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urning twenty years old was a milestone in both of our lives. To both of us, twenty signified the start of change. The decade in which we would become legal drinkers, meet one another, graduate college, make strides towards our professional careers, develop deep passions, and become the most consistent versions of ourselves. Twenty was a year of growth, a number that represented so much positivity to us, even among the hardships. When we realized that Clutch would be turning twenty issues old, it was decided that she deserved the same growth we had begun to experience. We began brainstorming: What was it that Clutch needed? We understood that our problems in the past stemmed from our inability to engage a broader audience. For that reason, we decided to expand our lifestyle section by including content that is not directly related to fashion.

hey, wassup, hello. It was also important to us that our stylists chose clothing that was ready-to-wear and accessible, while still remaining on trend. Our desire was not to move away from our fashion-based roots, but to include readers who have previously not connected with the fashion world. We also believed that a stronger men’s presence was needed. We addressed this by creating a men’s team that collaboratively worked on choosing appropriate content that twentysomething guys would enjoy. Another key element of this issue is the integration of fully original content. This is the first year that Clutch has hired a digital department. All of the graphic elements you will find throughout this issue have been created by our amazing team of artists.

As a celebration of this landmark issue, we decided there was no better time to put out a full-size magazine to honor the strong legacy that Clutch has left on Florida State University’s campus. We hope that the size of this issue reflects the amount of gratitude we have for each of our staff members. It’s truly been an honor to work with such a cohesive, talented group. We hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it.



clutch editor-in-chief christie childers creative director morgan wren art sophie kemm director hannah kealy director

digital kevin del orbe mulitimedia taylor himelstein illustratrations

styling ashlie head natalie campion jessi anderson lauren johnson & kayla wirth assistants

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cover and centerfold shot by marina williams cover clutch from curio vintage & uncommon goods


Blue Jean Baby Inspired by Thrift Culture, Americana, and the golden era of Rock n Roll. Photographed by Tyler Downey






Transcending the Boundaries of Pop Music The romanticism of love, sex and death in addition to conveying stances on social issues are nothing new to the vast realm of music; although correlating these heavy, possibly controversial concepts to the genre of pop music does seem far from our generational norm. Most individuals relate pop songs as the background music to their public lives. We hear it passively listening while in the car, shopping in a store or sitting at a restaurant. Typically pop music is catchy, auto-tuned, upbeat and lyrically simple, therefore resulting in a lack of serious depth. However, recently a handful of revolutionary artists have transcended the boundaries. Breaking through predetermined conventions and blurring genres while infiltrating substance and honesty in their work gives listeners a musical experience that is both moving and impressive. In today’s cultural climate it is extremely important for there to be commentary on serious issues such grief, love lost and found, sexual identity, mental illness and the present stature of social media lifestyle. The 1975, a pop indie rock band from Manchester, UK, recently released their striking sophomore album lavishly titled, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. The band received rave reviews from music critics for its refreshing and successful attempt to multi-layer music styles such as indie pop, ambient electro, R&B, gospel and ‘80s FM rock. The album is a conceptual work of art, tapping into a wide range of listener’s emotions through its effective use of different sounds/instrumentals and raw lyrical honesty. The 1975’s front man, Matty Healy, recently told NME

how he and his band mates, “want to be ambassadors for this generation", adding: "There's a lot lacking in pop music these days. It's such an amazing lexicon and vocabulary of sounds... and there's just not enough good bands, man, and I'm sick of it. I'm just sick to death of it. / We just wanted to be like all bands that we have loved before, where you reinvent yourselves but make it feel like a natural evolution.” Matty further explained his attitude toward pop music credibility to Fader Magazine in February stating, “I have a turmoil about where things come from. If you’re not as emotionally invested in your music, as I believe true artists are, then I don’t have to say you have any artistic credibility. / What I’m saying is, artistic credibility is a very specific thing. If you work your whole life, making compromises and sacrifices and dedicating it to a craft that defines you, if you choose to go and stand in a queue instead, does that negate your artistic credibility?” The idea of honoring true artistic credibility has been a key component to The 1975’s ethos. Listeners can both find themselves and lose themselves through the loaded 17-track album. The diversity found in this album is unparalleled. One moment you’re listening to social commentary found on the flamboyant first single “Love Me”, which satirically addresses our present society’s fixation on fame and fortune as well as the quest for validation. Next you’re relating to the loss of a loved one in “Nana”, when you hit shuffle to hear “Somebody Else” referencing the gut wrenching feeling of picturing a past lover romantically involved with someone new, only to hit the arrow to hear


“Ugh!” which addresses addiction in its most nonchalant form. Through their critiques of standard pop music, Matty and the rest of The 1975 have successfully created a second album that evokes and sounds like feelings. This is a concept that they intended to inflict, offering fans and new listeners alike the opportunity to indulge themselves in pop music that pushes stereotypes and stale conventions of the genre. Another notable artist who is exceeding typical pop expectations is Halsey. Halsey is driven beyond belief to create a clear vision for her fans, offering them a dystopian concept album Badlands, which was released August 2015. Halsey is a hodgepodge of styles. Billboard stated how, “Halsey's larger-than-life vision combines the synthy darkness of Lorde, the neon-pop chutzpah of Miley Cyrus and the flickering film noir of Lana Del Rey.” Not only is her music diverse in nature but she too does not label herself in a box. She is bi racial, bi sexual and deals with bi polar disorder. Her ability to comfortably express herself through music creates a new transparency and social awareness that is desperately lacking in pop music. Although pop music might have the stigma attached to it that it is simply for fun, passive listening, there seems to be a new wave of left field artists emerging and attempting to blend together sonic elements and styles to produce fresh content that holds beautifully relatable significance through a diverse form.

Ashlie Head


The overachiever syndrome: Living life - type ‘A’ personality style My parents realized that I was going to live a life of stress when I first started biting my nails in kindergarten. Their suspicions were confirmed when I was in the third grade and declared that my future was hopeless because I hadn’t “accomplished anything interesting”. My perfectionist mentality would drive me to weeks of wearing all black and grieving because I didn’t get the part I wanted in the school play, or got a “B” on a project instead of my much deserved “A”. On the brink of turning 20, my Type A personality has left me with an abundance of stress and a phobia of wasting time. I can easily falter, but being an overachiever, I won’t allow myself to. Dr. Meyer Friedman, who developed the theory for Type A Personality, did so by observing correlations through personality type and heart disease. In his findings, he discovered that many who suffered from cardiac arrest were those who had impatient, high-stress, and stubborn personality traits. Modernly, your personality traits are based more on a spectrum than just one classification. As those with Type A personalities spend their time during the day stressing over the little things in life, Type B personalities are actually able to handle rejection and-get this--are able to disregard stress when need be. They spend their lives not worrying about if they arrive at a meeting three minutes late and are easy going when given tight deadlines. In light of this research, I’ve gathered some tips for my fellow overachievers: 1.Relax. I know that telling an overachiever to “relax” is the same thing as yelling indecencies at them. “I don’t have time to relax,” you might say while skimming your planner, but you do. Whether it be sitting in your parked car listening to the radio, or even reading a chapter of a book. You need five minutes everyday to sit, relax, and breathe.

2.Change up your routine. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but even changing where you study can really make a difference. I’ve realized that I am really conscious of time when I study in a library and have found it easier to either study in my apartment or even sometimes just sit in the park with my laptop. A change of pace always helps relieve stress and unwanted anxiety. 3.Don’t overbook your schedule. I am beyond guilty of doing this, but putting too much on your plate sets you up for stress and failure. It might seem like you’re not doing much, but as Type B personalities can contest, it’s quality over quantity. Schedule your to-do list with tasks you know you will be able to accomplish. Although having a Type A personality makes life hectic at times, it obviously has its perks.You have the ambition to get where you want to go in life, and even though it seems your goals are far away, they have been in your grasp since you first created them. Always feeling like you’re running out of time might create anxiety, but because of this, you have learned to prioritize and multitask. Regardless of the negativity that is attached with a Type A personality, you are destined for greatness. Don’t take the little accomplishments for granted. Don’t let your failures hinder you. Take them and fuel your next projects with an open mind, less sense of urgency, and more optimism. You’ll always get where you need to be in life, it just doesn’t necessarily need to be right now. ARTICLE BY angIE govantes illustration by Taylor Himelstein



life on

Meet three inspiring guys whose self-made clothing company encourages people everywhere to Never Stress.






turquoise school bus glides past the beach. Three college students promoting Kowasa Clothing Co., their unique, nautical inspired clothing company with the motto “Never Stress” are on board. Business partners Zander Kingsley, Connor Pearson, and Joel Eriksson teamed up to help grow Kowasa by traveling the East Coast in their mobile pop-up shop last summer. Zander started the company two and a half years ago out of the FSU print lab, as he is a Studio Art Major and the brand’s head artist. Connor Pearson, Business Management major at FSU, joined Kowasa after realizing the company’s ethics aligned with his own. Joel received a degree in Exercise Science from UWF and hopped aboard the company because he grew up with Zander. After joining, he started working as their athlete for paddle/skim boarding as well as their photographer. The three have ambitious plans to expand their company in the future, which you can read more about in this interview.

Q// Describe the style of your clothing and how three guys managed to come up with some kick ass designs for not only guys but girls too. Connor: First off, Zander is the absolute mastermind behind every single design. Joel and I specialize in our areas and leave that artistic role for Z. Sometimes we may give a few ideas to him but he takes those ideas and turns them into something much better. I have always said that Zander has something so special when it comes to creative original designs. The style of our clothing mainly focuses on being beachoriented but also reaches all types of people. Joel: Zander is pretty much the brain-child of all the designs. I am so untalented when it comes to being artistic (besides photography, I guess) that I try to stay away from bothering Zander on any type of designs. I think Zander may be half woman because he really connects to the women customers (kidding). But I am always impressed by his creativity, which is another reason I am so passionate and continuously excited to be a part of this company. Zander: My designs come from my heritage on the sea. My Dad was a

captain for 30 years and my Mom sailed around the world. I was born and raised on boats and it has strong influences in all of my art today. Q// Tell me about your motto, “Never Stress,” and how it impacts you and your company. Joel: We are more than just a brand, but an identity. We want people to live the same lifestyle as we do. When people wear our brand, they’re part of a movement. People love it. Q// Everyone that has followed any of you on social media has seen your famous bus. Tell me about painting and fixing it up. Joel: It was brutal, but worth every sweating second. The days were long and extremely hot (we did the renovations in mid-June). I was working on Pensacola Beach so I drove to Tallahassee to work on the bus every Sunday through Wednesday. It was a long three weeks, but anyone who steps onto that bus realizes that anything great takes an enormous amount of dedication and persistence. Connor: 23 days of the most labor I have ever done. I love our bus so dearly but I hope we never have to do what we did in those 23 days. Many days


after working on the bus from as early as 6 AM to 9 PM, only to do it again the next day. It was something that honestly built me as a person mentally and physically. Zander: Oh my, that was, uhm, special. 23 days of nonstop labor for around 11-17 hours a day. It was the hardest thing I ever did but the reward was worth it. Q// Where did the bus tour go to and did you accomplish your goals? Connor: Our bus tour really hugged the east coast setting up on beach parking lots being a nautical-themed brand. After meeting such great people in Stone Harbor, NJ, we sidetracked inland to Pennsylvania to stay with a family we met for the weekend. Our trip was absolutely successful and our goal of making an impact on others by meeting them face-to-face was most definitely accomplished. Q// What was the craziest thing that happened to you while on the road? Zander: Well about 30 minutes into the drive our power inverter caught on fire under our wooden bench and we didn’t have a fire extinguisher. Joel: Probably when Connor and I were surfing in Cape Cod, and suddenly

seals are swimming around us... Well, if there are seal that means there are Great White sharks. I’ve never paddled out of the water so fast in my life. Q// Most common questions you’ve ever been asked by customers. Zander:Oh you live in here?“Does it work?”“Wait thats a store?”or the strangest one, “Is that a bus?”as people look at the “Never Stress” shirts “Oh, no stress, I like that, no stress.” Q// What have you done since the bus tour to promote? Recent events, etc.? Zander: We just did a festival in Tampa, we have an entrepreneurship event at FSU and we are sponsoring the USA Wakeboarding Southeast Regionals in the end of March. Connor: Festivals and FSU related events. School does complicate things but we do as much as we can to promote through social media since we don’t have the freedom of traveling like we did over summer. I can’t wait to be back on the road traveling this summer. Q// What’s in store for Kowasa in the future? Joel: Being a nautical themed brand, we are currently working to

partner with a marine conservation foundation. We are all ocean-minded and the continuous pollution of the ocean is devastating to us and to the ecosystem. By channeling our brand towards marine conservation, we are hoping to spread more awareness of what is happening to the oceans around the work. Lots of great things are in the works. We are excited for the future! Zander: More on the clothing end, we plan on being a clothing company that supplies anything from board shorts to blazers, sun dresses to suits. We have been able to move out of solely tee shirts recently with the addition of our leggings and ski jackets as well as hoodies and hats but I have always wanted to do so much more. What we sell now is within our financial means of production, so once we grow and increase sales we will have the opportunity to really stretch our legs and make something unique. Connect with Kowasa! website:http://kowasaclothingco.com instagram:@kowasaclothingco

Alex Goldsmith

STEPPINg it STEPPING From my first back-to-school shopping trip to my last, my dad always let me pick out one new pair of sneakers. He didn’t have to ask what store I’d want to go to, what kind of shoe it would be, or even bothered to have me mention a price range. He knew, 10 out of 10 times, I’d want chucks. He’s never questioned my decisions or encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone because he gets it; he’s been rocking Converse since he was my age. Converse are literally sneakers which have a canvas shell stitched to a rubber soul, so why do we love them so much? We love them because of their classic design: it can’t and won’t

go out of style. The company has 100 years of popularity to prove it. Even with their level of popularity, everyone who owns a pair will know that there are days where we hate our Converse. You know what I’m talking about: post-music festival when you can’t feel the soles of your feet. Converse have never been a comfortable shoe, so that is why 100 years into the future, Converse has finally made moves toward comfort with the creation of Chuck II. The new sneaker is essentially a converse+; the iconic design stays, but almost everything else goes. They’ve added nicer stitching and fancier canvas by adding depth and dimension in its patchwork,



but most importantly they have created a comfier foot bed. Chuck II’s are taking over. This promotion toward comfort wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Converse’s parent company, Nike, who assisted in improving the inside of the sneaker. The new insoles completely change the way we feel when wearing the shoe. Say goodbye to your discomfort and hello to the resilient foam core and inner suede lining. While staying true to their original design, Converse nailed it with their innovative changes. This new design will not only last longer, but feel and look better too!

Hannah Kealy

19 Your Amazon package will arrive shortly, and by shortly, we mean in just about 30 minutes. This sounds like the ultimate fantasy where costumers no longer have to wait the minimum of 3-4 days to set their eyes on their order. Thanks to Amazon and their new innovative ways of delivery, drones are now on the verge of being put in order. Amazon is hoping to get packages, that weigh five pounds or less, on your doorstep in less than an hour. Gone will be the days of tracking your package every hour or so, hoping that it comes in time. Amazon has high hopes for this new innovation, also referred to as Amazon Prime Air.

Olivia Hrbek

While this may take a while to be put in service, they are hoping that their costumers can choose 30-minute delivery just as conveniently as they choose over night shipping. While there are some implications to this, like you have to be within a 10-mile radius and your package has to be under five pounds, there isn’t much we can complain about. So if you have a party in an hour, order those new shoes and that shirt; it’ll be there just in time. Meanwhile, don’t get nervous when you see these gadgets flying around, it’s just the future of online shopping.

p e t s r o do delivery drone edition




Brooke Larson

Leaving those processed days behind, society is embarking on a healthier, greener lifestyle. Thanks to the digital influencers we interact with on a day-to-day basis, we have become educated on how healthier does not always mean less flavorful. Here are three ways you too can achieve a cleaner, greener diet while acquiring the same pleasure you gather when inhaling those McDonalds French fries.

Pineapple Kale Smoothie Ingredients 2 cups kale 1 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 3 ounces plain Greek yogurt 1/4 avocado 1 cup water.


CALORIES per glass

There is no denying that kale has become every foodie’s new obsession. Kale is considered a super food, and when eaten it exhibits many healthy benefits to your body. However, the taste of kale alone is not usually the most appealing. This bittersweet smoothie uses blueberries to bring out a tart and zesty flavor, while the blending of pineapples keep the smoothie nectarous. The Greek yogurt and avocado give this smoothie a smooth and creamy texture, instead of being icy. This smoothie is perfect for those wanting the health benefits of kale without wanting to experiece the typical leafty flavor.

Banana Berry Peanut Butter Broccoli Smoothie 1 frozen banana 6 frozen strawberries 4 raw broccoli florets 6 ounces vanilla Greek yogurt 1/2 tablespoon smooth peanut butter 1/4 cup cold water.


CALORIES per glass

This smoothie is for those with more adventurous taste buds. With the unique combination of peanut butter paired with fruits and vegetables, you must prepare yourself to taste something like you’ve never tasted before. This creamy smoothie acts as a delectable treat. With bananas, vanilla Greek yogurt and peanut butter, these sweet ingredients disguise the bland taste of broccoli. You will be receiving a healthy intake of vegetables and fruits without sacrificing your sweet tooth’s desire.



It’s no secret that our generation is notorious for spending obnoxious amounts of time on our phones. Whether we’re scrolling through our Facebook feed, stalking our crush’s Insta, or sending an embarrassingly unflattering snapchat, it’s easy to admit most of that time is devoted to social media. Thus, the creation of social media cleanses. This cleanse requires signing off of social media platforms for at least a few days to focus that time on more meaningful activities. The goal is to become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings by giving the mind a break from information overload. Now don’t get me wrong, social media can be a wonderful and fun way to connect with friends and family or potential employers, however, it’s important to realize how quickly social media can turn into a dangerous source of self comparison and self-doubt. A constant flow of images depicting perfect people and their perfect lives flood our newsfeeds, setting impossibly high standards. When we begin depending on it for validation, it becomes problematic. No wonder it’s scientifically proven that people who spend less time on social media are less likely to experience anxiety, stress, and depression. Even models and celebrities have exposed the inauthenticity of social media by speaking out about retouched and photo shopped images. One model in particular, Essena O’Neil, made global news when

she decided to quit social media completely. This came as a huge shock since she owes her fame and success to posting pictures of her toned body, expensive clothes, and glamorous lifestyle. To prove that social media does not reflect real life, she changed her captions to reveal the ugly truth hidden behind the beautiful tiny square pictures. She hopes her honesty will remind users that self-worth is not measured by the number of followers and likes you have. Inspired, I decided to go on my own social media cleanse for three days. The first day I unlocked my phone, stared at it, and then relocked it again about 100 times. The second day I almost called it quits as I imagined all the Snapchat stories that would expire before I got to see them. By the third day, the FOMO was real, but it actually felt nice not having a compulsive need to check my phone every ten minutes. I felt like I had more time in the day and even cleaned my room. While it was a difficult journey, I am extremely happy that I went through with it. I noticed that without social media, I felt more productive and more engaged in everyday from everyday things like class and conversations. In the end, I ultimately learned that a beautiful life isn’t measured by how well it looks in a photograph and that the world won’t stop spinning if I’m not posting my every move. So, now I challenge you. I challenge you to see if signing off social media positively affects your life. I challenge you to be more mindful of how much time you devote to mindlessly scrolling through various newsfeeds. I challenge you to focus less on the followers and more on your real friendships. And finally, I challenge you to stop admiring the lives of others, and in turn learn to admire the beauty of your own.

Article by Shannon McKenney GRAPHIC by HANNAH KEALY


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Photographed by Angela Hammer









We thrifted


Everything? Yep, you read that correctly. Every shirt, every shoe, every pair of socks: Thrifted. That great backpack with all the sick patches? That hella 90’s bubble shirt? Everything seen in this shoot was locally sourced from Tallahassee-area Goodwill stores. Our stylists at Clutch understand the cultural importance thrifting has to our generation. Fashion is cyclical; trends fade away only to return decades later. Your local thrift stores are also keys in helping the community create a blend of their different styles all in one place. This gives you the opportunity to seek out pieces you may not have considered before and broadens the horizons of your closet.

in this shoot.

It was a fun experience to watch our stylists thrift for the shoot. In the past, we’ve pulled clothes from local retailers for every photoshoot - following the standards of conventional trends and trying to emulate our favorite Instagrammer that month. For this shoot, we strived to do something different and break the barriers of what you’ll normally see girls wearing in Tallahassee. Next time you want to try something new, or have an excuse to dress up for an occasion, consider taking the chance at thrifting. You really never know what you might find, and the prices are usually just as good as the pair of designer LF shorts you’ll pick up along the way.



1 out of 5 college students experience sexual assault. Every 21hours a rape occurs on campus. 47% of all college rapes receive external injuries. Sexual Assault is not a joke. It is a life threatening, horrifying and traumatic event that has become far too prevalent on college campuses across the nation. Women are more susceptible to these types of attacks, but that does not mean that men aren’t affected as well. We should all be prepared in case we, or any of our fellow students, faculty, family or friends are put in one of these alarming situations. Being a woman who once had a

close call with this type of danger, I decided to put together a highly researched list of advice and tools to help better prepare readers. I hope you all can pass these tips around with your friends and family in order to help spread awareness and hopefully help prevent these terrible occurrences. First off, I want to start by stating that no matter the circustance, if you have ever been assaulted... it is NOT YOUR FAULT. Too many times victims

are petrified to come forward and report that they have been assaulted, because they believe that their voice will not be heard, or that they are the one to blame. If you are a victim or know of someone who has been through such a tragedy please call or refer someone to the link I provided below. **Caution: These everyday items you keep in your purse are not going to be as effective as carrying pepper spray, an assist knife or a taser. HOWEVER, not all of us are able to carry around these items everywhere we may go, so the items listed below are extremely suitable substitutes** The BIG stuff: For those of us who carry bigger purses or man satchels: Flashlight: Okay, I understand that in the age of smart phones with a built in flashlight, there is probably no one except our grandmas who still carries one in their purse, but a good, hard knock into the side of your attacker’s temple, eyes, mouth,


L U F E S U E R O M e b y a m E S R R A U E P P N P I A Y A M ITEmS Y E H T N THA throat or groin (the sweet spots) will make you want to reconsider. Plus, if your phone dies, this light will be handy in other dangerous situations. Umbrella: If you can carry a heavy- based umbrella, a good whack or jab to the side of the face, or groin may give you enough time to leave them disoriented while you run off to safety and call the police. Shoes: Sneakers may not be a good idea to take off and hit someone with, unless you’re keeping them on your feet and kicking them. (That goes for sandals, flats, etc.) I would also be wary with kicking. If that is an option for you, try to aim for the groin or stomach. Do not directly try to kick your perpretator at their head, because an attacker can easily grab your leg and bring you down. Heels, Heels, Heels: Girls (and boys!) we love them, and we wear them often. Although they usually hurt our feet and we curse them after spending a whole night in them, these killers can seriously prevent you from becoming seriously injured. If you are able to easily slip off your heel and it is pointy, then in an extreme situation, try stabbing your

attacker in the head, or hit them in the face. If you cannot unbuckle them in time, try kicking your attacker with the top of the hard part of your heel in the groin area. Purse/ManSatchel: If your purse/ satchel is hard or heavy enough and seems like a good tool to hit someone in the head with, USE IT. Purses usually have buckles and other metal items attached to them as decorations that could seriously mess up your attacker. Hairspray: If your hairspray or perfume comes in a metal can or glass bottle, I suggest you hit your attacker in the face with it at the designated sweet spots. If the spray can is able to shoot out to at least one foot in length, I suggest you try spraying them in the eyes first to prevent direct contact with your attacker. *WARNING* These weapons and uses may be gruesome, but understand you would only use these items in matters of self-defense. Insidethepurse: Cellphone: Most of us have a big clunky cellphone that could seriously hurt an attacker if they were hit right in the sweet spots. ManicureScissors, MetalNailFile,

PensandPencils:All three of these babies can be lethal; You could stab an attacker in the eye or aim for the neck and puncture the carotid artery. (I repeat: These weapons can be lethal so use ONLY for self-defense)Keys: Be careful. Depending on the type of key you have, it may be better to not use them at all. If you have a very pointy or large key and can place them discreetly between your ring and middle finger with the end sticking out, it may be a good idea to use it. You can hold your keys in this position if you are walking into parking lots or other locations where you are alone or are fearful for your safety. I suggest calling a friend or family member, or have your phone predialed to 911 if you are nervous for your safety in these locations. If your keys are too small and do not protrude enough through your fingers, you are better off using your own fingers to jab someone with, or any other item listed above.

molly manganelly


For those of you who haven't yet jumped on board to the ever-growingly popular barre trend, you need to rethink your life and head on over to a Pure Barre class (after reading this incredibly informative and intriguing article, of course). In case you were wondering what exactly a Pure Barre class would entail, I went (so you dont have to) to the master herself for guidance on this new fitness journey. Lena Shields is the Studio Manager at Pure Barre Tallahassee, the place to be and shop if you’re working out in the 850. Pure Barre is a full-body workout that tones your thighs, abs and arms, burns fat, and (most importantly) defines your glutes, using a combination of postures inspired by ballet as well as yoga and pilates. Each 55-minute class works each muscle group to the point of fatigue, then stretches them back out to create long, lean physiques.

35 Throughout the process, you get to achieve your childhood dream of being a ballet dancer, minus the tutu. And for those of you that are socially-anxious, you get to experience the thunderous applause of the theatre as you pirouette across the stage. Each Pure Barre class runs by the same format, but the exercises within that format change daily. For those of you who want to get your heart pumpin', there is a new cardio class called Pure Barre Platform now at the Tallahassee location. Platform is a fastpaced class designed to optimize cardiovascular results & increase total body strength. This sure-tobe-sore-the-next-day class combines quick bursts of high intensity and low impact cardio work, along with periods of lower intensity muscle-sculpting movements. Now that you are intrigued and have decided to put your computer, phone, and iPad away - we all know you were just using them to check Facebook - go drive over for a quick class! But, now you face the daunting task of figuring out what to wear. Keeping up with the latest fitness clothing trends can be rough, but not at Pure Barre Tallahassee, where all of your fitness-wear needs (and wants) are totally

covered. With over 11 different fitness-wear brands at thier store, you are guaranteed to spend way too much time looking at all thier possible selections and then deciding you want to buy them all. Lena orders multiple shipments of new clothing each season, so you'll always see something fresh to sport. She rarely buys clothing that she wouldn't want to wear herself. She even stated that, “It makes it challenging to be in the studio everyday and not spend my entire paycheck on clothing.� This stylish fitness-wear has made it easy to go from barre to bar as the outfits can double as gym wear and as an outfit for shakin' your groove thang with friends. We had the opportunity to go into Pure Barre and try on some of our favorite pieces, while seamlessly and sensibly transitioning gym style into street-wear. So take a look at these ensembles and add some new spice to your wardrobe!



“Made in Cambodia”

We have all been there – whether you are trend hunting or just shopping for basics, everyone has been to H&M. With prices around $15 for a shirt why wouldn’t we shop there? They have a huge inventory of clothing and none of the prices break the bank. What is there to lose? The uncomfortable truth of the matter is that there is a lot lost. While we enjoy the luxury of cheap shopping, we are simultaneously ignoring the voices of over 500,000 factory hands who work 10 hours shift, daily, for less than $100 a month; “The truth is, that we are rich because they’re poor.” H&M is not the only well-known company at fault here either. Popular American brands including, The Gap, Adidas and Urban Outfitters are all guilty of contributing to this unethical practice. It is far too easy to disconnect from these workers since these factories are not prevalent in American, but it is in no way right. Cambodia is among a few nations around the world that are massive clothing suppliers. While this is very lucrative, the people who contribute the labor are the ones who reap the least of the benefits. The majority of factories are comprised of female laborers who are willing to work for about 50 cents an hour because they have no other choice. This parallels the fact that in 2012 the United States and Europe received more than $4 billion worth of merchandise from Cambodia.

Not only are the factory wages unlivable, but also the conditions are equally repugnant. The factories are loud and busy and hot, and they have even been described as “criminally abusive.” Fainting has become an epidemic among workers. Along side all of this is the discouraging fact that when workers attempted to organize a strike, dozens were shot dead by government officials. Not only is this lifestyle abusive but it can also feel hopeless. No human deserves this treatment, especially when there is hardly any compensation. So next time you’re shopping on the cheap, ask yourself: is the price really worth it?

Article by Hannah Ross Illustration by Taylor Himelstein


38 Meet our cover model,

When working with a model, you can only hope that they will be as genuinely enthusiastic about the concept as you are, and it’s a plus when they radiate positivity from the inside out. Olivia did just that and more. As a Miami native, she plans to move somewhere new and exciting upon her graduation this May, truly definining what it means to be a free spirit. We came to learn she has a love for horror movies & exploring abandoned places, is passionate about humanitarian efforts, and wants to represent a different image of what a ‘model’ should be. She is Hispanic & South African and just from watching her talk about her background you can tell how important her heritage is to her. When asked to define her personal style, she said she likes to keep it simple with a little bit of rock and roll, a good pair of Sam Edelman boots, and a leather jacket. Talking with Olivia felt as if I was catching up with an old friend. She reflected on an incident in middle school, that we felt epitomized what made her the perfect model for Clutch: “I did cheerleading in middle school, I wasn’t athletic but it seemed like a good social activity. I was surrounded by the ‘popular girls’ all the time and I was more quiet and to myself, a little awkward. One day, an older girl pulled me aside in the bathroom and said ‘you’re really pretty, you look like you’ll be in a magazine one day’ and that was a really nice thing to hear from someone at that age when I was a little uncomfortable and felt out of place. Another girl in the bathroom looked over, scoffed and said ‘ew, her?’ - I just think it’s sort of funny now because here I am and it just makes me believe even more not to let people like that bring you down.”



Investing in your appearance is truly a worthwhile venture. It is the equation to success. In order to achieve that, there are pure essentials that you must have. Every man needs to be sure that these 10 items are readily accessible in his wardrobe.

1. Watch

Purchasing a watch is one of the smartest investments that a man can make. While a decent watch is sure to cost you a good chunk of change, it will undoubtedly pay off. A well cared for watch can, in theory, outlive you, provided that it is well cared for and maintained. A watch will greatly improve your style, boosting both your outer appearance and overall image. Not only is punctuality a key in life, a watch also encompasses class and shows that you mean business. Rolex is iconic, but more affordable options can be found in Bulgari, Gucci, A. Lange & Shn, Boss, Skagen, Casio and Fossil.

2. Bag

A bag isn’t necessarily a piece of clothing, but it is nonetheless a vital accessory to a man’s wardrobe. A bag is as important for a career as it is for travelling in style, and a backpack is not going to cut it. A bag, briefcase or duffle should be able to compliment a look effortlessly, not detract from it. The style of a particular bag is

dependent on the individual. It does not necessarily need to be distinctive leather. A dependable and stylish bag can be found in almost every price range. A well-picked satchel can also be agreat alternative. Burberry, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Zara and others carry a wide array of options.

3. Sunglasses

Having a good pair of sunglasses is beneficial for both the eyes and for your look. While glasses can be easily lost or broken, investing in a more expensive pair is still well worth it. Cheap sunglasses work fine to keep the sun out of your eyes but they generally tend to be a reflection of their cost. They are poorly made, sit awkwardly on the face and do not stand out. Wearing a pair of chic sunglasses will compliment your face and help create a truly suave look. Sunglass Hut and most department stores offer a variety of different styles and pricing options.

4. White Button Down and Colored Button Downs

This item is not to be overlooked. No matter who you are, every man needs a white button down shirt. Not only does it go hand in hand with any blazer, but a white button down offers a variety of wearable options, allowing you to dress it up or down. It can be

worn with a vest, under a sweater, or on its own paired with a tie, bowtie or suspenders. Adding a pop of color by wearing a colored button down can also be used formally, however they are appropriate on their own with the sleeves rolled up for casual scenarios. A button down should be well ironed and be free of wrinkles. Every department store offers both of these options, usually for a reasonable cost. Purchasing a button down that fits well or taking it to a tailor is key.

5. Dark jeans

Dark jeans are a fashionable piece that go well with many outfits. Generally a more casual item, dark jeans will pair well with t-shirts, button downs, sweaters, coats, etc. Dark jeans can also create a sleek look when pieced together with a blazer and dress shoes. This staple piece of clothing speaks for itself. Dark jeans range in price but are generally cheaper compared to women’s jeans. While getting a pair of Levi’s $30 jeans will suffice, investing in a more expensive pair is well worth your while. They will fit and look better and they typically last longer.


6. Black & Brown Leather Shoes

A pair of shoes can be a make or break piece for an outfit. There are endless amounts of shoes for every occasion, but you will fare well owning a pair of both black and brown leather dress shoes. There are many different styles, both with and without laces, but generally black leather shoes should be sleek and rounded, neither being too sharp nor too flat. Brown shoes tend to fair better with laces (but do not need to be) and should be chosen in a shade that pairs well with different colors and materials. Stick to black shoes for black suits and darker pants, and brown for khakis, whites, creams and lighter colors. Blues, greys and other colors are varying. A fashion law to live by: always match your belt with your shoes. Nordstrom, Aldo and DSW all carry many unique, stylish pairs that are reasonably priced.

7. Suit

Would James Bond really be the same without his signature look? A dashing two-piece suit is the core of a dapper gentleman. This signature style is formal in its very nature, but the level can vary depending on how you choose to accessorize. Owning a black suit is a good place to start. It will accommodate the widest variety of events ranging from black tie events to cocktail parties. Adding a few different color options, such as charcoal and navy, will provide enough diversity to re-wear your suit without fear of wear and tear or looking the same in all pictures. Wearing an expensive suit will make a difference, but only if it fits well. An untailored Hugo Boss suit compared to a well-fitted H&M suit will leave you leaning toward the latter.

8. Blazer

The right blazer can really be a standout piece in a man’s wardrobe. Blazers are similar to the two-piece suit, but are unalike in that they do

not require a pair of exact matching trousers. This tones down the formal level and allows you to achieve both “business” and “smart casual” looks. A good blazer can remain conservative or pop with a bit of color. Depending on the time of the year and occasion, different styles and materials of blazers are appropriate and will add the proper flair to the outfit. Blazers can be paired with everything from khakis to brightly colored pants to dark jeans. Wearing a low-cut, longsleeved t-shirt or V-neck paired with jeans will put an interesting spin on a more classic look. A blazer can allow a man to find his inner “fashionista” and create an aweinspiring outfit.

9. Sweater

A sweater can be a game changer when both aesthetic and fit are successfully intertwined. I’m not talking about the sweater you recieved from your grandma last Christmas. The right sweater material can really emit a smooth look. A quality sweater will not only look good, but it will feel nice on. Cotton does not compare to other materials for a sweater. Classic wool is soft but can be itchy and hot. It is well worth it to avoid this and pay the extra for cashmere. Colors like beige, olive and grey are excellent for sweaters. Pay close attention to the cut and style of a sweater before purchasing it. It is important to examine the pattern and ribs of the sweater. You should choose a style that compliments your look and figure, and of course, do not wear an undershirt beneath it. The sweater should hang and flow with your body, without being too tight or uncomfortable. Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren and Niemen Marcus, among others, have an excellent selection.

10. Tie

The must have symbol of professionalism and formal etiquette, is a tie. It is often the first thing that people notice. A fundamental black tie is necessary, but should not be the only tie in a man’s arsenal. Ties come in loads of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles. This allows it to be the perfect piece to elegantly complete a suit, but it also may be worn unconfined, on its own and shine as a tasteful fashion statement. Both length and width are important. Strive for ties that are slim but not ultra skinny, unless that is the desired look. The four-in-hand is an effortlessly neat and stylish knot that will fit well with most collars and appears more natural than other knots. Express, J. Crew and many online options offer dapper ties at an affordable cost. These are the fundamentals but by no means should you stop there. Noteworthy acknowledgements that did not make the list include: a beanie, scarf, colorful socks, leather belt, trench coat, pea coat, khaki pants and a fitted v-neck shirt. The list goes on and on. These are merely the basic building blocks that are meant to help direct you on the right path to successful style. Achieving an effortlessly chic and unique look can be challenging. Stylish gents will be sure to pull from the different pieces across their entire wardrobe while placing an emphasis on fitting, detailing, layering, accessorizing and color combination. This will help to create cool, individual looks. However, fashion is constantly changing. You will fare well drawing inspiration from


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Photographed by Nicole Kraus








Man‘s bestfriend: HIS TAILOR Tailoring clothing is something that we generally tend to associate with women. However, no matter who you are, everyone likes wearing a good-looking outfit that shows off and compliments their body. This is where girls shine, but for some reason, guys seem to lack in this department. Guys expect to buy their clothing off the rack and for it to be instantly ready to wear. Taking clothes to a tailor is often overlooked, but should be a required step. A tailor can do much more than salvage a favorite shirt or a pair of pants that have received a rip or get a button replaced. Simply taking clothes in to a tailor can make you appear taller, thinner and even more muscular. Yet this valuable asset goes widely unused. Take a look at Ed Westwick, John Hamm or even Tom Brady. The suits and outfits they sport seem to flow with their bodies and compliment their every feature. The fact of the matter as Clinton Kelly, co-host on What Not to Wear, explains is that most celebrities’ outfits, both on the red carpet as well as everyday wear, have been tailored. The same applies to everything on What Not To Wear. Nothing on the show from the jeans, blazers or dresses to plain T-shirts are off the rack and unaltered. Apart from these lavish clothes standing out on their own, what makes them pop is having them personally altered for you. So while you might not be able to afford to commission a custom suit erected to fit your exact measurements, that does not mean that you cannot still look like a million bucks. The first step is to know what a tailor can or cannot do. There is no point in taking your clothes to a tailor only to find out what you want done is impossible. Don’t be fooled though, many things can be altered, including coats, jackets, blazers, jeans, trousers and both buttoned

shirts as well as regular T-shirts. Even belts and shoes can be altered to some extent (typically not by a tailor though). Some things are perfectly possible while others just simply aren’t. The basic principles to know are that it is always easier to take away material than the other way around. Lengths of sleeves can be shortened, shoulders adjusted, item length can be slightly altered, cut adjusted for shirts, waistband taken in, pants hemmed and legs tapered, among other alterations. It is always a good idea to buy larger as opposed to smaller when considering getting an item tailored. Also, understand that some changes and techniques are more costly than others and sometimes you are better off buying a whole new item. The next step is to find a tailor. A tailor can usually be easily located in your town. For most purposes, your local seamstress or dry-cleaning/ tailoring service will suffice. It is important, however, to check reviews and proceed cautiously if you have not previously used their services. There are two ways of testing this. Asking to get a pair of jeans hemmed but keeping the original hem usually will distinguish a competent tailor, if they understand the question. If you are still unconvinced, start by selecting a piece of clothing that you won’t be heartbroken over should you be unhappy with its outcome. A pair of dress pants or a button up shirt should do the trick. It is important to wear what you would normally wear with the piece you are getting altered. This will make the process easier. Do not forget to be vocal. You’re not trying to do their job for them, but be sure to ask questions and let them know exactly what you want so that they can accommodate you.

ARTICLE BY Shane waldron illustration by Taylor Himelstein


Staying Cool this Spring:

A Guide to WeAring ShortS There are many reasons to love the cooler times of the year. Fall and winter allow us to layer up and really pull off some suave outfits. Especially, as a guy, you can showcase your style and personal flair a little bit more. All good things must come to an end though and warm weather is upon us once more. Unless you intend to imitate Frosty on the 4th of July, it’s time to peel off the pants. You may not be a fan of shorts because you think they look awkward or don’t fit right, but these helpful tips should keep you looking cool.

1. Avoid certain styles that are

always a “no-go.” Cargos (need we say more?) Say no to shorts with large, bold or stand out patterns. Basic colors and simplistic designs will do the job just fine. A pair of khaki shorts will usually go well with a multitude of outfits. Rips, cuts and other distresses will equally hinder your cause.

5. Visit your Tailor. Making

swallow up your legs are never a good look. Sometimes all it takes is a little time at the gym to fill out a pair of pant legs to make them look better. This makes a tremendous difference and you’ll fell better about yourself too. So don’t skip leg day!

use of your local tailor is a worthwhile trip. Shorts can usually be easily hemmed or tapered at slight cost. Not all shorts will look good hemmed, but it is definitely an option to keep in mind to improve your look. Some shorts can even be simply rolled up on the ends.

3. Not on this side, not on that side,

6. No Athletic

2. Hit the gym, tubby. Shorts that

but right in the middle. It’s important to find a style that compliments your body. Usually shorts that are too short or too long will not look good or will detract from your outfit. Try to find styles that end just above the knee. You may want to opt for “prep cut” shorts, but beware, too small can just look awkward and bad (shout out to my chubbies wearers).

4. Belt up. This does not mean that

you have to go full Urkel. You can still wear your shorts at a comfortable fit with a belt on. In a sense it’s just a fashion statement, but it will provide you with an all around classier look. Depending on what you are wearing, you may even want to tuck it in if you’re sporting a polo or button down.

Shorts. Unless you are at home or heading to the gym or playing a game of pick-up, there is no reason to be wearing athletic shorts. I get it, I get it – they’re comfy. Perhaps try a pair boating or sweat-shorts instead. Not the kind you made with scissors and your old sweatpants though. Stores like Puma, Pac-Sun and others offer styles that are more formal but still provide you with all the comfort.

7. It’s all in the shoes. Some shoes

will just not pair well when you are wearing shorts no matter how chic they are. Opt instead for a pair of low cut sneakers, boater shoes or even sandals if you must. They will look much more appropriate to pull off your look.

Article by Shane Waldron Graphics by Sophie Kemm



Imagine being planted on 475 acres of vast land or swimming (perhaps drowning) in a pool of 33,000 garnet and gold sharks. Some might see this situation as an advantage, while others might camouflage their skin into the crevices of running shorts and sweatshirts. At a university as large as Florida State University, it’s practically inevitable to feel invisible in the enormous sea. The passing students are glanced at in a way that mentally classifies them as just another number. We look at one another as students and describe each other as the characteristics of the majors we’ve chosen. If the student body dug a little deeper into the lives of our peers, some might be surprised that there is much more to a person than the lecture halls that they are assigned to. One student in particular took the knowledge of his major and isolated himself from the lecture halls, in order to stand out in the immense student body. Josh Smith, a graduating senior this spring, is one of the many sharks that took his college career as an opportunity to not only grow, but establish his name into the product development and entrepreneurial industry. He is a student who knows how to apply his “go-getter” attitude into his company, Generation Tie,

which is revolutionizing the way men complete their ensemble. These unique ties transform the appearance of an average silk tie-wearing boy, into a modern and quite luxurious looking man. When meeting with Josh for a short hour, his drive for the entrepreneurial industry was shining through in his tone when talking about his overall mission, career path, and advice. How did you get into Product Development? J: I was originally in the Hospitality program, but I switched over to the Retail, Merchandising, and Product Development program, because it felt more relatable to the career path I wanted to take. Also, entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine, so the RMPD program appeared to be better suited for me, since it enables me to grasp the knowledge of the creative and business side of products.

What was your inspiration for this product? J: Funny story actually. The first time I saw this sort of tie was on one of my friends at a restaurant. Truthfully, I stared at it for ten minutes trying to decipher what it was that I was looking at. The product itself lured me in and not only had my attention, but grabbed my curiosity as well. I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at, but I knew I wanted to get involved. I had a mission to take a more innovative approach in regards to altering the design, costs, and the overall product itself. Seeing that this is such a unique product, how did you go about selecting this material? J: Honestly, it was continuous trial and error. Material is an extremely hard element to perfect so it requires failure, in order to end up at the right one. The first tie that I made was surprisingly made out of rubber which made the tie way too thick and had minimal movement. These ties are meant to imitate the functions of a normal silkbased tie, so I’m really aiming for them to be light, comfortable, and especially functional. So, after numerous attempts I decided an acrylic base was ideal for this product, which was extremely difficult to locate in the United States considering how thin I wanted the tie to be.

53 Was the production process difficult to learn? J: The process wasn’t exactly difficult, but it was especially messy. There was a group of us in my living room, with laser cutters, templates, and fabrics. It was just everywhere. We started from scratch and figured it out as we went and in as little as two weeks into the learning process, I had a product, which was an incredible feeling. How do you balance this and school? J: I’ll be the first one to say that balancing is the most challenging part of the process. Last semester is when the company truly took off and it got overwhelming, because mentally this business was my number one priority. The first obstacle I dealt with was the shipment orders, which ranged from receiving the wrong materials to missing half of an order. This part made balancing the company and school extremely difficult because while I had exams to study for and classes to attend, I also had to stay on top of communicating with the shipment centers. Aside from shipments, additional obstacles have definitely made balancing my company and school a challenge but I’ve learned to allocate my time efficiently. I’m more eager than anything to graduate so I can entirely shift my focus to Generation Tie. Living in society where fashion evolves at an insanely fast pace, how do you plan on staying relevant to future trends? J: Since this product is essentially brand new to the market I initially want to establish this company, and myself to make sure people understand the concept I’m bringing to fashion industry. Although keeping up with social media and trend forecasts are critical, I’m constantly keeping my ears open to criticism. I hold a belief that it’s truly important to take into consideration what people have to say so I can either maintain or modify a certain aspect of the product in order to cater to their needs.

Are there any specific social media blogs that help you keep current on a daily basis? J: I try to stay updated on a variety of men’s fashion accounts ranging from HYPEBEAST and other blogs having to do with street style. Some specific ones I follow are @mens_haute, @mensfashionreview, and @inspirations_style, which definitely keeps me up to date on the current men’s fashion trends. Is there a big picture goal that you’re trying to achieve with your brand and/ or your products? J: This is a company that is constantly evolving, whether it’s introducing new colors, designs, materials, or even an entirely new product. There will always be something this company is developing in order to stay relevant to its customers. The overall process of developing this product has deepened my interests in the fashion and business industry so much that I would eventually love to get involved in retailing men’s suits. Ideally when that time approaches, Generation Ties will be established and profitable so that I could potentially blend my two passions into one business.

Before we leave, is there any advice you’d like to pass on to future product developers? J: Absolutely. When an idea or concept is initially established get in touch and talk with as many people as possible. It’s extremely crucial to maintain an open mind and allow people to provide you with feedback for your product. Sometimes it can be tough to hear what people say since it’s your idea and your pride can disrupt how you perceive the criticism. If you communicate with an open mind it can only improve the product and can often result in fresh concepts. Also, it’s incredibly important to remain proactive throughout the entire process and to maintain the drive you had from the very beginning.

Taylor Himelstein


Beards and Buns IMpact on modern society I saw two noteworthy things my first day back to college and they were both the result of one of the strangest fashion trends of this decade. Beards… and a TON of buns. Now I was fully aware of the beard and man bun trend that every guy of all ages seems to follow. Although beards date back to prehistoric times and man buns date to the 6th and 7th century BCE, they made their comeback in 2012 when celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth began sporting the duo. So why is it that today the beard and bun have become so fashionable? I researched and interviewed men around my campus, determined to find the answer. It took a few years for these “Chewbaccas” to gain their length and just when we all thought that the movement was dying down… Boom. It hit us in full force at the end of winter break. In prehistoric times men grew their beards as a means of protection, intimidation and warmth. They were also seen as a sign of honor and wisdom in ancient civilizations and were cut as punishment. “Man-buns” on the other hand, date back to the 6th and 7th century BCE with Buddha rocking the first documented bun. The Maori indigenous Polynesian people wore them in the 1300’s CE as a sign of high status. Both beards and buns made various debuts overtime, but have long since been not so popular until their emergence as a recent trend. 2014 marks the year when the style really took off. Jared Leto’s appearance at the Golden Globes had women and men all over the world swooning. It has been a couple of years now and slowly, but surely men began to catch on to this “new look”, deciding to grow out their wondrous locks. It takes about a year for the average male to grow 5.5 inches of hair on their head, and varies on the man for beard length. So I would say that the new wave of lumberjack impersonators have reached their peak. If you walk through any American college campus you’ll probably be able to spot the various beard and bun styles.

There are several types of beards a man can commit to. They range from different styles, colors, lengths and some with even more ridiculous names… like the ducktail! There are also low buns, high buns, messy buns, half buns, pony buns, topknots… the list goes on and on. Many people claim that the style of beard and bun one possesses can tell a lot about the type of man that they are. I asked ten males sporting a beard or bun about their thoughts on the subject. One man

8 out of 10 women I interviewed had positive feedback toward the trend exclaiming, “Oh I love it! It’s so sexy when a guy doesn’t need to try so hard to look manly. The beard gives them a mysterious look.” However, the 2 out of 10 negative responses were similar with one stating, “It’s basic. It’s as basic as the Starbucks girl with Nike running shoes and a Michael Kors bag.” Should these opinions stop men from pursuing the “Jared Leto”? Going back to a previous question that I asked a group of males with beards and buns: What does growing your beard or styling your hair into a bun say about you, and how do you react to the negative opinions? “I originally let my beard grow out because I wanted a different look. I mean girls can change their hair color, cut crazy styles and wear make up. Us guys are limited. I wanted a change and I’m liking the manliness and attention my beard can give me.”

expressed that, “Just because you may wear a beard that looks similar to someone else’s, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are alike in any way. I grow the type of beard that works best with my hair and face.” Another, however, mentioned that he likes to look “messy, but sexy”, which is why he sports the look referred to as the “Hollywoodian”. I also asked a variety of men who did not have beards or buns on my college campus about what they thought of individuals with this specific style choice. Alarmingly 7 out of 10 beardless and bun-less men I interviewed had similar negative associations toward a full beard or bun claiming, “I automatically think if you have a long beard or try rocking a man bun, you are obviously compensating for something.” One male from the 3 out of 10 that favored the style quoted, “I mean if I could grow one I would! Looks like a guy who lets it all go is care free.” Could the negative opinions be stemmed from jealously or just a true hatred for the hairstyle?

Overall, most of the responses were the same. Most of these guys wanted a change. I mean can we really blame them? Although few may do it for the trend, deep down I believe it’s a new and exciting way for men to express themselves and discover their inner confidence. While the previous significance of beards and buns was a means of survival or honor and has now been swapped for style, I think that we can all agree that it sure does make us rethink our original perceptions about what we consider to look “manly.” “We love beards and buns!”

Article By Molly Manganelly Illustration by Taylor Himelstein


Everyone knows that a good scrub is apart of exfoliation, and necessary to any good skincare regimen. After all, the skin is the body’s biggest organ. 60 percent of what is applied to your skin, is absorbed. But what if I told you, your skin was actually taking in a plastic that was harmful not only to yourself, but also to the environment? Microbeads, according to NPR, are “tiny bits of plastic, (or) small scrubbing components used in hundreds of personal care products like skin exfoliants and soap.” The issue is that these beads are filled with polyethylene, which is a byproduct of fossil fuel and is a major pollutant of the ocean. Basically, sewage systems are not designed to disintegrate plastic. So the beads stay in the water, and ends up as food for marine life. To take

that thought even further, anytime you enjoy a nice fish meal, it’s possible that these unremovable plastic beads are ending up inside your body. As it turns out, rubbing little bits of plastic on your face is actually bad for your skin in the first place. For example, the skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your body and therefore should be treated with care. By rubbing plastic in these sensitive areas, you are in reality creating tiny, microscopic rips in your skin. Having these defenseless spots on your skin, allows bacteria to creep in creating irritation, redness and bumps also known as acne- the thing you were trying to get rid of in this first place when choosing to exfoliate. With all of this being said, it is no wonder microbeads have been banned

from many states including California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Ohio. Legislation is in place to continue the ban through many more sea bordering states. Microbeads ( like everything else thats polluting our ocean and earth) are just a cheaper alternative. Using a natural grit like sugar, is whats best for your skin and the environment. You can add a scoop of any natural sugar or salt to your favorite non abrasive face wash to make a simple, homemade exfoliant. Or you can try some of the options shown above.

Article by Katie Cook Graphic by Christie Childers


Clutch colors of Beauty

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18-1409 TPX Photographed by Taylor Brumfield







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Whether or not you love the Kardashians/Jenner’s or can’t stand them, you can’t deny their unprecedented fame and success gained through reality TV. The youngest member of the fam, Kylie Jenner, has become distinguished by her iconic, plump lips. What better marketing campaign for her to jump on then to create herown liquid lipstick line to consumers out there dying to achieve the famous, DzKylie Lipdz look. Makeup lovers around the world anxiously wait at their computer ready to put the Lip Kit in their shopping cart as soon as Kylie mentions via social media that they are in stock of her highly sought after liquid lipsticks and liners. They sell out in a matter of minutes. I’m here to review why. I knew from previous experiences that wearing liquid lipsticks can cause cracked lip lines due to them being overly dry, and overall they aren’t as smooth as a typical lipstick is. Curious to see if the Kylie Lip Kit could defy the liquid lipstick odds, I ordered the Lip Kit in the shade DzPosie Kdz which is a deep rosy pink hue. First off, the packaging

kraze caught my eye with the edgy drench lips artwork. Inside the box included both a DzPosie Kdz lip liner and, of course, the liquid lipstick. Eager to try it out, I first lathered on a coat of Chapstick (a must to prevent dryness) and began lining my lips with the lip liner. The liner itself had an impressive color pay off and was a smooth application. When opening the liquid lipstick I immediately noticed its strong scent of warm vanilla. If you like sweet smells you’ll love this, but if you don’t, it might be a tad off putting. I took my time applying the product, as *warning* it definitely takes practice and precision to nail the liquid lipstick application. But once dried this lip product has a beautiful matte finish. Along with the gorgeous DzPosie Kdz shade, I was also super impressed with how long the product stayed on my lips without having to reapply. I applied the liquid lipstick two hours before dinner, ate dinner with it on, and after I checked my lipstick in the mirror. I was very surprised to not need to reapply the lipstick after over four hours of wearing it. This really sealed the deal for me! Liquid lipsticks can be drying and I found the Kylie Lip Kit to feel no different than other similar products, but with a layer of moisture underneath you’re good to go! After multiple uses of the Kylie Lip Kit, I can easily say I’m dying to purchase every shade available due to the eye-catching color pay off, price point, and wearability! The DzKylie krazedz is real and understandably so.

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Tips & Tricks:

They say beauty is pain, but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful for your bank account. Whether you’re going to out on the town or just running to the grocery store, it shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars just to put your makeup on. As college students, we’re always balling on a budget so I’ve collected all of the best and affordable versions of your favorite beauty products. Here are some drug store duplicates that will leave you looking flawless & your wallet feeling guilt free!

•Put eyedrops in mascara to make it last longer •Use unscented lotion as a makeup remover •Use a blow dryer to heat up your eye lash curler to make your lashes more curly •Use olive oil to remove hard to remove lip stain

For sun kissed cheeks: For keeping your face on:



Maybelline Pore Eraser

Face primer can get pretty pricey, so try using Maybelline’s pore eraser instead of breaking your budget. It works wonders when it comes to minimizing your pores and covering up blemishes, while keeping your makeup coverage on all day!

I am officially obsessed with Elf’s blush palette. With perfect colors for every skin tone, it’s light on your skin and leaves a natural sun kissed look to your complexion! And a little goes a long way so it lasts forever. For gorgeous matte lips:




Crest 3D Whitestrips

For a vixon eyes:

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick L’Oreal Voluminous

These are by far 2 of my favorite mascaras. For a fuller look, I’ll layer the two which ensures long lasting coverage. For a day time look, I’ll simply use the Maybelline mascara.

Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System

If you want a captivating smile for a steal, try Plus White 5 minute whitening system over expensive whitestrips. I’ve been using this product for years and it works great at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time!


Mac False Lashes


Elf Powder Blush Palette

For lashes that kill:


For a dazzling smile:


NARS NARSissist Cheek Studio Palette Benefit Pore Professional



NYX Rouge à Lèvres Matte Lipstick

As a lover of fierce matte lips, I have fallen in love with NYX matte lipstick. This product comes in a variety of bold colors and stays on all night!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude

These two palettes are almost exactly the same, so why not get the cheaper one?



Photographed by Holly Fischer Graphic by Christie Childers








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all the local businesses below that make this magazine possible and our beautiful models for their time.

71 Picture 1: Red, gold and black zig zag patterned top- staff owned Brown suede jacket-staff owned Denim gaucho- Henri Girl, $42 Picture 2: 70s cream pleat front blouse- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $26 70s sweater vest teal- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $26 Medium wash bell bottom jeans with rip-staff owned Picture 3: Gingersnap Free People top- Cole Couture, $128 Denim bell bottoms- Forever 21 (staff owned) Pictures 4&5: Maroon hat- staff owned 90s tricot ribbed mock neck shirt- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $22 Jean jumper- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $30 Rare vintage Lee Men’s denim jacket, Wonsaponatime Vintage, $60 90s patchwork wool baseball cap with suede bill- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $20 Vintage men’s Wrangler pearl button shirt- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $26 Picture 6: Side lace suede dress Burgundy- Henri girl, $52 Large round sunglasses- staff owned Vintage hand knit ochre sweater with pocket detail yellow- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $34 80s high waisted rust suede pencil skirt- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $42 Picture 7: Brown lace crop top- staff owned 90s Anthropologie patchwork suede leather pencil skirt- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $44

Youth in Revolt Men’s Shoot Picture 1: Grey jeans- Buffalo David Bitton Buckle, $99 Black button up- Seven Diamonds, Buckle, $79.50 Black Converse- Staff owned White button up- The Other Side Vintage, $15 Jeans- Staff owned Grey Vans- staff owned Pictures 2& 3: Plaid button up-The Other Side Vintage, $18 Old school tee- The Other Side Vintage, $14.99 Brown jeans- Buckle, $39.50 Raybans- Staff owned Picture 4: Grey shirt- Buckle, $29.95 Black leather jacket- Buckle, $99.95 Picture 5: White button up- The Other Side Vintage, $15 Jeans- Staff owned Grey Vans- staff owned Picture 6: Blue textured button up- Buckle, $44.95 Jeans- Staff owned Grey Vans- Staff owned Picture 7: Black 70s vintage shirt- The Other Side Vintage, $26 Grey vest- The Other Side Vintage, $30 Vintage Sears coat- The Other Side Vintage, $30

Spring Trends shoot

Picture 1: Black leather bag- staff owned Black long sleeve crop top- Henri Girl, $38 White denim mini skirt- staff owned Black aviators- staff owned Black Adidas running shoe- staff owned Picture 2: Black Hat- staff owned Black necklace- Free People, staff owned Calvin Klein shirt- staff owned Brown suede skirt, Cole Couture $88.99 Black booties- staff owned Picture 3: Black Adidas shirt- staff owned Tribal headband- staff owned Black sunglasses- staff owned High ripped skinny jeans- Henri Girl, $52 Adidas Classics- staff owned

Picture 6: Fringe jacket- Henri Girl $40 Shirt - Staff owned Shorts - Staff owned Boots - Forever21 Necklace - Bohindie Stream, $26

Picture 7: Letterman Jacket: Wonsapontatime Vintage, $70 Black crop: Henri Girl $21 White sunglasses: Henri Girl $15 Shorts: Staff owned

picture 4: Overalls- staff owned Calvin Klein bra- staff owned Fringe Vans- staff owned Picture 5: Adidas Shirt- staff owned Acid wash denim top- Wonsaponatime Vintage, $28 Black Ripped jeans, Free People- staff owned Stan Smith Adidas- staff owned

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The first full size issue of Clutch, created in the Spring of 2016 by our staff of 36 - Under the direction of Christie Childers & Morgan Wr...

Clutch Magazine Spring 2016  

The first full size issue of Clutch, created in the Spring of 2016 by our staff of 36 - Under the direction of Christie Childers & Morgan Wr...

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