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2012 Supporting

Friday 8th June 2012 Grand Hyatt Hong Kong



n a m r i a h C e h t m elcome fro


f it’s the time of year to dress up and enjoy ourselves, it must be the British Chamber of Commerce Ball! With our Camelot theme this year, I hope you have a positively feudal evening while respecting the code of chivalry at all times.

On behalf of the Chamber, it is my honour to welcome Chamber members and their guests. 2012 is quite a year for Britain and the Chamber: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics, and the run-up to the Chamber’s 25th anniversary in Hong Kong. Even though we are competing with such terrific celebrations, I hope this evening’s event will be memorable for you. Of course, it could not happen without the generosity of our sponsors and those who have bought tables and individual tickets. Our thanks to all of you for supporting

us once more, in particular our title sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank, in their tenth year of support. As usual, your generosity will support a local charity. This year we have chosen Youth Outreach, which provides crisis intervention to help adolescents on the margins of society rebuild self-esteem, providing alternatives to a life on the streets. This is a very good cause for a business group to support: our businesses can only operate effectively if the society in which we are engaged thrives. On behalf of the British Chamber, good wishes for the summer. It will probably be a hot one. Let’s start it with a hot night tonight!

Nick Sallnow-Smith

Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

n the introductio

Welcome from the Sponsor n behalf of Standard Chartered Bank – a very warm welcome! We are pleased to be the title sponsor of the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Ball for the tenth consecutive year. Our support of this event reflects our appreciation of the work of the Chamber and its members, and our collective commitment to the Hong Kong business community, in which we are proud to play an active part. Standard Chartered Bank is excited to be supporting this event again and delighted to be spending a wonderful evening with our friends at the British Chamber of Commerce and our valued clients and guests.

This evening’s fundraising will support the work and services provided by Youth Outreach, in an effort to help disadvantaged and marginalised young people in Hong Kong. Some of the services that Youth Outreach offers include helping youngsters to keep away from triads, building up their self-esteem and ability, and supporting them into employment. Such services align well with the bank’s commitment to support the wider community in Hong Kong and living up to our brand promise – to be here for good. Best wishes to all, and enjoy the evening!

Ben Hung Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


Joining us ight, Joining us ton and hts the brave knig f: fair ladies o

did you know?

Spiral staircases were created in medieval castles, to make it difficult for an armoured knight (holding a large sword, usually) to make it up (or down) the stairs while fighting.



Title sponsor

Gol d sponsors

big A thank you! ight’s n o t f o l l a o T sponsors

Silver sponsors continued


Logistics Print Band

Andy Bautista & Band

did you know?

Silver sponsors


RSP (Roger Sansom Productions)

Dancers CPG

One historian claims that Richard the Lionheart, King of England in the 1100s, always kept a supply of prisoners with his army. Then, if his soldiers ran out of food, they could always eat the prisoners.


Ball programme


Simon Broad




t n e m n i a t he Enter

Some knights cheated in jousts by getting their squires to screw them into their saddle via special armour, to stop them falling off their horse.

Lances were measured, so no knight had a longer lance.

Organised sports as we know the m di d not exist, but tournaments were a common form of entertainm ent across the land. Knights and nobles woul d compete, with all being welcomed as spectators.

Knights met each other at combined speeds of 60mph when jousting

The same weapons were used in battle as were used during tournaments. Every knight in the opposing army was classed as the enemy during the mock battles. Men were often seriously injured and many were killed. A large number of others died of infection, since there were no antibiotics or tetanus shots available.

A disgraced Knight had his spurs hacked off and his shield was hung upside down as a sign of dishonour.

the X-factor

Full plate armour was introduced during the 15th century, weighing approximately 50lb. That’s the same as two and a half car tyres!

Th gav e deat h wou e to h -blow i call nded s mort a kni ed a ‘c oppon ally ght oup ent w de gra as ce’. The Joust was an individual tournament event whereas the Melée was a team event.

Many knights enjoyed the dangerous tournaments and continued to participate even when the church tried to have them banned and refused to give any knight who died as a result of a tournament a Christian burial. Some knights even travelled to France in search of tournaments and the jobs that could be found when their superior skills were recognised.

Fortunes could be won or lost during a tournament. A knight who was defeated had to pay his victor a handsome sum that often included his armour, horse and weapons. These were the things that were highly valued, as a knight couldn’t go into battle without them. The decline in jousting started with the invention of the musket firearm in 1520.



razy medieval cures

Ringworm Wash your hair in a boy’s urine

Memory loss Eat ginger


Cut a hole into the skull to release evil spirits trapped in the brain


Apply a plaster of goats’ droppings mixed with rosemary and honey

Part of Zurich Insurance Group, a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network in more than 170 countries, Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) offers a full range of flexible general insurance and life insurance products to individual as well as corporate customers, catering to their insurance, protection and investments needs.

Blocked nose Stuff a mixture of onion and mustard up the nostrils

Internal bleeding Wear a dried toad in a bag around the neck

Skin disease

Cover sore spot with skin of a wolf


A plaster of bacon fat and flour


Breathe in the smoke of burnt feathers

Insomnia Eat treacle


Eat powdered emeralds



The patient should be cut and bled when the moon passes through the middle of the sign of Gemini

Our charity


owards t o g l l i w t h d tonig e s i a r s d n u f l treach u Al O h t u o Y , arity our chosen ch

outh Outreach was established in 1991 and provides crisis intervention services to marginalised adolescents in Hong Kong.Young runaways are particularly at risk of becoming involved with triads, pimps and drug pushers. Youth Outreach service units include an all-night outreach programme, scouring the streets of Hong Kong for ‘runaways and throwaways’; family-style residential centres; a 24-hour telephone hotline; a 24-hour drop-in centre; transitional housing; a dancing school; Adventure Professionals training; the Institution of Youth Studies; and psychological and employment services. Funds raised at the Ball will go towards the Youth Employment Startup service (YES), which helps youngsters build up

their self-esteem and self-confidence by providing them with a period of employment in one of Youth Outreach’s social enterprises. These enterprises include a restaurant, convenience stores, a hair salon, the School of Hip Hop, City Challenge (Adventure Professionals) and AS Production. Through these schemes, young people receive professional training in workplace skills to enable them to find long-term employment. More than 70,000 Hong Kong teenagers run away from home every year The average age of the runaways at Youth Outreach is 12 years old The youngest runaway to be helped by Youth Outreach was six years old




Swan, anyone? the n i t a e s r o t s e anc How di d our e were supermarkets, er days before th rants, fri dges or au fast-food rest rolled ovens? nt temperature-co

he common view is that did you know? medieval food was a disgusting slop of thin gruels and roast meat, with diners throwing bones to the dogs, wiping their greasy hands on the dogs’ The Knights Templar fur and gnawing on chicken legs sans were famous for their cutlery. But recent historical research bravery and fighting shows a very different image, suggesting to the death. After that much of the food served on the the Battle of Hattin in 1187 their enemies medieval dinner table would be decided to execute the recognised and enjoyed today. captured Templars, The medieval diet appears to have who jostled and shoved been far more varied than food that each other out of the can be found in modern supermarkets. way, struggling to be Among things eaten were starlings, the first to die! vultures, gulls, herons, cormorants,

swans, cranes, peacocks, capons, chickens, dogfish, porpoises, seals, whales, haddock, hedgehogs, cod, salmon, sardines, lamprey eels, crayfish and oysters. Turnips, parsnips, carrots, peas, leeks and beets were common vegetables; whole use of onions and garlic was also common. And don’t think it was bland, either. The medieval table was no stranger to herbs and spices. The Romans brought nutmeg and cloves to Northern Europe, and cinnamon was used even before that. An inventory prepared for the 6,000 guests invited to the day-long installation ceremonies of Archbishop Neville of York in 1465 showed they were provided with: 300 caskets of ale; 100 caskets of wine; one large bottle of wine sweetened with

s medieval meal

sugar, nutmeg and ginger; 104 oxen; six wild bulls; 1,000 sheep; 304 calves; 400 swans; 2,000 geese; 1,000 capons; 2,000 pigs; 104 peacocks; more than 13,500 other birds; 500 stags, bucks and roes; 1500 venison pies; 608 pike and bream; 12 porpoises and seals; 13,000 dishes of jelly, cold-baked tarts and custards, and spices, sugared delicacies and wafers aplenty. There were spoons and knives to eat with. Two-pronged forks appeared in Venice in the 11th century, apparently brought back from the Middle East, and the first etiquette books detailing how to act properly at the table appear a century later. Regarding 13th-century table manners, one book tells diners not to pick their teeth with their knives, and to “refrain from falling upon the dish like a swine while eating, snorting disgustingly and smacking the lips”.

! p r u B


A Knight to remember. Lancelot. Financial Services to remember. Barclays.


meal tonight’s medieval

Angels-on-horseback, coun try mushrooms, blue cheese & pear parcel, Scotch egg Pea soup with cooked Ham ‘Spit-roasted’ lamb shank br aised with wine & herbs, butter-glazed root vegetables , potatoes & braising jus Sherry trifle or Bakewell tart or Classic British cheeses: farm house Cheddar & Stilton with condiments

Issued by Barclays Bank PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and a member of the London Stock Exchange. ©2012 Barclays Bank PLC. All rights reserved. Barclays is a trademark of Barclays Bank PLC.





he Knights

ith the w e r a p m o c s t h day knig n r way… e y d n o a m s n r u io o s r e o v d n How Pytho y t n o M e h t , l originals? Wel

You are Sir Galahad! You are supposed to be sworn to chastity, but it’s not an easy job. All you can think of is women or, if more appropriate, men. Not that you’ll have a problem swooning them with your good looks.You are also a bit immature compared to the other knights, and that would probably be because you are the youngest (at least it seems so). Either way, you are more likely to get into trouble. So, look out, especially for bridgekeepers, enchanters, and Frenchmen.

Modern-day equivalent: Tom Jones (OK, so he’s not the youngest.) You are Sir Lancelot!

You are King Arthur!

You have much courage but the kind of courage that simply draws the line. To put it bluntly, you find that bravery mainly involves goring your supposed enemies at every possible moment you find necessary, which is basically all the time. Why? Well, you seek a real adventure that isn’t so easy to find these days, like a Holy Grail.You also have a major deal of pride since you are the bravest of all the knights, especially Sir Robin – you are the better of all of them. However, King Arthur is an exception, being that he is the king and all.

You are king of the Britons and you surely know it.You express this fact in all that you do and say. One major manifestation of this is your devotion to your job – whatever occurs, your mind is focused only on your many responsibilities. Additionally, you are by far more virtuous and crazed about worshipping God than any of your Knights of the Round Table, who only care about participating in singing, dancing, and eating spam. Due to your grand liking to the Lord Above, you have spent most of your years seeking the Holy Grail. However, you have never really found it yet. As a matter of fact, did you know? you might never find it, but look on the bright side: you’re still a king. All hail you!

Modern-day equivalent: Cliff Richard

Modern-day equivalent: Richard Branson

You are Sir Bedivere! Knights didn’t begin participating in tournaments until the eleventh century. The purpose of tournaments was originally to train for battle, but since the losers often had to give up their horse and armour to the winner, it became lucrative for some.

You are the smartest of all the knights – or, at least, you like to think a lot more. That’s right! Knowledge is your number one priority and, without it, life is meaningless. Furthermore, you enjoy inventing and making up various theories, including very odd ones like how the Earth is banana-shaped. As a result, you are indeed studious and will eventually rise above your fellow knights in the matter of scientific intellect.

You are Sir Robin!

Modern-day equivalent: James Dyson

Modern-day equivalent: Elton John

guess who

Okay, you’re not so brave but you strive for that braveness, which must be more important, right? Well, despite the lack of courage, you certainly like to pretend you are brave as you listen to your minstrels 24/7 in the hope that they’ll boost your confidence with a song of how brave you are. This then leads to another element that so well characterizes you: you like music. No.You love music. Hey, if you probably weren’t a knight, you too might have been a minstrel.


by order of the



k n i r , at be & erry

A Hard Day’s Knight {Drinks} Start your quest for the Holy Grail of cocktails… Try them all, but watch out for Merlin’s magic potion!

A Knight to Remember {Dinner} Take a seat at the Round Table, fill your goblet to the brim and tuck into a fine medieval feast

One-Knight Stand {L ive Auction} Throw down the gauntlet and demonstrate your gallantry and generosity. Bid big to win prizes in the Live Auction. All proceeds go to Youth Outreach, so please bid generously

Knight Fever {Lucky Draw} Only the chosen few can pull the sword from the stone – or have their names pulled out in our lucky draw!

Boogie Knights {Dancing} Our band of bards and merry minstrels will have you rocking – all knight long…

wn tonight’s rundo




! s e z i r P uction

sly u o r e n e g y r e v have r e b m a h C h s i t i r funds B e s i e a h r t o f t o s s e r z e i Memb ction pr u a ds e s e u c o o l r u p b a l f l e A s e . h h utreac O donated t h t u o Y , y t sly! ri u a o r h e c n e n g e s o d i h c b r e for ou so pleas , y t i r a h c e h t will go to 02


MOVIE MAGIC A first-class movie experience at Standard Chartered Starsuite

Standard Chartered Starsuite offers you a first-class movie experience at the Grand Cinema. With 23 seats, it is perfect for a private party entertaining your family, friends and VIP guests! The package includes: Private booking of the cinema house for a movie show; complimentary popcorn and drink for each guest; exclusive pre-screening use of VIP Lounge for 15 minutes. Validity: Flexible booking for any date (including public holidays) 9 Jun 2012 to 31 May 2013.

LEGENDARY HOSPITALITY – THAI STYLE Lady Sarojin experience at the Sarojin, Phuket Experience Thai hospitality inspired by the legend of Lady Sarojin, whose exceptional welcome brought guests from far and wide to stay in her household. The Sarojin, a five-star luxury boutique beach resort, located in Khao Lak near Phuket, seeks to bring guests this spirit of exceptional service and attention. The package includes three nights’ accommodation for two, including complimentary all-day à la carte breakfast with sparkling wine, and complimentary round-trip airport transfers by private car from Phuket Airport. Validity: Until 20 Dec 2012. Accommodation will be in a Pool Residence for bookings 10 Jun to 31 Oct 2012, or Garden Residence for bookings 1 Nov to 20 Dec 2012. Bookings subject to availability, blackout periods may apply. Flights not included.

happy bi dding



Calling all British and Irish rugby fans! Be the first to book to see the British & Irish Lions playing live in Hong Kong!

A classic Timothy Oulton leather professor chair

Two tickets to the eagerly anticipated match, the British & Irish Lions vs the Barbarians in Hong Kong on 1 June 2013!

Plus A 2011-2012 British & Irish Lions rugby shirt signed by the whole squad.

HIDDEN GEM A two-night beach break in beautiful Boracay


Boracay Island in the Philippines is frequently ranked in surveys as one of the world’s top beaches. Enjoy a stay at Discovery Shores Boracay, a luxury beachfront property, which is the Philippines’ first member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World Group. The package includes: Two nights’ accommodation for two in a Junior Suite at Discovery Shores; daily buffet breakfast at Sands Restaurant; round-trip boat and land transfers from Caticlan jetty port. PMS 633 PMS 633 20% PMS 647

Plus Two round-trip economy seats from Hong Kong to Kalibo (Boracay) with Cebu Pacific Air. Validity: Hotel: until 1 Apr, 2013, subject to availability at the time of reservation. Flights: Certificate must be exchanged for a confirmed itinerary within six months from issue date, and the itinerary is valid for six months from issue date. Blackout dates: 25 Sept-10 Oct 2012, 25 Oct-6 Nov 2012, 13 Dec 2012-8 Jan 2013. Government Tax and Terminal Fee are payable by passenger.

Timothy Oulton furniture designs are known for their meticulous attention to detail and unique aesthetic. Successfully reinterpreting classic designs, Timothy Oulton creates pieces that are relevant for today, yet still retain a strong sense of heritage. The Timothy Oulton professor chair features a rounded back reworked and extended, and arms lowered for a refined, sophisticated look, and amazing comfort. Seen today in vintage leather cigar finishing, and available in store in many fabrications, from hand-painted leather to cowhide matched with distressed vintage leather.






uction Prizes!



A two-night getaway to sunny Cebu

Guitar signed by legendary British rockers Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of ‘The Who’

Discover Cebu with a two-night stay at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, a lush garden retreat within a tropical paradise.Visit historic Fort San Pedro, explore the resort’s marine reserve, or simply chill out by the pool! The package includes two nights’ accommodation for two people at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa Cebu, daily breakfast and land transfers.

Plus Two round-trip economy seats from Hong Kong to Cebu with Cebu Pacific Air. Validity: Hotel: Until 8 June 2013. Blackout dates: 12-17 Aug 2012; 29 Sept-3 Oct 2012; 26-31 Dec 2012, 9-13 Feb 2013, 27 Mar-1 Apr 2013, 27 Apr-5 May 2013. Subject to availability at time of booking. Flights: Certificate must be exchanged for a confirmed itinerary within six months from issue date, and the itinerary is valid for six months from issue date. Blackout dates: 25 Sept-10 Oct 2012, 25 Oct-6 Nov 2012, 13 Dec-8 Jan 2013. Government Tax and Terminal Fee are payable by passenger.

In the annals of rock ‘n’ roll history, only a handful of bands are recognised as among the greatest of all time. Everyone knows the short list, and invariably, The Who is on it. As one of the key figures of the British invasion and the mod movement of the mid-1960s, the Who were a dynamic and undeniably powerful sonic force. They often sounded like they were exploding conventional rock and R&B structures with Townshend’s furious guitar chords, Entwistle’s hyperactive bass lines, and Moon’s vigorous, seemingly chaotic drumming. Signed by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend.

07 did you know?

happy bi dding

The Middle English term ‘pygg’ referred to a type of clay. In the Middle Ages, people would often keep coins in jars or pots made of pygg – these were called ‘pygg jars’. By the 18th century, with the evolution of language, these came to be known as a ‘pig bank’ or ‘piggy bank’.



BE KING OF THE CASTELLO Live ‘la dolce vita’ with a week for 10 people in the sumptuous Tuscan villa Calcina

Close to the beautiful walled city of Sansepolcro, Calcina is nestled in the lovely lower foothills of the Alpe Della Luna (mountains of the moon) region, and is set in 20 acres of grounds, with gardens, an orchard, olive vines and woodlands. The spacious former farmhouse, with five generously sized double bedrooms, has been fully restored over the past five years but retains many original features including: age-polished pianelli floors; a working stone fireplace; extensive terraces to catch the sun all day long; and a working walk-in bread and pizza oven. Other features include satellite TV, a private infinity pool, a charming little church with painted murals and sweeping 360-degree views to Tuscany below and Umbria beyond.

A five-night stay for two people in the Maldives Luxury travel company Lightfoot Travel (based in Hong Kong and Singapore) is offering an island chic stay for five nights at Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives, nestled within its own private lagoon. Huvafen Fushi has the world’s first underwater spa treatment rooms and the most spacious accommodation in the Maldives, where your stay will be in a Beach Bungalow with a private plunge pool, on a bed-and-breakfast basis. Validity: Between1 Aug 2012 to 31 Jul 2013 (excluding 23 Dec 2012-15 Jan 2013) and subject to availability at the time of booking through Lightfoot Travel. Flights not included.

Validity: Valid for May/Jun, Sept/Oct 2013. Arrival day must be Saturday. Dates subject to availability. Flights not included.



THE QUEEN Superb invitation card ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ signed by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol became famous worldwide as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker, record producer and author. Along with the limited-edition artwork Warhol produced, he also signed ‘ephemera’. Some were signed at exhibition openings, others were gifts for friends signed by the artist, which are now proving very collectible. Here is the chance to own an exquisite invitation card, hand-signed by Andy Warhol. These were produced by the Leo Castelli Gallery in 1985 to promote the release of Andy Warhol’s portfolio of screen-prints featuring Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. This piece is very limited in number and has been hand-signed in felt-tip marker by Andy Warhol.


The Lingo Allure A


is a d n a l g n E l a v medie f o e g a u g n he true t a l s s e u The g u o y t. Can c e j b u s ords? g w n i t l a a n i v e i d fasc e m these f o h c a e r o f meaning

Hermit Type of light helmet Walkway on the wall of a building, usually a castle

Bal dric A


Belt worn diagonally from the shoulder to the opposite hip Large siege engine similar to a crossbow Ancient burial mound

Destrier A


War-horse Coat of arms or heraldic emblem Keep, usually within a castle

Gamut A


did you know?

The invention of the arbalest, a kind of crossbow, was thought to be the beginning of the decline of warrior knights. For one thing, it required no special training to use; for another, the weapon was powerful enough to pierce through a knight’s armour.

e r fi n i v Le A


nal o g n a M A


Temporary wooden defence Type of play – a ‘dumb-show’ Siege-engine for hurling large stones

y a j n i p o P A


Long-handled spear Parrot Shoulder armour

s e l b m a h S A

Armoured glove Bladed weapon Scale of notes in medieval music

Long spear Lightning Lover


Slaughterhouse Fortified wine (similar to today’s sherry) Small pouch

Answers: Allure = C; Baldric = A; Destrier = A; Gamut = C

Answers: Levin-Fire = B; Mangonal = C; Popinjay = B; Shambles = A



The Weapons Cause

ances l n a h t e r o m a lot d weird a h e s s e t h h T g i . n l a s K o p s i their d t a s mage! d r a o d w s s u o d i r e an s e o som d d l u o c s n o p wea EFF EC T


Spiked gauntlet

A metal glove with spikes on the knuckles. Punch your foe in the face with one of these and he could play his face like a flute!

Throwing axe

When an enemy was hit with this, he stayed hit, thanks to the perfectly balanced design. But you couldn’t afford to miss, or he’d throw it right back at you!

Punching dagger did you know?

Allegedly, one way of hardening steel swords was to thrust the hot blade into the body of a slave, before then plunging it into cold water. Nice.

9 10

6 10

A short but wide blade, which attached to the wrist. Good for one-on-one combat.

Morning star

The mace’s nastier cousin, the morning star, consisted of a solid wooden or metal shaft atop which sat a large metal ball adorned with a number of spikes or blades. A simple swing of this weapon in your foe’s face would do the trick nicely.


A curved sword, which featured just one deadly sharp edge. Perfect for beheading the enemy with a single swipe.


The maul was similar to the modern sledgehammer: a nasty blunt-force weapon. A single blow would shatter bones and cave in skulls, even through helmets. Used to break the legs of the victim with a stout blow to the knees or shins, then the poor knight was finished off with an over-head smash to the skull.

F lail

A wooden handle with a spiked, metal ball on a chain. It could punch through foot soldiers helmets as you rode towards them swinging wildly.












*(only because death would come so quick!)


tools of the tra



t s u m e h ! m e t i e v a h you just re a r o , ce ie p d co a Is that happy to see me?

ne of the most popular fashion accessories of the Middle Ages was the codpiece – a flap or pouch that attached to the front of the crotch of men’s trousers and accentuated it in such a way as to emphasize and exaggerate the privates of the gentleman in question. They were stuffed with sawdust or cloth and held closed by string ties, buttons, or other methods. The crotch was often extremely large or gave the idea of an erect penis. The word


‘codpiece’ comes from the Middle English word ‘cod’, meaning ‘scrotum’. Another symbol of virility in fashion was a style of shoe called the ‘poulaine’. These were long, pointy shoes, that were also meant to suggest the size of the wearer’s equipment. The longer the point, the more virile the man. Allegedly. Codpieces and poulaines are often seen in the work of the Dutch painter Pieter Breughel. And there’s a portrait of Henry VIII, one of the great ‘fashion horses’ of his era, wearing both. Not surprisingly, the church did failed to appreciate these items of clothing, calling them “fashions of the devil”.



s e z i r p w a ucky dr


prizes… g n zi a m a g in w o ll o f nors of the o d ze ri p s u o er en g e Thanks to th

Dining Vouchers at wildfire Olympian City 2

Dining Vouchers at The Quarterdeck Club

Q Acoustics 2000i Series Bookshelf Speakers

Two Return London Club Class Tickets on Brand New VIP A330

One night stay in The Mira Spa Suite with breakfast for two people

did you know?

Best-dressed prizes

sors who n o p s e h t e h t Thanks to hese fabulous prizes… t have donated

Dining Vouchers at The Dog House Wanchai BBC Gift Basket

Links of London Rugby Cufflinks A weekend stay for two people in The Executive Suite, with privileges for The Horizon Club and return airport transfers at Island-Shangri La, Hong Kong

One night stay in a Deluxe City View Room inclusive of buffet breakfast for two people at St Regis Shenzen

Two night stay inclusive of daily buffet breakfast and a welcome dinner for two people at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Two night stay in a Fabulous Room including breakfast at W Hotel

One night weekend stay in a Deluxe Room at JW Marriott Hong Kong inclusive of breakfast for two persons at Marriott Cafe

The barber’s pole symbolises blood and bandages, as most barbers also performed the roles of surgeons and dentists in their towns. Bandages stained with blood would be washed and hung from a pole outside the barber’s shop – these would then twist in the wind to form the spiral pattern we are all familiar with today. Macabre but true.

Transformation Treatment including prescriptive facial, hair cut, hair treatment, make-up and gelish nail from Glow with Ceri Silk

n on the night and winners The top five prizes will be draw r the event. of all prizes will be contacted afte

Dining Vouchers at The Dog House Tsim Sha Tsui

Dining Vouchers at PizzaExpress

Dining Vouchers at Bulldog’s Bar & Grill Dining Vouchers at Jimmy’s Kitchen

Sense of Touch Signature Massage with MUUSA® - Seventh Heaven

Dining Vouchers at Sakesan

Private Boat Trip for 27 People on Board a Chinese Pleasure Junk

Burberry Giant Check Crinkled Scarf

Dining Vouchers at The Shamrock Irish Pub

Dining Vouchers at Hugo’s, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

A HK$2000 Voucher with Complimentary Private Appointment

best costume



Youror Castle mine?

night? o t e y e r u o y ht Someone caug these tried and tested Try some of -up lines… medieval chat

a castle s a k r a d s a e Your eyes ar er your w o L . t h ig n moat by mid cross. e m t le d n a drawbridge

Woul d thoust be interested in viewing mine butt shaft?


hey don’t call me Lance-A-Lot for nothing, you know.

So, been to any good hangings lately? It’s not the size of your sword, but what you can do with it.

armour, r u o y in e if n Is that a k st happy to see me? or are you ju

Has anyone ever told you that you have a lovely wimple?

My lady, you wouldn’t happen to know where a lonely knight could scabbard his sword, would you? y day, madam. You can scale my battlements an

hen the Inquisition put me on the rack, my limbs weren’t the only thing they stretched. Milady, it’s not the size of the wand that matters, but the magic within. My, that’s a fine set of chalices you have there.

I had to swim the moat to get to you fair maiden. So, woul d you like to see my breaststroke?

Is it true that a knight is always as hard as his armour?

Been there, slain that!

ted, c e f in r e g n lo o n My pig bite is nce? a d o t e k li u o y so would


on’t believe the rumours you heard about me… the leprosy didn’t affect the important parts.

Pardon me, madam, but woul d thou like to see my longsword in action?

chat -up lines

BEACH BLISS PACKAGE Treat yourself and your loved ones with the perfect beach escape and create lasting memories at Discovery Shores Boracay. Enjoy the sun, surf, sand and sea with this three-day, two-night package inclusive of luxurious accommodation, daily buffet breakfast, one set lunch and dinner at Sands Restaurant, plus roundtrip boat and land transfers from Caticlan. Junior Suite P14,555 nett One Bedroom Suite P18,555 nett The Beach Bliss Package is valid from 16 June to 15 October 2012. For information, call Discovery Shores Boracay reservations at (63 36) 288.4500 / (63 2) 720.8888. Rates quoted are valid per person based on twin sharing. Children aged 7 and below are free-of-charge when sharing rooms with parents with no extra bed set-up required, corresponding breakfast charges apply. Subject to availability at the time of reservation. Conditions apply.


Accessorize Best of British Accessories


Book: Curious Moments: Archive of the Century

oodie bag

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Firefly Britannia Natural Drink

Hong Kong Tatler June edition

Heyland & Whittle Reed Diffuser Handmade in England M&S British Favourites Bag

Kindly sponsored the gift bags The Winter King – A Novel of Arthur by Bernard Cornwell Gourmet Hamper

Twinings London Bus Tin $500 Voucher

Rugby and Polo Shirts

Keratase Treatment Voucher

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British Chamber Annual Ball Programme 2012  

British Chamber & Standard Chartered Bank Annual Bal 2012

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