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FALL 2017






Samantha De Oliveira


ART Director: Ashley Voet Director: Audrey Golden Assistant: Gray Oates

EDITORIAL Assistant: Kelsey Waggoner Stylist: Megan Harris

CONTENT Director: Sarah Kalis Assistant: Emory Parkins




Director: Emma Amorose Director: Catherine Knetsch Assisant: Val Ponce De Leon

Director: Riley Pryor Assistant: Aaron DePaula Stylist: Courtney Taylor

Director: Maddie Dean Assistant: Leah Feiler Assistant: Lauren Hayes Assistant: Hannah Leahy




Director: Rebecca Rodgers Assistant: Maddy Haller Assistant: Shira Ferman Stylist: Lindsey Prendergast

Director: Jennifer Groce Assistant: Caitlyn Daley

Director: Victoria Lewis Director: Danielle Perez Assistant: Rachel Laughlin Assistant: Jade Hartwell Assistant: Saige Cole




Director: Sheridan Markham Assistant: Kayla Rice

Director: Brianna Carmody Assistant: Sophia Teicher Assistant: Alexa Frank

Taylor Charmatz Krissy Hosman


Director: Hannah Lewis Heaven Rubin Reagan Nowell Caitlin Madlinger Elena Ciaccio 1 CLUTCHMAGFSU.COM

Jamison Giglio James Hurley

Lexi Ludwig

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FALL 2017

Lifestyle Models: Trevor Allen, Alyssa Lamas, Kayla Dahlman, Diamond Rollins, Paris Renda, Sheridan Markham

Menswear Models: Riley Pryor, Ari Pinto, Asher Rich, Stefan Supplice

Trends Models: Nicole Martini, Sophia Teicher, Laura Smidt, Tory Paranagua, Elizabeth Lehman

Beauty Models: Tiana Montague, Lila Garciar, Ally Rose, Alexandra Jean-Baptiste

Editorial Models: Sierra Brave, Trevor Warren, Mia Carastero, Alex Shippy, Sierra Cohen, Andrea Cabrera, Bito Pimenta

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A Spin on Life Q&A: Rachel Saunders 5 Most Instagrammable Spots The Warehouse Mood Music

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Rugged Meets Refined LA Livin’ Rise of Menswear Up & Coming Artists

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Queen of the Court Music Festivals Q&A: Amy Levin Klein

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Out of the Dark, Into the Light Instagram to Reality Best of Beauty

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Girls’ Club Less is More The Intern Wears Prada Arts and Politics on the Runway



Coming into Fall 2017, we were inspired to take Clutch to a whole new creative realm. We see Clutch as not only a fashion magazine, but also a work of art; not only a student run magazine, but a passionate group of individuals working together to design a unique, collaborative publication. Each member of Clutch is his or her own distinct self, in which we wanted to express throughout the issue. With this fall edition, we collectively inspired one another to produce a magazine that will turn a corner for future Clutch issues. We wanted to push the envelope— or in this case— the magazine to a whole new level. For this season’s edition, more is more. We focused on the true art of fashion by blending the old with the new. Although fashion is ever changing, we wanted to allude to the past by mixing iconic components with innovative, new wave style. These components are exemplified in each shoot, while complementing today’s trends. Each shoot pushes the limit of everyday wear by transforming the old with the new. We wanted to bring back the classic elegance of the past into our ever-changing generation. Fall 2017 sets the tone for the upcoming issues of Clutch Magazine. We are so grateful for our team and the opportunity to express our vision and see it come to life. We believe Clutch will continue to reach its maximum creative potential… and this is just the beginning. X O X O,




Director: Rebecca Rodgers Assistants: Shira Ferman & Maddy Haller Stylist: Lindsey Prendergast Photographer: Johnston Roberts





Clothing: Wonsaponatime Vintage, Diva’s & Devil’s





t u b r a e w u o y Fashion is what . t i r a e w u o y w o lifestyle is h Lifestyle in itself defines the style in which we each choose to live. From grunge to contemporary, the individuality of style transforms mundane and routine tasks into an effortlessly fashionable way of living. Which do you choose?


Q &A

with Studio Art Photographer

Q: When did you become a photographer? I don’t know if there was a specific defining moment of when I became a photographer. It was more of a gradual idea that started around 15 years old. Q: What got you interested in photography? My neighbor’s dad had this really nice camera and when he wasn’t home my friend and I would go outside and take pictures of whatever we felt needed to be captured. I loved being able to take moments I saw and keep them forever, giving people a glimpse into the world I exist in.


Rachel Saunders

By: Sheridan Markham

Q: Have you always been involved in the arts growing up?

Q: What kind of camera do you use as well as any other equipment?

Yes. I have always loved being able to create things, whether it’s painting or drawing or photography. It gives me a freedom of expression that I can’t show in any other way.

I use a Nikon D5200. My primary lens is 18-55mm but sometimes I’ll use a micro Nikkor 40mm for close ups.

Q: What’s your favorite shoot that you have done? Probably one from when I lived in Maine last summer. We did a lot of sunrise hikes and the views from the top of the mountain were just begging to be captured. I have never seen such beauty and light in a single place.

Q: Do you have a favorite editing program you use for your photos? When I was first starting out VSCO was great. I use Photoshop and Lightroom now.

Q: Who do you draw inspiration from and who is your favorite photographer? One of my all-time favorites is Dennis Stock. He’s most famously known for capturing the short but highly acclaimed life of James Dean. He truly captured the essence of James Dean which is a quality in photographers I admire. As for current photographers I really love Alex Strohl, he’s exceptional at capturing light. Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where you grew up, what your major is, and why you chose Florida State. I grew up in Windermere which is just outside of Orlando. My major is Studio Art with a focus in

painting. I chose Florida State because it seemed like the only Florida school that I could really picture myself in and it seemed to have a lot of opportunities. Being honest, when I first started at FSU I was very against studying art. I didn’t think it was something I would be able to succeed in, but I slowly came to realize that I didn’t enjoy doing anything else. Art was my passion and my calling. It needs me as much as I need it. Q: Could you describe the photos that you sent us and if there’s any special meaning behind them? The photos I sent are the ones that I feel best represent me as a photographer. I really love capturing fleeting moments, ones that are full of anticipation. I think they also show my love and infatuation for color

and natural lighting. A lot of these are shots that I am really proud of, they showed me that I am capable of doing bigger with photography than I ever thought possible. Q: Do you see yourself becoming a professional photographer after you graduate? Yeah I think so. Currently, there isn’t one specific job that I am aiming for after I graduate. I think my life is going to be made up of a bunch of different, weird, funky, creative jobs and I hope being a photographer is one that sticks around.



Most Instagrammable Spots in Tallahassee

By: Reagan Nowell

Railroad Square Art Park Home to over 50 studios, shops, and galleries, Railroad Square Art Park deserves to be named the #1 most Instagram-able spot of Tallahassee. Colorful walls, graffiti plastered buildings, and textured tiles make this art park totally Insta-worthy. After taking some sweet snapshots with friends on a Sunday morning, head on over to Merv’s for some #foodporn.

Luther King Jr. Boulevard, this high-school student run chalkboard wall is an inspiring tool used to get the community involved. You’ll get to see what the people of Tallahassee aspire to be and do, while also snapping a few neat pics. FYI: this photo spot looks great with VSCO’s F2 filter! The Edison

Home of the famous “Be Bright” light-up sign, The Edison takes the golden hour to a whole other level. Yes, the food is fantastic, but the atmosphere is really what we care about here. This place makes the deep orange sunset seem like a piece of art! Since Centre of Tallahassee fall is upon us, these colors This hidden gem gets the first will go perfectly with your runner-up for many reasons. autumn aesthetic. Located on Not only is it underrated since Suwannee Street, this trendy a lot of people don’t even restaurant is picture-perfect. know it exists, but it also has This location is a 2-for-1 deal painted walls and wooden fea- since it’s right next to Castures all around. Inside, Urban cades Park—home to natural Food Market, gives off a very lighting and beautiful water European vibe and has multi- fountains. ple restaurants that will make your mouth water! The warm Siloh Farm colors and pretty twinkle lights This beauty will make you will make you proudly put want to share multiple pho#nofilter on that post. Take a tos and post a story to make trip to the Centre of Tallahas- your followers jealous of what see to watch a movie at AMC, they’re missing out on! Siloh get some “fast food” pasta at Farm is famous for its counDigia, and have a friend take try-chic style and positive some quality iPhone 7+ pics. vibes…two reasons why many people choose to take engageThe “Before I Die” Wall ment and wedding photos Although slightly “been there, here! The landscaping and done that,” it’s a different architecture of the farmhouse picture to see on your feed are what makes it so special. amongst all the food pics, These picture perfect spots waltz posts, and bar promos. will make you want to expand Residing in Burnette Park, off your photo-op horizons! of Gaines Street and Martin 15 LIFESTYLE


ince I started my time here at Florida State, I had always heard about “The Warehouse”. It is a small dive bar, with pool tables and poetry nights on Tuesdays and open mic nights on Wednesdays. Located on Gaines Street, just across from Stadium Center, I traveled out to one of the best places in Tallahassee. Intrigued by this gem, I dragged my friend to come with me, unsure of what to expect. The Warehouse in one word, unique. If you get there at the right time, you can watch what looks to be people who are just hanging out, setting up the chairs and clicking on small candles at the end of each table. It is exactly my kind of scene, filled with a variety of writers, and drinkers who come together over

something simple like stand up or poetry. The FSU Creative Writing Department recruits’ novelists and poets from around the country to come and read poems, sections from articles, or chapters from a novel. These acclaimed writers share their experiences, and what’s inspired them. My friend and I ventured out to The Warehouse to see what all the talk was about. On Tuesdays, at the scheduled readings, you’re bound to find something thought-provoking to leave with when you go. The tea candles lit loosely on the tables surrounding the stage, and the lights that linger above you, give a sense of friendliness and comfort. I think it’s an interesting place to adventure, and an interesting place to be inspired.


By: Elena Ciaccio & Heaven Rubin

If you’re feeling brave, or just in the mood to try something new, stand up to read or tell jokes next Wednesday night, it could be just the escape you’re looking for. I think it’s a cool experience to hear writers read about what’s kept them inspired. It is easy to forget about hidden gems like this in our everyday chaos, but if you do remember to take a ‘breather’ from life, remember the Warehouse. Find yourself a little hideaway there in The Warehouse. FALL ISSUE 16


rowing up, my parents listened to classic rock and a little bit of jazz. At school, kids listened to Miley and Kesha, and my brothers played their own music. Caught between all different sorts of genres, I have found a very eclectic taste in music. Everything from The Beetles, to Taylor Swift, Dave Mathews, The1975 and Jack Johnson, just to name a few. Instead of having a taste in music, I have found my music typically matches my mood. When walking to class, and going through my daily routine I am probably listening to John Mayer. Picture anything to help you catch good vibes paired with great instruments and killer vocals and that’s probably what I’m listening too. Nothing too fast, but just enough to keep me going through the day after my coffee crash mid-afternoon. If you are feeling stuck on finding new music, check out Spotify playlists. So many people have created elaborate playlists and it’s a great way to stick to the sounds you like while finding new voices and beats to chill to. Everyone needs a gym play-


list, and personally, mine changes all the time. Your workout jams should always be changing to keep you motivated through your workout whether it be with some EDM or some Beyoncé that keeps you moving. Having a fun jam session while working out is sure to keep you focused. Put on some feel-good tunes and make your way through legs, and cardio and call it a day.


By: Heaven Rubin

The only time I am opposed to listening to new music is when I am studying. Imagine trying to learn a new language (Italian wrecks me every day), or organic chemistry (bless those of you that have made it through) and jamming out to your favorite bands’ new album. It’s all fun and games till the next morning when you convince yourself you’re ready for that exam and

all you can think about are the lyrics to the course of your favorite song, ouch. Try listening to the song you’ve heard a thousand times and still love, for me it’s John Mayer’s first album, Room of Squares. In our day to day busy lives, it is so so important to have some time to ourselves to decompress and plan the rest of the day or week out. For me, my only downtime (besides being asleep,) is in the shower, thus, I have turned them into rituals. Next time you have a long stressful day, take the hottest shower you can handle and jam out to your favorite songs. Put your songs on shuffle and listen through, skip the ones you can’t stand anymore, and belt the ones you’ve missed. You’ll go to bed in a better mood, and feeling a lot more destressed. Whatever your mood, or favorite genre of music, were lucky to be college students with discounted performances all around Tallahassee and on campus. Take advantage of these when you’re feeling adventurous or just in the mood for some fun, you may regret listening to the music, but you won’t regret the memories.

meets Earthly elements represented in the scenery and color palette exploit the nature of the contemporary man: sharp and structured. The contrast of sophisticated style and untamed scenery gives modern menswear a rigid twist. Director: Riley Pryor Assistant: Aaron DePaula Stylist: Courtney Taylor Photographer: Kiana Govind Drone Pilot: Chris Swan

Clothing: Wonsaponatime Vintage, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, Steve Madden, Commes de Garcon Play Sneakers, All Saints, Vans, Eleven Paris-Saks Fifth Ave, Coach





By: Riley Pryor

Have you ever imagined yourself living in Los Angeles? What about New York? Well now is your chance, even if it’s only a few months. Internships are one of the most rewarding, exciting, and important opportunities you’ll have in college. This summer I had the opportunity to live in Los Angeles for two months to work for a Menswear company, Stampd. Within these two months I was able to learn the skills and drills of retail, merchandising, PR, and management. The experience was eye-opening to what career paths are available for me and my future. People ask me, “how is it that you got this internship?” And my answer is simply “I just called.” When I was looking for internships, I found, as many do, that the application process is not personable at all. Most of the internships I applied for were on LinkedIn and other application sites similar to it, where all you can do is send in a resume and your LinkedIn profile. From here I took some initiative and looked at some other companies. 29 MENSWEAR

I came across Stampd and really loved the clothing and aesthetic of the company. I emailed them twice and got nothing back. I finally was fed up with waiting around and the next day I called the store front and warehouse. After this, I was put in contact with the Director of Retail, then the Director of Operations, and had skype interviews with both of them. A few months later, I was on board a flight to LAX and you already know I brought my dreams and my cardigan (@Miley). The process was a month long of back and forth interviews and phone calls, and, as monotonous as that may be, it was totally worth it. I still talk to my coworkers and boss from Stampd, my resume is stronger, I made long-lasting connections, and truly found myself in the middle of it all. Some of my biggest advice to anyone looking for an adventure like this one, is to just simply pick up the phone, and call!



bout 10 years ago, menswear was in a completely different division of fashion than it is today. Back then, men didn’t care as much on how they dressed as long as it was “functional.” But in todays’ society, while function is still relevant, menswear in the fashion industry is playing a much more prevalent role. If you happen to take a stroll down in SoHo, you’ll see guys with an off-white hoodie, Saint Laurent jeans, and some Christian Louboutin’s; safe to say that nowadays some men could easily out-dress women! There is a lot of speculation where these sudden changes from “functionally fitting” to “aesthetically pleasing” looks came from; the rise in the Hip-Hop music industry is one explanation. Hip-hop has changed the way that men dress because of the high influence that this genre of music has on the menswear industry. Artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams have pioneered this movement. Even walking around FSU’s campus, you’re bound to see at least one student wearing “I Feel Like Pablo” merchandise just because Kanye West originated the line. The music industry has some of the biggest impacts on popular culture and influ-

ences the fashion scene. ASAP Rocky is another brilliant mind that is taking the menswear culture by storm. With his bidding war between Dior and Gucci, it comes to no surprise that he is an influential factor within the industry. People look at his style on how to

it anymore. Guys nowadays are starting to take a second look in the mirror before they go out. Currently, 2017 street wear is having its breakout year and society has shown an increased interest in this movement. With brands like Supreme, Fear of God, and Off-White killing the game, it comes with no surprise that people correlate menswear with street wear. I can honestly say I have fallen victim to these brands. It may be the hype, it may be the designs, but something a l u a P about the brands has ron De By: Aa me hooked. Men all over the world are concerned with fashion’s ever-changing dress “cozy” but still look fly! trends and salivate when these He pioneered bringing back particular brands come up in the vintage looks, especially conversation. Goes to show with Guess, by going back to that men can drool just as the archives and putting his much over a “trendy” pair own twist on it. The menswear of kicks as women can over a division of the fashion indusPrada backpack. Regardless try has gone from one nook in of where you live in the world, the department stores to estab- men are really starting to care lishing their own department about how they look. They stores; credit for that can be are realizing that it is not girly given to the progressive deat all to look good, and that signs of menswear designers. girls actually appreciate it just Companies are finally catchas much as guys appreciate it ing up on the ‘movement’ that when girls dress nicely. With is menswear in realizing that 2017’s fashion industry in men are starting to care just full swing and 2018’s quickly as much about their wardrobe approaching, guys are finally as women. In other words, a starting to see their potential plain white tee with some light with fashion and are flourishwash denim isn’t going to cut ing beautifully.

e s i R F


r a e w s n e



Up &

s t s i t r A ng



es Hurl

By: Jam

Hippo Campus: Favorite Tracks: “Suicide Saturday,” ”Way it Goes,” “Boyish”


SZA: SZA is really making a name for herself this year. Solána Imani Rowe is a creative genius that’s has a refreshing selection of R&B tracks and fantastic looks. Her sophomore album “Ctrl” is full of great hits that really set a great mood for any atmosphere. Her songs are full of interesting layers, tracks, and poetic lyrics. Recently working with artists such as Solange Knowles, Lorde, Chance the Rapper and Post Malone, SZA is for sure going to be growing into an amazing artist. Favorite Tracks: “Drew Barrymore,” “Broken Clocks,” “HiiJack”

Khalid’s unique sound combines ethereal indie music and chill R&B. Another star on the rise, Khalid’s tracks have consistently made the Top 40 charts. His debut album “American Teen” is stock full of anthems for any college student. Taking a modern look at the life of the young American, Khalid’s tracks are perfect for detoxing and chilling with your friends.

Harry Styles: Favorite Tracks: “Two Ghosts,” “Sweet Creature,” “Kiwi”

Favorite Tracks: “Location,” “Young Dumb & Broke,” “Let’s Go” Bonus Track: Featuring Two People on this list “Homemade Dynamite” with Lorde, SZA, Post Malone, and Khalid is a fantastic track that merges the indie sound of Lorde and SZA with the hiphop and R&B sounds of Post Malone and Khalid.

Dua Lipa: Favorite Tracks: “New Rules,” “Be The One,” “Scared to be Lonely” FALL ISSUE 32

f o n e e u t r Q u o C e th

Director: Jennifer Groce Assistant: Caitlyn Daley Photographer: Gianna Stern

Making a statement on and off the court with vintage details and a mix of sporty confidence creates an effortless narrative of female power.

Clothing: Wonsaponatime Vintage, BCBG (Dillard’s), and Chantal’s In Style 35 TRENDS



usic festivals are becoming more and more popular today. It is so fun to spend a weekend with your crew listening to your favorite artists, DJs, and bands. Festival fashion is also a huge part of the experience. Going to school in Tallahassee gives us access to some amazing festivals that are only a few hours away! Most will associate music festivals to EDM and Rap, but there are festivals for all genres including country. Labor Day weekend, Panama City Beach becomes home to the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam. Some of the country’s biggest bands and artists come out to the Florida Panhandle to perform in front of crowds of many on some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. In Fort Lauderdale, Tortuga Music Festival is another festival featuring popular names in the country. If you like the wubs and dubs of popular DJs then buy a ticket to EDC Orlando, Imagine Music Festival, Sunset Music Festival, & Suwannee Hulaween. Head bangers and shufflers can be found at any of these 2-3 day festivals. Sunset is in Tampa during the month of May which is a great way to get your summer vacations started. Imagine 2017 was held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this September and is a 3-day camping festival. As the sun goes down, the speedway comes to life as an aquatic 43 TRENDS

fairytale. EDC Orlando is at Tinker Field in November. EDC has some of the largest, most elaborate and dope stages. Since EDC stands for Electric Daisy Carnival, what is a carnival without rides? They have free thrill rides for everyone to enjoy. Suwannee Hulaween occurs during Halloween weekend in Live Oak, FL at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. This festival is only 2 hours from Tallahassee making for a perfect Halloween of beats and treats. Those who enjoy a variety of music should spend a weekend at Voodoo, Music Midtown, Okeechobee, SunFest & Hangout Fest. Each of these festivals brings some of the most popular headliners in the music industry. The variety of performers brings crowds of people whether they like rock, hip-hop, EDM, alternative, etc. Voodoo is held in a city college kids know and love, New Orleans. Like Suwannee Hulaween, Voodoo is during Halloween weekend in City Park where you can not only experience great music but also the flavors of New Orleans cuisine. Every September in Atlanta, GA, Music Midtown takes over the beautiful Piedmont Park where people of ages come to enjoy good tunes. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival in Okeechobee, FL is a newer camping festival that first started in March

2016. Camping festivals are all about the experience! Enter the portal to an experience outside of reality where throughout the weekend you will find yourself emerged into the world of music and enjoying the company of your best friends at your campsite. They even offer yoga, meditation, and holistic workshops. “Where music meets the waterfront” in West Palm Beach, SunFest brings 5 days of awesome jams from well-known artists and bands. SunFest takes place in downtown West Palm Beach along Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway and attracts over 175,000 visitors. Hangout Music Festival is different from others near us because it is right on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. It is held annually in May and attracts many college students from surrounding states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Listening to America’s top performers in rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music, is 1000 times better on the beach. There are so many great festivals for music lovers of all types near us for FSU students to experience. I’ve been to almost all of them and each weekend is different from the rest! Grab your friends and start planning a weekend getaway filled with great music and even better company.

By: Hannah Lewis


Q &A Q: What was the inspiration behind college fashionista? A: I sensed a hole in the media industry where publications were either focused on a luxury, older audience or were trying to attract a younger audience but their content wasn’t what that demographic wanted to read. I was receiving my best fashion and beauty advice from my peers who were on a budget but wanted to look great and feel confident. I started College Fashionista at Indiana University focusing on what was happening on my campus and it quickly went from IU to five campuses to hundred campuses in the first year -- all the content written by college students aspiring to break into the fashion industry post-college. Q: How has college fashionista evolved since you first launched? A: The concept has evolved a lot since 2009, and we have adjusted to the needs in the marketplace. We are now a hybrid of digital media, education and community, reaching Gen – Zers worldwide with the same focus of content being written by this demographic. 45 TRENDS

Q: What does being a Style Guru entail? A: Being a Style Guru community member involves being a brand advocate for College Fashionista with access to our curriculum program. There are advanced programs within College Fashionista called our fellow tracks – editorial, social media, marketing, photography and graphic design. Those are only available to students once they have been a general Style Guru community member! Q: To you, what defines success? A: I find success in small wins that help move the brand forward. An email from a former Style Guru telling me about an internship she / he secured due to her experience with CF or a brand like Chanel reaching out to partner. All are successes and motivate me to want to grow the brand even more. Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? A: Advice from my father years ago “The cream always rises to the top. Be the cream.” I push my team to be the best they can in their roles and as people. That is all you can ask for. Q: Any tips for someone wanting to work in the fashion industry? A: Go for it. It’s not as intimating as it appears to be.

You realize everyone is just a person and has similar insecurities, passions and dreams as you. Q: What was your own college experience like? A: I was a very atypical student at Indiana University. Everyone would be tailgating at a football game and I would be on a hike in Bloomington. I have never followed the same path as my peers and have always listened to my own intuition about what makes me happy. I have applied that same mentality through growing College Fashionista and staying true to the brand mission and what we stand for as a company. Q: What do you look for in a potential intern or employee? A: A self-doer. I like someone who takes their own initiative on tasks, big or small, and find ways to improve our business without being asked to do so. Those are the most memorable interns that I then want to be a part of our core team. Q: What does the future hold for CF? Only great things. I don’t like over planning for the future of the brand because the marketplace changes so quickly. I like to listen, observe and react to keep College Fashionista relevant at all times. But I know only good things are in store for the future. How can they not be?

college fashionista founder Amy Levin Klein By: Maddy Haller

In 2016, CF was acquired by Clique Media Group, parent company of the dominating digital platforms, Who What Wear, Byrdie and MyDomaine. Her success has landed her a spot on Forbes “30 Under 30: Media� list. Needless to say, Amy was not your average college student.

Amy Levin Klein is the founder and creative partnerships director of college fashionista (CF), a digital platform of gen-z influencers boasting a collaborative following of over 2 million. What started in her college apartment has grown to over 500 colleges worldwide.

m a r g a t ItonsREALITY By: Lexi Ludwig

Social media has changed the game of beauty and fashion as a whole. Specific social media platforms, such as Instagram, allow introducing new beauty trends quick and easy. With a click of a button, a new experimental trend can be pushed to the public to be viewed, assessed, and tried. The social media beauty trends go from being super wearable, such as a defined “Instagram Brow”, to the complete opposite spectrum, such as the “Crown Eyeshadow” look. However, you don’t need to replica all these social media beauty trends to a ‘T’ to be considered on trend. Here are three beauty trends made famous through Instagram and how to tone them down to a more wearable version! SQUIGGLY EYELINER: Don’t worry – your eyes aren’t deceiving you. A new trend that has surfaced on Instgram is squiggly makeup and has everyone confused. I, for one, don’t understand the practicality of this trend. It is totally a more “high-fashion” beauty trend and not something you would see your best friend wearing on her way to class. 53 TRENDS

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak this trend to make it work for you! The squiggly eyebrows aren’t the most natural look so I would recommend skipping this step of the look and instead going straight for the eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner has been an emerging trend that you can blend together with the squiggly eyeliner trend. You should start off by doing a simple top eye-liner with dark black liquid eyeliner. I would highly recommend bringing out the tail of your eyeliner out in a baby cat eye to give you more room to work with. Now, with an accent color eyeliner, trace semi circles above and under the line to create a squiggle wrapping around the black eyeliner. This will create a capturing eye-look that isn’t too time consuming to create.

FAKE “LIP” RING Another beauty trend that has made waves on Instagram would be the fake lip ring. Celebrities such as Kourtney and Kim Kardashion have especially helped push this trend forward by featuring it on their own Instagrams. The fake lip ring trend features a single line down the bottom lip that uses makeup to mimic a lip ring. It is more commonly scene on the music festival scene in intricate colors and even glitter! The way to make this look wearable is pretty simple – stay far, far, FAR away from any crazy colors or textures. Lip rings are a common piercing so by using either a black or gunmetal grey liquid eye liner you can fake the look of the piercing without having to endure the pain of getting it. This is a great alternative for all the ladies and gents out there who have parents against facial piercings! I have tried this trend before for a music festival and it looks amazing in selfies!

Best of Beauty: Fall 2017 By: Elena Ciaccio

When it comes to makeup, I’m a die-hard drugstore brand kind of girl. However, my recent acquirement of a Sephora gift card allowed me to quite literally take the plunge into the world of highend makeup brands. Here are the absolute BEST things I bought that every woman needs to own. Product 1: Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation Switching from Maybelline to Fenty was the best thing I have ever done. I used to use Maybelline Fit Me, which don’t get me wrong, it matched my face perfectly and covered what I needed to be covered. However, it would sweat off my face as soon as the temperature spiked over 80 degrees, and would just make me look sweaty in general. I assumed this is just what all liquid foundation did, but then I tried Fenty Beauty. I wore this for 5 days in a row and immediately saw the difference on day one. My face was matte all day, barely oily at all, even on the class days

where I would walk from the complete opposite side of campus to the other. It gives you such a natural airbrushed look, it’s amazing. Not to mention, it’s truly a steal in price. Most “nice” foundations will cost you anywhere between forty to sixty dollars. Fenty foundation was only thirty-four dollars. In addition, its available in 40 shades, which is almost double the number of shades most other makeup brands carry. This is definitely a product everyone should try as it truly works wonders. Rihanna, YGG. Product 2: Benefit Cosmetic’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define I have brows that naturally have an arch shape, but they aren’t as thick as they used to be. This product is perfect for my brows because the pencil is so thin that the lines you make truly look like real brow hairs, and it has a combing brush on the other side! It comes in about 6 six colors and ranks in at about twenty-four dollars. Honestly, I know this is pretty pricey for an eyebrow brush. However, it is such a jump from a generic eyebrow pencil from Walgreens— you know, the ones that make your

eyebrows look like black caterpillars. It works wonders and I’ll never buy another eyebrow pencil brand again. Product 3: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Pore Minimizing Oily skinned sisters— I have found our saving grace. This product is actually my ride or die, my go-to. I wear this with or without makeup on top. If I forget to put this primer on when doing my makeup routine, I will literally take everything off and start over because it works that well. It gives you a matte look that holds give or take all day (nobody is perfect). It definitely works best under “nicer” makeup brands (for example Fenty) but it worked nicely under my Maybelline brand as well. Also if you’re not putting primer on your face before your foundation….girl wyd? Unfortunately, it’s forty dollars. Definitely pricey, but it’s literally worth every cent, I promise! Go ahead and try these out! It never hurts to splurge and treat yourself every once in a while!



Director: Nicole Martini

Assistant: Kelsey Waggoner Stylist: Megan Harris Photographer: Ashley Mulaik

Clothing: BCBG (Dillard’s), Diva’s and Devil’s, Wonsaponatime Vintage 59 EDITORIAL

A modern take on the Gentleman’s Club. The juxtaposition of power and beauty show that, although elegant, these women mean BUSINESS.




Less is More The transition of lingerie

By: Caitlin Madlinger


n the past century, fashion trends have shifted from risqué to conservative, depending on the social and political climate of each decade. With the fashion industry gradually becoming more political, more and more young fashion enthusiasts have been pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable to wear in public. While the industry has recently seen what feels like a million graphic tees that read “feminist”, expressing an opinion or making a statement through fashion has not been exclusive to clothing with dialogue. With the growing popularity of fabrics such as silk and lace, many young people have been wearing what our parents might consider lingerie as a public fashion statement. From the introduction of the bralette to the fast-growing trend of the silk slip, these “undergarments” have found their way out fast. When the industry first introduced the bralette, it was commonly used as an accent piece, peeking out of a low cut tank or under a mesh t-shirt. As the trend continued, people began to ditch their shirts all together and get a little ballsy, wearing the bralette as a shirt


in itself. While originally this trend was intended to be worn as an undergarment, retailers and designers quickly began to adapt to this new idea, and the fashion industry continued to see not only an increase in bralettes but a much wider variety of styles and selections for consumers. Due to the increasing availability and widespread popularity amongst our younger generation, we now see bralettes everywhere. Whether you’re trying to stay cool at a musical festival or create your perfect happy hour ensemble, the bralette is an easy and fun piece to incorporate into any outfit. The popularity of bralettes as shirts has actually done a lot to desexualize lingerie, allowing fashion enthusiasts everywhere to appreciate these lace garments for their elegance and delicacy. In addition to the bralette, the fashion industry has seen an increase in corset-like waists and lace bodysuits that seem to imitate classic styles of lingerie. As our generation continues to take fashion risks, we allow ourselves to increase the variety of socially acceptable clothing and inspiring new trends.

When I started to notice an increase of silk in the fashion industry, Personally, I was very excited. Recently, the industry reintroduced the classic silk slip in a new light. Fast fashion retailers such as forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have featured a variety of short silk slip-like dresses that can be dressed up with simple heels or worn as a casual day dress. In the past, silk nightgowns and slips were a very private matter, worn strictly around the house or as underwear. As our generation’s style has become more progressive, the silk slip has quickly moved from scandalous to trendy. The transition of lingerie into “wearable” fashion aligns with the carefree attitude that appears to be a common trend throughout our generation. By taking these fashion risks we allow ourselves to express our individual styles and opinions, in a subtle yet powerful way.

The intern Wears Prada Balancing NYFW, Parsons, and coffee-runs It’s September in New York City. Everyone who is anyone is preparing for the most fashionable week of the Fall, NYFW. A student at Parsons, has just finished working her first Fashion Week and sat down with me to answer some of my burning questions. What was NYFW like? NYFW is unlike anything you could ever prepare for. I didn’t really get an introduction to how anything worked, as my internship started the week before NYFW. I jumped into the craziness and figured things out along the way. There was so much to do and not a lot of time to get it done so at the particular fashion house I interned at, my department didn’t really matter at that point. You could be a Sales or Marketing or PR intern helping with model dressing or setting up backstage, as long as you were ready to help. What matters during FW is the show. The interns job is to help the team make the show happen! Backstage is a whole thing. Every show has a different vibe and different backstage set ups. There’s a lot happening right before the models get dressed. That’s the craziest time. Once the show starts and the models walk, it goes from craziness to silence. You can finally take a breath and maybe look at the magic that is happening outside. It’s incredible seeing the moving

parts come together as well as working with professionals who really know how to create a beautiful result.Backstage is packed with photographers. There’s so much press interviewing and photographing models and the major players of the show. It’s funny to look back and think about how much time and running around goes into a 2-minute fashion show. You’re literally sprinting around and then next thing you know the models are walking then music stops and the show is over. Only in those quiet moments can you can digest what has happened! What is it like balancing going to Parsons and working for a high fashion designer? It really depends on how much you’re working. The first time I interned for a fashion house I only worked 3 half days. So during that internship, it was easy because I would just work it around my class schedule. During Fashion Week and Market Week it’s insane. You

By: Samantha De Oliveira

have to balance going to class, working in between classes, and working on the weekends. Going to Parsons helps though because since it is a fashion school they understand things like Fashion Week and Market Week and how crazy that all is, so they work with you a lot during those times. What does a typical day look like? It depends a lot on the department you’re working in and the time of the year. If its Market and you’re working in PR, a lot of places will have you help with Market Week (even if you don’t intern in the Sales department). Getting the looks on the models, setting up the showroom and making sure buyer orders are properly placed are among the tasks. It’s beneficial to help with all aspects of the major company events as it gives you valuable experience for when you enter the workforce.

Art & Politics

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is no stranger to protest runways. In fact, most of her fashion lines are influenced by political and social problems facing By: James Hurley the world. She built her name through controversy and cont’s no secret that designers often take outside influences and tinues to use her platform as a use them as their runway inspiration. With the recent elecdesigner to speak up. Vivienne tion, the runway has seen an influx of collections inspired by art or current political controversies. While some designers try runs a blog all about these to be subtler with their statements, others are very vocal about issues (http://climaterevolution.co.uk/wp/) full of art and their strong opinions. On top of this, the line between art and interviews on issues she has fashion has gotten blurrier, and more designers have been using art as an inspiration for their runway collections. Similar to produced. Vivienne’s recent Spring/Summer 2018 collecthe subtle and not-so-subtle approaches used in political runways, some fashion collections are just pure visions of art, while tion focuses on Green Energy, others just take inspiration from periods or masters of the craft. Sustainability, and globalism.

on the Runway I

Coach In their recent Spring Summer 2018 collection, Coach paid homage to one of New York’s most famous artists: Keith Haring. The collection used Keith’s iconography and graphic prints such as his iconic baby, hearts, and stick figure men to accent their glittering runway.

Prabal Gurung Gurung’s line for Fall 2017 contained a collection of graphic tees with slogans promoting social justice moments. Using a protest against the current political climate, the runway spoke loudly against certain platforms. Promoting feminism, pro-immigration, and equal rights Gurung used quotes such as: “The Future is Female,” “I am an Immigrant,” “Love is Love,” and the now famous quote, “Nevertheless she Persisted.”


Comme Des Garcons Rei Kawakubo has made a name for herself as a designer and an artist. She’s been the center of an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum,and was the theme of 2017’s Met Gala. Her collections always have strange and breathtaking pieces that walk down the runway making them the ‘talk of the town’. While no certain works inspire her collection, it would be a crime to talk about fashion and art without mentioning Kawakubo’s legendary looks.

Oscar De La Renta While a certain artist didn’t inspire their SS18 collection, the art movement of pop art inspired Oscar De La Renta’s most recent runway release. The collection is full of bright colors and prints; the bold choices pay excellent homage to the pop art movement.

Louis Vuitton The recent Louis Vuitton Collection: Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons is an entire collection paying homage to the old masters of the art. The collection is inspired by Jeff Koons’ gazing ball pieces (also seen in Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album cover) where he recreates old paintings then places one of his gazing balls at the front of the painting. This collection of ornate bags uses paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, Fragonard, and Van Gogh.



Wonsaponatime Vintage Diva’s & Devil’s BCBG (Dillard’s)


Clutch: Wonsaponatime Vintage Models: Meagan Smith & Trevor Allen

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