of enormous satisfaction," he told me. He also thinks doing crossword puzzles that are on paper with a pencil is the ultimate experience. Though he said thousands of people subscribe to the NYTimes online puzzle at a cost of nearly 50 bucks a year. Speaking of play, Shortz is a ping pong junkie. Or as he says "Ping Pong is the game but Table Tennis is the sport". He plays it daily as a way to relax and unwind. His passion for the sport is so intense that he started a table tennis club where he lives in Pleasantville, New York. Shortz has no plans to retire any time soon either. He says not only does he love his job but he loves meeting the people who play puzzles. He says they are friendly, funny and smart. Shortz will be back in Indianapolis this fall as part of the "Spirit and Place Festival" where the theme is "risk". You can hear part of my interview with Shortz at on my page, Jditmire. I forgot to ask him about wine. But one that won't puzzle your palate or your pocketbook is Cocobon Red from Calfornia. It's a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and malbec that has bright notes of cherry and plum and hints of rich mocha. EZ drinking and $11.

Call about our Member Advantage Finance Plan

317-257-3368 6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2

Jill A. Ditmire is an Omnimedia Wine Specialist who shares wit and wisdom nationwide in print, TV and radio, and is also an AWS-certified wine judge. Jill and doggyboy Harp live in Warfleigh, where she also consults and teaches in an effort to keep the doggyboy’s treat jar filled with biscuits and her freezer stocked with ice cream. Send your questions and comments to Jill at

Vol. 10 No. 8

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Eight Broad Ripple Collector pins now available! See all 8 pins in the set in color at or at Chelsea's (902 Westfield Boulevard)

I am a life-long resident of the Broad Ripple area. My family has been in Broad Ripple for many generations. Jacob Coil platted and named Broad Ripple in 1837. Two of his daughters married into my family in the 1870s. My grandfather was a mail carrier at the BR post office and a charter member of the American Legion Post. My grandmother Helen Dawson Hague worked at the Broad Ripple National Bank in Mustard Hall that became Fletcher Trust, then AFNB, then Bank One, and now Chase. My uncle Glen Hague worked at TV News and at Hoster-Roberts Ford, which is now Passwater’s and the Old Pro’s Table. My great-grandfather, grandmother, uncle, father, sister and son all graduated from BRHS; I am class of 1978. My son John is BRHS class of 2006, and works with several bands in IPS. I am currently the organizer of the BRHS reunions for the classes of the 1930’s and 1940’s. For many years, I have wanted a newspaper that answered my questions. Where did that store go? Why were those people digging on the corner? When is the BRHS Homecoming Parade? What happens at that business? The Gazette is that paper. You will get an unbiased look into what is happening in Broad Ripple because I have no financial interests in Broad Ripple, nor am I affiliated with any of its organizations. I am simply a resident who is passionate about the area. You will also read about the history of Broad Ripple. This history continues to expand as I uncover new sources of stories and photos. The Gazette’s area of coverage has no real boundaries. Historically, the town of Broad Ripple extended down to 54th Street. The goal of the Gazette is to share with readers stories that are within 10 minutes or so from the heart of Broad Ripple - covering events in the Midtown region. Also, Broad Ripple is one of the six Cultural Districts recognized by the City of Indianapolis. We try to let you know what is going on in the other five districts as we can. One question I often get is how an article gets into the Gazette. We do not accept payment for articles. Article subjects are picked by me for inclusion based on the interest to the residents and visitors to the Broad Ripple area. Since this is a bi-weekly paper, we will not be able to cover news as it happens. Rather, our focus is on issues that are not time sensitive. You will probably never see these stories anywhere else, so getting them a week or so later will be much better than not at all. We try to include a new/recently opened business or long-time business feature article in each issue. I have hundreds of stories planned, but if there is something you want to read about, please let us know. I think you will enjoy the Gazette. I know I enjoy bringing it to you. -Alan Hague

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8 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013




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BAMBU SALON HOSTS Water Warrior Yoga in Broad Ripple Park on May 5 at 2:00. Donations benefit the Hoosier Environmental Council. Help us protect our local waterways.




































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Water Warrior Yoga at Broad Ripple Park

Our third annual, Water Warrior Yoga, will be Sunday, May 5 at 2:00 in Broad Ripple Park. Proceeds benefit the Hoosier Environmental Council to protect our local waterways. We believe in connecting beauty, the environment and wellness. Bike to Bambu to get registered. Just look for us at the big blue comb, at 916 E. Westfield Blvd. You have one body. We have one planet. Let's take care of both! If you have any questions, we can be reached at 251-4800 or for more details, check out

Herb Society of Central Indiana May Meeting

Herb Society of Central Indiana 7:00 pm Monday, May 6th, John Hensel Gov. Center, 10701 N. College Avenue. Don Still, Herb Garden Designer and Trader’s Point Creamery Market Manager, will talk about Garden Design. Refreshments at 6:45 and business meeting follows speaker. Free, and open to the public. Contact (317) 418-0627 or visit

Douglas David Named Featured Artist, Orchard In Bloom

The Orchard School, Indy Parks and The National Bank of Indianapolis proudly announce the featured artist for the 2013 Orchard In Bloom garden show is Indianapolis artist Douglas David. His handmade furniture and home furnishings will be on display throughout the garden show, May 3-5, at Holliday Park. “As both a fine artist and a furniture designer, versatile Douglas David has been a crowd pleaser at Orchard In Bloom for years,” says Elliott Pruitt, an event organizer. David studied art at the Heron School of Art/Indiana University, worked in the business world as a graphic designer/creative director, then turned full-time artist, first by painting and now also as the owner and lead designer for Douglas David Cottage. His inspiration comes from finding unique, vintage items, then putting those classic pieces back into work with a new purpose. “The repurposing is always inspiring. What makes these home furnishings and accessories so special is they find a new use in today’s home and office. Bringing these old items back with a new twist brings an excitement to the piece,” says David. “My focus for this year's furnishings and accessories line is ‘vintage graphic and color,’” says David. “It is amazing when you really start looking at the typography and color combinations on some of these items. So current and fresh, yet many times the original found item is 50, 60 or even 70 years old!” David’s home furnishings are handmade by Indiana craftsmen. His “upcycling” style is a perfect fit with Orchard In Bloom, as the event has been growing a greener community for more than two decades. Orchard In Bloom attracts 7,000-9,000 guests with exhibits and activities focused on environmentally friendly gardening and living. The 24th annual Orchard In Bloom garden features garden and landscape ideas and products; national exhibitors with a broad range of art and merchandise; the third annual Garden and Natural Living Symposium speaker series, live music; a café; and children’s activities. Recognized by The American Horticultural Society as one of the top garden shows in the country, Orchard In Bloom models a unique partnership between The Orchard School and Indy Parks. Proceeds from this community garden and arts show support innovative programs at Orchard, and outdoor education and park improvements at Holliday Park, a public park serving families of Central Indiana. For more information, see



SEWING SERVICES: Original designs and alterations by Sewbonnie 317/5958794 or PAINTERS LLC, Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior Painting. Over 35 years experience. Please call (317) 937-2803 Give your clothes a whole new look for half the cost of new. Serving Hamilton and Marion Counties 317-413-1687 Frankenstein Furniture Company We will bring your furniture back to life! Restoration and repair of antique and modern furniture (317) 985-4190 or

HARBOUR CLUB CONDO on the LAKE! Fab 2 bedroom condo w/ Fireplace, Skylight, spacious great room, garage, and Balcony…Wow, what a view! Boat, kayak, swim, tennis…5 minutes from Broad Ripple. $92,900. Sandi Werner Cell: 317.850.6111 RE/MAX Legends Group

HELP WANTED ASEBELLA BOUTIQUE Looking for Mature Salesperson to work M-F; 12-6 in upscale women’s store. Call 692-9085

WANTED TO BUY MOST DOLLARS FOR WRECKED and rusty autos. No title, no problem. (317) 726-1429 (317) 447-2983

Local author releases new suspenseful romance novel

Author M. Katherine Clark announces the release of her new suspenseful romance novel, “Blood is Thicker than Water.” Police Lieutenant Jonathan Greene is set in his ways. And young rising detective Courtney Shields is just going to get in the way of that. When assigned as partners in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, they quickly butt heads and struggle to find common ground. But after a surprise joint venture starring as the two main characters in a community play, the two form a bond that will quickly be of infinite value. As Jon's history is revealed, the pair finds that soon it will resurface into the present. Jon's friends and family become the targets of serious threats. With Jon’s loved ones in danger, he will do anything to protect them and discover who is making the threats. Dodging danger and hostility along the way, Jon and Courtney will stop at nothing. Will they be successful? Will they be able to use their investigative skills to solve the case, or will their emotions and protectiveness get in the way? Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or Clark is a graduate of Butler University. She is involved in her local community theater and is a published poet. April 20th at 1:30pm is the Official Book Launch hosted by Bookmamas in Irvington. 9 S. Johnson Avenue, Indianapolis. May 30th at 7:00pm is an Author Talk hosted by The Fishers Public Library. Five Municipal Drive, Fishers. For more information, please contact Travis King, Marketing Representative, at (888) 361-9473 or send an email to

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Decorators’ Show House

This year’s St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, will once again allow the public to tour a classic Meridian Street home with proceeds benefiting Wishard-Eskenazi Health. This year’s residence is located at 3050 North Meridian Street at the historic Schnull-Rauch House, just north of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The annual event runs from April 27 to May 12 (closed Mondays). Daily tours are open to the public from 11a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at for $20 ($18 for guests 65 and older). Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at select Marsh supermarkets for $18 through April 26. Special group rates are also available. In addition to the daily tours, there are many special events to enjoy. Free parking is available in The Children’s Museum parking

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Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

9 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Poetic Thoughts

by C.W. Pruitt II

In the June 1-14, 2007 issue of the Broad Ripple Gazette I wrote a column entitled, 'Impermanence.' In it I described the hilarious vibe emitted by Tibetan Buddhist monks over morning tea. I wrote the following 2 poems on January 19, 2013 while reflecting upon that experience at Camp Chesterfield.

 those buddhist monks were so funny but i don't think they know they are funny they just are

 those tibetans tap danced on my funny bone and freed me up inside­— laughing, giggling, and i didn't even understand their jokes

CW Pruitt II has been on the poetry scene in Broad Ripple for years. Email your questions/comments to

garage and designated surface lots. In 1937, Gertrude Schnull-Rauch and her husband John G. Rauch Sr. purchased the home from her father’s estate. In 1979, the home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and donated to the Junior League of Indianapolis for use as its headquarters and offices for non-profit organizations. In 2008, the Junior League sold the house and the property to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This year’s show house marks the 52nd time the guild has hosted the event, which will feature over 50 area designers and landscapers using their talent and creativity to transform the historic Schnull-Rauch House. For additional information, please visit

ABCUSA missionaries to Thailand at First Baptist Church

Ruth and Charles Fox, ABCUSA missionaries to Thailand will speak at First Baptist Church of Indianapolis, 8600 N. College Ave., on Tuesday, May 7 at 7PM in the FBC Chapel. “Where in the World Do We See God’s Spirit at Work?” will be the topic as Ruth and Charles bring photos, stories, and hands-on materials to display for the evening’s program. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear more about God at work in families, homes, schools, and communities in Thailand! For more information, call the FBC office at 846-5821 or go to

All IN for Love: “Inlaws & Outlaws” Film Screening

Saturday, May 4 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 6050 North Meridian Street. This public screening of the award-winning documentary Inlaws & Outlaws is part of a three city tour (Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington) with director and Seattle filmmaker Drew Emery. Following the screening Emery will participate in a Q & A with the audience. At 3:00 p.m. FairTalk will facilitate an interfaith conversation circle on the topic of faith and marriage equality. Free refreshments and parking provided. ABOUT THE FILM Inlaws & Outlaws weaves together the true stories of couples and singles, both gay and straight, into a collective narrative that reminds us of our common

humanity and the life-changing power of love. Hilarious and heartbreaking, this film is honest in its portrayal of real people and their relationships. ABOUT THE CONVERSATION CIRCLE Paired with the film, this program is intended to spark a new kind of conversation about marriage and equality in our communities. Facilitated by FairTalk, participants will have an opportunity to talk with others at small tables, sharing their personal stories, hopes, fears, and perspectives in honest and respectful ways, to the level they feel comfortable. By gaining a better understanding of each other's feelings about the issues, we can learn from each other and find common ground. All opinions will be welcome as long as they are offered respectfully, and will be received respectfully. LOCATION This event will be held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 6050 North Meridian Street, just north of Kessler Boulevard. There is a parking lot on the north side of the campus as well as ample street parking. The building is fully accessible. Visit SPONSORED BY FairTalk, PFLAG Indianapolis, IYG, Indiana Equality Action, ICON, All Saints Episcopal Church and St. Paul's Episcopal Church. FURTHER DETAILS ABOUT THE SCREENING

10 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Where in the "Village"? This one is harder. Have you seen this structure? It isn't quite finished, but it is operational. Where is it?

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Hidden History

Hidden History is a simple letter-substitution cipher. If K equals B in one word, K will equal B throughout the puzzle. Solve by looking for frequentlyused letters and common patterns.

encryption by Jim Alred

answer on Page 22

D Z O S P I Y L Z L S I G L R O S R V S Y O K Y H Z F I T P S AT P V Y D G K S D S L P B Y O J ( L Z F E O Z Y R O T B B M S B Y O J ) F Y K I Z K P P Z R O . A Z G L S V Y L R I T K E Y E V T L A G E Y P Z O K S Q I T E T P. R G O T L H P I S Z L S - F S S J O G L Z C P I S S Q I T E T P, C Z G O L S F E Y E T S K F S O S K S L P P I S O S C Z O P O S Y P D S L P.

answers on Page 22



S equals E

Sudoku is a nine by nine grid. The solution (each puzzle has only one) will have all the numbers from one through nine in every row and every column. In addition, the grid is divided into nine three-by-three sections. Each of these three-by-three sections will also contain all the numbers from one through nine. Each Sudoku puzzle from Pappocom can be solved using logic alone. If you prefer guessing, you can – but there is a logical way to solve every puzzle. Let’s start with the easy puzzle. We will try to put an 7 in the right section of the bottom row which contains 2-3-9. The 7 in the right section of the top row eliminates the spaces above and below the 3. The 7 in the right section of the middle row eliminates the spaces above the 2. The 7 in the middle section of the bottom row eliminates the spaces to the right of the 2. The only place left is directly to the right of the 3. You have learned one technique needed to solve Sudoku puzzles. There are many more.



Vol. 10 No. 8

11 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Simplicity Massage Studio & Skin Care 6161 N. College Ave. 317-257-5994 Chronic Pain Management

National Heritage Essay Contest Winners

The Sertoma Club of Broad Ripple announced the winners of its annual National Heritage Essay Contest at the club's weekly luncheon meeting Wednesday, April 17, 2013. A total of 532 essays were submitted by 6th grade students in 46 classrooms at 12 Indianapolis area middle and intermediate schools. The subject of the essays was "What Freedom Means to Me". Each year, cash awards are given for Classroom Winners, Finalists, Grand Prize Winners and Most Creative Essay. This year's three Grand Prize Winners and the Most Creative Essay Winner were recognized at the luncheon on April 17. The students, accompanied by their parents and teachers read their essays to the

members of the Sertoma Club of Broad Ripple and guests in attendance. Cash awards and plaques were presented to the three Grand Prize Winners, the Most Creative Essay Winner and to the teachers of each of those students. This year the Sertoma Club of Broad Ripple has spent over $5000 in sponsorship of the National Heritage Essay Contest. [Left to Right] First Place Grand Prize Winner: Ben Batchelder, Clay Middle School, Teacher - Mr. Karl Knerr. Second Place Grand Prize Winner: Dawson Corea, St. Richard's Episcopal School, Teacher - Ms. Andrea Neal. Third Place Grand Prize Winner: Emily Ziatniski, St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, Teacher - Ms. Jackie Gaddis. Most Creative Essay Winner: Oliver Andrews, St. Richard's Episcopal School, Teacher - Ms. Andrea Neal.


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LDSmithPlumbingspecializesin qualityserviceatafairpricewithout thegimmicks.Weofferafullrange ofplumbingservicesatacompetitive price. Our goal is to keep your long-terminterestsatheartwhile performingplumbingservicesin your home. LD Smith Plumbing offers a full range of residential plumbing services that include:

Plumbing Drain Cleaning Slab Leaks Gas Leaks License #CO51100012

12 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Random Ripplings A large crane recently installed a storage container that will act as the entrance to a new restaurant next to Taste Cafe at 52nd and College Avenue.

Baskin Robbins - Broad Ripple

2201 E 62nd St • 254-5333 Open 11am-10pm


(317) 253-1990

Kolman Dental

Kolman Dental

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$500 off Invisalign treatment Broad Ripple Gazette

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Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

13 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

National Record Store Day 2013 Broad Ripple is lucky to have THREE record stores! Clockwise from upper right: DJ Little Town at Indy CD and Vinyl, We Are Hex at LUNA, Oreo Jones at LUNA, and Male Bondage at VIBES. More pictures at

14 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013


MARKET John Hill, owner of Broad Ripple Brewpub at 65th and Cornell Avenue, called the Gazette recently to say that he found an original Broad Ripple Farmers Market poster from 1996 (see image left). Broad Ripple Brewpub and Marigold got together to start the market. It may have been the first neighborhood farmers market in the city. It was held in the parking lot of the brewpub and there were about seven vendors, including Ross Farris, fondly remembered by many present-day market attendees. John joked that while the fee back then to be a vendor was about $5, there was one guy that wouldn't pay, he would simply park his truck on the street in front of the market and sell from there! The artwork for the poster, designed by Scott Johnson now of Axiomport, won a national art design award in 1997. The 2013 opening day will be Saturday, May 4. The market is open from 8am to noon each Saturday at Broad Ripple High School in the rear parking lot.


Cinco de Mayo in Broad Ripple at


La6524Piedad Cornell Avenue

Enjoy three courses for $1995


First Course: • PETITE SALADE - greens, tomato, carrot, cucumber, croutons Second Course: (Select one) • FILET MIGNON - 6 oz. lightly seasoned, grilled to order • CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA - prosciutto, fresh sage, mozzarella & dry white wine reduction • TILAPIA - blackened with fresh lemon • GRILLED PARMESAN POLENTA - sautéed spinach, garlicky sweet peppers, robiola cheese Third Course: (Select one) • WINE (a glass of house cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay) • DESSERT (baked chocolate or vanilla bean cheesecake)

Pitchers or By-The-Glass (12 oz / 16 oz) Frozen or On The Rocks Patron • Cazadores

Reservations can be made in person at Corner Wine Bar, or by calling 255-5159.

La Piedad

Authentic Mexican Restaurant Open Every Day at 11am


6524 N. Cornell Ave (317) 475-0988

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La Piedad/BRG

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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 10 No. 8

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15 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Historic Ad This advertisement for Hollyhock Hill appeared in 1952. The family-style chicken dinner restaurant at 8110 N. College Avenue has been also serving cool air in the summer for 61 years!

Most Accurate Broad Ripple Business Directory

Stores - Restaurants - Bars - Salons

Broad Ripple Crossword

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clues by Heidi Huff-Hague

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1. It's of little matter 5. Buttonhole opening 9. Wyatt of the West 13. Girl in pajamas at Target 14. Don't make one unless you're in a play 15. Recent earthquake area 16. Cornhole action at the Pawn Shop 17. If you can't "hear me now" it might be bad 19. What your editor raced at Ed Schock's Toy and Hobby at 62nd and Carrollton in the 60's 21. Leans to the left (or right) 22. "____ you a man or a mouse?" 23. Keep it up in times of trouble 25. Put together quickly 29. Ado hairdo decisions 33. Scrabble squares 34. What you might want to go out with 35. What the fajita plate might be at La Piedad 36. Brick or feather measurement 37. Bark Tutor canine commands 39. Month of May Mass Ave sculpture material 40. Who's sometimes separated from the boys 41. House of the have-nots 42. Daft descriptor 43. What Boy Scouts do best 45. One may use this of the same name to be heard 47. Typical tip jar tender

48. This crossword writer's new title 49. Sloppily sort through 52. Shirt stop on Broad Ripple Avenue 57. First day of the fourth month 60. Optimist's glasses descriptor 61. Sloppily sort through 62. Goes with Guys 63. This sometimes comes before heart surgery 64. U2 guitar guy 65. Pretzels or permanent rollers 66. Robin's treehouse


1. Insects eaten on a log 2. Handyman's hammer 3. Give or take 4. Ship's spar 5. Completed a Hail Mary 6. Pupil's partner 7. Where you might stay as part of Holiday 8. ____ as in tango 9. "What's _____ you?" 10. Take it or leave it label 11. Frightful or funny event 12. Looks left and right 14. 11 Down might give you one 18. Window sticker 20. Lock on a computer 23. Andrew or Cassius 24. Partridge family matriarchs 25. It might be good "forever" 26. You might have one or two of this in the fridge 27. By yourself 28. Pocket protector contents

30. What more people should do before they speak 31. Comes after quarter 32. Take the wheel 34. Ban from the Alley Cat 37. Painful place 38. They're often pointed 39. Sore throat soother 41. Group who judges others 42. Pupil place 44. Kind of company 45. Turn signals? 46. Printing or panini plate

49. Corner Wine Bar steak specification 50. It's often docked at night 51. Frequent Gazette guest photographer 52. Sang 53. Smooth over 54. It springs eternal 55. Does drugs 56. What a Boy Scout might pack in order to 43 Down 58. He's kind of a big deal for the WPA 59. Winning streak?

16 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Howling at the Moon

6523 Ferguson Street

(317) 252-5920

by Susan Smith

• Full Bar


• Smoked meats and seafood


• Homemade soups


• Daily Specials




• Front Door parking


• Outside seating



FIRE food & flame

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$10 off Two dinners Sunday thru Thursday

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Monon Trail Resurfacing Update The Department of Public Works (DPW) will close a section of the Monon Trail near 75th Street for approximately two weeks beginning Monday, April 22, 2013 to resurface the trail, install new guardrails and fix a drainage problem that has been eroding the trail and making it less safe and enjoyable for users. During the project, bike traffic will be prohibited on the Monon Trail between 86th Street and 75th Street. Pedestrians will be permitted use of the trail between 86th Street and the construction zone. Bike and pedestrian detour signage will be in place along the detour route. The detour route will utilize Washington Boulevard to 84th Street and continue on Pennsylvania Street until 75th Street where bikers can intersect the Monon. To learn more about the Monon Trail improvements and to view construction updates, please visit

Serving Broad Ripple Since 1979

6520 Cornell Ave 317.253.2611

We seem to have three great interests that please us…..sports, restaurants and pets. Let me touch on all three. First, I’d like to say how very glad I am that Laura Minor and her sister, Jenny Willis, are back safe and sound from the Boston Marathon. Laura is my fellow columnist here at the Gazette and owner of So.Be. Fit. Fitness Center. Jenny is a trainer there whom I have had the pleasure of working with. Like all of us, I am saddened that the sport that they work hard at and the goal that they had attained was marred by such terror to Boston and our country. Congratulations to you both for your achievement! On another note, I spent Spring Break at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. One of the iconic businesses there is the Salty Dog Café. If you haven’t been there you have probably seen someone here sporting one of their tee shirts. They have done a phenomenal job of branding themselves with three restaurants and four retail stores. It is THE place to go. While shopping there for my annual tee shirt I picked up their publication of things to do on the island listing all of their summer events. It is a slick booklet that also features many of their licensed logo products and menus for their restaurants. In the back was an article entitled “NO DOGS? Why dogs are not allowed at the Salty Dog Café”. Whoa. This is a super dog friendly world and everyone wants to know what restaurants they can take their dog to. I’m in the pet business and I love dogs but after reading this let me play the devil’s advocate. It starts out saying that when they opened in 1987 lots of people came with their dogs and life was good but allowing dogs of all varieties in close proximity, kids with food and dog owners with drinks—it got messy. Dogs were urinating on tables and chairs and occasionally pooping on the deck. Owners were allowing them to lie in walkways and to eat off their forks and plates. Some dogs barked almost continually while others begged for food and stole hot dogs from little kids. The article continued and I quote “It would be no exaggeration to say that many of the dog owners failed to control their pets. So, ultimately the good dog owners suffered from the actions of the bad dog owners and we posted the No Dogs Allowed signs. Why? Because we feel that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with a clean, peaceful and safe place to dine. We do not feel that it is our responsibility to police the dog situation - or to clean up after dogs or to referee dog fights. I’m uncertain if you have ever witnessed the utter chaos that occurs when two dogs suddenly decide to kill each other in a crowded environment such as the Salty Dog Café, but it can get really ugly. So being fully aware of the consequences, we no longer wish to subject ourselves to the disruption to the business or the presumed liability. Many State Health Departments prohibit dogs, but others, such as South Carolina, allow the restaurant owner to decide. So, why are dogs not allowed in the overwhelming majority of restaurants? Presumably for the same reasons that we do not allow dogs at The Salty Dog Café. Our policy also extends to our outside tables because, in essence, our outside seating is part of our dining room. Our reasoning comes in part from the old adage there are no bad dogs just bad dog owners. And generically speaking everyone loves dogs but not everyone loves your dog. And while we sincerely apologize to the good dog owners, it’s the bad dog owners who have backed us into this corner. We do allow leashed dogs to visit and walk across our property, however some dog owners still neglect to use a leash. If we ask these owners to please leash their dogs then we are the bad guys. An employee was nipped by an unruly dog last year.” The last lines hit home with me. At City Dogs Grocery we have a steady flow of visiting dogs. They make our day and we welcome them. But, we have at the ready, a leash to use. We require it. Your dog may be a jewel but the other guy’s might not and it is so true about the risk of the presumed liability. All dogs should be leashed in public places. It’s the law. I do not understand why dog owners disobey. It’s for their safety. The Salty Dog has done extensive research in creating its pet policy. For more information: The results of this debate so far show 65% no and 35% yes. Another poll shows 68% no, 29% yes and 2% undecided. That can be found at: It appears just as a majority of diners do not wish to dine near someone who is smoking they do not wish to dine with dogs sitting beside them. Who knew? What are your thoughts? I always say “pets make you smile”. April needed a smile. Welcome May! Susan Smith is a life-long area resident and is the owner of City Dogs Grocery located at 52nd and College and at 884 Massachusetts Avenue. Send your pet related questions/comments to

17 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 10 No. 8

FREE listings for businesses in the map area. Is your business missing? Contact the Gazette at

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& surrounding area

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Map & Directory Art/Galleries/Photography addendum GALLERY 908 Westfield Blvd The Art Lab 2070 E. 54th St ste #4 Artifacts 6327 Guilford Ave Ashland Gallery 6537 Carrollton Ave Basile Studio Shop 820 E. 67th St Blice Edwards Decorative Painting 1111 E. 54th Studio F Broad Ripple Art & Design 5368 Winthrop Ave Ceramic Dreams D 1134 E. 54th St. Studio G Danielle Bader Photography 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 6


OO28 G5◄ B3 A4 OO25 OO25 OO26 ◄ I5

Douglas David Fine Art CC31 7172 N. Keystone Ave 257-7515 Editions Limited C4 ◄ 838 E. 65th St 466-9940 Forrest Formsma Fine Art 1134 E. 54th St. Studio M Frame Designs 838 E. 65th St Gina Rosenow Decorative Artist 1101 54th St, Studio G Hoosier Salon Fine Arts Gallery 714 E. 65th St Indianapolis Art Center 820 E. 67th St Kiley Studios 6328 College Ave Half Baked Pottery 918 Broad Ripple Ave Megelaine Images 6507 Ferguson St Michael Mendez Portraits 6180 Washington Blvd Potter's House, The 6503 Carrollton Ave Ruth D. Stoner Artistry in Clay 6340 Ferguson St Sara Morris Photography 825 Westfield Blvd S.D. Battista Painting Conservation 5430 New Jersey St Sigman’s Gallery 930 Broad Ripple Ave Stu’s Studio 6537 Carrollton Ave Susan Van Huss Design Studio 5343 Winthrop Ave The Framer - Tom Altpeter 777 E. 66th St The Thompson Collection 6516 Carrollton Ave TK Nelson Fine Art Gallery 6331 N. Keystone Ave Zaahi Production Studios 6214 Carrollton Ave Suite F


C.H. Douglas & Gray 7040 College Ave Cassen & Co, M.S. CPA 1702 Broad Ripple Ave Chase 706 Broad Ripple Ave Debra L. Kelb, CPA 819 E. 64th St


C4 OO25 C3◄ A4◄ E2 H5 C4 JJ21 C3 E4 G4 OO21 H5◄ B3 OO24◄ B3 C3◄ GG31 I3


HH29 G3◄ D4

Edward Jones - Kevin Schloneger C4◄ 838 E. 65th St ste B 257-7588 Edward Jones - Brad Buroker 5936 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 103 Fifth Third Bank 1036 Broad Ripple Ave First Financial Bank 6320 College Ave Forum Credit Union 6501 College Ave Highfield & Associates 6144 College Ave Huntington Bank 724 Broad Ripple Ave

January & Engel 688 E. 63rd St 255-8943

KK31 G7◄ E2◄ C3◄ J2 H3◄


KeyBank D2◄ 6410 College Ave

LJI Wealth Management B4 902 E. 66th St, Suite C 466-9702

M&I D H3◄ 714 Broad Ripple Ave Milestone Advisors K3 6053 College Ave Old National Bank D K3◄ 6135 College Ave

Old National Bank 6100 Keystone Ave PNC Bank 6170 Keystone Ave Raymond James 6235 Carrollton Ave Sage Capital Management, LLC 921 E. 66th St, Suite B Yount & Company, CPAs 6311 #150 Westfield Blvd


66th Street Baptist Church 918 E 66th St Bethlehem Lutheran 526 E 52nd St Broad Ripple United Methodist 6185 Guilford Ave Christ the King Catholic Church 1827 Kessler Blvd Congregation Shaarey Yeshua 2415 E.72nd St Dayspring Church (Assemblies of God) 2415 E.72nd St EpiCenter 5610 Broadway St Evanston Wesleyan Church 6902 Evanston Ave Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist 655 E. 62nd St Glendale Christian Church 1788 Haynes Ave Iglesia Hermandad Cristiana 1788 Haynes Ave Immaculate Heart of Mary 5692 Central Ave Loving Accurately Ministries 6148 N. College Ave Mid East Church of Christ 5879 Central Ave My Father’s House 6219 Guilford Ave New Paradigm Christian 6202 Carrollton Ave Northminster Presbyterian 1660 Kessler Blvd Progressive Spiritualist Church 2201 E. 54th Soma Church 526 E 52nd St St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 6050 N. Meridian St Trinity ES Jungle 6151 Central Ave




I4 B4 E6

Places of Worship

Food-Retail/Grocery 21st Amendment 2201 E. 62nd St A1 Package Liquor 1721 E. 52nd Avec Moi 701 E. 62nd St BP Service Station/Convenience 7068 College Ave Cookies by Design 2635 E. 62nd St Cork and Cracker 2126 Broad Ripple Ave Fresh Market 5415 College Ave

PP22 J5◄ KK30 CC31 CC31 MM21 DD30◄ J2 BB29◄ BB29◄ LL22 J2 KK22 H5 I3◄ KK28◄ OO31 PP22 JJ20 JJ22


J3 CC23◄ II32 HH31◄ OO23

Insomnia Cookies 809 Broad Ripple Ave Johnny’s Market (closed for rebuilding) 6335 College Ave Just Pop In 6302 Guilford Ave Kroger 6220 Guilford Ave Lilly Orchard 71st and College Nicole-Taylor Pasta 1134 E. 54th St. Suite C

E4 ◄ G4

G4 I4◄ CC22 OO26◄

Parcha Sweets II31 2101 Broad Ripple Ave 723-5600 Rene’s Bakery C4 ◄ 6524 B Cornell Ave 251-2253 H4

David Logue & Assoc. Insurance 6556 Ferguson St



I7◄ I7 F2


David E. Dearing, Attorney 6100 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 657 Jeffery A. Evans, Attorney 6202 College Ave Law Office of Dana E. Daniels 6325 Guilford Ave, suite 210 Law Office of Gary Colasessano 1915 Broad Ripple Ave Law Office of Keith Shelton 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 12 Law Office of Robert Burkett 1111 E. 54th Street, Suite 106 Lawrence Law Firm 6100 Keystone Ave Suite 257 Luetzelschwab Law, LLC 711 E. 65th St Mellowitz & Hanefeld 6100 N. Keystone Ave Mercho Legal Services 6402 Cornell Ave Monday, Rodeffer, Jones & Albright 1915 Broad Ripple Ave O'Ryan Law Firm 1901 Broad Ripple Ave Law Office of Vanessa L. Powell 6117 College Ave Ste 3 Office of MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger 6417 Carrollton Ave Ross & Brunner 6434 College Ave, suite F Kimber Leigh Whyte 1111 E. 54th St, suite 121


6111 Salon 6111 College Ave A Do 6207 College Ave A Sign of the Tymes Salon 2750 62nd St Abstract Nails & Wellness Studio 819 E. 64th St, Suite 103 Adorn 6201 College Ave Air-Tan 6249 College Ave Angelanna Armando - Esthetician/Nail Tech 5877 Crestview Ave Art of the Soul Center 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite C Balance Pilates Studio 6340 Ferguson St bambū 916 Westfield Blvd Belladonna 6512 Ferguson St Bill’s Hair Design 6163 College Ave Bobby Cooper Salon 725 E. 65th St, Suite 100



C5 I2 G4 II30 I5 OO25 JJ31 D3 JJ31 D5 II30 HH30 K3 D3 D2 OO26

Hair/Spa/Fitness/Health/ Wellness

Bogie’s Barber Shop 837 Westfield Blvd 254-8015


Rock & Hard Place Gen. Store 826 Broad Ripple Ave SweeTies Gourmet Treats 1081 Broad Ripple Ave United Package Liquors 1067 Broad Ripple Ave Village Pantry 6302 College Ave

Anastasia Demos Mills 5954 College Ave Caress Law Group 5420 N. College Avenue, Suite 100

Coffey Law 6532 Cornell Ave 722-0073


Good Earth Natural Food Store 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604

State Farm - Elizabeth Marshall K2 6124 N. College Ave 255-2700

I3 HH33◄ D4 I3 I3◄ KK26◄ OO24 E4 G5 C4 J2 D4


B.R. Nails G7◄ 1062 Broad Ripple Ave Brandon Hair Designer JJ23 6025 College Ave Broad Ripple Barbershop J4 6194 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple Body, Mind & Spirit KK22 5944 Central Ave Broad Ripple Hair Design OO23 5420 College Ave Broad Ripple Massage Practice D4 819 E. 64th St, Suite 234 Broad Ripple Tans HH30 1908 Broad Ripple Ave Scott A. Cavins, LMFT, LMHC KK28 1660 Kessler Blvd Changes Salon D4 6416 Ferguson St Classic Cleaners/Tan I6◄ 1037 Broad Ripple Ave The Coaching Cabin OO25 1049 E. 54th St Collage Therapeutic Group G4 6325 Guilford Ave The Dailey Method Indianapolis D4 725 E. 65th St, Suite 200

Bogie's Barber Shop (317) 254-8015 (317) 701-3006 837 Westfield Blvd. Mon: 9-12 Tue, Thu, Fri: 9-7 Wed: 10-7 Sat: 9-3

Simplicity Massage Studio 6161 College Ave



Skinners Hair Design I4◄ 6233 Carrollton Ave Snapdragon Salon & Spa JJ32◄ Glendale Town Center So.Be.Fit. OO25◄ 1134 E 54th Studio B The Spa @ French Pharmacie G3 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Static Salon C4 6503 Ferguson St Style D4 820 E. 64th St Supercuts II30 2112 E. 62nd St

Your business could advertise in a spot like this for as little as $15 per issue Broad Ripple Gazette

D = Pet Friendly

Eclectic Peace Beauty Lounge D4 819 E. 64th St ste 101 Elisabeth Henn-Carlson, LMHC PP24 740 East 52 Street, Suite 12 emmetts THE STUDIO OO23 711 E 54th St Eternal Knowing OO25 1111 E. 54th Street ste 141 eyeMAX C3 6503 Carrollton Ave Facets Studio I5 6251 Winthrop Ave The Fitness Lab I5 6201 Winthrop Ave, Ste 1 Flaunt C4 6515 Ferguson St Great Clips I7 1077 Broad Ripple Ave Hair @ 6310 E2◄ 6310 College Ave Hair Benders I5 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 9 Hair Etc. E4 6360 Guilford Ave Hair It Is I5 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 10 Hairquarters B4 6551 Ferguson St Hair That Rocks PP25 1109 E. 52nd St Heal Thyself & Co I1 6220 Broadway St The Healing Room D4 819 E. 64th St Herbonique H4 6332 Guilford Ave suite 205 Indy Acupuncture J3 6155 College Ave Indy Physical Therapy H4 831 Broad Ripple Ave Infinity HairWorks C4 6511 Ferguson St Just Feet PP30 2021 E. 52nd St Ste 211 Scott Burns Kahler, MA, LMFT D4 819 E. 64th St, Suite 248 LA Fitness JJ31 6160 Keystone Ave Lotus Spa / Nails HH31 2138 E. 62nd St Macy’s - The Salon II32 Glendale Town Center MakeUp by Sparkle I3 6214 Carrollton Ave Ste. E Massage iNDY II31 6144 Hillside Ave Ste 10 Mecca School of Massage I4 6225 Carrollton Ave Metamorphosis H4 828 Broad Ripple Ave Modern Nails I7 1065 Broad Ripple Ave mojo day spa OO25 1111 E. 54th Ste #140 Molly Meier, LMHC Counseling D3 6408 Carrollton Ave Mona’s Hair Design E4 6349 Guilford Ave Moondance Massage Therapy PP25 5255 Guilford Ave Ed Morris LPC, LMHC OO25 1111 E. 54th Ste #107 Mother Nature’s Sun C4 6516 Ferguson St. New Energy Wellness OO29 2026 E. 54th One Life Pilates H3 6285 College Ave suite A One Body Inc. B4 6528 Ferguson St Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese D2 6471 Broadway St Pilates - The Integrated Body C4 6507 Ferguson St Reiki Center of Indiana OO25 1111 E. 54th Ste #139 Sabai Salon D3 6407 Carrollton Ave Salon6 E2 6378 College Ave Salon Rue 52 PP23 648 E. 52nd St School of Metaphysics II31 6138 Hillside Ave Shampoo Salon H3 6247 College Ave Shear Artistry I5 6201 Winthrop Ave Ste 2 Shear Uphoria D4 819 E. 64th St, Suite 102

Carrollton Manor Apartments 5322 Carrollton Avenue


18 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013






Blue Heron B&B 7123 Edgewater Place Boone Docks Bed & Breakfast 7159 Edgewater Place Indy Hostel 4903 Winthrop Ave Shirley's Bed & Breakfast 5870 Norwaldo Ave


1001 Properties 6201 Winthrop Ave #7 American Village 2026 E. 54th St 253-6950 Apter Properties 810 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Apartments 6184A Carvel Ave Broad Ripple Realty 1111 E. 54th Ste #300 Broad Ripple Trails 5220 Luzzane Lane Brooks Real Estate Services 845 E. 65th St Carpenter Realtors 6101 College Ave


Flowers & Gifts 1134 E. 54th St. Studio A 923-6000


H3 II32 D4 E4 D4◄ D3◄ C3◄ H11 JJ32 G5 I5 OO24

BB26 QQ24◄ KK29


Mail collection box




I7 OO25 PP27 C4 J3◄

OO23 JJ23 OO23

A3 I5


Advanced Orthopaedic Foot/Ankle 6215 College Ave Allergy Relief Center 6471 Broadway St Sarah Amo, MD 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Dr. Arno Family Medicine 2620 Kessler Blvd 644-5000 Janice Bilby, M.D. 1095 Broad Ripple Ave 621-3731 Broad Ripple Avenue Chiropractic 1803 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Dental Assn. 6214 Carrollton Ave


Kelly Burrough, N.P. 1095 Broad Ripple Ave 621-3731 Compass Chiropractic 5420 N College ave. Suite 101 Scott Christy, D.D.S. 6201 Winthrop Ave


B5 FF32 G4 H3 E2 C4 KK25 K6 II31 PP26 D3 I5 OO23 DD25◄ F4 PP24 J6 B5 D3

D2 H6 KK32 I7◄ II30 I3

K3◄ OO23 I5

Broad Ripple Gazette





EYE Can See 6311 Westfield Blvd #103A Irene Fox, M.D. 1095a Broad Ripple Ave 621-3680 Dr. William Fulton, DC 6434 #D College Ave


Tronya Hawkins, MD 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Dr. Harvey Himelstein 6320 Ferguson St Dr. Andrey M. Horton, D.D.S. 6434 College Ave Jansen Chiropractic and Wellness 1810 Broad Ripple Ave Ste 9 Dr. Ronald L. Johnston, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave Dr. John M. Klemen, D.D.S. 6112 College Ave


Dr. Robert D. Lucus, D.D.S. 6211 College Ave Martin Dentistry 1927 Broad Ripple Ave Dr. Millicent Moye 2620 Kessler Blvd 644-5000 Northside Family Physicians 6320 Ferguson St Tameka O'Neal, MD 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Ocularis Optometry 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite D Ossip Optometry 804 Broad Ripple Ave Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese 6471 Broadway St George Pendygraft, P.C. 6770 Spirit Lake Dr. Michael Pratt, DC 6434 #D College Ave Dr. Joel Sagalowsky, D.D.S. 6117 College Ave Ste 4 Shepherd Internal Medicine 6201 Winthrop Ave, Ste 4 St. Vincent Physical Therapy 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Dirk A. Sterley, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave Darlene Vaughn, D.D.S. 6214 Carrollton Ave Mitch Wohlmuth, D.D.S. 917 E. 62nd St


Dr. Eve Earley, D.C., C.S.T. 6344 Kingsley Dr 257-7282

Glendale Dental Associates 6202 Evanston Ave 251-0085

I7◄ D5

GG29 I7◄ D2

II30◄ E4◄ D2 HH30 C3 J2

Paul Kolman, D.D.S. C5◄ 6508 #4 Westfield Blvd 255-8546

Located in SoBro


Amer. Legion Kennington Post 6440 Westfield Blvd Bishop Chatard High School 5885 Crittenden Ave Broad Ripple Amer. Legion Post #3 6379 College Ave Broad Ripple Fire Station #32 6330 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple High School 1115 Broad Ripple Ave


Broad Ripple Masonic Lodge 1716 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Park 1550 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Post Office 6255 Carrollton Ave


Broadway Park 61st and Broadway St Canterbury Park 5510 Carvel Ave Indpls. Mar. Cty. Public Library Glendale Mall 6100 Keystone Ave Marott Park 7350 College Ave Indpls North Side Optimists Park 775 E. 66th St Park Tudor School 7200 College Ave School 55 - Eliza Blaker 1349 E. 54th St School 84 - Joseph Bingham 440 E. 57th St Wash. Twp. Assessor’s Office 2188 E. 54th St Wash. Twp. Small Claims Court 5302 N. Keystone Ave Suite E


Broad Ripple Village Assn. 6311 Westfield Blvd 251-2782

Margarita Czeskis, M.D. 1095a Broad Ripple Ave 621-3680 Mylinda Cripe, N.P. 1095a Broad Ripple Ave 621-3680 Dr. Rob Diegel 840 E. 64th St

Your business could advertise in a spot like this for as little as $15 per issue

Pet Supplies “Plus” 2238 E. 62nd St. The Neighborhood Veterinarian 2110 E. 62nd St. Three Dog Bakery 844 Broad Ripple Ave Village Dog, The 6224 Winthrop Ave

Broad Ripple Kiwanis meets at Binkley’s 217-6139


Jade North Apartments 6565 College Ave JR Walsh Realty 6535 Cornell Ave Lakewood Lodge 6630 Glenbrook Dr Landford Realty Corp. 6332 Guilford Ave, suite 205 Lincolnshire Apartments 6221 College Ave McLane Realty 6358 College Ave Monon Mortgage 6525 Ferguson St Monon Place Apartments 5900 Carvel Ave Monon Walk Apts 6115 Winthrop Ave Morris Group Realty 5936 N. Keystone Ave., Ste 203 Pangea Grove Apartments 5018 Lemans Dr RE/MAX Ability Plus 711 E. 65th St School 80 Condominiums 920 E. 62nd St Secure Real Estate Group 5345 N. Winthrop Ave. Shore Acres Apartments 1105 Westfield Court West Sycamore Group Realty 815 E. 64th Pl T&H Realty Services 760 E. 52nd St The Townes at Winthrop 6139 Winthrop Ave Veritas Realty 930 E. 66th St Wellington Square Apartments 725 E. 64th St

Broad Ripple Family Dental 6117 College Ave 257-3368








Broad Ripple Apts






Bark Tutor 2122 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Animal Clinic 6225 Broadway St BR Animal Wellness Center 5897 College Ave Broad Ripple Canine Design 1430 Broad Ripple Ave City Dogs Grocery 5209 College Ave Fur Bee 6552 Cornell Ave Good Dog Hotel and Spa 5345 N. Winthrop Ave

Paw Patch Place 4850 College Ave 253-5964









The Claridge Apts 6007 College Ave College Court Condos 5347 College Ave College Manor Apts 6350 College Ave Edgewater Apartments 6701 College Ave Equitable Solutions 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 4


School 80 Condos



Synchronistic Touch 6471 Broadway Street The Yoga Studio 6245 College Ave Title Boxing Club 2625 E. 62nd St Touch by an A.N.G.E.L. Massage 819 E. 64th St, Suite 238 Untitled Ink 6357 Guilford Ave Urban Gypsy 6407 Ferguson St Village Barber Shop 810 64th St suite 200 Virginia Jarvis Coiffures 716 E. 65th St Weekend Warrior Med. Supplies 1430 Broad Ripple Ave Weight Watchers Glendale Town Center Wellness Space, The 916 Westfield Blvd Suite 240 Where Beauty Begins 6521 Winthrop Ave Suite 9 White Orchid Salon 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite E

Carrollton Manor Apartments 5322 Carrollton Ave 257-7884







Post Office






Newspaper recycling bin










Fire Station





























JJ30 KK32 E4 H6 OO24 H4 D2 DD25 D2 K3 I5 H6 C3 I3 I5

I1 KK23 H11 PP23◄ C5 OO24

◄ HH31◄ H4◄ H5◄

JJ30 E3 G4◄ H9◄

KK23 H11◄ H4

F6◄ MM25 JJ32◄ BB23 A3 CC22 OO26 LL22◄ OO29 OO30


21 = 21 & over D = Pet Friendly (outdoor) 10-01 Food & Drink H5 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Alley Cat Lounge 21 H4◄ 6267 Carrollton Ave Ambrosia Ristorante G5 915 Westfield Blvd Amer. Legion Kennington Post D5◄ 6440 Westfield Blvd Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill D G7 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Arby's FF32◄ 6483 Keystone Ave Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant PP23◄ 5212 College Ave Average Joe’s Sports Pub 21 G4 814 Broad Ripple Ave

Baskin Robbins HH31 2201B Broad Ripple Ave 253-5333 Bazbeaux 811 Westfield Blvd Bebop Pizza Kitchen 705 E 54th St Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar 5902 College Ave Birdy’s Bar & Grill 21 2131 E. 71st St Biscuits Cafe D 1035 Broad Ripple Ave Boogie Burger D 1904 Broad Ripple Ave BRICS 901 E. 64th St

Broad Ripple Brewpub 840 E. 65th St 253-2739


OO23 KK23 CC31◄ I6◄ HH30◄ E5◄


Broad Ripple Tavern 21 H3◄ 745 Broad Ripple Ave

Brothers Bar and Grill D G5◄ 910 Broad Ripple Ave 252-5530 Brugge Brasserie G5◄ 1011 Westfield Blvd Buffalo Wild Wings H5 6235 Guilford Ave Canal Bistro D E4◄ 6349 Guilford Ave 254-8700 Casba 21 G5 6319 Guilford Ave Chumley’s Grill 21 H4◄ 838 Broad Ripple Ave Connor’s Pub 21 E4 6331 Ferguson St

Corner Wine Bar 6331 Guilford Ave 255-5159


The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 10 No. 8


19 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013











How To Get To Broad Ripple From: Castleton I-465 and I-69


Take I-69/SR37 Southbound (becomes Binford Blvd.) approx. 3 ¼th miles to 62nd St. Turn right (West) on 62nd. Take 62nd (becomes Broad Ripple Ave.) approx. 3 ½ miles





Cornerstone Coffee OO23◄ 651 E. 54th St Crackers Comedy Club 18 H3 6281 College Ave Donato’s Pizza II31◄ 2357 Broad Ripple Ave Egyptian Cafe & Hooka Bar 21 D H4 6265 Carrollton Ave Einstein Bros Bagels D H8◄ 1055 Broad Ripple Ave Fat Dan's Chicago-Style Deli OO23 5410 College Ave

Fire C4 6523 Ferguson St 252-5920 Flatwater Restaurant and Bar D 832 Westfield Blvd Good Morning Mama’s 1031 E. 54th St Greek's Pizzeria 6336 Guilford Ave H2O Sushi 1912 Broad Ripple Ave

Hollyhock Hill 8110 College Ave 251-2294 Hot Box Pizza 715 Broad Ripple Ave Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co 6229 Carrollton Ave India Garden 830 Broad Ripple Ave Jazz Kitchen, The 5377 College Ave Jimmy John’s 845 Broad Ripple Ave

JT’s Grille and Bar 2210 E. 54th St 253-3300


OO24 H4 HH30

H4◄ I4◄ H4 OO23◄ H4


Keystone Deli PP31◄ 2344 E. 53rd St Khoury’s 21 HH30 1850 Broad Ripple Ave Kilroy's Bar and Grill H4◄ 831 Broad Ripple Ave KFC II31 6154 N. Keystone Avenue La Bamba H4 840 Broad Ripple Ave La Chinita Poblana G5 927 Westfield Blvd

La Piedad 6524 Cornell Ave 475-0988




Ad deadline May 3





Gas/Service Stations BP Service Station 7068 College Ave Rich Gas Station 6419 College Ave





Landsharks 21 H4 810 Broad Ripple Ave Lava Lounge 21 G4 6308 Guilford Ave Mama Carolla’s Italian Rest. OO24 1031 E. 54th St Marco’s Pizza G5◄ 916 Westfield Blvd Marco’s Restaurant & Lounge OO31 2380 E. 54th St McDonald’s G6◄ 1020 Broad Ripple Ave MCL Cafeteria II31 2121 Broad Ripple Ave Mediterra G3 815 Westfield Blvd The Meridian LL20 5694 Meridian St Mineshaft Saloon 21 H4 812 Broad Ripple Ave Moe & Johnny’s D OO23 5380 College Ave Monical’s Pizza HH32◄ 2635 E. 62nd St. Monkey’s Tale Bar 21 G5 925 Westfield Blvd Monon Coffee Company G5◄ 920 Westfield Blvd Monon Food Company D C5◄ 6420 Cornell Ave Naked Tchopstix D H3◄ 6253 College Ave New Paradise Cafe S H5 6314 Winthrop Ave Noodles & Co H5 927 Broad Ripple Ave Northside Kitchenette C3◄ 6515 College Ave Northside Social C3 6525 College Ave Old Pro’s Table H4◄ 827 Broad Ripple Ave

Pawn Shop Pub D OO31◄ 2222 E. 54th St 255-5430 Pei Wei Glendale Town Center Penn Station East Coast Subs 1089 Broad Ripple Ave Perk Up D 6536 Cornell Ave


I7◄ C5◄

5212 Keystone Ct. 923-0261



Petite Chou D G3◄ 823 E. Westfield Blvd. Plump’s Last Shot D D5◄ 6416 Cornell Ave Poccadio I7 1045 Broad Ripple Ave Qdoba D G4 6334 Guilford Ave RA Nightclub 21 H3 6283 College Ave Red Key Tavern 21 PP23◄ 5170 College Ave Red Room, The G5 6335 Guilford Ave Ripple Bagel & Deli H4◄ 850 Broad Ripple Ave Rock Lobster 21 H4 820 Broad Ripple Ave Rookies Eatery & Pub CC32 2450 E 71st St Sabbatical H5 921 Broad Ripple Ave Sam’s Gyros OO23 5404 College Ave Shalimar Indian Restaurant I7◄ 1043 Broad Ripple Ave Sidewok Café, The I7◄ 1087 Broad Ripple Ave SoBro Cafe PP23 653 E. 52nd St Starbucks H4◄ 854 Broad Ripple Ave Subway H5 901 Broad Ripple Ave Sushi Bar H5◄ 901 Broad Ripple Ave Taste Cafe & Marketplace D PP23 5164 College Ave Thai Cafe I7 1041 Broad Ripple Ave The Usual Suspects G5 6319 Guilford Ave Three Sisters Cafe E4 6360 Guilford Ave Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. H7◄ 1021 Broad Ripple Ave Tru Nightclub 21 H5 6235 Guilford Ave Twenty Tap OO23◄ 5406 College Ave

8Fifteen D3 815 E. 65th St 20 Past 4 & More C3◄ 6507 College Ave About Music E2 6343 College Ave addendum G5 908 Westfield Blvd Audio Solutions E5 6371 Guilford Ave Backyard Birds OO31◄ 2374 E. 54th St Be: bon vivant OO23 5369 College Ave Bead Angels D4◄ 6419 Ferguson St Bébé Gâté H5 920 Broad Ripple Ave Bella Bridesmaids C3 726 E. 65th St Bicycle Exchange OO24 5345 Winthrop Ave ste B Big Hat Books C5◄ 6510 Cornell Ave

Bike Line, The 6520 Cornell Ave 253-2611

Broad Ripple Gazette



Blue Door, The 6426 College Ave BlueMile 1079 Broad Ripple Ave Blush Shoetique 833 E. Westfield Blvd. Bokay Florist 5890 Keystone Ave Broad Ripple Knits 6367 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple Vintage 824 E. 64th St Bungalow, The 924 Westfield Blvd Cartabella 825 Westfield Blvd Carter's Garage 833a E. Westfield Blvd. Ceramic Dreams D 1134 E. 54th St. Studio G Chelsea’s 902 Westfield Blvd Coby Palmer Designs 2376 E. 54th St CVS 6290 College Ave Der Glass Werks Stained Glass 6055 College Ave Designer Men’s Room 720 E. 65th St Dinwiddies 6216 Carrollton Ave Don's Vapor Electronic Cigarettes 843 E. Westfield Blvd. The Exchange 912 Broad Ripple Ave Fine Estate Rugs 5914 College Ave Fox Studios 5901 College Ave Girly Chic Boutique 922 Westfield Blvd

Good Earth Natural Food 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604

D2◄ I7◄ G4 KK31 E4 D4◄ G5◄ G4 G4 OO26 ◄ G5◄ OO31 G2 K3 C3 I3 G4 H5 KK23 KK23 G5◄


La Piedad

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The Broad Ripple Gazette Next edition street date May 10


















Union Jack Pub H5◄ 924 Broad Ripple Ave Village Cigar 21 C3 6513 College Ave Vogue Inc 21 H3◄ 6259 College Ave Wellington Pub 21 G5 6331 Guilford Ave Wild Beaver Saloon 21 H4 723 Broad Ripple Ave YATS D OO23◄ 5363 College Ave ‘Za pizza H4 801 Broad Ripple Ave Zest D OO26 1134 54th St









Brdway PARK


























Cardboard recycling bin

Take Michigan Road south approx. 2 ¾ miles to Westlane Rd. Turn left (East) onto Westlane Rd. Take Westlane Rd (becomes 73rd, then 71st St.) approx. 4 miles to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile Take Meridian St. North approx. 6 ½ miles to Westfield Blvd. Turn right (North-East) onto Westfield Blvd. Take Westfield Blvd approx. 1 mile




I-465 and Michigan Road

Downtown Indianapolis




Take US31 (Meridian St.) South approx. 3 ¼ miles to 71st St. Turn left (East) on to 71st St. Take 71st St. approx. ½ mile to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile





Newspaper recycling bin

Carmel I-465 and N. Meridian






















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Authentic Mexican Restaurant Open Every Day at 11am

6524 N. Cornell Ave (317) 475-0988

10% OFF La Piedad/BRG

total bill with this coupon

good through 5/10/2013

20 Vol. 10 No. 8 got SOLE? H3◄ 6243 College Ave Habig Garden Shop PP23 5201 College Ave Half Baked Pottery H5 918 Broad Ripple Ave Hardwickes Pipe & Tobacco H3◄ 743 Broad Ripple Ave Head Lines G6 1056 Broad Ripple Ave Health Spot Vitamins HH31◄ 2128 Broad Ripple Ave Hedlund Hardware II31 2369 Broad Ripple Ave Honey Boutique G4 841 E. Westfield Blvd. I Do Too Fashion I5 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 3 Indie Bike PP23 652 E. 52nd St

Indy CD & Vinyl H4◄ 806 Broad Ripple Ave 259-1012

Indy Upcycle E4 6354 Guilford Ave Jewels by Park Lane MM24 923 E 56th St Kayak Pools Midwest C4 845 E. 65th St Letters From Home OO26◄ 1134 E. 54th St, Studio L Little Super PP23 5208 College Ave Lucky B G5 912 Westfield Blvd Luna Music PP23 5202 College Ave Magic Bus, The I7 1073 Broad Ripple Ave Marigold C5◄ 6512 Cornell Ave McNamara Florist II32◄ 2635 E. 62nd St M.H. Pomander's Bridal OO26 1101 E 54th St Michael’s Jewelry I5 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 5 Moondance Jewelry & Boutique D4 6323 Ferguson St N. Rue & Co. OO26 1134 E. 54th St, Studio I Neat-O H3 724 Broad Ripple Ave, ste 2 Niche H5 916 Broad Ripple Ave Night Owl Baby D5 6406 Cornell Ave P.S. Jewelers B3 6575 College Ave Palm Court Designs OO26◄ 1134 54th St, Studio K Panda(ology) G3◄ 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Periwinkle G5◄ 6323 Guilford Ave Pitaya H4 842 Broad Ripple Ave The Playful Soul C4 6516 Ferguson St. Portico F3 804 Laverock Rd

Posh Petals OO25◄ 1134 E. 54th St. Studio A 923-6000 Reclamation OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave Reese Kitchens OO25 1057 E. 54th St Redemption G3 826 E. Westfield Blvd. Ripple Surf Board Shop H4 832 Broad Ripple Ave Rosalind Pope Surroundings OO26 1101 E 54th St Rusted Moon Outfitters D5 6410 Cornell Ave

The Broad Ripple Gazette Sherwin-Williams 2221 E. 62nd St Suite A Shop Tibet 835 E. Westfield Blvd. Solomon-Jones Antiques & Interiors 1003 E. 52nd Snazzi Boutique 6356 Guilford Ave Susan Van Huss Design Studio 5343 Winthrop Ave Teeki Hut 807 Broad Ripple Ave Toggery Resale Boutique 1810 Broad Ripple Ave Toolbox Men's Supply Company 853 E. 65th St Ubër Design 5912 College Ave Urban Optiks 840 E. 64th St Utterly Pink 839 E. Westfield Blvd. Value World 2350 E. 52nd St Vibes Records 1051 E. 54th St The Next Step 6352 Guilford Ave The Village Experience 6055 College Ave Weaver’s Lawn & Garden 1316 Broad Ripple Ave The Wedding Studio 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Wild Side Smoke Shop 914 Broad Ripple Ave


Aaron M. Rader Bail Bonds 819 E. 64th St, Ste 218 Adoption Support Center 6331 Carrollton Ave Airmaster Heating & Cooling 5416 College Ave Alterations Express 2315 E. 53rd St Alterations United Repair 817 Broad Ripple Ave Apple Press 6327 Ferguson St Architectural Restoration, Inc. 1101 54th St, Studio G Artcraft Upholstery 710 E. 52nd St Assassin HTPC 6220 College Ave

Auto Detailers 5212 Keystone Ct.


II31 G3 PP25 E4◄ OO24 H4 II30◄ C5 KK23 D5 G3 PP31 OO25 E4 K3 H10◄ G3 H5

D4 E3 OO23 PP31 G4◄ C4 OO25 PP23 I2


AVI Systems 6413 College Ave Bray Technologies PC Repair 6132 College Ave


Brinkman Press 2112 E. 54th St Broad Ripple Appliance 2717 E. 56th Broad Ripple Automotive 5312 Keystone Ave Broad Ripple Design Assoc. 660 E. 62nd St Broad Ripple Lawn Equipment 823 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Lock Service 2023 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple P&L 6224 College Ave Broad Ripple Restoration Painting 5916 Birchwood Ave Brothers Floor Covering 1025 E. 54th St Cabinetpak Kitchens 6038 Keystone Ave


Bright Ideas 7425 Westfield Blvd 257-4111


AA25◄ MM32 OO31 I2 E4 II31 I2 G5 OO24 JJ31

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

Call My List 6258 College Ave Cardinal Manufacturing 710 E. 52nd St Carreau Design 6528 Cornell Ave Central Indiana Comm. Foundation 1405 Broad Ripple Ave Chef JJ’s Back Yard 1040 Broad Ripple Ave Classic Cleaners 1037 Broad Ripple Ave Clark & Osborne 6617 Ferguson St Connect Think 6507 N. Carrollton Ave DEA, Inc. 6548 Ferguson St Deanna Hoskins Interior Design 6418 Carrollton Ave Deering Cleaners 6380 College Ave Demerly Architects 6500 Westfield Blvd DeveloperTown 5255 Winthrop Ave Drewmont Graphics 5343 Winthrop Ave Earthwave Technologies 710 E. 64th St Easter Conservation Services 1134 E. 54th St. Suite J Elgin Water Care 1009 Broad Ripple Ave Event One DJs 6358 N. College Ave FedEx/Kinko’s 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Firebelly Marketing 6235 Carrollton Ave Suite B


Front Row Tickets 6358 College Ave Greg Smith Associates, Inc. 6515 Carrollton Ave Hit City Recording Studio 707 E 54th St Hour Motors 6121 College Ave


Hubbard & Cravens Headquarters 1114 East 52nd St


Indianapolis Granite and Marble 5360 Winthrop Ave Indy Cellular Repair 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 2 Infinite Self Storage 1102 E 52nd St Insights Consulting, Inc 5948 N. College Ave Integrated Learning 6201 College Ave Integrity Development Partners 930 E. 66th St ITEX 6116 College Ave Jiffy Lube 6401 College Ave Joy’s House 2028 Broad Ripple Ave Kayak Pools Midwest 845 E. 65th St Kimmel Shoe Repair 733 Broad Ripple Ave


Laundromat 2509 E. 65th St LifeGrid Internet 1810 Broad Ripple Ave. #12


PP24 C5 I11 G7 I6 A4 C4 C4 C4 E2 C5 PP24 OO24 D3 OO26 H6 E2 G6 I4

Flanner & Buchanan H10◄ 1305 Broad Ripple Ave 475-4475

Howald Heating & Air Cond. 6542 Westfield Blvd 255-4328 Hughey Automotive & Marine 5337 Winthrop Ave. 507-7559

Klassical Keys 833 E. 64th St 594-3418

C4 OO23 K3

B5 OO24 I5 PP25◄ KK23 I2 B5 K2 D3◄ HH30 C4 H3

E4 HH29

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Broad Ripple Village Association Public Meeting By Martin Chittum On Tuesday, April 16, the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) held its semiannual public meeting at the Indianapolis Art Center. The main topics of discussion were Kickoff to a Safe Summer in Broad Ripple, a discussion of the Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) project the neighborhood is involved in, and a recap of BRVA events of the past six months since the last meeting. The meeting started promptly at 7pm and showed a high turnout of people from the neighborhood. Throughout the meeting, various prizes were raffled off. The prizes were provided courtesy of Union Jack Pub, Marigold, RiviFit, Flatwater Restaurant, Greek's Pizzeria, Brother's Bar & Grill, and Average Joe's Sports Bar. Beer and popcorn were provided after the meeting by Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company. The meeting was presided over by BRVA President Jay Wetzel. He began by thanking the sponsors of the door prizes and giving a brief overview of what was to be covered in the meeting. He then introduced Mark Wolf, who made a brief presentation about the upcoming membership drive and the importance of BRVA membership and fundraising. Jay thanked the members of the BRVA board for all their collective work and then introduced Tom Healy, BRVA board member and president of the Broad Ripple Alliance for Progress, who gave an overview of the past 6 months. Firstly, he spoke about the final adoption of the Envision Broad Ripple development plan for the neighborhood and how that will set the course of future development in the neighborhood to be in line with the community's vision for the look and feel of Broad Ripple. Features such as tree-lined streets and ample sidewalks were highlighted. And the big news was that one of the needs first identified 25 years

ago, a mixed-use parking structure, had its first paying patrons as of that day. He was very glad to say that the sidewalks around it were very wide to accommodate the pedestrian traffic, citing it as an example of the sort of details that the BRVA had worked so hard to lobby for. For the BRVA 175th anniversary, the Broad Ripple Alliance for Progress put together a tax deductible fundraising mechanism for raising funds for various BRVA projects, with the goal of raising $175K. The Art to Art project is a way of connecting Broad Ripple to the Indianapolis Museum of Art via a corridor of public art projects that follows the canal. The newly-christened mixed-use parking structure will feature one such piece of art. They are currently in the process of selecting an artist to create the piece. At this point, they have winnowed 100 submissions from international artists down to a half dozen from which they will make their choice. Through the work of the Committee for Historic Broad Ripple, Fire Station 32 has been officially recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks to the contributions of many village supporters, there will be a bronze plaque installed on a large rock in front of the Fire Station. There will be an event later this year to celebrate it. A challenge grant was issued by the Indianapolis Foundation, which is part of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. It is a $17,500 challenge grant that says that for every contribution of $1,000 or more, the Indianapolis Foundation will match it 1-for-1, up to the cap of $17,500. It will be used for improvements on the Cornell Corridor during “phase 1” of Art to Art, which is an area from the canal to the Indianapolis Art Center. They will look at upgrading some of the features as well as repairing some of the art pieces, such as the large stone sculpture of faces located along the Monon in front of the Broad Ripple Brewpub, which is leaning and needs to be straightened up with a new base for the sake of safety and aesthetics. They would also like to do some landscaping in the form of a community garden in honor of the late Bill Green. He was known as an advocate for natural landscaping long before it was common. Finally, he mentioned that starting May 21, they will be planting new trees

Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

21 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013 Bookkeeping • Tax Planning • Income Tax Filing

Traditional Family-Style Dining

Larry A. January, E.A. Andrew C. Engel, C.P.A.

January & Engel Serving businesses and individuals with their bookkeeping, tax planning and income tax filing needs since 1980 – hours by appointment

688 E. 63rd St. Indianapolis, IN 46220 255-8943 • 255-8944 fax

81st and College Avenue Reservations Recommended (317) 251-2294

all along College Avenue from 54th street up to Broad Ripple Avenue. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful has worked with a private donor to secure the trees and labor to make it happen. They will also be doing many things this Fall to beautify the area around Cornell when it is being re-paved and new sidewalks are being put in place. Next, BRVA Public Safety Chair, Elizabeth Marshall, and Captain Mungovan of the IMPD North District gave a presentation about the Kickoff to Safe Summer. First, she spoke about the Block Captain Program, a community-building initiative to encourage people to get to know the neighbors on their immediate block. The goal of the program is that in every block in Broad Ripple there will be one person who is willing to “take point” and be responsible for his or her block, and get the people involved with their immediate community by organizing block parties and other social events so that neighbors will know each other better and be aware of what is happening on their block. The idea is that this can have a direct positive effect on public safety. The BRVA is providing organizational and administrative support for this. You can email for more information. As part of their Spring and Summer plan, IMPD will be assigning a special unit to Broad Ripple Village to help during peak hours. This is in addition the usual beat officers that are normally assigned to duty in the Village, and in addition to the off-duty officers that many businesses hire to help with safety. They have been specifically tasked with watching for escalating concerns and can respond quickly to take care of any situations that may occur during the high-traffic times.

photo by Martin Chittum

Staffing the BRVA table at the meeting: [L to R] Mark Wolf, Bridget Carson, Brooke Klejnot, and Scott Dunlap.

The IMPD bike patrol is returning to the village this year. This is something that the BRVA Public Safety Committee lobbied strongly to get. It is an all-volunteer group, and the BRVA extends their appreciation to the extra help that they provide. Cpt. Mungovan then took questions from the audience. He began by giving a synopsis of the statistics so far this year compared to last year. Violent crime is down 10% and property crimes have dropped 42%, with total crime dropping 36% for the year to date in the Broad Ripple area. He feels that this improvement is very much due to the efforts of the community to work to reduce crime in the neighborhood. In answering a question, he mentioned the Summer Initiative that the IMPD will be implementing. They will be taking the three ZIP codes in every district that have the highest amount of crime and will be sending extra resources to those areas. They will try to identify key people and locations that seem to be the biggest sources of problems in those areas and make sure that officers are concentrated on those areas during the times when most crime takes place. He also spoke about the police sub-station that will be set up in the new parking

garage. While there will be officers coming in and out of it at all times, it won't be staffed 24/7. There will be six officers permanently assigned to it. If you need to contact Cpt. Mungovan about any problems occurring in the evening, he can be reached at 317-327-6101. If it is anything during the day, the number is 327-6100, which is the number for the main desk where you can reach the Captain on duty. His email address is, Elizabeth then made mention of the Community Night Out which will be happening this summer in conjunction with the national Night Out event. There will also be a Midtown Education Committee meeting on May 15, at the Children's Museum, to talk about education options in Midtown. Lastly, she emphasized the importance of calling 911 when you have any emergency to get the quickest response to the situation. City-County Councilor-at-Large John Barth then gave a presentation about the Midtown Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) program that Broad Ripple is a part of along with several other Midtown neighborhoods. It is a six-year enterprise that many people have been working on to make happen with all the neighborhood associations working together to identify and reduce significant problems within their combined neighborhood. The TIF is based on property taxes in the area where it is designated. From the date specified, the amount of money taken from property taxes for the usual spending will stay the same, and any increase in tax revenue beyond the initial assessed level during the designated time period of 25 years will go straight toward economic development projects within the area. With the Midtown TIF, these neighborhoods have made the decision to work together towards shared goals of economic development. They feel that by working together with this TIF, there will be much greater chance of success in achieving their goals for economic development in their neighborhoods. What makes the Midtown TIF unique is that they have created the Midtown Economic Council (MEC) to give representation to dictate to would-be developers the places and projects that really need their attention the most. This flips the entire dynamic around from how a TIF is usually done, from being developer-driven, to being neighborhood-driven. District Councilor Will Gooden then spoke about it and emphasized how important it is that all the neighborhoods work together to improve the quality of the communities. He pointed to the new parking garage as an excellent example of how the neighborhood's assessed value as just gone up significantly from its original value, and how that adds to the revenue possible for the TIF. The same thing would apply to any new project that increases property values within the TIF district. He is very encouraged by the enthusiasm he's seen from the people involved in this project. John Barth closed the discussion by saying that this is all about encouraging more people to live in Indianapolis, to care more about their homes, and to bring more tax revenue in to the city so that they can have the funds available to do the things that need to be done. They are well aware that they are competing against neighboring communities, such as Carmel, and are dedicated to doing what they can to make Indianapolis an attractive place to live. Jay then opened the floor to anything people would like to mention regarding the community. There were questions about parking rates at the garage and the possibility of permit parking in the neighborhood. Oscar Banks, pastor of the Life Work Christian Church, introduced himself and invited anyone who may be interested to attend their services held at the Indianapolis Art Center on Sundays at 10:30am. Someone asked about any initiatives concerned with abandoned houses in the area and it was mentioned that RequestIndy ( has an iPhone/iPad app that allows people to easily report problems with abandoned or distressed properties. People from the various groups involved with the Indy Connect transit plan were introduced as being available afterward to take any questions regarding it. To close, it was announced that the Broad Ripple Farmers Market will open on May 4 and that the Spring Gallery Tour will be on May 10.

PROGRAMS BY PATRICIA Inspires Imagination and Creativity. Programs geared toward your group of adults, children, or groups of all ages. Fee determined according to group's resources.

Patricia Walworth Wood (317) 345-2254 Two books by Patricia Wood: • The Rivers Flow, The Kanawha and Ohio Valleys 1930-1960 • Thoughts, Ought, Naughts - Poems from the Heart of a Very Special Dog by Rive Wood as told to Patricia Walworth Wood

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Gettin’ Ripped in Ripple by Laura Minor

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Scott Spitz

Health Before During and After Cancer

I eat only whole grain breads and pastas. I drink multiple cups of liquids throughout the day. I get eight hours of sleep every night. I get stomach cancer. I shop at Good Earth. I have a fulfilling social life. I eat very little refined sugars. I eat no meat. I consume no dairy. I eat multiple servings of diverse fruits and vegetables every day. I get stomach cancer. I run no less than 10 miles every day as a high performing distance runner. I barely ever buy packaged foods. I barely eat processed foods at all. I get Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. I buy organic at every possible opportunity. I eat leafy greens on a consistent basis. I'm 36 years old. I win marathons. I get stomach cancer. When I was suddenly hit with the pain in my abdomen that didn't subside after two days of rest, I was sure I had an umbilical hernia from the repeated stresses I place on my body from high mileage running and a physically laborious job. The CT scan, however, came back with a much different diagnosis. The surgeon informed me that I have Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, a rare, but treatable, form of stomach cancer that was going to require an extensive operation and a long recovery. It was so out of left field that I almost had no reaction to it at all, as if I was just told that my headache would require ibuprofen. Ok, let's get on with it then. I wasn't angry. I wouldn't even say I was shocked. Maybe not even confused. I simply accepted it and prepared for the next step in the procedure, almost instantly thinking about the recovery and getting back to running. In hindsight, I don't think I had the reactions most would expect after being told they have a life-threatening disease because I couldn't imagine I had done anything wrong, ill-advised, or otherwise foolish to bring this upon myself. It is a RARE cancer, which means the causes are entirely unknown, if there are even "causes" at all. Maybe this is just a process of physical imperfection. It's certainly not from smoking, too much red meat, pesticide ingestion or any other "known causes" of cancer. I live what we understand is a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the reaction by friends and family were, understandably, quite shocked. I heard the same affirmation again and again, "But how? You are the healthiest person I know!" Maybe, maybe not, but I at least pay attention to my habits, because I understand the immediate value of health. Healthy living behaviors, for me, have never been primarily about AVOIDING life-threatening disease and degeneration. Yes, those are absolutely considerations in my habits, but more importantly, I live a healthy lifestyle because it affords me a greater quality of life in the very immediate sense. I gain a benefit from riding my bike everywhere and running countless miles daily by engaging in the acts themselves, feeling the pounding of my heart, interacting with the environment, sending spikes of adrenaline through my bloodstream, activating the neurons in my brain and so on. It just so happens that the physical activity also has health benefits that extend far past the act itself as well, but my concern is with my immediate quality of life. The same principle applies for all my other healthy habits, whether those are the foods I eat, or the emotionally satisfying activities I choose to partake of. But that doesn't make me bulletproof. I still got stomach cancer. And yet, the healthy life I've built to this point not only served me in the short term, but has afforded me both a positive mental perspective to deal with the cancer emotionally and a physical strength to aid me in recovery once the doctor's remove the cancer from my body. Case after case has shown that healthy individuals recover quicker from surgery, their bodies primed to overcome the stresses involved, coupled with a positive mentality to push through the emotional struggles all the same. It would be tragic to give up on a healthy lifestyle just because I got stomach cancer, to view the circumstance as if all my behaviors had failed, as if they weren't worth it and I should have been drinking, smoking, eating bacon and watching reality TV all day. Something grew the cancer in my stomach, though doubtfully anything of my own doing, yet every active day, every wonderful meal, every rewarding friendship held it's own specific value and reward in the moment. In that, all our healthy decisions have an undeniable value. At the time of this writing I have yet to go into surgery and start the process of recovery, but when I do, I know the healthy lifestyle decisions I've made to this point will benefit me at every step. Cancer or not, my health has always been worth the effort. Laura Minor owner and operator of So.Be.Fit. Personal Training and Fitness studio located at 54th and the Monon. She is passionate about teaching others how to “FIT” exercise and physical activity into their daily lives, and have fun while doing so! Visit her website at or e-mail her at

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Guest columnist

Forward: Hello readers! I would like to share my friend Scott's story who shockingly (a local vegan runner extraordinaire) was recently diagnosed with cancer. While his physical accomplishments are quite impressive, his mental strength and attitude are what astounds me the most. Enjoy...

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013


22 Vol. 10 No. 8


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Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz Answers (Questions on page 5) Screenwriters - 1. Roger Ebert, 2. Lifeboat, 3. Francis Ford Coppola and Sofia Coppola, 4. Ishmail Merchant and James Ivory Margaret Thatcher - 1. Roberts, 2. The Invasion Of Grenada, 3. National Union Of Mineworkers, 4. Elvis Costello Bygone Jobs - 1. Arrows, 2. Iceman (The Iceman Cometh), 3. Horse Meat, 4. Harvested Ambergris Game Shows - 1. Jimmy Kimmel, 2. Match Game, 3. The Secret Word Being Said, 4. Family Feud Sad Songs - 1. Teen Angel, 2. Ain’t No Sunshine, 3. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams Sr.), 4. Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond

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Answer: It is the access on the roof of the new parking garage. [H2 on map].

Broad Ripple Brewpub Indiana's first Brewpub est. 1990

Family Dining Available Year-Round • $3 Pints every Monday • 840 E. 65th Street Mon-Thurs 11am - midnight 253-2739 Fri-Sat 11am - 1am follow us on Facebook and Twitter Sun noon - 10pm

23 Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 10 No. 8

Right in my Own B a c k y a r d by Brandt Carter Spring Has Sprung This year I celebrated the arrival of spring looking out the window, one eye half open and the other watching the clock turn 7:02 the morning of March 20. While the passage of the spring equinox may have been quiet, my mind was racing in anticipation of spring adventure. I began thinking about introducing my grandkids to some activities that were my childhood favorites. I hope we will get to try our hands at kites. I fondly remember old-fashioned paper kites that came rolled tightly around balsam wood sticks, which we used to brace the kite’s structure. We didn’t have the sophisticated materials and designs of today’s kites, but we had plenty of traditional diamond-shaped paper and box kites. We tore old rags and tied the pieces together to fashion tails that were the rudders for our airborne fliers. We embraced the spring winds with excitement. The more wind the day had was all the better for getting our kites high in the sky. We were competitive ― who could get his or her kite airborne first, highest, or longest? Open spaces around Butler and Broad Ripple Park were great places for kite flying. There we didn’t have to worry about getting our kites caught in trees, fences, or wires. As we go out together to fly kites this spring, I will share information that I’ve learned through the years about kite flying. Did you know that kites were invented by 5th-century BC Chinese philosophers? I find it interesting that kites were flown for measuring distances as well as testing winds and signaling during military operations. Surprisingly, kites have figured differently in many countries through the centuries ― sometimes used in religious ceremonies to send prayers to the gods, sometimes used as instruments for scientific research. One of my favorite pieces of kite lore involved Ben Franklin and his experiment with kite flying in a storm to prove that lightning is electricity. My kite flying has always been for fun. I find kite design to be a fascinating art form, especially the motifs that emulate mythical beasts, birds, and insects that fly. Some of the dramatic designs with their bold colors could make kites objects of art that I would be happy having displayed in my home. What amazes me is how kites continually sport beautiful graphics, especially the more spendy ones. The modern kites with two or four lines that achieve balletic flight are enchanting. As you may know, kite flying is popular the world over. In Asian countries it can take the form of kite fighting in which competitors, flying kites without tails, aim to snag another’s kite and cut its line. This was portrayed so vividly in the recent best-seller The Kite Runner. I’m also mindful of the kite as a motif with the Peanuts character Charlie Brown whose kite getting caught in a tree was a telling metaphor for entanglement with life’s adversities. Maybe this will be the spring we get to one of the Hoosier Kitefliers Society events ( Being among those with a fascination for kites and knowledge to enhance the joy of flying them would definitely be a highlight of this season worth sharing. It is always a challenge to brush up on your kite flying skills each spring. Combine fun while learning and celebrate spring! Brandt Carter, artist, herbalist, and naturalist, owns Backyard Birds at 2374 E. 54th Street. Visit her web site Email your bird questions to

Random Ripplings

In April, a Broad Ripple couple was spotted in a beach wedding in Hollywood, Florida! Thanks to Jack Joynt for this photo.

Welcome to the neighborhood from

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24 Vol. 10 No. 8

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Apr 26 - May 9, 2013

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We have another winner of the Rene’s Bakery Mistakes Can Be Sweet contest. Sheryl Vanderstel was the first to find a typo in volume 10 number #7. Sheryl will get a treat (up to $5 value) at Rene’s Bakery located at 6524 Cornell Avenue. You too can enter. Find a mistake and be the first reader to email the mistake to us at Rules on page 7.

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