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The Way Ahead


Life-changing learning, friendships, and adventure

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The Way Ahead

BGS has been at the heart of all that is best in local and national education for nearly five hundred years, an achievement that has required a sensitive balance of tradition, evolution and change. Today, we can be proud of the education we provide for girls and boys from Reception classes through to the Upper Sixth. Looking forward, we benefit from a clear appreciation of the major issues that should direct our thoughts and energies as we strive to build on the achievements of the past in order to secure our established aims: life-changing learning, friendships, and adventure. Consideration of all of the above has led to an identification of whole school priorities for the next five years. In each of the strands below we seek to perform at a level that will justify use of the term ‘excellence’. Such an aspiration comes with an appreciation that the ‘pursuit of excellence’ is a state of mind, an attitude, an emotional commitment. We are aware that one never actually arrives at a state of ‘excellence’, one is always on a journey towards that goal. BGS is committed to pursuing excellence through our nine strands: • Learning

• Parent Partnership

• Student Recruitment

• Leadership

• Alumni Partnership

• Fundraising

• One School

• Outreach

• Facilities


Exceptional quality in learning, both in lessons and through the School’s extensive co-curricular programme. Learning that develops pupils’ confidence and sense of self-worth and fosters a love of learning beyond the classroom. Learning that is tailored to meet the needs of each pupil, and is built on an appreciation that education is an experience shared between pupils, parents and teachers.


From our youngest pupils to our most senior staff, we aim to develop exceptional leadership, teamwork and personal responsibility. Leadership that enables individuals to set the highest standards, expectations and levels of commitment.

One School BGS operates as ‘One School’ with parents, pupils and staff appreciating the educational benefits of the continuity and connections between the Infants and Juniors, and Senior School. We are a united staff whose members understand and value each other’s contribution in achieving the aims of the School.

Parent Partnership Foster relationships between parents and the School which encapsulate the worth of the whole educational adventure. Staff, pupils and parents share a common purpose, all working collaboratively towards a common vision and achieving the best outcomes for all pupils.

Alumni Partnership We see ourselves as a vibrant and growing family that wishes to embrace the achievements, inspiration and guidance of our predecessors.

Outreach and Community Links Our pupils and staff relish opportunities to work with other schools – both primary and secondary – and the commercial world, locally, nationally and internationally. Our pupils and staff both contribute to, and gain from these partnerships.

Student Recruitment and Retention

BGS to be recognised as the best all-round education provider in the South West and thereby, the clear first choice for parents.

Income generation and fundraising Secure the best use of our facilities and connections, raising funds for the School beyond fee income that will allow us to develop the quality of provision while keeping School fees as low as possible.


We ensure that the estate has exceptional facilities to support learning in the 21st century, both inside and outside the classroom. We seek to further enhance the facilities for performing arts which will inspire exceptional performance and broaden cultural horizons for all in music, drama and dance.

The above nine strands highlight the vision that drives us forward. The following pages outline how our specific aims are realised.

Life-Changing Learning

“ Great lessons are an adventure for pupils and staff, and the quality of relationships is vital in supporting each individual as they reach for the extraordinary.” Assistant Head

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Learning • Enable all learners to make excellent progress • Continue to explore and develop cutting-edge techniques for learners to learn best • Incorporate new uses of ICT into the curriculum to enhance learning • Develop excitement for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics • Forest School for all in the Infant and Junior School • Stretch the most able, support where there is need, and inspire a passion for learning in all pupils. Leadership • Enhance pupil leadership of their own learning. One School • Staff and pupils involved across phases of the School. Income Generation and Fundraising • Invest in the quality of provision and the future of the School. Facilities • Provide the best facilities for learning in the 21st century.

“ Our values are life values: a love of learning, forming healthy relationships and building self-confidence so pupils are encouraged to take risks. All in the pursuit of excellence.” Rod MacKinnon, Headmaster

Forest School HisPARC (High School Project on Astropartical cosmic rays)

iPads for pupils and teaching staff “I have all the opportunities here to be whatever I like.” Junior School pupil


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Year 8 d es at Bristo ign competition l Zoo

Outstandin g examina tion result that all pu s pils can be proud of.

Life-Changing Friendships

“ Visitors comment on the happy buzz around the School, where children make friends, have fun and flourish.“

Peter Huckle, Headmaster of BGS Infants and Juniors

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Leadership • Inspire resilient self-confidence through warm, nurturing care and respect • Empower pupils to take risks for success, founded on a strong, stable and friendly school culture • Focus on staff professional development and well-being. One School • Celebration of achievements across the School • School life brings together pupils and teachers from different phases of the School. Parent Partnership • Enhance excellent communication between the School and the parent body • Promote active membership of Junior and Infant School Parents’ Association (JISPA), the Friends of BGS and the BGS Parent Forum. Alumni Partnership • Engage and increase the number of alumni involved in School life. Outreach and Community Links • Continued development of community links to extend our outreach provision. Student Recruitment and Retention • Pupils who embrace and extend the BGS ethos.

“ A sense of community and friendliness in a professional learning environment that promotes self-confidence in pupils.” BGS parent


The House System


Remembrance Service

Infant Breakfast Club Family Picnic

Year 5 PGL Charter Day

Year 7 Beetle Drive “You get to know your teachers really well – that is probably my favourite thing about the School.” Upper-sixth pupil

Old Bristolians’ Dinner


Peer Mentors

Life-Changing Adventure

“Just attending BGS is an adventure. I have lots more great opportunities to take part in, and it’s really good fun.” Year 7 pupil


• Passion for learning inspired by passion for co-curricular activities • Excitement for learning inside the classroom inspired by excitement for learning outside of the classroom • Provide ‘frontier adventures’, so pupils are challenged to learn more about themselves and the world around them • Holistic development of pupils so that they are able to take the world by storm.


• Provide outstanding opportunities to lead oneself and others.

One School

• Make all resources available to all pupils across the School • Prepare Infant, Junior and Senior children to thrive as they move up through the School.

Outreach and Community Links

• Extend our horizons to develop ourselves • Further develop our charitable links locally, nationally and internationally.


• Inspiring outdoor learning through exceptional facilities.

Sixth ower k L – r owe wor The G raphy field g o Ge



Year 9 Teambuilding

“The greatest thing about BGS is how it offers so much more than just knowledge: it educates young people in many ways.”


Current parent

Infant Science

nch Trip

Fre Year 7 & 8 Infant Nativity


“There is such a large range of activities run by enthusiastic staff that the students cannot fail to have a good time.” Year 7 student

Design Technology

Year 4 PGL

Prize Giving

– try Museum Black Coun History Trip

“ Through BGS I have made great friendships, have had opportunities to learn new instruments and to travel the world.” Year 8 student

Our Mission and Aims The BGS Mission We aim high at Bristol Grammar School and are proud to do so, inspiring a love of learning, fostering intellectual independence, and promoting self-confidence and a sense of adventure among our young. We set our sights on excellence in everything we do. Our purpose is to provide an exceptional education for all our pupils, developing in them a spirit of enquiry and independence of thought through high-quality teaching, warm pastoral care and broad-ranging intellectual, physical and cultural opportunities. We wish to encourage a mature sense of responsibility from an early age, forming well-rounded young people able to use their talents and leadership potential in the service of others, here and in their future lives. Above all, we are committed to supporting our pupils so that every one of them may achieve their goals and leave BGS as confident, compassionate and ambitious young adults. Aims For every individual to: • achieve their full academic potential through a rich, stimulating and progressive learning experience • be prepared and motivated to contribute positively and compassionately to the world through the cultivation of our school spirit • flourish culturally, intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually in a happy and nurturing environment through a wide range of far-reaching opportunities. “ BGS is about pupils gaining the self-belief and understanding to enjoy and succeed at school and beyond. More importantly BGS inspires pupils to describe and follow their dreams for the rest of their lives.” Rod MacKinnon, Headmaster

Life-changing learning, friendships, and adventure

BGS The Way Ahead  
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