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meet Allyse Francis in the centerfold

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florals for fall? groundbreaking. hen the time came to start planning our last issue as Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, we had a variety of concepts we wanted to execute. Most importantly though, we knew that we wanted to leave you all on a note you would remember us by. We wanted to do it our way and we wanted to have fun with it to the very end.


A common theme that we seemed to revisit in planning meetings, article brainstorms, feeling of understanding yourself for who you really are. This is something we wanted to try to execute visually and in our written content because we believe it is a theme so prevalent in college communities like our own. really dive into their passions when choosing their article topics and writing down their thoughts. It also helped us understand we backgrounds, interests, and get to know more about these aspects during our time with them at the photoshoots. We used photographers who all had very unique styles, which made each photoshoot a new images even harder.

As far as clothing for this issue, we wanted to focus on the fact that fall and winter wardrobes do not have to mean dark colors. textured clothing that many people may not consider for the colder months. This allowed our stylists to have a lot of fun pairing textures and materials that could work for any season. Defying the seasonal norm something we found exciting to take An aspect of this issue we both enjoyed the most was getting to train the girls who would be taking our place come December when walk across the stage for graduation. It is hard to leave something behind that you have poured your heart and soul into for so many years. But, it is a little easier to leave it behind when you have full your place. Being able to teach them and watch them grow over the past semester has left us both with a peace of mind, knowing that the strides we made in our time running the show will only continue. To be honest, the 3 of them will probably outdo us pretty quickly. We love you Hannah, Natalie and Ashlie.

Joining this magazine, ultimately taking it over, and having the chance to make it our own has been one of the most rewarding experiences of both of our college careers. We have grown so much, together and the real world and take all the knowlege this publication has given us and put it into practice. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in this journey; especially those of you who didn’t judge us when we drank way too many cocktails way too early in the afternoon in the midst of a breakdown.

xoxo for the last time,


clutch editor-in-chief christie childers

editor-in-chief assistant hannah kealy

creative director morgan wren

creative director assistant natalie campion

art sophie kemm director hannah kealy director carli solomon assistant

content curator ashlie head

digital kevin del orbe mulitimedia brooke larson media coordinator

styling ashlie head director natalie campion director kayla wirth, robi mcbride & amber lopez assistants

fashion lauren johnson director julia klein director

mens shane waldron director briana saul director nicole tripodis stylist amanda riera stylist

advertising molly manganelly director savannah dakos assistant brianna hunczak assistant content hannah ross editor olivia hrbek editor angie govantes editor

beauty maddy cloud director maddie armington director taylor mitnick assistant haleigh feix assistant

lifestyle claire larocca director megan barry assistant

casting & bookings genna luciano director eva gonzalez director millie leeds director

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finance emily bensadoun director macy hayes director gannon long director meagan smith, jennifer groce, ariana jurado, emma steele, hali azpeitia madison marshall managing editor publisher collegiate merchandising association student government association

Florida State University

Student Government

cover and centerfold by marina williams cover clutch from aldo


Photographed by James Zamora Styled by Natalie Campion + Ashlie Head Concept by Julia Klein + Lauren Johnson Directed by Hannah Kealy + Ashlie Head + Natalie Campion

8 Botanical patterns have a whimsical feel while the dark-based colors create a wintery mood.




Opulence comes from rich materials such as satin or silk worn head-to-toe, but tempered by simple shapes with minial detailing and muted palette.



Inspired from Kanye West’s “Yeezy” season 3, blush-tinted beige, army green, and other monochrome tones were the spotlight of this trend.




fashion embracing differences beauty is in the eye of the beholder by Ariana Jurado & Carli Solomon “We’ve all heard the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and probably have dismissed it as a mere humanistic approach that attempts to make us all feel beautiful. The truth is, no matter how hard we try to change our attitudes, media and

Shaun Ross, an African American Albino, fashion model. He dealt with ridicule from his peers as a child; he was constantly teased for his skin pigment and called names like “Casper” and “white-out”. Shaun’s life turned around at the age of 16

A model with a peculiar facial structure and standing 6 feet tall isn’t something you would normally see on the cover of Vogue. Molly Bair is another model that has Shaun, she was teased as a child and had a tough time accepting herself in a world of everything that she was. When a New York agent of The Society Management beautiful in her. It only took one person’s unique perception of beauty to alter the negative perspective she had of herself. She now walks in high fashion runways including Prada and Miu Miu, and can also be found in Vogue Italia and other high fashion magazines. The past couple of years have been monumental for models who have not been previously considered “beautiful” in the industry. Last year, we saw Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome, make her debut on a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway, and we saw plus-size models walking more frequently in shows. Campaigns featuring unretouched ads to promote acceptance of all body types, such as Aerie’s #AerieREAL campaign, have become game changers. Models like Ashley Graham are being recognized for their beauty, rather than their size. In the 2016 fall fashion weeks, many designers chose to take risks with their models and their clothing lines, introducing a new mode of runway. For the second time at NYFW, FTL Moda chose to use disabled models to represent their brand. Winnie Harlow has also been breaking boundaries on the NYFW runway by with the skin condition Vitiligo. Recently, there have also been tattoos making an appearance on the fashion week runways. In the past, tattoos were covered because they were not seen as “beautiful,” but now models are going as far as applying fake tattoos as a way of accessorizing a look.

beauty. Recently however, fashion has been breaking out of its norms and has embraced unique rather than classifying beauty as a uniform and standardized concept. People are adopting a more global mindset and are types of beauty that exists outside of the stereotypes.

when a scout agent found him on YouTube after he had posted a video of himself dancing. It only took one person who saw his beauty for him to create history in the fashion industry. Shaun has been featured in multiple music videos with huge artists like Beyoncé and Lana Del Ray, and even has an entire art exhibit titled “Invisible Man” by Jerome Lagarrigue dedicated to his story. He has changed the meaning of beauty and has made it possible to perceive it in a new way.

These models were found by agencies that saw them as intriguing and striking; not only because of their unique characteristics, but also in the way they carried themselves. Fashion gave them a reason to accept themselves as beautiful. It now is showing the world that fashion is altering its stereotypes. It used to seem that uniqueness was the exception, but it is now becoming the rule.


patched up by Nicole Tripodis

The entire summer and straightaway through fall, the new trend on the block has undoubtedly made a comfortable place for itself in clothing stores nationwide. If

a mid-life crisis and reclaiming his fame, who may or may not be purchasing a red mustang in the near future. The patch and the wardrobe are no star-aligned strangers. Patches sewn before frenzied teenagers scrounging for iPhone patch stickers in Forever21 was The 1960s birthed the idea of the patch as a statement upon clothing. Before this time, patches were exclusively for soldiers to wear for the functional reason impoverished to essentially mend tattered clothes. As the free-spirit era took off, hippies made use of the patch to send a message. The little pieces served as an easy medium to express protest to government, and promote peace. It became cool. People sporting a patch on their sleeve had somewhat of an intriguing depth to them. Their patches told society that they were concerned with worldly affairs and brave enough to lend themselves toward an effort of political action. Not long thereafter did patches begin to integrate into the world of pop culture. Rock bands such as The Sex Pistols

manufactured patches for fans to dress their sleeves with—a sarcastic dis to politics, insinuating that love for The Sex Pistols should be expressed on a patch

The punk era of the 1990s really turned up the amp on patch culture. This time was a crucial period in the fashion world, fashion had ever seen before. Punk was a way of life that used fashion as one of its primary modes of expression. Complete deconstruction of clothing was the norm, polished off with senseless fragments like duct tape, metal hooks, and cable cords. The motive of punks and their fashion was to speak up, have no limitations, and represent what they stood for no matter whom it would offend. Patches were the ideal accessories for punk clothing as they punk panache: have clothing to appear as an afterthought, and make a political statement. Along with several other trends of the Though they no longer stand for politics or personal outcries, patches wholly acknowledge the perpetual recycling of fashion—the rotation that has no limits. Who knows? The next “patches from the


box buzz: by Meagan Smith

Since the introduction of the subscription box in 2010, customers have been reaching for everything from food subscriptions to dog toy subscriptions. Perhaps the most notable of all subscription boxes are beauty boxes.

boxes are tailored to the subscriber, users do not have to worry about color-matching their own products. Even if you just want the sheer joy of receiving a few surprise items every month, the $10 may be entirely worth it to you.

Subscribers are sent a range of beauty and skincare products on a monthly or seasonal

The small sample sizes are also great for traveling. They make amazing travel

to seasonal boxes, which are pricier but include larger products, while others send boxes on a monthly basis with fewer items for a lower price.

love to use carry-ons only (take that, TSA!).

These subscription boxes allow customers to try new products from the comfort of their own home, before they commit to buying the full-sized product. Many people recognize names like Birchbox and Ipsy, but they still have a hard time deciding whether or not these subscription boxes are worth the hype and money. Beauty boxes like Birchbox, Play! by Sephora and Ipsy retail for $10 a month. They each samples. This means the samples are each about three ounces or less, depending on the type of product. Birchbox and Play! include only high-end brands and products, while Ipsy tends to include both highend and drugstore products. These subscription boxes prove to be extremely valuable to people who products, without the hassle of going in-store. Since most subscription

The convenience of being able to see whayou are buying via YouTube videos can be really helpful. One of the best ways to know whether or not beauty subscription boxes are worth your money (or which one is worth your money) is by checking out boxes. This lets you see the actual size of the sample and what type of products you can expect to receive, along with product reviews. As for the monetary value, each item is about three ounces and sometimes even less. You are paying $2 per item, which travel-size product bins in the checkout

aisles of Sephora and Ulta. The items that are sold in store usually retail for $8 to $20 and they are about the same size. There is no guarantee that you will love the product or that it will be the perfect item for you to try. If you are not the risk-taking type, beauty subscription boxes may not be for you. Overall, when each aspect of beauty subscription boxes is taken into account, it is apparent that they are worth the $10 each month. If you are a beauty junky or just a month and see how you feel!


Textural delicacy invigorates ethereal vibes with lace, silk, and vintage prints. Photographed by Marina Williams Concept & Direction by Morgan Wren Styled by Ashlie Head & Natalie Campion Pieces from Wonsaponatime Vintage & Cole Couture



















Women in the Workforce: The Ultimate Trinity of #Girlbosses by Meagan Smith

fearless #Girlbosses. From the business realm to the music industry, women are breaking the norms and are rising up as some of the best leaders the world has to offer. A #Girlboss tends to break the mold of tradition and revolutionizes the game-changing beauty and skincare edgy online store, Nasty Gal, these women and so many others are inspiring others around the world, from all backgrounds to speak up, create, and become their own #Girlboss. Emily Weiss, Glossier: Just fresh into

now. She started out as a student at NYU studying studio art. After numerous the position of fashion assistant for Vogue. It was then that Emily began working on her own venture— her website, Into the Gloss. The empowering site paved the way two years old, has already made strides in the beauty industry with its unique and wholesome products that sport simplistic, yet edgy concepts. Ranging from the soft

twist on a serum, the highly coveted skincare and beauty products are probably

some of the most buzzed about this year. As skincare is on the rise, Glossier is becoming a popular choice among millennials, which is why Emily Weiss has seen such rapid success. Sara Blakely, Spanx: Founded when Blakely was 29, Spanx shapewear was created with the purpose of making women their own curves and body types. Her unprecedented idea was what set her on the path to becoming a #Girlboss. The idea arose when Sara was unsure of what undergarment to wear under her white pants. She used a pair of scissors to quickly cut off the legs from Spanx shapewear was born! She went from selling fax machines door to door, to calling up buyers and asking for someone to believe in her unique concept. Her success grew even more when Spanx was she is a billionaire #Girlboss and is named the World. Even better, she hails from our very own, FSU!

Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal: Sophia Amoruso can be credited with the term to be one, herself. Sophia created an eBay shop called Nasty Gal when she was 22. Here she would take vintage pieces, style them, take photos of models in the She then created NastyGal.com, one of date. Nasty Gal not only sells vintage, but clothing from various designers and also of her success, Sophia wrote #Girlboss, a Gal, and her own advice on becoming a #Girlboss. She has recently released her second book, Nasty Galaxy, and opened two freestanding Nasty Gal stores in California. As a result of all of her amazing work, Sophia Amoruso is named one of ultimate #Girlboss


how instagram went from 0 to 100 real quick by Nicole Tripodis

WAKE UP-- It’s time to check your phone. …No texts?? Ugh. Well. What do you expect though, right? I mean who do you think you are, really? Maybe next time. Hit Instagram. God—how the heck does she have that body? *Screenshot* *Screenshot* THOSE BOOBS? *Screenshot* It’s the perfect start to a beautiful day! Everybody has one—their own handheld portfolio of tiny waists, luscious locks, and voluptuous pouts. This endless library of unattainable ideals burns a hole in the hands of just about every girl who carries a cell phone. The name of the beast? Instagram. Back in the primeval days of 2010, an app was born. The original intention of Instagram was to serve as a comfortable, user-friendly platform where friends could exercise their creative hand and edit day-today photos of lattés, a good book, maybe a friend who accidentally spilled water down the front of his pants (ah, 2010.). Instagram was a safe place. Professional editing was neither necessary nor encouraged, as an already at hand. Over the course of six years, our once humble and quirky Instagram has grown out her nails, purchased a waist-trainer, and moved to a loft-style apartment in LA. The terrain is no longer safe. Anxiety over Instagram posts had never been a “thing” ever posted. The raindrops on your car window? 2 likes? Rock on.

Where did this newly induced “postinganxiety” stem from? To imagine that there once lived a you who paid no mind to the amount of likes on a photo is as foreign an idea as the absence of indoor plumbing. As the app gained massive traction, users became abusers. Instagrammers realized that people really do look at their photos, experience a moment of contemplation, then physically go out of their way to double tap their thumb and “like” their picture. Approval and praise—why should a latté get all of this attention when your own body can? Today, in the aesthetically pleasing and wonderful land of Instagram, there lives a creature named “The Insta Model” who is more dangerous than her pristinely contoured face may suggest. Everything is perfect in the world of The Insta Model; she eats whatever she wants without detriment to her impeccably chiseled abs, she lounges in swanky cabanas with friends in Ibiza, but most of all, she always looks Insta Model. More often than not, people such as her on Instagram have a reality far from the façade displayed on their account. That photo of her casually adjusting a beach towel on white sands was not candid, but the eighty-sixth shot that she made her completely-over-it take of her. The attention these girls receive via “likes” and comments gives them another degree of satisfaction that has turned into a drug without which they cannot function. and explore pages, a new standard is being set—one that is simply unrealistic and unhealthy. To compete with the millions

of likes and comments these “perfect” individuals receive, everyday girls are now Photo editing apps like FaceTune make it easy for anyone to make their nose smaller, eyes bigger, teeth whiter, and thighs slimmer. Because hardly any girl posts a photo of themselves with no alterations, a FaceTuned image is now the standard of beauty on Instagram. FaceTune is now a necessary tool for girls to use in order to get likes on a post, and temporary happiness in real life. Instagram has become a place resemble girls as how they want to look, and not how they actually look in real life. today is profound as we carry Insta Models around with us all day, their perky butts sitting right in the palm of our hands for us to envy over at any given moment. Something The Insta Model doesn’t have? Actual peace and content with everyday living. Her joy in life arises in limited intervals of however long it takes the likes on her latest post to die down. When they do, she retreats to her feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty. Instagram is not real life. The app is sneaky, deceiving, and a hotbed of self-doubting girls comparing themselves to one another. When you wake up tomorrow morning and you rub your eyes as sunshine beams through your window, don’t ruin life’s beauty with fake beauty on your phone. Take The Insta Model, and strive to become her exact opposite: authentic, resilient, and actually happy.

38 Meet our cover model,

allyse francis When putting together this issue, there were a few common themes that continued to arise and eventually established the tone we wanted to set for our readers. Embracing differences, understanding who you really are, and being a part of a generation who is becoming more culturally interested. Allyse was our first choice to represent Clutch with her beaming face and unbelievable hair, but getting to know her on a personal level during our photoshoot made her beauty even more undeniable, and her eagerness to represent these ideas very clear. One of the first things we talked with her about was the time she has spent over the past couple years building her portfolio. Her dream is to become an actress and she is motivated to make an impact through this career. “There’s a whole movement in the film industry of creating wonderful, and in-depth, female characters I would love to be part of that. We’re finally gaining a strong and equal foothold in the industry, and I’m eager to contribute my voice, especially as a woman of color.” If Allyse could grab drinks with anyone, dead or alive, she told us it would be actress Earth Kitt, who you probably know better as Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove, or Madame Zeroni from Holes. “I would love to learn how she managed to juggle being an actor, dancer, singer all while being a prolific activist. She was vivacious, full of energy, and uncompromising in her search for self-love and equality.” Allyse radiates very unassuming self-confidence that makes you feel comfortable and inspired to try to be the same way. “What motivates me is the belief that I am good enough to be where I am today. I am enough.” She told us the time in her life she started to understand herself best was when she began college in an environment where you can’t help but expand your horizons; being exposed to different people, cultures, and backgrounds. “I got to know so many people, and it really opened my eyes to the possibility of who I could be, and who I wanted to be. It’s exciting!” When asked what pieces of advice she could give others about remaining optimistic and confident while pursuing their dreams, one mantra stood out. Be present. “Do as much as you can right now, in this moment, because there are only so many moments in your life. Seize opportunities, and make the best of it.”



home beauty remedies are they really worth it? by Olivia Hrbek

With beauty products being available (but expensive) in such a wide variety of brands, it can be hard to distinguish between which ones work and are actually worth the money. Due to the high prices and the overwhelming amount of choices, people tend to lean towards home remedies rather than cashing out their wallets for pricey creams and lotions. Whether it be for shiny healthy hair or naturally glowing skin, consumers go on the Internet or ask older relatives for help when it comes to creating these recipes that they hope will give them the results that brands on shelves might not. While the more natural way is supposed to be better and healthier for us, especially we have, the real question is do these home remedies actually work?

From searching the Internet and asking female college students, some remedies are so outrageous that it is hard to believe that people actually try them, while others don’t suggest rinsing your hair with beer to accomplish thicker and shinier locks. While it won’t do much damage to your hair, besides making it smell like a long night out, using Coconut or Argan oil is much easier the hair and retain moisture, protecting it from becoming dry and brittle. Most of the products you will even see on shelves contain these oils because of how useful they can be. Another easy and simple household item is lemon juice. While lemon juice is originally

known as that product you put in your hair to make it lighter, it is also very well known for being a great product for your face. clarifying skin. Lemon juice contains a great amount of vitamin C, which helps lighten up the face by removing blemishes and spots. If you want even more glow, you can even try a small amount of honey. The vitamins and minerals help give your skin the nourishment it may be lacking. So instead of being overwhelmed in the beauty aisle, it might be best to try it the natural way. I don’t suggest using the most eccentric recipes, so be smart with your choices. Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive instead what you need could be sitting right on top of your kitchen counter.



be auty trends

Concept by Maddy Cloud + Maddie Armington Directed by Morgan Wren Photographed by Daniel Estrada Gutierrez / @dannography Featured products: Moroccanoil, Elizabeth Arden, Revlon


peachy keen

If you aren’t a fan of peaches, now you will be with these amazing shadow colors. Oranges and reds compliment every skintone in the sweetest ways.


velvet mulberry

Bringing you to the darkside. From plums, to reds to blacks, Darth Vader would be proud. Pair vampy lips with a bare eye to up the drama.


glisten up

Unkempt, bushy brows are in and poppin’. Put down those tweezers, ladies. Dewy skin and glossy lids are this fall’s naturale necessities.

oil spill

Using a darker color to smoke out your lash line gives the illusion of bigger eyes and let’s be real…Who doesn’t want that?




Bringing back that middle school glitter, but we’ve tweaked it a bit. Iridescent shades of pink and blue will leave you feelin’ magical.

golden hour

Seriously who wouldn’t love this? The natural look is taking over the beauty world. Neutral but noticeable golden tones mimic the perfect sunset.



skin care care >> skin makeup makeup by Carli Solomon

Contour palettes and lip kits may have met their match. Skin care is the new mode of makeup, and people are going barefaced to prove it. This year’s fashion weeks have brought more than just high-fashion couture; they have also brought impressive new beauty trends. A natural, fresh face was one of the most prominent new looks on the runway. During the Autumn/Winter 2016 shows, Michael Kors made a statement by sending Kendall Jenner down the runway with a completely cosmetic-free face. We saw the minimal makeup look strike again during the Spring/Summer 2017 shows, with designers such as Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta following the trend.

Of course, there were still bold lips and

just a few natural ingredients, this amazing

season, but overall we are seeing a move toward natural makeup with an emphasis on healthy skin. Products such as oils and eye creams are being used in lieu of foundation and concealer, turning everyone’s attention toward organic beauty lines, such as Lush and Glossier.

skin for sheer coverage.

People are using anti-aging products even in their twenties to maintain youthful-looking skin. This trend also has inspired many people to replace their heavy cosmetic use with a more natural application. Organic skin tints, such as Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint, are being used as alternatives to foundations. Made out of


Essential oils are also being utilized as a makeup substitute. Oils, such as Mac’s Prep + Prime Essential Oils, give skin a naturallooking glow, with fewer ingredients. Argan oil lip plumper is also available to give your lips lusciousness, without the sulfates. A natural plumper on the market is Josie Maran’s Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter, made out of just argan and honey-infused lip butter. Makeup substitutes are endless, and barefaced beauty. Hello eye creams, oils and tinted moisturizers. Goodbye, layers of cosmetic chemicals.


k-beauty movement by Amber Schroeder

Ever since I was little, my mom always stressed to me how important it was to wash my face every morning and every night, to wear sunscreen every day and to know that makeup was not important. These may seem like things every mother says, but it took me a while to understand that it was not just my mom “being a mom,” but it was her passing on her Korean skincare traditions to me. States when it blessed us with BB creams, which work as an all-in-one wonder balm. However, Korean beauty is based on the belief that beautiful skin is real beauty, and it emphasizes skincare rather than perfectly winged eyeliner and multi-step contour tutorials. While your normal routine may take two or three steps, a typical Korean skincare includes a combination of at least two cleanses, a toner, an exfoliator, a serum, an essence, masks, an eye cream, a face cream and an SPF.

As college students, none of us have time for all of that. I barely even have time to

felt SO much cleaner. After exfoliating, I felt like my skin had been born again!

a long day of school, work, meetings and everything in between.

Sheet Mask: I thought I would kill two birds with one stone here by doing a mask with a treatment serum in it. I used the Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet (available

Recently, I scheduled in some “me time” to try out a few Korean beauty tips and products. This included making sure to take cleansing twice, exfoliating, using a sheet mask, using a Korean blemish cream and using a Korean makeup remover. How it went: Korean Makeup Remover: I used the Banila at the end of the day. I wear waterproof mascara to keep the curl in my thin eyelashes, and it did a great job of gently removing the mascara without feeling like it was ripping out my eyelashes. Two Cleanses and an Exfoliator: I never thought to wash my face again after one cleanse, but after a second cleanse my skin

attracted me to it, but the tightening and

Korean Blemish Cream: Luckily, I have been blessed with pretty clear skin, but I do get the occasional under-the-skin pimple that seems to last for at least two weeks. So I tried out the Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream, did help clear up my zit without drying it out. The cream also lightens to avoid any acne scarring. Even though my busy schedule may not change any time soon, I think my skincare routine will. Like they always say, Mom knows best!


street smart. Pairing basic graphic tees with bomber jackets and tailored trousers contributes to a cleaned up, smarter street style look.

Photographed by Tyler Downey Styled by Amanda Riera + Nicole Tripodis Concept by Shane Waldron + Briana Saul Directed by Hannah Kealy






contemporary casual by Carli Solomon

New, seasonal trends are what keep fashion followers on their feet and craving more designer deliveries. With the end of fabrics and an opportunity to completely revamp your wardrobe. Autumn 2016 brought men’s trends that gave a new meaning to textures and textiles. Leather, nylon, and silk slayed male street style during the season and the trend has persisted. Trousers made of leather have replaced the staple denim and nylon jackets superseded the blazer. Shoes and accessories also remained a large part of men’s fashion this season. Athleisure sneakers, leather hats, and textured bags being major pieces of the time. The bomber jacket is the outerwear statement of the season and comes in two of the season’s biggest fabrics: nylon and silk. This fall must-have can also be found in lightweight or heavy materials, and can be personalized with embellishments and patches. The bomber jacket works perfect for men in any situation and for that reason it has become an essential addition to any man’s closet. Bomber jackets were seen in plenty of men’s AW 2016 shows including Armani, Burberry, and Givenchy.

Another leading look of the season is leather. Between hats, bags, and pants there has been no shortage of this sleek texture. Leather baseball caps have taken over both male and female fall looks, adding a new twist on the hat trend. A more breakthrough use of leather seen this season was leather trousers, such as the ones seen in the Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 men’s show. The show also featured leather trench coats, belts, and bags, emphasizing the material’s versatility. Sneakers and accessories have continued to dominate male ensembles during this season. Athletic sneaks, such as Adidas NMD’s and the staple suede boots mix to make the perfect balance. The gym shoe being worn as an addition to are another major fall trend giving the fashion forward male a masculine mode of using bags day to day. Michael Kors utilized menswear show. Focusing on the texture trends, the Kors bags were seen in leather and fur. Joseph Abboud had a more classic

Menswear show. Sunglasses have remained an important trends have circulated the market. Futuristic feels seen through shades were a big statement this season. Clear and mirrored, blacked-out, and oversized specs were seen throughout this season. Le specs “Pharaoh” and “The Duke” shades are amazing options for men seeking that mirrored look, and males a sleek, modern style. Futuristic sunglass trends are here to stay, along athleisure sneaks.


a tailor at your by Shane Waldron The digital age is making this the best time to shop, and to shop well. Online services experience, allowing anyone to improve One service paving the way in merging fashion and technology is MTailor. This app for men delivers a perfect, personally tailored shirt or suit to your doorstep. This incredible, “Shark Tank�-featured app gives you all the power of your own personal tailor without ever having to leave your home. MTailor lets you build from scratch a with choosing the fabric. Next (and this is the cool part), your phone serves as your personal tailor by measuring you through the camera. All you have to do is prop up your device against a wall and stand back a certain distance so that the camera can capture your precise measurements, all in just 30 seconds. The company claims that this method is 20 percent more accurate than a professional tailor. After that, just sit back, relax and wait for your product to arrive via free shipping. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund. This is not the only example of pairing fashion with technology in what is surely a new and improving trend. While the technology of MTailor is unique and innovative, many apps out there are also worthy of being added to your phone. Some of these include Cool Guy, Dash Hudson, Mr. Porter and Gilt. With new and developing technology and creative developers, we cannot wait to see what is next.


aandrogynous styleby Ariana Jurado

As I was sitting in the Haute Headz Salon waiting to get my hair cut, I decided to pick up a Vogue magazine to help me pass the time. Flipping through the high fashion photographs at the front of the issue, I instantly become intrigued at one of the photographs for Emporio Armani.

The fashion world is drastically changing as more designers, like Gucci and Prada, are incorporating this gender-neutral fashion.

perfect balance between the two. Despite popular opinion, not all women

The model had a very unique look that immediately captured my attention and made me question my perceptions on gender. The model was very young and model was a male because they were wearing a dress suit and standing next to a female wearing a dress. I then turned the heels and carrying a purse. Instantly, I became engrossed in the power of how the clothes tailored to the model without

The stereotype of male clothing and female clothing that has been engraved in us since we were young is now being challenged

out there who would much rather prefer

due to the differences in body structure, recently this gender neutral approach is becoming more attractive to the public with more designers getting creative with these boy-ish looks for women. I mean these days? There is a certain feeling you get when you wear something out of the norm and receive positive feedback. Dare to be different and seek your own style and expression because at the end of the day

Women have used androgynous style to express equality and empowerment in the boys are becoming less tied to their manly apparel without the fear of being perceived as too feminine.

androgynous style with famous entertainers like Kanye, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. Understandably, it takes some courage to try it out on your own, but social media has made this cool style more achievable. You can view a post on Pinterest or Instagram that will easily inspire you to test the waters. I would recommend starting out a little more simple and casual until you become more comfortable with what works best for you.

daring women to attempt this style in the 1950s. Her deviation from the norm caused social unrest amongst the fashion forward women of that generation. In the 1960s, the iconic model, Twiggy, known for her unique boyish looks allowed for experimentation of androgynous style. At the same time, men were growing out their hair past their shoulders! Clearly, the idea of genderneutral style has been present throughout the decades. With the help of the original innovators, fashion has become more creative now than ever before.



life in


Life in Motion captures the freedom and fun of the forever-young mindset. Rebellious and expressive crazy, overwhelming, but totally epic lives of driven women. Photographed by Janna McCabe // Styled by Ashlie Head // Directed by Claire LaRocca + Christie Childers Pieces from Cole Couture







(moon) phase astrology is here to stay by Molly Manganelli

favorite magazines and heading straight to the horoscope section in the back, consistently disappointed when I read that my love life will be pretty bland until 2018. I wonder why this has had such an Cosmopolitan horoscope page, probably written by an intern, is really the predictor of my future? Although I don’t like to admit it (and usually reject it) a little part of me does and I get extremely hopeful when I read that there will be, “a spark of magic this weekend.” I won’t lie, when my friend and I realized we were both Pisces, we freaked out and thought our friendship was meant to be. When a relationship works out with a Taurus, I always think back to that one article that said our signs are better as friends. Now I ask myself, why do I care about this so much? I’m an educated 20-year-old woman, that isn’t even superstitious, and I still let paragraphs of B.S. I know it’s not just me, a National Science Foundation states that almost half of And that number is growing, so is astrology just a fascination of human culture? In the systems that predicted seasonal shifts, and was considered a scholarly practice. Now we relate it to what we should wear according to the planet that’s passing through our ninth house. In modern day society, astrology guides us

and pushes us in ways we wouldn’t have been able to before. But should you let it that you make? If your horoscope begins to seriously disappoint you when it states something negative, then you should maybe start rethinking how important these future predictions are to you. Of course, I think it’s hilarious to read your friend’s signs and laugh when it could be made out to be true. So for the fun of it all, I decided to make my own astrology for everyone. No worries, I really did my research - from typed “zodiac signs 2016”. Enjoy!

Flamin’ Hot Fire Signs:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius This is your year to do YOU. Allow your around you and don’t be afraid of what others might think! You are passionate about your social life, but don’t let that in get in the way of personal relationships. Be more patient, and allow yourself to go with

likes and desires. You’re always the leader of your team and work the hardest. Keep that Flower Child Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn When you begin to give more attention and care to your surroundings, you’ll start to realize where your biggest mistakes are

coming from. Lately, you have been feeling that nothing is working in your favor, but there looks like there might be good fortune knocking on your door! You have a strong, chill personality. People become friends with edgy and sometimes feel that it will go against you, but it is actually helping you get shit done.

Gone With the Wind Air Signs:

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Lately you’ve been feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Stop feeling blue by picking up new activities, hobbies or fashion trends that will allow you to feel more like yourself. Through communication, friendships and understanding, you will feel happier sooner rather than later. You may need to step up and lead your team a little more, so allow your administrative powers to take charge! Relationships should progress if you allow your intuitive nature to take the lead and let change happen!

Go With The Flow Water Signs:

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces You’re sensitive. Everyone (including your mother) has told you that you could sometimes overreact and let your emotions get the best of you. Use that passion that fuels your reactions and let that help push you forward in your job, relationships and goals for the future. Be the leader that you are and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t lead your team to success. Believe in yourself, keep focusing on your own needs and love will be around the corner in no time!


people & places in love abroad by Emily Bensadoun No, it is not what you think, well not entirely. For once I truly learned how to love myself, and it only took traveling 6,555 miles. It took time and it was a process, but nothing good comes easy. In May, I headed to Israel to begin my adventures as an intern abroad at The Ritz Carlton in Herzliya. was nothing like I had ever experienced, but I’m always one to push limits and to do things for the thrill of it. I had to learn how to be strong and how to speak up in a familiar with. So how does someone do that it helped that I spoke Hebrew, even better now, thanks to the friends who forced me to speak it. Besides that, I moved to a country where I had very few friends. Most interns traveled in pairs, however, there are not many students willing to travel to a country that is considered basically a war zone. Granted, while I was in Israel, it seemed that America was more dangerous at the time. So, this is where my transformation began.

Me, being the outgoing person that I am, would not stand for being friendless for eight months. I needed to rebuild my more about myself than ever before. The biggest lesson I learned was how to exceed my comfort zone. I learned how to go beyond that voice in my head telling me “no,” simply because something is a new experience and I am scared. Once I learned how to trust myself, I looked knew I could do anything if I really wanted I was not that closed-minded, partying college kid anymore. I believed in myself enough to know that I could easily live anywhere and that I could succeed without a problem. I have traveled my entire life, speaking diverse languages and meeting people all over the world. Moving to Israel led me to create a life for myself, which is very there was demanding, and I had a social life. I met amazing friends, and I made lifelong memories by exploring the hidden beauty

of Israel. around the corner. Every morning I sat outside with the clear, blue sky above me and a view of the busy streets awakening as the morning sun started to shine brighter. I would sip my double-shot espresso and eat a rugelach, which was baked fresh every morning. Rugelach is made with a homemade milk chocolate spread, and it’s rolled into a croissant-type pastry. When eaten hot, it’s like taking a bite of heaven. I also began dating, and I must say foreign guys are great dates. I never thought that I would experience falling in love at this age, mainly because I had never found someone who matched my personality back in the United States. When living in a college town, dating is not necessarily part of the culture. It can be hard for some to commit to one individual. When I was content with myself and I was in a good place, it was easy learning how to love and how to be loved. Every day with to open up. The most exciting part was how new everything was. I found myself getting


lost with him; it was like meeting my best the kind of man I want in my future, when I am ready to settle down. Some of the most honest advice I can give is to love in the most unexpected situations. It is all about taking risks, forgetting the future and thinking in the present. It may not always work out, but if you get the chance to love someone in a culture full of warmth I even got the chance to meet some amazing people who welcomed me into their lives and introduced me to the culture. With every story, I grew to learn that there is more to life than the “American Dream.� I never realized certain things until I started traveling and changing my ideology. With every country a person visits, perceptions will change. Every encounter played a huge role in learning about myself. Maybe it was the young married couple learning how to survive in a country full of struggles. Maybe it was the beautiful people who move to Israel from all over the world, starting their lives over again. Maybe it was even the

going to do next with their life. Maybe it was the wise taxi driver whose words of wisdom you could always count on (that is, when he is not yelling at the driver next to him). What I realized was that they all had one thing in common, and it was their love for Israel. The feeling of belonging was so powerful to them because they all had that common ground. I also learned how to love myself a little more. I discovered a part of my heritage I never would have if I did not move to Israel. I realized that every day is an adventure and is another moment to grow. So thank you, to the friends who showed to the guy who brought out my inner child and who showed me how to love endlessly. But the people I appreciate the most are my family, who taught me who I really am. For now, I am enjoying my time and I am listening with an open mind. So, travel as much as you can and meet as many people as you can; you might learn a thing or two about yourself. Next stop, India!


radio revival never listened to a podcast.

started serendipitously: As I tried with no success to delete the pre-installed app from my iPhone 5 (#tbt), I somehow fell down the never-ending radio rabbit hole. Previously I had thought of podcasts as dusty and old, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that podcasts are like the younger, hotter sister of talk radio. I’m here to tell you, podcasts are The Shit with a capital ‘T.’ Regardless of what interests you—whether it be Ted talks on space, cooking shows, true crime thrillers, or just stand up comedy— there’s something for just about any taste.


spooky stuff

Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Hosted by R29’s executive producer-slash-pop culture Princess Elisa Kreisinger, Strong Opinions Loosely Held strives to shine a light on a range of issues contemporary women are facing. Episodes range from a scholarly critique of the Kardashian Empire to the worst place in the US to be a woman (Spoiler alert: It’s Mississippi.)

#Girlboss Radio

As if we didn’t love her enough after her two books #girlboss and Nasty Galaxy, Sophia Amorouso gave us another reason to be obsessed with her: Girlboss Radio. Each week Sophia invites fellow girlbosses over to shoot the shit and share their entrepreneurial wisdom.

Anna Farris is like the quirky older sister you never had, giving you haphazard advice you probably shouldn’t take. The Scary Movie comedienne will have you laughing as she tells tales of her younger years with her famous friend guest stars.

Grownups Read Things they Wrote as Kids

Remember that locked fuzzy diary you kept your darkest elementary secrets in? Imagine reading the entries to a crowd of strangers for their amusement and you have this podcast. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, but always funny.


Serial is the brainchild of journalist Sarah Koenig, who follows one story to fruition over the course season gained enough media attention that a 1990’s murder trial was recently revisited. If you Making a Murderer, you’ll obsess over Serial.


I mean who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Lore delves into the scarier side of history and the true stories that fuel our modern superstitions.



fashion meets innovation by Natalie Campion

Stylitics introduces a new way to shop

their e-commerce and mobile, giving their customers an engaging way to shop while increasing conversion and average order value. Have you ever clicked on a shirt while shopping online and three recommended shirts pop up below it? Stylitics uses this same technology and furthers it by showing recommended ways to wear any item that you click on. Users create virtual closets and chronicle what they wear on the site’s style calendar. Stylitics keeps track of the brands, colors, and styles you wear in your closet. Once Stylitics’s algorithms become familiar with

queue. The founders of Stylitics, Rohan Deuskar and Zach Davis also implement a “Over time, a user can see what kinds of clothing items they wear most,” Dueskar says. If you are debating whether or not

“Over time, a user can see what kinds of clothing items they wear most.” –Rohan Deuskar, CEO Stylitics to splurge on a $300 dress by a particular designer, you can look back at your ‘personal style report’ and see that you’ve worn a similar dress eight times since you bought it, which may make this new investment worth it” – Deuskar (CEO)

The virtual closet creates a way for brands and retailers to gather vital consumer research. Brands and retailers that implement Stylitics research will learn what is being bought and worn. Stylitics 2015 and currently analyzes 500 thousand style trends weekly. 91% of customers surveyed said they’d buy more products if they were shown in styling suggestions. Have you ever wanted Cher Horowitz’s computer touch-screen closet in Clueless? Well now the technology to mix and match current items in your closet exists. ClosetSpace is an app that partnered with Stylitics’ technology and professionally This application puts a digital closest in your pocket while also giving you daily


our top 5 albums of 2016 by Ashlie Head Life of Pablo: Kanye

Kanye’s 8th album Life of Pablo, considered by himself (and us too) as “one of the greatest albums of all time,” has been a massive hit played nonstop throughout this year. Iconic in its own right, this album showcases all of the best attributes Yeezy and features by other distinguished artists such as The Weeknd, Rihanna, Chance The Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar. This album will leave you in awe and you’ll never experience an underwhelming moment while listening. Jason Green from Pitchfork. com said it best when stating in his album review how Kanye’s, “devotion to the craft of album-making remains his greatest talent. Albums are his legacy, what he knows, deep down, will endure after the circus of attention he maintains around him subsides. His ability to package hundreds of stray threads into a whole that feels not just thrilling, but inevitable—at this, he is better than everyone, and he throws all of his best tricks into The Life of Pablo to remind u s.” Life of Pablo drives you to let go of your annoyances over Kanye’s aggravating, conceited nature and instead embrace his undeniable talent and artistry that sets him far apart from all his musical peers, past and present.

Coloring Book: Chance the Rapper

manner that unites people together rather separates them. Chance combines traditional themes in hip hop with aspects of black church choirs and utilizes the skills and vocals of full bands instead of synthesized, overproduced beats. Chance is respectable for many ways but most of all for staying true to his personal tastes rather than compromising and signing to a label. Kris Ex from PitchFork states, “When music comes like this—personal and panoramic, full of conversations with God, defying hip-hop norms while respecting them, proving that the genre can still dig deeper into its roots—it needs to be contextualized as what it is.” And it’s a masterpiece.

I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Be autiful Yet So Unaware Of It: The 1975

The 1975 rid themselves of their previous all black and white image found on their debut album The 1975 and in contrast, embraced a new phase of color. This brand shift matches appropriately with the clear evolution of their unique sound. Lead singer, Matty Healy, told Rolling Stones Magazine, in regards to his incredible sophomore album, that “the poppier bits are poppier, the Eighties bits are Eighties-er. It’s more like everything that preceded it, so that’s one of the things that I’m really proud of.” As a

Chance the Rapper proves himself on this previous mixtapes. Chance uses his witty nature and style to move listeners with tracks. Chance has a way with words and an unprecedented ability to address issues such as race and inequality, love lost, drug use, and the importance of music itself in a

genre, but instead they are a hodge podge of indie-alternative, ambient, and a lil’ bit some R&B. On ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI the invoking an emotional response amongst avid listeners. The tracks work together to become a conceptual album full of lyrics

with raw conviction and diverse sounds that tap into listener’s feelings. Ideas of love lost and found, sex, drugs, death, and mental instability are addressed and focused on in this insanely powerful album.

22, A Million: Bon Iver

Bon Iver released its third full-length album “22, A Million” this fall. The band, led by frontman Justin Vernon, spent a hiatus creating a new, intrinsically moving electronic sound. “22, A Million” veers away from his previously acoustic driven, folk-nature and instead heads in a more haunting, ambiguous state of questioning. This album surprise its listeners with songs that arise questions, create complications, and emotionally resonates simultaneously within the listener. Bon Iver lets go of its well-known sound and embraces the manipulation of vocals through the use of a Prismizer, creating a haunting, tracks onthe album. In Bon Iver’s previous two albums, Vernon only hints at the electronic, auto-tune style he embraces in his most recent release. This album stands out amongst its predecessors, but it pulls from other iconic artists of our time. It’s no surprise that none other than THE infamous Kanye West has been a huge advocate and fan of Bon Iver, once stating to BBC Radio 1 how Justin Vernon is his “favorite living artist.” When listening to 22, A Million both Kanye West as well as Frank Ocean, period is for music. This album showcases the future of music and the ways in which artists have the ability to distort, manipulate, and layer their voices to create unique sounds unachievable by only solely recording the human voice. When listening


put into creating each and every sound you hear. Each track on this album will leave you thinking, hard. Each song is also meticulously thought out and detailed. So if you’re craving a carefree music experience, listen elsewhere. Tracks such as the opening wondering about notions of existence, with lyrics such as “it might be over soon.” The

Skin: Flume

Flume, a 24-year-old DJ/producer from Australia, was welcomed with open arms with the release of his newest album, Skin. He can easily be considered the best DJ of his time and his sold out world tour exists to simply as him serving as the necessary next big star in mainstream electropop. He embodies originality with his range of

questions and doubts of higher power. faith and romantic love versus the love of God are exposed, connecting to the album’s overarching themes of love, holiness versus unholiness, as well as duality. These songs are heavy to say the least “22, A Million” will leave you puzzled, maybe even deeply overwhelmed by its apparent oddness, but most of all it will leave you impacted.

listeners deep tracks tapping into darker emotions on one side of the spectrum while also giving fans classic hits such as “Say It (feat. Tove Lo)” as well. No matter who boundaries of the EDM genre.


#NAILEDIT by Angie Govantes

The biggest fear in America is public of going to job interviews and speaking to their prospective employer. In order to get that job or internship of your dreams, you have to make sure that you are not only prepared, but ready to walk out with the position. Can I promise you the job or internship? No. Can I help you ace your interview? Yes. 1. Do Your Research. If you walk into an interview and don’t know what the company does or their mission, you might as well just walk right out. Employers like to know that you have researched the company, have seen their work, product, or service, and understand what it is exactly what they do. It will be hard to speak to the interviewer if you didn’t at least visit the company website. You don’t have to learn everything about them, but it is impressive when you can mention details about their company they didn’t think you would know.

So cliché, but you have to Dress to Impress. Depending on the type of industry you are going to go interview for you can possibly play with your level of trendiness and professionalism. Sometimes you can show up in business casual, other times you have to arrive in the traditional black and white combo. With the research of your industry, dressed to your interview. If you don’t have money or don’t want to spend money on professional attire, FSU has their own Professional Clothing Closet in which you can borrow a suit or four articles of clothing for the semester. All you need is a valid FSU student ID and a ride to University Center A. 3.Be Prepared. Once you’ve researched the company, you have to prepare yourself for the challenging (but hopefully easy) interview questions. Being completely stumped by a question about your past experience will make you

look bad. Take a moment before your interview to review your resume, cover letter and any related experience that you can tie in with the company. 4. Make Yourself Stand Out. If you have researched the company and refreshed your answers to those daunting interview questions, you’re already making yourself stand out! If you are able to tie in relevant experience and show your already a step ahead of everyone else. Companies also like to see you follow-up after your interview, so if you can send a follow-up email later on that day or show your persistence leading to the interview, it goes a long way! 5. Be Yourself. Interviewers want to experience your personality in a professional setting, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take away aspects of yourself. Showing how you can hold conversation and still let your personality shine through makes you personable and a strong candidate. Being honest, doing your research & job of your dreams!


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