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Letter From

the Editors

Some people spend their lives trying to create a legacy, and some people walk in the paths of others. For 11 years Clutch has created its legacy, our legacy. When we took on the positions of editor-in-chief (EIC) and creative director, we knew our main job was to continue the legacy of Clutch. That started with returning to our original brand, a clutch-sized magazine. Faced with last minute changes, we were pleasantly surprised to re-staff with the most creative and talented individuals that we could have hoped for. Every member of our team brought a unique element to this magazine, and we are all extremely proud of the finished product.

This season’s issue was inspired by people’s innate beauty while also encompassing the spring and summer trends of 2017. These trends are not limited to only fashion. They also incorporate the colors, moods and lifestyle movements of the season. When we created the direction of the magazine, we wanted the staff to have artistic freedom while still maintaining an overall style, and you can see each director’s vision comes to life in his or her spreads.

collaborating efforts our staff put forward. This being our first and last issue, we learned a lot about our capabilities, and we wish that we could continue maintaining the Clutch legacy together. Unfortunately, our time has come to pass the torch to two talented individuals. We are thrilled to watch these women do great things. Thank you to everyone who made these last four months both memorable and rewarding.

Producing this magazine had P.S. To the staff, there’s no Nickelback one unique aspect. Every staff member had a say in each step of creating the magazine. Xo, As EIC and creative director, we loved the openness and


No one is you and that is your power. 6

-Dave Grohl


PHotographer: Johnston roberts Concept by: katelyn sampl Trends 7 and gabrielle clouse direction by: julia klein



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Trends 11


Instafamous Apps That Will help You become “Instagram Famous” By Rebecca Rodgers

Throughout the years, Instagram has become so much more than just a place for people to postphotos. It’s become a platform for people to build and promote their own individual style and brand, and having a profile with a consistent theme or aesthetic is the goal of many users today. It can be a challenge to make sure all your photos blend together into one cohesive color scheme, but this is where editing apps come in handy. While working in the Collegiate Merchandising Association’s social media and blogging departments, I picked up a few tricks on how to transform your iPhone photos, gain more followers and become an Instagramming pro. For starters, my all-time favorite app to use when editing


my photos is VSCO Cam. Given its popularity, this probably comes as no surprise to most of you, but since it is my most used app, I couldn’t not include it. VSCO is free to download and comes with 10 preset filters. They also sell filter packages or bundles ranging from 99 cents to $5.99. I have found that among many bloggers and influencers, “A6” is the most commonly used filter and I find myself selecting “S1” and “M6” a lot too. I find these to be the most natural looking plus they add just the right amount of brightness. Every photographer has a different style, but using the same filters on your photos will secure your theme and ensure that they all come together nicely on your

profile page. Every photo you take is different from the last, so it’s important to play around with the editing tools offered in this app as well. Increasing the exposure, contrast, sharpness and clarity of your photos will have likes pouring in. VSCO lets users add personality and flair to their photos, and it is the perfect app for achieving everyone’s photo editing desires. One of the biggest Instagram trends right now is having a white theme where most, if not all, of the photos are taken against a white background. It’s clean and crisp, but it can be difficult to maintain. If this theme is the one you are after, then Facetune is your new best friend. This app is known for giving people a flawless appearance with its skin smoothing and teeth whitening tools, but I use the whitening tool for different reasons than you would probably think. Brushing this tool over anything white in your photo makes those areas even more white and really makes the photo pop. With this app, I have even gone as far as making backgrounds white that were not originally taken that way for aesthetic purposes. Facetune is the most expensive of the bunch at $3.99, but photo editing magic happens here so to me it is worth every cent. Now that we are on the topic of skin perfecting apps, I want to also throw in Pimple Eraser. This can be downloaded for 99 cents. It does exactly what it sounds like, but I also use this app to remove any small and unwanted specks in my photos. On many occasions, there have been

crumbs, dirt or sand that show up in my flat lays and you’d be surprised, but sometimes our backgrounds need a little fixing up and this is the best app to get the job done. Lastly, TouchRetouch is another great app for removing unwanted objects in photos and it costs $1.99. You want your Instagram photos to focus on you or your favorite things, and sometimes those people who weren’t paying attention or random items in the background of your photos can ruin the shot. TouchRetouch allows you to remove anything that’s taking away from the focal point. Now that we have mastered editing our photos, the next step is to plan your uploading schedule ahead of time and make sure they are placed in the right order. You want a good mix of photos, and deciding when each photo will be posted is just as crucial as editing them. Sometimes you think a photo is going to fit your theme and then after you upload it, you decide that it doesn’t look good on your profile and you have to take it down. To avoid this drama, download Snug. For 99 cents, this app allows you to link your Instagram account to their grid so that you can preview what your next photo will look like on your profile before you upload it. This way you can be sure that all your photos match and that your aesthetic remains on point. Sadly, I am not yet Instagram famous, but for inspiration, and a shameless promo, follow Clutch and CMA on Instagram!

Trends 15

Sushi roller Step-by-step to create your own sushi By Taylor Charmatz

What you will need: • 1 2lbs bag of Nishiki rice (sushi rice) • 1 Bag of sushi nori (roasted seaweed) • ½ Teaspoon of sesame oil • Roasted sesame seeds • Bamboo sushi mat • Plastic wrap • Small dish of water Choice of fish: • Sushi grade Tuna • Salmon • Crab Sticks • Tempura Shrimp Choice of vegetables or toppings: • Cream cheese • Cucumber • Carrot • Avocado • Green onion

STEP 1: Cook the sushi rice On the back of your bag of rice there will be directions for how to cook the rice. Follow these directions, keeping in mind that using the whole bag is not necessary. Also, remember that rice expands. One-two cups of rice will make around four-seven sushi rolls consisting of eight-ten pieces. After the rice has cooked add ½ teaspoon of sesame oil, a handful of sesame seeds and if you would like a little salt or a splash of soy sauce. Mix well, and let the rice cool before rolling.

STEP 2: Prepare your ingredients While your rice is cooking, begin by chopping the vegetables, cream cheese or anything other ingredient you have selected for your sushi into long thin strips. This allows for each roll to remain consistent as you cut it into pieces. (If you choose to use tuna remember to cut against the grain so that it doesn’t fall apart.)

STEP 3: The set-up Start by covering your bamboo sushi mat in plastic wrap. Place a piece of seaweed on top of it with the shinier side facing up, and proceed by dipping your fingers into water and spreading it across the seaweed making it damp, to act as glue for the rice. Next, start by grabbing a spoon full of sushi rice (after it has cooled). Place it in the center of the seaweed pressing it down. Spread it outward creating a thin layer covering the entire piece of seaweed. (Flip the seaweed/rice combo over if you want the rice on the outside) Once your piece of nori is covered in rice, proceed by placing the strips of your chosen fish an inch or two from the bottom, following with any other ingredients above or on top of it.

STEP 4: Roll and cut Start by placing your fingers at the bottom, and push your thumps up under the seaweed. Begin rolling upwards as if you’re tightly rolling up a yoga mat. Do this until you have a long, tight cylinder shape in front of you. Once this is done, start at one end by cutting one inch pieces. Act as if you’re cutting bread to avoid smashing the sushi.

STEP 5: Place your sushi. You’re done! Place your sushi, and add any extra sauces or toppings like soy sauce or spicy mayo.

Each type of crystal has unique properties. They can be used for strengthening, enhancing or protecting. Rose quartz, for example, is commonly used to amplify and attract love. Not to mention this beautiful stone adds a sophisticated pop of pink to any outfit.

With all the different vibrations that these stones are giving out, people have begun giving crystal workshops to teach others how to harness these energetic tools. We sat down with Susan Amorose, a crystal expert, to learn more.

According to Mrs. Amorose, there are a few things that you have to do with your crystals.

First of all, trust your instinct in choosing one. Sparkle and shine are not the only things that may be drawing you to a crystal; it’s all that energy as well. Once you have chosen a crystal, you have to cleanse the crystal of any energy, a practice called “clearing.” Next, you energize the crystal by charging it with good vibrations, a practice that is very similar to “mindful meditation.”

Once you have completed these steps, there are a number of ways to use the crystals. Like a bone, crystals each have their own unique matrix structure at their core. This composes the many facets of a stone that we are able to see. For hundreds of years, people have been taking these organic structures and arranging many crystals into grids. Crystal grids can be laid out in a specific shape, or following the pattern of a mandala. This allows the vibrations of the stone to become even stronger and to spread good energy further. Some people will also bury their crystals with plants. This is said to make them grow faster and stronger.

A New Cosmic Look

rom do it yourself projects, to Etsy artists, rustic jewelry has been taking over the fashion scene this spring. There is nothing like adding a little edginess to classic boho looks. One trend in particular is bringing an absolutely beautiful balance of elegance and earthiness to the scene. Crystals. They seem to be on everything from earrings to chokers, and even garments. But there is so much more to these gems than just their initial beauty.

By Emma Amorose


However, if you’re just getting started, there is no harm in simply charging your crystals with positive thoughts and turning them into some trendy jewelry. No matter how involved you get in the use of a crystal, it always serves to enhance and amplify the good things in your life, including your best outfit.

Trends 17

For the Metro Man: Monthly Subscription Boxes By Emma Amorose

This past Christmas, I found myself scouring the Internet in search of the perfect gift for my father that wasn’t a tie or a toolbox. This was a task easier said than done, which left me disheartened about the current gift-giving opportunities for men. However, I finally saw the light in the most unexpected place: Birchbox. The beard oil box originally caught my eye but then I realized that they had full subscription boxes for men as well! These are identical in concept to the women’s version, which features a monthly delivery of grooming products and soaps that are tailored to your skin type and needs. I immediately ordered two boxes, one for my dad and the other for my boyfriend. However, my excitement did not stop there. I found that there is a whole world out there that is stacked with men’s subscription boxes ranging from the classic Dollar Shave Club to a more luxurious experience with brands like Bevel, which specialize in skin care as well. There are tons of brands, some of which are household brands that can be delivered at your doorstep to suit your guy’s shaving specifications. Just when you thought that was impressive, I found that there are even clothing subscription boxes for men. My personal favorite brand that I found was called Trunk Club, which is part-

nered with Nordstrom and provides items like jeans, trousers, t-shirts and even shoes. This box is a little different though, as it is only delivered upon request, rather than at a monthly or bimonthly rate. This is pro hack worthy of your investment that can keep your guy up to date with the latest menswear fashions on demand. However, if your guy isn’t so into fashion, there are tons of subscription boxes that are tailored to men’s health and fitness as well! A favorite of mine was one I found called JackedPack. Aside from the incredible name, it has a lot to offer by way of energy products and workout supplements. Are all of these sounding too amazing to choose from? Well, have no fear; Men’s Health makes an all-encompassing box that combines the latest and greatest fitness, food, tech, and grooming products. Through my struggle of finding the perfect gift, this recent discovery opened the door to an endless amount of options and opportunities to delight the men in my life with one of these sweet little boxes. There’s nothing better than giving a specially customized gift that also offers something he may never buy for himself. This makes it the absolute perfect go-to gift to not only give, but also to open up any guy’s eyes to the world of low maintenance luxury.




photographer: daniel shippey Concept by: samantha de oliveira and riley pryor Direction by: Julia klein Men’s 19 and nicole martini

As fashion moves forward, there is always a nod to the past. Band tees, denim, bandanas and florals caputure the 90’s vibe of today’s menswear with a modern twist.


Men’s 21


Men’s 23

Athletic Wear to Aesthetic Wear By Riley Pryor Over the past decade, we have seen a shift in men’s athletic style from athletic wear to athleisure and now streetwear. This edgy yet sporty look is on the horizon of a fashion revolution. Adidas is one of the most wearable brands today, with everything from its shoes to its hats; the brand has taken over. With inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto and new and upcoming street wear brands like Yeezy or Stampd; this trend is one to follow. Always style your streetwear to your own aesthetic, but here are some streetwear essentials.

Box Tees One of the biggest trends of 2017 is oversized shirts. Box tees are clean-cut oversized tshirts that create a flattering yet boxy look. Paired with a slim chino pant and a light bomber jacket, box tees can make your outfit really stand out.

Sneakers A pair of shoes can be more expensive than the outfit you’re wearing with them, even your tennis shoes. The sneaker game has exploded and everyone is in on it. From giant consumer companies like Adidas and Nike to high fashion designers, sneakers are an important aspect of your streetwear look.

Track Pants If you don’t have these in your wardrobe, you are missing out. These comfy and trendy pants are a blessing. Their versatility helps keep a casual look, ready-to-wear and fashionable.

Bombers are a military-styled, classic look that has been incorporated into streetwear. These jackets create a chic and edgy look. Spring and summer may be a little warm but stores like Forever 21 and PacSun are selling lighter, warm weather options that withstand the heat.

Men’s 25

Where better to get things done than in your the day— a win-win! own room? It’s easy to fall victim to stress, so a pleasant atmosphere is necessary in ensuring that you get your best work done. Finding • When choosing furniture and decorations for balance is key. It’s important that your room your room, make sure to gravitate toward isn’t too relaxing to the point where you find colors that make you happy and simultaneyourself ously relax neglecting you. Softer school work. shades, neuWhen it comes trals and to having a pastels tend cozy, peaceful to be the room it’s all colors that about the ambipromote ence. There is happiness nothing and reduce better than stress. coming home • Don’t hesito a clean, tate to open organized room your blinds that promotes and let in the your relaxation. natural sunKnow what light. Soak in makes you the vitamin D happy and find in order to things that will boost your allow for the mood. most serene • Add décor space possible, to your room By Meagan Smith while also that best finding a way to represents stimulate your productivity. who you are. • Candles always have a way of making a room feel more cozy and relaxing. You can • Cleaning your room is likely the last thing even you’ll want to think about when trying to buy aromatherapy candles that aid in complete other tasks. Set a cleaning schedule de-stressing you. that you can stick to; knowing exactly • Plants are always a good idea. They provide what needs to be taken care of and when is so oxygen and purify the air in your room. beneficial. Plus, having plants to look at brings the out• It also helps to have the bed made and doors inside and can instantly turn your mood everything in order in your room when trying to around! get things done, or even just to relax. Getting Always try to take time to wind down. If you in the routine of waking up every morning follow these tips, you are set to have a super and making your bed is an easy way to make cozy your room more organized and look intact. space that will allow you to go about your daily There is nothing more satisfying than tasks in the calmest atmosphere possible. climbing in your tucked in sheets at the end of

Get Relaxed:

Declutter to destress

For college students, sometimes making the trek to the library just isn’t the most appealing idea.

Get Motivated:


“Be a voice, not an echo” -Albert Einstein Lifestyle 27


city Lights


Photographer: gianna stern Concept by: jennifer groce and rebecca rodgers direction by: julia klein

All of us are trying to reach goals, whether it small or large. this shoot portrays the constant chase by showcasing a common dream: big city life. continue to dream and continue to chase your light.


Lifestyle 31


Lifestyle 33


Lifestyle 35


Books You Must Read While in Your 20s By Jennifer Groce

The 20s are a time in your life full of constant change, constant uncertainty and constant adventure. Not only are you finding yourself intellectually and professionally but also emotionally. Often times we forget to take the time to relax and take care of ourselves mentally. Through our hectic years in our 20s, one thing stands true for all and that is we are unsure of the future. The following list of books not only has protagonists addressing similar concerns but have stories that are both relatable and humorous. Take some time for yourself to step out of reality and step into a fantasy world that can teach you more about yourself than you ever expected.

1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) By: Mindy Kaling

2. The Kite Runner By: Khaled Hosseini

3. Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” By: Lena Dunham

4. Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date By: Katie Heaney

5. My Year with Eleanor By: Noelle Hancock

6. What She Saw..., By: Lucinda Rosenfeld

7. Girls in White Dresses By: Jennifer Close

8. Yes Please

By: Amy Poehler

9. She’s Come Undone By: Wally Lamb

10. The Sun Also Rises By: Ernest Hemingway

Lifestyle 37

Creating a Healthy Mindset By Morgan Martino

Ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?” This may seem odd, but really, it is only being mindful. Mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something. Being aware of the present moment, and calmly acknowledging and accepting ones thoughts, feelings and sensations in a therapeutic manner can help achieve mindfulness. Our daily lives can keep us pretty busy, we can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of day-today activities. We have become so goal-oriented that we forget to listen and take care of our bodies. Our bodies are what carry us through our day-to-day activities, so it only makes sense to re-integrate them into our daily lives. When you are out of sync with your body you can easily find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster of stress that can feed injury, illness and anxiety. It might seem minimal, but taking a few minutes for you can help with built up stress and anxiety. Harvard conducted an eight-week study on 16 individuals. The study instructed the individuals to take part in a 30-minute daily meditation that they could do on their own time. The researchers took magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the participant’s brains pre-meditation and postmeditation. Results showed meditation rebuilt grey areas in the hippocampus, the frontal lobe of the brain, which helps with learning and memory. The MRI also showed an increase of grey matter in areas of the brain that are associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. This is just one of many studies that prove becoming more mindful leads to a healthier and happier life. Come spring, your mind needs a spring-cleaning just as much as any room in your house. Here are some simple tips to become more mindful and ease the stress of our hectic daily routines.


Tip One: Stop Being so Hard on Yourself Emerging adulthood can be the most stressful, exciting, confusing, anxiety driven part of your life. There is a lot of pressure on us to have our lives together, the truth is we are not going to have it together all the time, and that is completely fine. This is the time to see what the world is really about. We run into situations we have never been in before and finding a solution can be challenging. It is time for someone to speak up and say “Hey, life is pretty hectic right now and there is hope, stop being so hard on yourself!” So many people, including myself, struggle with self-esteem and having the confidence to accomplish their goals. YOU are in control of your life, and creating a better mindset starts with exactly that, you. Try not to worry yourself with what everyone else around you is doing, and focus on what you want out of life and how you are going to obtain it. Tip 2: Eat Healthy What better time to re-evaluate your diet than spring. As we enter the summer months and the weather starts getting warmer, we want to feel good about ourselves inside and out. Creating a better mindset has to start from the bottom and work its way up. In this case, the bottom is your body. Just like anything in life, you get out what your put in. By eating healthier you are fueling your body with the good stuff, which can only lead to even better results. Highly processed food provides no nutritional value, and the chemicals in them can negatively affect your mind. By eating clean you are feeding your body with all the vitamins and nutrients you need, which also feeds your mind, making you happier. Start small by making health conscious decisions throughout your day such as drinking water as opposed to soda, or instead of getting chips with your meal get an apple. By making these small changes you will see a boost in your mood and energy levels. Tip 3: Get Active Getting your heart rate up is the perfect way to get a natural endorphin rush in your brain making you feel better physically and mentally. Even if you are not a gym person find other ways to get outside and move your body. Grab some friends and go on a bike ride, take a walk, toss a ball around, anything is better than nothing, even if it is only once a week. Remember how good you feel afterwards, ride it out and keep it up! By becoming active it starts a domino effect of amazing side effects such as strengthening your body, building confidence, boosting your selfesteem, enhancing your mood and the list doesn’t end there. Tip 4: Download a Mindful App It is easy to think you never have a spare moment in the day and that there is no time to be mindful. That is not the case. Think of all the moments of your day that you could have spent a few minutes to re-connect with yourself. Drinking your morning coffee or tea, when you are

sitting in your car, eating lunch or before bed are easy times of the day that you can take a few minutes to yourself. Thanks to technology and smartphones you can download apps specifically for stress relief and mindfulness. Aura is an app created for daily stress and anxiety relief. When you download the app it asks you a few questions that help personalize the sessions to you. Each guided meditation session is around three minutes. Three minutes out of your day is unlikely to be missed, and they will be put to good use. Integrating a three-minute meditation into you daily life can help reduce stress and anxiety by clearing your mind and improving your well-being. Tip 5: Talk to People One of the greatest things I have discovered to be helpful when I am feeling down is talking to someone. Sharing your feeling can be scary; it is easy to believe you are the only one feeling a certain way. When you internalize all your feelings you start to feel as if you are trapped in your own mind. Finding a person to open up to is also easier than you think. Talk to your friends, they hang out with you for a reason. Talk to your parents, they are older and wiser and have gone through what you are going through now. You could even talk to your Uber driver, you will get a completely unbiased opinion and the chances of you running into that Uber driver again are slim to none. By vocalizing your feelings it makes them feel more real and validated and not just in your head. Tip 6: Breath! The next time you feel yourself getting worked up, stressed, anxious, stop and take a moment to breath. Another way to reduce stress in your day is by doing breathing exercises. This can be done practically anywhere and takes less than three minutes. Start by relaxing your shoulders and releasing all tension in your body. Close your eyes if you wish and deeply inhale through your nose. Once you have filled you lungs, hold it in for a few seconds and then slowly release through your mouth. Try and focus on the expanding and contracting of your lungs and diaphragm, become in tune with your body. Breathing exercises may seem ineffective but they are proven to relax the mind and body, bring clarity, boosts of energy and elevation in mood. This is a simple quick fix for your mid-day build-up of stress. Life is not supposed to a burden. Life is beautiful, this earth is beautiful, and you are beautiful! Spring has sprung and it is only natural for you to emulate that idea. Be selfish for a little while, focus on yourself and find that happy mindset, you deserve it. Spring is the perfect setting for you to change your outlook, grass is greener, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Appreciate the little things, surround yourself with positive people and don’t dwell on the negatives. Focus on what you can control and if you don’t like something, what is stopping you from changing it?

Horoscopes Horoscopes

Horoscopes Horoscopes Capricorn

Now is the time to take the reigns in your own life, and to take charge of the changes that you want to see. Once stressful situations will become clearer this season, and complicated relationships will reveal themselves as extremely simple. Spring will bring clarity; all you have to do is step up to the plate.

Horoscopes LibrA

Buckle up, Libra. Prepare for some serious challenges in the upcoming season. But fear not! Stay true to your own goals and truths, and you will come out on the other side stronger and better than ever. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and thoughts this spring, and clear a path to your own success.


This season is all about getting organized and providing yourself with a strong foundation for the future. Focus on your personal and professional relationships, making sure to cut out the negativity that you’ve been telling yourself will eventually just go away on its own. This spring will be a big step in the direction of maturity for Sagittarius.


The best thing to do this season is stop worrying about living up to expectations. Stop worrying so much about what others may say about you! If you’re able to focus on your own goals and aspirations, you will actually start getting more attention and it will be positive. Take a leap of faith, and trust your instincts to save you from a world of 40 headaches this spring.


Prepare for a complete overhaul this season, it’s out with the old and in with the new! This season will be full of positive spring-cleaning of the mind and body, along with a lot of exciting opportunities. Shake up your personal style along with your lifestyle. Start turning heads this spring.


It’s time to prioritize and commit to that relationship you’ve had on the back burner these past few months. Be persistent to make things work. Communicate effectively with your partner and family members in order to achieve the fulfillment you’ve been after.


I hope you are good at juggling, Cancer. This season is going to be throwing you a lot of responsibilities. Between family, work and a social life, it can seem impossible to balance all these areas of your life. However, if you are willing to be honest with yourself and your loved ones about where your priorities truly lie, you will find nothing but love and support during this busy time.


This season will bring a ton of opportunities to focus on your personal goals, offering a chance to anchor the foundation of these goals and begin working to improve them further. You will make great strides forward this spring, so keep on slaying and don’t look back.


Finding yourself “too busy” for a love life lately? Well, all that is about to change this spring! Love will present itself to you in an unexpected way, and you have to be ready to make the time to devote to yourself and what you want out of life. Don’t be afraid to treat yo’self this season, Taurus. Take a chance on love.


That long awaited seal of approval is on its way, Aries! Just keep your focus, and really commit to the task at hand in order to accomplish what you’ve been working so hard for. It’s been a long winter, but you’ll be coming out smelling like daisies this spring.


You have been receiving a lot of mixed messages that have caused some distraction in your life lately. Take a deep breath, and start making some of those tough decisions for yourself. As soon as you are able to stop letting the indecision of others get in your way you’ll find yourself soaring ahead. So go ahead, take that first step!


Honesty is the best policy, Aquarius. You deserve a chance to be honest with yourself this spring. Once you are able to sort through what matters to you and what does not, you’ll find yourself with a lot more free time. Dedicate some time to what you are really passionate about.

By Emma Amorose Lifestyle 41




Music Artists being slept on By Reagan Kelly

TEMPLES Fairly seasoned to the music scene, this English rock band transports you back to the Beatle’s era but with a bit of a twist. They’re described as having an acid, psychedelic rock sound, which is a genre you don’t come across very often these days. Their sound is unique and different from all the rest, which makes them a great add to your oldies playlists because they seem to fit perfectly between the Beatles and Oasis. MUST ADD TO PLAYLIST: “Shelter Song”- It’s the song that started their journey on American turf and made them a band to keep an eye out. This song will make you feel like you’re listening to classic rock mixed with a hint of Motown influences. The lyrics are demurely vague but that seems to be one of Temple’s signature styles.



TRANSVIOLET Having had opened for LANY on their 2016 tour, Transviolet is a small four-person indie-pop band who aims to use their platform for good. Coming from Los Angeles, California, the band has a similar vibe/aesthetic to Halsey and Zella Day. The lead singer’s voice seems to put you into a great mood and transform you into a happy place. MUST ADD TO PLAYLIST: “Close” – It can be found on the band’s SoundCloud account. This is the song you’re missing from your late-night drive playlist. It has such good vibes and makes you think about that special someone just a little more than normal.

Keeping the dreamy boyband era alive, this trio is everything you need in your playlists. The band’s title is an acronym for “LOS ANGELES NEW YORK,” which gives the listener a preview of what their sound is like; a little beach vibe mixed with city life to create an overall good vibe. Their sound consists of “dream-pop” mixed with a bit of R&B. There is a lot to look forward to from this band, with a debut self-titled album set to release late June 2017. MUST ADD TO PLAYLIST: “ILYSB” – It’s their most popular song, but once you listen to it you’ll understand why. Paul Klein (the lead singer) is the reason the world goes ‘round, my friends.

Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends Kate Spade

Lifestyle 43

DIY: Beauty on a Budget By Serena Rodriguez

1. Lip Scrub

2. Setting Spray

Ingredients Needed: 2 tsp. Brown sugar 1 tbsp. Honey 1 tbsp. Coconut Oil

Ingredients Needed: ¼ cup of witch hazel ¾ cup of rose water

Step 1: Mix honey and coconut oil until combined. Step 2: Once combined, fold in brown sugar. Step 3: Store & enjoy.

3. Teeth Whitener

4. Zit Zapper

Ingredients Needed: 3 tsp. Aluminum free baking soda 3 tsp. Hydrogen peroxide (food grade) Peppermint essential oil

Ingredients Needed: 1/8 cup Coconut Oil Tea Tree Oil Old lip balm tube

Step 1: Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide; stir well. Step 2: Add three drops of the essential oil. Step 3: Brush mixture on teeth for approximately two minutes.


Step 1: Combine the water and the witch hazel in spray container. Step 2: Mix well. Step 3: Spray & enjoy.

Step 1: Melt coconut oil over stovetop. Step 2: Add in a few drops of tea tree oil (no more than five); stir well. Step 3: Pour into lip balm tube


Beauty 45


bright and bold

Beauty 47

subtle sparkle


freckled and fierce

Beauty 49

glistening glow

“Fashion is a trend. Style lies within a person.”

Oscar de la Renta 50

Summer 2017 Beauty Must-Haves 1. Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick 2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 3. Herbivore Sea Mist 4. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 5. Rosebud Salve 6. Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade 7. IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream 8. Josie Maran Argan Illuminator 9. Bali Body Natural Moisturising Sunscreen Beauty 51

Glossier’s message, and how it has captivated women across the globe to embrace their flaws and their natural beauty.

Glossier: Redefining Beauty By Sheridan Markham In 2010, Emily Weiss started a blog called Into the Gloss that delved into the beauty market and analyzed products ranging from eyeshadow to hair masks. Weiss shared her thoughts on the latest beauty trends and products to help consumers pick out which new and trendy items they should incorporate into their daily beauty routines. After four years of giving and receiving feedback, Weiss was able to jump-start her own beauty company based off of what she learned during her time as a blogger. Into the Gloss gained thousands of followers and would serve as the conduit for Glossier (gloss-ee-ay), a company devoted to celebrating “real girls, in real life.” The company believes that beauty should be “fun, easy, imperfect and personal.” Glossier has grown immensely in the past two years, releasing new products and continuously encouraging young women across the world to join their beauty revolution. I was fortunate enough to interview a team member to better understand


Sheridan Markham: What is your role as a team member at Glossier, and what drew you to join the company? I’m a Brand Representative: basically a friend to the community, a social media influencer, and a guru of Glossier product knowledge. I was initially attracted to Glossier because of the way they marketed embracing natural beauty and streamlining skincare routines, but I initially found them through Into The Gloss - a bible, of sorts. After watching their community grow over the past year, and then hopping onto the bandwagon of trying every product (and falling in love with them), I couldn’t possibly begin to picture my life without it. Plus, it’s a super strong community of women who are supportive of each other, and that’s an amazing thing.

What separates Glossier’s products from other brands? I think part of it is the transparency about how the products work, the ingredients and the amount of time it takes for the gTeam to develop things. The other part is definitely related to the way that the products function. Glossier products aren’t intended to change the way you look; they’re made to enhance your natural beauty, to make you feel like your best self. The Glossier community determines what the products are. Not always in the literal “We want this, please make it” kind of way, but that the community sort of builds a representation of the product.

It’s a brand that is built by real people who are trying to make waves in the beauty industry and build something that feels accessible to all. What is Glossier’s mission? Glossier is inspired by what real girls need in real life. Beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal. Skincare is essential, and makeup is a choice. How do Glossier’s products make you feel? Glossier’s products make me feel like the best possible version of myself for two reasons. The first is that I know I have a good, solid skincare routine thus, I feel amazing because I know I’m taking care of my skin, and I am treating it well.

The second is that the makeup products do just enough to make you feel like you’re absolutely you. Have you experienced a change in perspective or attitude since you joined the Glossier team? Totally! Pre-Glossier (when I was first learning about it), I was mostly focused on making myself feel comfortable in my own skin. Now, I want everyone to feel that way. It’s a spread the love as much as possible kind of thing. We want everyone to feel good and to love themself - with confidence. Are there any products you are working on to be released in 2017? All I can say is that you should keep your eyes peeled!

Emily’s Favorite Glossier Products 1. Priming Moisturizer Rich - Ultra moisturizing, ultra luxurious, ultra buildable 2. Milky Jelly Cleanser - Removes makeup, cleanses (2 birds with one stone type of deal) 3. Stretch Concealer - For the perfect 12 hour sleep look and is super lightweight 4. Boy Brow - Brings out the best of your brows 5. Cloud Paint - Just trust me, it’s perfect 6. Haloscope - To finish your look with the perfect, angelic glow

Beauty 53

Beauty and Brains Runway models are turning heads, and not in the way you would expect. By Hannah Ross Although they are undeniably beautiful and the garments they model are actual masterpieces, many runway models have been showing the world that there is more to them than their appearances. Models Karlie Kloss and Amanda Googe are proving that beautiful women can do more than just model. Googe may be best known in the fashion industry for walking

Prada’s runway and other high profile shows along with opening and closing the Valentino Fall 2016 couture show. Valentino’s show was the final showcase of the collaboration between designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli as well as a tribute to the four-hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. Working this monumental show may sound like the biggest moment in a person’s life, yet remarkably Googe is even more accomplished than

“I learned a lot about myself and others that I use every day in modeling” -Amanda Googe


that. Before she became a model, Googe graduated from Brown University with a concentration in visual arts and environmental studies. She breaks the stereotype that models are deterred from pursing an education by not only graduating from a four-year university, but an Ivy League school at that. Googe has even expressed how beneficial her university years were to her current career. She tells Vogue, “I pushed myself in school and grew up during those four years—I learned a lot about myself and others that I use every day in modeling.” Googe sets an examples for young women and men who aspire to model, by showing that not only is their education important, but that it will also help their modeling careers. Kloss took a different path to success beyond the runway. She is a prime example of a person who took a wildly successful modeling career and applied her influence to an important cause. Many people will recognize her face from the countless advertisements she has modeled for, along with the countless runway shows that

she has walked. What people may not know about her is that she is an avid baker. Kloss took her passion and teamed up with Christina Tosi, owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, to create Klossies (formerly known as Karlie’s Kookies). Klossies is a line of healthy cookies that are gluten-free, dairyfree and agave-flavored. Kloss did not stop there. She is partnered with the charity FEED Projects, and for every cookie sold, ten school lunches are donated to children around the world. Her sales have provided more than one million nutritious lunches to people in need. The cookies can be purchased for $3.75 each or $25 for a tin of six and can be ordered online. Models like Googe and Kloss are setting a new standard of beauty in the fashion industry. Their celebrity status emphasizes the importance of education and philanthropy. These women set an example for aspiring models and anyone involved in the fashion industry by showing that glamorous lifestyles are not just for show. So when it comes to the question, beauty or brains? Choose both.

Editorial 55


-velvet paper-


les femmes

Photographer: Marina Williams Concept and direction by: Julia Klein and Nicole Martini Editorial 57


Soft colors combined with textured clothing create an elegant and powerful tone for “the women� Editorial 59


Editorial 61


Editorial 63


Editorial 65

nyfw NYFW: nyfw

AADEAM iInternational sShow By Gabrielle Clouse

I never thought I would be helping Unia Pakhomova - the model I had seen on so many runways (Gucci, Alexander Wang and Moncler included) – put on six inch platform heels in a showroom in New York City, but there I was. A couple months ago, I got the honor of interning at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for ADEAM International, and it was everything I expected. The first time I ever went to the city was when my flight landed in LaGuardia Airport. 15 minutes into being in New York and my Uber driver, Tejpal, had already screamed at me over the phone for not being in the correct pick up location. My hotel was right on Broadway and 27th street, in the heart of the fashion district and only about a 15-minute walk from Times Square. I was instructed to arrive at ADEAM at 10:00am on Monday morning. The walk from ADEAM’s showroom from my hotel was only 25 minutes so, like the good intern I was, I arrived 30 minutes early. I walked in, not knowing what to expect. Each floor in the elevator was labeled with a different fashion company’s name.


I passed Stella McCartney, Moleskin and S.I.L.K. on the way up to the 11th floor. As I stepped out of the elevator, I was greeted by all white décor and “chill” house EDM music was playing. It even smelled amazing. I later learned that ADEAM had a custom scent made for their showroom. “Hi there. You can have a seat. We have bodysuits for you to change into once the other girls come, then you will do your walk,” a tall lady said to me. Seeing I was confused, she asked if I was there for the fashion show casting…*sigh* I admitted to her that I was actually an intern. I met with Katrina, the jackof-all-trades as far as ADEAM went, and she sent me off on my first task. I had to pick up sheer tights and a mannequin leg from another showroom in Chinatown. I eagerly called my Uber and made my way to Chinatown. It was my job to get that mannequin leg, and I was damn well going to pick up that mannequin leg with pride. The rest of the week I was doing anything you could imagine; from picking up lunch for the office, making line sheets, helping models change in and out of their clothes and even dropping off garments at an organic dry cleaners. The designer, Hanako, only drank Fiji

water and ate super healthy food. I photographed outfits on mannequins for Katrina to send stylists, and when I organized their press book it was really cool to see all the different A-list celebrities wearing ADEAM. The most interesting thing to me was making the line sheets. I put every garment and accessory in a specific order, with pictures, code, name, fiber content, etc. What was interesting was the wholesale vs.

“I walked in not knowing what to expect.” retail price. These clothes were expensive. I’m talking five thousand dollars for a coat expensive. I always thought that wholesale prices were super cheap, but with high-end retail, the wholesale prices were still really expensive. Most were only a couple hundred-dollar different. The brand itself is described as “East-meets-West, old-meetsnew.” The Fall/Winter campaign took inspiration from Harajuku girls and was described as “Gothic Lolita.” Everything was handmade, and

the details were exquisite. The show itself was stunning. It was held on a snowy day, at a historic hotel, the perfect place for a gothic Lolita feel. We got all the outfits set up and all the models dressed. After I saw the first walk through I couldn’t wait to see the show. The runway was all white with a drum set at the end of the catwalk facing the audience. Once everyone was seated, the music started blasting. The only way I can describe it is that it sounded like music you would play at a fashion show. It sounds cliché, but it was very rhythmic and intense drum music with no words. One of the first models to walk out was Yumi Lambert, someone who also walked for Victoria’s Secret PINK and Hermes. The clothes were all stunning on a hanger, but even more stunning on the girls and on the runway. At the end of the show, the last model, who was also a famous Japanese drummer, walked to the drum set and played a really cool and intense solo. Hanako then walked out to take a bow, and the show was over. All the hard work that we put into the last week was for a ten-minute fashion show. The show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m already planning to intern at NYFW again next year.

Editorial 67

Women’s Wear Daily’s Integrated Marketing Manager, Lauren Ashley Spencer, Talks Business, Trends and Her Journey to Success. By Bianca Rodriguez As a small town dreamer from Michigan, Lauren-Ashley Spencer knew exactly what she wanted from a young age. Searching all over the country for the best school in journalism, she came across Florida State University’s newly-launched Editing, Writing and Media major. She was intrigued by the fact that she would be one of the first to experience the brand new set of coursework in 2010. This is where her story begins. Lauren-Ashley’s internship experience is what attributed to her success, and the list is a mile long. Her first internship in New York City was as a fashion editorial intern for StyleCaster, a fashion and beauty blog-esque website. Then, during the spring semester of her junior year, she landed an internship with Hearst Magazines at Town & Country as a marketing and advertising intern. Being that the internship was full time, she took the 6 months in NYC during school time, and did online coursework in the evenings and weekends. After her 6 months with Town & Country, she was offered a public relations internship with BCBG.

Bianca Rodriguez: How did you get started in your field?

Lauren-Ashley Spencer: Connections.

I kept in contact with my old boss from Town & Country, and benefited from that. He referred me to an assistant position at People StyleWatch Magazine. Everything just fell right into place, and I loved it there. From there, another connection I’d garnered through the job secured an informational interview with WWD, as it was one of my dream places to work. I’ve always

had a love for high fashion and I dreamed of working for this brand. So I went for the informational interview, hoping for the very best, but not knowing what was available. Within a couple weeks, I was working there. BR: What is your current job? LS: I am Women’s Wear Daily’s Integrated Marketing Manager, working directly under the VP of Sales and Marketing. BR: What is your daily routine, primary responsibilities and projects? LS: There is never an average day of work,

and every day is unpredictable—but I love it! I do a lot of proposal writing. That’s where my degree comes into play. My job is to sell the brand to different advertisers through custom programs that evolve through brainstorms. I also do event activations, social media initiatives and activating on the marketing programs, which requires some traveling around the US. Additionally, I am a part of the newlylaunched inhouse content studio WWD Studios. We create unique custom content on behalf of brands—think native, social, events, etc. BR: Are there any education programs or courses that prepared you for this position? LS: Senior year for sure prepared me the most. That’s when I took What Is a Text, Rhetoric and Advanced Writing and Editing. All of the courses I took at FSU taught me a lot but these specifically helped me to think out of the box and learn to become a better writer. BR: How do you stay current in industry trends? LS: I really do read WWD every day. WWD.com and our Digital Daily are top-notch resources. The website covers all the shows, restaurants and hot spots around the city. Fas ion reporting, galleries and reviews of shows are our true specialty. The writers of WWD get the exclusive information that most other magazines don’t get. BR: What are current trends people should look out for this summer? LS: White on white is coming back

just in time for summer, and that feels very “St. Tropez” to me, which is like the OPPOSITE of NYC! Print mixing is also a unique trend that I’m completely behind. My style is elevated, but with a twist. I like my look to feel luxe, but with louder pieces, so this trend really speaks to me. BR: What type of candidate does your company look for? LS: We look for someone who has passion for the brand. People dream of working for WWD, and people that work here want to know that. With marketing specifically you need to consistently think outside the box. Also, putting the extra time in, whether it’s late night events, or on the weekends for travel, should be a nobrainer to an applicant. BR: What advice would you give to someone looking into a career in the industry? LS: Stay persistent. Make as many connections as you can and keep in touch with the people you meet that you feel could benefit you later. Meet for coffee, and get to know these people on a personal level. There may even be other connections that they could introduce to you. Building a connection arsenal is an art in New York City and in this industry. Always staying on top of what you want and never giving up will go a long way. You may stumble a couple of times, but I promise someone will pick up on your persistence, and more importantly, your passion.

Editorial 69





Microblading by Mollie LLC Eyelash Extensions Microblading Skincare

Instagram: @Microbladingbymollie Text Inquiries: (850)-545-5668 Location: 1304 E 6th Ave Tallahassee, FL 32303


THANK YOU Special thanks to all the local businesses and models for making this issue possible!

Trends Models: Morgan Campbell Sabrina Fields Victoria Gladden Clothing: Pg. 7 Jacket by Divas and Devils Pg. 8 Dress by Walter Green Pg. 9 Top by Walter Green Jean Shorts by American Eagle Pg. 10 – 11 Top by Dillard’s Embroidered Jeans by Divas and Devils Shoes by Divas and Devils Pg. 12 Dress by Divas and Devils Bralette by Divas and Devils Necklace by Divas and Devils Pg. 13 Top by Dillard’s Jeans by Divas and Devils Menswear Models: Trevor Allen Trevon Schubach Brian Garcia Will Turner Clothing: Pg. 19 Shirt, Bandana, & Overalls by Urban Outfitters Shoes by H&M Pg. 20 Jacket & Hat by Urban Outfitters Shirt by Dillard’s Shorts by PacSun Shoes by H&M Pg. 21 Jacket & Shirt by Urban Outfitters Shorts by Gap Sunglasses by Nordstrom Shoes by PacSun Pg. 24 Shirt by PacSun Pants by Wonsaponatime Vintage


Shoes by H&M Lifestyle Models: Brittany Wayne Katelin England Sarah Smith Sheridan Markham Clothing: Pg. 28 - 29 Jacket by H&M Top by PacSun Skirt by Zara Pg. 30 – 31 Jean Jacket by PacSun Top by Wonsaponatime Vintage Glasses & Necklace by Urban Outfitters Pg. 34 Bomber Jacket by Belk Top by PacSun Glasses by Avant – Garb Pg. 35 Top & Glasses by Urban Outfitters Bralette by PacSun Editorial Models: Christy Navarro Natalie Branstrator Dominique Cozza Clothing: Pg. 56 Dress by Divas and Devils Pg. 58 Top and Shorts by Narcissus Shoes by Steve Madden Pg. 63 Top by A. Haley Boutique Skirt by Walter Green Shoes by Target Earrings by Narcissus Beauty Models: Becci Keating Laura smidt Kiara Ortega Emily Jensen Bathtub Model: Tahtsenee Van Hyning

Profile for Clutch Magazine

Clutch Magazine Spring 2017  

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Clutch Magazine Spring 2017  

Volume 22

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