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LIVE IN THE CENTRE OF LUXURY + 3 Buildings – Residents Enjoy the Luxuries of All Three Communities + 2 Resort Style Pools with Cabanas + 1,2, & 4 Bedroom Floor Plans + 1/4 Mile From Florida State University’s Campus + Next to Doak S. Campbell Stadium + Retail Shopping + Large Green Space With Performance Stage

from denim to lace and everything in between…

+ Outdoor Sand Volleyball Courts + Game Room (Darts, Ping Pong Tables, Pool Table)


+ Spacious Outdoor Grilling Area + Convenient Private Study Rooms + Indoor Club Room With Cyber Café + 2-Story State Of The Art Fitness Center + Wood Flooring and Granite Counter Tops + 43” HDTV in Every Living Room + Premium Cable with HBO + High-Speed Wired & Wireless Internet + And Much, Much More

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Dear CLUTCH Readers,


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This magazine has become a part of me and the idea of leaving it behind is not one that I like to think about. CLUTCH has brought me my best friend and Creative Director – Mia Lepp – as well as a team of directors that have become my second family. Let’s just say after three years of Monday meetings together, late night styling, early morning photo shoots, and everything in between this team becomes a part of you and although we can get frustrated with one another sometimes the love that flows through this team is unlike any other. To my seniors that are graduating, I can’t wait to see what you all do in your future! You are all such passionate and hardworking individuals who will go on to accomplish such incredible things. To the rest of my team, it has been a privilege to watch you all grow over the past year and I am so excited to see what you all come up with in the spring. I know you all are going to blow me away but luckily I think Mia and I have set the bar pretty high so game on!


Lauren Wynne

In this issue we were inspired by the idea of leaving your comfort zone! With spending a summer in NYC, something Lauren and I dreamed about for ages, we were faced with leaving behind our comfort zone and creating new memories and adventures. For this issue we expanded on the idea of taking things out of their expected setting and showing them off in a new light. We hope you enjoy this issue, as much as we enjoyed making it, and become inspired to leave your comfort zone and strive for new adventures!! And to all the directors I am thankful for all our belly laughs and every ounce of creativity and hard work. I know you will all do great things in life and I can’t wait to work along side you all one day as we all conquer our dreams! Best of luck to you all :)

peace & blessings,

Mia Lepp

LIFESTYLE, PAGE 5 burning man selfie culture the dirty truth

beauty, page 21 waterproof products wax on wax off confessions of a spray tan virgin

sneaker style splurge or save street wear

trends, page 54 designer spotlight: elie saab

Men's editorial, PAGE 63 must have for men: essentials

photographed by Angela Hammer

women's editorial, PAGE 36


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A Style After the Desert Mia Lepp


owadays, a good music festival is much more than a grass field of people adorned with flower crowns dancing the day away to Jimi Hendrix’s sweet guitar tones. Instead, they have become the ultimate place to get photographed

for festival style. Even Vogue has reported on festival style. Festival style has a certain freedom of expression that many designers, editors and viewers value. You are able to freely express yourself in a safe place that is less judgmental than NYFW. Whether you are an

adventurous boho chic girl that camps outat Bonoroo, a SoCal free spirit who frolics through Coachella or a spunky PLUR girl who surrounds herself with bright colors and smiles at Ultra, it is worth checking out a new festival that is a combination of them

all. Whatever your cup of tea or shot of Vodka might be, Burning Man is a rising star in the scene of music festivals. If you attend Burning Man you’ll find yourself camping out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. For the weeklong festival, you are totally cut off

from communication. Instead of being glued to social media, you’ll spend days and nights getting free hugs, dancing to the latest DJs, posing in front of insane artwork and enduring a few dust storms along the way. All of this ends up creating the most

memorable and stylish experience around. Festival goers at Burning Man are known for their versatility in styles. I grabbed a few snapshots from previous years for outfit inspiration. I hope these can help for your next festival outfit or spark your planning for Burning Man 2016!

SelfIe Culture:

what does your photo stream say about you? Laura Durkalec


ver 200 million posts on Instagram are tagged with #selfie. In November 2013, Oxford English Dictionary made “selfie” the word of the year. Kim Kardashian published a 445-page book of nothing but her own selfies—Selfish has sold over 100,000 copies. Selfie culture is a real thing whether you take part in it or think that it’s narcissistic. Scholars, celebrities and my next-door neighbors are debating their views on selfies and what it actually means. Whether you

take a picture in front of the Eiffel tower, your makeup free face or selfie spam your long-distance boyfriend on Snapchat someone is going to say something about it. When traveling, photos are a way to capture the memory and awe of the exotic place that surrounds you. Instead of just taking a picture of the scenery, a selfie adds you into the shot. It creates documentation and leaves a mark for you and others to remember. Selfies can also be used for communication. Snapchat is useful to

keep in touch with long-distance friends and family. Sending a selfie is more intimate than a text or call, you get to see the person and their emotions. Self-expression is huge in selfie culture. Posting an “ all-natural makeup free” selfie on social media says a lot about your selfesteem, especially in today’s utopian view of perfection. A non-edited selfie is empowering and proves total self-love. Selfies document, selfexpress and enhance communication. Critics of the selfie find the act annoying and narcissistic, I think its just being human.

the dirty truth:

A talk about over-consumption, its environmental effects, and the companies working to reverse the cycle. Pierce Gillette


e’re all guilty of it. And it is not just our generationit is our society. We are a nation- no, a world of consumers and we often don’t think about the side effects of our habits. We are obsessed with constantly updating and changing our wardrobes, by keeping up with the everchanging trends and while this is great from a style standpoint, this is horrible from an environmental point of view. The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to

the world’s pollution, and as inhabitants of Planet Earth, it is time we become more conscious of the impact we are making on it. According to EnvironmentalLeader. com, 2.6% of the world’s water consumption is used on cotton alone, and it is predicted that by 2030, the demand for water will exceed our world’s supply by 40%. This doesn’t even include the production of other fabrics like proteins or synthetic fibers. Additionally, textile

treatment and dyeing causes 17-20% of the world’s industrial water pollution. Chemical usage for leather tanning is rendering the Ganges River lifeless in India and the production of Viscose is knocking out the rain forest in Brazil- one of Earth’s largest sources of oxygen. While these facts may be daunting, some companies are starting to take a stand and reduce the impact they leave on the environment. Patagonia, an outdoor brand, actively

discourages their customers from overconsuming and uses recycled, conventional, traceable, energy efficient and Fair Trade Certified materials. Levi’s is working to remove the highly polluting Perfluorinated Compounds, which cause materials to be stain-resistant, from their products. Even fast fashion companies like H&M are trying to change their bad habits- H&M promised to be using all organic or recycled cotton by the year 2020.

B Corporations are certified, transparent companies that honor an honest policy. They use minimal environmentally impactful materials, and practice Fair Trade (paying their employees a sustainable living, in safe and clean working conditions). It is our responsibility to research where our products are coming from, and what their affects are. Whether or not you realize it, your small purchases add up and make a big impact. Take a

stand and say “no!“ to companies using unconventional practices that harm our health and future, and let’s applaud the companies who are making waves and taking stands against the way our industry gets things done! Your support alone may seem ineffectual, but when we all start making the right decisions, like drops of water coming together to form a storm, we can become a force to be reckoned with.

beauty Photographed byTaylor Brumfield

neon lights

into the blue


wind swept



bviously waterproof mascara is first on the list, but in order to make sure it stays on all day and looks flawless, let it dry in between coats when applying to prevent clumping. Lash Discovery by Maybelline is my go to waterproof mascara that stays nstead of caking on on all day while the powders, opt for making my lashes a blush or bronzer tint look long and rather than a powdered voluptuous. one. This will create


longer lasting color and give you a natural looking glow. A lip tint works the same way – it helps maintain the moisture in your lips, and when lips are hydrated they hold color longer!


f you don’t want to change up your current makeup routine, you can just add a setting spray to mattify and set your makeup. A couple

sprays of Urban Decay’s All Nighter and your makeup won’t budge all night!


ranslucence powder also works to set your makeup and keep the shine away from your face. It will also help your makeup stay in place all day – rain or shine!


il blotters are the perfect solution to keeping your makeup looking matte without having to cake on the powder. If you do end up needing to reapply your powder throughout the day, use the blotter sheets before reapplication in order to keep your makeup looking fresh, matte, and sweat free!

Natalie Campion



Laura Durkalec


eauty is pain and to be beautiful can be painful, especially when using hot wax to strip away any visible hair on your body. I’m not speaking from experience but from what I’ve heard, getting waxed isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. So why do people do it? It isn’t even just women; one in three males are now getting waxed too. Arms, legs, brows, underarms, lip, neck, side burns, bikini line, chest, stomach, shoulders and more! There are even more places than that where a typical waxing salon offers their services. So I beg the question, to wax or not to wax? Ultimately, your body is yours. Waxing was once a huge fad and now some women are defying hair removal altogether. It is up to you which beauty regime to take and nobody can tell you otherwise.

WHY? Ask yourself whom you are waxing for. You should be doing it because you want to, not because you overheard some girl on the bus talk about your “hairy” arms or because your boyfriend prefers less hair down below.

WHen? If you have just shaven, wait five days. It’s also recommended to wait three to four weeks between waxes. It all depends on personal hair growth; a quarter of an inch is a safe length to go back to the salon.

Who? Waxing is painful enough as it is, make sure that whomever is taking care of you that day is a certified esthetician. An untrained professional could make for some waxing horror stories.

If you do decide to go to a waxing salon, know what services you want beforehand. The options are overwhelming and it can get pricey as they add up.

WHERE? Wherever you prefer to get waxed, make sure the facilities, tools and estheticians are up to par. Removing hair can be irritating and infections could result if cleanliness of the salon is questionable.

how? So waxing isn’t an option for you. There are other alternatives like laser-hair removal or shaving. A more delicate option is called sugaring. Warm water, sugar, lemon juice and essential oils can be mixed to make a paste. Apply against the grain and in direction of hair growth. Four minutes later you can remove the hair with your fingers.

Shannon McKenney


admit it. I am twenty years old and just recently experienced my first spray tan. I would get anxiety from hearing one too many horror stories of people turning bright orange. I think we all remember that one episode of Friends

where Ross ends up with the worst spray tan ever. Yeah, that definitely scarred me. When I told my friends about my irrational fear, they laughed in my face. They told me it would turn out perfect as long as I just followed some simple rules. So, I

decided to trust them and it did not turn out bad at all. The truth is that while spray tans may seem daunting, they offer a convenient and safe alternative to devoting hours of time lying out in the sun. And really, who has that much free time anyway? It is natural to feel nervous, here are some guidelines to help you experience a successful first spray tan...


exfoliate & shave before Before your appointment, scrub everywhere on your body. This is crucial because it removes dead skin cells and keeps the spray tan from settling in the dry skin. Ultimately, it prevents a blotchy and uneven tan. Make sure to shave/wax beforehand

THREE: wear loose clothing

After your session, you do not want to risk tight clothes rubbing off your fresh tan. Try skipping the bra and opt for an oversized sweater or hoodie.

FOUR: use the barrier cream

Make sure to apply this in between your fingers and toes and on your palms, knees and elbows to ensure a smooth tan.


do not shower

Exposure to water will cause streaks. Make sure to speak with the tanning consultant, but most spray tans require a minimum of four hours before coming into contact with water. And yes, this includes washing your hands and sweating. A legitimate excuse not to work out? Um, thanks spray tan gods.

TWO: FIVE: SEVEN: all natural

Avoid putting on deodorant, moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen before. The aluminum in deodorant can actually make the spray tan turn green. Body/ face moisturizers and makeup products block the spray tan from absorbing into the skin. Do not use these products unless you want only half a tan, which would be hella awkward.

watch the instructional video

I swear I must have replayed this video at least 20 times. Every tanning salon has their own version of explaining how their system works. Most provide videos or info graphics. Pay attention to what you are given. It tells you how to position your body, which direction to face and when to move.

okay, now shower

Once you have waited the suggested amount of time, hop in the shower but be mindful not to scrub. Don’t freak out if you see color washing off, this is supposed to happen. Some spray tans include a temporary bronzer that washes off to reveal the spray tan. Make sure to PAT dry.

Washed Up

Mermaids photographed by Holly Fischer


natalie campion

From sporty to chic, sneakers are functional and stylish. They are the perfect accessory for any style personality and they add a unique touch to any outfit.

After finishing a runway show during Paris fashion week, Kendall Jenner stepped out in these super sleek sneakers by Chloé. By pairing hers with a fitted maxi skirt and a sequin top, Kendall shows how you can still wear sneakers with a more fashionable outfit.

Gigi Hadid’s sneaker style is more conventional and classic, compared to Kendall’s. This sneaker style is easy to duplicate when styling your own outfit. Gigi simply tucks a light sweater into some edgy ripped jeans and pairs that with green Campus 2 Adidas Originals to look both effortless and trendy.

Fashion blogger Lizzy Van Der Ligt pairs these Chanel logo sneakers with a pair of full-length overalls for the perfect laid back look. She adds a neutral colored sweatshirt over her shoulders that make her metallic sneakers pop.

Julie Sarinana styles a classic pair of high top Converse with cozy fall layers. She is wearing a tee shirt dress under a heavy leather jacket and tied a sweater around her waist. Her sneaker style is functional yet fashion forward for a busy day out and about.


SPLURGE OR SAve Bria Blossom ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• s a college student on a budget, it can be difficult to determine what to invest in when building your wardrobe. Luckily, with a little advice you can look stylish on a budget without completely breaking the bank for the essentials. Here are five items you can save on and four items you should definitely splurge on.




SPLURGE on a blazer:

A well-cut jacket that perfectly fits your silhouette will do a lot for your look. You can style it casually with jeans or wear it with a skirt to create a professional look. A well-invested blazer will instantly improve any outfit.


SPLURGE on denim jeans:

Higher priced jeans are better constructed to fit your frame. They also are made with high quality fabrics that last longer. Good quality denim is essential and with a great pair you can easily dress it up or down. It is a staple item that will definitely be worn all the time. Make sure to splurge only on a dark wash in a classic cut, because it is more versatile than trendier styles such as printed or colored jeans.




SAVE on a denim jacket:

This is where a thrift store becomes your friend. Denim is something that only gets better with time and that perfectly distressed denim jacket can easily be found at any local thrift store. It is the best of both worlds— a great price without the fear of sacrificing quality.

SPLURGE on a classic pump: More expensive shoes

are usually better quality, more comfortable and will last longer. From work to nights out and anything in between, a classic pump in black or nude is appropriate for every occasion.


SAVE on a going-out bag: It is not worth it to go out and buy an expensive clutch that is only going to leave your closet a few nights a month. If you ever get a little too wild, you will not have to worry about damaging your bag because you saved and did not splurge.


SPLURGE on leather jacket: A leather jacket is an

item that can be worn in every season. You can wear it on top of a dress or pair it with jeans. Lower quality leather can easily tear and discolor. You are better off spending a little more on this staple piece.

SAVE on a little black dress: An affordable but still completely stylish little black dress is out there for you to find. It is a classic piece that does not demand a high price tag.. Saving allows you to change up your style as the trends change. Two is better than one here; you can have a little black maxi dress for summer and a little black knit dress for fall.


SAVE on a statement necklace: Fashion jewel-

ry changes so much each season. Instead of trying to change your entire look, switch up the accessories and create a completely new outfit. With a statement necklace, you can revive your look without spending too much.

SAVE on t-shirts: Let’s

be real, t-shirts are what you throw on in the morning when you didn’t wake up feeling flawless. As a popular item in your closet, you’ll wash them all the time meaning they won’t have the longest life. Plus it’s easy enough to find options that still have good fit in decent fabric at affordable prices.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

street style: a global perspective @harperandharley






Sophie Kemm

ver the years, street style has evolved with the ever-growing world of social media. Technological advancements create a platform for fashionistas to display their unique signature look, whether in the boroughs of NYC, the streets of Paris, or the dynamic hub of Hong Kong. Instagram has

become a visual diary for women, sharing their style through daily selfies and “OOTD’s.” Around the globe, people are using the Internet to virtually “strut” their best casual-chic outfits. Although you’d probably think that fashion trends change depending on location, most trends are universal. In street


wear, simplicity and comfort is key. Solid color is safe, but a fun texture or pattern will always turn heads. It is important to match trendy pieces, like a fun purse or a pair of stylish shoes, with simple and classic items.

Kate Spade New York Holland Rose Goldtone Stainless Steel Vachetta Leather Watch, $175

Faux Fur Compact Coat, $170

Pop Aldridge Faux-Fur Cuff Womens Booties, $55

faux-real? Photographed by Emily Deem

Faux Fur Embroidered Gilet. $140

MANGO Velvet Pocket Skirt, $60

Michael Kors Parisian Jewels Cushion Cocktail Ring, $125

Alisa Michelle Clear Quartz Crystal Cuff, $68

jewel tones

Lauren Ralph Lauren Fairfield Satchel, $248

Joules Right as Rain Coast Printed Waterproof Jacket, Dark Pine Floral, $140 Cynthia Rowley Run Jewel Leather Crossbody, $70

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bold Cat Eye Sunglasses, $145

bold print

Nike Roshe Run, $110 OFFICE.CO.UK


SheIn Black Chunky High Heel Casual Boots, $39

Gemma Redux Links cuff, $135

goth glamour Miss Selfridge Lace Up Crop Top, $21

how to wear runway every day Hannah Ross


hen I think of glamour, the first name that comes to my mind is Elie Saab. It is difficult to envision a piece of clothing that is more beautiful than a hand beaded, Elie Saab couture gown. The simple, feminine structures are enhanced with fine lace and beaded details to create a dress that is truly magnificent. Elie Saab has built an empire and established his brand as a haute couture label through his timeless yet original style;

his pieces are show stopping without being overbearing. With gowns in the $10,000 rage, Elie Saabis not affordable to everyone. Fortunately, one can still take inspiration from Saab’s designs. His runway is known for being filled with rich, jewel-toned colors and well-polished models. Shopping for dresses in colors such as burgundy, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and black is a step in the right direction. Fine detailing is a staple to the design of

an Elie Saab piece and this should be taken into consideration when emulating Saab’s style. Lace is also a major aspect and it is easily obtained in nearly every price range. These details are found in a wide variety of clothing and can be fashioned for nearly any occasion. Theappeal of Elie Saab couture is undeniable, with an elegant style that can be worn anywhere, there really isn’t more that one could want from a couture label.

Here Comes The Sun Photographed byTaylor Brumfield

Clutch Magazine had the pleasure of working with Ben DeLuzio, a student-athlete for this fall issue. Ben is in his third year at FSU and plays centerfield for the FSU baseball team. He made the ACC All-Tournament Team in 2015, the All-ACC Academic Team in 2014 as well as 2015, ACC Academic Honor Roll in 2013, 2014, and 2015, Dean’s List, and was selected in the 2013 MLB draft by the Miami Marlins in the 3rd round (80th pick overall). Playing in over a hundred games at FSU, Ben is a dedicated athlete on and off the field. “Working with Clutch Magazine was a great experience because it allowed me to see another aspect of FSU’s diverse organizations. As a student-athlete, I was able to relate to the dedication the members put it in to the making of the magazine from start to finish. I truly enjoyed working with the Clutch team and being able to help them with their first issue for this school year.” – Ben DeLuzio

A Man’s Must Have Accessory Guys, don’t leave the house without a spritz of cologne Laura Durkalec There have been too many times to count when a guy friend of mine asks for fashion advice. I am more than glad to help seeing as he was about to leave the house with black pants and a brown leather belt. This brings me back to kindergarten as I school him on matching colors. The well-groomed and almost polished guy only needs one more accessory—a spritz of cologne. A good smelling guy almost beats free pizza. Eating free pizza with a good smelling guy almost beats all other things in life. Before living in such a fantasy, I have a few suggestions for the guys out there...

1. Invest in nice brands of cologne. Rich, warm scents in the winter and change it up with light, aquatic and citrusy scents in the summer.

Now you’re ready to go out and splurge on some new cologne and reinvent your smell— well not so fast. Scent triggers memory; so choose cologne that reminds you of your2. Don’t skip a shower self, not just any fancy bottle that has a hefty and bathe in cologne. Instead, apply cologne price tag and smells nice. Sometimes I find after a warm shower myself in the cologne when open pores will better absorb the scent. section of Sephora wishing I had a boy3. Three sprays should friend (sad face) to buy these scents for. My be plenty: torso, neck favorites that I have and a dab behind the come across are Burbears for your hot date erry Touch, Bleu de that leans in for a kiss. Chanel, Gucci Guilty and Polo Red. 4. Avoid spraying clothes because some scents can stain.

SPECIAL THANKS to Clothing and Accessories Avant Garb 522 West Gaines Street 850.514.4272

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(Page 45) Model: Dress, Stylist’s Owned; Cardigan, Stylist’s Owned; Necklace, Cole Couture.

(Page 68) Model: Jacket, $79, Avant Garb; Shirt, Stylist’s Owned; Pants, $204, Cole Couture.

(Page 46) Model 1: Dress, $45, Avant Garb. Cardigan, $69.95, Spriggs; Necklace, $59, Spriggs; Necklace, $50, Trending Now. Model 2: Dress, $62, Cole Couture. Necklace, $15, Avant Garb.

(Page 69) Model: Jackets, Stylist’s Owned; Shirt, Stylist’s Owned ; Jeans, $158, Cole Couture; Bag, Olde Fields; Watch, Cole Couture.

(Page 42) Model 1: Dress, $162, Cole Couture; Scarf, Spriggs; Necklaces, Trending Now and Spriggs. Model 2: Dress, $110, Cole Couture; Skirt, $15, Avant Garb; Necklace, Avant Garb; Bracelets, Varying Prices, Cole Couture.