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Charollais top the prizes and prices at Easter Lamb Sales

(left) Jennifer Curtis at Rugby Amy Pedrick at Exeter Josie Towers at Lancaster Robert Towers at Skipton (single) Robert Towers at Skipton (pair) (right) Will Price at Worcester Robert Towers at Kendal Robert and Josie Towers with Charollais ewes and Beltex cross lambs at Skipton

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Charollais Times is published by the British Charollais Sheep Society.

Editors : Carroll Barber Jonathan Barber For more information on any of the subjects covered in this edition, please call the office or visit our website at Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy neither the Charollais Society nor the authors can accept liability for errors and omissions. BCSS Youngmans Road, Wymondham, Norfolk. NR18 0RR

Tel : 01953 603335 Email : 2 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES APRIL 2018

The Charollais Sheep Society has appointed Emma Mellen as breed development and promotion officer. As a former marketer in the beer and cider industry, Emma was the successful candidate, combining her expertise and passion for agriculture. Emma’s marketing insight and first-hand experience of the breed, using Charollais rams on a commercial flock, is what attracted her to this position. Currently near the end of her studies for a Masters degree in Digital Media and Society at Cardiff University, Emma commented: “I am really excited about the project and I am looking forward to the months ahead; I would like to bring my digital expertise to help Charollais breeders with flock marketing and increase knowledge of the breed characteristics amongst commercial breeders. I am also really enthusiastic about being part of the industry with the impending impact of Brexit; I think this can be used an opportunity for agricultural marketing to rebrand the message of buying British products, combined with changing consumer trends.” Emma will be covering Wales and border counties. Society Chairman, Arwyn Thomas said of the appointment “we were thrilled that Emma applied for the post, she more than matched all the criteria we were looking for and we are also very excited for the future and what she can achieve for our breed and breeders.” Welsh breeders can meet Emma at their forthcoming AGM.

BREEDERS HEADING NEWS REGIONAL ELECTIONS Elections were due in four regions this year. In the Northern Ireland and Wales the current Chairmen have been returned unopposed for a further 3 year term of office. This is William McAllister and Dewi Evans. In the Eastern Region there was there a postal ballot between Carol Watson and Tom Mawer. We can inform members that in a close vote Mr Tom Mawer was elected. The position of Chairman for the North of Scotland is currently still vacant. We will be visiting the region to discuss what route they wish to take. We will leave the post open for a further 12 months. In the meantime if any member in this region wishes to raise an issue at Council they should either contact James Clanachan (Chairman of the South of Scotland) or the office. Cecil Thomas from the Central Region has been selected by Council to be their representative on the Finance and General Purposes Committee. He will join Kenton Foster. The committee was sorrow to receive the resignation from Andrew Walton, who has done sterling work on the committee as an independent member for a number of years. They will be considering his replacement over the next few months.

WEB ADVERTISING We offer members the opportunity to advertise their rams, ewes, semen for sale on our website. The charge for this service for a 6 week period is £18 (+VAT) for those who have advertised in the Year Book and £36 (+VAT) for all other members.

Included with this service is a FREE posting on Facebook of your advert. This also gets tweeted on Twitter.

SELL MY LIVESTOCK Don’t forget to use this web based portal for marketing your stock this year. It costs just £3.50 per advert. Go onto to the Charollais website - click the link on the Home Page to Sell My Livestock and start entering your details. Do try and get a good image of your stock for sale - they do sell much better.

OBITUARY We are sorry to inform you that Emrys Bowen died on Sunday 11th March. For those of you who did not know him, Emrys was a veterinary surgeon from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire. He started his Charollais Flock, the Cennen Flock in the early ‘80s and was a tremendous supporter and advocate for the breed. He also gave generously of his time and expertise on the running of the Society. He served on the Council of Management as Chairman for Wales and also on the F&GP Committee. He was instrumental in setting up our inspection system, which is still much admired by other breeds. He was also Chairman of the Judges Committee and an influential member of the Breed Evaluation Committee. He was one of only 4 members to have been awarded Honorary Membership of the Society.

Do we have your email address? Is it up to date? Please up us save postage costs and supply you with a better service by using email. We send out a weekly bulletins, pedigree certificates, meeting notices and invoices all by email. Give the office a call or send us a message to update your records.

We send our condolences to his widow Mary and his two sons Alun and Michael. CHAROLLAIS TIMES APRIL 2018 - 3


Genotyping test 1 - 10 samples £13 each 11 - 50 samples £12 each 51 - 99 samples £11 each 100+ samples - £10 each (+VAT)

Each Friday, we will feature a short write up on a Charollais flock. As Emma (who will be writing up these pieces) is new to the society, the easiest way for her to get some information about Remember ALL your entries for your flock is for you to answer a Worcester Sale must have an individual genotype result. Please few questions and send them get your potential entries sampled back in to her via email. in good time - BEFORE THE If possible, please send a photo of CLOSING DATE. some of your sheep. Once we have received your answers she will prepare a flock Friday feature on yourself. Therefore, these will be random, in order of receiving information, not preferential. If you have a flock Facebook page, We will, as in 2017, hold a sale of please include the name of the shearling ewes on the Friday page so I can tag you. evening before the main sale. Entries will be restricted to 2 per The questions are as follows: flock, shearling ewes only. The Flock name: evenings entertainment / meal Breeders name: will be revised in format, but we hope many of you will come 1) When did you start your along, enjoy the fun and made a flock? How did you start it? purchase of some top breeding feamles. 2) Where did your flock name

Hire of applicator £4 (+VAT) for 2 weeks


Purchase of applicator £30 (+VAT)

We will be starting two digital campaigns to promote our breed: “Market Mondays” and “Flock Fridays”

SCRAPIE TESTING GET READY FOR The Society offers a service to WORCESTER members to process scrapie PREMIER SALE tests. Members should contact the office to request sample collectors - one collector is needed for each sheep you wish to test. We will then send you all the details you need to take the sample and dispatch it to the laboratory. Sampling is by taking a small piece of ear tissue with the collector and pliers. The costs will be :-

Sample collectors £1.70 (+VAT) each

Handling Charge £5 (+ VAT) The handling charge will be chargeable on all batches of samples sent to Agrobiogen, so in order to assist breeders to obtain a discounted rate, BCSS will collect samples here and send in one batch, typically on the last Friday of each month. However during busier times, we will send two batches per month - please contact the office to find the next posting date to Germany. Breeders should allow at least 2 weeks from sampling for their results. Results are supplied to the Society as well as the breeder, so we can enter these details on the sheep database.


Each Monday, we will share Charollais/Charollais X lamb prices from markets across the UK. We need you to send us information in order to do this: lamb weight, price, market location and date. We are doing this with the aim of promoting the breed to commercial breeders and buyers, in hope they will recognise the value of Charollais meat and prices will increase. We need to increase market awareness and self-promote the breed. Information can be sent via social media or to the office. So when you take lambs to market, please take two minutes to let us know how you got on; if you would like to send a photo of your stock in market that would be great.


come from? 3) Why/what attracted you to the Charollais breed? 4) Did any one in particular (a farmer, or farming figure), influence/inspire you to breed Charollais? 5) What have been the most influential factors for the flocks success? (bloodlines, management, feed etc.) 6) Where do you sell your sheep? (Which markets/private/breed sale etc) This is open to members UK wide.

MEMBERS HANDBOOK The 2018 edition of the Members Handbook is enclosed with this mailing. Please do read it - all the information you need on sale dates, closing dates, ballots and registration is included. There is also a full list of members at the back with their phone numbers and email addresses.

BREEDERS INFORMATION HEADING UK Flock Number Do let us have your UK Flock Number, if it is not already on your record. We require this information as part of your sheep’s EID number. Auction sales now require this for their invoicing and movement documentation.

GRASSROOTS Have you changed over to using Grassroots for your registrations with the Society? Nearly 80% of breeders are saving themselves money by logging on and entering data through this service. If you are one of the 20% not to have changed, then do give it a try. It is not difficult and we are here in the office ready to help you step by step through the process.

SERVICE DATE FOR CHAROLLAIS If you are booking your AI date for this year - remember this must not be before the 7th July. Council is concerned over the number of flocks slipping into November for their lambing and have taken the decision that spot checks will be carried out this November. These will be random but will be widespread. If flocks are knowingly recording their lambs dates of birth incorrectly, then this is fraud and we take this very seriously. So please make the right decision and do not mate your animals before the deadline.



Closing Date for

Direct Debit If you wish to pay all your invoices from the Society by Direct Debit payment, then please contact us for the relevant form.

the Worcester Premier Sale is Friday 25th May No Late Entries. Entries on BCSS forms or via Grassroots Genotype Results at time of entry.

Card Payment If you would like to pay by card then just call the office and we will take the details over the phone. There is no charge for credit cards. Ebank To pay by ebanking, please put your Flock Reference letters as the reference on the payment, so we can allocate it correctly. The bank details are : Sort Code : 20-99-08 Account No : 30196851

The Agrobiogen test will be licensed for export this year.


Cheque We would ask members to pay by other ways if at all possible. To cut down on our bank charges we have elected for the electronic option from our bank. This each cheque we pay in is charged for. For this reason we will only accept payment by cheque for amounts of £30 and over. Also there will be an additional charge of £2.50 / cheque to cover the cost from our bank.


HEADING SHOWS & SALES SPECIAL AWARDS Following the success of the metal plaques that we awarded to Champions for our 40th Anniversary, we have decided to carry on with these awards. They will be presented to the Champion Charollais at the following events :


Worcester Premier Sale Dungannon Premier Sale Builth II Sale Balmoral Show Royal Three Counties Show Royal Highland Show Royal Welsh Show Royal Bath & West Show Great Yorkshire Show They will have the name of each show on them and are certainly something to treasure - so best of luck!

Our promotional stand at the NSA Winter Fair held at Melton Mowbray Market at the beginning of February featured shearling rams from the Redhill Charollais Flock of Jamie Wild and Richard Tyler. Pictured above is Jamie and his wife Sue (centre) with their two children Ben and Ella and the trade stand judges. Hot soup and delicious sausage rolls were an extra attraction and the chance to win a £100 voucher in the ‘Guess the Weight Competition’. The tups came to a combined weight of 396 kgs and the winner was Charlie Scott.

CALENDAR FOR 2019 We also are looking to print a calendar for 2019, so would like your images for each month. We will credit your flock if you appear, so free publicity for you if you can send us a good shot. Think about each month and try and take something relevant and attractive. Please make sure the images are high enough resolution to be reproduced successfully. They don’t have to be pedigree sheep - great shots of Charollais cross lambs would be good, store lambs. So get your cameras out and get snapping!



EVENTS HEADING 2017 MAJOR SHOWS 2018 Balmoral Show – 16th - 19th May Judge : Mrs Carroll Barber, show classes on Wednesday 16th May at 1.00 pm. Refreshments after the classes.

Three Counties Show - 15th - 17th June Judge : Mr Gregor Ingram, show classes on Friday 15th June at 9.00 am. Reception on the breed stand after judging.

BRITISH CHAROLLAIS SHEEP SOCIETY LTD Limited by Guarantee 1341920 A Registered Charity 282757

NOTICE is hereby given that the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at New Lanark Mill Hotel on Tuesday 1st May at 16.30.

Royal Highland Show – 21st - 24th June


To read the Notice convening the meeting.

Judge : Mr David Sloan show classes will be held on Thursday 21st June at 9.00 am. Refreshments in the lines after judging.


To receive apologies for absence.


To approve the Minutes of the 39th Annual General Meeting.


To receive the report of the Chairman


* To receive and, if approved, to adopt the Unaudited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2017


To confirm the appointment of new Directors and Trustees of the Company.


To re-appoint Messrs Argents as Independent Examiners for the ensuing year and to authorise the Council of Management to fix their remuneration.


To transact any other ordinary business of the Society.

Great Yorkshire Show - 10th - 12th July Judge : Mr Huw Roberts, show classes will be held on Tuesday 10th July at 9.00 am. Cheese and Wine after the judging.

Royal Welsh Show – 23rd - 26th July Judge : Mr Drew Cowan show classes will be held on Tuesday 24th July at 9.00 am. Reception on the Charollais Stand in the NSA building after the judging.

The Society sends out over 100 Champion Rosettes each year to local shows. These are awarded to the Best Exhibit of Charollais at these events.


By Order of the Council of Management

Would you like to become an official Charollais breed judge? The Charollais Breed has a system of training and assessment of potential judges before they are recommened to join our panel.


We have not arranged a date for this year as yet (we did 2 dates in 2017) but if you are interested in becoming a judge and would like to attend a day, please get in touch and we can add your name to the waiting list.

Company Secretary

An abbreviated version of the year end figures are on the following page. If you would like a full set of the Report of the Trustees and the Unaudited Financial Statements then please contact the office to forward an electronic version. Full printed sets will be available at the AGM.

We have a few names already on the list, so geographically the most likely venue for the day will be at the Chairman of the Judges Committee, Robert Gregory’s farm in Shropshire. Date mid/end May.


CHAIRMAN’S HEADING REPORT 2017 - ARWYN THOMAS Northern Ireland. Socially we have always been a welcoming society & it was great turnout of members who greatly appreciated the hospitality & entertainment from a thriving well run region.

particularly with strong prices at the end of season female sales but the target going forward is to reward all breeders for their efforts by improving our commercial ram sales.

The sale highlight annually is the Worcester Premier & this year did not disappoint with Knockin Shockin eclipsing the breed record in selling for 25,000 gns. Equally pleasing was the overall 90% clearance rate that shows a strong demand for the quality sires on offer throughout the sale. The celebration female sale on the Friday evening was also a great success with the top price of 3,000 gns rewarding the long journey from N Ireland for the Ringclare flock.

To enforce this message & eventually expand our market share of ram sales we have recently appointed Emma Mellen as a breed development & promotion officer. I am excited by her appointment & I am positive it is a step in the right direction.

In completing my first year as National Chairman can I formally thank my fellow members for bestowing upon me this great privilege. When I consider the contribution of some great Welsh breeders over the last 40 years I am very proud to be the first National Chairman from the region Going forward Council recognise & will endeavour to fully vindicate the need to regenerate the your support. Society ram sales with improved promotion. Surveys have shown I would thank my predecessor that buyers recognise the strength David Mawhinney for his hard of our breed with easy lambing, work over his period of office & tremendous vigour at birth & his personal support in ensuring fantastic growth rates but equally my smooth transition to show that we have not been succession. I would also thank his successful in communicating to fellow directors for ensuring the the commercial buyer that the continuing financial stability of the breed has developed far greater Society & over the past year I have hardiness over the last few years. been massively impressed at Council & F & GP meetings by the This has not happened by diligence that they scrutinise & accident but has been addressed continually endeavour to by breeders over the last 10 years implement improvements to targeting hardier characteristics in society business. breeding stock to overcome this perceived disadvantage against The year started off with a bang at competitors. Pedigree Sales have the AGM held at Belfast in gone really well last year

Breed promotion is vital & I thank all the showmen at our Major Royal /County shows for presenting outstanding quality in this free shop window. Winning is nice but it is the free promotion for all that is important. To this end I would also thank all those new members who start out at the local village shows as these venues are again great shop windows in enticing new buyers to our breed. At the time of this article it is great to see Charollais topping cull ewe prices nationally & with new season Charollais lambs fetching premium prices I am optimistic for the coming year but let us not be complacent but strive collectively as members to take the breed forward. I FYNY F’OR NOD!

Arwyn Thomas

REPORT FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF F&GP COMMITTEE - CHARLES SERCOMBE I am pleased to report a good result for the company with a reasonable surplus of just short of £12k. This has been achieved by maintaining a similar level of income as in 2016 but making savings on expenditure. Our investment income has continued but this year is made up of more income from share dividends as we have moved further funds into equities. It is pleasing to see that income from Registration Fees has gone up by £3k from 2016. On the negative side is income from Sale Entry Fees which is down yet again. This is a trend we will tackle to reverse. As we have an income stream which is fairly static, we have had to look at costs on the other side to maintain a surplus. We have cut back expenditure in a number of areas – postage, subscriptions, motor and travelling and the agreement with Ceres Solutions has been reduced by £5k from 2016. I feel that this is a good result for the breed; we had budgeted to make a small surplus and have exceeded this through a little more income and planned savings. This has given us confidence to push ahead with increased expenditure on promotion over the next few years.


ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS HEADING 2017 INCOME AND ENDOWMENTS Donations and legacies Donations, sponsorship & gift aid

2016 ÂŁ

2017 ÂŁ



Other trading activities Sale of promotional items



Investment income Interest and dividends received on investments Deposit account interest

5135 1791

6959 31

Charitable Activities Registration fees Commission on sales Sale entry fees Year book and other publications Subscriptions Genotyping income

78793 17524 26022 21437 31117 19350

Total income



Raising donations and legacies Advertising and promotional expenses



Charitable Activities Show expenses Regional expenses Sale costs Yearbook, newsletter & other pubs Genotyping expenses

11073 2932 20035 10590 18892

11912 1257 15933 11219 18819

Sub Total



Other Costs Postage and telephone Printing and stationary Subscriptions Office and storage accommodation Motor and travelling Hotel and meal charges Office expenses Meeting expenses Other sundry expenses

13336 3144 1490 7600 8159 6930 5079 9044 0

11007 2734 1297 7600 7301 5929 5135 8715 300

Sub total



Support Costs Management and administration Accountants fees Bank and Card Charges Depreciation of tangible fixed assets Sub total

67000 1939 1680 1950 72569

62000 2134 905 2190 67229

Total resources expended Surplus (deficit) for the year Realised recognised gains/(losses) on fixed investments Net gain on investments

209326 (3486) (692) 16901

194386 11969 15744




81663 17959 23054 18846 30343 22339




AGM Hosted by South of Scotland Tues 1st/Wed 2nd May 2018 South of Scotland hosts the AGM at the World Heritage Site of New Lanark in the New Lanark Mill Hotel.

Robert Towers from the Camphouse flock won 4 Easter spring lamb shows in 7 days.


Bentham Easter Spring Lamb Show. 1st prize was 38kg charollais x Beltex lamb made £145. At Lancaster, 2 lambs were taken and awarded 1st and 2nd - plus Champion. The champion lamb was 45kg and made £189! On the same day, a single lamb got Champion at Skipton, and

We have a few rooms set aside for members who would like to join in. TUESDAY 1ST MAY Arrive in new Lanark at your leisure. Enjoy the pool and spa facilities or explore the attractions and exhibitions that new lanark has to offer. AGM at 4.30 pm followed by dinner and entertainment WEDNESDAY 2ND MAY Morning visit to the Moredun Research Institute Afternoon visit the Leelaw Flock of Russell and Margaret Gray. Evening - Dinner followed by Ceilidh. COST - 2 NIGHTS, 2 PEOPLE All entertainment and travel Extra night, Bed & Breakfast only

Reserve Champion with a pair. The champion was 45kg and made £160, the reserve champion pairs were 41kg and made £155. Also at Skipton 1st prize was won for sheep with lambs at foot which made £178 per outfit.

The day after Lancaster & Skipton it was off to Kendal Easter Spring Lamb sale, and won champion. The lamb was 45kg and made £177.

£360.00 £99.00

Ring the office if you would like to come.

EASTERN REGION WINTER, WET, WET, WET!!! and still we all soldiered on coming through the other side with plenty of lambs out in the fields and growing well. Whilst life in the lambing sheds was busy during December and January, events within the region were quiet. With February we picked up the pace again, we started with the NSA Eastern Region Event at Melton Mowbray market on 9th February. Thanks to Jonathan and Carroll Barber for putting up the stand and Jamie and Sue Wild (Redhills) for putting in a pen of shearling rams. It was good to catch up with members who attended.

was well attended and deep discussions were had on regional events. This was followed by a talk from Sam Boon on Signet Recording.

Following suggestions made during the meeting, our programme for 2018 is well under way:17th April --- AGM and mill walk, Venue:- Heygates Mills, Bugbrooke, NN7 3QH, Time:- 6.30pm 6th May----- Meeting South M25, Venue:- Leigh and Kattie Tucker, 2 Bowford Cottages, Thakeham, West Sussex, RH20 2LD 20th June ---- Lincoln Show BBQ, Venue: - Lorry park ,All Charollais members welcome . Our February meeting fell foul of 1st—4th October ---- Flock the snow and was rescheduled for Competition, with new classes. March 13th. Due to the size of the Judges: - Tony and June Gregory region and requests from (Cold Harbour). members, the meeting was moved 4th October ---- Regional Annual to a new, more central venue. It


REGIONAL NEWS Dinner, Venue: - The Farmer, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3NT. 27th October ---- Eastern Region Female Sale, Venue: - Melton Mowbray Market. Judge: - Adrian Davies (Glyn Coch). Other activities in the pipeline:interbreed skittles challenge. A joint trimming, judging day with Northern Region and a summer get together. We have plenty of shows throughout the region , so come along and support classes or just come and have a chat. As we have all seen the price of cull ewes, hoggs and now spring lambs are going through the roof. So take the opportunity to have a good hard look at your flock and if you don’t like it FLOG IT!! Carol Watson

WELSH REGION SANT ANDRAS FLOCK VISIT The flock visit will take place on Saturday 14th April at 10.30am at Ty Draw Farm, St Andrews Major, Dinas Powys. This visit will be followed by a meal and our Region AGM at Wenvoe Golf Club. Food must be ordered by Monday 9th. Menu choices are main course steak and ale pie and chips or curry of the day, dessert is choice of cheesecake or apple crumble. Please contact Emyr Hughes to book via mobile phone 07792443807 or facebook via the welsh region page. Welcome to Emma Mellen, the new breed development officer recently appointed to the region we are looking forward to working with her to develop the breed in the region.

SOUTH WEST REGION Well what a challenging few months we have had with the weather in the region - from blizzards on the Lizard to torrential rain pretty much everywhere! Early lambing flocks suffered one of the wettest winters we have had for a long time, constantly trudging around in the mud and rain was definitely hard work. Later lambing flocks have then seen one of the coldest spells we have seen in decades and that’s not to mention the ‘Beast from the East’! This has provided a challenge for all, with frozen water pipes and snow blocked roads. However, early lambing flocks reported high lambing rates with lambs growing on well. Later lambing flocks have reported very high scanning levels, so we are looking forward to lots of lambs on the ground between now and the end of April. We had a noisy and enjoyable meeting playing 10 pin bowling at the beginning of February. Competition was fierce, but Amelia Watts managed to win the first set of games. Gerald Burrough (who claimed he hadn’t played before) managed to win the second set of games. The overall standing after both sets of games saw 1st Amelia Watts, 2nd Andrew Pedrick and 3rd John Barker.

Unfortunately, this year the Suffolks managed to beat the team by a very close one point. However, an enjoyable evening was had by all. Looking towards the warmer spring and summer months, we are planning a trimming day for members and non-members of all abilities. This will be held in conjunction with our AGM. Royal Bath and West Show will this year be our feature show in the region where we will have one of the Champion plaques to award to the overall breed champion. We hope to see lots of breeders, both experienced and novice, supporting the show all under the watchful eye of the judge, Adrian Davies. The Exeter NSA Ram Sale (15th August) is for the first time this year having a dedicated ring to sell NON-MV rams through. Members with non-mv flocks will need to make sure they enter rams through the Society as well as with the NSA. Rams will be inspected by the Charollais inspection panel as well as the NSA panel of inspectors. May we also take this opportunity to congratulate Tom Newth and Katie Helps on the birth of their daughter Eleanor. Amy Pedrick

The annual skittles match against the South West Suffolk’s took place in mid-February.



REGIONAL NEW MEMBERS REPORTS We are pleased to welcome the following new members to the Society. We hope that it will not be too long before you have the opportunity to meet other members at a Society event. Please do contact the Society’s office or your Regional Chairman if there is any aspect of breeding Charollais that you would like to discuss. For some members this may be their first experience with pedigree sheep, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. The Charollais Society prides itself on the friendly attitude of it’s members and a lack of elitism; so, however small or large your flock, please take an active part. If we all work together the Charollais breed will continue it’s rise in popularity amongst lamb producers.



Miss Nicola Winterbottom Sudells VEB Northcote Road, Old Langho, Blackburn BB6 8BD

VEF Marston Mr S Friswell Northfields Farm, Shuckburgh Road, Priors Marston CV47 7RY

VEE Swallows Miss A Aveline Manor Farm, Manor Farm Lane, Skyehouse, Goole DN14 9BA

VEJ Lotal Mr R Giddy Lotal House, School Road, Aston Somerville, Broadway WR12 7JD






VEH Janos Mr Bryan Evans Penrhos, Trefeglwys, Caersws, Powys SY17 5QT

VED Twinoaks Mr R Walvin Briarwood Lodge, The Common, Hucknall NG15 6QB

VER Gelli Aur Mr Elis Griffiths 1 Gelli Aur Estate, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen SA33 6BE

Silverriver Miss Megan Moore 38 Newstead Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 2UA

VEC Messrs B J & D E Baker Olives Olives Farm, Hooe, Nr. Battle, East Sussex TN33 9HD Cokerford Ms Gillian Collier Cokerford, Brixworth Road, Spratton, Northamptonshire NN6 8HH




VEL Hollybrook Mr Robert Stott 30 Manor Court, Easton, Wells BA5 1ER REGION 8


Mr Duncan Burton (Assoc) 28 Erpingham Road, Exton, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8AW

Liscallaghan VEG Mr Zak Kyle 53 Clabby Road, Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone BT75 0QU

Mrs Dawn Davis (Assoc) 39 Upper Dane, Desborough, Northants NN14 2LB

VEM Currinhill Ms L Stubbs 29 Derryharney Road, Lisbellaw BT94 5HY


VEN Mr S Parr Gosford Pedigrees 77A Gosford Road, Markethill, Co. Armagh BT60 1RH


Master Archie Wickens Robin Hill Robins Hill, Haughton, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 4RF 12 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES APRIL 2018

VDZ VEK C McCormick Gorran Charollais 86 Gorran Road, Garvagh, Coleraine BT51 5EL

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