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Alastair McLeod’s no-stress Christmas lunch

SOUL MAN The poet in Paul Kelly

Recline & Save




This week... It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Brisbane News, with Brooke Falvey leading the charge in a furfringed Santa hat. Our fun-loving columnist arrived at our cover shoot dressed as a Douglas fir (I kid you not – see for photographic proof), bringing with her an abundance of bonbons, decorations and yet more Santa hats. Trust me, if Brooke can’t get you in the holiday mood, no one can. Turn to P8 for her top tips for a hassle-free yule. Also this week, in our special festive edition, chef Alastair McLeod serves up the ultimate roast chicken for Christmas lunch, interior designer Lloyd Hodgkinson decks the halls in style, and Emma Schafer handpicks beauty buys to get your sparkle on this party season. Enjoy!


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THE CHAT Paul Kelly waxes lyrical FEATURE Columnist Brooke Falvey’s top tips for a fabulous festive season SPOTLIGHT Brisbane’s own boutique gin RESTAURANT Industry Beans, Newstead RECIPE Alastair McLeod’s herb roasted chicken for your festive feast BEAUTY All that glitters LIVING Leesa Maher decks the halls BOOKS Divine stocking filler ideas

26 BRISBANE NEWS MAGAZINE ON THE COVER Columnist Brooke Falvey’s hilarious how-to guide to a stress-free Christmas, Cover Story, P8. Picture Russell Shakespeare/AAP Styling Brooke Falvey & Leesa Maher Design Anne-Maree Lyons

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Phil Brown People are either overattentive or inattentive ... I can’t tell you how much time I spend waving my arms around trying to get someone to take my order It’s tricky getting the balance right when it comes to service in shops and restaurants. In some places they ignore you completely. I was wandering around a budget department store recently looking for something and I couldn’t find anyone to assist me. I did ask one woman for help and she just looked at me and said, “I don’t work here.” “I’m sorry, you looked like you did,” I said. She seemed to resent that. I quickly moved on and eventually started muttering to myself. I left eventually, disgusted by the service, or the lack of it. I realise that retailers have probably had to cut back on staff due to competition from the online realm but that’s not the answer.

Because giving good service is what will save their businesses. Paying close attention to customers will keep them going because you don’t get that online. Mind you, it’s not easy to get the balance right. Sometimes they can be too attentive. One major stationery store I regularly visit posts a person at the front door to greet you as you come in. I guess they mean well but it’s annoying because I’m really just there to get my stationery, not to start a relationship. I try to sneak past without them noticing sometimes, but they are very vigilant and usually catch me out of the corner of their eye. They say hello and then I have to respond and smile sweetly.

That’s all well and good and it’s nice that they are there to welcome you but then, when you’re browsing in the aisles there’s not a staff member in sight. When I leave I try to slink out the door when they are busy greeting someone coming in but again, they never miss you and even though I’m past them and halfway out the door they insist on farewelling me so I throw a curt “Bye” over my shoulder. Because if I didn’t they would probably follow me out to the carpark and knock on my window, forcing me to wind it down so they can say goodbye. I was in a store the other day and was trying to browse, looking for some munchies and no sooner had I begun when

I was pounced on. “Can I help you?” I was asked. “Not yet,” I said. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready.” But they stood there and watched. Did they think I was going to shoplift? Anyway, feeling pressured I bought something just so I could get the hell out of there. Getting the balance right is difficult, I know. People are either overattentive or inattentive, as they are in most restaurants and cafes. I can’t tell you how much time I spend waving my arms around trying to get someone to come and take my order. And then they come over and ask, “Can I help you?” What a silly question.







04 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

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Poetic licence Paul Kelly’s latest creations spotlight some of his – and the world’s – favourite authors

MUSIC MAN ... Paul Kelly hits Riverstage later this month. Picture: Cybele Malinowski

Brian Bennion


ith his wealth of songs Paul Kelly has reached that enviable position where there is no pressure for him to write the next hit. He is however writing and creating some of his best music and is not afraid to mix it with celebrated works of poets Dylan Thomas or Walt Whitman on his latest record Nature. The album dovetails with the launch of Paul’s new book Love Is Strong as Death ($40, Hamish Hamilton), an anthology of poems that have inspired and challenged him, a number of which he has set to music. “For me, that’s a new way to write songs. Words are the hardest part of writing songs. To have a great set of words to start with makes it much easier,” says Paul, who will return to Brisbane’s Riverstage on Dec 21. “I’ll probably keep putting poems to music for fun as I go along and I’ll probably just keep writing songs one by one but they don’t happen quickly. I just let it happen; you can’t force it. “I don’t worry about writing so much anymore. I’ve put out a lot of records. If I didn’t make another record, it would be fine. The world doesn’t need another record from me. I’m happy to step out of the way; other people are coming, let them come.” Paul has always been a big supporter of Australian talent and his third year of the Making Gravy Tour highlights this, sharing the bill with Courtney Barnett, Kate MillerHeidke and New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams. “The idea was to make it a mini festival to celebrate other Australian songwriters and bands and play with a few people that I really admire,” he says. “It’s not just for them that I do that; I do it for me. I’m always interested in new music and new songwriters. I get influenced by the next generation as much as they might be influenced by me or my peers.

“Pick it up and pass it on. That is my little motto. I learnt from people that came before me and was influenced also by my peers, bands like The Go-Betweens, The Triffids, The Saints and The Hoodoo Gurus. They were influencing me at the same time as we were performing and I think it goes both ways.” There have been plenty of creative detours for Paul, who has composed film scores and recorded with his reggae-funk outfit Professor Ratbaggy and country band the Stormwater Boys. But staying relevant as a solo artist has never been an issue. “I have children in their 20s and 30s and my nephew Dan (Kelly) that I play with; they are always turning me on to new music. As you get older you can easily start to lose touch with what is going on so I like to play with younger acts because I get to hear new music and make new discoveries.” As an artist, Paul also seems immune to changes in the industry such as the rapid decline in CD sales and the rise of streaming services. “Most people now don’t even bother to buy music because they can stream it. I love it. Someone can tell me about an artist and I can have a listen on a streaming service without having to hunt down the record. “I think that accessibility has been great and paradoxically I think it makes it more important if you are going to do an album, to make that album have a real coherence and something people will enjoy listening in order from start to finish. In some ways I think it’s made us smarten up. “But I still like the idea of a selfcontained album that rewards the listener from start to finish and the songs talk to each other and relate to each other.” Paul Kelly – Making Gravy, Dec 21, Riverstage, city, $109.90.


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Be whisked away with Clara to the enchanting Land of Sweets where the Sugar Plum Fairy watches over whimsical snowflakes and pirouetting lollies. Queensland Ballet’s The Nutcracker is at QPAC’s Lyric Theatre for its seventh straight season from Dec 13-21.

Grab a cocktail and pull up a deck chair on the Queen’s Park paved area for Treasury Brisbane’s pop-up outdoor party. Friday drinks and live entertainment are pumping on Dec 6, 13 and 20 from 4.30-7.30pm.

Shop unique pieces from Gloria Dulcie fashions (above), Bianca Mavrick Jewellery and Kaomoji Ceramics among other emerging artists’ stalls at this Third Quarter Art Gallery market, Dec 8, 10am-4pm.

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06 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

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Mt Glorious artist Yvonne Mills-Stanley will showcase 23 of her latest oil paintings (Haywire, pictured) in her From the Hill exhibition at FireWorks Gallery. See them alongside Woven – a group exhibition – from Dec 6-Feb 7.





Dig out your Santa hat and warm up your vocals chords for the city’s biggest carolling event at Riverstage on Dec 7 from 4pm9.15pm. Charli Robinson (above) of Hi-5 fame and maestro John Foreman will host.

Frame Living System by Kett

A taste of Tokyo has arrived at Howard Smith Wharves, set over two levels of dining and drinking. Try a bit of everything with a set menu among friends or taste your own way through the seafood lover’s menu.

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The Christmas chronicles Have yourself a merry old time this silly season with survival tips from our fun-loving Brisbane News columnist Brooke Falvey


How to dress for 45C heat Ready, set, shop!


ith the festive season in full swing, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble have been removed from storage and defrosted to serenade us repeatedly, and I’m elbow deep in rum ball mixture. Based on every Hallmark Christmas movie I’ve seen, this is the most wonderful time of year; a time when magic happens; snow falls in the warmest of climates; people fall in love the moment they meet; and no one cares if the dog knocks over the Christmas tree. But in reality, it can also be a time for budget blowouts, overindulgence, family drama and hours spent circling shopping centre carparks. You’ve also got to try and fit in seeing everyone that’s suggesting you should meet up “because it’s Christmas”, and still find time to chill out and enjoy a few days off work. So if your Christmas spirit is less “Fa la la la la” and more “Fark! The herald angels sing”, here are my no-fail tips for making merry (no matter what) this festive season. Think of it as my non-refundable, non-transferable gift to you.

If you’re starting to feel that twinge of panic at the realisation that you haven’t bought anything gift-like yet (unless it’s for yourself), the good news is there’s still time to pour yourself a glass of wine, order everything online and have it delivered to your door. If you’d prefer to shop in person, it’s probably best to cancel everything between now and Christmas Eve because once you finally find a carpark at your local shopping centre, you’ll be like Rick Astley and never want to give it up. You should prepare to hear Mariah singing All I Want For Christmas again and again. And again. And I recommend a few pre-shop stretches so you can duck-andweave your way around slow walkers and, my pet hate, people who stand side-by-side on escalators. This isn’t the ark, people. You don’t need to go two-by-two! Step aside and let me pass.

For me? You really shouldn’t have My face tends to give the game away when I receive a hideous gift, but faking it like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally is the only way to go. Gasp a bit, try to smile and simply repeat what the gift is in an excited voice. “Oh an embroidered cushion. What a great colour. How fantastic.” Avoid saying “It’s the thought that counts”, because it’s a dead giveaway that you’d have preferred they simply thought about giving you a gift because now you need to either re-gift it, donate it to charity, or hide it in a cupboard until they come to visit and then throw it on the couch and pretend it’s always been there.

Christmas Day is for eating as much as you want and wearing whatever you like. A sequined kaftan or tiers of tulle? Go for it! Red, green and gold? You do you, boo! Santa boardies from the kids? Looking good, dad! But avoid the Christmas sweater, even if it’s just for comedic value and a photo for the ’Gram. They’re itchy and hot, even when it’s cold outside, so if you do go down this route, be prepared to black out your entire suburb’s electricity grid trying to keep cool. Instead opt for something fabulous, loose and flowy, or with an elasticated waist. If the pressure’s too much, just stay in your togs, towel and Christmas cracker crown all day.

More ham anyone?

When you accidentally tell your little cousins about Santa More chic, less cheap

The life of the party For me, Christmas parties usually go one of two ways – I’m either at home, having claimed I have another event to go to, or I roll in the door in the early hours of the morning bruised from falling off a stage, or requiring a trip to emergency to have a shard of glass removed from my foot. To avoid your own Bridget Jones-style karaoke disaster, or similar cringe-worthy end to the evening, you should finally admit that eating is not cheating and adequately line your stomach with protein and carbs to soak up the alcohol, or drink water all night. This way, you won’t say anything you’ll regret and you’ll appear far more mature than you probably are.

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

I’m going to say it – it’s time to do away with the cheap Secret Santa gifts. No one needs a reindeer that poops cheap shiny chocolate that tastes like a laxative. And you can’t buy anything interesting for $5 or $10, so the majority of it just ends up in landfill. Shopping for kids? My friends use the four gift rule; give something to read, something to use, something they need and something they want. If you’re still struggling, head to; they’ve been tracking the popularity of products and have broken them down by categories – everything from clients and friends to horse lovers, mother-in-law and “someone you have just started dating”.

You can’t choose your family If your Christmas pudding is likely to be served with a side of dysfunction and questions about when you’ll settle down/ have a baby/buy a house, my advice is to breathe deeply, take regular bathroom breaks to look at pictures of puppies, and try to focus on your family’s good points. Unless they don’t have any, in which case turn lunch into a speed dating affair where everyone moves chairs every 15 minutes to avoid any aggro, or skip it entirely and leave the country. Sure they’ll whinge and complain, but you won’t be there to hear it!

Immediately call an Uber and head straight to the airport because this is a dangerous situation. My grandma spilt this secret to my brother when he was five years old, and mum still hasn’t forgiven her. Because I’m six years older, I’d already received this devastating news, but I also understood that as long as we both “believed”, we would still get presents from Santa. I can’t wait to see what he brings me this year.

Well this is a lovely surprise! You’re chilling on the couch eating rum balls and watching Love Actually for the 75th time when the doorbell rings. Is it your husband’s best mate declaring his love on giant cards? No, it’s worse – a friend who popped by unannounced to drop off a present. To avoid getting caught out, always have some bubbly chilled, to pop at a moment’s notice. Jazz it up with a few fresh berries and you’re good to go. Also throw a couple of generic gifts such as boxes of gourmet chocolates, a book you want to read, tubes of hand cream or a movie voucher wrapped and ready under the tree.

What I love about Christmas is the licence to overindulge. Forget the quest for a beach-fit body, a festive frame is so much better and the phrase, “Go on, it’s Christmas”, is the perfect excuse to eat loads, drink loads and not worry about it until January 2. But remember whatever you don’t eat on Christmas Day, you’ll be eating for the following three days. The salted macadamias and shortbread will be long gone, but you’ll still find half a bowl of Cadbury Roses on the kitchen bench (the Turkish Delights, obviously), and ham. So much ham. You’ll be eating ham sandwiches, ham and eggs, and ham and cheese toasties until you’re 90 per cent Babe, and found staring into the fridge, mumbling something about going vegan.

If all else fails, try a little movie magic Whatever happens over the next few weeks, remember not everything will go entirely to plan, but you can still have fun with friends and family. If all that fails, remind yourself that it’s just another day, bunker down and watch Die Hard. This story is intended to be tongue-in-cheek, and we realise Christmas can be a hard time for many people. If you need help, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14

BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 09


Lifting spirits The Australian Distilling Company’s new gin pays tribute to the River City Emma Schafer


hristmas tipples just got a delicious – and distinctly local – twist. Whether you take it straight up, with a dash of pineapple juice or a squeeze of lime, Australian Distilling Company’s small batch Brisbane Gin is a refreshing homage to our playful River City. “The flavours in Brisbane Gin truly reflect the city and the people that make it what it is – bright and bold thanks to the Kaffir lime and finger lime, and warm and welcoming with hints of fresh ginger,” says Michael Hickinbotham, founder of the Australian Distilling Company. The Adelaide-based entrepreneur, who began his career as a corporate lawyer, launched his distillery in 2018 to pursue a passion for spirits passed down through his family. Michael’s grandfather was Alan Robb Hickinbotham, who established Australia’s first winemaking course in 1936 and was also involved in distillation, particularly brandy. One of Michael’s first projects with Australian Distilling Company was Adelaide Gin, which he launched in March this year. It went on to win five global awards in one month and Michael knew he was on to a winner. He followed suit by bottling the spirit of other major Australian cities – Sydney,

10 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

HEART AND CRAFT ... Brisbane Gin is a collaboration between Michael Hickinbotham (bottom, left) and Dr Graham Jones.

Perth and now, the Queensland capital. “I love craft-made spirits and am fascinated by the energy and form of Australia’s cities, so bottling the spirit of Australian cities where I’ve lived, worked or visited was a way of joining two of my great loves,” Michael says. “When I decided to make gin, I resolved to learn as much as I could about it. I travelled around the globe, learning from industry leaders, to see who was doing what.” To create his own suite of gins, Michael called on Dr Graham Jones, a master distiller with 30 years experience and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Adelaide, where he teaches in the school of agriculture, food and

wine. The men developed, tasted and discarded more than 40 recipes before landing on “the one” for Brisbane. The result is a true London dry gin, enhanced by native Queensland botanicals, that lingers on the palette. “Our hope was to create something special that would not only make ourselves proud, but that would make Brisbane proud too, ” Michael says. Brisbane Gin is distilled about an hour’s drive west of Brisbane at Flinder’s Peak Winery at Peak Crossing, which is owned by friends of Michael. For bars and retail stockists for Brisbane Gin, $75, 700ml, go to

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA


Life at the top A passion for hospitality has seen Charles Martin scale the heights Charles Martin, 28 General manager, Emporium Hotel South Bank

have a never-ending pursuit of perfection, which always keeps us innovating and pushing the envelope with what we can achieve, and I take great pride in seeing it all come together and our guests having a ball. Where is your favourite spot in the hotel when off-duty? I am never truly off-duty when I am at the hotel! However, sitting at the Piano Bar listening to some live jazz and drinking a scotch hand-selected by bar manager Jay Tokmak is where you will find me when I am winding down.

What’s new with you? We were recently named Australia’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards Asia & Oceania. It is amazing to receive such accolades for the hard work the entire team put in. As a new, stand-alone, owner-operated property, it is always a challenge going up against global brands.

What drew you to hospitality? I needed a job while studying at university. My mother said I could talk under water, and would enjoy working in a hotel. I applied for a position in the concierge team at the original Emporium Hotel in Fortitude Valley and was accepted. I was 17 at the time, and worked there the entire five years before I graduated. Like the new hotel, I loved how fast-paced it was, the people you met and overcoming the challenges every day.

The best part of your job? The variety of the work and the people you meet. In a hotel you must learn to both expect and embrace change. We

What’s your pet hate when staying at other hotels? Having to unplug something to plug in your own phone charger.

What’s the must-try cocktail at The Terrace on the hotel’s rooftop? An absolute favourite, especially now that we’re in the warmer months, is the Caramelised Peach Mojito. A modern take on the traditional mojito – aromatic, fruity and refreshing. This classic interpretation is served long with candied peach and mint. Any celebrity guests you can name? Plenty I can name, none of which I can share! What’s happening at Emporium South Bank over Christmas? We are hosting an indulgent Christmas Day lunch on the Terrace – the threehour package ($295pp, limited places) includes bottomless champagne, spirits, cocktails, craft beers, local seafood platters, plus a traditional Christmas buffet ... also a special visit from Santa. Which overseas hotels are on your bucket list? Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos; Four Seasons George V in Paris; Huka Lodge in New Zealand; and The Greenwich Hotel in New York. All are completely different but are leaders in their fields. LEESA MAHER

BE OUR GUEST ... Charles Martin at Emporium Hotel South Bank.

Bespoke Furniture Interiors from concept to completion

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to book your design consultation

Visit our Design Centre: 2 /42 Enterprise St, Kunda Park 

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BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 11


Shot of creativity While coffee is a specialty at this cafe, it’s the food that gets the adrenaline pumping RESTAURANT Tony Harper


didn’t partake of the “immersive coffee experience” ... not my sort of thing. But my mate had what I guess is a cortado – an espresso shot with milk, but short – hardly an immersive experience, but at least a dabble into the coffee culture of Industry Beans. He’s kind of fussy, and it passed. Which it should, as Industry Beans is a coffee focused venue: it roasts beans, sells beans, brews coffee and – if the propaganda is accurate – sells food almost as an ancillary. But even just driving past the place puts lie to that theory. It’s a gorgeous, lightfilled space, as white as a snowstorm, with enough tables and chairs, knives and forks, wait staff and kitchen staff to place it unequivocally as a restaurant. Albeit, I guess, a casual one. On a Sunday afternoon it is busy and, having been there now, I understand why. There’s so much more to the Industry Beans experience than you could possibly expect. Eggs Benedict, fruit salad, French toast, perhaps a burger and fries, housemade baked beans perhaps? Nah ... it is way more inventive than that. We kick off with sous-vide salmon garden ($25). The salmon part is selfexplanatory; it’s the “garden” that makes

COOL CUSTOMER ... Industry Beans offers an inventive menu of mains and desserts that will have you going back for more; fruit sashimi (right). Pictures: Mark Cranitch

the dish – battered tendrils of samphire, a couple of gelatinous puddles, crumbs, foam and leaves. It’s pretty and it’s an eating adventure. Beef ribs ($29) – tender, sticky, espresso-glazed – come on a pillow of potato “foam” (like a well-whipped mash) with a blob of something truffle-ish in the centre, little puddles of pea puree and a scattering of leaves. And pork belly ($26) arrives like a plated sculpture – shards of crispy tapioca, kimchi somewhere in the mix, puffed black rice, potato, mayonnaise and potato. It’s a rather wondrous mix of textures and flavour. There’s a side of Jerusalemartichoke hash browns ($8) and another of polenta crisps ($7). It’s the sort of food that would generate plenty of interest if it was coming out of the kitchen in a flash inner-city bistro. At a glorified coffee shop it is nothing


CHRISTMAS with OzHarvest at

Adderton: house & heart of mercy …..CREATIVITY IN FIGHTING FOOD WASTE THIS CHRISTMAS AND BEYOND 12 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

short of remarkable. But in the end it’s the desserts that win the day. Three are on offer and we have a crack at them all: spring dessert ($12); coffee garden ($15) and a gorgeous plate of marshmallow, meringue and mandarin ($16). Once again they are inventive and it’s something of an adventure to eat them. It’s busy, and there’s the occasional glitch in the service – nothing alarming. And it’s hot: we are sitting a few metres from the kitchen on a balmy spring day and we feel like we’ve crawled inside the bain-marie. When we get up to leave we discover it’s just a hotspot: next time we’ll know, and find a cooler spot. Even so, I’d happily sit in the hot seats to relive the whole Industry Beans experience. It’s clever food – not challenging or particularly groundbreaking, but artful, thoughtful and rather tasty.

INDUSTRY BEANS 18 Proe St, Newstead Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Thu-Sat Vegetarian and coeliac options Eftpos and major credit cards On-street parking SCORES OUT OF 10 Food: 8 Drinks: 6.5 Vibe: 7.5 Service: 6.5

Friday 13 December | 5:30pm Food Fighter Film screening Filmed across four continents, ‘Food Fighter’ follows OzHarvest Founder, Ronni Kahn’s crusade against the global food waste scandal.

Saturday 14 December | 2pm Live panel discussion facilitated by ABC’s Kathy McLeish discussing Creativity in fighting food waste this Christmas and beyond Panellists: • Sarah Carroll, OzHarvest NEST Program Co-ordinator • Nick Steiner, Grower, CEO and Founder of the Mini Farm Project • Josh Lopez, Chef & Owner of Wolfe, former Executive Chef for QAGOMA • Elizabeth Willing, Artist, working with food as the subject of her art-making V1 - BNSE01Z01MA


Feed the flock Make your Christmas present a simple, tasty and fuss-free family dinner, writes Alastair McLeod Ebenezer was a curmudgeon who despised Christmas. He had his reasons. I suspect many of us feel overwrought managing the mayhem. Then there’s the challenge of feeding the family on Christmas Day. We’ve all been guilty of superfluous culinary athleticism but remember there is no link between the trickiness of a dish and the deliciousness of a dish. A platter of sparklingly fresh prawns, a perfectly roasted chicken and vegetables is what I will be serving rather than something from Christmas past. If, like Mr Scrooge, you are seeking redemption, you know what to do. To paraphrase Charles Dickens: “Honour Christmas in your heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

HERB ROASTED CHICKEN Ingredients 1½ tbs cottage cheese 1½ tbs cream cheese 1 golden shallot, finely chopped 2 tbs chopped parsley 1 tbs chopped tarragon 1 tbs chopped chives 1 tbs chopped chervil Sea salt and freshly milled pepper

1 x 1.6kg chicken Extra virgin olive oil Assorted root vegetables: fennel, carrots, red onions, parsnip, beetroot, turnip Lemon thyme + rosemary 1 clove garlic, crushed 100ml white wine 100ml chicken stock

Method Preheat oven to 200C. Blitz cottage cheese and cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Place in bowl with shallot, herbs and season generously. Lift the flap of skin by the neck of the chicken and carefully remove the wishbone. Careful separate the skin from the breast. Insert a tablespoon of the herb cream and, using your hands, spread the mixture evenly over the breasts. When all the mixture has been used, tuck the flap back under and truss the bird by tying the legs together. Set chicken on its back, anoint with a little olive oil. Cut root vegetables into large pieces to act as a trivet. Set chicken, on its back on the

vegetables. Roast for 20 minutes then lower heat to 160C and cook for a further 45 minutes. Remove from oven and rest for a further 10 minutes. Remove vegetables and keep warm. Pour excess fat from tray and place over a low flame. Add wine and scrape up sediment then add stock and simmer for 15 minutes. To serve, remove wings and legs, cutting the legs in two pieces. Next remove breasts. Pour any juices that escape into the sauce. Serve with the roasted vegetables and green salad. Serves 4 Alastair McLeod is the chef-owner of Al’FreshCo, Styling and photography: Miranda Porter Props:

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December | 10am to 4pm A range of inspiring and creative activities and exhibitions for adults and children in support of OzHarvest’s programs at Adderton: house & heart of mercy Visit for more information and bookings @addertonbrisbane

Adderton: house & heart of mercy within All Hallows’ Convent, 547 Ann St, Brisbane

A g V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

Image credit: Nikki To

BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 13


Guiding star Tim O’Connor is living his dream and he’s thrilled to share his experiences on how he got there Hannah Davies


or Tim O’Connor, walking into his office is a pretty big deal. “This was my dream,” he exclaims, “We are sitting in it right now. It all came from my mind and I think about that every time I walk in here.” We are at the headquarters of Harvest Rain Theatre Company, the world’s largest not-for-profit youth arts organisation, of which Tim is CEO. The 38-year-old grew up dreaming he would one day run his own theatre company, and remarkably the visions in his mind were so clear that at the age of 15 he sat down to draw a building plan. It turned out to be the exact blueprint for the building at Stafford in which we now sit. Although he had no idea of the heights to which he would soar, Tim puts his success down to daydreaming and bravery – a magical combination he is sharing with everyone in his book Daredevil Dreamer. “I put these words together because it’s easy for people to say, ‘I am a dreamer’,” he says. “The dream is just one part, but it’s the daring that allows the dream to become a reality and that is the crux. I’m both. I dared to trust in my dream.” Five years in the making, the book encourages people to realise their dreams and also features stories relating to Tim’s own personal journey, which began when he left school and started volunteering at Harvest Rain – then an amateur community theatre company. “I worked as a cleaner in Fortitude


Valley between 5am and 8am and then I volunteered every day for three years on the front desk answering phones,” he says. “By the end of that period I was running the company.” In the past 20 years, the dad-of-two has built an impressive career as a director and producer working with leading performers including Daryl Somers, Rhonda Burchmore and Eddie Perfect. He is also the founder of Harvest Rain’s Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre – a 12-month performance course for emerging young artists – and in 2014 he launched his arena productions, which allow Harvest Rain fledglings to perform alongside some of the country’s biggest stars. Previous productions have included Grease and The Wizard of Oz. To top it all off, Harvest Rain now has 25,000 active young members Australiawide and Tim won a Gold Matilda Award in 2014 for his hard work. “It snowballed over the years,” he says. “There are now so many people involved that I can go into a McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts in any city and a young person serving me will say, ‘I was in Grease, do you remember me?’ That’s when I realise how big it’s become. “As a child I just knew the things I wanted to do I would do. I think it’s about letting your mind take itself to the fullness of your idea and exploring that. It’s not enough to just write down your dream and stick it on the wall.”

LIFE LESSONS ... Tim O’Connor always knew he was destined for the theatre.

So what’s Tim dreaming of now? Aside from plans to take Harvest Rain “beyond the bounds of Australia”, he says his dreams are “a little bit more personal and much smaller”. “I dream about places I’d like to visit and also about peace. I’ve built this and now I’m enjoying it, but I will never stop dreaming. “It would be a dull existence if I did.”

Daredevil Dreamer by Tim O’Connor, $25,

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We know the holiday season brings people together like no other time, whether it is family, friends or the wider community! That’s why this Christmas, Allianz wants to find the most brightly decorated and inspirational homes in Australia and reward them for sharing their Christmas light sparkle with their local community. One lucky winner from each participating state will receive $1,000 for the best looking festive display for that state, PLUS Allianz will donate $1,000 to an Australian charity of the winner’s choice! To enter, make your home sparkle, snap some pictures of your house and upload those along with your details to for your chance to win!

Entries open on 24/11/2019 at 9:00am AEDT and close on 15/12/2019 at 11:55pm AEDT. Competition is open to residents of NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC, SA, WA and TAS only (participating states) over the age of 18. Winners will be determined by a judging panel consisting of an Allianz representative, a News Corp Australia Trade Marketing Executive and Allianz Chief Festive Officer Jamie Durie. Judging will take place on 16/12/2019 at 2:00pm AEDT at 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Winner’s names published on relevant participating state website on 18/12/2019. Total prize pool valued at $12,000 inc GST. Full terms and conditions available at

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SCULPTURAL STYLE ... (clockwise from main) Jodie Wells’ Preening Sulphur Crested Cockatoo; Enchanted Peony Bouquet; and Perky Superb Fairy Wren.

Flights of fancy A Gold Coast artist’s impasto-style paintings of birds and flowers blend the rough with the smooth to startling effect Fiona Purdon


odie Wells could never have predicted her passion for decorative cake icing would one day lead to a stellar art career. The former Brisbane nurse created more than 20 decorative cakes for friends and family, adorned with flowers from icing. “Then one time when I was rolling out icing for flowers, I realised I was doing all of this work and they were just going to get eaten,’’ she says. “I eventually realised I could be more creative with painting, plus paintings last much longer than cakes.’’ Fast forward 20 years and Jodie is mounting her latest exhibition, Enchanted Garden, at Lethbridge Gallery in V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

Brisbane’s Paddington. Over the years she has developed her trademark lusciouslythick and richly-textured impasto-style of painting, often taking birds as her subject. This new show features nine works of birds while her biggest and most dramatic paintings are reserved for beautiful flower arrangements, some presented on a round canvas such as Enchanted Peony Bouquet (120cm radius). “I wanted to play with all different colour schemes so for this painting I did all shades of pinks and reds,’’ she says. “Using a round shape means it’s all about the subject and I’ve filled the whole canvas with up to 40 flowers.

“My favourite flowers are peonies, roses and anemones, which I love because the black centre makes them pop.’’ Enchanted Garden was meant to feature flowers and birds from Jodie’s Gold Coast garden but instead she had to buy flowers, and then used a lamp to create light and shade. “It’s been so dry so I haven’t been able to grow many flowers, so this is my imaginary garden,’’ she says. “The birds (I’ve painted) all visit my garden including magpies, kookaburras, kingfishers, blue-faced honeyeaters, fairy wrens, cockatoos. I love the colours of birds but I also like painting their little faces because you can see all their thoughts and feelings.’’ Incredibly Jodie finished her paintings six months ago but has had to wait that long for her luxuriantly-thick and swirling oil paint to dry. “I use a lot of paint and I like to shape with a palette knife. I love how it spreads the paint on thick and goopy, almost like a sculpture,’’ she says. Each painting took about a week to complete including several days of planning such as working on colour ratios.

Jodie was inspired to paint impasto style after seeing the work of awardwinning artist Peter Booth in the New South Wales Art Gallery. “When you look at one of his paintings close-up it seems a mess but when you step back it’s a beautiful landscape. I was so impressed with the skill,’’ she says. Jodie first took art classes in Brisbane before she became a mother to Harrison, 20, and Scarlett, 17. She returned to lessons about 12 years ago, after the family moved to the Gold Coast, and when she decided to take art more seriously. Her career took off when she staged her first solo show after being recognised as a finalist at the Lethbridge 10,000 in 2011. “Back when I was making cakes, I would not have believed that one day I would be an artist. “I’m a registered nurse and I always thought I would go back to nursing, but I really love to paint,’’ she says. Jodie Wells – Enchanted Garden, until Dec 17, Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Tce, Paddington.

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THE TWO POPES (M) hhhjj Director Fernando Meirelles Starring Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce One’s a scholarly, Fanta-drinking arch conservative who prefers to eat alone. The other’s a gregarious liberal with twin passions: soccer and the tango. This unlikely buddy movie takes us behind the scenes at the Vatican to tell the somewhat fanciful story of a chalk-andcheese friendship that changed 2000 years of history. When Joseph Ratzinger (Hopkins) is elected pope in the 2005 papal conclave – the pomp and ceremony of which director Fernando Meirelles (City of God, Constant Gardener) playfully undercuts with Abba’s Dancing Queen – a frustrated Jorge Bergoglio (Pryce) believes he’ll serve God better as an ordinary parish priest. The Argentinian Cardinal’s hopes for meaningful reform have been set back decades. But his letters to Rome, seeking permission to retire, go unanswered. While Ratzinger – now known as Pope Benedict – would dearly love to get rid of this thorn in his side, Bergoglio’s departure would represent a very public criticism of his leadership and of the Catholic Church, which is already reeling from the Vati-leaks scandal. Ratzinger summons Bergoglio to the Pope’s summer palace, outside Rome, and initially the two men lock horns over their theological differences. But as they “relax” together after dinner, the shrewd incumbent steers the conversation to more neutral territory, such as his enthusiasm for the Austrian-Italian TV crime show Inspector Rex. In the days

CHALK AND CHEESE ... Anthony Hopkins and Johnathan Pryce as the current and future Pope.

that follow, it becomes increasingly apparent that the master strategist’s mind is on bigger things. And that Bergoglio is becoming an important piece in that metaphysical jigsaw puzzle. A genuine, mutual respect develops. In an increasingly polarised world, in which social media actively encourages us to shut down people with opposing viewpoints, The Two Popes offers an idealistic, alternative model based on old-fashioned Christian values such as tolerance and forgiveness.

But while The Two Popes addresses its subjects’ respective demons – Ratzinger’s early failure to address child sex abuse and Bergoglio’s collusion with Argentina’s right-wing military junta in the 1970s – it might be argued that it lets them off rather lightly. Since they hear each other’s confessions in a little room off the Sistine Chapel, the magnificence of the venue somewhat distracts us from the full weight of their revelations (and which in Ratzinger’s case are “bleeped” anyway). The Two Popes is a crowd-pleasing

FROZEN 2 (PG) hhhkj Directors Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck Starring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad Sisterly love is the Frozen franchise’s superpower. Granted, Elsa (Menzel) has magical gifts, but the Snow Queen needs her brave and loyal sibling just as much as Anna (Bell) needs her. They’re a double act. Yin and yang. Ice and fire. The beloved Disney princesses are perhaps even more tightly intertwined in this hotly anticipated sequel to Disney’s 2013 smash hit, which grossed a recordbreaking $US1.27 billion worldwide. In the original film, Anna journeyed to Elsa’s icy fortress to liberate her sister from her bitter isolation. In Frozen 2, the Snow Queen rules the Kingdom of Arendelle, but with an uneasy heart. Unable to ignore a haunting voice that calls her from across the North Sea, Elsa, her sister and their regular band of companions – Kristoff the lovestruck Iceman (Johnathan Groff), Olaf the shapeshifting Snowman (a hilarious Gad) and Sven the Reindeer – voyage deep into an enchanted forest. There they discover 16 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

FIRE AND ICE ... Anna and Snowman, voiced by Kristen Bell and Josh Gad.

some uncomfortable truths about the past. They also find where Elsa’s magical powers came from, and what became of their parents, King Agnarr (Alfred Molina) and Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood). It’s a dark and dangerous heroes’ journey from which nobody will emerge unscathed. But while Frozen 2 has set out to reimagine these courageous young women as 21st century heroines, it is ultimately hemmed in by convention.

Perhaps it’s the fairy tale backdrop of castles and enchanted forests – where Disney’s trailblazing Polynesian princess, Moana, was naturally free of spirit and physically robust, these delicately-built characters are more self-conscious; their ski-jump noses are exaggerated to the point of caricature. The Snow Queen’s sparkling blue and white gowns are the stuff of which little girls’ – and merchandise managers’ –

drama enriched by nuanced, layered performances from two seasoned pros. Hopkins is a wily enough actor to provide depth to a character that might otherwise have come across as a fusty cleric, aided and abetted by Anthony (The Theory of Everything) McCarten’s screen adaptation of his own stage play. An entertaining piece of fiction centred around Pope Benedict’s virtually unprecedented resignation from the papacy, The Two Popes is in cinemas from Dec 5 and streams on Netflix from Dec 20.

dreams are made of. And when she emerges from the raging North Sea in the final act, having tamed the equine demon that stood between her and the mythical island to which she has been inexorably drawn, Elsa pauses, briefly, to untie her ponytail and shake loose her long, blonde locks before proceeding. Anna, whose relationship with her sister is so close it borders on co-dependency, is a more ordinary creature, and ultimately more interesting. In her darkest hour, finding herself trapped and alone, the younger sibling, who lacks her sister’s natural gifts, has to dig deep to find the strength to go on. While Elsa rides an equine demon bareback across a raging ocean, belting out the power ballad Into the Unknown, the best Anna can muster is The Next Right Thing. Now that’s true grit – although in her case, it does culminate in a dramatic action sequence during which she literally awakens sleeping giants. With its message of female empowerment, and soundtrack full of earworms, Frozen 2 sticks to its predecessor’s winning formula. REVIEWS BY VICKY ROACH V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

Emma Fill and David Fill

Bianca Balharry and Igor Lazic

Mark Grimes and Liam Cunnane

Soon-Mee Draper and Damien Draper


Danica Alcorn and Erin Gunther

the scene

There’s a new beer in town and locals flocked to the new tap room on the banks of the Brisbane River to get a first taste. Scottish craft brewer, BrewDog, recently unveiled its new Brisbane home with a restaurant – think burgers, hot dogs and buffalo wings – arcade area, beer cellar and shop. Pictures: supplied

Kristine Hutton and Charni Holleran

Kylie Brosnan and Steph Perry

Cheryllyn Phillips and Brenda Parker

Jake Scott-Gardener and Jess Healy

NOT NOW, NOT EVER. TOGETHER BREAKFAST South Brisbane More than 800 guests from Queensland’s corporate and community organisations came together at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to drive change in their industries for domestic and family violence causes. Proceeds raised were donated to DVConnect and R4Respect. Catriona McCorry and Lauren Foxwell

18 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

Pictures: Richard Walker/RDW Photography

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Rachel McGrath and Curtis McGrath

Scott Bourke and Liam Loan-Lack

Mariano Gracida and Sammie O’Brien

Josh Falco and Annabel Falco

POLO IN THE CITY Ashgrove It was nothing but blue skies at Dorrington Park, where guests stomped divots and sipped champagne in VIP marquees for the national polo series. Away from the pitch, fashionistas glammed up for fashions on the field while those more suitably attired lined up in the men’s and women’s dash. Craig Green and Suzie Lightfoot

Pictures: John Pryke

Michael Allen and Danny Foster

Anna Loren and Rozina Suliman

Rebecca Jane and Jamie Wiffen

Adrianne Joerns and Emma Beeston

WONDERLAND FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT New Farm The weird and wonderful Wonderland Festival has wrapped for its sixth year leaving glitter and giggles in its wake. On opening night at Powerhouse Museum, guests settled in for dazzling performances featuring go-go dancers at Swing Party and cowboy whips and backflips at Railed. Bo Collins and Rachel Murphy

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Pictures: Atmosphere Photography

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Days of disco Dazzle on the dance floor in the season’s essential accessory: sequins


8 7


Rebecca Vallance Mona Two-Tone Gown, $1400,


3 2



1 Giuseppe Zanotti Neyla Crystal heels, $2805, | 2 Bardot Veronika top in oyster, $109.99, | 3 Seed Heritage beaded hair clips, $19.95, | 4 Country Road beaded pouch, $79.95, | 5 Jonathan Simkhai sequin tailored trousers, $536, | 6 Michael Hill diamond stacker rings set in 10 carat yellow gold, from $299, | 7 Bardot disco jumpsuit gunmetal, $299.99, | 8 Rebecca Vallance Matisse midi dress, $999, | 9 Marques’Almeida feather embellished bag, $785, | 10 Aje Adorn disc and pebble drops, $175, 20 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

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1 Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand high blush, $60, 2 Jo Malone Rose and Magnolia cologne 100ml, $144, 3 Clarins Waterlip Tint in sparkling red water, $33, 4 Bobbi Brown Luxe Gems eye shadow palette, $115, 5 Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Ribelle EDP 50ml, $122, 6 Clarins Fix Make-Up setting spray, $40, 7 Azzaro Wanted Girl EDP 80ml, $160,

Born to shine


Glow this party season with the latest scents, shades and skin boosters




4 2


Photography Russell Shakespeare Styling Leesa Maher & Emma Schafer

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 21

On the wings of angels The poignant tradition of bluebird jewellery is safe in the hands of artisan Nikki Johnston Kristen Lowrey


n a 100-year-old, tin-roofed wooden shed at the back of her Ashgrove Queenslander, Nikki Johnston leans over her engraving table, her engraver raised confidently in her hand. Even with her eyes shielded by magnifying glasses, you can feel her intense focus. She is hand engraving a tiny, silver enamelled bluebird brooch for a baby’s christening gift and the engraving on such a small, but important, item requires her full attention. It will join the cherished bluebird brooch given to the baby’s mother on her christening day, and the one given to her grandmother on her christening day – ensuring the three-generation tradition continues. The shed is a fitting place for such nostalgic work. In the 1950s, it housed the neighbourhood bicycle repair shop and if you look closely, you can find still find a few tools from that time tucked into its nooks and crannies. There is a sense of history past and history being made that gives a feeling of weight to the tasks at hand. Nikki draws back, placing her engraving tool down to one side and gives the brooch a gentle wipe. The words appear – the child’s name, “Georgia” – and just like that she’s joined the generations who have sought out or been gifted bluebird jewellery. “Today there are two types of women buying bluebird jewellery – those who had bluebirds when they were little, and those who wish they’d had bluebirds and are now sharing the happiness with the next generation”, says Nikki, brushing her curly hair back from her face. “I didn’t have any bluebirds when I was 22 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA


TIES THAT BIND ... Jewellery maker Nikki Johnston is fascinated with the stories behind bluebird jewellery. Pictures: Jannine McFarlane/JVB Photography

young – I was always a bangle girl – but I’ve made up for it since then,” she laughs. But why bluebirds? As the founder of Oh My Giddy Aunt, a Brisbane-based online jewellery store that focuses on designing and selling heirloom and keepsake items, Nikki is fascinated with the stories behind the jewellery she creates. “Jewellery can tell a story of the wearer but many of the symbols we see in traditional jewellery – such as hearts, arrows or anchors – all have their own story too. The bluebird is a symbol of happiness, hope and love and is found in many cultures and dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years,” she says. “And even though they aren’t found here in Australia, they found their way into Australian culture and history as ‘bluebirds of happiness’.” Nikki has been collecting bluebird of happiness stories since she started Oh My Giddy Aunt in 2003. She’d always assumed the trend started in the UK or the US, and while it may have done, it certainly didn’t remain part of those cultures. V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

In the 1950s, bluebird lockets or rings were given to girls starting high school as their first piece of jewellery “I was contacted by an Australian customer living in the States who wanted to continue the bluebird tradition for her baby girl, but nobody in jewellery stores knew what she was talking about,” Nikki says. “Bluebird of happiness jewellery may have started in the States over a hundred years ago, but it certainly found its home here in Australia.” Nikki has done her homework. She says, “Bluebirds began to appear in popular culture worldwide in the late 1800s, with references increasing as movies and popular music became more widely available. We all know Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow

(bluebirds fly). That was 1939 and bluebirds were certainly in Australian culture at the same time.” Over time, bluebirds so entered the national consciousness that Bluebird Cafes, Bluebird Clubs and Bluebird Dances began to appear. They started gracing Christmas trees as stained glass “bluebird of happiness” ornaments. And they became a part of many women’s wardrobes, taking the form of beloved silver, gold or blue-enamelled jewellery. After World War II, Brisbane jeweller Wallace Bishop created a Bluebird of Happiness brooch especially for children, which could be engraved with names for christenings and special occasions. “The Bluebird of Happiness became a national bestseller. In the 1950s, bluebird lockets or rings were often given to girls starting high school as their first precious piece of jewellery. And by the 1960s, every little girl in Australia wanted bluebird jewellery,” Nikki says. The delicate bluebird brooch she’s working on today lies on her work table waiting to be sent to a little girl who will certainly become the next bluebird lover. It hasn’t even left the shop, yet it already tells a story – the story of Georgia and her christening, of course. But also, the generations of history behind the bluebird itself. “Jewellery allows you to create and share your story for generations to come. It helps you capture the moments in your life and turn them into memories,” Nikki says. “And bluebirds are the perfect example of this.” Nikki is proudly sentimental. “I have always been a storyteller. Jewellery is just my way of telling the stories of people, places or times. Photos fade but jewellery always remains. “My mother lost her mother when she was only three years old and my connection to that grandmother was really through the stories and a few pieces of jewellery that my mother still had. It’s a tangible reminder of my grandmother and her place in my life and family.” That’s why Nikki loves the bluebird of happiness jewellery and its stories. They connect us with each other – both in our own families and to the wider world. “I can’t tell you how many women say, ‘I had a bluebird bracelet when I was a baby’. They remember who gave it to them and why. It’s a story that I’d love to see continue.”

BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 23

A beautiful life Interior designer Lloyd Hodgkinson on his career highs, industry heroes and the serious business of Christmas decorating LLOYD HODGKINSON, 33 Principal, Oliver Mark Interiors What drew you to interiors? I have always been greatly affected by interiors. Looking back at my childhood, I was particularly interested in film set design. I would watch old films over and over again, then replicate the interiors on paper in exact detail. As I grew older, I came to understand how important interiors were for our wellbeing. I know some may not see the link between wellness and interiors, but I strongly believe the spaces I create provide comfort 24 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

and a sense of retreat which have a positive impact on the mental health of my clients. Describe your style ... My personal style is quite classic – not to be confused with traditional! I have a strong love for antiques, however, I like to incorporate modern elements to this, through the use of bright patterned fabrics and modern art. The combination of disparate objects and furniture excites me, and helps interiors feel fresh and alive. My personal style is not always glaringly obvious when you look at my work, as

I believe as a designer it is important to adapt my style to suit my clients’ needs, lifestyle, likes/dislikes and the architecture of the dwelling. I obsess over colour, pattern and detail so these common elements are always present in my work, whether it be a contemporary or classic interior. Career highlights? I have been working on a very exciting project in Cairns for the past five years and I have been lucky enough to work with incredibly kind and generous clients who have full faith in my abilities. This project has been career defining for me as it has allowed me to grow my style while having full control over the entire project. I have worked on all aspects, from building design through to the decor. Where do you find inspiration? I am an avid reader and get much of my inspiration from design books and magazines. I believe there is much to be

learnt from the great practitioners of design, so I am constantly dissecting rooms to establish why they work, or don’t work, and how I can apply that and reinterpret it throughout my own work. Who are your design heroes? I have many! I have been incredibly inspired by English architect/designer Ben Pentreath. His “lived in” interiors appear so effortless and speak to me personally about how I like to live in my own home. The late, great Mario Buatta is my number one. His use of colour, pattern and furniture placement is unmeasured. I also greatly admire up and coming New York designer Nick Olsen, whose look is completely his own and I love it. Where did you start your career? I worked at John Croft Design (in Fortitude Valley) for just over 11 years. I was fortunate to be mentored by John, and gained all of my knowledge from him. I adored working there and am constantly V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

DESIGN IN THE DETAILS ... (clockwise from main) Lloyd Hodgkinson of Oliver Mark Interiors; recent projects including a luxe powder room; enclosed verandah with custom wicker furniture; and a serene master bedroom.

DECK THE HALLS Lloyd’s top tips for festive perfection A garland on the front door is a nonnegotiable. We have a gigantic garland on our front door with decorations that change every few years. This doesn’t need to be costly as last year we went to Spotlight and purchased a variety of red berries, tartan ribbon and sprigs of holly. We then spent the afternoon on the back deck decorating the garland with Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat and cold bubbles – pure bliss! I am all for artificial Christmas trees. A real tree would be beautiful I’m sure, but the practicality of this just doesn’t suit us personally.

appreciative of the incredible projects and opportunities that I was given. I owe everything to John. He was an incredible mentor with a vast knowledge. Truly one of the greats! Is design in the genes – are your parents creative people? My father has a scientific background and even though my career is very different from his, he likes to remind me that we are both inventors, just different types. I definitely get the “design” gene from my mother. She has always had a flair for interior design and encouraged me from a young age to pursue my passion. What trends are you loving right now – or are trends to be ignored? A tricky question to answer. For me personally, trends should be avoided. However, let me follow that by saying that trends are, for some people, very important, and should not be discounted. I believe as an interior designer it is my job V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

to push my clients outside of their comfort zone, away from trends, to give them a much more customised and personalised look that isn’t going to be passe in a few years time. What would be the point of my job if I gave my clients a look that everyone else has? Tell us about your own home ... My husband and I have owned our home in Moorooka for almost four years, so it is certainly still a work in progress. You would think as an interior designer I would have started renovating the interior first, but the dilapidated back gardens were the first big renovation for us. A garden is never finished, but after three years establishing itself it is now a wonderful space for us to spend time with our chickens and in which to entertain friends. We both adore old houses so we instantly fell in love with our post-war home. The architectural detailing of the home is quite classic, as is much of the furniture we have added. We have slowly acquired a

combination of antique and new furniture and the process has taught me patience. We have enjoyed watching it evolve. How do you like to dress your home for Christmas? My husband David and I take Christmas decorating very seriously. I think Christmas decorations look effective when displayed en masse or full and bursting at the seams. We group our collection of wooden nutcrackers on the sideboard in the dining room, overload the tree with ornaments, overfill large bowls with pine cones and group glass vessels in various shapes, colours and sizes with tea light candles. This year David and I are going to make a Christmas swag that hangs under an archway which separates our living and dining rooms. Instead of the traditional red, green and gold combination, we’re going to decorate it with artificial lemons, limes and oranges.

I am a self-confessed sentimentalist, so I love surrounding myself with things that mean something to me. Like most mothers, mine still decorates the tree with ornaments that my brother and I made in preschool. Now David and I have many ornaments on our tree that our nieces and nephews made us, and we treasure them as much as any other ornament. I love far too many colours to stick to just two, so our Christmas tree and decorations are a riotous combination of colours. To me, this seems appropriate. If you see something you love – buy it and you’ll end up with a gorgeous collection of ornaments. Make decorating the house into an occasion. This is a tradition I follow from my childhood. This simple formula must be followed: carols + cold champagne + liquor-filled chocolates = fun-filled night reminiscing about each decoration and Christmas fails from years gone by. BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 25


Merry and bright Bold is beautiful this Christmas. Compiled by Leesa Maher



8 7


6 Kelly velvet armchair, $2080, Terrazzo hourglass stump in pistachio, $360,






1 Christmas tree ceramic cup, $9.95, | 2 Milly Button ottomon pink, $449, | 3 Bush Flowers by Angelina George, 54 x 60cm acrylic on linen, $2200, | 4 Very Merry doormat, $21, | 5 Christmas Cheer applique cushion cover, from $24, | 6 Mercury cut glass tree objects, from $21.70, | 7 Colourful hot air balloon handmade tree ornament, $12, | 8 Purple Unicorn handmade Xmas tree ornament, $12, | 9 Frida handmade Xmas tree ornament, $12, | 10 Rainbow disco ball tinsel ornament, $9, | 11 Faux wood chip wreath, $79, 26 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

ber 12 Decemam 10am-11

Considering your living options? Join us at our Open House event - Thursday 12 December When it comes to considering your retirement living options, you don’t need to move away from what you know and love. If you’re looking at inner-Brisbane for your next move, come along to one of our Aveo Open House events and see what makes our communities a great place to live. It’s the perfect opportunity for an introductory tour of the community and apartments, plus a chance to meet the team and ask any questions you may have.

Two great locations – the choice is yours Our communities are a place where you can be yourself, and join in as much or as little as you like. Friends and family are always welcome, and there are plenty of beautiful spaces to spend time together, such as the community gardens or restaurant. And with apartment style living at The Clayfield and Aveo Newstead, enjoy unique benefits such as more security and accessibility, lower home maintenance, extensive views and more.

The Clayfield | 469 Sandgate Road, Albion (Turn at the lights)

Aveo Newstead | 50 Longland Street, Newstead (Gasworks precinct)

RSVP to Open House by calling 3022 8188 or visit


Word perfect Gift friends and family a gorgeous read this Christmas with a little help from our festive book list Emma Schafer

FOR ADVENTURESEEKERS The Definitive Bucket List Lee Atkinson Hardie Grant Travel, $45 Spend the kids’ inheritance with the help of this handy travel guide for the over 50s. Award-winning travel writer Lee Atkinson offers hundreds of holiday ideas, from luxury escapes to walking holidays, bike rides, train journeys and garden tours across Australia and New Zealand. With the mortgage monkey off your back and a bit of a nest egg to spend, there’s never been a better time to hit the road for the best years of your life. Retirement never looked so good. 28 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019

The Lonely Christmas Tree Chris Naylor-Ballesteros Bloomsbury, $17

Christmas Wonder Vikki Conley and Cheryl Orsini Affirm Press Kids, $20

We’re going on an Elf Chase Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes Bloomsbury, $13

’Twas the night before Christmas gets a heartwarming rework in this tiny hardcover gem. The tale of a lonely tree on Christmas Eve, this picture book celebrates the true meaning of Christmas – togetherness. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is a Yuletide poem that kids will adore. If you’re after a story that reveals the kindhearted side to the season, this is the one for you.

If you buy one Christmas book for your beach babies this year, make it this one. Showcasing the unique magic of an Australian Christmas it perfectly captures the moments of celebration, barbecues and pavlova that fill our silly season. From Sydney-based Cheryl Orsini, one of Australia’s best-known illustrators, the fun-filled pages bring our beloved Christmas rituals to life.

Lift-the-flap books are great for piquing little ones’ interest, and this one does it well. From bunnies in ice skates to reindeers covered in baubles, the gorgeous illustrations will turn story time into a winter wonderland adventure. With elves and treasures hidden on every page, it’s stuffed with festive frolics making it the perfect read in the lead up to Christmas.

How Good’s Australia The Betoota Advocate Macmillan Australia, $30

Find Your Sparkle Meredith Gaston Hardie Grant, $30

You Already Know Helen Jacobs Murdoch Books, $32.99

We are struggling with giggles while penning this review, such is the hilarity of this book from (arguably) Australia’s oldest and favourite newspaper – The Betoota Advocate. The wits behind the satirical west-Queensland masthead, Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, dissect the last decade of Australian political turmoil and cultural frustrations. Touted as Australia’s “coming-of-age story”, it’s the ideal gift for fans of The Chaser, or anyone who loves to laugh.

In this gorgeously illustrated book, Meredith Gaston’s whimsical drawings, thoughtful prose, plant-based recipes and meditations remind us that by tending to our spirit we are awake to the beauty of living. Discover self-care practices and natural beauty secrets and be inspired by positive affirmations. Divided into three parts – exploring your sparkle, nurturing your sparkle, and nourishing your sparkle – this is a delightful life-guide for bigs and smalls alike.

Learn how to listen to your inner voice, foresee pitfalls and find your true soul calling with help from Helen Jacobs. The Brisbane-based PR executive-turned psychic followed advice from her spirit guides to start her own business, soon seeing a long list of clients with extensive waiting lists for her one-on-one sessions. Now a full-time psychic, Helen runs sellout workshops and events helping people across the globe to find the life they want to lead.

FOR FUN Slow Travel Penny Watson Hardie Grant Travel, $50 From Melbourne-based travel writer Penny Watson comes this antidote to overcrowded tourist hot spots and checklist experiences. Discover incredible walks and epic hikes that will take you to mountain peaks, through jungles and across deserts under starlit skies plus ways and means to find calm in bustling cities. This beautiful compendium of places, activities and experiences will inspire you to get on the road in your own time and on your own terms.

Walks In Nature Australia Anna Carlile Hardie Grant Travel, $30 From coastal cliffs and crescents of sand, to iconic bush landscapes and wild offshore islands, this book reveals more than 100 must-do walking trails around the country, all within easy reach of capital cities. In every chapter you’ll find a variety of walks to suit every season and fitness level, with detailed track notes and easy-to-use maps and delicious suggested foodie stops, where you can refuel and reflect on a day walking in nature.

V1 - BNSE01Z01MA




Five Ingredient Vegan Katy Beskow Quadrille, $40

Nothing Fancy Alison Roman Hardie Grant, $45

Pasta Grannies Vicky Bennison Hardie Grant, $40

How To Make A Plant Love You Summer Rayne Oakes Penguin, $40

Whether you’re a vegan or just want to try a few new recipes, this book will show you how to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Each of the 100 recipes – covering soups, lunches, suppers and sweets – call for only five ingredients, and the biggest win is that they can all be found in your local supermarket. Go winter-heavy with country lentil pottage with beer bread, or summer-light with Santorini tomato fritters.

Hosting doesn’t have to be a week-long freak-out in the lead-up, according to New York Times food columnist Alison Roman. Her latest cookbook for gatherings big, small and unexpected is light on fuss, big on flavour. Covering every course, and with recipes to rival her legendary chickpea stew and salted chocolate shortbread from her first book, Dining In, this is the perfect companion to any dinner party.

This is a wonderful collection of time-perfected Italian recipes from the grandmothers who have spent a lifetime cooking for love, not for a living. Featuring the stories (and heart-melting photos) of 75 amazing nonnas from all over Italy, this book will transport you to the very heart of the home to learn how to make great-tasting meals from scratch. And guess what? Pasta making is easier than you might think.

A growing guide for anyone looking to cultivate a bit of greenery within their home, this divine read captures the calming joy that comes from tending to leafy friends. Indoor plant expert and environmental scientist Summer Rayne Oakes (yes, that really is her name) contends that by identifying the right species for your home and recreating their natural habitat, your plants won’t die. Hallelujah.

Elegance Megan Hess Hardie Grant, $30

Simply Spaced Monica Leed Murdoch Books, $30

Brisbane-born and internationally renowned fashion illustrator Megan Hess explores the glamour of Paris in this latest release. Alongside her exquisite pictures, Megan unspools the threads of 10 legendary design houses – Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Givenchy, Chloé, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Celine – to discover the origins of haute couture, prêt-à-porter and everything chic.

This guide to clearing away clutter and styling a beautiful home, from LAbased professional organiser Monica Leed, will teach you to operate like a pro. With checklists and worksheets, it’s broken into room projects and dispels the myth that you can’t learn to be organised. Monica says diving into problem areas will release stagnant energy and free up mental and physical space. Yes please!

The Avenues Family Dental welcomes Dr Jo Mattner We’re excited to announce that Dr Jo has joined our Ashgrove dental practice. With over 20 years experience, Joanne is a highly skilled dentist who is passionate about family dental care.

349 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove





January 22-25, 2020 BOOKINGS: QPAC 136 246 or | Groups: 3840 7466 BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 29

RLP Presents

RHYDIAN LEWIS with his 8 piece Big Band and special guest Melissa Western

with a touch of Christmas appearing at Kedron Wavell Services Club Sunday 8th December 2pm afternoon show. Tickets $49 each

Book Tickets now at or call 136 100


Contemporary appeal of

modern star Open-plan design creates lots of space within Bulimba beauty Intercom access into this Bulimba property marks the start of a residential experience that differs. LJ Hooker AVNU marketing agent Kym Cross says the residence represented the pinnacle of entertaining bliss. “This home is a visual feast of thoughtful design elements,” she says. Once inside the foyer, a double staircase with glass balustrades leads upstairs to a long hall, where four of the main property’s five bedrooms lead off. The first bedroom comes equipped with

BULIMBA 34 Birkalla St Land: 769sq m Inspect: By appointment Agents: Kym Cross and Tyla Brimblecombe, LJ Hooker AVNU; ph: 3914 0000, 0409 572 809 (KC) or 0424 459 532 (TB) Auction: On site, Saturday (Dec 7), 1pm

an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe while two other bedrooms are located opposite, with a shared ensuite adjoined to the two and each with a walk-in wardrobe; the third bedroom also has access to the front balcony that extends across the front of the property. Toward the back of this level of the property is the main bedroom, which includes an ensuite with double basin, access to a private covered balcony and large, walk-in wardrobe. Back downstairs, an office and threecar garage with internal access is located to the front of the residence, whilst the kitchen, dining and living areas form the heart of the property.

The open-plan kitchen includes a granite kitchen bar, Smeg appliances and butler’s pantry, with the tiled floors and neutral tones helping to connect this space effortlessly to the outdoor courtyard. Back inside the property, the elevated dining and living areas connect to two expansive decks that surround the back half of the residence, with a large pool the focal point. Established gardens and a large outdoor fan ensure comfort is made a priority, with a guest house equipped with a bedroom, lounge and bathroom also accessible.

Life by the seaside Set across two levels, this architectural purpose built and designed residence overlooks the waters of Moreton Bay. The main entryway leads into the tiled formal dining and lounge area, which is bathed in natural light that travels in from the large glass doors and windows. Passing a small bar and through to the large rumpus and study room, the sheer size of the property is emphasised by a large deck. Outside, a large pool is covered by shade sails and is surrounded by greenery and a sandstone wall. Back inside, a guest bedroom adjoins the neighbouring spa, with a powder room and bathroom located directly opposite. Upstairs is accessible via two staircases located at the front and back of the property’s ground floor. Here, a large, octagonal, open-plan lounge, dining and kitchen area includes views of the Pacific Ocean. Passing down the passage, the main bedroom is located to the right of the property. Here, features including a fireplace and a floor-to-ceiling mirrored feature wall compliment the walk-in wardrobe that flows through to an ensuite.

The property’s second and third bedrooms also feature walk-in wardrobes and are both connected to another balcony with ocean views. The fourth bedroom, located at the back of the property, is generous in size and includes a built-in wardrobe, and is conveniently located next to a bathroom and powder room. With views from Bribie Island to the Port of Brisbane, each living area, including bedrooms, throughout the property is distinctively different to the other.

SCARBOROUGH 139 Flinders Pde Land: 679sq m Inspect: Saturday (Dec 7), 10.30-11am Agents: Dwight Ferguson and Skye Parker, Ray White Ascot; ph: 3868 7500, 0412 385 720 (DF) or 0416 658 333 Auction: On site, Saturday (Dec 7), 11am



The ‘PALAZZO PULLENVALE’ From the visionaries behind the famed Palazzo Versace hotel, this grand Italianate villa gracing a private 3 acre estate





high atop ‘Millionaires Ridge’ affording spectacular uninterrupted views North and East across greater Brookfield, Mt Coot-tha and the city is a purchasing opportunity that it as rare as it is unique. The final word in indulgence and meticulous attention to detail, the grand 5 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom mansion with its liberal application of rare and

Josephine Johnston-Rowell 0414 233 575

exotic materiel of marble, Kashmiri gold granite and signature parquetry flooring is an enduring testament to what

John Johnston 0409 44 33 22

is possible when a world class developer, architecture and position combine.


A Better Class Of Real Estate

(61 7)

3858 8888

Proudly Developed, Built & Managed By

DOWNSIZING 101 Let us downsize with you - introducing GVG’s Downsizing Concierge Service! We want to make the transition into your new GVG home as seamless as possible.

Let us assist with the styling, marketing and sale of your current home Reduce your legal fees by arranging for a simultaneous settlement Choose what to take and how to style your new home with help from our Interior Designer Our trusted removalists can make the moving transition easy - let us do the heavy lifting Simply move in - enjoy your turnkey home: power, gas, water, NBN, Foxtel all taken care of!

Our dedicated team at GVG will make your new adventure as straightforward as possible! Contact Annie Hayes to ďŹ nd out more


from $389,000


from $729,000


from $569,000


from $899,000

Annie Hayes - 0402 859 467 172 Venner Road, Yeronga Wednesday & Saturday 10:30am - 12:30pm Friday 1pm - 2:30pm | or by appointment




PRICED FROM $850,000 TO $1,350,000



Live the life you’ve always wanted: care-free, communal and connected. Comprising beautifully appointed terrace homes, set amongst sublime seaside settings just minutes from services and the CBD, 100 Dorsal, Aquatic Paradise is an opportunity like no other.



• Up to 302sqm of prime waterside living • Multiple living and entertainment areas • Beautiful east side panoramas, bay breezes • Moments to amenities, close to CBD and airport



E N Q U I R E T O D AY D I S P L AY O P E N T H U 5 – F R I 6 : 3 P M - 5 P M SAT 7 – S U N 8 : 9 P M - 1 1 P M Terry Zheng 0421 896 169

Darren McCormack 0418 152 887

Developed by

Whilst all details have been carefully prepared, no warranty given either expressly or implied by the vendors or their agents in respect of the accuracy of the photographs, information and illustrations. Photographs, information and illustrations are indicative only for presentation purposes and are subject to change. They should not be relied upon as an accurate representation of the final product. Specification may change at any time. TOTO43531. Produced by

Indooroopilly - BrisbaneÕs Unique Parkland Address All elements of this residence and grounds have been designed by international architect John Mobbs to create the ultimate sub-tropical home. Its pavilion layout connects through multiple lush garden courtyards, dousing each room and walkway with natural, dappled light while maintaining optimal privacy. Exquisite finishes include parquetry and sandstone flooring, granite benchtops, Jarrah and Western red cedar joinery. Located in Indooroopilly’s most desirable enclave, this property enjoys close access to St Lucia & Indooroopilly Golf Links and is just steps from Saint Peters Lutheran College. For more information:

5 Bed


3 Bath

Indooroopilly Auction Inspect

Jack Dixon 0408 756 694


4 Car

| 1,330m2

| 27 Gilgandra Street | Saturday 7 December at 12:00pm | Saturday 11:30am – 12:00pm

Patrick Dixon 0414 817 817



3 BEDROOM & SKYHOMES PREMIER COLLECTION UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO CUSTOMISE YOUR RESIDENCE Our exclusive collection of stunning 1, 2 & 3 bedroom residences and Skyhomes present a whole new level of luxury, and are positioned just 800m from the Brisbane CBD. Our Premier Collection span up to 187sqm and feature 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus powder room, MPR and wine cellar in Skyhomes, plus 2 or 3 car spaces and expansive balconies that frame the panoramic city views. Tailored to the owner-occupier, each residence will be unmistakably luxurious as well as distinctly unique with the rare opportunity to be customised to suit your lifestyle and needs. Halo residents will also enjoy access to a range of exclusive resort-style facilities including: • Rooftop Skylounge retreat with panoramic views of the stunning City Skyline • Private dining room with courtyard terrace & sophisticated wine bar • Sumptuous reflection pond & waterscaped gardens • Podium lagoon pool with sun deck & day beds • Modern wellness centre with Pilates, yoga lawn & steam room • Premiere movie theatre & meeting rooms 1 BED FROM $439,000 | 2 BED FROM $555,000 | LUXURY 3 BED FROM $890,000 | OPULENT SKYHOMES FROM $1,535,000


Sales Display Open, 16 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane, Wed to Sat 10am – 4pm or by appointment. Dial concierge for Sales Display parking. HALORESIDENCES.COM.AU | PH 1300 005 888

Penthouse lifestyle This spacious penthouse is located above the renowned New Farm cliffs. Ray White New Farm agent Nicholas Given says this is an opportunity for buyers to secure an irreplaceable piece of real estate, with views extending across the Brisbane River. “The space has serious wow factor,” he says. The original 1995 design has been renovated into a modern, open plan that embraces the natural light that streams throughout. Entering through the main entrance and down the hall, the oversized kitchen stands in the belly of the home. With sprawling benches and new designer appliances, a light, tiled splashback compliments the neutral-toned cabinetry and timber floorboards, which extend into the neighboring dining and living space. The large dining and living space seamlessly flows through to the outside balcony through glass bi-fold doors, with the balcony’s glass balustrades offering unobstructed views of the CBD, Brisbane River, Story Bridge and below to the Howard Smith Wharves. Back inside, the large main bedroom offers features including a walk-in

wardrobe and fully tiled ensuite, equipped with feature tapware and custom cabinetry. Another two large bedrooms are located to the rear of the property, and also feature large wardrobes and airconditioning, which flows throughout the apartment. A large bathroom with bathtub, laundry and plenty of storage are other features within the residence, which is within walking distance of some of Brisbane’s “best assets”, Nicholas says.

NEW FARM 13/202 Bowen Tce Floorplan: 143sq m Inspect: By appointment Agents: Nicholas Given and Brandon Mein, Ray White New Farm; ph: 3254 1022, 0439 193 920 (NG) or 0437 101 094 (BM) Auction: On site, Saturday (Dec 7), 10am


A barn conversion of grand design

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN 68 Coomera Gorge Drive This modern, well – appointed home is the result of the owner’s creative vision that has seen a humble barn transformed into a residence that sits beautifully amongst the luxury homes of Tamborine Mountain. With views over the Hinterland & beyond to the skyline of Surfers Paradise, it delivers a high level of living in one of Tamborine Mountain’s most popular precincts, just 800m from the Golf Course.

• 4 bedrooms (master suite with ensuite, walk in robe & private balcony); 3 bathrooms (incl. ensuite) • Covered alfresco entertaining area, approx. 60m2 under roof with outdoor kitchen (incl. BBQ & wine fridge) • Stylish kitchen by DSJ with stone benchtops, mirror splashback, wine fridge & soft close drawers • Floor to ceiling tiled wet areas; quality fittings & bespoke lighting throughout; 2.5m ceilings; oak flooring • 814m2 lot with established Sir Walter lawns & low maintenance gardens, watered by a high pressure bore


11am, Sunday 15th December


Sat 30th Nov 10am - 10.45am Wed 4th Dec 6pm - 6.45pm


Danny Bukowski 0427 007 116


Acreage luxury High atop Brisbane’s ‘Millionaire’s Ridge’, this 1.22ha property includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and views that extend north and east across greater Brookfield, Mt Coot-tha and the city. Positioned on a plateau, a port-cochere surrounds a distinctive bronze water feature, with two large, wooden doors opening into the entry foyer. Here, a split, oyster shell staircase adorned with intricate iron fretwork and marble draws the eye upstairs to the gallery, where alabaster stone chandeliers hang. Engulfed in light from the large, glass bifold doors that lead out onto the front balcony opposite, a library with custom built-in cabinetry then leads off to the left. Also upstairs are two king-size bedrooms equipped with either a built-in or walk-in wardrobe and marble ensuite, as well as one of the main bedrooms, which includes access to a private balcony, a sprawling ensuite complete with marble vanity and sycamore cabinetry throughout the adjoined walk-in wardrobe. Passing back through the downstairs foyer, the formal living and lounge area boasts views of the established grounds.

Dominated by an 18m horizon pool, paved pavilions, a spa, water features, barbecue area and bathroom, the outdoor area can be enjoyed all throughout the year. Back inside, an elaborate, gourmet kitchen boasts a liberal use of rare timbers and granite. Also downstairs is a billiards room with wet bar, home theatre, rumpus room, second main bedroom and a garage for up to eight vehicles.

PULLENVALE 15 Lisk St Land: 1.22ha Inspect: By appointment Agent: Josephine Johnston-Rowell, Johnston Dixon; ph: 3858 888 or 0414 233 575 For sale: By expressions of interest, closing Friday (Dec 6), 5pm


40 acres of Scenic Rim lifestyle

TEVIOTVILLE 338 Teviotville Road This property has the four key elements of a desirable rural block - fertile land, useful size, reliable water and a great location close to Boonah and Kalbar and less than an hour to Ipswich and Springfield Lakes.


11am, Friday 20th December

• Brigalow scrub soils supporting good quality natural pastures; an unnamed creek traverses the property • Connection to Roadvale Rural Water - supplies permanent stock water to troughs, garden taps and toilets • Colonial style home, tastefully renovated with 3 bedrooms (master with ensuite and walk in robe),


By appointment


Danny Bukowski 0427 007 116


ducted air conditioning, separate office / rec room, floating timber floors in bedrooms, electric blinds, double carport and 7ft wraparound verandahs - a perfect spot to enjoy the panoramic mountain views • Other improvements include: 3 bay storage / small machinery shed; good - sized hay shed; 2 new stables • Fenced into several paddocks; cattle yards with crush, loading ramp and good gravel road access

101 50 Ferry Road, West End • Brand new, elevated, ground floor apartment • Owner-occupier, pet-friendly residence • Kitchen complete with oversized pantry & integrated Smeg appliances • Walk in robe and private ensuite in master bedroom • Expansive terrace extending from living area • Private, secure entrance off main building entry • Side by side car parks in secure basement • Resident’s pool and recreational rooftop • Unrivalled position in quiet cul-de-sac • Move in today




166m 2

Open For Inspection Wed - Fri Saturday

10am - 6pm 10am - 4pm

Douglas Tonkin

0438 855 595

French inspiration This riverfront property features French villa-inspired architecture and is set high on a 1300sq m block in a cul-de-sac. Overlooking the Brisbane River, the two-level property was built in 1985. From the front porch, the main entry leads into a foyer and to the left is a formal dining room. Also on this level are a formal living room, which flows into a kitchen and dining space, patio area with a barbecue enclosed by timber bi-fold doors looking to


Currigee 20 Mid Esplanade

11 Coolaroo Cres Land: 1300sq m Inspect: By appointment

The City Executive’s Home Away From Home

Agent: Jason Adcock, Adcock Prestige; ph: 1300 884 788 or 0418 727 788

3 4

2 3


Expressions of interest

• One of only 61 tightly held freehold properties • 99% of which is a Conservation Reserve • Large family home fully equipped and self sufficient

For sale: By negotiation

Relaxation is what this property is all about. With sand between your toes and not a soul in sight. Choose from the two sensational bodies of water the 21 kilometres of untouched, uncrowded, unspoiled surf beach or the stunning Gold Coast Broadwater literally at your doorstep.

the back yard and in-ground pool, and living room with internal access to the garage. The main bedroom is on the upper level. There are five further bedrooms upstairs serviced by two bathrooms.

AGENT - Stephen Cone Phone - 0402 333 347 Office - 5537 1311

All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided. Interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.





ALMOST COMPLETE. DOWNSIZE TO MORE NOW FROM $1.7M. INSPECT TODAY. Move into these exceptional absolute riverfront penthouses, apartments & town homes before Christmas. Display Apartment: 39 Byron St, Bulimba | Open 10am - 2pm Tues - Sun. Private & Twilight Inspections by appt. SIMON MILLER | 0411 220 284

BRAD MILLER | 0421 812 288

782m2 House

TRACEY VAN DYK | 0407 596 224

Call or place an ad online 13 11 13 or

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PLANTATION SHUTTERS INFINITY Shutters • 2-3 Week Delivery • Rails, stiles and louvres reinforced with aluminium • 20 Year Warranty

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Infinity/ AllviewiQ/ Aluminium

• K&B’s plantation shutters are deliverable within 2-3 weeks. • Locally manufactured and custom made. • Suitable for interior/external applications.


• Kill Mould • Save Energy • Increase A/C Life Span • Stubborn Smell Removal

Gold Coast 5529 7688 Brisbane 3200 9152 ALL internal and external blinds metal awnings, reskins and shutters. Quality Service from free measure and quote to install. All products at great prices.

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The re-point, cleaning, coating specialist

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New Homes and Renovations •Ceiling & Wall repairs •Suspended Ceilings •Partitions •Painting •Home and Office fit-outs Asbestos Removal (Asbestos Removal Certificate 02251220) Insurance work welcome

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IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE 1 Hour Response for Emergencies Drain Cameras Jet Drain Cleaning Pipe Relining (no dig pipe repairs) Hot Water Units

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Notices Tree Services

Public Notices PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE A MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT WOOLLOONGABBA Optus plans to upgrade a telecommunications facility at 248 - 250 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba QLD 4102 (RFNSA: 4102001).

Security Screens and Doors Home Or Business Flyscreens Service Calls ForceďŹ eld Colours to suit your home Secureview Prompt Installation 7mm Welded Free Measure and Quote – Service Calls

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Stump Grinding, Rubbish Removal, Discounts, Insured.

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Notices Public Notices

PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE OPTUS MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT TARRAGINDI WITH 5G B0044 Wellers Hill: Weller Road Park, 140 Weller Road, Tarragindi QLD 4121 (RFNSA 4121003) 1. The proposed facility consists of the addition of new 5G equipment and associated works as follows: • Installation of three (3) new panel antennas, 0.70m long, on the lattice tower • Installation of new ancillary equipment, including cabling and antenna mounts • Reconfiguration of existing equipment on the facility and within the equipment shelter, including removal of three (3) existing panel antennas 2. Optus regards the proposed installations as Low-impact Facilities under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 ("The Determination"), based on the description above. 3. In accordance with Section 7 of C564:2018 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, we invite you to provide feedback about the proposal. Should you require further information or wish to comment, please contact Andrew McLane at Axicom, 07 3211 4208, or Level 1, 110 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065 by Wednesday 18 December 2019. Further information may also be obtained from

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Call 13 11 13

The proposal consists of the replacement and reconfiguration of existing Three (3) Remote Radio Units (RRUs). 1. Optus regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 ("The Determination") based on the description above. 2. Further information can be obtained from Abhishek Gampala on behalf of Optus, 0409 552 541, and at 3. Written submissions should be sent to: Abhishek Gampala at Wireless Consultation Level 5, Zenith Tower B 821 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood NSW – 2067. by 5pm Wednesday 18 December 2019.

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Crossword Puzzle 2297 © Gemini Crosswords 2018 All rights reserved Horoscope Quick Clues 1









11 13 14

o places (10)




20 22



25 26






GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)


19 Providential (6-4) CAPRICORN (December 22 - solemnly January 20)(4) 20 Affirm

18 19

SAGITTARIUS 1 Abscond (6) (November 23 - December 21)

Watch because the boundaries snakeTiming 4 out, Large nonvenomous (8) is the word of the week. Trouble is, you’re impatient. But there’s a deal could be blurred this week as Mars stirs 9 Without risk (6) brewing and the cosmos is pretty sure up your twelfth house of illusion and 10 agendas. Trade Your (8) sexual mojo could you have a personal invitation to the hidden be muted. The twelfth house also rules 12 Making a broadcast (2,3,3)whole shebang. Just wait until you’re sure the moment’s right. Check, double the past, so stressful Mars here may also 13 upTo stick (6) or check, then check again. Don’t start bring painful memories acting 15 Ancient stringed (4) like the rest of the airheads. resentment. If single, you could instrument find yourself tempted by illicit love. 16 Excavated embankments (10)



with Tanya Obreza

work, the more you do – the more you get to do. For some, an unexpected inheritance helps to clear old debts.


CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

If you’ve been tiptoeing around any kind of resolution or dodging an The week brings a better understanding 23 Affront (6) important conversation, this tenuous of life’s quirkier rules, and you start to 25 again (2-6)Just don’t situation could come to a head. Hidden play theUse game more skilfully. tensions may surface, especially if assume know it(8) all. After all, life is a 27 you Wealth you’ve been making sacrifices for constant journey – so stay open to new 28 An and atoll in theYou Marshall  (6) someone. You’re nobody’s doormat, a experiences learning. also get Islands fact that will soon become crystal clear. 29 Beneficial (8) goals which another chance to achieve seemed elusive in the past. 30 Possibility of future success (6)

AQUARIUS Down 21 - February 18) (January

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

This week keeps you on your toes. Stay calm and in control, and there’s precious 1 love To predictability, plunder (7)so no one is People going to be very happy if you’re 2 Self-service restaurant (9) little you can’t manage. The question is: do you really want to? Love plays its constantly changing your mind. It’ll be 3 still Wooden-headed hammer (6) dizzy game and you may be happy to harder if you start talking about surrender to Cupid’s coaxing. But when plans proposals that very few 5 orNarrow recess (4)can you’re ready to be swept off your feet, understand. Nor should you ignore the 6 A decline in status (8) maybe said feet should stay firmly opinions of those closest to you. Their 7 may Tend illness (5) planted on the ground? ideas not beinthat different from your 8 own. Eternal (7)

knowledge is to be sought (9) 12 Making a broadcast (2,3,3) 3 Is able to copy something 13 To stick (6) VIRGO Across out of the cookery book (6) 15 Ancient stringed Solution to last week’s puzzle 11 Spanish painter and sculptor (7) 24 - September 22) (August 1 A flicker of light? (6) 5 Efficient island uprising (4) instrument (4) PISCES Virgos can now either dive into life’s 4CA R purse roundBtoAa P T I16 SExcavated 14 Deprived of20) growth (7) (February 19 - March O EI’dScunningly U S Rlifted O T A6 She T Ehurried D E P Aembankments R A B L E pleasures, or create something special at (6,2) (10) V Life has Disgust seemed a battle U U E O H furniture O E designer (8) O M A O O N R A ace (9) 17 (9) recently, with work. From what the planets promise, 9 IHold 7 One any gains being hard won. The trouble R Ucan P never be sure R E (6-4) D O U N D N Tout E longer? N S E (6) S T I R C R ifI P P19 LProvidential E there should be ample rewards for your 10CA word solemnly is, 18 you’reRashly a natural determined for taking on too(8) L ofDpraise M (8) I N one N hasOit (5) N R20 Affirm N A E (4) L O K efforts. So if you want to make some 12KCutting fromSa A N D G L8 Paul tea inLa highmuch others 19 and Evil (7)will happily load you A S brewed S T A L(6)L O R D E R Y O T –O E T B E23 Affront changes, now’s the time to do just that. newspaper? (8) rise up whenLand you letadjacent them. As youto step into E O O W A D flat (7) I E C25 Use again Y (2-6) E S 21 a road (7) Travel may also be thrown in, or at least 13TKeep 11 Give O R aTsubject a title, A K aEpupil N DinOclass W N(6) S H G O D L I27NWealth E S S(8) A G R E E the week early indications may not 22 any Naughtily playful (6)is on the chance to mingle work with play. 15 Placed a cover outside E R T (4)C perhaps (7) S28 An X atollI in the T Marshall suggest different, but a change 16FCommendation (7) S EIslands (6)S T H A S T E A C E R A that P Eacts R I T14 A I long F S wanderingMtale O O P O its way. Work and business shoot 24 Short-handled oar (5) LIBRA asRa tonic? TimeTwas when the 29 Beneficial (8)L Y (4,3,3) N E 17 N M E U X E oldskywards. As does your love life. 26 Mark left by wound (4) (September 23 - October 23) N Efashioned V E R strayed allMover N N U I S P breaking A R A Gwith U Sa A I L O D E R ofEfuture 19ADawn 30RPossibility N O Rlustre E gives E one Wthe T the OplaceI (9) N Lsuccess I (6)E T R G You’ve been patient long enough. strange ARIES I O N C U I S I N E C H to I M R A(10) E D I T18 Exchange I D that O L I S E Others have had all the time in the desire go E places of repartee (March 21 - April 20) A V one’s D double L (4)S will C bearGfruit (4,4) R U VDown N U C S N world to resolve their issues. Problem is, 20I Goddess is The urge to merge intensifies, as sultry L E T T19 E R fighter’s S R E I N Cmark E RofEchildish C plunder T they continue to rely on your help – 23S Sound The craftS(7)U S P E1 To (7)S P E C T Mars shimmies into your seductive whether you like it or not. If possible, progress (6) 21 Came to stay and paid the 2 Self-service restaurant (9) eighth house. Simmering chemistry Cryptic Quick break away and get on with your own 25 As an occupant, I’d resent bill (7) 3 Wooden-headed hammer (6) comes to boiling point, and you can see work, your intuition should15 Agree, being put (8) down, 15 22 Short, Manage to getAcross: letters of 1 5Baptise, Narrow recess (4) your partner for better or worse – a raw 5 Parable, 9 Cripple, 10 Redound, 11 Let be, 12affairs. Tall At order, 13 Godliness, o, 12 Sandglass, 13 out Taken save you from difficult circumstances. 27 There’s a lot of laughter credit arranged (6) 6 A decline in status (8) intensity you sometimes enjoy. If a Moose, Posthaste, 25you Idolise, 26 Edition, 27 Sincere, 28 Letters. when a girl swallows it (8) 24 Manufactured16 pearl is not 718 Tend in illness (5) 21 Mail order, partner24 is a Ennui, little jealous, might 26 Cuisine, 27 Suspect, 28 Respect. SCORPIO 28 This system worked in so lustrous (5) 8 Eternal (7) actually like it – seeing it as evidence of Down: 2 Pointed, 3 Imprecise, 4 Event, 5 Paralysis, 6 Rodeo, 7 24 Boulder, 8 Endorse, 14 (October - November 22) times (6)8 Deposit, 2614 It’s in poor taste to let it 1 Backlog, 11 Spanish painter and ante, 6 Thing,medieval 7 Tornado, love and devotion. Passions soar. You’re ambushed and forced in 29 Signs for ten outstanding stand (4) sculptor (7) Expedient, 15 Athletics, 16 Memoirs, 17 Ominous, 19 Sunrise, 20 Exigent, 22 Olive, 23 Recur. 20 Strings, 22 Reeve, 23 Swell. directions you don’t want to go. Yet wines (8) 14 Deprived of growth (7) TAURUS through all this, you’ll end up the 30 Kept going with steady QUICK CLUES 17 Disgust (9) (April 21 - May 20) winner. The Sun, for one, heralds production (6) Across 18 Rashly determined (8) This week you have more time to help victory. Truth is, you’re not really one to 1 Abscond (6) 19 Evil (7) others. But don’t let anyone convince stand still for long. Romantically, there’s Down 4 Large nonvenomous snake 21 Land adjacent to a road (7) you that it’s simply a case of parting with plenty to hope for. Even some platonic 1 One way to cut out letter (8) 22 Naughtily playful (6) cash. Your wisdom will provide better relationships are in for a surprise shift. writing (7) 9 Without risk (6) 24 Short-handled oar (5) guidance than just signing a cheque. At 2 Sixth sense tells where 10 Trade (8) 26 Mark left by wound (4) CROSSWORD ANSWERS. CRYPTIC: Across: 1 Switch, 4 Raised up, 9 Extend, 10 Alleluia, 12 Clipping, 13 Castle, 15 Laid, 16 Good for you, 19 Wanderlust, 20 Isis, 23 Report, 25 Resident, 27 Hilarity, 28 Feudal, 29 Portents, 30 Stayed. Down: 1 Stencil, 2 Intuition, 3 Canape, 5 Able, 6 Sheraton, 7 Doubt, 8 Plateau, 11 Ennoble, 14 Odyssey, 17 Yesterday, 18 Pear tree, 19 Warship, 21 Settled, 22 Direct, 24 Paler, 26 Stet. QUICK: Across: 1 Decamp, 4 Anaconda, 9 Safely, 10 Commerce, 12 On the air, 13 Adhere, 15 Lyre, 16 Earthworks, 19 Heaven-sent, 20 Avow, 23 Insult, 25 Re-employ, 27 Opulence, 28 Bikini, 29 Salutary, 30 Chance. Down: 1 Despoil, 2 Cafeteria, 3 Mallet, 5 Nook, 6 Comedown, 7 Nurse, 8 Ageless, 11 Picasso, 14 Stunted, 17 Revulsion, 18 Hellbent, 19 Heinous, 21 Wayside, 22 Impish, 24 Scull, 26 Scar. V1 - BNSE01Z01MA

BRISBANE NEWS December 4-10, 2019 59

Profile for Brisbane News

Brisbane News Magazine Dec 4-Dec 10, ISSUE 1255  

Brisbane's premier lifestyle weekly magazine, featuring the people who make this city great, plus stories about entertainment, arts, food, e...

Brisbane News Magazine Dec 4-Dec 10, ISSUE 1255  

Brisbane's premier lifestyle weekly magazine, featuring the people who make this city great, plus stories about entertainment, arts, food, e...