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o here it is, Issue number 2. With the industry facing many so many different issues since our last magazine release we wanted to provide our members with the support that many may need. The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have hit the barbering industry extremely hard and many barbers and barbershops have faced difficulties that nobody could have ever planned for. The British Master barbers are proud to have been at the forefront using our social media to keep everyone up to date with the latest progress.

We would especially like to thank the BMB Covid support team which included Carl Hinder who offered constant business advice, Cheryl Broad who supported many as our wellbeing advisor, Sid at the British Master Barberswith we’veeducation With help from our friends at Barber we care advisor Sottung who keptere everyone entertained videos, Mari Jackson ourEvo health always done our very best to help support have now created the first members magazine. and Andy Willis who offeredcommunity his corporate amazing teamnews who stepped up at a the Barbering and after knowledge. FullSuch of Tips,an advice and the latest from all these years we still stand by our commitment our members and affi liates. We hope you enjoy time when the industry needed it the most.


to the industry. the first of our glossy pages. British barbering has grown considerably over If you wish to get involved or have something the previous years and we’ve always felt that you feel would be beneficial to the barbering nobody could represent barbers better than the community, we would love to help, simply Regardscontact us at barbers themselves thats whyKindest we have created the British Master Barbers. A true non profitCopeland Anthony organisation that tries to support its members Regards, Anthony Copeland Co-Founder of the BritishKindest Master Barbers Alliance along with offering advice and promotional Co-Founder of the British Master Barbers platform for all skilled barbers. Alliance

British Master Barbers Alliance The British Master Barbers Alliance is now the largest UK barbering support network with a social media reach of over 250,000 followers over all platforms. Known as the BMB we are a membership based organisation that offers discounts on barbering products and services along with opportunities to help self promotion and profile building. As more members join we gain the ability to increase our membership benefits which already include a free subscription the UK’s premier barbering magazine Barber Evo, huge savings on barbershop utility bills and free access to chair rental agreements. Because the BMB is run by real barbers we are always committed to supporting our members by getting them involved with industry competitions and live stage demonstrations at some of the largest uk shows we offer the every day barbers the chance to up their game and receive the recognition many of them deserve. For more details and to become part of the BMB family you can join today at




he British Master Barbers have been working very hard over the last year creating the very first online health and safety course. Alongside Mike Taylor Education and The Great British Barbering Academy the course includes the latest H&S protocol to keep you up to date with current legislation and advisory methods. For barbers that may not hold formal qualifications or have done their training many years ago this course offers the opportunity for basic Continual Professional development and keeping on top of the latest requirements. With a free personalised generated certificate that you can print out, frame and display in your own barbershop, you can show that you're a barber that takes customers well being seriously.

Take the Online Course The British Master Barbers Official online health and safety course offers all barbers the opportunity to gain further knowledge of required H&S protocol. 1: Learn the current Health and Safety Coursework 2: Take the 30 question course. 3: On completion of the course you will receive a certificate that you can print out, frame and display in your shop. Show your customers you have the knowledge in the most important area of the barbering industry. Show your professionalism. 4.

ProFessIoNAL ACCredITATIoN The British Master Barbers Alliance has been designed to help promote established British Barbers and their Barbershops. Good Barbershops struggle to stand out amongst the new breed of unskilled, untalented, uninsured chop shops that are under cutting prices and lowering the credibility of quality, qualified & trained barbers. Customers never ask to see a barbers qualifications or proof of skill and this is why we have created the British Master Barbers Accreditation, Verification of a barbers talent in the form of a beautifully crafted metal plaque. A sign customers can trust and the barber can be proud of. Only fully subscribed members who complete our criteria can apply.

a clear sign that customers can trust. It confirms that you hold a minimum standard of skill that is expected at each of our accreditation levels. BMB accreditation also offers a simple way to promote your business to your local area through our media press release, sent out confirming your successful completion of Master Barber and Grand Master Barber levels

IS ACCREDITATION COMPULSARY? Our accreditation service is by no means compulsory and is only recommended to barbers who understand the importance of keeping at the top of their game and continually chase goals to better themselves. This accreditation should be seen as a personal achievement that archives a high level of competence.

HOW DO I APPLY? We have 3 levels of accreditation available. Each level requires a set criteria of tasks to be completed for successful application. Applications can be made in the Members only area of this website.

membership and a one off fee of £200.

British Grand Master Barber

British Professional Barber barbering qualification, or can prove a minimum of two years working experience in a Barbershop. metal plaque. Status is only valid with a current BMB membership and a one off fee of £100.

British Master Barber have a minimum of five years Barbering experience or have held British Professional status for over 3 years.

Teachers, Lecturers & Assessors of Barbering. These members must be fully qualified in teaching barbering & have a minimum of five years barbering experience.

required. Assessments ( distance assessments ) asking you to upload a video or send a Youtube link client to our highly qualified assessors who can judge your physical expertise & skills to achieve all your specific status tasks. metal plaque & a press release for your local newspaper.

Barbering certificate will be required. certificate will be required. Observation Assessments (distance assessments) asking you to upload a video or send a Youtube link of yourself working directly on a client to our highly qualified assessors who can judge your physical expertise & skills to achieve all your specific status tasks. awarded with a personalised metal plaque & Press release for your local newspaper


BMB membership and a one off fee of £300.

WHY SHOULD I APPLY FOR ACCREDITATION? The BMB accreditation is simply designed to be

DOES IT MAKE ME A BETTER BARBER THAN EVERYONE ELSE? The simple answer is No. Everybody knows that you never stop learning and our accreditation is a confirmation of a minimum set level that provides a stepping stone to keep you enthused about the industry. Continuing your barbering journey to higher knowledge and skill set is a must at any level of competence and down to you to keep pushing the standard higher.

WHY DOES IT COST? As a non profit organisation The British Master Barbers make very little revenue to support the large costs involved with supporting the British barbering industry. Most of the costs are covered by the founders of BMB along with brand advertising, revenue made by our membership fees, product sales and accreditation. The BMB team is made up of long term full time working barbers and barbering lecturers who offer their time voluntarily and completely free of charge to asses the accreditation applications.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I FAIL MY APPLICATION? If you fail your application you will be notified why and advised on how to improve your skill set or which requirements need to be met. You will then be allowed to apply again or change to the correct level suited to you.

SCISSORS FOR THE SERIOUS The elite grooming range you deserve

Serious about scissor education, scissor servicing and always expert advice on caring for your blades.

Spencer Scissors offers a wide variety of the best hairdressing scissors and barbering blades available. Please contact us on: OR

t: 0800 990 3193 | e: | m: 0781 2754 /bluebeardstv +44 (0) 708 1752 898191


The shoP

Welcome to the official BMB shop. High quality products to keep you and your barbershop looking professional. All our items available on our website with free UK delivery. The Beenie Available now in Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black. One size fits all. £21.99 inc free UK delivery

The Lapel Badge Show the world you’re part of the greatest barbering network with these beautifull lapel badges. Constructed from Nickel with a strong pin clasp. £4.99 inc free UK delivery The Polo BMB logo on left chest Available in Black & White Sizes: S, M, L, XL £19.99 inc free UK delivery

BMB NeoCape Featuring a special neoprene seal that prevents hair or water going down the neck. Made of a lightweight fabric it is extremely comfortable to wear. Black, White or Stripy White One size fits all £29.99 inc free UK delivery

The Snap Back The official BMB Snap backs are now available in Black with white BMB logo on front, Black peak Black with white BMB logo on front, forest camo peak Black with white BMB logo on front, urban camo peak Adjustable sizing on rear £22.99 inc free UK delivery

The Hoodie Available in Black only BMB logo on left chest and large rear Sizes: S, M, L, XL £24.99 inc free UK delivery

The Bag Black with White logo Large and small Available Small £24.99 inc free UK delivery Large £29.99 inc free UK delivery

The Apron Black material with white BMB logo in centre chest sizes available: one size fits all £24.99 inc free UK delivery

The Work Station Mat Border - 12mm Black Rubber Border Size - 234mm x 434mm Machine washable £19.99 inc free UK delivery

The T Shirt BMB logo on chest Available in Black & White Sizes: S, M, L, XL £16.99 inc free UK delivery


Covid : The Future Of Barbering If you have any Covid-19 symptoms : Stay at home and isolate yourself from others. Do not leave your home. Abide by restrictions set in place by the government. PPE Here’s a shortlist of the Personal Protective Equipment that could help protect you and your clients. Cross-contamination needs to be prevented so only use one item per client before cleaning and sterilising . All tools, work station, mirror, gown, and PPE must be cleaned, disinfected or disposed of between each client.PPE must be worn by you but could also be offered to your clients to aid further protection • A face mask covering nose and mouth • A visor which covers eyes nose and mouth • Wash hands regularly using antibacterial wash or sanitiser

Cleaning If you have a good cleaning routine this should be easy for you. The single-use system will be required. Every item used must be cleaned, sanitised or disposed of properly after every client. All non-electrical tools must be placed in a sterilising solution like Barbicide for at least ten minutes before its next use. A secondary set of tools would be a good idea to swap over too while the previous is sanitising for the stated time.Electrical tools can be cleansed of hair and then be sprayed with cleaning sprays like Clippercide. Please check the working time required for the sprays effective use. Antibacterial disinfectant sprays are required on all hard surfaces like mirrors, workstations, chairs, and even floors.

Shop layout and daily routine Your shop layout and working routine may need to change to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. Spacing your work areas further apart to the suggested minimum 2 meters could be recommended and waiting appointments are suggested to be kept outside until there service to help keep the minimal amount of persons within your shop at any time. Open windows to allow fresh air flow. You must keep a clean environment and show your clients you have considered their wellbeing as well as keeping yourself safe.

What should we be asking of our customers? If any symptoms are felt they should stay at home for 14 days to recover and don’t attend any appointments until this time. Asking your customers to wash thoroughly before coming to you, wearing a face mask and using provided hand sanitiser once in your premises may help reduce spread.


Join the Hair & Barber Council's campaign for registration

The British Master Barbers have always supported the get registered campaign to professionalise the Hair and Barbering industry through registration. The Founders of BMB have personally been registered for many years and see the importance and benefits included with being members of the Barber council. The Barber council was established in 2014. It is part of The Hair Council which is the statutory body established by The Hairdressing Act (1964) and tasked by Government to maintain a register of hairdressers and barbers in the UK. Currently registration by hairdressers and barbers is voluntary meaning that, in reality, the industry is unregulated. This lack of regulatory protection allows anyone to set themselves up as a hairdresser or barber even if they have no qualifications, experience or training. The public are not aware of this and it cheapens the public's perception of our industry.

WHY BECOME A STATE REGISTERED BARBER? Earn RESPECT from your peers in the trade that you have made the effort to register and are proud to have the initials SRB after your name.

Offer REASSURANCE to your clients and future clients that you have the qualifications, experience and skills to deliver male grooming services which will make them look good and feel good.

Gain public RECOGNITION that you are a professional trades person and not a rogue trader. Registration indicates that you are a bona fide barber with the necessary insurance cover in place to protect your clientele.

The Hair Council is committed to generating the professional reputation that the hair industry deserves


The Hair and Barber Council 30 Sydenham Road Croydon CR0 2EF

020 8760 7010

THE 2021 ONLINE SHOW MASTER BARBER LIVE IS BACK But this time things are different.

The British Master Barbers are once again hosting their annual barbering show but this time its all online. Due to Covid and restricted movement around the UK and uncertainty of a live event this years show can be accessed from the comfort and safety of your own home. Featuring: The Seminar Rooms The Exhibitor Hall The Charity Room & more……

So come on in and enjoy the show WWW.MASTERBARBERLIVE.COM


The Concept of bringing old style back for photoshoots is common but when Adam Isbill and Louis Mclean got together, The thought of cars, tracksuits and centre partings were at the forefront of their shoot.

When Friends get together great things happen especially when you’re both barbers with a passion for retro cars as photoshoots. It took no time at all for these two barbers based at the Golden Scissors in Dorking Surrey to work out a suitable location which came in the form of a local underground carpark which was unused with a dirty gritty feel they were looking for.

Tristan Young a customer and local photographer with a talent behind the lens came to their aid taking these amazing images. With inspiration from Danny Dyer films like Football Factory and The Business. The tracksuit and trainers look was a common look for the casuals. If you’ve never heard of the casuals they formed in the days when rival football fans turned on each other in bloody battles, days which forged one of Britain's most controversial youth movements now more commonly known as Football Hooligans.

Centre partings and french crops were all the rage often with lashings of wet gel to finish the look. Aren’t we all pleased those days are over.

If you have any images you wish to share with the BMB community get in touch.



Hair & Clothing

Louis Mclean @barberlouisuk

Adam Isbill @isbilladam


Tristan Young @tristanyoungmedia


Hair & Clothing

Louis Mclean @barberlouisuk

Adam Isbill @isbilladam


Tristan Young @tristanyoungmedia


MEET THE MEMBERS THEO PETROCELLI Theo Petrocelli`s shop “Lucky 13” is to be found in a quaint shopping arcade in Lytham St. Anne's. After many years as a doorman, to avoid a troubled background, he decided to change his career after a good friend suggested that he would make a great Barber.

Hair &

Theo took his education very seriously and qualified in NVQ level 2 and level 3 in Barbering whilst working in a traditional Barbershop. Since then he cut his teeth in the industry by managing three different shops. Last year with the passion & confidence gained in the craft, he decided to take the plunge & open his own business “Lucky 13 Barbershop” Theo, is a proud member of British Master Barbers & has risen to the ranks of Grand Master Barber working on their various stage platforms at British Master Barber Live & around the UK & became an ambassador for Ninja Scissors. He now works at local colleges delivering the NVQ Qualifications that started his career on the right foot. Passionate about learning the basic traditional skills at the start, he makes an ideal tutor. 14.

MEET THE MEMBERS SHARON EYRE The Gentlemen's League Barber story started when Sharon Eyre was nine years old. Her brother was on his way for a school photograph but she thought his hair looked dreadful, so armed with a pair of her Mums best scissors, she got to work. Her Mother was so impressed with her natural haircutting talent, she made her cut her Father`s hair too. From that moment, Sharon`s Barbering journey had started & luckily she`s never looked back since! In January 2018 Sharon was lucky enough to open the Barbershop “Gentlemens League” in Totton near Southampton with the help of Matt Le-Tissier. After celebrating the shops first birthday, they have gone from strength to strength. Sharon has been Barbering for events teams and was recently invited to celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford`s home to discuss the future of Barbering live. Sharon loves a challenge and prides herself on her skin fades.The clients love the passion & atmosphere in the shop which Sharon & her team of three have created with each adding their own brand of individuality to the business. This is a real community business & we appreciate the great support from our clients. Sharon feels that British Master Barbers supports & promotes Barbershops like hers and hopes to become involved further soon. If Covid 19 has taught her anything, it's not to waste any time. 18 Rumbridge Street, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire Telephone 02381 845 217


MEET THE MEMBERS SARRELLE MCCANN In 2016 with a clear vision, Sarrelle McCann and Sam Carter opened Boslowick Barbers in Falmouth Cornwall. The vision was to be much more than a Barbershop, in fact the idea was to incorporate being a community hub. Sam came up with the idea of registering the barber shop to become a “safe place” which meant that anyone who felt vulnerable would not get judged, have access to the phone and would be offered assistance if needed. Offering an exciting future for the partners with new, fresh ideas combined with a love for the industry, the shop continues to thrive, as does the surrounding community. Sarrelle has worked with 28 years in the industry & feels more passionate now than ever before. After starting in the industry at the age of 14, she is still educating herself to achieve her ambitions & goals. After working in local hairdressers, she began to love the vibe of the Barbershop & became addicted to the great atmosphere which has proved great for their social life too! Enjoying sharing the many conversations with clients, which for some, we may be the only people they see in the day. I feel that its good to be a listening ear & to help make a difference to the client`s day. Customer care is my priority & I`m sure thats why so many clients just pop by to say hello because they know they are welcome”. The business has an enthusiastic well-trained team, dealing with adults, children & those with special needs that can easily gain entry to the shop by a ramp. The team spends time getting to know our clients, which makes it even more of a personal service. Sarrelle was awarded British Master Barbers accreditation in 2019, & is also a State Registered Senior Hairdresser and Barber. Now her aim is set on working towards becoming a British Grand Master Barber. This has been helped by working & assisting at the local 16.

MEET THE MEMBERS CHERYL BROAD My name is Cheryl Broad & I’ve been a Barber since 1984. I served a traditional apprenticeship starting with a one-year government funded YTS on placement in a salon & was kept on to attend day release college in Rotherham, South Yorkshire for the remainder of my training. Since leaving Rotherham I’ve worked in Barber shops in Dorset & Bedford, as a “style director” for one of the largest companies in Europe & returned home to Barber shops. My experience covers Afro, Asian & European gent`s hairdressing, flat tops, rockabilly, mod, mullets, gent`s naturalisation colouring & haircuts for people with birthmarks, scars & deformities. I enjoy the intricacies of a technical haircut cut as much as the customer service & there is still no better feeling than when someone appreciates my efforts. In January this year I started working for Mike Taylor at Bonds, Broadstone & can honestly say it’s a beautiful place to be! I feel appreciated & actively encouraged to excel in every area this job has to offer. My pictures are of Mike’s shop (because I love working there) & two of my favourite customers who I am missing very much. Being a barber is so much more than a job to me. It has been my passion & privilege for 36 years. At the start of Lock-Down Cheryl immediately volunteered to be the Well-Being Advisor on British Master Barbers Private Facebook Group to provide inspirational support for anyone one feeling the strain. The BMB Thank-You for all your hard work and effort in supporting others.


The British Master Barbers Online University Continual Professional Development For Barber's

The Place for Online Barbering course's & Demonstrations Welcome to Master Barber University our 24/7 online Learning Resource. Here you can learn online from any device, including your computer, tablet or smartphone. Study at a time that suits you, & complete technical skills at your own pace. With video demonstrations from some of the UK’s leading industry educators and grooming product companies you know you’ll be in the safest of hands. From basic guides on product use , tool maintenance to full blown cutting and shaving courses, the BMB Online University is the place to go. Simply visit and enrol in each of the courses you have an interest in and prepare to learn many different new skills from our team of talented educators wherever you live. More courses are added regularly.


Available in the British Master Barbers Online Shop 19.

ALLAN STONE Let your star shine bright




Book exclusive courses in “Investors in Education - Barbering in UK Prisons” Visits to your prison by the UK’s two top Grand Master Barbers and members of London City & Guilds Industry Barbering Board!

For bookings, advice or to become a sponsor please contact the team; Sam Arthur: Mobile 07909 694332 Tony Copeland: Mobile 626560 a sponsor 21For . bookings, advice or07585 to become

contact the team;





BARBERING SUPPORT NETWORK The British Master Barbers Alliance (BMB) is a membership based organisation that has been created to support and create a suitable platform for qualified and highly skilled barbers across the whole UK that will allow them to showcase their talent and promote their Barbershops. Barbering only begins when you qualify. You never stop learning! In our profession the consumer is key & needs a quality mark they can trust & be able to recognise. Being a member of the largest UK Barbering network has its benefits and more worthwhile Membership Benefits are being added. Visit the official BMB website for more details on membership benefits.