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Letter From the Editor Dear lovely Clutch readers, It feels so different saying that. Since starting on Clutch my freshman year I never imagined that I would be the Editor-in-Chief. This has been the most exciting semester of my college career so far. It all started as just an idea and now it’s a real product. Clutch has grown so much over the past few years and we could have never gotten to this point without all of you.

For more information contact Jenny Herndon at

This magazine was a rush filled with memories and the best people anyone could have hoped for. Even with the lack of sleep and early mornings it is all worth it in the end. Clutch is so much more than a magazine; it’s a group of friends that turn into your family. Being able to share this experience and process with them is amazing. We put so much hard work and dedication and more hard work into this, which I hope you all can see. We hope you get inspired and can learn something new in this issue!

Best, Ashley Cook


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NARS lipstick in “schiap”

Makeup bright lip colors such as NARS “Schiap” lipstick adds a pop of color to any makeup look without going overboard on other facial features, such as the eyes or cheeks. With nails, there is a wide array of eye-catching colors that can be worn during spring. For fall, everyone usually sticks with the darkest colors they can find but in spring, nails can be seen clad in anything from bright coral to sea foam green to lilac purple. Nail polish is something that can be changed frequently and is usually inexpensive. Brands such as Essie and OPI are great for providing customers with fresh colors at a reasonable price. Whether it be a pop of color on the face or a vibrant set of nails, it will be hard to go unnoticed this spring!

} It

{ Gargantuan


Essie nail polish $8, Ulta

Green Grape

spring begins to roll in, the hues of makeup and other beauty products are beginning their annual transition. The dark mauve and oxblood shades covering the lips and nails of buyers worldwide are transferring to more playful and bright colors such as pink, orange, and coral. Spring season calls for brightening up our faces with the start of the new year and what better way to spruce up our daily routines than with makeup? Having an all-natural look but still wearing makeup with bursts of color is completely in for this season. Sprinkling some NARS highlighting blush along the brow bone and upper cheekbones adds definition without a caked, dark appearance. Also,

$30, at Sephora

Tour de Finance

As winter comes to a close and

Orange, It’s Obvious

By: Claire Larocca

Olé Caliente

Fresh New Colors for a Fresh New Season

NARS hilighting blush in “albatross”

Do You Lil ac


$26, at Sephora

Stila lip glaze in “grapefruit” $22, at Sephora

OPI nail polish

Maybelline stain gloss in “pink plush”

$9, Ulta

$9, at drugstores


The combinations with this palette from Lorac are close to endless, with it having eight shimmer shades and eight matte hues. The ultimate pigmentation and long lasting formula from this product is sure to make anyone’s eyes pop and bring a color pay off like no other. After applying some of these shades, anyone is sure to look like a “Pro!” -


“Lorac Pro” Palette

Price: $42



Price: $39


Recommended Product: Tinted Brow Gel by Anastasia, $22

Price: $52


If time is of your main concern and you don’t want to fuss with your brows for more than two minutes, a tinted gel is your best bet. Eyebrow gels will keep your eyebrows in one spot throughout the day while also making them appear more full with an undertone of tint. These gels also contain conditioners and oils to keep your brows healthy and fresh.

This palette by Stila includes 10 of the brands most wearable and popular shades, including cult-classic “Kitten”, which is a shimmery champagne color. The shades go on smooth and blend flawlessly, allowing you to create a sultry smoky eye or a summertime bronze effect effortlessly.

-- -- - - -- -- --




“In the Light” Palette

This Urban Decay palette may be one of the most popular of all time and for good reason! The 12 colors allow you to create looks suitable for a glamorous night out or if you want to play it safe at the office. This palette would be perfect for the shimmer obsessed consumer, although it does also include a few matte shades. ------ ------

Recommended Product: Brow Zings by Benefit, $30

Recommended Product: Eyebrow Pencil by MAC Cosmetics, $16

“Naked” Palette


If you’re someone who wants to go for a full brow but doesn’t want it to look too extreme, filling them in with a powder technique is the way to go. Simply take an angled brush and use short, choppy strokes starting at the base of your brow and apply throughout. The powder makes mistakes easily fixable and is a great method for any brow beginner.

If extreme definition and precision is your ultimate brow goal, then go with an eyebrow pencil. This method is best for adding shape, color, and density to your brows all at the same time. Pencils leave no room for error though, so practice is key.

iche By M




Buying an eye shadow palette can be an overwhelming experience with so many different products on the market. Hearing words like pigmentation, fall out, mattes, and shimmer can start to sound like gibberish when looking to make a new purchase. Thankfully, we’ve laid out the facts for three of the most popular neutral palettes the makeup world has to offer to help decide which one would work best for you.


If you watch any runway show or look through a magazine editorial you’ll notice one thing: bold brows. A strong eyebrow is a major beauty trend this spring and it’s an easy look to achieve. Below are a few different methods to try, all creating a different effect.

By Michelle Collins


Which Technique is Right for You?

lette a P r a l u p o Which P est for your is B ection? Coll C o l l i n s

Battle of the Neutrals


Bold Brows:

Sprites of Spring P hotographed by Adam Taylor



Emb ering

1.When searching for moisturizers, look for products with Vitamin C, pomegranate, acai, and grape seed. These are powerful botanical ingredients that provide protection against everyday harmful aspects of the environment. 2. The only way to prevent early aging is to wear mineralbased sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 daily.



Whole foods’ tips for healthy skin to keep yourself looking radiant all year long By Daniela Ruch Just as you keep your body healthy by eating nutritious foods, you need to give your skin special attention as well. These few adjustments to your everyday routine can leave you feeling healthy and refreshed!


3. In terms of your exfoliator, be mindful not to go for highly abrasive products, but rather for products with fruit enzymes or gentle particles like apricot seeds, fine coffee grinds, or oats. 4. Never skip your nighttime routine! It’s your only chance to cleanse that glowing skin from everyday pollutants and makeup. After using a gentle cleanser, spritz on an uplifting toner rich in essential oils that leaves your skin feeling hydrated. 5. Just as you add variety to your diet for optimum health, change up your skin routine. Whole Foods’ experts recommend alternating between Vitamin A serum and a nutrient-rich cream. 6. Time to pamper yourself: the occasional facial is necessary to remove impurities, exfoliate deeply, and maintain that healthy glow. You can even create your own mask at home! Whole Foods clearly marks products that fall under their Premium Body Care Standards, which has deemed over 400 ingredients acceptable for body care, making it an easy task to pick a reliable skincare product.



The New “Who’s who” of Makeup! By: Gary Wong

For beauty lovers, designer cosmetics take front and center on the vanity table and the cosmetic department is our own personal heaven. Among the cosmetic veterans are Chanel, Dior, Lancome etc., but recently, a few cosmetic rookies are proving themselves to be the new frontrunners of the beauty empire!

Marc Jacobs Now ex-creative designer for Louis Vuitton, Jacobs kick-started his designer independence after introducing “Marc Jacobs Beauty”, a full range of cosmetics housed in sleek silver and black lacquer packaging. Marc created his line with the modern woman in mind. Sleek packaging, fun, bright colors, and innovative design fuse together to deliver a chic collection every woman will love pulling out of her purse.


Charlotte Tilbury An international makeup artist recognized for her striking red hair and feline eyes, Charlotte lives for Hollywood icons. Her expertise and aesthetic prowess blend together to create her own range of cosmetics. Featuring “Charlotte’s Magic Cream;” her ultimate backstage secret weapon, flirty products like the “K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes titled “The Uptown Girl,” “The Dolce Vita,” and “The Sophisticate” give beauty addicts the freedom to be their own sexy, flirty starlet.

Tom Ford The man who singlehandedly redefined “sexy” has launched his own cosmetics and skincare to merge with his preexisting luxury fragrance line. In his iconic gold and mahogany lacquer, Tom’s range of products deliver luxurious colors and finishes to enhance the irresistible allure of women.

A Do-it-Yourself method to achieving flawless looking waves without hitting the beach By Katelin Kelley


• 1-cup warm distilled or purified water

Let’s Make Waves

Natural wind-blown, textured hair is a hot trend that has been spotted on and off the runway this season. We love what a day at the beach can do to our locks. Fortunately, our stylists have found a DIY alternative that can give you this everyday, breezy look without going near the ocean air.

• 1 tbsp. sea salt • 1 tbsp. coconut oil • 1 tbsp. hair gel, we used the Bed Head brand but any hair gel will suffice!

Step 1:

Start with damp to dry hair. Part your hair and comb through any tangles you may have.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Apply the spray generously to your hair, being sure to spray about two inches away from your roots.

Pour the warm cup of distilled water, 1 tbsp. sea salt, 1 tbsp. coconut oil and 1 tbsp. hair gel into an empty spray bottle and shake.

Step 4:

Using just your hands, scrunch your hair into loose waves, let it dry and enjoy!

What is


Inside the Mind of Model and Editor, Alexa Chung By Laura Durkalec

You crack open the pink fabric woven book and flick through 192-pages filled with pictures, quotes, tips, life stories, and drawings. Once you reach the end, you feel as if you are now best friends with Alexa Chung. She is a model, contributing editor with British Vogue, and is now a first time author. “It” is a witty, yet informative novel written to entertain readers with tidbits of stories about how she gained her own personal style to the first time she was heartbroken. Alexa Chung describes her conflicting style, in which readers of all kinds could relate. By “conflicting,” we mean that she loves to wear hot pink lipstick yet she looks effortless with a tomboyish facade. Chung’s voice is clearly heard through her light humor, enthusiasm, and the occasional curse words. “It” is an easy read and an enjoyment to browse through in between breaks of studying. Every other page is filled with pictures of either her own original drawings or photos of famous movie stars. With

the limit of how many illustrations Chung could fill her book up with, it adds importance to each photo that she chose. For example, the photo booth pictures from a party or the picture of her standing near Einstein’s headstone in a cemetery. Interest in the figures who contribute to the fashion industry leads to an interest of Alexa Chung. Get to know Chung on a much more personal level while flipping through the pages of her fascinating new book, “It”.

SPANX: An FSU Success Story

How Florida State alumni, Sara Blakely, became the youngest self-made female billionaire. By: Erica Gordon

It all started because of the blistering hot Florida weather and an uncomfortable uniform. Before creating the shape wear company, SPANX, Sara Blakely was running door to door selling fax machines. Sick of the pantyhose seam that stuck out of her open toed shoes, Blakely cut the feet of her stockings. This idea sparked an inspiration that would eventually become a multi-million dollar company. After a two-year search, Blakely found the right material for the product she had accidentally created--a footless pantyhose that slimmed the stomach while also smoothing the rear and legs. The next step she took was developing a patent. Blakely had never taken a business class, so her only option was to learn through her own research conducted at the Georgia Tech library. After writing her own patent, she was able to trademark the name “SPANX.” For years, all pantyhose packaging had the same boring style. Blakely wanted to produce a change in the market, choosing a bold red background with three cartoon-like women of different shapes and ethnicities. Blakely’s products became accessible and affordable to more women after creating a line at Target


“ASSETS.” Blakely, who in 2012 was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, is all about giving back to women. Besides creating

over 100 confidenceinstilling products, a portion of all purchases goes to the Sara Blakely Foundation, created to empower and support women throughout the world.


Job Availability in the Fashion Industry Regardless of whether they had the greatest, wildest, most fantastic experiences during their years in college, every graduating student is focused on one thing: What’s next? The modern job market is a fiercely competitive struggle for work; picture the Hunger Games of employment. Practically every single job applicant offers a detailed resume along with his or her college diplomas and certifications. It doesn’t take too much intellect to realize that the odds of employment are overwhelmingly stacked against applicants without a college degree. Fashion majors find themselves graduating into a world of enthused, restless fashion gurus determined to find a place in the industry. The first right decision that any fashion students made for themselves was earning a college degree because credential competitiveness is so prevailing. However, the key deal breaker that employers in the fashion industry are looking for is experience. Although an education is unquestionably important, in fashion, it is all about the connections you’ve made and the experience you’ve gathered.

Fashion Designer

Merchandising + Retail

By Liz Czerwinski

The best way to network and gain experience is to intern. Internships provide hands-on involvement and force the development of special skills required in the job market. It is proposed that the better the internship, the better the connections, the better the end job. Unpaid internships should not be discredited because fashion majors can build incredible networks while showing their volunteer loyalty to the industry. Contacting fashion companies directly and asking about internship availabilities is a great way to initiate opportunities. A resume stacked with internships provides any applicant an exponentially higher chance of receiving the job. Start building those credentials now. Fashion majors are advised to target internships that deal specifically with their desired passion within the job field. The top fashion industry options for those wishing to work in the field are Fashion Designer, Merchandising and Retail, Public Relations, and Marketing and Brand Management. Below is a chart including the various opportunities offered within each field.

Public Relations

Marketing + Brand Management


Merchandise Manager

Fashion Show Prod.

Mgmt Consultant

Design Director

Product Specialist

Fashion Director

Marketing Executive

Technical Designer

Wardrobe Consultant

Ad Account Executive

Brand Manager

CAD Designer

Department Manager

PR Specialist

Research Analyst

Product Manager

Showroom Rep.

Beauty Advisor


Textile Buyer

Dir. Customer Relations


Int. Acct. Coordinator

Fashion Forecaster

Manufacturing Exec.

Fashion Editor

E-Commerce Mgmr


A World Of

Color How Pantone Picks the New Color of the Year By Lauren Lipschutz

Every year Pantone, the world-renowned color forecasting company, decides on the color of the year. That prediction for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. After this color is announced, it always appears all over the market, from lipsticks to clutch bags. When Pantone announced Emerald as the color of the year for 2013, it showed up in the collections of almost every fashion designer at fashion week. This year, Radiant Orchid has already become hugely popular and it shows no signs of slowing down. The importance of the color forecasting industry is that it serves as a guideline. It helps fashion designers, interior decorators, and those in other industries to know what is popular and how to use it. The color is often filtered through the expensive brands and then makes its way to fast fashion and other lower priced retailers. Pantone and other color forecasting companies play a big roll in the fashion industry. We have them to thank for the cohesiveness and popularity of years of fashion and we can’t wait to see what colors they come up with next.

Tips to Making Interning in NYC and LA Happen

Intern New York City

Apply for housing, NOW. Check out dorms like NYU and Columbia. They come fully furnished with a meal plan option, are totally safe and affordable! Plus you’ll meet a ton of other college students in the city for the same reason you are!


Test your route. NYC is truly the city that never sleeps, and with that comes unpredictable traffic. Taking p u b l i c transportation can be scary, but if you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, it will be a breeze. Test your route at different times of the day, and then test your back up route too. Nothing is worse than being two hours late on the first day.

2 31

Invest in some walking shoes. Sounds totally cliché, but you don’t want to be the girl who falls in the middle of Times Square because she’s wearing 4-inch heals and has arms full of samples and Starbucks. Bring flats to walk in and change when the time is right!


Search for Fa c e b o o k Groups like “NYC Intern 2014.” Join them and not only will you meet people, but you’ll hear about a ton of free events for interns around the city.


Figure out where in LA you need to be, it’s a lot bigger town than the movies make it appear. Then, figure out your transportation system. Public routes may work for you, but check out Enterprise and Rent-a-Wreck for student rates on renting a car, even if you’re under 21.

Los Angeles

n e e u Q

By Katie Cook

Look for cooperate h o u s i n g complexes. They will come fully furnished, are safe and are close to major areas of business in town. Also look out for college sublets around UCLA. There will be plenty of students looking to fill their places while they’re gone for the break.

1 2

Embrace So Cal, while still being business causal. Don’t pull a Lauren Conrad and go to your internship dressed too “ c o l l e g e casual” on the first day, but also don’t pull a Whitney and wear your formal dress, either.

Apply for Part Time Jobs – ASAP! Living in LA can be more expensive than NYC because of how spread out it is with travel costs. Either start saving or start applying right away before you’re beat to it by all the other interns!

3 4

P layful Pastels Take the Prize By Claire Larocca

As the start of the spring season rolls in, we can expect to see a change in what people are wearing. Light and floral colors are making their come back from the long hibernation over winter. It’s time to fold and put away those dark earthy tones until next fall. The light and floral hues taking over the garments of spring can be seen in multiple items such as flowy, “boho-esque” pants, under garments, and blouses. This trend has also made their way into accessories. Pastel hues of blue, green, coral, pink, and green are fun colors to look out for. Not only are they pleasing to the eye but they also are easy to pair with neutral colors such as white and light brown. These colors are put together on garments with a modern twist.

Peplum-cinched waists and flouncy over-sized tees will definitely be a staple to any wardrobe this spring. These colors will not only be seen in clothing but also make a debut in some accessories. Adding a big, chunky, bright necklace to any outfit can give it the finishing touch and is something that will be seen a lot this spring.


Fashion Flashback: Whats Old is New

The Return of 90’ ’ s Fashion By: Kelly Rogowski This spring, the popular 90’s grunge look gets a modern makeover. The idea of making old things new has become a huge trend over the past couple of years, as well as a thrifting lifestyle.

Corp Tops

The biggest comeback of all is the crop top. Typically worn with a pair of highwaisted pants, crop tops come in a variety of styles such as tanks, graphic tees, and even sweaters. If worn incorrectly they may come across risqué, but if worn properly they can give a unique, fun look.

Combat High Waisted Boots Shorts


The reoccurrence of plaid was seen in the popular 90’s film Clueless. Today, the full plaid look has been toned down and we have resorted to the oversized button down flannel shirt. Another trend that uses the plaid button down is the “tied around the waist” look. The “mom jeans” as we most commonly called it, was an extremely uncool clothing item with a waistline just above the belly button. This trend is not only back but also hotter than ever. Typically cut into shorts, high-waisted bottoms give an outfit an entirely new look.

Grunge boots have been making their way back in fashion for some time now. These boots provide a trendy look with a hint of edge. Today, designers are adding lace, studs, and tribal fabrics to the classic combat boot to give them a new fashion forward look.

No Scrubs Spice up comfortable campus attire to make you look less “blah” and more “ooh la la” By: Katelin Kelley

We get it and we’ve all been there. Trekking across campus doesn’t require you to dress like you’re straight off the runway, however, there’s easy tricks to glam up looks to make you feel less scrubby and more chic

Layering: On cooler spring days, simply adding a printed cardigan or sweater over a light basic button down or T-shirt can add the perfect amount of texture to an outfit. Pair it with your favorite cozy boyfriend jeans and you have a polished look to last you throughout the day.

Wear Oversized Clothing Correctly: Walking to class isn’t the time to show off all of your curves, but wearing too much oversized clothing at one time can make you look like you’re ready to hit the sack. Trade in those large T-shirts and sweatpants for a chunky sweater and printed legging to maintain balance and comfort in your wardrobe.

Add Pops of Color: I believe in neutrals, but too much of one color can make you feel more drab and less fab. Make a statement this season by simply adding a pop of color with light infinity scarves or oversized shoulder bags.

Pump Up Your Kicks: We understand that when it comes to shoes, comfort is key when braving that dreaded hike to the stadium, but that doesn’t mean your feet have to suffer a major fashion faux pas. Save those dirty sneakers for the gym and opt for classic high-tops (yes, they’re back!) or studded ballet flats.


Step Up Your Style P hotographed by Adam Taylor

Ethereal : Diamonds in the Ruff On Mia: Sassy and Classy shirt, $28, Narcissus; Blue Pepper pants, $49, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own; Flower headband, $18, Urban Outfitters; Bourbon and Bowties bracelets, $36 each, Cole Couture

On Lacey: Free People Top, $79, Cole Couture; Tutu, $34, Avant Garb; Shorts, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Headband, $20, Urban Outfitters, Bracelet, $19, Spriggs

Tribal : Join the Trib e On Mia: Artelier dress, $310, Narcissus; Poll jacket, $59, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $22, Narcissus; Bourbon and Bowties bracelets, $36 each, Cole Couture On Lacey: Flying Tomato dress, $44, Cole Couture; Billabong jacket, $79.50, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, stylist’s own

Art Pop: Pop From the Crowd

On Naomi: Belle Badgley Mischka dress, $129, Dillards; 80’s Cashmere coat, $20, Avant Garb; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, $10, Avant Garb; Scarf, stylist’s own On Maddie: Cupio dress, $59, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Belt, stylist’s own; Bracelet, $14, Avant Garb

Profess : Perfectly Professional On Naomi: Tulle blazer, $64, Cole Couture; Signature 8 shirt, $33, Spriggs; Pants, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $38, Narcissus On Maddie: Cremieux dress, $89, Dillards; Antonio Melani blazer, $107.40, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Chain bracelet, $15, Narcissus; Horoscope bracelets, $14 each, Avant Garb; Vintage Blue belt, $15, Avant Garb

Purses for

g n i r p S


N R e price h t t u A o h t i w , W venue A h t 5 y a s t est oks tha Lo

By: Alex


hion ve fas e novati nd in ught upon th a w e ing ro a n chang r nt is b , e a y d m B a r te P sta igne rket. a e des l, n ma fashio os of thes Fendi to Chane ior are just g h D m lo ig o d h n fr e a th ch e real own Fendi, e s (swit s as if it is th ser ell kn Gucci, brand nd th very w lo k u c o o e a r lo a th g it in to i) s few of Trend s but by tak y online ream signer n de ery girls d luxury an ner M ig s e, e t! fashio v o d e r Romw is n e, o It’s Etsy, g, sho designers, look, it world. Urban h as andba e c n h s u e e s v e a e g th and own e of stores er lar ative om on a rath made altern el idedus, item fr omes with Missgu s sell these Chan eaply h c g r c s e in , it ff tt p d o but ada stea drip Outfi nock or N e tag. In e illegal k eplica From r rada r price items. to P xpensiv an exact e a mo e . m in m o s, e r c d e e it s b tt a an ble igned d authentic mers le ts, this has shiona s. s e fa d e ir n ar sh and rand consu real a y ing affordable “designer” b of the Man ts, try wear roduc e. The p to l y a a g n w ese ille s the real o s a buy th signer ion de y it off e to pla c high fash any of th ti m king authen nfiscated re ma co now a houldn’t have d n a r offs nd. S knock arder to fi ernative fo h alt real e etter them b th a be fford e there an’t a es hav who c , many stor these w those g o in N k ? a m ers , design way around and in turn a gal found offs le k c o n k illegal

A look into the trendiest bags appearing this spring By Kelsey O’Brian

Purses can be the perfect accessories to finish off your outfit, taking an otherwise plain look and transforming it with one simple piece.This spring, don’t hesitate to pick up a new bag to complete your wardrobe. From the 2014 spring and summer runway shows, the designers showed a lot of different bags. Ranging from clutches to totes, neutrals to pastels, and everything else in between. Although it looks like there is a lot of variety on the surface, there seems to be more similarities between these designers’ handbags than you would think. One of the overwhelming similarities was the size of the bags. This spring the designers were showing medium sized totes and smaller. They were no longer displaying massive tote bags that have been popular in the past. Also, since it is spring, color is crucial. The

greatest part about spring and summer is how much fun you can have with bright beautiful colors and different wild prints. Chanel, Dior, and Burberry had some of the best displays of color in their handbags. Dior for example had a clutch and a few medium-sized tote bags in a bright-multicolored, snakeskin print that was to die for! Although bright colors can be fun, I know not everyone feels comfortable rocking a loud print, so don’t fear. If you’re looking for a colored bag for spring you can always go with a light beige or a pastel pink bag to finish off your spring wardrobe. Just remember, there’s no better time than spring to have fun and experiment with your wardrobe.


Do's and Don'ts of Floral Prints

A Guide to Perfecting This Spring Trend By Kelsey O’Brian

For those of you who have seen The Devil Wears Prada, we all know Meryl Streep’s famous sarcastic line, “Florals for spring… ground breaking.” Though floral prints are a bit of a no-brainer for spring, the topic is definitely one that must be addressed. There are many Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to incorporating floral prints into your wardrobe.


Again, do not wear the print on your pants and shirt simultaneously. We’re stressing this heavily by giving it both a do and a don’t.

Don’ t


Try to stay away from tight skinny jeans with a floral print on it. Sometimes when jeans have spandex in the fabric, this tends to stretch out the flowers and the jean pattern may not look the same as when it was on the hanger.

Choose a floral pant with a length that has a larger, “flowy” leg. For people who are not so tall, it is suggested to wear heels with these kinds of pants. This way, it will elongate your legs and won’t look like you’re drowning inside the pants.



Opt for flowers in your accessories. You could wear a flower headband or you could wear a belt with some flower details on it to add a springtime feel to your outfit.


Don’ t

When wearing floral prints choose whether the print will be on either your shirt or bottoms. Never both.

When wearing dresses with an all over floral print, it’s best to go with a larger print that is more spread out rather than a tiny, repetitive one.

(Floral Don’t)

On Kalee: Top, stylist’s own; Belt, stylist’s own; Skirt, stylist’s own

Don’ t

When you incorporate florals into your accessories, don’t over use them by wearing both flowers in your hair and on an additional accessory, such as a belt or purse.

(Floral Do)

On Jessica: Free People tank, $68, Cole Couture; 7 For All Mankind jeans, $198, Cole Couture


The most popular trend for floral print shirts is having flower print thinly outlined. This gives them a very dainty and feminine look to it, rather than overpowering.

Calling the Wild P hotographed by Daniel Shippy

On Victoria: Top, stylist’s own; Free People Pant, $78, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $29, Spriggs; Sunglasses, $10, Avant Garb On Abigal: Top, stylist’s own; Dress, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own Necklaces, stylist’s own; Necklaces, stylist’s own; Bracelet, $22, Spriggs On Madison: Top, stylist’s own; Romper, stylist’s own; Necklace, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Flower Crown, stylist’s own; Bracelets, stylist’s own On Morgan: Top, stylist’s own; Tolani pants, $148, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Earrings, $15, Avant Garb

On Victoria: Splendid shirt, $66, Cole Couture; Chelsea and Violet dress, $70.80, Dillards; Fringe vest, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace (used as head piece), $22, Narcissus; Necklace, $22, Narcissus; Tooth necklace, $18, Spriggs

On Abigal: BCBG Generation blazer, $118, Cole Couture; Top, stylist’s own; Gypsy pants, $168, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $28, Narcissus On Morgan: Marineblu, $52, Spriggs; Necklace, $28, Cole Couture Décor: Volcano Candle, Spriggs; Small Rug, $12, Spriggs; Other décor items, stylist’s own

On Morgan: Peppermint kimono, $31, Spriggs; Top, stylist’s own; Hudson jeans, $162, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $24, Spriggs

On Abigal: Denim Jean jacket, $25, Avant Garb; MMCouture dress, $78, Dillards; Chelsea and Theodore skirt, $59, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Earrings, stylist’s own

On Victoria: Gibson Latimer jacket, $89, Dillards; Dress, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, $18, Narcissus; Native seed belt, $15, Avant Garb; Red bag, $25, Avant Garb

On Madison: 70’s Crochet Poncho, $16, Avant Garb; Top, stylist’s own; Jealous Tomato Romper, $44, Narcissus; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, $10, Avant Garb; Necklace, stylist’s own; Grace bag, $160, Spriggs

On Morgan: Jacket, stylist’s own; Belle Badgley Mischka dress, $149, Dillards; Scarf, $98, Spriggs; Pink Pewter head wrap, $33, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own

On Abigal: Chelsea and Violet Top, $88, Dillards; Tyche pants, $46, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own; Bourbon and Bowties, $36, Cole Couture; Necklaces, stylist’s own On Victoria: Top, stylist’s own; Chelsea and Violet skirt, $88, Dillards; Shoes’s, stlyist’s own; Headband, stylist’s own; Necklace, stylist’s own; Bracelet, $14, Avant Garb; Bracelet, stylist’s own; Suede Belt, $5, Avant Garb Décor: Rugs, $12(Small), 24$(Large), Spriggs

On Abigal: Dress, stylist’s own; Chelsea and Violet pants, $78, Dillards; Shoes, $39, Spriggs; Necklace, $34, Spriggs; 80’s Braided Black belt, $15, Avant Garb; Rings, stylist’s own; Hat, stylist’s own On Madison: French Connection sweater, $98, Cole Couture; Shorts, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, $10, Avant Garb; Necklace, $25, Narcissus; Bourbon and Bowties, $36 each, Cole Couture On Morgan: Free People top, $108, Cole Couture; Pants, stylist’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Earrings, $10, Avant Garb; Necklace, $38, Narcissus; Bone bracelets, $18, Spriggs; Handbag, stylist’s own On Victoria: Gianni Bini Top, $79, Dillards; Scarf, $95, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own; Headwrap, stylist’s own; Belt, stylist’s own; Bourbon and Bowties, $36, Cole Couture; Bracelet, $15, Narcissus

On Madison: Chelsea and Violet dress, $58.40, Dillards; Ella Moss shirt, $118, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Head wrap, stylist’s own; Necklaces, stylist’s own; Scarf, stylist’s own

On Abigal: Collective Concepts dress, $99, Dillards; 80’s Leather belt, $35, Avant Garb; Shoes, stylist’s own; Pink Pewter head wrap, $33, Cole Couture; Ring, $19, Spriggs

On Victoria: Chelsea and Violet vest, $88, Dillards; Top, stylist’s own; Nurture skirt, $53.40, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Urban Outfitters headband, $20; Necklace, stylist’s own On Madison: Sweater, stylist’s own; BCBG Generation skirt, $56, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklaces, stylist’s own; Rings stylist’s own

Beach Bag

s l a i t n e s s E

With these in your bag you’ll be ready for wherever your summer may take you 1. Swimsuit By: Lauren Wynne


5 1

2. Hat

A floppy hat or baseball cap provides the perfect protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

3. Sun Block

Make sure your sun block says “broad spectrum.” This will protect you against both harmful UVA and UVB rays, which cause premature wrinkles.

4. Magazines


3 4

Pick a swimsuit that matches your personality. This will help you stand out from everyone else!

8 7

Magazines make for the perfect read while you’re tanning with your girls. The horoscopes in the back are always fun to read aloud as well.

5. Sunglasses

Never forget sunglasses! They are the perfect tools for checking out that cutie on the beach without them being able to see where you are looking.

6. Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Get that perfect beach wave without leaving your hair feeling dry and crunchy.

7. Waterproof Mascara

Don’t be that girl with mascara running down her face! Most drugstore mascaras also have a waterproof version, so invest in buying a tube to have with you for all water related activities.

8. Tinted Lip Balm

Keep your lips moisturized protected with a hint of color



9. Change of Clothes

There is nothing worse than being stuck in your swimsuit during the car ride home. By packing a change of clothes you’ll be more comfortable. You’ll also be ready and dressed incase you stop for food during the trip back.


DIYforal crown

Step 3

Step 2

Step 1

With spring in full swing, trends are coming back and making a floral crown is the perfect accessory. With just three simple steps you can create a flirty headpiece to pair with soft, loose curls.


Start by taking the floral wire and measuring the circumference of your head to establish the size for your crown. Twist 3-4 more layers of wire around your base for stability. Create a few small floral arrangements and secure them with small pieces of wire. This is going to add more depth when combined with individual flowers. Keep the flower stems about 1.5 inches long. Take your floral tape (which is self adhesive when stretched) and wrap it around your wire base. As you wrap it, begin to add flowers, pulling the tape tightly down the stems of the flowers onto the wire base. Continue this step until your desired endpoint and voila! You have a unique floral statement piece!

How to create a fabulous foral headpiece for spring By: Kelly Rogowski All you need is: - Silk flowers - Green floral wire - Floral tape - Pliers - Scissors

An Easy DIY Cleanser For a Night In By Daniela Ruch

When it comes to making your own mask at home, we’ve all been in the same position: always want to try it, never want to buy the 400 random ingredients. When you have a recipe calling for some unheard of element from the middle of the Amazon, you skip it. This raw honey mask, compliments of Whole Foods, is successful in giving you a deep cleanse for your pores, peeling off those dead skin cells, and allowing new cells to grow. The best part: only two ingredients are needed!

Ingredients :

• 4 1/2 teaspoons of organic raw wildflower honey • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, limejuice, or lavender essential oil (optional)

Here are some simple steps to complete prior to starting your mask: First, cleanse your skin to remove makeup and excess oil. Next, exfoliate with a product containing fruit enzyme and follow up with a quick steam by placing a warm, damp towel on your face for five minutes. Now you are all prepped for your deep-cleansing mask. Make sure to apply a refreshing toner on your skin following the cleanse to balance your pH levels, and finish off with a light moisturizer.

Directions :

In a clean glass bowl, combine the honey with vinegar, juice, or oil. Using clean fingers, massage the mixture over your whole face while avoiding your eyes. Allow the mask to dry until it becomes slightly tacky and then pat to get the blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Rinse with warm water.




FashionScopes By Kelsi Richardson

Make a fresh start in a new year of big changes! Let the stars be your guide for fashion this season. Look to celestial levels and transform into the new and improved you!

Taurus Apr 20-May20


Artistic, harmonious, and loyal, the Taurus has a strong love for beauty, comfort, and the fine things in life. With a sensual nature, Taurus’s style is always with good taste. Tailored clothing is essential. Casual and comfortable elegance conveys this sign’s practical side. Taurus loves things just the way they are and looking attractive is exceptionally enjoyable. Taurus’s best accessories are: retro-chic and vintage jewelry, any scarf style and earthy makeup colors. Taurus’s best colors are nature-like: sandy earth tones, warm/light browns, pastels, and blues.


Gemini May 21-Jun 21

The youthful and versatile Gemini likes to wear clothes with freedom of movement and can wear anything fashion throws their way. Trendy, edgy, and fresh, your closet is full of clothes for every occasion. Gemini’s best accessories are: techno-chic jewelry, practical handbags are your weakness, textured hosiery and lively designs. Gemini’s best colors are yellow, bright blues, hot pinks, vibrant oranges, and white.


Aries Mar 21-Apr 19


Energetic and bold, Aries spreads optimism and good cheer wherever they go. Aries embrace every opportunity and step out of comfort zones with simple geometric and whirly patterns, sleek tailored classical looks and a balance between the masculine and feminine elements. Aries’s best accessories are: pendant chain necklaces, sequin modern handbags, dramatic eyes and red lipstick. Aries’s best colors are solid, wild and acid-toned neon.

Cancer Jun 22-Jul 22


Quality never goes out of style with creative and romantic Cancer. Being well dressed and feeling secure go hand in hand. Cancer loves comfort but is also modern and fashion forward. Cancer’s best accessories are: long necklaces, pearlized frosted makeup hues, and red nail polish. Cancer’s best colors are black, green, blues, gray, white, soft lavender, yellow, orange and indigo.


Virgo Aug 23-Sep 22

Charming and sophisticated, the Virgo bears tremendous passion. This sign not only looks perfectly polished in their city-chic wardrobe, but they always wear the kind of clothing that lets other people know what they are all about. Virgo’s best accessories are: small colorful or animal print handbags, charm bracelets, and girly scarves. Virgo’s best colors are medium browns, earthy greens, blue, white, black, neutrals, and cream.


Libra Sep 23-Oct 22

Charming and sophisticated, the Virgo bears tremendous passion. This sign not only looks perfectly polished in their city-chic wardrobe, but they always wear the kind of clothing that lets other people know what they are all about. Virgo’s best accessories are: small colorful or animal print handbags, charm bracelets, and girly scarves. Virgo’s best colors are medium browns, earthy greens, blue, white, black, neutrals, and cream.


Leo Jul 23-Aug 22

Confident, passionate, and powerful, the Leo is gifted with personal style combined with attitude. Dramatic, fashionable and top quality describes a Leo’s style. For this sign everything looks good. Leo’s best accessories are: expensive gold jewelry, colored hose, and a full face of makeup. Leo’s best colors are gold, bronze, red, bright sunny colors, burnt sienna, and any bold or intense color combination.

Scorpio Oct 23-Nov21


The mysterious and passionate Scorpio has the power to transform the world around them. This fierce sign is capable of handling new fashion trends and trusts its senses when dressing up - showing off curves and wearing the latest looks and hottest designs. Scorpio’s best accessories are: dramatic jewelry pieces, boots of all kinds and dark colored nail polish. Scorpio’s best colors are tones in deep purple, deep red, black plum, mid-night blue, frosty blues and greens, silver white, and burgundy.


Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

Free spirited and optimistic, Sagittarius is the life of the party. Filled with energy and excitement, this sign loves being spontaneous and creative. Your fashion style is fresh and casual; the best clothes

for you are the low maintenance ones. but don’t be fooled, your independent side strives for bold prints and patterns. Sagittarius’s best accessories are: watches, ethnic jewelry and footwear based on comfort rather than fashion. Sagittarius best colors are pink, bright jewel tones (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple), and royal blue.


Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

Sophisticated and fearless, the Capricorn knows what it wants and knows how to get it, it’s all about being seen in public and looking your best. Glamour not glitz, Capricorn enjoys attention getting outfits but not the flashy fashions, understated elegance is your mantra. Capricorn’s best accessories are: a casual handbag, fresh light makeup, and funky sunglasses. Capricorn’s best colors are black, green, gray, indigo, and violet.

Aquarius Jan 20-Feb18


Original and unique, Aquarius was born to be fabulous and famous. Aquarius mixes and matches everything and breaks all fashion rules. Aquarius likes to be different and can be found filtering through clothing racks at vintage thrift stores. Aquarius’s best accessories are: antique gold rings and earrings, bright fun makeup, and hosiery. Aquarius’s best colors are warm, dusty electric blue, silver, copper, titanium, white, violet, light yellow, black, and neon.


Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20


Pisces sixth sense works magic when applied to style, expresses their spiritual side through clothes, and wears their personality on their sleeve. Pisces has an overactive imagination and likes to go with the flow. For fashion style, Pisces prefer soft clothes like romantic dresses. best accessories are: Pisces’s diamond/gemstone jewelry, and leather hobo handbags. Pisces’s best colors are blue, watery, light green, and violet.

College Students Diet For A Feel Better Body With a few better choices, a teaspoon more of willpower, and some determination even college students can eat the right foods for a feel better body By Kayla Jines As a college student, it’s nearly impossible to get a solid eight hours of sleep a night, let alone make sure your body is receiving the sufficient amount of nutrients it needs.The hectic lifestyle involving exams, work, friends, and the other countless duties college comes with makes it that much more exhausting to fret about keeping your diet in check. However, let’s not call it a diet. Think of it as healthy eating. Whether you are living in a dorm or residing in an apartment, it only takes a few right choices to start making your body feel brand new. If you are living on a meal plan, avoid the pizza and dessert bar. Grab some greens from the salad bar, or load your plate up with some cooked veggies and grilled chicken. A whole-wheat turkey wrap with some baked chips is always a health-conscience choice. As for quenching your thirst, stray away from the sodas and get into the habit of drinking water. Now, if you have to buy your own groceries because you live alone, resist the temptation of eating off of the infamous McDonald’s dollar menu. You will be better off buying a few healthy meals to whip up for the whole month. Get a package of your favorite meat to cook with some steamed vegetables. Eggs and a whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter is a quick breakfast and a simple way to get the protein you need. Cut up some apples, mangos, and strawberries for a rejuvenating fruit salad to snack on during the day if you get a craving for something sweet. As long as you are shying away from all the wrong foods, it is much easier to eat the right ones. Do what is right for your body, even if you are a broke college student. It will thank you in the end!


Working with the Basics

It Matters

Sunglasses and Face Shape for Guys By Brynne Markham

Let’s face it (no pun intended), whether it is for sport or style, sunglasses are an essential accessory. With the warm months arriving, they are a fashion wardrobe staple since more time is spent outdoors in the sun. The right frames can add much appeal to the male facial features and can make you look like the latest Ralph Lauren model in a boating or country club setting. By looking that sharp in the sunglasses that best fit you, people will know you mean business.

Lastly, frames that broaden the lower part of the face will suit the heart or triangular faced (wider at the forehead and narrower jaw). Aviator styles are a good example due to their flattened top and rounder bottom.


Starting with the symmetrically proportioned oval-shaped face (chin slightly narrower than forehead). Congratulations, this shape can wear almost all frame styles.

Many men have a square face shape (prominent forehead and jaw with near equal dimensions), which will suit rounder frames or those with softened edges for a nice contrast.

Next, the round face (continuous angle and full in the cheeks), will want to go for frames that are a little wider than the widest part of the face, which draws the eye away from the middle. Angular frames work best versus round.

Tips on Mixing It Up By: Brynne Markham

Spring is classically about color, and this season especially is all about pattern and print. For many guys, it is easy to wake up, grab the first thing you see to put on, and head out the door. However, you can make it easy on yourself while still looking stylishly put together. This is important, especially at a younger age when you want to express who you are as an individual to others such as peers and professionals. In order to make your outfit more fashionably appealing, here are some basic tips for pairing color, patterns, and prints. If you’re a beginner at pairing patterns and prints, it is easiest to use the same print with each layer or

piece of your outfit; however, it is very important to make sure that the print varies in size. A basic example would be a pinstriped suit with a bolder and wider striped tie. If you choose to take it a step further by pairing various patterns, color comes into play. You can pair a floral print shirt with a striped tie, as long as they’re in the same color family. For instance, the shirt could be lighter blue while the tie would be navy. If you’re ready to dare, you can apply more complex color schemes such as complementary colors. Change the floral shirt to pink and keep the striped tie navy. The next step up is experimentation, so have fun with it!

Jeremy Singleton Age: 22 Year: Senior Major: Information Technology

Cruising through Florida State’s campus on a skateboard with a tropical shirt and a fedora is a guy with a whole lot of swag. He goes by “Jeremy Cardigan,” “Jeremy Bahama,” and “Jeremy October,” but we call him:

Clutchs Man of

Style By: Amanda Wasserman

Jeremy effortlessly incorporates and combines multiple layers, colors, and patterns into his everyday looks. His fashion niche includes bright cardigans and tropical shirts. Jeremy states, “I am very specific about my tropical shirts, I only purchase Reyn Spooner shirts for the most part. I have grown a personal attachment to these shirts because of their artistic intricacy and classic authenticity.” Jeremy’s favorite accessory is his hat. “I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and it really adds to my overall calm, tropical, South Florida vibe.”

Jeremy draws his outfit inspiration from skateboarding fashion, particularly from a skateboarder named Eric Koston, and layer inspiration from others around campus. “As far as overall style inspiration, my biggest idol is Pharrell Williams. His style is something special and hopefully one day I will reach his level.” Our Man of Style scours the web to find his unique threads. “When I shop online, I find most of my tropical shirts on Ebay, which means doing a lot of searching, trying to find the right price points and sizes.

Other sites I use are,, and if I do buy clothing in a store it's usually a cardigan or two from Forever 21.” Even in the early Tallahassee winter months, Jeremy’s cool and collected, tropical fashion intertwines with vibrant hues and unconventional imagery. His fashion motto?

“Dress to express. . . Not to impress.” 68

Thet e r i a l M aMan

Take Your Suit Further with Some Sheen

By Brynne Markham

Survival of the Trendiest P hotographed by Daniel Shippy

Image via Tom Ford

Metallics are coming in strong as a trend for spring 2014, so what’s in it for the gentlemen? One way to incorporate this shiny look into menswear is by taking the formal suit a step further with a metallic color and pattern. This does not necessarily mean looking like you are about to head to a special event via spaceship, but the timeless suit turned modern in a glossy material will be an eye-catcher at any social occasion.

On Devonta: Marc Ecko jean button down, $69.50, Dillards; Levi’s Chino army pant, $39.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Bowtie, stylist’s own; Gold watch, $35, Spriggs; Will bag, $350, Cole Couture


ton Louis Vuit Image via

On Zach: Sovereign Cove button down, $49, Dillards; Splendid Mills shirt, $38, Cole Couture; Plaid button down, stylist’s own; Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Straight jeans, $98, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Watch, $39, Spriggs

A little shy of the shine? Go for a matte material with metallic accents, such as a silky lapel or metallic shoes, as seen on this basic black ensemble by Louis Vuitton. Shine means clean and fresh, so try something new and become the most radiant man at your formal events this spring with this lustrous look.

On Justin: Cremieux button down, $79.50, Dillards; Ralph Lauren shorts, $79.50, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Ralph Lauren tie, $125, Dillards; Ralph Lauren belt, $60, Dillards; Bag, $25, Avant Garb

As seen on this look from Tom Ford’s Spring 2014 collection, this striking all-over cobalt blue is prominent yet slightly toned down by contrasting with a matte, patterned button up and solid colored white dress shoes. Feeling bold? Try sporting a shiny suit with patterned fabric or just the patterned jacket with solid pants.

On Justin: Ralph Lauren button down, $125, Dillards; Ralph Lauren shorts, $79.50, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, stylist’s own On Zach: Polo Ralph Lauren button down, $125, Dillards; Roundtree and Yorke tee shirt, $16, Dillards; Levi’s 511 Line 8 Slim Fit, $39.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, stylist’s own; Murano tie, $49.50, Dillards; Watch, $39, Spriggs

On Zach: Cremieux dress coat, $175, Dillards; Volcom shirt, $27, Dillards; Levi’s 514 Straight jean, $39.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, stylist’s own; Murano pocket square, $14.50, Dillards; 3 Clock watch, $45, Dillards On Justin: Levi’s jean jacket, $69.99, Dillards; Vintage Dress Shirt, $20, Avant Garb; Levi’s 501, $49.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Daniel Cremieur Tie, $120, Dillards

On Zach: Cremieux jacket, $175, Dillards; Cremieux shirt, $40, Dillards; Cremieux pants, $69.50, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Suitcase, $25, Avant Garb

On Devonta: Puffer Jacket, $25, Avant Garb; Cremieux button down, $79.50, Dillards; Polo Ralph Lauren jeans, $85, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; 3 clock watch, $45, Spriggs; Will bag, $350, Cole Couture

On Justin: Murano button down, $79.50, Dillards; Hudson shorts, $118, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own; Watch, $45, Spriggs; Suitcase, $30, Avant Garb

On Zach: Thomas Dean button down, $110, Dillards; Levi’s 511 jeans, $39.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Ted Baker bowtie, $49.50, Dillards; Suitcase, $30, Avant Garb

On Devonta: Calvin Klein blazer, $178, Dillards; Cremieux button down, $59.50, Dillards; Cremieux pants, $59.50, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, stylist’s own; Cremieux pocket square, $29.50, Dillards; Ralph Lauren belt, $60, Dillards; Mirrored Luggage, Dillards On Justin: Ralph Lauren button down, $98, Dillards; Levi’s 501 jeans, $49.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Ralph Lauren tie, $125, Dillards; Ralph Lauren belt, $60, Dillards; Bag, stylist’s own

On Justin: Ralph Lauren button down, $145, Dillards; Ralph Lauren shorts, $79.50, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Ralph Lauren belt, $60, Dillards; Ralph Lauren mirrored luggage, Dillards

On Devonta: Murano button down, $79.50, Dillards; Polo Ralph Lauren jeans, $85, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Suitcase, $25, Avant Garb; Cremieux bowtie, $39.50, Dillards; Ralph Lauren belt, $60, Dillards

On Devonta: Murano button down, $79.50, Dillards; Levi’s 501 jeans, $49.99, Dillards; Shoes, stylist’s own; Sunglasses, stylist’s own; 3 clock watch, $45, Spriggs; Will bag, $350, Cole Couture



Step away from your routine spots and begin to experience Tallahassee in a whole new light. Here are some new spots to check out this semester.


Sweet Pea Cafe: A locally owned

and operated vegan restaurant. They use all local and organic ingredients. Check their Facebook for daily specials!

Paisley Cafe: Tallahassee’s most

hidden gem. A quaint restaurant with delicious meals that consist of seven ingredients or less. Follow them on Instagram for mouth-watering pictures.

Mickeys Lakeside Cafe: Classic lunch spot in the Cottages at Lake Ella. Enjoy the beautiful view and their famous Pecan Pie. The Grain: Right down Gaines, The Grain delivers delicious fresh food and they are opened late. You must try their Raspberry Brie Quesadillas!


First Friday’s at Railroad Square: The first Friday of every

month, visit Railroad Square for the city’s First Friday Gallery Hop and its flourishing art filled park filled with local shops.

FSU Rez: Located on beautiful

e u q i U nn d s o fMarket Fi Wednesday

Bringing affordable treasures to campus By Erica Gordon

The energy in the Ogelsby Union on Wednesdays is reminiscent of a street fair in New York City. Market Wednesday is an amazing tradition at Florida State University that brings student culture and local businesses together. While student booths are promoting various organizations, vendors are selling a multitude of products. You can find anything from a shirtless poster of Channing Tatum to high-waisted shorts, to Windows tablets, although vendors do vary each week.

Lake Bradford, the Rez is full of exciting things to do. You can enjoy canoeing, paddle boarding, picnicking, swimming, volleyball, and more!

Food Truck Thursdays: Every

Thursday night, it’s the night of the Tallahassee Food Truck. Come by for music, delicious food, and a great time. Bring your own blankets and lawn chairs to truly experience this great night.

Bird’s Comedy Night: Every

Wednesday night at Bird’s Oyster Shack, from 9:30-11pm it is comedy night where local comedians come to impress the crowd. Make sure to check this out while trying one of Bird’s famous burgers.

Many students may not expect to find the latest styles when they see the racks of clothing at the Union, however, they are mistaken. There are different styles of affordable high-waisted jean shorts. It is common to find shorts of all colors with stud embellishments, patches with the Seminole head logo, or rips. These one of a kind, DIY inspired shorts can be paired with a variety of tops, conveniently sold in the Union as well.

When it is football season, the Union becomes a sea of garnet and gold. You can find acid-washed tank tops with printed words on them such as “Doak” or “Florida State” for an edgy look, or a sundress and cowboy boots for some Southern comfort. No matter what your style is, there is something for you!

Goodwill Hunting Thrifting made easy

By Alexis Ruderman

Let’s face it: we’re college students on a college budget and sometimes finding the most up to date trends can be a little pricey. When this is the case, look no further than your local Goodwill. Don’t let the name scare you, sometimes the best garments are found within the racks of these consignment shops. The key to Goodwill Hunting is simple: be patient and go on Mondays! Patience is a virtue at Goodwill. While you look through racks of clothes, you have to dig to find the gold. As far as Monday’s go, all clothing at Goodwill is 50% off on this day, giving you the best bang for your buck. One of the most important ways to shop at Goodwill is creatively. Don’t run into the store looking for high fashion pumps, because chances are you're not going to find them.


Nature in


You have to look at every piece of clothing and think “How can I utilize this in my closet?” If there is a short sweater, get it and layer it on top of a dress. BE CREATIVE! One of my favorite things to buy at Goodwill is a chunky sweater and there are always so many different kinds of them. So next time you are looking for unique pieces, or even if you are a bargain shopper like me, head out for some Goodwill Hunting.

Be Creative! Be Patient! Go on Mondays!

Fashion is calling on a new force for this New Year, and that force is called Mother Nature. By Brooke Larson The fashion world has taken the beauty of Mother Nature and turned it into its own style. From natural earthy colors, to styles and prints reflecting the world around us, fashion has camouflaged itself to the Earth it was brought up in. You will see styles that are more laid back such as wide legged pants and baggy shirts. These hippie styles are used to enhance the theme of Mother Nature through the stereotype of those who love Mother Nature the most. Hippie headbands are also a new trend. The flower image is used in headbands to reflect the concept of natural beauty. Nature elements portrayed in fashion has become so popular because of the great marketing ability where it can sell natural beauty, which is ultimately every girls dream.

Shop Local:

Quarter Moon Imports Boutique

In the cottages around Lake Ella, there is a little gem that you need to know about: Quarter Moon Imports is a locally owned shop with a world of style. Quarter Moon Imports takes great pride in bringing their customers fashion forward clothing with a bohemian flair. They have an incredible collection of jewelry and accessories at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a gift that will be treasured, Quarter Moon is the place to start your hunt. Informational signs are dotted throughout the shop to guide you to handcrafted fair trade and locally made products. Fair trade is a social movement that supports artisans in developing countries, promoting better working conditions,


fair wages and ecological sustainability. Fair trade products range from items such as mugs and decorative art to beautiful scarves and beaded bracelets. Quarter Moon is also committed to giving back to the Tallahassee community. They host “shop and share” days and generously support local fundraising events. Recently, they have set up a “Little Library” outside the store with the motto ‘Take One, Leave One.’ This honor system allows locals to borrow a book, enjoy it at the lake, or take it home. Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself or a unique gift for someone else, Quarter Moon Imports is the one stop shop for you.

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